The Training of Little Paul

April 19, 2009

`You really want this, don’t you, baby?’.’..His teacher grins as he mocks
the boy.. `You really want some man-dick up you, don’t you?.That tight
little boy-pussy of yours needs a good stretching doesn’t it?.to make it
into a proper girly-pussy..mmm.’ As he speaks he takes his throbbing cock in
his hand and starts to guide it between the boys buttocks, searching out his
little virgin boy-hole. The lubricated condom has been quickly slipped
on.and as the hot shaft forces its way towards paul’s bottom-hole.Sir lifts
his head back up, so that the boy is balanced over his teachers hot

`There we are..that’s it.good little boy..that’s just right.we’ve got it
ready to go in now, haven’t we?..Now then..lets hear you ask Sir for it..let
me hear you say please..’ As he mocks his little `pauline’.the teacher
pulls out the panties from the boy’s mouth, and the boy-girl gasps as he
feels the enormously thick hot, throbbing bellend of his teachers
cock.pressing.pushing.probing at his bottom. The boy
whimpers…unconsciously opening his plump little femmy thighs..’oh god.sir
was going to do him.he was going to be bummed..ohhhh.nnooo.oh sir was going
to fuck a girl.oh goddddd’

Tears of shame rolled down the boys baby-smooth cheeks as he realises what
is happening to him…and he gently whispers..’Oh please Sir..please do me me.please…’

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From: paul sissy
Subject: The Training of Little Paul- Part 1

If you are under 18, please do not read any further, but delete this
document immediately.
This story is pure fantasy. It does not relate to real events, either past,
present or future, and is only suitable for persons over the age of 18, who
are mature enough to understand the difference between fantasy and real-life

The youngster trembled in the dark school cloakroom as he heard the
footsteps of Mr Johnson echo down the corridor. It was late, and Mr Johnson
was locking up, checking the building before heading over to his office.

Paul didn’t know what to do….if he walked out now,..dressed like
this?.noo.he couldn’t..but if he stayed and was caught???..Paul’s knees
knocked together and he shivered in the uniform he wore. Of course it would
have been bad if Mr Johnson caught him in here anyway..but to see him like
this…dressed by the older boys as a girl!!!..noooo….

The door opened and the light went on; Paul froze in fear behind the
lockers. Footsteps approached, and then all of a sudden, a strong masculine
hand grabbed Paul’s arm and pulled him out of the tiny space.

`Ha!.I always check there..for last-minute..oh my…what have we here
then?..I was looking for naughty boys, but it looks like Ive found a naughty
girl instead!!’.Mr Johnson’s voice was mocking, and Pauls face blushed
hotly, looking down as the shame washed over him in waves.

`Up on the bench with you, lets have a proper look at you.’

He reached out to the boy’s trembling body, gripped Pauls arm and
half-lifted, half-pushed him up on to the locker-room bench, then sat down
on the bench opposite, with a wicked gleam in his eye. Paul stood there,
blushing, his hands moving, trying to somehow cover up the fact that Simpson
and the other older boys had dressed him in a girls uniform…even down to
the underwear..Paul was wearing a starched white cotton blouse, and school
tie, tucked into a dark grey pleated miniskirt. His slim girlish legs were
encased in thick dark grey woollen stockings, attached to a white frilly
suspender belt. To complete the outfit, Simpson had insisted he wear a tiny
pair of white cotton girls panties, which were far too small for him and
were cutting sharply into the soft flesh of his feminine round bottom.
Underneath the blouse, Paul had on a cute white under-wired trainer bra, but
Simpson had gone one better, and cut away most of the lace front, to expose
his little pink hairless boy nipples. In the cool late afternoon air, Paul
could feel his nipples were poking hard at the stiff cotton of the blouse,
and as he dared to lift his eyes slightly, saw Mr Johnson’s eyes roaming all
over his body.

Paul didn’t dare move – Mr Johnson was known to be strict, although some of
the boys said he could be kind too. Twisting his fingers nervously, Paul
played unconsciously with the hem of the skirt, not realising what an
adorable and sexy picture he presented to his teacher. From his baby-blue
eyes, to his cute little rosebud lips; from his budding little baby breasts
to his curvy plump little bottom, Paul was a delight to behold. Obviously a
boy..but so feminine.Graham Johnson was getting really
turned on as he looked the boy up and down.

`Turn around Paul, there’s a good little boy, let me see the full look so sweet..just like a proper little girl, don’t
you?’ The teacher’s voice was mocking, the youngster squirmed
in embarrassment.

`No sir.I mean y..y..yes sir.I don’t kn.know sir.ohhhh sirrr’

Paul obediently followed instructions, turning slowly, facing the lockers,
as his curvy hips wiggled, not daring to think why Mr Johnson wanted to look
at the back view…

David Johnson smiled to himself and felt his cock twitch as the boys little
round bottom came into view. Perched up on the bench, the little miniskirt
could hardly hide the boys little girly panties, and the horny teacher could
look up and see the deep creases of the little boys bottom, the tight
elastic of the girly knickers cutting into the soft pink curve of his cute
little boy-bum. He rubbed his thick cock through his pants, and stood up
quietly, a little smile playing around his lips, as he approached the boy,
still obediently facing the lockers.

Paul jumped and squeaked as his teacher leaned in real close, his breath hot
on the boys neck and whispered in his ear.

` Do you like being a girl, Paul?’.he gently mocked.’Do you like being
dressed as a nice frilly girl, instead of a nasty rough boy?’..’Isnt it nice
feeling that lovely swishy skirt around you instead of horrid thick
trousers…and those lovely soft little panties?..hmmm??..isn’t it??’

As he purred his wicked thoughts into Paul’s ear, his hand gently stroked
the back of Pauls left leg..then his right one.then slowly, moved up.and
up.Paul trembled as a surge of something sped through him when Mr Johnson
stroked the backs of his thighs..then.Oh No!!..what was he doing??.oh my
god.ohhh.ohhh.Paul found his voice and panted out.’Oh Mr Johnson Sir.this is
naughty.the boys made me do it.please let me go home Sir..please Sir..oh
Sirrrr..’ Paul couldn’t help the last few words disappear in a gasp as Mr
Johnsons thick fingers gripped his little boy-bottom, then even worse.his
other hand stroked and slid its way up the front of his blouse.and Paul’s
little boy knees nearly gave way as Mr Johnsons experienced fingers flicked
first one little nipple through the fabric of the blouse, then the other.

`Hmmm.looks like you like that, don’t you Paul?..looks like you like being
dressed as a girly girl..and now you like being touched as a girly
too…guess that means you must want to be treated as a girl, doesn’t it?’

The teachers voice slowly mocked and teased him, as his fingers probed and
teased…and Paul wiggled more and more.not realising how feminine his body
movements were.not realising it was taking all the teachers self-control not
to drop him over the bench, rip his knickers off and fuck his little boy
arse right now..

Poor virgin Paul couldn’t help it..he had gone from the fear of the boys, to
the fear of being this wicked man seemed to want him to be a girl
for real.but that was silly..Paul was a boy, wasn’t he?…Without realising
it, he whimpered slightly as the mans fingers pulled on his right
baby-tittie and moaned…’Ohhhh Sirrr.ohhhh.Im a boy Sir.Im not a
girl..but..oh..that’s..soooo nice….ohhhh Sir’

David Johnson was careful; he knew how to get the most out of this confused
little creature..with a bit of careful handling, some clever punishment and
threats, he might be lucky enough to train him into a regular little sextoy.
He smiled to himself as his fingers brushed the front of the boys little
panties and he felt the heat of a little boy erection…maybe he could
introduce him to Val Walker, the PE teacher and they could play mommy-daddy

As his fingers rubbed the boys little babycock through the fabric, Johnson
whispered constantly in the boys ear…’Oh my..what have we here???..looks
like our little Paul is getting all a cute little cock.Oh
no, we cant call it a cock, can we?.little girls don’t have cocks, do
they?.especially when they’re all nice and smooth like this..little girls
have clitties…this is your clittie paul, isn’t it?’

As the wicked teacher cleverly rubbed the little boys cock, Paul gasped and
moaned, `Oh Yes Sir, its c..clittie, Sir’ His face burned in
embarrassment, but he was lost now.completely taken up with the new
sensations his body was absorbing.Mr Johnsons strong but gentle voice..his
fingers..ohhh.Paul became the teachers plaything at that point. All he knew
was that he had to do as he was told.and if Mr Johnson wanted him to be a
girl, then he would be a girl.

Suddenly, the teacher spun him around and before the boy could protest, he
found himself thrown over his shoulder, one strong arm gripping his thighs,
as his head swung over Mr Johnsons back. `Its too cold in here.since youre
such a good little girl, Mr Johnson is going to take you back to his office
where it’s a lot warmer’

For the next 5 minutes, Paul stayed swung over his teachers shoulder..his
cute little miniskirt pulled up taut across his little bum, as David Johnson
continued locking up the rest of the school. Paul quivered several times, as
sometimes the teacher patted his bottom….once he felt the rasp of his
beard as he kissed the boys soft pink buttock.. `mmm.lovely little tasty
boy-bottie’. Paul didn’t dare think about what was going to happen next.
his mind raced…he was a boy, wasn’t he?..yes the boys teased him cos he
didn’t have a big hairy cock like them..yes, Mommy did say he had a girly
bottom.but hed never noticed that his chest had grown soft little puffy

When they reached the teachers office, it suddenly hit Paul that he was
alone with this man, and as he lifted him up, it emphasised the feeling of
utter helplessness the boy was experiencing. All he wanted to do he
was told..just didn’t want to get into trouble..just do as you’re told
paul,,, and it will be fine..he told himself.

David Johnson stood the little boy on his desk, then carefully closed the
curtains to his office, locked the door, and activated the ansafone on the
main switchboard. The, checking through his notebook, he quickly dialled
pauls home..’Mrs Bolton?..David Johnson the school?.Yes hello.sorry
to bother you, but the boys in 2D had a bit of a problem in swimming major, but we decided to let them play late..Paul will be
about 90 minutes late, I’m afraid. No that’s fine, Mrs Bolton.Ill be happy
to drop him off on my way home later.Thank you.Bye now’

Paul trembled as he realised that whatever Mr Johnson wanted from him, it
wasn’t going to be quick. He watched again as his teacher poured himself a
drink, then wandered back to the boy standing carefully in the middle of the
teachers desk. As he drank, his hand wandered back up the little boys girly
school skirt.idly playing with his little cock..pulling on his baby
balls…then he made the boy take a drink of the orange juice drink.heavily
spiked with vodka.

Paul went a little dizzy as the strong alcohol buzzed in his head..he hadn’t
eaten since lunch..ohhhhhh…he gasped as his teacher started to
undress.first his jacket and his shirt.oh my.Paul gasped as his
teachers big hairy chest and tummy appeared.and a thrill went through him at
the sight..then shock hit him Mr Johnson started to take his pants
off..Paul watched .peeping in shame and embarrassment as his teachers thick
fat cock appeared…semi-hard..Paul didn’t know where to look and didn’t
dare move.his heart in his mouth.

David Johnson was comfortable now.he sat in his high-back chair.leaned back
and sipped at his drink, and idly wanked his perverted cock as he studied
the little boy..(hmmm.she’s even better than I thought.maybe I can train her
properly.take her to those parties in love to dress her in
little pink girly clothes and make her be my sextoy)

`Dance for me, Paul.Oh no.we cant call you paul.that’s a boys name.and
you’re a girl aren’t you?.a soft sissy you need a soft sissy
girly name..I can be Pauline. that’s a nice girly name isn’t it?’

Paul nodded shyly ..’Yes Sir’

`Ok Pauline.lets see you do a sexy dance for me what a good girly
you can be.come on…wiggle that little fat boy-botty for me..’

With a screaming red face.the pretty little boy started to move on the desk
top.his cute little budding breasts wobbling slightly under the cotton
blouse as he frantically tried to imitate his older sisters dancing,
swinging his hips from side to side…twitching his little bottom, the
pleats of his skirt flicking up and out as his feminine rounded bum wiggled
for his new master.

`More’.said the teacher..’Come on.I want to see you strip for me..take that
blouse off…lets have a proper look at those little baby-tits of yours’
Pauls shaking fingers undid the tiny white buttons, as he unconsciously kept
wiggling his bottom.then opened the blouse and slipped it off his
shoulders..never noticing how his perverted teacher smiled to himself at how
feminine the boy acted…even when undressing.

`Show me those titties, there’s a good little girly-boy..that’s it.lean cup them.that’s it.mmmmmm.what a cute pair of little girly
boobies you’ve got’

Pauls little hands cupped his puffy little boy-breasts.and assisted by the
underwired bra.pushed his soft little round puppytits towards his teacher.

`Kneel down now Pauline.Sir wants to taste those little titties’.As the boy
knelt slowly on the desktop.David Johnson opened his mouth and sucked the
boys hard little right nipple into his mouth..God it tasted good..mmmm.He
sucked on it harder…smiling inside as the boy whimpered..and tried to push
his plump little chest forward to ease the pressure. The older mans hand
reached up and took hold of the boys left tit..and as his mouth moved off
the right nipple.his other hand came up to match his grip on the other
nipple…he held the boy motionless as he whimpered..each tiny fractional
movement sending shivers of pain..and something else through his little
boy-titties.down through his body.

`Lets see how big we can get these little titties to go, shall we?’
Without waiting for an answer.the teacher squeezed both nipples between
finger and thumb.pulling them away from the boys smooth young body..smiling
wickedly as the youngsters mouth opened to complain..

`Owwwww.ohhh.owwww sir..that’s hurts.ohh owwww its hurting my little titties
sir…oh please don’t sir.please.ohh owwwww’ As the pain level increased,
Paul’s pleas grew even more arousing to his teacher…’You don’t like it,
Pauline???.oh dear..I thought all little girlies liked having their titties
pulled..I thought you’d like to have nice big girly boobies for Sir to play

Paul couldn’t help it..the fear.the vodka.the constant touching.the gentle
masturbation…he felt his little tits burn hot…and sobbed out..’Oh Sir,
yes sir.I want to have proper girly boobies for you to play with Sir..please
Sir.make them into real girly tits’

The man’s hands pulled harder…twisting…nipping..then, as he suddenly
released both little pink nipples..his hand dropped to his captive’s little
erection again..and he smiled as he felt the little boys babycock throb in
his hand

Mr Johnson’s strong hands reached out again and plucked paul off the
desktop…swinging him down to the floor…’Take your skirt off now,
Pauline, there’s a good little girl.Sir wants to see your little botty now’

Still blushing more, the boy automatically followed orders..and slipped the
pleated grey skirt down, revealing the tight straps of the suspender belt
cutting into his plump smooth thighs, and the dark woollen stockings showing
off his lovely curvy legs.

`Oh my word’, breathed the teacher..’What a pretty little botty…youre a
very lucky girl to have such a sexy little bottom…pull your panties down
now.Sir wants to see your little boy-hole’

Paul’s eyes popped open at these words.’Oh my god.surely he
didn’t..nooo..surely Mr Johnson wasn’t one of those.oh mygod.was he going to
do me.bum me??.fuck me, like a girl?.surely not.surely?.please.??ohhhhhhhh’

`P.p..please wont h..hurt me, will you Sir?.p..please?’

The teachers voice was breathing in his ear again, his hands roaming all
over his body.pulling at his nipples..pushing the soft cotton panties
down…one second wanking his firm little clitty.the next second playing
with this plump little bum-cheeks….’ complaining, Pauline…Sir
is being very good to show you how little girly-boys must learn to please a’re a very lucky just be good and do as you’re told.take
those panties off and bend over the desk’

Still whimpering and panting, paul steps daintily out of the little panties,
and..slightly puzzled, passes them to Sirs outstretched hand. The aroused
little virgin boy watches out of the corner of his eye as his new master
crumples up the soft cotton panties into a ball. Paul rests his little arms
on sirs desk.knowing his plump little bottom is sticking out on full display
for sir..he feels sirs hands wandering over him again…hears sir’s constant
whispers.’Mmm. what a gorgeous little girly botty..oh my..what a beauty.just
right for me…’

Suddenly a sharp smack lands on Paul’s left buttock… the boy jumps and
starts to squeal, but his teacher is too quick for him, and the cotton
panties are soon stuffed into the little babysex’s mouth, muffling his
complaints as Mr Johnson starts to smack and spank the lovely soft round
globes of his little girly boybum. ` Oh yesssss…that’s good…there’s a
good little girly.take your bottie-smacking.mmm.that’s it.Sir is going to
make your little botty all nice and red before he fucks it.’

At these words, Paul starts to wriggle away.but his teachers hand easily
holds him pinned to the desk while his other hand systematically smacks the
little boys bare bottom until it glows pink then a deep rosy red. A couple
of times, paul’s wriggles cause his teacher’s hand to miss the soft plump
cheek and instead paul receives a good sharp smack on his little pink
boyhole.making him squeal and cry into the panties.

As Mr Johnsone picks him up again and carries him around to the other side
of the desk…the little boy sits on his master’s knee as he opens a drawer
and takes out a condom and some KY jelly. Paul’s little eyes are nearly
popping out of his head.and he can feel the man’s throbbing erection under
his thigh as he sucks at his tits..kisses his neck.pushes his tongue in the
boys ear.

Then paul is turned around to face his teacher.his sex-teacher….his little
boobies all pink and raw from sir’s treatment, are sticking out with the
help of the frilly white bra…his cute white suspender belt holds his
little smooth tummy in, as Sir spreads first one leg, then the other, either
side of his own.

Paul’s head is pushed back to the desk as Sir opens his smooth stockinged
thighs, and reaches under him.forcing his little femmy bottycheeks apart to
expose his tight little boyhole. As the lubricating jelly is slithered all
over his little hole, paul jerks and quivers, squeaking, panting, head
rolling from side to side as his teachers finger probes his hot little

`You really want this, don’t you, baby?’.’..His teacher grins as he mocks
the boy.. `You really want some man-dick up you, don’t you?.That tight
little boy-pussy of yours needs a good stretching doesn’t it?.to make it
into a proper girly-pussy..mmm.’ As he speaks he takes his throbbing cock in
his hand and starts to guide it between the boys buttocks, searching out his
little virgin boy-hole. The lubricated condom has been quickly slipped
on.and as the hot shaft forces its way towards paul’s bottom-hole.Sir lifts
his head back up, so that the boy is balanced over his teachers hot

`There we are..that’s it.good little boy..that’s just right.we’ve got it
ready to go in now, haven’t we?..Now then..lets hear you ask Sir for it..let
me hear you say please..’ As he mocks his little `pauline’.the teacher
pulls out the panties from the boy’s mouth, and the boy-girl gasps as he
feels the enormously thick hot, throbbing bellend of his teachers
cock.pressing.pushing.probing at his bottom. The boy
whimpers…unconsciously opening his plump little femmy thighs..’oh god.sir
was going to do him.he was going to be bummed..ohhhh.nnooo.oh sir was going
to fuck a girl.oh goddddd’

Tears of shame rolled down the boys baby-smooth cheeks as he realises what
is happening to him…and he gently whispers..’Oh please Sir..please do me me.please…’

The teachers hands are around the boy’s waist..he pulls sharply down, and
thrusts his groin up sharply at the same time…forcing his bellend up into
the boys bottom. Paul squeals loudly…’Owwwwww.oh sir..noo.its too big..ohh
sir.its hurting.ohhhhh.please.please take it out.please..sir’

He desperately tries to lift himself up, but cant find purchase for his
feet, his hands are on the arms of sirs chair, supporting him, and he
wriggles desperately to try and escape the burning pain as his rosy pink
bumhole stretches.

`Ill do you girly…Come on girl.I want to hear you beg for it..stop want to be a girly girl don’t you open up and
let sirs cock make you into a proper girl’..He grunts as he pushes up again,
and paul winces as his poor little hole stretches again.

Suddenly, its in.the whole thick bellend has popped up into the little boys
bare bum, and he balances sir smiles wickedly.and starts to
lift the boys feet up..first one.then the the boys little body
drops further on to the mans erection.

`Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww’..paul screams..owwwwwwww..Oh sir..its too big…oh please

David Johnson cant hold back much longer.he needs to cum.and he wants to
come up his new little girly boys hot tube….quickly he reaches up and
grasps each baby nipple between finger and thumb again….pulling sharply the boys arms give out.and slowly.inexorably..the boys sits slowly
down on the first 4 inches of the teachers manmeat

Paul still squeals…’ titties, sir.ohhh
bottie.its up my bottie sir.oh god.oh please.oh nooooo.noo.oh owwwwww’

The boys squeals excite the teacher even more and he releases the boys
nipples, only to press his big hands on the boys girly hips and to press
down hard as he thrusts.again.and again…the boys sobbing constantly
now..tears rolling down his pretty cheeks, as he bounces up and down on the
impaling cock.

Getting close, the teacher growls at him.’Do as you are told, Pauline.beg me
for it.I want to hear you beg to be a little girl…a little sissygirl who
needs a good manfucking…up your little girly boy-bottie.come on.tell

Sobbing, panting.whimpering.moaning..the little boy manages to say just what
his teacher wants to hear.

`Oh please me with your big manwillie..f..f..fuck me please,
sir.f..fuck me like a girl..fuck my little botty s..sir.ohhhhh sir.fuck
me.take my cherry sir.make me your girly sir.oh yes sir.fuck me fuck me…’

Lost in his first baby climax, the little soft girlyboy bounces up and down
on his teachers erect cock..his tight little boypussy throbbing in
his little smooth boy-clittie spurts a few drops of pathetic juice…and he
realises.he isn’t a boy.and he isn’t a girl.he is a girly-boy.made to please
proper men.

`Oh God yesssss.Im cumming.’ panted the teacher..’ frantically thrusting up
as his new little babysex toy bounced up and down on his daddycock..’Im
shooting up your little boy-botty..oh yesssssss.up your little boy-twat..oh
godddddd..feel me pauline.feel daddys baby-juice spurt up your little
boy-cunt.oh yesssssss’

The teachers hand found the boys little hard clittie and quickly and
expertly wanked him…knowing he could let the boy cum now..his first sex
experience dictating his needs later…god he was going to have fun with
this one..’that’s it little girly-boy.shoot your clittie off for
Daddy…that’s it..let me feel your little cunthole wank my cock up you.oh

The boy screamed one last time…as his little cock spurts twice and his boy
cum dribbles down his suspender belt, as his masters cock throbs hard.and
spatters his insides with thick creamy mancum.and he looks up into his
masters eyes…sobbing..knowing he is now the girly plaything of this
man..and he needs him.needs to be treated as a sissygirl.and only when he
has pleased his new daddy with his body.only then can he show daddy
what a soft girly boy he really is..who can only cum when he is filled up
with daddys thick mancock.

The Training Of Little Paul — Part 2

If you are under 18, please do not read any further, but delete this document immediately.

This story is pure fantasy. It does not relate to real events, either past, present or future, and is only suitable for persons over the age of 18, who are mature enough to understand the difference between fantasy and real-life

The elderly teacher smirked to himself as his staff member Mr Johnson walked into the house holding the young boy’s hand and followed by the impressive curvy figure of the female PE teacher from school.

James Robinson was a retired head teacher who had always enjoyed the flesh of young boys under his control. He had hooked up with Johnson via the Internet and it had not been long before Johnson introduced him to Val Walker, his busty bisexual female colleague at his school. Although James was now 64, he could still appreciate the younger body of Val, a nicely-rounded 43 year-old woman.

Since Johnson had stumbled on the boy after class one day, incredibly dressed up in schoolgirls uniform, he had called Robinson and set up this time for sexy fun, along with Val, who was looking forward to joining in with the training of a young…confused…hairless…sexy boy. Young Paul, or `Pauline’ as Johnson preferred to call him, was obviously a highly-sexed young boy, who couldn’t understand why his body acted so feminine… and was still confused why Mr Johnson’s wicked ways had aroused him to the point of sexual explosion only a week earlier. He trembled as he followed the older people upstairs.

Mr Robinson led the way upstairs into the master bedroom…a huge high-ceilinged room, containing an enormous bed, with an en-suite bathroom off to one side, and a huge colour TV entertainment centre in one corner of the room. Paul looked around the room nervously and noticed a large wicker hamper against one wall, and several bottles of champagne and some glasses on a tray by the bed.

Mr Johnson helped himself to a glass of champagne, and then passed one to the dark-haired PE teacher. Although she was only dressed in a low-cut blouse and skirt, her deep cleavage and sexy plump backside made Grahams cock twitch inside his pants. He was planning on having some fun with Val, especially while the older man enjoyed molesting the young boy. He smiled as his old Head teacher took another glass and passed it to young Paul, who took it with a trembling hand…’Thankyou s…sir’, he said.

`Drink it down, there’s a good little boy’, breathed the older man, as his slightly flushed face took in the sweet innocent-featured boy’s body, dressed in pale blue summer shorts, white T-shirt and white knee socks and plimsolls. As the boy took his first sip, Mr Robinson stuck out a finger and gently traced the outline of the boys nipple, licking his lips as the little boy-tittie firmed up and poked against the white cotton of his little T-shirt. Paul jerked as little jolts of electricity shot through his body as the mans nail scratched his little pink nipple…’Ohhhhhh…s…sir..’ he gasped, and wriggled.

The head teacher leered down at the boy…and nodded as he heard Johnson say…’Hes got very sensitive little titties, James…you’ll have a lot of fun with them…he cant help but pant like a little girl when you play with his tits’. He grinned at the boy who trembled even more and nervously drank the rest of the champagne down. His glass was quickly refilled, and then Val Walker strolled over to have a closer look at their playtoy for the afternoon.

Her hands roamed all over the boys body…then she sat on the bed and lifted him into her lap, her black pleated skirt riding up and showing the top of her black stockings. As the boy blushed and squirmed, embarrassed, she slipped her hands up inside his T-shirt and played with his nipples, murmuring `oooooo, what soft little baby boobies’…then stuck a rough hand down the front of his shorts and smiling as she watched the boy’s face twist in shame then in discomfort …’Awwww…baby’s not got a proper cock has he?…Only got a little baby clitty’…she pulled at his baby penis until he gave a squeak…’Oh please Miss, don’t…it hurts, Miss’.

Ms Walker shushed him down again as she watched the two men start to remove their clothing…’Now now baby, lets not hear complaining, shall we?…sweet little femmy boys like you need a lady to show them how to be a proper girly boy, don’t they?…Mr Johnson says you’ve got a very effeminate little girly body, with soft little boobies, and a cute little clitty…and he says you like to be treated like a little girl too…is that right?’…her hand went into his hair, pulling his face back, she pressed her full lips to his soft baby mouth and kissed him violently, forcing her tongue into his sweet baby mouth …’Mmmm, oh yes, little baby, mommy’s going to show you how to play nice for the mens, isn’t she?…Paul whimpered as he realised that he could expect no loving care from this perverted woman…she wanted to help the two older men play and pervert the little boy’s body to their own twisted desires…and, though Paul didn’t know it, she had plenty ideas of her own how she could spice things up so that all the adults got a really good scene out of it.

She stood up, holding the boys arm tightly, and said, `Now, gentlemen…we’ve got a lovely little sexy boy to play with here…but Mr Johnson tells me hes not a proper little boy at all…hes a little sissy boy!!…He likes to dress up as a girlie, James…did you know that?… He must like the swishy girly clothes…He likes to wear girly frilly undies and skirts and even a little bra too…imagine that?’…

James Robinson was almost naked…laying on the bed in just his shirt and underpants, he used the remote control to start a pornographic film playing, then watched, smiling as the female teacher opened up the wicker hamper and started pulling out clothing. He breathed heavily as he commented to Val…’A little sissy boy hey?…well, well well…we know what to do with soft little bum-boys don’t we?…Im sure we can make this little cutie into a nice little sexy sissy-boy…and if he likes it as much as Graham says, we should be able to turn him into a proper little cum-dolly, don’t you think?’

Young Paul gave a little sob and a whimper as he realised the clothes Miss Walker was pulling out were all girls clothes!!!…not boy clothes at all…just as Mr Johnsons hands helped to hold his hands still, Ms Walker started to tug his Tshirt off, then pushed his shorts down, with his little white underpants, finally removing his socks and pumps so he soon stood there completely naked…shaking like a leaf, not knowing where to look…as Ms Walker placed another glass of champagne in his hand and made him drink it all down in one. He presented an adorable picture for them all…soft smooth and pink…gently rounded young flesh, with a suspicion of little soft breast mounds, and a gently curving girly tummy …and a tiny soft wisp of immature pubic hair above his little pink cocklet…he looked so adorably innocent and yet so sexy.

He hiccupped as the champagne bubbles popped in his mouth and swayed slightly as the alcohol started to take effect. Poor paul…now he was ripe for easy plucking by the perverted trio.

Ms Walker bent down, sucking his neck and licking his ear, while Mr Johnsons hands were again roaming all over his body, pulling on his little nipples…squeezing his little puffy boy breasts together and showing the female teacher…’Look at his sissy titties Val…just like a little girl’s don’t you think?’ Val nodded as her red-painted fingernails scraped lightly over each little baby nipple in turn…’Oh yes, paulie…you have got lovely little baby boobies haven’t you?…theyre just like a Mary Fielding’s in Form 2…all soft and puffy…but nice and firm and rubbery too…mmmmmmm…’ Paul squeaked as Ms Walker’s hands got rougher and rougher…pulling his tit-flesh this way and that…twisting and squeezing on his soft baby nipples.

`Fetch him over here, Val, I want to get a taste of that young flesh…’ Said Mr Robinson from the bed…

`Wouldn’t you rather see little paulie all dressed up like a proper little sissy-girl, James?’, said Mr Johnson…’He makes a very pretty little girl…and Im sure Val here would just love to dress him up properly for us all…just like a little sexdolly’. Val chuckled and pulled paulie over to the basket. Graham walked over to the bed and lay down to watch the show.

Little Paul’s body trembled as James gave a dirty laugh…

‘Oh yes, good idea…lets see the pretty little sissy boy all dressed up in his pretty girly clothes.’ As both men lay on the bed, watching the porno movies too, Ms Walker dressed paulie as a sexy little girl.

Val Walker reached into the wicker hamper again and started pulling out female clothing…first panties…cute little pink nylon see-thru girls panties with a little white bow on the front…Ms Walker steadied the boy as he blushingly stepped into the flimsy little panties…pulling them up his smooth legs, fitting them snugly around his cute little plump bottom. She patted his curvy little buttocks and as the soft plump little bottom wobbled slightly, said,

`That’s better isn’t it pauli darling?…much better now with your panties on isn’t it baby?…oooo, just look at his little clitty boys…its getting all excited…see how its firming up for us’

She smiled at the boys reddening face…as he felt the soft swishy nylon caressing his soft smooth feminine bottom.

‘Awwwwww, is little pauli all shy?…never mind baby, you wont be shy once we’ve finished with you today. Why don’t you show the nice mens how you play with your little clitty when youre alone at home, hmmm? Come on, I can see youre going red, so I know you do it, don’t you?…You’ve been playing with that cute little willie at night in bed, haven’t you, you naughty little boy?’

As they all watched, Val Walker reached down and guided the boys small hand on to his own firm little erection…starting his hand moving into a steady wanking rhythm…’MMMM…oh yes, that’s it, little girly-boy…get that little pee-pee nice and hard so we can all see.’ The boy whimpered in embarrassment as he masturbated amateurishly for his perverted older audience. `Mmmmm, that’s a good little boy…stop now honey…that’s enough for now…we don’t want you getting too excited yet, do we?…We need to get you properly dressed in your sweet little frilly undies first don’t we?… Come on, lets get those little fat titties into your baby bra’. `

The other two men were watching them and wanking slowly, alternately looking at the TV porn show and the kinky show being provided by Ms Walker and her little femmy boy.

Ms Walker grinned as she fitted a tight pink nylon bra to the boys puffy little chest. The front lace panels had been carefully cut away to ensure the boys puffy little boobies were on full display. The stiff underwiring pushed up at the little boys soft bust and Pauli winced as Ms Walker tightened the bra straps, then gasped as he looked down and saw the two firm little mounds of breast-flesh nestling in the cups of the feminine bra.

`Ohhhhh,, M..M..Miss…oh…’ The boy was stunned…He could clearly remember Mr Johnson admiring his girly chest, but…now it looked like he’d grown a proper female bust…He looked down again at the soft curvy cleavage…Ms Walker was right…they did look like pre-teen breasts…little soft mounds, wobbling slightly in the bra-cups as he moved…They looked so feminine, maybe he was a little girl after all, not a boy at all.

Ms Walker chuckled aloud…

‘Yes baby, you’ve got quite a nice little pair of boobies there haven’t you?…Show the nice mens your baby titty-tits, theres a good little girly boy’

She turned him around so the men could see the swell of his little soft budding breasts pushing over the wire cup of his bra. Paulie blushed hard as he felt the mens eyes roaming all over his body, humiliatingly dressed in female underwear…Ms Walker reached up…her nails gently teasing…

‘Lets see if your titties are as sensitive as a real girl’s shall we?’

As she said this, her fingertips and nails started to circle the boys shrivelling little currant nips…as they shrivelled up, the nipple end pushed forward, jutting out for attention, just like a little girl’s. Ms Walkers fingers teased them, rolled…pulled them gently…all the time saying things like…

‘Oh my what a pretty little pair of piggy titties…all soft and ripe for Mommy and the mens to play with…mmmmm…lets see what they taste like…’

Her mouth dropped to the boys right nipple and his head swam with pleasure as her lips fastened around his nipple, sucking firmly, then harder…then, as his legs shook…and with his eyes half-closed in embarrassment as the two men stared at him, he breathed

‘Ohhhhhh…oh, my titty.owwwwwwww…ohhh its hurts…oh no..oohhh’. Please don’t Miss, its hurting my titty end Miss…pleeeese’

By now the perverted gym teacher was pulling hard at his little titties, twisting them slowly as she mocked him…his smooth little body writhing with pain and pleasure.

`Ohhh yes good little boy, that’s it,, we’ve got to squeeze these little puffy breasties if we want them to grow into proper big girls titty-melons haven’t we?…That’s it baby, push your little cleavage out, so the mens can watch you…you do want to have proper titties don’t you, sweetie?…You’ll find you’ll get lots more men wanting to have you if you’ve got proper little chest puppies, like a real girl, you know”

Paul had no choice…he pushed his chest out and watched as the soft smooth puffy boy breasts were handled expertly by the older woman. As she squeezed the rubbery firm flesh, her lips were kissing the boys neck, breathing in his ear…she loved getting the young ones all worked up so they didn’t know what they were doing…’

`Don’t be frightened darling…Mommy will look after you…Mommy is going to help you learn how to be a proper little girly boy today isn’t she?’

Pauli nodded, looking at the floor.

`That’s it, theres a good little boy, say Thankyou to Mommy for being so nice to her little boy.’

The boy trembled as he whispered

`Thank you Mommy’.

The two men laughed and made suggestive dirty remarks as all this was going on…it was obvious they loved watching paulis training.

Ms Walker turned the boy around so that his back was to her…and gave a little moan as she saw the little boys bottom in the girly undies…

‘Ohhhh…ohhh my…you precious little sweetie…what a beautiful little bottie you’ve got…oh yessssss…what a beauty’..

Her hands were gripping the boys plump little buttocks by now, squeezing them, digging her fingernails in till the boy winced and whimpered. Breathing heavily, Ms Walker stood up and slipped her skirt off, revealing her plump thighs clad in black stockings, her full round ass encased in tight black panties. Giggling, she turns her back to the two men and stands by the side of her little pauli…she wiggles her bottom at the men…then pokes pauli…

‘Come on pauli darling…give us a little wiggle…that’s it baby, just shake that cute little botty for the nice mens…oohhh yesss…’

She smiles approvingly as the little boy bends his knees slightly and wiggles his little pantie-clad bottom at the men.

The two teachers have a wonderful view of Ms Walkers curvy plump ass cheeks wobbling from side to side, while the cute little pink botty cheeks of the boy attempt to match her movements…the soft pink round buttocks wobbling slightly as the boy twitched and wiggled.

`What do you think boys?…

laughed Val Walker over her shoulder as she watched the two mature men playing with the hard cocks as they stared with hungry eyes at the horny sight in front of them. The head teacher whispered something Mr Johnson, who listened then smiled in a wicked way.

`Val, James thinks that little round botty of his is ready for a smack, what do you think?’

Val grinned down at the little boy, who was starting to whimper again. She quickly forced another glass of champagne down the boy, commenting that she wouldn’t be surprised `if baby wanted to go pee-pee soon.’

She sat in a chair facing the bed and pulled the boy to her. She quickly bent him over her nyloned legs and slowly pulled the pink panties down, just as far as the crease at the top of his plump little smooth thighs.

`Oh yessssss..’

…she breathed…as her hands squeezed and fondled the boys little round feminine bottom. Her hand lifted into the air and descended sharply…SMACKKK!!…the boy jumped and cried out, wriggling on the lady’s thighs, but she held him easily, and as her breathing got heavy as she became more aroused…Val Walker had always wanted to do this to a boy…tease him…girlify him…spank his femmy little bottom till it glowed!!!…As the boy cried out with each smack…SSSMACKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

.’Owwww…ohh owwww misssss…oh no miss, please don’t…please’

she panted heavily, feeling her pussy moisten…The smacks continued…each one carefully aimed…

`Now, now pauli…naughty little femmy boys deserve a good spankies on their naughty bottoms, don’t they?… SSMACKK!! Its your own fault for having such a soft round little bum…making all the men stare at it, wanting to fuck it…SSMACKK!!…it needs a good hard smack to teach it a lesson. Lets smack that little bit there, shall we paulie?…hmmmm? SSMACKK!! …oh yes…right on the little crease of your botty…SSMACKK!!.ohh yesss…that’s it baby, lets get that plump little boybotty all nice and red for the mens to play with, shall we?’

The small boy cried gently and whimpered as the spanking continued…eventually Mr Robinson got off the bed and walked over to get a closer view…his heavy thick cock in his hand…wanking pervertedly as he watched the boy suffer…

‘Mmmmmm, that’s good to watch Val…go on, spank his naughty little botty for me…mmmmmm…here we are baby…here’s something to suck on to stop the crying’.

As he pushed his hot hard mandick into the boys soft little mouth, he tasted salty man-wee as he coughed and choked as Mr Robinson lifted and dropped his head onto his erection…

‘Suck it up little slutboy…that’s it…make your nice little mouth into a girly cunt for Sir’s big man willie…that’s it baby…ohhhh yes…’ Paul coughed and gagged as he tried to accommodate the thick bell-end of the old man in his tiny mouth.

The molestor reached down again and held paulis little face in his big hairy hands, then started to thrust his hips forward and back…fucking his thick dick into the boys mouth, then sliding it out, them ramming it back…face-fucking the poor little boy as Val Walker continued to smack and spank his poor little red bottom. The headmaster grunted as he fucked his young schoolboy throat…

‘That’s it pauli baby…suck on it…show your nice Uncle James how you can suck mens cocks…mmmm…that’s it babysex…Now then, if Uncle James stops the smack-botty…are you going to promise to play nice??’…

The boy nodded frantically and the tears trickled down his soft baby face as Ms Walker landed one final stinger on his fat little botty-cheeks then stopped and went back to rubbing the boys buttocks, pulling them apart and tickling his little pink rosebud bottyhole…laughing as he wiggles and squeals in shame…reaching under him to pull on his titties, then playing with her own big round hanging breasts, pulling on her own large round brown nipples, as she watched James use the boy for his perverted pleasure.

James pulls the boy further down towards the floor…now he is hanging off Ms Walkers knee…only her hands holding him from falling…as James says to paulie…

‘Now baby…hold Uncle’s cock in your little hands…that’s it…

The boys tiny fingers encircle the thick throbbing shaft of the mans cock as he obeys orders…shaking with fear and whimpering at the burning pain in his little bare bottom.

`Now get your tongue to work babysex, theres a good little boy…that’s it…lick it hard…right on the end…ohhhhh yessss..mmmmm..that’s it baby…now then, let Uncle feel you lick his pee-hole…ohhhhyesssssss…that’s it you dirty little sex-dolly, get that hot little boy tongue down Uncles pee hole…oh yessssssss…yessssssss.’

The perverted man grips himself roughly, squeezing his cock hard and wanking it as the boy strains to obey his orders…sticking his hot little tongue tip down deep into the salty wetness of the mans pee-hole…he cries in shame and embarrassment again as he performs.

Val Walker stands up, pushing paulie to the floor…where he stays on hands and knees, sucking the older mans cock as he fucks it in and out of the boys throat. She moans gently as her busy fingers rub at her hairy pussy then hurries over to the bed. She grasps Graham’s cock and wanks him expertly as he plays with her heavy hanging breasts.

`Do you want to taste some daddy jizz, baby?’, she mocks him from the bed…

‘Hmmmm?…??…do you want to slurp up all Uncles lovely hot baby-juice when it comes shooting out of his hot man willie?..hmmm??? Is that what baby wants?/…is it???…

As she says this, Mr Robinson stands up then sits on the side of the bed again, pulling the boy with him, not allowing him to remove his mouth from his throbbing erection.

The boy stumbles to the bed, crouched over, his mouth distorted by the thick bulge of the mans penis pressing out against his cheek. As he drops to his knees, the erect cock slips out of the boys mouth and he sobs,

`Oh please sir, please…please…’

The head teacher laughs and chuckles aloud as he says to the other two…

‘See??…this little honey is begging for it now…cute little totty isn’t she?…Don’t you just love it when they ask nicely?…’

Ms Walker broke off from feeling up Mr Johnsons throbbing cock and moaned as he played with her nipples…She looked down at the little boy…

‘Hey we never finished dressing him’…

She slipped off the bed and taking a tiny pleated pink mini skirt, a pink ruched gypsy croptop and some white thick holdup stocking, she dressed paul as a girl, a nice sexy little baby girl…adding pink little flat pumps to his feet, then painting his fingernails baby pink, she also added two thick coats of pale pink lipstick to his full girlish lips. `Now he looks like a proper little girl, doesn’t he boys?…All ripe and ready for a good time’

She pushed pauli into the centre of the room, where he stood, clasping and unclasping his hands nervously, a slight drool of boy spit trickling from the corner of his mouth, where he had been sucking cock.

Val Walker, rubbed Mr Johnsons thick cock while Mr Robinson’s fingers probed between her heavy thighs, forcing her pussy lips apart and frigging her wet slit as she gave orders to the little boy slave.

`Dance little dolly, theres a good boy, dance for Mommy and the mens…that’s it sugar…ohhhhh, youre so sweet…Mommy is so proud of you……you make such a sexy little girl…that’s it, theres a good little sexy baby… wiggle that sore little botty for Mommy…that’s it, keep going…make those soft little botty-cheeks wobble for the nice mens…good boy, that’s a good boy’

She encouraged him as he tried to wiggle his curvy little body for his audience…sticking first his puffy little chest out, then turning and displaying his cute little bottom, allowing his skirt to be lifted by adult hands, hands which squeeze his little boy cock…push his soft round buttocks apart, so they can tickle his little pink bottom-hole…his baby balls…just a young little sexdolly for the adults to play with and use.

The trembling little boy cavorted to the adult’s demands; lifting his feminine mini skirt on command; again masturbating his small hairless penis as his feminine tormentor instructed, then whimpering as she pushed his immature erection in between his soft plump thighs and made him close his legs tightly so that they could only see the soft hairless cleft between his legs…for all the world like a young virgin pussy. While still clamping his small penis there, she turned him around and as the men laughed, she pulled on the erect little shaft protruding from below his round, reddened buttocks…

`Looks like this little bitch needs milking boys, don’t you think? Mind you, I don’t suppose this pretty little clitty will produce much in the way of milk will it?’

By now, all three depraved adults were wanking themselves as they watched the boy…The eldest of them, the head teacher grunted as he wanked…

‘Oh yes…that’s it little totty…oh yes…sexy little totty boy…I think totty is ready to take it up her botty…what do you think Val?’

The other two moaned gently and Val replied in a throaty passion-filled voice…

‘Oh yes James, give it to him. Make the dirty little pussyboy take your thick shaft up his tight little poop-chute…give him a proper bottyfuck. I want to watch it go up him, I want to see his little bare bottom take a nice thick hot dick up it’ She leaned into the little boy and whispered in his ear as he shook…’ Mommy hopes little babysex did a poo-poo today already, did he?…Cos we need to make sure your little botty is empty don’t we?…have to make sure there’s room for Mr Robinson’s dickie up this tight little hole’ As she said this, her wicked fingers pulled and pushed at the boys soft buttocks, parting them so she can wriggle her finger against the boy’s tight tiny anus…smiling as he moans and wiggles involuntarily.

Soon they were on the bed, laying either side of Mr Robinson who was half-lying on his back, with his head propped up on the headboard…he guided the little boy until he was standing on the bed, his feet either side of the head teachers legs. Dreadfully embarrassed as he felt their eyes on him…he was ordered to slowly slip his panties down and to lift his skirt out of the way as he sat down on `Uncle James’ lap.

The other two adults could clearly see the boys cute little hairless cock, jutting up the air, a tiny little boy clit, no comparison to the thick slab of man dick standing up, pressed against the boys bum-crack from behind.

Mr Johnson leaned in a little closer to the boy, and as his fingers reached out to pull and tweak the boys right nipple, he whispered…

‘Oh my…aren’t you a lucky little boy?…youre going to get fucked up your little fat bum again…oh yes…lets watch nice Mr Robinson fuck your little bare boy bottie, shall we? I hope you remembered to do a big poo today like I told you to…or we wont be able to fit all Mr Robinson’s dickie up your little bottie-cunt, will we? Did you remember to do as you were told, pauli?’. The depraved man mocks the sweet young thing and nods approvingly as the boy looks down and whispers shame-facedly…’Y…yes s..sir…I did a big p…poo this morning like you told me too’

`Good boy, pauli…now Mr Robinson has a nice thick man cock, just right for stretching a tight little boy hole…he’s going to fuck you now… fuck you like a little girlie…hmmmm?…Up your tight little bum-hole…that will help stretch it into a proper girly cunt wont it, baby?’

Val Walker chuckled and said aloud…’Awwww…how sweet…baby did a poo-poo to make room for the men’s dickies up her tight little bum’

The boy sobbed gently as his body was invaded by three pairs of adult hands…pulling at his plump girlish titties, twisting and pulling his little cocklet…Ms Walker said it looked more like a clitty than a cock so the boy blushed bright red when she made him say

`Please play with my clitty uncle…it will make my bottyhole go all tight.’

Mr Robinson groaned when he heard this…He couldn’t wait any longer…his strong hairy hands reached under the boys naked buttocks and lifted him into the air…the boy squealed in fear as his little soft body rose in the air…he swung his feet, trying desperately to get some purchase for his feet on the bed…but he was lifted too high…slowly, the dirty perverted teacher lined up his big throbbing cock on the boys little pink anus.

`Mmmmm, Val…I can feel how hot it is on the end of my knob …hes got such a cute little baby botty-hole hasn’t he?…’

Val nodded as she slipped her hand to the bedside table and the boy squealed in surprise as she smeared a thick dollop of cold KY jelly in between his bare buttocks…a finger popped in and the boy froze…his little face a picture, as all three adults watched him, mocking him…Val smiled wickedly…

‘Ohhhhhh baby…Mommys finger slipped up inside your little botty…isn’t that naughty…right up your dirty little botty-hole…ohhhh it feels nice and warm up here…it feels just like a little girls pussy hole…Would you like to have a pussy-hole precious? Shall we ask nice Mr Robinson to push his willy up it for you???…Hmmm??? Wouldn’t you like that pauli?…Wouldn’t you like to be a proper little girl instead of just a girly boy?…Able to take nice big mens dickies in your sweet baby-mouth and up your little fat bumbum???…Hmmmm yessssss..that’s it James…push a bit harder…his little hole is stretching now…’

As she said this…her hands forced the boys’s plump little bottom cheeks apart…and she pushed her face down close to watch Mr Robinsons thick shiny erection probing, prodding…forcing, stretching…

‘Owwwwww’, cried the little boy as he desperately tried to lift his plump little bottom away from the awful intruder…

He squealed like a little girl …’Owwwww…it hurts Misss…Mommy…oh Mommy…Daddy it hurts so much…ohhh owwwwwwwww’

James smiled over at Val Walker as they completed the transformation from young confused effeminate schoolboy…into young, obedient, controlled …cumdolly.

`Aww baby…is the naughty man’s big dickie hurting your little bare bottie-hole? Mr Johnson said you liked it when he pushed his cock up there…don’t you remember little one? He said you liked it so much that it made your clitty spurt…Ooooo yes, that’s it, just pretend you’re doing a big big poo and it will open your little hole up…just like a sweet girly pussy-cunt. Yes I know it hurts baby boy, but it makes it so nice and tight for the mens when you’ve got such a tight little bumhole.’

James thrust upwards with his hips, pushing his huge shiny bell-end against the slippery tight little hole of the boy’s naked bottom, just as Mr Johnson stood up and, taking his cock in one hand and paulis head in another, pushed his throbbing man-dick into the little boys face as his colleague shoved more and more of his hard cock up inside the little boys bumcunt.

`Oh yes, Val…Im fucking him…Im fucking the dirty little tarts bottom-cunt…ohhhh…godddd..that’s so good, so tight…oh yes, yes…that’s it baby, bounce on daddys cock, feel it slide up you babysex…right up your little boy-bottie…oh yesssssss…Im in you now baby…right in…right in your little boy-twat…oh yes…make him bounce Val…’

Val reached up and grabbed a little sore boy nipple in each hand…between finger and thumb…with a tight grip…she pulled hard…downwards…and she smiled evilly as the boy sank down on to the head teachers throbbing erection…’Down we go, babysex…there’s a good little girly, take all Uncle’s big willy right up you now…that’s a good little girlie’

`Owwwwww…oh owwww.its too big mommy…oh mommy…its hurting my bottie mommy…ohhhhh owwwwww…my titties…oh mommy, please don’t hurt my titties mommy…oh owwwwwww..owwwwwwwwwwww.’

The elderly man looked up and grinned…then he reached down and moved the boys little tiny hairless erection to one side… `I want to see it up him Val…let’s see Uncle’s big cock stretching the dirty little boy’s bum-cunt…’ …exposing a perfect view of his own thick shaft pushing and pressing upwards, deep in between the boys little fat buttocks. He lifted the boys baby balls up and was rewarded by a clear view of the little boys stretched pink arsehole…pulled tight, so tight around his big perverted man dick.

Val leaned down as the boy cried in shame and pain…Oh yes, I can see James…Oh my God…that looks so tight… what a dirty little boy…all dressed up like a pretty little girl and sitting his plump little bot-bot on a big fat man cock…mmmm Mommy loves watching that little boy-cunt getting a good fucking…oh yes yes…right up inside your little tummy…’

The sweet little freckled face contorted in pain, as his little pink anus received another battering from the thrusting pervert’s shaft.

Val panted ` Oh yes James…I can see it going up him…oh yes…fuck it James…fuck that little boy cunt-hole…oh yes’…she squealed as the boy screamed aloud when James gave a sudden hard thrust and the thick purple bellend of his cock burst through the boys little ring…ahhhhhhh…oh god that was good.

The boy sobbed constantly as he tried to take one penis in his mouth and the other up his bottom opening…all the while the lady pulled and twisted his little baby titties for her own enjoyment.

`Lift your legs up sweetikins…there’s a good little fuck-dolly…that’s it…come on…lets get those plump little thighs spread wide apart…just like a dirty little cum-slut…mmm’ The boy gasped as she climbed on the bed behind him and pressing her big breasts into his back and looking down over his shoulder, gripped his ankles firmly and lifted them into the air from behind. The boy’s little body dropped further on to the older man’s erection and the little transvestite’s curvy bottom sank further down…impaling him on the perverted man’s thrusting cock.

`You getting close James?…’

asked Val…He nodded and Val looked at the tear-stained little boy, smiling as his little breasts wobbled from the constant thrusting of the old man’s groin.

`Ill make his little pee-pee clit spurt for you James…she volunteered..’

`It will make his little bumcunt throb and squeeze on your knob while you fuck him…’ As she said this, the boy coughed and gagged once more as Mr Johnson again thrust his cock deep into paulis mouth. He encouraged the other man below him…

‘Do it James…fuck his sexy little bumcunt for him…do it hard enough to make him spurt…yessss…go on fuck him hard…stretch his little hot boy hole for him…that’s it…fuck it …fuck his little arse…fuck it…make him take it so he can feel it in his throat…oh yessssss’

James thrust frantically at the boys soft plump little buttocks , wincing as the tight, tight little boy tube squeezed further down his shaft…the boy screams, coughing and gagging on the monster cock of his teacher…as Val Walker squeezes and pulls his little baby nipples, then starts to jerk at his little boy cock.

`Oh yes, lets wank this little baby pee-pee off, shall we?…Make babysex spurt his dirty spunkies out for Mommy and the mens?…Let them see what a dirty little girly boy you are…hmmm???…Oh yes baby, take it deep up you sugar plum…up your little baby bot-bot…ohhh yes, James…fuck his little fat baby bum-bum..’

Mr Johnson wanked frantically, his eyes rolling in passion,

`Oh yes sweetiepie, suck it up …suck daddys big dickie right up…oh yes,,,its coming Val, Daddys shooting his hot baby juice into baby paulis little mouth, oh yes, you dirty little cocksucker…oh yes…’

The boys retches, coughing and gagging as copious amounts of thick salty sperm choke his mouth, running down his chin, as Mr Johnson continues to fuck him…mingling with the tears trickling down his face as he frantically tries to keep bouncing…crying steadily as the pressure on his titties pulls him deeper and deeper…and as Ms Walker starts to squeeze harder on his little gay-boy willy, it stiffens and he feels the throb as Mr Robinsons cock swells thicker and harder, up inside his tummy…more tears as the scratchy pubic hair around the molesters cock rubs and scratches the boys sore little plump bottom .

The head teacher holds the boy firmly around the waist and he starts to jam the boy down onto his cock…Val Walker moans in passion as she sees James cock disappear up inside the impossibly tight little hole of the boys rectum…James shouts…

‘Oh God yes, yes,,,,Im cumming. Im cumming up its little hole…oh yes…take it you dirty little boy…take uncles dickie right up your dirty little botty…oh yes…make it into a proper girly pussy…fuck it…ohhhh uggghhhhhhh…’

The boy squeals aloud as he feels the hot shaft pressing against his little prostate inside his little baby bottie…Uncle’s thick man-spunk spattering up inside him…and his sweet little baby penis gives a few tiny jerks and as his tummy throbs with Mr Robinson’s orgasm… a few pathetic little drops of little-boy spunk dribble down the end of his little willy in Ms Walkers hand. She laughs aloud at the poor little boy…

‘Awwwww, look boys…babyboy did a little spurties…awwwww.was that nice honey?…did it feel nice doing a little spurties with uncles big hairy dick-dick up your tight little botty-hole? Did it make you feel all nice and girly, hmmm??…Did it?…did it make your little bum-pussy feel all nice and full?’

The boy nodded and squealed as `Uncle’ slid his cock out of the boys sore rectum…it seemed to take for ever, but at last the boy could collapse into Ms Walkers arms, as she cuddled him. She pushed him back on to the bed and spread his thighs…rubbing her own clit, moaning as she watched James hot thick semen trickle slowly out of the boys angry red little bumhole then gently mopped up around his little anus.

While the men relaxed on the bed, Ms Walker took pauli into the bathroom, leaving the door open so both men could se into the bathroom. She made him take his skirt and top off so he was dressed in pink bra, white stockings and his pink nylon panties, now pulled back over his throbbing painful boy hole.

Both men smiled as Val sat on the side of the bath, exposing her hairy pussy, then as she started to rub herself, the boy looked away embarrassed…she laughed…

‘Awww, baby doesn’t know what to do with a real pussy, does she, boys?…Does baby want to do pee-pee?’

The shock thrills through the little boys body as he has been desperate to pee for nearly half an hour now…Ms Walker pushes him down onto the toilet…then stops…and says…

‘James?…do we have a pottie back there for a naughty little femmy boy?’

`Don’t pee yet’…

she ordered the boy, and he whimpered while Mr Robinson grinning placed a pink baby plastic pottie on the bathroom floor.

Val pointed to the pottie…’Sit.’

The boy got up and blushing furiously, sat his little bottom on the small baby pottie. The two men had a great view from the bed, as they could see that the boys plump little naked bottom cheeks were hanging over the sides of the pottie, while the pink nylon panties were pulled up tightly in the crack of the boys little plump bottie.

Val looked down at the boy…

Open your legs, theres a good little dolly, that’s it, push your plump little thighs wide apart for us…we want to see babydoll do pee-pees for her Mommy don’t we?’

The boy whimpered, and whispered…

‘But I still have my panties on Mommy…I cant do wee-wees with my panties on…’

The men on the bed laughed unkindly…imitating the boy…

‘Awwwwwww…baby cant do wee-wees with panties on??…ahhhhh what a shame’

Ms Walker smiles evilly and leans forward…her face a few inches from the boys tearful obedient gaze…

`But Mommy wants to see baby do pee-pees in her panties…come on you little cum-dolly…show the nice mens what a dirty little boy you are…do a naughty dirty wee-wees in your panties…that’s it…’

As the boy cried, they all heard the unmistakeable dribble become a steady flow as the boys little penis surged and he couldn’t stop himself peeing in his own panties…the hot urine flowing all over his groin, all over his little smooth penis…then he gave a gasp of pain and shock…his eyes popped open…

Ms Walker spotted it immediately…and chuckled…mocking her little slave boy…

‘Ohhhh…I think I know what just happened…did baby’s wee-wees trickle down between her legs?…did it??’ she pulls and tweaks his nipples mercilessly as she continues to frig her own clit…laughing at the boys shame as he performs…she calls over to the men, who are still slowly wanking…

`Did you see that?…Peachy pussy pauli just did a wee-wees in her panties…what a dirty little girl…and she did so much pee-pees that it ran all the way down between her legs…right under her little baby balls and trickled all over her sore little baby botty-hole…isn’t that a shame boys?’

The men laugh and jerk faster…and Ms Walker looks down and grins as the little boy burns red in shame as he wees and wees…soaking his little panties through…and wincing as the hot, salty wee-wee stings his sore little anus.

As he finishes, Ms Walker takes his arm and lifts him up so hes standing

…’Take those dirty panties off, sissy…lets have a look at you…’

For the next ten minutes…the perverted PE teacher uses the boys body to please her own…she rubs his little nipples against her own, then forces him to his knees so she can rub her scratchy cunt hair against his sore little titties. Paul sobs as she pulls his mouth into her groin and he is forced to spread her cunt lips with his tongue then lap and lick like a puppy dog at Ms Walkers hot cunt hole.

`Oh yes, suck it baby, suck Mommys clit for her…oh yes…don’t you wish you has a big hairy pussy like this…mmmmm??…you’d love to be able to flash your pussy at men you fancied wouldn’t you, you dirty little tart?

As she rubbed and wanked…she turned the boy, spanking his bare bottom again, then flicking his tiny little titties and smacked his puffy baby boobies.

SMAAAAACKK!…SMAAACKK!…the boy sobbed as his body is used…each blow stinging somewhere…his poor abused little body so sore…’Naughty little titties, aren’t they?…Mommy needs to smack naughty little titties hard’

Suddenly, Mr Johnson gives a grunt…

‘Ohgh…its no good…I need to fuck him again…I want to stuff his little baby shit chute with my cock…get him on the floor…’

Ms Walker lays down…pulling pauli on top of her…his back rests against her soft breasts as she slips her hands down and lifts his plump little smooth legs into the air…exposing his little sore bum cunt.

`Here you are Graham…fuck my little girly boy for me…fuck him up his perverted little poo hole Daddy…make him take your daddy dick up his little baby botty…oh yessssssss…fuck that naughty little bum-hole …make it into a girly cunt’

The boy squealed aloud as Mr Johnson rammed his thick throbbing pole up the boys bum cunt…his thighs up in the air, held by Mr Robinson, while Ms Walker reached further down and forced his plump little feminine buttocks apart…exposing the entrance hole to his bottom…pulling the soft membrane open as her colleague’s fat shaft forced its way deep and deeper inside…

`Oh God Im coming Val…Im coming up him…oh yes…Im shooting up her dirty little botty bum-bum..oh yesssssss.’

As the boy was rammed back and forth on top of Ms Walker, she pulled on his titties hard…’Naughty…naughty titties’…smacking them…then wanking him again…then smacking his baby boyclit again…’Naughty naughty little clitty’…as Mr Robinson shoved his dirty cock inside the boys mouth…Pauli gagged and cried hard as he tasted his own bottom taste from the head teachers cock…but he sucked and sucked as he was told…lost in a sea of pain as first Mr Johnson squirted deep in his bum-bum love hole, then Mr Robinson shot gallons of thick stringy cum into his mouth, which Ms Walker made him swallow as she pulled his nipples one last time.

`My my, my…you are a dirty little boy aren’t you, paulie?…Ive never seen a little boy like you who likes being fucked as a little girl before…we’re going to have lots of fun with you, aren’t we boys?…Soon, you wont be able to go 15 minutes without thinking about a man dick…Ill get you trained into the sexiest little boy slut ever…ready to take daddy dick up your sexy little boy-twat whenever I say.’

11 Responses to “The Training of Little Paul”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Interesting. I have very sadistic thoughts of hurting little boys. (I am a female). He’d be a toddler who could not speak. One day he’d be screaming n crying for no reason and he’d anger me. I’d drag him by the hair to a chair and tie him to it. I’d cut off his annoying undies. I’d slap him til his face was bright red. Then I’d spit in his face and start squeezing-twisting-turning his ugly lil penis. By now he’d be screaming. I’d untie him and let him walk around. Then I’d kick him in the nuts tile he falls down. I’d spank his revolting ass til it’s red. Then I’d bite his penis hard. I’d laugh as he screamed. I wanna do this so bad. I’d make him wear makeup then punch him in the nose. He’d be so wasted that he couldn’t cry anymore. I would love to do this. Write back here if you have any suggestions. Thank you. -A sick boy hating sadist

    • Francis Says:

      I agree with you entirely. Pretty prick-teasing sissy boys deserve all that they get and I would get great pleasure from joining in with you and together punishing these nasty perverts.

  2. cute.jane Says:

    o m g mmmmmm I wish that was me , I adore being girly panties bras garter belts,, that was so sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy

  3. christopher smout Says:

    wow yes please can do and have same!

  4. Francis Says:

    How I wish that I was Paul/Pauline! Being used and abused by real men and verbally humiliated. I read this story time and time again and it always makes me cum in my panties.

  5. girdlegurl Says:


  6. ignacio Says:

    I love little boys being forced into girl dresses, then humiliated and finally fucked like little bitches.

  7. talthar Says:

    Very nice. I have a weak spot for cute little femboys dressed and treated like sluts, so every word was dead on.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    thankyou sir…….

  9. gdm Says:

    yes I too became a older man sissy girly boy it happen one day at his shop I walk in on him jerking his big hard cock he yell at me you bitch what the hell you want I just came over and see if you want to go for lunch as I ask him this I was looking at his cock he saw this it seen to me you are looking at my cock bot I said yes sir that when he ask if I ever jerk a other man cock I said no sir never even felt a man cock he look at me you mean never I told him never well then come here and feel my cock but lock the door first I did as told and when I got close to his cock he push me on the couch he now take it in your hand and jerk my cock as I did he told me that good now as you jerk put your lips up to the head of my cock as I did it touch my lips the next time I open my mouth a bit and his cock head went in a bit he ask you want to try and suck my cock I told I never well lets see if you like to taste a man cock he just shove his cock in my mouth as I suck his cock he keep telling me that a good girl you are doing rally good in time you make a good girly bitch boy I pull out and my pants was open that when he said take them off I just remove my pants and under wear he look at them I can see I have to buy some panties for my girly boy as I was still on the couch he turn my over so my ass was up a bit I felt some cream around my ass hole it felt nice and warm then he got on the couch between my legs the next thing I knew was his big cock going in my ass hole it felt nice I never thought how it feel when a girl get a cock in her now I know as he shove his cock in and out of me he ask do my girly bitch like a big man cock in her pussy ass hole all I could said was yes sir I like your cock in my pussy ass hole well after that I was his bitch I even move in with him as his girly bitch boy

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