Becoming His Girl

January 30, 2011

“Take my cum, you little Bitch!” he roared.

With a loud groan he rocked back and forth a couple of times more and I felt his penis spew his seed deep inside me. I curled my legs around his back and let him fill me up.

A few minutes later, his cock slipped from my ass, and I felt his cum oozing down my inner thighs.

He kissed me again, then grabbed the shaft of my cock.

“You know why you lost your girlfriend?” he asked, “Because you fuck like a girl.”

I should be ashamed to tell you this story. But for some reason, I have to do it.

My name is Billy. I had just broken up with my girlfriend, Wendy, and I was feeling pretty blue about it. It was the summer after my junior year in high school I had just turned 18, and my parents were taking me on a trip to see colleges in the southeast. We were staying at a very nice resort hotel near Atlanta, my parents had gone off to play a few rounds of golf. I was alone with my moody thoughts by the hotel pool.

I had been a swimmer in high school– not a great one, but good enough that my coach had told me to shave off all my body hair so I would have as little resistance as possible in the water. I had worked up a good tan, which set off nicely against my little white Speedo bathing suit. I had covered my body with oil and now, glistening, I had hoped this afternoon to find a cute girl by the pool. The only girls there seemed to ignore me, so I tried to lose myself in a novel. That’s when I heard a deep male voice ask me a question.

“Is this chair taken?”

I looked up to see a big man with a broad face. He looked to be about 45 years old and in extremely good shape. I told him the chair was available, and e sat down right next to me. I had to admit it, he was extremely handsome. As he took off his robe, I saw his powerful muscular body. He was so much bigger than me, I felt like a girl beside him— perhaps, in retrospect, too much like a girl.

We struck up a conversation. His name was Jim, he said, and he was here on business.

As usual at that time in my life, I wasted no time telling d him all about my breakup with Wendy. He seemed quite sympathetic and interested, leaning forward and offering me advice. As he made his points about how I should handle my pain, he kept touching my knee. I thought about moving my leg away from him or telling him to stop, but for some reason, I didn’t.

The more we talked the more his hand simply rested on my knee. I felt a little uncomfortable at first, but soon I got used to it. He stared into my eyes as he spoke to me. He seemed very wise, with his deep voice, and I noticed his fingers were squeezing my thigh as he spoke.

I also noticed, to my horror, that my cock was beginning to harden in my suit. His long thick fingers were now sliding up and down my oiled thigh. I was finding it harder to breathe. My cock was now stiffening, it had formed a tent, and I knew he could see it. But I didn’t try to stop him from touching me.

Fortunately, we were the only people by the pool at this point. That’s when he took things to the next level.

“Well Billy,” he said. in a husky half-whisper, “Want to come to my room for a drink?”

I decided that a little alcohol might relax me a little so I agreed. We both put on our robes, grabbed our stuff,and headed to the elevator. We didn’t speak as we rode to the top floor of the hotel. As we rode I thought I felt his hand touching my bottom through my terry cloth robe. Why wasn’t I telling him to stop?

We entered his suite, and I was impressed by how big it was compared to the rooms my parents and I had rented. We were in a living room, but the bedroom was someplace else. He asked me if I would like some bourbon and I nodded. He smiled, fixed us both a drink and we toasted our new friendship.

I finished my drink rather quickly, and he made me another one. As I began sipping it, he put a hand on my shoulder and looked deeply into my eyes.

“You were getting hard out there, Billy,” he said. “Was I making you hard?”

I blushed and looked away.

“Look at me young man,” he said, his voice now a little menacing.

I didn’t like where all this was going, but I also didn’t want it to stop.

“You have the kind of body that would make any girl happy.”

“Show me again, Billy,” said Jim. “Take off your robe and show me your body.”

I know. I should never have slipped that robe off my shoulders. and let it fall on the floor. But it felt good to have him admire my body.

“Oh yeah,” said Jim, “nice pecs, nice thighs, and what a tight set of abs!”

“Turn around, Billy,” Jim told me. I did as I was told. I could feel his eyes on my bottom through my swimming trunks. I resisted the temptation to wiggle it for him.

“So smooth,” said Jim.

I picked up my robe. This had gone far enough. Jim stepped in front of the door and tilted my chin up toward his.

“You’re not leaving yet, Billy,” said Jim. “I’m just getting to know you.”

That’s when he kissed me. Suddenly, I had my head tilted up and my robe had fallen back to the floor.

I had never been kissed by a man before. It was such a sweet, soft kiss. My mouth opened to accept his probing tongue. I felt his hand cup my firm, round ass through my swimsuit. My cock grew stiff against his thigh.

The bourbon combined with the lust to make me want what was coming next, I guess. When Jim pull ed down my swim suit, I felt a sense of excitement. Peeled free of all my clothes, I was naked now. A man old enough to be my father was kissing me, inspecting me and feeling me up.

“You shaved your cock,” said Jim, stroking it up and down. “You look like a little boy.”

He was patting my ass now, lightly spanking me. I felt my cock wave stiffly before me.

“No,” said Jim. “You’re more like a girl, like a girl who needs a good fucking.”

I felt myself swooning in his arms.

“I need to get you wet now, don’t I?”

Jim’s fingers,covered with a greasy substance were now probing around my ass. I squirmed to free myself, but he was holding me tight.

“Hi, Wendy,” said Jim, staring into my eyes as he slid his fingers in and out of my bottom. “Want to go out with me?”

His mouth clamped against mine as his fingers wiggled against my sphincter, and I felt my cock pulsing lewdly in front of me. Jim was mocking me now, but I was ready to be taken like a girl, just as he was getting so hot treating me like one.

Jim pushed me to my knees , and then he stripped naked. I gasped at the sight of his cock– so much longer and thicker than mine, his balls so big and hairy.

“Suck me, Wendy,” he said, guiding my head to his cock. I began by licking his shaft. He groaned as my tongue glided over the bulb of his cock. When my lips engulfed his knob, I felt it pushing against the back of my throat.

“Such a sweet little cocksucker,” Jim muttered. I felt his cock stiffen more and more inside my mouth.

I was trying to prepare myself for his orgasm. I wasn’t expecting him to scoop me up in his arms and carry me into the bedroom. He kissed my mouth again as he lay me on the bed.

“Roll over and show me your ass, Wendy,” he said.

I lay atop the blanket with my ass hiked up a little.

“Such a pretty little bottom,” he said. “Wiggle it for me, Wendy.”

I felt my hard cock throbbing beneath me. He started spanking me harder now. I winced in pain, but I loved every dirty second of it.

“You’re my little whore now, Wendy” Jim said. “Aren’t you?”

“Yes sir,” I said.

“Then get on your back and spread your legs for me.”

I felt him pack more lubricant up into my ass. I knew what was coming next.

He mounted me like the girl I knew I was . I winced in wicked pain as he entered my virgin ass for the first time with that hard tool of his, but soon, I was riding on his big thick stick, grabbing his ass and kissing his mouth. I had become his girlfriend and he had become my lover.

“Don’t you wonder who’s doing this to your Wendy right now?” he whispered cruelly into my ear as his cock plowed my ass. “Don’t you wonder whether she’s cumming harder with him than she ever did with you?”

My cock, meanwhile, was swelling and straining, and I was ever so ready to cum. He muttered such nasty things in my ear about what a slut I was and how hot my pussy was, and that, coupled with the masterful thrusting of his cock, were taking me over the edge.

Without being touched, my cock exploded in an orgasm that sprayed semen onto the chest of my lover as he continued to fuck me hard and fast.

“Good girl,” he said.

His cock was so stiff and big inside me.He was grabbing each cheek of my bottom in his big hands and thrusting now with an urgency that could only mean one thing.

“Take my cum, you little Bitch!” he roared.

With a loud groan he rocked back and forth a couple of times more and I felt his penis spew his seed deep inside me. I curled my legs around his back and let him fill me up.

A few minutes later, his cock slipped from my ass, and I felt his cum oozing down my inner thighs.

He kissed me again, then grabbed the shaft of my cock.

“You know why you lost your girlfriend?” he asked, “Because you fuck like a girl.”

I hated to admit it, but he was right.

Later that night, after my parents had gone to sleep, I went back to his room. This time, however, under my jeans, instead of my underpants, I was wearing a lacy pair of white bikini panties I had stolen from my mother.

Part II

I left Atlanta knowing I had made a big mistake.

The whole ride home with my parents, I felt ashamed about letting Jim, a man old enough to be my father, ravish my 18-year-old male body the night before.

I was especially disturbed because I had loved it so much, being his girl and following his orders. He had called me “Wendy,” the name of my ex-girlfriend, and I loved it.

I also had loved being naked for him. I loved raising my ass, spreading my legs, and feeling him enter me. And it bothered me that I came harder than I ever did with a girl as he plowed into me that night.

But now, I was going home, and it would be my secret forever. I resolved to find a new girlfriend and put the sordid events of Atlanta behind me. I would focus on swimming and high school. I was determined to be a practicing hereto-sexual.

Then a few days later at my house, the phone rang and everything changed again.

“Billy?” my mother called out. “Someone named Jim wants to speak to you.”

My hand shook as I grabbed the phone in the other room. It was him, alright.

“How did you get my number?” I asked.

He laughed that deep laugh of his.

“Come on, Billy,” he said. “Is that any way to talk to an old friend?”

“We have nothing to talk about,” I said.

“Listen, you little slut,” he hissed. “I have some photographs your parents might like to see.”

I was being blackmailed by this wicked older man.

“What do you want from me?”

“Let me see you just once more, and I’ll leave you alone.”

He insisted on coming to my house, so I told him to be there on Saturday night when my parents were going across town to a party likely to last into the wee hours.

My parents had been gone for an hour Saturday night when the doorbell rang. I had forgotten how big and handsome Jim was. As soon as I closed the door behind him, he sneered at me and threw a big manilla envelope on the floor in front of me.

“Just in case you thought I was bluffing,” he said.

I looked at the first picture. There I was, naked, sweaty, and sucking his enormous cock. Had someone else watched us from behind a camera? I slid it back in the envelope and shoved it under the couch. Jim knew he had me where he wanted me.

“Take me to your parent’s bedroom,” he said.

I assumed I was going up there to get fucked, but instead he started going through my mother’s dresser. He pulled out a pair of pink satin bikini panties and a pair of white Flash Dance-style leg warmers. He then went to her jewelry box and found a pearl choker.

He threw the whole ensemble on the bed.

“Put these things on under your clothes,” he said. “We’re going out.”

It seemed so degrading. But Jim had me over a barrel., so I took off my underpants, put on the leg warmers and panties under my jeans and tried to position the choker so nobody would see it when we left the house.

When I complained that I was getting tired, he handed me a couple of pills.

“Here,” he said. “This is a stimulant and this blue one is, uh, a vitamin. Take these before we go.”

Had I not taken those pills, in retrospect, maybe the rest of that night would have gone differently.

He drove me silently in his black car.

“Are you taking me to a hotel?” I asked.

Jim said nothing.

We ended up at a large fancy office building downtown. Jim signed in at the security desk then ushered me into an elevator and pushed the button for the penthouse floor.

“You’re very popular here,” he said with a low laugh. Before I could ask him what he meant, the doors opened.

The place seemed to be deserted. We walked down a marble hall with crystal chandeliers. He escorted me into the men’s room.

“Take off everything but the outfit I put on the bed and leave it in the stall.”

I did as he told me. How humiliating it was to be a boy clad only in panties, leg warmers and a pearl necklace. Also nasty. Naughty. Dirty. I prayed nobody would see me like this.

But I had to admit, I felt more naked dressed like this than I ever did when I was actually nude.

To make mateters worse, I felt my cock grow hard as a rock in my mother’s panties as I accompanied him down the hall.

We entered a large room which I assumed was his office. To my dismay, three other middle aged men in business suits were sitting around a large desk. They all rose as I entered. I tried to turn and run, but Jim twisted my arm behind my back and pushed me forward.

“Here he is, everyone,” Jim announced.

“Well well, he is a pretty boy,” said the oldest man, laughing and pointing at my cock. “You’re right, Jim. He does like wearing women’s clothing.”

“Let me go, please,” I begged Jim who responded by producing a pair of handcuffs and cuffing my wrists behind my back.

“Nonsense,” said Jim. “These men just want to get a look at you. They want to watch us together. And after we are done, I’ll take you home.”

One of the men turned off the overhead light. Now the only light in the room was the desk lamp which acted as a spotlight for the performance to come. Through the window across the room I could see the city skyline.

I began to feel really frightened as the three encircled me. Jim was a tour guide and my body was the destination.

“Check out his nice broad shoulders, his slim waist, and the sleek round globes of his bottom.”

The three seemed to be getting hard as they looked me over. I felt their hands on my thighs, my chest, and, yes, my ass and my cock through my panties.

“His nipples are getting hard and his cock is getting stiff,” one said. “This one is even gayer than the last boy you brought us.”

I felt myself blushing and fighting back tears. I have never been more mortified.

Jim smiled into my eyes as he faced me.

“Ever seen a teen-ager’s cock after he’s taken amphetamins and Viagra?”

I suddenly realized what that “vitamin” was. I also understood why my cock was so unusually hard.

“No, no, please,” I gasped as Jim peeled my panties down my thighs. I looked down in shame as my cock strained toward the ceiling, angry and swollen.

The men gasped.

“That is the hardest cock I’ve ever seen,” said one man.

“He is really built to be fucked,” said another. “There’s not a hair on this boy’s sweet body other than his head. And look at that beautiful ass… so round and smooth and tight.”

Jim laughed again.

“It won’t be tight for long,” he said as I felt his fingers exploring my crack, sliding a lubricant up my anus.

I tried to struggle, but with my hands cuffed it was useless. My cock waved in front of me like a tree branch as I tried to stop what was about to happen to me. The men each took a seat to watch.I was positioned over the desk with my cock hovering over the blotter and my ass projecting lewdly behind me, slick with lubricant, ready for penetration.

The show was about to begin.

Jim stood behind me and began tapping my ass. He had done the same thing in Atlanta, but not, I had assumed, for an audience.

“Watch this,” he said, “This little bitch gets real horny when I play with her ass.”

I groaned in shame and lust as his palm kept slapping my ass. Each slap made my cock bob up and down. Audience or no audience, I desperately needed release.

“Please…” I gasped at Jim. “Please fuck me,”

Jim slapped my ass even harder. “Such a polite little girl.”

The other men had opened their pants and were stroking their cocks as they watched this lurid scene.

I spread my legs a bit and rolled my hips to invite Jim’s cock inside me.

“Oh God, have mercy on me,” I gasped. “Please Jim. Put your cock in me…”

I heard his zipper go down. Then even more rustling of clothes. Jim was stripping.

“In your pussy, Wendy?”

I had lost all shame by now.

“Yes, yes, in my pussy. Fuck my little pussy.”

I felt his fingers pull my ass toward him. His legs were kicking mine farther apart. Through the corner of my eye, I could see he was nude. We were putting on a private sex show for some very powerful men, and I was the main attraction.

The tip of his big hairy penis was slimy with lubricant and seemed to be searching for my asshole. I felt the bulb sliding in my anal ring, and I winced in pain as the invasion began.

Suddenly, he shoved into me with brutal authority. I moaned and slumped a bit, but Jim reached forward and pulled me back up by the shoulders.

“These men paid a lot of money, Wendy,” he said. “They deserve a good view.”

I stayed upright and looked down at my cock, jutting so high over the leather blotter on that glossy desk of burled walnut.

Jim’s thrusts reminded me why I had swooned in his arms in Atlanta. His slithering cock massaged my prostate with devastating effect. I felt as though his cock was masturbating me from the inside out. My cock was now bigger and harder than I had ever known it to be. I worried for a moment that it would be permanently disfigured by this secret lustful dance I was doing in this executive’s office, but a few shoves later, drunk with lust, I only wanted to cum.

Jim reached around and pinched my nipples, massaged my belly and, for only a moment, touched my cock. I gasped and pled again for him to jack me off.

“No, no, no, Wendy,” he said sadistically, his powerful hips slapping against my ass with wicked regularity. “That will happen on its own.”

The audience was now pumping their cocks at full speed. I now realized Jim was the greatest lover I would ever know, With a yelp then a scream, I watched my hard cock as it began first to drool and then to gush streams of cum that formed slimy trails all over the desk and blotter.

Jim grabbed my ass and slammed his cock even harder into the depths of my bowels. Right now, I was truly his girl, and he wanted me pregnant.

Then with a loud roar, Jim spewed his sperm into my bottom.

“Yes, yes,” I cried, “Fill me up.”

His cock finally stopped its contractions, but Jim still held me tight.

Our observers were as spent as we were, each using a handkerchief to clean their cocks.

Jim pulled his cock from my ass and spun me around to face him. We were both glistening with sweat as he bent down to kiss my mouth. I returned the kiss with lust.

Our audience applauded.

Jim uncuffed me, I said goodbye to the others, went back to the bathroom, with Jim’s cum drooling down my legs, and got dressed. As promised, he drove me back to my house.

We didn’t talk as we rode back. I thought about resting my head on his shoulder but decided against it.

As he pulled into the driveway, he reached into his wallet and pulled out $200.

“You earned this,” he said.

I took the money. I know that makes me a whore, but I don’t care.

“When will I see you again?” I asked.

Jim smiled.

“I don’t know,” he said, “But each of those guys will want to see you.”

Damn that Viagra. My cock was hard again.

“My parents aren’t back yet,” I said. “Want to come inside?”

Part III

Just a few weeks ago I was Billy, an 18-year-old boy, a member of the high school swim team, a boy who liked girls.

But now I was Wendy, and I thought about only one thing:


Jim had seduced me with his quiet, 45-year-old confidence, his huge, powerful body and his enormous cock. He was a blackmailing bastard who threatened to show my parents pictures of me having sex with him. He forced me to perform sex acts with him in front of other men. They had watched him pummel my little round ass with his thick, hairy cock. They watched my untouched cock gush cum all over someone’s expensive desk as I thrilled to each invasive thrust.

After that episode, he truly owned me, He called me “Wendy,” the name of my ex-girlfriend, and I didn’t care. In fact, it made me hard. I spent every moment wondering when we would meet again.

I didn’t have to wait too long.

Jim called one night and summoned me to a suite at a fancy downtown hotel. It was a Wednesday night. A school night. I had a history test the next morning and I had yet to study for it.

But I had to have Jim’s cock. So I made up some fake story about studying with a friend, took my mother’s car and drove to the hotel. I went to the suite. He was there to greet me at the door, in a dark business suit, his hair still wet from the shower. His greeting was less than cordial.

“Where the fuck have you been?” he asked.

“I came as fast as I could,” I said, taken aback.

“You’ll find your outfit in the bedroom,” he said. “I have to leave. The guests will be here in a few minutes. Entertain them for me. They’re coming to see you. So fix them drinks. Give them lap dances. Let them feel you up. Suck their dicks. But don’t let them suck you, fuck you or jack you off. Is that understood?”

I nodded, and he left.

On the bed in the bedroom, I found a pair of white knee socks, a lacy pair of white bikini panties, and one of Jim’s mongrammed dress shirts. Though I should have been humiliated I put it all on. The shirt, of course, was way too big for me. I wore it like a girl who had just had sex with a man, sleeves rolled up a bit, and unbuttoned so the guests would see my washboard abs, my panties and my knee socks. Lust had destroyed my sense of shame.

I also found two pills on the bed. I knew from our last tryst that one was an amphetimine and the other a Viagra. Like a good girl, I took them. Then I waited for the guests.

An hour passed. It was now 11 p.m. Jim wasn’t back, and the guests had not arrived. My head was wired from the speed, and my cock was stiff from the Viagra.

Then I heard the knock at the door.

I ushered in the same three middle aged men who had watched me get fucked in that office a few nights before. They leered at me as they entered, all wearing business suits.

They sat down and barked out orders for their drinks. As I threw ice in their glasses and filled the glasses with scotch or bourbon, I could hear them behind me, whispering and laughing. I know I blushed as I carried their drinks to them on a tray.

As they sat and drank, I walked from man to man, straddling their laps and wiggling my panty-clad bottom over the cocks I could feel stiffening in their pants. I enjoyed their lusty groans, feeling their cocks between my cheeks, knowing all this could only go so far.

My cock was clearly hard in my panties, and one of the men asked to see it. so I stood up. Like a stripper, I slowly pulled down my panties, stepped out of them, and displayed to each man my hairless cock stiffly arching toward the ceiling. I felt the hem of the shirt tickling my firm round bottom. I was a dirty little slut, and, to be honest, I loved it.

The oldest of the three stepped up to me and kissed me on the mouth. As he held me, I felt the other men slide their hands over my ass and stomach. Someone started to lick my cock, but I jumped back and told them Jim wouldn’t allow it.

The oldest man broke his kiss and pushed me down by my shoulders.

“Jim will allow this,” he said.

The man unzipped his pants and, inches from my face, his hard cock sprang forward, pointing at my mouth.

“Suck me, Wendy,” he commanded as the others jeered.

That was only the second cock I had ever sucked, but Jim had taught me well. In a few minutes the man was rocking his hips and holding my head to his groin. The tip of his cock kept sliding against the back of my throat. I could feel him getting harder with every thrust.

“Swallow my sperm, bitch!” he cried as his throbbing cock gushed in my mouth. I was a good girl and gulped it all down. I even licked his shaft afterwards.

The other two men then insisted on the same treatment. I obeyed. The three of them stood around me and called me a sweet little cocksucker. I took each cock like a prize, noting the prominent wedding ring on each man’s left hand. I stared into each man’s face as I swallowed their salty sperm.

After the last of them had filled my mouth, they zipped their pants up and pulled me to my feet.

“Put your panties back on, and come with us.”

I slid the panties on and followed the three back into the bedroom. I heard a clinking sound. They pulled off my shirt and handcuffed my hands behind my back.

“You’re not supposed to fuck me,” I cried. “I’m not supposed to cum!”

“Shut the fuck up, you little queer,” one said. “We know what we’re doing.”

In fact, these men did not make me cum or fuck me. But they tortured me so much I could only wish I was getting fucked.

They ran their big hands all over my body. They caressed my balls. They pinched my nipples. They licked my thighs. Someone squirted a whole tube of KY jelly up my rectum, and they laughed as some of it oozed out and made my bottom slick inside my panties. My cock was now pressing hard against the front of those panties. The tip had poked out above the waistband. I was panting with desire. My cock wanted to explode.

Even though Jim had warned me not to, I begged them to fuck me, but that only made them tease me more. Finally, one of them stuffed a ball gag in my mouth. I groaned into it, desperate for release, as they left me alone in the room. I heard the suite door close again. It was long after midnight. My parents would kill me when I got home. I would surely flunk that History test, but all I wanted was for Jim to finish me off with his magnificent cock.

Then I heard the door open. My heart lept up as I heard Jim come in, but someone was with him. I heard them fixing drinks. I heard a woman’s voice. I recognized the giggle.

Jesus! My old girlfriend Wendy was here!

I was so ashamed. The last thing I wanted was for her to see me like this — chained to a bed in panties and knee socks, my cock as hard as a rock, but those men had positioned me so I couldn’t move, and try as I would, my hard cock just wouldn’t get soft.

“So, Jim,” I heard her say. “Where’s the bedroom? I need you right now.”

“I say when we fuck, bitch,” I heard Jim say. “Any way, little girl, I have a couple of surprises for you. The first is in the bedroom.”

The door opened. I tried to look away. She laughed and pointed at me.

“Oh My God, Jim,” she said. “It’s Billy!”

She walked up to me and peeled down my panties to expose my hard cock.

“God, Billy, why didn’t you ever get that hard for me?” She let go of the waistband and let it slap painfully against the head of my cock.

Jim walked in behind her.

“Because he likes being a girl,” he said, “He likes wearing panties and knee socks, and he likes being fucked by men. That’s why I call him Wendy.”

He stood behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. I was reminded why she had appealed to me. Her tits were so big and round, filling that “Elle” tee-shirt she liked to wear. Her slim waist with the ring in her pierced belly. Her hip hugger jeans showing off her sweet round bottom.

“Billy here– I mean Wendy– is probably wondering how we met,” Jim said, as he slid his hands over her belly and cradled her tits through her tee shirt.

She sighed and turned to face Jim. They kissed passionately, and he moved his hands to her ass.

“Remember your last swim meet?” she asked me. “Jim happened to sit next to me. We struck up a conversation and he whispered some really nasty things during your event. He told me he thought you were gay, the way your ass jiggled. He got me so wet and confused, I couldn’t concentrate. I never met you afterwards, like we had planned, because Jim took me home– only we didn’t go straight home.”

Jim laughed as his fingers cupped her pussy through her jeans.

“We stopped at a pet supply store and I paid my friend, the manager, to let us use the back room,” he said. “I took her back there and stripped her naked and fucked her hard, the way little teenaged bitches need to be fucked. The door didn’t even lock. Anybody could have found us back there. But she needed a good hard fucking, and I was just the man to give it to her.”

By this point in the narrative, Jim had peeled Wendy free of everything but her bra and panties, and I felt a weird combinaion of horror, anger and excitement.

“Jim really knows how to fuck,” she said. “You always asked permission, Billy. Jim never asks. He just takes what he wants.” Then she laughed derisively, “But what am I saying? You know what it’s like to get fucked by Jim.”

With that, Jim yanked off her bra letting her tits swing free, erect nipples bobbing at me.

“I love teenage pussy,” Jim said. With that he grabbed her panties and literally ripped them off her legs. Her sweet smoothly shaved pussy was glistening with wetness. I could smell it from the bed.

“Know what I like most about moments like this?” she asked me. “It is knowing that I’m about to get fucked by a big powerful man.”

Jim quickly stripped naked. He looked like a bodybuilder, and at 5’1″, Wendy looked tiny alongside him.

“I don’t want to confuse the two of you,” he said to me. “So you are Wendy, and I’ll call her Elle– after her tee shirt.”

“Suck my cock, Elle,” he said. She quickly dropped to her knees like she wanted to worship his massive cock with its big heavy balls.

Indeed Jim looked like a God as Wendy– Elle– sucked him. She was crouched down facing away from me, and I could see the tattooed star on her lower back.Her sweet ass was quivering as she slurped on Jim’s huge dick.

My cock, meanwhile, was aching. I was desperate to cum. I squirmed around on the bed to see if I could rub it against something, but to no avail.

Jim picked up Elle as though she was a feather and dangled her over his uputurned, unprotected erection. She was panting and wriggling over him, her bald pussy actually dripping her juices on to the head of his cock.

“Please, Jim,” she gasped, “Please, please fuck my little pussy.”

Holding her by her little round ass, Jim slowly lowered Elle onto his shaft. I heard her yelp like an animal as he entered her, the folds of her vagina reluctantly yelding to this intrusion. I watched his cock disappear into her as her wetness made a puddle on the floor below them. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his back. Holding her still, he arched his back and pumped himself in and out of her from a standing position, his biceps bulging. The speed picked up faster and faster until he was slamming against her with ruthless regularity.

Her hard nipples grazed the hair on his chest and she gasped and writhed in ecstasy as he fucked her hard in that wicked freestanding way of his.

“Oh Daddy,” she whispered, biting his ear a little. “Ohhhhhh…. Fuck me Daddy.”

Jim’s endurance was just amazing. He kept pumping his cock like a piston in and out of the young girl’s pussy.

“Did he ever fuck you like this, little girl?” he asked, gesturing toward me with his head.

“Never!” she moaned. “You fuck me so much better than he ever did, Jim. You make me cum so much harder. You’re the best!”

She gasped as Jim suddenly lifted her off his cock, wiggled a finger up her ass and dropped her down on the bed.

“Face him, Elle, and tell him yourself.”

Elle, sweaty and musky from all that fucking, now faced me on her knees as Jim entered her pussy from behind. With one hand he grabbed her dark hair. With the other, he slapped her ass. I saw him stab her pussy from behind with that enormous dick of his. They both had betrayed my trust, but watching them fuck, who could blame them?

“God!” Elle screamed to me as she stared into my eyes. “Why couldn’t you be more of a man? You never did me like this, you little asshole! I wasted way too much time with you.”

Jim made Elle change positions two more times, each nastier than the last.

Finally, both of them exploded in orgasms. Elle cae first, screaming so loud I thought the neighbors would call security.

It was 2 a.m. I was still hard, horny, ashamed and desperate for an orgasm. But Jim was spent. And Elle was covered in a glaze of sweat. Jim’s sperm was oozing from between her thighs, and her expression showed she was clearly satisfied.

“I have one more gift for you, Elle,” Jim said, handing her a box from the nightstand.

She opened it to reveal a strap-on black cock.

“Oh God,” she said. “What do you want me to do with this?”

“Well,” said Jim. “I’ve fucked both of you. But you’ve never fucked this little bitch boy have you?”

With that, Jim pulled down my panties to expose my throbbing cock.

“Get behind her, Elle,” he said. “And finish Wendy off.”

I was propped in front of her, my ass still shiny from all the lubricant. I know I was blushing as I awaited my ex-girlfriend’s assault on my bottom.

That strap-on cock was 11 inches long and two inches in diameter. It felt excruciating going in. Elle grabbed my ass cheeks and began rocking against me.

“This is cool,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a gay boy.”

As usual, Jim was an excellent teacher. He showed Elle how to move against me so her cock would stimulate my prostate.

As she got more and more involved she leaned against me. I felt her nipples grazing my back as she fucked me.

“Cum little girl,” she sneered into my ear as she slapped my ass. “Cum for me!”

With that, I groaned, and my untouched cock spewed semen all over the bedspread. She kept rocking for a few more minutes, just to make sure I was spent, then she pulled out of me with a great plop.

She jumped off the bed, obviously anxious to get away. I remained handcuffed as she got dressed and kissed Jim goodbye.

“See you tomorrow,” he said to her. She smiled and left the suite.

As he dressed, Jim then told me that he wanted Elle all to himself.

Then he leaned over and grabbed me by the throat.

“You and I are finished,” he said. “Don’t contact me. And don’t complain about me to the police, or those pictures will be all over the internet.”

He uncuffed me and left. I remained naked on the bed. At least my erection was finally gone, and I didn’t need to cum. As I got dressed to leave I thought back on the events of that night.

There was no doubt about it, I decided, I had been totally and utterly fucked.

13 Responses to “Becoming His Girl”

  1. Phyll Redbud[sissy] Says:

    What a hot story and so well told. I was so hot from the ist minute. I so wanted to be the sissy boy you taught to be a sissy slut. I could feel you as you took his/her cherry. I would have been so happy if that were me being ravished by a real man with his BC. Loved the story and that episode got rid of my former girl , I wouldnt need her any more, Jim would use her but I now needed a Real man to make me his hot and ready slut. Thanks a lot.

  2. sissy bun Says:

    yew i too became a male bitch it happen one night i pick up a fare in my cab it was the last one for the night he told me were to go we talk about every thing he ask if i would have a drink with him i said no but i will have a coffee then he told me to turn up the next drive way i didnt novcie my shirt was open i had a bra on i park the cab and we went in the house he look at me and smile then he ask me how long you been wearing a bra i told him for years a old girl friend made me wear them at home may i see your bra i said yes then he undid my shirt i had a red bra then he went and got the coffee i was now sitting on the couch he put the coffee down he sat beside me we talk some more as we had coffee then his hand came up and put them on my bra he felt it and told me you have good taste i could feel his on my back now and he undid my bra then i remove it now he was playing with my breasts soon i found my hand on his big cock he told me you know i waited for you all night you see i saw you in the washroom and saw your bra and i thought i wonder if you had panties on too then ask do you my bitch i said yes sir i now was jerking his cock then he push my head down i know what he wants i open my mouth and suck his cock then i felt my slack come off and my red panties pull off what a nice ass you have then he shove two finger in i got to have your ass i said yes sir he toke my by the hand and pit me on his bed he put this on he hand me a baby blue nightie i put it on it was silk and feel nice on me i craw into bed and i stop just at his cock and i went back sucking his cock that my girl suck your daddy cock the he pull out and turn me over i felt some cream on my ass then i felt his cock going in my ass hole now it hurt a bit but soon i was backing up to his cock in awhile he shoot his hot load of cum in me and then i lick him clean then i cuddle up to him he told me that was good and if i like i could keep the nightie i said yes i would love too good then it time for sleep i woke up first he was still a sleep i went made coffee and brought him a cup the cover were off of him i look at his big cock i knew how to wake him i bend down and lick his cock and balls soon i was sucking his cock he put his hand on my head that my girl you know how to wake your master well its been five month and i his bitch and soon i have breasts

  3. sissy bun Says:

    i went into a store it was just to close and the man ask what i want i told him just a book to read when i open my coat the top of my panties were showing i guess my shirt came undone he look at me and said the book you want is over there it closing time just wait i be back just lock the door take your time i am no hurry i live in the back i said thank you i will not be long i did not see him i was looking at a book that had male cock in there he said there nice cock then he told me i look at them too you like looking at them i was about to tell him when i could feel his cock on my pants he ask me well i told him yes sir now he was putting his hand around me i back up and felt his hard cock now his hands were unbotton my shirt he put his hands on my breasts he rub my nipples and breasts then one hand pull my pants down i was in red panties soon my panties were off he toke me to the back room and i lay on his bed and my ass was up well after that he shove his cock in my ass hole in and out he told me you like this bitch yes sir i thought you would when i saw you looking at cock and in women panties you will stray the night well i did and now after five month i become his sissy bitch and i the one that wear the panties all the time

  4. sissy bun Says:

    well after five month my breasts grow out a bit and my bra were to small he told me i see you need some new bras i said yes master then he said i know a store that sell bras for sissy girl lets go and we get you some bras and panties well we went it was not long ride we went in to the store and a man ask what can i help you with my master told him i need some bras and panties for my sissy bitch i will be back in a hour you can have her for a hour have fun well the man hand me some bras and panties go put them on and come out when you are dress did as told as i was putting on the bra he came in he let me help you he put the bra on me and hook it up he turn me around yes that bra show you have lovey tits then he put his hand on them and play i knew what he want my master told me to be nice to him he then undid his pants he had panties on to he put my hand on his cock i jerk it a bit and then i bend down and suck his cock then he told me i see master has you were he want you you see he own this store and i work for him and you bitch will work here to you see when man come here they come to get there cock suck and and take your pussy ass now let get you into some sexy panties and bras and a nightie it will not be long for a man to be here that were he went well it happen that night i had four male and my pussy ass was sore i was done and he pick me up we went home you did good bitch you made me money now it daddy time i knew what he want i got up pull out his cock and suck that my bitch when i get done with you you will beg to be my sex slave well i did beg to be his slave bitch just as i said that i heard a lady yell no you bitch she will become my bitch and you will keep that bitch at the store he just look at her and pull out now get out of here then she walk over and told me there now thing will be all right mommy here now and mommy will help baby girl well after a while mommy made made me her house bitch and i get to were more sexy clothes and have her dido cock in my pussy ass i told mommy i never want to wear male clothes anymore mommy said yes girl after that i was a sex slave to mommy female friend

  5. anna glypta Says:

    punctuation, punctuation, punctuation. so often a good story is ruined by the absence of punctuation.

  6. Randy Dandy Says:

    When I was in college in Whittier, CA, I met an extremely cute, sexy chick at a nearby bar. We got really buzzed and started talkling sex. She was married but really liked me. She said I had bedroom eyes and I felt her hand slithering over my erection. She apologized for getting me excited and asked what I’d like her to do now that she got me hard. I said I needed a blow job right now. She said, “lets go to my car and I’ll take care of it.” I was so hot I nearly ejaculated in my jeans. We got to her car, a Jaguar sedan with leather seats that smelled like sex. We fooled around and I finally pushed her head down to my bulging crotch. I undid the top button and she unzipped the front. I still couldn’t get it out so I lifted up and she pulled my jeans and underwear down. My dick sprang up right in her face. She was so beautiful and sexy and my nasty dick was pushing right up to her lips. I was creaming and I wanted her to lick it up. She smiled brightly and said, “like this?” Her tongue lovingly licked up and down my steaming hot dick. She licked up and pushed out a large glop of semen and slurped it with a sexy smile. OH FUCK…..THIS MARRIED CHICK WAS HOT! I pushed her head down and started fucking her mouth. I was ready to ejaculate after 30 seconds. I held her tight as I pumped her mouth and throat full of sticky, gooey semen . . . LOL. It was fantastic and she swallowed so sweetly. We talked about her hubby and how he was a real wimp. She appreciated me taking her and using her like she was supposed to be used. She wanted a hard man to use her and we made arrangements to do it again and again and again all the next school year.

    Her husband was a professor at Whittier College and we ended um making him a suck slut. That’s another story but I forced him to submit to my cock while his cute little slut wife looked on laughing….LOL

  7. Friend Says:

    To the OP.
    That was a sad story, yet you give the impression of this way of being a sissy as you’re real objective and destiny in life and that’s the real reason you couldn’t perform as well with a women. But it’s alright if you wanted this… But my question is: have you ever found anyone to love?

    That must’ve been so humiliating.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    You know. I was turned on until the ending. Fuck.
    I wouldve called the police on his blackmailing ass after that. How dare Jim. That fucker.

  9. Billy Says:

    How I enjoy being dressed so slutty an let black men use my pussy. I think all US lil sissy pussy boys should woreship black cock. We are made to be cum dumps for black cock. Bill

    • ricky jones Says:

      I want to be a black mans hitch boy an work and pay thebills as he hangs with his freinds I cook for them and slowly sucked on his black cock and then get him off swallow every drop and as start to he says where the fuck you going hitch you better get back on your knees and suck my friend’s Cocos and then when you done clean the house and then run my bath waterand give me massagge as I relaxand then get your showerand when I ask him for a body massage he says fuck that get my cock hardyeah sucked and Asiatic got he throw me done and fucks that tight ass and he gets ready to cum he shoves it deep and says in going to breed you and after we done he makes me rub him all over to he goes to sleep

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I want to a sexy black mans bitch and take care of him and work as he stays home or hangs out with his friend’s and I work pay the bills and then I come home and cook supper for him and his friends and as they eat I massage their cocked get them off and then clean up after them as he relaxes and then run his bath work and massage he as he takes his bath and then ride his big black cock and beg him to breed me and then rub on him as he falls asleep now that’s a dream life that I never have I cant find my sexy black daddy

  11. Rg Says:

    Story should continue with the other men taking advantage of him. Blackmailing him to do more..

  12. Vicki Lynn hatcher Says:

    God ! I want that kind of experience for me

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