My Friend’s Dad

January 30, 2011

He yelled now, “Come on son, you worked hard for it, get that juice, make me spurt, eat that man load I got for your sissy mouth. I know what makes you little faggots happy. Come on sissy boy, get ready to swallow. Daddy’s got a big healthy load for you so be sure to swallow it all, it’s good for you. Come get your medicine son.”

My best friend’s name was Gary. We met in 5th grade and hung out until we both went off to college. He went to Austin and I went to Dallas.

I had a steady girlfriend then, so I was getting laid regularly When I went off to college and left my hometown, the only sex I got was when I drove home on weekends, holidays or summer. Gary never seemed to have a girlfriend, but I know he liked pussy as much as I did.

I was 18 years old then, 5′ 9″s tall, had long brown hair. I had no facial hair, was pretty slim and about 150 lbs. I’m 26 years old now and still look about the same, maybe 10 lbs. heavier. I was ok looking, physically kinda small and thin, but in pretty good shape without any muscular definition. A smooth, nice, lean, fair complected body. I did have a pretty big dick, 8 inches long, cut and pretty thick. My girlfriend loved it. We had experimented with sex a lot and when I went off to college and left her behind, I was always horny and missing her. I guess because of my height and weight I didn’t do too good with the college girls.

Before college, I used to stay at Gary’s house a lot, sometimes overnight because he lived one block from my girlfriend . It was mostly an excuse to my parents so I could stay out overnight and spend more time with her. My parents would make me come home on a school night at 9:00PM but her parents were nice and liked me, so we could stay at her house til around midnight before they told me I had to go home.

Sleeping over at Gary’s house was convenient. His dad was really cool and rarely home. He didn’t mind as long as I was in the house before midnight. I even got my own key. His dad was a recent widower, about 45 or 50 years old, and kind of a private guy. He seemed really lonely but never bothered us and we had run of the house. It was a perfect set-up for me to stay out til midnight on a school night and get some ass from my girlfriend. After being with her, I would then spend the night with my best friend and go to school in the morning.

I had left Dallas early Friday morning. One of my classes was cancelled and I skipped the other. I was anxious to see my girlfriend and have some much needed sex with her.

I got home around 1:00PM and knowing she wouldn’t be out of school til around 4:00PM. I had a few hours to kill. I had left some clothes at Gary’s house, that I had been meaning to pick up for months and decided I would go over and get them now since his Dad was probably still at work. Gary was still in Austin at school. Since I had my own key, I figured this would be quick and easy.

I arrived and entered the empty house going upstairs to Gary’s bedroom to get my clothes. While doing so I passed his father’s bedroom and the door was open. I had never been in his fathers bedroom before, so I just stepped in to take a peek.

On his desk, by his computer, were some magazines of men dressed as women. On the cover of one was a man made up beautifully as a woman. Make-up, dress, wig , hose, the works. I would have fucked this guy he was so feminine.

Nobody was home so I thought I would take a look for a second. I opened the magazine and all the pictures were of men dressed as women with their penis’s exposed. Some had full erections and the more I looked, the more I got excited. Within a few minutes I had a full hard-on under my pants.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock, fully planning on just touching it for a couple of seconds. My cock was rock hard and I guess the time got a way from me cause when I looked up his Dad was standing in the doorway watching me jack-off in his bedroom.

He screamed at me, “What the fuck are you doing?”

I started to zip up real quick but he told me, “Don’t you move a fucking inch young man.”

He pressed something on his keyboard and grabbed my wrist and pulled me to my feet. This was easy for him because he was well over six foot tall and a very powerful man.

He then asked me, “Do you like what you see son?”

I didn’t answer, I was too scared to speak. Twisting my wrists, he leveraged me to a lower standing position, bent over almost kneeling. In that position he applied more pressure until I finally sank to my knees in front of him still looking at his face.

“Well son, I thought you had a pretty little girlfriend to take care of that for you.”, he said.

I didn’t answer, I just stayed on my knees in front of him. He let go of my wrists and put one of his hands flat on top of my head, keeping me from standing. With his other hand he undid his belt, unbuttoned his slacks and lowered his pants to his ankles. I was on my knees waist level to him when he tilted my face towards his cock still encased in his underwear.

I still had not seen his cock yet but I could tell it was huge and getting bigger by the second.

“So, you like to look at men’s cocks huh?, Well take a look at mine.”, he said.

He pulled his underwear down to around his thighs and out sprang the biggest cock I had ever seen. It had to be 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist and it still wasn’t completely hard yet. The head was circumcised and the veins were becoming more pronounced as more blood rushed to it. It was hard enough so that it had risen off his balls but was still growing in it’s attempt to stand straight away from his body on it’s own.

As I stared at it, not speaking, I could see it growing harder and bigger with each pulse of blood into it. I looked up at him and he was staring down at me, full of lust and pride. He just smiled and stood there. His cock just kept twitching and growing, extending straighter and thicker. It seemed like longer, but in the next 30 seconds his cock was fully engorged and extended straight out from his waist. I’m sure it was a foot long, because my girlfriend had measured mine before and his cock seemed way bigger than mine.

He grabbed my long hair roughly and holding me in place, stepped forward a couple of inches til his fully erect and humongous cock was just an inch from my lips.

“Go ahead son, show me how much you like cocks. There is nobody here but you and me.”, he said.

I was so scared, knowing I was in trouble for getting caught in his house, in his room looking through his personal belongings that I just opened my lips and let that monster in my mouth. I had to open my mouth much wider than I thought I would have to and at that moment I respected my girlfriend even more for the blow jobs she had given me on my just average sized cock.

He held onto both of my ears and started pushing about 4 inches in and out of my mouth. This was about as much as I was comfortable with and he seemed happy with that. I kinda relaxed thinking that would satisfy him, because I know I would always try to force more into my girlfriends mouth than she could handle, often choking and gagging her. If this was all he wanted, well I could handle 4 inches. After a minute or two, I could feel him start to thrust a little deeper, touching the very beginning of my throat.

I’m sure he could feel his cock head hitting the resistance of the start of my throat. Every stroke in almost pushed a gag reflex but it was still controllable. I knew in my heart that he would want it deeper, any man would.

I tried to relax and told myself all the things I would tell my girlfriend, “Relax, open up, take it in your throat, come on, go deeper.”

I felt his cock head pry into my throat and while it was a tight fit, I could handle it. He had about 6 or 7 inches in my mouth and quite a bit was now in my throat, with a good 6 inches to go. He started thrusting deeper now, more urgently, faster, harder and even more cock was in my throat. At this point he was basically fucking my mouth. I was surprised, but I could control the gag reflex and let him plow even deeper. Now I could only see about 3 inches left and was determined to take this big sausage all the way. I was really turned on by this, my cock was rock hard and jutting straight out.

I started to stroke my cock and when he saw this he slapped the side of my face with his open hand really hard.

“Pay attention to what you are doing, not everybody gets to enjoy a like this whopper son.”, he moaned.

Tears came to my eyes immediately and he said, “Leave that alone, after you swallow my first load I’m gonna fuck that tight pussy of yours and then you can rub your little clit all you want.”

He then told me, “When I finish with you today, you will never think about pussy again, your throat, your ass and your body will belong to me forever. I intend to turn you out into the little faggot you were born to be.”

I redoubled my efforts despite the stinging of my cheek and tried to swallow the last remaining 3 inches.

He got into a routine, holding my ears roughly, he would saw 9 inches in and out of my mouth. Each thrust seemed to open another little piece of my throat deeper. Pulling out til just his the plum tip was still in my mouth. He would then push back until a good 4 or 5 inches went in my throat. His nuts had drawn up into a tight sack, making his cock look even longer. As he pushed in I had completely mastered the gagging reflex. I just refused to gag, I wouldn’t let it happen.

Now I realized that I really needed to please this man. I really wanted to please him. I felt a real sense of pride that I could take 9 inches of this cock without choking when my girlfriend couldn’t even handle my measly 8 inches all the way. I could tell he was very happy and I swelled with pride knowing that my best friend’s Dad, with the big cock, found me desirable enough to share his most precious possession in life with me.

My goal now was to finish off the last 3 inches and make this brute of a cock spit it’s seed. As he seemed content to just fuck a little of my throat with the 9 inches, I had to have it to the root. I had to prove I was competent to do the job perfect so he would maybe want me again.

While he held onto my ears, I started going deeper on my own. I redoubled my efforts and I think I kind of surprised him as he didn’t want to overwhelm me yet, but I wanted it all. I jammed my throat all the way down his root, all the way to his pelvis. I kept going all the way down his bone, taking all of it in my throat. I started to gag and slobber all over his cock now. As I choked it down I felt parts of my throat now being stretched out that he had not previously reached.

Sensing I wanted more, he just took over. Holding onto my ears roughly like they were handles, he jammed all 12 inches of that hard fat thick cock all the way down to the root.

My nose was running and totally stopped up now. I could hardly breathe. I struggled to gasp breathes between strokes.

My eyes were fully watered, initiated from the slap to my face but now caused mostly from my gagging. The tears that came to my eyes rolled down my cheeks in a flood.

My face started turning red, trying to gasp breaths between the thrusts filling my throat. I started sweating hard, straining to please this man. As he gagged me on his steel hard cock I felt contractions in my ass, in my sphincter ring, convulsions like I was going to expel myself.

He yelled now, “Come on son, you worked hard for it, get that juice, make me spurt, eat that man load I got for your sissy mouth. I know what makes you little faggots happy. Come on sissy boy, get ready to swallow. Daddy’s got a big healthy load for you so be sure to swallow it all, it’s good for you. Come get your medicine son.”

With that last deep thrust, all the way down to his root, he stopped and stood still for a second. He gripped the back of my head so I couldn’t move, just impaling my throat on his cock.

I felt the first blast. I couldn’t taste it at all, but I sure felt it. It immediately went down my gullet. His cock twitched and started spraying over and over. I felt his liquid seed shoot deep in my throat. He just moaned and held my head tightly. Rocking back and forth but never taking more than an inch out of my throat and keeping as deep as he could.

I didn’t have a choice to swallow or not. It was more like he just deposited his load deep in a hole. While he sprayed he just rocked back and forth jamming his sperm down like he was unclogging a drain with a stick. All that load was just being forced into my stomach.

Then his pace changed. Instead of the short jabs that were so deep, he just kept at about 8 inches in my mouth and power fucked my throat with the remaining 3 or 4 inches. While always plowing to the root I could taste his seed now. Never pulling out to the tip like before but just banging his pelvis back and forth onto my chin.

Holding firmly onto the back of my head, ramming in and out, he smashed his pelvis onto my open mouth and lips, still spraying his load into mouth.

After about 3 more squirts he pulled back enough so that only 5 inches were in my mouth and he grabbed the base of his cock with his hand and started jerking it, masturbating the last sprays and dribbles into my mouth so I could taste it. Finally I could breathe again.

“Good boy, good boy, savor the flavor.”, he grunted, “I want you to learn to appreciate that taste. From now on you are going to get a regular dose of it.”

While pumping the last bit of juice from his cock, he growled, “Eat every fucking drop of that white gold you cock sucking slut. You had better learn to thank me for it later too. I have never seen such a hungry little bitch that could handle this cock the way you just did.”

His spraying and dribbling eventually stopped but I never missed a single drop. His hand jerking slowed down to a milking, like you would milk a cow. He continued to milk his cock in my mouth for a few minutes until it was empty.

Then pulled my head off his cock and told me to “Suck those nut real soft.”

My mouth felt empty and for some reason I went back to his cock and tried to put it in my mouth. He slapped me again, hard on the same cheek, it really hurt.

“Fucking cock sucking faggot, are you addicted to Daddy’s big dick already? My cock is sensitive right now, so lick my nuts your stupid faggot.” , he growled at me.

Maybe his cock was sensitive but it sure didn’t get soft. As I knelt under his cock and slurped on his big hairy nuts that still rock hard cock swayed and bounced against my cheeks and forehead. I saw a big dollop of semen on the very tip of his cock but didn’t dare go for it. Instead I felt it smear on my forehead as I payed homage to and lovingly adored those balls.

Still as hard as ever and throbbing while I suckled those balls he pulled away from me and pushed me til I toppled over on my side on the floor. While I was laying on the floor, he reached over to his computer and turned off the camera.

“The camera! Please God no, tell me he didn’t!”, I thought.

The next words out of his mouth were, “We got that filmed on the computer sissy boy. You are gonna do anything I want now, for as long as I want and anytime I want, or your family, your girlfriend, my son and all your friends are gonna know how much you like to suck cock. You are gonna take care of my cock whenever I want . Got it! Thank’s to you, my lonely days are over. Now, do we have a problem?”

I started to get tears in my eyes again, but that big swinging cock just hung there and he said “Hurry up and get undressed, we are gonna try something else.” To be continued……………………………

Part II

I just laid on the floor not moving. Looking up at this man that had just abused my throat and mouth. I was still stunned from what had just happened. He was taking off his shirt and kicking off his shoes, and it just dawned on me what great shape he was in for a man his age.

As an Army retiree he had remained in top shape.

Gary and I had seen his Dad workout in the garage on his weight set and punching bag many times before. It was a ritual for him. His daily workout was routine, but he always wore heavy sweat pants and a t-shirt, so I had never seen his naked body before.

I knew he had well muscled arms but I had no idea his body looked as fit as it did. His stomach was chiseled and lean, no fat or flab at all. His legs were hard and developed with well muscled thighs. His waist started out small but developed into a wide set of shoulders and a massive masculine hairy chest. He had the body of a young man. He looked like a pro athlete.

“Move it boy, move it. Shuck those clothes now! I got a hard cock that needs some attention,” he growled at me while I still laid on the floor.

My cock was still hard while I looked at his perfect body. Was I ever going to get anything out of this or was it just about pleasing him?

As he undressed his big cock just bobbed and swayed depending on his movements, but the entire time it just jutted straight out from his groin. I couldn’t believe this perfect thick 12 inch circumcised whopper had just been in my throat. It didn’t seem possible that he had just fucked my gullet with it.

As hard and as straight as a steel pipe, he would occasionally stroke his cock and squeeze it with his right hand. Sometimes, he would tug on his nuts with his other hand between strokes. I wasn’t sure what he expected now and still laid frozen on the floor.

Looking frustrated and impatient he walked over to me and picked me up off the floor by placing his hands under my armpits. I was like a little rag doll in his grip. I had never stood this close to him before and now realized how big and strong he was. As he released me and I stood to my feet, he backed off a step and just stared at me.

“Come on son. Hurry up and drop those drawers. It’s time to give up the pussy! Hurry up you little faggot. I’m ready to turn that pussy out and make you my little bitch,” he scolded me.

I unbuttoned my shirt feeling embarrassed about my slight physique. Peeling off my pants and underwear I really felt inadequate physically next to this powerful man but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he looked pleased as he lustfully stared at my small stature. I wished I at least had some hair on my chest to match his thick furry chest, but I was as smooth as a girl.

When I was completely undressed I just stood there and awaited his next command, knowing full well he was in charge and I would do whatever he needed to be pleased.

“Get on the bed my little faggot cock sucker. Bun’s up kneeling and face down. Push that trophy I deserve up in the air and stretch your arms out over your head. I’m ready to pop that pretty pink pussy hole good for you,” he told me.

I crawled up onto the bed and assumed the position, bun’s up kneeling with my ass high in the air, as he had directed me. I felt so exposed and embarrassed in this position waiting for him while he went to his night stand and pulled out a jar of petroleum jelly.

As he crawled up onto the bed behind me I felt him jostle his body into position. He grabbed my hips roughly and readied himself, pulling my body back and forth while making his final adjustments. He took both of his hands and pushed my knees farther apart exposing my ass even more. I just let him mold me into any position that he wanted so he could do what he needed.

I heard the jar of lubricant open and sensed him smoothing the petroleum jelly onto his cock. His thumb touched my sphincter hole and started to grease my opening. I had no idea how good that could feel. It seemed like millions of nerve endings were alive and awake while I just tingled at his touch.

He was very gentle, just smearing jelly on my hole and tickling my butt. Occasionally he would insert a little of his thumb gently into my ass pushing the lubricant deeper, and this made me groan hard. The teasing was getting to me and I started to meet his thumb thrusts and moan a little.

“You like that huh? That’s just what your little pussy needs huh? You can’t hide your lust bitch, I feel your pussy moving on that thumb. I hear you moaning on it. Soon those moans will turn to grunts and I will own that pussy. Just let it go sissy, give it up. Daddy knows what he is doing. Don’t worry, you are gonna love this,” he laughed.

He ground his thumb in deeper, past the first knuckle, twisting it around real gently. He would slide and twist it back and forth til it was all the way in and then pull it out and start all over again. I just wished it was longer and thicker. I was so relaxed and so horny. I just knelt there and openly moaned like a slave as he manipulated by ass.

I hated it when he removed his thumb and left me empty. On one occasion while his thumb was out I pushed my hips back looking for that thumb. I guess my movements were too obvious to him.

“Oh yea, that’s my sissy boy. Work that pussy back. That little cunt is getting hungry huh? You like that huh? Just relax son, be patient. The trick to fucking a virgin pussy is to be slow and make them want it. I know what I’m doing. All in good time bitch, all in good time. I’m gonna train this pussy real good for you. You’ll dump that little whore of a girlfriend and come running to me when I call,” he laughed again.

He took his index finger and his middle finger, and slowly inserted them into my tight ass. I felt a little bit of pressure at first but that went away in seconds. I got used to those fingers very quickly. While he fingered my ass slowly and gently, being careful not to make me lose my lust and desire, I secretly begged for three fingers or even more.

After a couple of minutes, sensing I was comfortable, I felt him insert yet a third finger and I was so ready for it. My ass gobbled it up and thrust back signaling I wanted more. He read my will and movements perfectly, removing the three digits and prying my ass open now with four fingers. I just grunted and moaned while he slid all four fingers in and out my ass. So relaxed from any pain but so hungry to be full.

He would move those fingers around tickling the insides of my guts. Twisting, probing and grinding those fingers in my ass got me so hot. I could feel those knuckles opening my ass up and stretching me out. All the way down those four fingers would go, touching me so deep and making me so full.

I started to perspire and grunt, feeling an enormous amount of pressure like I was going to pee or something. Not really to urinate, maybe, but some other strange feeling. I was starting to lose control of my body.

Withdrawing all his fingers, he said, “Shit bitch, that is one ravenous pussy you got. You are a fist fucking whore if I ever saw one. Not yet though, maybe later if you’re good. I want that pussy relaxed for my cock, but I want a tight fit too. If you do a good job with this cock, maybe I’ll fist fuck you later.”

He moved his body in closer and I felt contact again. That beer bottle thick cock was now touching the tip of my ass.

All I could think of was, “Please hurry up. Put it in!”

He just teased my ass hole opening with his cock. That steel muscle poked in just an inch or so and he pulled it right back out again. Leaving me empty and wanting, I just waited, going crazy with anticipation. Again and again he would just poke the tip in, pulling it out all the way and then just waiting. I groaned every time he popped it in my ass again, hoping my reaction would get him to give me more.

I knew he was training my ass to need his cock. Training my ass to miss it when it’s gone. I knew exactly what he was doing and it was working. This man was a master, my master, and he knew just how to exploit my ass for a lifetime.

“You miss that dick when I pull it out bitch? You miss it when it’s not in you? You be a good slut and give me all that pussy,” he teased.

All I could do was groan out a meek submissive, “Yes sir, please give it to me.”

“Don’t tease me boy! Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. I got a solid foot of hot hard dick that needs to be buried in a hot hole. This cock needs some attention. Let me bury every single inch in your pussy now. All the way son, every inch of it,” he groaned.

I could only answer by begging, “I’ll try sir.”

He swatted my ass hard with his hand now, still restraining from entering my ass again with his cock.

“That’s not good enough son. Tell me you want it all. Tell me you want me to pound that pussy all the way to my root! Say the words son,” he demanded.

“I want every single inch of your cock up my ass. I’ll do it. Pound it all the way to the root. Please just put it back in, please,” I sobbed.

He swatted my ass hard again and said, “It’s not an ass, it’s a pussy. It’s a pussy dammit! From now on this is my pussy, never say ass again! Now say it right!”

“Yes, please stuff every single inch of your cock up my pussy. Pound my pussy all the way to the root,” I begged.

“That’s a good little faggot. Now get ready to get rode hard. I’m gonna turn you into a bona fide little cock loving queer that needs this hard dick all day long,” he told me.

I just realized what I had committed to. I had just promised to let him shove that 12 inch beer bottle thick cock all the way up my ass. I knew how he liked it deep from the blow job he made me give him. I wasn’t sure I could take all of it. I just knew that right then I needed something more stretching my ass open wider.

There was no way he could get it all the way deep up my ass. We both knew that. It was just too long.

The thickness was what I wanted. The girth was what I craved. That stuffed full feeling that I just had with his fingers was what I desired. I just wanted my ass stretched out. I had no idea how deep he could really go, but I had just promised and even begged for all of it. Surely he would stop on the depth if it started to hurt me. However, there was no way I could get out of his grip, he was just too strong. It was just then that realized I was at his mercy.

Right then, he slid in about 7 or 8 inches and hit rock bottom. I felt the blunt tip nestle into the bottom of my ass. He just remained still and didn’t move it. I could feel him purposely flex his cock and let me adjust. I loved the way he made it throb. I was so lubricated and so horny it didn’t hurt at all. God, it felt so good.

It did take the breathe out of me at first as he filled me up so quickly and completely. It was now buried as deep as it could go.

After a minute or so he just started stroking it in and out. I could feel the bottom of the cavity of my ass meeting his cock head as he stroked into me. My ass was so hungry, so it never hurt at all. In fact, it felt perfect, like I had hoped it would. He continued this pumping for about five minutes or so, just making me feel so good.

It seemed like it was all about me. I felt like such a little girl, letting a big stud use my ass to please himself. I never wanted this feeling to stop. I just groaned and slobbered out the side of my mouth while he used me.

He now rocked in and out, pulling out til the tip just let my ass close up, and then pushing back and opening it up til he hit bottom again. Each stroke in would open my ass hole up again and it felt so good.

Maybe 8 or 9 inches were in me now and I felt some pangs of pain when he went too deep. I would flinch when he went to deep and he seemed to like that. It hurt a little but I never really wanted him to stop. I really wanted to please this man. He held my hips tight and controlled the thrusts, sensing my resistance on his deep strokes, but never relinquishing his power over me.

“Yea boy! Take Daddy’s dick! That’s a good boy. Eat that cock up. Show me what a hungry pussy you got. Come on boy, work that pussy,” he taunted me.

He kept pushing deeper and deeper. I’m sure at least 10 inches were in me now. I loved the thickness but it was too long. Being full felt so good but when he bottomed out it was really hurting some.

He didn’t seem to care anymore about me. He rammed it in hard and deep. Each stroke that hit the bottom caused me to flinch. I didn’t think I could it take this much longer. I was grunting and crying on that big cock.

“Damn you little fucker. Be quiet and lay still. Quit pulling away from me. You got a solid two inches left. You better open up that pussy and take that cock like you begged for it,” he screamed at me.

Now I was just hoping he would hurry up and finish. He was going too deep and it hurt too much when he tried to get the last couple of inches in. I was really struggling and he seemed frustrated with my efforts. He pulled his cock completely out and quickly flipped me over on my back. He then got between my legs and repositioned himself.

He looked so mad but so horny. I lay there on my back looking up at him and his massive cock was sticking straight out. I was kinda afraid he was gonna slap me again. I couldn’t believe that monster had been in my ass. He looked angry and just stared at me.

“You didn’t take it all. You just need more training bitch, but I’m too horny right now and I need to fill that pussy up with my man juice. Open up,” he barked.

He grabbed my ankles and pushed my knees up to my chest. This was uncomfortable and kinda hurt because I wasn’t that flexible. With my legs wide open now he slid that monster back up my ass. It felt so good. He placed my calves onto the top of both sides of his shoulders, holding me wide open and pushing down. Finally adjusting me so the back of my knees locked onto his shoulders, he shifted again, and leaned over me now. He had me locked into a position that I couldn’t move from.

He had complete leverage now to my exposed ass. This was much more comfortable for me. In this position he was able to push his entire cock up my ass with just a little effort. Now that he had buried it all, he smiled at me and thrust his hips against my wide open ass. I had finally taken all of it to the root. For some strange reason, I felt better about this, like I was a being a better lover for taking it all like he needed.

“Good girl. Now you got it. Wrap those arms around me. Chew on my nipples. Suck on my neck and you better not give me a hickey if you know what’s good for you. I need to blow my load. Now work that pussy for me,” he groaned.

Holding my legs he pumped deep into my ass. I felt his balls slapping against me as he bottomed out. My hard cock just bounced up and down with his movements.

I got that feeling again in my ass. Like I was losing control, like I was going to pee or expel. Sweating and groaning, I gnawed on his nipples while he hovered over me slamming deep in my ass. I held my arms tight around his strong body and let him use me. I sucked and slurped on his strong sweaty neck and made him groan.

I lost control and was sure I was going to pee. I just went with the feeling though. It didn’t feel like a regular orgasm. It was much more intense, but then I groaned and started to cum.

My first squirt hit me on my own neck. I sprayed all over my stomach and chest while he rammed my ass roughly and I started crying from the overwhelming feeling. As I sobbed and cried he just leered and laughed while redoubling his thrusting and pounding that big cock home.

“Yea bitch! You like that dick huh? Makes you cum good huh? Chew them nipples bitch. Come on, lets go. Don’t give up on me yet. I need to empty these balls. Work it sissy, work it,” he barked.

As I clamped down onto one of his nipples with my teeth he groaned loud and pounded as deep as he could. The pain came back again immediately, because he was too deep. I flinched and struggled to adjust but he wouldn’t let me move an inch. I thought I was going to pass out. Poking his cock in as deep as he could, I swear I saw stars.

I couldn’t move an inch and was forced to take this pounding on my ass. I thought this would never end but after about 10 or 20 more strokes like this I felt his cock jerk and spasm. Hot juice filled my ass as he shook me violently and squeezed me hard. He just sprayed and sprayed, filling my ass while he grunted, punching it in deeper and deeper. I struggled in his grip but he was too strong. Finally the jerking in his cock subsided and he quit pushing so deep.

Then he slowed down and the pain went away. His cock felt really good again. Instead of struggling I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of being full and used. I tried to encourage him not to pull his cock out by holding onto him and opening my legs wider, but he was finished for now.

As he pulled off me and pulled out of me, I felt lost. I felt so empty as the cum poured out of my ass. He noticed my cum on my stomach and smiled at his handiwork.

He stood up and for the first time today, acting like himself he said, “Are you thirsty? I am after that workout.”

My throat was so dry and I was so glad he wasn’t being mean now, but was instead offering to get me something to drink.

“Yes sir,” I said.

He scooped up my cum with his hand and brought it to my mouth. I just looked at him. He cocked one eyebrow and glared at me. I knew what he wanted. Pouring my seed into my mouth was humiliating as he watched, but as I licked my cold cum off his fingers I knew I would do anything he wanted.

To be continued……………….

Part III

If you have been following my story, you now know that my friend’s Dad had been having his way with me. Since he caught me snooping around his bedroom, he had used me to please himself for the last hour or so. From what he had made me do so far, I got the feeling that he was training me for a long term position in his life, instead of just using me for a quickie.

I had always sensed that he seemed lonely since becoming a widower and that he was missing that passionate sexual release in his life. I guess he intended on making me his sexual relief companion for the future. I hoped this was his plan. If this was to be my position, well, I really liked my role so far.

My throat was still sore from the deep reaming he had given it, and now my ass was tender from the butt fucking and butt fingering I had just received. I lay on his bed, with his semen leaking from my ass and running down my leg, wondering if we were finished. The taste of his and my own cum was still strong in my mouth as he got up, and I watched as he went to the restroom. I heard him turn on the tap water in the sink as he stood in front of it,

He hung his balls and dick over the edge of the sink and started splashing some water on them. I loved watching him attend to his cock. I would have done it gladly if he had asked or told me to. In fact, I was kinda jealous, it should have been my job to administer a soft soaping, a gentle powdering and maybe a dab of cologne on this beautiful specimen that had just pleased me. I would have gladly done this for him. I wanted to lovingly anoint and tend to that gorgeous piece of meat.

As he hung his balls and dick over the edge and splashed some water on them, he poured some scented liquid soap from a bottle onto his hand and lathered up everything. Massaging and stroking the soap in, he lifted his nuts and worked in the suds, sometimes stroking the soap up and down his tumescent cock. After he got a really good lather and was satisfied he was clean, he started splashing water on his cock til all the suds were all gone.

I felt really honored and privileged that he prepared his manhood so meticulously for me. So squeaky clean and fresh, ready for battle again. His cock wasn’t fully erect, but it was thick and long. It still looked unsatisfied and hopefully ready for some more attention.

Ignoring me as he entered the bedroom, I heard him say, “Go clean yourself up. You’ll find some soap and towels in the bathroom. Hurry up, get moving.”

I hopped up and scurried to the restroom as he sat down at his computer. The first thing I did was take a leak. As I started to shut the door, I saw on the screen, he had started to watch the video he had just recorded of me giving him a blow job.

I kept the door cracked enough so I could watch it secretly as I soaped up my ass and cleaned myself of all his remaining cum. The warm water felt good, and as I peeked at the video I started to get excited again. By the time I finished washing and drying my ass, my cock was at full staff again.

I checked myself in the mirror and suddenly, looking deep into my own eyes in the reflection, I realized that I was a hungry little sissy faggot, like he had called me earlier. I had just pleased a 12 inch cock and not only had I loved it, but now, I craved it.

“Hurry up son. What the hell is taking you so long,” he hollered at me.

As I entered the bedroom, he was sitting at his desk watching the video of me being throat reamed with his monster cock. While he stared at the screen, he tugged at his nuts and pinched his nipples. He gritted his teeth and made scouring horny glares at the screen. His cock was now fully hard again and poking straight up to the ceiling. Oblivious to my presence, I moved in closer by his side til he sensed me and pushed his chair away from the desk.

“On your knees and under the desk. Work on my knob while I watch this for a few minutes,” he told me.

As I crawled under the desk on my knees, he pushed the chair back a couple of more inches. I positioned myself between his legs and opened my mouth wide. He smelled so good, like soap and scented oils. A big drop of sperm was just sitting on the tip of his dick. I stuck out my tongue and slurped it up. He patted me on the head and smiled at me. I knew I had pleased him and was so happy.

“That’s a good girl. Never, ever waste a drop of that juice. From now on, any sperm that comes out of this cock, goes up your ass or down your throat and into your belly. Now, just suck on the tip real soft for me. Just the tip,” he told me.

I put that fat swollen glans of a tip into my mouth and just nursed on it. I slowly encompassed the head of his cock with my lips and worshiped that big plum knob. Doing as I was told, and just working on the tip, I rocked my lips up and down while I polished that fully engorged helmet with my tongue. Swirling my tongue slowly and gently, I unabashedly massaged that sensitive hard head. I moved my mouth as slow as I could savoring the texture and hardness. The tip of his cock was a combination of velvet and steel. I could do this forever.

It made me feel so good to know that I was responsible for attending to this muscle. It was so proud and beautiful, so strong and hard, it was my duty to do this. It was up to me to keep this cock excited, this was my job and I wanted to do it perfectly. If I ever had wondered before in my life what my purpose was, I was sure now that I had found it. My calling in life must be to satisfy and excite this man’s cock.

Sometimes I would scrape my teeth gently off the tip and then make a big production of slobbering and putting the head back in between my lips. He groaned when I did this. I let myself drool some to keep it wet and smooth. The head felt so swollen, like it was ready to burst. I would flatten my tongue out, right under the tip on his shaft, and pad his cock gently. I knew this was a very sensitive area. I could feel the ridges of the veins. I traced these blood filled vessels with the tip of my tongue but never straying off the head as I had been told.

As the video of me ended, he reset his camera and turned it on again. Positioning the camera, at us, with the bed directly behind us, he pressed the record button. Looking at the monitor he adjusted the camera so he could film our next escapade.

“You take directions good baby girl. Polish that knob for me sweetie. Wax that head. You are so good, I’m going to give you that little treat I promised you. You want me to play with that little pussy some more? I bet you do,” he teased me.

He stood up in front of me and grabbed his cock by the root. Grasping my hair, he slapped his hard cock against my cheeks. I just closed my eyes and held my mouth open as he smeared that heavy wet cock all around my face. Sometimes, he would jam 5 or 6 inches into my open waiting mouth, and then pull it out, only to spank my face again. I had turned into such a whore.

“Get up on the bed now. You know the routine. Bun’s up kneeling, shoulders and face flat on the bed. Stick that pussy in the air and wiggle it around for the camera. Let’s get a good show here,” he directed me.

As I got into position, I felt him stand behind me and he smeared globs of petroleum jelly onto my hungry little smooth hairless ass. He paid special attention to my ass hole, coating it with excessive amounts of lubrication. Greasing his entire hand and all his fingers, he tugged on my hard cock and tight balls hanging between my spread knees a few times. A couple of more tugs and I’m sure I would have cum, but he stopped and started tickling my sphincter hole.

“Look at the camera bitch. You’re going to be a star. Show me what you can do,” he directed me again.

I saw myself on his monitor. My ass was wide open and facing the camera as I turned my neck and showed my face. His face and head were too high to be captured on the recording, but I’m sure that was the way he wanted it. I didn’t care, because what he didn’t realize was, that I was so willing to get his attention and his cock He would never have to black mail me to get me to satisfy his cock or sexual desires. I knew then and there, that I would drop whatever I’m doing and come running if his cock was hard and needed pleasing.

He slid two greased fingers deep into my rectum. I was still a little loose and opened from the ass pounding I had just received. I groaned so loud and pushed my ass back til those fingers bottomed out. I humped my ass back on those fingers. That’s just what I needed.

“Yea baby girl, work that hungry pussy. I’m going to get my fist up there and work you good,” he teased me.

He took a third finger and eased it in. I could feel my ass stretching open and I was feeling so good. This is what I wanted. I wanted to be used. I wanted to be stretched out. I wanted to be full.

He twisted his three fingers around, slowly and gently grinding them in and out. Pulling them almost all the way out and writhing them back and forth. I humped my ass back on his fingers while I just groaned and squealed. He was going so slow, too slow for me. I wanted more and I wanted it now.

“You like that huh. You’re gonna get it all before I’m finished with you. I told you I’m gonna turn you out and that’s just what I plan to do,” he teased me again.

He put all four of his fingers tightly together and started twisting them into my ass again. Very slowly and gently he eased them in all the way til the last knuckle rubbed my opening. With my sphincter muscle hugging his fingers he wrenched his hand ever so slowly from left to right and back again. Over and over I felt him massaging my hole, as the bumps of his large knuckles felt so good when they would pop in and out of my tight ass. Only his thumb was exposed as he probed deep in my ass.

I was in heaven. Nothing had ever felt so good before in my life. I started to get that feeling again like I was going to pee, but I had just peed. The feeling was becoming overwhelming. I wasn’t sure I could hold out. I really had to release from somewhere, but my emotions were so mixed up. I knew something was happening but again it didn’t feel like a regular orgasm.

He smoothed all four fingers over my prostate, gently kneading and massaging it. For several minutes he just stroked my prostate. I was so relaxed and so horny as I pushed my ass back against his fingers. My hard cock hanging between my legs just drooled sperm. The pressure to expel was getting so intense.

I felt him withdraw all his fingers and knew what was coming next. He put the tips of all four fingers and his thumb together at the opening of my ass. Slowly he started twisting from left to right, gradually inserting more and more. I felt my ass open so wide to accommodate his hand and openly groaned as he went deeper.

He was up to the knuckles when I suddenly felt that hand just pop into my ass. All the sudden, it seemed like my ass just sucked it down. I swallowed it up so quickly that my ass just snapped down and gobbled it up to his wrist. I could feel my ass clamp down on his wrist and I wriggled back onto that fist just drooling and slobbering. I never felt so full and so sated in my life.

“Good Lord girl, eat it up. That’s what I’m talking about. That is one starving little pussy you got,” he exclaimed.

The feeling was overwhelming. Something was happening inside me. I can’t even describe the feeling. It was a cross between ejaculating, peeing and expelling. I didn’t know what to do.

He started to twist his fist ever so slowly inside my rectum. So slowly I could feel his knuckles rub over my prostate and churn a billion nerve endings into mush. In the next few minutes with his slow wrenching fist in my ass, I had lost control and felt my ass muscles trying to push his hand out. I bit a pillow and just held on as he took his other hand and started jacking my cock roughly.

Then it just happened, I became totally spasmodic. I shook and trembled all over.

“Oh God, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” I screamed.

Juice sprayed out of my cock violently as my ass clamped down on his wrist. Everything went black and I started crying. I screamed and hollered. I grunted and groaned. I spurted and spurted all over the bed while he just laughed and kept twisting his fist so slowly. It was like having two orgasms at once. One was taking place with the convulsions in my ass while the other was taking place with the spasms in my cock.

I collapsed on the bed with his fist still in my ass. Gasping for breath and heaving, I just laid there planning to compose myself. He unclenched his fist and slowly slid his hand from my ass. I felt my ass gaping open but was to weak to even cover myself. I just lay in a puddle of my cum and was so exhausted, I drifted off into a deep sleep.

To be continued…

Part IV

When I awoke, I was startled to see it was dark outside as I laid alone in his bed. My ass, while a pretty sore, didn’t really hurt as much as I thought it might. To tell the truth, remembering what he had done to it, it just felt empty and hungry. The clock on the night stand said it was after 7:00 PM, and the first thing that came to my mind was that my girlfriend was going to kill me because I hadn’t even contacted her since I got in town. I was supposed to pick her up over three hours ago when she got out of school.

Just then my best friend’s dad stepped into the doorway of his bedroom with his cordless phone held tight to his ear. Wearing a long terry cloth robe opened in the front that exposed his muscularly toned body, he tugged on his rapidly growing cock, while he listened to the other party on the phone. He was whispering to someone as he stared at me and then grinned, noticing I had finally awoken.

“Good, I think you should. Yea, I’ll just leave the door unlocked for you. Okay, see you soon,” I heard him finish his whispered conversation and then saw him disconnect and place the phone on his desk.

As I raised myself up and made an attempt to get off the bed, I immediately noticed that the sheets clung to my stomach like they were pasted to my skin from my puddle of dried cum that I had slept in. While I peeled the crusty hard sheet away from my stomach, he walked to the edge of the bed and pulled his robe open. Exposing his cock, that had grown again to almost its full 12 inches, he stood in front of my face.. As good as it looked, and as much as I wanted it, I knew I really had to get over to my girlfriend’s house and explain my tardiness.

“No baby boy, you can’t go yet. You know you have to take care of my cock before you leave me. You can’t just go and leave me here with a hard on like this,” he said as he laid a hand on my shoulder and put his now fully erect cock just inches from my mouth,” he almost demanded.

“But I really have to go. I’m really late since I fell asleep and have to go see my girlfriend,” I pleaded with him.

“Okay, you can leave against my better judgement this one time, but only after you suck on my cock for just a few minutes. You just can’t leave me hanging like this. Just suck on it for a few minutes, I promise, just a few minutes and you can leave,” he bargained with me.

His huge cock was so beautiful, so proud and erect, just jutting straight out from his body while so close to my mouth. He looked so masculine and powerful standing in front of me, that I just couldn’t resist his will or his manhood. Still on my hands and knees, I opened my mouth and let the tip just slide into my mouth. As I slobbered on his cock, I was going over excuses in my head on how to explain my lateness to my girlfriend once he would finally let me leave.

“That’s my boy, I knew you wouldn’t leave me like this. You love this big cock. You just can’t resist it. Suck on Daddy’s big dick my little faggot. This cock needs some attention, work it deeper for me,” he groaned.

As he pushed more of his hard cock into my mouth, my excitement rose, as did my own cock. He then put one hand under my chin and the other behind my neck, while I knelt on my hands and knees with his cock in my mouth. Holding my neck and head firmly, he slowly began to saw in and out of my mouth. His cock was now fully erect also as he just held my face and fucked hard and deep into my mouth.

While I really loved his cock in my mouth, I was hoping he would hurry up and let me leave. It had already been more than a few minutes as he promised and I was now getting the feeling that he wasn’t going to let me leave until he came again.

“Here’s the new deal faggot boy. You’re going to let me fuck that pussy now or suck on this big cock until I get my nut off . I promise to cum real quick if you give me some of that sweet pussy. We do that and you can be on your way to your little girlfriend real soon,” he now slyly bargained with me.

I was getting kind of desperate, and seeing the clock was now at 7:30 PM, I quickly agreed and turned around to face the door and expose my ass to him, as he still stood by the edge of the bed.

“No, turn around the other way and face the wall. I’ll get on the bed behind you,” he said.

As I crawled around in the bed, so that I now faced the wall, he walked around and climbed up on the mattress behind me. He took his hand and put it on my neck, while he roughly pushed my face deep into the sheets. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass high up in the air, while at the same time he pulled my knees farther apart. I was buns up kneeling now with my ass in the air as I felt the blunt tip of his cock start to penetrate my ass.

My cock was literally throbbing as he started to grind that fat 12 inch cock right up my ass again. Oh God, his swollen thick cock felt so good in my ass, just where it belonged. As he pushed about 6 inches in on the first stroke, I moaned and adjusted to his thickness. He grabbed my hips roughly and started to work more of that cock into my tight ass. I just groaned and shifted my knees wider to give him deeper access.

Stroking slowly and methodically, he inched more and more cock up my ass, as he now began swatting my butt cheeks hard with his open palm. The stings of the spanking he was giving me just made me hotter. Within the next ten minutes, I felt his stomach now pressed tight into my butt cheeks, as he continued the rough spanking. Now, all the way to the root of his cock, he pounded in and out of my tight ass.

“You like that big dick in your pussy don’t you faggot boy? Tell me how much you like that big dick in your sweet little pussy. Talk to you Daddy, make me cum,” he taunted me.

I squeezed my ass hole as tight as I could when he pushed in and out. I flexed the muscles in my sphincter muscles as hard as I could hoping he would come quick and let me leave. As good as that cock felt, and as much as I wanted it, I really had to get out of here before I was in any more trouble with my girlfriend.

I tried to talk sexy to him, knowing he thought of me as a faggot or sissy girl, so I played the part he wanted and needed me to play. I began to talk as nasty as I could hoping it would help get him off and make him cum.

“Fuck my pussy hole Daddy. Give me all of your big stud cock up my hungry little hole. My pussy belongs to you forever. I will give you my sissy pussy anytime you want. This is what I really need in life,” I moaned hoping to spur him to orgasm.

“Yea bitch, keep talking like a faggot, I’m going to cum if you keep talking to me,” he spat out, and then he completely stopped moving and paused for a few seconds, before starting again and then added, “Don’t you dare stop talking to us.”

“I love your dick Daddy. I don’t want women anymore, all I ever need for the rest of my life is to be your faggot sissy boy. Fuck me hard Daddy,” I grunted as he now just slowly sawed in and out of my ass taking his time.

“That a boy, talk it up. Don’t stop. Keep telling us what a faggot you are for my cock. Tell us how you liked my big fist up your pussy earlier. Tell us how you came on my fist deep in your pussy” he coaxed me.

In the most feminine and girlie voice, I softly uttered the words he wanted to hear, “I loved that big thick fist up my pussy Daddy. Nobody but you knows how to treat me the way I need to be treated. I’m just a sissy bitch for you. Use me like a whore Daddy.”

“That’s my bitch, now tell us how much you enjoyed swallowing my thick heavy load down your throat while I fucked your face earlier,” he whispered so manly and sexy to me.

“I loved sucking your big cock all the way to your balls. I loved you fucking my throat and having me swallow your sweet cum Daddy. I’ll be your little faggot bitch anytime you want,” I replied again in my sexiest feminine voice.

Wait a minute, “us”. I couldn’t figure out why he kept saying “us” until I finally craned my neck to the side and looked behind me. When I spun my head around, I saw my girlfriend standing by the edge of the bed watching him plow deep into my ass.

Her face was red and flushed as she silently stood there watching and listening to me babble like a horny faggot. I don’t know how long she had been standing there, but she looked really pissed off. She stared hatefully, directly into my eyes with both disgust and perhaps lust, as he redoubled his firm grip on my hips and pounded that cock deep and fast into my ass now. My face turned beet red as I squirmed to get away from his hold, but his strong hands just held me in place, while my girlfriend watched him work my ass with his enormous hard cock.

I was even more humiliated as she moved much closer to the bed, leaning over between us and watching intently as he abused my hole. While she curiously scrutinized my embarrassing predicament, he just held me in place and kept fucking my ass really deep.

“Look at this faggot of a boyfriend you got here girl. He just loves that cock doesn’t he?” he spoke to my girlfriend.

My girlfriend didn’t even utter one word. Watching his cock slide in and out of my ass she slowly raised her little catholic girl skirt and dipped her hand into her panties. As he still took my ass in front of her, I watched her brazenly finger her pussy inside her panties right in front of my best friend’s father, which she had only met briefly once before in her life.

“How could she do this in front of him?” I thought to myself.

He just smiled as he watched her finger herself, and then he actually started to put on a show for her. He would withdraw his long cock all the way out as she stared in disbelief, until just the tip remained in my ass, and then proudly shove it back in me. Her eyes widened as she stared at the full length and girth of his gigantic cock reaming my ass.

Still watching her, with her free hand, I saw her reach out towards my wide open exposed cheeks. While he held just the tip in me, she gripped his fat shaft with her tiny hand and began squeezing and stroking it back and forth. I felt her tiny hand stroke the long exposed part of his shaft, from my ass hole to his stomach. She seemed mesmerized by his either his large hard cock or else by the idea of it in my tiny ass hole. Either way, she just stroked his shaft while the head remained plugged into my ass.

“That a girl, help me with this little faggot. He can take all you give him, believe me, this boy likes his little ass pussy played with,” he encouraged her.

Still holding my hips firmly, he pulled his cock completely out from my gaping ass hole now, and she dropped all hesitation now, while lustfully stroking his cock back and forth. As I stared in disbelief, he released his grip on my hips and placed one of his hands over her hand, guiding her strokes up and down his shaft.

“Don’t move an inch faggot, put your face down in the mattress and stay right there with your sissy boy pussy high in the air for us,” he instructed me as he took one final especially brutal swat on my tender butt cheeks.

He crawled off the bed, now standing next to her and leaving me alone on the mattress. From the corner of my eye, I saw him grab my girlfriend and help place her kneeling behind me. I felt the weight of the mattress behind me settle down as he shifted her into position directly behind me.

“Go on girl, touch his little ass pussy. He loves it played with. Don’t you think you should punish him just a little for being such a dirty little faggot?” he said to her.

He took her hand and started pushing a few of her fingers into my open gaping ass hole. As her fingernails gently poked into my hole, I couldn’t believe this was happening. In my own mind, I wasn’t sure if I wanted her involved in this, but it was too late for that now. Then on the other hand, maybe this was the best thing that could ever happen. I was sure I had a new found love for his beautiful cock, while I still absolutely adored and loved my girlfriend. I mean if she willingly participated with me, then, we were in this together. It wasn’t like I was cheating on her now. She was now willingly involved as much as I was

“Not like that girl, your tiny little finger will never satisfy this hungry faggot. Make a fist, tuck in those fingernails real tight and work it in his faggot pussy real slow. Don’t you worry your pretty little self, he can handle it.. You know he wants it bad, see those hips pushing back to your fingers. You need to punish him a little bit I think,” he coaxed her.

I did want it bad. They had both seen my ass twitch and my hips involuntarily move back to her earlier gentle manipulations of just her fingers and nails. After slowly withdrawing her fingers from my ass hole, just seconds later, I felt her blunt hand now made into a tiny fist, start to put pressure on my ass hole. She wasn’t gentle at all, her fist popped right into my ass all the way to her wrist in just a split second.

As I struggled to relax and accommodate her fist, he just grabbed onto my waist while pressing down on the small of my back and held me in place. She slowly rotated her fist from side to side as I squirmed under her manipulations.

With no coaxing from him, and using her other hand, she grabbed my stiff hard cock and started painfully pulling my shaft underneath back to her. Pointing my cock straight down in a painful position, she rubbed from the head to the balls smearing my slippery pre cum up and down the shaft. I just groaned and let her have her way, as she bent my shaft back farther while stroking it.

“You’re a natural at this. The trick is to keep him horny and he’ll let you do anything you want. That is a sign of a bonafide faggot,” he coached her.

When I saw her white button down blouse land on the mattress by my face, I looked back at them, and saw him leaning over and sucking one of her small firm breast in his mouth. With his mouth locked on her nipple, she just knelt there and enjoyed his sucking, as her eyes glazed over and finally shut. He had slid one hand down the back of her panties and was touching my girlfriends ass or pussy, I couldn’t tell which. When he moved his mouth to the other nipple, I watched him shimmy her panties down and off her now very willing legs with his hands.

He reached towards my head with the panties, and worked them over my face until my eyes and mouth were covered. A big wet spot was right between my nose and mouth and I could smell her scent, which was overwhelming. I just had to watch them, so with a little effort, I maneuvered the panties by wriggling my face in the mattress until one eye could peek out.

Standing behind her and grabbing the her elbow, he now started guiding her fist in and out my ass faster and deeper. Much deeper than she had been going before, he established a rhythm for her to follow.

“Do it like that girl. Fuck that faggot pussy harder and deeper. Now twist your wrist around and abuse that pussy of his. Let him know you’re the boss. Take control of that little boy’s pussy and you will own him for life. That away, you’re getting it good now. Watch his ass follow your movements, you got him now,” he instructed her.

Removing his guiding hand, she now took over on her own. Pushing deeper and faster, she punched her fist into me, making me growl and moan. Well past her wrist, I could now start to feel the middle of her forearm begin to stretch my ass hole even wider. With her still stroking my hard cock, she worked my ass like he told her. I just knelt there and grunted while she fisted my hungry ass.

Watching their every movement, he removed her plaid skirt and knelt on the floor behind her. Burying his face deep between her ass cheeks, I could actually hear him slurping on her flesh.

“Now that is one sweet tender bottom you got girl. Your little faggot of a boyfriend has no clue on what to do with a sweet pussy and ass like this. But that’s okay, cause I do,” he mumbled around her ass cheeks almost inaudible.

As he worked on her with his mouth, I noticed her fisting got both erratic and clumsy. The smooth graceful piston like motion that she had been using was now interrupted by her own unsatisfied desires. At times, she would completely stop moving her fist while he munched on her sweet spots. Starting and stopping again on my ass, I knew she was getting ready to cum on his face.

“Get off the bed faggot. Make room for a real man and a hot woman. Leave that sissy’s pussy alone for now girl, it’s time to care of Daddy’s cock,” he now instructed us.

As she abruptly jerked her fist from my ass, I groaned and reluctantly crawled away from her. Standing attentively on the floor by the bed, with my cock at full attention, I watched him move her forward on the mattress. Still on her hands and knees, with her feet hanging off the edge of the bed, rising he stood on the floor behind her and admired her hot little ass high in the air. So very ashamed, and just standing there watching them, I started to remove her panties from my head.

He suddenly growled at me, “Put those things back where they were. Who told you to remove those panties from your face sissy?”

Straightening her panties back up on my face, I watched as she knelt shamelessly with her pussy facing his monstrous cock. Suddenly, I was the one that felt shameful, as she rolled her head to the side and looked at me standing pathetically there with her panties on my head like some kind of useless sissy. The worst part was when she just shook her head from side to side smirking and then kind of giggled embarrassingly at me. At that point, I didn’t know if she would ever see me as a man again.

Gripping her hips, he suddenly plunged at least 9 inches deep into her wet pussy. She immediately squealed and took a deep breathe, as he just remained motionless, letting her adjust to his big cock in her pussy. He didn’t move and inch and she remained completely still for about 30 seconds. Then she started to grind back and forth on his fat cock. With several inches left, she started working her pussy down that shaft a fraction at a time.

“That’s my girl, work on a real man’s cock now. Show that faggot of a boyfriend what you need,” he encouraged her, still not moving at all and letting her take what she needed.

It took her a several minutes to get all 12 inches in her pussy and relax on it. Once she did, he knelt up on the edge of the bed behind her and completely took over. He pulled her tight and fucked that pussy just like he did my ass. Hard and fast he pumped her over and over. Back and forth that beautiful body with that fat cock pounded my girlfriend as hard as he could.

Oh God, how I wished it were me instead of her. I wanted that cock, I was actually getting jealous of her, not of him. I wanted that cock more than I wanted her. It was at that exact moment that I realized he may be more important in my life than she was.

She just moaned and groaned as he fucked her. I knew her signs, she was cumming at that exact moment. She twitched and screamed, and as he recognized her orgasm, he fucked her even harder. He never stopped fucking her hard and fast for even a second. She must have cum 5 or 6 times in the next few minutes as he steadied her pussy and just smiled at me.

“That’s how a real man makes a woman cum faggot. You paying attention?” he glared at me.

She rolled her head to my side of the bed again, and while looking me in the eyes, I could see she was lost. Her body belonged to him now. Her mind was somewhere else. He had her right where he wanted her. I knew right then that she was his. I wasn’t good enough to make her cum like this stud of a man, with the big cock and dominant personality, had already made her cum a half dozen times. He was so confident of himself as he slammed into her tight pussy.

“Roll over on your back baby. I want to watch your eyes while I fuck you,” he instructed her.

As he withdrew his cock, she flipped over on her back as quick as a cat, and spread her legs shamelessly wide for him. She laid there with wide open legs, waiting for him to please her some more. As his muscular body descended on her, she wrapped her arms around his strong back. I just stood there, so embarrassed, but at the same time so horny as he mounted her again and started grinding deep into her pussy.

Her mouth opened for him, inviting him to intimately smash his lips and tongue deep into it. Their passionate kiss just irritated me even more. I was absolutely furious, maybe not just because she had given herself to him so eagerly, but also for the fact that they had relegated me to being just a spectator. I mean, I found him first, he should be mine. I felt totally isolated and I wanted to get involved too.

“What’s the matter faggot, you feeling left out?” he taunted me. “Suck my ass while I satisfy this woman.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. He was ordering me to put my mouth on his ass in front of my girlfriend. I wouldn’t do I thought to myself. I have some respect left, I have limits.

“If you don’t get that sissy tongue of yours up in ass right now, just leave and you’ll never get my dick again. That is a promise faggot. It is up to you,” he commanded me.

This was the total humiliation now. Do it, or else leave. I kind of felt that if I walked out because of my pride, that I would walk out alone. My girlfriend didn’t look like she was anywhere near ready to leave. If I ever wanted to be pleased by that cock again, I would have to submit by putting my mouth on his ass hole in front of my girlfriend. She would know what a sissy I really had become if I did this.

“Come on boy, suck on my ass right now. I’m getting ready to cum. Push that tongue up my ass now,” he hollered at me.

I removed the panties from my head and walked around behind him. He did look quite spectacular fucking my girlfriend from this vantage point. What a stud, all man, and fucking my girlfriend so damn good. His ass was so muscular. I loved watching it flex as he pumped in and out of her. His back looked so perfectly toned, supported by thick muscular arms that looked like they belonged to a blacksmith. His legs were so perfectly toned and hairy. His body was hard to resist. I couldn’t help myself, I knew he owned me.

As he lay on top of her, I knelt between his legs and lowered my face to his ass cheeks. So close to his cock and her pussy, I just got more envious. I was a little tentative at first, just placing a small kiss on the muscles of his cheeks, but soon found my lips getting closer to his ass hole. He smelled clean, but manly, and it was the smell of sex that finally drew in-between his cheeks.

“You better get that tongue in my ass in the next five seconds, or you’re out of here. Spread those cheeks and get to sucking faggot. Suck or leave, your choice,” he barked at me.

With my face so close to his cock and her pussy, I just got more envious. As I put my lips onto his ass hole, I began to genuinely relish the idea of doing this for him. I was ready to suck his ass so good that he wouldn’t even think about that pussy. I’ll do this, if that is what it takes to make him want me.

As he slowed his thrusting pace down, I spread his cheeks open and dove in. I pushed and poked the tip of my tongue deep into his ass, swirling around the bud of his ass. It was clean and smelled fresh like soap. The deeper I got, the more I wanted. Being so close to him and her, I was like a shark in a feeding frenzy.

I now pulled his cheeks apart and made a meal out of his sphincter. I worked it so good for him, so that after just a few minutes, I had my tongue pressed as deep as I could up his ass. I slurped and lapped at his hole while he held it open on his back strokes. After a couple of minutes in between his cheeks, I had absolutely no reluctance to do it like a real faggot would.

“Oh baby girl, that little sissy boy of yours can sure suck an ass good. I’m going to have him rim you out later while I fuck you again, but right now it’s my turn to use his mouth,” he groaned.

I held on to his hips for the next ten minutes while he made my girlfriend cum another half dozen times. As I poked my tongue in and out of his ass, he started bucking harder into her pussy.

“I’m going to cum now, suck my ass queer boy. Shove that tongue up deep in me. I’m going to cum now, push those hips up hard girl,” he demanded from us.

With that he started grunting and heavy spasms shook his powerful body. His hips bucked deep into her pussy as she screamed at his deepest penetration yet. She clawed at his back as he ground onto her pelvis, while their lips locked again sharing their orgasms. I held on throughout their throes, trying to nibble on his ass hole with my teeth, never stopping the pleasure I hoped I was contributing.

When their movements finally stopped, he slowly lifted himself off her heaving and sweating body. As his ass left my wet face, I saw her red swollen pussy only inches from my face. She looked so sexy, so satisfied, I only wished that I had made her feel that way before.

Standing by the edge of the bed, he said, “Remember what I said about my cum?”

I had no idea what he meant or how to answer that question.

“I told you never to waste a drop. Now, get down there and suck it out. Suck it all out of that sweet pussy you little cum bucket faggot sissy. Clean that little pussy good bitch,” he demanded of me.

As I licked her tender swollen pussy, my tongue caused heavy spasms which forced thick globs of his seed to ooze out her hole. I gobbled up every single drop. She seemed to enjoy my soft slurping after his rough fucking. Watching my work for just a minute or two, as he finally went to the bathroom to wash up, she raised he head and finally spoke.

“Oh my God, you are such a pathetic little fag. I can’t believe you let Gary’s dad put his fist in your ass. A fist in your ass, that is so queer. You sucked his cock, he fucked your ass and then he put his fist in it. You are such a total homo. I think its time we re-evaluated our relationship,” she mockingly whispered to me.

Still with my face between her legs, and a tear now rolling down my cheek, I just stared deep into her eyes searching for a sign of love or even just a little loyalty.

“Hey, he didn’t tell you to stop licking faggot boy. Get to work or I’ll call him in here right now,” she giggled at me, resting her head back on the mattress and waiting for me to finish the job.

My life has changed a lot since that first day with my best friend’s dad. My relationship with my girlfriend totally went downhill. Every time I called her long distance, she was either at his house, had just left his house or was on her way to his house. We never went on a date again after that day either.

After that day, if she had time for me, it was always at his house. It guess it wasn’t that bad really. She never learned to swallow his 12 inches all the way down her throat, so he would usually have me suck his cock as an appetizer to their sex. He loved to fuck my throat all the way and she marvelled at my ability to do it. While I did this, they would usually kiss or fondle each other while calling me mean names. My nickname was “the throat”.

Sometimes he would stand up and have her sit on the dresser. He would suck her pussy while he fucked his cock into my mouth. Occasionally, she would coax him to make me swallow his cum, but I didn’t mind that at all. Usually they would end up fucking in front of me, while he allowed me to jack off.

Other times, when she felt generous, she would make me apply her make up to my face, and fist my ass until I shot a load. They would always make me suck up my own cum and inspect my mouth to make sure I swallowed it all. Usually they would video tape this and get a big kick out of it.

Sometimes, I still got to suck her ass or pussy while they fucked, which I liked. Other times, I would suck his ass or balls as he pounded into her, which I also liked. Most times I got his load after his orgasm, by sucking it out of her.

He wouldn’t fuck my ass in front of her anymore though. I don’t know why, I mean he did it once before. I never saw him fuck her ass either though. Maybe she didn’t let him, she had never let me before.

If I was lucky when I was in town, and he was alone for a couple of hours when I called his house, he would invite me over. On those days, when she wasn’t there, he would use me just like the first time. He would pound my throat and use my ass, letting me be the faggot he had turned me into.

After he was finished with me though, he would run me out the house before she came over. He had one rule though, that if he saw me alone on any day, then I couldn’t hang out with them that night. It was his rule and I hated it, but the benefits of having him to myself that day, far outweighed those lonesome nights.

One of the worst things about this relationship was that I lost my girlfriend. I have a nice cock, its 8 inches long and pretty thick. There was a time when she loved it, but that is long gone. I’ve been replaced with a much better cock on a much better man.

The very worst thing about this relationship is how it ended. My best friend came home unannounced one day and caught his dad fucking me up the ass. It was so embarrassing, his dad basically threw me out the house, as I heard them screaming at each other while I drove off. My girlfriend, best friend and his dad have cut me off completely. They won’t answer my calls or return my messages. As far as my girlfriend and his dad, I heard they are inseparable, maybe even engaged.

So now, I have lost his 12 inches, her sweet little pussy and my best friend. I jack off a lot now, but I’m on the lookout for a horny well hung Daddy.

The End

6 Responses to “My Friend’s Dad”

  1. leslie michaels Says:

    lovely story of sweet faggot sex i whould love to find a Daddy with a 12″ cock to fuck me hard in my boipussy

  2. Tim Slouffman Says:

    i wish I could find a daddy like that

  3. Roland Says:

    fantastic story …. what a nice Daddy; like those stories

  4. sissy bun Says:

    here my story it happen when i was caught looking at girl panties and bra by my next door lady friend she ask what i was up too i told her i found this on the table well there my husband thing yes once a week he wear my panties and bra here let me show you some picture she show me some and her man walk in as i look at the picture my cock got a bit hard and he saw this look dear are friend got a hard on looking at me dress in panties and a bra then she told him dear why knot show him what you are wearing now as he remove his clothes i saw a red bra and a big cock in a thong panties then he walk up to me well dear do you think i should let him touch my cock only if he wants to he ask me do you want my cock little girl bitch i said yes you may have my cock but you must wear a bra i ripe my shirt off and she but a black bra on my i reach out and touch his big cock i jerk it a bit but soon my lips were around and sucking his cock as i was sucking his cock i felt my pants ripe off and some warm cream going around my ass hole soon i was lift up a bit i look in the mirror and saw she had on a strap-on dido cock dear do want to go first or me you go dear and make him beg for a man cock well after awhile i beg for his cock well after that day i became there bitch and now mommy and daddy has a sissy bitch

  5. ballsucker Says:

    That is the spanking daddy most of fags are wishing for. The best part i liked was the slapping at the start. I would have enjoyed some, or a lot more, spanking.

  6. mchele Says:

    Such a twisted path this sissy took. Gurls like us here love the tease before the please. That way a REAL MAN takes you to the point of no return. He gets into your head. That sweet surrender 🙂 LOVE IT>!!

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