White Trash

October 30, 2013

Thirdly, we have full control and access over you and everything you
own. Your house, your clothes, your car, everything. Is that clear? Are you
keeping up you sissy faggot? Go on tell me that the sissy faggot
understands and agrees to comply with everything I’ve said so far”

Tears were welling up in the corner of my eyes as the bleak future promised
by his, no by my new orders, was so clearly painted. I resolved not to let
them see me cry, it would serve me on purpose, and would only serve to
emphasis their hold and superiority over me at this time. I followed the
only course open to me. “Yes… yes, I agree.”

“Not good enough cunt. I told you to tell me the sissy faggot understands
and complies with everything Master Sam has said. . In fact beg me! Go on,
beg me to let the sissy faggot do everything Master Sam and Master Jim
want, beg me to use and abuse you and all your stuff. Go on cunt, beg me”

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Christian School of Humility

February 26, 2012

“Pick your bowl up and kneel in front of me,” he commands.

I do as he orders.

“Higher,” he corrects me. “Put your chin right against the side of the bowl with your lips just above the top.”

The tears are streaking down my cheeks as I obey.

“Good girl,” he praises. “Now open your mouth real wide and stick out your tongue.”

I want to protest. He gave me a choice and I clearly choose the food bowl and not my mouth for his deposit. I resist for a second then open my mouth. I feel like such a pussy. Just a few seconds ago I told myself I would never let him cum into my mouth. Yet here I am like a baby bird waiting for its supper.

“Oh, daddy’s going to give you plenty of protein,” Dean Miller says as he jacks harder on his dick. “Oh! Here it comes!”

I look on in shock as a huge blast of white cum fires out of the end of his dick and hits the dog food just inches from my face. Some of it splashes off the food and sprinkles my tongue and lips but not much. He fires 4 more equally impressive blasts that do the same. By the time he is done the dog food is absolutely soaked. Amazingly, less than a half teaspoon seems to have gotten into my mouth.

“Good girl,” he praises again. “You can finish your breakfast now. Don’t stop until that bowl is spotless.”

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Sissy Stepdad

August 3, 2011

Her latest boyfriend looked on in amusement. He couldn’t have been more than sixteen; young and muscular, just like all the others. So many of the others. The only real difference was this one was blond; Stephanie’s dates tended to be Black or Hispanic of late. He was naked, cum glistening on his still-turgid cock. Nine or ten inches, I quickly estimated. I doubted I’d be able to take it all in my mouth. I hadn’t yet learned to deep throat, even after six months of humiliation at the hands of my stepdaughter and her suitors. He was probably inexperienced, too, so might cum quickly if I had to suck him off.

“Is your slut any good?” he asked, taking a moment to flick his finger against the cage surrounding my cock, causing me to flinch. “Very cute, by the way,” he laughed. “I think the look suits her.” Except for my head, I was completely, permanently hairless. She said it would make the tattoos she had planned easier; so far, there was just one – the word “sissy whore” in lower case letters on my left ass cheek. Heavy mascara and bright red lipstick only made me look more hideous, I felt, but even that wasn’t as bad as the professionally done finger and toe nails. Bright, florescent pink, with a single letter on each digit spelling out “panty slave.” I could hide the tattoo with clothing; I could remove the makeup; but if I ever I went out in public – that hadn’t happened yet, but would soon – everyone would be able to see my fingernails.

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Candy Apple

July 31, 2011

“No, I mean, I don’t believe you’re not a girl, just cuz you’ve got one of those. You came in here and your name was Candy, and you seemed quite like a girl, I’d say. Do boys usually dress like that, talk like that, and wag their little behinds around like that?”

“No, no, but I “

“But you did those things, exactly. So you’re a girl.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Could he possibly be that dumb? For a second, I wondered if that be the case, and then I noticed that my bulge was, well, a bulge. Had I got myself up with Candy’s ass?

“Besides,” he said, and in one motion, undid his belt and dropped his pants, and a second later the guest did too, “these are cocks. That’s just a little toy.”

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Country Girl

April 22, 2011

From now on you are a cunt to be used by me in any way that pleases me. Your pussy is for me to use as I see fit. Do you understand?”

I answered quivering, “yes Master Cock.”

“Good, from this day forward you will wear panties only whether you are inside and outside your home. Tomorrow buy enough panties to last you and throw out any male underwear you have. You are a cunt and your cunt should be covered with panties and only satin panties. And from now on when you go to the bathroom you will sit to pee. Cunts pee and make poopy. You will call your clit a tee-tee like any girl would do. You will no longer buy any magazines other than girl magazines and you will eat like a girl. Do you understand?”

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Not That Bad

March 1, 2011

Sampson shook his head. “First of all, do girls wear jockey shorts, Jill?”

The boy looked down, shell-shocked. “No.”

“What do they wear instead?”

“Panties,” he whispered softly.

Sampson nodded and pulled from the bag a pair of pink cotton panties, handing them to Jill. “Put on your pretty new panties Jill.”

The boy took them, eyes downcast. Obediently he slipped them on. The close-fitting bikini panties covered his midsection.

“And what else do girls wear underneath their clothes Jill?” he pressed.

But Jill didn’t answer now. Instead he sat across from him in his pink panties, looking away, realizing at last that he would be wearing panties from now on.

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High School Dilemma

February 22, 2011

“Spread you legs and hold them open and close your eyes. If you move I’ll give you a spanking so hard you won’t be able to sit in school tomorrow and everyone will know,” Joe taunted.

So, I sat with my legs spread apart as he towered over me. “Remember, don’t move,” he warned. And then he unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock (I didn’t see it, but I sensed it), and before I realized it he was peeing on my jeans right between my legs. Soaking my jeans and underwear and I could feel my balls warm with his pee as he loudly said, ” I claim you for my property and thus mark you with my piss as proof forever.”

As I started to move away from his pee he leaned over and slapped my face and said, “don’t.” So, there I was sitting splayed and letting him empty his bladder on balls. I was so humiliated. When he finished he shook his cock and some pee droplets flickered on my nose and eye. He laughed.

Looking down at me as he zipped his fly he continued with the following. “As you punishment for the next week you will get a pair of panties from your sister. They had better be satin. You will wear them everyday this week. If you don’t wear them I will spank your ass red. Do you understand?”

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“How many dicks have you taken in here Samantha?” he asked

“What? I uughgh I haven’t ever had anything in there Sir!”

“Good you were saving it for me …from now on this isn’t your asshole this is your pussy do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir”

He started to bang my pussy with his two fingers slowly at first then faster and faster. He turned me sideways so he could get a better angle on me and continued to finger fuck me as he asked me some more questions and told me what the new rules were going to be.

“Your pussy belongs to me now you sissy queer. And that means whenever and where ever and whoever I give your pussy to to use …you give it to them no matter what! you understand me ?”

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Schoolboy Sissy Slut

April 20, 2009

“But Dad, why are you doing this? I don’t want to be a girl!” wailed
David almost hysterically.

Andrew’s face became deadly serious.
“Well that’s tough shit, because a girl is exactly what you’re going
to be! You act like a girl. You look like a girl. And you sure take
dick like a girl! Right in that cute little boy-cunt of yours.”

With that Andrew thrust his hand inside the open crotch of David’s
knickers and roughly jiggled his index finger against his son’s bum

“I’ve also been hearing some interesting stories about your first
week in school from Robert Bates. He tells me what a right little
schoolboy sissy slut you’ve been!”

Andrew was holding David down on the bed with one hand while pushing
in a finger from the other, up to its third knuckle.

“It seems mine wasn’t the first cock to screw your behind, was it eh?
You’ve got to be careful you know. A girl can get herself a
reputation very quickly if she fucks with half the school in her
first week.” Andrew chuckled as he straddled the back of David’s
legs, trapping him underneath.

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`You really want this, don’t you, baby?’.’..His teacher grins as he mocks
the boy.. `You really want some man-dick up you, don’t you?.That tight
little boy-pussy of yours needs a good stretching doesn’t it?.to make it
into a proper girly-pussy..mmm.’ As he speaks he takes his throbbing cock in
his hand and starts to guide it between the boys buttocks, searching out his
little virgin boy-hole. The lubricated condom has been quickly slipped
on.and as the hot shaft forces its way towards paul’s bottom-hole.Sir lifts
his head back up, so that the boy is balanced over his teachers hot

`There we are..that’s it.good little boy..that’s just right.we’ve got it
ready to go in now, haven’t we?..Now then..lets hear you ask Sir for it..let
me hear you say please..’ As he mocks his little `pauline’.the teacher
pulls out the panties from the boy’s mouth, and the boy-girl gasps as he
feels the enormously thick hot, throbbing bellend of his teachers
cock.pressing.pushing.probing at his bottom. The boy
whimpers…unconsciously opening his plump little femmy thighs..’oh god.sir
was going to do him.he was going to be bummed..ohhhh.nnooo.oh sir was going
to fuck him.like a girl.oh goddddd’

Tears of shame rolled down the boys baby-smooth cheeks as he realises what
is happening to him…and he gently whispers..’Oh please Sir..please do me
sir..do me.please…’


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April 19, 2009

“Now,” Mr. Pitman spoke, catching the girl’s eyes in his cold gaze. It frightened the girl, before as a boy there had always been warmth, even pride in what he saw. Now there was simply a sense of confident power and triumph. “My prize football captain comes home. I’ve been waiting for this. Strip down to your suspender belt please.”

“Come here.”

The girl took slow steps around the desk, and for all the control of her training couldn’t contain a low moan of horror. There under the desk was Anthea, dressed in her school uniform, arms bound behind her back, slowly moving her head up and down the headmasters very large cock. She must have been there all the time, when the girl’s mother stood beside her talking nonsense all unaware.

Mr. Pitman extended his middle finger and holding his eyes on the girl’s roughly shoved it up her pussy. “Yes, you’re wet, good. I’m sure your mind is breaking up right now, which is all part of what’s wanted. It was I who choose you, like I chose John before you and Tim who just entered the school today.”


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After School Special

April 19, 2009


“Good. Now I want you to kiss your Daddy’s balls– AND

Brenda bent his head and began the humiliating task,
happy just not to be further punished. He offered loving
adoration to each of his Daddy’s sweaty, hairy balls as
he held Brenda’s black ponytail as a rein.

“That’s my sexy little girlie! Inside those balls I’m
making cum just for my Brenda-girl to drink! Wouldn’t
you like a nice sticky mouthful of Daddy’s cum?”

Brenda nodded, his tongue too busy to answer. His cock
was rising again and Daddy rubbed it against the teen’s
pale face. Suddenly, he drew the ponytail back and aimed
the cock at Brenda’s bare chest. In a second, Brenda’s
two small bubbles were covered with a sheet of the

“Is Kelly done cleaning your panties, Lesley? I have a
chore for her.”

Mother snapped her fingers and Kelly looked up. “Your
Daddy has a job for you.”

Rick Mason pointed at Brenda’s small cum coated titties.

“Clean your sister’s little hooters off, girlie. Milk
them good.”



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