Robert’s Legacy

August 15, 2011

As he thought about this, Dan raised his left hand up to his son’s head and started pushing it downward. Danny knew what his father wanted and didn’t put up a struggle. He did groan in despair though. He had sucked his dad’s dick earlier in the day without groaning, but that instance had been a spare of the moment thing.

However, Danny knew this blowjob was coming over 2 hours ago when they were at the clothing store and he found out what they were buying. God, Danny was embarrassed while they bought the clothes. His father told the sales lady that the clothes were not for his son but for a twin sister who was the same size. That they were just using Danny as a model since they were the same size and wanted the items to be a surprise for his sister.

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Robert’s Legacy (part 1) Robert 9_1 (Hansel and Gretel’s Home Life)

Susan and Danny thought their bondage and abuse was over when Robert and
Linda let them go free. However, they quickly find there is more than one
kind of bondage and oh so many types of abuse in this world. While I wrote
this story to stand alone, you will probably enjoy it more if you read
“Robert’s Hansel and Gretel” (Robert7_1.txt) first.

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Sixteen-year-old Susan laid in her warm bubble bath doing her best to
think about, well, nothing. The task was impossible of course, especially
considering all she and her 12-year-old brother, Danny, had been through in
the past few months.

First, their father started touching them. Then, they run away from
home only to get abducted before they could even leave the city limits.
They were chained up in an RV for weeks on end. What happened to them
during that time was so disgusting and vile that Susan would have gladly
sold her soul to wipe it all from her memory.

Of course, who would want her soul or any part of her now? She was
damaged goods and she knew it. It made her sick to her stomach to even
look at herself in the mirror. There were no bruises, cuts or scars to be
seen… in fact, she was rather pretty. Her limited diet during her
captivity had even trimmed a lot of the baby fat off her. But when Susan
looked at herself in the mirror she could see past her pretty exterior.
And what she seen underneath disgusted her.

The vile things that she and her brother were forced to do was bad
enough, but what really haunted Susan were the many climaxes she had while
doing them. She didn’t climax every time they made her do something, but
just one climax was far too many. And there were definitely a lot more
than just one. Toward the end of their captivity Susan remembered having
several climaxes a day. She cried in humiliation and disgust after each
one, but it never stopped her from having yet others just minutes or hours

While this was reason enough to be disgusted with herself, what really
turned her stomach now was the fact that she missed those climaxes. It
completely baffled her why she would crave them, she just did. Yet, the
thought of being touched by a man, or even a girl, now sickened and
frightened her. Just being in the same room with a male almost made her
shiver in fear. The only excepting being her little brother, Danny.

Poor Danny. Susan could only imagine how horrible he must be feeling.
All girls her age are well aware of the possibility that they might one day
be raped. As such, Susan felt she was at least a little prepared mentally
for what happened to her. However, how many boys ever think about such
things? Susan knew her brother had been too innocent to even contemplate
such a horrible ordeal. And the things they did to him were indeed very
horrible. Even worse than what Susan had gone through. In the end her
brother seemed to accept it all. But Susan knew that wasn’t her real
brother anymore.

Even now, she could tell that her real little brother was not all back
yet. A part of him was still hiding somewhere deep inside his frightened
little mind. Susan knew a big part of herself was hiding as well. At
times she would try to climb back out but as soon as she got close to the
surface it would become too scary and she would retreat. It felt horrible
every time she tried, but she had no choice but to do so for Danny’s sake.
She knew he would never recover without her help.

Even as she thought about all of this, Susan could feel that all too
familiar tingle deep inside her. It was this touch of arousal that assured
her that she wasn’t her true self. Prior to her captivity she seldom ever
got aroused. And she definitely never got aroused thinking of her brother
or her being raped in the most vile ways.

Susan fought back the arousal of course. However, each day it seemed
harder to do so. It has been less than a week since their release, but if
the urges keep increasing like this then Susan was sure she would probably
give in to them in a matter of days.

Danny didn’t even make it past the first two days. Late on the second
day he snuck into Susan’s room naked and got into bed with her. To say
that it pissed Susan off would be a major understatement. Now that Susan
thought about it she was pretty sure that this had been his goal.

Their captors had made Susan his mistress of sorts. Since their return,
however, she had been nothing but his caring sister. While the Danny
portion liked this, the warped part of his mind didn’t. This part wanted a
mistress that would make him do disgusting things. Or at least that is
what Susan guessed.

Unfortunately, all of these thoughts came to Susan many hours later.
That night she had just been pissed because she had not only been woken up
in the middle of the night but had been done so by her brother’s naked body
rubbing up against her. She would be lying if she said she hadn’t gotten a
bit aroused. But this unwanted arousal had only fueled her anger at the

What she should have done, and certainly what she wished she had done,
was to just send her brother back to his room. But she hadn’t. Instead,
she instinctively fell into her mistress role. She thanked God, however,
that she had at least shown some restraint. She hadn’t made him do
anything too drastic. Nor had she physically punished him. Instead, she
ordered him to masturbate.

Well, actually, the order she gave was a little worse than that. The
exact command she used was “Play Catch.” During their captivity, this was a
“game” she often was required to make Danny play. How it works is Danny
lays on his back and masturbates. Then, right when he’s about to cum he
raises his knees and lower body over his head so that his dick is hovering
right above his face. His goal of course is to “catch” all the cum in his
mouth and swallow it. Believe it or not, this was one of the more tame
things that Danny was made to do during their captivity.

Still, Susan felt bad later for giving him the order. She had meant to
tell him to simply go back to his room and masturbate like any other boy
his age. However, the command had come out instead. What upset her even
more was that she almost started masturbating herself as she watched him do
it. Watching her brother eat his own cum like that was disgusting. Yet,
it had somehow excited her at the same time.

Even now as she thought back on it Susan could feel those tingles
getting even stronger. What really bothered Susan was that these feelings
felt, well, almost natural. Like this was the way she should feel while
watching or thinking about disgusting things like this. It was mainly her
memories of her old self that prevented her from accepting them as such.
That and the small part of that old self that still existed… at least on
the surface. There was just enough of her old self still above water to
know that even more was floating somewhere deep in the abyss below her.

Yet, every time she tried to pull herself up out of the dark liquid she
would find herself face to face with all the horrid things that had been
done to her and what she had been made to do to little Danny. This would
cause a flood of emotions that would push her back under. Sometimes it
even seemed to push her further under than before.

As hard as all of this was, Susan was pretty sure it was about to get
even harder. Since their return home, their father had seemed a bit
concerned for them. He had even tried to talk to them about some of the
things they had been through.

Not that they needed to explain much to him. He had been provided with
a DVD containing all the highlights. Susan still couldn’t believe she had
actually given her father the package like her captor had ordered her to.
She was just too scared not too. Plus, there was a part of her that
thought maybe her father had even arranged it all. But the look on his
face when he found out what they had been through told her that he had been
completely unaware.

For several days, Susan even thought her father had changed. He seemed
almost caring. Unlike the drunken bastard that had started touching them
just a few months prior. The same drunken bastard that had forced them to
run away in the first place.

Susan wasn’t so sure now though. He had called the cops to let them
know he had found his kids. However, earlier today when the cops finally
came to the house so they could officially close the case, Susan found out
that her father had told them that Danny and her had simply spent all this
time living on the streets. He didn’t tell them about the captivity. Nor
did he provide them with the DVD.

Even then Susan thought her father was just looking out for them. In
fact, she had felt a huge weight lifted off her shoulders when she realized
she wasn’t going to have to tell the cops about all the horrible things she
was made to do. She thought maybe her father somehow knew this and was
trying to protect them. However, after they left she started to think
maybe he did this for some other reason. She couldn’t put her finger on
why she felt this way, it was just the way her father looked after the cops
told him they were closing the case.


“Payback time,” Dan mumbled to himself as he got out of bed.

The 46-year-old father of two couldn’t wait to start playing with his
kids again. The only thing that had held him back was waiting on the damn
cops to find time to stop by the house so they could close the case.

Susan and Danny seemed to be rather withdrawn but there was no way for
Dan to know for sure that they wouldn’t spill all the beans about their
captivity. Dan would have played stupid had they done so. But being
called out for not reporting this was the least of his problems. He was
more concerned about the kids telling the cops what he did to them prior to
their captivity. He had only fondled them a little, but it was still
enough to get him into deep shit.

He had planned to start playing with them again that very night.
However, he was at a crossroads right now. He could stop molesting them
and be a proper father. Considering all that the kids had been through,
Dan was sure they would completely forgive him and probably even come to
look up to him again. Well, he was still a bit of a drunk, but even that
they probably could have overlooked.

Dan wasn’t sure why he bothered to sleep on it. He had already made his
decision the day they came back. One more night wasn’t going to change
that decision either. Thanks to this stranger that abducted them, Dan now
had two well trained fuck puppets. Ignoring that fact and just going back
to being a somewhat normal father now would be like winning the lotto and
donating all the cash to charity. Sure, a few people would think you were
a saint, but most would say you were a fucking idiot.

Besides, he was still fucking pissed that they had run away. Sure, they
came back to him much better than when they left, but that was not their
choice or doing. All they had been focused on was running away from him,
and that was the ultimate slap in the face for a parent. And Dan was going
to make sure they paid heavily for it.

The first thing Dan did was arrange for the kids to stay out of school
for the rest of the school year. Dan thought for sure the school would
gladly agree to this since the kids had missed over 2 months already. The
teachers, however, were not as lazy as Dan assumed. They even volunteered
to set up special arrangements to help the kids catch up. Dan finally
talked them out of it though.

Getting past that hurdle had been hard enough. But then the school
started suggesting counseling for both Dan and the kids. The kids had run
away after all.

Dan finally convinced them that the extra time away from school would
give him more time with the kids. Thus, removing the need for counseling.
He couldn’t believe that they bought that load of shit.

Dan chuckled to himself at the thought that handling the school had been
100 times harder than the cops. One would think it would have been the
opposite. But the cops had seemed less concerned about the kids and more
concerned about closing the case.

Thinking back on it a part of Dan wished he had just taken the advice
written in the note his children’s captor had provided. The note
recommended that Dan not tell anyone the kids had returned and to just keep
them chained up in the house.

It sounded way to risky to him though. Eventually the cops would have
gotten off their lazy asses and started looking into his case. Once that
happened it wouldn’t have been long before they discovered what he was
doing. No, it was better this way.

That is not to say he was ignoring the letter completely. The abductor
hadn’t provided that much actual advice. However, there was a list of a
variety of commands that the kids had been instructed on. There were also
details on some of the activities they had participated in.

Dan got mixed feelings whenever he read the letter. On one hand he felt
like beating the shit out of whoever did this to his children. However, at
the same time he almost wished he could buy the person a beer and shake
their hand for the same reason.

Just thinking about the note and DVD was making Dan’s dick hard. By the
time he reached the bathroom he was full erect. While Dan was proud of his
dick, he always hated trying to take his morning piss while sporting wood.
It didn’t hurt or anything, it just made it hard to control the flow. Sure
enough, as his piss exited his dick it angled this way and that. For a few
seconds the stream even split it two. In the end he got almost as much on
the outside of the toilet as he did the inside. No biggy, it was Susan’s
job to clean the bathroom anyway.

As he shook the piss from the end of his dick Dan caught sight of some
movement to his left. His heart about stopped when he seen Danny peaking
out from behind the shower curtain. The last thing he had expected was to
see one of the kids up this early, let alone taking a bath. Not only was
it early but the bathroom door had been left wide open. He was about the
chastise the little brat for giving him such a scare when he decided

“Like what you see?” Dan asked as he gave his son a evil smile.

Danny blushed but to Dan’s surprise he did not retreat. Instead he kept
looking at the still hard dick. Dan was sure the boy had been trained to
stare at dick like this but it still was wild seeing him do it.

Dan had not planned to do anything sexual with Danny or Susan until
later that night. As he watched his son staring at his dick he figured
there was no time like the present.

Dan slid the shower curtain open as he turned toward the bathtub. Danny
held his ground but Dan could see that his son wanted to back away.
Danny’s face turned even redder which told his father that the boy
definitely knew what was coming next.

As he stepped all the way up to the tub Dan’s drooling dick came to rest
against his son’s right cheek. Danny flinched and for an instant Dan
thought the boy was going to rebel. But he didn’t.

“You know what to do faggot,” Dan growled down at him.

Dan knew there was a special command written in the note for this exact
situation. He couldn’t remember what it was though. Nor did he seem to
need to remember. His son indeed knew what to do.

Dan almost groaned out loud as his son started working on his dick.
First he licked the shaft thoroughly. When he got to the head he put his
lips tight against the piss hole and sucked all the precum out of it. Then
his son’s face shot forward and the dick suddenly disappeared.

“Holy shit,” Dan whispered in surprise as his son deep throated him.

Dan wasn’t sure why he was so surprised. The DVD had contained plenty
of video footage showing his son deep throating an even bigger dick than
his. Still, it was one thing to see it on a video and another to witness
it in person.

“They turned you into a full fledge homo,” Dan growled in anger as he
watched his son start to bob back and forth on his dick.

Dan wasn’t sure where the anger suddenly came from. He wasn’t
necessarily upset about some stranger turning his son into a fag. He
seemed mainly upset that his son had let the guy do it. And in a way,
watching his son eagerly suck his dick turned Dan’s stomach a little.

This thought process of course didn’t make much sense considering Dan
had planned to basically rape his son over and over again until he became a
somewhat willing participant like he currently was. However, all Dan was
really seeing now was the end result, not all the whippings and such that
lead up to this point. Dan wondered if he would have still felt such anger
toward his son had he indeed witnessed all these in between activities.

After thinking about it Dan shrugged it off as just one of those
paradoxes in life that you often run across. Like wanting a wife that is
an innocent virgin angel, yet is a nympho willing to do some of the
nastiest things in the sack.

In the end, all that really mattered was the feel of his son’s tight
warm throat massaging his hard dick. And that feeling was very good.
Extremely good. It was one of the best blowjobs Dan had ever gotten.

“Swallow that load faggot,” Dan grunted as he started to unload in his
son’s throat.

Danny swallowed the load without even blinking an eye. After the last
several weeks, swallowing a load of cum was child’s play for the boy.

It took Dan almost a full minute to finish his climax. His son had done
such a good job that Dan almost complimented the boy. But he could still
feel too much disgust for him.

“You got what you wanted, now get off me,” Dan told his son as he pushed
the boy’s head away and walked out of the bathroom.

Danny just sat in the tub and began to cry. While Danny was upset about
what he had been made to do, he was even more confused by his father’s
reactions. Danny was sure he had done a good job, so why was his dad so
upset? Sometimes when his dad drank too much he would get upset about
silly things, but Danny was pretty sure his father wasn’t drunk right now.

Danny tried not to worry about it too much. If there was one thing that
he learned during his captivity it was that not everything that happens in
life makes sense. He also learned that it wasn’t his job to try to make
things make sense either. His job was to do what he was told, nothing more
and certainly nothing less.


Dan sat on the couch watching TV for over an hour despite the fact that
there wasn’t anything good on except cartoons. He wasn’t watching the TV
that much though. He mainly watched his daughter’s ass as she laid on the

Dan could tell that his presence made his daughter uncomfortable.
Especially considering he hadn’t even bothered to tuck his dick back into
his shorts.

Susan had been on the couch when he entered the room but when he sat
down she blushed and quickly went to the floor. Dan knew she probably
wanted to leave the room. However, she knew he would just follow her if
she did. Especially if she went to her bedroom.

The living room was the closest thing she had to a sanctuary in the
house. Or at least it had been in the past. The bathroom, bedroom and
about any other semi-private room seemed to always be a prime place for her
father to touch her. Sure, her father would touch her sometimes when they
were in the living room also, but this was always late at night when Danny
was already in bed.

Susan wasn’t sure why her father seemed to be scared to touch her in
front of Danny. Especially considering that he touched Danny just as much.
She was always grateful for this fact though. Back before their abduction,
she would have died of embarrassment had her father touched her with her
brother watching. This small token of secrecy also helped her and Danny
pretend they didn’t know what was going on between their father and each

A lot has happened since then though. During their captivity, Susan and
her brother not only seen each other being fondled but even were forced to
do things with each other. And thanks to the DVD, their father knew all
about it. Susan got a bad feeling that even the living room wouldn’t be a
sanctuary for much longer. In fact, she was surprised he wasn’t already on
the floor touching her or worse.

The truth was that Susan was absolutely correct. Her father did plan to
play with the two siblings together. She didn’t know it but Susan owed her
morning of peace to her brother. Or, more to the point, her brother’s
blowjob skills.

It wasn’t like Dan wasn’t capable of getting hard again. In fact, he
was already semi hard. However, his son’s outstanding blowjob had Dan’s
mind a bit distracted. While he planned to play with his son from time to
time, Dan really wanted to focus most of his attention toward Susan. Not
only was her body well developed, but she was also the one that clearly
deserved the most punishment for running away. Hell, despite how much his
son hated Dan for touching him, he doubted the boy even wanted to run away.
The kid just didn’t have the balls for it.

That outstanding blowjob he got from his son though was putting a whole
new light on the situation. Dan kept telling himself that it was such a
shame Danny was a boy and not a girl. Not that there wasn’t plenty he
could do with the boy anyway. It just wasn’t quite as fulfilling as it
would have been had Danny been a girl.

It was around that one hour mark that Dan then got an idea. He jumped
up and headed to the bedroom to get changed. Before reaching his bedroom
he stuck his head in his son’s room and told him to get changed as well.
They were going out for a bit.

Susan looked on nervously as she watched the two leave. Their father
seldom ever took them anywhere. And their father leaving with just one of
them was not a good sign. She had tried to talk her father into letting
her come along but he had just told her to shut up and not leave the house
while they were gone. Her father’s tone told her that he was already
reverting back to his old self now that the cops were out of the picture.

The two were gone for almost three hours. Susan spent most of that time
trying to decide what, if anything, she could do if her father started
touching them again. She got sick to her stomach when she realized there
really wasn’t much she could do.

Running away was no longer an option. Even if she could bring herself
to take that chance again she knew Danny would never do so.

Going to the cops wasn’t much of a plan either. The best scenario in
that event was if they took the two of them away from their father and
maybe locked him up. On the surface this seemed great. However, Susan
also knew what happened to the children afterward. Or at least she had
heard horror stories. Stories about brothers and sisters being separated.
And even worse stories about those children being sexually abused by their
new parents.

Susan even had a friend, Debby, in school that was adopted. While Debby
seemed to be happy with her adoptive parents, the girl confessed to Susan
once that they were not the first family to adopt her. Susan asked why she
hadn’t stayed with the first family but Debby refused to say. For that
matter, she wouldn’t even confirm that it had been just one other family.

This told Susan that Debby must have had at least 2 prior families and
that something really bad must have happened each time. Susan and Debby
shared about everything with each other also. However, Susan could
understand Debby not wanting to share information about being abused.
Susan kept the same type secret from Debby as well.

Of course, Susan would gladly take the chance of getting bad adoptive
parents if it was just her. But it wasn’t. She also had to worry about
Danny. If they split them up then Danny would be stuck without anyone to
help him. His mind was in a state right now that he might not even realize
he should be trying to get help. No, Susan could never live with herself
if her actions resulted in them being split up.

It was really depressing just thinking about it all. That is not to say
Susan was completely without hope. She would be turning 18 in about a year
and a half. When that happened she could get a job, move out and take
Danny with her. Their father wouldn’t like it but there wouldn’t be much
he could do about it. Not if he wanted to keep the family secrets secret.
The drawback to this plan of course was that it was a very long ways off.
The only bright side, if you could call it that, was that Susan would have
plenty of opportunities to gather photo and other evidence. While it
wasn’t the best of plans, at least it was a plan.

Susan did consider the possibility that their father had actually
changed. While this would be fantastic, Susan wasn’t going to bet on it.
If he had really changed then she was sure he would have apologized to them
or at least let them know it wasn’t going to happen again. But he hadn’t.
Instead, he walks around the house with his dick hanging out of his shorts.

Susan also noted that her father hadn’t tossed out the DVD either. She
snuck into his room one night and found where he hid it. She checked just
the other night and it was still there. It had even moved several inches
which told her he might even be watching it still. Susan was tempted to
destroy the thing but just couldn’t get the courage to do so. The last
thing she wanted to do was give her father reason to abuse her or Danny.

Susan was still thinking about this three hours later when Danny and her
father returned. Danny was the first to enter the house. He wasn’t crying
but he didn’t look happy either. He also had a very red blush on his face.
Susan wanted to ask him what was wrong but he just walked right past her
and to his room.

Her father entered a few seconds later carrying a few shopping bags.
Past experience already told her none of the items in the bags were for
her. Therefore, she didn’t bother getting up to peak inside them. She was
curious though what he had bought but he didn’t reveal anything there. He
just went to his own bedroom and closed the door.

“At least it isn’t booze,” Susan mumbled to herself.

Booze was always kept in the kitchen. Or at least that is where it was
initially stored whenever her father brought some home. Within a few days,
however, most of the bottles of hard liquor ended up migrating throughout
the house. Wherever their father passed out was where that night’s
particular booze bottle usually stayed. Sometimes there would be as many
as 5 bottles floating around the house. Eventually they would be emptied
and tossed out.

While her father was extremely strict about Susan keeping the house
clean, she was never allowed to touch the booze bottles. She did keep
close tabs on them though. Not just where they were but how much was in
them. She read once that the children of alcoholics often become
alcoholics themselves. She knew she would never touch the stuff but she
feared Danny might. But so far it seemed Danny had just as much disgust at
the thought of drinking the stuff as she did.

Where he took the bags wasn’t the only clue though. A couple of the
bags were from stores she knew only sold clothing. She wasn’t familiar
with the other bags though. One didn’t even have a store name on it.

With luck, maybe their father bought himself a new outfit. Something he
could wear for a job interview. He had a job but it was for only 3 days a
week. It didn’t pay well either. She was amazed it even earned him enough
to pay for the mortgage and for their father’s booze. Luckily, welfare
provided enough food stamps to keep them from starving to death.

What her father did was much worse than how much money it brought in.
Or at least that is how Susan felt. Her father worked the counter at the
local porn theater/store. To make matters worse, Susan had found out about
her father’s place of employment via a boy at her school. How the boy
found out Susan didn’t know. Luckily, other than telling Susan, the boy
seemed to have kept his mouth shut about it. Still, every day when she
would go to school she feared everyone might know about it and make fun of

Her father had told them that he worked at a store but had never
elaborated further than that. At first Susan wondered why he didn’t just
get a new job if he was so ashamed to tell them about what he did. But
then she realized that there probably aren’t that many jobs out there for
lazy alcoholics.

Besides, knowing their father, the job probably seemed like a dream come
true. No one cared if he showed up hung over or even drunk. He didn’t
have to do much other than just sit there and ring things up. And, he got
to watch and even probably “borrow” as much porn as he wanted. The more
she thought about it the more the job seemed perfect for him.

When she heard footsteps, Susan glanced up at the door leading to her
father’s bedroom. She thought for sure he was coming out to model his new
clothes. When he opened the door though she seen he was stripped down to
his boxers and white T-shirt again. Her father looked down at her and she
blushed and quickly looked back at the TV. He had been carrying something
but Susan had only gotten a glimpse of it. All she made out was that it
was pink and made of cloth.

Susan looked back her father’s direction when she realized he was
opening her brother’s room. She was very concerned he was going to go in
and shut the door. But he simply tossed whatever he was holding and turned
around and came back into the living room. He then sat on the couch and
started watching TV. Or at least Susan hoped he was watching TV and not

“Come on out here Denise,” her father shouted about 10 minutes later.

Susan glanced back at her father in confusion. Had her father gone
completely off the deep end? Who the hell was he talking too?

A second later her brother’s bedroom door cracked open. At first only
Danny’s red face peaked out. He had this pleading look. Their father
ignored the look and just growled at him to “get over here”.

Danny looked down at the floor in shame and slowly walked out. Susan’s
eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open in shock when she seen her little
brother walk out wearing a very short one-piece pink sundress.

“I bet you didn’t know you had a little sister,” Dan said to Susan with
a laugh.

The statement didn’t require a reply, which was good since Susan was
well beyond the ability to do so. After all that her and her brother had
been through Susan thought she could handle about anything. But seeing her
brother wearing a dress had caught her completely off guard.

She watched in shock as her little brother slowly walked over and sat
next to their father on the couch.

“Isn’t she just adorable?” he asked her.

Susan hadn’t found her voice yet so she just nodded. It was all she
could think to do. How her brother looked in the dress hadn’t entered her
mind. Even now it didn’t. All Susan could think about was the fact that
he was wearing it.

When their father pulled “Denise” up against him, her brother looked
down at Susan with pleading eyes. Susan knew that look all too well.
However, there wasn’t anything she could do. Or at least nothing she had
the willpower to do. So, she turned her head and looked back toward the

She might not be able to stop her father, but at least she could give
her brother a little relief by not watching them. Still, it made her feel
like crap abandoning him like that.

Susan stared toward the TV but didn’t actually watch it. Not really
anyway. She mainly looking at the screen hoping to catch glances of
reflections of what was going on behind her. About the only good
reflections came at commercial breaks when the screen would go black for a
second or two during transitions.

From what she could tell it didn’t look like her father was doing
anything too awful to her brother. Danny was on the left side and their
father just had his left hand around him. Susan wasn’t sure but it did
look like their father was possibly playing with Danny’s left nipple. Or
at least he was pinching the dress in that area.

Danny was whimpering a little but Susan couldn’t tell if it was from the
possible pinches or just in response to the things their father was
whispering to him. While he was whispering, their father made sure it was
loud enough that Susan could hear as well.

While the comments were not that vulgar, they were clearly designed to
embarrassed Danny. He was talking about how cute “she” was. He also made
several comments that definitely sounded like sexual innuendos. Or at
least they sounded that way to Susan. Like asking Danny if he was going to
be a good girl for Daddy.

Susan tried her best not to blush as she listened. Not only did she not
want to give her father the pleasure of knowing his words were bothering
her, but she also didn’t want to upset Danny/Denise any further by letting
him know she could hear them. It wasn’t long though and she could feel her
blush spread from her face to her neck and shoulders.

“Why don’t you take your little sister to your room and show her how to
put her makeup on?” Dan said to Susan.

The comments to Danny had been going on for over 30 minutes and it took
Susan a second to realize that her father was now addressing her instead.

“What? No!” Susan protested once she realized what he just asked.

“You can paint her face up or I can,” Dan growled at Susan. “But if I
do it then I will be painting it with something other than makeup.”

As she thought about that last comment Susan could feel some bile try to
make it’s way up her throat. While her father didn’t specify exactly what
he would use to paint Danny’s face, she was pretty sure he meant cum.

Susan gave her father a look of disgust, but didn’t say anything.
Instead she reached out her hand to her “new sister” and guided Denise to
her bedroom. Susan shut and locked her door the second they got inside.
Not that the lock provided that much privacy for them. It was easily
unlocked from the outside with a special key their father had. Plus, she
knew it would only take one command from her father and she would unlock
the door for him. The thought of disobeying such an order was unthinkable.
Still, shutting and locking the door sent her father a clear message that
she wanted privacy right now.

Susan and Danny stood just inside the room looking at the door to see if
their father was going to give them privacy or not. They stood there for
over a minute before it became clear he didn’t plan to watch.

Susan then hugged Danny to her. Susan could feel her brother’s hard on
through the thin dress. She didn’t blame him for it though. After all
their training while in captivity, getting a hard on like this was just
natural now for the poor boy.

“We don’t have to do this,” Susan whispered to Danny. “We can run

Susan knew the comment was a mistake before she even finished saying it.
Danny started shaking his head back and forth frantically. Susan could
also see the real “Danny” dig an even deeper hiding place inside his mind.
So deep that all she could see right now was the “Slave Danny” or “Denise”
as her father had named this side of her brother.

“We will stay, we will stay,” Susan kept whispering to Danny in order to
calm him down.

Susan held her new sister like that for several minutes before pulling
away. She wished she could hold Danny for hours on end but their father
wasn’t going to wait forever. Susan guessed they had maybe 10 to 15
minutes at most before he started yelling for them.

As she applied makeup to Danny, Susan began to realize that her brother
actually was starting to look like an actual girl. About the only thing
that ruined the illusion was Danny’s hair. Her brother started surfing a
year ago and talked their father into letting him grow his black hair out
like a lot of the other surfers. While it still wasn’t down to his
shoulders, it was long enough to be a girl’s hair. However, the style was
all wrong. Some seriously butch girls might wear their hair like his but
most girls wouldn’t.

Susan was tempted to leave the hair alone since their father had only
mentioned makeup. However, if the hair looked too male then she just knew
their father would do something drastic like try to cut it “properly”. So,
Susan spent a good 5 minutes brushing and styling the hair the best she
could without actually getting the scissors out.

When she finished, Susan was amazed at how much Danny looked like an
actual girl. He even looked like a pretty one. Susan wanted to tell Danny
this but didn’t want to warp her brother’s mind any more than it already
was. Besides, she knew her father would comment Danny plenty once he seen

The siblings spent over 5 minutes in the bedroom just sitting there
doing nothing but stair at Denise’s reflection in the mirror. Danny spent
most of this time in awe of the image he seen. Susan just found it a nice
break away from their father.

While it was a nice break, Susan knew they had to get back to their
father soon or he would start to get pissed. So, she guided her new sister
back toward the living room.

“Not bad,” Dan praised as Danny came into view.

Susan hated herself for the pride she felt when her father gave the
praise. The last thing she wanted to be proud of was helping turn her
brother into a girl.

“Come here girl and give Daddy a kiss,” their father ordered.

Susan took a step toward him thinking he had meant her. But then she
realized their father’s comment had been directed toward Danny. Susan
scrunched her face up in disgust as their father pulled Danny closer and
gave him a kiss on the lips.

It was a very short fatherly kiss, but it still turned Susan’s stomach.
It also made Danny blush from head to toe. After the awkward kiss, their
father pulled Danny back to a sitting position next to him on the couch.

Susan wasn’t sure what she should do, so he decided to just go back to
her room. She felt a little bad about leaving Danny alone with their
father, but with any luck their father might decide to abandon Danny on the
couch and follow Susan into the bedroom. Susan even left her door cracked
open as an invitation to him.

Susan felt like a cheap slut as she waited in her room for her father to
come play with her. However, she also knew she was only doing it to help
save her brother. Unfortunately, her father didn’t take the bate.

After several minutes, Susan was tempted to go back into the living
room. However, she knew it wouldn’t do any good. It might even make things
worse. Dressing her brother up like a girl was a clear message from her
father that he planned to use him like one. And Susan was pretty sure he
would do this whether she was in the room or not. By giving them a little
privacy it would at least allow her brother to save some dignity. Still,
just laying there on the bed and doing nothing was not an easy thing to do.
So, she filled her time crying.


Like most people, Dan got “bright” ideas almost every day. And like
most people, he seldom acted on any of them. The ones he did act on almost
always turned out to not be as “bright” an ideas as he thought they were.

Therefore, he was a bit surprised when he seen Danny walk out of Susan’s
room all dolled up. While he had hoped that his son would look a lot more
attractive dressed up like a girl, he wasn’t 100 percent it would work. He
was about 90 percent sure when he seen him in the dress. But it was the
makeup that really convinced him.

Prior to the makeup his son had looked more like Danny wearing a dress.
A very feminine Danny, but still Danny. But what walked out of Susan’s
room was all Denise. If he didn’t know any better, Dan would have sworn he
was looking at a little girl and not a boy.

Dan didn’t consider himself gay, but his dick definitely got hard when
he seen Danny walk in. Even the quick kiss hadn’t felt that awkward.
Still, he wasn’t sure he would feel comfortable with longer romantic type
kisses. That said, a longer kiss would make his son feel extremely
embarrassed and uncomfortable. And for some reason that turned Dan on.

He almost decided it was something he would experiment with, but then
realized it was just a bit too gay for his tastes. Still, it would be fun
to see the little faggot embarrassed having to do it.

While kissing his son seemed gay, having the boy service his dick was
perfectly acceptable. Dan wasn’t sure why it was, it just felt that way.
He didn’t even question it really. In Dan’s mind you weren’t really gay
unless you kissed or were the one sucking the dick or taking it up your
ass. Or at least it didn’t make him feel gay when it was just his dick
getting wet.

As Dan sat on the couch with Danny, he realized he just had to empty his
nuts into the boy. The urge to do so surprised even Dan. He always
planned to do things with his son, but the primary purpose was supposed to
be as a way to empty his nuts whenever Susan wasn’t available.

Yet, here he was about to use his son for the second time today. And
Susan had been available the first time and was now also. All he had to do
is get up and walk into her room. But there was something exciting about
playing with his son instead. Especially with him dressed up as Denise.

Dan liked the way it upset and embarrassed not only Danny but Susan as
well. He also knew that the more interest he showed in Danny, the more
Susan would willingly participate when her turn came. He liked the idea of
Susan basically whoring herself to him in order to ease her brother’s

As he thought about this, Dan raised his left hand up to his son’s head
and started pushing it downward. Danny knew what his father wanted and
didn’t put up a struggle. He did groan in despair though. He had sucked
his dad’s dick earlier in the day without groaning, but that instance had
been a spare of the moment thing.

However, Danny knew this blowjob was coming over 2 hours ago when they
were at the clothing store and he found out what they were buying. God,
Danny was embarrassed while they bought the clothes. His father told the
sales lady that the clothes were not for his son but for a twin sister who
was the same size. That they were just using Danny as a model since they
were the same size and wanted the items to be a surprise for his sister.

The cover story didn’t relieve much of his embarrassment. Every time he
came out of the changing room to model a piece, there would be several
random people in the store that would stare at him. And none of these
people had heard the cover story.

Some of them looked concerned but most either smiled or laughed when
they seen him. A couple of the guys even winked at him. He couldn’t tell
if they were just making fun of him by winking or if they actually were
coming on to him. None approached though thank God.

Even Danny’s fractured mind knew where all of this was leading. And
what little doubt he might have had quickly disappeared when his father
started calling him Denise.

Walking out of his bedroom in the dress had been one of the hardest
things he had ever done in his life. Especially with sis in the room. He
didn’t know why though. His sister had seen him do much worse things in
the past few months.

However, all those things had been forced on them. This was being
forced on him also but it was different. He wasn’t physically restrained
like he had been in the RV. Even toward the end when they removed most of
his bondage it was still clear he couldn’t escape because of the locks on
the doors.

That wasn’t the case now. He could have gone out his window, run for
the door, you name it. Hell, for that matter he could have ran off while
they were still in the mall. But he hadn’t done any of those things.
Instead, he put on the dress like he was ordered, knowing full well what it
would lead up to.

He knew all of this and he was certain Susan knew as well. While this
was extremely embarrassing, what really concerned him was the message his
obedience was sending his father. He was basically telling his father that
he not only was willing to become Denise for him but also accepted all the
duties that the role would entail.

He wanted to resist, he really did. But if there was one thing he
learned over the past few months, it was that life was a lot easier, and a
ton less painful, if you just do what you are told.

Or at least that is how things had worked in the RV. If you did what
you were told then you ended up doing some very disgusting things.
However, if you resisted then you were severely punished… and then you
had to do the disgusting things anyway.

Accepting his fate or not, he still shed a tear as his dad slowly pushed
Danny’s head downward. As his face got close to his father’s dick, Danny
could smell it’s foul odor. Danny cleaned the dick with his throat just a
few hours earlier. However, they didn’t have AC in the car and the hot and
humid Florida air clearly made his father’s crotch sweat a ton.

Thick streams of precum were already running down the sides of his dad’s
dick, so this was actually the first flavor that hit his taste buds. While
the thought of drinking precum still grossed Danny out, he had to admit
that when it came to sucking dick it was hardly the worst flavor involved.

There was an additional salty flavor in the background. He tasted the
flavor on his dad’s dick earlier that morning. He also tasted a similar
flavor many times on his captor’s dick while in the RV. The salty aspect
was obviously from the sweat. However, the additional flavor he could only
describe as the taste of a man. He only ever tasted two men, but he
assumed all had a similar taste. Though, he couldn’t imagine that his own
dick had such a strong flavor to it.

But then, he hardly considered himself a man. What man would suck dick,
let alone dress like a girl? As the dick sunk deep into his throat, Danny
had to admit that the dress and makeup actually gave him a little shelter.
A male sucking a dick was just a faggot. However, a girl sucking a dick
was perfectly natural. He tried to hold onto this thought but it was hard
to do. He knew he was a guy and so did everyone else in the house.
Despite this, pretending he wasn’t one still helped a little.

His father seemed to be having an easier time pretending than Danny did.
He was whispering all kinds of nasty things to him. However, every comment
was directed at Denise, his pretend daughter, and not Danny.

“Be a good girl and suck Daddy’s dick.”

“If you keep practicing this then you will find a husband in no time.”

“Take your panties off for Daddy.”

The comments kept coming and coming. It was the next comment though
that almost made Danny choke on his father’s dick.

“Let’s go to the bedroom so I can fuck your pussy.”

At first Danny didn’t realize what his father had actually said. It
didn’t fully register until his dad lifted his head off the dick, stood and
walked toward the bedroom. At first, Danny just sat there and watched his
dad walk away.

His father was headed toward the master bedroom and for a second Danny
thought about running to his own room and locking the door. However, when
he stood up he found himself walking toward the master bedroom as well.
Danny didn’t want to follow his dad into the master bedroom, but he just
couldn’t stop himself. It was like he was standing outside his body and
just watching everything happen.

He wasn’t completely numb though. He could feel the butterflies
swarming in his stomach. He could feel the warmth of the blush on his
face, neck and shoulders. He could even feel the cool air hitting the
tears that ran down his cheeks.

To his complete shame, Danny could also feel the silky smooth fabric of
the dress sliding back and forth on his hard dick. He remembered hearing
his father tell him to take off his “panties” but didn’t remember actually
doing it. He obviously had though. Of course, he hadn’t actually been
wearing panties, but briefs instead. They hadn’t bought any panties. His
father had informed him, however, that he would have Susan buy Denise some
the next day. He prayed that his dad was joking… but something told him
he probably wasn’t.

When Danny entered the bedroom he seen that his father was already
laying on the bed naked. Danny froze for a moment and reconsidered running
away. But where exactly would he go? His father would easily find him
anywhere in the house. And there was no way in hell he was going to really
run away. After his abduction, Danny was too scared to go outside by
himself, let alone run off and live on the streets somewhere.

“Get the fuck in here and ride my dick!” Dan growled when he seen Danny
delay at the door.

Dan could tell that the boy wasn’t broken in as well as he thought. Or,
possibly the last week of relaxation had given the kid the false idea that
he was no longer a play toy. Regardless, it wasn’t anything a few sessions
with a belt wouldn’t fix. He probably should take the belt to him right
now but he had more urgent needs to take care of. The belt would have to
wait for his son’s next infraction.

Dan’s dick was hard as a rock and sticking straight up by the time Danny
reached the bed. He was still surprised at how hot his son looked all
dolled up. The tears made the sight even better. The only bad part was
that the tears were making Danny’s makeup run. Dan made a mental note to
have Susan buy some water proof makeup tomorrow when she went out to get
her brother some panties.

The biggest fear Dan had was that his son might enjoy himself too much.
The tears and profuse blushing told him that the boy wasn’t. At the same
time, Dan felt a little offended. On the DVD Danny looked like he was
almost enjoying himself. Did his son actually enjoy a stranger’s dick over
his own father’s? Dan figured he couldn’t have his cake and eat it too.
Given the choice he would take the tears any day.

“Leave it on,” Dan said when Danny started to take the dress off.

Dan could tell that Danny was just trying to buy time now. Seriously,
why would he have had his son put the damn dress on if he wanted it off for
the dirty deed? It’s not like it was a full length dress. The thing was
the shortest one they sold in the store. It barely covered Danny’s ass

He could see his son trembling as he climbed up on the bed. Dan gave
him a slap on the side of his head when the boy tried to mount facing away
from him.

“That’s not how a proper girl mounts a dick,” he growled.

Danny turned around to face his father but didn’t look one bit happy
about it. This turned Dan on even more. The shame and embarrassment on
his son’s face was priceless. It took all of his willpower not to cum
right there and then.

Dan wanted to start out slow, but he just couldn’t contain himself. His
son’s ass just felt too good. He grabbed a hold of his hips and used his
own leg muscles to hammer up into Danny’s asshole.

Danny grunted, but it wasn’t all that painful for him. His father had a
big dick, maybe 8.5 inches long and 2.5 inches thick, but it was small in
comparison to the dick his captor had.

No, the worst part for Danny was having to look down at his father. He
wanted to stare straight ahead at the wall but knew his father would get
pissed if he did. He did try focusing on the pillow behind his father’s
head but he could still tell his dad was looking right into his eyes. He
tried to pretend that his dad wasn’t looking at him but instead was seeing
Denise. It was still very embarrassing though.

Luckily, the fuck was over almost before it began. The dick sunk up his
ass less than 10 times before his dad started unloading in his bowels. He
stayed on the dick though until his father told him to get off.

“Well, get cleaning,” his father ordered.

Danny turned and put the sloppy dick into his mouth without even
thinking about it. It was second nature for him now. He sucked at it
until his father pushed him away. The next procedure Danny had been taught
during his captivity was to reach down and start scooping the cum out of
his own asshole and eating it. For a split second he almost started to do
it also. But then he realized that his father might not actually know this
was standard procedure.

Sure enough, his father didn’t say a word. Danny was greatly relieved.
He hated having to do that. In time his father might think to make him do
this but for now life would be a tad easier.

His father pushed him onto his side and scooted up behind him into a
spoon position. For a second Danny thought his dad was going to fuck him
again already. But he didn’t. He just spooned up behind him and laid
there with one hand draped over him.

It wasn’t long and he could hear his father snoring behind him.

Danny tried to convince himself that it was okay to crawl out of the bed
now and go to his own room. He just knew it wasn’t though. His father
hadn’t ordered him to stay in the bed but he knew he would get into serious
trouble if he did leave. His father would want him there when he woke.
That way he could slide his dick up his hole and fuck him again. Then, if
he was lucky, his dad might be done with him for the day.

Danny ended up laying there silently weeping for over an hour before his
dad finally woke up. And sure enough, he soon felt his father’s hard dick
poking at his ass under the dress. His father fucked him in this position
for about 20 minutes.

The fuck itself was not that bad. Most of it was nice and slow…
almost tender like. While he didn’t have to face his dad this time, Danny
was still humiliated throughout the fuck because his father kept whispering
to him.

“My little girl has a nice tight pussy.”

“I hope you are on the pill because I’m going to pump a thick load up

You know, your basic comments every father tells their son while fucking
him up the ass. He didn’t stop whispering until he finally dropped his

Danny was almost in a full cry by the time his father finished. Many of
the comments, like the above, were very embarrassing. However, it wasn’t
these that made him cry so hard. In addition to these type comments his
father had also whispered some of the things he had planned for Denise.
And some of these things sounded even worse than what his captor put him
through. Maybe not physically worse, but certainly emotionally. He prayed
his father was just playing a sick joke on him. Regardless, Danny did his
best to push the thoughts out of his head.


Danny went straight to his room the second his father gave him
permission. Once inside he shut the door and let the tears flow. He cried
like that for over an hour before he ran dry.

It wasn’t until the tears stopped that he wished he had visited the
bathroom first. He had two loads of his father’s cum up his ass and it
sickened him. To make matters worse, he had to keep tightening his asshole
in order to keep it from leaking out.

To get to the bathroom he would have to go through the living room. But
his father was in there now. The last thing he wanted to do was face his
father again. Not only would it be embarrassing but it might make his dad
horny. Then Danny would end up with 3 loads up his ass.

So, Danny ended up holding the cum up his ass for another 2 hours.
Finally, he heard his father go into his own bedroom mumbling about a
bottle of Jack he couldn’t find. Danny took this opportunity to rush to
the bathroom.

Not much cum came out though when he sat on the toilet. He cringed in
disgust when he realized that his body had absorbed most of it. He had to
pee also, so the trip wasn’t a complete waste.

On his way out Danny glanced into the mirror. He groaned when he
realized that all of Susan’s work on him was ruined. The makeup had run
and gotten smeared and his hair looked, well, like a girl that had just
gotten fucked.

He washed the makeup off and combed his hair the best he could. He then
tried to sneak back to his room. He didn’t make it though. His father was
back in the living room swigging on a bottle of Jim Beam, which apparently
was a suitable substitute for Jack Daniels.

His father was a little drunk already, but not enough that he didn’t
notice the makeup was gone. So, he told Danny to go see Susan again.

Danny of course didn’t hesitate in the slightest. Getting makeup put on
him was tons better than what he was afraid his father might want him to
do. In fact, once he got past some of the embarrassment, having his sister
put the makeup on almost felt relaxing. Kind of like he was being
pampered. That said, he still didn’t like the idea of wearing it.

Susan had a blush on her face when she opened her door. Danny guessed
that his sister had probably been masturbating. He had been doing a lot of
that himself ever since they were released by their captor. He was ashamed
to admit even to himself that it was Susan that he normally thought of when
he masturbated. It was hard not too think of her since she was the only
girl he had ever seen naked. Well, there was that other girl in the RV.
But that girl had been extremely mean to him. She had also made him do
some very naughty and disgusting things. His sister had also, but Danny
knew she only did it because they made her. He could tell that she really
loved him.

As he walked in he could make out the faint smell of her arousal. He
wanted to tell Susan that she didn’t need to be embarrassed about
masturbating. In fact, he wanted to let her know that she didn’t need to
masturbate at all. That he loved her and was willing to take care of her
needs for her if she wished. But he knew these types of comments would
only make things worse. So, he just pretended he didn’t smell anything and
let her know why he was there.

“You know, you are going to have to learn how to do this yourself,” she
told him. “Maybe for the next week we do each other’s makeup until you get
it down.”

Danny blushed when Susan told him this. It hadn’t really sunk in that
his father intended to make him dress like this almost all the time. It
also embarrassed him that Susan not only had figured this out but appeared
to already be accepting him as though he was truly her little sister. He
doubted, however, that she could have adapted this quickly. It was more
likely that she was just putting on an act to make him feel more

It wasn’t working though. If anything, her act was making him feel
worse. He just spent the last few hours in their father’s arms as Denise,
he needed his sister to treat him or at least recognize him as Danny. He
couldn’t get angry with her though, she was just trying to help.

After they finished putting on his makeup, they both laid on the bed and
held each other. While it wasn’t a sexual embrace, Danny did think about
maybe reaching down and playing with his sister’s clit. It would have been
the least he could do after all her help. But he didn’t want to ruin the
moment so he refrained.

Danny knew that only sisters would ever really hold each other like
this, but he didn’t care. It felt so good being held in love instead of
lust. They stayed like this for over an hour. They started hearing their
father grumble about food though and Susan pulled herself away so she could
go fix dinner.

Without a mother during most of her life, what little Susan knew about
cooking was all self taught. The prior year, her father had insisted she
take Home Economics but she had lied to him and said the course was filled.
At the time, the way Susan seen it, she was the hardest working person in
the family. High school was way harder than grade school and her father
didn’t even work a full week like she had too. If they wanted better meals
then they would need to make it themselves.

Now, however, Susan wished she had taken the course. She wanted to make
something special for her brother. She had heard their father take him
into his room and she had a pretty good idea of what happened in there.
The least she could do was give her brother a decent meal afterward.

Susan thought about breaking out the cookbook, but she already knew it
was pointless. They simply didn’t have the ingredients to make anything
special. Hell, they didn’t even have the ingredients to make most of the
stuff she did know how to cook. As she looked through the fridge and
cupboards, all she found was Vodka, cheese, Jack, bread, Jim Beam, butter,
and, um, beer.

She did find a pizza mix. Pizza was her brother’s favorite but there
wasn’t anything to put on it. So, she decided to make him his second
favorite which was grilled cheese. Or at least she assumed it was his
second favorite. It was hard to know for sure since about all they ever
ate was pizza and grilled cheese.

When she went to pour some drinks Susan remembered there wasn’t any
soda. Their father had done the shopping last time and for some reason
bought grapefruit juice instead of soda. Susan was pretty sure he had
meant to get orange juice for the mixed drinks he likes. However, he
played it off like he had gotten the grapefruit juice on purpose for just
them. He also refused to let them buy soda until it was all gone. There
was a full gallon of the crap also.

Still, grapefruit juice was still better than water so she poured a
glass for both of them. Their father would be making his own drink as
usual. As she thought this, she remembered seeing her father make a mixed
drink that included orange juice and vodka. Or at least she thought it was
vodka. She wondered what it would be like to substitute grapefruit juice

Susan thought about this as she grilled the sandwiches. Finally, she
decided to experiment and grabbed the vodka from the cupboard. She took
one of the glasses of grapefruit juice and poured a quarter of it out and
then filled it with vodka. She mixed it and then gave it a tasted. To her
surprise it tasted exactly like grapefruit juice. There was no alcohol
taste to it at all.

“So much for that idea,” Susan told herself.

There was no way her father would drink something that didn’t taste like
alcohol. Even if he knew there was tons of alcohol in it. Her goal had
been to talk him into using the juice and letting them get some soda the
next day.

Susan went to dump the mixture out when she got an idea. He might not
drink it, but her brother would. He of course would never drink it if he
knew there was alcohol in it, but she didn’t need to tell him that.

Susan put the drink on the table where her brother always sat. As she
finished cooking she kept thinking about the drink. The thought of her or
her brother drinking alcohol was horrid. But she knew her brother wasn’t
going to last long with their father taking such an interest in him. She
had no clue if the alcohol would help or not, but she was sure it couldn’t
hurt. Still, it disgusted her that she was secretly feeding her brother
something that both of them so greatly despised.

Danny laid in the fetal position on Susan’s bed trying to get to sleep.
With luck, their father wouldn’t think to wake him for dinner. And even if
he did, the 20 to 30 minutes of sleep would be a sweet vacation from
reality. He was almost asleep when the smell of grilled cheese snuck under
his sister’s door. Danny tried to force himself to ignore the smell, but
his stomach wouldn’t let him.

Finally, he had no choice but to leave the safety of his sister’s
bedroom in order to appease his stomach. Danny blushed slightly as he
entered the dining room and seen his father sitting at the table already.
Luckily, his father didn’t pay him much mind. He just kept eating.

Danny sat at his normal spot across the table and started eating as
well. He was about a quarter done with his meal when he realized his sister
wasn’t there yet. He had noticed her missing the second he entered the
dining room. He assumed she was in the bathroom, but she had been gone
much longer than normal.

As he continued to eat, Danny noticed his father was grunting from time
to time like he was really enjoying the meal or something. It wasn’t too
loud, just a bit awkward. It was loud enough to make him look up at his
father a couple times. Each time his father just winked at him. This made
Danny quickly drop his eyes back toward his plate.

To Danny’s surprise, the meal seemed to really be making him feel
better. By the time he got half way through with the food and drink he was
feeling almost content. When he ate the last of the crumbs off his plate
and drank down the last few drops of his juice he was actually rather
happy. Or at least the closest thing to happy he had felt in a very long

By the end of the meal he found he could even look his father in the eye
without blushing or having to look away. He was doing this in fact when
his father made a rather odd gesture. His father looked down toward his
lap and kind of nodded.

This gesture did bring a blush to Danny’s face. He was pretty sure what
his father wanted him to do. Surprisingly, Danny wasn’t disgusted by the
thought as much as he thought he should be.

He stared at his father for a moment then swallowed hard and started to
duck under the table. Danny didn’t get far. When he got a look under the
table cloth he realized that his father wasn’t asking him to get under
there and blow him. He just wanted Danny to see what was going on.

Danny quickly raised his head back up. He had a bright red glow on his
face. It had been a little dark under the table but he had clearly made
out the image of his sister sucking their father’s dick.

The look on his face must have turned their father on because a few
seconds later he started cumming.

“Here comes your dinner bitch,” their father grunted as he put his hands
under the table and grabbed Susan’s head.

Danny sat there in shock for over a minute as he watched their father
grunt and pant. Finally, he calmed down and leaned back in his chair with
his eyes closed in bliss. A few seconds later Susan crawled out from under
the table with a very embarrassed look on her face. She sat there looking
at her plate, too embarrassed to look up at them and too disgusted to
actually eat.

It was a very awkward moment. Once he came out of his shock, Danny
quickly got up and headed for his room. The shock must have cut the blood
off from his head because he felt rather light headed and had a hard time
walking straight.

Once he got back to his room, Danny chastised himself for not leaving
the table earlier. He should have left the second he finished eating. Or,
at least before his sister crawled out from under the table. He could only
imagine how embarrassed she must have felt.

When they had first been abducted, everything their captors did to them
had been extremely embarrassing. However, after a few weeks something as
simple as giving a blowjob seemed routine. Even Danny didn’t get all that
embarrassed when he would suck their master’s dick. He tried to convince
himself that this was no different. However, it was. It was very
different. This was their father’s dick. Plus, they weren’t in chains
like before.

Danny took solace in the fact that his father didn’t stay in the dining
room long. Thus, his sister didn’t have to suffer any additional
embarrassment. She was in there for over 10 minutes before he heard her
collecting the dishes from the table and then washing them. He hoped that
she had eaten and hadn’t spent all that time crying. He thought about
going in and helping her with the dishes, but figured she would prefer to
be alone. He knew he would at a time like this.

Danny spent the rest of the night hiding under the covers praying his
father wouldn’t come for him. It was at least 2 a.m. when the TV finally
got turned off and the house went quiet.

Danny held his breath for several long minutes but his father never came
into his room. For several minutes he thought maybe God had finally
started listening to his prayers. However, he then heard his father’s
voice through the walls. He was in Susan’s room.

He could hear his father barking orders at Susan. Danny tried to drown
most of it out by putting his hands tight over his ears, but it didn’t do
much good since he already knew what was probably going to happen in there.

Sure enough, less than a minute later he could hear the distinct sound
of his sister’s bed banging against the thin wall between their two rooms.
The banging went on for over 30 minutes and so did his father’s vile
comments. During all of this Danny just rocked back and forth under his
covers crying.


Susan woke the next morning to the sound of her father snoring next to
her. She let out a groan when she went to crawl out of bed. Her father
was very vicious with her the night before and she was rather sore and

She sat on the edge of the bed for several minutes before she finally
got up. There wasn’t any rush, she knew their father would be asleep for
at least a couple more hours. That was always the up side of their
father’s drinking habits. If he got wasted then he always slept in the
next day. She could have put a firecracker in his ass and it probably
wouldn’t have woke him up. If she had a firecracker she probably would
have too. Especially after the rough fuck he gave her last night.

Sucking him off under the table had been horrible enough. But when he
came into her room she thought she was going to die of humiliation. She
tried to get him to at least go to his room where it would be harder for
Danny to overhear them. However, their father didn’t budge.

He just dropped his shorts and climbed up on top of her. He didn’t even
make the initial penetration slow. He just lined his dick up and shoved it
in. God had that hurt. Then it was hard thrust after hard thrust. It was
almost 5 minutes before she felt herself start to lubricate. Her father of
course started calling her a horny slut once he felt her “arousal”.

Susan had to admit she felt like a slut too. How could she get aroused
by her father’s dick? Especially the way he was brutally using it on her.
She was completely disgusted with herself when she climaxed about 20
minutes later.

She wasn’t sure if it was her climax or the tears she shed right after,
but apparently it turned her father on enough to have a climax of his own.
This was something she feared he might not be able to do in his drunken
state. She could just see him pumping into her cunt for hours on end
trying to achieve a climax that would never come.

Just thinking about it made Susan feel ill. She slapped her hand over
her mouth and rushed to the bathroom. She made it to the toilet just in
time. She knelt there for several minutes before she got the strength to
stand back up.

Despite just throwing up, Susan was extremely hungry. But she needed a
nice warm bath even more than food. So, she locked the door and filled the
tub. The warm water felt so good that she almost dozed off while soaking
in it.

Her bath was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Danny and he
needed to pee. It was almost funny to Susan that her brother would bother
knocking. Prior to their abduction he had never knocked. Despite her
protests he would just jimmy the broken lock open and come in and do his
thing. Now, when him seeing her naked felt almost more natural than seeing
her clothed, he knocks.

Susan did let out a small chuckle when she gave him permission and he
walked in. He was still wearing the dress and the wrinkles in it made it
clear he had done so all night long. This isn’t what she found funny
though. In fact, it kind of upset her since it would be her that would
have to clean and iron it later.

What Susan found funny was how the front of the dress was tented way
out. Her brother had a hard on. She would have blushed if she thought the
hard on was for her. But she was pretty sure her brother had what boys so
poetically called a “piss hard on”.

She didn’t want to laugh at him but it was hard not too. He looked so
much like a girl, yet had this obvious hard on under his dress. She
chuckled again when Danny stood in front of the toilet for a second trying
to decide if he should pee standing up or sitting down. He finally decided
to do it standing up. Susan wasn’t sure he could have gotten his big hard
dick into the toilet had he sat down anyway. But she was pretty certain
that he had not taken that into consideration. He probably decided to
stand because it made him feel more like Danny and not Denise.

The decision came with a small price though. He would have to expose
his dick to his sister and piss in front of her. It was hardly a major
thing though considering all they had done together during the past few

Still, the proper thing would have been for Susan to close the shower
curtain. However, she was afraid her brother might interpret it the wrong
way. He might think she was grossed out by looking at him now. Sure,
watching him would embarrass him a little, but it would also help ensure he
knew she still loved him.

And loved him she did. How could she not? He was her brother. She
loved him before they tried to run away and were abducted. She even loved
him when their abductors made him piss into her mouth and do other nasty
things to her during their captivity.

If anything, her love for him had grown stronger through all of this.
And that love sure as hell wasn’t going to disappear just because her
father was sexually abusing him and making him pretend he’s a girl.

As she thought about this, Danny’s piss came to an end and Susan found
herself reaching toward his dick.

“God, what am I doing?” Susan thought as she grabbed her brother’s cock.

Danny wasn’t wearing any underwear, so at first she played it off like
she was just helping him get all the piss out of his dick so it wouldn’t
later drip onto his legs and the floor. Thirty seconds later, however,
they both knew that her tender massage was way more than just that.

Danny could taste the sweet cherry flavor of his ruby red lipstick as he
bit his lower lip and slowly turned toward his sister. When Susan smiled
up at him he stepped forward, closing the 1-foot distance between him and
the bathtub. A second later he groaned with pleasure as Susan sucked his
dick into her mouth.

Susan noticed that her brother’s dick tasted almost exactly the same as
their father’s. Yet, unlike when she had sucked her father’s dick, the
flavor didn’t repulse her in the least. In fact she savored it.

Even as she engulfed her brother’s dick, Susan knew what they were doing
was very wrong. Yes, they had done much worse things to each other in the
past. However, all of those times they had been forced to do so. That
wasn’t the case now.

A proper sister would just hug her brother to show she loved him.
However, Susan and Danny were not normal siblings. They had long since
gone beyond hugging. For her, this was the best way she could think of to
show Danny she truly loved him. And after last night with her father,
Susan wanted to feel loved also.

To Susan’s surprise, sucking her brother’s dick actually did make her
feel loved. While this had been her goal, she had feared the act would
just leave her feeling hallow and, well, like a slut. While it did make
her feel like a slut, it was overshadowed by a much stronger feeling of
love. In fact, this love felt much too strong. It was this that scared
her more than anything. This was not the type of love a sister and brother
should share. It was a special kind of love that was reserved for husbands
and wives and other such lovers.

Susan knew that Danny felt the same love for her also. She could tell
by the tender way he made shallow strokes in and out of her mouth. She
could also see it when she looked up into his eyes. The two stared into
each other’s eyes like that for over 10 minutes.

It wasn’t until now that the two realized there was a difference between
fucking and making love. And that difference was so vast that neither of
them could believe they hadn’t seen it until now.

It wasn’t until Danny reached his climax that their love making resemble
anything near what they had experienced in the past at the hands of their
abductors or their father. As he started to cum Danny just couldn’t hold
back any longer and grabbed his sister’s head and started fucking her
throat as deep as he could. Susan didn’t mind and eagerly swallowed his

They both blushed moments later when Danny finally pulled his dick from
her mouth. Susan gave the head of his dick a light kiss and Danny smiled
down at her. He then turned and left the room. No words were exchanged…
none were needed.


Dan was sitting on the couch watching a porn DVD he borrowed from work
when Susan and Danny got home from the mall. He had been waiting for over
an hour in preparation to give them a serious whipping for leaving the
house without permission. It wasn’t until he seen the bags that he
remembered telling Susan during his drunken fuck to buy Denise some water
proof makeup and panties.

As he dug through the bags to approve everything they bought, Dan
struggled to remember exactly when he had given them money for these
purchases. Finally, he just gave up. It wasn’t uncommon for him to black
out some things when he got as drunk as he had the prior night. For
example, he remembered only telling Susan to get makeup and panties. Yet,
there was a nightgown and several other items in the bags.

The truth was that he hadn’t given them any money. However, what Dan
didn’t realize was that there was an unwritten rule in the house that every
time he got extremely drunk, the kids got to keep whatever money was left
in his wallet.

While this might sound a bit bad on Susan and Danny’s part, the truth
was that there seldom was any money in his wallet. And what little they
found almost always went toward buying school items and food. And if they
got really lucky they would sometimes find enough to buy socks or other
clothing items.

This morning their eyes had lit up when they opened his wallet and found
$57. This was almost more money than what they had when they tried to run
away. And that had taken them over 3 months to save up. Seeing this much
in his wallet was almost scary. But then they realized he had laid off the
booze for over a week after their return.

They ended up taking two twenties and leaving $17. There was some
standard interrogation about the money, but Susan had no problem convincing
Dan he had given her the cash the night before, after their little late
night romance session. Dan knew he often did a lot stupider things than
this, so he just shrugged it off. Not that he was too happy about being
out $40.

While he doubted that he would have approved this many purchases had he
been sober, Dan had to admit that he was pleased with most of the items.
He could feel his dick getting hard as he looked through the items.
Especially when he got to the panties. There was a package of 5 panties
that where your standard white. However, they had bought two additional
pair that were pink with cute little ruffles on them.

Susan felt bad about getting the pink panties since she knew her father
would get turned on every time he seen them. However, these panties were
their “get out of jail free card”. Once he seen them he would all but
forget about the $40. And she was right.

As it turned out, there was only a couple water proof makeup items Susan
didn’t already have. This left enough money to also buy Danny a couple
tops, a skirt and some socks. There wasn’t enough money for shoes though.
But it wasn’t that unusual for a girl Danny’s age to wear sneakers. So,
Susan made sure the socks would look okay with Danny’s sneakers, yet still
look a little girlish.

Of course, Susan could have bought a pound of plutonium and her father
probably wouldn’t have noticed. He was too busy admiring the pink panties.

“Where’s Denise?” Dan growled after admiring the panties for over a

Susan and Danny swallowed hard when their father said this. It was just
something in his tone that made it sound like he was upset that Danny had
not been dressed as Denise when he left the house. They didn’t stick
around for clarification though. They grabbed the clothes and rushed to
Susan’s room.

Susan felt rather guilty as they transformed Danny back into Denise.
Susan liked to shop and doing so for a “sister” was new and exciting for
her. It wasn’t until she seen Danny putting the items on that she realized
that the shopping experience must have been a living hell for her brother.

Sure, Susan made sure she picked items that Danny wouldn’t have to
actually try on in the store. However, it hadn’t dawned on her till now
that he must have spent the entire day in fear of the moment when they got
home and their father expected him to wear the stuff.

“What was I thinking?” Susan thought as she seen her brother put the
items on.

The stuff she had selected for him were way too sexy. Well, someone on
the street would think Denise just looked like an innocent girl. But
looking at this outfit through her father’s perverted eyes, Susan knew it
screamed, “fuck me!”.

Susan felt even worse when she suggested Danny wear one of the pink
panties. If Danny wore the white panties this first time then their dad
would just make him change into the pink ones anyway. Still, Susan knew
that once he seen the pink panties their dad would probably get hard as a
rock, if he wasn’t already. The blush on her brother’s face told her that
Danny was aware of this also.

To add to his humiliation, Danny’s dick got hard as he slipped the
delicate panties on. Susan noticed the hard on and Danny noticed that she
noticed. Susan blushed a little herself, but tried to give him a look that
stated she understood… not that she really did. She really had no clue
why he would get hard at a time like this. She was also pretty sure Danny
didn’t know either.

On the bright side, with panties now, Danny’s hard on wouldn’t be as
blatantly noticeable. Still, for a moment Susan debated pulling her
brother’s dick out of the panties and sucking him off again. She decided
against it though. If her brother was a little sexually excited then maybe
whatever their father did to him wouldn’t feel too bad. He might even
enjoy it on some small level.

The thought of her brother enjoying their father’s touch almost made
Susan ill. She was certain Danny probably felt the same way. However, him
enjoying it a tiny bit was still better than him hating every agonizing
second of it… wasn’t it?

Susan could see Danny shivering with fear and shame as he finally opened
the bedroom door. Susan stood up but had yet to decide if she should
follow him into the living room or stay in her bedroom. She was damned
either way. If she followed then her brother’s embarrassment would be much
greater once their father started playing with him. However, if she stayed
then her brother might think she was abandoning him. Danny closed the door
behind him though as he walked through, thus making the choice for her.
Susan loved her brother more at that moment than ever before.

“There’s my girl!” Dan said with a smile. “Get over here and show me
your new clothes.”

As he walked across the room Danny noticed his father’s dick was hard
and sticking out of his shorts already. Danny blushed but didn’t halt. He
did feel a bit ill though thinking about how he probably would be servicing
that big dick. Despite his disgust, Danny realized his own dick still
refused to get soft.

Danny could feel his skin crawl with disgust as his father started
touching him. His dad went through the motions like he was making sure
everything fit right, but Danny could tell he was really just feeling him

The touches became a lot more direct after a few seconds. First, his
hands toyed with his nipples. Not that there was much to toy with.

His dad’s hands then started to slide downward. Danny started blushing
profusely as his father’s hands got close to discovering his hard dick.
Right at the last second, however, the hands slid to Danny’s side and then
back onto his ass.

Danny felt on hand reach down and grab the hem of his short skirt and
lift it up from the back. The other hand started rubbing his ass cheeks.
Danny couldn’t tell if his father was getting off on rubbing his ass or if
he was just admiring the ruffles on the new pink panties.

“So,” his father said as he paused. “I noticed my little girl dressed
herself up like a boy earlier. I didn’t give you permission to do that did

“N…no,” Danny whispered.

He was tempted to say “yes” and blame it on one of his father’s
blackouts. However, his father sounded rather sure he hadn’t given the
permission. Danny felt like protesting though. He WAS a boy, why should
he have to ask to dress like one? He was smart enough to keep his mouth
shut though.

Dan smiled when he seen his son start to shiver. He could tell the boy
knew a punishment was coming his way. Dan planned to make it a big one
also. He figured if he punished him hard a few times for somewhat small
infractions then the boy would definitely fall in line and not hesitate to
obey even the most trivial future command.

As he bent him over his knee, Dan noticed his son’s hard dick. He just
let out a small chuckle. While it was funny, it also upset Dan a little.
He didn’t like the idea of his son enjoying their time together. Though,
it would give him something extra to tease him about later.

Dan almost came when he seen his son’s ass rise up high over his knee.
His son rubbing up against Dan’s hard on didn’t help matters either. He
got himself under control, but just barely.

After raising the skirt up, Dan just sat there admiring how cute his
son’s ass looked. He rubbed his palm over the soft ruffles a bit then
snaked his fingers under the waistband and pulled the panties down. God
did his son’s ass look inviting. Of course, he was thinking of it more as
Denise’s ass than Danny’s.

Dan rubbed his hand over the smooth bare skin for over a two minute. He
even slid his middle finger between his son’s cheeks and up his asshole a
few times. His finger came out clean, but he still lowered it to his son’s
mouth to be cleaned each time.

The first spank came unannounced and Dan felt his son almost jump off
his knee. The hit was hard, but Dan knew he was capable of delivering
significantly harder hits if he wished. He didn’t want to bruise his son’s
ass too badly though. It looked too perfect all milky-white. He did plan
to turn it a nice cherry red though.

Dan only waited a second before he landed a hit on the opposite cheek.
Then it was back to the other. Back and forth he went over and over again.
It wasn’t long and he could hear Danny crying his eyes out.

To prolong the spanking, Dan stopped every 10 hits and rubbed that
smooth ass. He also let his hand slide down and play with his son’s nuts.
“Torture” was probably a better word than “Play”. He would grab a hold of
Danny’s nuts and pull them way back until he heard his son starting to moan
in pain. He would then hold them like that for 30 seconds or so. While he
held the nuts out like this with one hand he would use his middle finger on
his other to thump them. Each thump elicited a nice loud grunt from Danny.

In the next room Susan was crying just as hard. It took all her
willpower not to rush to her brother’s rescue. Or at least try too. She
already knew that there wasn’t anything she could do. She did take solace
in the fact that it was a bare hand spanking.

Susan didn’t need to see it to know it was a bare hand spanking. Over
the last few months she had become rather familiar with the sound different
objects made while hitting soft flesh. Hand, belt, whip, paddle… every
object made a very distinct sound. And she knew all the distinct groans
and other sounds Danny made while being hit by each of them.

Dan was surprised at how much his son could handle. He seldom spanked
his kids in the past. But when he did it was seldom more than 20 hits with
a bare hand. Back then, Danny used to try to escape his lap by that 20th
hit. However, Dan was now going on the 30th spank and the boy was still
holding his ground.

He had planned to spank his son till the boy couldn’t handle the pain
any more. However, it was looking like he would have to take the skin off
or do some serious bruising before that happened. Dan wasn’t sure if his
son’s new pain threshold was a good or bad thing.

After thinking about it a little, Dan realized that it only made sense.
The kid was taking a huge dick up his ass on a regular basis. This was
bound to build his pain resistance. Hell, he hardly flinched when Dan
forced his cock inside him the other day.

Dan stopped spanking when he reached 40. He then went back to rubbing
his hand back and forth on Danny’s hot and very red ass. As he rubbed his
hand back and forth he started wondering about how he might be able to test
his son’s pain threshold. He smiled when he got an idea.

He reached down to Danny’s face and pressed his index finger against his
son’s ruby lips. The boy quickly opened his mouth and sucked it in. He
let him suck it for a few seconds and then removed it and brought it back
up and sunk it all the way up his asshole.

Dan fucked his finger back and forth for about a minute then returned it
to his son’s mouth. Only this time he fed him his index and middle finger.
He removed the fingers and brought them up and pressed them deep up his
son’s asshole. This elicited a grunt, but it was clearly just slightly
uncomfortable, not painful.

Danny groaned in despair when the 2 fingers left his asshole and 3
entered his mouth. There was no doubt what was coming next. He didn’t
have to wait long either.

“Ugh!” Danny grunted when the 3 fingers were brutally pushed up his ass.

Danny began to cry when it came time to remove the 3 fingers. Sure
enough, a second later his father was forcing 4 fingers into his small
mouth. Knowing what was coming next, Danny made sure he got plenty of spit
on his father’s fingers before they left his mouth.

The spit helped, but it still hurt when his father forced them into his
asshole. Danny got fist fucked a few times while he was being held
captive. However, the fists used were no where near as big as his fathers.
He prayed that his father didn’t plan to go that far.

Dan thought about sticking his fist up his son’s ass. However, it felt
insanely tight up his son’s ass and he was pretty sure he was bordering on
max capacity. Any more and Dan feared he might do serious injury. So, he
contented himself with just 4 fingers.

He did, however, make sure those fingers got in there nice and deep. He
not only got the fingers all the way in but even half of his palm. It was
very tempting to tuck his thumb under and see if it would fit also, but he
dared not go any further. The last thing he needed was to explain to the
doctors why he was bringing his son in with a torn rectum.

Dan chuckled a little when he realized he could make his son dance
around in his lap a little whenever he wiggled his fingers. If he wiggled
his fingers in random directions his son would get goose bumps and shake
and wiggle in his lap. His son did the same thing whenever Dan moved his
fingers in unison. However, the boy would also kind of hump at his leg.

Dan found it very cute to watch. Or at least he did until he felt
something wet on his bare leg. He quickly pushed his son off his knee.
Danny let out a grunt as he fell and the fingers shot out of his asshole.

“Naughty girl!” Dan chastised his son when he seen the cum on his leg.
“Clean that mess up this instant!”

Danny blushed when he realized what had happened. He didn’t know why
but he often cums when something big is stuck up his ass. His captor
always told him it was because his ass clit was being rubbed. Danny was
sure he was just making that up though. However, he had to admit that it
did feel like something odd was being rubbed inside there.

Regardless of what caused it, Danny always hated it when it happened.
He was completely helpless to prevent it and yet he was almost always
punished or teased in some fashion when it did. And to make it even worse,
it didn’t even feel like a normal climax when the cum came out. It wasn’t
painful, but it wasn’t all that pleasurable either. Not like a normal
climax anyway.

Danny blushed deeper as he got up on his knees and started to lick the
cum off his father’s leg. As he licked it off, Danny noted that it tasted
extra salty due to all the sweat that had collected between his body and
his father’s leg. He tried to pretend he was only tasting his own sweat,
but he knew at least half of it had seeped out of his father’s body as

“It looks like we have ourselves a small dilemma here,” Dan said as his
son finished licking the mess off his leg. “I want to fuck my little
girl’s pussy, but she seems to cum too much when things are put inside

This comment embarrassed Danny so much that he wanted to cry. He wanted
to explain to his father that the mess had been completely involuntary.
But then Danny realized that maybe that was what his father was pointing
out. Or at least he hoped that his father didn’t think he was getting
pleasure out of having his asshole stuffed.

Dan almost jacked off all over his son as he watched the boy kneel there
staring at the floor in shame. If he was having this much fun with Danny,
he just knew he would have a ball later in the week when he decided to put
his full attention on Susan. Right now, however, he planned to have a
little fun with both of them.

Dan stood and reached down and pulled his son up as well. He then
turned the boy towards Susan’s room and gave him a small nudge. As they
walked that direction Dan reached down and let his hand rest on the small
of Danny’s back.

There were only two rooms in the direction they were headed. One was
Susan’s and the other Danny’s. Twice Danny tried to veer off toward his
own room but Dan steered him back on course each time.

When they got there Dan didn’t even bother to knock. He just opened the
door and guided his son inside. He noted that Susan hadn’t bothered to
lock her door. Just like she hadn’t locked it the night before. He was
pretty sure she was only making herself easily available in order to
protect her brother.

He knew how much it bothered her that he was playing with the boy. This
of course was part of the reason he was spending more time with Danny than
her right now. Another big part was that he had plans for Danny and wanted
to make sure the boy was up for the challenge. And then there of course
was the fact that Dan simply loved a nice tight hole to stick his dick in.

“Your little sister needs some help,” Dan told Susan as he pushed Danny
onto the bed. “The little slut seems to cum all over the place when
getting her hole stuffed.”

Susan shot Dan a look of pure hatred, but kept her mouth shut. It was
bad enough that her father was playing with her brother, but did he have to
tease him also? Despite how sore she was from the prior night, Susan
almost hoped that her father meant that he planned to fuck her instead.
Anything to give her brother a small break.

Her hopes were dashed though when her father grabbed a hand full of her
hair and pushed her head under her brother, who was currently on his hands
and knees.

“I better not find a fucking drop on the bed when I’m done,” her father
growled as he got behind Danny and started forcing his dick inside the
boy’s asshole.

This comment made Susan’s anger rise almost to the point of rebellion.
Like her father gave a shit about how clean her bed sheets were. He was
just making her do this in order to get his jollies and embarrass her and
her brother. About the only thing that kept Susan from rebelling was that
she knew she would end up doing it anyway. Plus, any protest from her
would just let her father know he was getting to her.

So, she got her head under her brother the best she could and sucked his
dick into her mouth. She tried her best not to stimulate his dick too much
though. She didn’t really mind her brother cumming in her mouth. However,
she knew that once he came her brother would feel ashamed at doing so while
being fucked by their father. Odds were that her brother would cum anyway
during the fuck, but hopefully it would be toward the end. If he came now
then he would probably end up getting hard and cumming a second time before
it was over. This would probably be more than the boy could handle right

Dan was utterly amazed when Susan actually went down on her brother. He
was positive he would have to take a belt to her before she would even
think about complying. The DVD showed the two doing things with each other
like this but Dan had assumed that they had been beaten in order to get
them to obey.

He seriously had underestimated the training they had received by their
captor. Now he was starting to wonder what other things they might have
been trained to do. Regardless of what they knew how to do, Dan at least
now knew for certain that they were both ready for what he had planned.

Dan wasn’t what most would refer to as a “thinker”. But that was
because no one hardly ever seen him sober. However, he knew the cops would
be asking his kids some questions before they closed the case, so he had
made sure he stayed sober the week leading up until then.

Facing jail time can be very sobering… or at least give a person
reason to stay sober for a few days. He needed to get a feel for the kids
to see if they were going to rat him out. And if they did, he wanted to
make sure he didn’t do something stupid and give them fresh material to
provide the cops.

By the week’s end, however, it became clear to Dan that the last thing
his kids wanted was for the world to know about what they had been through
recently. Their generic replies to the cops only confirmed this.

This, however, wasn’t all Dan thought about during his week off the
bottle. He also hashed out several plans for his kids. If these plans
worked, he not only would further his kids’ training but maybe make a nice
buck in the process.

Right now, however, Dan was focused more on busting his nut up his son’s
asshole. He was still impressed at how much dick the kid could take. Dan
wasn’t taking it slow and easy on him either. Once he got all the way in
he grabbed the kid’s hips and started a nice brisk pace.

Dan did slow down a few times. However, this was more for his pleasure
than his son’s comfort. Dan liked to slow down like this every once and a
while so he could watch his dick slide in and out. It looked so hot
watching his big dick push it’s way into that tight hole.

It looked equally hot watching it slide out. Each time he pulled his
dick out it would tug at his son’s ass ring. His son’s asshole would
pucker almost like it was about to turn inside out. Then, it would be time
to push everything right back in.

Dan also found his son made lots of sweet sounds whenever he sped up or
slowed down the fuck. Dan did about 1 minute of fast fucking, then 20
seconds of slow thrusts. Then, it was right back to fast fucking.

Dan went back and forth like this for over 15 minutes. He wished he
could last longer but his son’s ass just felt too good. Knowing his
daughter was under there sucking her brother’s leaking dick made it even
harder to hold back his climax.

He had planned to do something fancy for the finish; like pulling out
and cumming on both of their faces at the same time. However, the climax
was just too strong. Instead, he just tightened his grip on his son’s hips
and started brutally fucking as hard as he could. The sound of his pelvis
slapping his son’s ass cheeks was almost as loud as his bare hand had been
earlier when he spanked him. He was sure that this new perverse spanking
was probably causing his son lots of pain, but this only drove Dan’s climax

Dan finally buried his dick one last time and held it in deep as he
unloaded a torrent of cum. He had such a death grip on his son’s hips that
he was sure there would probably be bruises there by the end of the day.
He didn’t care though. All that mattered right now was the nut he was
shooting up his son’s ass.

The climax was so strong that for a second Dan’s vision blurred and he
got a little dizzy. It had been a long time since he had experienced a
climax this strong. He held his dick deep in his son’s ass for over a
minute as he caught his breath.

Finally, however, the ecstasy came to an end and he was just left with
the disgust he felt for his son for allowing Dan to fuck him without
putting up more of a fight. Dan felt like just walking out of the room,
but the thought of his son’s disgusting ass juices on his dick repulsed
him. So, he pulled Susan’s head out from under his son and shoved his own
cock deep into her throat.

Dan fucked Susan’s throat for about a minute then pushed her away,
turned, and walked out. Susan and Danny huddled there and cried. As they
cried, Susan reached over and pulled Danny into her arms.


Thank God it’s Friday.

In the past, this was always a common thought in Danny and Susan’s head.
Their father worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at the porn store.
This always meant a nice break away from their father.

These precious days were not without their price though. Especially now
that he was doing more than just fondling them. Yes, they got about 6
hours of peace. However, they also knew their father was spending most of
those 6 hours watching porn. So, there was absolutely no doubt in their
minds that when he got home he would be taking one, if not both of them, to
his room for some “playtime”.

With this in mind, that night’s “free time” was no where near as
pleasurable as it used to be. Both of them spent most of their time in the
living room watching TV and trying to forget their impending doom.

Unlike before their captivity, the two siblings didn’t fight over what
channel they watched. They just turned the TV on and picked a show at
random. As they watched, Susan sat on the couch with Danny laying next to
her with his head in her lap. She softly ran her fingers through his long
black hair, hoping that it might calm him down.

As she sat there, Susan spent more time looking down at her little
brother than she did at the TV. She felt so sorry for him. Their captors
had been extra rough on her brother and now her father seemed to be doing
the exact same thing. The boy was so scared that even now he couldn’t
bring himself to remove the dress or makeup their father had ordered him to

What really pained Susan was that she was his big sister. She was
supposed to be protecting him. However, instead of protecting him she
found herself even helping their father abuse him by picking out clothes
and putting makeup on Danny.

She had a ton of excuses why she obeyed her father, but she just knew
the real reason was that she was too scared not too. She had tried to
disobey during her captivity and all it ever got her was severe
punishments. Just the thought of going through another punishment session
almost made her piss herself in fright.

Still, Susan felt she should do something to help her brother. At first
she thought about having sex with him. However, she just didn’t know if
that was the right thing to do. It would show him that he was loved.
However, by making the siblings play together earlier that day, their
father had tainted that love, or at least this method of expressing it.
Maybe if they were not made to play with each other again for several days
then it wouldn’t be so soiled.

Another idea was to maybe invite Debby for a sleep over. This would
make it a lot harder for their father to play with her or Danny. However,
it would also significantly increase the odds that their father would go
after Danny and not her. No, this definitely sent the wrong message to

Plus, Susan would just die if their father got drunk and made too much
noise while fucking her brother. Or if their father made Danny continue to
wear the dress and makeup while Debby was there. Debby was a good friend
but Susan knew she would freak. If Debby didn’t go to the cops then she
surely would stop being Susan’s friend. Susan found neither outcome

“Am I gay?”

The comment had come while Susan was deep in thought. It took a second
to sink in exactly what her brother was asking while he looked up at her.
Tears came to her eyes and Susan bent over and kissed her brother on the
forehead. She then moved her lips and gave him a kiss on the lips. The
kiss only lasted 20 seconds, but it was still much longer than a brother
and sister should ever kiss.

Susan knew the kiss was too long. However, she had to send him a
message. She doubted he understood the message though since even she
wasn’t sure what she was trying to relay. She did know, however, that it
didn’t answer his question. To be honest, she didn’t know the answer. He
was made to do gay things and she had noticed he even climaxed sometimes
while doing them. But did that necessarily make him gay… it’s not like
he wanted to do them.

Luckily, Danny wasn’t persistent about getting an answer and turned his
head back toward the TV. Susan guessed that if she couldn’t answer him
instantly then he probably didn’t want to hear the answer.

Susan sent her brother to his room when it was time for their father to
return from work. Susan wanted to go hide in her own room as well. But as
protector it was her job to face the lion. So, Susan stood her ground.

Their father returned home at almost the exact same time every week.
When that time neared she looked in on her brother one last time to make
sure he was in bed. She then returned to the living room and stripped down
to her underwear.

Susan felt like a slut as she removed her clothes. Even a whore
wouldn’t prepare themselves for their own father like this. She felt even
more disgusted with herself when she started testing different poses. Her
goal of course was to entice her father into playing with her and not her

The best pose she came up with for this purpose was with her kneeling on
the floor with her face and shoulders bent forward on the couch. She also
clasped her hands behind her back. As icing on the cake, she had folded a
belt and placed it on the small of her back just below her hands.

She just knew her father wouldn’t be able to resist a pose like this.
Especially with that belt there. He could tie her hands with the belt. He
could even whip her with it, lightly she hoped.

The position also provided access to all her holes. He could pull her
panties down and fuck her ass or cunt. He could also sit on the couch and
pull her face into his lap.

Yes, it was the perfect pose. However, after she got into the position
she found she just couldn’t stay like that. Not for her own father. It
would not only make her feel like a total slut, but it would also let her
father know she was willing to do anything to protect her brother. True or
not, she just couldn’t give her father that knowledge.

Instead, Susan decided to take a less obvious pose. She took her
clothes into her bedroom and grabbed a thin cover. She then laid on the
couch and covered her lower body. When she heard her father at the door
she would close her eyes and it would look like she had fallen asleep
watching TV and that the cover had just gotten pushed down to her waist by

The more she thought about it, the more she realized this pose would
probably turn her father on more than the prior one. He would take greater
pleasure in playing with her if he didn’t think that was her goal.

She had barely gotten into position when she heard their father’s car
drive up. As she heard her father walking to the front door, Susan closed
her eyes and tried her best not to blush in embarrassment. There was a
rattling of keys and then the distinct sound of the front lock being
undone. Susan swallowed hard as she heard the front door finally open and
their father step in.


Susan’s eyes shot open immediately. That wasn’t her father’s voice.
When she looked up she seen her father standing there with a guy she had
never seen before. She jumped off the couch and ran to her room. She was
so startled that she had even forgotten to bring the cover with her. It
wasn’t until she got her door shut that she realized that she had given
them a good look at her ass and panties. To make it worse, she was wearing
a thong.

As Susan caught her breath she started wondering who this male visitor
was. She had only gotten a quick look at him. He looked like he was in
his late 40s or early 50s. Other than that, all she remembered was that he
was wearing a nice suit but still looked kind of sleazy. He was dressed a
little too good, but Susan still wondered if this was one of the customers
from the porn shop. She knew her father was friends with several of the
customers and even played poker with them each week.

However, she never actually met any of them because they never came to
their house. She only knew about them from hearing their father talk on
the phone. So, if this was one of his friends then why was he here?
Especially this late at night.

Susan was getting a very bad feeling about this. It got worse when she
heard her father holler for “Denise” to come to the living room. Susan
tiptoed to her door and put her ear against it, but the TV was too loud and
she had trouble hearing what they were saying.

Unknown to Susan, the name of the person in the next room was Lou and he
wasn’t one of her father’s customers. He wasn’t even a friend. Not
really. A better designation would be business associate. Lou liked to
think of himself as an independent film maker. Not that this was what he
put on his tax returns. The films Lou made were not exactly “on the

Tax evasion was the least of his infractions. It was illegal to make or
sell any of his products. The films ranged anywhere from child pornography
to rape, torture… you name it.

Lou had a ton of rich clientele. However, he wasn’t above selling to
the general public as well. A buck was a buck. That was where people like
Dan came in. Lou provided the DVDs and people like Dan sold them under the
counter. It was as simple as that.

Tonight was the first time they had actually met in person. Lou wasn’t
an idiot, he never delivered his own product. He had middle men he paid to
take those risks. Besides, he had “distributors” in 5 states now. He
would be on the road 24/7 if he tried to deliver everything himself.

“She’s a cute one alright,” Lou said when Danny walked into the living
room dressed as Denise.

Lou didn’t even hesitate, he walked right up to the boy and started
inspecting him. At first he just walked around Danny admiring how much the
boy actually looked like a girl. The makeup and dress was so convincing
that he thought maybe Danny actually was a girl. There was an easy way to
solve that mystery though, so Lou knelt down and lifted the front of
Danny’s skirt.

“Very nice,” Lou said.

Lou was commenting on more than just the pink underwear. The boy’s dick
was a very nice size for such a young boy. He guessed it was at least 7
inches. It was so big that about 3 inches were sticking out the top of the

Most of all, Lou liked how embarrassed the boy seemed, yet still managed
to have a hard on. This kid would be a gold mine if that dick stayed hard
on camera also. Most young boys in his movies seldom ever got hard. This
was okay in many scenes where the boys were just being fucked or abused in
some other fashion.

However, it did become a pain when they did scenes where the boys were
supposed to actually be “enjoying” themselves. Luckily, they didn’t do too
many of these type scenes.

While many of his clients didn’t mind a flaccid dick on the boys, Lou
knew they would pay a lot extra for a film showing a boy sporting a hard on
throughout a film. Especially when the dick was as big as this one and on
a boy that was so cute.

“I’ll give you $300 total,” Lou offered.

“What?!” Dan protested. “Three hundred for a full week? I need at
least $1,500.”

Dan knew he wasn’t getting $1,500. It was just his first counter offer.
He thought about opening at $2,000 but didn’t want to upset Lou too much.
After all, they guy had been lining Dan’s pockets with money for the past
two years.

Still, $300 was a major insult on Lou’s part. It’s not like Dan didn’t
know how much money the guy made off the DVDs. The stuff Dan sold for Lou
went for $100 to $150 a DVD. From speaking to the delivery guy, Dan also
knew that Lou had possibly a hundred distributors across several states.
Just one video of his son would probably bring in close to $100,000.
Granted, Lou had lots of costs. He had to pay for camera men, adult
actors, delivery men, etc.

“Hmm, $600,” Lou countered.

“I can come down to maybe $1,300,” Dan replied.

“I’ll give you $900 but not a penny more,” Lou finally said after a

“Come on Lou, I was expecting at least $1,200,” Dan protested. “I could
probably make $900 by creating my own film and selling it.”

Lou couldn’t help but chuckle when he heard this. He seldom ever dealt
with parents or guardians of the kids he used. Normally he just kidnapped
the children. However, on those rare occasions that he did run across a
parent trying to pimp their kids out, they almost always used this same
argument Dan just had.

It was funny to Lou because the argument was pointless. If they had the
ability, and the balls, to make their own video and sell it then they
wouldn’t have come to Lou in the first place. However, there were a
thousand ways someone could get caught trying to sell a video they made
using their own kids. They all knew it also.

Lou knew that just because Dan had experience selling black market DVDs
didn’t mean the guy was stupid enough to actually try to sell one featuring
his own kid. If Dan got caught selling one of the other DVDs the cops
would probably offer him some kind of deal for turning evidence on one of
Lou’s distributors. Lou’s distribution system was set up such that the
cops wouldn’t get much more than the distributor. Still, it would probably
be enough to get Dan off the hook or just a slap on the wrist. However, if
the DVDs contained his own kid then Dan would be seeing some serious jail

Still, Dan was technically part of his “organization”. Therefore, he
felt obligated to sweeten the pot a little. He couldn’t give in right
away, so Lou started inspecting Danny a little closer. He tweaked the
boy’s nipples through the thin dress material, he had Danny open his mouth
in order to check out his teeth, and he lifted the back of the dress to get
a better look at his ass. He even pulled the panties down and spread the
boy’s ass cheeks in order to see how cute his butt hole might be.

“How about $1,000?” Lou said. “Before you answer, I’ll also toss in a
free copy of the DVD and a couple other small things you might like.”

“What other things?” Dan asked.

“Well, knowledge for one,” Lou said. “I’ve learned a lot over the
years. For example, I could tell you how to make his nipples bigger without
having to use drugs that would make him actually grow tits. Or, if you do
want him to have tits, I can have my delivery guy supply you with the drugs
needed. At a discount price of course.”

The fact that Dan had dressed the boy up as a girl had not been lost on
Lou. Lou knew Dan’s type very well. He doubted that the guy would want
the boy to have actual tits. That would be pretty hard to explain to
people. However, larger than normal nipples could be hidden and even
passed off as an odd genetic trait. And it was a simple thing to
accomplish. Too simple in fact. Lou needed to offer more if he didn’t
want Dan to feel cheated.

“I bet she has been having trouble controlling herself,” Lou said with a
smile as he lifted the front of Danny’s skirt again and started massaging
the boy’s hard dick. “I could toss in a small device that would help train
her. It might not prevent her from cumming but it sure as hell will make
her think twice.”

The device, and the knowledge Lou offered really wasn’t that much, but
he could already tell by the look in Dan’s eyes that the guy was going to
go for it. So, Lou stopped putting stuff on the table and waited for Dan’s

“Okay, but you don’t distribute it in Florida,” Dan said.

“Deal,” Lou quickly replied.

Lou of course wouldn’t honor the distribution clause of their agreement.
Sure, he wouldn’t distribute it in the local area, not that he had that
many distribution points in this area anyway. However, he could distribute
the video in the southern part of the state and Dan would never know.

“Also, no permanent damage,” Dan added.

Lou frowned, he hated when people continued to negotiate after a deal
was supposedly already complete. However, Dan stopped at that one
requirement. And, it was a reasonable request from a father.

“Define `permanent damage’,” Lou said after a moment.

Lou was pretty sure Dan just meant no visible scars or burn marks.
However, he wanted to make absolute sure. Some of the videos Lou made did
leave some somewhat long term marks like cuts from whips or piercing holes.
It wasn’t too uncommon for one of the younger kids like Danny to also
experience a broken finger, arm or leg. These breaks were seldom on
purpose of course, but accidents did happen.

As they discussed this, Dan poured both of them a drink and they sat on
the couch. Before they got too far into it, Dan snapped his fingers at
Danny and had the boy come over to the couch and kneel down in front of

Lou didn’t even look down at Danny. He just spread his legs to give the
boy easier access and kept talking to Dan like nothing out of the norm was
happening. Of course, having a young kid suck his dick wasn’t out of the
norm for Lou. Lou never acted in any of his own films, but that didn’t
mean he never got his dick wet in any of the children.

Danny’s mind was a blur during most of all of this. He had been light
headed ever since his father called him into the room. He couldn’t believe
his father would show him off to a stranger. Danny’s shock and
embarrassment became 100 fold when the guy walked over and started touching

He was so shocked that he didn’t even register most of what they said.
And what little he did actually hear didn’t make much sense. All he knew
for sure was that they seemed to be talking about him and not too him.
That is until his father had him come over and kneel in front of the

Danny blushed deeper, but he didn’t hesitate to do what was expected of
him. When the stranger parted his legs, Danny shuffled between them on his
knees, undid the guy’s pants and pulled his dick out.

Danny was pleased when he seen the guy’s dick wasn’t all that big. It
wasn’t even bigger than his own. The dick was maybe 7 inches long and 1.5
inches thick. Danny had no problem sucking it right into his throat.

That said, sucking the guy’s dick seemed a little odd to Danny. The guy
was hard and even leaking precum already, but he seemed more interested in
talking to his father than he did cumming in Danny’s mouth. He didn’t even
grab the back of Danny’s head.

Without a hand to guide him, Danny just took his best guess at what
rhythm he should set. He wanted to start out very fast in order to get it
all over with quicker. However, his captor had taught him the best
blowjobs are when you start out slow and build up speed. Danny wasn’t sure
what might be at stake, so he decided to give the best blowjob he could.

As the blowjob went on, Danny realized that it apparently didn’t matter
how good the blowjob was. The guy just kept on talking to his dad like
nothing was going on. He didn’t even bother to let out a moan or two.
Hell, the guy was even mid sentence when he came in Danny’s mouth. And
even then he didn’t stop talking… not even for a second.

Danny hated when his captor or father talked to him while he was sucking
them. Their comments always embarrassed him. However, the way this guy
completely ignored his actions made Danny feel even worse. It made him
feel almost like the guy was treating him like an inanimate object or
something. This also scared Danny. He got the feeling this guy could do
about anything to him without a guilt or care in the world.

— to be
continued”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” This
story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone such
activities in real life. Also, I do not recommend that you try duplicating
anything mentioned in my stories; even if you are doing them legally. I
try to keep most of the activities semi realistic, however, many of these
things can and probably would cause severe damage.
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Robert’s Legacy (part 2) Robert 9_1 (Hansel and Gretel’s Home Life)

Susan and Danny thought their bondage and abuse was over when Robert and
Linda let them go free. However, they quickly find there is more than one
kind of bondage and oh so many types of abuse in this world. While I wrote
this story to stand alone, you will probably enjoy it more if you read
“Robert’s Hansel and Gretel” (Robert7_1.txt) first.

The following web address has links to all my stories:

(ped, mF, mf, mM, inc, nc, toys, cock torture)

There is also very minor ws, best, enem, and misc other. Codes are for
the entire story, not necessarily just this section of it.

By The Devil’s Advocate

Feedback can be sent to


When Lou drove away from the house that night, he had Danny sitting in
the seat next to him. It wasn’t often he personally picked up a kid like
this. It wasn’t that often when he even did his own negotiations for new

However, the short video Dan sent via Lou’s delivery man had sparked his
interest. The boy was an absolute gem. While this was reason enough to
get personally involved, Lou hoped that he would also find out who the
older boy in the video was.

The video didn’t show his face, but he had a great body. The boy was a
bit old, maybe 17, but damn did he have a nice size cock. He could make a
nice sum showing that big dick fucking various little kids. Lou had a few
actors on the payroll that had dicks almost as big, but they were not in as
good a shape, or as young as this kid seemed to be.

Lou actually did have one actor with a dick as big. This actor was also
even in very good shape. However, the guy was a pain in the ass to work
with and cost Lou an arm and a leg. The kid in the video, however, was
still young enough he probably could be exploited in one way or another…
if not straight out kidnapped and enslaved.

Unfortunately, Dan didn’t seem to know who the kid was. It was a shame,
but it’s not like the trip hadn’t been worth while. It wasn’t often Lou
did films where the little boys were dressed in drag. However, Danny
looked so precious in drag. It would be a shame not to film him like that.

Lou still couldn’t believe that he talked Dan into giving him the boy
for a full week. Dan knew a bit about selling the videos, but he sure as
hell didn’t know much about making them. With a full 7 days Lou figured he
should be able to pump out at least 3 or 4 videos instead of just the one
Dan was aware of.

It was highly unlikely that Dan would ever find out either. The best he
could do was ask his boy what happened on the shoots and then compare that
to the DVD Lou provided. However, Lou planned to keep the boy so busy that
he probably won’t remember half of it. And the parts he does remember he
probably won’t ever want to tell anyone about.

“Where are we going?” Danny asked with a pout. “I want my sister.”

“We are going to make a movie,” Lou said. “As for your sister, she is a
little too old for the movie we plan to make.”

Lou actually considered renting Susan out as well. He was sure many of
his special clients would like a brother sister flick. However, Susan was
old enough that she would have been able to tell that they were making more
than just one film. That would mean having to not only pay extra for
Susan, but also pay Dan for all the films and not just one. Plus, there
was always the possibility that Dan might object to Lou creating more than
just one film. No, it was best to leave the older girl out of this.

Danny wanted to ask for clarification on what Lou was talking about.
However, he got the distinct feeling that Lou wasn’t going to volunteer
much more info. It might even piss the guy off. So, he just remained
quiet for the rest of the trip.

There were several locations that Lou had for shooting films. A couple
actually looked like official studios. However, most were in run down
houses he bought just for filming. A lot of their films dealt with
abduction and rape type themes… therefore these rundown homes often made
the best locations.

Danny would see the inside of at least a couple of these houses.
However, Lou wanted to use the studio for the first film.

When they arrived at their quarters for the night, Lou looked over to
find Danny fast asleep. Lou smiled. It always amazed him how a child
could adjust to situations like this. If Danny were an adult he wouldn’t
have been able to sleep even if he wanted too.

Not all the kids Lou worked with fell asleep this easy each night, but
many did. Granted, sometimes these kids were just exhausted from all the
screaming and crying all day. Danny, however, hadn’t cried hardly at all.
But then, Lou had no way of knowing what the kid might have already gone
through recently.

Lou got out of the car and walked around to the passenger door. Danny
was still sound asleep when he opened it. For a moment, Lou just stared at
him. The boy looked so peaceful like this. Lou was also still in awe at
how much Danny looked like a girl all dressed up like he was.

Dressing a little boy up like a girl was hardly a new concept. Lou
tried it in several of his productions. He even had a trained makeup
artist. However, in the end, all the boys had just looked like… well,
boys dressed as girls.

Danny was different. Even the male traits he had somehow made him look
even more girlish. Take his hair for example. It wasn’t all that long.
One would normally think of hair like this as being that of a male. Yet on
Danny it somehow convinced you even more that he might be a girl. It was
like he was a girl trying to pretend she was a boy.

Lou reached down and ran his index finger over the boy’s ruby lips.
Only about 10 percent of Lou’s films featured males. Part of this was
because the girl films sold better. Another reason was because Lou wasn’t
gay. Not really anyway.

He would try a boy from time to time, but it was always for business
reasons. It was his job to know what a gay or bisexual person might enjoy.
Bedding down a little boy every now and then helped him accomplish that

However, when he looked at Danny he didn’t need to pull from that
experience. Even the hetro side of him could see how one would fancy this
kid. Heck, even he thought for a minute about taking the boy to his own
room for the night. It was way too late though and they had a busy day
ahead of them.

Danny woke the next morning to the sound of a girl crying. As he wiped
the sleep from his eyes, Danny realized he wasn’t at home. Then he
remembered the events of the previous night which included the long ride
with Lou. Or, Uncle Louie as the man had told Danny to refer to him as.

Danny only vaguely remembered getting to this room though. All that
mattered now, however, was that he was here. He looked around the room and
discovered he wasn’t alone. The room was only maybe 15 feet by 15 feet.
However, there were 8 people in it, including himself.

He noticed that they appeared to be in a basement. Or at least it
“felt” like a basement with the cinderblock walls and lack of windows.
There also wasn’t an ounce of sound coming from outside. This told Danny
that they weren’t near the ocean. Even he knew you couldn’t have a
basement near the ocean. Danny’s house was far inland and even his
basement flooded often.

Upon closer examination, Danny realized that he was the only boy in the
room. Or at least he assumed he was. It was possible that some of the
girls were actually boys in drag, like himself. However, Danny could tell
from various exposed body parts that at least 5 of them were genuine girls.
Four of these five were out of their beds already and getting dressed.

The fifth girl was the one that had woken Danny with her crying. She
was completely naked and tied to her bed spread eagle. Her pussy looked a
little red and swollen. She also had marks on her breasts as though
someone had whipped them not long ago. Like most of the other girls, she
didn’t look much older than 12 or 13. While he felt sorry for the girl,
Danny was still a boy and couldn’t help but get aroused.

“Ow!” Danny groaned when he felt a sharp pain at the end of his dick.

One of the girls getting dressed looked his way and chuckled, but didn’t
say anything. When Danny looked down he realized he was no longer wearing
the outfit he had arrived in. Instead, he was wearing a long nightgown.
He quickly reached down and started pulling the gown up in order to see
what was causing the pain. He wasn’t sure how the girls would react when
they seen he was a boy, but right now he didn’t care. Any pain in the
groin area overrode all other concerns.

When he finally got his groin exposed he found… well, he wasn’t sure
what it was. His dick was encased in some kind of short clear hard plastic
tube. He grabbed it and tried to pull it off, but it was firmly held in
place by a tight ring fastened behind his nuts and around his groin. He
noticed there was a small padlock on it. It appeared that the only way the
tube was coming off was with a key or the removal of his nuts.

While all of this was bad enough. What really scared Danny was the long
metal rod attached to the end of the tube. The plastic tube was just
barely long enough to push his soft dick into. Right at the end of that
tube was a metal rod pointing right into the center.

The pain started when Danny began to get hard the end of his dick
expanded outward. The tip of this metal rod, which was topped with a large
quarter inch round ball, had started to force it’s way into his piss hole.

The even scarier part was the fact that there wasn’t anything to keep
his dick from just sucking up more and more of the rod. The rod curved
upward toward his bellybutton for a good 5 inches before it finally bent at
a 90 degree angle for about 1 inch, then it was bent at another 90 degree
angle and ran straight back parallel with itself until it attached firmly
to the side of the plastic tube.

If this wasn’t bad enough, there were 4 additional metal balls along the
5 inch section, each approximately 1 inch apart. Danny was in a bit of
shock, but he did note that there were actually two sizes of metal balls.
The quarter inch ball, which seemed huge, was actually the small size. The
next ball on the metal rod was maybe an eighth of an inch thicker. It went
small ball, large, small, large and then finished with yet another large.

Danny knew his dick was long enough to reach the end of that pole also.
That meant that if he got fully hard then he would end up with 5 inches of
metal rod, and 5 balls, up his dick. Just pressing the tip against his
piss hole caused a lot of pain. Danny got queasy thinking about how much
it would probably hurt if the whole thing went inside him.

“That’s so you don’t try to rape any of us innocent girls,” one of the
girls said with a laugh.

While the girl had meant it as a joke, she wasn’t all that wrong about
the device’s purpose. Their “employers” of course could care less if the
boys raped the girls. However, they did care if the boys were able to get
hard on the set or not. The last thing they wanted was for the boys to
wear themselves out via the girls or even masturbating.

Danny didn’t know it yet, but when he was returned home a week later he
would be taking this slightly modified cock cage with him. It was one of
the items Lou had promised his father.

“Why is she tied up like that?” Danny said as he pulled his nightgown
back down.

Danny was a little concerned for the tied up girl, but he mainly just
wanted to draw the conversation way from himself.

“She’s just new is all,” a blonde girl replied matter-of-factly.

“They will have her broken in good within a few months,” another girl

Danny swallowed hard. He was new also. He had heard Lou and his father
agree about only using him for a week. But what if Lou lied? Did his
father even know where he was right now?

“Don’t worry, they won’t do anything like that to you,” the blonde
assured him. “They usually only do that to the ones they kidnap. We
already know you weren’t kidnapped. If you had been you would already be
tied up.”

The girl looked at Danny as though expecting him to confirm she was
right. Something told him that she was just guessing. That she probably
didn’t see too many non kidnapped kids come through here.

“How long have you been here?” Danny asked after a moment.

The blonde’s smile quickly disappeared as though Danny had just slapped
her. The other girls must have overheard his question because they went
silent as well. None of them started crying, but Danny could tell he had
broached on a taboo subject. Apparently all of them were kidnap victims.
From the way they seemed to almost accept their surroundings, Danny also
guessed that many had been here for a long time. Possibly even years.

“You better hurry and get dressed,” the blonde said after the room was
silent for a long minute.

“What for?” Danny replied.

“Duh! Why do you think they put you in the ‘waiting cell’ with us?” she
said with a laugh.

Danny had no clue what she was talking about. It must have showed on
his face because the blonde rolled her eyes and explained further.

“You do know we are in one of their studio holding cells, right?” she
asked but didn’t bother to wait for a reply. “They hold all of us in a
central location. Then, when they need us for a film they lock us in a
truck, move us to the shooting location and then put us into a cell where
we wait until they are ready for us.”

“It’s a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’,” another of the girls chirped in.
“Every morning you hurry to get dressed, eat breakfast, then they make you
sit around all day waiting to see if they plan to use you that day or not.
I spent two fucking weeks one time at a studio and they never even used me.
They just had me wait every damn day for two weeks. Then they sent me

The other girls looked at her as though she was nuts. Getting away
without having to do a movie was hardly something to complain about.
Still, they kind of understood where she was coming from. The waiting was
always the hardest part. Well, actually making the movie was way worse.
But once it was over it was over. They seldom starred the same kid on more
than one movie a month. So, once you finished your movie you knew you had
at least a few weeks before you had to start worrying again.

So, in this girl’s case, she not only had to worry for those two weeks
but no doubt continued to worry even after they sent her back since she
clearly was long overdue for her next performance.

Danny’s head was spinning as he tried to take all of this in. He was
seeing a part of the world that he never knew existed. How could something
like this happen in his world? Especially in the United States. What
happened to his sister and he was one thing. But this involved dozens, or
possibly hundreds of children. On top of that, these people were even
filming and distributing it. How could they possibly get away with such a

As Danny thought about this he started to realize how hopeless Susan and
his situation really was. If the law couldn’t protect all of these
children then what chance did just two kids have?

“Hurry!” the blonde said when she noticed Danny still wasn’t getting

For a moment, Danny thought about disobeying and just staying in the
nightgown. However, he guessed that he probably wasn’t the first person in
this place to think about rebelling. And from the haste in which these
girls were dressing, Danny figured that the prior rebellions had not gone
that well.

“You must be Denise,” the blonde said with a wink as she grabbed the
only remaining hanger that was in the closet. “My name is Jan by the way.”

At first Danny didn’t know how she could know his “nickname”. But when
she handed him the hanger of cloths he noticed a note was clipped to the
top of it with “Denise” written in large letters.

Danny blushed but took the clothes and started to get dressed. As he
did so he tried his best not to look at any of the girls. It was hard not
too. He got a ton of sexual experience during the past few months;
however, the fact remained that he only actually ever seen two different
girls naked. Danny assumed that most girl’s pussies and tits looked very
similar. But almost all these girls had subtle differences.

It was very exciting to watch. Too exciting in fact. It wasn’t long
and he was groaning in pain again as the end of that damn metal pole poked
at his piss hole. The first metal ball and half an inch of the metal pole
was up his piss hole before he finally got himself under control.

“Poor baby,” a red headed girl said in a pouty voice.

Danny had just removed his nightgown and all of the girls could clearly
see the pole poking into his piss hole. To make it worse, the red head
leaned in and gave him a short kiss on the lips. The feel of her half
naked body against his resulted in his dick getting slightly harder and
eating another half inch of the pole until his piss hole press hard against
the next larger metal ball.

Most of the girls laughed when they seen this. In fact, Jan and the
girl tied to the bed were the only ones that didn’t. Danny didn’t find it
very funny either. It was a very cruel joke to play on him. Still, he
could understand why many of these girls would enjoy abusing a male for a
change. Even if that male wasn’t really deserving of their anger.


“Where’s Danny!” Susan asked her father that same morning.

She only heard bits and pieces of the living room conversation the night
prior. She heard talk of money and guessed their father was selling
Danny’s “services” to the guy. However, she assumed it was for a blowjob
or something. She would have never stayed in her room had she known the
guy was actually going to leave the house with her brother.

Her father ignored her question and continued to eat his breakfast.
Susan didn’t give up though. She kept pushing for an answer for over 5
minutes. Finally, her father finished eating, stood up and then walked
out. On his way though he reached out and grabbed a hand full of Susan’s

Susan had to bend over and shuffle behind him to keep her hair from
being pulled out. When they got to the living room her father sat down on
the couch. He didn’t let go of her hair though. Susan was like a puppet
as Dan guided her into a kneeling position over his lap.

“No!” Susan exclaimed.

The outburst was more in disbelief than it was an actual protest. There
father was a horrible man, but even Susan had to admit that he never beat
them. Not really. Sure, they would get the belt if they did something
bad. However, it was almost always deserved.

Granted, Susan had bugged her father for over 5 minutes while he tried
to eat. As he started spanking her with his bare hand, she tried to
convince herself that maybe she did deserve the spanking.

Still, even if she did deserve it, she was too old for spankings now.
Her last spanking from her father had only been about 5 months ago.
However, a lot had happened since then. The biggest of which was that she
was no longer a virgin. That meant she was a woman now and not some little
girl. To top it off, her cherry was even stolen from her. She felt she
should at least get a little compensation for that.

The spanking, along with her brother’s disappearance, angered Susan to
the point that it even outweighed the pain. She just gritted her teeth and
took the hits. Not once did she feel she was going to cry. That is until
she heard the voices coming from the TV.

During her spanking, her father must have used the remote to turn on the
TV and apparently hit “Play” on the DVD player. At first Susan ignored the
sounds thinking it was just one of his normal porn flicks. However, she
then heard Danny’s voice and then her own. She turned her head toward the
TV to see that her father was playing the video their captor made of her
and her brother.

Susan quickly turned her head away and started crying. She was pretty
sure her father was often watching the DVD in private, but she never
dreamed he would do so while her or Danny were present. She spent the last
week trying her best to forget their captivity. But in an instant the
sound of the video brought it all crashing back down on her. She felt
almost like she was right there in the RV still. As she continued to cry,
Susan’s will completely vanished.

Susan was also filled with this massively overwhelming fear. It was
fear that her captors might get her again. She would rather die a thousand
deaths than to go through that again.

How stupid she had been. This past week she thought she was okay and
that it was only Danny that needed help. However, now she realized that
what she was feeling had to be exactly what Danny has been going through.

This horrible fear didn’t extend to her father though. In fact, her
feelings for him now seemed to be quite the opposite. She actually felt
somewhat safe with him. She knew he would do horrible things to her and
Danny but she also got the feeling he would protect them from the people
who had kept them captive.

This feeling for her father of course was completely contradictory to
logic. Susan realized this. She even realized that just minutes ago he
had seemed to be her worst fear. Still, she couldn’t shake this new
feeling. And heavens knows she tried. She didn’t want him to be her
savor. There had to be someone better to fill that position. Susan began
to cry harder when she realized there wasn’t anyone else.

Dan didn’t know if it was the spanking or the DVD, but he could tell
that something had snapped in his daughter. He was pleasantly surprised.
He planned to spend the next 7 days trying to break the girl… he never
guessed he would succeed this soon.

“It’s okay sugar, Daddy’s here,” Dan said as he stopped spanking Susan
and softly rubbed her warm ass cheeks with his hand.

His comment seemed to make her cry harder. However, he also noticed she
grabbing his leg harder now also. It was almost like she was trying to hug
him. Whoever kept her captive had really fucked her head up. Dan wished
he could somehow thank them.

He pulled Susan’s upper body off his lap and got her back into a
kneeling position between his legs. He then cupped her chin with his right
hand and leaned down and gave her a kiss. The kiss started out closed
mouth but soon they were Frenching.

The kiss didn’t feel exactly like Dan thought it might. It turned him
on just like it had during his fantasies; however, there was also a slight
odd feel to it. It felt like he was kissing his own daughter. Which of
course made perfect sense since he was, well, kissing his own daughter. He
pulled back for a moment and thought about it. He decided that overall he
liked it, so he leaned back in for another.

“Daddy will take care of you,” he whispered as he pulled away from this
second long kiss.

Dan put his hand on Susan’s head and nudged her forward toward his
groin. Susan quickly raised her hands and pulled his dick out of his
shorts. As she did this, Dan noted that she wasn’t smiling. She didn’t
seem upset about it either. He wanted her to willingly suck his dick and
she appeared to be doing that… so, Dan declared it a victory.

Susan swallowed her father’s dick with only minimal difficulty. While
most girls would be proud of their oral skills, Susan was disgusted. Her
expert sucking skills were just another reminder of what she went through
during the prior few months.

With rare exception, Susan hated sucking dick. So, at least she still
had that. She would have felt a ton worse if she found herself actually
craving the vile experience. And just because she was suddenly looking at
her father as a protector didn’t mean she enjoyed sucking his dick.
However, she willingly did it anyway.

Susan still hated her father and found him a disgusting pervert.
However, the DVD brought to the surface something that Susan had buried
deep in her mind. It was fear. There was a massive river of it pushing
against her and right now her father was a massive rock she could hold
onto. The jagged rock might bruise or cut her hands and it might be covered
in all sorts of disgusting muck, but it was still a rock.

Susan’s mind was such a blur that she hardly even noticed when her
father filled her mouth with cum. She just kept on sucking and swallowing
until he pushed her away. She fell backward onto her rump. For a moment
she felt the urge to crawl back to her father and cuddle next to him.
While his embrace would make her feel safe, the thought of holding the vile
man right now also turned her stomach.

Instead, she compromised and curled into a ball at his feet. Her father
repaid the sentiment by using her as a foot stool. Tears started to run
down Susan’s cheeks when she felt her father’s coarse cold feet placed on
her. Being used as a foot stool made her feel lower than dirt. However,
that feeling of safety was still there so she remained in place. On a
positive note, at least her father turned off the DVD and was now just
watching normal TV.

It was Saturday morning though and her father only watched the TV for
about 30 minutes before he got tired of kids shows. He must have still
been tired from staying up so late, because he headed for his bedroom and
Susan could hear him get back into bed.

Susan was at her father’s door before she could finally stop herself.
Her response to follow had felt like a survival instinct to her. It was
like someone had pushed her head underwater, how could she not struggle to
come back up for breath? She couldn’t allow herself to drown even if she
wanted too. Sure, the air above the water was putrid, but it was air.

Susan had been so strong for Danny this past week and she hated herself
for being so weak right now. This hatred was compounded by the fact that
it had come on so suddenly.

As she thought about this, Susan struggled to hold her ground. They
were in the same house, surely that was safe enough. She came up with all
kinds of logical reasons she didn’t need to go into her father’s room.
Hell, she even came up with many reasons she should get as far away from
the vile man as she could. However, she found herself inching into the

When her father came into view, Susan was glad to see that he was
already laying down with his back to her. Just to be safe she got down on
her hands and knees so he wouldn’t see her if he turned her way. She then
crawled to the side of the bed.

She tried laying on the floor next to the bed but even that didn’t feel
safe enough. In fact, now that she was this close to him the urge to get
into the bed seemed to be even greater. She fought this urge for over 10
minutes before she finally gave in.

If she lived to be 100 years old, Susan knew she would never feel more
disgusted with herself than she did as she gently crawled into the bed next
to her father. Why was she doing this? Susan knew what caused her sudden
fear, but she still couldn’t help but ask the question over and over.

“Good girl,” her father said when he felt her weight on the bed behind

To Susan’s horror, her father then turned to face her. Him knowing she
was there made her skin crawl with disgust. The feeling became ten fold
when he reached out and pulled her to him. While the feeling of safety was
very high, the disgust she felt was even greater. She just couldn’t find
the mental strength to pull away though. Not even when her father started
kissing her or when she felt his hard dick press against her.

Susan’s cunt was very sore and drooling cum when her father finally
pulled himself out of bed several hours later in order to get ready for
work. As he got dressed, Dan could see the panic in his daughter’s eyes.
There was something going on in her head that he didn’t fully understand.
All he knew for sure was that she was scared to be alone.

For a moment he thought about taking her to work with him. He could
keep her under the counter sucking his dick all night long. While this was
a fantasy he often had, Dan knew it was too risky. However, then he got a
much better idea. Instead of trying to appease her fear, what he should
really be doing is taking advantage of her temporary weakness and even
nurturing it.

After getting dressed, Dan went out into the garage and dug around for
some rope. He found it cute the way Susan followed him through the house
and then stood at the door to the garage and watched him. It was a major
change from the prior week when she would spend almost all her time
avoiding him.

Dan noticed that she blushed every time he looked her way. She held her
ground though despite her embarrassment. She even held her ground when he
found the rope and started walking toward her. She must have known what he
had planned, yet she still didn’t seem to have the will power to run and
hide from him.

Less than 30 minutes later Dan had Susan tied up in a nice bundle on the
living room floor. To be on the safe side, Dan decided to gag her also.
However, as scared as she seemed to be, he doubted that she would ever yell
for help. Doing so would mean a stranger coming in and finding her like
this. And who knows what that stranger might do to her.

As he walked out he made sure Susan was angled such that she could
easily note that he didn’t bother to lock the door. He did covertly lock
the screen door just in case. But he knew Susan would spend her alone time
thinking anyone could just walk right in. She knew she was completely
helpless to protect herself also. They could have her right there for
hours on end, or they could just toss her tied up body over their shoulder
and walk out with her. Yes, if she was scared now, Dan was sure she would
be absolutely petrified by the time he got home.


Danny assumed that for breakfast some guard would just bring the food to
their cell. He also assumed that the food would be dog food or worse. He
was surprised to find that he was wrong on both accounts.

About 10 minutes after they finished getting dress there was a click at
the door and then it was opened by a man Danny had not seen before.

“Chop, chop,” the guy said as he clapped his hands together. “We have a
busy day ahead of us so we got to get moving.”

The girls immediately lined up into single file. They shuffled around
quickly as they did this. It was clear from the shuffling that their
positions were not just random chance. Danny got a bit worried since he
didn’t know where in the line he should be. He decided to go with his
first guess, which was tallest to shortest. This put him second in line
behind Jan. No one yelled at him so he figured he must have guessed right.

“Don’t worry sugar,” the man said as he winked at the girl tied to the
bed. “I’ll be back later to feed you personally.”

Danny got a feeling that the guy was going to feed her more than just
food. Danny felt sorry for the poor girl. That said, he still felt his
dick press even harder at that second metal ball as he thought about what
this guy might do to her.

The pain in his dick was very intense. He tried not to think about the
girl but it was hard not too. It was more than just her nakedness also.
There were also tons of unanswered questions about her that floated around
in his head. For example, where and how did they get her?

While there were tons of questions, the biggest one for Danny was, “Why
was she here?”. Why would they bring her to the film studio? They felt
they couldn’t even let her sleep without tying her up. What good was she
going to be in a movie?

Danny assumed that in time she would adjust like all these other girls
appear to have. However, right now she probably wouldn’t do anything but
cry, scream and struggle as they tried to do the sex scenes. Who would
want to see that? Danny could only guess that maybe it was just part of
her training.

They filed out of the room and down a narrow hallway. They only went
about 30 feet before they filed into another door. As they entered, Danny
realized that they were in a bathroom.

“You have 5 minutes girls so make it fast,” the guy growled.

He hadn’t even finished talking and the girls were already on the move
toward the toilets. There were only 2 toilets so they had to form lines.
Danny was the only one that didn’t move. He looked to the guy in hopes he
would provide insight on where the boy’s bathroom was. The guy’s smile
told Danny that this was the only bathroom available to him.

Like all the girls, Danny had to piss badly. So, reluctantly, he got
into one of the lines. The toilets were out in the open and it was hard
for Danny not to watch the girls as they did their business. Ever since
his captivity, even the thought of urine made Danny ill. However, for some
reason the thought also often got him hard. So, watching the girls pee was
hardly a smart thing for him to do. By the time his turn came the second
metal ball had found it’s way into his sore dick.

At first Danny thought he was lucky because he was going to be one of
the last to use the toilets. There would be no one in line behind him
waiting and watching. How wrong he was. With him being the only one left
to do his business, everyone’s attention was on him.

To make matters worse, he had no clue how he was going to pee with that
damn rod sticking into his dick. He tried forcing his dick back off the
rod but his touches seemed to only make his dick harder. Danny could hear
the girls giggling as he struggle. He could hear the guy laughing as well.

“Come on John, you’ve had your fun,” Jan said to the guy that had
brought them in.

John gave Jan a mean look. None of the kids were supposed to call the
adults by their first names. It was either formal title and last name or
simply “sir” or “ma’am”. Jan seldom ever obeyed this rule though.

John didn’t dare punish or report her either. Jan was Lou’s favorite.
Well, actually it was more than just that. Jan was Lou’s niece. She was
also the very first girl Lou ever used in his productions. Lou never
talked about it, but John and most of the others were certain that it was
Jan that gave Lou the idea to start making kiddy porn to begin with.

Jan didn’t literally give him the idea of course. She was a victim in
this just like all the other kids. No, what happened was that when Lou’s
sister, a single parent, died she requested in her will that Lou become
Jan’s guardian.

Lou was perfectly legit at the time. A hard worker even. A garbage man
to be exact. Something many of the “crew” still joke him about from time
to time. However, 6 months after becoming her guardian, Jan found herself
starring in Lou’s first kiddy porn with Lou as the costar.

What happened during those 6 months that changed Lou no one knows. Even
Jan couldn’t shed light on it. When asked, she claims that everything was
perfectly fine until the day he brought home the video camera and started
raping her in front of it.

Maybe Lou was angry with his sister for dieing and took it out on Jan.
Maybe he fell in love with her and used the whole film thing as an excuse
to fuck her. Or, maybe he was just fucked in the head and had always been
that way and no one ever noticed. All John knew for sure or really cared
about was that Lou paid him shit loads of money.

John was extra pissed right now because he knew Jan was right. With
rare exception, he wasn’t supposed to abuse the kids. Not off film anyway.
Even punishments for infractions were done via the films. A punishment
could be as simple as adding an additional film to the kid’s schedule that
month, or it could be maybe a spanking or whipping on film.

Still, having a little fun with the new kid was hardly abuse. But John
knew Lou would somehow magically hear about it if he let Danny suffer too
much. So, he reluctantly walked over and helped him out.

Danny’s eyes lit up when he seen John use the key on the cock cage. He
was a little disappointed though when he didn’t remove the whole thing, but
just the metal rod.

“Oh!” Danny grunted when the rod and two metal balls slid out of his

Danny groaned much louder a second later when he started to piss. It
felt almost like a bee had stung the end of his dick as the warm liquid
passed over the irritated skin just inside his piss hole. The pain dulled
down after a few seconds, but it had been a very painful few seconds.

“Please,” Danny begged when he finished peeing and seen John lean down
to put the metal rod back on.

John ignored him and continued the task. This wasn’t the first boy to
beg like this, and it wouldn’t be the last. Still, if it was up to John
the boys would not have to wear the stupid thing at all.

Not only did he not like having to put the rod on and take it off for
them, but the damn thing just made no sense. He tried to tell the others
that the reason the boys probably had hard times keeping an erection or
climaxing was because their fucking dicks hurt from them using the rod on

All the rest of the film crew disagreed with John on this. Being the
newest person on the crew, John was used to this. However, he could tell
by the look in their eyes that they really did think he was right. This
told John that the rod was yet another “Lou thing”. Like so many other
things, this was probably something Lou either had a fetish for or truly
felt it was best for business. Regardless, no one was going to tell the
boss it was a mistake. Not even if it meant they had to work extra long
and hard to compensate for it.

The one bright side was that they didn’t do that many films with boys.
In fact, they only had 3 in permanent stock. And, it was very rare they
would kidnap one for temporary use. It was even rarer that they got one
“loaned” out to them like Danny had been.

This boy was special though. John hated queers, but he even felt the
boy looked damn cute dressed up like a girl. He especially did with the
outfit he was wearing. Their first shoot was a short film about an all
girl’s school. So, all the girls, and Danny, were dressed in matching
school uniforms. With extra short skirts of course.

When John finished putting the pole back in place, he let one of his
hands slide up the back of Danny’s skirt. Danny hadn’t been given any
underwear and John enjoyed the smooth feel of the boy’s bare ass. John
then let a couple of his fingers snake under and flick gently at the boy’s
nuts from behind. The front of the skirt was already covering the cock
cage, but from the groan Danny made, John was pretty sure the boy’s dick
had just gotten hard enough to swallow the two metal balls again.

Once back in line, they all filed out to the hallway again. Then, it
was up a flight of stairs and into the main studio. Well, it was actually
a warehouse with a few studio sets in it. It may not have been MGM
quality, but it was pretty damn good for the type of films they produced.

Danny’s heart started racing when they entered the main area. There
seemed to be possible escape routes everywhere he looked. Hell, one of the
doors even had an “Exit” sign on it. He was positive that the girls were
going to make a run for it at any second. To his amazement, they didn’t
even look like they were thinking about it. They just kept walking in a
straight line till they reached a long table with folding chairs around it.
They then started seating themselves.

All of them sat with the exception of two girls. These two girls went
to a separate table that was covered with various bowls of food. One of
the girls put food on the plates and the other one brought the plates to
the table for the other girls.

To Danny’s surprise, the food was actually damn good. It was much
better than anything he ever ate at home. There was tons more of it also.
If they treated these girls this good all the time then Danny could kind of
understand why they might not be anxious to run away. He was sure though
that there was probably also severe punishments for a failed attempt.

After breakfast it was inspection time. They all lined up and Uncle Lou
himself came into the room and looked at each one of them. The best Danny
could tell, it looked like Uncle Lou was just making sure the outfits were
at least close fits. Jan was the first one to be inspected and Lou spent a
long time on her. When he was done with her he gave her a long kiss and
then moved on to Danny who was standing next to her.

Danny’s inspection went much faster. However, Uncle Lou still managed
to embarrass him by lifting the front of the dress to inspect the cock

“Oh my, you are a horny little girl aren’t you,” Lou said when he seen
the end of Danny’s dick pressing hard against the 3rd ball on the metal

Danny was still blushing as Lou moved on to the next person in line.
While he didn’t spend much time with the rest of the kids, Lou still
managed to embarrass each one of them in one fashion or another. One of
the girls, Deb, even started crying.

“You still have your ass cherry don’t you Debby?” Lou whispered to her.
“If we have time maybe we will take care of that for you this week.”

The inspection seemed pretty pointless to Danny considering not a single
clothing alteration was noted by Lou. This was despite the fact that none
of the outfits seemed to fit right. Of course, if they were making a porn
then exact fit probably didn’t matter. Which brought Danny right back to
how pointless the inspection was to begin with.

“What do you have for me Steve,” Lou said as he walked away and toward a
man on the other side of the room.

If Lou wasn’t there, Danny guessed that Steve probably would have been
in charge. Men were coming and going here and there. However, all of them
seemed to approach Steve at one point and ask him questions. Danny’s mind
was in a bit of shock, but he was certain he counted right about 8 men
total, including Uncle Louie.

In a way Danny was correct. Steve was the producer and everyone took
directions from him. However, unknown to Steve, Lou had a couple of the
crew keeping an eye on the guy at all times.

When Lou approached him, Steve handed him the manuscript for the film
they were shooting. It’s not like there was a lot of dialog, so the script
was only 10 pages. In addition to not having much dialog, most of the sex
scenes simply said what type of sex scene and how long it should last.
Unless something special was required, most of the action and dialog for
the sex scenes were left up to the adult actors. This saved a lot of
typing and memorizing. It also made the “actors” feel like they had some
creative control.

The children were hardly ever given that many lines. The only exception
of course was Jan and a couple of the other seasoned kids.

The first thing Lou did was turn to the final page. Lou already had his
pen ready. Sure enough, there it was, the crucifixion scene. Lou
scribbled through it and looked up at Steve with a frown. Steve put this
scene on every fucking script despite the fact that Lou always crossed it

He talked to Steve about it way back but it was never clear to Lou
whether Steve was mentally ill and actually wanted to do the scene or if he
was just keeping Lou’s conscious in check.

You see, Lou and Steve actually did this scene with a kid once. Lou’s
first two movies with Jan had gotten him noticed by a few rich individuals
with special tastes. They contacted Lou via his only distributor at the
time and requested a snuff film. Lou had no desire to do such a film, but
the money was just too good.

Lou wasn’t about to kill his niece though. So, he went out and found
another girl. It wasn’t hard, he simply followed a school bus and waited
until he found a stop in which only one girl was waiting at. Then, the
next day he stole the bus and drove straight to that spot. The hardest
part in the whole abduction was driving the damn bus.

The girl was about 12 years old with black hair. She looked cute, but
not necessarily child model type cute. Just your average kid. Her parents
probably thought she was priceless, but as it turns out her life was worth
$50,000. Now days $50,000 was chump change to Lou, but back then it was a
fortune. Lou rolled most of that money right back into the business via
better cameras, etc. Lou’s business sparked to life as the girl’s
flickered out.

While Lou tried to justify the film he knew deep down that it had just
been a shortcut, nothing else. Jan was already getting popular and he knew
he would have gotten his success anyway. It would have just taken him
maybe a year longer at most.

Of course, you couldn’t pay Lou enough now to do another snuff film.
But it was more than the thought of taking a human life that bothered him.
It was what had happened during that snuff film.

The film was nothing fancy. The guys paying him simply wanted a film of
a young girl being fucked to death… literally. There was only Lou and
Steve back then. In fact, it was Steve’s first film even. Luckily for the
skin on their cocks, the clients didn’t want the girl just fucked by men.
They also wanted various animals used on her.

Lou, wearing a mask of course, was the one to take the girl’s cherry.
The clients provided a syringe and a special compound that contained a
muscle relaxant and numbing agent. There was enough of the compound to
give her several shots during the filming. This first scene was the only
one in which they didn’t use it on her. Lou figured the girl deserved to
at least feel one fuck before her life ended. You could tell by the way
she screamed when her cherry was ripped out that she didn’t appreciate the

After this first fuck they gave her a shot and then he and Steve took
turns with her for three hours. The shot seemed to cut the pain for her,
but you could tell she was still in a lot of it. That was fine by Lou and
Steve though since her screams made for good footage.

The dogs came next. They thought for sure the girl would die during
this part of the film. They even let the dogs knot with the girl and yet
she still held on. Several hours later they moved on to a pig, which
seemed more gross than to actually cause her any major damage. They had a
couple more animals lined up, but Lou was starting to feel sorry for her a
little and decided to move straight to the horse.

They gave the girl a huge dose of the compound but it didn’t appear to
reduce her pain that much as the horse fucked into her. Luckily, she
didn’t last that long. They let the horse fuck her limp body for an
additional 5 minutes and then pulled him away so they could get ready for
the final scene.

This is where the crucifixion came in. The clients wanted the girl
nailed to a cross and then burned in a bonfire. Lou had no problem with
the fire since it would erase all the DNA evidence. However, the thought
of nailing the girl’s cold dead flesh to the cross made him feel ill. So,
he ordered Steve to do it. One of the benefits of being boss.

They originally planned to use railroad spikes but once they kidnapped
her they realized that they were way too big for her little frame. So,
they used very large carpentry nails instead.

Once she was nailed in place they stood the cross up in the middle of a
huge pile of wood. They did the entire shoot on a farm out in the middle
of no where, but they still made sure they got a fire permit just in case.

As they set the pile of wood on fire, Lou couldn’t help but notice how
peaceful the girl looked. It was a huge contrast after watching and
hearing her scream and beg all day.

All of this changed, however, when the wood got almost fully ablaze and
the girl started screaming again. She wasn’t dead after all. Steve
immediately grabbed a fire extinguisher. Lou held him back out of frame

“It’s too late! Just let her go!” Lou kept on saying to Steve over and

The screams only lasted for two minutes, but it seemed like an eternity
to them. Lou found out just days later that the compound the clients
provided did more than just deaden pain. It also helped keep her from
going into shock and dieing too fast. Lou was so angry with the clients
that he felt like killing them. His anger of course didn’t keep him from
taking the money though.

The crucifixion scene being added to every script was probably Steve’s
way of letting Lou know how much it still bothered him. Lou could
definitely relate. But for Lou it was more than just those final minutes
that bothered him. What kept him awake at night was the fact that he never
even knew the girl’s name.

Sometimes Lou thought about looking at old newspapers in the town he had
abducted her from. There would probably be a photo of her in at least one
of them. However, Lou figured it was best if he didn’t know her name.
Right now she was just an old memory, almost like she had only been a
nightmare he had one night long ago. Knowing her name would make her seem
too real.


Tied up as she was, Susan’s mind had no choice but to calm down or go
insane. This in mind, after her father left the house Susan still
struggled in her bonds for almost a full hour. Once she managed to calm
down she started to realize how stupid she had acted earlier in the day.
She couldn’t believe she had actually thought of her father as a savior.

It wasn’t that Susan didn’t understand where the fear came from. She
was just upset that she had been too weak to fight it. Susan wondered how
long the “episode” would have lasted had her father not tied her up and
thus force her to face it.

Susan felt ill when she realized that it might start right back up once
her father let her free. Even now she could feel that fear itching in the
back of her mind. Would she go back to trying to scratch at it once she
was free? Susan hoped not.

While the fear never completely went away, Susan was almost at peace by
the two hour mark. It was then, however, that something happened that put
Susan right back into full panic mode… there was a noise at the door.

“Let it be Danny. Let it be Danny.”

Susan kept repeating it in her head but she already knew it probably
wasn’t him. And, even if it was him there was a good chance that guy from
last night would be with him. Who knows what the guy would do if he found
her naked and helpless like this.

There was a rattling of the screen door for a moment, then she heard it
open. A second later the main door started to open as well. Then the
person was inside. Susan squeezed her eyes tightly shut for a second. She
had to be seeing things. However, when she opened her eyes back up the
same image invaded her sight.

Standing there was a fat man wearing a ski mask! He was going to kidnap
her, she just knew it! This couldn’t be happening. Not again. The only
thing that kept her from pissing herself in fear was her prior training in
the RV. Pissing without permission resulted in major punishments. Her
captor often told her that, “…pissing on the floor was a major waste of
good piss. Especially when Danny was so thirsty.”

“What do we have here?” the man said in a deep voice.

Susan quickly started struggling with her bonds again. By now he was
standing right over her. She knew she had no hope of escape even if she
did get loose. However, she just had to try.

The name of the man standing over her was “Erve”. Or “Erve the Perve”
as his friends jokingly called him sometimes. This was a major title
considering how perverted all his friends were.

Erve couldn’t believe his luck as he looked down at the girl. Actually,
it was more than just luck that brought him to this point in time. It also
required $50. That is how much he had to pay the girl’s father.

Technically, Dan was Erve’s friend. However, it wasn’t your normal
friendship. Erve was a patron at the porn shop/theater. While he was a
patron there for some time, he didn’t really pay Dan much mind until he
found out the guy sold under the counter DVDs. It never hurt to have a
friend like Dan, so the next thing you know, he was inviting Dan to sports
parties and what have you.

They shared a lot of the same interests and over time Erve found he
actually liked the guy for more than his access to good kiddy porn. Erve
especially liked him right now. While he seen a lot of Dan, he had never
seen his kids before. To be perfectly honest, he didn’t even know the guy
had any.

Erve smiled as he thought about how smart Dan was to keep this little
morsel a secret. Had he known about this cute little thing Erve probably
would have found a way into her pants long ago.

As he stared down at her, Erve did the quick math. She looked to be
about 16 and Erve met Dan roughly 3 years ago. That meant he would have
had this girl when she was 13 or 14. Such a ripe age. Of course, she
looked pretty ripe right now also.

Erve’s dick got hard as he looked into Susan’s fear stricken eyes. He
knew her fear would get even greater once she seen him pull out his dick.
His dick was rather large and was hardly designed to fuck little girls.
Not that it ever stopped him of course. If one had to describe it, they
would say it was shaped like a football. It started out small and tapered
outward to almost 4 full inches. Then, it tapered back down to about 2.5
inches. While the shape and thickness was freakish, the length wasn’t all
that special, about 8.5 inches.

While he paid Dan $50 to fuck the girl, Erve had no illusions. He
wasn’t just fucking some streetwalker here, he was raping a young girl.
She also looked like she wasn’t fully trained yet either. Therefore, he
didn’t dare remove her restraints. He was a pretty big guy, but he as also
pretty fat. If she got out of his grasp then he would probably never catch

Erve inspected her bonds for a minute and then made a few adjustments.
She had been in a basic hogtie. However, that wasn’t very good for sex.
At least not for someone as out of shape as Erve was. First he
disconnected the rope connecting the hands and feet together. He thought
about undoing her hands from behind her and redoing them in the front.
This might give her too much mobility though, so he decided against it. In
fact, in addition to the rope binding her wrists together, Erve added an
additional tie at her elbows.

The extra restraint really wasn’t necessary, but he knew it would cause
her extra pain and that turned him on. It would be especially painful once
he got on top of her. The tie would force her upper body to arch upward
while Erve’s rolls of fat pushed back down on her. There of course was a
big danger of popping her shoulders out of place. Lucky for Susan,
however, Erve had plenty of practice on how to pop them back in.

As he turned her onto her back, the look of pain in Susan’s eyes almost
made Erve cum in his pants. He was wearing sweatpants and quickly pulled
them down and off. He was desperate to just shove it right up the girl,
but wanted to give her a good look at it first.

Susan’s eyes got big when she seen Erve kneel over her face. She
couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her and Danny’s abductor had a huge
cock, but it wasn’t even close to as fat as this cock was. As he knelt
down, Susan was afraid he was going to try to shove that huge thing into
her mouth. She was sure it was going to dislodge her jaw if he did.

Erve didn’t shove it in her mouth though. Instead, he rubbed the tip of
it all over her face. He did this for over 2 minutes, mixing his precum
with her tears. By the time he was done, Susan’s face was covered in the

As he pulled back, Erve couldn’t help but wonder what the girl’s story
was. Even someone with Erve’s limited IQ could tell that Dan was obviously
fucking his little girl. The fact that she wasn’t willingly whoring
herself out also told Erve that Dan probably hadn’t been wetting his dick
in her too long.

Erve couldn’t put his finger on it, but there had to be more going on
here. If Dan was just now breaking her in then he would have never let
Erve touch her. Especially not with his huge dick. Erve would rip her
apart if she was that fresh.

No, it was more likely that Dan probably found out his slut of a
daughter was sleeping with half the block. So, he decided to cut a piece
off for himself. And heck, while he was at it he might as well start
charging admission for everyone else. No reason to let the girl fuck half
the state for free.

The theory wasn’t perfect but it was the best he could come up with on
such little information. Erve didn’t waste much thought on it though. It
was more a random thought than anything else… like he really gave a shit
what her life story was. All that mattered right now was getting his $50
worth out of her.

Erve thought Susan was going to piss herself when she seen him grab a
knife. He had no intention of cutting on her though. That just wasn’t his
thing. Instead, he reached down and cut the rope that was holding her
ankles together.

Susan only gave minimal resistance as Erve parted her legs. She knew
she was fucked, or at least was about to be, regardless of how much she
struggled. Erve smiled when he seen Susan give in. Either she was a slut
like he suspected or she was simply smart. Regardless, Erve made a silent
promise to take it as easy on the girl as reward for her cooperation. Not
that he could have gotten too rough with her anyway… $50 would only buy
so much of Dan’s understanding. The last thing Erve wanted was to loose
his “friend” discount on all the kiddy porn DVDs.

This in mind, Erve knew a little roughness was still okay. Dan wouldn’t
have let Erve within a 1 mile radius of the girl if he didn’t want her
roughed up at least a little. Still, he felt he should take it pretty easy
on her just in case.

“Please,” Susan tried to beg as Erve removed her gag.

Susan couldn’t see much of the guy’s face due to the ski mask, but she
could see enough to tell that he wasn’t happy about her talking without
permission. So, she decided it was best to keep quiet.

Erve leaned down and started licking at Susan’s face. He knew it had
his precum on it but he didn’t care. The look of extreme fear in the
girl’s eyes just gave him an irresistible urge to lick her. As he licked
her face from chin to forehead he swore he could taste her fear mixed in
with the tears and precum.

Susan had to struggle not to be sick as she felt Erve’s fat tongue
slither all over her face. She had to struggle even harder when the tongue
stopped licking and started worming it’s way into her mouth.

The tongue wiggling around in her mouth seemed worse than most of the
things that were done to her during her captivity. In Susan’s mind, a kiss
was the ultimate intimate act only shared between lovers. Yet, here this
fat disgusting man was forcing it upon her.

“Somebody is getting in the mood,” Erve said as he broke the kiss

Susan blushed. Erve was talking about her wet cunt which had two of his
fingers in right now. Even in her shock, Susan knew that her wetness was
just a result of her captivity in the RV. Her captors had insisted that
she stay aroused at all times. They would check her wetness at random.
She would be punished if they didn’t feel she was wet enough. Still, she
couldn’t believe she would get wet for this fat slob.

Erve didn’t care why the girl was wet. All that mattered to him was
that he would be able to get his dick up her a lot easier now. And, there
was no better time than the present.

“Oh!” Susan groaned when the fingers disappeared and she felt Erve’s
huge dick pushing into her cunt.

The first couple inches were not too bad, but then she reached the part
that expanded outward drastically. During her captivity, Susan had objects
as big as this pushed up her cunt a few times. However, it had been over
two weeks since her captors had put something that big in her. She prayed
that her cunt hadn’t tightened up too much since then.

Susan gritted her teeth as the dick stretched her cunt further and
further. Right when she was sure her cunt was going to burst she realized
she had finally reached the thickest part of his dick. His dick stayed
thick like this for about 2 inches and then it started to taper back down.

She was about to sigh in relief, but then she felt a sudden punch in her
guts. It took her a moment to realize what had happened. When she reached
the dick’s downward taper her ultra stretched cunt had quickly sucked up
the rest of his dick.

While the intrusion had caused a sharp pain, Susan also felt something
odd. It was pleasure. She tried to convince herself that it was just the
relief to her stretched cunt lips. However, she knew it was more than
that. When her cunt slid down that tapered back end she had felt a distinct
spark of pleasure.

The thought of getting pleasure from this fat pig disgusted her. It
wasn’t the first time she had experienced pleasure while doing something
revolting. However, that had been during her captivity. She thought for
sure those times had only occurred because her brother, who she loved, had
been present. Or at least that is what she always tried to convince
herself. However, her brother wasn’t here right now. He wasn’t even in
the same house. It was just her and this fat pig who was drooling spit
down onto her lips and face.

Erve smile when he seen the look on the girl’s face. They all loved the
roller coaster ride. It was always grunts and groans going to the top and
then screams of pleasure as they plunged down the back end. Of course,
once he picked up speed it would just feel like one never ending painful
ride upward for her. But, for now he would give the girl a small thrill.

Erve loved fresh meat. They were always fearful at first. Then came
the pain on the first insertion. However, as they slowly rode that roller
coaster most of the pain and even some of the fear disappeared and was
replaced with pleasure. Often he would even feel one of them cum on his

He always liked to look into their eyes during this. They looked as
though they were falling in love with him. Or at least falling in love
with his dick. Love wasn’t meant to last forever though, and as soon as he
felt they were wet enough Erve gradually sped up.

Just like all of the girls before her, Susan’s expression started
changing as Erve sped up. Erve could almost read her mind as she started
to realize the worst was yet to come. The expansion and retraction of her
cunt lips and walls had been almost pleasurable just seconds ago. However,
the increase in speed was intensifying the painful expansion portion and
diminishing the pleasurable retraction. It wasn’t long and Susan’s cunt
felt like it was in one never ending expansion.

Susan let out one long continuous groan as Erve went into full speed.
The pain was coming from more than just her stretched pussy though. It was
also coming from her arms which were being painfully pinned below her.
With her elbows and wrists bound behind her, Susan had to arch her back and
push her chest up and outward in order to relieve some of the pain. This
wasn’t easy though with the fat pig practically laying on her.

Erve knew he was causing her shoulders and arms a lot of pain. That was
the whole point. He just loved that hopeless painful look in a girl’s face
when he fucked them. Erve gradually let more and more of his weight come
to rest on Susan’s upper body. He stopped, however, once he had a good 80
pounds or so on her. Normally he would keep on going until he heard one of
her shoulder’s pop out of place. However, if he wanted another crack at
this girl down the road then he couldn’t be too rough with her.

Susan’s senses were a blur as Erve drilled her cunt. The odd shape of
his huge dick made it feel like her cunt was being pulled inside out. For
several long minutes she was a one big mass of pain. However, as Erve
panted and drooled above her, Susan began to feel a spark of pleasure
buried deep under the pain.

Susan didn’t want to feel pleasure right now. Not with this pig.
However, the humiliation of feeling pleasure was a lot more bearable than
the pain. So, she grasped onto that tinge of pleasure like it was a life

The waves of pain were pretty high and Susan kept getting dunked under.
This, however, only encouraged her to hold even tighter to the pleasure.
That is until she realized she was nearing a climax. She couldn’t let
herself climax like this. She just couldn’t. However, her body wouldn’t
listen when she told herself to let go of the pleasure. She was on pure
survival instinct now and her body refused to just let go and drown in the

As she peaked, Susan wrapped her legs around Erve’s fat body the best
she could. She then started trying to hump up at him.

Erve realized what was happening and lifted his hips several inches
above her. He just loved it when the sluts came on his dick like this. It
didn’t happen too often, but it was precious when it did. He just held
still above her several inches and watched as she frantically humped
upward, swallowing his dick over and over.

As the girl humped up at him, Erve looked down at Susan’s angelic face.
He felt like kissing her but she had her mouth wide open in ecstasy as she
rode our her climax. So, instead, Erve lined his mouth up several inches
above hers and started increasing the amount of spit he was drooling.

He could tell she was having one hell of a climax, because she didn’t
close her mouth like most girls did. Instead, she kind of flicked her
tongue at the long thick strand of drool like she was trying to get it to
enter her mouth even faster.

Erve waited until Susan looked like she was coming down from her climax.
Then, he bent down and stuck his tongue into her mouth. Susan looked into
his eyes in horror as she realized what she had just done with his spit and
what he was doing now. The disgusting kiss, however, drove her right back
into yet another violent climax.

While he was pleased, Susan’s reaction to the kiss only brought him more
questions about her. It wasn’t often a girl could climax on his dick and
he had only ever had one girl before that could rise back up into a climax
so soon just because he did something perverse or vile to her.

The other girl wasn’t as young as Susan though. She was 22 and had been
thoroughly trained while growing up. She was raised in a trailer park by
her uncle. Her uncle started fucking the girl when she was 11, which was
less than a year after she had been put into his care. By the time she was
13 he was loaning her out to friends. By 15 she was being whored out for
beer money.

Erve knew all these details because he had moved into that trailer park
when the girl turned 22. By then she was one of the biggest sluts Erve had
ever run across. You could do about anything to her and she would get off
on it.

With this in mind, Susan’s reaction to the kiss totally confused Erve.
While it was possible she was just a “natural”, Erve was pretty sure she
must have had some hardcore training. But this conflicted with his earlier

There was too much conflicting information to come to any real
conclusion. Erve finally just decided not to worry about his good fortune.
He had a nice slut on the end of his dick and that is all that should
really matter.

“I’m going to dump my load in you now bitch,” Erve said once Susan came
down from her second climax.

He half expected the comment to drive the girl right back into another
climax. But it didn’t. She just looked up at him in humiliation. This
was fine with Erve. While he enjoyed seeing the girl involuntarily cum on
his dick, he wasn’t looking for a simultaneous climax. He much preferred
to see just pain and humiliation in her eyes when he fucked his nut into

Erve got his wish too. Susan even had a good flow of tears going as he
started pounding her cunt again. He fucked into her for another two
minutes and then buried himself as deep as he could and shot his load.

It was hard not to just collapse on the girl as he unloaded in her. Not
only did he have to fight his natural urge to do so, but he had gotten a
bit light headed as well. He managed to control himself, but only barely.

After his climax finished, Erve just hovered over Susan with his dick
still buried deep inside her. These precious moments after climax were
sometimes even better than the climax itself. He liked to watch their eyes
and the expression on their face as they felt his cum seep into them. His
dick was so fat at the center that not a drop of cum could escape. The cum
had no where to go but inward.

“Can you feel my sperm swimming around in your cervix?” Erve whispered
down to Susan after he had been hovering over her for nearly 4 minutes.

For a moment it looked like Susan was going to put up a struggle. But
suddenly her eyes just went blank and all Erve seen in her face was
humiliation. It was enough to almost start fucking her again.

While his dick was up for the task, the rest of his body was tired as
hell from all of the exertion. So, he finally rolled off her. He was so
tired that he didn’t even bother to sit up so he could watch the girl’s
cunt try to recover. He always found it cute to watch too. He liked the
way the cunts would gape open for up to a minute sometimes before they
finally sealed shut again.

What really turned him on though was how little cum he would see drip
out despite the huge load he had just pumped into them. This always
confirmed that he had managed to get most of it into their cervix. It was
always hot thinking about his cum being trapped inside them. It was hotter
knowing the girls were thinking about it also.

As he laid there, Erve wondered if Dan had the girl on the pill or not.
He actually hoped she wasn’t. It would make for a funny story at their
parties. He could tease Dan about how he knocked up his daughter for $50.
And how Dan probably had to spend that $50 and much more to get her an

Of course, it would probably ruin his chances at having another crack at
her. Still, the laughs at the parties would probably be worth it.

After catching his breath, Erve used the scraps of rope on the floor to
tie Susan’s ankles together again. He then undid her hands. He smiled as
he watched her try to get mobility back into them. She wasn’t able to move
them around much, but the fact that she was moving them at all told him
that he hadn’t caused any damage. She was just stiff and sore was all.

Erve took a seat on the couch and then got Susan into a kneeling
position in front of him. He didn’t like the idea of gravity causing his
cum to possibly leak out of her. So, he took her right hand and pulled it
under her and then pushed her hand into her cunt. It was a tight fit but
nothing compared to his dick.

“Make a fist in there so your hole stays plugged and ready for me,” Erve
said as her hand finally slid inside.

Susan’s grunt told Erve that she had complied. He just loved making
girls fist themselves like this. Very few could do it, however, without
some assistance. Once he helped them get their hand inside and they made
the fist, then they usually had no major problems keeping it inside as long
as they kept squeezing with their cunt. Not only did it help keep his cum
inside but it helped work their cunt muscles so they gave him a better fuck
the next time he dicked them.

Sometimes he made them stick the fist in from above. This not only
worked their cunt muscles but also taught them the proper way to arch their
backs while fucking. He took it easy on Susan though and had her fist
herself from below.

Susan didn’t really feel she was lucky for this position though. In
order to reach she had to lean forward and this put her face right into the
fat pig’s crotch.

Erve’s dick was still fully hard as he looked down at the dark haired
girl. She looked so adorable in this position with her fist up her cunt
and her face pressed against his dick and balls.

“What does a good slut do when she has her face in a guy’s lap?” Erve

Susan looked up into Erve’s eyes for a second as she thought about
begging for mercy. Hadn’t she been through enough already? Begging this
man would do her no good though and she knew it. So, she reluctantly
angled her face downward and started licking his dick and balls clean.

She could taste herself on him, but it was hardly the worst thing she
had ever licked off a dick. Normally, she would put the tip of the dick in
her mouth and suck the remaining slime out of it. However, she was afraid
he might push her mouth down on it. And there was no way she could get the
huge portion of his dick past her lips. So, instead she just made extra
trips to the tip with her tongue so she could lick the fluid as it seeped

As she licked at it, Susan still couldn’t get over the absolute freakish
dick. She had only seen three different dicks in person before, but even
she knew this guy’s dick was not the norm. The center of it was so thick
that she wondered if the guy might actually have some kind of ailment.

The thought of him having a tumor or something almost made her smile.
With luck the pig would die a very painful death. Or, even better, they
would save him by amputating his dick. He would live out the rest of his
life as half a man, knowing his dick was pickled in a jar on a doctor’s
shelf somewhere.

Susan’s mind jumped back at the task at hand when she felt the guy
moving. It took her a second to realize he was leaning forward and pulling
the coffee table closer. She had to scrunch her butt and part of her back
downward in order for it to fit under the short table. The fit was so
tight that it made Susan feel almost a part of it, like this man thought of
her as nothing but a piece of furniture.

As humiliating as this thought was, things got worse. Once her lower
body was under the table the guy put the soles of his feet on the edge of
it. A second later his dick and balls started raising as he scooted
forward. He didn’t stop until her face was pressed against his fat ass.

Susan heard the guy say something but her mind was in such a blur that
she didn’t make any of it out. She didn’t need too though. It was clear
what he wanted as he reached down and used his hands to spread his large
ass cheeks.

Susan had to fight not to be sick as she allowed her face to slide
between the globes. While in captivity she had licked ass several times.
However, this man’s fat sweating crevice was much worse.

The disgust she felt was only matched by her humiliation. She just
couldn’t believe she was kneeling on the floor with her face in a man’s
chubby ass. All of this while holding her fist in her cunt to help keep
the guy’s cum from leaking out.

As her tears ran down his crack, Susan prayed that they might wash away
what she knew was going to be a foul flavor. However, as she forced
herself to start licking she realized that all the tears did was add more
salt to her meal.


Danny was half in shock as they took him and the girls from spot to spot
in the big warehouse/studio.

The first stop was the “prep” room. That is what Uncle Louie called it
anyway. Uncle Louie escorted them to the room personally. Danny swallowed
hard when he seen the inside of the room.

It looked more like a large shower/bathroom than anything else. In
fact, that was what it was. Only instead of just showers and toilets there
were also lots of other stuff. Danny had no clue what some of it was for.
However, there were some things that he was very familiar with. Like the
enema bags for example.

“You know what to do girls,” Uncle Louie told them.

For a second Danny prayed that he was talking to only the actual girls
and not him. However, no specialized instructions came for him so he
followed the girls as they headed toward the enema bags.

The enema bags were already full and hanging from a bar high above and
just in front of each toilet. There were 10 toilets but only 8 enema bags.
This told Danny that the number of bags was no coincidence. They indeed
expected all of the kids, including himself, to use them.

The first thing they did, however, was disrobe and put their clothes on
hangers and then hung them on wall hooks between each toilet. The toilets
looked like they were individual stalls at one point. The metal frame for
the stalls were still in place but all the wood or metal walls and doors
separating them had been removed. It was pretty clear to Danny that they
probably did this so they could keep an eye on all the kids.

The end of Danny’s dick was starting to swallow the second ball on the
metal rod again before he realized he was staring at the other girls too
much. He told himself that he had only been watching just in case there
was a special procedure to follow. However, he knew how to give himself an
enema and there weren’t that many steps involved. What kind of “special”
procedure could there possibly be?

The only good thing that came from watching was that he seen them all go
to a can at a desk and finger out some lube. Had he not seen that then
Danny would have either forced it in dry or spit on it like he had been

After that, however, it was just shove the nozzle up your ass and let it
flow. It was at this point that Danny got a feel for which of the girls
might have been here longer than others. Several of them barely got a cup
in before they were yanking the nozzle out and turning quickly to the
toilet. Others like Jan, however, looked like they took at least a quarter
gallon. And even then they didn’t rush to the toilet. They just slowly
took the nozzle out and sat down.

After his experience in the RV, Danny was pretty sure he could take
close to a half gallon easy. However, the last thing he wanted to do was
show off and draw attention to himself. So, he stopped at a quarter gallon
like most of the other “veterans”.

The tiled walls in the room seemed to amplify the sound as everyone
expelled their enemas. While he wasn’t alone in this task, Danny still
felt as though he was making more noise than everyone else. He knew he was
just being self conscious, but he still blushed profusely each time he sat

As they went about cleaning their bowels Danny could hear some of the
girls near him chatting. They were barely whispering and he couldn’t make
much of it out. However, it was clear they were complaining about having
to do the enemas.

Danny kept watching Jan during most of this. He got the distinct
feeling she was the most knowledgeable of the group. She kept using only a
quarter gallon each time so that is what he stuck too also. If she didn’t
feel an extra deep enema was needed then why do it?

While this was reason enough to watch Jan, Danny also paid more
attention to her because Uncle Louie was there. They were 5 toilets away
but Danny could tell Uncle Louie was talking to her about something. She
never talked back though. She would just look up at him from time to time.

While he couldn’t hear what Uncle Louie was saying, it must have been
sexual or something because Jan blushed through most of it. Of course,
Danny probably would have been beat red in embarrassment also had Uncle
Louie been standing in front of him while he did his enema. Heck, he was
already almost beat red as it was.

After the enema was over, they all sat on a long bench and waited.
Uncle Louie apparently only liked to oversee the enemas because he left and
less than 30 seconds later John, who had brought them from their cell
earlier, entered.

As John entered, Danny noticed that the guy’s fly was not all the way
up. He also had a wet spot in his pants. Danny wondered if he had indeed
fed the chained up girl more than just food.

“Jan, Denise, Debby and Nancy,” John announced.

“Jan… what a surprise,” one of the other girls silently grumbled.

Danny watched as Jan, Debby and Nancy got off the bench. It turned out
that Nancy was the name of the red head that played the prank on him
earlier. Danny looked around to see who Denise was but no one stood. Then
it dawned on him that they were talking about him.

“Hurry up cupcake,” John said as Danny slowly got off the bench.

Danny rushed over to the three girls. He got a bad feeling when he
noticed there was only one thing near their new location and that was a
long bench with a bunch of dildos bolted to it.

“Jan, 3c; Denise, 9c; Nancy 4a,” John said and then paused. “Debby,
Debby, Debby.”

John then paused even longer. During this long pause he ran his hands
back and forth over the girl’s ass. Danny remembered hearing them talking
earlier about Debby’s ass cherry and apparently this had something to do
with that.

“Debby, 2c,” John finally said to the near crying girl.

“Yes!” Debby said before she could stop herself.

The way that Debby’s face suddenly lit up told Danny her ass had been
spared. It then dawned on him what the “A” and the “C” stood for. It was
a pretty simple code, “A” for “ass” and “C” for “cunt”. But wait, they
gave him a “C” also. Danny blushed when he realized John was making fun of
him. John was calling Danny’s asshole a “cunt”. It explained the giggles
he heard from the girls on the bench when the list had been called off.

After giving Debby her designation, John gave his attention to the rest
of the girls sitting on the bench who had not received a designation.
Danny listened as John told them to get dressed and head on to makeup.

Danny prayed that John meant him and the three girls as well. However,
Jan, Nancy and Debby didn’t head back to the toilets to get dressed.
Instead they approached the long bench with the dildos.

When they got close the number designation became very clear to Danny.
There were 10 dildos attached to the bench and each one had a number
painted next to it. Number 1 was a very small dildo. Numbers two through
five were large but not overly so. Maybe 8 inches long and 2 inches thick.
Six through eight was slightly larger.

Danny swallowed hard when he seen nine. During his captivity he had had
larger dildos up his ass. However, this one still looked pretty
uncomfortable. It was around 1 foot long and 3.5 inches thick.

Danny looked across the room toward John. He half expected the guy to
be looking his direction and laughing. Or at least he prayed the guy was
just playing another joke on him. However, when he looked the guy was
focused completely on the other girls.

“He was just joking, right?” Danny whispered to Jan. “He doesn’t
actually expect me to put that in my… you know?”

Nancy giggled when she overheard Danny’s question. Jan, however,
actually looked sad for Danny. She got number nine several times herself
over the years. She even gotten number 10 a couple times and it was
slightly bigger.

As Jan confirmed that John wasn’t joking, she debated on explaining to
Danny the true meaning of the dildo assignments. The dildos were more than
just some kind of perverse recreation. This was the Prep room and that
meant they were preparing for their first scenes. If Danny was assigned a
1 foot long, 3.5 inch thick dildo then that meant he was going to be fucked
by someone during the movie with a similar size dick. Or, it was possible
one of the girls was going to be fisting him.

At least he didn’t get number 10. None of the male actors had a dick
that big. However, they all had fists at least that big. Still, it seemed
cruel to Jan that they would make Danny’s first scene a number 9. She
hoped that they might just be sizing him up. They might not actually know
what he can take so they figured they would see how he handled the larger
dildo and work down from there.

If he is lucky the dildo won’t fit, Jan thought to herself. If it was
one of the other girls or boys they would just make it fit. But Danny was
on loan. She doubted they would risk damaging him too much. Not this
early anyway. Unlike most of the girls, Jan knew they would be filming
Danny in more than one film in order to get the most out of his time with
them as possible. Too serious of an injury this early would cost them a
ton of money.

For a moment, Jan thought about suggesting to Danny that he try his best
to not fit the number 9 inside himself. He would get in trouble though if
they discovered he was faking. Jan would get into even more trouble if
they found out she had suggested it. She knew Debby wouldn’t squeal on
her, but she didn’t trust Nancy any further than she could throw her.

After the other girls were fully dressed, John escorted them out of the
room. As the last one got out the door, Jan, Debby and Nancy straddled the
bench over their respective dildos and started forcing them inside

The number 9 dildo was so tall that Danny had to actually stand on the
bench and squad down on his. He was thankful that someone had thought to
pre lube the dildo. It still hurt like hell though when the tip popped
inside. Danny huddled there for almost a minute with his eyes shut tight
in pain before he slowly started to lower himself.

Danny was in a lot of pain as he slid down on the dildo. Not all of the
pain was coming from his ass though. A good portion was also coming from
his cock cage. As the huge dildo slid into him his dick started getting
harder. Danny always felt bad when this happened since it made him feel
gay. After all, if he wasn’t gay then why would his dick get hard from
having something put up his ass?

It was way worse now though with that damn cock cage. His dick felt
like it was on fire as it ate more and more of that fucking metal rod. His
dick swallowed the third metal ball and was slowly worming toward the
fourth one before the pain finally allowed him to get it under control.

He had half the dildo up his ass before he finally opened his eyes. He
wished he hadn’t though. He was facing the other girls. Jan and Debby
mounted theirs facing away from him. However, Nancy was looking right at
him with a big grin on her face. She looked like she was about to poke fun
at him, but then John walked back into the room.

John went to Debby right away. He pretended like he was inspecting her,
but Danny could tell the guy was just feeling her up. He managed to touch
about every part of her body. At one point he even slid his finger up her
asshole and fucked it in and out several times.

Jan was next. However, he spent much less time on her. Then it was on
to Nancy. He spent a little more time on Nancy but she didn’t seem to
mind. She didn’t pay him much attention at all in fact. She just kept
smiling over at Danny. It took Danny a moment to realize that she wasn’t
just smiling because of the large dildo and cock cage. She was also
smiling because she knew John would be moving on to him next. Danny tried
not to give Nancy the satisfaction, but he couldn’t help but blush.

Danny blushed even more when his turn did indeed come. Danny tried his
best to immolate Nancy and just put John out of his mind. However, he just
couldn’t do it. Not with the way John’s hands were roaming over his body.

“We don’t get too many actresses through here with your kind of talent,”
John whispered as he noted how much of the dildo Danny had up his ass.

Danny got the feeling that John wasn’t really gay or bisexual. He got
this impression based on the way John seemed to enjoy staring at the other
girls. He stared at Danny also, but it was a different kind of stare. It
was really hard to put his finger on it, but it seemed to him that John
just liked embarrassing him. Or, that maybe the guy actually hated him for
some reason. Danny also sensed that John was using a lot of restraint. He
feared that the guy would rather be whipping Danny right now than just
softly rubbing his hands over his body.

To make matters worse, John’s caress was starting to excite Danny. As
he waited his turn, Danny had somehow managed to get rid of part of his
erection. However, with John tweaking his nipples and rubbing his butt
cheeks, Danny could feel his dick slowly swallowing the metal pole again.
He had just spit out the 2nd ball but now he felt his dick swallowing it
back up and searching for the third.

When he felt one of Johns fingers go between his ass cheeks and toy with
the rim of his stretched ass ring, Danny’s piss hole shot up the pole and
quickly swallowed the third ball.

Danny’s eyes closed tightly shut in pain. This was the second time
today that his dick had swallowed this much of the metal pole. The pain
was incredible and Danny thought for sure his dick was going to be ruined.
It seemed impossible that he could feel so much pain without doing at least
some damage.

It wasn’t until his piss hole was kissing the fourth ball again, that
Danny managed to stop it’s growth. God did that hurt. To add salt to the
wound, Danny could hear Nancy giggling in the distance. He didn’t have to
open his eyes to know she was laughing at him.

“You sure are a horny little girl,” John said as he removed his hands
from Danny’s body and looked down at the cock cage.

With John’s hands gone, Danny’s dick finally started to shrink a little.
The third ball popped out and within a minute the second ball did as well.
While the pain dissipated, the embarrassment didn’t. John was right there
watching the cock cage the entire time.

“You faggots disgust me,” John said to Danny in a barely audible
whisper. “I talked to the director about leaving that cock cage on during
your anal sex scenes.”

Danny’s eyes shot open in fright. He hadn’t thought that far ahead yet.
Danny hated being fucked in the ass, but he also knew his dick always got
super hard when it happened. He even often came.

“Lucky for you, he said ‘no’,” John growled. “Don’t worry though, I
have a consolation prize for you.”

Danny stared at John in fear as the guy dug through his pocket for
something. As he waited for John to fish it out, Danny realized there were
all kinds of horrible things that could fit in a person’s pocket. It could
be a clamp, a needle, a safety pin… the list went on and on.

Danny was puzzled, however, when John finally did reveal what he had
been looking for. Danny wasn’t sure what it was. Well, that wasn’t true.
It was pretty clear what it was, it was just a tiny round ball. Danny just
didn’t know what it was “for”.

It certainly didn’t look menacing. It was maybe a quarter inch thick
and made of a rubber type material. Or at least the solid part was that
thick. It also had a bunch of rubbery spikes on it that were about 1/8th
of an inch high.

John reached out and put it in Danny’s hand. Danny used his other hand
to pick it up with his fingers. The rubbery spikes tingled his fingertips.
They were a little hard but not so much that they wouldn’t bend when he
pressed his fingers together. They certainly didn’t hurt his fingers.
They tickled if anything.

He inspected it for only a couple seconds before he looked back at John
in confusion. John didn’t say anything though. He just looked down at the
tiny object. There was something Danny obviously was missing, so he looked
back down at it again. As he turned it in his fingers Danny caught sight
of something he hadn’t seen before. It was a small hole. As he looked in
the hole he seen that the rubbery surface of the ball was real thin. The
core of the ball was actually metal.

It was this inner material that allowed him to put 2 and 2 together.
This was the same material as the balls on the metal rod in his dick. And,
the hole looked just wide enough for the rod to attach to it. When he
looked closer he seen tiny threads inside the hole.

“That’s going to be a present for your daddy,” John informed him. “Lou
wouldn’t let me use it on you now, but said he would give it to your father
when he took you back home.”

For a second Danny thought he was going to pass out. That tiny ball
might tingle on his fingers but he knew it would hurt like nothing he could
imagine as it scraped its way up and down his piss hole. A second later
Danny actually did black out for a couple seconds when John’s full message
registered in his mind… they were going to give his dad the cock cage!

Danny was quickly brought back to consciousness by a hard punch to his
gut. At first he thought John had actually punched him. But when his mind
cleared he discovered his feet had slipped off the bench and were now flat
on the floor. The fall drove the huge dildo almost all the way up his
asshole. Danny quickly went to his tiptoes but it didn’t help much. It
took him over a minute before he could get the strength to get his feet
back up on the bench.

As Danny finally got back into a more comfortable position, he
remembered some of the conversation between his dad and Uncle Louie. He
remembered Uncle Louie talking about training Danny to not get hard or cum.
Well, the cock cage certainly was doing that. Danny doubted it was even
possible to cum with that damn thing on. The pain was so great that he
doubted anyone could ever get fully hard even. Especially if they put that
damn jagged ball on the end of it.

As he thought about this, Danny had the urge to toss the tiny ball
across the room. With luck it might go down a drain hole or something.
However, he knew there would be hell to pay if he did that. Plus, Danny
got the feeling John had a whole bag of those nasty balls somewhere. He
doubted that he was the first one John had given one too.

After taking the ball back, John started letting the girls off the
dildos. The dildos they were on were not tiny, but they weren’t really
huge either. Not for these girls anyway. Jan and Nancy were veterans and
even someone as new as Debby could easily handle these smaller dildos.
Placing the girls on them was more academic than anything else. It wasn’t
as though they really had to test them for proper fit or prepare them for a
scene with a guy this size. Only the newest of girls actually benefited
from those smaller dildos.

Danny, however, was a different case. The dildo he was on was an actual
mold from the guy that would be fucking him today. No one, no matter how
seasoned, could take that guy’s dick without some proper warming up first.
It was tons cheaper to warm Danny up now, however, than to do it on the

“Bull is going to love you,” John said when he noticed Danny had managed
to get most of the dildo up his ass.

John had mixed feelings about Bull. He hated the fact that the guy was
obviously gay. All of the actors were required to do gay scenes but at
least they acted heterosexual most of the time. Bull, however, let
everyone know he liked boy ass more than anything else. He even showed up
on set a couple times with a boyfriend for God’s sake.

While John hated Bull for this, he loved the guy’s dick. Okay, maybe
that sounded gay. What he loved was the torture that dick would do to the
little faggot boys like Danny. John couldn’t wait to hear Danny squealing
in pain on the end of that big dick.

While Danny continued to struggle with the huge dildo, John had the
other girls get dressed. Once dressed he made them sit and wait on a
nearby bench. Danny blushed as the girls sat there and waited for him to
finish. Struggling with the dildo was bad enough, but now he had a
audience. To make things even worse, John walked back over to him and
started touching him again.

It took about 5 more minutes before Danny managed to fit all the dildo
up his ass. John made him hold it deep like that for 10 additional minutes
before he let him get off and get dressed.

Before they left the room, however, John brought a odd shaped butt plug
over to Danny. He didn’t say anything. He just bent Danny over, lifted
the back of the skirt, and then started pushing it inside. The plug was at
least 3 inches thick and 8 inches long. It was shaped exactly like a dildo
with the exception of the tapered bottom that was designed to help hold it

“If you know what is good for you then you won’t let that pop out,” John
growled as he lowered Danny’s skirt back down and let go of the boy.

The plug was made out of a soft material, but it still took Danny
several seconds to stand straight again. As he straightened he swore he
could feel the plug rearranging his intestines.

As John lead them out of the room, Danny started thinking about the last
things John had said about “Bull”. Danny had been so embarrassed at the
time that the comments hadn’t really registered. A tear ran down his cheek
when he realized that Bull was obviously an actor that was going to fuck
him on camera. And that this Bull obviously had a huge dick.

The next stop for Danny was makeup. This went rather fast since they
were obviously playing kids in the movie and there was very little makeup
to put on them. In fact, when Danny’s turn came they actually removed more
makeup than they put on.

Danny was surprised to find that the makeup person was a woman. It
seemed odd to him that a woman would do this job knowing what was going to
happen to all these children.

At first he thought maybe she wasn’t actually aware what happened to the
kids once they left her section. However, she didn’t even blink an eye
when Danny’s turn came. She even lifted his skirt briefly. Danny wasn’t
sure if she was verifying that he was a he or if maybe she just wanted to
see how big his dick was.

After the brief look she just winked at Danny and started working on his
makeup. He did note that she kept talking to him as though he was a girl.
They were comments about how pretty of a girl he was and stuff like that.
While they were sort of nice comments, they still made Danny blush a lot.

Before letting him out of the makeup chair, the woman tilted it back and
then lifted Danny’s skirt again. Danny blushed as she took a very close
look at his groin. A second later she turned and grabbed a pair of

“Ow,” Danny let out when he felt the woman pluck a pubic hair out.

The action had surprised him more than it actually hurt. This was
followed by about 20 other plucks before she was satisfied she had gotten
all the major hairs. Plucking these hairs angered Danny more than almost
anything else they had done to him so far. Sure, it was only a few hairs,
but they were his first. He had waited forever for his pubic hair to start
growing. And now when they finally just started, this bitch plucks them

Danny knew that girls got pubic hair also. However, for some reason
loosing those few precious hairs made him feel less of a man. As though
wearing the dress and makeup wasn’t already giving him issues in this

After this, the lady started playing with his butt plug. Or at least
that is what Danny thought she was doing at first. However, after a few
seconds he realized she was looking very closely and had the tweezers in
her hand still. She must not have found any hairs down there because he
never felt her use the tweezers.

The next thing she did caught him more off guard than the whole ordeal
with the tweezers. She grabbed one of his feet and washed them off. Then,
she clipped his toenails a little and applied toenail polish to them. It
was odd that such a thing would embarrass him more than looking at his
privates, but it did.

He hadn’t ever worn fingernail polish let alone toenail polish. That
was something only girls did. Her putting it on him made him feel almost
as embarrassed as the first time he had put on a dress. The only good
thing was that the nail polish was very conservative. It was a kind of
semi transparent pink. Just bright enough to know it was there.

It didn’t surprise him when she finished with the toes and angled the
chair back down so she could start on his fingers. She spent a lot more
time on his fingers. She ran files over them and some kind of buffing pad.
At first it looked like a huge waste of time. However, by the time she was
done he had to admit that his hands actually looked a lot more feminine.
They looked very much so once the pinkish fingernail polish was on.

She worked on his hair, but only for a couple minutes. Apparently his
hair was already in good shape or they simply didn’t want him looking too
fancy. About all she did was comb it out and put a couple berets in it.

Danny actually felt a little disappointed when it came time to get out
of the chair. He had just started to feel a little pampered. That said,
he did feel a lot less embarrassed once he was no longer the center of

“You look pretty,” Jan said as he exited the room and took a seat on a
bench outside the door.

Danny blushed. Had it been anyone else he would have been a little
angry. However, he had a strong feeling Jan wouldn’t make fun of him. She
was just trying to make him feel good. It wasn’t until several minutes
later that Danny realized he should have complimented her back. She had
already gotten her makeup on also and looked very pretty. It felt odd to
say it now, so he kept quiet.

As the minutes ticked away and they just sat there, Danny realized what
the girl earlier in the day meant by “hurry up and wait”. About the only
thing they did with the kids at this spot was fit them with shoes.

They weren’t even allowed to talk since Jan, Nancy and a couple other
girls were trying to memorizing lines. The sheets of paper with the lines
on them had been handed out to the appropriate girls right before they got
their makeup done. Since then, the girls had been reciting their lines
over and over again.

Danny was glad he didn’t have any lines. The girls looked concerned
about memorizing the lines properly, but they didn’t seem all that nervous.
Danny knew he would have been a shit load of both.

And God, he was going to be on camera! That thought alone made him feel
like he had to pee. When he first found out about the film he hadn’t been
too nervous. Even Danny knew a sex film with kids was illegal. So, he
figured it would just be something a few people watched. However, he
wasn’t so sure now. They seemed to be putting a lot of effort into this
movie. Hell, he already seen more people on the crew than what he
originally thought might be going to watch the film. Is it possible there
might be hundreds or maybe even thousands that seen it? God, now he did
have to pee.

Danny held it as long as he could. Finally he gave in and asked John if
he could use the toilet. Danny wasn’t the first one to ask this. In fact,
most of the girls had already gone and returned. Danny was just scared to
ask because he had seen John accompany each one of them. And he knew how
much the guy seemed to hate him. The thought of being alone with the guy
was frightening.

To Danny’s surprise, John didn’t do anything too bad while they were in
the bathroom. He did seem to take pleasure, however, in pulling the metal
rod out of Danny’s dick. He took even more pleasure in putting the piece
back on.

After the bathroom break it was back to sitting and waiting again. It
wasn’t like nothing was going on though. His count of adults was now up to
9. While this wasn’t necessarily a ton of people, they seemed to be going
back and forth all the time. Even the lady that had done their makeup was

Danny felt the butterflies in his stomach flapping around when he heard
someone call “Action!” in the far distance. The girls reciting their lines
continued to do so, but lowered their voices considerably.

Apparently they were filming something already. Danny double checked
but all the girls were present. Heaven only knows what they were filming.
Whatever it was it wasn’t lengthy. He heard a “Cut!” less than a minute
later. This was followed shortly by another “Action!”.

Whoever was yelling was either extremely loud or using some kind of
megaphone. The sound was coming from an enclosed room at the far end of
the studio/warehouse. He couldn’t even hear any of the actors, just the
person yelling “Action” and “Cut”. Danny highly doubted that they could
overhear the girls practicing their lines. His guess was that the girls’
reaction was just instinct after so many years of being on the set. But
what did he know? He hadn’t even been in a school play before.

Throughout all of this Danny found himself constantly having to shift
back and forth in his seat. The huge plug up his ass was really
bothersome. He was sure no position would help, but he just couldn’t keep
from moving around anyway. He tried to make these movements covert, but he
was certain most of the girls had noticed.

Danny wasn’t sure, but his best guess was that they ended up sitting
there for at least an hour before someone came to get them. By then, the
girls had recited their lines so many times that Danny even had them

Danny’s eyes popped open in amazement when they reached the set. It was
the most bazaar thing he had ever seen. If you turned one direction you
seen nothing but the cameras and the rest of an ugly room. Yet, when you
turned toward the set you seen a completely different world.

This particular set consisted of 3 rooms. One looked like an office and
another a storage room. Sandwiched between these rooms, however, was a
considerably bigger one that looked like a school room. The school room
had 3 walls that were so genuine looking that Danny felt like if he were to
go to one of the windows and open the blinds he might actually see a play
yard or something.

A ton of work had gone into this set. Danny doubted that they were
using this set just for this one movie. They must use it on many movies.

They no more than entered the area when someone on the set started
calling off names. Danny quickly recognized it to be the woman that did
their makeup. There were a bunch of school desks on the set and she was
walking up to each one and calling off a name. This clearly was their
sitting arrangement. Danny was pleased to find that he was put near the
back of the room.

“Don’t forget his… thing,” Jan whispered to the woman as Danny

Like John, the woman didn’t like being talked to by the kids. She
especially didn’t like one of them telling her how to do her job. However,
just like John, the woman knew Jan was off limits, at least for minor
infractions like this. So, she only gave Jan a stern look and then
approached Danny. Danny sighed in relief when the woman got out a key and
work on his cock cage.

“Now get to your seat,” she said once the cage was removed.

Danny rushed to his seat. However, he couldn’t help but rub his sore
dick as he did so. Rubbing it didn’t do much good though. If anything it
made it feel worse.

Danny felt really nervous about being on the set. However, the one nice
thing was that their desks were facing away from the cameras at a 90 degree
angle. When he looked up all he seen was the teachers desk. Behind that
was the school wall with a chalkboard on it. Danny almost laughed when he
seen an ABC chart hung on the wall above the chalkboard. What were they
supposed to be, kindergarteners?

As they waited, Danny noticed most of the girls seemed to actually be
ecstatic about being on the set. This confused him a bit. Were they being
held as slaves or weren’t they? Then Danny remembered how long they have
been living this life. For some, this may be all they remembered ever
doing. Or at least it probably seemed that way to them. Of course, being
on set also meant they were one step closer to having the movie over with.
This thought actually almost made Danny smile himself.

“You’re in school listening to the teacher,” a loud voice announced.

Danny immediately turned his head and looked in the direction of the
loud voice.

“Oh, for fucks sake… Cut!” the voice yelled. “Eyes front! Action!”

Danny kept his eyes toward the teachers desk this time. It felt odd
though since there wasn’t anyone standing there. He seen most of the girls
taking notes in the notebooks they each had so Danny decided he should do
the same. No one yelled at him when he did, so he guessed he did the right

This went on for about 1 minute before the guy yelled, “Cut!” again.
Once this happened a guy came up on the set and went to Jan and talked to
her briefly. Then he went to Debby. As Danny predicted, Nancy was next.
Then of course it was his turn.

“We are going to get some close-ups now,” the guy informed him. “Just
pretend the camera is not there and keep writing in your notebook. Open
your notebook now and write this down… ‘The teacher has a really nice
cock. I wish I could play with it.’

“When Steve calls action I want you to keep writing that over and over
again,” the guy said. “If you want you can adlib a little and write other
things about the teachers cock. But writing those two sentences over and
over will work just fine.”

It wasn’t until this moment that it really dawned on Danny what was
going on. He, Jan, Debby and Nancy were the “stars” of this particular
film. It explained the close-ups and it certainly explained the dildos
earlier. He felt like an idiot for not realizing it until now.

Danny wasn’t an idiot though. He knew damn well they wouldn’t have
brought him here if they didn’t plan to do sex scenes with him. What
really surprised him was that they were only using him and 3 other girls in
this manner. In this movie anyway.

Danny felt very self conscious as the camera man came in close to him.
He tried his best to act normal and not blush, but it was hard. Especially
knowing the people watching the video would be reading what he was writing
in his notebook.

After this, there were dozens of other “shots” in the school room that
didn’t include any kind of sex. Danny tried but he couldn’t make heads or
tails out of the plot. None of the scenes seemed to fit together. It was
like they were jumping back and forth in time at random. Each scene itself
made some sense on it’s own, but just didn’t flow right with the others.

The first sex scene didn’t come until almost 2 hours later. While the
kids were supposed to be outside on the playground, the teacher had one of
them, “Debby”, in a back store room fucking her. This set was attached to
the school room set. They didn’t even need to move anything to film it.

As he watched the scene, Danny was glad that they had removed his cock
cage. Watching Debby get so thoroughly fucked made Danny’s dick get really
hard. He felt real guilty about getting aroused while watching, but he
just couldn’t help it.

The next sex scene included Jan and two guys. This set was attached to
the other side of the school room set and again nothing needed to be moved
to film it. This set was clearly the principal’s office. The scene was
basically the teacher bringing Jan to the principal for punishment. Danny
almost envied Jan as he watched her do the scene. She looked so
comfortable in front of the camera and did such a good job. She had
several lines in the scene and didn’t mess up a single one. Of course, it
wasn’t long and the scene went from acting to just hardcore porn.

Jan turned out to be even better at fucking than she was at acting. She
handled both of the men like she had done it a thousand times before.
Danny then realized that maybe she actually had done this a thousand times

When they called Danny’s name for his scene, he immediately asked if he
could use the bathroom.

“John!” Steve yelled and John quickly approached. “When is the last
time you took this girl to the bathroom?”

“I’ll take her now,” John said as he grabbed Danny’s hand and rushed him
out a door and down a hall.

As he rushed Danny down the hall, John thought about what he would do to
the little bastard if he could. John knew he would be in deep shit though
if he did any of them. John was the most junior person right now. So, he
just took Danny to the bathroom and let him do his business. Then he
rushed him back to the set where everyone was waiting.

As he walked onto the set again, Danny already had a good idea of where
they were going to position him. Sure enough, they had him crawl under the
teacher’s desk. One of the prior short scenes had included the teacher
flirting with Danny and then ordering him under the desk before all the
other kids returned. In this scene, he apparently was now under the desk
and all the kids were back in their seats working on an assignment.

At first, Danny felt rather comfortable and safe. He was under this
desk where no one could see him. However, as he knelt under the desk with
the “teacher’s” legs in front of him, he heard the director yell,
“Action!”. A few seconds later Danny looked up to see the camera man taking
position. Then, on the other side he seen a sound guy. The light on the
camera then turned on and his little sanctuary basically turned into a
miniature movie set. To make matters worse, Danny knew that everything the
camera seen was being broadcast to a large monitor just 20 feet away. The
monitor was for Steve, the director, but everyone could see it.

Danny didn’t know what they wanted him to do so he did nothing. He just
knelt there and waited. They made him wait a long time too. The longer he
waited the more scared and self conscious he became. It wasn’t long and he
felt tears running down his cheeks. He thought for sure that Steve was
going to yell, “Cut!” again. But he didn’t.

A minute after Danny started crying, the teacher finally started moving.
He pulled his chair back a foot or so and unzipped his pants. A second
later he was pulling his dick out. The teacher motioned for him to move to
his dick, but Danny was too scared to move.

The teacher didn’t persist though. He stopped motioning and Danny then
heard him opening one of the desk’s drawers. A second later a metal chain
came into view. Danny tried to back away as the teacher reached under the
desk with it. Danny was enclosed on the other 3 sides and there wasn’t
anywhere to do.

At first Danny didn’t know what the chain was for. As it got closer,
however, he realized that the chain formed a noose of some kind on one end.
Before Danny could think of what to do the noose was already over his head
and around his neck.

The teacher then sat back up in his chair and motioned for Danny again.
When Danny didn’t move this time the teacher pulled on the other end of the
chain. There was a sound of metal rubbing against metal and then Danny
suddenly found his air supply being cut off. It was a choke chain! Danny
didn’t know the official name of it but he sure as hell now knew what it’s
purpose was.

The teacher didn’t have to hold the chain tight for long. Less than 5
seconds later Danny was crawling forward toward the exposed dick. As he
started sucking it, Danny wondered why he had resisted to begin with. The
cock was a good 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. But that was small
compared to what he knew he was capable of sucking. Besides, with his face
now buried in the guy’s lap Danny didn’t have to look at the camera. He
could still feel it looking at him though.

Every once in awhile, in the corner of his eye, Danny would see the
sound guy hold up a picture. Danny would then take a quick glance at it.
They were close up pictures of a girl giving a blowjob. Danny didn’t need
to be told what the pictures were for. It was obvious that he was supposed
to immolate them.

There weren’t a lot of photos. Five to be exact. However, some of them
got used more than once. One photo was just the girl deep throating the
dick. Another showed her slapping the dick against her face.

The oddest one showed her using the dick like a toothbrush or something.
She had the dick lodged between her teeth and cheek. It was a tight fit
but Danny managed to pull it off.

The last two photos were done in quick sequence. One showed the girl
licking at the end of the dick while she masturbated it with her hands.
Then final one showed her aiming it at her open mouth as the guy shot his

As he glanced at the final photo, Danny suddenly realized why the girl
looked so familiar. It was Jan. Or at least a very young version of her.
The girl in the photo was only 9 or 10 at the oldest. Danny wondered if
Jan had actually been doing this that long or if the girl was maybe her
younger sister.

Danny didn’t have long to contemplate all of this. Not long after that
last photo was shown the teacher started to cum. Danny blushed under the
camera’s gaze, but remembered to open his mouth wide and accept the load.

Almost all of the cum shot directly into his mouth. Danny held his
mouth open like that for several seconds after the teacher stopped cumming.
He didn’t know what they wanted him to do with the cum so he did what he
had been taught during his captivity. He closed his mouth and swallowed.
He then used his fingers to scoop up the portion that was running down his
chin and neck and swallowed that also. Next he leaned forward and sucked
the dripping dick back into his mouth and sucked as much cum out of it as
he could.

Once he was positive he had cleaned everything up Danny finished by
licking his lips. As he did so, Danny noticed for the first time that his
new lipstick was strawberry flavored. Well, actually it was now strawberry
and cum flavored.


Danny was blushing profusely as he crawled out from under the desk.
When he finally stood he heard someone clapping. He turned and seen it was
Steve. A second later all of the girls and even the crew started clapping
as well. It took Danny a moment to realize they were clapping for him.

“Great job kid,” Steve said.

None of the other kids had gotten any applause like this and Danny
wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. He thought about bowing but knew
they would expect him to curtsy like a girl and he didn’t want to do that.
He wasn’t sure if he would get into trouble for bowing instead, so he
decided to do nothing. He just walk off the set and toward his seat.

As he got closer to his seat, several of the crew complimented him.
Only one or two seemed sincere though. The others just seemed to be going
through the actions. Danny could tell they were just immolating the
director’s actions. He had seen this happen several times already. It
seemed that whenever Steve got happy, everyone got happy. And when Steve
got sad, everyone started making excuses and blaming each other.

Several of the girls seemed impressed. Most of the comments were
basically that he did great for a first timer. While this wasn’t exactly
the same as saying he “was great”, Danny was still a little proud, if not
slightly more embarrassed.

Danny was not surprised that Nancy didn’t clap or give compliments.
However, he was concerned when he seen Jan not only didn’t give compliments
but wasn’t even smiling. At first he was afraid she might be upset that he
got such praise yet she had gotten virtually none. After all, her
performance was a thousand times better than his. As he looked at her,
however, he got the distinct feeling she wasn’t sad for herself but for

Had he made a mistake in doing such a good performance? He didn’t
really have a choice but to do his best, did he? Wouldn’t they have
punished him had he done a poor job? Danny wanted to ask Jan these and
many other questions. He was scared of the answers though.

Danny told himself that he would try to do a worse job on the next
performance. Even as he made this promise, Danny already knew he wouldn’t
follow through. He had made similar promises many times while he was being
held captive in the RV. However, when the time came to perform his will
power to resist always completely disappeared. Just like it had just
minutes ago under the teacher’s desk. He didn’t want to swallow that cum
or lick the remaining mess up, but he just couldn’t stop himself. He was
taught that this was the proper thing a “slut like him” did. Going against
that… well, it just wasn’t an option for him. He didn’t know why it
wasn’t, it just wasn’t.

The next couple hours were boring as hell for Danny. There were still
scenes going on but he wasn’t in any of them. Plus, none of them were sex
scenes. Not hardcore anyway. They were just this girl chatting with that
girl; the teacher speaking with the principal; etc.

In between these scenes Danny would hear Steve asking if Bull was there
yet. One of the girls informed Danny that he was going to be doing a scene
with Bull. Danny had kind of figured this out already from John’s comments
earlier, but now he had confirmation. The girl also confirmed that Bull
had a very large dick. She explained this right after she seen Danny
fidgeting because of the butt plug.

“Once you see how big Bull is you will thank them for stretching you out
with that butt plug,” she said.

Danny knew what it was like to be fucked by a huge dick and wasn’t
looking forward to this scene one bit. However, he was starting to get his
hopes up that his costar was going to be a “no show”.

“John! Go track the asshole down,” Steve shouted. “Everyone else,
let’s move on to the next scene.”

Apparently they had planned to put Danny in back to back sex scenes,
because this next scene included him also. Like the other sex scenes,
Steve rattled off quick instructions as the actors got into place. And
like the other times, Danny only understood half of what the guy was
saying. Steve just used way too many acronyms and other technical jargon.

For this scene, all Danny could make out was that he and Nancy had snuck
away from the classroom and were going to fuck in the storage room. Danny
smiled at Nancy when he heard he was going to get to fuck the girl up the
ass. The girl really deserved it. His smile got wider when he heard that
right after he came in her ass, the teacher would come in and catch them.
Then, he would fuck her in the ass also.

Danny was still scared to be in front of the cameras, but it would be
worth it to see this girl get what she deserves. Danny’s smile then
disappeared as he thought about this. He realized that he was starting to
think of Nancy probably no differently than all these men thought of him
and all the other kids. Nancy may be a bitch but she didn’t ask for this
life any more than he did.

“Enjoy it while you can,” Nancy said right before the scene started.

Danny wasn’t sure what she meant, but it sure as hell sounded ominous.
He hoped that she was just talking about the potential future scene with

The scene was pretty simple. Nancy had one line but basically they just
walked into the room and started making out. Danny was glad that they had
told him to just follow Nancy’s lead. While in captivity he had to kiss
his sister a ton, but it was never done naturally. He had no clue what a
real “make out” session was supposed to be like. As it turned out, it
wasn’t as difficult as he thought it was going to be. It was just a bunch
of kissing and feeling each other up.

“Cut!” Steve suddenly yelled right when the two were starting to get
serious. “John! Why does this girl still have a plug in?!”

There was no reply of course since John was off looking for Bull. Steve
never expected answers to most of his questions though. He just expected
someone to fix the problem, not give excuses. Steve didn’t acknowledge the
fact that he had just spoken to someone that wasn’t present. He just
waited as another crew member ran onto the set and helped Danny remove his

“Oh!” Danny grunted as the large plug slid out of his asshole.

The plug had been churning Danny’s guts for the past few hours and he
was more than delighted to be rid of it. It had been stretching him so
long that his ass ring actually felt numb. He also felt extremely hallow
inside as well.

Danny blushed once the plug was removed and the makeup lady approached
and started working on his ass. First she ran something wet through his
crack and then dried it off. He thought she was done but she wasn’t. Next
he felt her fingers on the ring of his asshole.

Danny knew from experience that after something big was up his ass his
ass ring became a little puffy. It took him a second to realize she was
gently massaging the puffy parts and help make them subside. He still
couldn’t feel much down there, but what he did feel seemed rather soothing.

“Good girl,” the lady whispered several times as she did this.

It sounded like the comments were designed to keep him calm while she
did her job. However, all they seemed to accomplish was to embarrass Danny
further. Danny was surprised at how long she took. Danny knew how
impatient Steve was. Yet, this lady spent over 3 minutes massaging his
asshole. Danny could feel everyone’s eyes on him and those 3 minutes
seemed almost like 3 hours.

“There we go sweetie, good as new,” she said as she backed away.

The lady had barely gotten off the set when Danny heard Steve yell,
“Action!”, again. Nancy immediately started kissing him again and it
wasn’t long before they were going at it heavy again. As Danny’s skirt was
raised again he realized that this might actually be the first time in the
movie that any of the viewers would see that he was actually a boy and not
a girl. He wondered if this scene would be the first to appear in the
movie or one of the last.

Danny didn’t really care about the logistics of the movie. However,
thinking about it did help him forget his stage fright. As Nancy got his
skirt up and touched his dick, Danny noted that his dick apparently had
already forgotten about the stage fright.

“Nice dick,” Nancy said as he massaged it.

He knew the comment was just for the cameras, but it still made him feel
proud. It also made him feel like a boy for a change. Everyone referring
to him as a girl and making him wear girl clothes and makeup was really
bugging him. It was nice for someone to finally acknowledge that he had a

He was proud of the size of his dick also. It was around 7 inches long
and at least 1.5 inches thick. Sometimes while on the beach Danny would
see a boy his age with an erection under their bathing suit. Danny could
easily tell that his own dick was much larger than all these other boys.
Still, he had to admit that it wasn’t that big in comparison to all the
actors in the film so far.

After saying this, Nancy slowly slid down and started sucking his dick.
As the camera came in, Danny realized why the woman had been so concerned
about making his anus look normal again. During most of the blowjob, the
camera was less than a foot away at times. It no doubt was picking up
every little imperfection he might have.

Danny blushed a few minutes later when Nancy slowly licked her way down
his dick, across his balls and then started rimming him. Now this really
explained why the lady had spent so much time down there.

Nancy only rimmed him for a couple minutes before she slid back up his
body. She grinned as she leaned in to give him a big kiss and a taste of
his own asshole. Danny thought that if she actually knew some of the
things that had happened to him in the RV then Nancy would have realized
how little this act grossed him out.

Of course, he would never tell her about the RV. Susan had shared those
experiences and Danny didn’t even talk to her about it. Or at least he
didn’t think he did. It was hard for him to understand why, but whenever
the subject of the RV was brought up Danny would kind of black out.

The first time it happened he thought he had actually passed out. It
was morning and he remembered Susan starting to talk to him about it.
Then, the next thing he knew it was the next day already and he was waking
up in his bed. Susan swore though that he hadn’t passed out and had even
gone the entire day doing this and that. She did admit, however, that he
seemed a bit like a zombie that day.

Gradually, memories of the day came back to him, but they didn’t really
feel like his memories. It was as though he had watched the day on TV or
something. Luckily, the subject of the RV wasn’t brought up much after
that day.

Danny had 3 black outs total since their release. He knew for a fact
that the subject of the RV had caused two of those black outs. He wasn’t
sure about the third and Susan refused to answer when he asked about it.
He didn’t blame her, if it was an RV discussion that caused it then she
couldn’t really say much about it without him risking blacking out yet

After the kiss, Nancy laid back, spread her legs and flipped her skirt
up. Danny knew what was required. This was one of the few things Steve
hadn’t used an acronym for. He was supposed to, “eat her cunt”.

They didn’t have to explain what that meant. Thanks to the RV, he knew
this act by many names. Muff diving, carpet munching, going down, eating
box, you name it. Okay, maybe not all of those came from the RV. A few he
kind of picked up on the school grounds.

“Holy shit!” Nancy gasped when Danny started to lick her. “Are you sure
you aren’t a girl?”

Danny had no clue what she meant by that. Therefore, he also had no
clue if she was complimenting or just making fun of him. At first he
guessed she was making fun. However, after a minute he could tell she was
getting really aroused. Then, she started getting very energetic.

While Danny was certain she was over exaggerating for the camera, there
was no doubt that her climax was real. When the climax peaked her strength
seemed to almost triple. For a second Danny thought she was going to rip
his head off as she smothered him in her cunt.

“Swallow my cum bitch!”

Nancy was shouting all kinds of obscenities like this. She didn’t give
him much choice but to obey these commands either. Nancy squirted a lot of
cum but Danny didn’t really mind drinking it. It was a thousand times
better than drinking a guy’s cum.

When Nancy finally let go, Danny lifted his head and looked up at her
face. He expected to see a smug smile on her face after having made him
drink her cum. Instead, she had this dreamy look. She almost looked like
she was glowing.

They only looked into each other’s eyes for a couple seconds before
Nancy snapped out of it and started getting them into their next position.
They went straight to the anal portion. Nancy first got onto her hands and
knees and then lowered her face and shoulders to the tiled floor.

Danny half expected Nancy to order him to eat her ass. It definitely
would be something she would do. Instead, she just begged him to fuck her
ass. Nancy groaned when he sunk into her. However, considering some of
the actors he had seen, Danny was pretty sure the girl was used to much
bigger cocks. The groan was probably just for the camera.

Despite the soreness from the cock cage, Danny felt like cumming the
second he got inside Nancy’s ass. He knew Steve would get mad though if he
did. He wasn’t supposed to cum until the sound guy gave him a thumbs up.

As Danny drilled Nancy’s ass, he wished he had asked questions earlier.
For example, Steve said that Danny was to “cream pie Nancy’s asshole”. He
had no idea what that meant. At the time he was scared he would get into
trouble if he asked questions. Now that the camera was rolling he realized
he would no doubt get into much worse trouble if he didn’t perform
correctly. No one was yelling at him so he guessed he hadn’t screwed
anything up yet.

It did help though that Nancy was giving subtle directions to him. She
was telling him how hard and deep to fuck her, what angles to take, etc.
She of course made it sound like they were just random words of passion.
Danny had to admit she was rather good at it also. He clearly wasn’t the
first kid she had to direct like this.

Minutes seemed like hours as Danny waited for the sound guy to give him
the thumbs up. He felt like he was going to cum a river any second. When
he finally got the thumbs up Danny pulled his dick out of Nancy’s asshole
and started jacking on it like he had seen the other actors do with Debby
and Jan.

“God, I want to feel your cum inside my asshole,” Nancy moaned.

Danny was pretty far gone but he was able to decipher what Nancy was
saying. These weren’t just random words. She wanted him to shoot his cum
inside and not on her like the actors had done to the other girls. Danny’s
first wad shot out onto Nancy’s ass and back, but he managed to force his
dick back inside before he wasted the rest of it. Danny held Nancy’s ass
tight and spasmed deep inside her a half dozen times before he finally
calmed down.

After a moment, Nancy slowly crawled forward several inches until
Danny’s dick popped out of her ass. The camera then came in for an extreme
close up of her ass. Danny wasn’t sure at first what they were trying to
capture. But then he seen Nancy forcing some of his come out of her ass.
She let it slowly drizzle out until she felt the stream of cum run down the
slit of her cunt and start to drip to the floor.

“What the fuck is going on here!”

Danny twirled around in fright when he heard the voice. He knew they
were supposed to get caught by a teacher but it still scared the living
shit out of him. Danny knew the guy was acting but he looked and sounded
so angry.

“I can’t believe you’re a fucking boy!” the teacher yelled. “You have
been in my class for two weeks now! Are you trying to get me into trouble?
They will have my ass if they find out I had a boy in my class for this
long without noticing.”

This was the same teacher Danny had sucked under the desk earlier, so
his guess was that the scene they were doing now would be shown in the
movie prior to the desk scene. As he briefly thought about this, the guy
walked over and slapped him across the face. The slap wasn’t that hard but
the shock of it made Danny start to cry.

“I don’t know, maybe you really are a girl,” the teacher said as he
looked down at Danny. “You sure as hell cry like one.”

Danny cowered and raised his hand to protect his face as the guy leaned
down toward him. The guy didn’t hit him again though. Instead he grabbed
a hand full of Danny’s hair and drug him toward Nancy.

“If you are going to be in my class then you will need to learn
everything they do,” the guy growled as he got Danny into a kneeling
position next to Nancy. “We are going to start with a little ATM 101.”

A second later Nancy let out a loud grunt as the guy quickly buried his
dick up her asshole. Danny was pretty sure Nancy didn’t fake this grunt.
It was a brutal insertion and the guy was much thicker than Danny.

“Suck it clean,” the guy growled after he pumped Nancy’s ass a few times
and then pulled out.

“B..but I just came in there.”

Danny knew how silly it sounded before he even finished saying it. The
guy hadn’t really just stumbled in on them. He knew damn well that Danny
had just cum in Nancy’s asshole. Besides, it wasn’t like Danny hadn’t
licked up much worse in the past.

Danny continued to cry as he leaned in and started to suck the slimy
dick clean. Sperm and ass juice with a dash of tears… it wasn’t the
first time he tasted this recipe.

He barely got it clean when the guy pulled the cock out of Danny’s mouth
and shoved it back up Nancy’s asshole. He drilled her ass a few more times
and then pulled out again. Then it was back to Danny’s mouth.

“Good girl,” the guy said as Danny obediently sucked the slime off the
dick. “I think you are definitely getting an A plus in ATM 101.”

As the guy pulled the dick out of his mouth and shoved it back up
Nancy’s asshole yet again, Danny remembered Steve mentioning ATM earlier.
Now Danny was pretty sure he knew what it meant. Even if he still hadn’t
figured out what the acronym stood for.

While Danny had performed this act before in the RV, he found it much
more degrading and embarrassing now. Not only was he performing it in
front of a bunch of strangers, but they were even filming it.

The sloppy dick went back and forth from Nancy’s ass to Danny’s mouth at
least 20 times before the guy finally came. By this time he had Danny all
the way against Nancy with Danny’s head angled and resting on her ass.

When the guy came he pulled his dick out of Nancy’s ass and let his
first couple wads shoot right into Danny’s face. The first wad hit Danny’s
left cheek, which was facing upward. The second wad went right into his
mouth. The guy then shoved his dick back into Nancy’s asshole and finished
off there.

After pulling out he fed it back into Danny’s mouth so he could clean
it. The guy then used the tip of his dick to gather the cum that had landed
on Danny’s cheek. He maneuvered the pool of cum until all of it was in the
boy’s mouth.

“Don’t just sit there,” the guy growled after he back away. “Class
starts in few minutes. Get down there and clean her up.”

The tears started to flow down Danny’s face again as he crawled around
and started to lick the dripping cum off Nancy’s cunt and asshole. It was
just so horrible that they would film this. The guy even made Danny tongue
and suck on Nancy’s asshole for over 5 minutes before the scene finally

“Finger licking good isn’t it?” Nancy said with a smug smile as they
left the set.

The makeup lady met them at the edge of the set and escorted them back
to the prep room so they could get cleaned up. Nancy got to take an actual
shower, but Danny wasn’t. The lady just combed his hair and fixed his
berets. Danny groaned when Nancy told him to get back on number nine while
they waited for Nancy.

The number nine dildo hurt his ass, but he mainly was concerned that
they had finally found Bull. Plus, he knew Nancy would take her sweet ass
time if she knew he was having to fuck that dildo while he waited.

Sure enough, Nancy spent almost 20 minutes in the shower. To make
matters worse, the makeup lady kept toying with his dick as he rode the
huge dildo. She didn’t say anything though. She would just reach out and
pet his hard dick from time to time as she watched him struggle with the

When Nancy finally got out of the shower, Danny noticed that the lady
didn’t bother fixing up Nancy’s hair or makeup. This told him that she was
probably done for the day, possibly even for the month.

Before heading back to the set, the lady made Danny bend over so she
would work on his ass again. It was the same exact procedure as before.
Wash, dry and then massage. He was pleased that they at least weren’t
making him wear the cock cage or plug.

When they got back Danny looked around and didn’t see John anywhere.
This was good news. After that it was just back to watching one short
boring scene after another. Every once in awhile they would even repeat
one several times.

Right when Danny thought they might be getting ready to call it a day,
John walked in. Behind him was a very large man. No one said his name,
but Danny knew this had to be Bull.

“It’s about fucking time!” Steve said when the guy walked in.

Bull just ignored the comment and walked toward the set.

“Let’s hurry this up, I have things to do,” Bull said as he walked onto
the classroom set.

Danny could understand Steve’s aggravation. Bull keeps everyone waiting
for hours and then demands that they hurry up now that he was here. What
an asshole.

Steve was thinking the same thing. Steve and Lou often talked about
getting rid of the guy. However, the discussions always ended with, “…
but he has a great cock.” Finding someone else with a cock that big was
near impossible. Sure, there were several guys in the porn business with
cocks that big, but none of them wanted to have anything to do with kiddy

For these porn stars, it was more a business decision than it was a
moral issue. Once they did a kiddy porn they would never be able to do
regular porn again. Plus, it wouldn’t be hard for the cops to track them
down. Other actors could disguise themselves with wigs and shit and get
away with that, but you can’t disguise a dick that big. Not when half the
world has already seen it in normal porn films.

Steve knew the only reason Bull worked with them was because he liked
fucking kids more than he liked money. Not that he didn’t ask for a ton of
money also. Despite how much they paid him, the guy still could have
easily made 10 times as much in the legit market. That said, they did
sweeten the pot by letting him “visit” the kids off set. He couldn’t leave
with any of them of course, but he could visit and fuck them as often as he

This wasn’t necessarily as great a deal for Steve and Lou as it might
sound. Each time Bull stuck his dick into a kid they usually couldn’t use
that kid in a film for several days, if not weeks. Thankfully, Bull
preferred boys to girls. Plus, he often used just one boy for months on
end before he would get tired of them and pick another. Still, the guy
would randomly pick a girl from time to time also.

His on set behavior was just as bad. In addition to the obvious prima
Donna attitude, Bull would sometimes get on set and refuse to work with a
kid and select another one instead. This of course would often force them
to change that kid’s role in the movie, which would mean reshooting half
the scenes again.

Lastly, you always had to work around Bull’s schedule. This week was a
good example. When they acquired Danny they knew they just had to have at
least one scene with Bull and the boy. However, they wanted to do that
scene on Danny’s last day with them, not the first. Otherwise they risked
putting Danny out of commission for the rest of the week. Well, out of
commission for anal sex anyway. However, Bull said he would do it today…
period. There was no negotiating with him.

Bottom line, once he tallied it all up, Steve estimated that the guy was
costing them more than all the other actors put together. But man, what a

“I hope you like cock kid,” Bull said with a smile once Danny was on the
set with him.

Danny blushed at the comment. He was more scared than embarrassed
though. This guy was huge. He looked like he spent every waking minute in
the gym working out. Even his muscles looked like they had muscles. Danny
could also clearly see the outline of the guy’s huge cock through the sweat
pants he was wearing.

Bull was supposed to be playing the part of a guidance councilor.
However, he showed up in sweats and a tank top. They already knew he
wouldn’t change if they asked him, so they didn’t bother. Instead, someone
grabbed a coach’s whistle, put it around Bull’s neck and bam, he was now
the gym teacher.

“Bull, you are the gym teacher and Denise’s instructor owed you a favor
so he said you could come fuck one of his students,” Steve said. That
wasn’t the actual plot, but it was the simplest thing he could think of
that wouldn’t require reshooting half of the scenes.

“Action!” Bull said.

“Action!” Steve repeated a second later. Bull might be their prime
actor but only Steve got to order the camera crew.

Bull immediately walked over to the teachers desk and pushed everything
off it. He then got a good grip on it with one hand and gave it a big
shove. The desk had to weigh at least 150 to 200 pounds but it still slid
half way across the room on the hard wood floor.

Danny took several steps backward in shock and fear when he seen the
desk sliding across the floor and violently plowing several of the empty
kid’s desks out of the way. Danny had never seen such a great show of
strength before.

“Get over here kid!” Bull said as he walked to the desk’s new position.

Danny almost peed himself when he heard the guy command him. Even his
voice sounded strong. Danny wanted to turn and run away, but he didn’t
dare. The last thing he wanted to do was piss this guy off.

He was shivering in fear, but Danny managed to force his feet to carry
him to the desk. Once he was in reach, Bull quickly grabbed him and sat
the boy on the desk.

“Well, what do we got here?” Bull said as he flipped the skirt up and
exposed Danny’s hard dick. “You’re one horny little slut aren’t you?”

Danny hadn’t even realized he still had a hard on. He sure as hell
didn’t know why either. He definitely didn’t feel horny right now. All he
felt was raw fear.

“Play with that thing for me,” Bull commanded.

Danny just sat there frozen.

“You better do what you are told little girl,” Bull growled. “I didn’t
wear a belt today, but I bet I could easily find one.”

It took a lot of effort to get his body under control again, but Danny
managed to reach down and start jacking on his dick.

“Good girl,” Bull said as he removed his own clothes.

Bull removed his tank top first. When he pulled his sweats down, Danny
froze again for an instant. There in front of him was the largest dick he
had ever seen. It was even bigger than the guy who had abducted him. And
that was saying a lot.

It had to be at least a foot long and 3.5 inches thick. Danny swallowed
hard when he thought about what Bull was going to do with it. It didn’t
require a lot of guess work. There was only one hole on Danny that huge
thing would ever fit in.

As he masturbated himself and stared at the huge dick, Danny realized
that it looked just like the number 9 dildo he had been made to squat on
earlier. While it was comforting to know that there was room inside
himself to accommodate the large object, Danny still knew there was a big
difference between fucking yourself with a dildo and some guy fucking you
with his dick. You had control over the dildo. He would have zero control
over Bull.

As Danny continued to play with his own dick, Bull reached down and slid
one of his huge fingers up Danny’s asshole. He then started wiggling it
around against the boy’s prostate.

“Oh!” Danny said in surprise when he felt the finger moving.

It wasn’t long and Danny was biting his lower lip hard trying not to

“Show me how much cum that clit or yours will squirt,” Bull said when he
seen the boy on the verge of loosing control.

As Danny began to cum, Bull pushed the boy’s hand out of the way and
grabbed the spurting dick. He then angled it so that the boy’s load shot
all over Bull’s much bigger dick.

“Good girl,” Bull said as Danny came down from his massive climax. “Now
spread it all over my dick.”

Danny gave Bull a puzzled look but did what he was told. No one had
ever asked him to do this before. It seemed, well, kind of gay. Not that
what they didn’t just do wasn’t equally gay.

“If there are two things I dislike it is a dry fuck and a girl that is
enjoying my dick too much,” Bull informed him. “Both of those problems are
solved now that you’ve cum on my dick.”

Danny was still processing what Bull said when suddenly he felt himself
flipped in the air almost like a pancake. His knees landed hard on the oak
desk. The pain hadn’t even registered yet when he felt himself being
pushed downward. Danny’s knees were forced outward more and more until
Bull’s dick lined up with his asshole.

“Ahhh!” Danny shouted in both surprise and pain as Bull’s huge dick
suddenly shot up his asshole.

It wasn’t a partial insertion either. Bull drove the entire length up
the boy’s tunnel. He held it there for almost a minute while he enjoyed
the boy’s anal spasms. The room then filled with Danny’s loud grunts as
Bull started brutally fucking the boy’s ass. Mixed with the grunts were
loud slapping sounds as Bull’s hips smashed into Danny’s butt cheeks.

The fuck was rather painful for Danny. The closest thing to pleasure
for him was when Bull’s nuts would swing between his legs and slap Danny’s
dick and balls. Slap. Slap. Slap. At first Danny barely noticed his
private parts being hit by the huge nuts. However, once his ass adjusted a
little to the huge dick, Danny started feeling more and more pleasure from
that slapping.

Danny blushed when he realized he was hard again already. He knew the
camera was back there capturing it all also. He didn’t want this brutal
fuck to excite him. How could he? He wasn’t gay. Yet, somehow it did.

The fuck seemed to go on forever. Danny prayed that Bull would cum
soon. The pain was tolerable now; however, Danny would just die of
embarrassment if he came while this guy fucked him like this.

Danny thought he was in the clear when 20 minutes later he heard Bull
announce that he was cumming. However, when Danny felt that huge stream of
boiling cum shoot up his ass it drove him over the edge and he started
spasming also. Danny was still shooting his load on the desk when Bull
pulled his dick out and shot his last few spurts onto Danny’s ass and back.

When Bull let go of Danny’s hips, the boy dropped to his stomach in
exhaustion. Danny could feel himself laying in his own cum but he didn’t
care. He was too tired to care. A second later Bull’s dick slapped
against Danny’s cheek. Danny didn’t need to be told what to do. He turned
his head and started licking it clean.

— continued “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone
such activities in real life. Also, I do not recommend that you try
duplicating anything mentioned in my stories; even if you are doing them
legally. I try to keep most of the activities semi realistic, however,
many of these things can and probably would cause severe damage.

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Robert’s Legacy (part 2) Robert 9_1 (Hansel and Gretel’s Home Life)

Susan and Danny thought their bondage and abuse was over when Robert and
Linda let them go free. However, they quickly find there is more than one
kind of bondage and oh so many types of abuse in this world. While I wrote
this story to stand alone, you will probably enjoy it more if you read
“Robert’s Hansel and Gretel” (Robert7_1.txt) first.

The following web address has links to all my stories:

(ped, mF, mf, mM, inc, nc, toys, cock torture)

There is also very minor ws, best, enem, and misc other. Codes are for
the entire story, not necessarily just this section of it.

By The Devil’s Advocate

Feedback can be sent to


Susan’s face lit up six days later when she seen Danny walk in the door.
She had been on the verge of going insane at the thought of Danny never
coming back home. The only thing worse than having him at home where she
could witness his abuse was if she had to go the rest of her life without
ever seeing him again. Yet, still know he was out there somewhere being

Susan wasn’t sure she could go on living if that were to happen.
Especially if life continued like the prior 7 days.

Her mind barely survived that first night with that horrible fat man.
He ended up fucking her two more times before he left. Despite the pain
from his huge dick, Susan felt she was lucky that he actually left her
there. She thought for sure he would take her with him.

When her father got home from work that night, Susan found out that luck
had nothing to do with it. The fat guy left her tied up differently and it
was clear she had been brutally fucked. Yet, her father didn’t even say
anything when he came in. He acted like nothing was out of the ordinary.
This told her that he had arranged the whole thing.

Despite this knowledge, Susan still got that strong sense of security
with him near. The feeling wasn’t as strong, but it was still enough that
she found herself sneaking back into his room that night.

However, the feeling wasn’t strong enough this time to get her to sneak
into his bed. Instead she curled up on the floor next to the bed. That is
until her father ordered her into it. Susan cried as she obeyed.

The tears were more than just disgust for what she knew her father was
going to do to her. She mainly cried because she actually felt even more
secure as his warm flesh touched hers. Even his humiliating kisses made
her feel safer. She still couldn’t believe she could be so weak.

As bad as this day was, the following one was ten times worse. This
time when her father went to work he didn’t tie her up. Instead, he told
her she could come to work with him if she wanted.

At first Susan said, “no”. There was no way she was going to go to the
porn theater/store with her father. However, when she seen him gathering
his keys and heading toward the door, she not only agreed to go but even

Taking Susan to the porn store was a stupid risk. However, Dan spent
the entire prior night thinking of how hot it would be to have his little
girl with him at the porn theater/store. He also spent that time thinking
of ways he could pull it off.

As it turned out, it wasn’t as hard as he thought it was going to be.
The bulk of the store was a large theater. His fantasy was to shove his
daughter naked into the theater and let the guys pass her around for a few
hours. No amount of planning, however, made that fantasy a possibility.
Well, not unless he closed the store and only allowed select customers in.
But even that would raise a ton of red flags and be too risky.

So, Dan decided to go with his backup fantasy. In addition to the
theater there was a row of 6 viewing booths. People bought tokens at the
front counter and then could go into the private booths and watch from a
selection of movies that were constantly playing there. Of course, most
people that used these booths snuck an additional person inside so they
could play together. Dan could see the booths from the front counter, but
he always pretended not to notice.

There were 2 booths, however, that seldom had more than one person in.
That was because there was a hole in the wall between the two booths. This
hole was called a glory hole. A person would get into each booth and one
person would stick their dick through the hole and the other person would
suck it. On slow nights, even Dan would use this glory hole sometimes if
he got too horny from watching the video monitor that showed the porn
currently playing in the theater. Of course, he was never the one that
sucked the dicks… that would be gay.

Anyway, Dan drove Susan to work with him but had her wait in the car.
Most of the customers only came in to use the theater, so it was only 15
minutes before Dan was alone in the main store area. He rushed to the side
door near where he parked and motioned for Susan.

The entire drive to the store Susan kept trying to will herself to ask
her father to stop and let her out. However, she was even more scared of
being outside alone than she was being at home alone.

She was absolutely scared to death as she waited alone in the car. It
didn’t dawn on her till then but this had been the first time she had been
alone outside since before her abduction. She knew the DVD she seen the
other day had caused her recent fear. However, she wondered if maybe deep
down she didn’t already know the fear was hiding inside her. Otherwise,
why would she have stayed inside all this time since her release? She
hadn’t even gone outside by herself to check the mailbox.

Susan was relieved when she seen her father finally open the side door
and motion for her. She looked around but no one could see her. The
parking space was for employees only and was sectioned off from the rest of
the parking spaces with a kind of tall wooden fence.

While she was relieved, Susan also had a lot of other conflicting
emotions as she hurried toward her father. That precious feeling of
security was not without a price. She knew something bad was going to
happen. Hell, just going into a perverted porn store was bad enough. But
she knew something much worse probably awaited her.

Susan assumed her father planned to hide her in a main office. And of
course he would probably come “visit” her several times during his shift.
If not a main office, the worst she could think of was that he would put
her under the customer counter where he would make her suck him off while
he worked. She quickly discovered that their destination was neither of
these places.

Dan hurried Susan about 20 feet inside the building until they reached
one of the booths that had a glory hole in it. He pushed her inside and
then shut it behind him as he left.

Susan didn’t know what to make of the small room. It felt kind of safe
since it was completely enclosed. She even heard her father put a key in
the door and lock it from the outside. She noticed that she could easily
unlock the door from the inside but that was the last thing she wanted to
do. While the little room seemed secure, she still got an eerie feeling as
she listened to all of the porn playing in the background.

Susan’s heart skipped a beat when she heard someone entering the booth
next to hers. She looked that direction and was horrified to see that
there was a large 5-inch round hole in the wall.

Susan guessed that it was probably her father, however, she had no way
of knowing for sure. So, she went to the wall and hid off to the side in
case they happened to look through the hole.

She hid there holding her breath as she intently listened to what the
person might be doing in the booth. It wasn’t until this moment that she
started wondering exactly what the booths were for. When she seen the
monitor and coin slot, she started to get a good idea. It certainly would
explain the strong smell of sperm.

Susan suddenly got a very bad feeling. Sure enough, when she looked
down she seen the floor was covered with several pools of cum. Some of the
pools looked like they were almost dried up while others looked pretty
fresh. Susan guessed that men had been coming into the booth all day and
jacking off on the floor. She prayed that her father hadn’t put her in the
booth in order for her to lick the floor clean.

“I just couldn’t do something that disgusting,” Susan thought to

Even as she thought this she knew she would. She knew that right now
she thought she could never do such a thing and that no one could ever make
her. However, she also knew how her will broke down the second her father
told her to do things. If he ordered her to lick the floor clean she
would. She would lick all the booths clean if that was what he wished. She
especially knew she would obey if he threatened to send her back home
alone. God, she wished she knew what was wrong with herself?

A few seconds after she heard the door open and close next to her, Susan
heard the distinct sound of a zipper. She looked on in horror when a large
cock and balls came through the hole in the wall.

She didn’t need to do much math to figure out what the person wanted.
At first she had no plans to comply. However, as she looked at the cock
she realized that it was indeed her father’s. Or at least she was 90
percent sure it was. It was the same size and shape and even the same
color and length of pubic hair.

The person wasn’t withdrawing their cock either, which told her they
were well aware she was in there. There was one way to make sure. The
skin on her father’s dick was rather dark with the exception of one side
where there was a large lighter patch of skin. Sure enough, when she bent
down to get a closer look she seen the patch of light skin.

Reluctantly, Susan knelt down in front of the hole. Susan was wearing a
short dress and the second her knees hit the floor she realized she had
just knelt in a pool of cum. Her instinct was to jump back up, but it was
already too late. So she stayed in place. When she looked down she seen
that the pool was rather large and almost completely encircled the hole.

Susan put the pool of cum out of her mind the best she could as she
focused on her father’s dick in front of her. She stared at it for a few
seconds and then slowly reached out her hand and started masturbating it.
She knew her father preferred her mouth to her hand so she opened wide and
started sucking on it.

“You’re such a slut,” she heard her father whisper on the other side of
the wall.

Susan felt totally humiliated by the comment. Not because it was so
crude but because she knew he was right. Only a slut would kneel in a pool
of cum and suck their father’s dick while it hung through a hole in the
wall. She knew a good girl would never do such a thing even if you put a
gun to their head.

Her father must have been in a hurry because he finished in her mouth in
record time. She swallowed his cum and kept on sucking until he pulled
away. She held her breath again as he zipped up. She was scared he might
ask her to lick the floor clean now. He didn’t though. He just unlocked
his door and stepped out of the booth. Susan was relieved when she then
heard him lock the other door from the outside.

The first thing Susan did after that was get off her knees. She looked
around but couldn’t find anything to wipe her knees and shins off with.
The best she could come up with was rubbing her knees against one of the
walls. It got most of the thick stuff but still left a lot behind.

After this she sat down in the chair… after making sure it was clean
of course. Then, she waited. There wasn’t anything else to do but wait.
She was startled about 10 minutes later when the monitor in her cubicle
suddenly came on. She hadn’t even touched the controls for the monitor.
She thought it might be on a timer, but then she took the time to read the
sign above the monitor. It stated that for $5 she could pay the cashier to
review any DVD in the store. This meant her father must have control over
the monitors from the front.

Susan’s suspicions were confirmed when the monitor went from just static
to showing an actual image. It was the DVD of their captivity again!

“God, no,” Susan said to herself as the first scene started to play out.

She was just starting to feel like she might be recovering from the last
time her father made her watch the DVD. The fear had still been there but
she just knew it was quickly dissipating. In a matter of days she probably
would have been back to normal. Or at least what she now considered

Thankfully, the monitor’s audio was extremely low. So, Susan quickly
shut her eyes and put her hands over her ears. It didn’t do any good
though. She could still somehow hear it, despite the fact that she knew
her hands should have easily muffled it out. She wasn’t sure if her ears
were actually picking up the sound still or if her mind was putting the
sounds there since she knew the video was playing in front of her.

Susan knew she shouldn’t have tested the theory, but she just had to
know whether she was going insane or not. She swallowed hard, opened her
eyes and then took her hands away from her ears. Her eyes got wide with
panic when she realized the sound she had been hearing wasn’t even close to
being in sync with what was actually coming from the monitor. God, she was
going insane!

Susan didn’t know what to do. If she listened to the actual audio then
the sound in her head went away. However, wouldn’t listening to the actual
sounds make the voices in her head worse? She was in too much shock to
make a logical decision. All she knew for sure was that the thought of
listening to sounds in her head scared her, so she opted to listen to the
real sounds.

As she guessed, that awful feeling of hopeless fear grew as she watched
the video. Her mind was in such shock that she didn’t even remember
opening her eyes to watch it. She had started out with her eyes closed,
then the next thing she knew she discovered her eyes were open and watching

Watching the video of course made the fear worse. However, whenever she
tried to close her eyes she couldn’t. It was as though her captor in the
video was ordering her to keep her eyes open. Just like he had ordered her
to watch the DVD right before he released them from the RV.

“Thank God,” Susan thought to herself when the video stopped and a
minute later she heard the door to the cubicle next to her unlock.

The DVD had been running for almost 20 minutes and she was getting very
afraid of being alone. No, it was more than just that. Without a real
person to hold onto she was starting to loose herself in the video. For
brief moments she would have sworn she was actually back in the RV and the
activities on the DVD were not recordings but taking place real time.

She knew that if her father was entering the adjacent cubicle then it
just meant he wanted another blowjob. She didn’t care. Touching him would
help anchor her in the real world and make her feel so much safer.

Susan wanted to show her father her appreciation for spending time with
her, so she quickly got in front of the large hole, closed her eyes and
opened her mouth wide. This time, however, she was smart enough to squat
instead of kneel. Not that it mattered a ton since her knees were still
covered with a thin layer of the nasty cum.

First she heard the zipper and then felt his hard dick slide into her
mouth. Susan quickly started bobbing her head back and forth on his dick.
The thought of sucking her father’s dick, or almost any dick for that
matter, still disgusted her. It was filthy and vile. Yet, the intimate
contact helped sooth that building fear.

As soothing as the blowjob was, she knew she would feel even better when
her father shot his load. His cum would shoot down her throat and into her
stomach. Her body would then absorb it and in essence a part of him would
become a part of her. It seemed crazy to even her, but this vile thought
actually did sooth her. Even after he went back to work, his cum swimming
around in her stomach would somehow help anchor her.

“Damn you’re good.”

When she heard this, Susan’s eyes shot open for the first time and she
quickly backed off the cock. That wasn’t her father’s voice! As her eyes
focused, she realized this definitely wasn’t her father’s dick. This dick
was about the same size but it was black!

Susan wasn’t prejudiced. Or at least she tried not to be. It was hard
to do though since her father was very prejudiced against blacks. She
might hate him, but he was her father and she had grown up in an
environment where blacks simply were not considered equals. She realized
the error of her father’s ways when she was about 12, but it was hard to
overcome what had been instilled in her.

Did she think blacks were equals? Definitely. Would she date or even
kiss one? No way! That’s not to say she thought it was wrong for blacks
and whites to be lovers. In fact, she was friends with several black men
and women that dated whites. And, she was very happy for them. However,
the thought of her personally being with a black was out of the question.
She just didn’t see blacks as sexual objects. She knew that this probably
meant she was still prejudice on some level, but it was something deep
within her that she just couldn’t change. To her it would feel like
kissing or making love to a relative… okay, maybe that wasn’t a good

“Get back to work bitch,” the guy demanded.

When she heard the command, Susan instinctively brought her head back
toward the dick again. She got a grasp on herself, however, before the
dick actually reached her lips. She just couldn’t do it. It felt too

The guy continued to stand there with his dick through the hole as he
waited for her to comply. Susan knew he was already angry and would get
even more so if she didn’t start sucking soon. She told herself that she
had been sucking the dick just seconds ago and had thought nothing of it.
It had tasted and felt the same as her father’s. This thought process
allowed her to advance toward the dick a few times but she backed out each

She sighed in relief when the guy finally pulled his dick out of the
hole and exited his booth. Her relief was short lived though. A second
later she heard the key unlocking her door. He was going to come into her

“I’ll suck it,” she quickly announced. “Put it through the hole and I
will suck it.”

“It’s too late for that bitch,” the guy said as he got the door unlocked
and walked in.

Susan tried to dart past him but there just wasn’t room. He just
laughed and pushed her back. The guy wasn’t all that big or muscular, but
Susan knew he would easily be able to overpower her.

“I paid a lot to bust my nut in you girl and I plan to get my money’s
worth,” he growled as he locked the door and approached her.

“I want my daddy.”

It sounded childish even to Susan but it was all she could think to say.
She knew her father was a horrible man but he was the closest thing she had
to a protector. Even when he was drunk, her father was someone she could
always run too when she had a nightmare in the middle of the night.

That was many years ago of course, but she could still remember how he
always protected her from the ghosts and demons. He never got angry with
her like her mother often did. No, her father would just pull back the
covers on his side of the bed and let Susan crawl in. It always felt so
safe as he held her tight against his body and rubbed his warm hands over
her to calm her down.

Still, Susan couldn’t believe that her father would whore her out like
this. Especially to a black man! He was always talking about how much he
hated blacks… only he used a much harsher term than “blacks”. Did her
father really think so little of her that he would even let a black person
have sex with her? It was a stupid question considering the answer was
staring her right in the face.

“Get your fucking clothes off,” the man growled.

God, why hadn’t she sucked his dick? The thought of him seeing her
naked was 10 times worse. Was he going to fuck her now?

“You’re lucky I only had enough money for your mouth,” he said as though
he could read her mind. “You can bet I’ll have more money on me next time
I come here though. I might even bring enough that your daddy will let me
take a belt to you. Nothing puts a girl like you in line better than a
good whipping followed by a good fuck.”

Susan swallowed hard. This man didn’t sound like he was joking. She
felt ill just thinking about his black dick being inside her. Susan was
wearing a short sundress and the man pulled it up over her head within

“Shoes too!” he ordered.

“But there’s cu…stuff on the floor,” Susan whimpered.

The man didn’t say anything. He just gave her an evil stare. This
stare was all it took to cower Susan. A few seconds later she found
herself removing her shoes. She hadn’t worn socks but she was sure he
would have made her remove those also anyway.

As Susan removed her shoes she took careful aim as she lowered her bare
feet back to the floor. It was hard finding a dry stop though. Not only
was there a lot of cum on the floor, but since she had been wearing shoes
earlier, Susan hadn’t bothered to avoid the cum. Thus, she had spread it
all over the place.

The man went to the cubicle’s chair and sat down. Susan let out a groan
when he did this. Her dress was laying in that chair which meant this
black man’s sweaty ass was now on it.

“Now get down there on your knees and take care of my dick,” the guy
said as he scooted forward in the chair.

Susan’s wasn’t sure what disgusted her more, the feel of the cum as it
contacted her knees again, or the feel of the black man’s dick as it
entered her mouth. The two combined was almost enough to short circuit her

To compound things, the toes on her right foot had settled in a pool of
cum. She felt sick to her stomach as the gooey cum working it’s way
between her toes. The guy didn’t give her much time to worry about this
though. He grabbed her head and started fucking her face down on his dick
really hard and fast.

“Put your hands on the floor,” he said as she tried to use them to
prevent the deep thrusts.

Susan cringed when she felt not one but both hands settle in pools of
cum below her. The guy had to angle down a little, but within seconds he
was fucking her throat again.

“A black man is going to shoot his sperm into my stomach!”

Susan kept saying this over and over again in her head. Most of the
things in the RV didn’t even reach this level of disgust for Susan. Not
even when they made her drink piss.

“God, what if he makes me drink his piss?!”

Susan prayed that such a thing would cost the man extra cash. And
hopefully the cost was way more than he could ever afford. She just knew
she would go completely insane if a black man pissed down her throat.

The huge dick wasn’t easy to handle. However, she had managed bigger
before. Still, it wasn’t very comfortable, especially at this angle.
Luckily, the guy didn’t last but a few minutes.

Susan’s face turned red in humiliation as she felt the black man’s cum
shooting down her throat. After shooting his load, the guy pulled back
until only the head was in her mouth. Susan groaned when she realized he
wanted her to suck the last of the cum from the tip. Tears ran down her
cheek as she did so.

Susan got about another half teaspoon of the vile bitter liquid when she
sucked him clean. As he finally pulled his dick out Susan thought about
spitting the cum on the floor. His stare, however, told her that this was
not a smart thing to do. So, she closed her eyes tight and swallowed. As
the sperm raced down her throat to join all their buddies, Susan’s stomach
tried to rebel. For a second she was positive she was going to throw up.
She only barely got it under control.

When Susan opened her eyes she seen the door closing. The horrible man
was gone. She knew he had the key, but she quickly reached over and locked
the door anyway.

Her hands were all slimy, so she started rubbing them on the walls. She
rubbed them until she thought they might start bleeding from all the
friction. Then, she rubbed them some more. It was several minutes before
she turned to get dressed. When she did she was shocked to see that her
shoes and dress were missing!

The guy had taken them as some form of punishment for earlier. Susan
knew only she was to blame. If a guy tells you to do something then you do
it. This was a lesson that she learned very well during her time in the
RV. Or at least she thought she had. This black man had certainly given
her a good refresher course.

Susan sat in the chair again. She thought about lifting her bare feet
off the floor, but then decided there wasn’t much point. They were already
caked in the gooey slime.

Right when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, the monitor came
back to life and the DVD started again.

Her father’s shift was 6 hours that night. During this time Susan ended
up watching the DVD all the way through twice. It probably would have been
three times but it kept getting paused whenever her father would send
another guy back to the adjacent cubicle.

Altogether Susan ended up sucking off 15 men that night. Her father
must have been charging a lot for anything other than a blowjob because
only one man ordered her to turn around and put her cunt against the hole.
He used a condom though so it wasn’t too bad. However, after he was done
he did remove the condom and made Susan suck his cum out of it.

While 5 men did cum directly in her mouth, the other 10 all pulled out
first so they could jack themselves off. Susan tried her best to catch the
cum in her mouth but most of it landed on her face, neck and chest. Susan
was one big gooey mess by the time her father came for her. He didn’t say
anything, he just tossed her a wet sponge and a roll of paper towels.

By this time of course, her mind was barely there. Sucking the dicks
off had been horrible, especially considering at least half of them were
black. However, it was the times in between that really fucked with her
head. During these in between times she would sit in the chair thinking of
the dick she had just sucked while at the same time watching the video.

At one point she even started obeying the commands she heard on the
video. Or at least the ones she could. Some of the commands were
impossible to follow without assistance. However, if her abductor in the
video told her to play with her pussy then she would. If he said to stick
a dildo inside herself then she would use her fingers. If he said to eat
his cum then she would scoop some off her face or chest and suck her
fingers clean. And of course, if he told her to cum… she did.

It took Susan several hours to get to sleep that night. And even then
she didn’t manage until she was hugging her father tight under the covers.
Even when she woke in the morning she continued to hug her father. When
her father pushed her away so he could use the bathroom, Susan almost
volunteered to drink his piss. Anything to have him stay in bed with her.
While she managed to restrain herself in this manner, she still followed
him to the bathroom. After he took his piss he turned and had her suck him

Susan spent the rest of the day huddling with her father wherever he
went. He had her suck him off 3 additional times. Each time he would talk
dirty to her, often referring to all the black dicks she sucked the night
before. While he hated blacks, her father apparently got off on the idea
of her having sex with them.

Susan thanked God that it was Monday. Her father only worked Friday,
Saturday and Sunday each week. That meant there was little chance he would
put her back into that disgusting cubicle.

Monday night, however, turned out to be almost as bad as the cubicle.
If her father wasn’t working then he was often going out to play poker with
his friends or drink at the local bars. And Monday night was poker night.

By night time, Susan had recovered a bit from the prior day. However,
she still jumped at the opportunity to go with her father to his poker
game. She had never been before but was scared of being home alone. She
was even more scared that her father might tie her up again if he left her

Susan never really met any of her father’s friends before. She was
pretty impressed that he had so many. She guessed that he had only two or
three at most, but there were 9 other guys at the poker game.

Most of them frowned when they seen Susan. She could tell that they
didn’t like the idea of kids being brought to the game. They seemed to
lighten up though when they realized she was more than willing to fetch
them beers and snacks.

As Susan played bartender, she wondered why these guys even bothered
playing poker. None of them looked like they could afford to be spending
money on gambling. Some even dressed worse than her father. She did note,
however, that the bids were pretty low. The most she seen anyone ever bid
was a dollar.

Susan’s duties changed about an hour into the game. When she came back
from the kitchen with a few fresh beers, she noted that almost everyone was
watching her.

“Sounds like a good price to me,” one of them, Gene, said as he quickly
gave her father a twenty.

The others were digging in their wallets and grumbled as though they
were disappointed they hadn’t fetched their money faster.

“Come with me sugar,” Gene said as he grabbed her hand.

As Gene lead her out of the room, Susan looked back at her father with a
puzzled look. Her father wasn’t paying attention to her though. He was
busy collecting money from the other guys. When Gene pushed her into a
bedroom, Susan realized what was happening. Her father was whoring her out

Every one of them ended up taking her at least twice that night. Even
her father took a turn. The worst part was that they didn’t just ask for
blowjobs. Most of them also fucked her cunt. And only a few actually used
condoms. She was allowed to clean herself up after each fuck, but she
still felt scummy all night long.

Tuesday was very similar. Only Dan took Susan to a bar. He must have
known the owner pretty well because her father was allowed to use a back
storage room. He made Susan wait in the room and then sent guys back to
use her about every 30 minutes. All of these men were blowjobs though.

By Wednesday Susan had recovered a lot from when she watched the DVD in
the cubicle. In fact, she felt almost like her normal self again. She
didn’t let her father know this though. The last thing she wanted was her
father getting that fucking DVD out again. Each time he did, it seemed to
get harder for her to recover. The thought of permanently being in that
frightened state was, well, frightening.

Pretending to be in that state, however, was not easy. The more she
returned to normal, the less motivation she had to endure her father’s
disgusting touch. The only way she managed to pull it off was because
sadly, she was getting desensitized to that touch.

Both Wednesday and Thursday turned out to be poker nights. It took a
lot of will power to go with her father these times. It took even more
will power to pretend she actually wanted to go.

These days were not normal poker nights for her father and Susan could
tell by the lower bids. Instead of $1 max bids it was 25 cents. It was
clear that they had arranged the poker nights just so they could rent Susan
out again. It was possible, however, that they raised the bids later.
Susan had no way of knowing. After the first 20 minutes she was auctioned
off and sent to the bedroom again. She then spent the next 6 hours there
servicing one guy after another.

Susan spent most of Friday in deep depression. Today was a work day for
her father and that meant it was probably going to be a work day for her.
While she could deal with this, what she had problems with was that she
knew her father would no doubt be playing the DVD again. But unlike the
prior time, it wouldn’t be just one day that she went through this hell, it
would be three in a row.

She just wasn’t strong enough to handle three days like that. It would
certainly take her more than four days to recover from that. However, by
the time she even started to recover it would be time to do three more days
in the booth. In other words, she would never be her normal self again.


It was around 10 a.m. when Susan started seriously considering suicide.
Then, a miracle happened… Danny walked in.

Susan rushed to Danny and gave him a big hug. It had been a week and
Susan had given up hope he would ever return. As she hugged him tight, she
could hear her father and the Lou guy talking to each other.

“Denise did a good job,” Lou said. “What would you think about a two
year contract? Say, $6,000 a year?”

Dan found the offer to be a huge insult. He kept his temper though.
This man made him a lot of money over the years and he owed him at least
that much respect.

“I don’t know Lou,” Dan said as he scratched his chin. “Wouldn’t it be
better to just do it on a movie by movie basis?”

Lou tried not to laugh. He didn’t “rent out” that much young talent.
However, the parents or guardians always suggested this.

“You have to look at this from my perspective,” Lou said. “A one time
film is one thing, but if I’m going to invest a lot more work into Denise
and make her a star in this business then I need to have some type of
guarantee. And I need more than just a guarantee that he will be available
for at least 2 years. I also need to ensure that you won’t start insisting
on insane amounts of money thanks to my hard work in creating his

“Before you answer, let me tell you about some of the benefits. First
off, we could take him in if you want; or, he could live at home. That
doesn’t really matter to us. We would only film him for 5 to 7 days a
month. So, you would have him available the rest of the time if you
wished. We could also keep those days to just weekends so the school
wouldn’t miss him.

“Wait there’s more. We have a doctor on commission. That means no
official records of injuries that might happen on set or at home. Provided
of course that you didn’t injure him too often at home.

“While all of that is nice, I’m sure you are mainly concerned about
money. The $6,000 I pay you a year is just the icing. Once I make him a
star there will be plenty of rich clients that ask for special one-on-one
performances… if you know what I mean. These clients will sometimes pay
as much at $500 a night.

“So, what do you think?”

Lou might not have that many rentals, but he had this sales pitch down
pretty good by now. He always ended with the part about the clients paying
up to $500 a night. He knew that this was what the parents and guardians
really cared about. Of course, he never mentioned that $500 was just their
end. He actually got much more from these clients. And Lou was pretty
sure many of these clients would pay $1,500 easy. Even the clients that
considered themselves heterosexual would probably pay close to that much…
especially if Danny was going to be all dolled up like in his movies.

Susan couldn’t believe what she was hearing as the two negotiated back
and forth. When she looked back at Danny she could see the horror in his
eyes. Whatever happened in these movies, it must have been pretty bad.

After a few seconds, it became clear their father was going to go for
the deal. All he was doing now was negotiating the terms a little. She
didn’t want Danny to have to listen to any more of it though.

“Come on Denise, let’s go touch up your makeup,” Susan said as she lead
her brother to her room.

Once there she immediately asked what had happened to him. She had
already blurted the question out before she even considered the fact that
he might not want to talk about it.

“They made me play double catch… w…with a dog,” Danny said as he
started crying.

Susan’s eyes got big and she brought a hand to her mouth as though
trying to hold back a scream. While in captivity, catch was when Danny had
to get on his back and then curl up so his knees rested on either side of
his head. Then, he had to jack himself off into his own mouth.

Double catch was the exact same thing, only before he started their
captor would fuck Danny’s ass and shoot a load in it. Then after Danny
came in his own mouth he was required to force the cum out of his asshole.
The cum would run across his balls, down his hard dick and then drip into
his open mouth. However, Danny said a dog was used… a dog! That meant
they had let a dog fuck Danny’s asshole.

Susan didn’t know what to say. So, she did the only thing she could
think of. She pulled her brother to her and held him tight. After a
couple minutes of this, Danny started telling her about many of the other

While pretty much everything was vulgar and disgusting, Susan had to
admit that Danny was right in the dog being the worst part. She believed
every word of it until he started telling her about the other children.

According to Danny, the other children not only lived in captivity 24/7
but most actually seemed happy there. They were treated nicely while off
camera and fed very well. But, not everything was roses. Apparently, they
had two possible career paths. The ones clients liked the most, became
like “movie stars” and would become legit porn stars once they turned 18.
The less popular ones, however, were destined to become prostitutes. Thus,
all of them strived to be the best actors/actresses that they could.

The scale of Lou’s operation seemed insane as well. Danny claimed he
was taken to several houses for filming and two different
warehouse/studios. And during this he seen at least 12 different adult
actors/crew members. He also counted 25 different children, though he
never seen more than 8 or 9 at a time.

For a brief second, Susan almost wished her and Danny could go live with
Lou and the other kids. It would be horrible doing all those nasty things
in front of the camera; especially if they used dogs sometimes. However,
if it was for only one week a month then it wouldn’t be as bad as life
seemed to be becoming at home. However, she then remembered Lou’s total
disinterest in her. She guessed that she was probably too old for the type
of movies they made. She knew it was selfish of her, but if she couldn’t
go then she didn’t want Danny going either. Life would be much better for
him there, but she just couldn’t bare loosing him.

“Ow,” Danny groaned after they had been hugging for a bit.

Susan’s eyes got big again when Danny pulled away and then raised his

“It hurts so bad when I start to get hard,” Danny whimpered as he showed
Susan his cock cage. “They took it off for most of the filming. But I had
to wear it all the other time. If I spit on it a lot then it doesn’t hurt
as bad. I met one of the other boys though and he said he got infections
sometimes because of it. But, they gave him shots that made him better

Susan wanted to be strong for her brother, but this new cock cage made
her start to cry. Not only was it painful and embarrassing for him, but it
basically took away his ability to have erections. She knew her father
would take complete advantage of this also. He would keep Danny in that
cage day and night until he was begging to be let out of it so he could not
only relieve the pain but also so he could simply climax. Once Danny
reached this point her father would order him do the most vile things. And
Danny would have no choice but to obey in hopes of getting at least one
climax a month.

Danny and Susan cried together for several minutes before they pulled
themselves together. Danny wanted to take a bath but Susan wasn’t sure
that was a good idea. He had been gone for a full week and she was sure
her father would want to use him once Lou left. If Danny wasn’t dolled up
for their father in time then they would both probably get the belt.

“Maybe it is better if you take a bath… later,” Susan said.

Susan could tell Danny knew what she meant by “later”. He blushed but
didn’t seem too upset about the idea of their father playing with him.
This made sense considering how much worse the prior few days had been for

“Get in here girl!” they heard their father yell about 15 minutes later.

Susan was pretty sure their father meant “Denise”, but she went out also
just in case. As she walked out she noticed Lou was gone. Their father
had a large stack of money next to him though. This told her what she
already knew and that was that he had bartered a deal for the use of Danny.

Susan also noticed that there was some bottles of medicine and a syringe
next to the money. She prayed that these were just in case Danny got an

“I hear you have a new toy,” their father said as he held out a small

Danny quickly rushed to his father’s side and lifted his skirt. Their
father admired the device for a minute and then used the key to remove the
horrible metal rod portion.

“Please, no!” Danny started begging when he seen their father remove the
metal ball from the tip and screw on a blue jagged looking one instead.

Her brother went from begging to very loud agonizing groans as their
father connected the metal rod back to the cock cage, thus forcing the
jagged blue ball up Danny’s piss hole.

“Lou claims this device will make a proper lady out of you,” Dan said.
“He said you won’t be cumming at the drop of a hat anymore. I’m not sure
if he is right though. I think a slut like you will managed to cum even
with that in there. How about we go test it out?”

Susan just sat there stunned as their father lead her crying brother
into the master bedroom. After they were out of sight, Susan realized that
she had to follow. If she didn’t then her father would catch on that she
was almost fully recovered from watching the DVD. There was still a tiny
chance he wouldn’t show her the video again tonight. But, the chances were
nil if he discovered her secret.

When she entered the bedroom she found her father already naked on the
bed with her brother in the process of mounting his big dick. Danny looked
her way and blushed. It didn’t dawn on her till then that she had not told
him about her week. He didn’t know why she was coming into the room. She
hoped he didn’t think she was doing it because she wanted too. They never
actually talked about it, but there was an unwritten rule that they didn’t
watch each other with their father unless he made them do so.

Susan felt horrible as she watched her brother ride their father’s dick.
It got worse 5 minutes later when their father called her over. He had
Susan lay on the bed face up. He then put Danny in a doggy position with
the cock cage right over her face.

“Let’s give this new toy a good test,” Dan told her. “Start licking his
dick and don’t stop no matter how loud he screams. If you do I will think
of something a lot more painful for both of you.”

Susan had a good idea of how painful the cock cage must be for her
brother. She doubted that her father could possibly think of something
more painful than that. But it didn’t mean he wouldn’t try. Plus, in the
end she would end up right back here in this position torturing her brother

So, as her father started fucking Danny’s ass again, she reluctantly
stuck out her tongue and started licking. She knew where her brother’s
sensual spots were and tried her best to avoid them. However, she could
tell by Danny’s loud groans that he was starting to get excited already.

It was hard to focus her eyes from this close of range, but when she
tried she could make out that her brother had two balls in his dick and was
already pressing against the third.

“Ow! Ow!” Danny cried out as the third ball slid inside.

As Susan continued to lick at the bottom of his dick, she realized she
didn’t need to use her eyes to tell how many balls were in her brother’s
piss hole. She could actually fell them with her tongue. Susan then
remembered what her brother said about spit making the device hurt less.
So, she started making sure she licked the metal rod as well as his dick.

About 5 minutes later Danny made a very sharp yelp. Susan could count 3
balls in the stem of his dick and guessed that the fourth ball was pressing
into the head. Or, it was possible that in addition to this the first ball
was pressing on something extra sensitive deep inside him.

As she felt the fourth ball enter the stem of his dick, Danny’s loud
screams became muffled. She looked up to see her father holding a hand
over Danny’s mouth. A couple minutes later, even her father’s hand had
trouble muffling the screams as Susan felt the fifth and final ball slide
into Danny’s dick. She glanced up to see that his dick was now pressed all
the way to the end of the metal rod. Her eyes stayed focused on the end of
his dick for about 10 seconds, then they blurred again as her eyes pooled
with tears.

She cried not just for her brother’s pain, but also because of how her
father seemed to get so much pleasure out of torturing both of them. The
more Danny screamed, the harder he seemed to pump his asshole.

Mostly, however, she cried because of the overall hopelessness she felt.
They had only been back for about 2 weeks and already life was becoming
just as bad as it had been in the RV. Possibly even worse when you
considered they were basically allowing themselves to be abused like this.
At least in the RV they had an excuse since they where constantly chained.

Their father pumped Danny for another 5 minutes before he finally shot
his load. He then pulled out and laid down on the bed face up.

“Well, it doesn’t look like it works perfectly,” Dan said as he glanced
under Danny and seen his hard dick. “But, at least you didn’t cum all over
the place this time. For being at least a semi proper lady, I’ll take that
off your dick for 30 minutes if you clean me up good.”

As Susan suspected, Danny didn’t even hesitate a second. He went right
to work licking and sucking their father’s dick clean. After the cleanup
was done, Danny was ordered to sit on their father’s stomach. Their father
then unlocked the metal rod and started to pull it out.

“It burns! It burns!” Danny moaned as the metal rod made it’s long
journey out of his dick.

It wasn’t until the last ball popped out that Susan realized why it
burned so much. Instead of blood like she feared, a large stream of white
cum gushed out and onto their father’s stomach. Their father immediately
slapped Danny across the face and pushed him off of him.

“I should shove this right back up your dick you little bastard,” he
yelled. “You have 10 seconds to clean this off me or I’ll not only shove
this back up your dick but I will fuck your piss hole with it until I see

Needless to say, the mess was cleaned up long before the 10 second mark.
They were then allowed to go clean up. Danny cried the entire time they
were bathing. Susan wasn’t sure if he was crying because his dick was
still sore or if he was just thinking about how it was going to feel when
their father put the device back on.

Luckily, by the time they returned their father seemed to have calmed
down a lot. He simply locked the rod back in place and let them leave the
room. They were fortunate in that their father fell asleep after that.
They of course didn’t wake him until 45 minutes before he was due in for
work. This gave him plenty of time to get ready, but not enough time to
play with them much.

Their father hadn’t said anything about taking Susan with him. However,
she prepared herself anyway. First, she put on long socks in case she was
made to kneel in the cum again. She also stuffed all of her pockets with
toilet paper so she could clean herself off better in between each guy.

“Can I come to work with you again daddy?”

It was probably the hardest thing she had ever said in her entire life.
She even had to make it sound like this was what she wanted. If she didn’t
then he would realize she was back to normal again.

Susan almost smiled with joy when she seen her father bring out the
rope. He was going to tie her up instead. This was fantastic news. Even
if he sent that fat pig over again it would be 100 times better than
watching that DVD or servicing all those black men. While she was
delighted at this unexpected gift, she still struggled and begged her
father to take her with him.

Once she was fully tied and gagged, her father called for Danny. Susan
was confused, however, when Danny walked into the room but her father just
dropped the rope and didn’t tie him up.

“No! Don’t take him there!” Susan tried to scream through the gag when
she seen her father leading Danny toward the door.

Danny looked back at her, puzzled at her outburst. Her father ignored
her though. A second later they were out the door and she heard the squeak
and then slam of the screen door.

Susan struggled nonstop until the fat man arrived again. Then she
continued to struggle. She didn’t even stop when the man threatened her
and then whipped her with a belt. She just had to get free so she could
save Danny. He might survive all those dicks, but she just knew he
wouldn’t be able to handle seeing that DVD again.

All of her struggles were in vain. Several hours later when the fat man
left she was still tightly bound. Only now she had a very red ass and a
stretched cunt full of cum. There was still an hour before her father got
off work, but Susan didn’t bother to struggle any more. It was too late
now and she knew it.

She was almost too scared to open her eyes when she finally heard her
father and Danny walking back into the house. When she did look she seen
exactly what she feared she would see. A very worn out Danny with a
void-like look in his eyes. His brain was so warped right now that her
father had to nudge him in what directions to walk.

Their father lead him to the couch and had him sit there. Then he undid
Susan’s binds and told her to clean her brother up. Susan felt like
attacking her father, but she knew better. So, she took Danny to the
bathroom. As they walked away from their father Susan heard him inform her
that her turn at the porn theater/store would be tomorrow.

Susan gave Danny a long warm bath. She even got in with him and held
him close for almost a full hour. With the cock cage still in place, she
kept checking to make sure her naked body against his wasn’t making him too
hard. He was too far out of it though and never showed signs of arousal.

By the time they left the bathroom their father was already in bed. So,
she lead Danny to the couch and laid him down. Despite all the horrible
things that had happened to her in the living room, Susan still felt it was
the safest room in the house. Thus, it seemed the best room for what she
had in mind.

Susan had a plan that would end her and Danny’s suffering. Before
initiating the plan, she snuck into her father’s room and stole the key to
Danny’s cock cage. She didn’t have to be that quiet though. Her father
had apparently spent the last hour drinking Jim Beam. From the smell of
his breath she guessed he drank close to half a bottle. Only her father
could drink that much in such a short time.

She tossed Danny’s cock cage in the trash after she got it off him. She
then woke him just long enough to have him switch from his nightgown to a
pair of actual male pajamas. He may not be normal inside anymore, but she
wanted him to at least look normal on the outside. It was the least she
could do for him.

Her plan was pretty simple. She would set fire to the house. She would
start the fire in her father’s room by dousing the floor with some of his
stronger alcohol. Once the fire was going good she would then go lay down
in the living room with her brother. If she was lucky then he would never
wake up as the flames devoured them. If she was really lucky she would
pass out before then as well. Either way, it would be finally over.


At first, investigators wrote the fire off as your standard smoking in
bed scenario. Even the obvious accelerant was easy to ignore considering
how drunk Dan had been and the many bottles of hard alcohol laying around.

However, they then started finding very unusual things in the ruins of
the house. It was a bunch of little things like the medicine bottles and
syringe, the metal cock cage in the trash, the hidden cameras in the walls,

While Dan’s corpse seemed normal, it wasn’t until they inspected Susan
and Danny that everything started to become clear. It wasn’t long before
they managed to get people to start talking.

Of course, there was one person, other than Susan, that knew exactly
what happened that night.

You see, if you were a pervert and able to peak into Susan and Danny’s
house then the prime times to do this were right after their father woke up
and right before he went to bed. Things happened throughout the day of
course, but you were all but guaranteed to see sexual activities at these
specific times. One such person knew this fact very well and did exactly
that… and his name is Robert.

Using the cameras he had hidden in the house, Robert watched the family
every morning and night ever since he released them from the RV. While it
was rather boring the first week, things really got good during the second.

Robert was proud of the fact that he was the one that trained Susan and
Danny. In a way, Robert thought of them as his own children… a kind of
legacy of his journey through life.

As he watched that final week, Robert couldn’t have been prouder. He
seen how Dan pushed and abused them more and more. And Robert seen how
their training in the RV forced the kids to allow it all to take place.
Even that final night started out juicy. However, everything then went
horribly wrong.

During that final hour, Robert picked up clues here and there that
indicated something was going wrong. However, with most of the lights out
it was hard to tell what exactly was happening. Then the flames started.

Robert didn’t even think, he immediately rushed from the RV to a nearby
pay phone and called 911. After the call was made there wasn’t anything he
could do but go back into the RV and watch the live feed.

First he seen the flames devour Dan in his bed. Not long after the
video feed from that room went dead and Robert was forced to watch from the
living room’s camera. Robert was so concerned that he screamed at the
monitor for Susan and Danny to get up and leave the house. But they

As the smoke started to fill the living room, Robert could see the
flames starting to eat away the door leading to the master bedroom. The
authorities knew his call was coming from all the way across the country
and Robert feared they might not have taken him seriously.

As the smoke thickened to the point that the monitor showed nothing but
black, Robert knew it was too late for his children to escape on their own.
They weren’t dead yet but they were surely unconscious from lack of oxygen.
It was just a matter of seconds now before they took their final breath.

Robert couldn’t watch any more and finally shut the monitor off. He
spent most of the night reviewing the videos of Susan and Danny. He knew
all of this was his fault. He had somehow failed them in their training
and somewhere in these videos was the answer. He would find his mistake
and make sure it never happened again.

Robert stayed up all night watching the tapes but never did find the
mistake. He decided he would review them a couple more times in the
following week, but was pretty convinced that the mistake might not have
been his after all. It no doubt was a mistake their actual father made.
Maybe he didn’t follow the guidance Robert provided him.

Robert felt like he could sleep for a week, but before he allowed
himself to do so he forced himself to check the internet for news on the
fire. It was still early and there was only one small story he could find.
It stated that initial reports indicated there were three casualties in the
fire. After reading this, Robert shed a tear for his dead children, turned
his laptop off and slowly walked to the bedroom with his head hung low.

Had Robert ever gotten the nerve to check additional stories on the
fire, or, if he had even bothered to look up the word “casualties”, he
would have discovered something rather interesting. While the use of the
word by the report was in poor choice and rather misleading, it wasn’t
necessarily wrong. There were in fact three casualties. However, only one
of them died. Susan and Danny lived.


Once Susan and Danny were well enough, the authorities interviewed them
and discovered most of the truth. They found out what their father had
done to them and even about their captivity in the RV.

They got lots of information on the kiddy porn ring, but not enough to
bring a stop to it or even put much of a dent in it. All they got were a
bunch of DVDs, two clients and 2 delivery men. Everything went cold after

The fire officially was recorded as an accident. However, everyone in
both the fire and police departments knew otherwise. But, considering what
the kids had gone through, plus the fact that the kids never confessed, the
authorities felt it was best to just let this one go.

As for Susan and Danny. Well, they got the help they needed. They
didn’t start to really feel safe though until a man visited them many weeks
after the fire. This man must have been important because instead of a
policeman’s uniform, the guy wore a very nice suit. He made Susan and
Danny feel safe because he was investigating the people that had originally
abducted them.

While several cops had asked them many questions about their abduction,
this man seemed much more motivated. He asked very detailed questions
about everything from the obvious things about the RV and the captors to
some of the most trivial things like how much water was used and what
colognes or perfumes they had smelled.

By the time the guy left, the kids felt confident that if anyone could
find their captors than this guy would. As they watched him leave, Susan
and Danny made a note to add the man to their nightly prayers. They had no
doubt that this man, Scott, was their angel sent down from heaven; and they
would prey for the success of his mission.


“””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” This story was
written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone such activities
in real life. Also, I do not recommend that you try duplicating anything
mentioned in my stories; even if you are doing them legally. I try to keep
most of the activities semi realistic, however, many of these things can
and probably would cause severe damage.

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