Alicia’s Summer Vacation

April 19, 2009

There was no way out. I grabbed my cock and started stroking
it. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t even look at them as I got it
hard, and finally some cum spurted out onto the floor as the camera
flash went off.

“Can I go now?” I mumbled as I looked down. “Are you through
with me?”

“Almost,” she said. “But you’ve made a mess in here. My dear
little brother, I’d really appreciate it if you cleaned the floor.”

“All right,” I said, starting to get up.

But she pushed me back down to my knees. “No, stay down
there,” she said, smiling at me. “Use your tongue.”

I stared in horror at the line of white goo on the carpet.

“Do you want some fresh cum instead?” Craig snarled at me.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I bent forward to lick it up.

“Look, he’s going to cry,” Craig taunted me. “The little
faggot is going to cry.”

I couldn’t help but cry. As I lapped up the salty goo, Kathy
took another picture, and then one more of me on my knees with tears
streaming down my face.

“Now put on my white lace dress, and go to your room for the
rest of the day,” she ordered me. She waved the last photo in my
face. “You’re going to be a good little sissy from now on, unless you
want me to start showing everyone our new family album.”

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Now that the Communications Decency Act (CDA) is gone, and the
world is safe for erotic literature, I present Alicia’s Summer

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction for adults only. It is the
story of a young boy’s humiliation at the hands of his sister (and
mostly everyone else in the story). It involves bondage,
non-consensual sex acts, forced feminization, violence, and so much
more. If these topics don’t turn you on, please do not read any
further. It is not my intention to offend anyone; this story is
presented solely for your entertainment. It may arouse you, and it
may amuse you. I hope it never bores you. Enjoy!


by Diabolical


Kathy twisted my arm behind me. “I’ve taken all the crap I’m
going to from you!” she shouted.
“Let me go,” I yelled.
But she wrenched my arm again, and forced me to my knees as
the pain shot through my shoulder. She was two years older than me,
four inches taller, and a lot meaner. I never had a chance against
“You’re going to apologize, little brother, or I’ll give you
the beating of your life!” As I knelt in front of her, she grabbed a
fistful of my shoulder-length hair, twisted it around, and jerked

my head back. “Maybe I should cut off all this pretty hair of yours.”
“All right, you win,” I cried, “I’m sorry. Just leave my hair
She shoved me face down on the living room carpet and stood
over me. I massaged my aching shoulder, and as I turned to look up at
her, she snarled, “next time you won’t get off this easy.”
“I didn’t-” I started to say, and she kicked me in the
stomach. The dull pain in my gut made my eyes water. “Oooh,” I
gasped and lay doubled over on the floor.
“What the hell is going on here?” I heard our older brother
“Ron, Al’s been acting like a jerk again. I don’t know what
to do with him.”
“It figures,” Ron said. “It’s always the same problem. But
I’ve got a real easy solution this time. Al, from now on, you do
whatever Kathy tells you. Understand me?”
By now, I was up on my knees, still holding my stomach. “All
I said was she was having a bad hair day! And she can’t tell me what
to do, and neither can you,” I gasped. “You’re only my brother.”
“I’m also your legal guardian, since Mom and Dad passed away.
If you don’t listen to me, maybe I’ll have my girlfriend come over and
teach you some manners.” He grabbed my collar and pulled me up on my
tiptoes. “Did I make myself clear?”
“Yeah,” I grumbled, and he let me go. The last thing I needed
was to see that vulture Sandra; she gave me the creeps. And she wore
these leather outfits that make her look even creepier. By now I had
gotten my wind back. “I’m going up to my room,” I said to him,
ignoring Kathy.

Up in my room, I lay on the bed holding my tender stomach.
Life wasn’t fair. Ron and Kathy took after Dad; Ron was big and
barrel-chested, and even Kathy was much stronger than me. I took
after Mom’s side of the family. I was slight of build, and my face
had soft features. Worst of all, my brother and sister were always
against me.
Everyone always liked Kathy because she was pretty; when she
wore makeup she could look like an adult. I was almost 13, and Ron
was only 22, but now I had to take orders from him. This never would
have happened if Mom and Dad hadn’t died in that plane crash, right
after we moved to Los Angeles. All my friends were back in Santa
Cruz, and now my sister was pushing me around again.
Our parents had left us plenty of money, and our lawyer said
the new house was all paid for, but Ron would have to be in charge of
the Peterson household, that is, Kathy and me. Summer had just
started, I didn’t have any friends here, and I was fighting with my
sister already. While I wallowed in self-pity my sister paid me a
visit, carrying a shopping bag.
“Get up,” she ordered me.
“Go away,” I answered. The next thing I knew, she dragged me
to my feet and twisted my arm behind me again. She pulled my shirt up
over my face, and then ripped it off.
“What do you think you’re doing?” I shouted.
“You’re supposed to do what I tell you,” she said, twisting my
head around so I was nose to nose with her. “I guess you haven’t
learned that yet. But you will.”
She threw me face down on the carpet, sat on me, and reached
into her shopping bag.
“Kathy, get off me! I don’t want to play like this,” I
“We aren’t playing any more, little brother. I got this just
for you,” she said, peeling off a strip of duct tape.
“What are you doing?” I shouted. This was getting serious.
She pulled my wrists together behind me, and I felt her slap
the tape against my right wrist.
“Kathy, stop it!” I pleaded, with panic in my voice. I
struggled to free myself, but she held me securely as she wrapped
layer after layer of tape around my wrists. “This isn’t funny any
“It won’t be funny for you, but I’m going to enjoy it,” she
said. She pulled me to my feet, and spun me around to face her.
“You let me go right now!” I demanded.
She slapped me across the face so hard that my cheek stung,
and tears came to my eyes. She grabbed the hair on the back of my
head, and pulled my face to within inches of hers. As I fought back
the tears, she looked me in the eye, and snarled, “are you telling me
what to do, little brother?”
“N-n-no,” I stammered. “Please let me go.”
“First I’m going to take your clothes off, and then I’m going
to give you a beating. Then if you’re good I’ll let you go. Is that
all right with you?”
“Kathy, please-”
She slapped the other cheek, this time with the back of her
hand. My head snapped back, and I lost my balance, falling against
the side of the bed. As I lay slumped there, my ears were still
ringing, and I felt tears trickling down my cheeks. Finally my head
cleared, and I looked up to see my sister standing over me.
She kicked me in the side and sneered at me. “Are you ready
for your beating now?”
I was too scared to say anything, so I just looked down and
nodded my head.
She kicked me again, only harder. “I can’t hear you,” she
said. “Get on your knees and beg me to give you a proper beating!”
I struggled for balance with my hands bound, and lurched
forward to my knees. This was so humiliating; now I had to beg my
sister to beat me. But as I crawled forward, the door swung ajar, and
I saw my brother.
“Kathy, you’ve done enough to him for today. Leave him alone
“But Ron, you know he deserves it!” she pleaded.
But Ron just pointed to the door, and Kathy stomped out.
“Thanks, Ron,” I gasped. “Please untie me. It hurts where
she kicked me.”
He picked me up, and laid me on the bed. “Just rest like this
now, so you won’t get in any more trouble. I’ll come back and untie
you tonight.”
I started to protest, but he walked out anyway. And so I had
to spend the whole evening tied up on my bed.

The next day I was out in front of the house when another boy
walked into our yard. “Is Kathy home?” he asked.
“Who wants to know?” I asked.
He came up to me, and while he looked me over, I sized him up.
He was bigger than me, muscular, and probably a couple of years older.
Suddenly, he grabbed me by the collar of my knit shirt, and nearly
lifted me off the ground. “I’m her new boyfriend.
She told me she had a bratty little brother with long hair like a
girl. Is that you?”
I didn’t agree entirely with the description, but this wasn’t
the time to take issue with him. I nodded my head. “I’m…I’m her
brother,” I stammered.
He pulled me close to him. “Then why don’t you be a good
little boy, and tell your big sister I’m here?” He shoved me away,
sending me sprawling onto the grass.
But before I could get up, Kathy had come outside. She wore a
white halter top that barely covered her breasts, and a pair of blue
jeans that must have been painted on her. Her long brown hair was
pulled straight back and then hung down over her shoulders. She had
just seen this punk push me around. But as I watched, they embraced,
and she gave him a French kiss. “I see you’ve met my brother,” she
“Yeah,” he said. “Does he always act like a jerk?”
“Always,” she said, giving me a dirty look. “Like I said, you
have to smack him around just to get his attention.”
“Never mind him,” he said. “You look gorgeous today, so let’s
get out of here.”
It figured she was on his side. I backed away, and they left
together. So I wandered out to the street and down the block. Then I
saw a young girl sitting out in front of the house next door. She had
dark brown hair like me, but even longer, and cut in straight bangs
across her forehead. Best of all, a small pair of breasts lifted her
red sweater.
Maybe living here wouldn’t be so bad after all. I introduced myself,
and found out her name was Arcadia. She was a year older than me.
“So we’re neighbours now,” she said. “I’ve already met your
sister. But she didn’t mention that she had a little brother.”
In a way that was good. At least Kathy hadn’t poisoned her
against me. “We don’t hang around much together. She’s always had
her own friends.”
She smiled at me and said, “that’s all right. I’m sure we’ll
all be friends.”

That evening, Kathy brought her thug-boyfriend home with her,
and she dragged me down to the basement playroom to give me a proper
introduction to him. His name was Craig, and when he wasn’t feeling
up my sister, his idea of a good time was to try out wrestling moves
on me. He shoved me around, grabbed me, and slammed me down on the
tile floor time after time.
“I’ve had enough of this,” I said, getting to my feet for the
umpteenth time.
“You’re not going anywhere, sweetie,” Kathy said. “Ron said
you had to do whatever I told you. And I’m telling you to get back
down on the floor.”
“He didn’t mean you could have this goon beat me up!” I
In a second, Craig was right in my face. “Who are you calling
a goon, pretty boy?” he said, shoving my chest.
I stumbled backward and looked to my sister for help. “Kathy,
make him leave me alone!”
“Oh, but I thought boys liked roughhousing like this,” she
said sweetly.
Craig threw me face down on the floor, twisted my arm behind
my back, and mashed my nose against the tiles. “Maybe he isn’t a real
boy,” he said.
“Get off me!” I shouted. “Kathy, get him out of here!”
“Ron said I could make you do whatever I want, and I think
it’s time we took advantage of it.” She held up a roll of duct tape,
and pulled an arm’s-length of it out.
“Craig, put his wrists together behind his back.”
“Kathy, stop! This isn’t fair!” I pleaded, as Craig pulled
my arms together.
Kathy wrapped the tape around my wrists several times, and
Craig let me go.
He pulled me up to my knees and left me kneeling in front of them. I
strained and shook so hard that my hair got in my eyes. But the tape
held fast. I could barely see the two of them exchange glances and
“Still think you can get out of that, little sissy?” Kathy
“If you don’t let me go, I’ll scream!”
“I think he needs to be gagged,” Craig said.
I leaned back from them. “You better not put that tape over
my mouth,” I warned.
“Oh, we won’t use that to gag you,” she said, brushing my hair
over my eyes so I could hardly see anything.
A moment later Craig sat next to me, and I could finally see
that he had unzipped his pants, and his cock was sticking straight out
at me. “We’re going to gag you with this!” he said.
I recoiled in horror, tears filling my eyes. This couldn’t
happen to me, not in my own house. “No, please,” I begged.
My sister took a handful of hair, and guided my head toward
Craig’s bright red cock. “Since you don’t like to fight like a boy,
maybe you’re interested in more girlish activities. Like sucking
“Yeah,” Craig snarled, “you’re gonna suck my cock until I come
all over your face!”


“No!” I shouted. “I won’t suck his cock. I’ll do anything
but that!”
Kathy pulled my head back, and asked, “anything?”
I nodded my head vigorously. “Anything but that!”
“Will you try on my dresses and pose for some pictures?”
“But…but you never want me near your stuff. Why do you want
me to wear your clothes?”
“Because I think you’d look adorable in a dress. Now will you
do it or not?” Then she turned my head back to face Craig’s cock.
“I’ll do it!” I blurted out.
“Then as a sign of good faith, kiss it.” She shoved me
forward so my face was flush against his erect cock. At least kissing
it wouldn’t be as bad as putting it in my mouth. I closed my eyes,
kissed it, and leaned away.
“Hey, I was looking forward to a blow job! Is that all I
get?” Craig asked Kathy.
“For now,” she said, and turned to face me, “unless the little
sissy misbehaves when I take the pictures.”
Kathy ordered me to kneel until they returned, and they left
Alone, I was on my knees with my hands bound and had to wait for my
sister and her boyfriend to humiliate me. What had I ever done to
deserve this? All I could do was feel sorry for myself until they
came back with a half dozen dresses.
Kathy unwrapped my wrists and told me, “Strip! You’ve got
sixty seconds.
If I see you wearing anything besides your birthday suit, you’ll be
gagging on male meat.”
I practically ripped my clothes off, and in forty-five seconds
I stood before them naked, my hands covering my penis.
“Don’t be modest, sweetie,” Kathy said, raising her camera.
“Put your hands up over your head now!”
I frowned and looked down at my member. Reluctantly I put my
hands up, and when I looked back at Kathy, I saw the flashbulb go off.
“Now put your hand on your hip like a good little fag,” she
said. “And then your other hand up on your shoulder to toss your
hair. And pout for me. Come on, let’s see those lips. I want to see
a nice pouty look on your face.”
She finally got the sexy look she wanted, and the flashbulb
went off again.
“Now cross your ankles, and point your feet outward like a
pretty little ballerina,” she commanded me. And when I did, she took
a couple more photos of me.
“Are we having fun yet, little brother?”
I shook my head. “Kathy, can I put some clothes on now?” I
“Sure you can, sweetie,” she cooed. “So that’s why you look
so unhappy.
You don’t like being naked, do you?”
I shook my head again, fighting back the tears, and Craig kept
snickering at me.
“I’ve got just the thing for you,” she said, holding up a
training bra.
“No…I didn’t mean that-”
“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll help you put it on,” she said, spinning
me around. A moment later she had me in the bra, and ordered me, “now
fondle your new breasts!”
I had no choice, and fondled myself as the flashbulb went off
“Let’s get the faggot into the rest of his clothes,” Craig
said. “He’ll look cute in that little red number of yours.”
The next thing I knew, I was climbing into a pair of stockings
and a garter belt, and my sister zipped me into a red tafetta dress.
My legs were encased in nylon, and the dress rustled whenever I moved.
“Now lift up your dress and pretend to adjust your garter,”
she said. And the camera flash went off again.
“Good, now cross your wrists at your waist, and put your hands
together palm to palm like a good little sissy,” she ordered me.

As I did do, she snapped another picture. And the ordeal went
on. For the next half hour, she must have taken twenty Polaroids of
me, some naked, but most in her outfits. She kept telling me to smile
for the camera, and Craig kept taunting me. Most ominous of all, his
cock was about to burst his pants the whole time.
Finally she stripped me again, and left me sitting me on the
floor. “I can hardly wait to show these to Ron! And wait until
Sandra gets to see them.”
“Who’s Sandra?” Craig asked.
“She’s my big brother’s girlfriend. She is one hot blonde,
always wearing these leather and rubber outfits. I’m sure she’ll have
some good ideas about dressing up the little sissy.”
Just what I needed. My brother’s bitchy girlfriend getting
her hands on me.
This was going too far. “I’m not a sissy!” I shouted at her.
“Oh, no? Well if you’re such a stud, I’d like to see you jerk
off right now.”
My mouth dropped open. I couldn’t believe it. “Here? Right
now? In front of both of you?”
“And on camera, sweetie. I’ve got a few pictures left. Or
would you rather listen to that tafetta dress rustling as we walk
around the block a couple of times?”
I hesitated for a moment. I couldn’t go out in that red
dress. Then she added, “and after we show you off around the
neighbourhood, then you can get Craig off!”
“Now that’s more like it,” the big oaf said, leering at me.
There was no way out. I grabbed my cock and started stroking
it. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t even look at them as I got it
hard, and finally some cum spurted out onto the floor as the camera
flash went off.
“Can I go now?” I mumbled as I looked down. “Are you through
with me?”
“Almost,” she said. “But you’ve made a mess in here. My dear
little brother, I’d really appreciate it if you cleaned the floor.”
“All right,” I said, starting to get up.
But she pushed me back down to my knees. “No, stay down
there,” she said, smiling at me. “Use your tongue.”
I stared in horror at the line of white goo on the carpet.
“Do you want some fresh cum instead?” Craig snarled at me.
Tears welled up in my eyes as I bent forward to lick it up.
“Look, he’s going to cry,” Craig taunted me. “The little
faggot is going to cry.”
I couldn’t help but cry. As I lapped up the salty goo, Kathy
took another picture, and then one more of me on my knees with tears
streaming down my face.
“Now put on my white lace dress, and go to your room for the
rest of the day,” she ordered me. She waved the last photo in my
face. “You’re going to be a good little sissy from now on, unless you
want me to start showing everyone our new family album.”
I put on the dress and hurried up to my room, my face in my
hands. Now my sister could blackmail me with those pictures.

* * * * *

The next day, Arcadia came over to see Kathy, but I met her in
the backyard.
I hoped if I intercepted her first, I could keep Kathy from telling
her what happened yesterday.
“Would you like to go to the park with me?” I asked. “We can
get some ice cream.”
“Well, I came over to see Kathy. She had a fight with Craig
over the phone this morning, and I wanted to talk with her. I guess
it can wait.”
That was interesting. Kathy had a fight with Craig? Maybe if
they were fighting with each other, they’d leave me alone. We turned
to go, but then I saw Craig open our gate.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“I came to see your big sister, brat,” he said, walking up the
driveway toward me.
“I doubt she wants to see you, though,” I said, hoping I’d
find out what’s going on.
“Maybe you’re right,” he said. “Arcadia, would you like to go
out with me?”
“We were just on our way out,” I said.
“I asked the girl, not you,” he snapped.
“Oh, I don’t know…” she said.
“Arcadia, tell him to get lost. He broke up with my sister,
and now he just wants to use you.”
“Shut up, you little bastard!” he shouted, and grabbed me by
the shirt.
“I know!” Arcadia said, smiling. “Why don’t you boys settle
this among yourselves? Meanwhile I’ll go talk to Kathy.”
She started off, and Craig shoved me backwards, sending me
stumbling against the house.
“Hurry back!” he shouted to her. “This won’t take long!”
I got up and tried to run, but he tackled me, and threw me
down in the grass. He sat on my chest, making me gasp for air.
“Let’s make Arcadia’s decision a real easy one,” he said, and
punched me in the face. I screamed, but he had me pinned to the
ground, and hit me on the side of the face over and over. I was dazed
and helpless when he pulled me to my feet, and threw me face first
against the concrete garage.

I don’t even remember hitting the ground. I woke up out on
the grass in late afternoon with a headache, a split lip, and a lump
on my forehead. I staggered inside to find Kathy showing Ron the
pictures of me in her dresses (or not in them, in some cases.)
“I want him to dress up like a girl from now on,” she said.
“Look at the T-shirt and jeans he’s wearing. We’re new in this
neighbourhood, and no one here knows he’s supposed to be a boy.”
“You can’t do that to me,” I shouted, and my head hurt even
“I don’t think so,” Ron said. “We’d have to buy a whole new
wardrobe for him.”
I breathed a sigh of relief. At least my big brother wasn’t
going to let her make me into a girl.
“No we won’t,” Kathy said. “He can wear my stuff. I’ve got a
lot of clothes I’ve just about outgrown, and they’ll fit him perfect
That’s my sister. She can be so accommodating when she wants
“Besides, Mom bought me some really frilly dresses that I
never wore.
They’re just too feminine-looking for me. But I think the sissy will
look good in them.”
“All right, ” Ron said. “We’ll try it for a little while.
But start with just the underwear, so he can get used to it.”
“Ron, no!” I screamed. “I won’t do it!”
“You’ll do what we tell you to,” he shouted, and then he
grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me to him. “Kathy, get me the roll
of duct tape in the drawer.”
Don’t we ever run out of duct tape? I struggled, but he
twisted my arm behind me, and threw me on the kitchen floor. He held
me face down on the floor as Kathy taped my wrists together.
“Sandra’s coming over any minute, and I’m sure she’ll be
delighted to get reacquainted with you,” he said.”
Oh, no. Sandra always hated me. “Ron, please let me go,” I
whined. “Craig already beat me up today.”
But he just tousled my hair, and it got in my eyes. “You
can’t get along with anyone, can you? Now be a good little sissy,” he
said, “and stay right there.”
“Ron, will you please untie-” I started, but then Kathy jumped
on my back, knocking the wind out of me.
“I can hardly wait till Sandra gets here,” Kathy said.
Me neither, I thought, gasping for air.

Soon the doorbell rang, and a minute later Ron and Sandra were
standing over me, with Kathy perched on my back.
“I’d get up,” Kathy told them, “but I feel so comfortable
Sandra was a tall blonde whose large breasts my brother
worshipped. But like many beautiful women, she was a bitch. She
fixed me with a cold stare, and I knew I was in trouble. She was
wearing a black leather outfit, with high-heeled boots, and she
carried an oversized gym bag. Sandra flipped through those awful
Polaroid photos, and her expression didn’t even change. You’d think
she saw pictures like that every day.
“It’s time you learned some discipline,” she said, taking a
white corset out of her bag. “Kathy, strip the little sissy.”
“All right!” she said, and started pulling my clothes off.
Soon she had me stripped from the waist down, and said, “I can’t get
this shirt over his wrists.”
Sandra handed her a knife and said, “cut it off. He won’t
need those boy clothes any more, will he?”
Kathy grinned from ear to ear, but all I could see was the
light glinting off the knife blade as I looked up at her. In moments,
she had me on my back naked, with my wrists taped behind me.
“Now let’s see how that corset looks on you,” Sandra said.
Kathy stood me up, and Sandra laced the corset around me
tighter and tighter until I thought it was going to smother me. In a
few moments I stood clad in panties, stockings, and a training bra my
sister generously donated.
Sandra stood over me, and lifted my chin. “Now, are you ready
for your spanking?” she asked.
“No! You can’t spank me!” I said, and backed away to the far
wall of the kitchen.
“Come on, sweetie,” she said, beckoning to me, “what are you
doing all the way over there?”
“Leave me alone,” I begged. “Ron, don’t let her hit me!”
Sandra took a leather paddle from her bag and snarled, “come
over here now and get your spanking. Unless you’d like a good
But my feet were anchored to the floor, and my back to the
wall. I wasn’t going to budge.
Sandra moved in on me, and all I could do was slide along the
wall into the corner. Then, half-naked and trapped in the corner with
my hands bound behind me, I could only stare up at the leather-clad
woman brandishing a paddle.
“Shame on you for making me chase after you,” she said. “Now
you’re going to learn a lesson.” She grabbed a handful of hair, and
dragged me over to the table.
She sat down, and threw me over her knee. “Pay attention, Kathy.
I’m going to show you how to discipline your little brother.”
“Let me go-” I screamed. “You can’t-”
The paddle landed, stinging my bottom.
“Ow, stop it!” I shouted.
She hit me twice more, once on each cheek, and both were
“You’re hurting me,” I whined.
“Oh, you’re hurting me,” Kathy taunted me. “Can I hit him
now, Sandra?”
But Sandra rubbed my sore butt with her palm. “Does that feel
better, sweetie?”
“No!” I shouted. “Let me go!”
“Oh, you’ve got a lot more coming,” she said, and I felt the
smooth leather of the paddle gently sliding back and forth across my
butt. She lifted the paddle, and I felt cool air against my bottom
for a moment. Then I felt another stinging blow.
Tears came to my eyes as she hit me another dozen times. My
poor butt was on fire, and no matter how much I squirmed, she just
kept hitting me. I tried not to cry, but finally I was sobbing, warm
tears rolling down my cheeks.
“Kathy, look at how nice and red his ass is,” Sandra said
“That’s what you want to do. You can give him a good beating without
leaving any welts or scars. This way you don’t mark him up, but the
little bastard won’t want to sit down for a couple of days. Would you
like to try it?”
Kathy grabbed the paddle from her, pulled my hair back from my
face, and looked me straight in the eye. “You’re going to get it
now,” she said, sneering at me.
“No,” I begged. “Please, I’ve had enough.”
“Can we shut him up?” Kathy asked Sandra. “I don’t want to
listen to his whining.
Ron handed Kathy the roll of duct tape.
“No, don’t tape his mouth,” Sandra said, “he needs a proper
Oh, God forbid I should be improperly gagged when they beat
me. Helpless, I watched as Sandra rummaged through her bag, and
pulled out what looked like a rubber cock with a strap attached to it.
“This is a penis gag,” she announced. “It’ll keep the little
darling quiet, and get him used to having a cock in his mouth.” She
pressed the tip of the gag against my mouth.

I clenched my teeth and shook my head. A moment later my
bottom got stung.
Then another whack. And another. I bucked and squirmed, but Sandra
held me down.
My sister was swinging the paddle with both hands. I opened my mouth
to scream and Sandra shoved the penis gag in. She strapped it around
my head, and tied it in place. “Now teach him to be more
cooperative,” she told Kathy.
Kathy warmed to the task of warming my butt. She hit me over
and over as I sobbed into the gag and kicked my legs. My whole body
glistened with sweat, my butt was on fire, and I squealed in agony,
waiting for the next blow to fall. Finally she stopped.
“Whew, I’m tired,” Kathy said, “I never knew beating him up
could be so much work.”
“Kathy, you need to work on your stamina,” Ron said.
“I’ll bet Sandra could do a lot better.”
“Noooo,” I moaned into my gag.
But Sandra didn’t hit me. She spent the next two hours
teaching the others how to tie me up. She explained the proper use of
handcuffs, spreader bars, arm binders, and all the other bondage stuff
she brought along.

Finally, Ron and Sandra left me with Kathy, and I spent the
whole day bound, gagged, and helpless, while she took more pictures of
me. Finally Kathy took the gag out, made me kneel, and held a bunch
of grapes over my head.
“So how do you like having a cock in your mouth, little
crybaby?” she asked.
I didn’t say anything, but just opened and closed my jaw to
get the feeling back in it.
“Hungry, sweetie? You haven’t had a thing to eat all
My jaw ached from the gag, and I tried to reach the grapes,
but I couldn’t reach them. Finally I gave up. Maybe they were sour
But then Kathy threw them on the floor in front of me. “Eat
up, sissy!
I was so hungry I gobbled the grapes as fast as I could. Then
she blindfolded me, and left me alone on the floor. All I could do
was lie on the floor in the dark with that damn corset choking me.

I had lost all track of time, when my blindfold was pulled
off. Kathy threw a red sweater and a pair of red jeans in my face.
“Sandra gave the name of a beauty salon in a shopping center a
few blocks from here. You’re going to have your hair done.”
“Kathy, please let me go,” I begged. “I don’t want to have my
hair done. I’ve had a long day. I don’t even want to go out.”
“I didn’t ask you what you want. I’ve made the appointment,
and I’m taking you there now. Is that clear?”
I just nodded my head. At least she’d untie me, and I could
stretch my muscles. Half an hour later, we showed up at the salon,
but the sign on the door said, “Closed.” I was saved!
“Too bad,” I said, “they’re closed.”
But then a young blonde woman came to the door and opened it
for us. “I’m Jennifer. You must be Kathy and the little sissy,” she
said. “Sandra told me to expect you.”
“But I thought you were closed,” I said, pointing at the sign.
“The sign said closed.”
“I work on special customers like you by appointment only,”
Jennifer said.
“That way you can feel more comfortable when I make you look pretty.”
I made a face. I was wearing girl’s underwear, and now I had
to have my hair done like a girl.
“That’s very considerate of Jennifer, isn’t it, sissy?” Kathy
said, as Jennifer led me inside.
“How should we do his hair?” Jennifer asked my sister.
Apparently my opinion didn’t matter.
“We could have you wear your hair in straight bangs, like
Arcadia,” Kathy suggested to me.
Before I could answer, Jennifer said, “bangs can be cute, but
they’re too masculine. Lots of boys have bangs. We don’t want anyone
to confuse this little sissy with a boy.”
I winced. She thinks I’d look too masculine with bangs?
Jennifer was even worse than my sister.
“Anything you say,” Kathy said. “Just make him look
“I know! We’ll part his hair in the middle just like yours,
Kathy, only I’ll put long soft curls in it,” Jennifer said.
And she dragged me off to shampoo my hair. I could hardly
move in the corset, and Jennifer practically had to shove me into a
reclining chair. I lay there with me head in a sink as I tried to
arch my back to keep my aching butt off the chair.

Half an hour later, she had styled my hair, set it in rollers,
and had me sitting under a hair dryer. I squirmed because my butt
hurt so much, but that only made it worse.
“Jennifer, my little brother isn’t the first boy to have his
hair styled here, is he?”
“No, of course not. But most of the boys don’t have their
hair done in curls like this.”
“Are any of the other boys cute?” Kathy asked.
Just like my sister, I thought, trying to find boys at my
“Some are really cute, but almost all of them are gay.”
“Well, that doesn’t help me any, but maybe this little sissy
would like to meet some of them,” Kathy said.
“What are you trying to-” I started.
“Sure, I can arrange that,” Jennifer interrupted me. “Would
you like to meet a fag?”
I was shocked. Speechless. How could they even think that?
“I think that’s a great idea,” Kathy said. “Wouldn’t you like
to meet a boy a little older than you? Someone more experienced, who
can teach you how to be a fag?”
“No! Kathy, don’t make me do this!” I said, my eyes filling
with tears.
“Someone who’ll bend you over a chair and make you like it?”
she said, leering at me.
I bowed my head as tears rolled down my cheeks.
“Oh, don’t cry, sweetie, I’ll find you a real nice boy, I
promise,” Jennifer said. “I doubt he’ll be as sissified as you, but
I’m sure lots of my customers would like to meet you.”
Kathy giggled. “And we can keep trying until we find the
right one.”
“No, please don’t make me meet any boys,” I sobbed.
“Tell you what, little sissy. As long as you’re a perfect
little slave girl at home, I won’t have Jennifer introduce you to any
of her friends. But if you step out of line just once, you’re going
to be a party girl.”
“I’ll do anything you want around the house! I’ll wear
anything you want, I promise!”
“If the little faggot changes his mind, just let me know,”
Jennifer said.
“He’s a cutie, and I know lots of boys who’d love to get their hands
on him.”


The next day I slept until noon, handcuffed to the wrought
iron headboard of my bed. I was still stiff from the beatings Craig
and Kathy had given me, and even my face ached when she woke me up and
dangled a white string bikini over me.

Five minutes later, she had me wearing it at pool-side in our
backyard. The pool was thirty feet long, with chairs and recliner
lounges scattered around it. Our backyard was enclosed by a tall
wooden fence, so no one could see in, unless one of our neighbours
tried to climb over it. Still, I hated being outside, especially in a
bikini. She spread a beach towel on the deck next to the deep end of
the pool, and made me lie on it. Next she handcuffed my hands over my
head to the pool ladder, and taped my ankles together.
“I’m going swimming now,” she said, kneeling beside me. “And
you’re going to stay right here on your back.”

“For how long?” I asked.
She slapped me across the face, making me wince.
“And you’re going to be quiet, too. If I see you move or hear
you say a word, I’ll dump you in the pool.”
And so I lay there in the sun listening to my sister swim and
splash around in the water for at least an hour before she climbed out
and came over to inspect me.
“I think you’re done on this side, sweetie. Turn over.”
Not daring to speak, I rolled over on my stomach.
“That’s better,” she said. “You’re so pale, you need some
colour on your back. Of course you’ll have a tan line, but that’s the
whole idea, isn’t it? So stay there until I come back.”
Oh, no! In this string bikini I was getting a girl’s tan.
How could I ever go to the beach or anywhere else bare-chested this

After an hour on my back, Kathy marched me inside and stripped
me. Then she had me on the living room floor naked with my hands tied
behind my back. She lashed my ankles with another piece of cord, and
drew my legs up, tying my ankles to my wrists in a secure hogtie.
Sandra had taught her well.
“Wait right there,” she said, “I have to make a phone call.”
I couldn’t hear her phone conversation, but when she hung up
she was kind enough to tell me we were expecting company.
“We can’t have company over with me like this! You have to
untie me. I have to put some clothes on!”
“Would you like to wear this?” she asked, grinning at me as
she held up the dreaded white corset.
“Please let me go. I’ll put that thing on if you untie me.”
But then the doorbell rang. I turned to the door and then
back to my sister. Who could be here already? A moment later,
Arcadia was standing over me. How could things get any worse? Now I
was tied up and naked in front of the girl who got me beat up
Arcadia looked down at me and giggled. “Hi, sweetie.”
“Arcadia, I didn’t want you to see me like this,” I groaned.
“It’s all right. Kathy told me you were all tied up, but I
like you that way.”
“Will you girls please let me go?” I begged.
Kathy grabbed my hair and I screamed as she pulled me up to my
Arcadia moved in to take a closer look at me and said, “you’re
a cute little guy, aren’t you? I love your suntan!”
“He really should have been born a girl,” Kathy said, and I
gasped as she grabbed my flaccid penis!
“Kathy, what are you doing?” I strained against the ropes,
but that just made her angry, and she pulled on my cock. “Stop it!
Please don’t do that, ” I begged.
Kathy let go, and Arcadia laughed so hard she could hardly
talk. Finally she held the corset in front of me and asked, “is this
yours, Al?”
Before I could answer, Kathy said, “of course it’s his. I
wouldn’t wear anything like that.”
“Then I’d like you to wear it when we go out,” she told me.
“You want me to go out with you? But you had Craig beat me
“I made a mistake. I thought I wanted a big, strong guy. But
now I’ve decided that I’d rather date a pathetic little wimp I can
push around. You’ll forgive me, won’t you?”
Naked and helpless on my knees, I could be very forgiving.
“We can go out whenever you want. I’ll do whatever you want. Now
will you untie me? These ropes are starting to hurt.”
The two girls looked at each other, and then Kathy untied my
wrists. I rubbed my wrists, and then I struggled to undo the ropes on
my ankles.
No sooner had I gotten free than Kathy ordered me up to my
feet, and wrapped the corset around me. The two girls laced it up,
and now it seemed like my whole body was in bondage.
“Kathy, I can’t breathe,” I gasped.
“Stop whining, you little wimp,” she snarled. Then she
planted her knee in my back, and pulled the laces even tighter. I
felt the restrictive boning of the corset all around me. I gasped for
air, and my legs got weak. The two girls had to hold me up until I
got my breath. I could only take shallow breaths with this awful
thing wrapped around me.
“Now put on your bra and panties,” Kathy commanded me. She
pointed at the sofa, where I saw a training bra, and even worse, a
pair of pink panties.
“But that’s not my underwear,” I complained.
“It is now, sweetie. Sisters share their stuff, and I’m
giving you some of my old underwear. See, I take care of my little
sister,” she said, and both girls giggled.
Reluctantly, I stepped into the panties, but after several
failed attempts with the bra, Kathy grabbed me, and helped me into it
none too gently.
“Al, you just look so adorable,” Arcadia cooed. “I think we
should go out just like that.”
“I’d get arrested,” I said. But I had the nagging feeling
that whatever they made me wear over this stuff might not be much
“Now hurry up and get dressed,” Kathy told me. “If you keep
Arcadia waiting, she might get real mad at you.”
“But what should I wear?”
“Anything you want,” she yelled. “Now move it!” She smacked
me on my pantied butt to send me on my way.
I hurried upstairs, but I could only get halfway before I had
to rest. This horrible corset was strangling me. When I finally got
upstairs, I thought about getting out of this awful underwear. But
when I looked in my dresser, all my underwear was gone.
Kathy had left me some frilly and lacy stuff that made me sick. So I
picked out a blue sweatshirt which was baggy enough to hide my new
girlish figure. Blue jeans and tennis shoes made me look like a boy
Once I was downstairs again, Kathy made me turn around and
model my clothes.
She tucked my hair under a baseball cap, and said, “not bad. “You
might even fool people into thinking you’re a real boy instead of a
little sissy.”
“Thanks sis, I love you, too,” I said, my voice laced with
Kathy nearly turned purple, and shoved me toward the door.
Then she took Arcadia aside and whispered something to her. I only
saw Arcadia nod her head before she joined me and we left together.
Once we were safely outside, I asked her, “what did Kathy tell
you in there?”
“You’ll find out,” she said. “It’s such a nice day, let’s go
to the park.”
That was an order, not a request, so we headed for the park,
five blocks away. We were almost there when Arcadia asked, “it’s
awfully warm for you to be wearing a sweatshirt. Don’t you think
you’d be more comfortable if you took it off?”
Underneath my sweatshirt was a bra, and a corset which was
even less comfortable. “Please don’t make me take my sweatshirt off,”
I begged. “Do you know what will happen to me if anyone sees me like
She grinned, and the mischievous look in her eyes was not a
good sign. But she just led me over to a picnic table.
“I’ll be right back,” she said. “I’ll buy the soft drinks,
since you forgot your purse.”
“Thanks a lot,” I said. Now I had a moment to think about my
predicament in general, and Arcadia in particular. Did she hate me
like Kathy, or did she just want to have fun teasing me? She was on
her way back from the refreshment stand when a motorcycle drove right
by her.
“Watch where you’re going, you big idiot!” she shouted. “You
could have hit me.”
The biker parked near our table and said, “no harm, no foul,
little girl.”
Arcadia ran up to the big biker. Then, as I watched in
amazement, that sweet angel- faced little girl looked up at him, and
she spit on his black leather jacket.
The look on the biker’s face suggested that he didn’t understand
Arcadia either. For a moment he just stroked his straggly beard as he
stared at the spit on his jacket. Arcadia must not have gotten the
reaction she wanted, because she walked over to his motorcycle and
kicked it over.
Now the expression on his face changed, and not for the
better. He started toward Arcadia, who ran straight to me, with the
biker in hot pursuit.
“You better leave me alone, you big jerk,” she shouted at him.
“My boyfriend will protect me!”
I could hardly move in the corset anyway, and now I was frozen
like a deer caught in headlights, as the burly man closed in on me.
He grabbed me by the shirt with one hand, and lifted me off the
“I…I didn’t do anything,” I stammered. If he pulled my
sweatshirt up any further, the corset would show. If I were lucky he
might kill me first.
“Your girlfriend has a real bad attitude,” he snarled.
“Yes, sir,” I chirped, as my voice cracked. “I’ve been
meaning to talk to her about that. If you let me go-”
But he yanked me off my feet and dragged me into a nearby
public rest room.
“I didn’t do anything,” I pleaded. “She’s the one who did
“Yeah, spitting on me and knocking my bike over was all her
idea. And you weren’t going to have a good laugh about it,” he said,
as he pulled me into a stall.
He knocked my baseball cap off, and my lovely curls spilled
into my eyes.
Then he slammed me up against the stall partition and held me there
with his right hand on my throat. “I think punks like you need to
have more respect for other people. You need to be more civilized,
and mostly you need to learn some manners.”
“Yes sir,” I said. My knees shook, and tears filled my eyes,
blurring my vision. I tried to shake the hair out of my eyes, when he
hit me in the belly. He yelled and let go of me, as I doubled over on
the floor. I clutched my stomach against the dull throbbing pain, and
tried to get my wind back. After an eternity, I looked up at him
through a veil of hair.
“What the hell are you wearing?” he yelled, rubbing his left
hand. Then he grabbed my sweatshirt, and pulled it all over my head
in a single motion. I tried to pull my shirt back, but he threw it
out of the stall. All I could do was hold my stomach, as I knelt on
the floor, my bra and corset exposed.
“Let’s see what else you got under there, you little freak,”
he said, and grabbed for my belt.
“No!” I cried, and tried to push him away.
He twisted a handful of hair, wrenched my head back, and then
pulled me to my feet. I squirmed and struggled as he pulled my hair.
As I grabbed for his arm, he hit me on the side of the face. The
punch landed flush on my cheek, and I went down in a heap. I was
dazed and helpless as he stripped me of my shoes and pants. Then, as
I lay on the floor semiconscious, I heard him slam the toilet seat and
start relieving himself.
Slowly I came to my senses, and I sat up, holding my head.
“Please, no more,” I pleaded. “I didn’t do anything. And I’ll never
do it again.”
“You’re damn right you won’t,” he said, as he twisted my arms
behind my back and made me kneel over the toilet.
He made me look down at the bright yellow fluid, and it stank
something awful.
“Oh, God, no!” I begged, tears running down my face.
He held my wrists together with one hand, and took hold of my
hair with his other. The stench of urine made me gasp and cough as he
yanked my head back, and then plunged my face into the toilet. I shut
my eyes, but the piss got in my mouth and nose.
He held me under until I thought I would pass out, and then he
finally let me come up for air.
I sputtered and felt like I was ready to vomit as he held me there,
my face barely two inches from the surface of the piss.
“Now listen to me, you little bastard! I’m going to get rid
of your clothes, and I’ll be right back. You’re going to stay right
here with your face in the toilet, you got that? Because when I get
back, if your face isn’t sitting in that piss, I’m gonna drown you in
it. Understand me?”
“Yes, sir,” I whispered, nodding my head just above the piss.
He slammed the toilet seat down on me, and I heard him pick up
my clothes and leave.
So I waited, wrinkling my nose from the stench, and afraid to
move. Minutes went by, and he still hadn’t come back. Did he drive
off? I couldn’t hear too well with my head in the toilet. Should I
get out and make a run for it? In my corset?


The acrid stench made my eyes water. Finally I couldn’t stand
the smell any more, so I pushed back from the toilet. I peeked
outside the stall, and the biker was gone. My stomach aching, I
crawled out of the stall, and struggled to my feet. I dragged myself
over to the sink, and looked in the mirror. The side of my face was
already starting to swell, my hair was matted with urine, and I stunk
to high heaven. I ran cold water, and tried to wash the smell out of
my hair.
It took me a few minutes to clean myself up as best I could,
and then I sank to my knees. Even if the biker was gone, I couldn’t
walk home dressed like this. But I couldn’t stay here because the
biker might come back. Finally I peeked outside to see if the coast
was clear.
I was relieved to see Arcadia sitting on a park bench.
She waved to me, and got up. “I saw that biker guy leave with
your clothes, so I went home to bring you something to wear. Just on
the off chance you were still alive.”
I heaved a sigh of relief. I was all beat up, but at least I
could go home.
She handed a piece of clothing through the crack of the door to me.
I unfolded it, and was horrified to find it was a pink spring dress.
“Don’t you have any sweaters or jeans?”
“Well, I never,” she huffed. “Talk about gratitude. It was
the first thing I grabbed from my closet, but if you don’t want it,
I’ll take it away.”
Beggars can’t be choosers, right? “No! I’ll wear it,” I
said, and quickly stepped into the pretty dress. She giggled when I
stepped outside.
“You better walk on the other side of me so you’ll be upwind.
No offence, Al, but you smell something awful.”
I looked around. Would anyone recognize what I was in this
dress? The dress was wet, and I could see the corset through it.
Turns out I didn’t need to worry. In Los Angeles no one walked
anywhere this time of afternoon. Thank Heaven for the automobile
culture. So we didn’t meet anyone on the way, and somehow I dragged
my aching body home, with Arcadia teasing me the whole way.
Kathy met me at the door. “Love your new dress, little
faggot. Looks like you’ve had all the sarcasm beaten out of you.”
Before I could say anything Ron took one look at me, laughed,
and said, “you look like you’ve ridden hard and put away wet.”
Kathy went to take a better look at my swollen face and drew
back. “Yeah, tell us all the gory details. After you take a bath.”

* * * * *

The next day, I woke up to find a pair of stockings on my
dresser. I wasn’t in any shape for a fight, so I put them on and went
down to have breakfast with my brother and sister.
“You look darling in those stockings with that cute floral
pattern, Kathy said. “Arcadia and I are going to the video arcade
today, and we’d like you to come along.”
“I’m not going outside dressed like a girl,” I said. My face
was all bruised and swollen and my stomach still hurt. I’d taken
enough from her, and I was going to stand my ground this time.
“Sweetie, you can wear your regular clothes over my underwear,
but you ARE coming with us!”
“Al, you’d better go with her,” Ron said. “And no one will
know what you’re wearing.”
“All right,” I groaned. I didn’t want to have any part of
Arcadia or Kathy, but now I had to go out again.
We met Arcadia at her house, and she expressed displeasure
with my clothes.
“Really, Al. A sweater and jeans. Don’t you have any
prettier clothes than that?”
“I’m wearing my pretty clothes underneath,” I groaned.
So we all walked to the arcade. I didn’t have any money, so I
just hung out watching other kids play games, while the two girls
spent their time checking out the boys. Finally, they dragged me over
to a picture booth.
“Come on, we’re all getting our picture taken together,” Kathy
But after we stepped behind the curtain, Arcadia held my arms,
and Kathy pulled my pants down. I struggled against the girls in
vain, as Kathy ripped the velcro snaps on my shoes open, and pulled my
shoes and pants off.
“What are you doing?” I whispered. “There’s lots of kids
“Bend over,” she ordered me.
“Why? Haven’t you taken enough pictures of me?”
“We’re not here to take your picture,” Arcadia cooed.
“Here’s one of Sandra’s toys that she didn’t tell you about,”
Kathy said, holding up a flesh-coloured, tapered rubber wedge. “I’m
going to shove this up your ass.”
My heart was pounding as I stared at that ugly thing. “I
won’t do it!
There’s no way you can make me do it!”

“Suit yourself,” Kathy said. “We’ll be on our way now. You
can explain to all the other boys here why you’re dressed like that.”
My mouth dropped open. I was trapped in an arcade wearing
girl’s underwear.
“See, I’m afraid your disguise has been penetrated,” Kathy
said, and threw the curtain open.
“And that’s not the only thing that’s going to be penetrated
today,” Arcadia said, giggling.
“No, wait,” I whispered as loud as I could without attracting
“I’ll do it,” I said, and pulled the curtain shut.
As the two girls snickered, I had to get down on my knees and
offer my butt in the air for their pleasure. I felt Kathy squirt some
lubricant onto me, and then start working the plug into me as I
gritted my teeth.
“Relax, sweetie,” she said. “You’re making this hurt more
than it should.
If you want to be a real girl, you’re going to have to get used to
wearing a butt plug.”
“Oooh,” I moaned, squirming as the plug forced its way further
inside me.
Tears of shame rolled down my cheeks as she shoved it all the way in.
Finally my sphincter muscles closed around it.
“Now wipe those tears away, sweetie,” Kathy jeered at me.
“There’s a whole world out there waiting to see you!”
At least they let me dress and compose myself for a minute
before I had to face that world. They pulled the curtain open, and I
stepped outside, the butt plug making me walk stiff- legged as it
forced me forward. I looked around in fear, sure that everyone could
tell what had happened to me. But even though the girls couldn’t keep
straight faces, no one else paid attention to a young boy with red
eyes hobbling out of the arcade.

That night, I just wanted to go to bed, but Kathy had other
“I have a date with Craig tonight, and he’ll be over soon.”
“I thought you broke up with Craig,” I said.
“I did, but we’ve made up. See, he got all upset because I
didn’t make you suck his cock. In all fairness, I tried to be nice to
you, but I didn’t want to lose a boyfriend over it. You can
understand that, can’t you?”
“I guess so, but what does this have to do with me?”
“Well, after we broke up, the first thing he did was go out
with Arcadia. I couldn’t very well have him going out with my new
best friend, what with all the tension that would cause. So we agreed
to make up. That’s where you come in.”
“Where I come in?” I didn’t like the sound of that.
“See, this whole problem started when you didn’t give him a
blow job. He was just so disappointed. Now to set things right,
you’re going to be very accommodating tonight.”
“Wait a minute-”
“On your knees, little sissy. Craig will be here any minute,
and I want to make sure you’re tied up nice and tight.”
I groaned and knelt before my sister. She quickly wrapped a
few loops of rope around my wrists, and cinched them tight. Then she
expertly bound my ankles, cross-legged, forcing my knees wide apart.
She bound my ankles to my wrists, and I couldn’t move an inch.
“Kathy, everything hurts. It’s too tight,” I pleaded.
Then the doorbell rang. “Just in time! Here, maybe sucking
on this will take your mind off everything else,” she said, nudging a
penis gag between my teeth. She tied it around my head, and giggled.
“Go on, you need the practice,” she called to me as she strolled out
the door.
I had to wait there on the floor thinking about my fate, bound
and gagged, until I heard them coming up the stairs. But they had let
me go once before. Maybe I could talk them out of it. Once I got the
gag out of my mouth, anyway. Maybe Kathy just wanted to take some
more pictures of me, and she just wanted to scare me. Tied up like
this, I’d be happy to pose for them now. A moment later, Craig and my
sister stood over me.
“You don’t need to suck on that fake cock any more, faggot,”
he said. “It’s time for the real thing.” And as I watched, he
dropped his pants, and then his underwear.
Kathy pulled me up to my knees, and made me kneel in front of him.
Even as Craig untied my gag, his cock grew until it pointed straight
at my face.
“Guess what, sissy?” Kathy said. “I convinced Ron that this
would be such a special moment in your life, that he bought this
cam-corder so we can videotape it!
Now smile for the camera!”
“You…you’re going to tape me doing this?” I cried in

“And that’s not all. This cam-corder has a little colour
screen, so we can play it back right here, and watch it all over
“Yeah,” Craig said. “That way we can see if we didn’t get it
right, we can do it over again.”
“No-” I moaned.
“The camera’s rolling, little sissy, so start licking that
cock,” she said.
“No, please turn it off,” I begged.
Then Kathy grabbed a handful of my hair and turned my head.
“I’m going to explain this to you once, you little faggot. Craig
introduced me to the neighbourhood kids who hang out at the mall.
Unless you behave yourself right now, I’m going to take this tape down
to the mall and show all those kids what you are,” she said.
“And then I’ll take you down to the mall myself,” Craig said,
“and I’ll personally introduce you to my friends.”
Kathy turned my head back, and now all I could see was the
erect cock in my face.
“All right, I’ll do it,” I sniffled, trying not to cry. I
licked the tip of his cock, and then took more of it in my mouth.
Slowly I worked it in and out, my tongue sliding up and down the
shaft. Craig moaned, and his cock grew even larger in my mouth. He
grabbed my hair, and started thrusting in and out, slamming my chin
against his balls.
And then he started spurting cum into my mouth. The salty
taste filled my mouth, and the realization of what it was made me
queasy. I caught a lot of it, but he pulled all the way out, and the
gooey stuff leaked and dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin. He
pushed me away, and stood over me, leaving me to look at the cum on
his cock. Helpless even to wipe my face, I burst into tears.
“Good job, sweetie,” Kathy said. “Those tears are precious.
Now turn to face the camera, and cry like a baby.”
Craig helped me by twisting my face around to see that Kathy
had moved in for a closeup.
“Please let me go,” I cried, with tears streaming down my
face. “I want to wash my face.”
“Let’s see you struggle,” she said. “Put on a good show, and
I’ll let you clean yourself up.”
“See you around, faggot,” Craig said. “We’ll have to do this
again some time.”
But even after Craig left, Kathy kept videotaping me as I
sniffled. I tried to struggle against my bonds, but I didn’t have the
strength any more. Finally she turned off the camera.
“In the future you’ll have to do a lot better, faggot. Do you
feel like a girl now?”
I just sobbed and finally blurted out, “No!”
“I’m not surprised. Sucking a cock doesn’t make you a girl.
Real girls like me don’t suck cock. You’re not a girl, little faggot,
you’re just a human toilet. To be a girl, you’ll have to have a boy
fuck you, and I can arrange that, too!”
“Please don’t,” I sobbed. “I’ll do anything you want.”

That night she chained me spreadeagled to my bed, with cum
smeared all over my face. “Why do I have to stay tied up at night?” I
“So you won’t be tempted to play with that sorry little cock
of yours.
Would you rather I cut it off, and then we won’t have to worry about
I gasped, and shook my head. Maybe being tied up wasn’t so
bad. But no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the Craig’s taste out
of my mouth.

The next morning, Kathy finally let me out of bed. After I
had fixed myself up, she accosted me in my bedroom. “Now you’re going
to be a slave girl, and I’m going to be your mistress. Isn’t that
right, little faggot?”
I just nodded my head.
“This is what it means to be my slave,” Kathy said, “and you’d
better get used to it.” She took her bracelet off and tossed it at my
feet. “Now pick it up,” she ordered me.
I was fuming, but I picked it up.
Then she held out her hand. “Now put it back on my wrist,
I swallowed, and gently eased the bracelet onto her wrist.
But immediately she took it off, and threw it at my feet.
“Now do it again.
Only this time, while you’re down there, kiss my feet!”
I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. I knelt and
kissed her black vinyl boots.
“You call that a kiss? I couldn’t even feel it. Do it again
like you mean it!”
I planted a big kiss on each of her boots. Then I took the
bracelet and placed it around her wrist again.
“Very good, little slave. Now I’ve got a pair of bracelets
for you to try on.” She shoved a pair of handcuffs in my face.
I took the handcuffs and stared at them, as she turned her
back on me to pick up a long wooden paddle.
“You need to be more cooperative,” she said. “I hate having
to tell you everything twice.”
I was so sick of her ordering me around. And now she was so
sure of herself that she was going to make me handcuff myself. She
even turned her back on me. But she shouldn’t have done that.
I snuck up behind her, and snapped a cuff on one of her
“What do you think you’re doing?” she yelled, trying to turn
to face me.
But I was too quick for her. I had taken her by surprise, and
grabbed her other wrist. She was thrown off balance, and I pulled her
wrists together and manacled them.
“Are you crazy?” she shouted. “I’ll get you for this!”
“You’ve already gotten me enough,” I said, stuffing a
handkerchief in her mouth. “And I’m tired of taking orders from you.”
I shoved her onto the bed.
She screamed into the handkerchief, but only muffled sounds
came out.
“Let’s take a look at this paddle of yours,” I said. “I’ll
bet it hurts.”
Then I lifted her skirt, revealing her panties.


Kathy made me wear just stockings, panties, and the awful
white corset.
Then without any outer clothing, she took me downstairs, where Sandra
was waiting for me with another woman. Sandra introduced me to a
tall, heavily-built woman, whose black hair was tied back in a bun.
Her name was Donna, and in her shapeless blue muumuu, she looked like
she could play linebacker in the NFL. Even more ominous, she was a
friend of Sandra.
I was glad to see Sandra leave, but now I faced this
hard-looking woman in my living room.
“My name is Donna, and I’m going to make sure that you’re a
well behaved little slave girl. Is that clear?” she asked me.
“I’m not really a girl,” I said. I figured I’d better set her
straight before she got the wrong idea about me. “They just made me
wear these clothes.”
Donna suddenly pulled me close by a handful of hair, and
slapped me across the face. I’d never been hit so hard in my life.
My head snapped to the side, and my knees buckled. My eyes rolled
back in my head as she held me up by my hair.
“Don’t you even know how to curtsy, child?” she asked.
By now my head had stopped spinning. “I’m sorry,” I begged.
“Please don’t hit me like that again,”
“Listen to me, little sissy,” she said, lifting me on my
tiptoes. “You will speak only when spoken to, and you will address me
as Mistress Donna. Is that clear?”
“Y-yes, Mistress Donna,” I stammered.
“You are going to be a good little slave girl, or I will beat
you day and night, is that clear?”
“Yes, Mistress Donna,” I responded, nodding my head
“She needs a new name,” Donna said. “We can’t very well call
her Al. How does Alice sound?”
I was ready to agree to anything at this point. If they
wanted to call me Bubbles or Sissy, it would have been fine with me.
But Kathy interrupted before I could say anything. “I think
Alicia is better. A-li-ci-a is a pretty name,” she said, pronouncing
all the syllables.
“Very well,” Donna said, turning to me. “Your name is Alicia,
you are a sweet little slave girl, and all you care about is looking
pretty so that boys will like you. Now repeat that back to me.”
I gulped and gasped for air, and then addressed her as
Mistress Donna, and professed my love for my new name, my new sex, and
my humble ambition in life.
“I’ve brought you a new outfit,” she said, holding out a black
satin minidress trimmed in white lace.
“Thank you, Mistress Donna,” I said, and hurried as best I
could in the corset to step into the dress. It felt so soft against
my skin that I almost forgot how it made me look.
Then she spun me around, and tied a white cloth around my
waist. I had to stare at it for a moment. It was an apron.
“But..but this is a maid’s uniform, Mistress Donna!” I cried in
“Yes, little slave,” Donna said. “Do you have a problem with
I turned to my brother for help. “Ron, I’m not a maid. I
don’t know anything about being a maid.”
“You’ll learn,” he said. “There’s no point in having you
gather dust around here while you’re bound and gagged up all day. At
least this way you might learn a new skill.”
For a moment I was speechless. A split second later I was on
my back, my ears ringing again. My head lolled from side to side
until my vision focused, and I could see Donna standing over me. With
my head turned, I hadn’t seen her slap me again.
“Don’t ever turn your back on me, Alicia!” she snarled. Then
she grabbed me by my pretty lace collar, and sat me down in a chair.
I was still light-headed, when she squeezed a pair of tight shoes on
my feet, and yanked me to my feet. “Do you like your new shoes?” she
“Yes, Mistress Donna,” I squeaked, waving my arms for balance.
Not only were these shoes tight, they were making me lean forward.
“Those are three-inch heels. You’ll do all your housework in
them. When you get used to them, I’ll give you something higher.”
Higher? I was about to fall over in these things. But then
she pinned a frilly white maid’s cap on my head, and commanded me to
walk over to the mirror.
Kathy looked like she was about to die laughing. “Take a good
look at yourself, Alicia!” she said.
I had only wobbled a couple of steps when Donna grabbed my
arm. “That is not how a young lady walks. And even though you’re a
slave, you’re going to walk like a lady.”
“Yes, Mistress Donna,” I mumbled.
“I like that,” Kathy said. “Can I make the little sissy call
me Mistress Katherine?”
“I don’t see why not,” Donna said.
I let out as big a sigh as the corset would allow. Mistress
Katherine. It just doesn’t get any better than this.
“Then let me show this cute little maid how to walk,” Kathy
said, and took me by the arm. “Now put one little foot directly in
front of the other, and sway your hips and shoulders.” Then she did
an exaggerated walk I’d seen fashion models do on a catwalk.
Reluctantly, I took a tiny step, and then another, swaying
each shoulder as I put that foot forward. And after several mincing
steps, I hobbled over to the mirror.
“By George, I think she’s got it,” Kathy said.
Now I could only stand in front of the full length mirror,
admiring my reflection. There stood a pretty maid with aching feet,
my smiling sister beside me.
“Kath-uh, Mistress Katherine, why do I have to wear these
high-heeled shoes to do housework?”
“That’s to get you used to them. See, you’ll want to wear
high heels when you go out with boys.”
“When I go out with boys? I can’t go out dressed like this.”
“Not like a maid, of course. But when you’re wearing a dress
or a gown, you’ll want to have a nice looking set of pumps to go with
A dress or a gown? On me? “But these shoes hurt, and I can
hardly walk in them.”
“Do I have to explain everything to you? If you were a real
boy, you’d know that’s the idea, sweetie. Boys know that when you’re
on high heels, you can’t run away from them. If they chase you, you
won’t get far. And since you’ve deliberately worn those heels, you
must want the boys to catch you, right?”
“When a boy sees a girl teetering on high heels, he knows
she’s looking for action. And the higher the heels, the more helpless
she’s made herself. But these heels will do for a start.”
I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry. “But this is getting
worse all the time,” I cried.
“You should have thought of that last night,” Kathy said. “I
have to take you to the shopping center. You really need a new
“I can’t buy a dress!”
“You can’t go on wearing your big sister’s hand-me downs,
either,” Donna snapped at me.
“That’s right,” Kathy said. “You deserve better. So we’re
going shopping tomorrow.”
“But for now, you’re enrolling in charm school,” Donna said.
“Charm school, Mistress Donna?” I asked.
“Think of it as Mistress Donna’s Charm School. It’s for
sissified faggots,” she snarled at me. “You’re going to learn how to
act like a sweet young lady tonight.”
I swallowed. “Yes, Mistress Donna,” I squeaked.
I spent the rest of the day learning how to behave myself. I
had to stand like a lady with my ankles together. How to sit like a
lady, smoothing out my skirt first, and crossing only my ankles, never
my legs. I had to curtsy over and over until I learned to do it
gracefully. If I wanted to laugh at dinner, I had to turn my head and
giggle like a proper young lady. But hardest of all was learning to
stand and walk on high heels.
After dinner, Donna had gone for the day, and I was rinsing
the dishes when Ron passed by. Somehow, I had to get him to help me.
“Ron,” I called to him. “Donna hates me even more than
“I think you’ll find Donna’s really easy to get along with.
You just do everything she tells you to, and you’ll get along with her
just fine. And there’s a lot you can learn from her, Alicia.”
“Not you, too,” I groaned. “Please don’t call me that.”
“Now there’s the problem. You still haven’t accepted your new
life, and that’s only going to make things harder on yourself.”
“But Ron, they beat me. They made me suck Kathy’s rotten
boyfriend. They dress me like a girl. Like a maid! I can’t do this
any more. If you don’t make them leave me alone, I’m going to call
the police!”
And Ron’s expression hardened. He stepped forward, and at
6-foot-2 he towered over me. “Tell you what, Alicia, we can do that
right now. I’ll call the cops and tell them my little faggot brother
isn’t happy with his new clothes. Cops love faggots, you know. Who
do you think they’ll believe? You, or the rest of us?”
“What…what do you mean?” I stammered.
“The neighbours saw you come home from the park in a dress.
Your hairdresser and others have already seen you out and around
dressed as a girl. Everyone thinks I have two little sisters. Wait
until you try to explain that to the cops. Maybe they’ll send over a
big black cop to investigate. Then you’ll have a great big cock to
suck on. Does that turn you on, faggot?”
I swallowed, and had to fight back the tears. “No, please
don’t,” I begged. “I’m sorry. I won’t tell anyone.”
“Good girl,” he said, patting me on the head. “You’ve got a
lot to learn this summer. What IS your name, anyway?”
“My name is Alicia,” I said.
“Isn’t there more, Alicia?”
I averted my eyes, and mumbled, “I’m a sweet little slave
girl, and all I want to do is look nice so the boys will like me.”
“Glad we got we settled, cutie,” he said. “Now finish doing
the dishes.”

My last hope was gone, and I had pissed off my brother now. I
finished the dishes, and went upstairs. All I wanted to do was go to
sleep, and forget today had ever occurred. But Kathy was waiting for
me in my bedroom. She stood near the bed with a leather strap coiled
around her hand.
“Get on your knees, and crawl over here, sweetie,” she said.
“I’ve got a present for you.”
I let out a sigh. It was time for her revenge, and I was too
tired to do anything about it. Besides, I probably deserved it.
Silently, I crawled and knelt at her feet.
She unwrapped the strap, and it turned out to be a leash with
a collar attached. A leather collar that she fastened tightly around
my neck. “There,” she said, “there’s nothing quite like a collar to
say I own you. Isn’t that right, little slave?”
“Yes, Mistress Katherine,” I said, hoping she’d appreciate my
formal address. At least with the leash attached to my neck, she
wasn’t going to beat me with it.
“And I’ve got something else, too,” she said, holding up a
I said nothing, but waited for an explanation. The hairbrush
might sting, but I was sure she could find worse things to hit me
“Come over behind me, slave girl,” she said, and as I did so,
she handed me the brush. “You’re going to brush my hair now.”
“Yes, Mistress Katherine,” I said in surprise.
Then she gingerly sat down, squirming a bit as she did so.
“For some reason my rear end is sore today. But I know the last thing
in the world you’d ever want to do is to cause your only sister any
pain, right sweetie?”
“Yes, Mistress Katherine,” I said. She had given me a
hairbrush, and then sat with her back to me, just daring me to take
advantage of her as I had done last night.
And she knew I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. Yes, I was afraid to, but the
truth is I thought I might be better off if I could get on her good
side. If she had a good side. Maybe if I were nice to her, she’d
take it easy on me. Ron sure wasn’t going to help me. So I gently
brushed the ends of her hair. My own hair was long enough that I knew
how to avoid snags.
“Very good,” she said. “You may be useful for something after
Her hair was beautiful: the same colour and texture as mine,
but it felt softer and silkier as I ran my hands through it. She must
use a conditioner or something, I thought, as I took long strokes with
the brush.
Finally, she said, “that’s enough.” She took the brush from
me and said, “from now on, you will be my personal slave girl, and you
will wait on me hand and foot. And if you ever hit me again, you will
become a girl for real.”
“For real?” I asked.
“This morning I asked Sandra about the cost of having a sex
change operation. She knows a doctor who will perform the operation
for $15,000, with no questions asked. It’s a lot of money, but Ron
says we can afford it, if that’s what it takes to keep you in line.
They’ll cut your little dick off, and give you breast implants, so
you’ll have a real pair of titties.”
“Please, Mistress Katherine, don’t do that to me. I promise
I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll brush your hair every night if you
She tugged on the leash, put her hand on top of my head, and
pushed me to my knees. “Then kiss me good night,” she said.
I kissed both of her feet, and she tied me to the bed.
“You’d better get some rest, because you’ve got a big day
ahead of you tomorrow.”
“What…what are you going to do?”
“We’re going shopping tomorrow. We both know you’re just my
slave, but the rest of the world is going to think you’re my sister.
And I do want you to look pretty.”
She turned off the light, leaving me bound in the dark.
Beating me at home wasn’t enough for her. Now she had to humiliate me


I didn’t sleep well that night. I wasn’t used to the collar
around my neck, and the leather cuffs binding my ankles and wrists
didn’t help any. That morning Donna told me she was not happy with my
progress, and informed me that I would be bound every night until I
behaved like a good little girl. The next morning after breakfast,
Kathy said, “Alicia, your hair looks lovely this morning, but you
still need a new look.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’ll find out at the shopping center. I’ve picked out your
clothes,” she said, pointing at a white blouse and pleated skirt.
“You’ll wear those three-inch heels from your maid’s uniform.”
“But I can’t go outside dressed like that!”
“Sweetie, every time you go out dressed like a boy you get
beat up. This way we can save some wear and tear on your face.”
Gee, I would never have thought of that.
“Besides, you came home from the park in a dress, didn’t you?”
she continued.
“But that was different! I didn’t have any choice!”
She grabbed my hair, and slammed me against the wall. “Like
you have a choice now?”
A half hour later she had marched me to the shopping center.
Our first stop was at a manicurist, and my feet were aching already.
“But I thought we were going to buy a dress,” I complained.
“My, aren’t you eager? We’ll have plenty of time to find you
a dress. But first you’ll have to have your nails done.”
“But I don’t want to go in there!” I pleaded.
“What you want isn’t important,” she said, opening the door
and shoving me inside. “Jennifer recommended this place.”
The shop was empty except for a young brunette named Lynn, who
greeted us with a smile.
“I’m Kathy,” my sister said. “Jennifer at the salon said you
could help me.”
The girl’s face lit up. “Of course!” she said, and then
turned to me. “And you must be the little sissy!”
My jaw dropped. I tried to turn away, but Kathy took my arm
and pushed me forward. “Alicia wants her nails done in the brightest
red you’ve got,” she said.
“An excellent choice for a sweet little girl,” Lynn said
cheerfully. “You’ll look adorable, just you wait and see.”
Lynn sat me down at a Formica counter, took my limp hand, and
started filing my nails. “So how long have you been dressing like a
girl, sweetie?”
I rolled my eyes and looked at Kathy.
“Alicia’s always been a little faggot, but she’s just started
dressing the part recently. She wants to have her nails done so the
boys will notice her.”
I groaned, but I didn’t dare start an argument under these
“Oh, that’s so cute!” Lynn squealed. “I can help with that.
I have a friend who manages the clothing store two shops down.
There’s lots of pretty dresses to choose from. While your nails are
drying, I’ll let her know to expect you.”
So now someone else would find out about me. I felt so
miserable as she lacquered my nails. One by one they turned a glossy
“Is there anything I can do for you?” Lynn asked Kathy.
“Have you finished Alicia already?” Kathy asked.
She’d finished me all right. I was never going to get this
stuff off. My sister admired her own nails, a much more subdued shade
of pink, and said, “oh, I’m happy with this colour. It’s not as
exciting as Alicia’s bright red, but then she’s more adventurous than
I am. I never know when the little sissy might try to steal a
boyfriend from me!”
They both laughed and laughed while I put my head in my hands.
Then Lynn excused herself, and I stared at my new nails, hoping they’d
dry faster. A few minutes later Lynn returned and said, “it’s all
arranged. I told Barbara at the dress shop all about you.”
As soon as we got outside, l begged Kathy to let me go home.
“Sweetie, we’ll do no such thing. They’re expecting us at
that store.”
“But I don’t really need a new dress.”
“We don’t have to buy anything, you little sissy. Girls love
to shop, so you’d better get used to that. Besides you’ll get to try
on all those pretty dresses. Won’t that be fun?”

Inside the dress shop at the front counter, we met Barbara, an
attractive thirty-something brunette with straight shoulder length
“Oh, you must be Alicia,” she said, grinning at me. “Lynn
told me about you, but I had no idea you’d be so cute.”
“Thanks,” I mumbled.
“Alicia’s looking for a pretty dress for the summer,” Kathy
“Something that will turn a boy’s head.”
“Oh, good!” she said. “So you’re not just into fashion. You
really do want to be a girl!”
I made a face, and Kathy elbowed me in the ribs.
“Yes, ma’am,” I said.
“I’ll find you something with lots of bows and lace,” she said
as she escorted me inside.
I spent the next hour trying on one frilly dress after
another. They made me strut up and down as I modelled anything a
fashionable little girl might wear. My feet were killing me, and I
just got more and more disgusted.
“Can’t we go home now?” I begged Kathy.

“But we haven’t found the perfect dress. If we don’t buy
anything, we’ll have to come back again tomorrow and shop all over
again. Would you like that, little sissy?”
“Just pick something, and let’s get this over with, OK?”
Kathy selected a low cut black dress that ended around
mid-thigh, and was slit all the way to the waist. It was practically
an invitation to rape.
I frowned, but decided to make the best of it. “All right,
can I have that one?” I asked Kathy.
“That’s ‘may I’, you ignorant little slut. Donna will hear
about this,” she said.
“I think you’ll get lots of attention in that dress,” Barbara
said. “Try it on.”
I hurried to try on the sleazy black dress. Anything to get
out of here.
“You look hot,” Barbara gushed when I returned, as she spun me
Kathy dragged me in front of the mirror, and giggled. “The
boys will be all over you in this. We’ll take it!”
Finally I was free. “Let’s get out of here,” I moaned as we
“Not just yet, sissy. We have to stop by the jewelry store
for some earrings.”
“But my feet hurt. Why do you need earrings now?”
“Not me, silly. They’re for you. But first you have to have
your ears pierced.”
I gasped and held my earlobes.

* * * * *

The sign in the window of the jewelry shop said, “Ears Pierced
– With or Without Pain.”
“This looks like the place,” Kathy said. She knocked on the
door, a buzzer went off, and Kathy pushed the door open. The store
owner was a young blonde woman named Cecilia. She was pretty enough,
but she had a stern expression on her face, and her hair was tied back
in a bun. She looked like she was pissed off at the world. On her
white jacket was a button that said, “I used to miss my ex-husband,
but my aim is improving.”
“My sister Alicia wants to have her ears pierced,” Kathy said,
as we sat at the counter.
“How nice,” she said, walking around the counter. “Stand up
and let me have a good look at you.”
This woman made me nervous. The other shopkeepers made fun of
me, but they weren’t nasty like my sister. I stood, and Cecilia took
my chin in my hands.
She seemed to be looking straight through me as she gently lifted my
hair from my ears. “Your face has a nice shape, and you can wear your
lovely hair up to show off your ears.” Then her fingers traced gently
over my Adam’s apple, and I saw a hint of a smile on her face.
“So tell me, Alicia, are you sure you want to have your ears
“Yeah,” I mumbled, and then caught myself. “I mean yes, I’d
like to. And without pain.”
“It’s just that you don’t look very happy to be here. Usually
little girls like you are all excited to have their ears pierced.”
“She’s just nervous about the pain,” Kathy said.
“Are you sure this isn’t something your big sister is making
you do?” she asked.
“N-no, I really want to do this,” I said.
“I just wanted to make sure,” she said. “It’s not every day
we have a little boy come in here wearing a blouse and skirt to have
his ears pierced.”
My eyes got wide and my heart started pounding. Could she
have found me out already? No, she must be teasing me. I laughed
nervously, and said, “you must be mistaken.” I turned to my sister,
and said, “Kathy, she thinks I’m-”
The woman hit me with a slap that made the whole side of my
face sting as my eyes watered. I held my face and looked up at her.
Fighting back the tears, I said, “Kathy, she hit me! Let’s get out of
“I want the truth, or I’ll call the police, and you can
explain yourself to them. Are you a little faggot or not?”
I turned to go, but Kathy grabbed me, pulled my arms behind
me, and spun me around to face that awful woman again. “You better
tell the truth if you know what’s good for you,” my sister hissed.
“All right, I’m a boy,” I said.
“No kidding,” she said. She paused for a moment; she seemed
emboldened now that Kathy wasn’t going to defend me. “Do you like it
up the ass or do you just suck cock?”
“No,” I said, shaking my head. “I don’t like to do anything
like that.”
She slapped me again, bringing tears from my eyes. “I’ll say
this for the last time. I want the truth.”
“He likes to suck my boyfriend’s cock,” Kathy volunteered
Now the woman sneered and backhanded my other cheek, snapping
my head around. My sister held me fast, and I couldn’t get out of the
way. She slapped me again, and snarled, “the little faggot can speak
for himself, can’t he?” she snarled.
My ears were ringing, both cheeks were on fire, and tears
spilled down my face. “Yes, I sucked her boyfriend’s cock!” I blurted
out. “I’m a boy! I’m a faggot! Please don’t hit me!”
She calmed down and said, “I see why you wanted your ears
pierced without pain, you little sissy. I’ve had eight-year old girls
in here who were tougher than you.”
I sniffled and tried to wipe my face as Cecilia dragged me
over to a counter and forced me into a chair. Kathy sat next to me,
and brushed my hair off my ears.
“You really like getting beat up by women, don’t you?”
“Just by you, sis,” I grumbled.
“Has the little sissy done anything to offend you?” Kathy
asked. “She just seems to bring out the worst in everyone.”
“I hate men,” she said. “My ex-husband was the worst, but
they’re all bad. And I love hurting them, especially little wimps like
this one,” Cecilia said, pinning my hair back and swabbed my ears with
something that made them numb. While she worked on me, Kathy wandered
off to look at earrings. Mercifully, I didn’t feel a thing, and the
bitch had to tell me when she was done.
“There,” she said, “you’re done. I’ll even throw in a pair of
earrings, perfect for a little sissy like you.” And then she clipped
a pair of red plastic hoop earrings on me.
“Those are cute,” Kathy gushed. “And when you get dressed up,
we can get you something more glamorous.”
“I can hardly wait,” I groaned.

But things didn’t get any better when I got home. I found
that I had more to learn than just how to be a proper young lady.
“You’ve had enough fun shopping, young lady,” Donna told me.
“Now let’s get to work.”
Fun? She thought my shopping trip was fun? No matter, a few
minutes later I stood before her in my maid’s uniform.
“Would you take a look at yourself?” Donna shouted. “Haven’t
I told you how important your appearance is?”
I was all confused. I turned to view my reflection in the
mirror. Black satin dress, apron, white lace cap. “I don’t
understand, Mistress Donna. I thought you wanted me to wear this.”
The seams in your stockings are crooked. Your cap isn’t on
straight,” she said. “You have a lot to learn.”
Before I could apologize for the grievous crime of crooked
seams, she pulled me over to a chair and threw me over her knee. She
was going to spank me for this??
“But Mistress Donna, I didn’t know any better,” I protested.
“I’ll know next-”
I felt a sharp pain in my pantied butt. Then she hit me
again. I strained to look, and saw she was using a riding crop on me.
I winced and gnashed my teeth as I waited for the next one.
“If you say one word you’ll regret it, slave,” she warned me.
Tears rolled down my cheeks as she hit me three more times. I
whimpered and moaned, but I didn’t cry out. Then just as abruptly as
she had begun, she threw me off her lap.
“Now go fix yourself up. Be back in ten minutes to vacuum the
entire house.
When you’re done, you will dust all of the furniture,” she said.
“Yes, Mistress Donna,” I whimpered, wiping my face with my
hands as I hurried upstairs to the bathroom.
I redid my makeup, made sure my stockings and cap were on
straight, and ran back downstairs to present myself for her approval.
My butt still ached, and I couldn’t take another beating. She walked
slowly around me, then turned my chin from side to side. My chin down,
I prayed I had made myself look presentable. To my relief, she just
pointed at the upright vacuum cleaner. Never had I been so delighted
to start doing housework.
The vacuuming and dusting were just to get me used to my new
responsibilities. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and
scrubbing the kitchen and bathrooms. By the evening, I was exhausted,
and once Donna was gone for the day, I was allowed to eat dinner.
After I had served my brother and sister.
“Glad you could finally join us for dinner, Alicia,” Kathy
“I’m sorry I’m late, Mistress Katherine. I was busy with my
new job.”
“All work and no play makes Alicia a dull dog,” she said.
“You need to get out and have some fun.”
“I’m too tired to have fun,” I groaned. “And I can’t go out
looking like this.”
“Oh, but you worked so hard today, sweetie. Why, I was
getting tired just watching you run around here. I think you owe it
to yourself to have some fun.”
I eyed her with suspicion. She was being very unKathy-like.
“I think you need to have a date,” she said matter-of-factly.
“Mistress Katherine, I can’t date anyone. I look like a
girl,” I said.
“And a very pretty one at that. Why do you think I took you
shopping this morning?” she said. “Once you get into that little
black number, you’ll have boys drooling all over you.”
“Ron, please help me,” I begged. “I can’t do this. I can’t
be a girl on a date-”
“She’s right, Kathy,” Ron said. “She has a lot to learn
before she pass for a girl.”
Whew! I was safe, at least for now. I sat back in my chair.
“I didn’t exactly say she had a date with a boy,” Kathy said
with a grin. “Arcadia wants to go out with the little faggot.”
“Ron, I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” I said, my voice
“And why not?” Kathy said with a huff. “She’s my best friend,
and everyone says she’s a delightful girl.”
“But Ron, every time Arcadia comes near me, I’m risking my
“All right, I’ve heard enough from both of you girls,” he
said. “Alicia, you aren’t going out like that. Arcadia will spend
the evening here with you. Kathy, you and I are going to see a double
feature, so the two of them can be alone.”
“Well, it’s better than nothing,” Kathy said, getting up to
“And if you know what’s good for you, little girl, you ‘d
better behave yourself tonight,” he told me.

* * * * *

That evening I was all nerves, not looking forward to a date
with Arcadia. Kathy made me get into my sleazy new dress, and
inspected me closely.
“Mistress Katherine, why do I have to get all dressed up for
“Because I want you to get used to looking your best. I’ll
give you two choices. You can wear this hot new dress, or I take it
off you, and leave you here wearing nothing but ropes.”
Not much of a choice. I gulped, and smoothed out my dress.
“It goes nice with my shoes,” I said.

A few minutes later Arcadia came over, wearing a pink sweater
and a white skirt. She took one look at me, and covered her face as
she blushed. “You and I are going to have a good time tonight,
Alicia,” she said.
“I think I’m overdressed,” I said.
“Don’t worry. We can put that outfit to good use,” she said,
opening her compact, “but I need to touch up your makeup.”
She didn’t explain herself, and I had no idea what she had in
mind. With my appearance, and her general weirdness, I could only
wonder where this evening would lead. She applied a deep rose blush
to my cheeks, and painted my lips bright red. I checked myself out in
the mirror; in this sleazy dress and overdone makeup, I was just
asking for trouble. As soon as Ron and Kathy left, Arcadia got on the
phone. I tried to listen in on Arcadia’s half of the conversation,
but it didn’t do any good.
“It’s all set, Alicia,” she called to me as she hung up.
“What’s all set? What are we going to do tonight?” I asked.
“We’re going to double date. I invited a couple of boys over
here for the evening.”
My chin nearly hit the floor. “You did what? I can’t go on a
date with a boy!”
“But we’ve got nothing else to do,” she said.
“You need a hobby,” I grumbled.
“I already have a hobby,” she said. “My hobby is boys.”
“But Ron didn’t say I could have anyone else over here!”
“Alicia, sometimes it’s a lot more fun to break the rules. I
know these two boys, and I’m sure we’ll all have a good time.”
“Three of us anyway,” I groaned. “And what happens if they
figure out what I really am?”
“Then the boys might be upset with you,” she said, caressing
my cheek. “If I were you, I’d try not to let that happen.”
Oh, this evening was going to be one to remember. If I lived
through it. “Who are these guys?” I asked. “How well do you know
“So that’s it!” she said with a devilish smile. “You just
want to know who I’m going out with. You’re jealous because I’m
dating someone else, aren’t you?”
I gaped at her. This was one strange girl. “What? You
“Look, you may be really cute, but did you really think I
could be happy without seeing anyone else? I mean, you can go out
with other boys, so why can’t I?”
“You…you can go out with anyone you want! Who did you
invite here?”
“My date is Paul, and he’s a nice kid, but your date’s a real
stud!” she gushed. “His name is Carlos, and he’s a senior, my
school’s makeout artist. He’s big and strong, and always wears a
leather jacket.”
“Uh, I don’t think he’s my type,” I said. I didn’t know what
my type is, but I was pretty sure Carlos wasn’t it.
“But you’re going to do whatever he wants, aren’t you? If you
know what’s good for you, you’re going to make him very happy tonight.
See, I’m Miss Prim and Proper in my sweater and skirt, while you’re
one wild vixen in that hot little dress of yours. So I figure he’ll
be perfect for you!”


A few minutes later the boys arrived, and Arcadia introduced
me to Carlos. He was tall and dark, his long hair slicked back.
“Nice outfit, Alicia,” he said.
“Uh, thanks,” I said, and flashed a nervous smile.
“Alicia, why don’t you show Carlos the house?” Arcadia said.
“That way Paul and I can have some privacy.”
“Yeah, we can start with your bedroom,” Carlos said, eyeing

I led him upstairs into my bedroom, and he pulled me close. I
felt his strong arms around me, and as he pulled me against him, my
face only came up to his chest.
“Arcadia tells me you’re really wild. She said you’ll do
anything on a first date.”
“Is that all she told you about me?” I asked, looking up at
“Is there more?” he said, grinning.
A lot more, I thought as I put my hands on his chest and
gently pushed him away, but nothing he needed to know.
“Don’t worry, I’ve got protection,” he said, and took a condom
out of his wallet.
“Uh, I’ve got my period now…maybe we could do something
else,” I said, licking my lips.
He didn’t say anything, but he couldn’t get out of his pants
fast enough. I had him lie on the bed, and climbed up between his
legs. His cock was limp until I started fondling his balls. As I
rubbed, his penis started to grow, and when I raked my nails across
his balls he let out a moan. This was a lot easier when I was allowed
to use my hands.
He got hard almost immediately as I took him in my mouth. I
flicked my tongue along has shaft, and his whole body spasmed and
shuddered. In seconds he shot his load. I licked his cock clean, and
kissed it. I was becoming one efficient cocksucker.
“Alicia, you’ve done this before,” he said, smiling at me as
he caught his breath.
“Maybe once or twice,” I said. “But we’d better get
downstairs. I’ll meet you down there.”
He got dressed and went downstairs, while I wiped my face and
fixed my garish lipstick. The really gross part was picking the hairs
out of my teeth. As soon as I got downstairs, Arcadia was waiting for
me, and pulled me aside.
“So how big is his cock?” she asked.
This girl had a one-track mind. “Maybe six inches,” I
“Well, I’ve got some more good news for you,” she said,
grinning at me. “The boys are talking about your performance.”
I gasped. “Carlos told Paul about me?”
“What do you expect? Boys talk about that stuff,” she said.
“Real boys, anyway.”
I just glared at her.
“Don’t get upset, sweetie. You haven’t heard the good news
yet. Paul wants the same thing you gave Carlos.”
“Your date wants me? How am I supposed to do that?”
“I will admit, it could be a little sticky for you,” she said.
I fumed silently.
“Don’t worry, I have a plan. I’ll distract Carlos, and you
can slip away with Paul.”
“I don’t know about this,” I said, shaking my head.
But Arcadia went across the living room to see Carlos. “Turn
on the Sega,” she said, “we can play Mortal Kombat.”
“I don’t like to play video games,” Carlos said, as he
sprawled on the couch.
“What’s the matter?” Arcadia taunted him. “Are you afraid to
lose to a girl?”
“We’ll see about that,” he said, getting up.
Paul drifted over to me, and as Arcadia started the game, she
winked at us. About a hundredth of a second later, Paul grabbed me by
the hand, and dragged me toward the staircase. With Carlos engrossed
in the game, we snuck upstairs. Up in my bedroom, I flashed a smile
at Paul, and went down on him. He was just as horny as Carlos, and
didn’t last any longer.
When we got downstairs, Arcadia and Carlos were still playing
their game, and they hadn’t missed us. Finally the game was over, and
the boys started making excuses about having to leave. I guess they
had already gotten what they came for.
“I’m glad that’s over,” I said, after the boys were gone.
“They never guessed about me.”
“Of course not, you make a very convincing slut,” she said.
“Thanks a lot,” I said. “Do you have anything else in mind
for tonight?”
“No, I ought to be going home, too,” she said, taking a pair
of handcuffs from her purse. “Of course, I can’t leave you here
unattended. Hold out your wrists.”
I frowned, but did as she said. I held out my hands, and she
locked the cuffs on me.
“Come on, I’m going to put you to bed,” she said.
Now what? She led me upstairs to my bedroom, and tied my
wrists to the headboard.
I laid there on my back, bound and still fully clothed, and
she held out a white cloth.
“I brought you something. Open your mouth,” she commanded me.
I did so, and she stuffed it in my mouth, gagging me. It had
a strange taste as I worked it around in my mouth.
“I thought you’d like to clean my panties for me,” she said.
I winced and shook my head.
“The thought of you sucking those two boys really turned me
on, so I masturbated in my panties tonight. I’m afraid they’re kind
of yucky,” she giggled, as she taped my mouth shut.
Now she tells me.

* * * * *

The following morning I was on my hands and knees scrubbing
the kitchen floor, clad in my maid’s uniform, complete with knee pads
and handcuffs, when Donna pulled me to my feet.
“Is something the matter, Mistress Donna?” I asked.
“Have you taken a look at your hair, slave?” she demanded.
I looked in the mirror, and saw a few stray hairs had gotten
loose from my maid’s cap, and fallen across my forehead. I pushed the
hair aside, and said, I’ll fix my hair right away.”
“Don’t bother,” she said. “I have a brush right here. But
first you’re going to feel it across your bottom.”
She didn’t have to say anything else. I pulled up my
minidress, and bent over her lap.
“This will teach you to pay more attention to your hair,” she
She hit me a dozen times, beating me until I had to cry out.
Finally she dragged me to my feet, and lifted me up on my tiptoes to
face her.
“If I ever see your hair or nails or makeup isn’t perfect,
you’re going to get more of the same. Only a lot worse.”
“Yes, Mistress Donna,” I sobbed.

From that moment on, I must have checked my hair and makeup a
hundred times a day. I was paranoid that one hair would be out of
place, or my lipstick might be smudged. No matter how busy I was with
the housework, I always made time to check myself in the nearest
And that afternoon, Kathy came home. With Craig. For a while
they just watched, as I hurried back and forth, doing housework and
checking my appearance in the mirror.
“See what I mean?” I heard Kathy say. “She’s such a sissy now
that she can’t pass by a mirror without stopping to primp and preen.”
“Then let’s give her something to do,” Craig said. “We can
give her an excuse to fix her lipstick.”
I stopped in mid stride and turned to see Kathy and Craig
exchange glances. Then Kathy approached me, unlocked my handcuffs, and
then locked them behind my back.
“You need a break, sweetie,” she said. “Why don’t you go
upstairs, and kneel next to your bed with your mouth open until Craig
comes up to visit you.”
How could I refuse an invitation like that? “Yes, Mistress
Katherine,” I mumbled.
“Mistress Katherine??” Craig said with a laugh. What, is the
little faggot your slave now?”
“You don’t think so?” she asked him. “Watch this! Alicia,
crawl over to the stairs.”
In dismay I sank to my knees, and swung one of them out in
front of me. With my hands bound behind me, I could hardly crawl.
Ever so slowly, I crawled across the room.
At least she let me walk up the stairs, and then I had to wait
for the inevitable.


A few minutes later I heard Craig come upstairs, and I opened
my mouth. He found me waiting for him facing the bed on my knees,
mouth wide open.
“You know what, faggot,” he said, unzipping his pants, “I’m
kind of tired, so I think I’ll just lie here and let you do all the
work. If you want to suck my cock, you’re going to have to work for
it.” And he lay on the bed flat on his back, his hands behind his
head, and his cock flaccid.
I pulled myself upright, and leaned over his cock. The corset
made it hard to move, and I couldn’t use my hands. It was all I could
do to reach his cock, and start taking it in my mouth. He just
I drew his cock in and out of my mouth, but to no effect. He
wasn’t even trying. Here I was, the little slave girl doing him a
favour by sucking on his limp cock. I had to struggle for five minutes
just to get him hard. Finally I stopped in exhaustion.
“Come on, you faggot,” he shouted, grabbing me by a handful of
hair. “Take it all in! Suck me until your jaw falls off!”
I caught my breath, and went down on him again. It took
another minute of rocking back and forth, but I finally got him off,
his cum splashing in my face and eyes.
“There, that wasn’t so hard, now was it?” he asked, getting

But I had to stay there on my knees until the cum dried on my
face before Kathy let me go fix myself up. I spent the rest of the
afternoon doing the laundry and ironing clothes. I was becoming a
regular little homemaker. I had just finished ironing when Kathy
waltzed in, wearing a red one-piece swimsuit.
“Alicia, you’ve worked so hard today that I’ve asked Donna to
let you take a break. Put on your little white bikini with your high
heels. Nothing else,” she said, and then added, “and because you’ve
been such a good little girl, you may cuff your hands in front of
“Yes, Mistress Katherine,” I said. Thank goodness for small
favours, huh?
I went out to the pool and saw my sister sunning herself on a
recliner lounge and reading a copy of Cosmopolitan. She was still wet
from having been in the pool, her hair slicked straight back.
“Hasn’t this turned out to be a beautiful day? The fog just
burned off real late today, so it isn’t too hot, but we can work on
our tans together,” she said, and handed me a palm frond. “Stand over
here on my left, facing the sun.
I took the huge leaf and stood as she told me.
She smeared a dab of sun block on my nose and said, “We
wouldn’t want to burn that little button nose of yours, would we?”
“No, Mistress Katherine,” I said.
But she shushed me, and held a red ball gag against my lips.
“No more words from you, little slave. Now take the ball. I picked
it out to match your lipstick.”
“Please leave me alone-” I started to say, but the scowl on
Kathy’s face made me think twice. I opened wide, and she worked the
gag as far in as she could, tying it in place. This horrible gag
stretched my cheeks and mouth out of place, but there was nothing I
could do about it.
“Now be a good girl and fan me, won’t you?”
She was so polite. But then she didn’t have to order me
around any more. She knew I wouldn’t dare step out of line again. I
obediently waved the frond with my bound hands.

For the next hour, I fanned my sister, standing on high heels
until my feet ached. The ball gag made my jaw ache so much that I
couldn’t help but moan. My hair was soaked with sweat, and I felt it
trickling down my chest and back, too. The heat didn’t bother my
sister at all. Once in a while she got up to dive in the pool. But
she was thoughtful enough to give me permission to stop waving the fan
while she was in the pool.
Fortunately, by late afternoon the fog was rolling back in,
and I had a chance to cool off. Kathy must have felt chilly, because
she gave me permission stop fanning her. “Arcadia will be over any
minute,” she said. “I invited her over to give me all the juicy
details of your date last night.”
Just what I needed. God only knows what Arcadia would do to
me when she saw me like this.
But she must have heard my moaning because she asked, “Alicia,
is that gag bothering you?”
I nodded my head as vigorously as I could.
“Would you like a smaller one?” she asked, holding up a penis
It looked like the penis gag had a much smaller diameter, so
it had to be better than this terrible ball gag. I nodded again.
She untied the ball gag, and removed it. “All right, slave
girl. Now say, ‘please let me suck on that cock’, and I’ll give it to
you. Otherwise the ball goes right back in.”
I worked my jaw, trying to ease the stiffness that had set in.
Finally, she lost patience and started to shove the ball back in.
“Please let me suck on that cock, Mistress Katherine,” I blurted out.
“Good girl,” she said, and slid the penis gag into my willing
mouth. After strapping on this smaller gag, she asked me to stand on
the other side of the lounge facing her. “We want your back to get
some sun, too, so all of your tan lines will show up.”
I walked around and stationed myself as she told me, and
started waving the palm frond. And that’s when Arcadia showed up, in
a red-and-orange bikini.
“Tell me all about last night,” Kathy said.
“We had the best time,” Arcadia said as she sat on the lounge
next to Kathy. “Alicia got down on her knees for both of the boys.”
“I wish we could have taped that,” Kathy said. “In the
future, maybe we can work out some kind of hidden camera.”
And I had to stand there and wave the palm frond as Arcadia
filled in Kathy on all the juicy details of our date. I thought the
girls would never stop laughing.
“Let’s go swimming,” Kathy said, “and we can take her with us,
I looked up in alarm. She meant me. In the pool. With my
hands bound.
“Of course, she can’t wear handcuffs in the pool,” Arcadia
“No, of course not,” Kathy agreed, and she took the palm frond
from me, and unlocked my handcuffs.
Whew! For a minute, I thought they were going to throw me in
the pool like that. I rubbed my wrists, and moaned into the gag.
But then Arcadia pulled my arms behind my back, and I felt
Kathy lashing my wrists together with cords. “Those handcuffs would
rust in the pool. These ropes are much better.”
I shook my head, and whimpered into the gag as the ropes bit
into my wrists.. They couldn’t do this to me!
“Oh, now don’t be such a sissy,” Kathy said. “Once the ropes
get wet, they’ll loosen up a bit, and I’m sure you’ll be much more
And then each girl took an arm, and they led me to the shallow
end of the pool. I spread my legs, and dug in my heels against the
concrete, but to no avail. I was bound and outnumbered me, and they
dragged me kicking and screaming to the edge of the pool.
“Now just for being a bad little girl, I’m going to tie your
ankles, too,” Kathy said.
They had me face down on the pavement, just inches from the
water, and I screamed into the gag.
But they ignored my whimpering and begging, as Kathy tied my
ankles just as tightly as my wrists.
“Now stop whining,” she said. “Even like this, you can still
do a dolphin kick.”
Mind you, I’m a good swimmer. Very comfortable in the water.
I grew up in Santa Cruz, a surf town. I’ve swam in rough water, and
I’ve paddled out on my boogie board through strong surf. I even went
through the Junior Lifeguard program. But on none of those occasions
was I bound hand and foot.
“Shouldn’t we take the gag out?” Arcadia asked.
“No, she’ll just start screaming,” Kathy said.
I shook my head. “No, I won’t,” I slurred into the gag.
“Besides, she loves having a cock in her mouth, even if it’s
only a rubber one,” Kathy said. “Why, just before you got here, she
begged me to put that gag in her mouth. Tell the truth now, sweetie.
Isn’t that right?”
My sister was so good at twisting things. I wish I could be
half as sneaky as she is. But she had me, and I nodded my head.
“All right,” Arcadia said, “then let’s go.”
And the two girls pulled me to my feet, and left me standing
precariously at the edge of the pool as they dove in. I stood there
shivering, the ropes biting my wrists and ankles.
“Come on in, Alicia. The water’s fine,” Arcadia called to me.
Then she splashed water on me.
“Jump in right now, sissy, or we’ll come out and get you,”
Kathy taunted me. And now both girls splashed water on my legs and
I whimpered into the gag, but I wasn’t going into the pool
under my own power. And it didn’t take them long to figure that out.
They climbed out of the pool, and grabbed me. Kathy took me under the
armpits, and Arcadia lifted my legs off the ground. Now I was
airborne and completely helpless as they laughed and swung me back and
forth. I looked up at Arcadia and made little squeals and screams, as
they counted, “one, two…three!”
They heaved me into the air, and I soared up and then down. I
blew some air out of my nose just before I hit the surface, sending
water splashing everywhere. A moment later, I got my feet under me,
and stood up. By the time I could catch my breath with the gag in my
mouth, the girls were already in the pool.
“Shame on you for making us leave the pool and come get you,”
Arcadia said. “The air is colder than the water, and you made me feel
chilly. Maybe we should huddle for warmth.” And she pulled me close
to her.
I shivered and trembled, as I stumbled in the water. Waist
deep water is hard enough to walk in when your legs aren’t tied
“Will you stop being such a big baby?” Kathy said. “We aren’t
going to drown you in three feet of water.”
“No, we’ve got the deep end for that,” Arcadia said, nose to
nose with me.
My eyes widened as I stared at her leering face. This girl
was just crazy enough to do it. Helpless, I squealed as Arcadia
pulled me backwards until I was floating on my back. Then she gave me
a little push toward the deep end of the pool.
Bound and gagged, I looked from side to side as I saw myself
floating out toward deeper water. I had to stay calm. As long as I
didn’t panic I’d be all right. I could float all day if I had to. I
just had to breathe normally, despite the gag in my mouth.
As I drifted along the two girls climbed out of the pool, and
dried themselves off.
“See you later, Alicia,” Kathy called to me. “You did say you
wanted me to leave you alone.”
“Bye, sweetie. We’re going shopping now with Donna, so you’re
on your own,” Arcadia said, and blew a kiss to me.
I looked up at them in horror. They were going to leave me in
the pool all tied up! With this gag in my mouth, I couldn’t even call
for help. Helplessly, I floated along, and saw the girls pack up and
go. My heart started pounding; they couldn’t leave me like this. But
then I heard the car start up, and they drove off.
My heart sank. And how long would it be before the rest of me


Trying to remain calm, I drifted along and stared up at the
gray overcast sky. But then I bumped my head on the side of the pool.
Startled, my face dipped in the water, and some got up my nose. My
sinuses burned, and I struggled to get my head above
water. Instinctively, I squirmed and strained against the ropes, but
all that did was wear me out.
Coughing and choking, I finally got some air, and tried to
tread water using just my bound legs. I was gasping for air, and
sucking on the gag, but after a minute of trying to stay afloat, I was
so exhausted that I couldn’t even kick my legs any more. Finally I
managed to flip over on my back and float, while I caught my breath.
I was lucky to get out of that. And now I was so tired that
the next time I went under I might not make it back to the surface.
After I rested for a few minutes, I had to come up with a plan. The
girls were gone, and I had to get out of this on my own. I don’t know
how much longer I could last, so I had to try something. I was still
in the deep end, but I managed to turn around to face the wall. I
planted my feet on the wall, sucked in as much air as the gag let me,
and pushed off.
I sailed through the water, and as my momentum slowed, I did a
dolphin kick with my bound legs. It gave me enough of a push to make
it half way across the pool. And that was far enough; the water was
only four feet deep here. Slowly, I hopped along the bottom in chest-
deep water until I got to the shallow end and rested. Luckily, the
water had loosened the ropes a bit. No way could I get out of them,
but at least the wet ropes weren’t cutting off my circulation.
And that’s where I waited for Kathy. A couple of hours later
she found me sitting on the steps in the shallow end of the pool,
neck-deep in the warm water.
“Nice to see you’re still alive,” she said. “But let me help
you out of the pool; we need you to serve dinner.”
She took the gag out of my mouth, and I shivered in the
breeze, dripping wet. “I could have drowned in there,” I cried.
“Oh, poor baby. You should have that before you beat me,
little sister,” she said, sneering at me.
“Was this your payback, just because I hit you?”
“Oh no, sweetie. I’ve got something else in mind for payback.
Now hop to it,” she said, and swatted me on my sore butt.
Still bound and shivering, I had to hop across the pool deck
toward the house. And to think this wasn’t enough revenge for her.

* * * * *

After dinner Donna left for the day, I looked forward to some
peace and quiet. And some rest for my aching butt. But only after I
cleared the dinner dishes did I learn that Sandra was coming over to
spend the night with Ron. Trouble is, she wanted to see me, too.
Sandra found me in my bedroom, and wasted no time getting down
to business with me. Moments after her arrival, she had me on my
knees, still clad in my maid’s uniform.
“You’ve become one uppity little bitch, haven’t you?” she
said. “What were you thinking when you beat up your sister?”
“She deserved it,” I mumbled. I guess Kathy leaving me in the
pool to drown wouldn’t matter to Sandra.
“And bringing a couple of boys over here last night? I know
boys turn you on, but did Ron give you permission to have friends over
for the evening?”
“But Arcadia made me do it-”
“Trouble is, Ron’s too nice to you. Even Donna and Kathy
haven’ t been able to teach you any manners. Why don’t you get out of
that cute little uniform?”
I was delighted to take off the symbol of my humiliation. But
she had me strip down to my birthday suit, and then handcuffed my
wrists behind me. Naked and bound, I stood looking up at her.
“Your skin is so smooth,” she said, caressing my arms, and
then running her finger down my chest to my navel. But you still have
all this hair around that ugly little penis of yours. Don’t you want
to be clean shaven all over?”
“But no one ever sees that hair,” I begged. “It’s always
“Wrong answer,” she said. Then she used a small pair of
scissors to trim my pubic hair.
“Please be careful down there.” I said.
“Oh, what’s the matter, faggot? What good is a shriveled
little cock for a girl like you?”
I held my breath and watched her shave my groin clean.
“This is the only cock you need,” she said, holding up a
dildo. “And I know just the place for it. In fact I think you should
wear one from now on!”
“No! You can’t make me do that!”
“OH? And what are you going to do about it?” she said, and
slapped me across the face.
My cheek stung, and I tried to clear my head. No sooner than
I looked her in the eye did she smack me again. Same cheek, only
harder. Tears trickled down my cheeks, and I struggled to back away.
But she grabbed a handful of my hair, and pulled me close again.
“Going somewhere?” she asked, and slapped me twice more.
I couldn’t get away. I couldn’t even move to escape the blows
that stung my face. She squeezed my mouth shut, her fingers abusing
my burning cheeks, and backed me up until I was pressed against the
wall. She taunted me as she stood nose to nose with me, pulling my
hair, and swatting my cock from side to side. Naked and bound, I was
helpless as she tormented me. There was only one thing I could do.
As she leaned forward I spit right in her pretty face!
I got her good, too! There was spittle all over her mouth and
nose, even in her eyes. Her mouth dropped open. She stood straight
up, wiping at her eyes. But she didn’t get upset.
“I can see that we aren’t making any progress here,” she said
in a calm voice. “Wait right here. I’ll be back real soon.”
I watched her leave, and then hurried over to the bed. I sat
down, and then swung my feet up on the bed. I tucked in my legs, and
tried to get my feet through my handcuffs to get my wrists out in
front of me. But I was still squirming and writhing on the bed when
Sandra returned, carrying a large bag.
“Time to stop playing with yourself, faggot,” she said. “I’ve
got plenty of stuff here to arouse you.”
“Go away!” I screamed at her.
But she flipped me on my back and started lubricating the
crack of my ass. “I wasn’t sure what size butt plug you prefer, so
this one will be perfect.”
I turned to look back and saw a large rubber plug with a bulb
attached. “Get that thing away from me!” I shouted.
“Don’t you tell me what to do, slave girl,” she said, and
shoved it deep inside me. Then she thrust it in and out. “Is this
the way you like it?” she asked.
I moaned with each thrust, fresh tears spilling down my hot
cheeks. When she paused for a moment, I pleaded, “please leave me
But then the plug inside me began to swell. She was inflating
“Mistress Sandra, please, it’s too big!” I whined.
“Poor baby,” she said. “Get used to it, because you’ll be
dating boys bigger than this soon.”
I sobbed and squirmed, trying to get comfortable with what
seemed like a watermelon shoved up my ass.
“And now here’s something so your mouth won’t feel lonely,”
she said, flipping me over on my back, and waving a black ball with a
leather strap in my face.
My eyes widened. It had to be two inches across. “But I
can’t put that in my mouth,” I protested.
“Open wide and say ah,” she said, forcing it against my teeth.
I opened my mouth, and she pushed it in, stretching my jaw.
Finally, she strapped it in place behind me head. I moaned and
groaned through the gag as I squirmed and fidgeted.
“Now, how does it feel to have both of your holes plugged?”
she asked sweetly.
All I could do was lie there, whimpering and kicking my legs.
“Glad you like it,” she said. “Now let me explain the changes
you’re going to see around here. From now on you’re going to work in
your corset all day. And you’re going to wear five- inch heels to
make you look even sexier.”
I groaned in dismay and shook my head.
“Oh yes you are,” she said. “And I’m going to connect your
ankles with a 12-inch chain, just to make sure you don’t try to hobble
off in that cute little uniform of yours. But first I’ve got another
surprise for you.”
I didn’t want any more surprises. I’d had my fill of
surprises by now. But she showed me another butt plug. What could she
want with another one?
“From the looks of your inflatable plug, you should be ready
for this now.”
She bent me over, forcing me to balance on my knees and face.
As I gritted my teeth, she deflated my butt plug, and slowly drew it
out. Fortunately, once she let the air out, it shrunk enough that it
popped right out. But then she screwed in the other one, driving it
in and out to make me buck and squirm. It was so big that I screamed
into the gag, but finally I felt my sphincter muscles close around it.
“This is where it really gets to be fun,” she said.
And then the plug started vibrating inside me! It was wedged
in against my prostrate, and the buzzing was driving me crazy. This
was a new feeling, and on some level it was arousing me. I felt my
cock starting to rise.
Sandra grabbed my hair, pulled me up on my haunches, and
stared at my growing erection. “So in spite of all your protests, our
little faggot likes having a cock shoved up his ass after all!” she
I shook my head and murmured into the gag, but I couldn’t help
myself. In seconds my cock stood straight as a flagpole.
“We can’t have any of that, Alicia!” she said in mock anger.
“Bad girl!”
And then she took hold of my rigid cock, and pulled on it. I
screamed at her, but all that got me was a slap in the face. My cheek
stinging and tears in my eyes, the erection wilted.
“Now that’s much better,” she said. “And just to make sure
this never happens again, I’m going to put this love strap on you.”
It looked like a jockstrap, but with a fine wire mesh sheath.
She pulled it through my legs, and tied the leather strap around my
waist. Then she slipped my flaccid cock into the metal sheath, and
pulled it through my legs, tying it in back of me on the leather belt.
“Presto!” she said, “no more erection. You’ll find that
you’ll have to go to the bathroom sitting down from now on. Trying to
have an erection will not only be impossible, it’ll be painful.”
Helpless, I could only stare at the perverse chastity belt
around my waist.
“I know it’ll be difficult for a slut like you to stop
thinking about sex, and having erections, so we’re going to work on
that, too. See, since you spit on me, I figure you’ve got too much
The glazed look in my eyes must have told her I didn’t know
what she was talking about.
“You little silly, I have to explain everything to you.
Testosterone is very bad. It’s the male hormone, and it makes you act
like a boy. I’m going to give you estrogen, to make you act like a
girl. You’ll take one pill every day, and soon you’ll start to act
and even look more like a girl. Why, after awhile, you won’t even
want that ugly little thing between your legs!” she said with an evil
A shudder went through me. Not only were they making me dress
and act like a girl, now they were fooling around with my body
“I hope spitting on me was worth it, little slave,” she said,
stroking my hair. “Now you’d better get some rest, because you’ve got
a lot of work to do.”
I was ready to climb into bed, but she had one more surprise
for me.
“You’re going to sleep in this from now on,” she said, holding
a red and white lace teddy up against my chest.
It was a bright red satin heart that covered my chest and
tapered to a point at my groin. The back and edges were made of lace,
and two spaghetti straps went over my shoulders.
“Where’s the rest of it?” I tried to ask.
“It’s made of spandex, and one size fits all. You’ll look
adorable in it.”
She helped me into the teddy, sliding it against my smooth
skin until it fit around me like a glove.
“Perfect!” she said. “Now get some sleep. You’ll need all
your strength tomorrow.”
She left me there on the bed, bound and gagged. How was I
supposed to get any sleep with that damn plug buzzing away inside me?

The next morning, Donna removed my gag and butt plug, and I
showered and shaved. Yes, everywhere. The battery in the butt plug
must have died, and I got a few hours of sleep. I looked awfully
ragged, and had to do a lot of work to make myself look pretty. And
when I finished my makeup and hair, Donna was waiting for me with a
large pill and a glass of water.
“It’s time to make you into a proper young lady,” she said.
“I’ve brought you a nice big glass of water. Now take this estrogen


I swallowed the pill and gulped the water. Then she made me
open my mouth and checked to make sure I really swallowed it.
“You’re lucky you spit on Sandra, and not me,” she snarled.
“If you did that to me, they’d have to scrape what’s left of you off
the walls! Now get into your uniform!”
I had to dress as Sandra had told me. I had a corset choking
me, my cock was tied between my legs, I was perched on 5-inch heels
with my legs hobbled by a chain. My satin uniform was the least
humiliating piece of apparel I was wearing.
After breakfast, Donna was kind enough to lend me a penis gag
and butt plug. With my hands cuffed in front of me, I was ready for
“No frolicking in the pool for you today,” she warned me.
“You’re going to work all day. Now scrub the basement floor.”
It took me an hour on my hands and knees to wash the entire
basement floor. When I got back upstairs, I was surprised at how hot
it was on the ground floor. It had been nice and cool in the
Kathy was waiting for me, wearing a towel and a white
swimsuit. “I love your shoes, Alicia. Those ankle straps are
“Thank you, Mistress Katherine. But I’ve already turned my
ankle on these heels three times today.”
“There, there, you poor dear,” she said, patting me on the
head like a puppy. “I’d think you were used to having things tied
around your ankles by now.”
“Yes, Mistress Katherine,” I groaned.
“Donna said I should tell you to wash all the windows on this
floor. And then vacuum all the rugs. They’re real dirty again,” she
said, munching on a chocolate chip cookie. Then she let some crumbs
fall on the carpet.
I nodded my head. “Why is it so hot in here?” I asked.

“Santa Ana winds. It’s a real scorcher today,” she said.
“That’s why we’re all out by the pool. We turned off the air
conditioning since we don’t need it. Now go about your chores,
sweetie. We’ll look in on you from time to time, just to make you’re
working hard.”
Kathy giggled, and headed out to the pool. It was still
morning, and already I had to wipe the sweat from my brow with my
bound hands.
It was early afternoon by the time I finished all the windows,
and I felt like I was inside a greenhouse. A hot summer day, and I
was stuck inside. Sweat covered my face, the corset wouldn’t let me
breathe, and the satin minidress was plastered to my skin. I dragged
out the upright vacuum cleaner, but I was so tired I had to sit down
first. I knew I wasn’t allowed to sit without permission, but those
5-inch heels were killing me, and I had to rest.
That’s when Donna walked in. “What are you doing, you lazy
slave?” she shouted.
I jumped to my feet. “I’m sorry, Mistress Donna. It’s so
hot, I had to rest for a minute. I’ll do the vacuuming right now!”
“I should beat you for this, but I’m going to let you off easy
just this once,” she said. Then she unlocked my handcuffs, and cuffed
my hands behind me. “Now get back to work! I had better not catch
you goofing off again!”
And she left me standing on my aching feet, dead tired, and
with my hands bound behind me. I fumbled for the vacuum cleaner
switch, and sweat dripped down into my eyes. Now I couldn’t even wipe
my face, and I had to work the rest of the day like this. I found the
switch, and the vacuum cleaner roared to life. I tried to shake the
sweat from my eyes, and I turned an ankle. With my wrists bound
behind me, I lost my balance. I cried out as I fell to the floor, but
I doubt anyone could hear me over the whine of the vacuum cleaner.
For a moment I lay there on the floor, trying to catch my
breath. I wondered if falling down was against the rules? I
struggled to my knees, the unyielding corset preventing me from
bending at the waist. With the last of my strength, I used my wrists
to pull myself up against the dining room table. Now on my feet, I
had to catch my breath again, and then I teetered over to the vacuum
cleaner, and caught the handle. Then, looking over my shoulder, I
dragged it along behind me, being careful to pick up all the lint and
crumbs on the carpet.
By early evening I had finished all the housework, and Kathy
met me as the base of the stairway. My sister and I made quite a
contrast. She looked radiant with her white swimsuit showing off her
new suntan. Me? Half-blinded by my own sweat, I was completely
exhausted, and weak from hunger because I hadn’t eaten all day. It
was a safe bet that I didn’t smell too good, either.
“Finished already, little sissy?” she said, gently tapping me
on the nose. “Now you have to make all the beds upstairs. And the
corners better be perfect, too.”
“Yes, Mistress Katherine,” I gasped, and trudged upstairs.
One step at a time, balancing precariously on my heels, tying to keep
my hobbled ankles together. Somehow, I made it upstairs without
killing myself, and minced over to the edge of my bed. But try as I
might, my waist couldn’t bend to let me get my hands on the bed linen.
Finally I gave up, and slumped on the floor next to the bed.
I sat there a few minutes until Kathy came upstairs to check on my
“Is something the matter, little slave? Didn’t Donna warn you
about goofing off?”
“I can’t do it,” I whined. “Go ahead and beat me. I can’t
bend over enough to get the sheets.”
“You are so pathetic,” she said. “We wouldn’t tell you to do
this if it was impossible. Why do you think we didn’t gag you today?”
I thought for a moment. It just might work. I rolled onto my
knees, and crawled to the corner of the bed. Kneeling next to the
bed, I grabbed the sheet with my teeth, and pulled until it was
straightened out.
“Maybe you’re not as dumb as I thought, Alicia,” she said with
a nod of her head. “Now hurry up and finish all three beds.”
An hour later, I had crawled and tugged at sheets and
blankets, tasting more bed linen than I ever wanted to. But I had
done it. I slumped on the floor again, this time in triumph. This
was an achievement in my life now. I was proud of making beds with my
But Kathy had one last task for me. She led me to the
bathroom, and make me kneel in front of the toilet.
“The toilet needs to be cleaned,” she said. “The brush is
over there.”
It was a short brush, with only a five inch handle. But how
could I get it into the toilet with my hands behind me?
“But I can’t reach down there. Even if I sit on the toilet, I
can’t reach in far enough,” I pleaded.
“There you go again,” she said derisively. “You still aren’t
gagged are you?”
So that was it. I took the brush handle in my mouth, and
tried to lean forward into the toilet. Bet even on my knees, the
corset wouldn’t let me bend far enough. I swiped at the toilet from
side to side, but I could barely make it reach the surface of the
toilet water.
“Hurry up,” Kathy said, and she kicked me in the ass.
Startled, I screamed and dropped the brush in the toilet. I
turned to look up at her.
“Now what are you going to do?” she asked.
“Mistress Katherine, please help me,” I begged.
“Oh, all right,” she said. Then she lifted my legs, and aimed
my whole body at the toilet. “Now let’s see if we can’t find that
“Noooo,” I wailed, as she slid me toward the water. My face
splashed in it, and then she pulled me out.
“Looks like you missed,” she said. “We’ll have to try again.”
And so we played ‘bobbing for toilet brushes’ until I finally
grabbed it on my eighth or ninth try. Then she took me by the neck,
and shoved me forward, scrubbing out the toilet.
Finally she left me alone on the tile floor, so tired that I
was light-headed. I was glad this day was over; and at least the
water had been cool.
Then she returned . “Sweetie, I know you haven’t had anything
to eat all day, so I brought you a little something,” she said, and
placed two bowls in front of me.
“But Mistress Katherine, that looks like dog food,” I said in
“That’s right! I went to the store today and got it special,
just for you. Now dig in; it even makes its own gravy. And when you
finish it, I’ll let you have the bowl of water.”
I was so tired and hungry I could have eaten anything. I
stuck my face in the dog food, and started eating. One the one hand
it tasted awful, like spoiled meat, but most of it got all over my
face anyway. Finally she let me lap up the water. I was so parched I
thought I was going to dehydrate. When I had finished, she sat across
from me on the bathroom floor.
“I’m tired of your attitude, and so is everyone else. If you
don’t shape up, every day of your life will be just like this, only
worse,” she said. “Take a good look at yourself, sweetie. You look
like shit, and you smell like shit. Now are you going to be a good
little girl or not?”
It was true. Drenched in sweat, I couldn’t even stand my own
smell. There I was, bound and helpless on my knees with dog food
caked on my face. I was so tired I could barely eat, and my knees and
feet ached. And all I had to look forward to was more of this.
“I’ll do whatever you want,” I mumbled.
“Speak up,” she said sharply. “What’s your name?”
“My name is Alicia,” I said in a clear voice. “I’m a sweet
little slave girl, and I want to look pretty so the boys will like
“Good,” she said with a look of triumph. “But I don’t want
this to be a hasty decision on your part, so I’d like you to sleep on
Then she dragged me onto the carpet, and chained my ankles to
the cabinet under the sink.
“Sweet dreams, little slave,” she said, and turned off the
Bound and exhausted in the darkness, not even my own smell
could keep me awake. I fell fast asleep.

The next morning, I was dressed and ready for duty when Donna
made me carry a suitcase into an empty bedroom. I could hardly lift
it as I minced along on my hobbled legs.
“There are only three more of them downstairs, Alicia,” she
“Are these your suitcases, Mistress Donna?” I asked.
“Yes they are, slave girl. I’m moving in here to supervise
you twenty-four hours a day. Isn’t that good news?”
I could almost feel my chin hit the floor. “Yes, Mistress
Donna,” I moaned. “I’m delighted. I don’t deserve this.”
“Since you’re been a disobedient little girl, Ron felt that
you needed more discipline. First you brought boys over here at
night, and then you spit on Sandra. But I’m sure I can fix you.”
“Yes, Mistress,” I said. This was going to be one long


I spent the next two weeks learning to be a slave girl by day
and a proper young lady at night. Every day Donna found some reason
or excuse to beat me. Once I didn’t fold the laundry right. Another
time I mixed up my clothes with Kathy’s stuff. I couldn’t help it;
the underwear all looked the same to me. She solved that problem
masterfully, by purchasing for me a dozen pair of pink panties. All
with tiers of lace, and all crotchless. But no matter what I did, I
always ended up facing the corner, hiking up my skirt, and wobbling on
unsteady heels while Donna tattooed my poor butt until I cried.

* * * * *

One day I couldn’t stand any more. “I’ve done everything you
want, Mistress Donna,” I whined. “Won’t you ever stop beating me?”
“You look like you’re just going through the motions. Like
you don’t enjoy being a slave girl. And I’m going to keep beating you
until you show some enthusiasm.”
“You mean I have to like being a slave in my own house?” I
asked in disbelief.
“You need an attitude adjustment, little sissy. And until you
start acting like a sweet little slave, I’m going to whip your ass
every night.”
“I’ll do it, Mistress Donna,” I said.
Then my sister laughed. “This I gotta see,” she said.
Donna turned to me.
“No, I mean it,” I said. “I promise.”

Fifteen minutes later, I was cheerfully dusting the furniture
when Kathy interrupted me. She bound my wrists behind me and said,
“Craig will be over any minute to try out your new enthusiasm. Go up
to your room and kneel with your mouth open.”
My eyes widened, but I just said, “yes, Mistress Katherine.”
“And you’d better tell him how much you love sucking his cock.
Enthusiasm counts, you know!”

Soon Craig towered over me, dressed in a white T-shirt and
gray sweat pants. As baggy as his pants were, they did not conceal a
bulge. “Kathy tells me you really like sucking cock now. Go to it,
I knelt at his feet, waiting for him to drop his pants.
“Come on,” he said. ‘I don’t have all day!”
“Yes, sir,” I said. Now I understood. I leaned forward and
took the drawstring of his pants with my teeth, and pulled on it.
Finally it came loose, his pants were down, and his cock was up.
He was much more eager than last time. I had barely started
licking his balls when he started moaning. I ran my tongue all over
his cock, as I sucked it in and out, and he came in my mouth almost
immediately. Obediently I licked it clean, and kissed the tip of his
I thought he’d be happy, but he grabbed a handful of hair and
yanked me to my feet. “You pathetic little freak,” he snarled. “I
love to beat the shit out of faggots like you. I wish I could tell my
friends how I can have my cock sucked any time I want. But then
they’d kill you, and the party would be over. Where would I ever find
another cocksucking loser like you?”
“Please…please don’t hurt me,” I begged.
“What do you think about while you’re doing housework all day?
Do you daydream about your boyfriends? About how good you feel when
one of them shoves his cock up your ass?’
“I’ll do whatever you want, just let me go-”
He punched me in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me. I
fell face down at his feet, and lay on the floor doubled over, gasping
or air.
“Yeah, you can go now,” he said, kicking me as he stepped over
my prone body. “I’m sure you’re got some dusting you’re just dying to
get back to.”

The next day, my stomach still ached when Kathy got me out of
bed bright and early to go to Jennifer’s salon.
“Wake up, sunshine!” she shouted, shaking me awake. “We have
to get to the salon before regular business hours.”
I thought my hair looked nice, but what do I know about hair
styles? If my sister wanted me to go to the salon, I figured she must
have a good reason.
Turns out she had a bad reason. When we got there, Jennifer
unlocked the doors for us, Kathy quickly tied my hands behind me.
But Jennifer was bright and cheerful as always. “I’ve got a
surprise for you today,” she gushed. I’ve got a friend in the back
room waiting just for you!”
“A friend?” I said in alarm. “What kind of friend?”
“A cute little boy just like you used to be. Well, maybe he’s
not quite as pretty as you, but I’m sure you’ll get along with him
just fine,” Jennifer said.
“N-no, I don’t think I want to meet your friend-”
Then Kathy grabbed me and shoved me toward the back door.
“It’s payback time for the beating you gave me,” she said, “and if you
hurt that boy’s feelings, I’ll hurt a lot more than just your
Jennifer took a firm hold of me and said, “Jeremy’s a nice
boy. But he’s very sensitive, so you’d better make him happy or I’ll
find someone a lot bigger and meaner for you. I’ve told him you’re
into bondage, but you’re a little shy, so he’ll have to meet you more
than halfway. And if you know what’s good for you, you’re going to
pretend to like everything he does.”
Then Kathy pushed me through the doorway, and slammed the door
behind me. Jeremy was waiting for me, dressed in a T-shirt and
bluejeans, sitting on a loveseat.
He smiled at me, and said, “I’m Jeremy. You must be Alicia;
Jennifer’s told me so much about you.”
“Hi,” I said nervously. I took a good look at him; he was my
age and size. And he really was cute, with a brown pageboy haircut
that just covered his ears.
“I wish I could dress like that, he said, pointing at my pink
blouse and white skirt. And I’d give anything to have long curly hair
like you. I just don’t want anyone to know I’m gay.”
My heart sank. I was tied up, facing a kid who thought I was
gay like him. My sister had set all this up, and I had to behave
“I’m not brave enough to play it up like you, Alicia,” he
said, moving in on me. “And besides, my parents would kill me if they
found out.”
Before I could think of anything to say, he had me in his
arms, his lips planted on mine.
“Come on, open your mouth,” he said, “I feel like I’m kissing
a dead fish.”
There was no way out of this. My sister had made sure of
that. And I had to convince this kid I was gay, too, or I’d be in big
trouble when I got home. I kissed him back, our tongues meeting. He
hugged me, and I felt a bulge in his pants rub up against me.
“Let’s not waste any more time,” he said, and started
unzipping his pants.
I stood there helpless and resigned myself to giving another
blow job, when he said, “oh, yeah, I forgot you like being tied up.
I’ll help you out of your panties.”
“What-” I asked, as he sat me down, and reached under my skirt
to pull down my panties. I came to the horrible realization that he
wasn’t here to have his cock sucked. He was going to put it somewhere
else, and expected me to like it.


“Uh, can we wait a minute?” I asked.
But he helped me bend over the loveseat, and said, “it’s all
right, Alicia. Your sister told me you’re shy around new boys.” Then
he smeared some lubricant up my ass. I shuddered, and turned away
from him, so he couldn’t see my face.
My mind raced. What could I do? I wondered, as I felt his
hot breath on the back of my neck. What could I say, as I felt his
hands kneading my butt, spreading me wider? But there was no escape,
and I knew it. And then he was inside me. I shivered as he forced
his way deeper. He wasn’t as big as the butt plug I was used to, but
this was a real cock sliding in and out of me. A tear trickled down
my cheek, as he rode in and out. Finally he shot his load inside me,
and pulled out, breathing heavily. I laid there, bent over the
“Wow, was it good for you, too?” he asked, catching his
I just groaned and fought back the tears.
He pulled me upright, and turned to face me, smiling. Seeing
the look on my face, his smile vanished. “Alicia, I didn’t hurt you,
did I?”
“N-no, I’ll be fine,” I stammered, trying not to sniffle.
Being raped wasn’t bad enough; now I had to pretend I liked it.
“Good!” he said. “We’ll have to do this again some day.”
“Yes, I’d like that,” I mumbled.

He got up and left, and it took me a couple of minutes to pull
myself together. When I went back inside, Jennifer and my sister were
waiting for me.
“So now you know what’s it’s like to be a real girl, little
faggot,” my sister said. “How did you like it?”
I just stood there, and studied the floor.
“Have you been crying, sweetie?” Jennifer asked. “Why the
“I’m all right,” I said, my voice barely a whisper.
“Good!” Jennifer said. “Because Jeremy thought you look so
cute in those curls that I’m going to give you a new hairdo for the
rest of the summer.”
I looked up at last, and mumbled, “what kind of hairdo?”
“I’m going to do your hair all in tight curls!”
I stared at myself in the mirror. “I don’t think that would
look so good,” I offered.
“Oh, don’t be such a stick in the crud. You need to try new
things,” Kathy said. “New experiences, new boyfriends, new
hairstyles. Jeremy said he liked your curls, and I think it’s a good
idea too. Besides, if your hair stays in place, your mistress won’t
beat you up so often.”
Ah, so my new hairstyle would be functional as well as pretty,
I thought. Very practical, that sister of mine.
“Her mistress beats her?” Jennifer asked in surprise.
“Oh, yes. At home she’s a sweet little slave girl, always
running to and fro in her little maid’s outfit, cleaning here and
dusting there. But her mistress is very strict, and if Alicia has a
single hair out of place, she gets an awful beating.”
“I’d love to see that! You must invite me over some time,”
Jennifer said, as she led me to the reclining chair where I had my
hair shampooed.
Still bound, I had to lie back with me hair in a sink, which
she quickly filled.
“You’ll have to stay in that curling lotion for at least half
an hour, so make yourself comfortable,” Jennifer said.
And so I lay there with my wrists still bound, and tried to
fall asleep with my arms crushed underneath me. I didn’t get to see
what I looked like with curlers in my hair, thank goodness. Finally,
after sitting under a hair dryer forever, they let me take a look.
My head was covered with bright shiny brown curls. My
shoulder length hair now barely reached my chin and the nape of my
neck. I stared in amazement as I shuffled closer to the mirror,
looking at my face framed in pretty curls. No one would ever mistake
me for a boy now. I looked even younger and prettier now.
“See, she loves it so much she’s speechless!” Kathy said.
Maybe I couldn’t speak, but I turned and gave my sister a
withering look.
“Oh, what’s the matter, sweetie?” she asked. “You don’t look
happy at all.”
“Just leave me alone,” I muttered.
“Now is that any way to talk to your sister, after she was
thoughtful enough to arrange your date with Jeremy?” Jennifer asked
My date. That’s what she called it.
“I think she needs to learn some manners,” Kathy said. “Maybe
Jeremy’s too good for her. Can you set Alicia up with someone else?”
“Well, there’s Bruno,” Jennifer said. “But he’s a big guy;
he’s got an organ fit for a horse.”
I cringed.
“Sounds perfect!” Kathy said.
“No, he’d probably break this pretty little thing in half,”
Jennifer said.
“Then maybe Jeremy could think of someone; he must know lots
of other fags. And you could go out with two of them,” Kathy said,
turning to me. She lifted my chin and made me face her. “Wouldn’t
you to suck on one dick, while another boy rams his stiff cock up your
It was enough to make my skin crawl. I couldn’t help it; try
as I might, I burst into tears.

* * * * *

That night, I had trouble sleeping. Bound to the headboard in
my flimsy red teddy, I kept thinking about what Jeremy had done to me.
How could things get any worse? Then I thought I heard a sound at the
door. I strained against my bonds for a moment, and gave up. But
then I saw a shadow move in the darkness. I tried to look up, but a
hand covered my eyes, and turned my head aside. I felt the soft touch
of a girl gently climbing into the bed and rubbing up against me.
“Kathy, please leave me alone,” I begged. “I’ll do whatever
you want tomorrow.”
She giggled and said, “you’ll do whatever I want right now.”
That wasn’t my sister’s voice. As her hand slid away from my
eyes, and down my cheek, I could see the outline and features of her
beautiful face, even in the darkness. Arcadia.
“What do you want? Does anyone know you’re here?” I blurted
“Don’t worry, sweetie. I want you all to myself. When we
dated, those two boys got to share you, and I felt left out,” she
said, and climbed up on my chest. “Ooo, I love your nightie; Kathy
told me about it, but I had to see it for myself. It feels so soft.”
“Arcadia, please get off me,” I gasped. I could hardly
breathe with her kneeling on me.
But she crawled over me until she positioned her groin over my
“You satisfied our dates, but not me. Now you will pleasure
me,” she said, and then whispered, “you don’t want me to get mad at
you, now do you?”
No, I didn’t. Not that I had any choice, as she ground her
pussy in my face. The smell assaulted my nostrils, but I couldn’t get
away. She was already wet, and I licked up and down every chance she
gave me, gasping for air whenever I could. She grabbed my hair and
rocked up and down on my face, finally hissing like an animal as she
came on my face.
She leaned back, her lithe body resting on top of mine as I
gasped for air. I lay there covered with both sweat and her pussy
juice, trying to catch my breath, praying that she’d go away.
“Now it’s your turn,” she said.
“MY turn?” I asked, my voice breaking.
“Nothing makes me hotter than seeing a helpless little sissy
with pubic hair stuck in his teeth. Especially when it’s MY hair.
And Sandra gave me another toy, so now I can plug both your holes.”
And as she sat astride my waist, I saw her strapping something
around herself. At last she got up, and I could move again. I turned
to face her, and even in the darkness, I could see a shape projecting
out from her waist. As she approached me, I recognized it. She was
wearing a strap-on dildo, a half-dozen inches long.
“Would you be so kind as to roll over on your back, Alicia?”
she asked, putting her face close to mine. “And then get your knees
under you so I can butt-fuck you doggie-style.”
“Arcadia, please don’t do this to me,” I begged.
She grabbed a handful of hair, and used it to twist my head
around, making me wince. “I won’t ask you nicely again,” she said.
“Kathy told me how you did it for Jeremy, so it’s not like I’m taking
your cherry. Now be a good little faggot, and do as I say.”
I whimpered, and rolled over on my back. Then as I tucked my
knees underneath me, she helped me out of my teddy. And then I felt
her lubricating my ass, sliding a finger in and out.
“Please be careful,” I begged.
Her response was to pull my head back, and shove a penis gag
in my open mouth. “I really don’t like to do a lot of talking while
I’m having sex, so I brought along this face fucker just in case you
felt like making conversation.”
Now gagged and helpless, she threw me face forward into my
pillow with my butt in the air, and started ramming her dildo inside
me. I wriggled and twisted, but she kept pounding away at me. At
least Jeremy was getting off when he fucked me; Arcadia just wanted to
hurt me. With my butt stretched and aching, I whimpered into the gag
as she rocked me back and forth. As she kept driving it in and out,
my whimpers turned to screams.
“Really turns you on, doesn’t it?” she asked, breathing
My muffled screams went on without end. Did this crazy girl
really think she was exciting me? Tears poured down my cheeks, and
finally she gave up, and collapsed onto the bed next to me.
As we lay side by side covered in sweat, she turned me to face
her. “You’re a bit of a mess down there, so try not to bleed all over
the sheets, will you?”
I just shook my head and cried into the gag. My butt hurt,
but the emotional pain was worse.
“I really drilled you good, didn’t I?” she asked.
Not exactly, I thought. She drilled me bad.

* * * * *

The next morning, I woke up thinking I had hit bottom.
Arcadia hadn’t really hurt me, but I looked like a girl, and I’d been
used like a girl. What else could happen? Then Kathy untied me from
my bed.
“Don’t bother getting into your maid’s uniform this morning,”
she said. “Ron gave me a couple of free passes to a health club that’s
only a short walk from here.”
“Should I dress like you?” I asked. She wore a white T-shirt
and shorts.
“Not quite. You know you can’t wear pants. Not even shorts
for a sissy like you. I’ve got a tennis skirt that should fit you.”
I wore a T-shirt over my training bra, a short white skirt,
ankle socks, and thin white sneakers. Sad to say, this was the most
masculine attire I’d worn in some time. Kathy noticed that, too, so
she made me wear half a dozen bracelets. I couldn’t move without the
bangles and silver bracelets rattling against each other.
“But we’re just going to a health club,” I said. “Why so much
“Because a pretty girl should make some noise when she struts
around town,” she said with a mocking grin.
“Yes, Mistress Katherine,” I groaned.
“And if I ever catch you not wearing any bracelets, I’ll give
you a pair of handcuffs. No matter WHERE we are!”
I swallowed, and off we went. Once we got to the club, our
passes gave us free run of the whole place. Swimmers went up and down
a 25-meter swimming pool, but the rest of the club was almost
deserted. Mid-morning must be their slack time, I thought, as we were
alone outside a weight room.
“You can have lots of fun here checking out the hard bodies,”
Kathy said.
“What did you have in mind?” I asked, my suspicion growing. I
suspected she hadn’t brought me here to work out.
“There’s a lot of big strong guys here. I’m sure they’d like
to get to know a pretty little thing like you!” she said, smiling at
me as she stroked my cheek.


“No, Kathy please!” I said, with panic in my voice.
“What’s the matter? Wouldn’t you like to flirt with some of
those big studs we saw at the pool?
“Nooo,” I groaned looking up at her with puppy-dog eyes.
“What’s wrong, sweetie? Oh, I know! I’ll bet you’re still
thinking about that pretty boy Jeremy. But wouldn’t you rather have a
big cock rammed up your ass? Do you really go for cute little boys
instead of big strong ones?”
“Please, no. Arcadia nearly killed me last night,” I begged.
“I’m just trying to find out your type. Do you like Jeremy or
would you rather find someone new here?”
“Shhh,” I implored her. “Someone might hear you! I’ll do
anything you want, but not that.”
“Anything? Are you sure?”
All I could think about was my poor tender ass. “Anything, as
long as you don’t set me up with another guy,” I pleaded. When would
I ever learn?
“All right,” she said, and patted me on the head. “But you’d
better behave yourself and do as I say, or I’ll beat the crap out of
you every day for a month!”
I nodded my head, relieved at escaping a close call, and she
took me into the weight room.
“Let’s see what we can find here,” she said. “Take a look at
There were only a couple of people in a room of fifteen
Nautilus machines, and off in the corner, I saw a tall girl in a gray
sweat-suit with her short hair brushed back. She stood at a bicep
machine, lifting 100-pound weights with each arm.
“She might like you,” Kathy said.
“What kind of girl would be interested in me dressed like
this?” I asked, shaking my head. It was one of those questions you
really didn’t want answered.
Kathy just flashed that evil smile of hers. “Look at that
sweat dripping down her chest,” she said. “There’s a dyke if ever I
saw one. She could tear you limb from limb.”
“You…you’re not thinking of-” I stammered.
“I bet she’d like a cute little femme like you!”
My mouth open in amazement, I finally shook my head.
“We made a deal,” Kathy snarled. “We agreed that you wouldn’t
have anything to do with boys here. That’s a girl over there, and
she’s fair game for you.”
But it was a big girl. A huge girl. I stared at her, and
then turned to my sister. “What do you want me to do?” I asked,
She handed me a scarf from her purse. “Tell her you’d like to
lick her sweaty pussy, and she can use this scarf to tie your hands.”
My hands shook as I took the pink scarf. “But what if she
finds out I’m not a girl?”
“That could be embarrassing for you,” my sister dead-panned.
“Girls like her really hate boys. If she gets under your skirt
looking for some chow mein, and finds an egg-roll instead…well
sweetie, she won’t be happy!”
I took another look at that girl, and then back at my sister
with sad eyes.
“Move it, sissy!” she said, shoving me forward. “And make
sure she ties you up!”
I crossed the room as slowly as I could, wondering if this is
how the male black-widow spider feels. Finally I stood before the
girl at the bicep machine. She was a teenager or maybe a young adult,
and she had to be six feet tall.
“Hi,” I squeaked. “I couldn’t help but admire how you work
out on that machine.”
“Thanks,” she grunted, and did another repetition.
“Strong girls really turn me on,” I said, and then whispered,
“I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but I’d really love to lick
your sweaty pussy.”
She stepped away from the machine and took a good look at me.
I thought she was going to deck me right there, but she said, “kid,
how old are you?”
“Old enough to be into bondage,” I said, offering her the
scarf. “I wish you’d tie me up and make me do it.”
She thought for a moment, looked around, and then said, “come
with me.”
She took me by the wrist in her iron grip, and led me down the
corridor into another room, past a hot tub and showers, and into a
sauna room. It was so hot and steamy that I had to stop to catch my
breath. The room was empty except for several wooden benches with
towels draped over them.
“We’ll have more privacy here,” she said, barricading the door
with a heavy bench. “What’s your name?”
“Alicia,” I said, noticing that my only path of escape was now
hopelessly blocked.
She took the scarf, turned me around and bound my wrists,
making me wince. I didn’t know a pretty little scarf could be that
“How long have you been doing this?” she asked, dropping her
sweatpants and shorts.
“Uh, long enough to be good at it,” I lied, as she sat on a
bench, and pulled me to my knees in front of her.
“Really?” she asked doubtfully. “Then show me how good you
For a moment I stared into the naked bush a few inches in
front of my nose. The mixed smells of sweat and musk made me want to
retch. At least Arcadia had been clean when she made me eat her. I
wrinkled my nose, and dove in, licking here, and probing my tongue
“Lower!” she rasped.
I leaned forward, and lapped up and down between her vagina
and anus. It wasn’t long before she shuddered, grabbed my face, and
pulled it against her moist pussy as a flood of juice spilled out. I
lapped up all the juice I could, as it ran down my chin. Oh, what I
must look like now.
“Thanks,” I gulped, sitting back on my haunches. “Now if
you’ll just untie me-”
“No, thank YOU,” she said. “Now it’s your turn.”
“No, no,” I cried, shaking my head. ‘You don’t have to-”
“I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Alicia,” she said, lifting my
skirt, and reaching for my panties.
Bound and helpless, I tried to get up, but she just gathered
me in her arms.
“Oh, don’t play hard to get,” she said, and pulled down my
panties. “You’ll like-”
And then her face darkened.
“Please don’t be mad at me. I only wanted to-”
Her fist in my stomach silenced me. I crumpled at her feet,
gasping for air.
“You little bastard! I don’t know what kind of games you like
to play, but you’ve fooled around with the wrong person.”
As I lay there doubled over from the pain in my gut, she
ripped my panties right off me.
“Please let me go,” I gasped as she pulled me up to my knees.
“I can explain-”
“Explain this!” she said, stuffing the panties in my mouth.
“I’ve heard all I want to from you.”
I knelt before her, trying to speak as I chewed on my panties.
“So you like being tied up, huh?” she asked, as she wrapped a
towel around my face, covering my eyes and further gagging my mouth.
I could hardly see out of one eye, and all I could do was
shake my head as she tied the towel in place. She climbed up on a
bench, and tied an electrical cord from the light fixture to my bound
wrists, pulling them up, and forcing me to bend at the waist.
Then she stepped back to admire her handiwork. My shoulders
ached as my arms were pulled straight upward. My skirt was around my
ankles, so I couldn’t even spread my legs for balance.
“I’m sure you’re used to being tied up better than this, but
I’m not into any of that perverted bondage stuff like you. I have to
do the best I can with the materials I have to work with.”
Still, she was doing a damn good job.
“Like this,” she said. “Someone left a towel here dripping
wet. How rude! What do you suppose we can do with a wet towel?”
I had a pretty good idea, as I whimpered into my gag. I heard
her swing the towel back and forth through he air, and gritted my
teeth. Then THWACK! as it landed on my butt, making me jump.
“Do you think there’s something wrong with me being a
lesbian?” she asked, and smacked my other cheek.
I screamed into the gag as tears trickled down my face.
“At least I don’t dress up like a guy and try to trick
people,” she shouted, and hit me twice more.
I sobbed into my gag, and sucked on the panties, as she hit me
on the back of my thighs a half-dozen times.
“How does that feel?” she asked, walking around me. “Now I
see why you pretend to be a girl. You aren’t too tough, are you?”
My whole body shuddered as I whimpered. I’d agree to being
the most gutless wimp in the world if it would make her stop.
And then she grabbed my cock. “There are times I wish I had
one of these,” she said. “Maybe I’ll take this one!”
I froze in place. As she squeezed my cock, I whimpered and
tried to beg for mercy. Even so, my cock grew and hardened. Then she
snapped the towel against my erect cock. My knees buckled, and only
my bound wrists held me up. Despite the pain in my groin, I felt like
my shoulders were getting dislocated, and struggled to regain my feet.
“I’m tired of listening to your whimpering,” she snapped at
me. “Would you like to go for a walk, you little bastard?”
I nodded my head. My body wracked with pain, anywhere we went
had to be better than here.
She pulled up my skirt, and took the towel off my head. But
she left my wrists bound, and they had begun to ache as she slid the
bench away from the door. She opened the door a crack, and said,
“looks like the coast is clear.”
My stomach sore, my butt and thighs burning, she shoved me
outside into the shower area. The cool air was a welcome relief, and
I tried to ask her where we were going, but the panties slurred my
“The best thing after a sauna is to relax in the hot tub,” she
said, pushing me toward it. I shook my head, but she picked me up and
sent me flying head first into the hot water.
I shut my eyes and screamed as I flew through air and hit the
water. My butt and thighs were on fire, and water went up my nose,
making me choke. Starved for air, I thrashed desperately and lifted
my head above the surface. Coughing and trying to spit the panties
out, I finally caught my breath and stood in three feet of water. I
cringed, wondering what would come next. But I took a peek over my
shoulder, and that awful bitch was gone.
“Looks like you’re in hot water, sissy,” called a familiar
OK, one awful bitch remained, but at least it was the one who
wouldn’t kill me. My sister leaned against the far wall, grinning at
me. I opened my mouth, begging her to take the gag out.
She grabbed the rail, and pulled me up the steps and out of
the hot tub. “This thing is really packed in good,” she said,
extracting the tatters from my mouth.
“Please untie me,” I begged. “My wrists are killing me.”
“What happened in the sauna?” she asked. “You look like
you’re in a wet T-shirt contest. For flat-chested girls, anyway.”
“I promise I’ll tell you all about it when we get home,” I
said as she unwrapped my wrists.
The flow of blood returned to my hands, making them hurt even
more. Just then, a club attendant walked in. “Something the matter
here?” she asked.
Kathy shrugged her shoulders. “My little sister is awfully
clumsy; she tripped and fell in the hot tub. I just can’t take her
“Sorry about the little accident,” she said, “but there’s
plenty of towels you can use to dry off.”
I dried myself as best as I could, and hurried toward the
lobby. I tried to cover my chest, my bra plainly visible. Most of
all, I wanted to get out of there before the female Godzilla showed up
As we walked past the counter, Kathy stopped to tell the
receptionist, “this is a wonderful club you have here. My sister and
I might get annual memberships.”
“Let’s GO,” I implored her.
“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Kathy asked. “You’re always
complaining about how you have to stay home all day, and wear that
maid’s uniform and those high heels. Would you rather come here every
day and meet interesting new people?”
“NO! I’d rather be a maid,” I groaned, as we went outside.
“And so you shall,” Kathy said, grinning at me. “I’m glad we
settled that. Now tell me about that Amazon bitch.”

So I had to tell her all the juicy details of my debauchery at
the health club. I spent the next month as an obedient, enthusiastic
little slave girl, waiting on Kathy hand and foot when I wasn’t bound
hand and foot. Kathy and Craig squabbled from time to time, but
whenever they broke up, it would only be a day or two before they
decided to kiss and make up. Or in my case, we would suck and make
Donna kept a close eye on me. Every morning she supervised
me, paying careful attention as I took an estrogen pill, checking my
mouth to make sure I swallowed it. Every day she made me stand at
attention while she inspected me, poking and prodding everywhere. She
always made sure I wore a corset, and had my penis securely tied
between my legs. Usually my hands were cuffed in front of me, and a
chain hobbled my ankles. It was hard enough to walk on five-inch
heels; now I had to mince around to do the housework. I was almost
always gagged; normally a penis gag would do, so I could enjoy the
feel of a cock in my mouth. But sometimes I misbehaved, and I’d end
up chewing on a ball gag all day.
I always wore a collar with a leash attached. The leash came
in handy when Kathy or Donna wanted my attention. If I misbehaved
somehow, they might make me wear the stiff discipline collar, but it
detracted from my appearance. It covered up the pretty white lace
chokers they always made me wear. They preferred to use butt plugs
when they needed to teach me a lesson. Trying to hobble around with a
butt plug shifting inside me was the most trouble, but sleeping with
one wasn’t much fun either. At night I was so tired, they just
chained me to the bed in my nightie. If I went to bed gagged and
plugged, I knew I’d been a very bad girl.
At least they didn’t beat me very often any more, now that I
had adopted the proper slave girl attitude, and I was allowed to eat
dinner after I had served everyone else. I pretended to accept it all
with good cheer, counting the days to the end of summer. But finally
my 13th birthday approached, which meant the summer was almost over.
Donna and Sandra were discussing my outfit for birthday party when
Kathy came in. I stood in my maid’s uniform with head bowed in
subservience. My hands weren’t cuffed, but I kept them clasped in
front of me anyway.
“Kathy, Donna and I are having our friends over for Alicia’s
birthday party. And this is a grown-up party, so I’m afraid you won’t
be able to play with her tomorrow night.”
“But I live here. Can’t I come to the party too?”
“We’re going to tape the party so you can see it later,” Donna
I looked up in fright. Whatever they had planned for me was
going to be on videotape?
“I’ll work the cam-corder for you,” Kathy said. “I’m promise
I’ll stay out of the way.”
Donna thought for a moment. “All right,” she said, and turned
to me. “You don’t mind having your sister at your birthday party, do
you, little sissy?”
I gulped and shook my head. Then Donna and Kathy left me
alone with Sandra.
“Actually we have another surprise in store for you today,”
she said, giving me her evil smile.
I didn’t want to know what that might be. But then the
doorbell rang. I looked around to see if Donna or Kathy were still
“Don’t you think you should answer the door?” Sandra asked.
I looked around helplessly. I didn’t want anyone else to see
me dressed up in this ridiculous outfit. How in the world was I going
to explain the leash and collar around my neck? But Sandra wasn’t
going to answer the door. She gave me a stern look, and pointed at
the door.
Off I went like a good little servant to humiliate myself in
front of whoever decided to visit. I opened the door to find
Jennifer. And next to her was Jeremy. Oh, happy day.
“Surprise!” Jennifer said cheerily. We won’t be able to make
it to your birthday party tomorrow, so Kathy asked us to come over
“How thoughtful of you,” I lied.
“Wow, you look great, Alicia,” Jeremy said, gaping at me. “I
only half believed that you liked being a slave, but now I can see for
“Won’t you please come in?” I said, showing off my outfit, so
I could shut this door before anyone else saw me.
“Guess what I’m going to give you for our birthday?” Jeremy
asked, practically drooling at the sight of me.
“Oh, I couldn’t even guess,” I said. And I didn’t want to,


“Alicia, why don’t you go play with Jeremy upstairs in your
room?” Sandra said. “And be sure to share your toys with him.”
She didn’t have to ask twice. Jeremy grabbed my leash, and we
were off.

A minute later, Jeremy had me on all fours on my bedroom
floor. “I’ve missed you something awful, Alicia. I don’t know anyone
else who’s as submissive as you. No one else likes to play these
“That’s me, little miss submissive,” I offered, as he stuck
his hands inside my panties.
“I’m glad you like being a girl, because I have to be the one
on top. I guess I’m just not as secure as you are.”
Then he lubricated me, and I almost jumped. “Are you all
right, honey?” he asked. The concern in his voice was plain.
I hesitated for a moment. “Yes, Jeremy,” was all I could say.
“Oh gee, I almost forgot how you like being in bondage. Would
you feel more comfortable if I tied you up?”
“No!” I said, almost shouting. “I mean I’m fine the way I
And then he started in, sliding his cock in and out, grinding
against my ass. Over and over, he kept thrusting into me, his groans
getting louder and louder.
I wanted to get up and run away. So far away that no one
would ever find me. But no, I had to stay here bent over, and let him
fuck me to his heart’s content. And then I had to pretend it was good
for me, too. Again and again, his body slammed up against my ass, and
finally he came inside me.
Afterward we sat on the carpet and cuddled together, with him
telling me how much he had missed me.
“I didn’t even get the chance to talk to you the day we met at
Jennifer’s place. I’m dying to find out more about you.”
“Oh, there really isn’t much to tell,” I mumbled.
“But how long have you been pretending to be a girl? And when
did you know you wanted to be a girl?” he asked, his innocent eyes
studying me.
“Uh, it happened real suddenly, as a matter of fact. This
summer, in fact.”
“Wow, I can’t wait to get to know you better,” he said. “I
think you’re really cute.” And then he took me in his arms.
Here we go again, I thought. His mouth was wide open as he
kissed me, his tongue probing against mine. There was no point in
resisting; it would only make things worse. Besides, he was the only
person I knew who didn’t enjoy beating me up. It wasn’t fair – why
does the only person sexually attracted to me have to be a boy? I
embraced him, and kissed him back. Despite my aching butt, I
pretended to enjoy myself as he slobbered all over me.
After enjoying me for a few more minutes, he said, “Alicia,
I’d like you to kiss me again,” and then pointed to his cock, which
was now erect again.
Didn’t he know where that cock had been? Even as it grew, I
could see little flecks of shit on it.
“Um, couldn’t you wash it off, first?”
“Sorry, Alicia, there isn’t time,” he said, and pulled my head
down toward it.
I resigned myself to my fate. I stroked his swollen balls,
wrinkled my nose, and started licking the head of his cock. It tasted
as awful as I expected, but after sliding him in and out only a few
times, he came in my mouth. And on my chin. And on my neck.
Then he sat back against the bed. “Now you can wash up,” he
said. “I’d better be going soon anyway.”
I hurried to the bathroom, and cleaned myself up, taking care
to repair my lipstick and fix my makeup. By the time I got back to
the bedroom, he had dressed and was ready to leave.
“I’m sorry I had you clean off my cock like that, Alicia,” he
said. “I know that was thoughtless of me, but I just couldn’t wait.
But next time I promise I’ll let you suck my cock first.”
“Gee, thanks. I can hardly wait,” I replied.

Downstairs, I curtsied as our two guests departed. Only after
Jeremy and Jennifer left did Sandra see my long face.
“What’s the matter, Alicia? Didn’t you have a good time?
Jeremy was so happy to see you!” she said.
“The matter is he’s a boy,” I grumbled.
“Well, don’t you worry. There’ll be plenty of girls at your
birthday party,” she said, patting me on the shoulders. “And tomorrow
you’ll learn about pleasure and pain; how they’re different, and how
they’re the same.”
Helplessly, I looked up at her; the evil grin on her face made
me shiver.

* * * * *

But it was Donna who spent the next day preparing me for my
birthday party. First teaching me to be properly respectful of the
guests, and then dressing me.
By 8PM, I stood with my back against a wall in the foyer. My
arms stretched overhead, and my padded wrist cuffs attached to a hook
above my head. Looking up, I could only catch a glimpse of my shiny
red nails, because the stiff leather collar immobilized my neck. My
see- through white dress barely covered my padded bra and the
champagne-coloured corset, whose boning was crushing me. The dress was
slit to the waist, and reached only to my crotch.
For the evening, a pair of black straps with silver studs
separated my cock and balls, displaying them like the crown jewels
through the flimsy dress. Garters held up my fishnet stockings, and
tugged against my thighs. As I waited helplessly, I swayed to and fro
on five-inch stiletto heels. The plug up my ass seemed to shift
whenever I moved. Donna had practically drenched me in perfume, and I
found the sweet scent overpowering.
My lipstick matched my nails, but worst of all was my makeup.
Once Donna got through with me, it made me nostalgic for Sandra’s
tender attention. I had way too much frosted lipstick, more blush on
my cheeks than most circus clowns, and if I wore any more mascara I
think panda bears would want to mate with me. And BLUE eye shadow;
even hookers don’t wear blue eye shadow any more. At least my hair
was almost straight now; only a few curly tendrils framed my face, and
the rest of my hair hung down almost to my fake breasts. Even so, the
red heart- shaped charms which adorned my ears dangled in plain sight.
“Our first guests just drove up,” Donna said. “And now for
the final touch.” She slid a black leather blindfold over my eyes.
The soft padding blocked out all the light, plunging me into darkness.
I heard the door open, and my heart quickened. I didn’t know who was
coming in, and I could hardly breathe in this corset.


“Alicia, there is a lady to your right,” Donna said.
With that damn collar around my neck, I had to turn my whole
torso to the right, and smiled. “It’s nice to meet you, madam,” I
“And there is a gentleman in front of you,” Donna said.
Like a good little slave I faced forward and said, “It’s nice
to meet you, sir.”
The moment I finished speaking, my head snapped to the side,
my cheek on fire. I had forgotten to smile at the gentleman facing
me, and the slap that made my ears ring was a gentle reminder.
“My apologies,” Donna said, “he won’t forget to smile again, I
assure you.”
She was right. After that I would smile every time I thought
I heard anyone come near me.
“You meant this slave is really a boy?” I heard a woman say.
“Technically, that’s correct,” Donna said. And then I felt my
dress being lifted. I gasped as she grabbed my cock, and pulled me
away from the wall to display it. “This pretty little slave is
biologically still a boy, but that will make the evening all the more
I heard them all laugh, and then their voices trailed off as
they left me. And so I greeted a dozen guests, smiling sweetly for
each new arrival, even as I wondered who these people were, and what
they would do to me before the evening was out. Sandra was the last
to arrive, and someone announced that dinner was served. Not for me,
of course.
“You don’t really want to wear those clothes, do you sissy?”
Sandra asked me.
I didn’t know how to answer. I smiled nervously. “Whatever
you want, Mistress Sandra.”
What she wanted was to strip me. To see the birthday girl in
her birthday suit. Still blindfolded, I felt her remove my dress,
corset (thank God) and bra. She unhooked my wrists and bound them
behind me. Then she made me hobble on those awful heels, bumping into
furniture as I went. Soon she took hold of me, forced me down first
to my knees, and then flat on my face. Quickly she hogtied me, and
called for one of the men to help her.
A moment later, a pair of strong arms lifted me into the air.
I gasped as he swung me around, but Donna had warned me about speaking
out of turn. He placed me gently on a table, and I lay there helpless
until I felt Sandra stroking my hair.
“I’m sorry you don’t get anything to eat tonight, but I did
bring you this to chew on.”
And I felt a ball gag pressed against my lips. Like a baby
bird, I popped my mouth open, and she stuck it in.
“Look at this,” she called out. “Doesn’t the faggot look like
a little pink piglet with a red apple in his mouth?”
The room erupted in laughter, and all I could do was gnaw on
the ball gag.

As I lay there hogtied, I heard the sounds of laughter and
glasses being raised. An hour must have passed, and my jaw ached from
the ball gag, but I heard them start talking about me. There were
lots of conversations all jumbled together, but they seemed to be
turning their attention to me.
Finally, Sandra addressed me, and undid my hogtie. She got me
to my feet, and folded my arms behind me. With my wrists tied
together, she started wrenching them upwards.
“I’ve got your wrists tied to your collar, sweetie, and I want
to make sure it’s good and tight so you don’t move.”
To my relief she took the gag out, and chained my ankle cuffs
together. While I worked my jaw to get the stiffness out, she tied my
hair back.
“You’ve got a new pony tail now, and I’m attaching it to a
ceiling hook. So don’t think about running off,” she said, and patted
my cheek.
I felt a tug on my hair, and whatever was binding my hair went
taut. I tried to get better balance, and found that the chain
connecting my ankles couldn’t be more than six inches long.
“Are you going somewhere, Alicia?” she asked me.
“No, Mistress Sandra,” I mumbled.
“Good, because you’d miss all the fun.”
I felt her reach behind me, and then my plug started
vibrating. I stumbled and when I turned a heel, only my pony tail
supported my weight. I hissed as I gritted my teeth, and quickly got
my feet under me again. Again the sound of laughter.
“I don’t recommend hanging by that lovely hair of yours,”
Sandra said. “I want you to enjoy yourself tonight. But you almost
cried out, so I’d better gag you again.”
My whole body went limp. Not that ball gag again.
But Sandra seemed to know what I was thinking. “I think
you’ve had your fill of that ball gag, though. You much prefer having
a cock in your mouth anyway, don’t you?”
I felt the tip of a penis gag against my lips. “Yes, Mistress
San-” I said before she shoved it in my mouth. Then I shuddered as I
felt strips of leather brush against my chest.
“This is a cat-o-nine-tails,” she said. “You’ll learn to love
She flicked it against my chest. At first I barely felt it.
Then it tickled me. Then she started swinging it harder. But I was
used to it now. If she’d hit me like this at first, I don’t know if I
could have taken it.
She slapped me across the chest hard now. I gasped and
struggled against my bonds. Suddenly another whip hit my back. And
another my thigh. And my chest again at the same time. I had to tap
dance on my spike heels to stay upright. The buzzing of my vibrator,
mixed with the pain of the whips was driving me mad. Then a whip
landed on my half-erect cock, jump- starting my erection. I twisted
and strained, blind and aroused as the blows landed all over my body.
“Look at his little cock, he’s getting stronger,” I heard
Sandra shout, as though she were far away.
Lost in my own little world, I felt my cock stand straight up,
and I was past the point of no return. I felt myself spurting one
pulse of cum after another as my whole body shook and shuddered. The
whipping stopped, and I sucked on the penis gag, trying to catch my
“I told you this would be fun, didn’t I?” Sandra asked,
caressing my face.
I tried to nod my head, and another woman said, “don’t bother
the little faggot now. Can’t you see he’s busy sucking that fake
Sandra laughed and said to me, “you won’t have to make do with
a fake cock tonight. We’ve brought plenty of them for you to try on.”
By now I had enough breath back to moan in despair.
“You’ve had your pleasure, Alicia, and now it’s time to pay
the piper…with pain!” she said with glee.
Getting whipped didn’t qualify as pain? I wondered.
“As you know, Alicia is a teenager now. This is her
thirteenth birthday, and she will now receive thirteen whacks on her
bottom from each member of the opposite sex at the party,” she said.
After some discussion, Sandra grudgingly admitted that I was a boy,
and therefore it was the girls who would paddle me.
“It’s just as well,” she said, “because that means I get to
beat you again.”
Without any further warning I felt a leather strap hit my
bottom. My butt plug still buzzing away, they made me tap dance on my
spikes as I strained and heaved. But there was nowhere for me to go.
By the time the first woman was through with me, I was sobbing through
my gag.
Then a woman took hold of me, and my blindfold came off. I
blinked and tried to adjust to the light. Through my tears I looked
up and saw Sandra holding me.
“I think it’ll be more fun if we can see you cry,” she said.
“So we’ll leave the blindfold off.”
The blindfold came off, and I blinked at the bright lights,
sniffling and trying not to cry as I looked around. Then I kept
blinking because I couldn’t believe what I saw. A half dozen young men
and the same number of women surrounded me. I stared wide-eyed at the
weirdest people I ever saw. The women had tattoos, and the guys wore
Men wearing mesh shirts, high heels, makeup and earrings. I
wouldn’t be caught dead in public looking like that. And the women:
Sandra was a model of decorum compared to her friends.
In her sensible black rubber minidress, she was the most
normal-looking person in the room. A couple of the women wore leather
thongs and see-through blouses, or lingerie. Most of the women wore
bustiers or teddies, and nothing else. And right there in front was
Kathy pointing a cam-corder at me with a big smile on her face. And
they went on to beat my butt and upper thighs, with Kathy recording
for posterity every tear, every sob, and every twist of my writhing,
straining body.
Finally it was over, and I slumped forward against my leather
“Dry those tears, sweetie, or you’ll ruin your makeup,” Sandra
said, and then asked, “now that the girls are done with you, don’t you
think the guys are entitled to have some fun?”
I just whimpered and squeezed my eyes shut, fresh tears
spilling down my cheeks.
“Oh don’t you worry, little faggot, they’re not going to hit
you,” she said. “They’re going to give you some well deserved
pleasure. So far you’ve had to make do with sucking little boys. Now
you’re going to try some men on for size!”
And they could hardly wait. If those guys even had a pulse,
they’d be itching to get their hands on me by now. Sandra took the
gag out, and unhooked my hair from the ceiling.
“But that reminds me,” she said, pointing at the floor. “You
made a mess over here when you had your little accident earlier. Be a
dear and clean that up for me, will you?”
I looked at the splotches of my cum on the carpet. Bound and
hobbled, I minced over there, and slipped awkwardly to my knees.
“Let me help you, silly,” Sandra said, and shoved my face over
the largest white blob. “Kathy, get a close up of this.”
As my sister giggled and knelt next to me, I had to make a
face from the taste of the salty goo as I lapped it up.
“And smile for the camera when you lick up the rest of it,”
Sandra said.
My stomach was turning and I wanted to cry again as I heard
the camera whirring. I licked up the next dot of cum, turned to the
camera, and smiled gamely like the beaten slave I was.
When I had licked up the last drop, Sandra said, “that was
just the appetizer. Now you’re going to get the main course.”
She dragged me over to a hook in the floor, made me kneel, and
chained my crotch strap to it. “What do you think?” she asked one of
the men. “Isn’t this little slut your wet dream?”
A big strong guy with a shock of black hair planted a chair in
front of me. He dropped his pants and sat down, revealing seven inches
of erection.
“Love your makeup,” the guy said, and then asked Sandra. “are
you sure the little faggot can handle this?”
“No problem,” she said, laughing. “Alicia can suck the chrome
off a trailer hitch!”
The whole room roared with laughter, Kathy most of all, but I
couldn’t do a thing about it. On my knees, chained to the floor, my
spiked heels tied together, and my arms locked behind me to a heavy
collar, I wasn’t going anywhere. No one had to give me any
instructions. Kathy sat beside me, hardly able to keep a straight
face, as I leaned forward toward a bulging reddish- purple mass of
All six guys had me, and none of them needed any help getting
it up. But all of them made me lick their cocks clean. I didn’t know
I could drink so much cum without throwing up. I didn’t get it all,
of course, and more and more landed on my face. I must have looked
like a baby with food all over his face. Except it wasn’t food. My
makeup was beyond repair, but the girls were nice enough to freshen up
my lipstick after every blow job. Sandra kept telling me how there’s
something about having a bright red pair of lips wrapped around your
cock that guys really go for. And Kathy was there to record every
Finally the evening was over, and I lay slumped on the floor,
still bound. All the guests had gone, and Kathy turned off my butt
“This was a neat party,” she said. “I can’t wait to show this
tape to Arcadia!”

* * * * *

The next day Craig came over to watch the tape of my birthday
party with Kathy. I had to kneel before him on the living room
carpet, my wrists and ankles tightly bound with white cotton rope to
match my maid’s apron and uniform. He didn’t last through five
minutes of the video before he unzipped his pants, and dragged my face
into his crotch. Moments later, he spurted cum all over my face,
still watching the video.
Twenty minutes later, he had me again with similar results.
“It’s too bad we have to use the cam-corder to play back the
video,” Kathy told me. “I’d love to be taping you right now.”
Craig relaxed, having left me with two loads of cum on my face
and hair, and contented himself with watching the rest of the video.
When it ended, and he got up to leave, Arcadia showed up. Just what I
needed. The ropes were biting into my wrists and ankles, and I had
Craig’s sperm all over my face. As I knelt with my head bowed, Craig
kicked me in the side to get my attention.
“Hey sissy, you’re in the company of two attractive ladies
now. Which one do you think is prettier?”
“What?” I gasped, wincing from the pain in my side.
“Look, faggot, I know you’re not interested in girls, but
which one is prettier?”
I looked up to see my sister and Arcadia standing over me
while Craig let himself out. With all the pain and humiliation they
had caused me, this was the last thing I wanted to think about.
Arcadia had that sweet girl-next-door look, while Kathy looked older,
and had a more sophisticated beauty.
As they waited, Kathy picked up a gnarled cane, and said, “an
excellent question. We’re waiting for your answer.”
I swallowed, and looked at Arcadia. I was horrified to see
that she was idly twirling a whip around her forearm. “Yes, Alicia,
we’re getting tired of waiting. Which one of us do you think is
I gasped, and looked from the face of one girl to the other.
Both were beautiful, but neither one looked very happy. And no matter
which one I chose, the other one was going to be disappointed. And
me? Somehow, I think I’m going to be a lot more than just
disappointed. It wasn’t a question of beauty any more. I had to
decide which one would be less likely to kill me.
“We’ll make it easy for you,” Kathy said. “You don’t
even have to say a word. Just kiss the feet of the girl you think is
And the two of them stood over me. Kathy grabbed my hair, and
shoved me face down, flat on my stomach. Finally I decided that Kathy
might torment me, but wouldn’t seriously injure me. With Arcadia I
wasn’t sure. I never knew what she might do to me, and I didn’t
expect Kathy to leap to my defence.
“You’re both very pretty, but I can only pick one,” I said,
turned my head to the left, and kissed Arcadia’s shoe. Immediately,
she pulled me up to my knees, smiled, and patted me on the head. But
my sister did not seem as happy. The veins bulging in her neck were
probably a good indication that she was not pleased with my decision.
“I think I’d better leave you two alone now,” Arcadia said.
“I’ll come back and watch the video of the birthday party later.” She
tousled my hair and left.
That left just the two of us. With me bound and helpless at
my sister’s feet.


When I’m dressed up, I can pass for a girl without any
trouble. My corset and padding give me a nice shapely figure. I wear
earrings and jewelry and I’m learning to walk and carry myself like a
girl. My wardrobe of frilly clothes is growing, as is my hair –
almost as long and soft as my sister’s. My face is prettier than most
girls, and I’m very good at making myself up now. My cock is almost
always tied between my legs to avoid any telltale bulge. And I don’t
even want to think about what those estrogen pills are doing to me.
But no matter how much I look like a girl, that doesn’t mean I
understand them.
A few months ago (back when I still looked like a boy), if
anyone told me that another boy was better looking than me, it
wouldn’t have mattered to me. Apparently, girls take their looks a
lot more seriously than boys. I found that out after Arcadia left. I
had no idea that my opinion mattered to Kathy so much; but she
demonstrated that to me at great length.
I tried to tell her she was pretty, and that I was afraid of
what Arcadia might do to me, but she slapped me across the face to
silence me.
“Another word out of you, and I’ll mess up that pretty face of
yours for good,” she snarled at me.
I didn’t say another word. My cheek burning, I knelt silently
as she hogtied me. Thankfully, she didn’t tie me very tightly. There
was plenty of slack in the ropes, so I figured she wasn’t really mad
at me. Then she picked up the wooden cane! Face down, I tried to
turn my head to follow her as she walked around, my vision riveted on
the cane.
“Don’t worry, you little bastard. I’m not going to hit you
with this,” she said, kneeling beside me with her face close to mine.
“Unless you want me to.”
I let out a sigh of relief. Why would I ever want to get hit
with that thing? Then she slipped the cane under the rope binding my
ankles and wrists, and hoisted it. My shoulders ached as my arms were
forced upward. But the worst was yet to come; she started twisting
the rope.
The ropes tightened around my wrists and ankles as she twirled
the cane. “How does that feel, you little ingrate?” she asked. “Oh, I
forgot! You’re not allowed to speak, are you?”
I gritted my teeth as the ropes bit my wrists. After a couple
more twists I had to cry out. “Mistress Katherine, please stop!” I
begged. “You’ll leave marks on my wrists, and school starts next
“Would that embarrass you, little faggot?” she sneered at me.
“Don’t you want the other kids to know what you are?” And she twisted
the cane again.
“No!” I groaned.
“But honesty is the best policy, sweetie. Don’t you want
everyone to know you’re a kinky, perverted, cocksucking slut?”
“No,” I begged as I struggled against the ropes. “Please
untie me before I get bruised.”
“You’re so talkative, Alicia. I thought you knew better than
that,” she said, giving the cane another twist. “Do I have to gag
Tears trickling down my face, I begged her to let me go.
Finally she relaxed the tension on the ropes a bit, giving me a chance
to breathe.
“I’ll give you a choice,” she said. “I can use this cane to
twist you up like a pretzel, or I can use it to beat your ass. Which
would you prefer?”
By now I was covered with sweat, my heart pounding. I didn’t
have time to think clearly, but it didn’t matter. I didn’t have a
choice, and she knew it. “You can use the cane to beat me,” I
“Are you sure, sweetie?” she asked. “If you are, then ask me
nicely. I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding when I whip
your ass.”
“Please beat me, Mistress Katherine,” I moaned.

* * * * *

I lay in bed that night face down in my wrist and ankle cuffs.
Kathy had beaten my upper thighs and butt so badly that I had cried
for hours. Even now the pain kept me awake. But at least she hadn’t
left any marks on me. At least none that would show. My butt would
wear the imprint of her cane for the next few days. But I wouldn’t
have to go to school with big red welts on my wrists.
All I had to do was survive another week, and the summer would
be over. And surely my birthday party was the worst of it. From here
on it would be all downhill, I hoped. But then the door opened. I
tried to turn, to look over my shoulder. And then she was on me, her
hair spilling over my shoulders and the back of my neck. A pair of
hands unbuckled my gag, and I spit it out. What did my sister want
She grabbed my shoulders, and turned me over. I winced as my
sore butt hit the sheets.
“Did you miss me?” she whispered.
“Arcadia!” I gasped, recognizing her. She wore only a T-shirt
and shorts. “Does anyone know you’re here?”
“My mom said I could sleep over. After all, why should she
mind if I stay over with the two girls next door?”
“No reason at all,” I said, my voice cracking, as she climbed
on top of me. My poor butt and thighs burned, as I felt Arcadia’s full
weight resting on my chest. What else could happen to me today?
“You said I was beautiful. Did you really mean that?” she
asked, tracing my cheek with her finger.
I nodded my head.
“I’ll bet Kathy was a little upset over that,” she said.
“Maybe more than a little,” I agreed.
“Then you deserve a reward, don’t you think? I mean if you
got beat up just because you said I was prettier than your sister, the
least I could do is make it up to you.”
Oh, no! Heaven only knows what she had in mind. “No, please.
I wouldn’t think of it. You don’ t need to do anything to me. I mean
FOR me. I’m fine here, really. I’ll just go to sleep now-”
“I don’t think so,” she whispered, squeezing my mouth shut.
I gazed up at her; in the dim light she was even more
beautiful. If only she weren’t crazy. She let go of me, and got on
her hands and knees; then she lay on top of me, face to face. Her
warm body rested on top of mine, her breasts pressing against my
chest, her face nuzzling against mine; this was a heck of a time to be
bound and helpless. The scent of her, the feel of her soft but firm
body against mine; she could tease and torment me in ways Kathy never
Finally I tried to speak, but she smothered my mouth with a
wet kiss. And then another, with her tongue probing my mouth. My
instincts took over. I kissed her again, and I felt my cock harden.
She must have felt it too, because even as we kissed, she reached down
and grabbed hold of my penis.
Suddenly, I came back to reality, and she had my full
attention. Taking firm hold of my cock has a way of doing that to me.
“Does it still work?” she asked. “You’ve been a girl for so
long now. Those pills you’ve been taking…”
“It’s hard, isn’t it?” I said, calling on the last remnants of
my male pride.
“Kathy showed me the video of your party tonight. Wimps like
you really turn me on, you know that?” she cooed. “I dream about
having a helpless little runt in my power.”
I wanted to scream for help, but I was afraid even to speak.
She could choke me before I got my mouth open. But then she kissed me
again, and I felt her breasts against me. Her nipples were as hard as
erasers! This was getting out of hand; she bounced up and down on me,
and then flung her shorts across the room!
“What…what?” I stammered.
She didn’t answer, and burrowed her face past my chin, across
my neck. My penis was rock hard now; I was as aroused as I was
“Arcadia, what are you-” I started to say, and then winced in
pain. She had bitten the side of my neck.
“Shut up!” she rasped, tightening her grip on my penis. I lay
there afraid to move, and she placed my cock against her groin. I
swallowed deeply; whatever she wanted to do, I could only go along for
the ride. Her pussy was so wet that I slid inside her, and she ground
her hips against me.
This wasn’t how I hoped to lose my virginity, bound and
helpless with a girl on top of me. But it was out of my hands now, as
she wrapped her legs around me. I grabbed the straps that bound my
wrists, and strained against them. As I came inside her, she sank her
teeth into my shoulder. Crying out from pain and passion, I drowned
out her grunts as I shot one load after another into her.
Finally she collapsed on top of me, both of us covered in
sweat. “Not bad,” she said, as she admired the teeth marks on my
shoulder. “You may have some use after all.”
“Thanks,” I gasped. I was still alive. Even so, I wasn’t
sure I wanted to take my chances with her again.

* * * * *

But the next day, things were back to normal. Kathy made me
wear Arcadia’s pink dress, and dragged me down to the salon.
“What would you like me to do with her?” Jennifer asked my
“Sweetie, I think you’d look nice with bangs, don’t you?”
Kathy asked.
“I…I don’t know-” I started to say, and Kathy pulled out a
black magic marker.
“Since you think Arcadia’s prettier than me, I figure it must
be her hairstyle that you like so much. Now hold still,” she said,
and started writing on my forehead.
A few seconds later she was done. She stood back to admire
her handiwork, and Jennifer giggled. I turned to look at myself in
the mirror. There were three two-inch high letters on my forehead.
Even backwards in the mirror, I could read it in a glance. My forehead
said “FAG” in great big black letters.
“Now about that new hairstyle of yours?” Jennifer asked.
“Please make my hair cover this,” I begged.
And so Jennifer cut my hair in straight bangs. My hair was so
long that no one would ever mistake me for a boy, no matter what
clothes I wore. Now all I had to do was make it home alive so I could
wash my forehead. All it would take was one gust of wind for me to
proclaim my sexual orientation to the world. But even as I walked
home, with my sister exhorting me to toss my hair in the breeze, I
took comfort that it was the end of August, and the worst summer of my
life was nearly over.
When we got home, Kathy made me show off my forehead for Ron.
“I guess it pays to advertise,” he said with a laugh. “Are you
the poster fag for Gay Pride Month?”
“May I please wash this off, Mistress Katherine?” I asked.
“You can try, faggot, but that’s an indelible marker. And if
you’re a bad little girl, I’ll have that tattooed on your forehead.”
“Yes, Mistress,” I said. I turned to leave, but Ron pointed
at two large boxes on the living room floor.
“Wait a minute. Ladies, I’ve enrolled both of you in a
private school. The same one Craig and Arcadia attend. These are
your school uniforms.”
I opened the first box and found pink blazers, and red and
white plaid skirts. “This one must be yours,” I said to Kathy, and
bent over the other box.
She just grinned and shook her head. I didn’t understand
until I opened the other box and found more skirts and blazers.
“That one WAS yours, sweetie,” she said, rubbing my back.
“You can’t mean…” I said, as I felt all the blood drain from
my face.
“I have enrolled Kathy and Alicia Peterson in school,” Ron
said. “Explain it to her, Kathy.”
As Ron left, I stood dumbfounded, staring at a plaid skirt.
“I can’t,” I said. “I can’t go to school as a girl. I
thought this was just for the summer.”
“And let that cute haircut go to waste after only a few days?”
she asked, stroking my hair. “No, I want the boys at school to think
you’re pretty.”
“They’ll kill me, and you know it,” I groaned.
“Not if they think you’re a pretty girl. Why do you think
Donna went to all the trouble of teaching you how to act like a proper
young lady? And if you keep taking those estrogen pills, you might
grow a little pair of breasts soon. See, we’ve done a lot of planning
for this.”
“ mean you were going to do this to me all along?”
“I always wanted a little sister,” she said with a smile.
“And now my little sister is going to make some new friends at school.
Craig has a lot of friends who’d love to meet you.”
“Noooo,” I moaned.
“Yeees,” she said, mocking me. “And don’t forget about your
little boyfriend Jeremy. We’ll have to have him come over and visit;
he really got a kick out of you in your French maid outfit.”
“No, please-”
“Of course, you have to wear the school uniform, but after
school you’ll come straight home and change into your maid’s uniform
to do all the cooking and cleaning. Donna will see to that.”
“I can’t do this, it’s too much,” I said, starting to cry.

“Between school and being my slave girl, I’m afraid you won’t
have much time for a social life, but I imagine Arcadia will be coming
over all the time, and you know how much Craig loves to see you.”
I put my head in my hands and whimpered, tears running down my
cheeks, and she took me in her arms.
“There, there, little sis. Arcadia gave you one last night as
a boy. Now why don’t you try on that uniform for me?” she said,
smoothing out my bangs. “I think it’ll match your red ball gag, and
you’ll look so cute once you’re hogtied in our new school colours.”


And so Alicia’s summer vacation ended not just with her hair
in bangs, but also whimpering. OK, it’s not much of a literary
allusion. Our story ends with a feminized 13-year-old boy facing the
prospect of pretending to be a proper young lady at school, while he
lives as a slave girl at home. It sounds like the year ahead promises
even more adventures for Alicia.
But that, dear reader, is another story. Comments, high
praise, and even criticism are welcome. My apologies for the poor
formatting of the text – when I cut and paste, I get lots of carriage
returns where I don’t want them. But, if your response is favourable,
I’ll write a sequel. Next summer. One story a year is plenty for me.
Those of you who have been reading a.s.s for awhile may remember last
year’s effort – Johnny’s Punishment. The feedback I received after
that story led to this one. I hope you have all enjoyed it.

Regards, Diabolical

One Response to “Alicia’s Summer Vacation”

  1. Sissyfag2own Says:

    Oh my god….this is the best story i have read in a long time…maybe ever…seriously, i had to take breaks from reading to not get too aroused…everything they did to her…the way they treat her without any consideration..the part where theyre all by the pool and she has to work inside…so good…the marker on the forehead at the end…omg…i never wanted it to end. Im not a big fan of family stuff and really young, but once i got past this…it only got better and better…please i beg you, please write a sequel to that, with the same characters and new ones probably..
    Thank you for that story.

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