Country Girl

April 22, 2011

From now on you are a cunt to be used by me in any way that pleases me. Your pussy is for me to use as I see fit. Do you understand?”

I answered quivering, “yes Master Cock.”

“Good, from this day forward you will wear panties only whether you are inside and outside your home. Tomorrow buy enough panties to last you and throw out any male underwear you have. You are a cunt and your cunt should be covered with panties and only satin panties. And from now on when you go to the bathroom you will sit to pee. Cunts pee and make poopy. You will call your clit a tee-tee like any girl would do. You will no longer buy any magazines other than girl magazines and you will eat like a girl. Do you understand?”

Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 18:12:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: lauren westley
Subject: Country Girl (Revised)

Country Girl
Lauren Westley

So, here I was, waiting in the back corner of the garage, the door to
the empty bay open. The night light illuminating the front reaches of the
garage. The garage lights were off. Instead, in the shadow of the corner, I
waited for him to come.

Nearly a year ago I had met Master Cock on-line. This was a
unique chat room, one where submissive wantabe transvestites could meet
dominant men for on-line fantasy eroticism. I had been coming to this site
for a few months while enjoying wearing panties and a bra, talking with
dominant men and masturbating. Often I would put my small cock (then it
was nearly 4 inches but has shrunk since the hormones) down between my
legs and rub as if it was a pussy clit.
Anyhow, it seemed to be enough for my hidden thoughts. I grew
up a bit slight for a male (5’5″) and was almost hairless on my body.
Although I had sex with girls while a teenager I often day dreamed of
being the one hunted and not the hunter. It was a strain trying to be
masculine with my dates when I wanted to be submissive. I thought I’d
eventually find the right girl who understood but instead dating went from
seldom to never. Now that I was 26, all I was doing sexually was visiting
this chat room, buying some feminine clothes and strutting around my
house in the closet, so to speak. I had stopped dating altogether nearly a
year before this and could only ejaculate while thinking of being used by a
man or a group of men. I had a pair of high heels and loved wearing them.
I had actually gotten quite good at walking and swaying. I also had a small
amount of make-up. You know, like lipstick, stick on nails etc.
Already over the months in this chat room I had virtually
submitted to several men. (I know what you’re thinking. Who knows
whether they were men or boys or whatever.) It didn’t matter because in
my mind they were men. They were big men, masculine men and they
came in black and white, fat and lanky. As I said, I am sexually
submissive with a desire to be used and abused. At least my on-line
persona enjoyed this to many strong orgasms. Whether I was willing to go
further was about to be tested.
So, in October of 2005, I was on-line. My ‘nom de net’ was Prissy.
I liked the name since it sounded like Sissy which is the way I think of
myself. Around 8pm that night someone (who as you’ve guessed is Master
Cock) told me to join him in a private chat. During the next week I
opened up completely to him. Telling him all my private thoughts and
those things I had no interest in (more on this later.) By the end of the
week I was already beginning to submit to his words. I would quiver
waiting for him to come on-line. He always demanded I be there waiting
and he was always late by a different amount of time each encounter.
There on the screen, that Friday night, were the words, “do you
know what a web cam is?”
Of course I knew but I had not bought one. I wanted the
anonymity the chat rooms afforded. But, at that instant I knew I was
moving into uncharted waters when I answered, “Yes Master Cock.”
By Saturday night the web cam was set up and I waited for him to
come on line. I waited nearly 40 minutes and thought as the time passed,
“what am I doing and where will this lead?” After a half hour I thought he
wouldn’t come at all and everything had just been a hoax. I said to myself
I would wait until a full hour was up and that was all. Perhaps that was the
last dominant thought I would have from that point on.
When he came into the chat room he signaled me to turn on the
camera. He did not reciprocate. I was wearing only pink panties and
matching bra but I had not done anything else feminine; no nails and no
make-up. My light brown hair was a bit long but nothing feminine. For a
little while he didn’t say anything as I sat in front of the camera with the
red light blinking wondering what he was thinking. I was nervous, afraid
and excited all at the same time.
After what seemed like an eternity he typed the following, “you are
quite pretty. From now on you will always be fully feminine when you
come on line and when I think you are a good little cunt I will let you see
me. You will do what I ask without question. If not, I’ll be gone and this
will be over. If you do well then perhaps all your dreams will come true. I
want you to practice your voice to become as feminine as you can because
we will add audio to our little journey soon. From now on you are a cunt
to be used by me in any way that pleases me. Your pussy is for me to use
as I see fit. Do you understand?”
I answered quivering, “yes Master Cock.”
“Good, from this day forward you will wear panties only whether
you are inside and outside your home. Tomorrow buy enough panties to
last you and throw out any male underwear you have. You are a cunt and
your cunt should be covered with panties and only satin panties. And from
now on when you go to the bathroom you will sit to pee. Cunts pee and
make poopy. You will call your clit a tee-tee like any girl would do. You
will no longer buy any magazines other than girl magazines and you will
eat like a girl. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Master Cock,” I typed erratically.
“Good, be a cunt every moment you can. You must always think
like the submissive little cunt you are. The sooner you become that cunt
the sooner you will be ready for what you have desired for so long,” he
replied. “Oh, buy a short nightgown to sleep in. Learn to keep your nails
nice. Use an emery board”
Over the next month we started getting on line much more
frequently. I had become so overpowered with this whole thing I had
actually given him my real name and address. When I told him I worked
from home he told me to let my hair grow long and when I went out I
could wear in a pony tail. (When it finally grew out over the months it
never looked manly when I went out. I could feel the eyes of people but I
didn’t care.) Master Cock would send me pictures of clothes he liked and
if I could afford them to buy them and wear them. So, by the end of that
month I had two outfits. One was a short plaid pleated skirt with white
cotton blouse and white knee high stockings with black Mary Jane shoes
Under the skirt I wore white satin boy shorts (those are girl frilly panties
for those of you that don’t know) and a white training bra.
The other outfit was a short red dress that I bought from
Frederick’s of Hollywood. I had matching red stockings with garters.
Master Cock didn’t like pantyhose. And of course my pink panties and
matching bra I wore with this and red heels.
I had spent nearly $1,000 on all of this so far but I had plenty of
money and I was enjoying myself. What else did I have to spend it on?
By this time Master Cock controlled every orgasm I had. Sometimes he
would watch me and other times he would tell me when and what I should
be thinking.
At the end of about a month a small package arrived in the mail.
When I opened the box there was a wrapped package inside and a note
from Master Cock not open it and for me to email him of its arrival.
Shortly after my email Master Cock instructed me, by email, to meet him
on line that night with the package unopened by my side. I was to wear the
school girl outfit I had bought.
This time he didn’t make me wait more than a minute or so after
the 8pm time he had designated. He asked if I had the package etc and
then took my breath away when he said, “I am going to turn my web cam
on now and you will be able to see me.” A few moments later a little video
screen opened on my computer and there he was. You’ll be surprised, he
wasn’t some Adonis but instead was hairy and overweight (not
humongous you terrible readers). He was a bit repulsive but he was my
Master Cock and my thoughts fell instead on my submissiveness as I
looked at him. He was definitely hairy and manly. He had already told me
he was 6’3″ but he looked like he weighed over 240 lbs. I on the other
hand had been eating lightly over the month on the diet he had prescribed
and was down to 138 lbs.
Master Cock told me, as he unzipped his fly and pulled out a limp
cock that looked over 8″ long hanging there; if I was ever going to get to
suck it there were several things I would have to be do first and the
package was the beginning. He said, “I should decide now whether to stop
or go forward?” But once going forward if I objected to anything from this
point on he would disappear. He didn’t coerce me. Often I had imagined
someone would have something on me and I would have to their bidding
or else; such as stories about ‘caught with consequences’. But, no, here I
was making my own decision. Sealing my fate by my secret desires I
meekly typed, “I agree Master Cock.”
He then typed, “Prissy you are to get a ‘mic’ as soon as possible.
We will talk as well as type from now on. And, now take out the package
and unwrap it. But I want you to concentrate on my cock on the screen at
the same time. From now on you will only look at my cock unless
instructed otherwise. I will email you some pictures that you can frame
and put up around the house. I’ll tell you where. Now open the package
and tell me what you see.”
I unwrapped the package and saw a box inside. It was about 8
inches long and 2 inches on each side. I thought I knew what it was (and I
know what you girls are thinking) but instead once it was opened I could
see it was a large bottle of pills. I typed that I had opened the package and
saw the bottle of pills. Master Cock asked, “Do you know what they are
Of course my reply was, “No.”
Master Cock then said, “You will never reply no and you will
always use the respectful Master Cock when replying. Instead of no you
will say things like, “will you tell me Master Cock etc. No is not in your
vocabulary when speaking to men. As a cunt your reply is always willing.
Either a yes or whatever you want Master Cock etc. Otherwise you will be
punished. You will be spanked. Do you understand?”
“Yes Master Cock, I understand,” I uttered. “Will you please tell
me what the pills are for Master Cock?”
The words came over the screen as I saw him touch his cock. He
typed, “They are female hormones. You are to take one with a meal each
day. I will send you more before they run out. Over the months you will
form small breasts. Probably an A cup if we are lucky. I don’t want them
any bigger. Only you and I will know. In time, when you are ready, we
will meet.”

Standing in the corner in my garage waiting for Master Cock to
arrive I felt my tee-tee move a bit in my white panties. I was wearing that
outfit with the short pleated skirt, white blouse, knee high stockings, Mary
Jane’s and my white boy panties and white demi bra. My hair was now
nearly shoulder length, dyed blond and was styled very feminine with a
plaid bow (matching my skirt) on the right where my part was. My finger
and toe nails were manicured and painted red to match the red in my
scotch pleated skirt. I was wearing Intrigue (perfume you men reading
this.) I had a small bag packed. Master Cock had said all I needed was my
makeup bag and tampons. Everything that I would need would be
I now weighed about 132 lbs and my shape had curved a bit from
the hormones and I now had small A cup breasts as Master Cock had
predicted. I had small areola more masculine then feminine but my nipples
were bigger and definitely female. It was 8:05pm, Friday, June 16, 2006.
He was already 5 minutes past the time he had said for me to be ready. I
was taking a three week vacation. I had informed the home office and they
had assigned my accounts to another salesperson until I got back. It was a
great job. I simply called accounts and they placed orders which the home
office filled and I was paid. My time was mine. And a vacation was way
overdue. I hadn’t had one for nearly three years since I started working
with them (where would I go by myself?) and I was one of the most
productive salesmen (I guess now salesgirls). It made me think of my
voice. The training and hormones had made it possible for me to sound
between an alto and soprano. I didn’t sound very masculine even before
but now I could sound a bit passable.

My mind turned back to the time between the hormones and now.
During this period I had become quite feminine in my manners. The
hormones had helped but also the magazines, TV shows, food etc that
Master Cock had picked out for me. Outside of work during this period he
controlled all my other time. He had sent me a butt plug which I would
wear to get use to what would happen when the time came. One time he
had me watch as he masturbated and came. I couldn’t believe how big his
cock had grown. Nor could I believe the copious amount of cum he
produced. It was over two tablespoons and maybe even three of white
gobs of cum. This did not include his pre-cum. When I came I didn’t even
fill a teaspoon. I never knew until now the difference between myself and
After a few months he had me set up various web cams throughout
my home and he had done the same. He would watch me when I went pee-
pee and he would make me watch as he ‘took a leak’ or ‘took a piss’.
Once he filled a large 2 cup measuring cup with his pee. His pee was so
dark yellow. It looked so strong. The diet I was on made my pee very
light. The only liquids I was allowed was water and sometimes tea, a light
green tea. One time he put a web cam in the toilet and peed right on it.
What I saw was him peeing on me. He asked me what I thought. By then I
had learned to say I was there to please him and if it pleased him it pleased
me since I was his cunt girl.
When spring came he once came on-line and told me some friends
of his wanted to look me over. He asked me if I minded. Actually he said,
“Cunt, I have some men here that want to see my little pussy girl. Are you
What could I reply by now except “Yes, Master Cock.” All of my
web cams were on but Master Cock and his friends were just in front of
one. (He had turned off his others for this meeting.) I could only see the
men from the neck down and they had their cocks out. There were about
six of them in sight. The one to the right of Master Cock had a huge beer
belly and a not so big cock (well compared to Master Cock’s.) He looked
like a beer drinker and I could see tattoos on his knuckles. Also I saw two
black men with long dangling cocks. One was longer then Master’s.
Master Cock said, “Hey pussy, show the men how you pee and
after that show them what you do so your pussy doesn’t leak. And when
you walk, sway as if you have a bucket of cum in your pussy so the men
can see how you jiggle.
By this time we had audio connected as well and after I peed I put
a tampon in my ass, oops, I mean pussy. I walked back to the computer
and turned and walked around. I noticed some of the penises were starting
to straighten up. It was at that moment I thought I heard someone in the
back say something like, “she’ll do fine.” A few days later I would learn
what this all meant.

Of course what it meant was why I was standing in the garage. It
was 8:15pm and the lights of a car turned into my driveway and the car
slowly pulled into the garage. I trembled. I hadn’t met Master Cock
before. The only name I knew for him was Master Cock. I didn’t know
where he lived or anything else. The lights lit me up like a deer in the head

Over the months he had emailed me pictures of him, his cock, his
cum, his ass, his pee and had me print them out as 8″X10″s and frame
them and put them up around the house where he said. By this time I
didn’t have anyone visit me anymore. More and more I just had groceries
delivered and rarely went out. I guess I was a closet queen (joking). I was
amazed how far I was going with all of this but I couldn’t stop. If you
knew how I felt you’d understand. If you don’t you probably think I’m
just weird. But the desire to be that submissive girl and this guy willing to
fulfill the need took away all the boundaries. His cock picture was on my
mirror in my bathroom and another on my vanity. He had told me to put
the picture of him peeing in the large measuring cup on the wall opposite
the toilet. And, several cum pictures were placed around my bedroom.
One large gob of cum picture sat on night stand by the alarm clock. Master
Cock allowed me to rub my clitty and cum as long as I was looking at one
of these pictures. He had also sent me a small enema bulb and had me start
(what he called douching my pussy) shooting a mixture of water and scent
in my butt, holding it for at least 10 minutes while doing other things and
then sitting down releasing it. It became part of my daily ritual.
Shortly after the scene with the men he talked with me one night
(as I said we had audio then) about the future. He wanted me to be ready
in June to go to his cabin for my vacation and to be his cabin slut. I was to
expect friends of his would be there and for the first time he asked me,
instead of telling me, if I had any reservations to “tell me now.”
So I told him there were a few things I just couldn’t tolerate. I said
I didn’t want any other girl or submissive to be there since I would be
ashamed. (Can you believe that? But it was true.) I also was not into a few
things like scat, cigarette burning, whipping, torture or any severe pain. He
asked about spanking and I said I thought I could take a good hard one. He
asked about caning and I said I wasn’t sure how much I could take but it
was ok as long as I wasn’t being tortured by the cane. Nervously I told
him any other reservations I had and he said these wishes would be
resolved in an agreement which I would read on the drive to the cabin. If I
was OK with the agreement I would sign it and we would continue to the
cabin. If I wasn’t then everything would end during the ride forever. But,
Master Cock said, “most submissives want to be in some control but in
order to really be what he said I wanted to be, once I signed the agreement
and we got to the cabin I would not be allowed to object to anything any
male asked me to do that was not on the excluded list.

The car pulled up and stopped. Master Cock rolled down his
window and said, “Prissy, put your suitcase in the back and get in.” I
followed his instructions and as the car backed out of the garaged I used
the garage door opener and closed the door. As the garage door went down
I could see my past as I now sat in the present wondering about my future.
The house looked dark and as the car pulled into the street I felt my
old life completely slipping away. I was very nervous at this moment and
then I heard Master Cock saying, “Here Prissy,” and he handed me several
pages of a typed agreement.
He continued, “Turn the reading light on and read it out loud as I
drive. You should be aware there will be no changes. You will either
accept this in its entirety or this escapade will end. When you are finished
you will either have your last choice for the next two weeks or I will drive
you back home to dream your life away..

“Contract between Master Cock and Prissy,”

This was heading. I began to read it out loud as the car drove away from
my neighborhood. I seemed to read it slower then necessary both out of
nervousness and because it was an important document. To me this was
more than a very ‘important document,’ it was putting me on a course of
action often dreamt of, but now almost real.
I read the following,
“As we have agreed there will be no other women on this
trip at the cabin. There will be no scat. There will be no diapers. There will
be no burning, candle wax, fire play. No whipping. No fisting. No
asphyxiation. No electricity. No permanent tattoos. No needles. No
torture, etc.”
The car continued along. I was reading and not paying attention to
what direction we were going. I continued,
“This is what is expected of you. You will be always be female in
all your manners at all times. You will be expected to clean the house
including the bathrooms. You will do all the laundry. You will keep
kitchen clean and the dishes put away. You are expected to do every girly
task there is. These will include cleaning the men’s underwear by hand
and other expecteds which you will learn. You will always keep your eyes
on male genitals at all times. You will answer yes to everything unless
given permission to say no. Otherwise the only answer other than yes will
be ‘whatever pleases you.’ When you are spanked you are allowed to
whimper or cry but you will not yell or scream. You will not swallow any
deposits without permission. You will have bathroom behavior control
(which means you will have to ask to go and you may or may not be given
permission. A further understanding of this will be explained at the cabin.)
Your diet will be controlled. You will only read what is in your room. You
are expected to douche every morning (and when anyone tells you to).”
I looked up for a moment thinking about what this all meant. It
wasn’t much different then our net meetings but this was real. It was
happening. As I looked out the window I noticed we were now on a dark
country road. I wondered how long we had been driving. (Although the
reading part is quite short in this story the time that had passed was much
longer. Call it writer’s largesse or believe what follows.) There were
several reasons for this. One of which was when Master Cock asked me to
repeat a sentence and then would ask me if I understood it. There was to
be no misunderstanding. No chance to say I didn’t understand.

We turned down a dirt road driving through a forest, I continued,
“You will keep your make-up fresh as often as possible.
You will not wipe off semen until given permission but you may use
perfume. You will not start a conversation and you will not act gleeful.
You are the only sub and it is expected you understand that position. This
means no laughter, giggling etc. You are expected to be used but you are
not a part of the social gathering.”
The car continued and the road seemed to end and we were driving
on what looked like a forest floor and then into an open field. I hadn’t
noticed what kind of car this was but obviously it must have had four
wheel drive as we drove up a rough field somewhere away from
everywhere. The car came up to a moderate sized log cabin and stopped.
Master Cock said, “Well finish reading it now and then sign it.
You can stop everything right now and I’ll turn around and take you back.
But then again you can finally do for real almost everything you’ve
imagined and some things you haven’t thought of. But at this moment, this
is your last decision either way.”
I looked down at the final part of the agreement and read,
“Finally, we promise that you will not be physically hurt in
anyway and hopefully we will all have gotten what we wanted, pleasure,
release and memories because memories are better than dreams.”
Underneath it was signed Master Cock with the catch all phrase of
“all those coming to the cabin over the next three weeks.” To the right of
Master Cock’s signature there was a line with the name Prissy underneath
for me to sign.
Master Cock turned and handed me a pen. I took it and because of
the part of ‘not being hurt and memories are better then dreams,’ I signed
it with a minimal amount of hesitation although I hadn’t contemplated
what the entire document would really mean until later. I just knew this
would be the only time I’d ever have to turn my dreams to memories.
“Good,” Master Cock said, “Now let’s go in.”
He got out of the car walked around to my side and opened the
door for me. I felt so feminine but I also knew this may be the last time for
any acts of chivalry for the next two weeks. He took my small suitcase and
put his hand under my elbow and immediately I realized why. My heels
began to penetrate the soft ground. I had to walk tippy toe to the steps.
As I began to walk up the steps Master Cock let go of my elbow
and in nearly one motion put his hand up my skirt on my ass and put his
finger in my crack. I nearly stumbled. I began to turn around and he pulled
his hand back and slapped my ass hard and said, “You must not turn
unless told to.” and then slapped me again. I fell forward a bit on the last
step but didn’t fall down. My ass stung and we walked to the door and
went inside.
Now, I know no one reading this wants to have the long story of
what happened next so I’ll try to make it as short as possible. Master Cock
took my hand and walked me through the cabin. There was his room that
had a queen size bed and private bathroom. There were two other
bedrooms. They shared a bathroom outside there respective doors in the
small hallway. Unusually there was no door on that bathroom and the
toilet faced right out into the hall. A small enclosed shower, sink and
mirror completed it. Each of these bedrooms had four bunk beds. And
finally a small room with a single bed which was mine. In my room were a
small vanity table, chair, side table, mirror and a closet. Inside the closet
were various outfits including a mini skirted maid outfits (more than one).
>From what I could see all the other outfits were skirts or dresses with
shoes under them. Master Cock said all my personal stuff would be in the
vanity draws.
The hallway was very short maybe eight feet and opened into a
large living room, kitchen and dining area. This area was completely
opened. The kitchen had a bar countertop over looking the dining area.
Three stools sat on the other side of the countertop and behind them was a
large round dining table with six captain chairs. The set up looked like it
could serve both dining and a card game. Especially since there were both
a round holder of chips and a deck of card sitting on the table at this
moment. The living room had a wrap around sofa, a fireplace with a
plasma screen TV above it and other furniture. Off the kitchen was a door
that opened to a small laundry area with another door that opened to the
outside. This was definitely a well outfitted hunting or fishing lodge. A
fully stocked bar was in one corner of the living room. The living room
was large enough to accommodate the ping pong table which had a pool
table underneath. On the ping pong table were four paddles and a ping-
pong ball. There was plenty of room left in this large open area. So when
you looked around you saw everything. Actually it was one giant log
cabin room with a vaulted ceiling and the kitchen, dining area, recreational
area and living room had just seemed to be placed in it.
“I’ll be right back so why don’t you look around,” Master Cock
said, as he went into his room.
So, as I walked into the living room I noticed a stack of magazines
on the large coffee table in front of the sofa. They were all pornographic. I
felt my inner thighs tremble again. Walking to the left of the fireplace and
plasma screen I noticed a bookshelf filled with pornographic DVD’s. Well
I wasn’t really surprised. I knew why I was here and I had seen these
magazines before having watched numerous porn films some of which
were with transvestites and transsexuals. (Don’t act so surprised. You
didn’t think I was a mental virgin also. Did you?)
I walked into the kitchen and besides the refrigerator and pantry I
didn’t see where there was enough food for three weeks. (I would learn
later there was another small provision cabin outside the door by the
washer/dryer and also a clothes line out there as well among other
Just then Master Cock came out his shirt was on but he was naked
from the waist down. Taken by surprise I had looked up.
“You’re such a dumb blond cunt,” he said as he grabbed my arm
forcing me to bend over and with his other hand he lifted my skirt up and
started whacking my ass. Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack….
while Master Cock said, “look you little pussy you are not to ever look at
anything on any male except their cock unless told otherwise,” and then
Whack, Whack, Whack…I started sobbing with a little whimper as he let
go of my arm and told me stand up.
As I stood up I made sure I kept my eye on his big cock. He was so
much bigger and stronger then me that all of it had happened without my
even having a chance to struggle. His smacks were full and my ass was
stinging as he said; “Now you’ll suck my cock and not swallow for one
hour while you get yourself accustomed to your room. Tomorrow morning
at 8am you will be on duty for the next three weeks. In your vanity draw is
a booklet which will explain more of what is expected of you. But most
you’ll learn from the dvd’s, listening and spankings.”
Master Cock clicked his fingers and I went down on my knees and
opened my mouth. So this was it I thought as he put his cock in my mouth,
grabbing my ears and he started pumping my mouth like a pussy. As he
did so he continued, “Now you’ll remember when I want to fuck your
mouth you’ll just keep it open without any teeth touching my cock. If I
feel a tooth you’ll get a spanking after. No one is asking you to do
anything but be a cum receptacle. If we want you to do something, we’ll
tell you.”
Then he slapped my face and said “Lean your head back so my
snake can go down your throat.” I leaned back as best I could but I was
gagging as his hardening cock pushed past the back of my throat. He
didn’t even care. He just held my ears and pulled me onto his cock as a
tear fell from my eye hitting my stinging cheek. Before I knew it his balls
were hitting my chin. Somehow his cock had gotten down my throat. I
was trying to throw up but he kept his cock there. Breathing through my
nose he continued fucking me. I didn’t know if this was what I wanted or
not but it didn’t matter anymore since I had signed that papers. I didn’t
even know where I was or how I would leave if I could. And then he
pulled his cock back out of my throat into my mouth and started spurting
his cum. Load after load filled my mouth until he stopped and pulled out.
“Ok you little pussy bitch show me your reward,” he snickered as I
opened my mouth and showed him his deposit.
“Good, now down on all fours,” he continued and of course I
complied. He grabbed my hair and pulled me forward as I held the cum on
my tongue my mouth closed. And, then he lifted my skirt up and spanked
me five hard whacks. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!
And then he let go of my hair and told me to walk on all fours like
the bitch I was to my room and to remember this was just the beginning.
Sobbing I went to my room like a dog and when I got in he closed the
door. I stood up, sat down on my bed and cried. But with his cum on my
tongue my tears just reminded me of what lay ahead. This was what I
wanted, wasn’t it, I asked myself? After about 10 minutes I went over to
the vanity and opened up the drawers. The top left drawer was filled with
various skimpy and colorful panties and matching bras. Some were thongs
and others were bikini. All were satin.
The drawer below it was larger and contained garter belts. There
were different colors matching the panties above. And finally the drawer
below contained many sets of stockings of different colors as well.
On the top right was the booklet he had mentioned. In the title area
it said, “Prissy’s Book.” I left it there sitting in the drawer. I closed the
drawer and opened the drawer below. This was filled with various butt
plugs, lubricants, cuffs and other things. And the drawer below that
contained various collars and leashes. I shuddered.
I had known this might be the case and had even had a few
orgasmic fantasies about such when I was at home. But the feeling when
you are there, when it is real, is so much different than any fantasy. I got
up and went to the closet. Inside there were several outfits but all of the
maid’s outfits had notes on them.
The first one said, “You will wear this tomorrow morning. Your
book will explain what else you will wear.”
On the floor in the corner of the closet was a stack of magazines. I
picked some up and saw they were Glamour, Cosmopolitan etc. Also there
were some porn magazines. Some of them were guys with girls. Some
were guys with transvestites. And some were really nasty including a
group about “water sports.”
Next to the magazines was a box. I opened it and there was a note
and a small DVD player and about a dozen DVD’s. The DVD’s didn’t say
what was on them but the note said I should watch them over the next
week. I should watch the one marked ONE first and then another each
night. I could see they were marked from one to twenty-one.
I took the box out of the closet and brought it near my bed. I
looked at the alarm clock next to the bed and saw I still had about 15
minutes of keeping his cum in my mouth. The alarm clock sat on a small
end table which had a lamp on it and three drawers. I opened the top
drawer and there was an accordion file folder. In different compartments
were those tattoos you could put on and they wouldn’t come off for over a
week or so. Some said ‘cunt.’ Others said “fill this up” or “urinal”. And
there were many others. More and more I realized the fact of signing. That
now I was to be the submissive with no choice to say stop or I won’t do
that. And they had gotten around the ‘no permanent tattoos’ so easily it
may me fearful about everything I just signed
The hour had finally passed and I started to try to swallow but I
gagged a bit. So, I stopped for a little while composing myself and then
Master Cock’s cum slurped down my throat into my stomach. Getting up I
picked up my makeup suitcase and brought it over to the vanity. I took out
the booklet and looked for a nightgown or something to wear. Going back
to the night table I opened the other draw and it was filled with skimpy
teddy’s and matching panties. Little frilly night gowns mingled with them.
I took out the flimsy blue see through nightie, put in on, and saw it barely
covered the top of my ass. I looked for a pair of bottoms but there were
none. None of the nightwear had bottoms.
When I thought about washing up for bed I remembered the only
bathroom was just outside my door to the right between the doors to the
two bedrooms for guests. And now I remembered the door was missing
and from now on I would have to use the same bathroom. I felt my neck
fill with goose bumps. Next to the lamp was a box which said, ‘Open This
Now.’ Inside was a butt plug and a note that I would wear this plug every
night I slept in this bed.
My idea is to continue this with each part being either each day
such as Day One or simply Week One. I think though it will be Day One
etc. Please leave comments and thanks for reading my stories. And a
special thanks to those that like them. (Written by Lauren Westley. If you
would like to contact me you can at

Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 11:17:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: lauren westley
Subject: Country Girl Day One (morning) – First Installment- TG

Country Girl
Day One
Lauren Westley

I was awakened at 6am by the little clock on the side of my bed. It
didn’t buzz or play music. Instead it repeated over and over,” Get up
cunt.” There was no snooze button. No way to ignore its command to me.
No way for me to believe this had been a little girlish fantasy dream I was
just awakening from.
Instead, ‘eyes wide open’, in my small room, I was to be a
submissive girl, slut, whatever they wanted. Whoever and how many
‘they’ were I would be theirs.
(I am not going to bore you with all the rules in the book etc.
Instead I will let you know sometimes when I am abiding by one
particular rule or when I am being punished for not remembering another.
To the girls who want more detail on the clothes, I’m sorry. To the
MEN who want fewer details, I apologize sincerely. To those who are
unhappy with my stories I say, “Read something else”. And to the friends
I’ve made or people who have enjoyed this passion, I say Thank You.
Now on Blitzer!)
I stood up my blue nightie hanging down, just over my crotch.
Walking over to the mirror and I looked at myself. Gosh what a mess. I
hadn’t taken my make-up off last night and now my face and my hair
looked like a rag doll. A little of Master Cock’s cum had come out of my
mouth while I was holding it last night and was now clumped in a patch
just below my lip on my left . As I looked I could see why I was there. I
could see in my green eyes the glimmer of dreams. But I could also see
those dreams would be others and their use of me would be my memories.
From the closet I took the outfit that had been selected for the day.
Although it was quite evident looking at 6 other similar outfits with each
having a day of the week sewn in red on the right breast pocket, it was
equally disconcerting seeing “CUNT and under it SATURDAY”. And I
guess I would have to clean and press them each day to be ready for the
next week. On the other side of the closet were all sorts of outfits. I knew
not to rummage through them until I was told.
Putting the maid’s uniform on the bed with the Mary Jane’s by the
foot of the bed (how girly of me) I went over to the vanity and opened my
make-up suitcase. Suddenly, I realized I had to pee badly. From the past
months of habit I grabbed my ‘douchette’ (Master Cock’s name for it) and
walked out to the bathroom to clean up.
The house was dark with just a night light in the hall and a summer
morning chill twisting up under my nightie which made me feel twice as
naked as I was. Walking into the bathroom (as you know the door is
missing) I saw a note on the mirror from Master Cock. It simply said,
“Your first toilet in the morning is the only time you do not need
permission. And, as you know you may not talk first with anyone. So,
you’ll just have to figure out what to do for the rest of the day.”
I had forgotten about the “Bathroom Control” part of the deal. As I
would learn soon I didn’t know much about anything.
Sitting down on the toilet I tinkled and then wiped away from my
anus. Then I poopied and wiped the other way. I’m not sure how girls do it
but I am sure Master Cock had instructed me on this hygiene method
months ago. Getting up I flushed, turned on the shower, took my pills,
removed my nightie and enjoyed the warmth of the shower. Washing my
hair and body I felt so clean. The dirt washed down my body, swirled
around my red toenails and finally disappeared in a swirl through the
drain. I felt wonderful.
Drying off I went back to my room and was about to proceed
putting on a pair of panties before doing my make-up. Opening the drawer
I looked down and pulled out my favorite color, a sea-green panty and
matching bra. But, the panties were different from anything I had ever
seen or heard about. I hope I can explain but since this is scientific and I
really am not too bright in that department it will be difficult. (I’m good
on colors and I’m a blond) By the way girls they were string thong with a
large frontal patch for you bushy ones like me. (Does anyone know why
we use they or pair of panties to designate a single panty?)
Anyhow, built into the crotch of the panties was some sort of hard
bendable material. That I figured out right away was something for my
figure and saw that all the other panties had the same thing. But when I
went to put them on I saw something else on the inside. Oh I had seen
things like ‘neosteel’ makes and had read stories about ‘glue-on-vaginas.’
But this was different.
Inside the front, behind the patch, was a pocket. Upon opening the
elastic pocket I could see something that looked like a condom but
appeared stronger. It was supple and obviously was to put my….call it
what you will… into. I turned the panties over and could see a small hole
in the lower part of the panty. Touching the hole it was evident a small
tube (very short in length) connected to the end of the condom like sheath
and then out. Well, you know what that was for? Right? My face reddened
as I realized that I would be peeing as a woman as well.
Getting the panties on wasn’t too hard and when I sat down at the
vanity to put my sheer wired bra on I felt like, well almost…..I think!
So then I was dressed in my maid’s outfit. Fully made up with
bright red lips and the, for better want of a phrase, control panty holding
me tight and forming a very feminine looking front to my panties or
anything else I might wear. I left the room to clean up before 8am. That
much I knew. I was too clean up any mess from the night before and have
coffee ready.
After breakfast around 10am I would do the bedrooms (as
necessary), do the laundry and hang it outside. Then at lunch I was to be
finished and in the afternoon clean the bathrooms.
Fortunately, this morning I though there would be very little to
clean up since Master Cock and I had come alone. But, I could tell when I
got to the kitchen I was wrong. There were four empty highball glasses, a
few dishes with dried on food and an ashtray over on the table with an
open deck of cards. I started looking for the dishwasher but there wasn’t
one. Sadly, I was going to wash everything by hand while I was here.
Under the sink (luckily) there were a pair of rubber gloves and by 8am the
house of was clean and the coffee was made when I heard the first male
rumblings of the morning.
The sound came from the bathroom. It was a loud, “AHHHHHH!
And I could hear his pee hitting the toilet. Nervously I glanced around the
edge of wall to peek and just as I did I heard his voice. It wasn’t Master
Cock but before I could pull back into the kitchen he commanded, “Bitch,
I know you’re looking, get your ass over here right now.”
I walked down the hall shaking as I approached the bathroom. I
saw he had a small ass but looked very tall as he stood peeing. When I got
within what I can only call striking distance, he turned, grabbed my wrists
pulling me into the bathroom and bending me a bit over in one movement
and began spanking me. He was spanking so hard I began to cry and I
heard him say, “Don’t ever forget to say ‘Yes Sir’ when you are spoken
Sobbing, my ass red and sore again, he pulled me back up in front
of him. I was still looking up when he slapped my face hard and said,
“Bitch, you know what you should be looking at.” My ass and face burned
as I looked down to this thick drooping cock. I had no idea how big it
would look hard but it did look thick the way it was.
“Good girl,” he said while moved his hand under my hair and
around the back of my neck. “Ok, now I just did a good morning piss
which I’m sure you wanted but right now I want you to lick my cock and
balls clean.” And then with a little force on my neck I began to go down to
the floor passing the hair on his somewhat extended stomach till I was
kneeling. He played with my hair and ears as I licked his pee from his slit
and lapped around his hairy balls. Now, I was told earlier, I was their
female. That was how I was to think. And they wouldn’t tolerate any
thoughts or actions other than such.
Then, with just his large hand on my nape, with my stockings
sliding under my knees, he turned me effortlessly (although I knew to
move in the direction he wanted by his touch) till I was looking at the
toilet. The seat was down and there were both dribbles of pee and a few
pubic hairs. His voice above said, “Did you leave this fucking seat down
“Yes Sir,” I managed to sob out from the various pains I felt. My
ass, my face and the pressure on my neck all made my voice even more
docile. I could hear the submissive wisp in my voice as the higher female
tones uttered, “What would you have me do Sir?”
“Lick that fucking mess from the seat and remember to ALWAYS
leave the seat up. This isn’t a cunt’s house. This is a man’s castle. The seat
stays UP.”
Looking at the deep autumn yellow drops as I leaned down to obey
him (since that would be my duty from now on) I could smell the aroma of
his urine waif up from the toilet into my nostrils as I licked the toilet seat
clean. Pubic hairs getting on my tongue and finding ithard to swallow I
finally finished.
Still holding my neck he said, “Now, lift the seat up,” as he let go
of my nape and then gave me a slight slap on the back of my head. Not
expecting the slap I nearly lost my balance but managed to grab the seat
and raise it as I kneeled in front of the toilet with the seat up.
“And now bitch, lick the bottom of the seat and as a punishment
you will also lick the rim. Not just now but for the whole day. You’ll go
into the bathroom each time you’re not busy and if it’s not clean you’ll get
down on your knees and be the good little maid you were made to be,
Comprende? Oh, and when you are done you can flush the toilet for me
but I want you to kneel in front of it when you do and put your face over
the bowl so you can watch what you missed from me but will be getting
from me from now on.”
“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir, I meekly uttered.” Stunned how I was
drifting deeper into submission then I ever thought I would. I could hear
him in the kitchen as I licked the bottom of the seat and the rim clean.
Then, as I was told, I knelt in front of the bowl, leaned my head down and
flushed the toilet. Cold urine scented air pushed up his aroma brushing
over my face and his pee went down. It went through my nostrils and even
my eyes. Nearly tearing as the flush finished I got up, straightened my
skirt and white apron. Then I looked in the mirror and saw my lipstick had
smeared a little and was thankful I had brought it with me. Then I
freshened my lipstick and walked out to the kitchen.
As I entered the kitchen he was sitting having coffee at the table. I
heard him say, “Good morning cunt. How’s our pussy today?”
“Fine, thank you Sir,” I answered immediately.
“Well, come over here and stand by my side,” Sir said.
I walked (as you know by now femalely) over to him and stood by
his side. All of a sudden he slapped my ass twice saying, “Look bitch you
always stand by my right side. I’m right handed. If I was fucking left
handed you would stand where you are, right?
“Y…ee….sss Sir. I’m sorry Sir. I’ll remember Sir,” I quivered as I
walked around to his right side.
“Now that’s a good girl,” he continued as he put his right hand on
my inner thigh halfway up. Standing there as he rubbed and played with
my thighs and squeezed my ass, I knew what I had wanted to feel like. I
was the girl. And, as you know, I was submissive in my dreams and now
reality. His fingers rubbed underneath. With the shield there he wouldn’t
feel my large clit but instead just like I was wearing a thick pad.
While he was doing this he was looking at a pornographic
magazine. The pictures showed a girl being bound and then put in a cage. I
winced. Once in a while he would take his hand away and take a sip of his
coffee or turn a page. It was definitely a bondage magazine. And I realized
I hadn’t said no to that but only to severe pain and wondered how I had
missed that.
“Hey Houser,” Master Cock said as he came into the room. “How
do you like our little bitch?”
I stood silent as Sir (as I knew him) squeezed my ass again and
said, “Yep, you know how to find the best pussy around. Though she’ll
need a little training before she understands what it means to be our
submissive cum slut. But she does have one fine ass. But can it hold a
quart of cum?” He squeezed a bit harder on the final words.
“Come over here Prissy,” Master Cock said. I walked over with
my eyes on his cock thinking about the months ago this had started.
Nearly a year had passed. All of my fantasies had swirled around inside
my head. I’m sure none of you can understand what it’s like to be trapped
inside something you’re not. I’m not gay. I’m not straight. I’m not any
description ever written. But, I live (does that mean by Descartes I am?)
How different to be in this ocean wearing my sea-green panties, my
tongue coated with the taste of a man’s urine. Unsure, afraid but
nevertheless here. (Ok, if you don’t like the poetic dissonance I do. See,
this isn’t about those who don’t understand me but about those of you who
do. That means both the doms and the subs who share some of the
pleasure ride I’m on.)
I walked over to Master Cock looking at his crotch as I did. I
became more and more entrapped within the truth. And as I arrived near
him I could smell the odor of manliness. It’s a pheromone I never did
produce. And standing there, Master Cock said, “Prissy you have finally
begun to be what you will end these three weeks as.” And with that he put
his hand on my head and pushed me towards the floor. The motion down
was starting to become normal. I went to my black stocking knees with my
maid’s dress hem never touching the floor. A jolt, I wasn’t paying
attention, my hair pulled, I hadn’t what? I didn’t know.
“Bitch when you hit the floor on your knees have your mouth
open. No one cares about your wants.” Pulling my hair till the roots
burned I opened my mouth. “Good little whore,” Master said as he
unzipped his fly with his other hand pulled out his cock and while pulling
my head forward slid his large dangling snake into my mouth.
He pumped my mouth while talking with Sir. They talked about
the World Cup. About how stupid England had been and that now the
semi-finals were a Continental affair. As my saliva lubricated Master
Cock’s penis in my throat I was there but I wasn’t. I was a woman but I
wasn’t. I was a whore but I wasn’t paid. What was I becoming?
His cock (oh to remember Master’s Cock) thickened, hardened,
pulsed and moved over my lips, tongue, tonsils and into my throat. I was
gagging but I was also sucking. I can’t explain it. And after what seemed
like an hour, yet I was to learn it wasn’t even 9am yet, Master Cock pulled
his cock slowly out of my throat, past my tonsils, over my tongue, past my
lips and almost immediately began shooting cum all over my face. Gobs
stuck to my nose. Much sat on my cheeks. And because most of it was
thick, just a little dribbled down my chin and fell between my small A cup
orbs and leaked down my cleavage towards my belly button.
“Now get up and don’t’ touch your face. I want you to feel it dry.
To smell it,” Master Cock said with a condescending tone. And as I rose
he turned to his friend saying, “Houser did you bring the rope?” As my
mind raced I stood there in my little maid’s outfit barely able to see out of
my right eye. I didn’t know what I looked like but I knew what it felt like.
But that loss of vision changed almost immediately as Master Cock
opened a drawer in a credenza next to the dining table and pulled out a
“Here, now you can see what you should look like every moment,
everyday,” Master Cock sneered. I looked in the mirror and saw my face
was white glob cum splotched. I took a breath through my nose and some
of Master cum sitting at the base of nostril came up through my nasal
passage filling it with both smell and texture. Keeping my eyes on Master
Cock’s penis my peripheral vision saw Sir walking to the door and then I
heard him say, “I’ll be right back with the rope and my other bag of
goodies.” A moment after that the front door banged shut.
Master Cock started to play with my breasts and pinching my
nipples he said how well the hormones had worked. My breasts were
exactly the size that pleased him and his friends would like them also.
Another comment on how I really did have girly nipples. “The perfect
submissive,” he said. “Both man and woman, just Perfect!” And as those
words brushed across my face I heard the sound of motorcycles.

(Ok, some of you are just going to hate this. But, I’m having the time of
my life writing it. So, this Lauren Westley at saying
there is “more to cum.”)

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 17:30:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: lauren westley
Subject: Country-Girl-2

Country Girl
Day One
Lauren Westley

(Authoress’s note: of course all disclaimers are still in place
regarding characters etc., except for one small truth since so many readers
asked me to answer this question. Most of the things I write about I did at
some point in my life. Perhaps they were not with as many people but at
least one person was there. And they were absolutely not done in the order
written and there are some things I’ve done that haven’t made it into any
of my stories yet. And yes, the motivation of being forced fem never fades
for me. If anything the scent becomes more pungent. Thanks to all my
readers.) Lauren Westley.

Mr. Houser came in through the door carrying a black duffle bag.
Behind him, two or three others men wearing motorcycle boots came in
carrying assorted things, which they somewhat noisily, dropped to the
floor in what could only be called a casual foyer . I couldn’t really see
clearly what those things were for several reasons. First, as you know, my
face had all Master Cock’s cum, some of which was stuck to one of my
eyelids in a stringy web and glob which left me with a somewhat
translucent focus. And of course having to look down at only their cocks
didn’t help either. Master Cock leaned to my ear and whispered, “Don’t
Then he left me standing there almost in the center of the room as
he walked over to the new guests. To my left was the table and to my right
was the living room. In front of me, a bit to the right, was the front door. I
could hear them talking although I couldn’t distinguish the words. Sir
Houser’s comment however rang out more loudly then the others as he
said, “Well, if we use this we can let the bitch dry out while we relax.”
“It’s great when you come on these escapades Houser. Yes, it
always adds a new dimension.
“Hey Prissy, take off your maid dress and leave everything else on.
And don’t mess up your new face cream” Master Cock commanded.
I must tell you at this point I had already begun to lose that pent up
femininity which had led me on this path. Oh, I thought I knew what being
a submissive female cunt would be like. Yes, it was pretty set out in my
imagination. Even when I signed the contract I had realized it didn’t cover
all possibilities but the problem with my submissive dreams was that I was
the creator as well as the subject. But in reality the creator is the dom and I
was learning this quite quickly. The licking of the toilet seat was never in
any fantasy I had imagined before I arrived at the cabin.
And you may wonder why did I do it so quickly? Why did I submit
so easily? Well, you quickly find out what a pussy you are when a real
man has your wrist in his grip and moves you like a rag doll. If I hadn’t
peed earlier I’m sure I would have peed myself then.
Everything up to the bathroom this morning had still seemed
within my control but after the bathroom scene earlier I was losing all
sense of having ever been a man or more then an object. Actually, I know
you might be surprised by this; I wasn’t even getting a sexual stimulation
out of all this. (Oh, don’t fret, since I know the story so I can tell you this.
As I became use to the force and my place I certainly became aware of my
sexuality again. But more on that later.)
So, reaching to the zipper on the back of my little black maid’s
dress (yes, you do need two hands so you had better do your stretches
girls) I held the top with my two left fingers and pulled the zipper down,
down, down. The zipper on this outfit ended about 5″ below my waist.
The dress easily fell off to floor and I realized Master Cock’s
comment about my ‘face cream’ had little to do with me removing my
dress then humiliating me in front of the new guests, I could feel their
stares not only on my undressing but also their eyes focusing on my cum
drenched face. (I’m sorry for these asides but many readers, especially
subs, have requested some of this and I will try to do it while not
disturbing those who don’t care. But, for those of you who ask ‘does cum
smell rancid etc. all I can say is it smells a lot nicer than a man’s armpit
but you will never find it as aromatic as a herbal bath until your estrogen
level cancels all your testosterone. I’m not sure that will happen but you
don’t see woman complaining about many natural male smells. I don’t
mean BO, no one really likes that.)
There I was standing in my Mary Janes, black thigh stockings, sea
green panties with matching sheer bra my hair topped by a little maid’s
cap. I had no jewelry so all I wore was Master’s cum and my red lips
shining through. My red fingernails at my side accented by the black
stockings while I thought not of what was going to happen but instead of
the sea green panties and what the new guests would think if they saw
them. My face flushed with that thought and I knew I was not the least bit
in control instead my dreams, which had been filled with deviant thoughts,
were now the reality of humiliation.
One of the new guests walked over to me and put a collar around
my neck. When the collar was secured he took his hand (which felt
massive) and rubbed my ass before finally attaching a leather leash to the
collar. He held the leash with his hands only a foot or so from my neck
and walked forward towards the front door. I knew to keep my eyes down
towards the blue jean covered crotches of three other men besides Master
Cock and Sir.
My leash holder stopped and one of the other men walked over to
me. His belly distended from obviously drinking too much beer and his
smell was a foul mixture of unwashed, sweat and clothes worn too long.
He started playing with my breasts. And even though they weren’t very
large the feeling was definitely my tits rolling in his large hands as the
sheer bra rolled with them. I can’t explain the feeling well since it was the
first time I had been palmed in such a rough manner. Just earlier Master
Cock had pulled my nipples. The hormones had definitely changed this
part of me.
Then his other hand went behind me and grabbed my left ass
cheek. His forced pulled me towards him and he was rubbing against me
while laughing and snorting. He was also over 6 feet tall since my eyes
barely came up to his chest. Grinding his belly (since his penis was no
where near me) he said too all near, “Yeah, oh yeah, this bitch is in heat.”
Then the man holding my leash said, “Here Houser, she’s all
yours; at least for the moment.”
Houser took the leash and told BikerMan whom he called Phil to
stop playing around saying, “we’ve got plenty of time to have fun with
this pussy but first things first.” BikerMan moved away.
Houser walked me around the other side of the room to the left of
the fireplace where there was another door which he then opened pulling
me along. I heard the other men following behind. I wanted to say
something; to ask a question. But, obviously, only a spanking or some
other punishment would come so I kept quite reminding myself of the
sounds I was allowed. I could moan, whimper, and answer questions
without using, “no”. A bit of fear swept over me when I looked
peripherally around the room. It was just a plain room, the size of a second
bedroom but I could see a stockade up against the wall and some different
spreader bars. I wanted to look up but I didn’t want to be spanked. I was
still sore. The fear made me almost pee in my panties and I pondered
what would I do when I really had to pee.
Behind me a bag dropped, a zipper ground open and someone
came up putting an elastic sleeper (I’m not sure what to call those things
you get on an international flight to keep the light out) over my head.
Making sure not to get his hands anywhere near Master Cock’s cum,
which had almost dried on my face, he held the mask part away from my
face stretched a bit from the elastic and when it was in place he let go and
the mask covered my eyes. I felt it squish into the cum near my eye. This
large glob hadn’t nearly dried yet and it felt messy.
“But,” I uttered, “We have a contract. Stop please.”
Then a slap on my ass and Houser’s voice saying, “Yes, we have a
contract that we’ll all abide in. So, just keep your panties on dear,” he
spoke more kindly then I had heard during the last 24 hours. “However,
we will be exploring many things you may not have counted on and from
now on we make the plans and you obey. You will become more feminine
then you ever imagined. More docile then you thought possible. And,
more submissive then any dream you ever had.”
And with that he didn’t spank me again. Instead there was a bit of
gentleness which of course wouldn’t last for long but for the moment
alleviated the fear that had made me speak out of turn. Actually he had
gained even more power over me with this kindness then earlier when he
had me lick the toilet clean. I can’t explain it but I actually felt more
submissive and even found myself trying somehow, I’m not sure if it
wasn’t just in my mind, to appear even more feminine.
But, this pleasantness faded quickly as I told to put my arms in
front of me and after two others held them a soft wrist spreader was
secured. What I didn’t know until a bit later was the ring in the center, the
ring in the ceiling and the rope that would raise my arms over my head
while someone took off my Mary Janes. In just minutes I had been hoisted
up so I could only touch the floor with the balls of my feet. It was like
being in the highest heels ever. Next something was brought up to my rear
(yes my rear). I felt someone pinch my panties and then a snip, some jelly
squirted in my ass hole and finally what I thought was a butt plug pushed
up my rectum.
“Wow Houser,” another man said, “you really know how to turn
up the heat.” With that I felt cuffs around my ankles with another rope
hold me steady in place. I couldn’t move forward or backwards.
Then some sort of ball gag was inserted in my mouth. Houser told
me that unlike other ball gags this one was unique. If I bit down a bit with
my teeth I would get some water to quench my thirst. He said this was a
humane restraint when the time would be over an hour. With that he told
me to try it and of course my mouth filled with some cool water. I
swallowed and it felt good. I almost thanked him but of course I couldn’t
make any sound other then a ‘hummpphh’ which was allowed.
Houser said, “Your welcome, sweetie. We are going out for awhile
and just thought you’d prefer some quiet time while you contemplate your
femininity, your submissive and the object that we and many others will
enjoy over these next weeks regardless of any pleasure you may get. But,
when you do feel like having an orgasm you will have one that is the
closest to what a woman feels when having an orgasm. Either you can
hump your panties, rub against something, have someone rub your pussy
or you can dream you came. But you will not be touching your clit except
to wash, put on and take off your panties and anything us we men say you
can do.”
“Now we MEN are going out for a hike, fish or whatever we feel
like doing. Understand we tied you up because we enjoy it and not
because we are going out because there is no where you could get to from
here on your own. Oh, and by the way, you will have to hurry to do your
chores when we return.”
With that he patted my fanny and I heard the men walk out and the
door closed. A key turned in the lock and I nearly cried since I was alone.
But before a tear could have formed I heard a sound and then realized, as
the fake penis in my ass began to move, I had been hooked up to a
‘machine fucker’. A rotating cam pushing the penis in and then pulling it
out and I had no way to move away. just to be penetrated by it.
What I didn’t know was outside on the plasma screen four images
were being sent from the four cameras in the room but even more it was
being recorded for their porno collection.
Time passed, my thirst quenched by squeezing the ball gag as my
ass hole felt the rhythmic pulsating penis sliding easily in and out. All of a
sudden the penis stopped moving and felt like it inflated a bit. More time
passed and by now I was sure I would be a good girl if only they would
come back. I would be as feminine as possible if only they would come
back. I took some more water and this time I did cry. I cried like any girl
would have cried. I was sure I did because I had been told I was a girl.
But, I wasn’t just any girl, I was something very few women ever are and
even less transgendereds. I was a submissive feminine object for the
pleasure of men. My wants would not be of any importance.

Finally, I heard a key in the door and the latch click. The door
squeaked as it opened. I hadn’t heard it before but now my ears heard
everything since I had loss one of my senses during my bondage. First I
felt the mouth gag removed. Then I felt the penis pounder moved out of
my ass and then I was raised a tiny bit more. But, before I could even
wonder why, I felt a pair of very high heel shoes put on my feet, I was
lowered just a bit fitting into them. The ankle cuffs were removed, my
arms were lowered in front of me, but the wrist cuffs were not removed.
My blindfold was pulled off may face like a Band-Aid coming off a
A warm wet towel was put into my hand and I was told I could
wipe my face clean. This kindness again made me forget my ordeal and as
I removed the dried cum from my face and felt the comforting warmth of
the wet towel I tried hard to be inside what I was now outside and that was
an appreciative cunt. My ass hole was wide opened and felt like a used
pussy. I realized I had begun to be what is called ‘forced-fem’. I didn’t
mind at this moment I only wanted to please.
I felt the leash reattached to my collar and with my eyes demurely
looking down I saw this cock on a different man then any others I had met
(well met isn’t exactly the right word). This man had a wide black leather
belt with studs on it. His cock was black, long and thick and stuck out of
his fly for me to see. So, I wondered, it was true? And I realized my brain
was being washed. I was now looking at my first black cock and
wondering. I decided this man would be BeltMan. In my mind I was
naming them all.
“Come along bitch,” he said as he pulled the leash leading me out
to the living room. I almost teetered on the high heels but managed not to
fall down. In the living room I could see the plasma screen with four
pictures of me while I was bound. Sitting around watching me on the
screen were Master Cock, Sir Houser, BikerMan and another man who I
hadn’t seen before. This man was sitting just in his underwear and was
extremely hairy. He looked like a gorilla so my mind called him
GorillaMan. However when answering anyone I was to say Master to
Master Cock and Sir to the rest unless instructed otherwise.
Master Cock asked me if, “I liked being a girl?” There was no
other reply I could make other then, “Yes Master.” To which he told me to
walk around in front of the men. (You should know that my eyes were to
be lowered in front of males but I only really had to do it when I would be
able to see the crotch or cocks.) So, I walked around, my calves killing me
in the high heels. They had a leather strap wrapping just around both my
ankles and of course metal rings on the inside and outside. As I walked
around to the left; BeltMan walked around to the right and took the empty
seat. The sofa was really three separate chairs pushed together and there
were two other matching chairs.
“Ok, girl,” Master Cock continued, “now get on your hands and
knees like the little pussy cat we want you to be.” I began to kneel down
and slipped because of the high heels falling on my ass. BikerMan laughed
the loudest and with the crook of his finger called me over to him.
I started crawling in front of the coffee table but I heard a stern,
“NO,” from Sir Houser. I stopped and someone moved the coffee table
and Houser continued, “The shortest distance for you is passing the most
So I restarted my crawl. Master Cock was to my right (or to the left
of Plasma screen. (Perspective is every thing.) He grabbed my leash and
asked me if I would like everyone on my way to BikerMan to spank me. I
hesitated in my answer so he said, “I guess your silence means you like it
extra hard. Right?”
My murmured reply was, “Yes Master you are right I would like it
hard.” So there I was with my blond hair draping over my shoulders, my
sea green bra and panties with a new hole in them, black stockings and
very high heels as he pulled me perpendicular to him and spanked me 5
hard whacks. Then the leash was handed to GorillaMan and he pulled the
leash so I had no choice but to have my nose about 10 inches from his
white (although there was a little pee stain) underwear.
“Do you like hairy men girl,” GorillaMan asked?
“Yes Sir,” I replied.
And then he turned me to the side, rubbed my ass and pussy adding
his 5 hard smacks. By this time I was whimpering and I was handed off to
BikerMan who was unzipping his fly. He pulled his pants down and
tugged my head by the leash into his crotch. He was quite stinky and his
penis seemed small because of his fatness but truth again turned out to be
one’s perspective.
My mouth went around his cock with my whole head buried in his
blubbery flesh and very hairy pubic area. The table behind me was pushed
aside and I felt a finger fingering my open asshole through the hole in my
panties that had been made for the ‘penis plunger’. Someone had changed
whatever was on the screen and the audio I heard was a definite gangbang
fuck movie.
“Yes, yes another 20 days and you’ll be ready for the circus
honey,” I think the BeltMan said. Whoever was behind me heaved up a
load of spit and phlegm and it dropped into my gaping asshole. His penis
followed. I was there on my knees sucking the BikerMan with an odor I
wanted to throw up from. Now I understood why woman wanted to smell
good because they wanted to ward off some of the bad odors of the men
they were sleeping with.
BikerMan grabbed my ears (apparently men liked to hold on to
something as they fuck) and started sighing as his penis extended onto my
tongue. The penis in my ass was hot and long. I think it was poking my
stomach. I even thought it might come out through my belly button.
It was pretty obvious BikerMan was going to come long before
whoever was inside me. I wasn’t surprised when BikerMan started to cum.
But I was surprised by his pre-cum which was very watery and copious.
His cum globs were not as much as Master Cock. He sighed and held my
After finishing he pulled out and told me to swallow right away
and start to clean his balls with my tongue; this while I was being fucked
in the ass. I was lapping his smelly balls for an eternity before whoever
was in me came a thick sticky load.”
After, what turned out to be Sir Houser, pulled out of my ass he
asked, “Who’s next?”
All the others said later and I was told to get up and thank the
gentlemen and then go put on another dress but to leave everything else I
had on. Getting up I realized really I had to pee and soon. So, I stood and
said thank you to both BikerMan and Sir Houser saying, “Thank you Sirs
for finding time to use me.”
I tried to figure out how to signal I had to go pee. I rubbed my legs
together but the first thing GorillaMan said was, “Oh do you want another
What could I answer but, “Yes Sir,” and I went over to him
standing in my heels as he took my wrist and slapped my ass for another 5
wallops. With that I decided to deal with the whole pee thing later.

More to follow:

Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 19:07:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: lauren westley
Subject: Country Girl – 03 TG by Lauren Westley

Country Girl
Day One
Lauren Westley

(Authoress’s note: of course all disclaimers are still in place
regarding characters etc. MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: I will be working on
‘Suddenly’ for awhile so I apologize that Country Girl will be taking a
back seat to those who like this story. This particular episode is very XXX
with pee scenes etc. I suggest those who don’t like this kind of story not
to read on. I know I make both grammatical and punctuation mistakes. I
promise all of you I will try harder every time to get it right. Hey what
else can a submissive do? However, I do know many parts of my stories will
not appeal to all of you. I only wish there is enough to make each of you
happy. To those who have given me constructive criticisms as well as those
with praise thanks. And to all of you, may your memories be yesterday’s
dreams.) Lauren Westley.

On the way back to my room to change I lost control and just
started peeing through my sea green panties. I couldn’t stop it. I was
ashamed of losing control of my bladder. I wasn’t even the girl I thought I
was going to be.
From down the hall I heard BikerMan ask, “Hey cunt, what are you
“I can’t help myself,” in a whimper I crackled. “I couldn’t hold
it. I lost control. I’m sorry Sir.”
BikerMan came lumbering down the hallway (which was only a few
steps) and grabbed me by my hair. “What the fuck is wrong with you, you are
one dumb cunt? Do you need to be paper trained?”
With that he pushed me down towards the floor where I kneeled in
the pee. Then he pushed my face down into the pee and rubbed it around like
training a puppy. It smeared my makeup and I could feel my eye shadow
rubbing off.
GorillaMan got there a moment later and handed BikerMan a towel
saying I should be made to wipe it up and the towel would be my pillow
With that, BikerMan pulled on my leash until I was on all fours. He
dropped the towel on the floor and started spanking my ass saying, “Let me
know when it’s all clean and maybe I’ll stop.”
I was crying and trying at the same time to wipe everything up as
quickly as I could so he’d stopping swatting my ass. BikerMan didn’t spank
me quickly but instead he had a long stroke and when it hit both hurt and
also would knock me off my knees into my pee.
After I had finished Sir Houser took the leash from BikerMan. I was
led, like a dog on all fours, down the short hall and into the bathroom
right in front of the toilet I was licking clean earlier. Sir Houser
slapped the back of my head and my head went down with my face just below
the porcelain rim. As you already know, the seat was in the upright
“Now for your punishment from this morning and your girly weak
bladder making a mess in the hall,” Sir Houser said as he tied the leash to
the towel bar, “you are to either have your face in the bowl or licking the
rim for the next hour.”
And with that he spanked my ass twice and left.
I lifted my head up a bit and heard Sir Houser in the hall exclaim,
“You’d better be licking the porcelain girl!”
Of course I began licking the porcelain rim. I didn’t want to get
in any more trouble. But even so, Sir Houser came back into the bathroom
slapping my ass and saying, “Actually girl, I want you to lick the rim and
all the porcelain not under water in toilet. That means under the rim as
well. You are to keep it clean and shiny. Do you understand?”
And as the last smack landed on my sore ass I answered, “Yes Sir
Houser,” and started licking the inside edge.
“Good girl,” Houser said as he was leaving. “Remember licking or
your face down.” And with that he walked out.
I wish I could explain the smell of a toilet bowl after fifteen
minutes of licking and the next forty-five minutes of my head in the
bowl. My nose was only a couple of inches above the water. It’s a cold,
dank, nasty smell. I would have thrown up but I didn’t have anything in my
stomach. I had missed lunch and you know what my breakfast was.
Fortunately my sea green panties were beginning to dry but my knees
were aching against the hard cold tile. It was then I heard someone come
“Ok, sweetie, move tighter to the wall, I have to take a wicked
piss,” Master Cock said. He was feeling my ass as I heard his zipper come
down. I must have pulled my head up a bit as I moved towards the wall
because all of a sudden he slapped my left ass check and said, “keep your
fucking face where Sir Houser told you to.”
So, I was up against the wall on my right at what would be about
four-thirty on a clock against the tile when Master Cock said with
approval, “Now that?s where you should be whenever you hear a man come in.”
He started kneading my ass and then just as he started to moan I
felt his urine cascade over my blond hair and drip over my face into the
toilet water below.
“Wow,” Master Cock snickered, “my piss is the same color as your
dirty blond hair. I guess this is like that hair color commercial. What’s
their jingle? Oh yes, ‘because I’m worth it. And baby you’re worth it.’
My hair became so covered in pee that my hairstyle washed out with
the pee and my long hair fell in front of my face and into the pee water
“Ah,” I heard Master Cock intone as he was finishing and shaking
his last drops all over. Then he cleared his throat and hocked up a huge
lugee (is that what they call it?) and spit it out. It landed on my head
and moved just enough to reach my forehead and the more liquid part fell
into the toilet leaving a slow moving wad of phlegm that eventually decided
to stop around the bridge of my nose.
“You know Prissy I think you’ll need to lick the toilet clean
again. I seem to have gotten a lot of my piss on the rim and on the side of
the bowl. Are you having a good time Prissy,” he asked as I heard his
zipper close?
“Yes Master Cock,” I replied in the manner I was instructed months
ago when we first came together on-line.
Just as he was finishing BikerMan intoned in his deep voice “Hey,
you going to be much longer? I think those six beers I drank have turned to
piss and I need to take a leak as soon as possible.”
“No problem, I’m done,” Master Cock said as he walked out and
BikerMan took his place by the toilet.
Although I couldn’t see him I could picture his fat stomach. I
heard his belt unbuckle, his zipper come down and his pants fall on the
With that BikerMan said, “It’s too bad you’re down there because I
wanted to take a leak up your pussy. Wouldn’t you like that?”
“Yes Sir,” was the only reply I was permitted.
“Wouldn’t you like my piss in you as you walked around doing your
chores,” BikerMan chortled.
“Yes Sir,” I answered.
“Good, well perhaps later,” said as he grunted a bit and a giant
raspberry echoed against the tile in the bathroom and the odor finally sank
down into the bowl and seemed to concentrate there as I breathed. It was
one of the foulest farts I had ever smelled and I dry heaved as I breathed
“Oh yeah,” he said as he started to pee, “too ripe to stay in,” and
his pee hit my head. But then, he started to pee on my neck. It rolled down
over my front and back. My bra soaked the pee like a wick and before long
my breasts were drenched in BikerMan’s pee. Then he peed a little on the
seat of my panties soaking them and my ass.
He said, “Bitch lift your head out of the toilet I want to piss
down your throat. And make sure you put your lips over my cock and
swallow. Don’t you dare spill a drop? OK?”
“Yes Sir,” I answered and lifted my head out of the toilet. He was
squeezing his penis so the pee wouldn’t come out. His big beer belly
hanging like it was filled with ten gallons of pee.
“Hurry up twat, I still have five beers left to piss,” BikerMan
laughed. And then he saw Master Cock’s lugee. “What a pretty piece of
jewelry,” BikerMan said.
I put my mouth over his soft penis his belly against my head and he
grabbed my ears and started lightly pinching them as his pee hole leaked
into my mouth and down into my tummy.
“Yes, you’ll do nicely twat,” and with that he let out another fart
saying, “I guess since you rim the toilet you won’t mind rimming my ass
later. It’s nice and hairy and now you are familiar with the odor.
My tummy was starting to fill and I could feel it push against the
waistband of my pee wet sea green panties.
“Just two more cans to go twat. But don’t get too happy. I’m going
to go back to the fridge and get another six-pack, BikerMan said.”
He enjoyed holding my ear lobes with his thumb and forefinger and
pulling me tighter to his belly. Finally his pee started to slow. I guess
the hormones made me start a whimpering cry.
“The cunt is sad there’s no more piss?” he chortled with a grunt.
His cock finished dripping and he let go of my ears and told me to
lick the toilet clean and make sure when I was finished my face was back in
the toilet. As he pulled his cock from my lips, he leaned down and started
playing with my tits. My mouth was still open
My mouth was still open when he snidely laughed, “What did you
think cunt that I was going to kiss you? I don’t think any man is going to
kiss a piss mouth. What do you think?”
“Whatever you think Sir,” I replied.
“Start licking the toilet rim bitch,” he continued not even paying
attention to my reply.
I started licking the rim as I cowered in the corner but my wet
hair dripped pee. I realized before I was done I’d have swallowed nearly
all the dripping pee from my hair by licking the toilet.
He put his penis back in his jockey shorts. I could see his yellow
stain from earlier pees and the little new wetness where his penis head
parked itself. Then he reached down to pull up his jeans and stopped.
“Open you mouth and close your eyes cunt,” he said and instructed
me to lean my head back while facing him.
I complied like any submissive. And then I heard him hock up a wad
of phlegm. It sounded huge. And of course it was when I felt him spit the
wad into the back of my mouth. It hit my tonsils and sat on my tongue. I
don’t know how big it was but it felt huge in my mouth. And my taste buds
roared ‘nasty’.
“Ok. Now close your mouth but don’t swallow. I want you to let it
slide back in your throat. Then lean forward and kiss my cockhead in my
jockeys then you can swallow my wad girl,” BikerMan snickered.
I leaned my head back while closing my mouth and felt his spit
gurgle up over my tonsils. Grabbing my nose and pulling my lips to his
cockhead behind the yellow cotton briefs. He held my nose while my lips
touched the wet stain on his shorts. I couldn’t hold back and swallowed his
disgusting load down into my stomach which was already filled with his pee.
With that he let go and I had to thank him. I went back to licking
the toilet best I could as he pulled up his pants and left.
I don’t know how much time passed before I was finished licking the
dripping pee from the rim of the bowl. But now my hair had fallen back into
the pee water since my face was down in the bowl. My mouth tasted acrid and
my nose felt like the only odor it new was nasty.
I cried a little and thought about how I should have used my little
blonde brain a bit better when I signed that Contract. Who could have
guessed the abuse I was and would suffer but then I realized Master Cock
had not guessed but he had planned. My inner being was demoralized as I
knelt there. I couldn’t think of anything other than a submissive
woman. Even though I had a small penis buried in my panties I felt like the
weakest pussy on earth.
Sometime later Master Cock came in and told me I was to clean the
bathroom up, take a shower and then clean the rooms in just a pair of clean
panties, stockings and heels which he had put on the bed so I wouldn’t ruin
all my other outfits. After those chores I was to go to the kitchen, read
the instructions on the refrigerator regarding dinner. I was to cook, serve
dinner, and clean up. After I was through I was to go to my room and
freshen up my lipstick and perfume and wear the outfit Master Cock laid out
and read the note Master Cock would leave on my bed.
Master Cock also said, “Someone will come get you when the men need
you. But, you’d better be ready you stupid bitch.”
I felt quite a relief having the time to freshen up. Especially
sitting on the toilet and letting out all that pee BikerMan and Master Cock
had filled me with. I brushed my teeth three times and rinsed with
mouthwash at least as many times. I can’t tell you how many times I used my
body soap and rinsed off. But, I guess you know how good I felt after I was
cleaned up.
No one bothered me while I walked around in a pair of pink panties,
pink thigh highs with a red scalloped border (which had been left out for
me) and matching pink heels. I cleaned Master Cock’s room and bathroom;
also the room Sir Houser slept in. And in both rooms the men had left their
dirty underwear and t-shirts on the floor. I picked them up with my thumb
and forefinger wobbling a bit on my four inch high heels and I brought them
to the washer. Doing my chores gave me a feeling of being a woman which I
liked but I don’t think any of my previous thoughts had me understand to
what depths I would be taken.
While in the kitchen the men walked in and out of the house
looking at me but instead of demanding anything they seemed busy setting
something up in the living room. There was a sheet they had put up that
blocked my view. When I was walking in the kitchen I especially felt
BikerMan’s eyes on me and I sort of looked up out of the corner of my
eye. He knew I looked and he moved his hand cupping his crotch. I lowered
my eyes quickly and felt his pee and phlegm in my stomach. I knew he had
just started using me. I had to put my hand down on the counter to steady
myself. I don’t know if he saw me but I did know he would make me do all
sorts of things as long as he was there.
On the refrigerator was a note about dinner. It was about 4pm and
the note said I was to have dinner ready and served by 7pm. I was to set
the table and serve. It was expected I would eat my dinner while making
theirs. My dinner would be a cup of consomm?, a small salad with no
dressing and a glass of tap water. And, I was to stand in the corner
against the wall away from the table. I would either hold my cup of soup or
my salad putting the one I wasn’t using on the credenza to my left. You
probably think I’d want something more substantial to eat; but actually
after what happened in the bathroom earlier I was relieved by this diet.
The men were to have burgers with all the trimmings and chips. That
seemed easy enough but the note also said I was to make dessert. The
instructions said it would be yellow cake with chocolate icing. Fortunately
this would be accomplished by using a box of Betty Crocker mix and a Duncan
Heinz ready made icing. Also, besides making the cake, I had to set the
table and get everything ready in just my panties stockings and heels. I
was to serve dinner in the same outfit and clean up after. Then I was to go
back to my room and get dressed according to the new note that would be on
my bed and wait.
Interestingly as I stood making the cake in just pink panties,
stockings and heels with my small breasts exposed and the men working in
the living room I again felt completely like a woman. So, somehow, in this
madness I was where I had always belonged and wanted. I know it’s probably
hard for you to even imagine the feeling I was having. For most of you
running away would be your option. But, at this moment I realized I had run
away from a conventional boring existence and had arrived here.
So without boring you with all the details of the next few hours
(I’m sure no one need a cooking lesson.) 7pm arrived and the men came to
the table and sat down. I had just started serving by bring in the bowl of
chips when another man walked in. He was big and looked like the man in the
movie ‘The Green Mile.’ His size scared me. I wasn’t sure what to call him;
but my mind settled with BigMan.
He was carrying a big brown bag which he put on the table. Out of
it was two handles of Johnny Walker Black Label and one of Makers Mark.
BigMan was huge. I just stood there almost in shock. I knew not to
look up but still I could see he was huge. That’s the only word to
use. Smack, GorillaMan slapped my pink panty assed.
“What the fuck is wrong with you. Get another place setting out
right now cunt,” GorillaMan said with another slap. As you know I had set
the table for the four of them (you know by now, Master Cock, Sir Houser,
BikerMan and GorillaMan).
Well, I walked back to the kitchen to get another
plate. Fortunately I had made 12 burgers so there was enough food. But, it
hadn’t occurred to me while I was cooking anyone else would be coming.
In a very deep voice I heard what could only be BigMan saying,
“That cunt has a very nice ass. I can’t wait to fuck her.”
“With your cock, you’d split that girl in half. I bet you can’t get
it half way up her,” Sir Houser said.
“Well, I bet later tonight she’ll be able to take a lot more than
half,” BigMan replied.
And before you know it they had placed bets on just how much of
BigMan’s dick my hole could handle. I heard them placing odds and betting
and heard someone put $100 on BigMan getting it all the way up. I wasn’t
sure who it was but I did hear they would pay 3 to one on that bet.
Of course I shuddered and brought out another place setting.
BigMan grabbed my wrist as I was about to go back and get their
burgers saying, “One moment baby. I’ve got something in this bag that will
help you.”
He took out a box with his other hand and threw it to Master Cock
to open. Master Cock took out a big black butt plug. It must have been
eight inches long and thick.
“Pretty nice, why don’t you do the honors,” Master Cock said,
putting it on the table sticking straight up.
With that, BigMan reached into the bag for something. I couldn’t
see what it was the way he was holding me but I did feel his hand slide
down my panties and his massive finger playing with my crack. Then he
pulled his hand out and made me lean down and at the same time pulled my
panties down to my knees,
“Now, that is one fine booty,” he said and then squeezed what later
I knew was lubricant up my hole. It was cold at first but warmed and over
the next few minutes he worked that butt plug up my ass. I felt like I had
a tree up my ass.
Finally after what seemed like a painful eternity he was
finished. I knew this when he pulled my panties up, gave me a light slap
and said, “Just keep that in until later honey. I’m nearly 3 inches longer
and definitely thicker so you’ll thank me for this.” And with that he let
go of my wrist.
The men laughed as I walked (waddled) back to the kitchen to get
the platter of burgers from the oven where they were warming.
Well, dinner was finally over and I’m sure you aren’t much inclined
to hear how I washed the dishes and put them away.
I went back to my room and found Master Cock had laid out a very
interesting outfit. There was a slinky black mini dress with a very loose
skirt. Of course black panties (with the little clit pocket), soft (no
under wire) black bra, black garter belt, black thigh high stockings and a
pair of black stiletto high heels. Besides that there were several
accessories. There was a black choker, black fingerless arm gloves and a
black bow with a barrette to attach it to my hair.
The note said to wear the deepest red lipstick and nail/toe
polish. The nail polish was easy to do since my nails just need a fresh
coat over them since they were blood red already (Country Girl Day
One). Doing my toes was always a chore even if I was just touching them
up. (Oh, sorry, again writing stuff that you are interested in.) The note
also instructed me to just come out into the small hallway and say, “Prissy
is ready.” I wasn’t to come any further but into the small hallway.
So about 9:30 pm I was all dolled up standing in the hall saying in
my sweetest feminine voice, “Prissy is ready!”
Master Cock came around from the living room smiling and sweetly
said I looked, ‘beautiful.’
Well, you can’t believe how nice I felt with his remark ringing
through my ears. Then Master Cock took a black blindfold from his pocket
and of course put it over my eyes.
“Prissy, tonight is your cumming out party,” Master Cock said in a
gentle way. Little did I know then it was to be the last gentle words I
would hear the rest of the evening.
Next he had me open my mouth a put a gel like silicone mouth ring
in which kept my mouth open like an O. But my mouth was opened so much my
jaw hurt for awhile. When I touched the ring with my tongue it had the
texture and pliability of natural lips. It was as if I had two pair of
lips; and inny and an outty. After he was finished he put his arm around me
and walked me, to where else, the living room.
This is too difficult to describe blindfolded; so I will just tell
you where and how I was when the blindfold was removed.
I was kneeling with my hands to elbows held down with Velcro
straps. Also my ankle was held down with Velcro. A small metal, I assume
like a T started from this box I was on, just between my knees and angled a
bit back up to my stomach and then formed a t across my waist with some
comfortable soft (like gel) bar giving me support. Another similar but
smaller and curved bar came up under my chin to support my head and keep me
from bending my head down.
I was in the middle of the living room between the sofa and
fireplace (with my ass towards the fireplace). Fortunately no fire was
Oh, I forgot to tell you both my knees and arms rested in a molded
comfortable sleeve which the Velcro was part of. Also, as I later found out
I was in a groove that would move me forward and backward by about eight
inches which was the same length of motion as the black butt plug still
sitting in my ass.
It was obvious the men had been drinking since the liquor bottles
were on the coffee table (should be called the liquor table) and glasses
were sitting around with different levels of alcohol They had comfortably
heated the room.
There were Master Cock, Sir Houser, GorillaMan, BikerMan, BeltMan
and now BigMan as well. (Six men and not a one of them a gentle man.) There
wasn’t enough room for all of them to sit so BigMan just stood there on my
But what came next was not the ‘penis pounder’ of the earlier part
of the day. Instead, Sir Houser came around, patted my bottom saying, “Good
girl, your kept the dildo in your pussy.”
With that Sir Houser took something in his hand and screwed it into
the bottom of the butt plug. A few moments later I felt a warm liquid fill
inside me.
“Just douching your pussy,” Sir Houser continued. “We all want you
to have a clean and sweet smelling cunt.”
So, without going through all the details, about fifteen minutes
later I had been thoroughly cleaned inside even though I hadn’t really
eating anything all day. I had peed for quite sometime earlier before I had
dressed. While Sir Houser douched me I remembered sitting on the toilet
peeing for quite sometime before I got dressed.
Somehow it was over. The butt plug was out of me and my hole felt
so open I was afraid it would never shut again. But before I had time to
even think about my gaping hole something was pushed up behind me and
something a little larger than the black butt plug pushed it’s way into my
hole. Gosh, I couldn’t believe anything bigger would fit but Sir Houser
made it happen.
Then with my hole wrapped around what felt like a cannon and my
mouth opened in an O, Sir Houser stepped out in front of me and said, “Well
men, what do you think?”
“Shit, that bitch looks like a fuck machine,” BigMan laughed.
“Oh, just wait,” Sir Houser said as he picked up a remote and
pressed a button.
Well, how do I explain this? Instead of that ‘pussy pounder’
earlier in the day I was the one moving back and forth on a stationary big
silicon dick. So far this whole situation fit into my submissive desires
unlike the afternoon’s wild events.
It was then I realized as a submissive I could not control what the
men would do. Some of it would please me. Some of it would disgust me. But
all of it I would have to do.
“So men,” Sir Houser piped up, “We have a little fuck bunny. You
can stick your cock in her mouth, press this button and she’ll suck you off
without a complaint. Actually, I think you might hear her softly moan her
approval as the machine does its magic. And best of all you will feel all
lip on your cocks.”
The funny thing is they just ignored me for awhile. Someone put on
the movie CaddyShack and they drank, laughed and talked about some
basketball game. There I was like some steer that had been roped at the
rodeo. I almost laughed when I thought about it since all cows are girls.
But laughter wouldn’t last forever. Oh no, before long BeltMan got
up and excused himself to the other guys saying, “I’ve got to take a load
off my cock!”
Everyone laughed and then BeltMan walked over to me and unzipped
his fly right in my nose. I don’t even know what he was looking at because
of the position I was in. He cock came out, thick, flabby and
flaccid. BeltMan took his thumb and forefinger (both of which had dirt
under his clipped short nails), lifted his cock up and just lay it into my
mouth through the forced gel opening. He let go and his uncut head fell
right onto my tongue.
“Yes, the double lip is good,” he said.
My tongue was filled with saliva. Not because I was looking forward
to this but when you mouth is held open the saliva builds up. I don’t know
why but if you ever find yourself in my position I’m sure you’ll experience
the same thing.
And for a brief moment his cock remained in the same place; while I
saw his hips turn to the left a bit and answer a question someone asked
him. All I heard Belt Man say was, “Sure.”
It didn’t take long for me to realize what the ‘sure’ meant. In
just a few seconds I felt a hand lift the skirt of my dress, which was
resting on the implant in me, and lay it on my back. Then, whoever it was
slapped my right ass check hard and my head bumped into BeltMan’s stomach.
BeltMan must have hit the remote because this is what continued to
happen for quite a while. The machine I was on pulled me forward further up
BeltMan’s root and then it would push back onto the dildo in my ass. When I
started moving forward whoever was behind me slapped my ass again.
The cock in my mouth grew larger. The soreness on my ass became
more stinging and as the next ten minutes went by it must have turned
Cayenne. No, I won’t compare any of this to riding in a Porsche.
Soon his cock became full size, engorged with his hot blood
coursing through it. I could feel the gel lips push against my teeth making
my mouth just a bit wider. Not much but still frightening.
And when I was pulled forward his cock would extend past my tonsils
into the area where we all know makes us want to throw up. Get it out is
all I could think. But of course I couldn’t do anything but accept it
deeper into my throat. I could feel my Adam’s apple (sorry I do have one)
pushed forward and my throat filling like a sausage casing.
Somehow, you don’t throw up. Instead every time you have a chance
you try to lubricate it with your saliva. And every time his thick root
pushed down again I had to pass the point of trying to choke it back
up. Mentally, although I’ll never know for sure, his cock seemed to throb
even more at the moment between that choke point and pushing down
deeper. It was as if that was his most thrilling moment.
BeltMan’s cock pulsed and I knew he was going to cum. But I don’t
know why he didn’t come until the exact moment the man at my backside
smacked my ass again, I moved forward, BeltMan’s cock pushed near my choke
area and his spasm of precum shot warm fluid lubricating into my throat as
his cock pushed pass my choke point. He shot two more loads, this time
thick cum, into my throat as I still moved forward.
I don’t think the whole thing lasted more than a second but in my
head it will always take me at least several minutes to replay. It was
different than any thoughts of being a cock sucker. It was different than
even thoughts I had had back in my on line time with Master Cock when he
said he was going to do it.
I was not a virgin anymore. I was not a man anymore. I wasn’t even
a sissy. More to this will follow eventually but not for awhile:

2 Responses to “Country Girl”

  1. Twinkle Says:

    I do love it when she was told to lick the toilet seat and rim clean, then pissed and gobbed on, then pissed and gobbed in. So humiliating, lucky bitch xx

  2. SissiePansie Says:

    I love all of Wesley’s stories she captures the Essence of feminine submission to the essentially violent nature of men . But you actually share the process of internalizing the shame, degradation, dehumanisation which is the lot of women in the world, and unfortunately the target goal of sissified males. You don’t hear much about feminist sissies , but the dream, I think, that many have is to sacrifice themselves for the feminine. It’s a sacred process, and Wesley captures it . Recommend The Island as well.
    Thank you Wesley, await your next contribution with eager anticipation .

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