White Trash

October 30, 2013

Thirdly, we have full control and access over you and everything you
own. Your house, your clothes, your car, everything. Is that clear? Are you
keeping up you sissy faggot? Go on tell me that the sissy faggot
understands and agrees to comply with everything I’ve said so far”

Tears were welling up in the corner of my eyes as the bleak future promised
by his, no by my new orders, was so clearly painted. I resolved not to let
them see me cry, it would serve me on purpose, and would only serve to
emphasis their hold and superiority over me at this time. I followed the
only course open to me. “Yes… yes, I agree.”

“Not good enough cunt. I told you to tell me the sissy faggot understands
and complies with everything Master Sam has said. . In fact beg me! Go on,
beg me to let the sissy faggot do everything Master Sam and Master Jim
want, beg me to use and abuse you and all your stuff. Go on cunt, beg me”

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February 9, 2013

I laughed at him. “Does my little cocksucking girlie boy want daddy’s dick in her mouth?” I teased him.

He squeezed his eyes tightly closed and shuddered, but then whispered, “Please, daddy, I… I wanna suck it. I wanna… I wanna suck your big cock, please.”

I reached out and pinched his earlobe with my fingernails. “You know what that makes you, Punk?” I asked him, my voice gentle.

Punk groaned but said, a mixture of misery and lust in his whimpering voice, “A little faggot… I’m a little cocksucking faggot… I like to suck dicks, daddy… plah… please…”

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Jason Not Jessica

May 15, 2012

“Does your little roommate know what a little slut you are? Because if you don’t send me a text of you sucking his dick by the end of the month I think we’ll have a little party the following weekend” and with that he thrusts up carrying me up off the floor and and into the wall. pushing me up against the wall while he hammers into me. He grabs me around the throat, choking me, and asks right into my ear in-between breaths “whose slut are you? You’re my little fuck meat and anyone I hear of you with outside of your work becomes the same, and then you work from home. Now say it!”

“Yes, daddy I’m your little fuck puppet, please fill me with your love juice.” I croak out. It hurts, but what all makes it worse is that is when I cum.

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Christian School of Humility

February 26, 2012

“Pick your bowl up and kneel in front of me,” he commands.

I do as he orders.

“Higher,” he corrects me. “Put your chin right against the side of the bowl with your lips just above the top.”

The tears are streaking down my cheeks as I obey.

“Good girl,” he praises. “Now open your mouth real wide and stick out your tongue.”

I want to protest. He gave me a choice and I clearly choose the food bowl and not my mouth for his deposit. I resist for a second then open my mouth. I feel like such a pussy. Just a few seconds ago I told myself I would never let him cum into my mouth. Yet here I am like a baby bird waiting for its supper.

“Oh, daddy’s going to give you plenty of protein,” Dean Miller says as he jacks harder on his dick. “Oh! Here it comes!”

I look on in shock as a huge blast of white cum fires out of the end of his dick and hits the dog food just inches from my face. Some of it splashes off the food and sprinkles my tongue and lips but not much. He fires 4 more equally impressive blasts that do the same. By the time he is done the dog food is absolutely soaked. Amazingly, less than a half teaspoon seems to have gotten into my mouth.

“Good girl,” he praises again. “You can finish your breakfast now. Don’t stop until that bowl is spotless.”

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More Than I Wanted

October 20, 2011

“Maybe if you are good, Master will let you suck his cock someday sweetie,” she tells me. She throws me a kiss and leaves the room.

The dom stands there looking at me. Even after coming, his cock looks big, hanging there above those big balls. He sees me looking at it.

“Well Stevie, having fun?” he asks as his hand reaches down and strokes his cock.

A drop of cum comes out and he wipes it off with a finger and moves over to me and bring his finger to my mouth. I just stare at his finger as he brings it to my lips and rubs cum all over my lips.

“You will learn to crave cum boy, not be able to get it out of your mind,” he states coldly. “I don’t know Sir, this is different than what I expected, I don’t know if I can do this,” I tell him, confused and unsure of what is happening.

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Robert’s Legacy

August 15, 2011

As he thought about this, Dan raised his left hand up to his son’s head and started pushing it downward. Danny knew what his father wanted and didn’t put up a struggle. He did groan in despair though. He had sucked his dad’s dick earlier in the day without groaning, but that instance had been a spare of the moment thing.

However, Danny knew this blowjob was coming over 2 hours ago when they were at the clothing store and he found out what they were buying. God, Danny was embarrassed while they bought the clothes. His father told the sales lady that the clothes were not for his son but for a twin sister who was the same size. That they were just using Danny as a model since they were the same size and wanted the items to be a surprise for his sister.

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Sissy Stepdad

August 3, 2011

Her latest boyfriend looked on in amusement. He couldn’t have been more than sixteen; young and muscular, just like all the others. So many of the others. The only real difference was this one was blond; Stephanie’s dates tended to be Black or Hispanic of late. He was naked, cum glistening on his still-turgid cock. Nine or ten inches, I quickly estimated. I doubted I’d be able to take it all in my mouth. I hadn’t yet learned to deep throat, even after six months of humiliation at the hands of my stepdaughter and her suitors. He was probably inexperienced, too, so might cum quickly if I had to suck him off.

“Is your slut any good?” he asked, taking a moment to flick his finger against the cage surrounding my cock, causing me to flinch. “Very cute, by the way,” he laughed. “I think the look suits her.” Except for my head, I was completely, permanently hairless. She said it would make the tattoos she had planned easier; so far, there was just one – the word “sissy whore” in lower case letters on my left ass cheek. Heavy mascara and bright red lipstick only made me look more hideous, I felt, but even that wasn’t as bad as the professionally done finger and toe nails. Bright, florescent pink, with a single letter on each digit spelling out “panty slave.” I could hide the tattoo with clothing; I could remove the makeup; but if I ever I went out in public – that hadn’t happened yet, but would soon – everyone would be able to see my fingernails.

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Candy Apple

July 31, 2011

“No, I mean, I don’t believe you’re not a girl, just cuz you’ve got one of those. You came in here and your name was Candy, and you seemed quite like a girl, I’d say. Do boys usually dress like that, talk like that, and wag their little behinds around like that?”

“No, no, but I “

“But you did those things, exactly. So you’re a girl.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Could he possibly be that dumb? For a second, I wondered if that be the case, and then I noticed that my bulge was, well, a bulge. Had I got myself up with Candy’s ass?

“Besides,” he said, and in one motion, undid his belt and dropped his pants, and a second later the guest did too, “these are cocks. That’s just a little toy.”

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Parts 1 and 2 here: High School Dilemma

“Well Sissy you are definitely a girl. Girls often have accidents so get use to it. It’s something to do with the length of your urethra to your bladder. Don’t you wish you had a penis?” Sean taunted me.

“Yes Sir,” I answered.

“Yes Sir what Jill,” Sean taunted.

“Yes Sir I wish I had a penis,” I answered.

That’s when Sean began telling Uncle and Tiny how I really didn’t have a penis but instead a slightly enlarged clit.

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Country Girl

April 22, 2011

From now on you are a cunt to be used by me in any way that pleases me. Your pussy is for me to use as I see fit. Do you understand?”

I answered quivering, “yes Master Cock.”

“Good, from this day forward you will wear panties only whether you are inside and outside your home. Tomorrow buy enough panties to last you and throw out any male underwear you have. You are a cunt and your cunt should be covered with panties and only satin panties. And from now on when you go to the bathroom you will sit to pee. Cunts pee and make poopy. You will call your clit a tee-tee like any girl would do. You will no longer buy any magazines other than girl magazines and you will eat like a girl. Do you understand?”

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Cam Trouble

April 8, 2011

“Shut up sissy,” he said. “I don’t wanna hear your bullshit. I know that wasn’t the first time you dressed up like a bitch. I’ve seen your nickname in that room pretending to be a girl a lot of times. And no one that hasn’t pretended to be a girl before would eat their own cum.” I stood there silently. My face looked down at the floor. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. “Look at me!” he shouted. I looked up startled. “Now, here’s the way it’s going to go. You’re my bitch. You’re going to be my little slut girlfriend from now on. If you ever backtalk me or refuse to do what I say…well…then everyone at school is going to get an email of the video of you in your sister’s clothes jerking off and eating your own cum. So…we have a deal?”

I couldn’t imagine a worse fate. I tried to bargain with him. “Pleeeeaaassse Brian. I’ll do anything else you want just…”

“Shut up!” he shouted again. “This ain’t open for discussion. Its a simple yes or no. Are you my bitch? Yes or No?”


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Made Over

March 5, 2011

“My friend thinks you should have a cunt, he thinks you are just a sissy cuntboy,” Master says. “Is he right bitch?”

“Yes Master,” I answer. I’m glad that I’m over his lap and don’t have to look at them. In a low voice I tell them, “I’m just a cuntboy.”

“Don’t tell me boy, get up off my lap and go tell him,” Master tells me. “And if you don’t want to end up over my lap again, you better behave yourself bitch.”

I stand up and start to pull my jeans up. Feel so self conscious in the pink thong and go to pull my jeans up.

“Did I tell you to pull your jeans up bitch?” Master snarls at me.

“No Master,” I say then look over at the man who called me a cunt. He isn’t smiling, just stares at me. He lifts his finger and motions for me to come to him. I waddle over to him with the jeans making it so difficult.

“Come sit on my lap bitch,” the man tells me.

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February 15, 2011

“I said suck it, bitch, suck it hard!”

Then he told me. Step by step, instructing me in the finer points of cock sucking, slowly forcing it deeper and deeper into my mouth. There was no way I could take all nine inches of his cock, or so I thought.

“You going to need some training, but I’m sure that in a few weeks you’ll be able to take all of it. For a beginner you’re doing a good job. Just keep sucking like that, it feels good.” Suddenly I knew he meant to make me his sex slave. Seeing the terrifying prospect of spending my spare time on my hands and knees servicing this man’s sexual appetite. I jerked back, appalled at the idea.

“NO! Please. Don’t,” I begged.

“Don’t? Don’t what? Fuck your mouth any more?” He said, laughing. “All right then. I’ll fuck your ass.” It wasn’t what I meant, but he didn’t care. With that he grabbed my arm, forcing it behind my back. With a little additional pressure he pushed my head to the floor. “Stay there bitch or I’ll beat you again.”


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Enslaved to Hard Young Cock

February 14, 2011

“Yeah, girl, I can see your faggot clit is hard and throbbing. Are you
hard from sitting next to a real man?”

Again I couldn’t get my mouth to work.

“Answer me, bitch!” Zach said to me firmly.

The teen’s rough instruction seemed to override my frozen brain circuits and I answered his question from instinct.

“Ah, I, yeah, ah . . . Yes.”

“Yeah, you’re a bitch who needs to serve a real man. Is that right, girl?”

I was struggling to process the teenager’s questions and understand my role here. I could feel I was shaking a little in fear, but for some reason the thought of trying to escape never entered my mind.

Maybe it was the combination of the pot and my sheer sexual craving for Zach, but the fear seemed to pass quickly through my body and mind.

“Is that right, girl? Are you a bitch who is hungry for a real man like me?”


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My Friend’s Dad

January 30, 2011

He yelled now, “Come on son, you worked hard for it, get that juice, make me spurt, eat that man load I got for your sissy mouth. I know what makes you little faggots happy. Come on sissy boy, get ready to swallow. Daddy’s got a big healthy load for you so be sure to swallow it all, it’s good for you. Come get your medicine son.”


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Becoming His Girl

January 30, 2011

“Take my cum, you little Bitch!” he roared.

With a loud groan he rocked back and forth a couple of times more and I felt his penis spew his seed deep inside me. I curled my legs around his back and let him fill me up.

A few minutes later, his cock slipped from my ass, and I felt his cum oozing down my inner thighs.

He kissed me again, then grabbed the shaft of my cock.

“You know why you lost your girlfriend?” he asked, “Because you fuck like a girl.”


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Sissy Bitch

January 30, 2011

Billy got down on his knees. Gramps grabbed his fat cock and slapped Billy’s face with it. Billy opened his mouth and gramps shoved in it. Billy gagged at the size as he was barely able to open his mouth wide enough.

“Suck that cock sissy boy. Show gramps how much you love sucking cock. I’m going to make you my sissy bitch. From now on, you’ll call me Sir. You will only speak when spoken to. You’ll answer to sissy bitch. You got that boy?”

Billy nodded with his mouth stuffed with cock. Gramps grabbed Billy’s head and started to give him a good skull fucking. He was ramming his eight inch cock in and out and pushing deeper each time. Billy could not stop what was happening and would gag. Gramps could feel his balls tightening and his cock swelling. He leaned over Billy and turned the water off. Sensing he was ready to cum, he pulled his cock out.

“Open that cum bucket boy.” He yelled

Billy opened his mouth wide and gramps began to shoot his come over his face and into his mouth. After a good solid cum, he looked down at Billy’s face covered in cum.

“Now wipe my cum up boy and eat it. Don’t be wasting my time. That’s a good sissy bitch. I can’t wait till I have the guys over tomorrow night for poker. They’re going to like having a sissy bitch for their use. Now gramps has some desert for you sissy bitch.”


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Body Building by 2NN

October 8, 2009

Synopsis: Frank gets turned into a complete sissy-slave by a fellow body builder.


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Cockslave Bruce

April 20, 2009

“oh..oh… here’s some more for my girl.. get your mouth on my greasy dick
bitch.Eat that cum”

My mouth was full of cum and I wanted to spit it out but he looked at me
and said ” Show me the present I just gave you. Open your mouth, but don’t
spill any.

I opened my mouth and he pushed more of the cum on my face into my already
cum filled mouth.

“Now swallow…. NOW!” I had no choice. I knew my place. The thick cream
slid down to my belly.

“Good girl” You like that don’t you. I nodded and let out a meek uh huh.

“Look at you covered in cum, my dick still sliding around in puddles of cum
on your face.

“Here eat some more…Lick the head… good girl …swallow….again…kiss

that’s nice… Good bitch… now the balls …. Now look up at me and

I did as I was told, cum all over my face and hair, tears streaming from my
eyes and trying to smile at the man who just used me to pleasure his cock
with my mouth.

“Now thank me”

“For what?”

For teaching you what you are… a cocksucker”


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Schoolboy Sissy Slut

April 20, 2009

“But Dad, why are you doing this? I don’t want to be a girl!” wailed
David almost hysterically.

Andrew’s face became deadly serious.
“Well that’s tough shit, because a girl is exactly what you’re going
to be! You act like a girl. You look like a girl. And you sure take
dick like a girl! Right in that cute little boy-cunt of yours.”

With that Andrew thrust his hand inside the open crotch of David’s
knickers and roughly jiggled his index finger against his son’s bum

“I’ve also been hearing some interesting stories about your first
week in school from Robert Bates. He tells me what a right little
schoolboy sissy slut you’ve been!”

Andrew was holding David down on the bed with one hand while pushing
in a finger from the other, up to its third knuckle.

“It seems mine wasn’t the first cock to screw your behind, was it eh?
You’ve got to be careful you know. A girl can get herself a
reputation very quickly if she fucks with half the school in her
first week.” Andrew chuckled as he straddled the back of David’s
legs, trapping him underneath.

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