My Friend’s Dad

January 30, 2011

He yelled now, “Come on son, you worked hard for it, get that juice, make me spurt, eat that man load I got for your sissy mouth. I know what makes you little faggots happy. Come on sissy boy, get ready to swallow. Daddy’s got a big healthy load for you so be sure to swallow it all, it’s good for you. Come get your medicine son.”

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Becoming His Girl

January 30, 2011

“Take my cum, you little Bitch!” he roared.

With a loud groan he rocked back and forth a couple of times more and I felt his penis spew his seed deep inside me. I curled my legs around his back and let him fill me up.

A few minutes later, his cock slipped from my ass, and I felt his cum oozing down my inner thighs.

He kissed me again, then grabbed the shaft of my cock.

“You know why you lost your girlfriend?” he asked, “Because you fuck like a girl.”

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Sissy Bitch

January 30, 2011

Billy got down on his knees. Gramps grabbed his fat cock and slapped Billy’s face with it. Billy opened his mouth and gramps shoved in it. Billy gagged at the size as he was barely able to open his mouth wide enough.

“Suck that cock sissy boy. Show gramps how much you love sucking cock. I’m going to make you my sissy bitch. From now on, you’ll call me Sir. You will only speak when spoken to. You’ll answer to sissy bitch. You got that boy?”

Billy nodded with his mouth stuffed with cock. Gramps grabbed Billy’s head and started to give him a good skull fucking. He was ramming his eight inch cock in and out and pushing deeper each time. Billy could not stop what was happening and would gag. Gramps could feel his balls tightening and his cock swelling. He leaned over Billy and turned the water off. Sensing he was ready to cum, he pulled his cock out.

“Open that cum bucket boy.” He yelled

Billy opened his mouth wide and gramps began to shoot his come over his face and into his mouth. After a good solid cum, he looked down at Billy’s face covered in cum.

“Now wipe my cum up boy and eat it. Don’t be wasting my time. That’s a good sissy bitch. I can’t wait till I have the guys over tomorrow night for poker. They’re going to like having a sissy bitch for their use. Now gramps has some desert for you sissy bitch.”

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“Now say, Daddy, Sissy-Chrissie is sorry for being such a stupid little bimbo.”

“D-daddy, S-Sissy-Chrissie is s-sorry for b-being such a -s-s-tupid little bimbo.” I knew why Sandra hated this bastard so much. He was one evil motherfucker. But Sandra could leave and I could not. The bastard owned me for a year. And if this was any indication, it was going to be a very long year.

“Don’t pout so Sissy-Chrissie. I think even a dumb little cheating bimbo like you can think of a better use for those pouting lips, can’t you?”

I stared in disbelief. Surely he wouldn’t. I shook my head. No -no – no.

“When I ask Sissy question, Sissy is always to answer.” He closed his eyes.

No I couldn’t bear it. Not another tug. I tried to fight him but it was useless. My hand reached down, grabbed the piercing and tugged. Pain wracked my body and I screamed.

“S-sissy-C-chrissie can think of a better use for her lips,” I forced out.

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My Sissy Submission Hell

January 15, 2011

So, I will be back tomorrow night at seven o’clock for our “date” just like you and Heather tonight. Before you get any ideas of what you might do, listen. Heather has your wallet, your keys, and I am going to drive your car away tonight. You have no land line in the house, and your mobile phone is already in Heather’s purse. She’s password protected your computer, so you can’t use that, either. So, what are you going to do tomorrow? I’m so glad you asked! You will practice walking on the high heels and practice with the dildo so you can properly deep throat me. Finally, you will practice inserting the plug up your cute little backside, and work on keeping it there for at least 2 hours. When I get here tomorrow night, I will let myself in, and you will be waiting for me on the sofa, wearing the teddy, with the white socks, white shoes, and peignoir. Your finger and toe nails will be shaped and painted pink, and they had better look nice! I want to see a nice bottle of wine and two glasses waiting for our “date.” You will be completely shaved, and I mean smooth. No stubble anywhere. Your crotch, your ass, your under arms, legs, etc. I also want that poor excuse for a mustache gone. You will use the enema, and then bathe and wash your hair, brushing it out real nice for me. Use the shampoo and stuff I brought. I expect all of these instructions to be carried out to the letter, or those pictures will be out within minutes, and your life will be over. Is there any part of this you don’t understand?”

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A Very Sissy Love Story

January 15, 2011

“Mike,” He began, “I want you to be my Little Missy, if you want to be. Now, before you answer, let me explain a few things to you. If you agree, you will be bound and gagged whenever I choose. I wasn’t sure about the lingerie, but find I love it on you, and will be buying some outfits of your very own. I want you to understand that you will wear what I want, when I want. I also want to tell you now that you WILL be spanked. Not because you deserve it, but because it turns me on. I will punish you, bind and gag you, dress you like my personal Barbie doll, humiliate you, and degrade you. But most of all, I will love you. Now, I’m going to give you while to think about the whole idea.” He then directed me to remove the lingerie, and put my boy clothes back on. “I don’t want your thinking colored by anything. This is something that you have to really think about. Think about how you felt when we were kissing, when you were sucking my cock, but also, think about being helpless, truly helpless, and thinking you were going to be hurt. I’m going to go into the bedroom and read for a while, let you sit here and think. It’s now five after six. Say, I give you until six thirty? At that time, you can pick up the panties, bra, and the peignoir, leave, and there will be no hard feelings, and I will understand completely. Or you can put them back on, along with your little socks and heels, and come into the bedroom. It is your choice, Mike, but remember, it is an all or nothing choice.”

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