Daddy’s Pussyboy

February 15, 2011

“Baby, how do you feel now that Daddy’s nutted you and turned you into his little pussy?” Daddy’s hand cups the smooth, hairless mound of the boys new sex, caresses it. One thick finger lightly wedges into the bottom of the fold. The boy moans as daddy’s finger slides up, parting the wet slit, exposing a set of swollen inner labia pouting like a full ripe mouth between the boys muscular legs. The boy whimpers at the strange new vulnerable sensation. It tingles where daddy touches him, but also deep inside.

“Yea, your daddy’s little girl now, aren’t you?” Daddy asks. Daddy’s hands tweak the boys puffy nipples. “No, please…” the boy moans softly, blushes, looks away. Daddy grips his jaw and sticks his tongue between the boys pretty lips, forcing them open, holding him still while his tongue explores the boys mouth, while he tweaks the boys tits. It still tingles where daddy touched his new pussy, where his cock used to be, but when daddy flicks his plumped up nipples suddenly it tingles in a soft deep place inside him too, and he gasps and moans louder.

Prelude to Daddy’s Pussyboy part 1
By: jockpussy

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[GAY] [TG] [PENECTOMY] [TESTICLES] [NULLIFICATION] [(genitals changed only, not full sex change)]

Boy plays with his dick too much instead of focusing on Daddy’s dick. Daddy decides to nut him and give him a pussy. Daddy discusses what he wants for Boy with the plastic surgeon who will do it and gets so turned on he has to fuck his Boy before the operation.

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“Did I say you could touch yourself?” Daddy’s voice is firm with an edge. Boy can’t seem to keep his hands off his own cock long enough to take care of Daddy these days. Oh, he loves Daddy’s cock- it’s big and thick and veiny, with a helmet like a big mushroom, like a hammerhead shark. Boy loves to kiss and suck it, loves to stroke it, loves to feel it inside him, watch it shoot big gobs of cum onto his tits and belly. But always his hand first goes to pleasure his own cock- while he’s getting fucked, while he’s sucking, while he’s watching, when he’s even the slightest bit turned on. To a degree perhaps, this is expected of any young man. But lately Boy has been pleasuring himself to the neglect of Daddy’s cock- so into jerking himself off that his blowjobs become slow and sloppy, that he cums too soon when Daddy’s inside his ass- and that is unacceptable.

His little cock curves up now, straining and pink, leaking a steady stream of precum, like a ripe fruit about to burst. His balls are pulled up tight like swollen cherries. Daddy pins the boys wrists together above his head with one strong hand. The other hand reaches down takes the boys cock and balls into his palm, squeezes.

“One of these days I’m gonna take your little cock away and nut you,” Daddy says, giving the stiff little sausage a long slow stroke. Boy groans and thrusts his hips up, but it’s not enough, and Daddy stops, leaves Boy gasping on the edge. Boy can’t help it. His cock twitches at the thought of being emasculated at daddy’s hands, and more precum dribbles from its slit. Daddy closes his fist. With his fist closed, Boys little cock and balls are all but gone. Daddy pushes them back between boys downy blond thighs and Boy groans aching as his thighs close again. He looks down in lust and horror at the smooth flat triangle between his legs. Daddy caresses it with the back of his fingers, rubs his own big dick against it, leaving a trail of precum in it’s wake.

“Yea, get you an operation and have me just a little pussy…”

“So what are we going for here? Aesthetics? You want it to pass inspection?”

The plastic surgeon on Park Avenue only asks the necessary questions. Daddy took Boy to see him earlier in the day, pretending it was a consultation for scrotal hair removal, while on their overnight shopping trip in NY. Now he discusses details with the surgeon while Boy, already drugged, naps in the hotel.

“He doesn’t need to pass as a woman. I want a nice juicy pussy to fuck. Hairless and smooth with that puffy look. And the lips inside real swollen and big when he spreads his legs, like a pumped up mouth. Like those porn videos of girls who use pumps on their pussies. Big, fat, pink, fuck-me pussy lips. The kind of pussy that you can’t hide, that’d give any guy an instant hard on,” Daddy always knows what he wants.

“What about a clit, you want him to have a big one? We usually use the nerve endings to make a clit, that way they can cum from it being played with. Well, most of them.”

“See that’s my problem. I don’t want him playing with himself while he gets fucked. I don’t want him to be able to pleasure himself at all. I want him to be totally focused on pleasing my dick.”

“Ok, so no clit,” the doctor moves on. “We’ve done that before. Do you want him to experience pleasure from getting penetrated? We can put the nerves inside instead.”

“As long as they’re deep enough that he cant satisfy himself. I want him to enjoy getting fucked though.”

“Nerves on the vulva will feel pleasantly arousing and stimulating, and we can put a bundle deep inside- where the cervix would ordinarily be. In addition we can implant a biochip in the bundle that we use for women who are non-orgasmic. It can’t mimic an actual clitoral or even vaginal orgasm, but it will increase the sensation of pleasure when he’s penetrated to the fullest, and will increase emotional euphoria whenever he is aroused. Without a clitoris made from his nerve endings, this patient will not experience a true orgasm. However, many non-orgasmic women with the bio-implant express that they not only feel a plateau of sexual sensation, but reach an emotional peak when penetrated – an emotional orgasm as it were- sometimes evidenced by tears, strong feelings of yearning, and an intense need for physical closeness during sex in the form of kissing and holding. This, combined with the arousing but limited sensations produced by the nerves we’ll attach in his vulva, could provide a form of satisfaction for him during intercourse.”

Daddy’s cock starts twitching in his jeans at the thought of his boy reduced to a helpless state of euphoric arousal, his only form of satisfaction being closer to Daddy, his only physical release through tears.

The doctor says “And we agrees on the payment…”


“I get to fuck him, when he’s healed.”

“Yes. But you don’t get his cherry….How can I keep his muscular physique intact, by the way?”

“Most of our patients seek a more feminine shape through estrogen. However, if you give him biweekly testosterone injections, he’ll essentially be the same as always in that sense. Although… having the same level of testosterone without the ability to actually cum may prove sexually frustrating…enough that he may seek penetration often, in an attempt to achieve the emotional peak. ” Daddy’s bulge grows bigger. Such a thing could only help Boy focus sexually on pleasing Daddy’s cock and increase his need for Daddy’s approval through affection and intimacy.

“Can you put the biochips in his tits too?”

“Yes. We can give him breast implants and bury the chips in them”

Daddy frowns. “I don’t want him to have breasts like a woman. I wouldn’t mind having a mouthful of nipple to suck on though. Maybe an inch diameter and inch and a half long?”

“We can do it. However it may look strange. Most patients get breasts.”

“It’ll look perfect.” Daddy thinks of his boys smooth meaty pecs capped by obscenely large nipples, thick and sticking out like sore thumbs, and Boy unable to hide them when he wore the flimsy white teeshirts Daddy buys him. Daddy thinks about all the opportunities for stuff to brush into Boys nipples when he cleans the house or plays sports. “And he’ll feel pleasure anytime they’re touched?”

“He’ll be able to reach nearly the same heights of emotional arousal just from having them sucked or played with as he would getting fucked. In addition to the immense sexual pleasure his nipples will feel at any contact. Furthermore when stimulated the biochips in his nipples will trigger stimulation of the one that’s effectively his cervix, resulting in a desire to be penetrated and physical arousal. He’ll feel a twinge, blush, his pussy will get wet,” the doctor smiles, “whether he prefers it to or not.”

“It sounds perfect. Will he ever be able to lactate?”

“His nipples can be trained to eventually give milk if you follow the proper exercises over time.” ”

Daddy pictures his beautiful hunky boy kneeling in front of him, all golden jaw stubble and smooth muscles, with a pair of swollen pussy lips between his legs and his stiff pink teats leaking milk. Daddys cock grow huge and jumps in his pants.

“I’ll bring him in this afternoon.”

Daddy heads back to the hotel room, where Boy naps, curled up on the bed drugged, his blond lashes fluttering like moths against his cheeks, asleep in nothing but his tennis socks. Despite the angelic picture Boy makes, Daddy –his cock almost bursting after the discussion of Boys modifications– roughly flips Boy over onto his stomach and spreads his ripe cheeks. Squirting a gob of lube into Boys rosebud, Daddy sinks his cock into its steamy depths, rutting him like a bitch in heat. Boy moans in his drugged sleep and humps the bed, his hand drifting unconsciously underneath him, to his cock, which he yanks until it erupts all over the sheets beneath him. Daddy can’t help but shoot at the knowledge it’s the last time Boy will ever cum, and he is not even awake for it…

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Daddy’s Pussyboy
By: jockpussy

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[GAY] [TG] [PENECTOMY] [TESTICLES] [NULLIFICATION] [genitals changed only, not full sex change]

daddy nutted his boy and had him operated on to have nothing but a clitless pussy between his legs. Now he fucks his pussy for the first time. Boy is reluctant but succumbs in lust. Frustration, cock worship, pussyboy, submission, fucking, post-op.

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The boy is hunky, maybe 25, blond, blue-eyed, 5’7”, lightly tan. A pretty mouth, full pink lips glistening and parted. A hint of golden stubble on his jaw. Big pecs, big biceps. Tits and guns, as they say. His pecs are smooth and meaty, capped with pink, gumdrop nipples as big around as quarters and sticking out an inch from his chest, like udders. His hairless torso narrows to a trim waist and flares again into small round boy hips, a nice ripe bubble butt. But where his cock and balls once hung, there is only a smooth soft mound of flesh with a long dark line, like the dimple of a peach.

“Baby, how do you feel now that Daddy’s nutted you and turned you into his little pussy?” Daddy’s hand cups the smooth, hairless mound of the boys new sex, caresses it. One thick finger lightly wedges into the bottom of the fold. The boy moans as daddy’s finger slides up, parting the wet slit, exposing a set of swollen inner labia pouting like a full ripe mouth between the boys muscular legs. The boy whimpers at the strange new vulnerable sensation. It tingles where daddy touches him, but also deep inside.


“Yea, your daddy’s little girl now, aren’t you?” Daddy asks. Daddy’s hands tweak the boys puffy nipples. “No, please…” the boy moans softly, blushes, looks away. Daddy grips his jaw and sticks his tongue between the boys pretty lips, forcing them open, holding him still while his tongue explores the boys mouth, while he tweaks the boys tits. It still tingles where daddy touched his new pussy, where his cock used to be, but when daddy flicks his plumped up nipples suddenly it tingles in a soft deep place inside him too, and he gasps and moans louder.

Daddy finishes the kiss and reaches between the boys legs again. The plump lips between the boys legs part, giving daddys fingers a slippery velvet kiss. “Look at that, your pussy’s wet for me, baby.” Daddys whisper is hot in his ear. The boys blushes and shuts his eyes, whimpering. The desire he feels is so strong, so confusing. A sopping twinge of submissive desire to be filled with daddys big cock, to please him, to worship him. He remembers the feel of his own cock hardening, his balls tightening. He reaches down to touch his dick. His fingers find only smooth wet folds, the now prominently swollen pink lips of his new sex. His desire increases, his heartbeat like a butterfly in his throat, but its not the same as jerking off. He whimpers in frustration.

“Nothing down there for you to play with anymore, huh” daddy says, taking out his big cock and balls from his jeans. “Not even a clit. I didn’t want you to be distracted baby. Just a nice warm wet pouty mouth between your legs, waiting for daddys big dick.” Boy’s eyes are already glazed and fixated on daddys huge cock. He licks his lips, his jaw slack, as daddy continues.

“You wont be able to cum now. Always playing with your cock when you should be focusing on pleasing mine. Well now daddys cock is the only cock you’ll ever have to play with. You’ll never cum again…” He strokes teh boys hair “How does that make you feel? But maybe if your lucky, when daddys fucking you you’ll have an emotional orgasm and you’ll get some kind of relief, baby girl. Now suck my cock.”

The boy is already on his knees, rubbing his face on daddys huge penis. Its 5.5” around and 7” long, a real hole-pounder. Boy misses his own so much, he just wants to touch it and suck it forever. He needs it inside him now. Daddy flicks and tweaks boys nipples, milking them while boy sucks. He’ sso happy to have daddys cock inside him. A twinge of pleasure shoots from his nipples to the softest deepest fold between his legs. Boy rubs his dripping gaping pussy against daddys boot, moaning.

“Bet your pussy feels empty, doesn’t it?”

“Mmm…auughhh” the boys moans as he sucks daddys cock, and humps his boot, polishing it with his wet pussy juices. He squeezes his eyes shut as tears roll down his cheeks.

“Do you want a nice big cock between your legs?”Daddy asks. The boy sobs as daddy pulls him up and pushes him on his back, onto the bed. He tries to close his legs, even though the need to be filled is so great, it feels too exposed to lay like that anymore. But daddy bullies his knees apart and holds them open “Spread your legs like a good little girl for daddy, show me your pussy baby”. Boy feels daddys big strong dick rubbing then spanking his pussy, twitches of pleasure and shame shoot through him as he arches his hips and loses control. “Oh god fuck me daddy, fuck my pussy, fuck your little girl” Daddys cockhead parts the full pouting pussy lips and sinks into the mouth between his legs. Boy lets out a strangled groan as he feels himself being pierced and split open, his new pussy suddenly spread and filled, stretched. It hurts, but when daddys cock hits bottom, a tingling starts deep inside him. Its nothing like getting hard, more subtle and the nature of it feeling completely submissive, bending at the whim of daddys cock, like a puppet on his hand. Boy throws his arms around daddys neck, feeling like he’s melting, clinging to daddys huge muscles sobbing as daddy fucks him with slow long strokes. The pleasure builds, but its like a pleasant ache threaded with the pain of the huge cock parting his flesh. “Your pussy feels so good baby… you like how my cock makes your pussy feel, huh? You like being daddy’s little pussyboy” “Oh god, oh please, oh daddy please let me shoot my load…” Daddy pounds away at his boys pussy, making him squeal in wonder and pain. Daddy sucks on his stiff nipples, chewing on them, sending little twitches of pleasure and pain through his boys body, his own cock feeling nothing but pure pleasure from the warm wet hole between his boys legs.

The pleasant ache inside Boy plateaus and the boy is filled with frustration and blunted pleasure, his head thrown back and eyes half lidded, begging to be brought off. He reaches down between his legs to where the desire is, but cant find the source or increase the pleasure, he only feels his own pussy lips sucking at daddy’s pistoning cock, there’s nothing he can do to jerk off. Tears of frustration leak from his eyes. He’ll never shoot a load again. He can only wait to be fucked, wait for daddys cock to fill him with a pleasure that pales beside the pleasure he once felt. Only daddy can shoot and cum now. Daddy who holds him tight and drives his cock deeper “You want to feel daddys big cock shoot a load inside you now that you cant cum yourself, huh boy?” Boy knows he is right. He doesn’t want to feel pleasure from daddy cumming in his pussy, but he cant help it. His body betrays him, the pleasure reaching another higher plateau. But daddy was right, the pleasure high is mostly emotional, not like the golden physical rush of jerking his meat in his hand. His pussy swells and moistens more. He can only get satisfaction from daddys dick. “yes daddy ohhhh, aughhh, god please”

“yea, im gonna blow my hot load in your pussy and make you cum like a girl… You want me to fill your fertile little pussy with my seed baby? Daddy’s gonna fill you with sperm and knock you up” “Ugghh, oh god, ohhhhhh” Boys pleasure increases at the thought of being impregnated. He feels daddys cock grow even bigger as it pulses, spraying his new submissive sex inside with thick spurts of hot jizz.

“That’s it pussyboy, Cum like a girl for daddy” The force of the spray of jizz hits him deep inside and triggers a jolt of dull pleasure to explode inside his belly, sending diffused electricity throughout his whole body and up his spine. The boy throws his head back, “oohhhh god, ah, ah, aauughaaaa!” his pussy squeezing around the huge cock that’s spewing its load inside him as he approaches some kind of emotional peak. Boy feels the last spurt of daddys sperm, daddys cock pulling out with a wet slap. But boy is still peaking he isn’t finished. He feels suddenly, horrifyingly empty inside, stopped. With daddys cock gone he cant finish, and he feels emotionally high but physically unsatisfied, horny as hell with desire to be filled and touched. He pushes his hips back, squirming like a slut, his slit leaking thick white cream. “Please…don’t stop…oh god please” he says. But daddy’s finished, wiping his spermy dick on boys blond hairy legs, watching his cum leak like white slag from the boys gaping slit as boy squirms in frustration, begging for daddy to finish fucking him. Daddy reaches over and casually flicks one nipple, then the other, back and forth, making his boy beg more, increasing his pleasure without any relief. “Please, please put your cock in me” Boys hand cant help but reach and fumble between his legs in an effort to finally bring himself off somehow, but all his fingers find there are the parted and swollen, sperm-slick lips of his new pussy, helpless and waiting to be fucked…

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Daddy’s Pussyboy 2- doctors exam
By: jockpussy

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[GAY] [TG] [PENECTOMY] [NULLIFICATION] [post-op, genitals only, frustration, medical, submission, panties,lactation, forcefem,]

Daddy takes Boy to the surgeon who operated on him, this time for an “exam”. Boy gets his nipples milked, is forced to wear feminine underwear and have his pussy “examined” and is subjected to various sexual humiliations…

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Daddy’s Boy sits on a chair in the doctors examination room in nothing but his collar and a pair of white satin crotchless panties, with his muscular thighs slightly spread, the thick pink lips of his new pussy exposed. The stiff leather restraints used to cuff his wrists behind him bite into his skin. The restraint of his arms forces his shoulders back. His big hunky pecs push forward in the small white satin nursing bra. Daddy opened the nursing flaps so he could see boys pecs, capped with long thick baby-bottle nipples, each one sticking out and slightly to the sides, like a pinup girls.

Daddy stands fully clothed. Except his dick is out and semi-hard, already as thick and long as a baby’s leg, and his balls hang huge and hairy. He stands close enough that his cock is almost touching Boy.

Daddy reaches out and takes one plump feminine nipple between his rough fingers and snaps them fast. Boy squeals at the sudden pain. As it fades, Boy feels a soft pleasure in its wake, but Daddy quickly snatches up the other one and tweaks it just as hard. Boy sucks his breath in through his teeth. As Daddy’s fingers develop a rhythm working on Boys tits, the pleasure and pain begin to blur. Boy feels a slow thrumming ache of physical pleasure shooting up each fat nipple as its squeezed, and an identical twinge deep inside his pussy where it sluices wet. His heart fills with an overwhelming yearning, but he’s not sure for what –it’s more emotional than sexual. He just wants Daddy on top of him, pressed up close against him…

“Yea that’s it stick out those tits, baby. You’re gonna give milk today.” Every morning since he healed daddy works his tits, preparing them. By this day they are so sore that whenever daddy touches them it’s slightly painful. They feel stiff and full, aching for release.

Daddy’s cock is hard now and he feeds it to his pussyboy. Boy opens his lips to take the wam thick meat into his mouth. It feels so good to have daddy’s dick in his mouth. Daddy flicks and pulls on his big pink teats, making him all warm and fluttery inside. Boy flushes in shame and confusion as a wave of pleasure fills his cunt. The thick pouty lips between his legs moisten and part. Boy can feel the tingle of the cool air against his wet cunt. He squirms against the chair, smearing it with his juices.

Daddy drives his cock deeper into Boys mouth in excitement, giving his teats one last squeeze as he shoots a thick spurt after spurt of thick white cum into boys throat. “You want your pussy filled, huh?” Daddy puts his boot on the chair, right between Boys legs, and slowly begins to tease Boys swollen cunt open with the toe of his boot, rubbing the slit up and down til it parts. Boy moans around the spurting cock in his throat and rubs his pussy on daddy’s boot as his pleasure increases. Filled with yearning and bliss, all he wants is to be filled more by daddy, to be closer to daddy, even though he’s so ashamed…

But Daddy is done. He takes his boot off of the chair. He wipes his dick on Boys lips and shoves it back in his pants. He uncuffs boys wrists from behind him. Boys hand automatically goes between his legs but he has no dick or clit and no longer controls what happens there. All he can do is rub his vulva in frustration while his heartbeat recovers from the emotional rush. “Ohhhh…”

Daddy cuffs his jaw. “Get your hands off your twat, silly bitch. And close your bra. You’re in a doctors office.”

Boy feels a rush of heat fill his face as heblushes deeply. He does as he’s told, hooking the flaps of his bra at the top. The satin chafes against his sore nipples, which tent the fabric. His cunt drips. He’s so aroused and confused, he’s reeling. And he’s terrified and ashamed for someone besides daddy to see him like this.

The Doctor comes in and shuts the door behind him.

“Well, well.” Doctor says, eyeing up the muscle boy with his see through bra covering, with his crotchless panties and swollen pussy. “That’s a ripe-looking peach. I cant wait to give him his first GYN exam. ” He turns to Daddy “How’s everything going?”

“Perfect, “ daddy says. “And I think he’s ready to be milked doc. His teats are full.”

Boys flushes again at the way they talk about his body. GYN exam! Teats! Some months ago he was a full man, with a cock and balls, a stud at the gym. But he has no time for reminiscing. Doctor fiddles with the hooks that secure the nursing flaps closed on his bra and undoes them. The white satin falls away, revealing his baby bottle sized nipples, now swollen to twice the size, pink and stiff. They ache and feel heavy.

“Nice udders.” Doctor takes each one between thumb and forefinger and squeezes briefly before running his thumbs over the tips. Boys lips part and he moans in ecstasy. He tries to touch his pussy, but Doctor grabs his hands and puts them on his own crotch, which is bulging. Doctors dick is already stiff thinking about how he performed the surgeries on this boy and now gets to enjoy them. The doctor tugs on Boys teats, sending twinges of helpless desire to his pussy and heightening his emotional state with wave after wave of yearning. Boy can feel something changing as Doctor tugss on them, right and left. A buildup, like an orgasm, like how it felt when he had a cock, right before he came. Then suddenly he feels his nipples squirting streams of fluid, the pressure exploding…Doctor leans down and takes one nipple in his mouth, sucking it out in a thicker stream while he milks the other.

Daddy is tehn on his other nipple, sucking hard. Boy whines and squeals at the amazing sensation of the men sucking milk from his tits. It’s not like an orgasm after all, the release is only one of pressure, but that fluttery feeling deep inside his pussy comes back, and he squirms and moans.

Daddy stops sucking.

“I hope you like having your tits full of milk, pussyboy.” Daddy says “Cause I’m going to keep you like this. And then when your udders ache from being too full and heavy, you’ll beg met to milk you like a cow…”

Boy flushes deep red at the comparison. He feels a twinge in the teat that Daddy stopped sucking. Daddy’s words increase the fluttering in the deepest folds of Boys cunt

“Ohhh god, please don’t stop, please make me come…”

Doctor stops sucking. But the Boys nipples still dribble a thin pale milk. They feel sore and empty after all the attention, and they are bright red from being sucked so vigorously. Boy feels close to orgasm, the highest plateau he’s ever reached, if only he could just peak. His fingers diddle between his legs, looking for something to play with, something to bring him off.

Doctor laughs. “I cut your nerves myself, you’ll never cum that way. But I’m gonna fuck you so deep you’ll cry tears of joy.” Doctor slaps away Boys hand and slides his own hand between boys legs, fumbling in the soft wet folds of his pussy, sinking three thick fingers deep inside at once.

“auuugh” Boy gasps.

“I think it’s time for your GYN exam,” doctor says, taking his fingers away, leaving Boys cunt suddenly empty. Doctor pulls out two metal legs from the end of the table that raise into the air, with a stirrup at each end. Boy pulls away and shakes his head in horror. He’s so hungry to be filled, but the metal scares him.

“Lay down and put your legs up in the stirrups for the doctor, like a good little girl,”Daddy says.

Boy does as he is told. The metal is cool as he slides his ass down to the edge of the table. As soon as his feet are in the stirrups, Doctor secures his ankles with restraints. Boy feels the table extension under most of his ass being pulled away. Withhis ass hanging out over air and his legs spread in the air, his pussy completely exposed and vulnerable. Boy trembles, but there is nothing he can do as Doctor takes out a huge speculum and slides the cold metal between the enlarged lips of the boys hot wet vulva. Boy gasps at the cold shock inside him. Doctor starts cranking the tool, so its duck bill mouth opens, opening Boys helpless vagina with it. Boy winces at the pain of his pussy stretching open further and further. Then suddenly it stops. Boys pussys spread as far as it will go.

Doctor comes around to Boys head, his dick hard as pepperoni and leaking like boys tits. Boy can feel his pussy gaping, open to the world as doctor rubs his dick all over Boys face and tweaks his milky titties.

“Yea you’re vagina’s gaping open, cunt. How does it feel?”

Boy feels a deep flush of shame. His vagina! But the feel of his nipples being tweaked makes Boy all gooey inside. The warm thick cock against his face makes him hungry. He can feel the cool air in the hole between his legs, where his cock used to be. But he’ll never be a man again, with a dick, never cum. He’ll always be a pussy, always have a soft wet hole between his legs. Boy can’t help it. He wants to be fucked. His emotions are a hot mess of joy and envy. His breath comes in gasps.

“Ohhhh god, it feels so empty and flat… I need my pussy filled up with cock… I need a dick between my legs….”

“Yea you do you fucking hole.” The doctor says slapping Boys pussy. “You want me to fill you up, cunt?

“Oh yes, oh god” Boy trembles while the doctor removes the speculum, and replaces it with his cock. Boy’s so happy to finally have thick warm meat inside him filling him, instead of cold metal holding him open. Doctor stands at the end of the exam table and pounds his huge dick into boys stretched cunt, holding onto Boy’s legs in the stirrups… “Yea my cock makes you feel like a woman, doesn’t it?”

“Oh no…aauugghh…please no…”

“Yea,” the doctor spreads Boys pussylips apart while he fucks him, admiring his own work. “Yea, my cock makes you feel like a woman, I know it does. Tell me the truth, cuntboy…”

Wave after wave of pleasure fills Boys pussy, but no wave is ever high enough that he hits an apex and is appeased. Boy’s emotions soar at the feeling of fullness and desire, he wants to become complete, he just wants to be filled up forever, it’s the only way he’s whole…a feeling of beauty fills him, riding the waves of emotional ecstasy as the doctors cock hits that spot deep inside him and then he’s sobbing uncontrollably, pushing his hips to drive the cock deeper inside him, but he’ll never be satisfied…

“Oh god yes! yes, aaaauuugh….. your cock makes me feel like a woman…it does…” he sobs. His hands move toward his crotch, but instead of reaching between his legs where they are useless, Boy remembers and brings them up to his tits, swollen and chapped, but tingling with pleasure when he squeezes them and rubs his thumbs across the tips, displacing droplets of milk.

Daddy looks at the beautiful scene of his athletic jock boy laying on his back with his feet up in stirrups on a GYN table, wearing a nursing bra and crotchless panties, playing with his huge leaky nipples and crying, while the surgeon deep-dicks his swollen hairless cunt. Daddy’ s own dick is twice as hard as it was before he came earlier, and he unzips now to put it in Boys empty mouth. Boy moans as he takes daddys big cock down his throat, tears rolling down his cheeks as doctor and daddy fill him up at both ends.

“That’s it baby,” daddy says. “Show the doctor how happy you are to be a woman now…”

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Daddy’s Pussyboy 3- trip to the drugstore
By: jockpussy

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[GAY] [TG] [PENECTOMY] [NULLIFICATION] [forced sex change, reluctance, lactation, submission, humiliation, frustration, impregnation threats]

After playing basketball at at the gym, Boys pussy is so wet that Daddy sends him to CVS to get menstrual pads to wear. Turns out his b’ball buddy works there too. He finds out Boy’s secret and takes him to the stock room to have his way with him…

Newest Files

Boy leaves the basketball game at the park breathless and aroused, his big female nipples aching and stiff under his jersey. He just couldn’t keep them from getting touched by things. Every time he caught a pass, the ball or his own biceps rubbed against his nipples, and several times one of the other muscle-bound guys bumped against them, causing a deep twitch of pleasure to ripple in his cunt. He thinks the one guy, Joe, may have been bumping into him on purpose, just to watch his subtle gasp and blush. Did Joe notice? But maybe he was imagining it. Boy hopes they don’t notice he always uses a stall in the bathroom. When he sits to pee now it sprays all over his legs and ass, emphasizing his emasculation and femininity. He cant help but touch his soft wet vulva, even though he knows he cant cum from touching himself like a man anymore, he can’t help himself. Boy can only reach satisfaction from a cock inside him, and even then its only an emotional orgasm, nothing like the amazing release of shooting a load.

He doesn’t dare touch his nipples though, for fear they’ll start leaking and everyone will see it through his shirt- daddy hasn’t milked him in several days. After the Doctor gave him his first GYN exam and fucked him and shot a load of cum in his pussy, he instructed Daddy that Boy would have to have his teats suckled and emptied every few hours the first week, to ensure he would continue to produce milk. But after that week, daddy likes to wait, keeping Boys tits nice and full so they stick out like udders, straining agaist the fabric of his bra or shirt, sore from the pressure and sensitive to the slightest touch.

Two of his digits slip inside his new sex and he fingers his twat in the toilet stall for a few minutes, thinking about Daddy sucking on his nipples, the tingling of milk pouring out, thinking about his daddys big cock and pleasing it, wrapping his legs around daddy while daddy fucks and kisses him, opening him up, wishing he still had a cock of his own to play with…

Bambambam! Someone bangs on the door “Game’s on!”

Boy shudders at the thought of getting caught peeing like a girl and playing with his pussy. His pussy spasms on his fingers. He can feel a droplet of milk form at his tit. He quickly closes his legs and pulls up his basketball shorts, his cunt wet and aching to be filled. He runs back to the court and hopes the other guys can’t smell the scent of his aroused pussy.

When Boy gets home Daddy makes him take off his clothes.

Daddys looks at his boy- a hot beefy hunk with a pretty face and large female-looking nipples, stiff and pink, like the nipples of a baby bottle. Boy is wearing the silky panties Daddy got him. Daddy says there’s no reason for him to wear mens underwear anymore as he has no dick or balls – he doesn’t need the support and he cant pee through a fly anyway. He’s only allowed to wear silky girl panties now. This pair is pale pink, with a dark wet stain spread across the entire crotch, Boy’s panties are soaked through.

Daddy reaches out to tweak one sensitive teat. Boy whimpers as the wetness of his panties deepens.

“You been letting the guys at the gym cop a feel of your titties, haven’t you?”Daddy asks

Boy blushes, shakes his head “No daddy.”

Daddy cuffs his head. “Don’t you lie to me. If you haven’t been getting your tits felt up,” Daddy flicks one nipple, and Boy yelps. “Then how come you’re panties are all wet?”

“I mean, sometimes when we’re playing, the other guys bump into me…”

“I bet they do. Pull down your panties, let’s see that mess between your legs.”

Boy hooks his thumbs in his panties and slowly pulls them down, exposing his puffy mound. But the material of the panties are stuck between the fleshy frills of his pussy and when he tugs on the panties the material springs out, dripping with his fluids.

“Messy slut. Can’t control yourself. Letting all those guys play with your tits, and look what happens. Youre twat’s drooling so much you’ve ruined your nice new panties.”

Boy bites his lip and looks down, trying not to cry. He didnt even let anyone play with his nipples, but Daddy won’t believe him.

Daddy slides a hand between boys legs, between his cuntlips, rubbing his slit back and forth, all the way from front to back. “Looks like you’ll need to start wearing menstrual pads, baby. Can’t have you ruining all your nice panties like this.”

Daddy takes out some bills from his wallet and hands them to Boy, who isn’t allowed to keep his own money. “Go buy yourself a box of menstrual pads to stop your slimy cunt from dripping all over the place,” he says. “If anyone asks you what they’re for, you tell them exactly that.”

Daddy pauses thoughtfully. “While youre there get yourself a breastpump too, and some douches and extra large tampons. If you don’t find them right away ask for help. Tell whoever helps you that your nipples are chapped and you need a good ointment for breastfeeding.”

Boy’s jaw goes slack in horror. He winces, close to tears “But-“

Daddy grips Boys jaw in one hand and pushes him against the wall, looks into his eyes,. His other hand feels Boys pussy and finds a fold inside, pinches so hard Boy shrieks. “Do it, cuntboy”

“Ohhhhhh,” Boy whimpers,”….yes daddy.”

“That’s a good girl”

Boy walks into the CVS hesitantly. He can’t believe what daddy made him wear. A size too small hoody, nothing underneath, with the zipper opened down to his breastbone- just enough that you can see the fat nipples that cap his pecs peeking out. Shorts that hug his crotch so tight it’s not only obvious he’s without a dick or balls, but the seam cuts so deeply into his slit, the outline of his full fleshy pussy is visible. Boy’s got camel toe.

But maybe no one will notice, no one will ask him anything and he can just get his stuff and go. Boy finds the breastpumps and douches no problem. Just as he picks up the XL insertable tampons, he’s stopped.

“Hey can I help you find anything else?”

Boy blanches in horror. It’s Joe, from the basketball court, in a CVS polo shirt. Joe towers over him, looks down at Boys camel toe, at his puffy nipples and the breastpump and box of douches and tampons he holds. He smirks. “You find everything you’re looking for?”

“Uhhh….I need, um. menstrual pads.” Boy swallows, looks down and away.

“Right over here dude. What do you need them for?”

Boy’ s stomach clutches like a missed gear. He flushes pink, from cheeks to nipples, his eyes cast down, so Joe sees only his blond lashes. “Um….t-to stop my …slimy cunt from dripping all over the place…” he finishes softly, his cheeks burning.

Joe’s mouth drops open, but his eyes linger a little longer on Boys crotch. “Oh yea? Maybe I can help you with t hat,” Joe grabs a box of menstrual pads from the shelf. His eyes are looking Boy up and down hungrily. Boy realizes Joe bumping into him on the court all day was no accident.

“Anything else I can help you with?” To his horror, Joe reaches out and to slide a finger along the cleft of boys shorts, forcing them deeper into his pussy.

Boy remembers what daddy told him to say. He blushes again “Do you have a breastfeeding ointment? My…nipples are chapped…”

“As a matter of fact I think we do…” From his height Joe can look right down Boys open shirt and see his fat female nipples sticking out and pointing slightly to the sides. Joe’s dick twitches at the sight. “Why don’t you come in the back with me to look for it?” Joe puts his arm around Boys shoulders as they walk down the aisle.

Boy follows Joe into the back room. Joe locks the door behind them and corners Boy.

“I could tell you were a faggot pussy by the way you played ball.” He says, unzipping his jeans. “But I didn’t know you wanted it this bad.”

Joe pulls out his cock. It stands up, big and thick, hard as a baseball bat. Joe reaches out and unzips Boys hoody all the way, revealing his pink plump nipples, chapped at the tips.

“I been waiting all day to feel these tits” he says, cupping a smooth meaty pec in each hand and fondling them, rolling the nipples lightly between his fingers. Boy moans and his mouth parts as he drops his packages. Joe’s handling his pecs the way he would a woman’s breasts- that, and the continued light stimulation on his stiff, unmilked teats makes his pussy twitch with pleasure deep inside. “ohhhh”

“Yea, I could see your nice little rack under your shirt. I could tell you liked it when I’d bump into you. You’d blush and make them little faggot noises.”

Joe grabs Boys empty crotch and squeezes.

“What happened to your dick, faggot?”

“Um…I’m a…pussy now…”

Joe pulls down his shorts, revealing the pink cleft formed by his plump pussy lips, glistening with his juices. This time Boy blushes all over.

Joe’s dick hardens completely at the sight. “Holy fuck. I thought I smelled pussy in the bathroom today” his fingers explore Boys slimy box. “you were sitting to pee like a girl in the stall?”

“Yes” Boy looks down, overwhelmed by the feelings Joe arouses in his cunt, the desire for closeness. “Please…don’t tell anyone…”

“Oh, I won’t,” Joe says, “Not if you behave for me.”

Joe lays boy down on the cement floor of the stockroom and pushes his legs up. Boy cringes in shame as Joe slides two fingers up his wet snatch, spreads them apart, holding his cunt open as he primes his cock to enter Boy. All Boy can feel is how empty he feels, how much he wishes he had a cock of his own to play and cum with, how much he needs Joe’s cock inside him.

Joe pushes Boys legs back and enters Boy. Boy writhes and moans as Joe’s cockhead slams against the knob deep in his snatch, making his pussy cream all over joe’s cock as he clutches him and rides the waves of pleasure and emotional intensity. Joe finally drills him hard, barely pulling out at all with each thrust, his balls banging against the bottom of Boys vulva.

“I’m gonna cum in your pussy, bitch. I’m gonna shoot a big load deep inside you.” Joe finishes, humping his stream of jizz in Boy, who feels the hot squirt hit his cervix with a forceful stream, triggering a ripple of pleasure in his belly.

But Joe pulls out before Boy has reached any sort of satisfaction of his own. Boy gasps at how empty and needy he feels, panting like a bitch in heat while Joe smiles in satisfaction. Boy spreads his knees wider, and rubs his open slit. “Ohhh god Please put it back in, put your fingers in my pusssy, anything…”

“Sorry pussyboy, my breaks over. But maybe this will help”

Joe grabs a small bottle of shampoo and wedges it between boys cuntlips, forcing it up his gaping hole. Boy gasps. Tears of shame fill his eyes as his pussy squeezes, the lips between his legs closing around it so it is completely inside.

Joe dangles his dick over Boys lips so Boy can lick the last of his cum. “Clean it real good, pussyboy. And hurry up and put your pants on. I don’t need my office reeking like cunt.”

Boy staggers to his feet reeling with shame and desire, his tits still stiff and unmilked, a shampoo bottle stuffed up his pussy. As he pulls his shorts up, Joe takes out a menstrual pad and sticks it in the crotch of boys shorts. “To stop your slimy cunt from dripping all over the place…Wouldn’t want my cum running down your legs on the way home. Y’know, every bitch I’ve ever fucked gets pregnant the first time. My sperm may just be powerful enough to plant a seed in your belly.”

Boy can’t help himself, even though it repulses him, it seems Joe speaks directly to the soft deep fold between his legs, which responds by opening more and sucking at the bottle of shampoo. The shampoo bottle slips down, holding his cunt open but also plugging him up, like the cork in a bottle of wine.

Joe lets Boy out the back door with his purchases. He reaches out and pets Boy’s crotch where his menstrual pad is secured under his shorts, acting as a dam against all the cum inside him. “See you on the court, pussyboy…unless you’re too sick in the morning.”

Boy gets home worried, his eyes full of tears. Can he even get pregnant? He asks Daddy what will happen.

“The doctor will know for sure, but you better douche in case he’s right” Daddy says, pissed. “And if you can, and you can’t keep from spreading your legs, he might have to put you on birth control pills…”

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Daddy’s Pussyboy 4- birth control serum
By: jockpussy

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[GAY] [TG] [PENECTOMY] [NULLIFICATION] [genital sex change, birth control]

Daddy takes his pussyboy back to the doctor for birth control. Doc shows Boys GYn exam and vaginal birth control cream insertion off to a team of horny med students and then leaves him strapped to the exam chair for the janitor to find…but the janitor is in for a surprise!

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Boy breathes a sigh of relief. The doctor says he is not pregnant.

Boy is strapped to the GYN exam chair, his wrists secured behind his neck, showing off his flared lats, washboard abs and bulging biceps. The stirrups spread his muscular furry blond legs. A thick wet line runs down the cleft beneath the pink gstring panties that cover his puffy, dripping pussy mound.

The Doctor runs his middle finger up the cleft, through the panties. Boy feels his pussy spasm with an ache of pleasure. He grunts and squirms in the stirrups, rubbing his pussy against the Doctors hand.

“But can he?” Daddy asks. “He’s mine and I don’t want someone else breeding him.”

“It’s rare’ Doctor says. “However there are several options to prevent it. We could start him on a cycle of birth control, for instance. But there are side effects.”

“What are they?”

“Well they contain estrogen, Not a full dose, not enough to give him a womans figure or huge breast development that a passerby would notice. But small breasts will bud and his teats will fill out and point out more naturally and become extremely sensitive and arousing, even to fabric touching them. His skin and voice and hair will be slightly softer, his lips more full and pink. He’ll be more sensitive all over his body, especially his pussy,” Doctor tugs on Boys panties so the fabric bunches up in his cleft, making Boy squirm more “and with this new erotic stimulant I could compound with it, he might even become sensitive enough to experience a total female orgasm-“ Boy moans as doctor flicks his fat juicy lips through the panties. “The estrogen will probably wreak havoc on his emotions though. And he may lose some strength.”

“Will he still look male? Have muscles?”

“Yes, but he’ll look prettier. Smoother. His muscles will still be big and hunky, but less ripped. Less detail.”

Boy shivers on the exam table. Daddy had turned his cock and balls into a fat juicy pink pussy, but he was being given testosterone which prevented him from experiencing most of the effects of castration. He was toned and ripped and strong. The operation had only affected him sexually. If daddy put him on birth control he would be truly castrated- a soft, helpless pussy with a big dripping set of lips between his legs.

“If you decide on birth control, I could implant a chip inside his pussy. However that would require surgery again, and he’d need time to heal before he could be used. And if you decided to stop the birth control- either to increase his athletic performance or to breed him- it would have to be surgically removed. Another option is a cream that can be inserted vaginally.”

Doctor suddenly pulls aside the panties and thrusts two fingers up Boys pussy mout, curling them up against his implanted gspot. A pleasure shoots through Boys cunt and arches his back and groans in heat. “Uuugggghhh…”

“You could even fuck him right away,” Doctor removes his fingers, the pink elastic of the panties snaps back on Boys empty hole. A sting, a shudder of pleasure. Boy feels so empty inside. “*If* and ONLY if you wear a condom. You don’t want it getting on your cock.”

“I dunno.” Daddy hesitated. “I like him looking like a muscle boy.”

Boy lays helpless on the table, his arms and legs secured while they talk. He thinks about his tits growing buds, becoming even more feminine and sensitive to touch, his pussy spasming and wet with uncontrollable pleasure, his muscles losing some definition and strength, his emotions becoming more weepy and soft, just a soft wet pussy…”Nooo!” he pleads, suddenly pulling against the restraints that bind him, turning his head towards Daddy. “No, please, fuck, I don’t want to be a total pussy, I don’t want birth control, god, fuck …”

Doctor plays with Boys pussy lips, looking at Daddy and ignoring him.

“He’ll still be a muscle boy, he’ll just be smoother and prettier and his tits will stick out more. The real side effects are physical and emotional sensitivity. And honestly, if you don’t like it, we can discontinue it and beef him up more on steroids, we can outfit him with a chastity belt if that’s the case….I think it’ll be even sexier than he is now…I plan to have a boy such as this as my own very soon.”

“Ok, go ahead and give it to him today.” Daddy says. “We’ll talk about a chastity device when I get back later.”

“No, daddy, please, I’ll be good…”

Daddy reaches and strokes Boys cheek with the back of his curled fingers. “You know you have to get regular GYN check ups now that you’re a pussy.” Daddy flicks his tits, sending ripple sof pleasure through him. “The nice doctors gonna give you a GYN exam demonstration for his colleaugues to insert your birth control gel, and then I’ll be back in a few hours to pick you up.”

“No! No, please I don’t want birth control!”

“Shoulda thought of that before spreading your legs like a slut and letting some guy bust his nut up your pussy in the back of the drugstore. Don’t worry baby, you’ll like being a total pussy.”

Boys muscles tighten in the restraints, but there is nothing he can do. He sobs, turning his cheek against the GYN chair as daddy walks out of the room….

There are about 7 or 8 men crammed into the office. Doctor slides a finger under the boys pink g string panties and shifts them aside, revealing Boys fat wet pussy lips and the pink inner folds spilling out his slit like the frills of a clamshell. “As you can see, the hood for his clitoris is empty.” Doctor moves aside to show off his creation. “He can only experience a peak from being penetrated.”

One guy in scrubs reaches out and starts playing with the lips of Boys cunt. “Wow it feels just like a womans.” He rolls the fleshy frills between his fingers, pinches them. “So now I open it and palpate like this?” Boy trembles and shuts his eyes as the medical student slides two fingers in his slit and begins to poke inside him while poking on the outside too. Boy can feel a deep flutter inside him as his pussy comes alive at the touch.

“Wow, look, he’s getting wet.”

“His arousal patterns are like a womans- his nipples are enlarging and his breath is shallow.”

“Look at him writhing around,” Boy hears laughter “He likes it alright. Look at that pussy engorge with blood.’

The other men move closer, asking questions, fondling his big pointy nipples and his dripping cunt and virtually ignoring him otherwise. He’s nothing- just a pair of tits and a gaping wet pussy for them to play with. Oh why did Daddy have to leave him here? Boy can see that each guy has a hard on under his scrubs. His pussy twinges and more juices leak from his cunt. He feels waves of pleasure fill him up and roll up his body like electricity singing through his tits and belly. He arches his back and shakes his head in pleasure.

“Why don’t you do the honors and open him up?” We’re going to be inserting a vaginal birth control cream today. Within minutes it will start to take effect.”

The medical student inserts the speculum and Boy feels his hot wet vulva close around the invading tool. Then suddenly it cranks Boys cunt wide open. Boy can feel the metal against his throbbing pussy, holding him open to the air.

“Wow. I can see all the way inside.”

The med students gather closer. Some of them have their hard cocks out now. Two begin rubbing his nipples, pulling on them. Another stands between his legs next to the Doctor, who hands him a huge plastic syringe shaped like a cock, full of a thick clear gel. “Make sure to get it all the way inside before you push the plunger. Then massage it all in.”

“No!” Boy sobs and pulls on his restraints, but there is nothing he can do even in his strength to free his arms or close his spread legs. And he is so turned on by all the cocks around him, by the cool air in his gaping pussy, by all the touches to his nipples, which begin pulsing out a stream of thin milk.

“Holy shit look at his mammaries. He’s giving milk like a pregnant bitch.”

“He wants his titties sucked”

The med student plunges the syringe into Boys gaping, dripping pussy. Boy can feel his cunt wanting to close around it, but the speculum holds him open as the man squirts the thick white gel deep inside him, coating his cervix and filing his cunt with the birth control that will totally unman him. As soon as the med student is done he inserts his fingers into boys cunt, rubbing the gel into the walls of boys pussy.

Boy can’t help it. It feels so good. Another wave of electricity fills Boy as the birth control is massaged into his pussy. He writhes and gasps as two guys begin sucking at his pointy leaky teats.

Then he hears a whirring noise. A flash of bright light. Several of the med students have their cell phones out, taking pictures of him, all nipples and muscles and strapped to a GYN exam chair his fat juicy pussy held open with a speculum. Boy tries to hide his face but he can’t. The med student with the cock-shaped syringe thrusts it back in his cunt all the way, so the head presses up against the deep knot of nerves that Doctor buried inside him. The med student wiggles it around.

The effect of the direct pressure on his nerve button combined with the effect of the erotic stimulant and birth control serum is explosive. “Uhhhhhh……aaauughh!” Boy thrashes as a shivery pleasure unlike he’s ever known spreads from deep in his pussy up through his beefy muscles and up his spine, over his scalp. Like every hair standing on end in anticipation, every nerve tingling and exposed. He moans and sucks his lips, tosses his head and rubs it into the back of the GYN chair as the students cellphone cameras flash all around him.

“Ohhh god…oh god fuck…oh! Oh fuck me, please…”

“Yea he likes it when I rub his gspot! Just like a girl!”

“Its like he has a clit inside his cunt!”

“Is that right, pussy? You like the way that estrogen makes your little clitty feel? You want a stiff dick up your pussy?”

“I’ll remind you students, you cannot fuck him right now without getting the estrogen cream on you. You wouldn’t want to end up that way yourself. If you need to release yourselves you can do so over him.”

Boy’s muscles shake in weakness and pleasure as another wave hits him. He blushes in shame. A warm ,fluttery feeling of bittersweet ecstacy fills in his chest and he’s overcome with emotion. The students shoot their load s all over him. His eyes well up with tears. He can feel the milk pulsing more strongly from his swollen nipples into the mouths of the men sucking them.

“I’m sorry but we’re out of time.” Doctor says. “Let’s go back to the university

to finish the lecture.”

Boy shudders as the student takes the cock-syringe from his pussy. Doctor snaps the speculum closed and slides it out. But boys pussy is so aroused his swollen cunt lips gape open still, like a fat open mouth. His pussy feels so empty. He feels lost.

“Oh god please…” he begs, sobbing. “I don’t want to be on birth control…I don’t want to be a pussy…”

The student shoves the cock-syringe in his mouth and secures it to his head.

Before he knows it, The doctor and students are gone.

The building is quiet for a few minutes, as boy lays there teary and panting, his muscles trembling, his sloppy gaping cunt oozing birth control serum.

He hears a door unlocking, a closet, hears wheels across the floor outside.

“Jesus fuck.” A long, low whistle. A young man stands in the open doorway facing Boys spread legs. He looks to be in his mid 20’s, broad shouldered and buff, his muscles bulging, wearing a slightly baggy navy coveralls, with “Nick” stitched into the pocket. A chiseled jawline and handsome face with a five o clock shadow. His short dark hair is slicked back. His fist is curled around the handle of a mop, which is sticking out of a bucket on wheels. “Doc said there’d be some prime pussy here tonight. Guess I’m looking at my summer bonus.”

Nicks hand reaches down to grab his dick now tenting his overalls. He lets go of the broom and walks closer to the pussyboy strapped to the GYN exam chair. He wrestles off his coveralls revealing a worn A-shirt and boxers, shoulders like cannonballs and biceps wreathed in tattoos.

Boy trembles and shuts his eyes at the shame of another hot muscle stud seeing him like this, totally feminized and crying, with a cock-shaped syringe gagging him and big wet snatch between his legs. It’s like a nightmare.

But when he opens his eyes, the janitor has his dick out. A very long, thick, gracefully arched cock , veins pulsing beneath the skin, sloping up to a perfectly shaped spongy head, a pearlescent drop of precum oozing from a wide pisshole. The guys huge balls hang low in a loose, swinging sack.

It’s big and beautiful, the most beautiful cock and balls that Boy has ever seen. He thinks of his own cock, small but also beautiful, gone forever. He wants to touch it, play with so badly. He needs it. His throat gets tight and he tries to lick his lips. He feels a flutter deep in his pussy. He moans and sucks on the cock-syringe.

Nick stands between his legs. His big beautiful cock out and pointed at Boys oozing cunt. He slowly slides the head against Boys split swollen mound, rubbing it up and down, forcing it open wider. “Wow look at those fat lips.” Nick spreads them open with his fingers. “Someone get you all hot and leave you for me.? You’re so fucking wet…you’re pussy all wet for big Nick?”

Boys cuntlips close around the fat head Nicks cock. His skin burns hot with shame, but his nerves shiver in anticipation of finally getting fucked.

If he had even been paying attention, if he had remembered about the birth control serum, he still could not have spoken.

Nick slides his long thick meat into Boys slit, watching as it parts the full lips all the way. Dipping his stick in a pot of birth control serum. Boy lets out a high-pitched moan and spreads his knees open more as he feels the shaft of Nicks beautiful cock sink deep inside his spasming hole. “aiiiiuuuugh…”

“yea ,that’s a nice wet pussy” Nicks short dark pubes rub against Boys juicy lips, against his empty clit-hood. Boys skin has already become so sensitive the sensation is overwhelming, and he thrusts his hips up against the bristly contact while Nick fucks him, the large, low-hanging balls slapping his ass. “uuuuugh! Aiiigh…”

The janitor fucks Boy like a machine, his hips pistoning his cock deep in Boys hole. Boy sucks on the cock-syringe in his mouth and thrashes and moans in ecstasy as Nicks dick touches his new gspot, sending swirling, shivery sensations from the softest deepest fold between his legs to the nervenet of stars spread over his body. When he feels the first shot of Nicks load hit him deep inside the sensations triple, until every nerve in his body is lit, every muscle jerking uncontrollably, and a thousand fingers of pleasure and emotion rush up his spine, sending him squealing and thrashing to a peak of helpless intensity. “uh..ohhhh…Aaaaiiiggghhh!” His pussy spasms. A squirt of milk spurts from each of his tits.

And then it is over, and he is spent, his body limp and moist and shaking, tears spilling from his eyes. He wants to be held. The emotions are so strong he doesn’t even know what he is feeling. He starts sobbing as the janitor leaves and goes back to mopping the floor, whistling. His pussy twitches as it leaks out a mixture of erotic birth control serum and Nick’s cum…

Apologies for those who have been waiting so long for another chapter. Fresh ideas and sexy comments are always welcome.

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Daddy’s Pussyboy 5- Bball gang bang
By: jockpussy

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[GAY] [TG] [PENECTOMY] [NULLIFICATION] [post genital sex change, rape, violence]

Daddy’s Pussyboy drank a bit too much beer playing Bball with the guys and goes to take a piss. But he is not expecting what’s waiting for him when he comes out of the bathroom stall. …post-vaginoplasty, lactataion, resistance/nonconsent, gangbang, violence/blood.

Newest Files

Boys had a few beers with the guys on the court playing ball in his jeans and boxers. Joe isn’t around today, but about 8 other guys are, including Tony, the deadliest toughest stud on the court. Tony is 6’3” and cock diesel with a deep tan and build like a stripped –down truck. Boy had heard he was a heavyweight boxer but had quit years ago for the love of his life, an Italian model who later dumped him. The wouldn’t take him back, and ever since he’d had a drinking problem, Once he got pissed and went nuts on Kenny’s brother who had just scored, punching him in the mouth until Joe and Leaman had to pull him off. But he always brings a case of beer to the court and shares. Nobody ever fucks with Tony.

All the beer makes Boy need to pee.He’s alone sitting on a toilet in the restroom when he hears footsteps of several people coming in. He hears Tony’s voice.

“Damn it smells like pussy in here.” Boy freezes in the stall, but he doesn’t have enough control over his pee anymore to cut it off in midstream. It continues to spray and tinkle into the toilet as he sits there, covering his pussy with one hand. Tony pulls open the door, which has no lock. “Why are you sitting down to pee? What a fuckin pussy.”

He sees the other guys are in the restroom too, standing around and watching. Boy quickly finishes peeing and scrambles to his feet, pulling up his jeans and boxers “Unh-unh keep your pants down,” Tony says, standing with his legs apart and arms folded across his chest, blocking the way. “Let me see that pussy.”

Boy stops looks from face to face. Joe must have told them. And they had waited to catch him alone. Maybe if he showed it to Tony they would let him go. He feels a terrible pressure and sensation in his chest. In his throat. In his eyes. “Um…okay. Then will you leave me alone?” his chokes out the words.

“You’re not going anywhere until you let me see that pussy.”

Boy holds the tops of his jeans, still unbuttoned. He pulls the front of his jeans and boxers down to give a Tony peek. But Tony, with his boxer instincts is suddenly pressed up close and looming over him, one hand holding his pussy like a bowling ball, with his finger stuck in. Boy freaks out and scrambles away, pulls his jeans and boxers up, tries to run.

But not before Tony hits him in the mouth. Boy entire body swings around from the force of the blow. Pain erupts and blood fills his mouth. He staggers forward.

“Grab him.” The other guys hold him, standing up arms and legs spread. Tony pulls out a switchblade and cuts open the crotch of boys jeans and right through his boxers, exposing his puffy pink cleft. Tony presses the flat of the blade against Boys fat pussy. “You want Tony’s big knife up your cunt?” Boy trembles as blood runs down his lip. Bile rises in his throat. He may not have a cock or balls to lose anymore, but his pussy is defenseless against a knife, it could totally fuck him up and kill him. Boys mouth trembles and his eyes squint closed and spill over with tears. Why do they want to hurt him like this?

“Stop crying, pussy.” Tony takes the knife away and hits Boy so hard in the face his head snaps back and his eyes flick white, like a doll. Boy gasps and tries to stop crying, his breath coming in hysterical shaky little hiccups. Tony kicks Boys legs apart and plugs two fingers in his cunt, feels Boy juice on contact. “That’s a luscious pussy alright. You see this guys? A hot juicy pussy. I almost didn’t believe him.”

Boy stands there spread and held in place. He can see Tony’s cock is hard through his sweats. Tony, with two fists, rips open boys teeshirt, revealing his budding tits: overdeveloped gym pecs with a layer of breast tissue over them that makes them look no less tight and perky, but somewhat softer than they did when they were just hard lean muscle, and capped now by obscenely large pink nipples pointing slightly outwards. Tony’s dick grows to his full length of 9 inches, tenting his sweatpants. “Damn, fuckers nice got nice melons too.” Tony fondles and squeezes boys smooth meaty breasts, flicking and tugging the pointy tips. Boy cant help it. His fat, long, baby bottle nipples swell and stiffen at Tony’s touch. Boy makes a small breathy noise. He looks wildly for a way out, as Tony by turn takes his nipples into his mouth, sucking and chewing on them hungrily.

“Ohhhauuuugh..!” Even in his fear and upset, even as he tries to find escape, his stiff nipples shoot ripples of pleasure deep into his cunt when Tony handles them. Tony saws his hand into the valley of Boys wet slit, back and forth. “Yea now he’s all wet and sloppy… I tend to have that effect on girls…”

Boy is scared. He’s hurt. He doesn’t want to get fucked by all these men, his former bball buddies, who set him up and are now watching as Tony assaults him. And Tony is already known to be crazy. Boy was cherry before he met Daddy, and had never been fucked by another man, until he woke up and his cock and balls had been turned into a pussy, and Daddy let the doctor fuck him in return. Then he let Joe fuck him once, and was left restrained to the GYN exam chair for Nick. But the idea of being used by a gang of 8 slightly drunk bball guys who he thought were his buddies, in a public bathroom at the park.. it makes him feel ashamed, helpless, angry…he fights down the pressure rising in his chest. The thought of getting gang banged by 8 studs is also… arousing. Boy swallows, confused by his overwhelming emotions and still feeling the pain in his face as he resists the urge to grind his pussy onto Tonys hand.

Tony spreads his nostrils and pauses, sniffs deeply “Yea I can smell that pussy getting ripe. By the time we’re outta here this place is gonna stink of fish.”

Boy blushes and looks down and away. He’s so self-conscious about the sweet musky scent of his pussy. He just wants to get away. Get out Get out Get out! He throws himself against the restraining arms, and breaks away! But the guys tackle his jeans down as he’s running. Boy trips on them and falls face down against the concrete floor hitting his head, scrambles halfway back up. “Hold him down for me” Tony says. Boy falls to the ground in a jumble of arm and legs and bodies. Someone kicks him hard in the stomach and he doubles over. The men take the opportunity to pin him down on his back with his hands above his head and his knees up and spread wide, exposing the pink, juicy, split-open mound of his pussy. “Here you go Tony its all yours”

“No” Tony says. “Turn him over on all fours so we can milk him. Besides I love the way a puffy cunt looks from behind.”

The pressure in Boys chest erupts into a sob and he starts crying, struggling against the men that hold him down.

“Shut him up Stuart.” A loud slap. A warm sting, a brief vertigo as his head swings from the force of it. And then Boy is crying around Stuarts dick in his mouth.

The men turn Boy over and restrain him so he is on all fours. Tony kneels behind him between his legs and forces them open wider with his knees, til Boys ass is pushed up and back, his cunt on display behind him. Stuarts in front. As Tony’s big cock sinks into his soft defenseless slit, Boy squeals around Stuarts cock. Stuart grabs his tits and start squeezing and pulling them, alternating one and the other, squeezing progressively harder from base to tips, like milking a cow. Boys tits feel full to bursting and his nipples ache. He feels a pulse of pleasure as his tits start spraying milk. “Nice!” the guys around cheer. “Yea, milk that cow!”

Tony grinds his dick deep into Boys pussy, opening him deep inside and sending shudders of pleasure through him. His big balls slap against Boys fat wet lips, which squeeze his dick back in response, making Tonys dick feel total pleasure. “God this is some good pussy, you’re gonna love it.” He says

Two of the guys get under Boy to suck his tits while Tony and Stuart plug him at each end. The powerful sensations of the suckling at his teats and the dick porking his pussy makes Boys throat open for more of Stuarts cock as he moans and gags himself on it. He feels a tremendous wave of pleasure building in his belly with every thrust of Tony’s cock against his deep spot of nerves, bringing him closer and closer to an edge of pleasure and pressure he cant define, skipping lightly across it.

“Yea, he loves it, doesn’t he? I’m gonna fill you with cum you whore.” Tony’s dick swells up in Boys cunt as he thrusts it in to the root, grinding his balls against Boys fat lips and shooting three short spurts of cum deep in his pussy. Boy’s pelvic muscles waffle and tighten, losing control. Tony let’s out a last spurt- a long, hard steady stream of thick cum hitting his gspot. The pleasure pressure building in Boys pelvis flowers and erupts, muscles spasming out of control. “Auuuuugh…ohhh no, oohh!” he moans. Stuart sprays all over his face and tits. The men sucking his tits bite down on them, forcing out more milk and triggering an explosion of ecstasy which fully ungrips him, and he’s thrashing around uncontrollably with a long, high-pitched moan like a siren as he thrusts his hips back against Tony, trying to bury his cock even deeper. “Ugh! Yes! fuck me, oh god, don’t stop, oh no, fuck ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh…”

“Yea thats it pussy. Tell me bitch.”

Tony pulls out and gets up. For a moment Boy feels he is perched in mid-air, like a flightless bird before it plummets, his orgasm stopped, his pussy still gaping open from the fresh fucking, suddenly empty and needy. But no sooner does he feel this than someone elses cock sinks suddenly into Boys snatch, filling him up and throwing his body back into the spasming throes of bliss. “Ohhhh goddddd….fuck me …oh!… oh please…. auhhhhhhh”

A blur of men seen through tears and blood and sweat. Mouths sucking his nipples red raw and sore. Cock after cock cumming up his cunt, in his mouth. His bruised body trembling and aching and weak from pleasure, pain, sensation, emotion. Then all the men leave. Except Tony and Stuart.

Boy trembles weakly in Tony’s grip. His pussy juices and other mens cum run down his legs. Tony’s big meaty dick is stuffed up his twat again. This time he’s facing Tony, his legs spread and wrapped around Tony’s lap, his tits pressed up against Tony’s rough shirt, his head rolling listlessly on Tony’s chest, a black eye, a busted lip, thumb in his mouth, a childhood comfort. Deep in his pussy, he can feel Tony’s heart beating in Tony’s dick, he can feel Tony getting harder inside him, getting ready to fuck him hard again. He can’t tell whether Tony’s dick is causing him pleasure or pain, only a deep aching sensation that causes him to shiver with aftershocks every couple minutes. Tony waits for his dick to get hard so he can fuck Boy one more time.

Boy feels something brush against his back. Stuart. He feels Stuarts hands grip his shoulders, feels Stuarts dick hard and rubbing his ass. Rubbing the cleft of his ass. Rubbing against his asshole. Then a sudden, sickening pain as Stuart suddenly shoves his cock into Boys ass, untouched the whole night, stretching it open. “Ahhh…” Stuart moans in pleasure as Boys tight warm ass squeezes his cock and he settles into a slow, pumping rhythm. Boy shrieks and startles in pain. He feels like he might puke. He starts sobbing, but after a few strokes Stuarts cock starts hitting against his prostrate, flushing him with a warm fluttery feeling and making him squirm. “Ohhhh…aughhhhhh”

Tony’s cock grows to full hardness in Boys pussy when he sees what Stuarts doing. “Great idea, let’s doublefuck this cunt before we let him go.” Tony looks down at Boy. “Stuff you up, pussy.” He thrusts in deeper against the fullness of Stuarts dick through the membrane in boys body. Stuart thrusts back. They laugh.

Boy feels so stretched and full of cock he’s dizzy. He is so sore and raw. Plugged in both holes at once, cocks thrusting in and out, he feels wonderfully full, and neither his gspot or prostrate can escape the constant direct pressure of the two cocks that fuck him. “Ohhhhhh, god, ohhhhhhh….” Boy swivels his hips on the cocks as he loses total control of his muscular system, his pussy squirting juices everywhere, his eyes rolling, his throat exposed, his head thrashing back and against his shoulders, mouth open, body undulating in constant orgasm, then slowing til the next wave. But the whole time his skin feels like its been peeled off to expose every nerve in his body, and his ass and pussy are both spasming wildly around the two huge cocks that fill him. All he can do is sob and cling trembling to Tony’s huge muscles, his face smeared with tears and blood and jism, as the two men pump their loads in him, before leaving him naked and writhing on the cold, cement restroom floor, his holes gaping wide open and dripping with their cum.

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Daddy’s Pussyboy 6- Daddy visits Master Kirk and David
By: jockpussy

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[GAY] [TG] [PENECTOMY] [NULLIFICATION] [forced sex change/genitals, MPREG, milk machine, infibulation, cock worship, fucking]

Daddy leaves Boy with Doctor and goes to a private island to visit his old pal Master Kirk and favorite breedmare David

Newest Files

This one’s for you, stud. You know who you are…

Daddy waits for Mertle, a slim, simply dressed androgyne not quite Daddy’s own age, who picks him up at the airport dressed in black and whites, like hotel staff.

“Welcome, sir. Master Kirk extends his greetings.”

He picks up Daddy’s bags and packs them in the trunk, opens the door for him while daddy checks out his trim little ass. Daddy relaxes and smokes a cigar in the car while Mertle drives them to the beach, where a ferry waits to takes the car across the Atlantic to the Isle of Glen.

“Master just started the breeding ranch about 5 years ago,” Mertle explains as they cross on the ferry, under the sunlight. “He keeps stables of mares– boys who have been cunted– under lock and key in various ways, so he knows that all the offspring they bear are his. The mares are pumped full of fertility drugs, wombs ripe to seed. The Master fucks them whenever he’s horny– no condoms, no birth control, no protection, nothing to stop his seed from taking root deep in their bellies. Naturally this results in pregnancies, but not nearly as easily and frequently as with women. There are also service staff of varying degrees around the estate, usually nullified, but some are eunuchs, and the heavy labor staff have had their cocks clipped off, but still have balls. Friends of Master Kirk and other guests can request any of service staff for sexual service, but if you want to use a mare you need specific permission from Master Kirk.” Mertle pauses. “Aside from guests and the resident doctor, the Master is the only male living on the island estate who retains his full cock and balls. Oh, except for the baby of course.”

Daddy raises an eyebrow. “All those mares and only one baby?”

“No, sir. Six babies so far. But only one boy.”

“How many slaves total?”

“There’s about almost 50 of us now—15 or so servants and 25 laborers and maybe 8 or 9 mares.”

Daddy’s dick stiffens at the idea of having a stable full of pussyboys, legs spread and cunts ripe and open, waiting to be knocked up with his sperm.

After the ferry docks and the car deboards, Mertle pulls into a tunnel of kudzu, sunlight dappling through the walls of leaves. Like traveling into another world, Daddy chuckles. Then the tunnel opens up onto a huge estate, green and gold, blankets of kudzu grown over stone walls, the sun on the grass, a fountain, a manor house and other buildings. The sound of the beach in the distance.

“We’re here, sir,” Mertle smiles. “Welcome to the Isle of Glen.”

As Daddy follows the boy carrying his bags, he sees his old friend across the field swinging an woodaxe over a stump The man drops his axe and saunters towards them in jeans and boots, shirt off, beefy muscles flexing. There’s more silver in his brown hair and close clipped beard than when he and Daddy last hung out, making him look even sexier than he did when they were young.

“You old devil!” Daddy slaps Master Kirks back and the old friends shake hands, “50 slaves and still chopping firewood?”

Master Kirk grins, and wipes his forehead with his arm. “It’s great to have you visit, buddy. And nice to know I’m not the only one interested in breeding boys. Mertle will take you to your rooms while I go shower.”

Mertle shows his room and leaves his bags with him.

“I’d like a snack before dinner. I can get it myself, just tell me where.”

“You can go down to the sunroom if you’re hungry, there’s a kitchen and servants there.”

Daddy changes and goes down to a large sunny room. A dark-haired, furry eunuch approaches him. “The chef is cooking something for you and Master Kirk, sir. But in the meantime I’ve brought you some samplings.”

Daddy takes the tray and sits, begins to suck on an olive. The view from the window nearby reveals a stunning countryside. What a wonderful place. It makes him want to leave the city, come out and start a farm somewhere.

He hears footsteps outside. The porch door opens into the room.

“Oh! I didn’t realize anyone was here. I just came to get some food.”

Daddy can’t help but suck his breath at the beautiful naked boy standing before him, holding a baby in the crook of his muscular left arm. The boy is slightly smaller than his own Boy, 5’6” or so. The light of the setting sun coming in through the door glints over his short blond hair, haloing him in gold. He looks athletic and boyish and healthy, skin the golden brown of a California tan but radiating with a subtle, unmistakable glow. Perfectly shaped pink lips, big blue eyes a jewel-like ocean-green. A sprinkle of freckles across sunburnt cheekbones, a clean strong jaw dusted with golden stubble. He wears small gemstone studs in his ears, the color of his eyes, and a silver collar, the kind that could in a normal social environment pass as a thick rope of jewelry, but snug and heavy enough that he cannot ignore its constant presence around his throat.

“Hi,” he says. “I’m David.” David holds in his arms the most beautiful child Daddy has ever seen. A 12 mos old boy with wispy-blond curls and smooth plump cheeks, big blue-green eyes blinking up at Daddy in silent wonder. David looks down at the baby, nuzzling his mouth against the soft blond curls. “And this,” he says smiling, “is Reese.”

Daddy sees David has fine blond bodyhair, not unlike the child he holds in his arm, but thicker, and bushy in his pits and legs. His muscles are athletic but not huge, the kind of shoulders, biceps, legs you want to visualize in graceful movement. His pecs are firm, capped with large, thick, swollen areolas the size and shape of eggs, tips pink and stiff, pointing slightly out, like a pair of big pink rubber teats. His chest dips in under his pecs and then swells up and out into a huge, pregnant belly, as smooth and big and round as a beach ball, navel protruding in a convex bump. The voluptuous curve bulges, incongruent against his otherwise athletic form, and heavy with child, before leading to the soft plump dimpled mound between his legs. But somethings different.

The boys slit is laced up on the outside like a boot, snug enough that he cant even wedge his fingertip between the lips to reach his huge, stiff, thumb-sized clit. It aches, trapped and throbbing in his folds ever since Master Kirk shot this load of baby in him and had him all sewn up. Master Kirk will have to open David when his water breaks so he can have the baby, and the doctor has a copy of the keys, just in case. In the meantime, Master Kirk can use Davids ass. The laces closing his cunt are barely even loose enough to let him urinate, which he does frequently now in his third trimester, spraying all over his thighs and ass and toilet. Sometimes Master Kirk is hard on him for making a mess, but with his cunt sewn up he just cant help it. A tiny gold padlock dangles from the laces.

Daddy’s pants seems suddenly way too tight as his cock strains against them. He watches as the baby grabs at David’s fat pink nipple-teat, mouth open, makes a noise. David shifts the baby into a cradling position to accommodate him, uses his fingers to help his little hungry pink mouth to attach to his nipple, and begins the breastfeeding. His eyes close in the momentary bliss of suckling his Masters first-born son, and he gazes down at his beautiful baby through blond lashes. Daddy watches, fascinated and aroused. The pregnant boys eyes gaze back boldly as daddy watches him, all muscles and stubble with a baby sucking his teat, looking erotic, and otherworldly, and self-contained.

“I see you’ve met David,”

Master Kirk says, joining daddy at the table, freshly showered and clean clothes. He reaches out and rubs Davids head, then touches their baby’s fine blond hair. “When your done nursing give him to someone to look after and meet us in the atrium. I’m showing you off after dinner.”

“Yes Daddy,” David looks up at the man in devotion. “I’ll just put him down to sleep first… Is that why all those cars and guests are here?”


It is dark out, the atrium is filled with men, some with their own modified boys and support servants in tow, talking, sharing info. One man leads his tattooed nullo around on all fours by a leash. Another wears his Boy on his cock, the boys head encased in his leather shorts, forced to stumble on his knees after his master. Most of the Boys have had their genitals removed to some degree, most commonly the balls, but there are several nullos too.

Daddy doesn’t see the other cuntboys. He wonders if they are in their stables, locked up for the night.

The isle of glen servants rush about with food and drinks. Daddy wonders if maybe he should have brought his own boy after all, but it’s probably best he didn’t, Boy probably isn’t ready.

Daddy sees David, so knocked up with babies he can barely walk, his back swayed and legs spread in a wide pregnant waddle. His bubble ass is round and smooth. A tiny discreet mark is branded in into the rear of his right hip. Master Kirk walks with one strong hand holding his neck from behind, fingers gripping around the sides as he proudly steers David around the room. The other hand occasionally moves to possessively rub the turgid swollen belly that bulges with his seed.

Master Kirk leads David to a leather armchair and sits in it, spreading his legs as the party continues around them. He unbuttons his jeans and takes out a huge thick, beautiful cock, sprouting up like a large branch, the fat round ballsac hanging like a huge ripe fruit. David leans back, one hand supporting his lower back and the other his baby bump as he slowly gets down on all fours between his Master’s legs, knees spread, hands flat on the floor. He makes quite a picture from the side, his all-american-boy face hungry with desire, his long teat-like nipples flaring, his masculine muscles strained to offset the gravity of his heavy pregnant belly.

David startles as he feels the baby kick. It feels like butterflies moving around inside him. Lately the baby has been moving and kicking a lot. The baby even seems to respond to Master Kirks voice. The weight and sudden movement of the lump inside him feels like an invasion, a big heavy, fluttering rock pressed up against his bladder and stomach and lungs. The size and weight of his abdomen presses down on his pelvis and everything below, a constant pressure from which he can’t escape. At the same time, David feels serene and wonderful, his body feeling entirely filled up and possessed, blissed out on the closeness with his baby, and the satisfaction of nourishing his Master’s seed. The feeling of beauty is sometimes so overwhelming that his breath catches in his chest and his eyes fill with tears.

David inhales, breathing in the warm, pungent, masculine odor of Masters cock and balls. He moans in sudden, desperate need, rubbing his nose and open mouth against the big round pink ballsac, nuzzling the giant cock. His heartbeat quickens. He loves his Masters cock and balls so much he can never get enough of them, and it feels so good to have them in his face now. He licks them while the crowd mingles, happy and absorbed in the pleasure of it, long slow heavy strokes, using his whole tongue to massage the big plump orbs that produced the seed growing in his belly.

Master Kirk reaches down between his legs to palm the back of David’s head, rubbing up and down over the short buzzed haircut, then tousling the boys blond bangs.

“How’s my little pregnant mare?”

David’s trapped and buried clit stiffens at the words. Wetness seeps from between the laces of his pussy, dripping onto the smooth tile floor. Master Kirk always makes him feel so dominated, so aroused and completely possessed. It’s been over 2 yrs since Master Kirk cunted him, and he rarely even thinks about having a cock anymore. But oh how David misses his clit! He hasn’t been able to see or play with it in so long, almost a year.

Master Kirk reaches down and strokes David’s stiff pink teats, playing with the thick, sensitive nipples, getting them fully aroused. Master Kirk signals, and someone brings him something. Two long, cylindrical pieces, connected by a jumble of wire and chain and hoses. Master Kirk takes the two long silver teat cups with rubber liners and reaches down and puts them on David’s long fat nipples, each with a sthump! The “claw” hangs below their hoses to collect, and a chain runs from the contraption to an electrical outlet. Master Kirk punches some buttons a remote control. David gasps as he feels the milking machine turn on. The milking works in two phases, alternating back and forth every second or two, 40-60 times a minute. The industrial-grade vacuum sucks Davids teats, drawing milk from them. The pain is sudden. He squeals. Then the lower part of the chamber maintains suction, while the upper part relaxes, collapsing the rubber liner which massaging his teats, sending pleasure shooting up them.

David gives a long low gutteral moan and nuzzles Master Kirk, tonguing his way up the cockshaft, spreading his tongue out, making Master Kirk’s cock all wet and shiny with his spit as the machine milks his nipples, sucking them even deeper into the vacuum chambers. David can feel it pulling the milk right out of him in an erotic pulsation. He suddenly worries if there will be enough milk left for his baby! But the pulsating rhythm of painful vacuum-suction and massage-release on his teats sends twin fingers of pleasure and pain through him, like static electricity in every nerve ending of his spine.

“He needs to be milked a lot now in order to produce good amounts of milk for the baby”. Master Kirk says. He turns off the machine and slowly pops the teat cups off of David, revealing his nipples have truly become udders, long as a finge and three times as thick, engorged, a dark deep pink and slippery with milk. They’re so sensitive the air against them makes David tremble and groan. Master Kirk’s calloused hands reach down to squeeze them. David pushes his ass up and moans loudly in helpless pleasure, opens his mouth wide, tongue up to Master Kirks cock. When he gets to the head he pauses, looking up at Master Kirk with his big, blinking, jewel-blue eyes, pretty pink lips in an O around the fat spongy head of his favorite cock, muscular shoulders flexing. Master Kirk tugs on one big fat milk-teat and then the other, hand milking the boy til he’s squirting again. Then David opens his mouth wide and swallows the whole thing, gulping down the Masters cock til it fills up his throat completely. His nose is pressed deep into Master Kirks bristly, brown-with-silver pubes, his tongue lapping again at Masters Kirk’s big fat balls. David grunts and swallows, squeezing and undulating his throat, worshipping the big thick beautiful cock that blew him up into a pregnant pussy-mare.

Daddy sees the pussymares now, in a line led by a huge buff man with huge balls but no penis. Eight muscly young men with pregnant bellies, each so knocked up and full of Master Kirk’s babies they can barely walk, one after the other. The ballo leads them in a procession around the house and back outto the stables.

David pulls off for air, but when he goes to suck it again, Master Kirk holds his cock away. David opens his mouth again and tries to suck it, but Master Kirk keeps teasing him, slapping his face and cheeks with the heavy cock, holding it just out of his reach so he has to lean forward, pregnant belly wobbling just to almost fit it in his mouth. This carries on for several minutes, until finally, the hunky Master stands up and holds his cock still. The pregnant David stretches to reach it. But at the very last second, Master Kirk slaps Davids tongue with his cock and pulls it away. David bursts into tears. Why won’t the Master let him have it? He feels so helpless and frustrated with his clitty caged away and no cock to focus on, his udders slowly shrinking, pulsing milk. They won’t fully return to their previous size or color for several days, and even then they’ll be slightly bigger and longer.

“Yea, my good little mares all full of milk, isn’t he? I think its time I stuffed your pussy up again,”

David blushes at the mare reference, but it sounds like Master Kirk wants to open up David’s cunt, freeing his swollen clit again. “Yes sir,” Davids breath is shallow in anticipation.

Master Kirk walks around behind the moaning pregnant boy, rubbing his cow-teats and his big pregnant belly, kneeling between his knees from behind, rubbing his inner thighs. He fiddles with his pocket and finds the key to Davids padlock, and takes it off. He starts to unlace Davids pussy, loosening the first lace, closest to the anus. David moans, excited to finally get his clit free to play with. But Master Kirk only opens the very last two laces near his anus, which is all he’ll need to wedge his thick blunted cock inside, and starts to resecure the padlock.

“Noooooo….” David starts crying again. “Please, daddy, please let me touch my clit.”

“What’d I tell you?” master kirk looks at him sternly.

His pretty face crumples in disappointment. “Not until the baby’s born,” he whispers.

Master Kirk positions his cock at the slick wet opening in Davids pussy. The boys been stewing in his own juices for so long they sluice out and trickle down his legs.

Master thrusts his cock up to the hilt in David. David moans and startles forward

But inside the lacings the skin at the very tip of his clit gets rubbed along and as master fucks him hard, the heavy sac pounds against his laced up cunt right over where his clit is buried, stimulating it. Its not the same, but its enough, and David’s pussy spasms and squeezes his masters cock as an orgasm slams him. He falls to his elbows and grinds his half laced up cunt onto Master Kirks dick, throws his head back and presses his hand between his legs, howling like a bitch in heat as he squirts, the thin, sweet, almond-smelling liquid spraying out and all over his thighs and pregnant belly. Master Kirk pulls out, grabs him by the hair and turns him over on his back, his huge cock spraying jets of seed that hits and then drips from the bloated pregnant belly. David eagerly rubs the cum all over his baby bump moaning, his hand furiously rubbing his tightly-laced mound, his clit buried too deep and still stiff with desire as Master Kirk once again laces up and padlocks closed his cunt.

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Daddy’s Pussyboy 7- Nick’s transformation
By: jockpussy

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[GAY] [TG] [PENECTOMY] [TESTICLES] [NULLIFICATION] [forced sex change, pussyboy, trickery, ownership]

Nick comes to Doctor with a personal problem and winds up in a new life.

Newest Files

Nicks been feeling sorta weird lately. Low energy at the gym and kind of emotional. And he hasn’t gotten a hard on in weeks. When he comes in to clean the office he approaches Doctor.

“Um, I been having a problem lately. Maybe as a doctor you can give me some advice…”

Doctor’ s been expecting this. “Of course, what kind of problem is it?”

“Well I been having trouble getting a hard -on. And I just been feeling weird, haven’t had enough energy when I lift weights.”

“Hmm. Have you been taking supplements?”

“Yea I take supplements to help me lift. And I usually work out like 2 hours a day.”

“Sometimes supplements taken too often can have a reverse effect. The same is true for too much exercise. You should give your body a month or two of rest to start- no exercise, no weight lifting supplements.”

“Jesus, really?”

“Absolutely. You don’t want to destroy your ability to lift permanently do you?”

“Hell no. ..I know I’m not a patient, but maybe…. you could also give me some Viagra?”

Doctor stops and looks at him. “I can’t hand pills out like candy. I’d have to register you as a patient and do some bloodwork, give you a full exam, take a sperm sample…”

“That sounds like a lot of trouble”

“For you, I’d be willing to do it at no cost.”

“Really? That’d be great.’

“Just show up early tomorrow and I’ll squeeze you in.”


Doctor walks in. Nick sits naked on the exam table, his beautiful cock and balls shriveled and soft in his trimmed pubes. Doctor imagines the pubes gone, imagines a smooth, cockless mound instead. He looks at Nicks chest. The muscle studs hard pecs seem to be slightly more fleshy, the nipples just beginning to sprout into buds. Doctor knows that they must be sore and sensitive. Nick sits with his shoulders hunched, as if self-conscious of his nipple growth.

Doctor approaches the naked stud and fondles his low hanging balls. Doctor smiles. The scrotal sac is so stretchy it will make for plentiful labia when doctor cunts him. But maybe he should just nullify the stud and put the labia around his asshole instead. Or maybe leave him cockles with balls, to hurt and squeeze and punish him with. There are so many possibilities, but first things first. “Turn your head and cough,” Doctor says.

Nick coughs.

“I put your blood samples in the lab. Now I need a sperm sample.”

“Doc I…I haven’t been able to get hard or cum in weeks…” The young man looks ashamed.

“That’s okay, I need to examine your prostate anyway. Lay down on your back with your knees up.”

Nick reluctantly does as he’ s told. He wants to get some Viagra. Doctor snaps on a latex glove and squirts some KY Jelly onto his finger, begins probing at Nicks tight hairy asshole.

Nick yelps as the finger slides in. He’s never had anything in his ass before. It hurts but only for a minute, only until Doctor starts massaging his prostate, sending pulsing pleasure up through the root of hic cock, without making it hard.

“Ahhh…shit doc why does it feel like this?”

“It’s a perfectly normal physical reaction to have.” Doctor knows the estrogen in the birth control that got all over Nicks cock when he fucked Boy makes Nicks prostrate even more responsive to stimulation. He squirts lube all over Nicks cock and balls and begins palming them, rubbing in circles. “Youre going to have to give me a sperm sample today Nick.”

“I …I don’t think I can cum this way.”

“Just think about pussy Nick. Think about a nice fat pink pussy dripping and wet for cock..” Doctor squeezes and rubs the shriveled pretty cock. Even softened it is beautiful and still long, long enough to make a deep vagina. Doctor pictures Nicks dick and balls turned into a pussy, long lipped and full of folds, a tiny pink bead of a clit hidden in them, aching for any kind of attention.

“Mmmmm.. yea, pussy, I haven’t got laid in weeks. I want some pussy…’

“Yea think how nice it’ll be to feel a nice juicy pussy under your fingers again soon…parting those slimy lips…flicking the clit so she moans and spreads her legs more…”

Nick is groaning on the table, on his back, knees spread, muscles bunching. His eyes squeeze shut and his hips rock as the Doctor fingers his tight wet hole and palms his soft dick and balls. “ohggh, yea I wanna feel that pussy…”

Doctor pulls the papers off his table, keeps fingering Nicks hole. “Oh I forgot to have to sign this. I cant administer a sperm sample or Viagra without written consent.”

Nick takes the pen and signs the paper without looking at it. Doctor smiles. The papers say Nick is a transsexual seeking surgery who has been undergoing hormone replacement therapy for 6 months.

Nick cant believe how amazing the doctors finger feels in his ass. Its like having a hard on on the inside. He hopes he can cum to give doctor the sample. He keeps thinking about a pussy waiting to be fucked, about the last pussy he fucked, oozing wet and strapped to a GYN exam chair. His heart beat increases at the thought.

“Yea nice wet pussy for you to play with…squirming under you, helpless and spread, can’t do anything but take cock.”

“yea take that cock!” Nick moans as Doctros finger begins fucking his ass, hitting up against his prostate with every thrust. He feels a orgasmic sensation spark in his dick and prostate and explode in a diffused shower of pleasure throughout his body. His limp dick leaks cum, which doctor scoops onto a wetmount slide. Nick cant tell whether he came or not. It didn’t feel like his usual orgasm, a pounding rush of release. His body still tingles with pleasure as doctor removes his finger from his ass and begins to look at the slide under a microscope.

“Can I get a Viagra now Doc?”

“Well, there’s an intake process. I’m going to give you a small dose, even though I should really wait to do more tests. Just don’t tell anyone. Take them every day, once in the morning and at night. They may not seem to work at first, and the condition may even seem worse. But after about a month, you should be ready for a full dose of erotic stimulant, if you still want it.”

Doctor hands Nick the bottle of estrogen pills. “And remember- no weight lifting supplements and no working out for at least a month. And we’ll continue with the sperm samples every week to see if it’s having the right chemical effect.”

“Thanks a lot Doc. It’ll be hard not to hit the gym, but I’ll do it. I don’t want to remain impotent.”


Two months later:

Nick cant believe how soft he got from not working out for two months. His pecs have gotten chubby, smooth meaty breasts with plump pink nipples that are sensitive to the touch. His body looks smoother and curvier, less defined. Doctor suggested he have the hair removed in order to better see whatever muscle defi nition he had. A lot of bodybuilders did that, so Nick agreed. Also on his pubes- Doctor said his cock is so shriveled up that being hairless would make it look bigger. Doctor gave him the first month of pills and the sperm sample appointments for free, but said had to charge him for the stronger pills, and the laser treatments are expensive—Nick is already behind a month on his rent because of it.

Doctor is excited at how Nick is progressing. With the high dose of estrogen his balls are as good as gone chemically speaking, and the laser treatments have him totally smooth and totally broke. Doctor started taking sperm samples twice a week from Nick- inserting a finger and then 2 into his anus and massaging his prostate til he cums that way. A few weeks ago Nick started moaning “yes, yes” and Doctor took his fingers away and fucked him with his cock. Ever since, Doctor fucks Nick for his sperm sample, although he stopped collecting sperm. Nick doesn’t know that doctor is only fucking him til Doctor cums – Nick cant even tell when he himself has cum anymore.

Doctor fucks Nick now, the boy laying on his back on the exam table, knees over his shoulders, tits bouncing while Doctor plows his hole. “Auugghhh” nick grunts. Doctor shoots and nick bucks on the table as he peaks, a droplet of clear fluid leaking from his limp sausage.

“Doc whats wrong with me? Why do I like it?”

“You’re just horny Nick, the pills are starting to work.”

“But why isn’t my dick getting hard still?”

“Hmmm. That’s a good question. You may very well be permanently impotent Nick. But at least your sexual desire is back.

“What good is it if I can’t fuck?”

“That’s a good question, Nick.”

Nick looks angry and upset. “God doc please, isn’t there anything you can do?”

“I’m sorry Nick, no.’


“Well…there is something I suppose. An operation that could reverse it. It has a decent success rate. However there is a real chance it could render your organ permanently incapable of all sensation as well. I’m not sure you’d want to take that chance. I don’t recommend it.”

“I cant live like this doc. I’m as good as damaged anyway. I want you to do it.” Nick looks helpless.

“Are you sure? There is a real chance it will not work.”

“I don’t care! I have to do something!”

“It’s expensive, Nick. But we could work on an installment plan”

“I don’t care dude, I want to cum again.”


Nick wakes up groggy. He cant move his arms due to the wrist restraints that secure him to the gurney.

“Your done healing.” Doctor says. “Don’t be too upset.”

“Did it work?”

“I’m sorry Nick, the operation was not successful. Your penis rejected the nerve grafts and necrosis set it. I had to remove it.”

“What?. Noooo!” Nicks eyes flled with tears “Nooo, please god…. Your joking.”

“I’m sorry Nick. You knew it was a risk.”

“But I still have my balls right?”

“Without a cock your balls are useless Nick. It would be torture to have balls and no cock. So I turned your balls into a pussy. You have vagina now. You might even be able to cum that way. It was the least I could do for you.”

“What! You gave me a cunt?! You fucking quack! No, no you cant do this!”

Nick tries to reaches under the blanket but his wrists are restrained by brown cuffs.He realizes he is wearing a thick leather collar as well. Doctor removes the blanket and holds a mirror up between Nick smooth legs.

Nick sees his smooth cockless mound is split down the middle like a fig, long frilly inner labia gushing out like a bunch of pink ribbons. Nick watche sin horror as Doctor touches his pussy, fingers running up over the hairless pink folds and wedging inside the lips, hitting up against the tiny glistening pink bead of his clit hidden within. It feels like someone’s touching the tip of his cock and Nick gasps in shock and terrible pleasure, feeling his pelvic muscles contract. He watches as his new slit moistens under Doctors touch.

“Just think about your pussy Nick. You love pussy. Now you have a beautiful pussy to play with whenever you want”

“No! You did this on purpose! You tricked me; you’re a monster. I’ll have you thrown in prison.”

“You signed a paper consenting to this surgery Nick. And you still owe me 40,000 dollars. I don’t imagine you have that much money, so if anyone’s going to prison it’s you. I’m sure the guys upstate will love your new pussy… But I won’t turn you in if you’re compliant with me.”Doctor dips his fingertip in between Nick’s suddenly wet lips and rubs the juices over his clit, rubbing back and forth with a slow hard pressure.

Nick feels his pussy tingling in pleasure. He starts crying. “Wh-what do I have to do?”

“I’ll take care of you, Nick,” Doctor strokes his hair. “You’re my pussy now. See, you’re even crying like a pussy.“

Nick sobs hard, shaking. “Let me go… I- I don’t want to be a pussy.”

Doctor continues diddling Nick’s clit. He feels Nicks pussy getting warm and juicy, even as the feminized muscle stud weeps at the loss of his big beautiful cock. Doctor feels his own cock stiffen in response.

“First let’s get this straight- You are to call me “Sir” from now on. Your mine now, and you’ll show me some respect. Won’t you?” Doctor takes one fat nipple between his fingers and pinches it hard. Nick yelps.

“Y-yes Sir…”

“You’ll continue your duties cleaning my office, but you’ll always be naked now, showing off your cockless state, pussy exposed for everyone to see…you’ll sleep in my bed every night, naked and collared, your holes always available…” Doctor strokes his new pussyboys slit. Nick watches in the mirror as the lips between his legs swell and part under the doctors fingers. It feels so good, he cant help it as he moans, his hips pushing forward.

“ See, you’re cunts already wet for me, isn’t it pussy?”

“Oh god…oh no, please no…” Nick shakes his head.

Doctor pinches the boys tiny clit. Nick squeals. “Yes Sir!”

“That’s better. You’ll also take care of my cock, – worshipping it with your mouth and swallowing my cum and spreading your legs to let me fuck your fat dripping pussy whenever I choose and fill it with sprem. With all the oestrogen your breasts will bud and maybe even give milk soon.”

Nick cant help it. The estrogen he’s been taking has affected him and the thought of his nipples spurting milk excite s him, even though he doesn’t want it too, making his sensitive nipples swell. Doctor begins tweaking them.

“Oh no please stop…No I can’t, I won’t!”

Doctor takes out his cock, big and thick and dripping and rubs the head along Nicks pussylips.

“Of course you could always choose to go to prison. Or you could try to run away. But you have no job, no references, no home, no money. You don’t even have a cock anymore. And if you do try to run and I catch you… the next time you wake up in here itll be with a set of DDD’s.” Doctor flicks the boys stiff nipples. “And you won’t be able to run very fast with big heavy pair of watermelon-size tits bouncing all over the place, will you?”

The thought of waking up with a huge pair of female breasts he’ s unable to hide, the weight of them swaying and throwing off his center of gravity, the stiff long nipples distended like udders makes him feel so helpless and terrified he wants to scream. But the fat wet mouth between his legs has other ideas and his hips thrust up, moving his pussy against Doctors enormous cock. “Ohhhh augghh no please, don’t make me have tits, I wont run away.”

“Yea, that’s cus you love it when I fuck you, don’t you bitch. You’re already growing tits for me. Youre gonna love being my personal pussy. You want it in your pussy now don’t you?”

“Oh please…” Doctor is right. Nick can feel a flutter growing in his belly, and a hunger to be filled in the hole between hi s legs. His breath comes in short little gasps. When he looks between hi slegs he sees the doctors hard throbbing cock rubbing against his slick fat lips, rubbing against his hidden clit, sending spasms of pleasure through him.

“Yea look at yourself pussy. You’re cunt is sopping wet and you’re panting like a bitch in heat. You wanted this. Tell me what you want cunt.”

“Oh god please Sir, please fuck me Sir, put your cock in my pussy…” Nick sobs, tears streaming down hi scheeks, pushing his wet pink pussy up to Doctors teasing cock. Doctor sinks his cock balls-deep into the boys warm wet slit, eliciting a shriek from him. Nick momentarily pulls at his restraints in fear an dpain, but as Doctors cock fills him his new lips tug and pull at his clitoris, sending shock waves of pleasure up his spine.

“ugh, ohhhhh! Ohhhh!”

“Yea you’re pussy makes my cock feel so good…it feels so good knowing I nutted you and made you a pussy for me.” Doctor’s cock hits a spot deep inside him and Nick moans in pleasure. “Yea look at me boy. You belong to me now.” nick cant help but meet the mans eyes in submission, his body feels like its melting open and he gasps in the glow of receptivity.

Doctor fucks his new pussyboy quickly. He’s so horny it only takes him moments before he feels his load brewing a white storm in his balls. As he deep-dicks Nicks wet juicy slit his pubic bone mashes the boys exposed clit and he feels the boy orgasm, pussy spasming around his dick, muscles trembling, eyes rolled back in his head, moaning. Doctor feels his load spewing deep in Nicks cunt , and he pulls out to finish shooting his thick creamy wad all over the boys gaping pussy. The cum leaks everywhere, dripping from nicks smooth ass and thighs, all over the table and floor.

Nick trembles, spent and weakened, his cum slick pussy still spasming with aftershocks. He’s confused about whether he came or not- he felt a pleasure fill his body and explode, but he didn’t feel like he released his cum, and although he peaked it was soft, and his need feels even stronger now. With his cunt abruptly empty, a great sense of separation fills him, he wants to feel emotionally connected and complete, with his new masters cock inside him. Doctor uncuffs his arms and Nick takes his cock into his mouth greedily, eager to suck it clean.

When his cock softens, doctor pulls it from nicks mouth.

“Look at this mess you sloppy cunt. Your pussy’s dripping all over the place,” Doctor hands his new pussyboy the mop before going back to his office.

Nick mops the floor, his body naked and soft, his eyes full of tears, his budding tits stiff and sore, his fat pink slit dribbling cum down his now hairless thighs as he begins his new life as a pussyboy.

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Daddy’s Pussyboy 8- Four Holes are better than Two
By: jockpussy

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[GAY] [TG] [NULLIFICATION] [forced sex change, post-op, D/s, gangbang]

Nick settles into his new routine as Doctor’s pussyboy slave. Boy misses his Daddy whil ein doctors care. Doctor uses both boys and takes them out to a bar.

Newest Files

Nick settles into his new life as a pussy. Doctor takes Nick to a tattoo shop and gets the word “pussy” tattooed on his hip, gets his budding nipples pierced, each with a hoop, leaving them sore and aching until they heal. When the piercer pierces his clit, nick screams at the blinding flash of pain. The piercer wipes the blood away and a hoop hangs from his tiny clit. After the piercings heal, his new master connects them with a chain. Doctor has them weld shut the collar on his neck so he can’t remove it. When doctor has to go away for any reason, he leaves Nick restrained, gagged and diapered in an exam room downstairs. When Doctor returns his new pussyboy is crying and humiliated from having to go in a diaper. After a couple weeks of this, nick seems broken.

Doctor also has Boy in his care while boy’s Daddy is away at the Isle of Glen. Because he knows boy will not runaway, Boy is sent on any errands that doctor needs. But first Doctor inserted a remote control pussy-plug into boys cunt, and fitted him with a chastity belt device. Boy is terrified of Doctor and what he has done to nick and the studs once beautiful cock and balls. He misses his daddy so much, but Daddy said he would be gone for several weeks. With his pussy constantly plugged Boy is in a constant state of arousal, and he never knows when Doctor will hit the remote on his plug and send painful but titillating electricity through his pussy while he is running errands, making him gasp and moan.

Both the Boys are kept gagged while in the condo, except when they are allowed to eat, one at a time, sitting on the floor.

Nick’s life as a pussyboy has begun, and has a routine. He awakes at the alarm, and immediately takes Doctors piss-hard cock into his mouth for his morning piss, swallowing it all. Then he continues to suck Doctors warm cock, blowing him til he comes, while Boy brings the doctor his coffee and breakfast. While doctor is in the office, Nick cleans his condo upstairs. Sometimes he think sof running away but he can’t leave the condo without going down through the doctor’s office downstairs, and he owns no clothes, and can’t get into his masters closets. In the afternoon, nick prepares his masters dinner, then tidies up the doctors lobby downstairs, dusting and straightening things, wearing nothing but his collar and chains and piercings, and tampon up his cunt, so it doesn’t drip all over. All the men who come to doctor for Viagra or steroids or virility drugs stare at him, at his gorgeous masculine face and dark stubble, at his muscular physique now slightly softened, at his smooth skin and tender, budding breasts, like a barely pubescent young girls. But mostly they stare at the hairless ,swollen, dickless mound between his legs, the dangling string of his tampon, the weighted chain running from his pierced clitoris up through his fat pink pussy lips and splitting into two, the ends clipped to the hoops pierced through his puffy nipple buds. Sometimes the men snicker and laugh as he walks past them, and nick blushes and closes his eyes in shame. Occasionally they try to touch him, rubbing the back of their knuckles against his stiff tits as if by accident, or briefly tugging on the tampon string, or on the chain that connects all his feminine parts, making him let out a small helpless noise of pain and pleasure. At the end of the day, while doctor closes up, Nick mops the floor and cleans the counters, his pussy dripping through the tampon from constant arousal, from the humiliation and the relentless weight of the chain pulling on his aching tits and clit throughout the day. Then he goes upstairs with doctor and serves him dinner, eating whatever is left over. As the doctor relaxes in his armchair to watch sports on TV, nick settles between his legs, naked on the floor, nuzzling and licking his master’s big balls, finally taking his cock into his mouth and deep into his throat. A part of him still hates his new life as a pussy, but the space between his legs feels so empty, he feels lost without his big dick. This other, submissive part of him, which aches to be filled, waits all day for this moment, to worship the cock of the man that took his own cock and balls away, to give it pleasure and feel it cum down his throat, to focus on serving his master and giving him pleasure, to feel closer to him.

At night doctor has both his gagged boys chained by their collars to the bed, with enough give for them to walk to the bathroom a few feet away. Boy wears the leather collar his Daddy left him with, but nicks collar is not removable. Doctor makes nick watch as he drinks the milk from Boys stiff and aching teats. He starts playing with Nicks sore breasts buds, flicking and kneading them.

“Don’t forget pussy. If you don’t behave for me you’ll have long stiff cow-teats that give milk just like his. But yours will be capped on a huge set of DDD jugs…”

Nick moans around his gag, terrified and titillated.

“But if you’re a good pussy maybe I’ll give you male hormones again so you can keep whatever’s left of your male physique… even though you’ll always be a pussy…” Doctor touches the pussyboy’s cleft, tugs on the tampon string. “What’s this? You need to wear feminine hygiene plugs to keep your sloppy cunt from drooling all over the place, huh?”

Nick whimpers. Doctor tugs the string and the tampon comes out with a plop. Nicks slick juices gush down his smooth thighs. Doctor quickly plugs nicks sopping cunt with three fingers, rubs his thumb over nicks clit. Nick moans around his gag and gyrates his hips, squeezing doctor’s fingers with his cunt. Doctor pulls his fingers out and wipes them all over nicks chest and neck. He moves in close, gripping and tugging his nipple rings hard, putting his face right up to nicks neck and ear and sniffing him. Nick shivers at his master’s hot breath in his ear. “Yea you smell like pussy now, too. Nice fresh popped open pussy.”

Nick moans. He feels embarrassed, but the words go straight to his cunt, and it drips more.

“What do you want?” doctor takes out the gag. “Tell me what you want now pussy.”

Nick is breathless. Tears of confusion and shame roll down his cheeks as he sobs. “oh god Sir please fuck me, please fill my pussy with your cock…”

“Hmm. Maybe I’ll just let you blow me again.”

“Please Sir! I need your cock deep in my pussy Sir, Ive been waiting all day to feel your big cock inside me, let me make your cock feel good with my warm wet pussyhole..”

Doctor gags nick again and positions him on all fours on the bed, then motions for Boy to lay on top of him. With both boys doggystyle, one on top of the other, Doctor has two pink pussies exposed before him, glistening and aroused. He ignores the two additional assholes and sinks his cock into one and then the other pussy, listening to the pussyboys moan around their gags and feeling their muscles bunch as they cling to each other, each waiting in anticipation to feel his cock balls deep in their cunts. When doctor cums he squirts his first shot in Boy and then the rest in his new slave. Then he makes Boy get in the big dogbed his daddy left him, and makes nick put on a maxipad and silky panties. “To stop your sloppy cunt from making a mess on my sheets, boy.” Doctor says, rubbing nicks head. He sleeps holding his new pussyboy from behind, his arm under nicks and up his chest, on his throat. Nick pushes his hips back, his pussy still horny and aching for his masters cock, not because he didn’t cum, but because the feeling of it inside him makes him feel so safe and protected and complete and close to him. Boy curls up on the dog bed on the floor with his daddys teeshirt and closes his eyes, dreaming of his daddy.


Doctor takes boy and nick out to party at bar. Boy dressed in crotchless leather shorts, showing of his fat clitless pussy and furry muscular legs, and a leather halter, his two-inch long baby bottle udders standing straight out from his meaty pecs. Nick is dressed in crotchless panties showing off his frilly labia and pierced clit and forever hairless legs, over the knee stockings attached to a garter belt and heels he can barely walk in, his tits in a demi bra lifting them so they spill over, pierced nipples peeking out the top. Both boys hands are cuffed behind them and they are gagged and blindfolded. Boy has a leash attached to his collar, and nick has one attached to his pierced clit. Doctor leads them out the building side door by their leashes and puts them in the back of his car, one on either side of him. As the driver drives, he fondles their pussies til both boycunts are swollen and dripping, grinding against his hands and moaning into their gags.

The bar is in an alley. Doctor escorts the blindfolded boys out. There is a brief moment when they are in public, standing outside, nick wobbling in his heels and Boy barefoot on the cement, the cool breeze against their exposed pussies. Nick hears men around them whistling.

“Will you look at that!”

Nick gasps through his nose as someone- not his master- cups his pussy and sticks a thick finger in, wiggling it around. Nick cant help but moan as his pussy squeezes the finger as it slowly pulls out.

“Wow, this one needs something up his cunt”

“they both do”

Then they are ushered inside.

Boy is scared, he misses Daddy so much. But nothing could be worse than what the basketball guys did to him. They are taken upstairs to a bar where guys play pool.

Boy kneels down and humps his pussy on doctors boot and licks his cock while nick lays on his back spread for doctor to spank his pussy with a riding crop, every time the little leather loop at the end hits his clit Nick moans and begs to be fucked.

Then the boys are put on all fours facing each other while all the men line up behind each to fuck them. Boy sees that nick is frightened and confused and aroused by all the men with their cocks out, ready to fuck them. He moves forward and kisses nick, slow, open sensuous kiss, trying to communicate some sense of comfort. Nick kisses him back, his tongue slipping between Boys lips, kissing him as he had wanted nick to kiss him when he was strapped to the Gyn cahir and nick was a big-cocked stud fucking his gaping pussy. He knows nick must be confused now, upset at having his cock taken but the slit between his legs always helplessly aroused, his pussy needing to be fucked and filled the way Boys does. Boy feels love for nick, for the stud who fucked him and by doing so became a pussyboy himself. Boy and nick lovingly kiss and make out as the men fuck them, the man at the head o f each line alternating between the ass and pussy of the boy beneath him, back and forth in each hole, then cumming in one, or both, or the other, before the next man takes his place. As Nick and Boy are fucked repeatedly they touch each others cheeks and nipples and finally they orgasm together, brought to climax by the cocks fucking their holes, and their own gentle lovemaking, moaning their pleasure into one another’s mouths.

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Daddy’s Pussyboy 8: The Truth About David
By: jockpussy

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[GAY] [TG] [PENECTOMY] [NULLIFICATION] [forced sex change, MPREG]

Master Kirk tells Daddy the story of how he acquired David on a business trip in the middle east- as well as some information about the lovely breedmare’s origins.

Newest Files

“So what’s so special about David?” Daddy asks. “He stays in the house and not in the stables with the other broodmares. He sleeps in your bed or on your floor. He seems to enjoy a great deal of luxury. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s absolutely beautiful…”

“He is,” says Master Kirk, “and unusual for a pussyboy, he always bears. Bears boys.” He pauses, as if deciding whether to continue, takes long slow drag off his cigar.

“When David was given to me as a gift from a business associate in Dubai two years ago, there was a $5 million ransom out for him.”

Daddy raises his eyebrows. Money?

Master Kirk shakes his head. “Not that I would ever let him go, not for a billion. And not that he would willingly leave. Not that they would even want him anymore, if they knew what I’ve done to him. But it pleases me to think of it every time I see him, his blond head bobbing between my legs, his tight belly swollen with my seed, his teats suckling my offspring….” Master Kirk smiles. “Watching him nurse the baby always gets me rock hard.

“David was the oldest son in a large, affluent political family, American in origin but mostly now headquartered in Europe- Northern Spain. The Kennedys would be a good equivalent. David was young and rich and on a leisure trip to surf in southeast asia- but he was also enroute to represent his family’s business interests in Bombay. The train he eventually wound up on carried many wealthy international jet-setters, as well as some high-end American military personnel. I don’t know if that was a coincidence. In any case it was seized by terrorists and all the passengers were taken hostage. The demands of the terrorists were not monetary but political- they wanted the U.S. to withdraw military support from Israel. The U.S. military refused of course, and there was nothing his family could do except put out the $5million reward. By the time it made the news the military personnel had all been executed, and the leisure hostages had already disappeared into the international slave market. My associate recognized his face from a photo of him surfing in New York Magazine and bought him at an underground auction in Qatar for $10,000 U.S. dollars.

“By the time he arrived at my condo in Dubai he had probably been fucked and beaten several times. But the look in his eyes was bold and calm–like nobody could ever really touch him. …”

Master Kirk’s memory goes back to that day, to the beautiful, bedraggled boy the arab left with him. He could not have been more than 23 or so. His golden hair was tousled and dirty, his wrists tied behind him with rope. And those canny blue-green eyes, staring, catching the light like bits of glass.

“Get on your knees, boy. Ahora.”

I could sense the relief from him, at hearing someone speak English and Spanish. The boy knelt gracefully. “You’ll be rewarded for finding me.” He said.

I took out my cock. “You haven’t been found yet.”

“My father will pay you millions of dollars for me, sir.”

“I don’t want millions of dollars.”

“Jewels, corporations, political ties.”

“I don’t want it.”

“What do you want? They’ll give you anything.”

“I have what I want, David.”

I knew I had to have him cunted and pregged before I took him on a plane, so I flew a surgeon up from Thailand and had him do it that very night. I told him to give the boy a nice big clit, and a thick hymen so I could pop his cherry like a girls. When he woke, he was extraordinarily calm about the whole thing, just staring at me boldly with those canny green eyes. I thought it was a bit eerie, but then I heard him crying that night, and figured it was just pride that kept him silent. By the time he was done healing, the fertility drugs had kicked in, making his nipples point out. I left him alone for the most part, in his own room in the penthouse, with nothing to do but watch porn and play video games, but sometimes I’d occasionally brush against his nipples and he’d gasp, revealing how sensitive they were. Or I’d grab the puffy cockless mound between his legs and give it a squeeze through the silky panties- one of the few items of clothing I gave him. I didn’t want to stay in Dubai forever, but I had to wait long enough that it became normal for him, and make sure he was knocked-up and well past his first trimester before bringing him back to the states. Just in case he had the grit to run away and play female to some women’s clinic for an abortion. He’d led way too privileged of a life to have that kind of resourcefulness probably, but there was something about him that made me want to cover my bets.

“The only clothes I left him in his room were silky panties and tight camesoles. He had to either wear them or expose his feminine parts to me. He wore them. It was several weeks before he discovered the vibrator I’d left in his bedside. Not the kind you insert- my cock would be the first thing inside his pussy- but a large flat one. I had a camera in his room, and I’d watch as he hesitantly turned it on, laying down on his back, his silky bikini panties still on, his knees up and pressed together like a girl, as he’d slip the vibrator between his muscular legs. I made sure it was one not strong enough to give him an orgasm- just enough to stimulate him when he pressed it against his his fat pink lips. After 10 minutes of this he’d start whimpering and rolling his hips, his chest heaving, his hands reaching up to gently cup the swollen points of his pecs. The rest of his body looked as hard and athletic as ever as he writhed there, exploring his femininity, thinking he was alone. Fuckin’ georgeous. Eventually he’d grow tired and shut it off, or become so aroused his eyes would cry silent tears from the emotion. I guess this relieved some of the frustration of not knowing how to make himself cum.

“I wanted to fuck him before he figured it out. The night I was ready I had him come to my room. I started kissing him, my arm around his shoulders like he was girl in high school, just for reinforcement of his role. Fondling his pecs through the camesole til his fat nipples stiffened through the fabric He seemed scared. I stroked his hair and kissed his neck. “Show me your tits David.” I whispered in his ear. And all of a sudden something came over him. He flashed a sultry smile and looked up at me, sizing me up with those sly, bright eyes. He let the straps fall loose down his arms til his tits peeped out. He leaned forward, one shoulder and then the other, and then suddenly he pushed his mouth against mine. I began kissing him the way I would a woman, parting his lips with my tongue, rubbing my thumbs against his swollen nipples, making his lips open as he moaned helplessly into my mouth. My hand slipped between his muscular hairy thighs and cupped his mound. The material of his panties was sopping. “Your pussy’s wet for me,” I said in his ear. He whimpered. I grabbed him firmly around the throat with my other hand, pinning him while I began to suck on his luscious tits, my fingers plugging his sloppy hole and grinding the heel of my hand against his clit.

“By this time my I was as hard as a rock and I wanted inside that warm virgin slit. I pulled it out, 8 inches and thick as a beer can, sticking straight aup and leakingprecum. He looked stunned for a moment, but still somewhat composed. I lay him back against the pillows and started pulling off his panties. “No…” he whispered instinctively and that’s when he started crying. But when I spread his thighs and ran a thick finger up his puffed slit and flicked his swollen clitoris, his hips rolled up in pleasure. “Your pussy’s wet and open for me David,” I said, diddling his clit until he moaned and his knees fell open more. “It’s making itself ready for my cock. Youre in estrus now, from fertility drugs, and if I drop a load in you tonight you can become pregnant.” He looked confused but knew I was telling the truth. His beautiful masculine face erupted in tears as he feebly tried to push me away. But at that point I was between his legs, my own thighs keeping his spread, my body and on top of his, my throbbing cock pressed up against his big fat dripping wet pink pussy. “You’re mine now David, and I’m gonna fill you with my seed and keep you barefoot and pregnant for so long you’ll forget what it’s like to be anything but full of my babies.” I slid the head in, ignoring his attempts to throw me off. He was small to begin with, even weaker now, and he wasn’t trying very hard. I felt the head of my cock press up against his cherry. I paused there for a second and then pushed.

“He squealed as I entered him, filling his slit til I was balls deep in his glorious wet warmth. He thrashed around a bit but with my cock rooted deep inside him, my body between his spread thighs, and my arms pinning his hunky biceps, there was nothing he could do except submit. He started sobbing but his vaginal muscles squeezed my cock as I deep-dicked him and he started to moan and respond. It made my dick jump even more to see him like that- reacting like a woman, emotional and needing to be filled, completely vulnerable and under my power with my cock splitting his female underside. “yea I’m gonna put a baby in you David. I’m gonna fuck you every night til you take a seed. I’m gonna make your waist thicken and your fat nipples leak. And once you’re bred and you’re belly swells up and your body is totally dominated by the life growing in it, you’ll be allowed to leave the hotel with me and everyone will see you’re nothing but a well-dicked mare. With my seed inside you.”

He was gasping now as I pistoned my cock in and out of him, eyes scrunched up, tears streaming doen his cheeks as he clung to me and pressed his pointy nipples against my chest, his pussy spasming with pleasure around my cock.

“Shh, it’s okay, I got you.” I whispered.

“oh my god.. oh fuck” his breath heaved “nnnaauuoooghh god unh unh, yes, oh my god…”

“Tell me how good it feels to have your slit filled with my cock, David.”

“mmm unh! it feels good” he sobbed.

“What does. Tell me. ”

“your…your cock feels so…good…unh! Oh my god what’s happening to me?”

“youre responding to me like a woman David,” I brushed his bangs aside, whispered in his ear. “Like a pussyboy with a cock filling his sloppy wet hole.”

“No! god, I cant, please no… ”

“Yes David,” I chewed on his ear as I fucked him harder. Every time my balls banged into his thick labia he’d squeeze my cock tighter and make a little helpless noise. “Yes you’re my sweet little pussymare now. Nothing but a soft wet hole between your legs and my seed shot deep in your belly.”

I was close now and ground my dick deep inside him, my groin rubbing against his clit as my cock pumped away. “I’m gonna blow my load in you and bang you up like a woman” I rode him so hard all he could do was hang on and made high pitched noises. My cock battered away at his cervix until finally, looking down at my gorgeous new pussyboy, his face messy with tears at the thought of being impregnated by me, I felt it coming. I thrust deep inside him til I felt my head touching his cervix and emptied my huge balls into it with several strong spurts of cum. “Feel that? That’s my hot load filling you up. You’ll make a great mom, David.” That must have done the trick for him because when he heard that and felt me shoot, his pussy went crazy, spasming and juicing all over me. He moaned and gasped and thrashed his head back, squealing like a bitch in a porno flick as he came, just from my dick shooting off inside him. Beautiful.

“Afterward he lay shaking and breathless, tears still slowly trickling from his eyes. His face was turned into the pillow. “Shh, it’s ok, I’m here, I’ve got you.” I wrapped my arms around him and held him close, my dick still plugging him so my sperm didn’t come out. He sobbed into my neck as I stroked his hair, and kissed his lips and his damp eyelids. Until he fell asleep.

“There was still something very…bold and silent about him, something that made his seem *his own*- there still is, frankly- but I’m beginning to think it’s not due to a privileged childhood or my training of him–he’s just very grounded and self-contained. Once he was bred, he had to wear a burka to leave the suite with me. I kept him naked indoors, so I could watch his belly transform over the months, from masculine washboard abs to a heavy, distended feminine swell. I loved running my hands over it, feeling its heft, knowing I had done this to him and would again, my dick always hard at the thought. Knowing he was worth so much, to so many, and that I’d completely and utterly possessed him. I could tell it made him horny too, because his teats would form drops, and by the time I got between his legs he was always panting and wet. When I realized the holidays were nearing, he was 6 months along and had been completely taken in hand. Still with that aura of autonomy about him, but submitting to my control in every way. And that’s when I booked us a return flight to the states…”
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(Daddy’s Pussyboy ch 9. ) Vanilla: a romantic interlude
By: jockpussy

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[GAY] [TG] [boy-wife, romantic dominance, pussyboy]

A boy-wife talks about his “vanilla” relationship with his Daddy.

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Vanilla. Guys say it like it’s a dirty word, like they are bored to death. Like if you are not wearing leather chaps and screaming “take it bitch” there’s something missing; the spark just isn’t there. When people assume vanilla, I just smile a secret smile, for I know the truth of it. A vanilla daddy can be as dominant as any leather queen. A Vanilla relationship can be as possessive as any headcase with a whip collection. Like the ice cream, vanilla is subtle– classic, smooth, often complimented by a hint of bourbon, or lemon, or crème de menthe. Vanilla has nothing, if not taste.

Take my marriage. I’ve been with my Daddy Brad for 5 years. We look like any two clean cut gay men- he’s a little older and bigger than I am, more distinguished. I’m the boy next door. And I am his wife. No, I don’t do drag, or wear curlers and a housedress. But I do wear what he tells me to. Don’t get me wrong, it’s almost always something normal—a blue polo shirt, chinos, a pink cashmere sweater with his initials stitched into the breast. Or maybe designer jeans and a worn white t-shirt. Maybe on some special nights, a pair of skimpy panties underneath, the silky material pressed smooth against my shaved pussy, where my balls would be if I had any, against the tiny bump of my dick curled within. What I’m wearing has no special significance, not the way a bdsm flag or a leather collar does. Except for that I wear what he tells me to, every day. And as we go about in public we are both very aware of this, an invisible, inscrutable intimacy, connecting us much stronger than a pair of flashy handcuffs, long forgotten and left to gather dust in an empty bedroom drawer.

I love being naked on my back, my perky tits pressed up against Brad’s soft t-shirt that smells like cologne and cigars, that smells like him. I feel his strong hands on my inner thighs, guiding them open to make room for his body on top of mine. As he lays on me I wrap my legs around his waist and slip my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. It’s my favorite position to be in, where I’m unable to move or dislodge him from mounting me, completely receptive to him. I can do nothing but submit in this position, and this makes me so hot. He leans down and kisses my lips and I rub my cheeks against his stubble and sigh in contentment. With his body close on top of me I cant reach my little dick, but I don’t even care. I need him close, need to feel him pressed against me, holding me tight, more than I need to reach my dick. When he reaches down between my legs he feels my little dick curled up small, but moves quickly to my pussy which is so wet and juicy from the way he handles me. He slips two fingers inside, feeling my soft wet spot open up for him, working his fingers in and out, stretching his boy’s pussy til I’m moaning deep into his mouth and gasping, needing more, needing to be filled. Daddy Brad kisses my neck and ears, and I shiver at the touch of his hot breath. His fingers slip out of me and I feel the blunt head of his thick cock pressed against my slit, his shaft rubbing the head of my baby dick, spanking it until I thrust my hips up against him and whisper in his ear, begging him to enter me.

This was the hardest part for me, from the beginning. Letting go of my dick– my need to cum with it, on my schedule, on my terms. Now I know better. Now I know how good it feels to have him on top of me, between my legs, holding my thighs open with his body, his chest pressed close against mine, his cock stiff against my smooth mound, his mouth kissing my cheeks and neck, letting me know how much he cherishes me, that I belong to him. It doesn’t even matter to me whether I cum every time we have sex anymore. I never would have believed I would hear myself say it, but just being held in his strong arms, just being a vessel for his powerful cock fulfills me in a way I never thought possible. When he fucks me in the missionary style it reminds me that he is in control and my role is to be receptive for him, to lay beneath him like a wife should and enjoy the sensation of pleasing his cock as it slowly fills my slit to fullness, moving inside me, rocking me back on my hips. Lying on my back, exposed, vulnerable, receptive, trusting him, there for him, accepting him, accepting his authority, accepting his power, accepting his dominance, being pinned under my man’s imprisoning weight, unable to escape until he allows it, looking up at him with soft submissive eyes as he enters me in a superior position –just feels physically and psychologically right. Soothing. When he then kisses my neck and fondles my tits and whispers in my ear, every nerve of my body comes alive.

Eventually he decided to get my dick pierced, and attach a long thin leash, so he could jerk me off that way– tugging gently on it while he rides me like I’m his woman.

With Brad lying flat on top of me I cant even see my little dick at all, just feel the gentle tugging on my leash and the feeling of my Daddy’s thick cock filling me up, making me all warm and gooey inside. I love the feeling of his dick moving inside of me, getting bigger and stiffer, pumping away, knowing that I’m giving him pleasure. These days I’d rather get fucked than jerk off — I need his dick between my legs that bad. And the idea of him shooting off inside me gets me so excited I can almost cum from that alone.

“Yea…Baby you want Daddy to come inside you?” God, yes! I need it so bad, I need to feel possessed by him. I moan into his mouth helplessly and squeeze my wet boypussy around his throbbing cock. The thought of him squirting me full of his sperm fills me with ecstasy, and I gasp and cling tighter to his shoulder muscles, waiting to hear his cry, to feel his balls empty as he shoots his load deep inside my body, filling me up with his cum and DNA. “Yea, don’t worry baby daddy’s got you…mmm yea my good boy.” As his cock floods me with hot seed my pussy ripples in an orgasm of it’s own, and he collapses on top of me, holding me tight, kissing my face as I squeeze him closer and run my hands through his hair, my eyes sweet with tears. He kisses my eyelashes as fondles the necklace I wear, that he bought for me, a simple gold lock on a chain. He wears the key on his keyring.

My husband Brad doesn’t only make the decisions about what I wear. He also controls our finances, and I’m always sexually available to him. Even if we are having a disagreement, he can choose to pull my shirt up and play with or suck on my fat nipples, rendering me speechless and squirming. He can pull my pants down, shove my underwear to one side and plug my hairless slit with his cock til I squeal. He can play with my little dick or lock it up. He can take me over his knee and thrust two fingers inside my warm wet hole to keep me still while he lightly spanks me. Often I cry when he spanks me, not from pain, but vulnerability. After a spanking I am all loose and weak and shaky, ready to submit to whatever he wants, to be taken in his loving arms and roughly plowed by his cock.

But others don’t see this. They see a clean-cut couple. They see two men making love. They see a tiny gold locket. They see vanilla, but they have no idea what vanilla can mean.

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Daddy’s Pussyboy 10: Happy Birthday from The Isle of Glen
By: jockpussy

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[GAY] [TG] [PENECTOMY] [NULLIFICATION] [pussyboy, infibulation, post-vaginoplasty, TG genitals only]

David welcomes Master Kirk home from a business trip and they celebrate his birthday.

Newest Files

David races to the door and kisses Master Kirks face profusely as he unbuttons Masters shirt from top to bottom, finally taking it off and putting it in the laundry pile. He keeps Master Kirk’s laundry separate from the rest of the households. There are nullo’s to do the laundry, but David prefers to wash and iron his masters clothes himself, in only the finest detergent and starches, giving careful and loving attention to each detail. Today is the Masters birthday, and although the man doesn’t like to be reminded of it verbally, David has tried to make the evening special. He was cooking dinner when Master Kirk arrived.

David is naked except for a blousy pink half- apron, in the shape of a French maid’s. His physique has returned to it’s masculine shape after the last baby, now 5 mos old and cooing in the arm of his nurse. David’s biceps, shoulders and quads are lean and beefy again but his belly is not quite as toned, somewhat soft still, like a woman’s, no matter how hard he works out. His pecs are firming up, but retain a soft layer over them, and his nipples are swelled up like tits, the areolas puffy and dark pink. The contrast between his girly apron and feminine tits juxtaposed against his otherwise male torso and boyish face, make him look startled and exposed, like someone suddenly ripped his clothes off. Provocative.

Master Kirk holds David by the back of his head, blond bristles against calluses. He pulls the boy forward, nudging open his sweet pink lips with his tongue, thrusting it inside, grunting. David moans and wraps his arms around Master Kirks neck as the Master pulls him closer, grateful to have the mans tongue filling his mouth. “Happy Birthday,” he whispers. His smooth tits press up against his masters muscled white cotton t shirt, the thick nipples stiffening on contact. Master kisses Davids neck and takes one fat nipple in his mouth, sucking vigorously, shaking his head from side to side, growling before moving on to the other one. David squeals and pretends to pull away as Master mauls his tits. The nipples pulsate, sending tingles of pleasure down his spine. Sometimes Master Kirk does nothing but suck on his tits for hours, til they are sore and red and aching. With his clit kept under lock and key, he almost has an orgasm from that alone. The fluttering in his belly, the juicy gush between his legs, make him feel all quivering and helpless. Master always knows how to make him feel this way; David missed him so much.

“Did my little boy-wife miss me sucking on his tits?” Master pulls off with a wet noise, and David gasps, flushed and panting from the suckling, his jewel-green eyes wide in arousal. His areolas and teats point out like big, stiff, moist pink baby bottle nipples capped on his meaty breasts. Master Kirk jiggles and slaps them a few times and David makes a helpless noise as he feels a wetness seep from the deepest folds between his legs.

Master Kirk unbuttons his pants now and pulls out his thick stiff cock and balls. David falls to his knees, taking the big cock in his hands, rubbing it all over his face and tits, oohing over it, his mouth open in hunger and delight. He lets out a breathy sigh, taking the Master’s virile cock into his warm wet mouth, letting it fill him, breathing in the smell of his Master, closing his eyes. He moans again at the fullness of it, at the feel of his masters callused hands fondling his over -sensitized breasts while he sucks. His labia moisten and swell against the chastity lacings and his fat clit stiffens between them, unreachable, unimportant. David’s throat opens as he swallows the big beautiful cock deep in his gullet, moaning and rubbing his nose into masters pubes, wagging his head from side to side, trying to take it even deeper inside himself, moaning in excitement like a girl having an orgasm. With his throat full of cock, his tongue reaches down to cradle the Masters balls, and David can’t help but think about how full they are of potent sperm. The thought excites him so much he gulps Masters dick and moans more excitedly. Master fucks his face, his hips picking up speed, hands holding him by the back of his head, calling David his cocksucker, his pretty baby, before pulling out and shooting his load all over David’s sweet face and dickless mound and girly tits.

David cleans himself off quickly and finishes cooking dinner, his tits and clit still aching, his body charged with sexual energy he hasn’t released. He serves Master Kirk chicken breasts stuffed with apple and bleu cheese, grilled asparagus, and a tiny birthday cake. Master Kirk wolfs it down and David is so happy to please him. Watching David run around the kitchen in his apron with his muscular body, ripe ass cheeks and pointy tits has got the Master hard again and he motions for David to come to him as he finishes his coffee. David saunters over and curls up on his lap while Master Kirk strokes his soft blond hair.

“So pretty. Such a pretty boy. Such pretty babies.” None of the whores he could find in Saudi Arabia this trip were blond and only the women had pussies between their legs. He’d hired a young maid, a light-skinned Persian girl, to clean and cook and spread for him, but it just wasn’t the same. Master Kirk tilts David’s chin up and kisses him slowly and softly on the mouth, overcome by feelings for this boy who has given up so much for him so gracefully. “Did you miss me baby?”

“Yes Daddy.” David sighs, content.

Master Kirk’s hand slides between David’s thighs, fondling the padlock there and brushing softly against his smooth mound. “Tell me.”

David’s arousal quickens when he feels his masters fingers playing with his padlock. “I missed your smell and your voice and the way you make me go all soft when you touch me…I missed cooking for you, and making your cock feel good.”

The master kisses David’s ear, breaths softly into it. “Are you ready for Daddy to open you up baby?”

“Please, oh yes.” David whimpers.

David lays on the Masters king size bed with his knees up while Master Kirk fiddles between his legs, unlocking the padlock that prevents him from being penetrated or from pleasuring himself. David can feel his juices slipping all over as Master pushes two fingers inside him, making him juice even more. “You’re all wet baby,” Master says, his thumb capturing David’s stiff clit and pinning it against his folds. It’s the most direct stimulation David’s had in months and he moans low and bucks his hips. Master flicks the fingers inside him apart, spreading his cunt wide open, watching it glisten pink and pulsate, kept nice and warm and juicy in his absence, now totally exposed just for him. He slips in a third finger between the two spreaders, curling it to tickle David deep inside his vaginal walls til the boy is squirming and moaning on the bed.

Thwack! David feels the sting as Master smacks his ass. “Such a pretty little pussy. Sweet little pussyboy waiting for daddy to fill you up and breed you.”

“Mm hmm.” David sighs. There was nothing he could do but wait, thinking of his master while he polished every pair of his shoes, while he prepared the house for his return, while he nursed the new baby. Sometimes he got so hot he played with his tits for hours and rubbed his smooth mound against the mattress, with no release. But now his big-dicked daddy is finally here, spanking him and holding his cunt open with his throbbing clit pressed down. David reaches for it but Master Kirk slaps his hand away and thwaks him hard several times on the ass. David whimpers, still.

Master releases the boys swollen clitoris, rubs David’s pussy juice over it with his thumb a few times. “Pretty little pearl. Just a pretty decoration to make your pussy more like a woman’s, that’s all.” David moans and feels himself getting wetter. He blushes; it always makes him feel so helpless and submissive when the master compares him to a woman. He wishes so bad he could touch it, wishes the master would play with it enough to bring him off in a clitoral orgasm, but he never does.

Master Kirk replaces the two fingers with his cock, slowly plugging the boys juicy slit.

“Ohhhhh…” David lets out a low groan as he feels the masters cock stretching his hole, it’s been so long he’s forgotten how big it was, how it fills him up and forces his pussy wide open, how good and safe he feels with it lodged deep inside him. His pussy cant help but squeeze it, spasming at the invasion.

Master Kirk lowers himself to suck once again at David’s tits til they are sore and red and puffy, til the boy is squealing and wriggling beneath him, before pulling off with a slow slow suck to focus on fucking his sweet pussy. His hand moves to touch his aching clit. Master pushes it away.

“Unh unh, what did I tell you? Nope. Just feel my cock moving in your wet cunt, that’s it. That’s a good little girl.”

Daddy’s talking directly to his cunt and it opens more for him. David whimpers as master lays on him with his full weight. He wants to touch his clit so bad but he can’t reach it. Masters pubic bone rubs against it while he fucks him, and when it does David lets out a high pitched moan and clings to him tighter, spreads his legs wider, begging for more.

“Unnngggghh fuck me daddy fuck me ah god I need your cock inside me…”

“You wanna cum for me baby? You want daddy to shoot his sperm in you and make you cum?”

Master Kirks cock drills him open harder and faster, getting ready to cream. Finally David feels his twitching clit, ignored for so long, ignite against the friction of his masters thrusts as it explodes in a shower of sparks sending pleasure up every nerve ending and raining down through the nerve net of his body. He lets out a high pitched moan, squealing as it triggers his pussy to spasm, sending waves of pleasure in concentric circles from its source. David reels, breathless and panting, head thrown back, eyes half lidded, arms wrapped around his masters back clinging with sweat to his muscles, knees pushed up against his swollen teats as he feels the warm unending spray of his master’s cock pumping him full of potent sperm.

There is nothing but heaving breaths in the darkness, then small sighs, then not even that. Master Kirk holds his boy David close in his arms, kissing his face and neck and lips, pulling him closer as they fall asleep spent and contented, the Master’s seed still dribbling down David’s strong blond legs.

Happy Birthday daddy.

June 17, 2009

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15 Responses to “Daddy’s Pussyboy”

  1. steve Says:

    Man, please make more stories, I am sure more would comment but they are just so into reading your incredible stories. This saga is truely a work of art, my cock neve tires of it. What happens next? Are you planning on developing a new mare, involving, another daddy?

  2. steve Says:

    Fucking hot! A jock with a fat pussy that stays ripe and drooling. Nipples I can pinch, twist, suck, yank, and chew on. Were are you JockPussy,…….Please write more stories. I want to hear about these pussyboys savoring potent loads from guys that fuck them. Thick pints of sperm, sloshing around in their bellies, daddys making the belch there cum, and swishing it around in their mouths.

  3. baby4pain Says:

    i found myself envying that pissy boy. i want so much to become a sissy faggot myself

  4. Jesse Says:

    WOWWWW! An incredible work indeed. And my do the author and I share an alike mind. Its very hard to find stories as great as these on the net and this exactly what ive been looking for. Thankx.

  5. Tony Says:

    I love this story. This is truely a master piece. Only one other author I know of equals your publication caliber. This story also gives me a steady transition back to pussy and tits, when my other bisexual side starts to recieve to much attention… Thanks

  6. john Says:

    very erotic aqnd satisfying to allow yourself be so open tobeing possessed.Like the story of O.

  7. Jerry Leppek Says:

    damn hot and erotic. Want a pussy boy of my own.

  8. Dan Says:

    Write more Please

  9. peter Says:

    DAMN, I find myself envious of those pussyboys. Great story! hopefully someday I’ll fan a daddy to wife me up!

  10. Liam Says:

    So wrong sick and disgusting. Nobody has any right to alter a boys body like this. Especially not sick pedophiles!

  11. jon Says:

    this is my ultimate fantasy–to have my dick turned into a pussy, to be owned, to be bred, to have tits that ooze milk, but to still be a muscled man.. need this to become a reality.

    • Says:

      this would be a fantasy of mine too, but only for a consenting adult Pussyboy.

      • Anonymous Says:

        this has been done taking the daddies cock and balls and making the pussy boy real men again . This would make a great ending.
        This boys were dominate mail in your stories before nutted now they will be the dominant and the daddies will be the pussies.
        have fun with this ending . a court in Korea ordered the daddy to donate his balls and cock to his boy. The operation was a success !

      • jerry Says:

        How about giving birth to your own grandson?

      • kent584 Says:

        These are simply the hottest stories i have ever read. I can’t stop playing with myself, and i am totally forbidden to do so, under pain of a whipping. But i can’t help it They are just sooooo hot to read!!!

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