Christian School of Humility

February 26, 2012

“Pick your bowl up and kneel in front of me,” he commands.

I do as he orders.

“Higher,” he corrects me. “Put your chin right against the side of the bowl with your lips just above the top.”

The tears are streaking down my cheeks as I obey.

“Good girl,” he praises. “Now open your mouth real wide and stick out your tongue.”

I want to protest. He gave me a choice and I clearly choose the food bowl and not my mouth for his deposit. I resist for a second then open my mouth. I feel like such a pussy. Just a few seconds ago I told myself I would never let him cum into my mouth. Yet here I am like a baby bird waiting for its supper.

“Oh, daddy’s going to give you plenty of protein,” Dean Miller says as he jacks harder on his dick. “Oh! Here it comes!”

I look on in shock as a huge blast of white cum fires out of the end of his dick and hits the dog food just inches from my face. Some of it splashes off the food and sprinkles my tongue and lips but not much. He fires 4 more equally impressive blasts that do the same. By the time he is done the dog food is absolutely soaked. Amazingly, less than a half teaspoon seems to have gotten into my mouth.

“Good girl,” he praises again. “You can finish your breakfast now. Don’t stop until that bowl is spotless.”

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Christian School of Humility (Jack Gets Humbled)

Thirteen-year-old Jack thinks he has the world in the palm of his hand.
All of that quickly changes when he gets pulled into a plot to turn him
into a Humbled Girl. Will Jack be able to resist his training and all the
mind games? Or, will Janice be born? You can find a full list of my
stories at:

(ped, Mm, mm, Mmm, Mf, mf, mF, inc, nc, ws, toys, bd, enem, spank, cbt,
anal, ds, humil) and a few other naughty things

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Writer’s Note: I got the idea for this story from Kenna’s story,
“Christina’s School for Wayward Girls”
hool%20for%20Wayward%20Girls.doc). Kenna gave me permission to write a
continuation to the story but I decided to go such a different direction
with the sex aspects that I felt it was best to set it in a different, yet
very similar school. This way it doesn’t tarnish the original story any. I
did, however, leave a couple names the same. If you want you can view the
names as coincidence or you can view the story as taking place about 17
years after the main characters (from the first story) move to a different
state and school. This story stands alone but I think you would enjoy
reading Kenna’s story also since he is a better writer than I am.


“Jack’s too old,” William Jackson pleads. “He’s 13 already. The school
has never taken anyone even close to that age before unless they were
already trained at home or a transfer from one of our sister schools.”

That’s my dad arguing with Dean Miller. Unfortunately, I’m Jack. I
screwed up big time and they are talking about what they plan to do about

My dad is the headmaster here at the Christian’s School of Humility. It
is an all girl’s school here in Ohio. Don’t let the name fool you. It
isn’t a religious school… far from it. The woman that helped start the
school just happened to be named Christian. Take the religious aspect out
of the title of the school and it should give you a good idea of what goes
on here.

In fact, students at the school proudly refer to themselves as Humbled
Girls. While the term hasn’t spread that far across the U.S. yet, around
these parts it is a huge deal to be a Humbled Girl. Every girl born around
here wants to be a Humbled Girl. And of course every guy wants to marry a
Humbled Girl. Usually, only the most powerful men get that privilege.

My father married a Humbled Girl. Our family is rich but not that rich.
However, it is one of the perks of being faculty at the school. Another
perk is that my father was allowed to enroll my three older sisters in the
school as well.

While I have always known mom was a Humbled Girl, I never really fully
understood what that meant. Well, I knew it meant she had a good
education. Everyone knows the school has the best academic program in the
state. However, I didn’t know the curriculum went way beyond the norm.

Sure, I heard kids at my school saying nasty things about the Humbled
Girls. They said they had sex with teachers and stuff like that. I
thought they were just false rumors though. When I was younger I would get
angry when I heard these rumors. My mom and three sisters are Humbled
Girls after all.

When my dad got me a job here two months ago I quickly discovered those
rumors were indeed true. You have no idea how shocked I was. Not just
that my entire family was part of this but simply how the school could get
away with it. We aren’t just talking about sex here and there in hidden
rooms… though, that takes place also. We are talking about sex right in
front of the classroom. It’s actually part of the curriculum.

Part of my orientation, however, included a more detailed history of the
school. It is not the first school to have such a curriculum. There are
three others across the U.S. Christian was a graduate of one of them.
Many graduates of these schools easily make their way into powerful
positions in government and other aspects of society. That is not only how
Christian was able to establish this school but how the schools stay under
the legal radar. The orientation briefing didn’t actually say any of this.
However, it doesn’t take a genius to connect all the dots.

I’m a horny 13-year-old, so needless to say, getting a job here was the
best day of my life. Today is quickly turning into the worst.

My official job at the school is that of janitor. While I do perform
all the normal duties of a janitor, I have a variety of special duties as
well. There isn’t a day that goes by that at least one instructor doesn’t
ask me to assist them in one of their classrooms.

Sometimes they need me just to help teach the smaller kids how to give a
blowjob or something like that. Well, I don’t actually teach anything.
Only the instructors are allowed to do that. I’m more of a test dummy.

The instructors have me strip down in front of the class. Then after a
quick instruction from the teacher, the little girls in the class line up
and each take a turn practicing this or that with me.

It’s actually not always as fun as it might sound. Okay, part of it is
always fun. Especially the look in the kids’ eyes the first time they
touch a dick or put it in their mouth. However, for most of these girls
(some as young as 7) this can also be the first time they learn exactly
what goes on in the school. So, as you can imagine, there is often a lot
of crying taking place. All of the crying can be a turn on sometimes, but
it also will give you a headache real fast.

I also get my share of teeth marks and chaffing on my dick as well. I
don’t blame the little girls. My dick is about 7 inches long and 1.75
inches thick. It’s big for my age but not huge. Not compared to porn
star’s anyway. However, it is absolutely gigantic when you place it next
to a 7 or 8 year old.

They can’t help but scrape it from time to time; especially this early
in their training. Something tells me though that the instructors are well
aware of this. I would also bet that they normally have the kids practice
on dildos before the real thing. They are only using me in this capacity
because I’m so new… a kind of initiation of sorts.

The real fun takes place with the older kids. Well, kids around 9 or
older. By this age they already have lots of practice. So, if a teacher
puts me with one of these girls then it is normally for specialty training
or just to humiliate and/or punish the girl for something.

Of course, this can sometimes be humiliating for me also since a lot of
these one on one situations take place in front of the classroom. I’m
starting to get used to it. I still get pretty embarrassed though when one
of the girls being punished happens to be one of my older sisters.

My parents must have lots of sex because my sisters and I are pretty
evenly spaced. I’m 13 and my sisters are Amber (14), Beth (15) and Mary
(16). We aren’t exactly a year apart. Beth is 15 and a half and Mary is
almost 17.

Of the three, it is performing with Amber that embarrasses me the most.
She and I are pretty close in age and we bonded a lot when we were
children. It’s still embarrassing with Beth and Mary but not as much since
we seldom get along. Despite only being 2 or 3 years younger, they always
refer to me as the “baby” and pick on me a lot. It is nice getting some
payback by making them deep throat me and stuff like that. It takes a lot
of the edge off the embarrassment factor for me.

“You know I can’t just ignore this,” Dean Miller growls as he looks my

I am in the next room but there is only a small wall with a thin sheet
of glass separating us. Dean Miller is well aware that I can hear what
they were saying.

“He didn’t just break the rules, he seen something he wasn’t supposed
too,” Dean Miller says in a whisper that I can barely hear. “You worked
here for almost 5 years before we let you in on this secret. Do you really
think we can ignore the fact that someone as new as him knows about it?”

“He signed the non-disclosure agreement and…” my dad starts to

“Are you kidding me?” Dean Miller interrupts. “This could take the
whole school down. What good is a non-disclosure agreement going to be if
that happens? Besides, he’s only 13… it’s not like that agreement would
hold much water in the court system. No, we need more assurances than

Dean Miller gives a nervous look out the window at me. I’m pretty sure
he didn’t mean for me to hear all of that.

Despite what all my friends seem to think, being headmaster doesn’t put
my dad in charge of the school. The Dean is the one actually in charge of
everything. Actually, the Dean isn’t even in charge of everything. There
is a school board that is higher than him.

Until I took my job I never realized exactly how much lower my dad
actually was to the Dean. The way the Dean treats him you would think my
dad’s title was just an honorary one. He has my dad doing a ton of
administrative shit like ordering supplies and crap like that. About the
only thing he is really in charge of is disciplining the kids. Granted,
that is probably the best task at the school. But even this the Dean
sometimes sticks his nose in.

The job pays very well and my dad obviously enjoys it, so I guess you
can’t ask for more. Still, right now it would be nice if he had more
power. The Dean seems to be out for blood… my blood.

I’m only 13 but I’m old enough to know that what I saw was very bad.
Well, almost everything I see at the school is pretty bad. However, they
are things all the students’ parents are well aware of. Oh, I’m sure the
parents would never admit they know what takes place. I’m sure many even
deny it to themselves. However, they probably had to sign a ton more
liability and other forms than I did. And the paperwork I signed painted a
pretty clear picture.

Ever since signing that paperwork, I’ve witness close to everything that
takes place in the school. Or at least I thought.

Where did it all go wrong?

Like most problems, it all started with a girl… 14-year-old Danielle.
I got a crush on Danielle the first time we met. It was my first week at
the school and I got called into one of the classrooms to punish my sister
Beth. I got to see Beth naked a few times that week already, but this was
the first time we had done anything sexual.

As embarrassing as it was, I couldn’t help but notice the very adorable
Danielle sitting in the front row. There was something oddly familiar
about her, but mainly it was her innocence that caught my attention. The
way she would often look away and even sometimes blush when I looked at
her. Ever since that day I constantly kept an eye out in hopes of maybe
getting the chance to see Danielle naked or something. Of course, my
greatest wish was to get called in to have sex with her.

It never happened though. At first it seemed odd. Especially
considering how many kids I got to see naked on a daily basis. However,
the more I kept track the more I realized there were actually several kids
that I hadn’t yet gotten to see naked. It’s not like they all walked
around the school naked or anything. They had uniforms just like every
other private school. The only time they got naked was for sexual
practice/training or for punishments. And even these were often done in
private rooms.

Still, I’m sure you can imagine how frustrating it became. I was seeing
about everyone under the sun naked except for Danielle. They say you
always want most what you can’t have. I guess that explains why my crush
on Danielle seemed to get stronger every day. Though, I’m sure it was
really just my sexual desire that was really growing.

I started to keep tabs and discovered that Danielle was always sent out
of the classroom for punishments and whatnot. I started following whenever
I could and found Danielle always went through this same security door at
the end of one of the halls. It was one of the few doors I didn’t have
access too.

I asked my dad about the door but he was pretty cryptic. So, I asked my
sisters. They hadn’t been through the door either. But there were several
places they never got to go. It’s not like they never asked about this
location though.

According to my sisters’ research, this area was for VIPs. My sisters
told me that Danielle and a select few other students are seldom ever
trained or punished in front of the other kids. They are almost always
taken to the secure/private area for that. Apparently their parents are
very powerful people and have arranged this VIP treatment for their kids.

It seemed like a logical enough explanation. However, it still didn’t
curve my desire. If anything my desire grew exponentially. The thought of
never getting to see Danielle naked was almost unbearable.

So, I did what any other horny 13 year old boy would do. I snuck into
the secure area. This was a major violation of my agreement with the
school. This and several other secure areas are strictly off limits to me
unless I’m escorted.

I knew I was fucking up even as I did it. However, despite all the
warnings I still felt it couldn’t be that big of a violation if they made
it so easy for me to sneak in.

Seriously, it wasn’t that hard. Sure, you normally needed to swipe a
card and type in a code to enter the door. However, all I had to do was
pretend to be sweeping just outside. When one of the kids entered I just
grabbed the door before it closed. If they really didn’t want me to enter
they would have put a guard there or at least a double door entry system or

What I seen inside the door looked no different than all the other
secure areas I had been in. Just a long carpeted hallway with doors on
each side. The kid that had opened the door for me went 3 doors down and
entered one of the rooms.

I had been thinking about this secure area for over two weeks by this
point. So, it was a little anti climatic to discover it wasn’t any
different. I’m not sure exactly what I expected. I guess I just expected
it to at least look fancier or something. Nope, the same old beige walls
and boring tan carpet.

While the place looked boring, I was still excited. I had reliable
intel that Danielle was in one of these rooms right now.

There were two ways for me to find out which one. The fastest and
safest way would be to go to the video room at the end of the hall. All of
the other secure areas had one so this one probably did also. The video
room recorded camera feeds from all the rooms.

I visited the other secure areas at least once a week to vacuum the
floors and such. So I had been there enough times to know that no one
actually manned the video room. It was just there to house the equipment.
I can only guess they use the videos for training purposes or maybe to help
evaluate the instructors. The recordings are encrypted on disk drives and
require a password in order to view. However, you can watch the live feeds
on the monitors as they get sent to the recorders.

I didn’t want my first viewing of Danielle to be on a monitor though.
So, I opted for plan B which was the more stupid and dangerous option.

I knew from the other secure areas that the rooms are in pairs. The
first door goes to a training room; the next door to a tiny observation
room. There is a one-way mirror between the rooms.

While they are called observation rooms, they are really just break
rooms for the instructors. There are always 20 to 30 minutes here and
there where the instructors will leave the kids alone in the rooms either
tied up or performing some demeaning task. During that time the
instructors go into the observation room and watch TV, lay back and relax
or what have you. All they have to do was look through the mirror
occasionally to make sure the student is okay. That is how it works in the
other secure areas and there was no reason to believe this area would be

That in mind, me sticking my nose into one of those observation rooms
was not very smart. But then, just standing in the hall wasn’t very smart
either. An instructor could step out into the hall at any moment.

Luckily, the first observation room I entered was empty. Unfortunately,
the training room was also. So, I cracked the door open and peaked
outside. The hall was still empty so I opened the door directly across the
hall from me. This observation room was empty also but the speakers were
on and I could hear an instructor barking orders. This told me the
training room was occupied.

I went inside the observation room and closed the door behind me. What
I seen when I looked through the observation window/mirror didn’t surprise
me. A student was bent over an instructor’s lap and was getting a bare
hand spanking. At this point in my employment I’d seen at least 30 or 40
similar spankings.

I was disappointed, however, to discover that the student wasn’t
Danielle. This kid had black hair and Danielle was a blonde.

Sneaking into these observation rooms was very dangerous and my heart
was beating a mile a minute. So, I decided to stand there for a moment so
I could calm down a little. It didn’t work. All it did was give me more
time to think about how dangerous and stupid it all was.

I really love this job and every logical thought in my brain was
screaming for me to just leave. However, it was my desire to see Danielle
naked that was really driving me. And if Danielle was getting spanked or
sexually trained while I watched… just the thought was almost enough to
make me cum in my pants.

As I stood there looking through the window/mirror I wasn’t really
focusing on much. I was mainly just deep in thought. However, the longer
I stared the more I started to take in. Of course, the first thing I paid
attention too was the student’s body. She had long black hair and looked
to be about 13 or 14. She had small breasts for her age but they were
still cute. Her ass looked pretty cute also. It was a nice shape and a
pretty shade of red thanks to the instructor’s efforts.

As good looking as the girl was, her body only kept my interest for
about a minute. I’ve seen tons of naked girls by now and this one wasn’t
even on full view thanks to her position over the instructor’s lap.

So, I started paying more attention to the punishment itself. I watched
how hard the instructor hit the kid and how loud the girl screamed in pain.

I got a little confused though when I heard the instructor speaking to
the kid between hits. Some of what the instructor said seemed normal but
some of it just sounded weird to me.

“I hear one of your instructors found the toilet seat raised after you
left a bathroom stall the other day,” the instructor said as he delivered a

“The nurse also found your estrogen levels are pretty low. Have you
been tossing your pills in the trash again?”

“What the fuck is he talking about?” I thought to myself.

I’m smart enough to know what estrogen is. Or at least I have an idea
of what it is. However, I had no idea why a girl as young as this one
would need to be taking pills for it. And exactly who cares if a student
leaves the toilet seat up or not? This school is pretty strict but it
isn’t THAT strict.

I was still running these and other questions over in my head when the
girl was finally allowed off the instructor’s lap. The girl turned toward
me and all my questions were instantly answered. To my horror, the student
wasn’t a girl at all. She was a he!

I didn’t get much time to work out exactly what all of this meant.
While I was still getting over the initial shock, I heard the instructor
say he would “… be right back”. He then headed toward the door.

I knew there was a 99 percent chance he was headed to this observation
room so I bolted. If I was lucky, I had just enough time to make it out of
this observation room and into the one across the hall before the
instructor exited the room. At worst, he would see the other door closing.
However, he would probably think nothing of it.

Of course, as I was bolting from the first room there just happened to
be an instructor in the hallway already. And I ran right into him. It
didn’t take him and the other instructor long to figure out what was going
on… and what I had witnessed.


My father and the Dean go back and forth for at least 15 minutes. I
know I’m fucked though by the 10 minute mark. It was then that my dad
stopped trying to get me out of whatever punishment the Dean was eluding
too. Instead, my dad started negotiating terms.

The terms don’t reveal much about the punishment. The only thing that
is clear is that it is going to be severe. I swallow hard when I hear them
talking about the length of the punishment. They aren’t talking about days
or weeks, they were negotiating years! My dad is arguing for just one
year. The Dean wants five! My dad goes up a year but the Dean refuses to
go down any. My dad goes to three years, then four but the Dean holds his
ground. The entire negotiation continues like this. My father all but
begs for something but the Dean sticks to his guns.

Finally, my dad sighs in defeat, gives me a sad look and then relents to
all of the Dean’s demands. Apparently I have no say in the matter. Not
that I dare speak up. I know I’m already in deep shit.

The Dean finally exits the room and gives me an evil grin as he passes.
I expect him to give me a long lecture or something but he just keeps
walking. My dad calls me into his office.

There is anger in my dad’s eyes, but not as much as I expect. Mostly he
just seems very disappointed and somewhat sad. He motions for me to sit,
so I do.

“You know I have high hopes for you, right?” he says as he sits. “It is
my plan for you to someday take over my position at the school; just like I
did with my father. That is why I got you the job as janitor. Both your
grandfather and I started out as janitors and worked our way up to

None of this is news to me. This is almost the exact same speech dad
gave me on my first day here. However, the tone in which he is saying it
now is completely different. There was a sound of hope in the first
speech. Not so much in this one.

“We can still make this happen,” dad continues. “However, the road to
getting there has changed. It’s going to be a lot harder, especially for
you. To put it bluntly, you are fired from your job as janitor. From now
on you will be a student instead.”

Getting fired is no surprise. Becoming a student is.

“But I’m a boy.”

I say it before I remember what I had seen earlier in the day. I had
been so concerned about how much trouble I was in that I hadn’t really
thought much about what I had witnessed. I put the pieces together pretty
fast though.

“No way!” I yell as I stand. “I won’t do it!”

“I told him you were too old,” my dad says with a sigh. “It’s not fair
to subject you to this at such an old age. All the other boy students
start no later than 7 or 8. They adapt to it much easier at that age.”

“If it isn’t fair then why agree to it then!?” I growl.

Dad pauses for a moment. I can tell he is trying to think up a good
argument. He doesn’t seem to be able to think of one though. My guess is
that he is just trying to save his own job. In a small way I don’t blame
him. It is probably one of the best jobs on the planet. How many other
jobs allow you to molest children on a daily basis?

“Do you think I like this any more than you!?” my dad counters. “Do you
think I want my only son to be turned into some kind of sissy?”

My dad gives me a look of shock. It is clear he didn’t mean to say that
last part. We both know it is true but it is a horrible thing for a father
to say. Especially if he knows his son might soon become said sissy.

“It’s really not as bad as it sounds,” my dad says rather
unconvincingly. “Some parents pay a shit load of money to get their boys
into this school. The school is extremely picky on which boys they allow

“You will be getting the best education possible. Plus, I’m sure you
already know how many doors are opened for Humbled graduates. They would
gladly give you my job when I step down. Hell, with a few extra years of
college you could even become a teacher here.”

I can’t believe my father is actually trying to play this up as a good
thing. I especially can’t believe he still has hopes of me some day
following in his footsteps. I no longer want to have anything to do with
the school, not considering what they want to do to me.

“No,” I finally say as calmly as I can. “I’m not going to dress up and
act like a girl and they can’t make me. You can always have Amber, Beth or
Mary take over for you when you step down.”

My dad brings his left hand to his face and uses his thumb and index
finger to rub his eyelids lightly. It is hard to tell if he is thinking
hard or just trying to rub away a headache. Finally, he picks up the phone
and dials an extension.

“Is everything ready?” my dad asks into the headset.

“Is what ready?” I wonder.

“Come with me,” my father says as he hangs up the phone and stands.
“There is something I want you to see.”

As we walk down the hallway I know exactly where we are headed. Right
back to where this whole mess started. We reach the door and it surprises
me to find that my dad has the card and pass code to enter. This clearly
isn’t his first time in the area. I’m too scared and angry to really
comprehend what that might mean.

He holds the door open and motions for me to enter. Every instinct
tells me to turn and run. This is my father though. I’m supposed to trust
and obey him. Most of the trust is already out the window. However, I
just don’t have it in me to disobey him.

My father was always busy with work or something, so I mainly grew up
interacting with my three sisters and my mother. All four females are
older than me. All four of them also always tell me what to do. I don’t
think I became any less masculine because of it. However, I am nowhere
near as masculine/dominate as my father is. So, when he tells me to do
something I fucking do it. I might have hesitated this time, but I still

As we walk down that long hallway I feel like I’m being led to the
electric chair. There is something about the way my dad is being so silent
as we walk. Plus, it didn’t escape my attention that he is now walking
behind me instead of in front of me. That means he will be blocking any
escape I might attempt.

There is little doubt where we are headed. There is a larger “training”
area at the end of each hall in the other secure areas. I’m certain this
hall is no different. Especially considering that particular door is
already wide open.

I slow my pace as we get closer. I don’t halt though until I hear the
voices. The voices are overlapping so I guess there has to be at least 5
or more people in the room.

I start to back away but quickly bump into my father. He nudges me
forward but I resist. He becomes even more persistent. This pretty much
confirms my worst nightmare. I don’t know exactly what they have planned
for me in that room but it isn’t going to be good.

I like to think I have a large dick. However, I have to admit that the
rest of my body is rather small for my age. I still give my dad a run for
his money though. What I lack in strength I make up for in agility. For
an instant I almost get away from my dad but he gets a hold on my left
wrist as I try to zip past him.

“Get your asses out here and help me,” my father growls as he struggles
to get full control of me again.

A few seconds later I have at least four more hands grabbing at me. I
don’t stand a chance at this point and I’m easily being dragged into the
room. I keep struggling though even after the door closes behind us.


I continue to struggle as I’m dragged across the room. As I’m being
pulled by the other men I notice my dad has stopped at the door and is
talking to Dean Miller again.

“Maybe it is best if you don’t stay for this.”

It’s hard to hear over my own yelling but I think this is what the Dean
tells my father. My father gives me a worried look and then opens the door
and leaves the room.

“Help me!” I beg but he doesn’t even look back.

“Fucking coward!”

Yeah, I don’t actually yell that but I sure as hell am thinking it.
He’s my father. He’s supposed to be protecting me, not abandoning me to
these assholes. And the reason he was doing it pisses me off even more.
Just so he can keep his fucking job. He’s held the position for about 18
years. Isn’t that long enough?

It would be several days later before it dawns on me that my father was
protecting more than just his job. He also has my three sisters to worry
about. They were only allowed to go to school here because he is faculty.

The only thing worse than not being a graduate from the Christian School
of Humility is having the stigma of having once been a student but then
dropped from the school for whatever reason. People always assumed the
worst of these prior students. My sisters would be so disgraced that we
would probably have to move out of the state.

While all of this eventually occurs to me, I’m too scared and angry
right now for any kind of rational thought. All I can think about is
trying to get loose.

Three men have a hold on me but I still don’t give up. With my father
gone, they start getting more aggressive. I bite one of them and that
earns me a very hard slap across the face. When I say hard, I mean hard! I
actually see stars and the whole side of my face feels like it is on fire.

“That calmed him down,” one of the men laughs.

I know that voice. It’s Victor Sanchez. He’s an instructor at the
school and a close friend of our family. He’s single with no family in the
area, so he often visits us on the weekends. We also often invite him for
holiday celebrations.

Victor is a mean looking Mexican. He’s also my dad’s age, if not older.
Still, I’ve always thought of him as an uncle. Hell, growing up I think
Victor spent more time with me than my father. Well, quality time anyway.

“Victor, help mmph!” my plea is cut off by a ball gag being placed in my

I jerk my head back and forth to make it harder for them to tie the gag
in place. It does little good.

My hands are next. They pull them behind my back and I feel cold steel
against my left wrist. There is a clicking sound and then the cuff is
secure. My right hand is stronger but they easily cuff it as well.

As they step back I lunge forward in an effort to get back to my feet.
Unknown to me, the cuffs are attached to an eyebolt anchored in the floor.
I discover this very fast. I’m quickly halted by the cuffs but not before
my momentum causes severe pain in my wrists and arms.

I continue to scream behind the gag but very little of the noise
escapes. My physical struggles come to a complete stop. Even in my
panicked state, I’m able to reason there just isn’t anything I can do.
Struggling only hurts my arms and wrists more.

On top of everything else, I quickly discover that my air flow is
hindered significantly thanks to the gag. I stop screaming and try my best
to suck in oxygen. My lungs begin to burn and I start to panic. This only
hinders my breathing further. My head starts to spin and for a moment I
think I’m going to pass out. However, the dizziness causes me to calm down
and I gradually recover.

When I look up I see the Dean and the other three men walking out the
door. The Dean gives me that evil smile again as he leaves. To my shock,
Victor gives the same smile. Of all people, I expected him to be the most
concerned for me. Yet, he looks almost like he is happy about all of this.

When the door closes behind them all that is left in the room is myself
and two women. I barely noticed them until now. Earlier they just stood
in the corner and watched. They continue to watch for a minute and then
walk over to in front of me.

They are very beautiful. One has long black hair and the other red.
They both have slender bodies. Their breasts only look to be a C cup at
best, but the rest of their curves are to die for. In any other situation
I would be getting hard right now. However, I’m too scared for that.
Their black leather S&M outfits aren’t helping matters. Normally these
type of outfits turn me on. With them focusing on me like this the outfits
just seem to scare the shit out of me.

“We are your trainers,” one of them announces.

I’m pretty sure her name is Drew and the other woman is Casey. I’ve
seen them roaming the halls before. When I asked about them I was told
they were specialty trainers. Everyone has vague titles like that so I
never bothered to find out exactly what their specialty was. I’m pretty
sure I know now though.

It makes sense I guess. Who better to train a boy how to be a girl than
another girl?

“Cut the bitch’s clothes off,” Drew says as she hands Casey a pair of

“Who are you calling a bitch, bitch!” I think. Yeah, it is probably a
good thing I have the ball gag on right now.

I scoot back as Casey approaches. Those are some sharp looking fucking
scissors. I don’t get far before the cuffs stop me. I think about kicking
at her but that doesn’t seem that wise. So, I hold as still as possible
while she slowly cuts away all my clothes. She could have just pulled my
pants off but she chooses to cut them as well.

It isn’t long and I’m completely naked. I blush but I’m not sure why.
I’ve stood naked in front of entire classrooms of kids. Why should just 2
women embarrass me? I guess it’s just something about the way they are
looking at me. I’m sure it also has to do with what they plan to do to
me… whatever exactly that might be.

Casey stands back and puts her free hand to her chin like she is
inspecting me or maybe thinking about something.

“What do you think we should call her?” Casey asks. “Janice?”

Casey stares right into my eyes as she says this to Drew. It makes me
want to slap the bitch. However, it also makes me blush further.

“Why not just call her `Jackie’?” Drew replies with a giggle.

“That’s a little too close to her real name isn’t it?” Casey says as she
gives Drew a concerned look. “The other students might realize who she
really is.”

“Yeah, good point,” Drew replies. “Janice it is.”

Great, my new name is Janice.

“Do you like your new name, Janice?” Casey asks.

I just stare at her in response.

“I can’t reply. I’m gagged you dumb bitch,” I try to say with my eyes.

Casey steps forward and reaches out with her right foot. She has my
dick under the toe of her foot before I have time to back away. She then
starts pressing down hard. The pain is severe.

I guess I’m the real dumb one because as it turns out you can actually
communicate very well with a gag in your mouth.

“Ysph!” I scream into the gag as I rapidly nod my head up and down.

As she steps away I look down expecting to find a bloody mess of goo
where my dick used to be. To my surprise, my dick looks completely

“She learns fast,” Drew giggles.

I blush but I’m also very pissed. You have to keep in mind that I’ve
spent the last 4 weeks or so ordering girls around…with the exception of
a few female teachers of course. And even those teachers showed respect
when asking me to assist them. So, I’m sure you can imagine how upsetting
it is to have these bitches talking down to me like this.

My anger quickly turns to panic when I see what Drew is holding. It’s a
training harness. I’ve seen a few of these during my time here. It has a
leather strap that goes around the waist like any other belt. However,
there is an additional strap that goes between the legs and attaches at the
front and back of the waist strap.

You see some of the older girls wearing them from time to time but it is
a lot more common to see the younger ones wearing them. That is because
the strap that goes between the legs has attachments for holding dildos
and/or butt plugs. You make the younger girls wear them in order to
stretch their holes. The older girls wear them more as punishments.

I start fighting the cuffs as Drew walks toward me with the harness. No
fucking way am I allowing that bitch to put one of those on me. As she
kneels down I can see a butt plug is attached to the harness just like I
fear. I kick out at her but she is just out of reach.

“This is for your own good,” Drew says as she waits for me to calm down.
“In time you will even come to enjoy your plugs.”

Yeah, fat fucking chance of that. I’ve had a few students rub their
fingers on my asshole but that is about as close as I’ve ever come to
having anything pushed inside it. I admit the fingers did feel good, but
that is a far cry from sticking a plug up your ass.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” Drew says.

Just as she finishes saying this there is a whoosh following by loud
crack of thunder. In the enclosed room it sounds almost like a gun being
fired. My eyes get big when I see Casey holding a nasty looking whip.

I swallow hard. I’ve seen whips like this in the classrooms but I’ve
never actually seen one used. There is one 12-year-old I seen naked a
couple weeks back that had a series of welts on her back. I didn’t ask but
I’m pretty sure it was caused from one of these whips.

Suddenly, the harness doesn’t seem as bad. Still, as Drew reaches for
my right foot I debate whether I should kick her or not. I know I will
look like a pussy if I just give in. Yet, I also know nothing will really
be gained from it. Except a lot of pain from that fucking whip. So, I
fight the urge and let her slide the thing up my legs.

The waist section of the belt can easily be opened. So, there is no
need for her to slide them up my legs like a pair of underwear. Putting
them on this way also makes her a lot more vulnerable to my legs.
Something tells me she is hoping I will act out. I actually feel a sense
of victory in my refusal to be goaded into her trap.

That sense of victory quickly disappears when I feel the plug poking at
my rosebud. I got a good look at the plug earlier. It is only about an
inch and a half thick but it is at least 6 inches long. Thankfully, it
also looked like it had been coated with a lubricant.

“Mmph!” I groan behind the gag as Drew pushes harder against my tight

“Come on sugar, give that asshole to mommy,” Drew purrs. “Be a good
girl and just let it happen.”

“God, they are really doing it!” I think to myself. “This is really

Tears start to fall from my eyes. Until now a part of me still had hope
that all of this was a dream or some kind of sick joke. But it isn’t.
They are actually going to train me!

My ankles are up on Drew’s shoulders which still leaves me the option of
kicking her away. I can’t find the willpower to do it. The hopelessness
of the situation is just too overpowering.

“That’s a good girl,” Drew says as the plug slowly slides in. “Just let
it in. You were born for this.”

I close my eyes tight and try to ignore what Drew is saying and doing to
me. It doesn’t work.

“Ugh!” I grunt as the last of the plug slides inside me.

God, I can’t believe how deep it is! I know it is only about 6 inches
long but it felt more like a foot. I grunt a few more times as Drew
tightens all the straps on the harness. A second later my feet slide off
Drew’s shoulders and back to the floor. This causes the plug to alter its
position inside me. It’s uncomfortable but not necessarily painful.

“Now comes the fun part,” Casey says as she approaches with a long hose.

I don’t know what she has planned but I doubt it will be “fun”… at
least not for me.

Resistance at this point is useless so I just stare in curiosity as she
attaches the hose to the bottom of my harness.

Casey steps back and then gives her attention to a device the other end
of the hose is attached too. She gives me an evil grin and then hits a

“No!” I try to yell as I feel the plug start to expand inside me.

The plug keeps expanding until it reaches the point of actual pain.
Then it comes to a halt. I take deep breaths as my insides try to adjust
to the new size.

A minute later I sigh in relief as the plug slowly deflates.

“I set the machine on a loop,” Casey informs me. “It will continue to
get bigger and smaller until we turn it off. It has a pressure sensor so
it shouldn’t get much more painful than it already has. However, as you
loosen up it will get bigger.”

“You will be nice and stretched out by the time we turn this baby off,”
Drew interrupts with a giggle.

At that, the two of them walk to the door and open it.

“If you work hard you can probably dislodge the hose,” Casey informs me.
“Just keep in mind that if that hose isn’t in place come morning then you
are going to get a taste of the whip.”

I scream through the gag as they step out of the room and close the
door. It is 5 p.m. at the latest. That means they plan to leave this
fucking thing on me for at least 13 or 14 hours!

“Mmph!” I grunt as I feel the plug growing again.

As Casey promised, the plug is about as painful as the last inflation. I
roll to my side on the cold floor in hopes to relieve the pressure a
little. It works. A second later, however, I feel the plug expand further
and the pain is back.

I bite my lip and bear through it. A minute later a wave of relief
washes over me as the plug finally deflates again. All too soon though it
is inflating once more.

The pain isn’t unbearable, but it is just enough to encourage me to find
yet a more comfortable position. There is just enough slack in the chain
attached to my cuffs to allow me to get into a doggy position. Of course,
my hands are behind my back so I end up with my face and shoulders against
the floor with my ass high up in the air behind me.

This new position relieves the pressure further. However, like before,
the machine just compensates by inflating the plug further.

The next rotation is worse. I discover I’m already in the best position
and the only way to relieve the pain is to try to relax my insides so they
aren’t so taunt. But again, the machine just compensates and the pain is

This happens rotation after rotation. The plug inflates, I try to relax
my insides, and the plug just inflates further.

By the 10th inflation I have a sheen of sweat on me and I’ve become well
aware there is no escape from the pain. However, I just can’t stop myself
from trying. I find it both frustrating and humiliating that all I’m
managing to do is assist the machine in stretching my insides.

I suddenly get a horrific thought. The Dean and several others might be
watching me from the observation room. I glance behind me toward the large
mirror but of course there is no way for me to know for sure. However, as
I look back I realize the view I’m giving them. My ass is raised up high
and pointed right at them.

I blush but I don’t bother to change my position. I have much bigger
things to worry about, like that plug growing inside me again.

Around the 20th inflation I get the bright idea of squeezing my anal
muscles prior to the next inflation. The plan is to gradually release the
muscles so that I get brief moments of pain relief. It works, but it is a
lot of work. By the 30th inflation my anal muscles are tired out and I
have no choice but to just bend there and let the machine have its way with


I wake the next morning to the sound of someone entering the room. To
my horror, I feel the plug still working at my asshole.

Sometime last night I got so exhausted that I fell over onto my side and
fell asleep. I also vaguely remember someone removing my gag and giving me
something to drink. I have no clue when that might have happened though.
My brain was mush by then and it seemed more like a dream than reality.
The only reason I know it wasn’t a dream was because the gag is still gone.

Whoever it was, they must have also lowered the setting on the plug.
Either that or my body has just gotten used to the pain. There is still
discomfort but the sharp pains are no longer there each time the plug

“Please,” I beg when I see Casey standing over me.

“You made a bit of a mess,” Casey giggles.

I lift myself up with my left hand to a half sitting position. As I
look down I see a couple pools of drool on the floor. It takes me a moment
to realize my hands are now free. I’m about to yank the hose from my
harness and run for the door when I notice a chain attached to my ankle. I
follow the chain with my eyes and find it is attached to the same eyebolt
my hands had been.

It is just as well. I’m so tired that I’m sure Casey could have easily
caught and overpowered me. If that happened then I would surely end up
getting the whip. It would be a shame to have endured this fucking plug
all night just to get whipped anyway.

“Lick your mess up and I will remove your harness,” Casey whispers to

Despite my weakened state, I get a strong urge to grab her by the neck
and choke the life out of the bitch. I know it would be stupid to even
try. Even if I was strong enough, Drew no doubt was sitting in the
observation room watching us.

Still, licking the mess off the floor is out of the question. No way am
I going to do that. I don’t say this but I can tell Casey can read it on
my face.

Casey doesn’t get angry. She just walks over to the machine and turns a
knob. A second later I feel the pressure inside me build until it starts
to become painful. It is even a little more painful than it had been the
day before.

“We will try this again tomorrow morning,” Casey says as she starts to
walk toward the door.

“No! I’ll do it!” I say in a panic.

There is no way I could survive another 24 hours with this machine
attached to me. My hands are now free so I could remove the hose if I
wanted. However, that would mean the whip. Licking the spit off the floor
was better than either of those options.

Casey opens the door but doesn’t walk through it. Instead she turns and
looks my direction. She doesn’t say anything but it is clear I have to act
now or she is going to turn again and leave.

Other than the drool, the floor is rather clean. Still it’s fucking
drool! I try to convince myself the drool was once in my body already so
it can’t be all that bad. It is a logical argument but it doesn’t help

I lower my face anyway and stick my tongue out. I then let my tongue
swipe across one of the pools. The spit is cold but pretty tasteless. I
gag anyway.

I hear the door shut and see Casey walking back toward me. Encouraged,
I continue to lick at the mess.

“That’s a good girl,” Casey whispers as she kneels down next to my face.
“That’s rule number one. If you make the mess then you clean it up.”

I blush in humiliation as I swallow my drool. I just can’t believe this
is happening to me. Just yesterday I felt like the king of the mountain.
Now I’m basically powerless. I feel like such a pussy for giving in so
easily. Yet, what would be the point in manning up? Sure, I would get a
few minutes of manly pride but it would be followed by several minutes of
me crying like a bitch as they whipped me. Then there would probably days
of me whimpering from the cuts left behind.

The other pool of drool is a good 3 feet away. I don’t remember much
from last night so who knows how I got drool all the way over here. It
doesn’t even seem possible that my face could reach that far considering
how I was tied up. I don’t give it much thought.

I swipe my tongue across it and get a good spoon full into my mouth. As
I swallow I notice there is an odd taste to it. I also notice that there
is a lot more consistency to it. I go to lick again when it suddenly dawns
on me what this might be. I give it a good sniff.

“Drink it down sugar,” Casey whispers to me. “You need your protein.”

Casey’s comment confirms my suspicion. It’s cum! I back away from it
and try to get my stomach under control. I can’t believe I just swallowed

An even bigger concern is the question of who’s cum it is? Did the Dean
come in last night and jack off on me? I wouldn’t put it past the sick
bastard. I then remember what Casey told me about cleaning my own mess up.
I look down at my somewhat soft dick and to my shock I see a milky
translucent fluid very slowly oozing out. Casey notices my confusion.

“The plug is pressing deep inside you against your clit,” she giggles.

I realize she is talking about my prostate. I know what the prostate is
and what it’s for, but I never knew it could cause this to happen.

Casey walks to a shelf, grabs the whip and walks back toward me. I
quickly dip my head back down and lick at the pool of cum.

“Hmm,” Casey says as though she is surprised I’m actually licking the
goo up.

I’m guessing that prior students had to be whipped before they did
something this disgusting. I’m not sure if I should be proud that I’m
smarter than them or sad because I pussied out so easily. I’m too busy
trying not to be sick to decide.

I gag in between each swallow and it takes me a couple minutes to clean
the spot up. This is by far the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done in my
life. I will admit that I’ve always wondered what cum tasted like. It was
just a natural curiosity. However, I never once contemplated actually
tasting it.

“Good job Janice,” Casey says as she puts the whip away.

It takes me a moment to remember why she called me Janice. I look up at
her in anger at the use of my new name. Well, that and what she just made
me do.

“Put this on,” Casey commands.

I immediately recognize the item she is holding out to me. It’s a shock
collar. I should have known this was coming.

It isn’t often that the school accepts older girls. Even then they
require the girl to have prior “specialized training”. Don’t ask me where
they get that training. Maybe there are special tutors you can hire or
something. Anyway, you can always tell these late enrollees because they
wear shock collars all day.

My dad says the collars help motivate the girls to learn faster so they
can catch up with all the other students. I’m sure there is some truth to
that. However, I suspect the collars are more of a glorified leash to keep
the girls under control and possibly even to keep them from running away
during the transition period.

From what I’ve heard, how many months the girls wear the collars seems
to vary. I obviously is based on how well they adapt. There are currently
5 students in the school wearing them. Yeah, I keep track of them. They
are usually the most fun to play with since they are often more reluctant
to obey. It always feels a little kinkier, almost like you are raping them
or something.

One of the girls is 13-years-old. I’m told she has been here for almost
a year. I can’t imagine wearing something like this for that long. All of
the other girls are 10 and below though. They will probably only wear
theirs for 6 months.

I swallow hard at the thought of how long they might require me to wear
this blasted contraption. I’ve seen the collar in action before. It
doesn’t look pleasant at all. All it takes is one small press of a button
on a remote and the girl drops to her knees in agony.

Yeah, there is no way I want to put this fucking thing on. Once I have
this on they will be able to make me do about anything. I guess they can
already do that via the whip. Still, with the whip they at least have to
catch me first. With the collar they could probably bring me to my knees
from a block away.

“Put the fucking collar on!” Casey growls.

The tone of her voice makes me cower. It is a drastic change from her
normal sweet sounding voice. Or at least I assume that is her normal tone.

I see no acceptable alternative so I quickly put the device on. Once it
is in place she checks it to make sure the locking mechanism is working.
She then removes a key and unlocks my ankle.

The instinct to run for the door is great. Casey is even standing off
to the side, thus giving me a clear path. I’m not that stupid. Smaller
kids might fall for this trap but I’m not about too. If she doesn’t have
the remote on her then someone behind the mirror probably does.

“Hmm,” Casey says again.

I guess I surprised her again by not making a break for it. I’m a bit
insulted that she thinks I’m that stupid.

“Stand up and bend over,” Casey orders with a sweet voice this time.

My legs are stiff and weak but I manage to obey. I stand there on
shaking legs as she fiddles with the harness. I pray she is going to take
it off but she doesn’t. She just waits for the plug to inflate again and
then removes the hose. The plug must have a specialized valve because it
stays inflated despite the hose being unhooked.

“Drink this,” Casey says as she hands me a plastic cup.

I look in the cup expecting to find something disgusting. I’m pleased
to find it is full of chocolate milk. The inflated plug is giving me
stomach cramps but I’m extremely thirsty and hungry. I give it a tentative
taste and confirm it tastes good. The rest I gulp down in seconds.

“Thanks,” I whisper as I hand her back the cup.

“Follow,” Casey commands as she walks toward a door in the back of the

The inflated plug makes me feel like I’m about to give birth to a
football or something. It is very uncomfortable and I find it extremely
hard to walk. I have to bow my legs and go to my tiptoes in order to
relieve some of the discomfort. Even then I can still feel the plug trying
to shift around inside me. The fit is too tight though and all it manages
to do is tug at my guts.

“Oh. Oh. Oh,” I grunt over and over as I follow.

Casey stops at the door and giggles as she watches me catch up to her. I
imagine I must look pretty silly. I don’t find much humor in it though.

The bathroom is very large. The bathrooms in the other secure areas are
the same size so I’m not surprised. This one has a few added features but
the overall layout is the same. There are three toilets, sinks and
showers. There are no doors on the toilet or shower stalls of course.
There are also three lockers with locks on them. I assume they belong to

I can hear water dripping in one of the showers as I walk across the
cold concrete floor. I’m not sure where she wants me to go so I stop in
the center of the room.

“I’ll be back in 30 minutes,” Casey informs me. “While I’m gone I want
you to remove the plug and clean it in the sink. Then you can use the

As she says this, Casey presses something against the back of my harness
and I hear air being released from the plug. She only removes about half
of the air. It feels much more comfortable in my guts but I can tell it is
still rather big.

She walks back to the door and hits a switch on the wall which turns
some additional lights on as well as a ventilation fan. She then walks on
out. A few seconds later I hear her leave the outer room as well.

I’m shocked to be left alone like this… so much so that I don’t think
to ask right away how I’m supposed to remove the rest of the air from the
plug. I think about running after her so I can ask. However, she is
already in the hall and I’m scared they will think I’m trying to escape.
So, I reach down and start fiddling with the harness.

Unhooking the harness takes me very little effort. The harness slips
away leaving the plug behind. After putting the harness down I start
fiddling with the plug itself. I expect to find a relief valve of some
kind but I don’t.

As I feel around back there I discover that the inflated section
sticking out of my ass seems to be a good 2 inches wide! That seems
impossible. I wonder how big it was before Casey removed some of the air.
I try to push the thought out of my head.

I fiddle with the plug for another 5 minutes but find it impossible to
deflate. Slowly I realize there is only one way to get it out of me. I
need to force it out.

I use my right hand to tug on it. The diameter increases as it starts
to slide out. I only get it about a quarter of the way out before it
becomes too painful and I have to let it slip back inside.

I think about just leaving it in but decide against it. If Casey comes
back and the plug is still in then she will probably use the shock collar
or whip me. Or worse, she will leave the plug in for another day.

It takes me a few minutes but I convince myself to try to expel it out.
I squat in front of the sink but at the last moment decide it might be best
if I just sit on one of the toilets. It certainly will make for easier
cleanup if more than just the plug pops out.

I sit on the toilet and give a small push with my bowels. I’m just
testing the waters and not actually trying to push the plug out yet. It is
a lot more comfortable in this position but my ass ring still hurts each
time I push.

“Do it,” I tell myself. “Just do it!”

However, each time I go to push harder I chicken out. I’m scared of the
pain I know will happen. I’m also scared I might actually injure myself.

I decide to give a few more test pushes in hopes my ass ring might
stretch a little. I must have pushed a hair too hard on one test because
all of a sudden something inside my ass took over.

“Ahhh!” I yell as my ass ring stretches further and further.

Right when I’m sure my asshole is going to rip I reach the half-way
point and the rest of the plug quickly shoots out of my ass and into the
toilet bowl. For a moment I fear I might have turned my asshole inside

“Ah! Fuck!” I grunt as I lean forward trying to catch my breath.

Finally, I grab some toilet paper and wipe. As I do so I can feel that
my hole is still gaping.

It takes me a moment to get the nerve to stand and look into the bowl.
To my surprise it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The plug is dirty
but the water in the bowl has already cleaned most of it off. This is good
to see but I am even more relieved to find very little blood.

Takes me a moment but I get the nerve up to pull the plug from the
toilet and carry it to the sink. As I wash it off I can already feel my
bowels readjusting. Or at least that is what I think it is at first.
However, it quickly becomes clear the cramps I feel are leading up to
something else.

With the plug clean, I hurry to the toilet and sit down. It starts out
almost like a normal bowel movement but soon becomes something very…
unnormal. It feels like my whole insides are shooting out of me. The
smell becomes overwhelming and I have to flush the toilet several times
during the process. I’m very thankful for the ventilation fan overhead.

For a few seconds I wanted to kiss Casey for turning that fan on.
However, I start to put the puzzle together.

“That bitch!” I whisper to myself.

That wasn’t chocolate milk she gave me. That was some kind of Ex-lax!
Haven’t I been through enough in the past 24 hours? Can’t they give me
just a little break?

I get a horrible thought. Sure enough, I look up and see a video camera
mounted on the far wall. I blush profusely at the knowledge that all of
this is being caught on tape.

I’m grunting and groaning on the toilet for another 20 minutes before my
guts finally settle down. When they do I feel good, yet so hallow inside.
In fact, I feel too hollow… like something is missing. Of course, there
is a lot missing now. However, it is more than just that. It’s an odd
feeling but I don’t give it much thought.

Casey walks back in right when I’m preparing to get up from the toilet.

“How’s my little girl doing?” she says with a grin.

I blush. I wonder if she is grinning because she knows what I just went
through or because she just watched it on the monitors. I just give her an
angry look in reply. She doesn’t seem to notice. She just walks over to a
cabinet and looks inside.

“Please,” I beg when I see her turn holding an enema bag.


I’m a crimson red when we leave the bathroom two hours later. I’ve
never been so humiliated in all my life.

During those two hours Casey not only gave me several enemas but had me
perform a few on myself as well.

“You need to learn how to do this correctly,” she informed me. “You are
expected to do this every morning.”

These were my first enemas but I was well aware of the concept. Or at
least I thought I was. I was a bit surprised that enemas were a lot more
complex that I suspected.

I thought people just poured water into a bag and applied the enema.
Some people might do it that way but that isn’t how it’s done here. Here
you are expected to use a variety of soaps, oils, salts, etc. Casey taught
me 10 different “recipes”. She talked as though there were hundreds in

The ones she taught me fell into three basic categories. Some were
healthier than others. Some were meant primarily for relaxation. And some
just made you smell better. Yes, I said “smell better”. Yeah, I was
thinking the same thing… who cares how good you smell back there as long
as you don’t smell bad?

My head is spinning during the whole lecture. I hadn’t eaten anything
for a long time and my insides had just been drained. Luckily, I didn’t
have to memorize much since the recipes were all written down on the inside
of the cupboard door.

I’m so hungry and weak that I can barely walk as Casey showers me and
then leads me back to the main room. I blush even deeper when I see the
Dean standing in the room.

There is now a small exercise matt in the center of the room. Casey
motions for me to kneel down on it. The matt is only a half inch thick but
it feels very comfortable compared to the hard concrete floor. I can only
guess that the matt is some kind of reward for being obedient… like I
really have a choice.

“How is our little Janice doing?” the Dean asks Casey.

“Extremely well,” Casey immediately replies. “You really know how to
pick them. So far she hasn’t refused anything. It is like she enjoys all
of this… at least on a subconscious level.”

You have no idea how hard it is for me to keep quiet when I hear Casey’s
report. Just because I’m smart enough to avoid punishments doesn’t mean I
enjoy this… on ANY level!

“Please, let me go home,” I beg. “I promise I w… aah!”

I suddenly lose control of my body as electricity shoots from the collar
into my neck. The pain is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

“Sorry sir, we really haven’t gotten that far into her training yet,”
Casey says. “I assure you that by your next visit she will know when it is
or isn’t okay to speak.”

Dean Miller doesn’t reply. He just walks over to me and runs his
fingers through my hair. I have the urge to bite at his hand but suppress
it. This man might be an ass but he is in the position to decide my
future. All it would take is one word from him and I could be let free. Of
course, it would also only take one word from him to make life for me in
here exponentially worse.

“Ms. Pruitt, how about you go to my office and wait for me,” the Dean
commands. “I want a little alone time with our girl here.”

“Of course, sir,” Casey replies and quickly leaves.

It is the first time I’ve heard Casey’s last name, but I’m focusing more
on the order he just gave her. Not only does the Dean want to be alone
with me but he wants to ensure Casey isn’t watching from the observation
room. This can’t be good.

If the Dean was much smaller then I could actually use this situation to
my advantage. I bet he has something in his possession that allows him to
remove this collar. He would also make for a pretty good hostage if
necessary. Unfortunately, he is very muscular and a good 220 pounds at
least. I’m a buck twenty and not that muscular at all. Hell, after my
time in the bathroom I’m probably only 110 at most.

He turns and walks to a kitchenette in the back of the room. He grabs a
couple bowls. One he fills with water. The other sounds like he is
putting something hard and dry into, like cereal.

He walks back over and hands me one of the bowls. When I lower it to my
eye line I see that it is the one full of water.

“Ah!” the Dean growls when I’m about to bring the bowl to my lips. “Put
the bowl on the floor and drink it like a dog would.”

I give him an angry look, but I comply. I’m too thirsty not too.

He kneels down next to me but I keep drinking. Who knows when they will
let me have another drink?

“Good girl,” he whispers as he places the other bowl next to the first.

I’m starving and move my head to eat from it. I back away though when I
see what’s in it. It looks and smells like some kind of dry dog food!

I only manage to back up about 6 inches before the Dean grabs my head
with his left hand and pushes me back toward the bowl. I lift my rear end
off the matt so I can try to crawl away.

“Uh!” I let out when I feel the Dean’s right hand grab my ass.

He not only grabs my ass but slides his index and middle finger up my
asshole. I still struggle but I’m way too weak and he is way too strong.

“Please,” I begin to beg again.

“Eat it!” the Dean growls.

The tone of his voice almost makes me piss myself. He sounds so scary
and demanding that I can’t help but obey. It is clear from the tone that
if I don’t comply then something significantly worse was going to happen to

“It’s just food. It’s just food,” I keep telling myself as I lower my
head to the bowl.

The smell alone makes my stomach turn but I close my eyes tight and take
a bite anyway. I quickly discover that when it comes to dog food, a little
dab will do you. I only have 3 pieces in my mouth but it takes me a full
minute to chew it up and swallow. It’s just so hard and dry that it wants
to stick anywhere there is moisture. This includes my gums, teeth,
tongue… everywhere. And God is it nasty tasting.

My stomach keeps yelling that it wants to expel the disgusting substance
but I force it to stay down. My next sip of water only seems to amplify
the flavor in my mouth. It takes several more sips before the flavor
finally dissipates.

Keeping myself from being sick is hard work and I have to hover over the
bowl for a minute in order to catch my breath. The Dean is patient and
doesn’t push on my head again until it is clear I have everything under

Do you know how some foods taste horrible on the first bite but actually
taste good by the second or third? Well, just for the record, dog food
isn’t like that. If anything, the second mouth full is worse than the

“I’ve had my eye on you for a very long time,” I the Dean say over the
crunching sound of the dog food. “I tried to talk your father into
enrolling you way back when you were 7. He wouldn’t have any part of it.
That’s fine, I have you now.”

I stop chewing for a moment as I listen to the Dean talk. He’s just
playing mind games with me. Isn’t he?

“I knew it was just a matter of time before your dad asked me to give
you a job,” he continues. “The rest was a piece of cake. I just had to
wait until you started getting curious about this off limits area. I then
lower our security in this area a little. It didn’t take much. I just
repositioned our hall guard for a couple weeks and gave our special
students instructions to be a little more relaxed about ensuring the door
closes behind them each visit.”

Now I know he is full of shit. He might be the Dean but even he would
get into trouble if others at the school found out about this. He would
never tell me all of this, not in front of the cameras.

As I think this I glance up at the camera in the corner of the room.
What I see sends a shiver of fright down my spine. The camera is
unplugged. The cameras have a BNC cable that sends a signal to the
recorders down the hall. However, they also have a power cord that plugs
into a socket right next to the camera. It is this cord that actually
powers the camera. I always wondered what prevented the instructors from
just unplugging that cord. Now I know the answer is, “nothing”.

As I take a sip of water I wonder if maybe the camera is just part of
the deception. Convince me this was all prearranged and I’m more likely to
give up hope sooner rather than later. It’s entirely possible.

Still, as I look back some of the things the Dean is saying makes sense.
The punishment for my offense does seem rather severe. Plus, there is the
creepy way the Dean always stared at me on the rare occasions I seen him at
special events.

“Oh,” I groan in despair as I suddenly remember an instance with the
Dean when I was younger.

When I was about 9 the Dean pulled me into his lap during a Christmas
party. All of the adults were pretty drunk by this point in the party so I
hadn’t thought much of it. I was old enough to know he was my dad’s boss
and that I should behave. So, I let him hold me for a few minutes before I
struggled away so I could go play with the other kids.

It seemed harmless to me at the time. I thought about the event for a
few weeks afterward though because I remembered how big his penis had felt
under me. It was hard like mine sometimes got back then, but the Dean’s
was WAY bigger. It felt almost like he had a coke can in his pants or
something. While I thought about his cock a lot those few weeks, I never
did so in a sexual way. I was only 9. I was just curious if mine would
ever get that big.

I hadn’t given the incident a second thought after that. Now I realize
the Dean might have actually seen me as a sexual object that night.

That was four years ago though. That is an awfully long time to wait
for… well, me. I mean, there really isn’t anything special about me.
I’m short, skinny and have virtually no muscle tone. I’ve overheard a few
girls in my school say I look cute, but that seems a far cry from someone
you would crave over for years on end.

No, he has to be lying. He just has to be. The alternative is just too

“Yeah, I think I will be taking a special interest in your training,” he
says as he pushes my face back into the food dish.

“Umph,” I grunt as the Dean pushes an additional finger up my asshole.

My asshole is sore from earlier but I also crave the intrusion somehow.
It feels like he is scratching a weird kind of itch deep inside me. It’s
very hard to describe. It’s sort of like when you clean your ear out with
a cue tip. It feels almost orgasmic, yet at the same time it doesn’t feel
sexual in any way.

“Mmm!” I let out in surprise when his fingers touch a sensitive spot
deep inside me.

“I think I found your clit,” he says with a laugh.

I blush as I hear him refer to my prostate in this manner. Despite my
embarrassment and anger, I have to admit that his fingers feel pretty good
rubbing that spot. It feels similar, yet very different than when the plug
touched me there. The plug just pushed against it. The Dean’s fingers are
actually massaging it.

The Deans left hand leaves my head but I know better than to stop
feeding. Goose bumps raise all over my body as the fingertips on his left
hand softly glide over my shoulders and down my back. They then leave my

“Oh!” I let out when the fingers reappear against my cock.

“Good girl,” the Dean whispers when he finds my dick is already hard.

This discovery causes me to blush further. I can’t believe I’ve allowed
myself to get hard. Having a man touch me like this is utterly disgusting.
How can I possibly get hard from it?

“Mmm!” I moan with pleasure as the fingers in my ass and the ones on my
dick become more vigorous.

“I don’t want this!” a voice in my head screams. “Block it out! Block
it out!”

It’s no good though, the sensations are just too intense. It isn’t long
and I’m unable to focus on my feeding anymore. I have a mouth full of dry
dog food but I don’t chew it. I just hover over the bowl and focus on this
pleasure I never knew existed.

“Such a good girl,” Dean Miller whispers as I start to push back against
the fingers in my ass. “Your daddy would be so proud if he could see you
right now.”

This comment brings a whole new level to my blush. I have a mouth full
of dog food and I’m getting pleasure from a man’s fingers up my asshole.
I’m so thankful the video camera is unplugged. I would just die if my
father ever seen me like this. I’m still pretty pissed at my father but
that doesn’t mean I don’t still care what he thinks about me.

“Mmm!” I protest when the fingers leave my dick.

I hump at the air for a moment in hopes of finding the fingers again. I
force my eyes open to find out why he have stopped. I open them just in
time to see him dragging the bowl of dog food out from under my face. I
watch in curiosity and then despair as he positions it directly under my

“Mmm!” I moan in pleasure this time as his fingers resume massaging my

God, those fingers feel so good. Yet, the thought of cumming all over
my breakfast is enough to make me ill. And I just know the Dean won’t be
happy until I’ve emptied the contents of that bowl. If it was just the
finger on my dick then I probably would have a fighting chance. However,
those fingers up my ass are doing something I just don’t have a defense

“I’m going to cum!” the voice in my head shouts in panic. “I’m going to
cum all over the dog food and he’s going to make me eat it!”

The voice in my head yells this over and over. It starts out as a last
ditch effort to stave off my climax. However, as it begins this sickening
thought somehow feeds the climax.

I bite down hard on the chunks of dog food as I feel the cum rocket out
the end of my dick. The cum hits so hard that I feel some of it splatter
back up against my belly. The first shot is quickly followed by at least 5
more before my climax slowly subsides.

The Dean squeezes the last of the cum out of my dick and then slowly
removes his fingers from my ass and cock. I’m left with just an afterglow
of my climax, a mouth full of dog food and the overwhelming humiliation of
what just happened.

I start to cry as I see the Dean slowly drag the bowl of cum covered dog
food out from under me and back to its rightful place next to the water


The rest of the day seems pretty basic even to me. Casey goes over
various school rules and then gives me a few hours of “obedience” training.
Don’t talk unless given permission first. Don’t question orders. Common
sense stuff like that. Simple or not, they are vital rules and Casey goes
over them again and again.

I spend most of the day though just trying to forget what took place
with the Dean. It was such a humiliating and disgusting experience. Yet I
fear I will experience many more bad, if not worse, experiences with that
evil man.

I held out for two shocks from the collar before the Dean could get me
to eat the cum-covered dog food. It isn’t much of a victory but at least
it is something I guess. However, in the end I have to live with the
knowledge that I still ate it. He didn’t let me stop until the bowl was
licked clean.

The good thing is that the dog food curved my hunger. The bad thing is
that it also cleared my previously nutrient starved head. This only allows
me to focus more on the morning’s events.

I mess up a few minor things during the day but Casey still gives me
high praise before putting me to bed. My ankle is chained to the floor
that night but at least I didn’t have to endure that damn inflatable butt
plug. I was also allowed to sleep on the soft workout matt. Needless to
say, I slept like a baby.

“All of it!” Drew growls.

Its morning and I find myself on the floor again in the bathroom getting
an enema. Only this time it is Drew supervising me. Drew seems more
demanding than Casey was. Either that or Casey was just taking it easy on
me the first day.

For starters, Drew is ordering me to take an entire half gallon enema.
Casey only required half that much.

I get most of the water inside me but have trouble with the last little
bit. It’s just so much. I take deep breaths though and the last of it
finally drains inside me.

“Not yet!” Drew says as I start to get off my knees. “Stay down there
for 5 minutes, then you can go to the toilet and release it.”

Five minutes! Is she insane? My belly is bloated and extending out
grotesquely below me. It feels like it could explode at any second. I
continue the deep breaths and somehow make it the full duration.

I blush as I expel the fluid. It comes out pretty clean but it’s more
the thought of what I’m doing. That and the fact that this is the first
time I’ve done it in front of Drew. I blush further when Drew has me stand
so she can inspect the toilet bowl.

“Again!” she orders as she flushes the toilet.

The second half gallon enema comes out clear and to my surprise Drew is
satisfied. I was positive that Drew would make me do several enemas like
Casey had yesterday. I’m not about to argue with her though.

“Take a quick shower and then put those clothes on,” Drew orders as she
points to a small pile of clothes near one of the lockers. “Come out front
once you are done.”

At that, Drew walks out. I groan when I look at the pile of clothes.
Even folded up I can easily tell it’s one of the standard Humbled Girl
uniforms. I can already see the short tartan skirt and black shoes. I’m
sure the pile also includes knee high socks, white shirt and the neck tie.

The warm shower is relaxing. I know better than to delay too long so I
force myself to turn the water off. I dry myself quickly and start
dressing. The pile includes everything I expected. Plus, a little
bonus… a pair of cotton white panties.

I save the panties for last. When I can’t delay any longer I finally
pick them up and step into them. I blush in front of the camera as I
slowly pull them up into place.

As embarrassing as wearing this is, the clothes are better than going
naked… I guess.

I stop dead in my tracks as I exit the bathroom. Standing there in her
school uniform is the very angelic Danielle. The 14-year-old who’s
beautiful looks got me into this mess. If she has been coming into this
secure area then she must really be a boy. Still, I’m standing just four
feet away and see no evidence that she isn’t actually a girl.

“Wh…where’s Drew,” I ask, not sure what else to say.

“So, you are the one that got me into trouble,” Danielle says, ignoring
my question.

“What?” I ask in confusion.

“The Dean said I was the reason you snuck into this area,” she explains.
“That cost me 8 weekends.”

“Why would you get into trouble for that?” I ask.

“Duh!” Danielle says as she rolls her eyes. “Half the stuff they teach
us here is how to read men. I should have noticed you were interested in
me and reported it or at least found a way to turn you away.”

It makes sense but is silly at the same time. She is only 14 years old
after all. Plus, there is something about the way she says it that makes
me think she is not telling the truth. Or, she is at least holding
something back. It seems immaterial though so I let it pass.

“Sorry,” I reply.

“Don’t worry about it,” she says with a laugh. “As punishments go it’s
not that bad. I just have to spend the next four weekends in here with
you. It’s similar to something all of us normally have to do anyway for new
students. It’s part of your orientation. There isn’t much to it. I teach
you a few things and answer any questions you have. Other than that we
just spend time together. That way when you start classes you already have
a friend in the school.”

“Um, where’s Drew,” I ask again.

“Aren’t you listening?” Danielle says as she rolls her eyes once more.
“I’m here. Therefore, it is the weekend. You know it’s Saturday, right?
I’m surprised Ms. Branson even showed up today. What did you two do in
here this morning anyway?”

This question makes me blush. Danielle’s response did explain though
why Drew had been so cranky. It also explained why she seemed to be in
such a rush.

“What should we do?” I ask hoping she forgets her last question.

“Well, first we have to get your makeup on of course,” Danielle giggles
as though it’s an obvious answer.

“Do… do we have to do that?” I ask.

“Ah, yeah,” Danielle laughs. “Come on, it will be fun!”

I just stand there and watch as Danielle skips to a makeup stand at the
side of the room. I find it hard to believe this might be a boy. I
chastise myself for analyzing her curves as she skips along. She stops at
the stand and then gives me a puzzled look as she turns and sees me still
in place.

“What’s wrong?” she asks. “It’s not like you’ve never put makeup on

I feel like crying. I hold it in. If Danielle really is a girl then I
don’t want to look like a sissy… says the boy wearing the skirt.

“You’ve never put makeup on before?” Danielle asks. “Really?”

For me that sounded like a very stupid question. However, I guess it
would seem odd to Danielle that all of this was completely new to me.
Still, she has seen me dressed as a boy during the past few weeks. Does
she think I just cross dressed in my off duty hours? Well, actually she
probably does.

“Your parents never trained you to be a girl?” Danielle asks in

I just shake my head back and forth.

“I don’t understand,” Danielle says. “Why would they allow you to be a
student if you have no prior training as a girl?”

She asks the question but again something in her voice tells me she
already knows the answer. Of course, it could just be my paranoia.
Heavens knows I have good reason to be paranoid.

“I’m not sure if I’m supposed to talk about it,” I reply.

My instinct is to tell her the whole story and beg for her help.
However, I know the Dean and the others will be expecting that. There is
probably someone on the other side of the mirror this very moment.
Besides, I’m not that sure Danielle would help me anyway. He or she seems
very… well, brainwashed for lack of a better word. No, it will be better
to wait until I know we aren’t being watched… and when I know Danielle a
little better.

“Is everything okay,” Danielle asks with a serious tone.

I can see the wheels turning in her head. If I don’t put her at ease
she will eventually connect all the dots and figure my story out for
herself. I feel it is best to keep her in the dark for now.

“Yes, of course it is,” I tell her as I force a smile. “I just don’t
think they would want you to know what kinds of strings my dad and I had to
pull to get me a spot in the school.”

Danielle gives me a puzzled look but lets the subject drop.

“Crap!” Danielle says after a moment of silence. “This means I’m
actually going to have to teach you a bunch of stuff. I knew this
punishment was too good to be true.”

An hour later and I find myself staring in the mirror in both shock and
amazement. Staring back at me is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever
seen… just as beautiful as Danielle, maybe even more so.

I really don’t know what to make of it. On one hand I find it
disgusting to be wearing the makeup. Yet, on the other hand I feel proud
that I turned out looking this good. Okay, maybe that didn’t sound right.
What I mean is that if they are going to make me dress like a girl then I
would rather look like a pretty one than an ugly one. Okay, maybe that
still doesn’t sound right.

I almost object when Danielle pulls my blonde wig off and replaces it
with a black one. I felt we had just gotten the perfect look… so why
ruin it?

“Oh! Black is definitely your color,” Danielle says with excitement as
she rotates my chair back toward the mirror.

To my surprise I actually look even better. This is good news
considering my natural hair color is black anyway. Wait, what am I
saying?! I can’t believe I allowed myself to get so caught up in all of
this. I blame Danielle. She is just so nice to talk too… especially
after what I’ve been through.

During the past hour Danielle and I chatted about everything under the
sun. Except of course the one thing I was most interested in. Was she a
she or a he?

“If I ask you a question will you promise you won’t get mad?” I finally
get up the nerve to break the big question.

“Shoot!” she replies with a giggle.

“You are very pretty,” I begin. “I mean, you look like the perfect
girl. No, I mean…”

“Am I really a boy?” she giggles.

I blush and then nod.

“Of course, silly,” he replies. “You should never ever ask that type of
question to another student though. Not unless you are in this area of the
school. But of course if they are in this area of the school then they
have to be boys. Otherwise they wouldn’t be in here.”

My heart sinks when I hear Danielle is a boy. I know the odds of him
being a girl was pretty slim considering the circumstances. Still, I had
hoped I was wrong.

“I’m sorry,” Danielle says when he sees the sad look on my face.

“No, its okay,” I try to assure him. “I mean, we can still be friends.”

He might dress and act like a sissy but he still seems to be a very nice
person. I see no reason we can’t still be friends. Granted, I’m not sure
I would ever introduce him to my other male friends. I can just imagine
how they would react if they found out Danielle was a girl. My reputation
would be ruined. God, how would they react if they found out I’ve been
dressed up like a girl? I try to shake this last thought.

“Sure,” Danielle replies.

I notice that Danielle seems a little sad. Is it possible he wants to
be more than just friends?

“Now what?” I break the silence.

“Well, maybe it would help if you told me what Ms. Branson has already
taught you,” Danielle replies.

“Actually, I think I have two trainers,” I respond. “Ms. Branson and
Ms… um, Casey. They haven’t taught me much yet though.”

They’ve actually taught me a ton in the past couple days but I’m too
embarrassed to talk about any of it.

“Did they teach you how to…” he starts but pauses briefly. “… you
know… use the bathroom?”

My blush is all the answer he needs.

“Thank God,” Danielle laughs. “That spares us a few awkward lessons.”

I can’t help but laugh along with her… I mean him.

“I’m assuming they also taught you about the plugs?” he asks.

“I’m not sure,” I reply.

After I say it I realize how stupid of a response that is. It was a
pretty basic yes or no question. My purpose is to avoid talking about the
inflatable butt plug. Yet, that answer makes it clear they did something
to me in relation to butt plugs. Danielle isn’t new here, I’m sure he
knows what I’m trying to avoid speaking about. Even so, at least we still
don’t have to say it out loud.

“These,” Danielle says as he opens up a cabinet.

I walk over to him and look inside. I’m thankful to see that the
cabinet doesn’t include the inflatable plug. It does, however, contain 10
other normal butt plugs. If there is such a thing as a “normal” butt plug.

I shake my head.

“Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it looks,” he assures me. “You start
out with the smallest one. You wear it until they tell you to move to the
next size. They will probably have go up in sizes pretty fast at first.
Don’t worry, they will slow down big time once you get to about number 5 or
6. I’ve been here for almost 6 years and I’m still only an 8.”

I instinctively look at number 10, which is grotesquely big, and count
backward to 8. I look on in shock at the size of it. It had to be 3,
maybe 3.25 inches wide. I can’t imagine something like that fitting inside
a body as small as Danielle’s. Still, I was just as small and the
inflatable plug looked at least that round when I took it out yesterday.
Granted, that plug wasn’t solid like these appear to be.

“Yeah, try wearing that all day, every day,” Danielle giggles when he
sees where I am looking. “It took me a long time to get used to it. Well,
I’m still not used to it.”

Danielle looked a little nervous as he quickly added that last sentence.
I get the feeling he is scared someone might hear his prior sentence and
decide to increase him to a 9. I can’t blame him either. The next one is
at least 3.75″ thick. That size would be unbearable. Who am I kidding,
even number one looks unbearable… to wear all day anyway.

Number one is only an inch and a half thick at the widest point, so I’m
positive I could fit it no problem. Wearing something like that all day
long? That I’m not sure I could handle.

“Well…” Danielle says with a grin as she looks at me and then down at
the plugs… then back at me.

“What?… Oh!” I say as I realize what he is suggesting. “I don’t know.
Maybe it is best if I wait for Drew or Casey to… um, show me how this is

“Don’t be a pussy,” Danielle giggles. “Just grab it, lube it and push
it in.”

“Who are you calling a pussy, sissy?” I think it but don’t say it. I
like Danielle too much for that. It’s not his fault they turned him into a

“Come on,” Danielle taunts me. “I’m wearing mine. See?”

Danielle pulls his panties down turns and then flips the back of his
skirt up. I tell myself to look away but curiosity gets the best of me.
My eyes immediately focus on the huge round back end of the plug. I can’t
help but also verify that he is indeed male. I also note that his cock
seems much smaller than mine. That makes me kind of happy. It would have
been embarrassing to find out a sissy had bigger equipment than myself.

“This is kind of embarrassing,” I say as he lubes the plug and hands it
to me.

“Trust me, this isn’t the most embarrassing thing you will end up doing
around here,” Danielle laughs. “We should be so lucky.”

I want to laugh as well but that comment strikes a little too close to
home. I have already experienced much worse than this.

I take the plug from Danielle. For a moment I think about going into
the bathroom so I can perform the act in private. I know Danielle will
just call me a pussy again if I do. So, I get my nerve up and then use my
free hand to pull my panties down. I blush as I reach back with the plug
and slowly push it in.

“Oh,” I let out by accident.

I planned to be tough and silent during the process but I got a wild
surge of electricity in my body as my ass ring slid over the half way mark.
The rest of the plug quickly slid in and bumped up against my clit…um,

As the plug pops inside I have a brief flashback of yesterday’s events
with Dean Miller. The Dean was the first to touch my clit like that. He
even made me cum from it. I wonder how long that horrible memory will
stick with me. Or will I always think of the Dean whenever I feel
something in my ass? It sickens me to think this way. God, I can’t wait
until I manage to escape from this place.

I blush further when I realize that thinking about the Dean has somehow
made my dick start to grow. It’s starting to tent out the front of my
pleated skirt. I quickly pull my panties up and pray Danielle didn’t

Danielle gives me a sly look but doesn’t say anything. If he noticed
then I think he realizes it was an involuntary reflex. Or at least I hope
that is what it was. It sickens me to think I might actually be getting
hard thinking about the Dean.

“Oh!” Danielle says as he remembers something. “Did you remember to
take your pill today?”

“What pill?” I reply.

“Your estrogen pill,” Danielle answers.

As soon as she says it I remember the spanking I witnessed just prior to
getting caught. The instructor had mentioned estrogen pills also. It only
took me a second to piece it all together. They were giving the boys
female hormones so they will grow breasts. Or at least that seems the
logical conclusion. I’m pretty sure I’m right. The sissy getting spanked
had breasts and so does Danielle.

“Give me your hand,” Danielle orders as he holds out his own.

I cautiously obey and raise my right hand. He grabs it and looks up and
down my arm on one side and then the other. He even looks under my short

“Other one,” he says as he releases my right.

He gives this arm the same treatment.

“Ah! There it is,” he says as he points to a spot a few inches below my
left shoulder. “What did you think they were giving you when they gave you
that shot?”

I look closely where he is pointing and see a small red dot. What the
fuck!? When did they give me a shot? I then remember my blackout during
my first night here. They must have given me the shot after I passed out.

“You get one shot every month and take a pill every day,” Danielle
informs me when it is clear I wasn’t aware I was getting estrogen. “You’re
not the first one they have snuck estrogen on. Some new people are here
for weeks before they are told. They just sneak the estrogen into their
water and food and stuff.”

Holy shit! They’ve been drugging me! Was it sprinkled over the dog
food? Was it in the water I drank?

“Don’t worry, it’s harmless,” Danielle says when he sees the obvious
shock on my face. “It can make you a little emotional sometimes but mainly
it just helps you grow boobies. It also makes your figure look sexier.
Not that your figure doesn’t look sexy already.”

Oh, it just grows boobies… are you insane! I feel ill just thinking
about it. I know Danielle and I live in different worlds so I bite my
tongue. He reads it in my face anyway.

“You don’t want boobies do you?” Danielle whispers as he looks nervously
toward the camera on the other side of the room. “I guess I shouldn’t have
told you about the estrogen. I suppose that is why they keep it secret
from most newcomers. Don’t worry, in a few weeks you will start to like
the idea of having boobies. All the other newcomers seem to.”

It is clear to me that the acceptance of the drugs is probably a side
effect of them. Either that or some of the boys just pretend to accept
them. It would certainly explain why the sissy was getting spanked for it
the other day.

“I won’t tell them you said anything,” I assure him. “I’m pretty sure
we were talking too low for the camera microphone to pick us up from way
over there.”

We quickly drop this subject and start talking about other things. In
the following few hours Danielle teaches me a lot of basic stuff. A lot of
it though deals with stuff I need to know outside the secure area.
Something tells me it could be a long time before they let me out of here.
Still, they are things I might be able to impress Drew or Casey with. It
might convince them I’m coming around. Maybe get them to let their guard
down a little.

Most of the instruction is pretty boring. However, I do find it a
little exciting when we go back to the makeup area. I don’t want to look
like a girl but I have to admit that it is kind of cool how many different
looks you can create and stuff. To me it is more like dressing up for
Halloween or doing special effects than actually “becoming” a girl.

The only thing I regret is letting Danielle work on my real hair. It
seems harmless and even kind of soothing to have him working on my hair…
like I’m being pampered. My hair is long but it doesn’t even reach my
shoulders. Amazingly, Danielle manages to use irons and curlers to make it
look rather cute and feminine. I get a kick out of it until I realize I
can’t just brush the curls out. He assures me though that most of the
curls will be gone by morning.


I about jump out of my skin when I hear a male voice behind us. I’m
sure I recognize the voice but I pry I’m wrong. Sure enough, I turn and
find my father standing there! I feel my face flush.

“We were just… I mean…” I stammer. “It’s not what it looks like.”

“Working on the voice already I see,” my dad changes the subject. “I
like it.”

He’s right. I was talking in a slightly higher pitched voice than
normal. I hadn’t even noticed. I think back and realize I started doing
it about 40 minutes ago during my chat with Danielle. He talks just like a
girl and I guess I just subconsciously started to match the pitch. You
know, to kind of make him feel more comfortable. Okay, maybe that isn’t
the reason. I guess it was just too odd to be made up like a girl and
still talking like a boy.

As you can imagine, this topic embarrasses me just as much. I can only
imagine what my dad must think of me right now. Just a few days ago I was
his manly stud of a son who was getting more tail than any other boy in the
county. Now look at me! I’m wearing makeup and girl’s clothes. Hell, I
even have curls in my hair.

The embarrassment and shame is too much to bear and I start crying.
Great! Now I’m crying like a girl also. This makes me cry even harder. I
turn and put my head down on the makeup table.

“It’s the estrogen,” Danielle whispers to my father. “She isn’t used to
it yet.”

Danielle says this so low that I can barely make it out. He clearly
doesn’t want my father to know that I already know about the pills. I see
no reason to let my father know otherwise.

“It’s okay,” my father says. “I came here for you anyway. I believe
you have a punishment coming? The Dean insisted I come in and carry it out

I hear the two of them walk out of the room and into the room across the
hall. I’m glad they are leaving me alone but I’m also very upset that my
father wasn’t concerned about the estrogen. That tells me he is well aware
that the school is drugging me. I already guessed that he probably knew,
but it still hurt to have that suspicion confirmed.

My embarrassment subsides a bit once they leave the room. I grab a
tissue and dab my eyes, being careful not to smear my mascara. At least I
now know water proof mascara doesn’t run when you cry.

As I get myself together I realize how big of an ass I am. I’m sitting
here crying about just being seen by my dad when Danielle is across the
hall being punished. And I might even be the reason for that punishment.

There isn’t anything I can do though. Hell, even if I was big and
strong enough to do something about it, I’m not even sure I can leave this
room without the shock collar going off.

Still, it would be nice to confirm that Danielle’s punishment isn’t too
severe. I walk to my door and put my ear to it. I can hear commotion, but
just barely. I decide to open my door so I can hear better.

As I open it I discover the door to the adjacent room is wide open. I
can clearly see Danielle naked on the floor on all fours. This doesn’t
surprise me too much. The girl students often have to undress for
punishments also.

Danielle is facing away from me and I get a clear view of his cock and
balls as he arches his back. My attention goes to his plug though. Is my
father actually going to spank him with the plug in place?

The video room is just one room down and I hear someone step out of that
room and close the door. I quickly shut my door most of the way and step
back. I hold my breath as the steps get closer. However, they lead into
the room with Danielle and not to mine.

I crack my door open and look out again. I discover that it was my dad.
It dawns on me that he was probably making sure the recorders were on for
that room and that the cameras had a good view of the punishment. The Dean
clearly had a special interest in this particular punishment. It would
suck for my dad to come in Monday and find there is no proof he actually
carried the punishment out.

“You will be getting 20,” my dad informs Danielle as he kneels down next
to him.

Twenty is a lot, but not an insane number. Not for a bare hand spanking
anyway. Of course it really depends on how hard you hit. I decide to
continue watching just to make sure my dad isn’t too vicious with Danielle.

My dad puts his left hand on the small of Danielle’s back to help hold
him in place. He then lightly rubs his right hand across the boy’s rear
end. The touch isn’t too sexual, but it still feels weird to see my dad
touch a boy that way… even if that boy looks like a cute girl.

“Okay, push out,” my father announces.

I watch in fascination as Danielle’s huge plug slowly starts extend out
from the his asshole. It looks like my dad is going to take the plug out
after all. However, right when the plug is half way out and right at the
widest point, my father’s hand slams down against it.

“Oh!” Danielle screams. “One, headmaster!”

I put my hand to my mouth in shock. Just seeing it made my ass ring
squeeze around my much smaller plug.

I tell myself to look away as I see the plug slowly extend out again. I
just can’t pull myself away though.


“Ugh!” Danielle lets out. “Two, headmaster!”


“Oh, God! Three, headmaster!”

As I watch slap after slap I can’t help but wonder what it feels like.
Is it just pain? Or does it also feel a little like when the Dean rubbed
me inside?

Curious, I reach behind me and under my skirt. I tap the plug through
my panties. I then tap a little harder. It feels very odd. It’s like I’m
actually tapping deep inside my asshole. Getting brave, I arch my back a
little and try to use my ass muscles to push the plug out. The plug slowly
comes out and I can feel it tent out the back of my panties. I bite my
painted lower lip and use my right hand to push the plug back in as fast as
I can.

“Mmph,” I let out, but quiet enough that my father doesn’t hear.

The fast intrusion punches into my guts and forces me to my knees. It
is definitely painful. However, there was more to it than just that.
There is an odd pleasure also. Though, I’m not sure pain or pleasure are
the right words. I’m not sure there is a word for what I felt. It was
more like a lot of pain and a little pleasure all in one… not
simultaneously, but as one entity. It was a very scary feeling. It made
my dick hard but I wasn’t about to experiment further with it.

I feel even worse for Danielle now. My dad is hitting the plug way
harder than I did mine. Plus, Danielle’s plug is a good 3 inches thick.
It must feel like someone is punching their fist into his asshole. The
horrible thought sends a shiver down my spine.

On the 14th hit something wild happens.


“Oh… oh… oh,” Danielle grunts over and over as his hips jerk forward
and back.

A second later a huge blast of cum hits the concrete floor below him.
The blast is followed by 4 more.

“God, I wonder what that felt like,” I think to myself.

I noticed Danielle’s dick get hard during the punishment but no one ever
touched it. It just erupted. I would have never thought it possible to
cum without touching your dick.

Sure, I’ve seen a couple girls at the school cum from just having their
ass fucked. However, the girls are trained to fake orgasms. There is no
way for Danielle to fake his.

Danielle has had years of training though. Maybe that is why he is able
to cum this way. I highly doubt I could cum from a punishment like that.
Still, I wonder if I could if the Dean were to just rub my ass clit. I
chastise myself for thinking this but not before I feel my dick get harder.

I’m disgusted with myself for watching the punishment. Yet, I watch the
entire thing. It is just too bazaar to turn away. Plus, I wanted to know
what I should expect if Drew or Casey ever decided to punish me this way.
For a second I wonder if the Dean would ever make my father punish me; just
like my father punishes my sisters when they get into trouble. I push the
thought from my head. It is too horrible to contemplate.

Danielle is a blubbering mess by the 20th hit.


“Oh…twenty, headmaster,” he barely manages to say.

Danielle is so far gone that he pushes the plug out for hit 21. My dad
just lightly pushes it back in and pats the boy on the butt to let him know
the punishment is over.

My dad keeps his hand on the boy’s ass as he turns Danielle to the side.
At first I don’t understand what is going on. However, then I remember the
climax Danielle had earlier. Sure enough, my dad nudges the back of
Danielle’s head. The boy understands and leans the rest of the way down
and starts licking.

If you make the mess, then you clean it up. I remember lesson number
one very well.

After the floor is clean my dad let’s go of Danielle’s ass. The plug
just glides back out again though. I can only guess that Danielle’s ass is
too numb from the punishment to control the plug anymore. My dad pulls
Danielle up until he is sitting on his heels. This position keeps the plug
pushed inside.

What happens next shocks me even more than the nature of the punishment.
My dad stands up, unzips his pants and pulls his hard dick out.

For a second I think I’m going to be sick. I’ve seen my father’s dick
several times in the last few weeks so the sight of it isn’t what bothers
me. It’s the fact that he’s about to do something sexual with a boy.

I know my father has access to this area but I guessed it was just for
standard punishments and stuff. My father is very masculine. I would have
never imagined him getting sexually excited over a boy. The impression I
got was that my dad even hated gays. I know this is probably technically
his job… but still.

My dad’s cock is about 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. It’s a pretty
decent size. But then, all of the employees at the school seem to have big
dicks. I think it is one of the prerequisites.

Danielle looks up at the dick when it comes into sight. I expect him to
be upset but he isn’t. He just sits there until my father moves closer.
He then opens his mouth wide and sucks the head of my dad’s dick into his

A voice in my head screams at me to look away. However, the curious
side of me keeps watching. It is such an odd sight. My dad’s dick looks
so huge between Danielle’s little rosy red lips.

As my dad’s long dick disappears into Danielle’s mouth it becomes very
clear to me that the boy has lots of practice at this. I swallow hard when
it dawns on me that they will probably train me to do the same thing. I
guess I already suspected this would be the case. I just prevented myself
from actually thinking about it. I had no choice but to do so now.

I have a side view of my father and Danielle. I’m shocked when I notice
Danielle’s hard dick sticking up in his lap. How can he get excited from

As I watch I notice a possible answer to my question. The tip of my
dad’s dick barely reaches Danielle’s mouth. So, in order for him to take
it inside Danielle has to lean forward. However, when he does this the
plug starts to slip from his asshole. He can’t stay forward or the plug
will fall out. So, he moves his body down again on the outward stroke.
This routine causes the plug to pop in and out of his asshole over and over

“That’s a good girl,” my dad says as Danielle speeds up. “Suck daddy’s
dick nice and good.”

I’ve heard my dad refer to himself like this many times when having sex
with the school girls. It’s always daddy this and daddy that whether the
girl in question is his actual daughter or not. It was clear to me right
away that he likes thinking of all the students as his little daughters.
I’d already seen him have sex with my sisters so I really didn’t see the
fantasy as being that big of a deal.

Him saying it now takes on a whole new meaning. I can’t help but wonder
if he is actually thinking about me as Danielle sucks him. Surely he
isn’t. I would know if my dad thought of me like that… wouldn’t I?

For an instant I envision myself in Danielle’s place; my dad’s thick
cock forcing its way in and out of my throat as I bounce up and down on my
plug. I force the thought out of my head and feel a little ill for having
it in the first place. Why would I ever think such a thing?

“Mmmm!” Danielle groans around my dad’s dick.

At first, I’m not sure why Danielle is groaning. Then I see a thick jet
of cum shoot out of Danielle’s dick. The spurt was not as strong as his
last climax but it still went a good foot up before it arched back down and
hit the floor between him and my father. This spurt is followed by 2 much
smaller ones.

As he climaxes, Danielle seems to be sucking and gripping my dad’s dick
with his lips like his life depends on it. It is like he is trying to suck
my dad’s nuts through his dick. If that is Danielle’s goal then he is
getting his wish.

“Oh, fuck!” my dad grunts as he steps closer and grabs the back of
Danielle’s head. “Daddy’s going to cum in your mouth! Shit! Eat daddy’s

A second later I see Danielle’s throat hard at work. As my dad shoots
his load down Danielle’s throat he continues to encourage the boy to
swallow his “daddy’s” cum.

Mid climax though I see my dad start to turn his head my direction. I
quickly pull away from the door. I’m certain that he doesn’t turn in time
to see me. However, the door is open. I pray that he doesn’t remember
them shutting it earlier.

I want to peek out again to see if they do anything else. However, I’m
too scared I might get caught. Instead I tiptoe away.


I spend the next 30 minutes inspecting all the cabinets and drawers in
the room. Casey and Drew never indicated I wasn’t allowed to do so. Plus,
Danielle was opening some of them and he would definitely know if it was
okay or not.

I find a large selection of paddles, dildos, and other training tools.
Even in my short time as janitor I’ve seen most of these items in use.
There are a few though that I have no clue what they are for.

I want to stop and inspect these unknown items further. However, I’m
not sure how much time I have so I push on. In particular I keep my eyes
open for the inflatable plug and the small machine it was attached too. It
would be nice to know exactly where it is stored. It wouldn’t do me any
real good to know that information, but at least I would have advanced
warning whenever I seen a trainer walk to that spot. Plus, I wouldn’t have
to worry as much when they walk to different spots.

To my surprise, the inflatable plug is nowhere to be found. This
pleases me greatly. It tells me that they don’t plan to use it on me
again. Or at least I hope that is what this indicates. It is possible they
are just storing it elsewhere in the school.

I don’t find any pills anywhere. There is a large container of water in
a fridge though. The water looks clear but it’s still possible they have
it drugged.

I scrunch my nose in disgust when I run across the dog food. I try to
ignore it but my curiosity gets the best of me again. I see that it is a
premium brand. Good to see that I deserve only the very best.

Salmon Meal, Herring Meal, Eggs, Cottage Cheese… okay, reading the key
ingredients probably isn’t a good idea. Just being close enough to the bag
to smell it is making me ill. The smell brings back flashes of the nasty
taste… and pretty much all the memories of yesterday morning.


I spin around and find Danielle standing over my shoulder. I quickly
close the cabinet door hoping he didn’t see the dog food.

When I turn, Danielle leans in and gives me a quick kiss on the lips. I
back away. It was a very brief kiss with little contact. It didn’t even
seem that bad considering how good looking Danielle is. Still, it is a
guy! Plus, I know where those lips have been recently. I want to yell at
him but I need as many friends as I can get in here.

“Oh, sorry,” Danielle apologizes as he backs away. “I get kind of
affectionate after my punishments sometimes. I promise I won’t do it
again… unless you want me too?”

Danielle basically just had sex. I think I know why he is feeling

“Where’s my dad?” I ask, trying to change the subject.

I blush after I realize I just let Danielle know the headmaster is my
father. It’s not a secret or anything. However, he did just “punish” the
boy. Danielle doesn’t look shocked so I’m sure he already knew.

“He went home,” Danielle informs me.

I breathe a sigh of relief. The embarrassment of my father seeing me
like this was overwhelming. I’m pretty sure my dad could tell how much it
bothered me. It is a good sign that he spared me further embarrassment by
coming in to say goodbye or something. Maybe I haven’t completely lost him
as an ally after all. If I tell him about what the Dean said yesterday
about setting me up then maybe my father will do something about it.

“What were you looking for by the way?” Danielle asks.

“I’m… I’m just looking for something to eat,” I reply.

It isn’t really a lie. I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning and I’m
absolutely starving.

“Here it is!” Danielle says as he opens the cabinet with the dog food in

“That’s… dog food,” I point out as he puts the bag on the counter.

“Isn’t this what they have been feeding you?” Danielle asks in
confusion. “I doubt it would be here if it wasn’t.”

“There has to be something else I can eat,” I say, trying my best not to
give a direct answer to his question.

“It wouldn’t be here if they didn’t want you to eat it,” Danielle

“You don’t eat that do you?” I ask.

“Well, no,” he replies. “You’re new though. They mess with you a
little when you are new. It’s like an initiation. Some new people eat
nasty stuff like this, some get lots of punishments, others they make do
nasty sex acts… there’s a whole bunch of different things they do during

“Let me guess, the older you are the longer the initiation lasts,” I

“I guess that is normally true,” Danielle replies in a confused voice.

Yeah, that’s more than just “initiation”. That’s brain washing! I
swear, sometimes Danielle seems extremely smart and other times he is so
stupid. There is no point in explaining it to him though. Danielle seems
to live in opposite world. And I’m sure he thinks the same thing about me.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t last that long,” Danielle assures me.
“They will be really hard on you for several weeks, but the really nasty
stuff like eating dog food normally only lasts for a week or so.”

This is good to hear. However, I’m a bit of a special case. They might
make me do the “nasty stuff” for much longer.

“They never said I had to eat this,” I point out. “Maybe you could just
bring me some of your food.”

Danielle gives me a disappointed look. It is clear to her that I’m not
telling the whole truth. Yes, no one actually said dog food was “all” I
could eat. However, the Dean did make me eat it yesterday and clearly
nothing else has been made available.

“I don’t know,” Danielle whispers as he looks back toward the camera.
“I could get in a lot of trouble for doing something like that. I mean a
LOT of trouble.”

I give him my best puppy dog face. I really don’t want to get Danielle
into trouble. However, I hate the idea of eating dog food even more.

“Well, there is one way we could maybe get away with it,” Danielle says
after a pause. “I don’t think you would like it though.”

“How!?” I quickly respond a little too loud.

“Well…” Danielle starts then pauses for a moment. “I could teach you
how to do… you know, something naughty. If you did a good job then I
could give you food as a reward. Then, even if they caught us we wouldn’t
get in much trouble. If it is naughty enough they might even reward us.”

My excitement quickly dissipates. What Danielle is saying makes sense.
He would get credit for training me and I would get the food. However, it
is the “naughty” part that doesn’t set right with me. I suspect that
whatever we do would probably have to be as nasty as eating dog food.
Otherwise it would just look like he gave me the food for nothing.

“Wh…what would we have to do?” I ask.

“I don’t know,” Danielle whispers as he looks down at the floor and
lightly kicks the tip of his shoe against the floor a few times. “Maybe
kiss… and stuff.”

I was thinking much worse than this. However, this still sounds pretty
bad. I already kissed him once and it wasn’t half as bad as eating dog
food. Not that I enjoyed the kiss.

“What kind of stuff,” I ask.

“You know… stuff,” Danielle coyly replies. “Maybe just kind of play
with each other with our hands.”

I start doing the math on how long I think I can go without food before
I die. I also wonder what the punishment would be if I just stole some of
Danielle’s food. I run both scenarios over in my head. Neither one ends

It takes me a moment though to convince myself that I can go through
with Danielle’s proposal. It’s just that kissing and having another guy
touch me is so… well, gay. Still, I just kissed a boy and the Dean has
already played with me with his hands. It’s not like I would be any more
gay than I technically am already… right?

“What kind of food do you have?” I ask after a moment.

Danielle’s face lights up. He can tell I’ve already decided to go
through with it. I’m still interested in what he has though. It would
suck if I find out later the only thing he has is something I hate worse
than dog food. Not that I can imagine anything being worse than that.

“Oh, I have all kinds!” Danielle says with joy. “They put me in the
guest room. There’s sodas, chips, bread for sandwiches, sliced ham and
turkey, salad… you name it!”

My mouth is practically watering as he goes down the list. I play it
cool though.

“Okay,” I reply with as little excitement as possible.

“Goody!” Danielle chirps as he gives me a hug. “Follow me!”

I follow, but stop at the door.

“I can’t leave the room can I?” I ask when he turns to see why I’m not
following anymore. “Won’t the collar shock me?”

“Did your trainers say you have to stay in the room?” Danielle asks.

“No,” I reply.

I kind of assumed it was a given.

“It probably won’t shock you then,” Danielle informs me. “Newcomers are
almost always cleared for the guest room also. They usually just lock the
door if they don’t want you in there. You might want to come out slowly
though just in case.”

I slowly inch out into the hall. To my surprise I don’t get shocked. I
look down the hall toward the exit and then back at Danielle. He just
shakes his head “no”. It sucks being this close to the exit yet not able
to walk through it because of this collar. Of course, the exit is much
farther than just that door. I also doubt the collar is the only security
measure. There is probably at least one or two guards out there. Plus, I
already know they have sensors on the doors and windows. Who knows what

“Now for the big test,” Danielle says as she stands just inside the
adjacent room.

I slowly come inside.

“Yay!” Danielle says as he gives me another hug.

I’m stunned as I look around the room. It’s much smaller than my room
but it’s also a thousand times fancier. As far as I know, there are no
rooms like this in the other secure areas.

This room is definitely decked out for VIPs. The floors are still
concrete but the walls have nice paneling instead of just the standard drab
paint. There is also a wide screen TV mounted on the wall across from the
bed. Yes, I said bed! It even has covers on it.

There are a lot of other niceties, but my eyes focus on three main

The first item is a phone. Every phone in the school requires an insane
10-digit code in order dial out. I’m positive they deactivated my code.
However, Danielle’s code might still be active.

The second item I focus on is a small clock radio. It’s only 3 p.m.!
It feels more like midnight. I run the day through my head real fast and
decide that the clock probably is correct. All of the embarrassment today
must have made the day seem longer.

My mouth starts to water when I imagine what’s in the third item… the
fridge! Ice cream, cake, pizza, nachos, cheeseburgers… okay, none of
these items were on Danielle’s list earlier. I can fantasize though can’t
I? Not that his list is any less mouthwatering. Hell, just bread and
water sounds good right now.

As I look around the room I realize why Danielle isn’t so upset about me
getting him into trouble. This room is better than my bedroom at home.
Hell, it is even better than our living room in many respects.

I get excited when Danielle picks up a remote control and points it at
the TV. I’m puzzled when it comes to life though. On the screen is an
image of my room. When I see the bag of dog food on the kitchenette
counter I realize this is a live feed of the room.

I blush and feel a little sick to my stomach when I realize what this
might mean. It is possible my dad was watching me on the TV during
Danielle’s punishment earlier. I then remember him walking from the video
room prior to the punishment. Is it possible my dad programmed the video
feed to be sent in here?

“The headmaster set it up so I can watch you,” Danielle confirms my
suspicion. “Isn’t it cool!?”

Yeah, real cool… not!

“Why would you need to watch me on the TV?” I ask.

It’s a good question but I’m still trying to get over the sinking
feeling that my dad watched me earlier. I really want to ask Danielle if
it was on during his punishment. However, I’m not sure I can handle the
answer. It would mean my dad not only knows I watched him and Danielle,
but that I even toyed with my plug a little.

God! He probably thinks I was fantasizing about being in Danielle’s
place! My knees get weak and I have to sit on the side of the bed.

“Well, I am kind of responsible for you,” Danielle explains. “This will
help me keep an eye on you whenever we aren’t together.”

Danielle looks a little sad as he explains this. I think he actually
felt I would be happy about this; like it gives us a special connection or

“That makes sense,” I say.

While it does make a kind of perverted sense, I’m still not happy about
it. I force a smile on my face though and try to act unconcerned.

My smile quickly disappears when Danielle switches the channel and an
image of my bathroom pops up. Danielle quickly switches again, like he
hopes I didn’t notice. I blush deeper, thus giving away that I did indeed

Danielle doesn’t say anything about the feed. I want to beg him not to
watch that channel, but I see no point in it. He clearly already knows I
don’t want him too. Talking about it will just make this moment even more

I’m pleased when the next channel brings up a different room. That
means there probably aren’t any additional cameras in my room. I only seen
the two but there is always the possibility they have hidden ones as well.
I’m confused, however, since there are people in this room. There is an
instructor and a little girl.

The instructor I notice right away. It’s Victor. I would notice that
big ugly Mexican a mile away. I’m really not trying to be mean. Like I
said earlier, he’s like an uncle to me. We are the best of friends… or
at least I thought we were. He didn’t act like a friend a few days ago
though during my “capture”. Friends or not, you would have to be blind not
to notice my description of him is right on the mark.

The girl he is with looks to be about 8 and is as cute as a button. At
first I assume this girl is actually a boy. It only makes sense
considering where we are.

I look back to Victor though and notice something odd. His hair is
different. It’s much longer than it was just a few days ago. It dawns on
me that this is not a live feed but a recording; a very old recording at
that. It has been years since Victor had hair that long.

I put my hand to my mouth in shock and quickly look back at the girl.
It’s Amber! She’s about 4 years younger but that’s her. I look over at
Danielle. The odds of this just happening to be broadcast to this room
right now is pretty slim.

“It’s a BluRay disc,” Danielle explains when she sees my confusion.
“The Dean gave it to me. He said you would enjoy it.”

While working at the school I was ordered to have sex with Amber a
couple times. I managed to cum each time but I wouldn’t necessarily say I
enjoyed it. It just felt too awkward. I felt the same when I watched my
father have sex with her.

Seeing Victor with her is a bit of a shock though. They have their
clothes on still and aren’t doing anything sexual yet, but I’m smart enough
to know that is what this video is going to lead up too. My suspicions are
confirmed when I hear him start to explain blowjobs to her.

During my first day as janitor my dad told me they normally teach
students about blowjobs during their first few weeks of joining the school.
The ones with prior training (aka, sexually abused by their fathers)
usually get this training in the classroom. The untouched girls normally
get their introduction to oral sex in private one-on-one lectures.

The Amber on the screen starts to cry when Victor breaks it to her what
is about to happen. I have to fight back my tears as I watch. If this
took place during her first couple weeks then that means she is only 7
years old. I can only imagine how she must feel. Especially considering
it is Uncle Victor she is going to be forced to do it with. He was someone
she was supposed to be able to trust.

It takes a few minutes but Victor finally gets Amber to unzip his pants.
I turn away from the screen as Victor’s large dick comes into view.

“Can we turn this off?” I ask.

Danielle looks confused but picks up the remote again. He turns the
volume down but leaves the video running. I guess that is better than
nothing. At least now I can ignore it easier.

Danielle puts the control back down and sits at the head of the bed. He
then pats the bed next to him. I know what he wants. I stand up and
slowly walk over to him and sit. I can’t stop myself from shaking as he
puts his hand around my waist. Even over the clothes it just doesn’t feel

He leans in to give me a kiss but I back away. I know it has to be done
but it still takes me a moment to get up the strength to move back in. I
slow down once our lips are just inches apart. Centimeter by centimeter I
close the gap until our rose-painted lips finally touch. The contact is
barely enough to be classified as a kiss. I manage to hold it though for
several seconds.

If I didn’t know better than I would have sworn it was a girl I had
kissed. However, I do know better. It just felt so wrong.

“Hey, you want to see something really cool!” Danielle breaks the

I feel relief as he pulls away from me and goes to a nearby counter. He
lifts up on the bottom of one of the cabinet doors. The door lifts up and
then slides back out of sight. Inside the cabinet I see a variety of
glasses and a couple bottles of something.

“It’s a bar,” Danielle giggles. “They put a couple bottles in here and
you know what that means!”

Danielle is practically jumping up and down so I’m pretty sure it means
we are allowed to drink it. I have to admit that I’m a little excited
also. I’ve tasted alcohol before but never gotten more than a sip. It
would be kind of cool to get a full glass of it.

“Red wine,” Danielle says as she holds the bottle like a waiter might.
“Oh, and an unmarked bottle. I wonder what this might be?”

The unmarked bottle looks like water but I doubt that is what it
actually is. It is clear from Danielle’s voice that he knows what it
actually is. He doesn’t say though. Instead he removes the lid, sniffs it
to ensure it is what he thinks it is and then starts to pour a glass.

“What is it,” I finally ask.

“You know, I’m not too sure,” he says. “I’ve had it dozens of times
though. It’s pretty good.”

Danielle pours the liquid until the glass is half full. I’m shocked
when I see him open the wine bottle and starts filling the rest of the
glass. The glass is very big and round. It seems an awful lot.

“Are you sure you should drink that much?” I ask in concern.

“It’s for both of us… and we aren’t going to drink it,” Danielle says
with a smile.

Not allowed to drink it? What are we supposed to do, snort it? When
Danielle reaches into a drawer and pulls out a large enema syringe I
realize the answer to my question is even more bazaar.

My asshole tightens around my plug as I watch him fill the large
syringe. I can’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have the liquid
inside me.

“Are you sure this is safe?” I ask.

It seems like a logical question. Danielle just giggles and rolls his
eyes at me.

“Here, I’ll go first scaredy cat,” he says as he hands me the syringe.

Danielle gets on the bed on his hands and knees with his rear end facing
me. He then flips up the back of his skirt and pulls his panties down. I
blush as I see his large plug, dick and balls come into view. His
equipment looks much bigger this close up.

I expect Danielle to pull his plug out but he doesn’t. It takes me a
moment before I notice the valve at the bottom of the plug. It looks just
like a basketball valve only much bigger. It’s the same type of valve that
was on the inflatable plug. Only I’m certain these plugs are not
inflatable. The rubber they are made of feels much too hard for that.

A light goes on in my head when I remember seeing a small hole at the
top of each plug. These plugs are designed to allow stuff to be injected
into the wearer without having to remove the plug itself.

I look at the syringe and sure enough, the outlet looks like the same
shape as the valve. I slowly match them up and then insert the tip. It is
a perfect fit.

“Just half of it,” Danielle reminds me.

I’m rather disgusted with what I’m doing but I slowly inject the fluid
anyway. Danielle kind of purrs the whole time. I blush when I notice his
dick gets hard as well. Once done, I remove the nozzle and stand back. I
expect all of the liquid to come splashing back out but not even a drop

“Cool,” I almost say, but then realize I’m next.

Danielle rolls over on his back and looks up at me dreamily. His
panties are still at his knees and there is nothing to keep his dick from
tenting his pleated skirt way up.

“I better hurry before this stuff really kicks in,” Danielle says as he
reluctantly sits up.

I’m pretty scared but at the same time very curious what it feels like.
Danielle certainly likes it. I slowly crawl up on the bed and position
myself where Danielle had been.

I’m now facing the TV again and can’t help but look at it. Amber is
leaning over Victor’s lap and sucking on his dick. She is still crying,
her tears running down her cheeks and dripping down onto Victor’s large

The dick seems insanely big compared to Ambers little frame. She seems
to be trying to force it into her mouth but she only manages to get the
head inside. It’s clearly too big for her little virgin throat. All she
manages to do is gag herself. Victor doesn’t seem to mind, he just sits
back and lets her practice.

“Oh!” I let out when I feel something squirt into my bowels.

I was so focused on the TV that I hadn’t even noticed Danielle prepping
me. There was only about 12 ounces left in the syringe but Danielle
injects it into me very fast. It gives me a small cramp but my guts
quickly settle down… at least for a moment.

I feel my insides start to warm up. It gets hotter and hotter until it
is almost unbearable. This discomfort causes the cramps to come back.

“Take it out!” I groan as I reach back toward my plug.

“Wait!” Danielle says as he pushes my hand away. “Give it a few more
seconds. You will see.”

I’m not sure why, but I trust Danielle enough to do what he says. I
grab a fist full of covers in each hand and bear through the heat. As I
wait my head starts to get light. Then I get this dizzy kind of floating
feeling. I also start feeling little sparks shooting throughout my body. I
can’t believe it is just alcohol causing all of these sensations but I
don’t really care. My guts still feel like they are burning but even that
doesn’t seem to bother me anymore. If anything, the burning sensation just
enhances the pleasure I’m feeling.

I flop over onto my side and then turn onto my back. I then look up.
There is a huge mirror on the ceiling and I see myself smiling back.

“What did I tell you?” Danielle giggles. “It’s trippy isn’t it?”

Danielle turns me so that my head is on the pillow. I can’t help but
admire how pretty of a girl she is… I mean, he is. I find it hard to
know exactly what I mean.

Floating or not, I still feel a tinge of embarrassment when I notice the
front of my dress tenting out. I focus on Danielle’s dress and notice it
is still tented out also.

After I’m in position, Danielle flops down next to me. He… I mean
she… no, wait, he, then cuddles up next to me. I can tell he wants to do
something sexual but he makes no move. He just lays there on his side kind
of admiring me.

I feel hornier than I’ve ever been before, which is saying a lot for a
13-year-old boy. I want to do something sexual also but I’m not sure I
want to do it with Danielle. It feels awkward just lying here so I look
past my tented skirt and at the TV on the other side of the room.

Victor just came. Amber must have still been sucking on it when he
started to climax because there is cum on her lips, cheek and chin. Most
of the cum though looks like it is drooling out of her mouth and back down
on Victor’s cock and balls.

I see Victor say something to the crying girl and I almost wish the
sound was back up. Amber shakes her head back and forth. This gets Victor
angry and he shouts something. Amber is visibly shaken for a moment then
sticks out her tongue and licks her lips clean. She closes her mouth and
eyes tight and swallows hard.

Victor then uses his fingers to scoop the rest of the cum off her face
and feed it too her. Once that is gone Victor nudges Amber and she bends
forward and starts licking his cock and balls clean.

I know the drug is having an adverse effect on me when I realize the
video is actually turning me on. Even knowing this, I can’t help but reach
down and grab my dick. Danielle pushes my hand away though.

“That’s for later!” she… he growls. “Remember the school rules!”

My head is floating so much that I can hardly remember my own name. It
takes me a moment to remember the rule in question. As a student you are
not allowed to masturbate yourself unless given permission. It’s a
horrible rule. Or at least it seems that way right now.

The video grabs my attention again when I see my dad enter the room.
Amber jumps from the couch and runs to my father and hugs him tight around
the waist. My dad seems to comfort her for a moment. Then he walks toward
the couch Victor is still sitting on.

Amber grabs my dad’s shirt and tries to pull my father back toward the
door. I’m not sure but I think she is trying to protect him from Victor.
My dad stops and pulls her hands off his shirt. Then he continues to the
couch. Amber follows but hides from Victor behind my dad.

Dad shakes Victor’s hand which seems to confuse Amber. He then sits on
the couch about a foot from Victor. Dad pats the spot between the two men.
It takes some persuasion to get her to actually take a seat there.

Once she is seated my dad starts talking to her. My dad then barks some
orders. Amber starts crying harder and her face turns red as she finally
leans over and unzips my dad’s pants.

Despite how horny I am, I know I will regret watching what happens next.
So, I turn my attention back to Danielle.

Danielle looks happy to finally be getting my attention again. He leans
in and gives me a short kiss. For some reason the kiss doesn’t seem so bad
this time. It is just a kiss I guess. And technically speaking, Danielle
is a girl from the waist up… very pretty one at that. There is no harm
in just kissing her.

Our lips meet again. Only this time it is more passionate. Danielle
angles her head slightly and runs her tongue between my lips lightly. I
know what she wants but it seems so wrong. Yet, it also seems so right.
So, slowly I part my own lips and feel her tongue dart inside.

The intimate kiss sends shivers down my body. I reach for my cock but
Danielle senses it and pushing my hand away again.

The kiss seems to never end. Even when it does it is only long enough
for us to try a different angle with your heads. Then our tongues are
dancing with each other again. I blush profusely and can even still feel
the disgust of what we are doing. Yet, it just seems to fuel the pleasure,
just like the burning heat of the enema is doing.

I shiver when I feel Danielle’s delicate fingers start to unbutton my
shirt. We somehow manage to get my shirt and tie off without breaking the
kiss. My skirt is next. Danielle unzips it and pushes it to just above my
knees where my cotton panties are already waiting. She then uses her foot
to push it the rest of the way down, taking my panties with them.

I kick my shoes off which leaves me with just my knee-high socks. They
seem insignificant so I leave them in place.

I know it is only polite to remove Danielle’s clothes like she did mine.
However, I just can’t bring myself to do it. She waits a minute then does
it herself. She has the added feature of a bra which is quickly discarded
as well.

Sparks shoot through my body as Danielle slides closer and our naked
bodies rub against each other. The thrill is so great that I feel like I’m
about to cum. However, the touch of Danielle’s cock against me reminds me
of who I’m kissing.

“I’m kissing a guy!” the voice in my head screams. “This is wrong!
This is wrong!”

Yet, something about it still feels right. I still blush harder and
even try to pull away for a moment. However, Danielle is persistent and I
slowly settle down.

I try to catch my breath as Danielle finally pulls away from my lips. I
freeze when I see her head move downward. I need to cum very badly, but
even with the effects of the enema I’m not so hot on the idea of a boy
sucking my cock… even if he is really a she from the waist up.

Danielle stops her advance though when she reaches my chest.

“Oh!” I let out when her tongue licks across my left nipple.

As her tongue slides across my nipple a bolt of electricity shoots down
my body and into my dick.

What the fuck was that!? Her tongue licks again and then again before I
have time to fully analyze the sensation. I would have never imagined my
body was capable of generating such sensations. I can’t help but wonder if
this is what women feel when you play with their nipples.

The sensation is very pleasurable, yet aggravating and a little scary
all at the same time. It is like she is taking me way past the pleasure
point where I would normally cum. Yet, I seem unable to cum because
nothing is touching my dick. I reach down to do just that but Danielle
swats my hand away again.

“Oh! Please!” I finally beg.

Danielle lifts her head and grins at me.

“Does my little girl want to cum?” Danielle teases.

“Yes, please!” I beg again.

“Tell me you want to cum then,” she purrs as she rubs one of her fingers
back and forth across my right nipple.

“I want to cum!” I beg. “Please!”

“No, say it right,” she commands.

I’m not sure what she wants at first. Then it dawns on me. My face
reddens. I can’t say that. I just can’t. But I do.

“Your… your little girl wants to cum,” I manage to say.

“Will my little girl clean her mess up after she cums?” Danielle giggles
at the power she has right now.

I hesitate. I forgot about rule number one. The thought of eating my
own cum again is disgusting. Yet, I’m so close and I can tell it is going
to be one of the best climaxes ever. At this point I think I would agree
to about anything.

“Yes,” I say, disgusted with myself for being so weak.

Danielle just keeps rubbing my nipples and staring at me. She is
waiting for me to say it “right”.

“Your little girl will clean her mess up after she cums,” I blush.

“Will she clean my mess up too?” Danielle says with a blush of her own.

“Your little girl will clean your mess up too!”

God! Did I just say that?! No. No. I couldn’t have. I know I did
though. She couldn’t have been serious when she asked. Please, let her be

“Pull your knees up toward your chest,” Danielle orders.

I reluctantly do as she says. She pushes my knees wide until they are
at the edge of my shoulders. She then positions herself at my upturned
rear end. She looks just like she is going to mount me in some kind of
missionary position. I’m about to object, but then I remember I have a
plug blocking her entry.

I look on in confusion as she stands up, takes a step forward and then
kneels down until her dick is right on top of mine. She then uses her
hands to hold our dicks against each other. The tips of both dicks are
about a foot and a half away from my face and about 6 inches higher.

“Open wide,” she giggles as she begins to hump back and forth.

“No!” I object when it dawns on me what her plan is.

The feel of her dick sliding against my own is too much though. I feel
my climax starting and I try my best to push my face further away from both
cocks. However, the headboard and pillow make escape impossible.

“Oh, shit!” I grunt as the first shot exits my cock.

For a brief instant I don’t care where that cum is headed. All that
matters is the insane intensity of the orgasm.

I feel a large hot splash against my lips and chin. I debate turning my
head but decide that at this point the damage is already done. Cleanup
will be a lot easier if it is all in one spot. This last thought makes me
blush deeper.

“God, I have to eat all of this!” I think in horror as a second huge
blast hits me in the same general area.

“Open up so you don’t make such a big mess!” Danielle commands.

I don’t know why but I obey. Tears form at the corner of my eyes though
when the next shot lands in my mouth.

“I just came in my own mouth!” I think in horror as the tears run down
the side of my face. “I can’t believe I came in my mouth!”

Luckily the final three shots are too weak and fall short of their
target. My tears get heavier as I lay there. I can feel the cum laying on
my tongue but I’m too disgusted to close my mouth in order to swallow or
spit it out. I can taste it already but I know the taste will be much
stronger once I close my mouth.

“Good girl,” Danielle praises as she continues humping.

My position makes it a little harder to breath and the blood is rushing
to my head. That combined with everything else makes my head spin a
little. I have just enough focus to ask myself why Danielle is still
humping. My climax is over with already.

“No!” I try to protest without closing my mouth over the cum.

Danielle doesn’t slow down though. All I can do is lay there and wait
for the inevitable. Danielle has a very determined look in her eyes as she
stares down into mine. We were kissing earlier but now that I’ve climaxed
even the eye contact seems too intimate to me. So, I look up at the

When I look up I see a cum covered beauty looking back down at me.
Remove the cocks from the image and I probably would have found the sight
erotic. But the cocks were there and the cum-covered girl looking back was
me, Janice.

Just then I see a thick jet of cum shoot out of Danielle’s dick and into
Janice’s mouth. At the same time I feel something hot and gooey hit my
tongue. The girl in the mirror takes two more direct hits. I see Janice’s
mouth overflow and feel the cum leaking out of my own as well. Then I see
the slut in the mirror do something I know I could never do. She closes
her mouth and swallows.

“Very good,” Danielle says as she backs away and lets my rump and legs
fall back to the bed.

I’m in too much shock to do or say anything. I just stare up at the
ceiling and watch as Danielle starts scooping the cum up with her fingers
and feeding it to the Janice. Being the slut she is, the girl in the
mirror just lays there and swallows it all.


The girl in the mirror was just finishing the last of the cum when
everything went black. However, right before everything goes I see someone
out of the corner of my eye.

I wake in confusion. At first I’m not sure where I am or how I got
here. I feel Danielle snuggled up behind me. I look back and see he is
fast asleep.

“Oh, God,” I groan when it all comes rushing back to me.

I feel ill and pull myself out of the bed and enter the door to the
room’s bathroom. The bathroom is significantly smaller than the one
attached to my room. There is just a toilet, sink and bathtub. I rush to
the toilet and lean over it. I try to throw up but all I do is dry heave
since my stomach is empty. Even all the cum I ate has already been
absorbed by my body. This thought makes me heave even more.

“I’m gay now!” the voice in my head shouts as I relive the ordeal over
and over in my head.

Drugs might excuse why I did it. However, there was no getting around
the fact that I DID do it. Unable to throw up, I start crying and expel my
bodily fluids that way instead.

I try to block all the images out of my head but it just seems to make
them stronger. It isn’t long and I’m even reliving how things felt and
tasted. I can even make out the bitter taste of my cum and the much
sweeter taste of Danielle’s.

Then I remember the person in the corner of the room. I saw the image
right when I was blacking out but I’m positive someone was there. At first
I can’t make the image out in my head, then the face of the man is crystal

“No, it couldn’t have been dad!” the voice in my head screams.

I try to convince myself that it wasn’t him. That I was imagining it
was. It had to have been Victor, the Dean or anybody but my father.
However, I know it really was my father.

I start crying harder.

How long had he been standing there? Had he watched the whole thing? I
knew it didn’t really matter. He clearly had seen the ending and that was
more than enough to make me want to crawl into a hole and die. I won’t
ever be able to look him in the eye again. Not after this.

It was bad enough that I fucked up my job as the janitor and ruined his
plans for me. Now I’ve even disgraced both him and myself by having sex
with Danielle. God, it’s probably caught on tape even. If I know the Dean
he will probably even email it to everyone that works at the school. My
dad will have to sit there and listen as everyone jokes about me.

I’ve been upset and even disappointed with my father these last few
days, but I never wanted to hurt him. Not like this. He’s my dad. He
will probably disown me now though.

I kneel in the bathroom and cry for over 30 minutes before I finally run
out of tears. When I look in the mirror Janice is gone and all I see is
myself with a bunch of smeared makeup on. I get some toilet paper and do
my best to remove what makeup is left.

As I leave the bathroom I see the radio clock on the night stand. It’s
9:23 p.m. I guess that I probably passed out about 4 hours ago. I’m still
sleepy though. The cum must have curbed my appetite for a bit but I’m
starving now. That’s probably why I woke up.
I search around and find plenty to eat. I make sure though that I stick
to packaged items and tap water. Who knows what they might have put that

damn estrogen in.

The food hits the spot but it is not as wondrous as I had originally
expected. Not after what I went through to earn it. I kick myself for not
just staying in my room and eating the dog food; or better yet, just
getting the will power to starve myself to death.

I look toward the phone and debate whether I should try typing in my
code. They told me all my access in the school, to include the phones, was
deactivated. They could have been lying though.

If I’m wrong then I know it will mean the whip. Besides, every high
official in town is married to a Humbled Girl or has a child enrolled here.
Some cop low in the chain of command might come and break me out of here.
However, the higher ups would just make sure I got turned over to my dad.
And my dad would just bring me right back here. Especially after what he
seen me do earlier.

No, I need to do more than just escape from this building. I need to
escape from this state. Once I’m out of this damn state I need to keep
running until I hit an ocean. Then I need to start swimming. Even then
they will probably still catch me. I feel so hopeless.

As I stare at the phone I notice Danielle’s and my plugs sitting next to
it. I was so depressed that I hadn’t even noticed my plug was no longer
inside me. I guess we don’t have to wear them while we sleep. That was
good news at least.

I glance over and see that the TV is on and that the BluRay is still
running as well. It has been about 6 hours so I’m pretty sure it must be
on a loop. I never did get to see the end of the clip with Amber. I can
pretty much guess everything that happened though.

I’m thankful to see that the current clip is of no one I know. It is
just two boys dressed up like girls. They are naked and one is having anal
sex with the other. I’m sure the Dean put this and similar clips on the
disc so I would have to face what they plan to “teach” me here. I admit
that seeing the two boys does give me a sinking feeling, but I had already
pretty much guessed what they had planned. God, I have to escape soon!

I can’t help but start crying again. I’m all but cried out though so
the tears are pretty light.

Danielle must have woken while I was in the bathroom earlier. He is
asleep now but he was on top of the covers earlier and is under them now.
As I watch him sleep I’m not sure how I should feel about him. I’m
obviously disgusted by what we did together. I also blame him a lot for
it. However, he did warn me ahead of time. Well, he warned me about some
of it anyway.

The main thing he didn’t warn me about was making me eat his cum.
However, I think he added that during the heat of the moment…just like I
had bowed to his commands during the heat of the moment.

I even kind of understand the wine enema part. He was probably just
trying to make the “training” session easier on me. And I have to admit he
was right. He just didn’t consider the fact that the drugs kind of took
away a lot of my free will. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gone through
with the activities had he not drugged me like that.

I guess I’m saying that I’m extremely upset with him, yet I understand
he meant no harm. Or at least I hope he didn’t. He’s a nice kid. I can
already feel myself start to forgive him.

I want to show him how upset I am by going back into my room and
sleeping on my matt. The bed looks so warm and cozy though. Plus, I feel
too sad to be alone right now. I look for a light switch but don’t find
one. So, I just delicately slide under the covers and close my eyes. A
few seconds later I feel Danielle slide over next to me. I feel a little
uncomfortable as he starts spooning with me. At the same time though it
gives me the comfort I need so I don’t pull away. A few minutes later I’m
fast asleep.

I woke several times during the night because of nightmares. There of
course was one where I relived today’s events. However, most of them were
just me being chased. The last dream I had was the worst. In it I watched
Danielle being punished by my dad again. Only this time I was Danielle.

I endure a full 20 hits just like Danielle had. I even cum on the floor
and have to lick it up. My dad then stands in front of me and pulls out
his hard dick.

“Suck daddy’s dick nice and good,” he commands.

I wake right when my mouth is about to reach his dick. I’m ashamed to
find that my dick is rock hard. I quickly go soft as I remember the dream.
I know I don’t want to suck my dad’s dick. I also know there is a rational
explanation why I had the dream. However, I don’t spend much time
analyzing it… the images are just too disturbing to relive.

“Wake up princess!” I hear someone say as they shake me.

I open my eyes and see Drew standing over me.

“I see you and Danielle are bonding well,” Drew giggles.

I feel Danielle still spooning behind. I quickly pull myself out of
bed. I want to tell Drew it isn’t what it looks like. But I realize it’s
probably pretty close to what Drew suspects.

“Potty time,” Drew announces as she walks out of the room.

I quickly follow. I glance back at Danielle briefly as I leave the
room. I was hoping she hadn’t woken up. However, I find she is already
starting to sit up in bed. I also see her grabbing for the TV remote.

“Please don’t watch!”

I’m too embarrassed to say it but I pray she was able to read it in my

Today’s “potty time” is an exact repeat of yesterday. However, today I
blush the whole time knowing that Danielle might be watching.

The thought of Danielle witnessing my potty time is a ton more
embarrassing than when Drew and Casey first seen me like this. Danielle is
not only closer to my age but we now know each other much better than I do
my trainers. Plus, he is the closest thing I have to a friend right now.
Even if I’m a bit upset with him.

When I exit the shower I find another pile of clothes on the same bench
as yesterday. This isn’t a school uniform but it is just as bad. There is
a cotton pink top with shoulder straps; a short skirt that looks like it
was hand knitted with white and dark blue yarn; and a pair of what I guess
is best described as white knitted panty hose. Only these were way too
intricate and delicate to be hand knitted.

I blush when I lift the pile. Underneath I find a pair of black high
heel shoes and a butt plug.

I’m upset about the whole outfit, but I’m especially so about the plug.
Not because I have to wear it but because I wanted my trainers to find out
I was already using one on my own. I kick myself for not putting my plug
back in before leaving Danielle’s room earlier. I just know Drew would
have been impressed. The more I impress them the faster I get out of here.

“Don’t bother getting dressed,” Danielle says as she enters the bathroom
wearing his school uniform. “Just put your plug in and come to the guest

I’m confused but that is nothing new. I’m not going to argue. I’m in
no hurry to wear those high heels.

When I pick up the plug I realize it is bigger than the one I wore
yesterday. This one looks to be about 1.75″ thick. I’m pretty sure it is
the number two. I wonder if Drew picked this because she couldn’t find the
number one. Or, was it because she felt I was ready to wear it?

The plug is a tight fit, but it fits. When I push it in I’m surprised
it doesn’t hurt that much. My ass ring was pretty sore after my first
night, thanks to the inflatable plug. It was still a little tender
yesterday. However, today almost all the tenderness is gone. I can only
guess it has something to do with the enema recipes. The only side effect
I have now is a kind of itching. The itching seems to be around and just
inside my ass ring. When I was showering I got tingles when I rubbed that
itchy area. I got huge tingles when I pushed the plug inside just now.

“Oh,” I groan when I take my first step with the larger plug.

The feeling is somewhere between pain and pleasure. I take a few more
steps and get the same feeling each time. I got a similar feeling from
yesterday’s plug. Only this one is much more intense as it shifts around
inside me on each step. The size is causing it to rub much harder against
my insides. Plus, this one is touching places a little deeper.

By the time I reach Danielle’s door I desperately want to remove the
plug. The sensations are so intense. Plus, it is rubbing my ass clit much
harder and making my dick start to get erect.

Luckily, Danielle is in the guest bathroom running a bath. This gives
me a moment to just stand there. I expect my dick to go soft now that the
plug has stopped moving. However, it doesn’t. In fact it actually gets
stiffer as I look around the room and remember the prior day’s activities.

What Danielle and I did in this room was horrible and disgusting and I’m
never going to allow it to happen again. However, I would be lying if I
said the pleasure wasn’t intense. That’s all my dick seems to remember. I
look down in horror when I realize my dick is at full staff.

I’m disgusted with myself, but even worse, I’m frightened of what
Danielle might read into it. I just can’t let him see me like this. He
will think I’m hot for him or something. Just the thought of it makes me
sick to my stomach.

I close my eyes and try thinking about something else but it doesn’t
help. I then get the idea to cause some pain to my dick. I know that will
make me soft. First I try squeezing it. Then I try pushing down on the
tip until my dick is about to bend in the center. My dick is still hard
but I can tell that if I repeat this process a few times it might work.

“Stop!” Danielle yells.

I look up in shock to see a very angry Danielle storming my way. I’m
confused for a second, then I realize he probably thinks I was
masturbating. That is a big no-no.

“I… I was just…” I try to explain.

“Shut up and get down on your hands and knees,” Danielle interrupts.

Danielle is a year older than me, but we are virtually the same height.
However, the tone of his voice just now scares the shit out of me. It’s a
harsh contrast to the Danielle I know. My Danielle likes me, maybe even
loves me. This Danielle sounds mean and vicious. Has Danielle just been
playing me? Has he just been pretending to be my friend? The thought
angers me. My fear is greater though and I find myself obeying before I
even have time to think about what Danielle is planning to do.

Danielle walks a few feet and then points to a spot in front of him. As
I slowly crawl to that spot I can’t help but realize that this is the exact
same spot Danielle got punished in yesterday.

When it dawns on me what Danielle plans to do I debate jumping up and
running away. More, now than ever, I realize how hopeless my situation is.
I would almost rather die than get a spanking like Danielle got yesterday.
Yet, there is no alternative I can think of that doesn’t result in
something much worse. I look down and watch my tears sprinkle the floor.

Danielle kneels down next to me and I know it’s going to start any
second now. Before starting, Danielle leans in next to my ear.

“If I don’t punish you then the headmaster will come in and do it,” he

The whisper is calm and friendly just like the old Danielle I know. It
is clear that he is just trying to save me from having to endure a
punishment from my father. I would die of embarrassment if my dad were to
spank me. Hell, I would probably die from the pain. My dad was very
vicious with Danielle yesterday. I’m sure he would have to be just as bad
with me.

I blush when I think about what he made Danielle do after the
punishment. Would he be required to make me suck his dick as well? This
frightens me to the point that I almost beg Danielle to punish me.

“I’m going to spank you now,” Danielle informs me. “Do you know what
you are supposed to do?”

“Yes,” I whisper.

It doesn’t dawn on me until after I say it that there is no way I could
know what to do unless I had spied on Danielle and my father. Danielle
knows I haven’t been wearing my plugs around my trainers yet. So, why
would they even tell me about my role in the punishments yet? I hope
Danielle doesn’t realize this.

Danielle presses on the small of my back and I get the hint and arch my
back slightly so he has a better target.

“Let’s begin,” Danielle says as he lightly rubs my ass.

I feel my ass ring pucker as I try to push the plug out. It is a lot
harder than I thought it would be. I apply more and more pressure until
the plug starts extending out. Right when I feel the middle of the plug
about to pop past my anal ring…


“Oh!” I scream as the plug punches back into my guts and I lunge forward

“Oh, God!” I let out a second later when the sting across my ass cheeks
actually registers.

Yesterday, I was so focused on what hitting the plug felt like that I
hadn’t given much thought to the slap itself. It hurts! Believe it or
not, I’ve never been spanked before. I got into trouble here and there
growing up but never did anything bad enough to warrant a spanking. I knew
spankings hurt but I had no idea. If Danielle’s small hand hurts this bad
then I can only imagine what my father’s feels like. Or worse, that damn

“One… Danielle,” I say.

“Good girl,” Danielle praises.

I feel a tinge of pride that I remembered to count the hit. I’m
guessing that most new students forget that bit.

Praise or not, I’m still hesitant to push the plug back out for another
hit. Danielle seems patient as he kneels there next to me. I don’t want
to push my luck so I only wait 20 seconds before forcing the plug back out.


“Oh! Oh!”

I told myself I wouldn’t scream this time but I just can’t help it. As
the pain washes over me I try to imagine how Danielle could possibly find
pleasure in this. He even came this way. My dick is hard still but I
don’t see a climax coming any time soon. Sure, the plug is slamming into
my ass clit but it is hitting way too hard to be pleasurable.

“Two, Danielle!” I grunt.

I want to beg Danielle for mercy but I already know this has to be done.


“Oh!” I yell in both pain and surprise.

I hadn’t pushed out on the plug yet and wasn’t expecting the hit. I
then remember how Danielle lost control of his plug yesterday. God, my
plug is sliding out on its own!

“Three, Da….”


“Oh, God!” I scream. “Fou…”


“Oh, please!” I scream even louder.




The hits start coming faster than I can count them out. I try to slow
them down by gripping the plug with my asshole but I’ve lost complete
control of my hole.







My ass is on fire and it takes me several seconds to realize the hits
have stopped. I feel Danielle’s delicate hand holding my plug in place as
he uses his other hand to maneuver me. He backs me up a few feet and I see
a small pool of cum come into view. It is barely a tablespoon’s worth but
it is there. I will admit that I felt some small tingles mixed in with all
that pain but I sure as hell didn’t feel like I had cum. When I look under
myself I see that the head of my dick is indeed wet with cum.

After what happened with Danielle last night I feel the need to
demonstrate that I’m not gay and don’t like eating cum. Refusing to clean
my mess would be a good way to show this. However, my burning ass cheeks
remind me what will happen if I refuse. I decide to delay my protest until
later… when my ass isn’t quite as sore. Besides, it’s really not that
much cum. I ate significantly more last night. I scrunch up my nose in
disgust and then lean down and clean up my mess.

Once the cum is in my belly Danielle pulls me up until I’m sitting on my

It hurts to sit but at least the cleanup is over. I swallow hard when
Danielle stands in front of me. Does he expect me to suck his dick like he
did my father yesterday?

“Please don’t ask me to do that!” the voice in my head screams.

What scares me is that I know I might actually do it if Danielle
insists. I just can’t handle any more spanking right now.

There is an awkward silence as Danielle looks down at me. I can tell by
the determined look in his eyes and the bulge under his skirt that he wants
me to suck him.

“Please don’t ask!” the voice screams again.

I sigh in relief when Danielle finally turns and walks back to the

“Come on,” Danielle says over his shoulder.

My legs are shaky but I’m able to stand and follow. I have to keep my
hand on the plug though to keep it from sliding out. Danielle giggles when
he sees me walk in like that.

“Don’t worry, you will get control of it in a few minutes,” he assures
me. “You need to work on your ass muscles though. You lost control way
too soon. The punishments aren’t as bad if you can use your ass muscles to
slow down the hits.”

I want to ask how one goes about “working on your ass muscles”.
However, I’m more concerned at how certain he seems to be that I will be
getting more spankings in the future. They won’t spank me as long as I
follow the rules and do what they say, right? God, I hope not. That
spanking was absolutely horrible. My insides still haven’t settled down.

I watch as Danielle undresses, folds his clothes and puts them in a neat
pile. As his skirt comes off I note that his dick is indeed hard under his
cotton panties. I blush when Danielle catches me staring and gives me a
wink. I quickly look down at the floor below me. I blush harder when I
realize my dick is still rock hard. I can only imagine what Danielle is

I feel the need to explain that I’m not sexually interested in him.
That yesterday was a mistake. I had lost control in the heat of the moment
because of the drugs. However, I’m too ashamed and embarrassed to talk
about it. So, I just keep looking down and try to order my cock to go
soft. It doesn’t listen.

Danielle discards his panties and then hops into the tub. The tub
really does look cozy. It looks nice and warm and Danielle even put bubble
bath in it. Bubble bath is kind of girly, but it does look inviting.

I’m envious as I watch him sink down into the bubbles. All I have in my
room is a shower. Showers are all that I normally do anyway, but a bath
would feel good right now.

“Jump in!” Danielle giggles.

Taking a bath with Danielle wasn’t what I had in mind. Not by a long
mile. A warm bath is relaxing. A bath with another boy… not so much.

“I’ve already showered,” I inform him.

“Come on!” Danielle says while making an exaggerated pout with his rosy

He is still joking around but I can tell that I will offend him if I
refuse the invitation. I’m still a little upset with him from yesterday,
but that does not mean I want him upset with me. His friendship is already
starting to pay off. If he didn’t like me then I probably would have ended
up getting spanked by my dad instead of Danielle. As painful as it was,
I’m still very grateful for him looking out for me like that. Not enough
to forgive him for yesterday, but it is a start.

The tub is a little bigger than the one we have at home. It is maybe an
extra foot and a half wide… possibly a little longer also. Danielle and
I are small for our ages but I still don’t see how we can both get into the
tub without touching each other. I’m sure that’s not an issue for Danielle
but it is for me.

I carefully step in and then sit with my knees up toward my chest and my
back at the opposite end as Danielle’s. I thought for sure Danielle would
insist I sit closer, but he seems happy with my choice.

“Yay!” Danielle cheers and then throws some bubbles at me.

I smile but see no need for celebration. He slides down under the water
and I briefly feel one of his feet up against my hard dick. I’m about to
push it away when it disappears on its own. Danielle’s head pops back out
with a tower of bubbles on top of it.

I can’t help but laugh. He looks so silly. Plus, there is a kind of
innocent playfulness to him. His wet blonde hair makes him look much
younger as well. Right now he’s just a little child playing in the
bubbles. It is hard to imagine that just under those bubbles he has a huge
plug up his ass.

After Danielle plays around like that for a couple minutes I begin to
relax a little. I let my legs slide down into the water. They mingle with
his but there is nothing sexual about it. The nice thing is that I didn’t
even get the spout end of the tub. This surprises me since Danielle got in

Danielle finally settles down and I’m able to lay my head back and
really relax. My eyes are closed and I’m on the verge of falling asleep
when I feel Danielle grab one of my feet. He lifts it to the surface of
the bubbles and begins massaging it. Man that feels good. I don’t say
anything though. The massage doesn’t seem sexual but if I compliment him
on it then he might use it as some kind of foreplay.

I peek down at him when the massage ends and I feel something rub
against one of my toenails. He is filing my toenails. I’ve seen my
sisters do this before and it takes a ridiculously long time. I mean, all
you have to do is get some clippers and you are done in like 30 seconds. I
think about telling Danielle this but he looks happy working on my toes so
I close my eyes again.

He slowly goes from toe to toe. Once done he picks up a small bottle
and squeezes something on each toenail. Then he takes some kind of cue tip
thing and pokes around everywhere that the nail touches the skin. It
doesn’t hurt or anything, but it does make me wonder what the hell the
purpose of it is.

Finally, he lowers that foot and lifts up my other one. He repeats the
whole procedure with this foot.

This time when he finishes he doesn’t lower the foot. Instead, he
slides a little closer to me and raises more of my leg up out of the water.

“What are you doing?” I finally ask.

“You have to do all of this at least once a week,” Danielle replies, not
really answering my question.

“Hold up!” I say when I see him put some shaving gel on my leg.

“We will both get into trouble if your trainer shows up tomorrow and you
aren’t freshly shaven,” Danielle explains. “Trust me, they will be VERY

“But my legs aren’t hairy,” I say.

My mind was frantic and I said the first thing that came to mind.
Surprisingly, it actually made sense.

“Too hairy for a girl,” Danielle counters and begins rubbing the gel
around on my leg.

I blush when Danielle says this. I was so relaxed earlier that I all
but forgot my current situation.

I really don’t want my legs shaven, but I reason that male swimmers do
it all the time. It doesn’t necessarily make me any less of a man.

It feels weird as Danielle runs the razor up and down my leg. He does
the other leg and then has me stand so he can get the upper sections. This
becomes a very embarrassing moment since my dick is still very hard.

“No,” I groan when he then applies the gel to my groin area.

I have very little hair there to begin with. Why do they need it cut it
off? There is no point in protesting. I already know there is no getting
out of this.

“Oh,” I let out by accident when Danielle grabs my hard dick so he can
move it out of the way.

As he shaves my precious pubes away I notice that his other hand is
massaging my dick a little more than necessary. He’s not jacking me off,
but it does seem like he is teasing me.

With his wet hair and small B-cup breasts, I have to admit that he looks
like a little 10 or 11 year old girl playing with my dick. I chastise
myself the second that I think this. His dick may still be hidden below
the bubbles but I know it is still there.

“Mmm,” I moan again when he starts shaving my balls.

The razor feels good against my balls but I’m also scared he will cut
them. I think he realizes my fear and tries to distract me by rubbing my
dick a little harder. I’m disgusted at how good it feels.

I close my eyes and try to forget that it is a boy playing with my dick.
This is so disgusting and very wrong, yet it feels so good. I tell myself
it is just a hand job. Plus, he is doing it to me and not the other way
around. It pales in comparison to what we did yesterday.

“Oh!” I groan when I feel something warm and wet envelope my cock.

I look down to see Danielle’s red lips sliding up and down my shaft.

“No, we shouldn’t do this,” I whisper. “Please stop.”

Even as I say it I find myself involuntarily pressing forward with my
hips. The next thing I know I have a hold of Danielle’s head and I’m
humping back and forth in his mouth.

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit!” I pant as I ejaculate into Danielle’s throat.

The climax is so strong that I have to put one of my hands against the
wall to keep from falling down.

The glow of the climax slowly dissipates and I’m left with just the
disgust and shame of what just happened. It’s too much and I start crying.
I pull my dick from Danielle’s mouth and turn away. I go to step out of
the tub but Danielle grabs onto my legs from behind.

“It’s okay,” he assures me. “I suck your dad all the time.”

I don’t like hearing that my dad indulges in this a lot. However, it is
a little comforting to know my dad really can’t be upset with me for doing
it myself. Not that I would want him to ever find out.

It’s a little comforting but I’m still very ashamed of myself. I’m
still crying as Danielle pulls me down so that I’m sitting in the tub
again. Only this time I face away from him. I’m too embarrassed to face
him right now.

He slides in close behind me and gives me a hug. I know he is trying to
be nice but the feel of his hard dick against my back just reminds me of
where I am and what just happened.

Danielle rubs my back until I stop crying. Once I’m calmed down he
lifts my left arm and puts shaving gel in my armpit. I don’t even say
anything. Having my arm pits shaved seems trivial right now.

The next 30 minutes are awkwardly uncomfortable as Danielle does to my
fingernails basically the same thing he did to my toenails. Only he does
it from behind which requires him to press tight against me and reach
around. It is basically one long intimate embrace. Danielle even kisses
me on the neck a few times.

I want to push him away or at least verbally chastise him. However, I
don’t feel I have much right to do so. I just fucked his throat for God’s
sake. Who am I to now deny him a simple embrace? I know this might lead
him on a bit. However, I obviously plan to tell him I don’t feel that way
about him. However, I will let him down easy and not be a dick and do it
immediately after cumming in his throat. It is the least I can do.

As we get out and towel off, I’m ashamed to see that I’m hard again
already. I really don’t understand why I’m so horny today. I can only
guess that it is the larger size plug. I note that my hard on looks 10
times more perverted now that I’m bald down there.

I watch as Danielle gets dressed. My hope is that I’ve somehow earned
the right to eat some normal food. I let Danielle shave me and even suck
me off. That has to be worth something. He walks me through the guest
room and back into my room though. I’m disappointed but there is still a
chance I’ll get something later. I’m not too hungry right now anyway.

I’m not surprised when we stop at the makeup area. We dry and brush our
hair. Danielle insists on curling my hair again. Only this time he has me
do half of it. It is harder than I expected.

I’m not too happy when Danielle gets a pair of tweezers and starts
plucking my eyebrows. Damn that hurts! At first I think he is just
getting a few rogue hairs out of the way. However, he keeps plucking and

He is well into it before I realize he is shaping my eyebrows to look
more feminine. It is too late to turn back now though. I’m stunned when I
turn to the mirror and see the final product. It makes my face look 10
times more girly. I would have never imagined something so simple could
make such a difference.

There is only one problem… I’m not a girl!

This isn’t something I can just wash off or hide! It will take weeks
for those hairs to grow back. I then realize they will just have me pluck
them again. God, I have to get out of here!

Makeup comes next. Again, Danielle does part of it and has me do the
rest. It is hard for me to master it. As a boy I guess I’m just not as
patient and try to rush it. I also have trouble doing the fine details and
keep brushing this or that too hard. I eventually get it down. I don’t do
as well as Danielle but I’m still proud. Well, not proud that I’m putting
makeup on… just proud to be able to do it. Drew and Casey will be very
impressed when they see me doing this.

I have to admit that the whole makeup experience does provide a kind of
escape. As we put it on Danielle and I do a lot of chatting about this and
that. Sometimes I get so engrossed in a conversation that I actually
forget where I’m at.

The only problem we have is coming up with subjects both of us are
interested in. I’m into sports and things like that and Danielle just
wants to talk about girly things. Even when we talk about something I like
it always ends up being spoiled by him. For example, I might talk about
football and Danielle will start commenting on which players are the
cutest, or how the uniforms show off their muscles and stuff.

Even this can be fun sometimes though. It becomes almost like a game
between us. He brings up a girly subject and I try to turn it into a manly
conversation. Then he does the opposite to me. For laughs we sometimes
switch roles and he tries to be manly and I girly. We are almost rolling
on the floor laughing whenever we do that.

We finish our makeup and Danielle moves us back to the guest room where
we lay on the bed. I’m a little hesitant considering what happened the
last time we were in this bed; especially considering I’m still naked.

Danielle brings a small box with him from the makeup area. I swallow
hard when he opens the box and I see an assortment of nail polishes inside.
I know I should object. However, it’s just one more small detail. What
more harm could it really do? Of course, I thought similar things about
the treatment of my toe and finger nails; then the shaving; then the
curling of my hair; then the plucking of the eyebrows; then the makeup…
and now look at me.

I lie back on the bed and do just that. I stare up at the ceiling
mirror and see a beautiful Janice looking back. And she is beautiful. I
know from yesterday that she is also a nasty slut. These are two qualities
I always look for in a girl. Unfortunately, she is really a he and she is

Before getting to the polish, Danielle pulls out this weird double sided
pad. One side is semi coarse and the other side very fine. He says we
have to remove all the rough thick skin off the bottom of my feet. I point
out that the bottom of my feet have thick skin for a reason. He just
laughs and starts scrubbing. It tickles but I’m also scared he is going to
rub too much away. He doesn’t though. First it is the rough side then the
very fine one. He rubs some kind of lotion all over my foot then does the
other one.

The whole procedure seems pointless to me. It’s the bottom of my feet
for goodness sake. Who is ever going to notice?

After this, Danielle grabs a small bottle containing a clear fluid. He
rolls some paper towels and puts them between my toes in order to separate
them. Then he starts applying the clear fluid. For a moment I’m delighted
because I think he has decided on a clear polish. However, he explains it
is just a varnish. This is the equivalent of a primer for you guys out
there. He claims it protects the nails and makes the polish stick better
and last longer.

Next comes the polish itself. We go with a very simple pink for both
the fingers and the toes. Danielle says we will maybe try something more
complex next weekend. Oh, goodie… something to look forward to… not.

Danielle does 5 toes and 5 fingers. I do the same. I do okay but when
you look close enough you can tell the difference between the two sets.

Danielle finishes everything off with a coat of clear polish. Then we
do something very silly. We wait. Ever hear the phrase, “watching paint
dry”? Well, guess what… that’s what girls apparently do. Or at least
that is what is required with the polishes we have. I’m not sure if that
means it is a very good or very bad product.

I’m shocked when I look up at the mirror again. Janice looks twice as
girly as she did the last time I looked… all because of 20 simple dabs of
pink polish. Janice now dominates the image before me. Jack’s cock is the
only remnant left of my former self. However, it is standing up stiff and
proud trying to rage against the dying of the light. No, Jack will not go
gentle into that good night. Or so I pray.

We have an hour to kill so Danielle turns the TV on. She turns the
BluRay machine on as well. The same disc plays but thankfully Danielle
fast forwards past several scenes.

“This is my favorite part!” Danielle says as he lies down next to me
with his head just below my chest.

I’m not happy about the close contact, but at least he is not trying to
neck with me or something.

The part Danielle forwarded to turns out to be some kind of oral
evaluation compilation. It shows a series of very young girls giving
blowjobs. Some of the girls are shown naked and others in their school
uniform. The male they perform on is the same in all of them though. It’s
Dean Miller… of course.

It seems clear to me that the Dean provided these clips in order to send
me the message that he plans to soon make me do this with him. He probably
even expects me to study it so I know what he likes best. I got news for
him, I’ll bite his fucking dick off if he tries to put it in my mouth.

Despite my anger, I have to admit that watching the little girls perform
does make me hard. Or at least it would if I wasn’t already hard. The
Dean’s dick is enormous and it’s cute to watch the little girls try to
handle it. It really isn’t a fair oral test for any of them. It’s a good
2.5 inches thick and maybe 9 inches long. Most of the girls can’t even get
the head of the dick into their mouths.

I’ve seen my share of porn lately and I always like the cum shots the
best. That wasn’t the case with these Dean Miller clips. It just reminded
me that it might be me accepting that load one day soon if I’m not careful.

There are 5 girls total. The final and cutest one was a little blonde
about 8 or 9 years old. She looked absolutely adorable in her little
school uniform. She also gave a half way decent blowjob… all things

The Dean must have liked her also because the next series of clips were
of just her and him. They were each dated one year apart. I’m guessing
they are annual reviews of some kind.

It is a huge turn on to see this little girl grow up right before my
eyes. The first was 6 years back. The next was 5 years back. There was a
noticeable improvement in her skills after just that first year. She still
couldn’t get much of the dick into her mouth but she made up for it in

It was hot to watch and I could feel my dick lurching. Danielle notices
this and giggles and then starts making playful swats at it with his
fingers and palm. I know he is just playing but it actually feels kind of
good. I feel a little ashamed but not too much since it’s really the girl
in the video that is turning me on.

The little girl gets a lot prettier and better skilled in the next clip.
In this one she even has her top off. She is only about 10 and doesn’t
have much to look at. She is sucking a mean cock now though. She has
trouble with the Dean’s but you can easily tell she would not have problems
with one my size.

“Oh!” I groan when I feel Danielle’s mouth envelope my dick.

I try to pull his head away but it is a feeble attempt at best. I’m
just too excited from watching this girl work the Dean’s dick.

The girl is even cuter in the next clip. She has gone from pigtails to
a slightly more sophisticated curly hairdo. She looks a little familiar
now. According to the videos, she would be around 14 or 15 by now. That
means she is no doubt still enrolled here. Who knows, I might have even
had sex with her in one of the classrooms.

All I know for sure is that she gives a great blowjob. She manages half
of the Dean’s dick this time. She also has picked up some techniques on
how to work his balls. Danielle is clearly watching the video out of the
corner of his eye because he is mimicking most of what the girl on the
screen is doing.

“Oh!” I groan as my climax starts to near.

The next clip starts up and now the girl looks extremely familiar but I
can’t quite place the face. The girl is topless again and her breasts are
just starting to develop. I’m sure she got an A+ from the Dean this year
because she really pulls out all the stops. She licks up and down the
dick, jacks on it, sucks his balls and swallows at least half of it again.
She performs almost as good as Danielle is currently doing on my own cock.

I’m extremely near and decide to grab the remote and turn the volume up
so I can hear the sloppy sounds she might be making.

“That’s it, work that dick,” the Dean says. “That’s a good girl.”

I block out the Dean’s voice and pretend it is mine instead. That it is
me on that screen feeding the little girl my dick. The thought takes me
over the edge and I start cumming.

“Take my load,” the Jack on the TV screen orders. “That’s it, swallow
all my cum Danielle!”

Wait! What? Did I just think that? Or did I actually say that? Or
did the Dean just say that?

I’m mid climax and can’t think straight. All I can do is ride the wave
of pleasure.

Like earlier in the day, the wave of pleasure unfortunately lands me on
a shore bed of hard rocks. God, I did it again! What’s wrong with me!?
How could I stay excited with Danielle touching my dick, let alone cum with
it in his mouth?

My humiliation and shame reach an all-time height when the next clip
starts and it becomes clear that it was indeed the Dean that mentioned
Danielle’s name. The girl in the video is Danielle! He is two or three
years younger still in this clip but there are way too many similarities
for it not to be him.

I feel like vomiting when I realize I not only let Danielle suck me off
again but was even fantasizing about him at the same time. I try to
convince myself that I thought he was a she in the video. However, that
doesn’t change the fact that it wasn’t.

It all becomes too overwhelming and I just stare blankly at the ceiling.
I don’t even have the will power to push Danielle away from my cock. He
just keeps on suckling on my dick as it slowly softens.

My humiliation jumps a notch higher still when my eyes focus on the
image above me in the mirror. For an instant I think it is Jack laying
there. Then I realize it is actually Janice and Danielle playing together.
Or at least I try to convince myself of that. In reality I know it is
really Jack up there looking down… or at least I think it is.

“Oh, God! I’m getting hard again!” the voice in my head screams.
“Please, not again!”

To my credit, I do finally reach down again and try to nudge Danielle
off my cock. I don’t nudge hard enough and he keeps on sucking. I think
to push harder but realize I can’t. My nails are still drying and I risk
damaging them if I get too aggressive.

I realize how stupid of an excuse that is. The truth is that I don’t
know exactly why I give in. I guess I’m just too mentally worn out to care
right now.

There are still two more clips of the Dean and Danielle. I hear them on
the TV but I just stare up at Janice. When the Dean barks orders it is
Janice’s lips that move. Or at least I think they do. The illusion is
enhanced by the fact that the Danielle in Janice’s lap is following said

“Take daddy’s load!” Janice groans and then climaxes.

The climax provides a brief, yet sweat, escape from reality. Then the
wave of humiliation hits me again.

I try to avoid the humiliation by thinking of other things. For
example, I start thinking about why so many of the instructors seem to
often refer to themselves as daddy when having sex with the kids.

My initial conclusions have been that it is a fantasy that helps get the
instructors off. However, something dawns on me. There are a ton of
parents that don’t work at the school like my father does. Is it possible
that part of the training is to prepare students for possible sexual abuse
at home?

Now that I think about it, there must be tons of these girls being
sexually abused at home. The school provides an outstanding academic
program, but I’m sure all of the parents must know about the sexual aspects
of the curriculum also.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the sexual aspects aren’t the primary reasons
some parents enroll their kids here. I mean, the school always plays up
how every successful woman in the county is a Humbled Girl. However, they
spit out a lot of graduates each year. By now there must be 100 times more
Humbled Girls out there than possible high positions in the area.

God! I suddenly realize that I’ve run across several Humbled Girls that
even still live at home with their parents. Most are only in their 20s,
but just being a graduate here pretty much guarantees you a decent job,
even if you decide not to get advance degrees in college. They would
easily be able to get their own place. Hell, half the men in the county
would buy them a house just for the chance of building a relationship. Men
who marry Humbled Girls receive a higher status around here. These men
don’t always become successful businessmen, but they sure as hell look a
lot happier.

“No, please stop!” I groan.

My little diversion isn’t working as I had hoped and I can feel yet
another climax nearing.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I let out as each jet shoots into Danielle’s throat.

This climax felt odd compared to my normal ones. It is pleasurable but
also with a tinge of discomfort thrown in. I’m certain it has something to
do with the fact that it is my third climax in just 45 minutes.

“Please!” I beg a little louder.

I also try harder to push Danielle away. Finally he lifts his head up
and gives me an angry look.

“You are going to mess your nails up!” he growls.

I explain that the nails are probably dry enough by now. He doesn’t
accept this answer and pulls my hands out away from my body. He then jumps
up from the bed. I’m regretful that Danielle is upset about the nails.
However, I’m also happy he has at least stopped sucking my dick. I’m not
sure I could have handled another climax.

“Wh…what are you doing?” I ask when I see him reaching under the bed
to my right.

I look on in shock when he brings up a leather wrist restraint with a
chain attached to it. The look Danielle gives me is scary. It reminds me
of the look he gave me this morning when he caught me messing with my dick.
I don’t want to upset him further so I don’t resist as he puts the
restraint on my right wrist.

However, when he comes around to the other side of the bed I start to
really worry. Sure enough, he reaches under the bed and then comes up with
another wrist restraint. I pull my hand away when he reaches for it.

“Do you really want a visit from the headmaster?” he growls.

I timidly extend my arm back out so he can cuff my wrist. Danielle
looks angry but I know he is just trying to help me. By acting this way he
is saving me from much worse consequences.

Still, it concerns me that he knows I will do about anything to avoid a
visit from my father. That gives him a lot of power over me. It frightens
me that he might decide to abuse that power. We are quickly becoming good
friends though and I trust him not to do such a thing.

There is a little slack in the chain but not much. As I test their
strength I can’t help but wonder how many other boys these cuffs might have
been used on.

“No, please,” I beg when Danielle gets back on the bed and works a towel
under my hips and upper legs.

He then starts sucking my cock again. To make matters worse, he has
changed his position and is now between my legs. From this angle I can
clearly see his face. At least before I could only see the back of his

Danielle sucks my semi hard dick deep into his throat and then looks up
into my eyes. Embarrassed I avert my eyes to the ceiling again. For
instant I get turned on by how hot Janice looks all tied up. Then I
remember that I have a boy sucking my dick. However, it’s too late and my
dick is already stiff again.

Danielle diligently works on my cock for almost a half hour before I
climax yet again. I’m sure I could have held out a little longer but it
was clear Danielle wasn’t going to stop until I came. I figured I might as
well cum and get it over with.

There was a tinge of sexual high during the climax but most of it was
just uncomfortable. I would even call it painful.

“Please, stop!” I beg when I realize Danielle doesn’t plan to stop.

He doesn’t listen. If anything he just seems to take it as a challenge.
He sucks my balls, licks up and down my dick and deeply throat fucks
himself with my cock. He keeps getting me near climax but I keep pulling
myself back. I don’t care if he wins this little battle or not, I’m just
scared of what it will feel like if I cum again. I lose the battle when he
starts playing with my plug. He tugs at it just a little at first. Within
a couple minutes he is pulling it almost all the way out and then slowly
forcing it back in.

“Oh! God!” I scream as I cum for a fourth time.

This time it kind of burns as I climax. My balls also feel like they
are being squeezed. It’s not super painful but it greatly diminishes what
little pleasure I got out of it.

Four climaxes is a lot but my personal record is 7 climaxes in a single
day. Emphasis on the word “DAY”! Danielle just isn’t giving my body time
to recoup. At this rate I fear he is going to kill me soon.

“Please, I can’t cum anymore!” I beg when it is clear Danielle isn’t
done yet.

“Oh, I think there is a lot more in there I can get,” Danielle says with
a grin as he lowers his head back to my dick.

I’ve lost track of time but I am positive that my nails are plenty dry.
It becomes clear that the real purpose of the restraints is just to prevent
me from stopping Danielle.

Danielle knows this is not comfortable for me. I highly doubt it is
comfortable for him either. I trust him enough to know he wouldn’t do it
unless it was part of my training. Yet, we are probably 2 hours into it
and I still have no clue what I’m supposed to be learning.

“Oh!” I groan when I feel my ass clit being rubbed.

Danielle has completely removed my plug and is now using two of his
fingers to massage my clit. It brings back flashes of my time with the
Dean. I’m now convinced I will always think of the Dean when someone
touches me there.

“Holy fuck! Holy fuck! Holy fuck!” I grunt over and over as I cum yet

Man was that intense! There was a burst of pleasure at the start but
then it felt like I was cumming a bunch of needles instead of sperm.

My pink covered fingernails are now digging into the covers as Danielle
continues to play with my ultra sensitive dick. It takes several minutes
before the sensitivity dies down a little.

My dick isn’t that comfortable right now, but at least this discomfort
will prevent me from cumming again.

However, right when I think this I feel Danielle add another finger up
my ass. His fingers are small compared to the plug and the Dean’s fingers,
so it’s not uncomfortable or anything. However, I feel a forth finger
enter. Then I feel him forcing his thumb in next to them.

“Please don’t,” I beg.

He doesn’t listen. He just slowly pushes inward.

“Too big! Too big!” I cry out.

Danielle’s hand is small, but it feels like the size of a bowling ball
right now.

“OH! SHIT!” I yell when his hand reaches its widest point and then
suddenly slides all the way in.

“OH! SHIT!” I yell again as my next climax begins.

“No more,” I manage to whisper in between pants.

Danielle just lifts my legs up onto his shoulders in order to give his
hand easier access to my asshole.

“OH!” I grunt as his hand forces its way back into my ass.

“Now the fun really begins,” Danielle giggles as I feel his hand form a
fist inside me.


I wake to find myself still chained to the bed. Danielle is no longer
sucking me though. Instead, he is cuddled up next to me with his head on
the side of my chest. I glance over and see it is 5 p.m.

I can’t tell if Danielle is asleep or not. I hold very still in hopes
of not disturbing him. Not that I can move far anyway.

As I lay there I get flashes of what happened earlier. I clearly
remember Danielle forming a fist deep inside my ass. Everything is a bit
sketchy after that. The main thing that sticks out is the discomfort from
all the climaxes that occur as he fists me. I never knew something so
pleasurable could be turned into something so unpleasant. By the end I was
climaxing but nothing was actually coming out. I lost track of how many
times I came but I know I shattered my personal record.

“Welcome back, sugar,” Danielle says when he notices I’m awake.

I pray that he doesn’t plan to start up again. I think something is
already broken inside my dick and balls. All I know for sure is that I
never want to cum again for the rest of my life.

Danielle pulls himself up to face level with me and then runs his
fingers through my hair a few times. He then leans in and gives me a short
kiss on the lips.

I’m repulsed by the kiss. Not only is he a boy but I know where those
lips have been recently. As he backs away I focus on his lips to make sure
they aren’t still covered with cum. They look clean but I do notice they
are a little puffier than before. His lips are clearly swollen from all
the cock sucking… serves the bastard right.

“Should we start again?” he purrs.

“Please, no!” I quickly respond.

“Are you sure?” he says as though in deep thought. “I think I can still
get a little more out of you.”

“No more, please!” I beg.

“I tell you what,” he says after a pause. “I will let you choose. I
can make you cum a few more times or you can make me cum once.”

“Wh…what would I have to do?” I manage to ask after several seconds.

I feel like I will die if he makes me cum any more. Yet, there are many
things worse than death. Danielle is pretty and all but no way would I
suck his dick or do anything disgusting like that.

“How about this,” he says after a moment. “We will make it a game. You
don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. However, you only get 20
minutes to make me cum. If you win then I won’t make you cum any more

Danielle seems to cum at the drop of a hat so I’m pretty sure there must
be a catch. Yet, I’m just not seeing what it might be. Besides, what
choice do I have? Any deal is better than no deal.

“How about I sweeten the pot,” he says when I don’t reply right away.
“If you win then you also get to choose whatever food you want to eat.
However, if you lose then it is dog food and at least 4 more climaxes.”

I get a tinge of affection for Danielle when he offers this. He had me
already with the prior bet and he knew it. He could have easily forced me
into doing something later in order to avoid the dog food but he tossed it
into this deal to make it easier on me. Having him as a friend is really
paying off. I know it seems like a small victory, but it’s still a

“Okay,” I whisper.

Danielle gets on his knees and bounces up and down on the bed a couple
times in celebration. Then he calms down and looks over at the clock.

“Alright, time starts… now!” he says.

I wait for him to let me loose but he just kneels there.

“No fair!” I protest.

“I never said I would let you lose,” he giggles.

I just look up at him in anger. I just knew there had to be a catch.
How could I not see this coming?

“Okay, I’ll give you a chance,” he finally says. “If my little girl
asks me nicely then I will rub my cock on her belly.”

Danielle emphasizes the title “little girl” when he says it. I know how
he wants me to respond but I’m not sure I can bring myself to do it. Then
I remember the consequences of losing this bet.

“Please rub yourself on your little girl’s tummy,” I whisper with a

“Close,” Danielle grins. “Remember, you are my little girl. What does
that make me?”

“Mommy?” I ask, confused.

“Closer,” he giggles.

I blush. Of course… I’m sure Danielle would prefer the title of
“mommy” but that is not the standard around here.

“D…daddy, please rub yourself on my belly,” I whisper.

“A little louder,” Danielle says a little more seriously. “So the
cameras can hear you.”

“Or anyone that might be in the observation room,” he adds with a

I look at Danielle in shock when he says this. I then glance at the
wall near the foot of the bed where an observation window would normally
be. I see the now muted large screen TV which is still playing the BluRay.
There is a mirror to one side of the TV but it is significantly smaller
than the ones in the other rooms. It is maybe 2 feet wide and three feet
tall. It even has a normal frame around it. That’s just a normal mirror,
right? It can’t be an observation mirror can it?

I stare at it for a few seconds and then notice something odd. There is
a rolled up dark cloth attached to the wall at the top of the mirror’s
frame. Why would that be there? The answer suddenly hits me like a ton of
bricks. The cloth is for privacy. If a guest wants privacy then they can
just untie the cloth and it will unroll over the top of the mirror. They
can then reach up and unplug the camera as well.

“No one is in there, right?” I whisper.

“Tic Toc,” Danielle giggles.

Who could be in there? Is the Dean in there? My dad? God, please tell
me no one is actually in there. I reason that everything is being recorded
anyway and therefore it shouldn’t matter if anyone is in the observation
room. But it does matter!

“D…daddy, please rub yourself on my belly,” I say louder this time and
begin to cry.

I blush as Danielle straddles my hips and leans over me. He has a
serious look on his face and stares me directly in the eyes as he starts
grinding his cock and balls against my lower belly.

“Oh, daddy likes this,” Danielle purrs above me.

I expect Danielle to cum right away but he doesn’t. He just slowly
grinds back and forth and up and down against my belly.

“You know, daddy really gets turned on when he kisses his little girl,”
Danielle whispers after a minute.

I expect him to lean in and start kissing me but he doesn’t. Then I
remember I have to ask for everything first. Otherwise he risks voiding
the bet.

“Pl… please kiss me, daddy,” I finally request.

Danielle leans in until his perky little breasts are touching my flat
chest. He rubs his hard nipples against my own a few times and then leans
further in and begins kissing me.

The kisses start out small but it isn’t long and his tongue is making
its way into my mouth. I’m disgusted but it’s not like I haven’t done this
before. Granted, I’m not high like I was last time.

He’s really a girl. He’s really a girl. I keep trying to trick myself
into thinking this is true but I know it isn’t. I’m tongue kissing a guy!
AND, someone might be in the next room watching!

It takes all my willpower not to be sick as we share each other’s spit.
It takes just as much willpower to get myself to actually participate in
the kiss. I don’t want to participate in it but I know Danielle will have
a harder time cumming if I just lay here like a dead fish.

We kiss like that for what seems an eternity. At one point he lifts his
head and looks at the clock.

“Does my little girl like kissing daddy?” he asks.

“Yes,” I reply with a blush.

Danielle then dives back in and we are tonguing again. Please cum,
Danielle! Please cum! I keep screaming it in my head but the kiss

“Daddy is getting close,” Danielle says as he looks at the clock again.
“We only have 2 minutes left though.”

God! Only two minutes left! I raise my head up but I can’t reach his
lips. I know he won’t cum just hovering like that.

“I think I know what will make daddy cum,” Danielle says after several
seconds. “Daddy will probably cum real fast if you promise to eat his

“I’ll do it!” I reply.

I’m so close to the deadline that I don’t take the time to analyze what
I’m agreeing too. Yes, I’ve eaten his cum before but I was drugged at the
time. If I took a few more seconds to think about it then I’m sure I would
change my mind. But I don’t. I’m too focused on getting this over with.

“Say it right,” Danielle says with a grin.

“Please let me eat your cum, daddy!” I beg in frustration.

It only takes Danielle two more strokes and his climax begins.

“Oh! Daddy’s cumming on his little girl!” Danielle screams.

A second later I feel a hot stream of cum hit my belly and lower chest.
It is quickly followed by three more splashes in the same area.

I let out a sigh of relief. Not only did I win the bet but he didn’t
have time to move so he could cum into my mouth.

My relief is short lived. After he stops cumming he reaches down and
scoops some of the cum up with his fingers and brings it to my mouth. I
close my mouth and turn my head. His fingers follow my mouth so I turn my
head the other direction.

“Does the little girl want her real daddy to come in and spank her?”
Danielle growls.

My eyes get wide. Did Danielle just confirm that my father is in the
observation room? Or, did he mean my father would come in from home to
punish me? I want to ask but I’m scared of what the answer might be.

Regardless of where my father actually is, I don’t want a spanking from
him. Plus, I’ve gone this far to win this bet, I might as well finish.
Otherwise all of that was for nothing.

“Good girl,” Danielle coos as I open my mouth.

Danielle’s cum is sweet and a little tart, just like yesterday. I gag
and my stomach tries to reject it, but I manage to get myself under
control. I suck the fingers clean and he removes them so he can gather some
more. He feeds me 6 more scoops and I gag 6 more times. The only thing
that keeps me from being sick is the fact that my stomach is pretty empty
right now.

“We are almost done,” he informs me. “I just need you to lay here for
about 10 more minutes and think about what we just did. When I come back
then all you have to do is give me a 1 minute deep kiss and this lesson
will be over.”

At that, Danielle turns the TV off and then leaves the room, shutting
the door behind him. At first I don’t see much point in this 10 minute
wait. However, I quickly realize it is probably the most important part of
the lesson… whatever the lesson might be.

Had he just untied me then I could have easily distracted myself so I
wouldn’t have to face what just happened. However, tied down like this and
left alone I have no choice but to think about it. It also forces me to
think about the long kiss that is yet to come. It takes only a minute
before my face is flush and I’m crying in both humiliation and shame.

I cry for myself for several minutes. Then I start crying in sadness
for Danielle. He plays the mean role well, but I doubt he wants to do any
of this. I’m his friend now, he shouldn’t have to do these things to me.

The 10 minutes turns out to be more like 15. It’s fine though. The
extra time gives me a chance to get my crying under control.

Finally, Danielle enters the room again. He climbs up on the bed and
leans over me. He comes in for the dreaded kiss but stops about 3 inches
short. I know what he wants so I lean up and make the contact myself.
When he applies pressure I slowly lower my head and his lips follow.

His lips are closed at the start but I open my mouth. I know he will
soon demand that anyway. This way he will maybe end the disgusting kiss

As he slowly opens his mouth I feel his spit slide into my mouth. It
seems a lot more than normal. I guess he is just testing my resolve so I
force myself to accept it. However, as the spit hits my taste buds I
realize it’s not spit at all. It’s cum!

I try to turn my head in order to break the kiss but he has a firm grip
with both of his hands. I close my lips but most of the cum is already in
my mouth. I wait for Danielle to back away so I can spit the cum out.
However, he just hovers there with his lips spread wide over my own.

My first thought is that Danielle saved up some of my cum from earlier.
Or, he went out of the room and jacked off into his hand and then sucked it
into his mouth. However, as I wait there I start analyzing the flavor. It
was strong and bitter. It was far different than Danielle’s sweet taste.
It was also twice as bitter as my own.

This was someone else’s cum!

I quickly part my lips a little and spit as much as I can back into
Danielle’s mouth. God, who’s cum is that!? It could be my own father’s
for all I know. The thought makes my stomach turn.

I try to struggle again when Danielle pinches my nose. I almost escape
his grip but he uses his other hand to get a tight grip on my hair. For a
very brief instant I actually get upset that he is messing up my curls. I
chastise myself for worrying about something so trivial at a time like

I finally have to open my mouth to try to breath and he spits the cum
back inside. He lets go of my nose but I’m still struggling to get air
into my lungs. As a result I involuntarily leave my mouth open and he
drains even more of the juices inside.

I want to spit it out again but Danielle has already demonstrated that
this would do me no good. So, I close my mouth and swallow my pride…
along with the cum.

Danielle tries to enter my mouth with his tongue again. I see no point
in struggling anymore so I open my lips and allow entry. The kiss seems to
last much longer than the predetermined minute. By the time our lips part
the flavor of the cum is long gone.

Danielle releases my wrists and I roll to my side in a semi fetal
position. I think about the training session we just had and I cry.
Danielle doesn’t tell me who’s cum was in his mouth and I don’t ask. I
just pray it wasn’t my father’s. The only thing that keeps me from losing
my mind is the knowledge that there were a great number of men that might
have access to this area. For that matter, Danielle could have gone out of
this area to collect the sperm. There were various instructors that did
weekend work and at least two or three guards.

Danielle lets me lay there in silence for several minutes before he
tells me to follow him. When I start to walk I realize my plug is back in
place. Danielle must have put it in while I was asleep earlier. I can’t
believe I didn’t notice its return until now.

As we go out the door, for an instant I fear that Danielle is going to
take me to the observation room so I can meet my mystery sperm donor.
However, he takes me on into my room. I’m pleased to find the room is
still empty.

He sits me in the makeup chair and touches my face up. It takes about
15 minutes but we are silent the whole time. We don’t chat and play around
like we normally do here. I’m not really that angry with Danielle. I’m
just too embarrassed to say anything right now.

Next we go to the bathroom where the pile of clothes is still waiting. I
put the pink shirt and the bluish hand woven skirt on first.

“Do you like the skirt?” Danielle says, breaking the long silence. “I
made it just for you.”

“It’s great,” I mumble.

I feel like a heel after I say it. It was pretty good craftsmanship and
I’m sure it must have taken Danielle a very long time to make. I should
have sounded more enthusiastic.

I slip the white knitted pantyhose on next. These are too intricate and
delicate to be hand done. Or at least I hope Danielle didn’t go to all
that trouble. It takes me a bit of work to get them on. They fit well but
I’m scared that if I hurry I might rip them.

I don’t know anything about panty hose but I’m certain you are supposed
to wear panties with this particular kind. My semi hard dick is clearly
visible through the knitting. Everything hides well under the skirt

I blush as I put the black high heels on. As they go on, they make me
feel twice as girly. Which I didn’t think was possible considering the
clothes, the hair, the makeup, the nail polish, etc.

Speaking of nail polish… we did all that fucking work on my feet and
now they are completely hidden under the panty hose and inside the shoes!

“Wow! You look hot!” Danielle says once I have the second heel on.

“Thanks,” I try to say more enthusiastically this time.

Danielle walks out of the bathroom and I follow. Or at least I try.
The heels are about 2 to 3 inches high and are a ton harder to walk in than
they look. They feel so delicate that I’m afraid I’m going to break them.
Plus, every so often I step down a little croaked and the shoe in question
wants to turn onto its side. It doesn’t help that I have this damn plug up
my ass.

Danielle laughs as he watches me walk into the room.

“Practice, practice, practice,” Danielle giggles.

For the next 30 minutes that’s exactly what I do. Danielle has me walk
back and forth in the room until I’m doing a half way decent job.

Finally we go back to the guest room to eat. Again, I make sure I
select only packaged items. I also fill my glass up with tap water instead
of the bottled stuff in the fridge. The plastic bottles have a protective
seal but I suspect someone could easily get drugs into it if they really
wanted too.

“How do you know they don’t put it in the tap water,” Danielle giggles.

I’m not happy that he has figured out what I’m trying to do. However,
his comment does make me giggle as well. I don’t know why though after all
I’ve been through today. I guess it is just preferable to crying. I am
relieved though that Danielle doesn’t seem angry about me trying to avoid
the estrogen. He doesn’t even give me a friendly warning. This tells me
he understands my plight. More importantly, it also tells me he probably
won’t report the incident.

I drank some tap water while I was showering but otherwise haven’t put
anything in my stomach all day. Well, other than cum. I eat my selection
of food in a matter of minutes. I follow it with 2 glasses of water. I go
for more food but Danielle stops me. I’m disappointed that I can’t have
more but he is right in that I’ve had plenty for one meal. I was just
hoping to store up a little extra to carry me through tomorrow.

I drink a third glass of water as I wait for Danielle to finish his
meal. By the time he is done we are chatting and giggling together like

After our meal I practice walking again for 30 more minutes. Then we
both undress, remove our plugs and hop into the guest bed in order to watch
TV… real TV, not the BluRay. Yes, I said REAL TV! It is so awesome! It
is just like being in my bedroom at home, only with a MUCH better TV.
Well, that and the fact that there is another naked boy in the bed with me.

Danielle cuddles up to me the entire night. He also gives me several
brief kisses on the lips every half hour or so. It still feels disgusting
and awkward but it isn’t anything I can’t live with. Especially
considering it comes with cable TV.

“You did very well this weekend,” Danielle whispers to me as it is
getting late.

When it is finally time to sleep, Danielle gives me a kiss, sits up in
bed and then runs his fingers through my hair until I slip away.


I wake to the sound of the clock radio buzzing. I turn it off and then
realize I’m alone in the bed. I check the bathroom and find it empty also.
I’m not sure why but I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to say
goodbye to Danielle.

I’m thankful that he thought to set the alarm for me. It gives me a
chance to start the week off good by impressing my trainers. The clock
says 5:07 a.m. I’m assuming I have until at least 6 a.m. to get ready.

I grab my plug and all my clothes and go to run out. I then realize
that the room is a bit of a mess. Since it is not my room, I’m not sure if
I will get into trouble for leaving it a mess. However, Danielle might. I
put all my stuff down and quickly make the bed and tidy things up a little.
It’s not as good as I first seen it but it looks decent enough.

I’m glad I tidied up though because I find my #1 plug. I take it and my
other stuff back into my room. I wash the #1 off and put it back into its
place. I pray that Drew or Casey notice it is back and decides to
downgrade me to it. I don’t plan to hold my breath.

I give myself two enemas using the same recipe Drew had me use the past
two days. I even try to take a full half gallon each time. I remember to
be extra careful as I kneel on the floor. The last thing I want to do is
scratch or chip my toenail polish. It’s not something that can be fixed

My makeup and hair surprisingly looks half way decent so I decide to
just shower from the neck down.

As I shower I start to wonder what would happen if someone used the
shock collar on me right now. Would the shock be worse? I debate this for
a couple minutes and come to the conclusion that most of the electricity
would just shoot through the water covering my body and ground out in the
drain below. Electricity does take the path of less resistance. It’s a
good theory but not one I want to try to prove any time soon.

I’m out of the shower, dried off and dressed in no time. I’m delighted
when I leave the bathroom and find neither of my trainers are there yet. I
take advantage of this time in order to touch up my hair and makeup.

With my trainers still not there, I decide to clean my room up a little.
The makeup area is about the only place that needs touching up.

What time are they going to get here? I’ve run out of things to do.
I’m not in a rush to start my week but it would be nice to know when to
expect them.

I think about cleaning up Danielle’s room some more but I’m afraid they
won’t be as impressed with me if they come in and find me in there. I
might even get into trouble.

I end up pacing back and forth in my room. It helps pass the time and
allows me to practice the high heels at the same time.

“Well, aren’t you a pretty thing,” Dean Miller says as he suddenly walks

“Thanks you, Dean Miller,” I say with a blush.

It suddenly dawns on me that I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Am I
supposed to just stand here? Am I supposed to bow or something? I then
remember the clips from the BluRay. I was near my matt at the center of
the room so I quickly went to it, got on my knees and sat back on my heels.
This is the pose all of the girls being tested were in prior to the Dean

I blush when I realize I might have just assumed a waiting position that
is only used for blowjobs. Man, I wish I would have thought of more
questions like this for Danielle or at least paid more attention to stuff
like this when I was a janitor… instead of just looking at the girls’
asses and tits.

The Dean smiles and walks over to me. He stands right in front of me. I
blush as I realize this is exactly what he did in the video clips. The
only difference is that there was a couch nearby where the second half of
the evaluation always took place.

As he stands there I can see the outline of his huge cock through his
suit pants. He isn’t hard yet but he is getting there. For a moment I
fear he is going to order me to pull his dick out and suck it. He doesn’t
though. He just stands there for a minute. I can only guess that he is
testing whether I’m obedient enough yet to volunteer to perform the act.
That will be a cold day in hell when that happens.

As it is now, I would bite his dick off if he tried to force it on me.
That is the plan anyway. I already know I’m full of it. There is no way I
would ever bite the Dean’s dick. The punishment I would get would probably
be unlike anything ever given in the school’s history. Yeah, I don’t have
the balls to temp that kind of fate. I’ve learned at least that much about
myself in the past few days.

“Breakfast time,” the Dean announces as he heads for the kitchenette.

“I’m… I’m not hungry, sir,” I quickly inform him. “I had plenty to
eat last night.”

“Oh, really?” the Dean says as he stops and looks my way.

Shit! I hope I didn’t just get Danielle in trouble. More importantly,
I hope I haven’t ruined our little food/training arrangement. Not that I’m
completely sure our arrangements are better than eating dog food.

“No, our arrangements are better,” the voice in my head says when I see
the Dean turn and continue to the kitchenette.

The sexual training arrangements with Danielle seemed worse when we were
doing them. However, the dog food seems significantly worse as I hear the
Dean pouring it into my bowl. He pours some water into my other bowl and
then walks over with both of them.

He puts them in front of me and then glares at me. His stare completely
scares away my will to resist.

“No hands!” he growls as I’m about to reach for a chunk of dog food.

His commanding voice shakes me to my core. I swear I almost pissed
myself just then. I quickly lean in and gather several dry food pellets in
my mouth. The crunching sound echoes in the room as I chew it into little
bits. I gag as I swallow the disgusting mess. I then rush in and sip some
water. I’m sure it probably has estrogen in it but right now washing that
nasty shit down is my priority.

As I go in for my next mouth full I notice the Dean rubbing his dick
through his pants. I blush and try to ignore it.

As I go in for a third mouth full the Dean unzips his pants and pulls
his dick out. It looks even bigger in person than it did in the videos.
Not that I stared at it. Okay, maybe just briefly. Trust me, you would
have also. The thing is unreal.

So far, the Dean has allowed me to stay fully clothed. While that is a
good sign, it is obvious he still has something nasty planned. It doesn’t
take long for me to find out what it is.

“You need more protein,” he informs me as I’m sipping up some water.
“You can eat it from your bowl or you can take it directly from the

I blush profusely and tears form in the corners of my eyes. I promised
myself I wouldn’t cry today. It was a foolish promise.

There is no way I’m going to let him cum in my mouth. So, I push my
food bowl toward him.

“Pick your bowl up and kneel in front of me,” he commands.

I do as he orders.

“Higher,” he corrects me. “Put your chin right against the side of the
bowl with your lips just above the top.”

The tears are streaking down my cheeks as I obey.

“Good girl,” he praises. “Now open your mouth real wide and stick out
your tongue.”

I want to protest. He gave me a choice and I clearly choose the food
bowl and not my mouth for his deposit. I resist for a second then open my
mouth. I feel like such a pussy. Just a few seconds ago I told myself I
would never let him cum into my mouth. Yet here I am like a baby bird
waiting for its supper.

“Oh, daddy’s going to give you plenty of protein,” Dean Miller says as
he jacks harder on his dick. “Oh! Here it comes!”

I look on in shock as a huge blast of white cum fires out of the end of
his dick and hits the dog food just inches from my face. Some of it
splashes off the food and sprinkles my tongue and lips but not much. He
fires 4 more equally impressive blasts that do the same. By the time he is
done the dog food is absolutely soaked. Amazingly, less than a half
teaspoon seems to have gotten into my mouth.

“Good girl,” he praises again. “You can finish your breakfast now.
Don’t stop until that bowl is spotless.”

He leaves the room and for an instant I debate going into the bathroom
and flushing it all down the toilet. However, I know that’s exactly what
he wants. It would give him an excuse to punish me.

I put the bowl on the floor and lean down. Before digging in though I
close my mouth in order to taste the small fresh sample he provided me. It
is strong and bitter but there isn’t quite enough of it to tell if it is
the same flavor as the cum Danielle had in his mouth yesterday. I swish it
around with my tongue a little but still can’t make a conclusive

I know cum on the food is already too contaminated for analysis. So, I
search around the edge of the bowl. I find a few drops and lick them off.
The verdict is still indecisive. Finally I give up and continue on with my

The only nice thing is that all of the cum prevents me from having to
drink as much water.

I have the bowl licked clean several minutes before he returns.
Surprisingly he doesn’t make me finish the water. He just orders me to
follow him.

He leads me to the guest room. For a moment I fear he is upset that I
didn’t clean it better. Or worse, he plans to do something sexual with me
in there.

I sigh in relief when we go inside and Dr. Stanford is standing there
holding a clipboard. Dr. Stanford is an actual medical doctor. He is the
main doctor for the school. There are two other people that work with him
but I’m not sure if they are actual doctors. I think they are medical
technicians or something like that. All I know is that Dr. Stanford is
the one in charge.

“This must be Jack,” Dr. Stanford says when he sees me.

“Janice,” Dean Miller corrects.

“Yes, of course,” Dr. Stanford says as he crosses my old name off the
sheet clipped to the board and writes my new one next to it. “How are you
feeling Janice?”

I blush, but at the same time I feel an immediate liking to this man.
He is the first one to call me by my real name since this whole ordeal
started. It isn’t the first time I’ve met him though. He had to give me a
full check up and take blood samples from me before I could start working
here. It wouldn’t be good if I had AIDS or something and spread it to half
the kids in school.

“Good, sir,” I reply.

What else did he expect me to say with the Dean standing right there?

“Okay sugar, we need to give you a full check up again,” he informs me.
“Please take off all your clothes and then get up on the bed.”

I blush but do as he says. He is one of the few adults in this school
that I’ve never seen do anything sexual to the kids. I haven’t even heard
rumors about him in this regard. Still, I can’t help but worry that the
reason I never seen or heard about it is because it all takes place in this
secure area.

I’m shivering in fear and anxiety by the time I climb onto the bed. I
blush further when I notice my dick is semi hard. It’s embarrassing and
also a bit surprising. After yesterday I thought it would never get hard

The doctor starts out with some basic tests. As he does them I note
that his dick doesn’t seem to be hard. This is a good sign. Yet, at the
same time I wonder why not. Even I have to admit that I’m pretty hot
looking when I’m all dolled up like this. I chastise myself for being so
stupid. Of course not everyone here is hot for boys. Hell, I’m certainly

“You know, I think I remember you from a few weeks back,” Dr. Stanford
says as he shines a light into my left eye. “Your dad is the headmaster,

“Yes, sir,” I whisper.

“Wow, you looked a lot different during my last check up,” he says.

No shit! I looked a hell of a lot different less than a week ago. His
observation angers me but I know he meant no harm by it. If anything, it
was probably just his way of complimenting me on how good I now look. I
guess I should feel flattered.

“Present,” Dr. Stanford says as he finally backs away.

I’m confused and just stare at him. He looks down at his clipboard and
realizes how new I am.

“Oh, sorry,” he says. “Stand at the side of the bed with your legs
spread. Good, now bend over and use your hands to spread your ass cheeks.
Very good.”

I blush as I follow his instructions. I wait in dread as I hear him
putting some rubber gloves on.

“Oh!” I grunt when I feel him pull my plug out.

I hear him put the plug down. The next thing I know he has a couple
fingers up my asshole.

“Oh… oh,” I groan when he pushes a speculum inside and spreads my hole

“Jeez Charles, you really have this one on the fast track,” he says as
he continues to prod and poke around back there. “It looks like maybe a
little too fast. I see some bruising and swelling.”

I’m surprised to hear the doctor refer to the Dean by his first name.
It’s the first time I’ve even heard the Deans first name. I can only guess
they have known each other for a long time in order to be on a first name

I’m not too surprised about the anal damage. I went from virgin back
there to being anally fisted in less than 4 days. Granted, it was only
Danielle’s small fist but it was still a fist.

The doctor leaves the speculum in place but steps away for a second. He
walks back and lays a metal tray to the right of me. I swallow hard when
he removes the towel covering it. Underneath are several different
hypodermic needles, vials, and other not so friendly devices.

“Wait… wait!” I say when I see him grab one of the hypodermic needles.
“What are you going to do?”

He doesn’t say anything. He just takes the needle back behind me.
Scared, I let go of my cheeks and start to turn.

“Present!” the doctor commands.

“Please!” I beg. “I’m fine. I don’t need a shot back there.”

“Janice!” Dean Miller growls.

I start crying and my legs begin to shake, but I manage to bend over

“Good girl,” Dr. Stanford says as I reach back and spread my cheeks

I pray that he is only going to give the shot into one of my ass cheeks.
However, my worst fears are realized when I hear the hypodermic needle
clicking against the inside of the speculum.

“Okay, you will feel a small pinch,” he warns me.

“Ow,” I groan when I feel the needle puncture me deep inside.

I feel the needle dig in deep and then inject something inside. It
seems very close if not right on my ass clit. He removes the needle and
stands back. A few seconds later I feel a slight stinging sensation. The
stinging grows and grows until I can’t stand still any longer.

“Ow… ow… ow!” I cry as I dance around next to the bed.

I expect the Dean to yell at me to get back into position. However, all
I hear from him are a few giggles.

“Sorry sweetheart,” the doctor says. “I had to give you that. Don’t
worry, the pain will be gone shortly. After that you will feel better than

Sure enough, the stinging dies down within a minute and I’m able to get
back into position.

“Just a couple more to go,” he informs me.

“No, please!” I beg.

“Present!” he says as I start to break position again.

This time I obey right away. I don’t want to give the Dean any more
reason to yell at me.

The next two shots feel just as bad, only in different spots. One is
way deeper inside and the other is into my outer ass ring. My dancing gets
more chuckles from the Dean.

I have to admit though that after all the stinging went away my ass
actually started to feel better. I blush though when the doctor makes note
that my dick got hard as a result of the pain.

“That’s a good sign,” he assures me.

He explains why but I don’t understand most of it. He does say
something about making note of it so it can be used in my future training.
I don’t know what he meant by that but I sure as hell hope he didn’t mean
getting more shots like those.

“Doesn’t she need testicle shots?” the Dean asks as the doctor is
removing the metal tray.

“Maybe next time,” the doctor replies.

I look back at him in shock. I look for signs that they are just
playing a joke on me. I see no indication though.

“Okay, you can lie on the bed and relax,” the doctor says as he removes
the speculum.

I lay on the bed thankful that the shots seem to be over. I suspect the
checkup is over also. The doctor walks over to the Dean and they seem to
just be talking about future treatments.

They speak back and forth and the doctor takes various notes. I try to
keep up but most of what they are saying seems to be in code. I can only
assume it is so patients such as myself are left in the dark.

“I have some stuff I want you to do right away,” the Dean finally says.

This comment grabs my attention.

“I want a PT, BS and an ET,” the Dean informs him. “Oh, and cage him

I find their code very frustrating.

“A PT?” the doctor asks in confusion. “Are you sure? We haven’t done
one of those around here for years.”

“I’m well aware of that,” the Dean growls. “If you remember, I was the
one that ordered that PT as well. You will also remember it was for my own
daughter. So please don’t think I haven’t given this serious thought.”

I’m getting extremely concerned as I listen to their conversation. It
is not a good sign that the doctor is hesitant to perform the task. It is
an even worse sign that the Dean is being defensive about it. Considering
his position and dominant nature, I doubt he feels the need to explain
himself that often.

“This one is a special case,” the Dean says after a moment. “She is a
natural. She just needs a little extra humiliation and discipline.”

“You’re the boss,” the doctor finally replies. “I’ll do the PT right
away. However, he will need to be very closely monitored. If everything
goes well then we will do the BS and ET maybe next week.”

The Dean looks like he is listening but he’s also dialing someone on his
cell phone. I hear him ask someone to send one of my trainers and a PT kit
to my room immediately. I can only guess he is talking to his personal

“The cage?” the Dean asks after getting off the phone.

I shiver as the doctor leans down next to me. I blush when I realize he
is looking at my privates. I’m embarrassed to admit that my cock is almost
fully hard despite how scared I am. The doctor reaches down with his
gloved hand and strokes my dick gently. It takes only two strokes before
I’m rock hard.

“I can see why you want him caged,” the doctor giggles. “Okay, you have
permission to cage him but only for the standard duration.”

The doctor walks to my plug drawer and opens it. I swallow hard. The
number 2 plug is still in the other room and the number 3 plug is at least
2 inches wide. I almost smile when I see him pull out the smaller number
one plug.

“Nothing beyond this for the rest of the week,” Dr. Stanford says as he
hands it to the Dean.

The Dean doesn’t look happy but doesn’t argue. He just tosses it my
direction. I barely catch it. He gives me a nod to let me know I should
put it in. I get it part way in but start to have trouble because it is so
dry. The prior times I had lube available to me.

“He’s going to hurt himself some more that way,” the doctor chastises
the Dean as he walks my way.

The doctor holds out his gloved hand and I give him the plug. He grabs
onto the base of it and then brings the tip toward my face. I start to
back away but a growl from the Dean stops me in my tracks.

“Lick,” the doctor orders. “You need to get lots of saliva on it before
trying to put it in. It’s no wonder your asshole is in such bad shape.”

I want to point out that lube was used all weekend, that the real reason
for the swelling and bruising was because of everyone’s rough treatment of
me. I feel this is information the doctor needs to know, but I’m scared to
say it in front of the Dean.

I also want to point out that part of that plug was just up my ass a
second ago. However, I know he is already aware of this. I scrunch my
nose up in disgust as I stick my tongue out and give the plug a lick.

I bring my tongue back into my mouth to gather more saliva. As I do I
realize there isn’t much taste. It only makes sense considering how clean
I am back there thanks to the enemas. The thought of what I’m licking is
still disgusting though.

Once the plug is sufficiently wet, the doctor hands it back to me and I
slide it into place. It slid in pretty easily this time but it still hurt;
especially as it squeezed past my recently medicated anal ring.

“Here you go sugar,” the doctor says as he pulls a small plastic bag
from his pocket.

He hands it to me and pats me on the head like he is giving me a
lollipop or some other kind of treat. When I see what’s in it I realize
that a treat is exactly what he gave me. It’s floss, a toothbrush and some
toothpaste! Thank God!

I’ve always hated brushing my teeth. However, right now this is the
best present anyone could ever give me. The flavors my mouth has been
subjected to in the past few days have been horrible. What makes them even
worse is that those flavors often linger in my mouth. Plus, there is
always the knowledge that residue is probably still stuck to my teeth and
stuff. Even now I can still taste some of the dog food and feel bits of it
caked between my teeth.

“I want you to use this every morning and every night,” he informs me.
“Now go brush real fast and then meet us back here.”

I can’t tell you how happy I feel when he tells me this. I can’t help
but smile as I get up and practically skip to the bathroom with joy. I
hate myself for showing them how happy I am with the gift, but I just can’t
help myself. I get to clean my teeth! Not just right now but every day
from now on!

I brush as fast as I can, but at the same time make sure I get my teeth
thoroughly clean. I also brush my tongue to make sure I get all the flavor
off it as well. I want to floss but I’m not sure I have permission to do
that right now. Plus, the doctor indicated that I should hurry.

I put everything back in the plastic bag once I’m done and place it next
to the sink. As I walk out of the bathroom I hear the school bell ring
announcing that the first class is over.

When I get to the hall I see the Dean and the doctor chatting in the
next room. They don’t see me yet and for a moment I think about attempting
an escape. I can already tell that what they have planned for me is going
to be very horrible.

I know the shock collar will bring me to my knees almost immediately.
However, when will it go off? Will it go off the second I head down this
long hall or will it wait until I get to the door at the end? It makes a
huge difference.

The halls are full of kids right now. All I would have to do is make it
out that door and start screaming. Most of the kids will probably ignore
me but at least one or two will take note. They of course won’t help me
directly, but if they see that I’m really a boy then the school’s dirty
little secret will quickly spread.

It’s a good plan, but I’m scared of what will happen to me if I fail.
Besides, I’m positive they must have already thought about this scenario.

“Stop being such a pussy!” the voice in my head screams. “You can’t
escape if you never try!”

It takes a few seconds but I finally get the courage up to try.
However, I notice something right before I’m about to bolt down the hall.
There is a card scanner and keypad next to the door. Just like on the
other side. FUCK! The door is locked from the inside as well!

I feel disappointed and a tinge of hopelessness but I’m also extremely
glad that I noticed the keypad and scanner now and not after I dashed down
the hall. I hold back a tear as I turn and continue on into the guest

When I enter I discover that the Dean and doctor are not the only people
in the room. Drew is there and so is one of the male medical technicians.
The medical technician is just standing next to the bed holding a gag of
some kind. It doesn’t take a genius to know who the gag is for.

I focus for a moment on the gag and then note that Drew is preparing
something next to the fridge. She has a large pitcher of what appears to
be water and is pouring a powder in it. The water turns reddish as she
stirs it up.

She sees me standing at the entrance and motions for me to come to her.
She pours me a glass of the fluid and tells me to have a seat on the bed. I
sit but don’t drink from the glass. The last time one of my trainers gave
me an unknown drink I lost control of my bowels. Plus, there is a good
chance there is estrogen in the drink.

Drew giggles when she sees my hesitance.

“It’s perfectly fine,” she says as she takes the glass from me and takes
a large swallow. “Now drink the rest down.”

Convinced that it is safe, I quickly drink it down. It was cherry
flavor and actually tasted pretty good. I give Drew a smile as I hand the
cup back. I’m not really that happy right now but Drew seems to be acting
very nice to me and I don’t want to spoil it.

She fills the glass again and hands it back. I drink about half of it
before I have my fill.

“Finish it,” she tells me.

I’m not thirsty anymore but I manage to get it down no problem. I get
confused though when I hand it back and she fills it again.

“I’m not thirsty anymore,” I inform her.

“Drink it,” she says in a stern voice.

It’s now that I realize something is going on. I just can’t figure out
what that something might be.

It takes a lot of effort but I manage to get the glass empty. Drew goes
to fill it again but the medical technician informs her that three glasses
is sufficient.

“Lie in the center of the bed and put your arms out,” the technician
orders as he lays the gag down.

Whatever they have planned it is about to happen. I’m so scared that I
feel a little like peeing. All that cool aid doesn’t help matters any. I
do as he says though. My head is back on one of the pillows but the
technician grabs a second one in order to elevate my head and shoulders a
little. It’s comfortable but doesn’t overcome how nervous I am.

The technician reaches down toward the floor and then comes back up
holding the leather wrist cuff and chain restraint Danielle used on me
yesterday. I pull my hand away when he grabs for it. He looks toward the
Dean and then back to me. Slowly I reach back out and surrender my hand to
him. He cuffs the wrist and then goes around the bed and does the same to
the other wrist.

I get really concerned when he goes to the foot of the bed and reaches
down and comes up with a third restraint. My arms are already immobilized
so there is no point is struggling at this point.

“I have to pee,” I inform him as he is shackling my left ankle.

“I know,” he says as he continues on to the next foot.

Well, then let me the fuck up so I can pee! The urge to pee isn’t
extremely dire, but I know I can’t hold it forever. The last time I had
the arm restraints on I laid here for hours. They are going to have a very
wet bed if they plan to keep me tied up anywhere near that long this time.

Once the final restraint is in place, the technician picks up a tube of
something. He leans over the bed with the tube and applies something
sticky and gooey all around the outside of my mouth. He backs away just
long enough to put the tube down and pick up the gag. He then brings the
gag toward my face.

During the search of my room I found a cabinet full of gags. This looks
like one of the gags I found there. It is one of the weirder ones also.
Not that they weren’t all pretty weird.

At first glance it looks just like most of the other gags. There is a
black round piece of rubber connected to a leather strap. What makes this
gag odd is that there is a hole going through it. My best guess is that it
allows you to breathe easier.

I hesitate for only a second before opening my mouth so he can put the
gag inside. He motions for me to lift my head further so he can strap the
gag in place. I obey.

As he tightens the strap I feel it press into the goo he put around my
mouth. Once he is done he steps back and starts talking to Drew. I can’t
make out everything but it appears he is giving instructions on how to
unstick the gag from my face. Yeah, I didn’t believe it when I heard it

He explains that it works like a glue but never gets fully hard. As
such it can be yanked away from my face in an emergency. However, there is
still a little risk of injury to the skin if you yank it off. Therefore,
all other times she should use a solvent he was providing her.

My brain was going a mile a minute as he explains all of this. I’m not
only trying to understand what he is saying but also trying to figure out
why the gooey stuff is there in the first place. Why do they need to
“glue” this thing to my face?

I try to breath around the gag and quickly discover that it is 100
percent air proof. I get a little air through the hole but not much. I
panic a little and find myself huffing and puffing through my nose.
Something tells me that maybe this is the point of the gooey stuff… to
make it harder for me to breath.

I then get a much worse thought. All they would have to do is plug the
hole and pinch my nose and I wouldn’t be able to breathe at all.

This last thought scares the shit out of me. It is something I just
know the Dean would probably do just for laughs. I struggle to push the
plug out of my mouth but the strap is way too tight.

“Everything is ready, doctor,” the technician says once he is done
talking to Drew.

“Your excused,” the doctor informs the technician.

The technician looks like he is a little disappointed to miss what they
have planned next, but he obeys and leaves. I expect to hear him go into
the observation room but he doesn’t. It makes me wonder if there might be
someone in there already and he knows it. Or, maybe he wasn’t upset about
not watching but actually wanted to perform the procedure himself.

“Wait across the hall,” the Dean says to Drew.

Drew obeys but I notice her give me a concern look before exiting. The
Dean closes the door behind her.

“How’s my little girl doing?” the Dean says as he sits on the bed just
below my outstretched left arm.

I’m trying my best not to cry as I look up at him. I manage to hold the
tears back but it isn’t easy. The Dean is a very intimidating man and I’m
currently extremely vulnerable. He could literally kill me right now with
just two fingers. All he would have to do is pinch my nose.

I’m pretty positive he doesn’t plan to kill me… that would be too

My eyes get big as his right hand comes toward my face. He doesn’t go
for my nose though. Instead he just combs his fingers through my hair like
he is trying to sooth me. It seems an odd move for the evil man. It takes
me a moment to realize that he appears to be admiring me… or at least

As far as I know, today is the first time he has seen me with my hair
done and makeup on. It is hard to tell if he is just studying the change
or if he actually finds me attractive.

I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of the man maybe being attracted
to me. He is a very powerful man in the school and all it would take is a
word from him to set me free. If I managed to seduce him then he might
actually do that. However, such a seduction might also just encourage him
to keep me here longer.

My attention goes to the doctor as he sits a box down between my
outspread legs. The box is about a foot and a half square and about 6
inches tall. It is covered by a kind of medical cloth. The doctor
carefully unfolds the cloth to reveal the plastic box underneath.

Sitting on top of the box is a fresh pair of gloves. He removes the
ones he has on and carefully puts the new ones on. He then removes the
plastic lid, turns it upside down and places it to the side. Next he pulls
out several cotton swabs and puts them on the lid. He then pours what
looks to be some kind of iodine on the swabs.

I get extremely concerned when he next brings out a fresh cloth, unfolds
it and places it between my legs just below my cock and balls.

The doctor walks to the right side of the bed and then climbs up, making
sure his hands never touch anything. He looks a little awkward as he
shuffles to my side on his knees. He then straddles my right leg with one
knee on either side. It’s a little uncomfortable when he sits down on my
leg but it isn’t too bad.

“Are you sure his trainers aren’t giving him stimulants?” the doctor
asks as he grabs hold of my hard dick with his left hand. “I’ve never seen
a student this… um, responsive before; especially under conditions like

I’m scared to death right now but I can’t help but blush in
embarrassment. The Dean replies that they are not giving me anything but I
actually pray he is lying. If he is telling the truth then that means all
these hard ons are my own doing. I just can’t believe that to be true.

The doctor picks up a medical clamp with his free hand and uses it to
grab one of the iodine cotton swabs.

“Mmmm!” I yell into the gag as he rubs the swab on the end of my dick.

It stings but that is not the only reason I’m complaining. If they are
swabbing my dick then that means they plan to do something to it. I
suspected this already but now it has been confirmed. Needless to say, I
don’t want to have anything to do with it.

I squirm but the doctor just lowers his left forearm to my hips and
stomach to hold me still. He disposes of the swab and then repeats the
process two more times with fresh swabs.

He then reaches into the box and pulls out a long and thin clear plastic
hose. I start protesting again when I see him bringing one end of it
toward my dick.

“Shhh,” the Dean says as he looks down at me and runs his fingers
through my hair again. “The doctor has to do this so daddy can potty train

I now know what PT stands for. However, I still have no clue what it
is. Drew mentioned “Potty” yesterday but she was referring to my enemas.
This tube was headed for my dick, not my plug/asshole!

“MMMM!” I yell when I feel the rounded tip of the tube push into my

The doctor just keeps feeding more and more of it inside. He feeds it
very deep and it hurts the whole way in. I see some yellow start to come
up the tube but the doctor pinches something that makes it stop. It takes
me only a second to realize that the yellow is urine. The tube was painful
but I still feel embarrassed for peeing myself.

A foot or so up the plastic tube there is another small tube coming off
it. The doctor attaches some kind of syringe and attaches it to that tube.
He then injects a clear fluid. When he does this I feel pressure in my
bladder. It is then that I realize where this hose actually leads to
inside me. It goes to my bladder. That is why the pee came out earlier. I
don’t feel as embarrassed now, but I’m still pretty fucking concerned.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a small balloon at the end of the hose,” the
doctor tells me. “It won’t hurt you. I just have to inflate it so the
hose won’t come out.”

Oh, that’s all?! Yeah, we wouldn’t want that hose to come out of my
dick! Is he insane?

The doctor wipes the iodine away and then starts cleaning his mess up.
After all the trash is back in the box he slides off the bed. He then
tosses the Dean what looks to be some medical tape.

A minute later the doctor has gathered all his things and heads to the

“You might want to cage him now,” the doctor says before leaving.
“While he is still soft.”

The doctor giggles then walks out, closing the door behind him. I blush
again but my main concern is still the tube coming out of my dick. I also
have a very urgent need to pee.

The Dean must know this because he smiles down at me. He then reaches
over and puts his hand on the skin above my bladder. He presses a little
and I pee myself. Or at least I thought I did. My muscles feel like I’m
going to pee but nothing happens. Tears form as I realize I can’t pee
unless they allow me too. Is this what potty training is?

All I know is that it is horrible. I feel like something inside me will
explode soon if I don’t get to pee.

The Dean finally stands up and walks to a cabinet. A moment later he
turns holding some small pieces of shiny metal. He gets back on the bed
and lays his shoulder and arm against my stomach. He is a big man and the
pressure on my bladder is very painful. I breathe shallow in order to
relieve some of the discomfort.

I get goose bumps when I feel the cold steel touching my privates.
First he puts something around the base of my dick and ball sack. Next I
feel my dick encased in the cold steel. He fiddles with it for a minute
and then sits up.

As he sits up I get my first view of his handy work. He has fastened
two pieces of metal together to form a kind of round tube. That tube is
encasing my dick! The metal tube is about 3 to 4 inches long and slightly
curved downward. The end of the tube is rounded with only a small hole.
Extending out of that hole is the plastic tube the doctor inserted earlier.

The whole thing is secured in place by a metal band running behind my
balls and the base of my dick. The Dean holds up a weird looking
screwdriver of sorts and teasingly wiggles it back and forth a few times.
It becomes clear to me that this is the cage they spoke of earlier and that
I can’t get my dick out of it without that special screwdriver.

I now know what a cage looks like, but I still don’t understand its
purpose. Now is not the time to worry about it though. My bladder is my
number one concern right now.

“Does my little girl need to peepee?” the Dean asks.

I vigorously nod my head up and down and groan into the gag. He knows
damn well I have to pee but just wants to make me beg.

“Okay, let’s start your potty training then,” he says as he grabs for
the plastic tubing.

I look on in confusion as he takes the other end of the long tube and
brings it up toward my head.

“Nhmmm!” I scream when I remember the hole in my gag.

That’s insane! He wouldn’t do that! He couldn’t! Yet, he does.

The end of the tube has some kind of valve on it. He presses it against
the hole in my gag and there is a clicking sound. He backs away and the
tube stays connected. He then uses several pieces of tape to secure the
tube to my stomach and chest. I can only guess they don’t want it
accidentally getting pinched off.

He then reaches down and removes the clamp that is pinching the tube.
The yellow piss starts racing up the tube again. I try blowing into the
hole at the back of the gag but it has no effect. Right before the piss
reaches the gag though the Dean pinches the hose again with his fingers.

The Dean just looks down into my eyes. I know he can easily read my
fear and disgust. I pray that he is just playing a game. That he won’t
actually make me drink my own piss. However, I can tell by the look in his
eyes that he is going to make me do it. He is just delaying so that he can
savor the moment.

“Daddy’s little girl is going to love the taste of piss when I’m done
with her,” Dean Miller whispers to me.

The Dean releases the hose for a second and then pinches it again. He
stops the flow but not before a couple tablespoons shoot into my mouth. I
scrunch up my nose in disgust as I taste the salty bitter flavor.

I don’t want to swallow but it is better than keeping the nasty tasting
stuff in my mouth. I gag a little as I force the putrid fluid down my
throat. It turns my stomach but I don’t get sick. Then it suddenly dawns
on me that the puke would have nowhere to go if I did get sick.

“Good girl,” the Dean says.

The Dean just looks into my eyes for another minute. While he does this
he uses his free hand to kind of toy with one of my nipples. Even in my
current situation, his manipulation of my nipples still sends bolts of
pleasure down my body and into my dick.

It is then that I discover the purpose of my little cock cage. My body
sends the signals for my dick to get hard but it can’t because of the
enclosure! It’s not painful really, just a weird feeling of frustration.

Part of me is thankful for the cage. I would be mortified if the Dean
seen my dick hard right now considering what is taking place. Yet, this
frustration feeling isn’t that delightful either. I hope they don’t plan
to leave this cage on me for too long.

The Dean releases another jet of piss into my mouth. This time he
doesn’t pinch the tube until my cheeks are bloated with piss.

“No…no… no,” the voice in my head yells. “I can’t allow myself to
swallow this much!”

A couple teaspoons is one thing. This is a whole gaping mouth full.
It’s just too utterly disgusting.

“Come on sugar,” the Dean whispers. “Be a good girl for daddy.”

All he has to do is let more piss through the hose and I will be forced
to swallow. However, I can tell this isn’t good enough for him. He wants
to see me swallow it on my own.

I tell myself I should resist, that I should force him to make me drink
the piss. However, I’m smart enough to know that the more resistant I am
the more piss they will make me drink. I scrunch my nose up again and
allow myself to swallow. It takes three swallows to get it all.

“Good girl,” the Dean praises again.

It takes me a good minute to get my stomach under control. It
especially becomes difficult when I realize the piss is mixing in my
stomach with a bunch of dog food and a side order of the Dean’s sperm.
Something tells me that all the cool aid is already in my bladder.

“Please, no!” I try to scream behind the gag as he releases the tube

I hold the piss in my mouth only 30 seconds this time before swallowing
it down.

I realize that he isn’t going to stop until my bladder is empty. So,
the next time he releases the hose I just start swallowing immediately.

“Very good girl,” he praises as my throat tries to keep up with the

I feel utter shame as I guzzle the rest of my piss down. This is by far
the most disgusting and humiliating thing I could ever imagine. Yet, I
gave in so easily. The Dean is very pleased with me but I’m far from it.

As the stream dies down the Dean grabs the clamp and pinches the hose
off again. He then sits there running his fingers through my hair and
telling me how proud he is of me. How I’m such a good girl. How he plans
to take good care of me. I’m not sure but I think this is my first report
card or at least my first progress report. He even goes into a few
details. He praises me on how quickly I’ve taken to eating cum; how much my
ass has stretched; etc. He even tells me he has never seen anyone milk so
easily… whatever that means.

I want to close my eyes and block him out, but I’m scared he will just
unclamp the tube again. My bladder is pretty empty, but not completely.

The Dean continues with the praise for several minutes. I question how
sincere he is though. The whole time he is playing with my nipples and I’m
sure he must know how frustrating it feels considering my dick is caged.

I also suspect that he might just be trying to distract me so that I’m
less likely to get sick. The less I think about what I just drank, the

After about 10 minutes he finally leans over and gives me a kiss on the
forehead. Then he gets up and walks out.

Drew comes in a minute later to check on me. She checks to make sure
the hose is clamped off correctly. She then pulls a cord out from behind
the bed. There is a button at the end of it. She pulls it over to my
right hand and tapes the end of the cord to my index finger.

“Press the button if you get sick or have to potty,” she instructs me.

She then turns the TV on. The video that comes on appears to be a
recording or possibly a live feed of one of the classrooms.

“Pay attention,” she tells me as she turns the volume up. “The Dean
might decide to quiz you later.”

Drew then leaves the room, shutting the door behind her.

After she leaves I think about forcing myself to throw up. Heavens
knows it wouldn’t be hard. It would probably be a horrible and painful
death… but all of this would be over. As horrible as they are treating
me and as hopeless as escape seems to be, I’m just too scared of death.
So, I just lay there and watch the TV.

About an hour later I hear the bell ring, indicating it is time to
change classes. I hear the sound on the TV at the same time. This
confirms that it is indeed a live feed. It’s weird but this actually
comforts me. It makes me feel a little less of a prisoner somehow. It’s
almost like I’m actually out there in the classrooms with everyone else.

Drew enters the room shortly after the bell rings. She grabs the TV
remote and changes to a different classroom. Apparently this is my next
class for the day.

She sits on the bed next to me and runs her fingers through my hair like
the Dean did earlier. It seems much more affectionate coming from Drew.
She looks into my eyes and I can tell she feels sorry for me. I can also
tell that she wants to tell me this but isn’t allowed too.

“Do you have to potty?” she whispers after a minute.

The truth is that I do have to pee pretty bad again already. I was just
trying to hold out a little longer. Maybe another 20 to 30 minutes at
least. Now that Drew has asked, I’m afraid she will be upset if I say “no”
and then hit the button only 20 minutes later.

I close my eyes and force myself to nod. A couple seconds later and I
feel the piss rushing into my mouth. The piss seems stronger and bitterer
this time. I then realize that this is probably because it is the second
time it has passed through my system.

Drew feeds me the piss just like the Dean did earlier. She lets the
piss flow until my cheeks bulge out. Then she clamps it off and waits for
me to swallow. She even plays with my nipples and gives me similar praise
when I do swallow.

I know there is no point in delaying anymore, so when she unclamps the
tube again I just start swallowing as fast as I can. This seems to make
Drew very happy. Just like the Dean was when I chugged the piss for him.
She even gives me the same kiss on the forehead before leaving.

Drew returns every hour like this throughout the school day. Each time
she changes the channel so I can watch my next class. I don’t have to
potty every hour but I still end up doing so 3 more times before the end of
the school day.

As I watch the classes I’m surprised at how little sex takes place. I
always thought the classes were just one long ongoing orgy. The classes I
got pulled in to sure seemed that way. I guess those were just special
occasions… or possibly specialized classes.

That said, the teachers do seem to do something sexual for at least half
the class. The routine seems to be about 30 minutes of lecturing followed
by 30 minutes of sex. However, the teacher only involves 1 to 4 kids in
the sex games. All the rest seldom even have to watch. The rest are
usually working on projects, reading their books or doing some other
academic assignment.

Believe it or not, I actually find the lectures more interesting than
the sex. It is nice to think of something other than sex for a change.
Yeah, I can’t believe I said that either. But it is true. Besides, when I
watch the sex I find it extremely frustrating that I can’t get hard.

Around 4 p.m. Drew comes in like normal and asks if I have to potty. I
blush and then nod. However, she surprises me by removing the hose from my
gag. She grabs a small bucket at the side of the bed and puts the end of
the hose in it. She then releases the clamp and lets all my piss run into
the bucket.

I wait for her to remove my gag but she doesn’t. Instead, she goes to
the fridge and brings out an enema syringe. The syringe is full of some
disgusting brown junk. She sits next to me on the bed and presses the end
of the syringe to the hole in my gag.

I want to struggle but see no point. To my surprise, the liquid that
enters my mouth doesn’t taste as bad as it looks. It tastes like a variety
of vegetable and other juices. It is humiliating to be fed this way, but I
swallow it all down.

After the food is gone she gives me a full syringe full of cool aid. I
feel bloated by the time I finish it all. I feel much better though.

“No!” I try to beg when I see her reattach my piss tube to my gag.

Drew then changes the channel again and leaves. As my next class begins
I quickly discover this class is a lot more like what I remember seeing
when I was janitor. It is dedicated almost solely to sex. By sex, I mean
the study of sex. Sure, there is a lot more actual sex going on but it
isn’t just sex for the sake of sex. It is more like they are studying the
subject using a hands on type approach.

I know that sounds funny but I’m serious. The instructor is actually
teaching the kids some interesting stuff. Like how you can tell when you
are giving just the right suction during a blowjob. Okay, I’m not
interested in knowing that but it is cool they teach it to the girls. They
of course teach them a lot more technical stuff than that but you get the

I have to pee badly by the time this class is over. I have to go so bad
that I almost hit the emergency button this time. I managed to hold off.
I’m nodding my head up and down though before Drew even gets in the door.
She giggles and rushes over and undoes the clamp. This time I start
guzzling right away. I still gag a little but it is no were near as bad as
earlier this morning.

“I won’t get angry if you press the button,” Drew whispers.

I feel my heart flutter when she says this. I’m not sure why. I guess
it just feels like she actually cares. All day long she acted like she
cared but just now it truly felt like she did.

The next two classes are sex related as well. It quickly becomes clear
to me why I thought all of the classes were like this. It is because I
only worked here during the late afternoons when these types of classes
were in session.

One of these two classes does turn out a little different. In addition
to sex it also focuses a lot on seduction. I know the concept of seduction
but it is not something I thought you could actually teach. I also didn’t
realize it was something girls would need to learn. Seriously, just tell a
guy you want to fuck him and… well, he’ll fuck you. It’s really not
rocket science.

As I watch the class I quickly discover girls really put a lot of
thought into this whole seduction thing. It is like a science all in
itself. Most of it doesn’t even involve words. There is a way to look at
a guy; a way to pretend not to look; a way to fiddle with your hair; a way
to walk when you know a certain someone is watching you… the list goes on
and on.

This class turns out to be a lot more interesting than I thought it
would be. As the instructor goes over the different aspects of seduction I
get these memory flashes of all the girls that have done similar things to
me. I have to wonder if they were actually trying to seduce me at the time
or if it was just unknowing actions on their part.

I blush when I remember my sisters performing some of these seduction
techniques on me. The more I think about it the more instances I remember.
I’m sure they were just practicing. I highly doubt they wanted to have sex
with me.

Something then occurs to me. Normally they performed these techniques
when they wanted something from me… like doing one of their chores for
them. Damn! I normally gave in and did the chores too! I can’t believe I
let them manipulate me like that!

That said, this does make me take this class a lot more seriously. I
have no intention of seducing someone. However, this knowledge will help
me determine when someone else is trying to do it to me.

Unfortunately, many of these seduction techniques are just a refresher
for the kids and the teacher goes over them very quickly with little to no
explanation. I still learn a lot but it would have been nice if I had a
way to record it all.

As the last class of the day finally ends, it dawns on me that all day
long every single class had consisted of 10 or 11 year olds. I guess it
makes sense. This school is much more advanced than the high school I
attend… or attended anyway. Starting me out with the 10 and 11 year olds
is actually a compliment.

But wait, does that mean they plan to pass me off as an 11 year old? I
look up at the ceiling mirror and study Janice. I’m pretty small for a boy
my age but as a girl I feel I look at least 12.

I swallow hard. If they set me up in the school as an 11-year-old then
that means it will be an extra 2 years before I graduate! Does that mean
the Dean now plans to keep me here for 7 years instead of the 5 he promised
my father?!

This worries me for a minute. Then I remember I plan to run away anyway
once they let me out of this confinement. With luck I will escape much
sooner than that even.

When the last class ends I expect Drew to give me my potty break, but it
is Casey that walks in instead. I blush at the knowledge that yet another
person is seeing me like this.

“You are going to be a heart breaker,” Casey says as she approaches the

It takes me a moment to realize this is the first time she has seen me
dolled up. The comment embarrasses me but at the same time is flattering.

“Do you have to potty?” she says as she sits next to me.

I feel like crying when I realize that my ordeal with my piss tube is
probably far from over. Drew had to come in on the weekend and apparently
Casey is taking the night shift tonight in return.


As I suspected, Casey makes hourly visits late into the evening. It is
basically a repeat of what took place all day with Drew. Only instead of
watching classes on the TV I watch porn. Well, technically it is “advanced
sex training”. But yeah, it’s porn.

These are all tapes though. Even Humbled Girls don’t usually train at
the school past 7 p.m. And of course all of the videos didn’t even have
real girls in them. They are all of boy students dressed up like girls.
They have sex with each other and various instructors.

It is disgusting to watch but I’m scared to admit that I did feel my
cock trying to get hard several times. I think it is because it has been
caged up all day.

I don’t like watching these videos but my only other alternative is to
stare at the mirror above me. At least by watching the boys in the videos
I’m able to compare makeup and hair and stuff. You know, get ideas on how
I can doll myself up better. Just to impress my trainers of course. Not
like I like doing it.

Casey finally turns the TV off at 10 p.m. She also removes the hose
from my gag and lets my piss pour into the bucket like Drew did earlier in
the day. Only this time Casey doesn’t feed me anything. She just gives me
the equivalent of a few sips of cool aid. She then reattaches the hose to
my gag. Only this time she removes the clamp before she leaves.

I scream into the plug to remind her it is supposed to be clamped but
she ignores me. Thankfully, my bladder is already empty and nothing shoots
up the hose.

Being tied up like this is very uncomfortable. My piss is constantly
dripping into my mouth as well. However, I’ve had a hard day and manage to
fall asleep pretty fast. Like my prior nights here, I have constant
nightmares. However, I manage to sleep through most of them.

My worst nightmare comes around 3 a.m. I dream that the Dean comes into
my room and pees into my mouth. I lay there and gulp his piss as fast as I
can. I wake in a start and realize that I’m wetting the bed. Only instead
of the pee wetting the sheets it is traveling up the tube and into my

It takes me a few seconds to get my bladder under control. I get two
more swallows of piss before I settle down. The only good outcome of this
incident is that my bladder is extra empty now and the drips don’t start
back up until after I’m asleep again.

“Is daddy’s little girl potty trained yet?”

I open my eyes and see the Dean standing over me. For a second I think
I’m having the same nightmare again. In fact, for an instant I think
everything that happened yesterday was just a bad dream. But then I
realize it did happen and this is the real Dean standing over me.

“Does my little girl like the taste of pee yet?” the Dean asks.

I know the answer he wants but I can’t bring myself give it. In an
unprecedented act of defiance I shake my head “no”. I feel proud that I
actually had the balls to deny the Dean his glory. My celebration is short

“Maybe she will tomorrow,” he says and then turns and walks out.

It takes all my willpower not to scream into the gag for him to come
back. Something tells me though that he planned to leave the gag on
regardless of my answer. If I had said “yes” then he probably would have
said something like, “Good then you will enjoy today as much as yesterday”.
Or something stupid like that.

I’m surprised when I see Casey walk in a minute later. Did she watch
over me all night or did she go home and come back just 7 or 8 hours later?

“How’s our little girl doing this morning?” Casey asks.

I just look down at my piss tube. I doubt she will take it out but I’m
hoping she will at least clamp it off again. The constant drip and little
spurts are driving me insane. It is also very humiliating that every time
I swallow someone watching knows I just drank some more piss… like I’m
nursing on my piss tube or something. Which, I guess I technically am.

“It’s time for your morning enema,” Casey informs me. “I’m going to
uncuff you now. If you even touch your catheter I swear to God I will
inject your butt plug with water and then run a tub from your plug to your
gag! Are we clear?”

I nod. Had she said this a couple days ago I would have taken it as an
empty threat… after yesterday, not so much. The thought of drinking my
own enema makes me feel ill. That first enema is never that clean.

Casey removes the restraints and I groan in pain as I try to loosen my
sore muscles. My arms are very stiff from being immobilized for so long.
As I move them this way and that I make sure they never get close to my
piss tube.

Casey tells me to follow her into my room. However, when I go to get
out of bed the movement causes pressure on my bladder and I’m rewarded with
a long spray of piss into my mouth. Casey is patient as she quietly waits
for me to gulp it all down.

I walk as tenderly as possible, but each step still sends tiny squirts
of piss into my mouth.

The enema process turns out to be the worst. The large enemas cause
internal pressure which in return pushes more urine into my tube.
Releasing the enemas is just as bad since I have to cramp down in order to
force the last of each enema out of my guts.

“Do you like the taste of your pee?” Casey says once my insides are

This is basically the same question the Dean asked me earlier. It takes
me longer to shake my head “no” this time. However, I’m proud to say that
I at least didn’t nod “yes”.

“Do you think you would like the taste of my pee better?” she asks. “I
could take your gag off so you could try it. We could maybe even leave
your gag off for a couple hours so you could eat, brush your teeth and

Too humiliated to look her in the eye, I close my own and nod. I would
rather drink a girl’s piss over my own any day. Wait, what did I just say?
Okay, that didn’t sound right. What I mean… well, I’m sure you know what
I mean.

Besides, my mouth is pretty sore from having the gag in so long. It’s
not a huge gag but it limits how much I can move my jaws; especially with
that damn glue stuff under it.

“Are you sure you want to drink my pee?” she asks.

I blush as I nod again.

The gag comes off a lot easier than I expected. Casey has some fluid
she pours on the gooey stuff but it doesn’t require much.

As the gag comes off I look over at the toilet a few feet away. I want
to run over and throw up; anything to get some of this piss out of my
stomach. However, I find that my stomach really isn’t that upset about it.
Go figure. I spend all day yesterday begging my stomach to settle down and
now that I want to get sick it decides not to.

I brush my teeth and tongue vigorously. Casey giggles a little as she
watches me clean my mouth out. I probably would have spent a full hour
brushing had she not ordered me to the shower.

Showering is odd with my pee tube still attached. Casey lets me untape
most of it from my chest and stomach, but I have to be very careful not to
let it hang too low. If I trip over it and pull it out I’m pretty sure it
would be painful. The really nice thing is that Casey didn’t clamp it.
That allows me to empty my bladder down the shower drain.

Casey tells me to spend at least 20 minutes in the shower. It’s an odd
order but I’m not going to complain. God does this shower feel good. It
makes me feel much cleaner… even though technically the outside of my
body was already rather spotless.

I’m reaching about the 15 minute mark when I get a huge surprise. I
look off to my side and find Casey staring at me. This is the first time
that anyone has watched me take a shower. That I know of anyway. The real
surprise, however, is that Casey is naked.

Damn, she is hot! I already noticed this days ago of course. However,
I expected at least one or two minor imperfections under her clothes. But
no, she is absolutely perfect. My dick tries to get hard but I’m quickly
reminded of the cock cage.

I look at Casey and then down at my cage. I can tell she understands
what I want.

“Sorry sugar,” Casey says. “I don’t have the tool to remove your cage.
Besides, what good would it do? Can you imagine how painful it would feel
to climax with that tube still in there?”

Casey makes an exaggerated shiver as she says this. I almost do so
myself. I hadn’t thought about that. Maybe the cage isn’t as bad as I

Still, the cage is just so frustrating. I get turned on, yet I don’t.
Without the cage when I got aroused all my desire, emotions and such all
kind of got stored in my hard on and then shot out of me when I climaxed.
Now all of that stuff has nowhere to go. It just floats around in my belly
and chest and keeps building and building.

I think it might be making me more emotional and stuff also. Like all
of that built up desire and emotions are overflowing into other things I
do. I don’t know, maybe I’m just imagining it.

“Have you ever eaten pussy before?” Casey whispers as she steps into the

I shake my head “no”. I also involuntarily look down at her pubic area.
It is mostly bald but with a neatly trimmed landing strip on top.

“You can speak,” she giggles.

It isn’t until then that I realize I’ve been a lot more quiet than

“No, ma’am,” I reply.

Casey gives me this shocked look like I’m a virgin or something. Hey,
I’ve fucked plenty of pussy. Especially in the last 4 weeks. I’ve just
never had the need to eat pussy is all. Seriously, why would I bother
eating a girl’s smelly pussy if I can just make her suck my dick instead?

“Would you like too?” she whispers.

I nod.

“Yes, ma’am,” I say when I remember she wants me to speak and not just

Eating a girl’s pussy has never been high on my to-do list. However,
right now I really want to do it. I want to please Casey but I also
want… no need to do anything to make me feel like a man again. Well, as
manly as a 13-year-old boy can be.

Casey snaps her fingers and points to the ground in front of her. A
second ago it sounded almost like she was asking me for a favor. Now it
seems more like an order. I’m only stunned for a few seconds before I
kneel down in front of her.

As I get to my knees, Casey reaches over and turns the shower off. She
then places her right leg over my left shoulder. She gives a nudge with
her right foot and I move in closer.

I stick my tongue out and slowly close in. I give her slit a small lick
and then analyze the flavor. It’s not as bad as I expected. I wouldn’t
say it was tasty though.

I think she realizes I don’t know what I’m doing so she starts giving me
pointers. She tells me how to lick her clit, nibble on your lips, etc.

“You know what I really like?” she says as though she is about to give
away a secret. “I like to have my hole sucked and tongued. Spread me wide
with your fingers and seal your lips tight against my vagina. Oh, good
girl! Now lap inside it with your tongue and suck hard on it like you are
trying to get all the juices out of me.”

Casey’s instructions seem weird and a bit… well, disgusting. However,
it doesn’t sound all that bad. Especially compared to all the other things
I’ve done recently. Plus, I’m actually having sex with a woman! Not a
little girl but a woman! It doesn’t get any manlier than that.

With my lips sealed to her hole I stick my tongue deep inside. When I
lap my tongue back out, however, my mouth is rewarded with an odd flavor.
It tastes like the rest of her pussy, only with something kind of bitter
added. I assume that is what it is supposed to taste like and dive in for
more. This time I get at least a half teaspoon of the added flavor.

It’s definitely strong and bitter, just like… Oh, God! Suddenly I
realize what the flavor is and try to pull my mouth away from her sex.
Casey won’t have it though and holds me tight.

“Stay in there bitch!” she growls. “Suck all of daddy’s sperm out for

I’m amazed at how strong Casey is. I think for sure that I can escape
her grip. However, she easily holds me in place like I’m a little girl or
something. I struggle for about 20 seconds and then give in. After all of
the piss I have drunk you would think cum would taste yummy. It doesn’t. I
would be lying though if I said it still disgusts me just as much. I mean,
it’s still disgusting, but after drinking pee for a day it’s hard to get
grossed out drinking… well, about anything else.

I lap and tongue her hole several times before she insists I suck on it
as well. When I do I get a large quantity of semen. I can tell from the
taste that it is very fresh. Whoever deposited it must have done so in the
short time I was alone in the shower.

As I nurse on her hole I try to convince myself that what I’m doing
isn’t gay. How can anything I’m doing with a woman be considered gay?
It’s a good argument but it doesn’t hold much water when you have a mouth
full of semen.

“Good girl,” Casey says as she pulls my head away. “Daddy will be proud
when he hears how good of a job you did.”

I blush and feel like crying. This is twice she has mentioned “daddy”.
I pray she means the Dean or some other man and not my actual father. I’m
not sure what would be worse, my dad knowing I just ate a man’s load out of
Casey’s cunt or that it might have been his? God, I hope neither is true.

“Time to wash it down,” Casey says as she stares down into my eyes.

I start crying when I realize what is coming next. Haven’t I been
through enough?

“Spread me wide again,” she commands. “Good girl. That’s my pee hole
right there. Put your mouth over it and get a good seal. Oh, good girl!
Here it comes baby!”

A second later and I’m rewarded with a strong hot stream of tart piss. I
quickly discover that drinking a girl’s piss is no better than drinking my
own. Taste wise anyway.

I chug as fast as I can but some still runs out of my mouth and down my
body. Her stream is very strong for about 20 seconds and then tapers off.
She feeds me three more quick strong spurts before finally pulling away. I
just kneel there and cry.

“I don’t give my piss to just anyone,” Casey says in a stern voice.
“What do good girls say when someone gives them a gift?”

“Th…thank you, ma’am,” I manage to say in-between sobs.

As the shower comes back on and we wash off, I can’t believe how
pathetic I am. I couldn’t even struggle against a woman. I begin to cry
harder when it dawns on me that I wasn’t even man enough to make Casey cum.

Once the shower is over, Casey clamps my piss tube off and we dry off.
To my surprise, she has me dress in my school uniform. She even takes me
into the next room and has me do my hair and makeup.

“Good girl,” she praises when I finish. “I’m very impressed.”

My heart flutters when I hear this high praise. I smile knowing that
all of my practice in this area is appreciated. It’s just praise right now
but it could help yield much bigger rewards down the road. Early release,
for example.

Casey orders me away from the makeup area sooner than I wish. My makeup
and hair was good, but I know I could get it better.

“She’s all yours,” Casey says when Drew walks in.

I’m a little hurt when Casey just walks out without even looking my way
again. I don’t know what I expected… maybe a hug goodbye or something. I
mean, we did share a pretty intimate moment today in the shower. Yet, she
just walks out without even saying goodbye. She didn’t even tell Drew how
good of a girl I’ve been.

I guess I can understand her hurry. If she stayed here all night then
that means she worked a 12-hour shift probably. I would be in a hurry to
get home also.

“Do you have to potty?” Drew asks as she walks over to me.

“No, ma’am,” I quickly reply.

The truth is that I did have to pee. I drank a ton of Casey’s pee and
it has been slowly filling my bladder in that last 40 minutes or so.
However, I fear that if I say “yes” that Drew will make me drink it.

“Are you sure?” Drew asks again.

“Maybe a little, ma’am,” I whisper, scared that she could sense I was
lying earlier. “I can hold it though.”

Drew doesn’t say anything. She just turns and goes to the kitchenette
area. I feel like crying again when I see her grab my food and water bowl
and start prepping my breakfast. I don’t want to risk my mascara running
so I manage to hold the tears back.

Sad or not, I still rush to my matt in the center of the room and kneel

“Good girl,” Drew says as she walks over with the two bowls.

I blush but I’m happy that I’m starting off on the right foot with Drew
this morning.

I hesitate only a second before leaning over and getting a mouth full of
the dog food. My instinct is still to grab the food with my hands or at
least pick the bowl up. However, I make sure my hands stay on the floor,
just like the Dean taught me.

When I go to wash it down I notice the water bowl is half empty. I’m
not disappointed. I’m certain there is estrogen in it. As I sip, I can’t
help but wonder if maybe the doctor has determined I was getting plenty of
estrogen already. Of course, it is also possible Drew just didn’t want to
risk spilling it as she carried it over.

“You have been progressing very quickly,” Drew says as I get another
mouth full of the food. “I’m thinking of recommending to the Dean that we
stop feeding you this.”

I look up at Drew for signs that she might be playing a cruel joke on
me. It is clear from her face that she is serious. I can’t help but smile,
despite my mouth full of dog food.

“Thank you… thank you… thank you!” the voice in my head screams.

The dog food isn’t as bad as drinking my pee but it is still pretty

Drew kneels down next to me and lightly rubs her fingers back and forth
across my back. She also fiddles with my collar a little. For an instant
I think she might actually remove the collar. But I quickly realize she is
just making sure it is in good order.

I blush a little at the knowledge that she is watching me eat so
closely. I can’t imagine how she manages to watch without getting sick.

I stop mid chew when I see her reach for my piss hose. I get a sinking
feeling when she moves the end of the hose toward my water bowl.

“I might talk to him tomorrow afternoon if you are a good girl today,”
she says as she puts the end of the hose over my dish and released the

My piss quickly shoots out and starts filling the rest of the dish. I
just freeze there and stare. The piss fills at least another quarter of
the bowl before it drips to a stop and Drew clamps the hose off again. She
doesn’t say anything but I’m sure she noticed that it was a lot of piss for
someone that claimed not to have to go that bad.

I slowly chew as I look down at the water dish. I know Drew wants me to
drink it but she hasn’t actually said that I have to. I could man up and
just finish the rest of the dog food without washing it down. It would be
hard to do but I could do it. However, Drew made it clear that I need to
be a good girl if I want off this dog food diet.

“Good girl,” Drew praises as I lean over and slowly sip my diluted piss.

The whole meal is very humiliating but even with the piss it isn’t
nearly as bad as when the Dean feeds me. God, I still can’t believe I ate
his cum last time.

Once I finish the meal, Drew gives me permission to brush my teeth. I
practically skip to the bathroom with joy. I brush then floss… then
brush again. I don’t think a dentist could get my teeth any cleaner.

I’m puzzled when I walk out of the bathroom and find Drew setting up an
expensive looking still camera on a tripod. I then see that the wall she
is pointing it at has a long sheet of blue cloth hanging off it. The cloth
starts up the wall about 2 feet higher than I am and runs all the way to
the floor and then about 5 feet out from the wall. It doesn’t take me long
to put two and two together. She is going to take photos of me.

I slowly walk over to her, not sure how I feel about this. When she
sees me she digs in her pocket and then tosses me a roll of tape. I
recognize the roll as the same one the Dean used in the guest room
yesterday… or one similar anyway.

“Use that to hide your catheter,” she says as she finishes setting up.

I wrap my piss hose around my upper thigh several times and then tape it
in place. I drop my skirt back down and find that I did a decent job.

“Okay, do you plan to keep your hair short or let it grow out?” she asks
as she faces me again.

“What? I don’t understand, ma’am,” I reply.

“If you prefer having short hair then we can just take photos like you
are,” she explains. “If you plan to wear a wig to classes until your hair
grows out then we should put that wig on you for the photos.”

It takes me a second but I work out that these photos have something to
do with my enrollment in the school. I’m guessing a student ID or

“What do you think I should do, ma’am?” I ask.

“It’s your hair,” Drew says with a giggle.

Yeah, right. If it was really my hair then it wouldn’t be in curls
right now.

“Short, I guess,” I reply.

Then I realize people are less likely to recognize who I really am if I
have long hair.

“No, long, ma’am,” I quickly correct. “Definitely long.”

Drew giggles as I correct myself. I think she knows what I was

At first I chastise myself for making the correction. It’s not like I
plan to hang around once they release me. However, then I realize that my
concern for concealment might give Drew the impression that I actually plan
to stick around.

“Go grab a wig,” Drew says with a backward wave of her hand.

The cabinet with the wigs is big and there are plenty to choose from. I
know exactly which one I want though. It is the black one that Danielle
liked. It takes me only a second to get it in place. I can tell that it
would look even better with a ribbon or barrette in it but those aren’t

I’m nervous as I get on the blue cloth and Drew starts focusing the
camera on me. The first few photos are just me standing there looking
straight at the camera. I’m pretty sure these are just head and shoulder
shots for my ID.

The next few aren’t much different. Drew just has me turn to the side
for a profile. I’m guessing that, along with one of the first shots, will
be put in my school file.

After this the shots became a lot more playful. Drew even starts
chatting with me a little. She even makes me laugh a couple times. It is
nice to see this side of her. While we are kidding around she tells me I
should probably give the Dean a silly pose. Without thinking I turn my
back to the camera, flip the back of my skirt up and then turn my head to
the camera and stick my tongue out.

“Ma’am!” I let out in surprise when she actually takes the photo.

She laughs it off but I get a sinking feeling she might actually give
the Dean the shot. After that I make sure I’m better behaved in the shots.

“That should be enough of those,” she informs me. “Now take off your
clothes. The wig also.”

At first I think she is making a joke. However, the smile is now gone
from her face.

Drew continues to take photos as I undress. My blush is a deep red by
the time my clothes are all folded neatly on the floor. As I take my wig
off and add it to the pile, I tell myself this really isn’t any different
than being filmed by the video cameras in the room. In fact, those video
cameras have caught me doing a lot worse than this.

I tell myself this but I can’t convince myself of it. There is always
the hope that no one will watch this or that on the video recordings.
However, Drew wouldn’t be taking these photos if she didn’t plan to show
them to people.

I can barely hold back my tears as Drew has me turn this way and that.
The poses really aren’t that bad, it’s just the thought of someone seeing
me with the cage, catheter and makeup on.

“See, that wasn’t so bad,” Drew says as she walks out from behind the
camera. “Okay, let’s go to the bathroom and put your gag back in.”

I’m happy to get out from in front of the camera. However, I’m not
looking forward to having that gag back in my mouth. I frown further when
I see Drew pick up the familiar tube of glue. A few minutes later and my
gag is glued in place again. Drew connects my piss tube but at least
doesn’t undo the clamp.

She starts walking me back to the guest room, but stops when we reach
the camera.

“Just a few more shots,” she informs me.

I back away and hold my ground for a moment. She can’t possibly want
shots of me like this. It only takes a stern look from her to get me to
move back to the blue cloth. I blush profusely as she takes several shots.

“Okay, unclip your hose,” she orders.

I look to her with pleading eyes but she just stares back. I can tell
by her expression that I will be in serious trouble if I don’t act soon.
My hand is shaking as I reach for the clamp and loosen it. Piss rushes
through the tube and into my mouth. I scrunch up my nose up in disgust and
close my eyes tight as I gulp it down.


“Yep, that one’s gonna be a keeper,” Drew says. “I’ll make sure I print
a couple wallet size for your daddy.”


The rest of the day is a repeat of the prior. Only today I’m not
restrained. Plus, Drew leaves my piss tube unclamped all day.

Having the tube unclamped has its advantages and disadvantages. With it
unclamped I still get a few bursts here and there but for the most part I
don’t have to do a lot of guzzling like I did yesterday. However, there is
a constant slow oozing of piss into my mouth. Therefore, I get a constant
strong taste of the foul liquid all day long.

It is hard to decide which is worse. If I had to choose though I guess
I would want it unclamped. With it unclamped I at least don’t have that
building pressure and dreaded wait for my next potty break. I also don’t
have to deal with the humiliation of someone watching over me while I
potty. In fact, Drew only checks on me a few times the whole day. She even
let me change the channels myself.

It is tempting to switch to regular TV. However, Drew gave me a
schedule of channels to watch and made it clear I was not to deviate. Not
even during the short break between classes.

As I follow the schedule I quickly realize I’m following the exact same
schedule as yesterday. It becomes clear that these 10 to 11-year-old
students are slated to become my classmates.

One nice thing is that I got 3 breaks from my piss tube. I get a break
during lunch, another at about 6 p.m. and then the last right before bed.
During each break the tube is unhooked from my gag and allowed to drip into
a bucket for about 40 minutes. I’m also fed through the gag during two of
these breaks. It is just more of the brown gunk but it makes me feel

The only bad part about these breaks is that I’m required to reconnect
the piss hose myself once my time is up. It is physically easy to do.
However, it is very emotionally difficult. You have no idea how hard it is
emotionally to hook that tube back up when there is no one there standing
over you.

I know someone might be in the observation room or watching on the
monitors, but it just isn’t the same as when someone is glaring down at
you. When you are alone in the room the temptation to delay is
overwhelming. Just like the temptation to clamp the hose once it is hooked

Like yesterday, the normal classes end around 4 p.m. Then there are the
3 specialty sex classes. I find it physically and emotionally
uncomfortable to view the sex acts.

It’s this damn cage I’m wearing! All day long I’ve felt horny. Well,
emotionally horny anyway… though even that isn’t the best description.
It’s a very persistent feeling also. The worst part is that I can’t even
stop the feelings when I’m drinking my pee. It makes me feel like I’m
getting turned on by drinking the pee, even though I know I couldn’t
possibly be.

I’m not stupid. I know it is just my body being forced to store up all
these feelings because of the cage. Then those feelings are slowly
bleeding off all the time… no matter what I’m doing.

Watching the sex classes are the worst though because they reenergize
all those emotions and stuff. I try not to watch but I just can’t help
myself. Of course watching just makes me want to pull my hair out in
frustration. A few times I even fiddle with my cage to see if I can get it
off. If I could just cum one time I’m sure I would go back to normal. Not
that I could cum anyway with this damn tube in.

The cage is hopelessly locked in place though. All I manage to do is
stimulate myself more. I’m also sure the Dean won’t be too happy if he
sees the footage of me toying with it.

My late night “gay porn” is an even worse experience. These videos are
a whirlwind of emotions for me. There is the clear disgust I have while
watching the boys have sex together. However, the emotional lust still
burns inside me. Many times I even have thoughts of what it would feel
like to be in this or that boy’s place in the videos.

Sometimes these little fantasies last 5 minutes or more before I realize
what I’m doing and stop myself. I feel so ashamed of myself each time this
happens, yet a few minutes later I have yet another fantasy.

These fantasies are not just of what I’m watching on the TV. In fact,
most are of Danielle. More specifically, I feed on the memory of Sunday
when Danielle secured me to the bed and then made me cum over and over
again. At the time it had seemed horrible but right now I would give about
anything to relive it… anything to release this frustration.

I know what you are probably thinking… that Janice, I mean Jack, is
gay now. I’m not! Just because I’m having fantasies about guys does not
mean I’m gay. Okay, normally it might. However, these clearly aren’t
normal circumstances. I would take a girl over a guy any day. Hell, even
if a guy came into the room right now and offered to make me cum I would
refuse him. These little unwanted fantasies are one thing, reality is

Okay, maybe I’m not being completely truthful. Maybe I would let a guy
get me off right now. I might even beg him to do so. However, it would
only be because I have to choice. Not because I really want too.

Tonight I get very little sleep. Casey, who has the night shift again,
gives me extra water before tucking me in for the night. This results in
me drinking lots of pee throughout the night. As bad as this is, the
nightmares I have are even worse. They are almost all of men and boys
having sex with me. Almost all of them pee in my mouth at one time or

The only dream that deviates from this theme any is one I have of
Danielle. We still have sex in the dream but in it Danielle isn’t a boy
anymore. He is a girl and we make love like God intended. It is very
intimate and enjoyable for both of us. However, it does get a little
disturbing when at some point Danielle turns back into a boy and I become
the girl. It is only disturbing for a minute though. After that the
female version of me begins to feel this is perfectly normal.

I orgasm in the dream, but it is more of an emotional orgasm if that
makes any sense. Kind of what I imagine a real female orgasm might feel
like. Not that I really have a clue… just what my dream state female
version of me imagines it would be like.

Mid climax I wake in a start. The dream was so vivid that it takes me
almost a minute to convince myself that I’m not really a girl. Seriously,
for about a minute I’m absolutely convinced I’m a girl. The image of
Janice looking down from the mirror helps fuel the illusion. However, as
my head clears reality comes crashing back down on me.

I cry for 20 minutes following the dream. At first I actually cry
because I’m not a real girl. Then I get disgusted when I realize I’m
crying about that. I don’t want to be a girl! All of this just makes me
cry more. I don’t fall asleep again until I finally manage to convince
myself that I was only sad about not being a girl because I was still
recovering from the illusion.

I wake Wednesday morning to find the Dean staring down at me again. I
blush when the memories of last night’s dreams come rushing back to me.
God, the things I did with the Dean in those dreams!

I chastise myself when I realize I’m looking at the Dean and comparing
his height and size to the version of him that was in my dreams. I even
glance down at his crotch looking for that familiar bulge.

I quickly look away, but not before the Dean notices.

“I think my little girl is feeling the effects of her cage,” the Dean
says with a laugh. “It won’t be long and she will be begging for daddy’s

That will be a cold day in hell! It was just a quick glance as a result
of some stupid dreams. That is a far cry from me actually wanting to touch
another guy’s dick.

To embarrass me further, the Dean reaches down and lightly rubs my
balls. It feels good but hurts at the same time. I noticed them aching
yesterday a little but they seem much more sensitive this morning. Maybe
the cage is bunching them up too tight? I pray there isn’t anything wrong
with them.

The Dean plays with my balls more and more aggressively. I struggle not
to give in but eventually the pain gets too great and I scream behind my
gag. The outburst causes my muscles to contract and the scream is quickly
drowned with a long burst of piss. The Dean smiles at his victory. I’m
upset that he won this little battle, but at least he stops tormenting my
balls and pulls his hand away.

“Does my little girl love the taste of pee yet?” he asks.

I knew this question is coming. I’ve known it since he asked yesterday.
Since then I have been telling myself I would deny him his victory. That I
would rather stay hooked up to my piss tube for the rest of my life before
I give in to him. However, now that the time has come to answer I can’t
find the will power to actually follow through.

I blush, close my eyes in shame and then nod. He has won.

“We will see,” he says and then turns and leaves.

I’m happy that the Dean kept his visit short again. However, I’m also
very curious what he meant by his comment. Am I getting this fucking thing
off me or not?! Please don’t tell me I gave in to him for nothing.

Casey appears about 5 minutes later. I’m delighted when I see she has
the fluid needed to help remove the gag. Once free, my jaws make little
popping sounds as I move them back and forth. Man it feels good to have
that gag off.

I blush deeply when she orders me to suck on my piss tube for our walk
to my bathroom. The walk sends several swallows full of piss into my
mouth. She doesn’t clamp the tube off until we get inside the bathroom. I
expect to get my enema next but she takes me into the shower instead.

“We have some urgent business to take care of,” she informs me. “Do
exactly like I taught you.”

She pulls the tube from my mouth and lets it drop to the floor. She
looks down and I immediately go to my knees.

“Daddy left a big load in there today,” she says as she puts her right
leg over my shoulder.

Until she said this, I thought she just wanted me to drink her piss.
Now I realize she wants a complete repeat of yesterday. I tell myself that
I should refuse. However, I also realize this is probably a test. If I
obey then they may not put my gag back in. There is no evidence to support
this theory; I just get a feeling this is the case.

I lick at her beautiful, yet sloppy, pussy for a minute before she tells
me to spread her. I do as ordered. I then take a deep breath and force
myself to push my face forward. The next thing I know I am lapping and
sucking at her hole. I am not surprised when I taste the cum this time.

I can tell by the taste and consistency that this cum is just as fresh
as yesterdays had been. I can also tell from the flavor that it most
likely came from the same man.

I have almost all of it in my tummy before it dawns on me that this
can’t be the Dean’s cum. There was only a 5 minute gap between the time
the Dean left my room and Casey showed up. Factor in cloths
removal/replacement and such and that 5 minutes just isn’t enough time.

Like yesterday, Casey is constantly talking about daddy this and daddy
that. However, today I’m not so sure she is just role playing. God, is
this really my dad’s cum? I freeze for an instant but then finish my task.
The bulk is already in my tummy, I might as well finish.

As I suck the last of it down I try to convince myself that the Dean
could have cum in Casey prior to entering the guest room. It would make
the cum only maybe 15 minutes or so older. It could still taste pretty
fresh after that much time, right? It was being stored inside her warm
body after all. Yeah, that must have been what happened. I tell myself
this but I still have some doubts.

I’m almost pleased when it comes time to drink Casey’s piss. It is nice
to wash the flavor of this cum out of my mouth. Piss tastes much worse
than cum but this particular cum might be my father’s. It’s enough to make
me gag.

My enemas come next. As I finish we get a visitor. It’s Dr. Stanford!
I feel giddy and almost jump up and down with joy. I just know this means
he has come to remove my piss tube.

He waits patiently as I expel my final enema. He even gives me a couple
pointers on ways I can rub my tummy in order to help get all the water out.
It’s embarrassing to have yet another person watching this process but it
isn’t that bad. He is a doctor after all. Besides, his advice really does
help a lot. I am able to finish much faster and don’t have to sit there
and groan and push with my insides as much.

After I’m done the doctor has me stand and then tells me to “present”. I
remember from last time and quickly part my legs and bend forward. There
is no bed of course so I grab hold of the nearby sink instead.

I hear the snap of latex gloves going on and then feel the doctor
probing my asshole. I’m shocked at how many delightful tingles his fingers
cause as they slide around inside me. I blush when I catch myself pushing
back against his fingers. The plug gives me tingles back there, especially
ever since I got this cage on me. However, there is just something about
having real flesh and blood moving around in there that seems to be
amplifying the feeling.

“Easy girl,” the doctor says as my hips start moving on their own again.

I hear Casey giggle and my humiliation is complete.

“Looks good,” he announces as he removes his fingers. “Keep him on a
number one for the rest of the school week, then you can start stretching
him again.”

I’m glad I am okay back there but I’m not so happy they have permission
to soon start “stretching” me again. I’m assuming that means they will
have me on a number two plug next week. Or at least I hope they don’t jump
all the way to number three. That one has to be 2 inches thick. Can you
imagine wearing that all day?

“Turn around sugar,” the doctor orders.

I quickly obey. Time to get this piss tube out… yay!

“I’m going to take your catheter out sweetie,” he announces. “We have
to make sure you are empty inside first though.”

At that he hands me the other end of the tube. The sink is nearby so I
reach over to it with the hose.

“No sugar,” he tells me. “We need lots of suction so we can make sure
we get it all.”

I blush. He wants me to suck on my piss tube. I only hesitate for a
second. What’s another cup of piss after all? If it means getting this
thing out of me then it is well worth it.

I put the tube into my mouth and unclamp it. I get a 10 second burst of
piss before it tapers off.

“Good… good,” the doctor says. “Keep going sugar.”

There is something weird about the way he says this. It is like he is
evaluating my willingness to drink the piss and not just the fact that I’m
emptying my bladder like he asked.

“I think the treatment worked,” he says to Casey as I continue to suck
on my tube.

I guess this means I’m potty trained now. As I eagerly suck on my piss
tube I wonder what exactly has been accomplished by this training. I don’t
feel any different or anything.

Despite my efforts, all of this sucking doesn’t seem to get any real
results. It drips into my mouth about the same speed as when I don’t suck.
The doctor helps me out though by pressing above my bladder. A lot comes
out when he does that and I quickly gulp it down.

“Do you think you got it all?” he asks.

I smile and nod my head up and down.

He has a doctor’s bag with him and reaches in it and fishes out a pair
of scissors. He uses them to cut my tube shorter. He leaves about a foot
or so hanging out… along with the second smaller tube I have. He then
pulls out a large syringe with something clear inside it.

“This will help keep you from getting an infection,” he tells me.

He puts the end of it to my hose and then quickly injects it inside and
then clamps the end of my tube off.

“Oh!” I let out as a result of the quick refilling of my bladder.

I feel my bladder quickly warm up and have to bite my lower lip to keep
from crying out again. It hurts a lot but isn’t unbearable. I still moan
in pain though.

As I struggle through this I see the doctor pull out a much smaller
syringe and aim it at my second tube. I know from last time that this is
the tube he used to inflate the small balloon inside me.

“Do you have to deflate it?” Casey asks. “The Dean would prefer you

“He can `prefer’ all he wants,” the doctor growls.

The doctor then proceeds to use the syringe to suck out whatever was
injected into my little balloon. He then moves me to the shower stall.

“This will sting a little sugar,” he warns me.

“Oh! It hurts!” I scream as the doctor slowly pulls my piss tube out.

He gets the last of it out and quickly stands back.

“Owie! Owie! Owie!” I scream as the medicine comes squirting out of my
pee hole.

I can hear Casey giggling as I dance around and grab at my cock cage.
It stings so bad that I even try ripping my cage off, not caring what
damage it might do. The cage doesn’t budge of course. Not that I know
what I would have done once I got it off.

The stream stops but the insane stinging goes on for at least another
two minutes. The doctor uses this time to reach over and turn the shower
on. I’m well rinsed off by the time I settle down.

“Is it better now?” he asks as he wraps a large towel around my
shoulders and body.

I’m still crying but I manage to nod my head. I think the doctor feels
sorry for me because he leans in and gives me a hug. I hate to admit it
but that is exactly what I need. Or at least it feels that way once the
hug starts. I feel so warm and safe in his arms. The hug provides me a
nice, yet all too short escape from the reality of my situation.

After the hug is over the doctor focuses his attention on my cock cage.
He is inspecting all around it and stuff so I’m already pretty sure he
doesn’t plan to take it off.

“Have you had any itching?” he asks.

I want to lie and say “yes”. It might convince him to remove the damn
thing. However, I fear he won’t remove it and instead just put some kind
of stinging medicine on it. Or, he might remove it and find no signs of
rashes or what have you. Then I would get punished for lying.

I reluctantly shake my head.

“Any other discomfort?” he asks.

I quickly nod. This device is nothing but “discomfort”.

“My… my balls hurt a little, sir,” I whisper and then blush. “It also
makes me feel…weird inside.”

Casey giggles but the doctor just smiles and pats me on the head.

“It’s supposed to do that sugar,” he assures me. “It’s perfectly

Perfectly normal my ass! This feels anything but normal!

The doctor chats briefly with Casey and then leaves. As he walks away I
realize I still haven’t decided if this is a good or bad man. He seems to
care about my health, yet has caused me lots of discomfort. He doesn’t
gloat about it though like I know the Dean would. Nor have I seen him get
hard while working on me. Plus, that hug was pretty yummy… I mean nice.
Yeah, I guess he is a good man.

I do my hair and makeup a little better today. I’m happy when Casey
notices the improvement. I can’t tell for sure but I think I made her
proud today. She even gives me a hug before turning me over to Drew.

Drew makes me eat dog food again but renews her promise to talk to the
Dean about it later. She sounds sincere. The removal of the piss tube and
now the possibility of no more dog food… this could turn out to be the
best week ever. For the first time since all of this started, I actually
feel a small spark of hope.

The dog food isn’t yummy, but doesn’t seem as bad as yesterday. I think
it is because there is no pee in my water when I wash it down. There is
also the fact that I’m still gleeful about not having to drink from the
piss tube anymore.

After brushing my teeth, my happiness is tarnished a little when Drew
presents me with a huge 16X20 framed picture from yesterday’s photo shoot.
I blush and put my hand over my mouth in shock as she reveals the image to
me. It is the shot of me lifting the back of my skirt and sticking my
tongue out at the camera. You can clearly see the back end of my plug.
You can also see the piss tube wrapped around my thigh. The worst part is
that I actually look happy in the photo.

Drew goes to the makeup area and finds a nail already sticking out of
the wall. She then hangs the picture on it. I look on in horror as she
does this. Everyone that walks in won’t be able to help but see this.
Worse yet, I’m sure Drew will joke to everyone about how this is the pose I
provided for the Dean. I’m sure everyone will find it funny… except the

“Hurry on to class,” Drew tells me once the picture is in place.

I know what she means and quickly walk to the guest room. My first
class is already underway when I turn the TV on. This first class is
English. I hate English but still find watching the footage to be a good
escape. The teacher is actually pretty good at explaining everything and
I’m able to follow most of it.

When the bell rings for class to change I switch channels and wait for
my next class to begin. Less than 30 seconds goes by though and my door
suddenly opens. It’s the Dean!

“Hurry up and take your clothes off,” he commands as he shuts the door
behind him.

I’m caught completely off guard and just stare at him in shock. He
hasn’t spent much time with me in the past couple days so I guess I should
have known I was overdue.

“Hurry!” he growls.

I constantly tell myself that I will defy the Dean the next time I see
him. Yet, almost every time I find myself quickly bending to his will.

This is no exception. I find myself quickly disrobing before I even
realize I’m doing it. I tell myself there are certain things I would never
do even if the Dean ordered me too. However, I’m starting to seriously
doubt my resolve in these things. The Dean just has this kind of command
in his voice that quickly chips at my defenses.

My panties are last to go. I’m trembling as I pull them off.

“Get in the bathroom,” he orders. “It’s potty time.”

I walk toward the toilet but the Dean snaps his fingers and points at
the bathtub. I think I know what is coming but I push the thought out of
my head.

Once I’m standing in the tub the Dean snaps his fingers again and points
down. I understand his order and slowly kneel.

“Time for you to prove how well potty trained you are,” he says as he
unzips his pants. “Open wide.”

I open my mouth wide and wait for the inevitable. Tears streak down my
cheeks as I watch him pull his huge cock out and point it at me. He is
only semi hard but his cock is still an impressive sight.

“Be a good girl now and drink all of daddy’s piss,” he says as a hot
stream of piss hits my chin.

Oh my God! This is my nightmare from the other night coming true! The
Dean is standing over me and pissing on me!

Feeling his hot putrid piss splashing against my body is the worst thing
I could ever imagine. Then, he corrects his aim and the piss shoots into
my mouth. No, THIS is the worst possible thing!

The taste seems much worse than my own piss. I tell myself to spit it
out but my body is already instinctively guzzling it down… just like it
has been taught to do during the past couple days. Even when I realize
that I’m chugging the piss I can’t bring myself to give the order to stop.

“Good job,” the Dean says as his piss tapers off. “Daddy’s little girl
is a good toilet.”

I’m utterly humiliated and ashamed as I close my mouth and swallow the
remainder of his piss.

“I’m very proud of you,” he praises again. “I want all of daddy’s
friends to know how good of a toilet his little girl is. I’m going to send
one of them in at the end of every class. So, as each class ends I want
you to rush into the toilet, kneel down, close your eyes and open your

“I want you to keep your eyes shut tight until after Daddy’s friends
have gone potty and left the room. Understand?”

“Y…yes, sir,” I manage to say between sobs.

“Good, now shower off real fast before your next class starts,” he says
as he walks out of the bathroom.

I can’t stop crying as I wash off. Plus, no matter how hard I scrub I
still feel soiled. I know I don’t have much time left so I finally pull
myself from the tub. When I go to get dressed though I find my clothes are
missing. It’s just as well, I would have to take them right back off in
about an hour anyway.

The next hour is one of the longest of my life. I don’t even remember
the subject of the class. I just keep thinking about what is going to
happen once the class is over. I try to be strong but as the minutes count
down I start crying again.

When the bell does finally ring I rush into the bathroom and get into
position. I’m not eager to comply but I know what will probably happen if
I don’t. When I hear the outer door open I close my eyes tight and open my
mouth wide.

“Please don’t let it be daddy! Please don’t let it be daddy!” the voice
in my head keeps repeating.

I just know the Dean is cruel enough to send my actual dad in here to
use me as a toilet. I just know it. It is tempting to peek in order to
verify that it isn’t my father. However, I’m too scared it might actually
be him. I think my mind would snap if I saw my father standing there. Oh
God, what if he seen me peeking? That would be a hundred times worse.
With just one of us knowing we can at least still pretend it never

I hear a zipper and then feel the hot piss. This time it hits my mouth
dead center. I guzzled as fast as I could in hopes that I could keep the
piss from pouring out onto my body. You would think that the more piss
that doesn’t go down my throat the better. However, somehow the feel of
the piss on my body made the experience with the Dean much worse. I guess
I’m just not as used to it as I am drinking it.

Whoever this is, they have excellent aim. A little bit splashes onto my
face but most goes into my mouth and down my throat.

“Good girl,” a voice praises me.

Victor! I would know that voice anywhere. I blush bright red in
embarrassment and humiliation. Why did he have to speak?! Why did he have
to let me know it was him?! He could have just walked out and went back to
being just my honorary Uncle Victor. Now I will never be able to face him

Not much pee got on me but I still feel the need to wash thoroughly. As
I spray myself off I realize how bloated I feel. My stomach wants to
reject all the piss but it is too well trained now to do so. I fear what I
will feel like after getting my next deposit.

To make matters worse, my bladder is full also. It dawns on me that
this is the first time I’ve had to piss since my piss hose was taken out.
Unless you count that nasty medicine the doctor injected into my bladder.

I debate what I should do. Am I supposed to drink it still? Am I
supposed to piss on myself in the bathtub? I obviously don’t want to do
either of these things. I’m sure as hell not going to ask either. It then
dawns on me that sitting in the bathtub like I am I could pee and they
would never know it. So I do.

“Awwww!” I yell out as burning lava comes shooting out of my dick.
“Owie! Owie! Owie!”

The pee burns the inside of my dick as it rushes out. The real pain
though occurs right at the tip as the pee exits. I can’t help but grab for
my dick. I wrestle with the cock cage again but accomplish nothing but
causing more pain to my balls.

Finally my pee is over and the pain settles down. I finish showering
and dry off quickly.

Drew walks in right when I’m finishing. At first I’m scared she heard
me yelling earlier. That she figured out that I peed without permission.
Not that I’m sure yet I actually need permission. If she knows anything
she doesn’t say. She just hands me a tiny cup of smelly fluid.

“Drink this sugar and follow it with a half glass of water,” she tells

It smells disgusting and I don’t want to drink it. However, Drew
watches until I do. The taste is horrible. It is a lot worse than the
piss. I shut my eyes tight and scrunch my nose. The taste lingers and I
do a little dance and wave my arms up and down.

When I finally settle down and open my eyes I find Drew is gone. I
remember the instructions about the water and rush to the sink and take in
several gulps. Whatever the nasty stuff is, it doesn’t seem to get along
with the piss in my tummy. Everything threatens to come back up but I keep
it down. Then it tries to come up again. Before I know it I’m on my knees
in front of the toilet expelling… well, everything. I think I even seen
a lung pop out. Okay, maybe not everything… but it feels that way. It’s
disgusting but I do feel a ton better once it is over.

Finally I clean up and go back to the bed to attend my class.

This process repeats all day long. I get used as a toilet over and over
again. And Drew brings the nasty medicine in every other visitor. I drink
it and clean my stomach out. Needless to say, it is a very horrible day.

The worst of the day, however, comes at the end of my last class. I’m
not sure if the Dean is going to send someone in so I get in the tub just
in case. Sure enough, I hear the door open. I close my eyes and open my
mouth wide again.

The pee is hot and strong but I just took the medicine the prior hour so
there is plenty of room right now. At first the person’s aim is pretty
good. It goes into my mouth and down my throat. However, about mid-way
they move the stream. At first I try to follow it with my mouth but they
just keep moving it so it hits everywhere on my body except my mouth. They
even soak my hair in the putrid stuff. I can do nothing but kneel there
and accept it.

Something much worse happens after this though. Instead of walking out
they just stand there. At first I think it might be the Dean and he is
testing to see how long I wait until I open my eyes. However, I notice a
kind of flapping sound. I almost jump up in protest when I realize the
person is jacking off.

You have no idea how hard it is to just kneel there with my mouth open
while some guy masturbates inches away. I hold my ground though. I also
keep my eyes shut tight. I’m now pretty sure this is the Dean and this is
my final test of the day. Or at least I hope so.

The first shot of cum takes me by surprise. The person doesn’t even
grunt. They are perfectly silent as they climax. Every drop lands in my
mouth. When it is clear he is done I reluctantly close my mouth and
swallow. My mouth is coated with piss still so it is hard to judge the
flavor. All I can tell for sure is that it tastes… well, manly. Not
sweet like Danielle’s does.

As bad as all of this is, the really horrible part comes 5 minutes after
the man leaves. It is then that it dawns on me that every “visitor” I got
that day had praised me or at least grunted. Yet, this last visitor hadn’t
made a peep. If the Dean did send my father in today then that means it
had to be this last visitor. That would mean I just ate my own father’s

“It’s just mind games! It really wasn’t him!” I tell myself over and

This whole daddy thing is just their way of humiliating me and breaking
my spirit down. They wouldn’t actually make me drink my own father’s piss
and eat his cum. I mean, if they were really that sick then why wouldn’t
they just confirm it was him? Unless it is him and they are just drawing
my humiliation out.

My mind goes in one continuous logic loop until I finally manage to calm


I wait for Drew or Casey to bring me the foul tasting medicine so I can
expel this last man’s piss and cum. She never comes though. So, I sit
through my nightly porn thinking about whose cum might be swimming around
in my belly.

I feel horrible thinking about the fact that it might have been my
father. If it was him then he knows how low I have fallen. I was supposed
to follow in his footsteps, not kneel before him and swallow his piss and
cum. I can only imagine his disappointment.

If it was him then I don’t really blame him for pissing and cumming on
me. I deserve much worse. If I was a real son I would fight all of this
much harder. I would accept the whip over and over again until they gave
up or I was dead. But no, all it took from them was snapping that whip
against the floor once and I bent to their will.

As I think about all of this I realize it is too late to turn back now.
Even if that wasn’t my father, word of what I did today will surely get
back to him. There were just too many people involved for it not too. I
can just imagine his embarrassment as his possible friends and coworkers
joke about me. There is no way for me to take back what I’ve done.
However, I could go forward. I could accept my new role and become one of
the best Humbled Girls ever. I could even go on to become an instructor
here one day just like my father pointed out. I just know that would make
him proud.

“Wait! Wait! Wait!” the voice yells.

I can’t believe what I’m thinking. I want to make my father proud but
the price I would have to pay is just too high. I don’t even have to
imagine what that price might be. I’m looking at it right now on the TV. I
will be expected to have sex with men and boys on a regular basis. I’m not
gay! I just couldn’t do that!

Yet, as I tell myself this I can’t help but wonder what it would be like
to play with another boy; especially the cute little blonde that is
performing on the TV this very second. He looks to be about 11 years old
and is cute as a button with his makeup and long curls. He’s kneeling
before a 14 or 15 year old and is sucking vigorously on his dick. God, how
good would that feel right now. I would kill to be able to cum right now.

“Wait! Wait! Wait!” the voice yells again.

Fuck! It’s this damn cock cage and the estrogen they are giving me.
I’m not gay! I’ve already had another boy suck my dick. Danielle did it
just a few days back and I hated it. Well, I enjoyed the climaxes… but I
hated it… but I liked it… man it is hard for me to think straight

As the final gay video comes to an end I realize I haven’t seen Casey
yet tonight. The last I saw Drew was about an hour prior to the last man’s
visit. Not sure what I should do, I think back to what I’ve been told to
do in the past.

I’m under standing orders to brush and floss every morning and night, so
I get up my courage and open the door leading to the hallway. It is quiet
as I walk across to my room. When I get inside I find the room is empty. I
frown when I catch sight of my picture again.

I brush my teeth and floss and head back to the guest room. Going back
to the guest room might be a mistake. They might be expecting me to sleep
on my mat tonight. However, they never said so. Plus, they never gave me
permission to leave the guest room. I can easily defend temporarily
leaving the room to brush, but not to stay all night.

Okay, maybe I’m twisting my logic a bit to serve my needs. However,
that bed is just so much more comfortable than my mat.

I take my plug out and clean it in the sink. Then I jump under the
covers. I can still sense the piss and sperm in my belly but I have no
problem falling asleep. The nightmares I have tonight are the worst I’ve
ever had. The things I do in them… God, I just can’t tell you… it’s
just too humiliating.

Despite the horrible nightmares, I wake the next morning feeling much
better than when I went to bed. I yawn and stretch wide. The feel of the
soft covers sends tingles through my body and makes my toes curl up in

Shit! What time is it!

I quickly glance at the clock and find it is only 5 a.m. Thank

I make the bed and ensure everything is tidied up. Then I grab my plug
and head back to the other room. I find my school uniform folded neatly on
a bench in the bathroom. I lay my plug next to it for later.

After last night’s nightmares I feel the need to brush my teeth right
away. I know they were only dreams but I can still taste the various
flavors… in my head anyway.

My enema goes smoothly and then it is on to the shower. I’ve had to pee
since I woke up. However, I’m scared it will be painful again like
yesterday. The warm shower increases the urge though.

“Maybe it won’t hurt this time,” I try to convince myself.

“Owie! Owie! Owie!” I scream.

It hurts! It hurts! The pain is almost as bad as last night. I dance
around in the shower as the lava squirts out my dick. Is my dick raw from
the piss tube or is there something more serious going on?

I finish showering, put my plug in and then dress and do my makeup and
hair. Neither trainer has shown up yet and I’m becoming certain this is a
test of some kind. So far I’m pretty sure I’ve done well.

Let’s see: enema, shower, plug, dress, makeup, hair… what do I
normally do next?

“Oh…” I groan when I realize food is normally next.

I go to the kitchenette and search around. I find nothing but the dog
food in the cabinet and water in the fridge. I know the proper thing to do
is prepare my food and water bowls. However, instead I just walk to my mat
and kneel.

I still haven’t failed the test. I still have at least 30 minutes
before my classes start. There is still a chance Casey or Drew will come
in carrying some “real” food.

“Drew promised she would talk to the Dean about getting me off this dog
food diet,” the voice in my head keeps reasoning. “She promised!”

I wait and wait but no one comes. With about 15 minutes before classes
start I realize I can’t wait anymore. Not if I want to pass this test.
So, I reluctantly go to the kitchenette and fill my bowls. I bring them
back to the mat and put them in their proper place. I then kneel down and
start eating.

The dog food doesn’t seem all that bad today. Maybe I’m getting used to
it. Or, maybe it is just because I’m extra hungry this morning.

The first bell rings while I am mid meal. However, I have 10 minutes
yet before classes start. I finish eating, brush my teeth and then go back
to the guest room. I make it with 2 minutes to spare.

I wait for someone to come in and tell me I passed my test, but no one
does. I feel a little cheated, but at the same time I realize all of it
had to be done anyway. At least this way no one is standing over my
shoulder the whole time embarrassing me. Still, it would have been nice to
know for sure if I had to eat that damn dog food or not.

I find it extremely hard to concentrate on my class. No one has told me
whether I will be drinking piss in between classes again today. While this
dreaded thought is distracting, I have a much bigger problem… this damn
cock cage!

My nuts are really aching now. They also look a little swollen with a
tinge of blue. I’ve heard of blue balls before but I thought it was just a
myth. I’m starting to wonder if this is what is causing me my discomfort.
The doctor did say these pains were to be expected. I just pray that it
doesn’t cause any real damage.

The frustration I feel is almost as bad as my balls. I’m filled with so
much desire that I find it hard to sit still. I try to focus on the
lecture but my mind keeps focusing on all the little girls and the things I
would like to do to them. Of course, my little fantasies serve no purpose
but to drive my desires and frustrations higher.

I find myself constantly grabbing at my cage. This of course just
causes more pain for my balls.

I’m still tugging at my cage when the class ends. I hesitate only a
second before I strip down and rush into the bathroom. I guess I should
have stripped earlier because the outer door opens while I’m stepping into
the tub. I cut that way too close.

“Keep your eyes open today,” I hear the Dean say above me.

I don’t know what bothers me more. That I’m going to be a toilet again
today or the fact that I will have to see the faces of those using me as

“Take my dick out and hold it in front of your mouth,” the dead

God, it is going to be even worse than I expected! There is no way I
can do as he says! He wants me to take their dicks out and hold it while
they piss in my mouth? It is unthinkable. I won’t do it!

Yet, two seconds after telling myself this I find my fingers fiddling
with his zipper.

“It really isn’t any different than yesterday,” the voice in my head
tries to convince me.

The voice isn’t that convincing. This IS very different!

I blush bright red as I get the Dean’s zipper down. His cock is so huge
that I expect it to just jump out at me. However, his boxers hold it back.
I feel ill to my stomach as I reach forward again. I note that his
underwear is the same tartan pattern as my skirt is. It’s of a much
thinner material though. They look expensive so I’m guessing it is
probably silk.

I’ve always worn briefs. Well, panties now. So, it takes me a few
seconds to figure out that the hole in the front of the boxers is much
bigger than what I’m used to. My hand trembles as I slowly reach into the
hole. I feel even more ill when I touch his huge warm dick for the first

The Dean’s dick feels so hot. It is much hotter than I remember mine
ever feeling. It also feels a lot spongier. I’m extremely gentle as I
fish his dick out. The last thing I want to do is scrape or pinch it
somehow. God, I can only imagine what he would do to me if I damaged it

Finally the huge tool pops out into the open, touching my left cheek
briefly. I back away, not aware I had leaned in so close. The monster of
a dick seems even bigger now that I’m holding it. My fingers can’t even
reach all the way around it. It seems impossible that Danielle can
actually swallow most of it. Yet, I seen videos showing him do exactly

I have to admit that the dick is beautiful in its own way. It has a
nice big glossy smooth mushroom head on top. The shaft itself is so
incredibly thick and long. I can just feel the power of it as it hardens
below my fingers. Wait! What the fuck am I thinking? Damn this cock
cage. It has me thinking about sex all of the time now, even when thinking
about the Dean’s vile cock. But… it is kind of pretty… DAMN! Focus
Janice, focus! Shit, I mean Jack!

“Put your lips on the head and get ready to swallow,” the Dean commands.

This command grabs my attention again. I can’t believe he wants me to
actually put my lips on his dick. I know I have done much worse than this,
but somehow it doesn’t feel that way. I can feel my stomach turn as I bend
forward and part my lips.

“God, I can’t believe I’m doing this!” the voice in my head screams.
“This has to be one of my nightmares. Please let me wake up!”

It’s not a dream though. I feel like crying as my lips finally press
against the huge mushroom head of his dick. The Dean puts his right hand
on the back of my head and I fear he plans to push his cock down my throat.
However, he doesn’t.

“Good girl,” the Dean praises. “Look daddy in the eye. A good toilet
always looks her user in the eye. Good girl. Now start sucking on daddy’s
pee hole. Don’t stop until you get every drop out.”

I can’t hold my tears back any longer as I start suckling on the tip of
the Dean’s dick. I’m rewarded with a half teaspoon of fluid. It’s salty
and slippery substance. My stomach turns when I realize it is precum. The
Dean must have been able to see my analysis in my eyes because he just
smiles back down at me.

As I’m coming to terms with what I just swallowed a hot strong burst of
piss shoots into my mouth. My instinct is to back away but the Dean’s hand
holds me in place. Luckily, my throat is well trained by now and starts
guzzling the piss on its own. The stream is so strong that I really don’t
“swallow” per se. It’s more like I open up my throat and just let it shoot
straight into my belly. Or at least it feels that way.

“Eyes!” the Dean growls when I close mine.

I quickly open them back up and stare up at the Dean through my tears. I
can’t believe how cruel this man is. I’ve done a few nasty things to the
girls in the school when I was janitor. Some even cried when I did it.
However, you could tell they actually got off on it. Why else would they
stick around if they didn’t? It’s not like they were wearing shock collars
like I am. Well, most weren’t anyway.

Somehow I manage to keep up with the Dean’s piss. I don’t even feel a
single drop run down my chin. His flow only lasts about 25 seconds but it
feels like an eternity.

“Good girl,” the Dean praises as his piss tapers off. “Now massage my
dick and suck on the tip so you can make sure you get every drop. When you
think you have it all you can put my dick away and zip me up. I warn you
though, I better not see a single wet spot in my boxers or there will be
hell to pay.”

I think the Dean read my mind just then. I planned to rush the process.
The last thing I want to do was suckle on his dick longer. However, I know
he isn’t bluffing. So, I suck hard on his pee hole and massage his dick
for a full minute. I planned to massage his dick even longer than this but
I suddenly realize what I’m actually doing. I’m jacking him off! I
quickly pull away.

I’m surprised when he actually lets me put his dick away. I thought for
sure he would require me to finish what I started.

“I think my little girl is fully potty trained now,” the Dean says as I
zip him up. “I will send one or two more people in today to make sure.”

The Dean leaves but I just kneel there and cry for another couple
minutes. Finally, I pull myself out of the tub. I have to pee so I
reluctantly go to the toilet.

“Owie! Owie! Owie!” I groan as I dance in front of the toilet.

When I leave the bathroom I find my cloths still in a neat pile. I put
them on just in case.

I spend most of the next class lecture thinking about what I just did
with the Dean. Was that sex? He didn’t cum, but I did put my lips on his
dick and touched it with my hands. Am I gay now? For that matter, did I
become gay days ago when I licked my own cum off the floor? Now that I
think about it there are lots of things I’ve done that might make me gay.
But then, am I really gay if I didn’t like doing those things? Could I
even suck someone off and still not be gay as long as I don’t like doing

The questions go on and on. Unfortunately, I have no real answers.

Like normal, the lecture ends half way through the class. The teacher
gives out an assignment and everyone starts working on it. This used to be
my favorite part of the classes because the teacher almost always pulls one
or two kids aside and molests them. I’m not liking this part today though.
Not with this damn cock cage on me still. It seems that now whenever I
think about something naughty my balls start aching even more.

That said, I still can’t bring myself to look away. The girl the
teacher picks is just too cute. However, right when he starts undressing
her someone walks into my (guest) room. The sudden entry almost makes jump
out of my skin. I’m not used to people walking into the room mid class.
Even Drew and Casey have never really interrupted my class time.

It turns out to be Dr. Stanford. I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad to
see him. It is good to know he is looking out for my health. However, all
of his treatments so far have been far from enjoyable.

“Hello, Jack,” he says.

“Janice, sir,” I correct before I realize it.

“Right… right,” he says as he pencils the change on his paperwork…

It is nice hearing my old name but this is twice now that he has had to
pencil my new name onto his paperwork. Get your shit together already,
man. You are supposed to be taking care of my health and you can’t even get
my name right.

I don’t know why this upsets me so much. Danielle warned me that the
estrogen would make me moody. I think he is right. My emotions have been
all over the chart. Though, lately I’ve felt a lot more affectionate for
people. I guess the frustration from the cock cage and the ache in my
balls has shifted my mood a little. It is making me a little testy…
blah, bad choice of words.

“So, how is our little girl doing?” he asks.

“Sir, it hurts when I… um, pee,” I reply. “It hurts a lot!”

I can tell he finds this comical, but he manages to keep from laughing.
He does give a slight grin though.

“My balls are hurting a lot more also,” I quickly add.

This second comment gets a much bigger grin from him. I can’t imagine
why he would find this so fucking hilarious. A doctor isn’t supposed to do
harm, right?

Dr. Stanford puts his medical bag down and opens it up. He pulls out
some latex gloves and snaps them on.

“Get on the bed on your hands and knees and turn away from me,” he

It was a polite order, but an order nonetheless. I obey it right away.

He flips the back of my skirt up and then I feel my cotton panties being
pulled down.

First he feels around my cock cage. I’m guessing he is looking for
rashes and such. The worst part comes after that.

He grabs my nuts and starts tugging them this way and that. I can tell
he is being gentle but it still hurts. They are already tight in their
pouch thanks to the cage grabbing onto them. This causes even the
slightest touch to be amplified a hundred fold.

“These are coming along nicely,” he informs me. “Color and size look to
be right where they should be. On a scale of one to ten, how much do they

“Ten, sir!” I quickly respond. “Definitely a ten!”

“Hmm,” he says as he continues to fiddle with my balls. “Looking at
these I’m thinking we can get them to about a twenty at least.”

A twenty! I want to yell and scream at him but I know better. I’ve
already noticed that he seems to have a lot of power in the school. He
might even have more power than the Dean in some respects. I would rather
have this man as a friend than an enemy. He literally has my balls in his

“Just to be safe, I better give you a couple injections,” he informs me.
“I recommend that you grab one of those pillows and bend down and burry
your face in it.”

I look back toward him and see that he is already preparing a needle. I
get a very bad feeling where he plans to give these shots.

“They don’t hurt that bad!” I beg as he thumps the syringe and then
ejects a little fluid into the air. “They are only maybe a three! Please
don’t, Dr. Stanford! Please! I won’t complain anymore! I promise!”

“Shush now and do as I said,” he calmly replies. “Or am I going to have
to call Dean Miller in here? I know he enjoys seeing me give little girls
their testicle shots.”

“Please, don’t give me that shot, sir!” I continue to beg. “I’ll do
whatever you want! I swear! I’ll be a good girl for you, Dr. Stanford!
I’ll be a really good girl!”

I see him reach into his bag with his free hand and pull out a cell

“I’m doing it, sir!” I say as I grab for a pillow. “I’m doing what you

I’m a lot more scared of the shots than I am of the Dean. However, I
would rather have the shots than the shots and the Dean at the same time. I
bend forward and burry my face into the pillow and bite down. God, this is
going to hurt!

I jerk when I feel the doctor’s fingers touch my balls again. At first
I think he is just getting a good grip and finding the right injection
spot. However, he fiddles with them for over a minute.

“Well, it would be a shame to make them swell up and turn all red,” he
finally says. “I guess I could give you this shot in your taint instead.
You would owe me a huge favor though.”

“Anything, Dr. Stanford!” I quickly reply. “Anything!”

I’m so happy that my balls are spared that I almost cry. I’m so glad he
is going to give the shot in my taint instead. What is a taint anyw…

“Ah!” I yell as the needle digs deep at a spot between my balls and

Fuck that hurt! So that’s where my taint is! I’m sure it’s way better
than my balls but it still wasn’t pleasant.

The doctor continues to fiddle with my nuts for several minutes.

“Do they feel better now?” he finally asks.

“Yes, sir!” I quickly reply. “Much better. Thank you.”

The truth is that they don’t feel any better at all. Not even a little
bit. However, I’m scared of what he will do with that needle if I confess

“Okay, turn over and let’s take a look at that urethra of yours,” he

I turn over as fast as my sore balls will let me. I’m so happy to be
past my ball “treatment”. As I do though I notice the syringe sitting on a
piece of cloth at the side of the bed. It looks full still, like he never
injected anything into me. Was it all a cruel joke? Or did he refill it
real fast or something?

As I get into position and flip my skirt up out of the way, I see the
doctor holding the most wonderful thing in the world. The special
screwdriver for my cock cage!

“Oh… oh… oh,” I moan as he unscrews the device.

The damned thing is held in place by my balls and he keeps rattling it
back and forth. At one point he even grasps my balls for leverage. God
that hurt so bad I almost puked. I don’t complain though. I even try to
suppress my moans the best I can. The last thing I want is for him to
figure out that my nuts are still in pain and give me that other shot. Of
course, if he never gave it to me in the first place then that means he
already knows my nuts still hurt. I’m seriously starting to think this man
isn’t as nice as I originally thought he was.

It takes the doctor a couple minutes but he finally gets the evil device
off. My cock immediately becomes rock hard.

“Oh my, you certainly are a randy one,” the doctor says with a chuckle.
“Don’t you dare cum! The Dean will be extremely displeased if you empty
those blue balls of yours.”

You have absolutely no idea how hard it is for me to obey this order.
I’m certain that I could grab my dick and make it cum in 30 seconds or
less. I just know I would feel so much better if I could cum just once. I
want to beg the doctor for permission to play with myself, but I’m just too

“Mmm,” I moan with pleasure as the doctor grabs hold of my cock.

“Ah! Don’t you dare!” he growls as he gives my balls a swat.

He just barely taps my balls but it feels like someone just kicked me.
God my nuts are tender! I was so fucking close to cumming also. I don’t
know if I should hate him for denying me my climax or if I should be
thanking him for saving me from whatever punishment the Dean may have given

The temptation to grab my dick is so great that I have to get a fist
full of covers in each hand to control myself. My mind is a whirlwind of
erotic visions. Even when I look at the doctor I get sexual thoughts.
That’s saying something considering he is at least 50 years old and
balding. Granted, he doesn’t look that overweight or anything. I bet he
has a nice size dick also. Wait! Get a hold of yourself!

The doctor waits a moment and then grabs my dick again. Fuck that feels
good! I don’t want my balls slapped again so I make sure I keep quiet. To
make matters worse, my dick is slobbering all over the place and
lubricating his fingers. This causes his fingers to slide this way and

The doctor seems less than pleased with all my dick slobber. He looks
up at me with this kind of “you should be ashamed of yourself” look.
Finally he squeezes the base of my dick with his thumb and forefinger and
then kind of squeegees up the length of my dick, gathering all the dick
slobber. A good amount also pours out the tip of my dick and gathers on
his fingers as well. This maneuver is embarrassing. It is also very
painful thanks to my sore urethra. Yet, I feel a surge of pleasure at the
same time.

The only thing that keeps me from cumming is the pain and the fact that
I see his fingers coming toward my face. The next thing I know his fingers
are in my mouth and I’m sucking my juices off them. He didn’t tell me to
do it but the unspoken order was pretty obvious.

“Does it taste normal?” he asks.

How the fuck should I know?! Does he think I sit around all day eating
my precum or something? Oh, actually he probably does think that. It
certainly sounds like something the Dean would order me to do.

“I guess, sir,” I reply.

The truth is that I really don’t taste much other than slight flavor of
latex from his gloves. Flavor or not, the slippery substance is still
disgusting. Unfortunately, it is far from being the worst thing I’ve had
in my mouth in the past few days.

“I think you might need another good flushing,” he tells me.

I tense up when I see him pull out some tubing. This tube looks a
little different from my piss tube, but it is way too similar to not have a
similar purpose.

“Wh… what’s that for?” I ask, already certain I know the answer.

“We are just going to inject some more medicine into your bladder,” he
informs me. “This should kill any infections you might have in there.”

God, please wake me up from this nightmare! My dick hurts too much to
have a tube stuck in it again. I want to jump up and run away. However,
even if I could escape this place I know I couldn’t escape my burning dick.
If it had an infection it would probably sting more and more each day.

While I know this has to be done I can’t help but back away when I see
the doctor preparing the tube. By the time he is ready to start the
procedure my back is up against the head board and I’m sitting fully

“You know what to do,” he says as he puts one end of the tube into my
mouth. I blush. Yeah, I know what to do.

“Ahhhh!!” I scream around the tube as the catheter pushes into my dick.

He has only a couple inches inside and it already feels like someone has
lit my dick on fire. The pain is unlike anything I could have ever

I hold out for another half inch before I can’t control myself anymore
and I grab hold of his hand and try to push it away. In response, the
doctor uses one of his hands to give my balls another swat. It hurts but
is nothing compared to that fucking tube.

“Be a good girl!” he growls.

I keep struggling though. The doctor finally gets frustrated and yanks
the tube from my dick and steps back for a second. He then grabs my feet
and pulls me back down the bed until I’m laying on my back again. He then
gets on the bed himself and lays across my stomach on his left side.

It takes me only a second to realize he is trying to pin me so I can’t
resist the tube anymore. I see him pick the tube back up and then clamp it
off on the end that was previously in my mouth. Then the tube disappears
out of my sight as he lines it up with my dick.

“Ahhh! Please stop!” I beg as he starts feeding it in again.

I struggle to get out from under him but he is too heavy. I can’t even
reach around him enough to get hold of the tube again. He just keeps
feeding more and more of it until I think I’m going to die.

“See, that wasn’t so bad was it?” he says after a couple minutes.

YES! Yes it was that fucking bad! Holly shit that hurt!

The doctor gets off my stomach and I see the tube sticking out the tip
of my dick. This one doesn’t appear to have a balloon on the end of it and
I suspect I could yank it out if I wanted. The doctor just stares at me
like he is daring me to pull the tube out. It’s a little tempting but I
know it would hurt to do so. Plus, he would just stick it right back in.

“Be a good girl,” he says sternly as he hands me the clamped end of the

I give him an angry look but take it from him. I then remove the clamp
and quickly stick the tube into my mouth. A second later I’m guzzling
piss… yet again. As I swallow it I realize that technically I’m probably
drinking the Dean’s piss for the second time as well.

“I’ve never seen a girl stay so excited during a procedure like this,”
the doctor says.

I blush. He is right. My dick is still rock hard. This bothers me,
but not as much as the doctor’s voice just now. He sounds just a little
too pleased with this observation. Like me staying excited during painful
procedures is a good thing somehow.

I’m shocked when I see the doctor pull a very large syringe out of his
bag. It is a lot bigger than the one he used yesterday to inject the
medicine into my bladder. This syringe looks to have a similar medicine in
it though. God he can’t seriously be planning to inject that much into my
bladder! Just the thought of it sends a fresh squirt of piss into my

The doctor takes the tube from my mouth and connects it to the syringe.
I want to beg and even struggle, but I know this procedure has to take
place. And it will take place regardless of what I do. The only question
is whether I want it to happen the hard way or the very hard way.

I look on in horror as the doctor slowly presses the plunger down on the
syringe. I immediately feel the burning sensation deep inside me. Around
the half way mark the pressure in my bladder starts forcing the tube out.
The tube slides out about 2 inches before the doctor grabs it and pushes it
back in.

“Oh! It’s too much!” I say as the plunger reaches the 3/4ths mark.

“Shhh… be a good girl now,” he whispers. “If I had given you this
much yesterday then we probably wouldn’t be here having to do it all over
again. Or do you prefer we repeat this procedure for another three or four

“Hmm, maybe you do,” he adds as he glances down at my hard dick again.

I’m in too much pain to be embarrassed right now.

The pressure and heat becomes overwhelming. I grab the doctor’s hand
and try to pull it away. He is way too strong though and just continues
the injection. I’m amazed at how strong the man is. He must work out more
than he appears.

“Ah!” I scream as the last of the fluid forces itself inside.

I take quick shallow breaths in an effort to cope with the pain. The
doctor patiently waits until I calm down.

“Man, I hope you pick me,” I barely hear the doctor mumble as he
inspects my still hard dick.

Pick him for what? I’m in too much pain to really give it much thought.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I groan as the doctor squeezes the base of my cock tight
against the tube inside me.

The doctor then starts pulling the tube out of my dick.

“AH!” I yell as it inches its way out.

The burning medicine follows behind the end of the tube until it reaches
the doctor’s pinching fingers at the base of my dick. There it stops dead
in its tracks. A minute later and the end of the hose finally pops out of
my dick.

“Pinch the end of your dick so none of the liquid comes out,” he
commands. “If you spill any on the bed or floor then the Dean will be

He doesn’t have to convince me. My insides are burning and cramping in
pain, but I know that pissing this shit out is going to hurt ten times
worse. I pinch the end of my dick hard and the doctor pulls his fingers
away. The liquid suddenly inflates the remainder of my urethra.

“AH!” I scream as the internal length of my dick catches fire.

Fuck this stings! It hurts just as bad as if the medicine were coming
out. Only the very tip of my dick is spared the pain.

“You can go into the bathroom and expel it now,” he informs me as he
removes my panties.

My bladder hurts even more as I climb out of the bed. I’m certain that
I will never make it all the way to the toilet. The need to piss this
stuff out is too great. The stinging in my dick doesn’t help matters

Each step is agony as I slowly make my way toward the toilet. With 6
feet left to go I know I can’t hold it anymore. I force myself to sprint
the final distance. The sprint is absolute agony but it pays off. The
medicine starts pissing out of me just as I reach the rim.

“AHHHHH!!” I scream as the seemingly never ending flow of lava squirts

As the last of it finally drips out I fall to my knees. How I managed
to stay standing this long I have no idea. I roll to my side and hold my
cock in agony.

“Come on girl, we are running out of time,” the doctor says as he helps
me stand.

Once I’m standing he reaches down and inspects my cock again.

“Hmm,” he says.

It isn’t much of a comment but I can tell he is referring to the fact
that I’m still hard. I don’t understand why he keeps making note of my
hard dick. Wear that fucking cock cage for several days and see if the
same thing doesn’t happen to you!

I blush as he uses my dick as a leash to lead me back to the main room.
I feel so humiliated as I shuffle behind him. He is gentle but my dick
still hurts a lot. Once we are out of the bathroom he finally lets go and
tells me to get back on the bed on my hands and knees.

“We have to get you back into your little cage,” he informs me.

Yeah, good luck with that buddy. My dick is harder than a diamond. No
way are you going to be able to squeeze it back into that little cage.
This tells me that he must plan to masturbate me or something. Thank God!
I need to cum so bad! I would prefer it wasn’t him doing it but beggars
can’t be choosers.

I’m barely into position when he grabs my nuts again.

“Oh…” I groan in discomfort.

“We just need to give you one more shot,” he informs me.

I quickly look back and see him grabbing the syringe he laid on the
cloth earlier. I want to point out to the idiot that I’m pretty sure he
never injected anything into me the first time. Yeah, I didn’t let him
know that. The last thing I want is for him to give me additional shots.

“This one should really go into one of your nuts,” he informs me.
“However, since you promised me a favor I will give it to you in your taint

“Thank you, sir,” I whisper.

I’m thankful… I guess. I would prefer no shot at all. However, the
taint is much better tha…

“Ah!” I groan as the needle digs deep again.

This time I definitely feel something being injected. It burns a little
at first but then settles down. In fact, the burning in my penis slowly
disappears as well. Holy crap! He actually did something to relieve the
pain. Maybe he is a good man after all.

“Okay, turn over so we can get that cage on,” he orders.

Yeah, like I said earlier, good luck with th… What the fuck!? My dick
is soft.

The shot caused my hard on to go away. It must have been some kind of
Novocain or something. I can’t even feel his fingers as he works my dick
back into the cage. As he uses the special screwdriver to tighten
everything up I pray that my dick isn’t being pinched in the seams
anywhere. That would be insanely painful once the Novocain wore off.

I’m thankful for the Novocain, or whatever it is, but I’m also rather
disappointed that I didn’t get to cum. I’m also a bit puzzled as to why he
felt the shot should have been given to my nuts. The more I think about it
the more I realize that he never intended to give my nuts an injection. It
was just his way of getting me to promise him a favor.

I think about withdrawing that favor but I then realize that he could
still come back with that needle. I’m sure he could find something to
safely inject there if he really wanted. Of course, I don’t know what kind
of favor he plans to ask for.

Whatever the favor is, he doesn’t hint at it. Nor do I dare ask about
it. He just packs his stuff up and leaves. I look to the screen and see
that the next class is already underway. I was in so much pain that I
didn’t even notice the bells go off earlier. At least I didn’t have to
drink any piss during this intermission. Well, other than my own.

I change the channel to my next class. I then look around for my
panties. They are nowhere to be found. The doctor must have accidentally
packed them away with his other stuff.


The following few hours are non-eventful. I undress each hour between
classes and get in the tub but no one shows up.

It is half way through my 4th class that I get another visitor. It’s

His intrusion shocks me. However, I also note that he enters right
after the lecture ends mid class. Just like the doctor had. Something
tells me this isn’t just coincidence. The instructors almost always select
a kid or two to play with during the last 30 minutes of class. I guess I
can now expect the same to randomly happen to me.

I know I should be pissed with Victor, and I guess I am, but I still get
this overwhelming desire to run and hug him. I don’t, but the desire is
there. I suspect that he is here right now to make my life even more
miserable, but a hug would feel so good. It would make me feel safe and
loved again… if only for a moment. Just like it always did in the past
when Victor was around.

“Don’t bother getting undressed,” he tells me.

The thought hadn’t even entered my mind. He peed in my mouth yesterday
but I guess I assumed this is just a social visit. Yeah, a pretty stupid
assumption now that I think about it.

“I want to go home, Uncle Victor,” I beg, making sure I add his informal

I chastise myself for begging. My goal has been to convince them that
I’m adapting, so that I can get out of here soon. Or at least sooner.
Victor is one of “them”. I just forgot for that one split second. Now the
Dean and they will know that I begged for release. This will be a huge
blow toward my goal.

“I’m ready to be a good girl,” I add, hoping to cover my mistake. “I
would learn much more at home with all my sisters.”

This last part was hard to add. I think I would die from humiliation if
my sisters actually saw me like this. I swallow hard when I realize that
eventually they no doubt will see me like this. Unless I can escape of

Victor grins. I’m pretty sure he can see right through me. I have to
admit that my cover up was pretty weak.

“What are we watching?” he says as he walks to the bed.

“Math, Uncle Victor,” I reply.

The “Uncle Victor” part sounds weird. I often refer to him like that
when I’m talking about him. However, I haven’t actually addressed him as
“uncle” for years now. Considering he’s an instructor at the school, I
probably should be calling him “sir”. However, I’m hoping that calling him
“uncle” will make him less likely to do anything bad to me. I want him to
think of me as his nephew, not Janice.

“She’s cute,” he says as he lies on the bed and props his head and
shoulders up on a pillow.

It takes me a second to realize he is talking about the little girl the
teacher is playing with. She looks to be about 9 or 10 years old. She has
red hair and does indeed look cute. Of course, most girls at the school
look cute.

Had Victor said this over a week ago I probably would have quickly
replied. I would have told him how cute I found her and that I wouldn’t
mind wetting my dick in her. Something like that anyway. Now, however, I
feel it is wiser to just keep my mouth shut.

“You can lie down if you want,” he says as he pats a pillow next to him.

He makes it sound like I have a choice, but something tells me I really
don’t. I’ve been sitting upright since he entered the room. If I decide
not to lie down next to him then I’m sure he would become more persistent.

I slowly scoot over to his right side. As I go to lay back I notice
that his right arm is extended out over my pillow. I blush but I don’t
hesitate to lie back against his arm.

When I was younger Victor would sometimes put his arm around me like
this while we sat on the couch watching TV. I try to convince myself that
this is no different. However, I know it is very different. I’m much
older now and the relationship between Victor and I has drastically changed
since then… especially after yesterday.

Victor positions his right arm so that it is partially behind my back.
We watch for a minute and then I feel him pulling me closer with his strong
arm. He also presses up on my right side. I get the hint and turn onto my
left side facing him.

He doesn’t stop nudging me until the side of my head is resting on his
chest and the rest of my body is tight against his right side. I stare
down his body at the TV. I have to admit that this does feel yummy… I
mean comfortable. I feel so warm and secure up against him. It’s even
better than a hug.

Yet, I know there is probably a price for this comfort. There always
seems to be in this place. I’ve also noticed that the price is often
significantly higher than what you get in return.

As I look down his body toward the TV, I can’t help but notice his dick
hardening under his pants.

“Please no, Victor,” I want to beg. “Don’t make me do anything naughty
with you.”

“Do you like your training so far?” Victor asks after a few minutes.

That’s a trick question if I’ve ever heard one. Seriously, how the fuck
am I supposed to answer that? If I say yes then I look like a sissy faggot
in front of someone I’ve known my whole life. If I say no then I take a
huge step backward in my goal of getting out of here. That said, I know
what answer he is looking for.

“It’s okay,” I whisper and then blush.

“I told your father that you would like it but he didn’t believe me,”
Victor says.

I blush further. I’m certain that Victor knows I don’t really like my
training. I mean, who the fuck would? However, I would bet money that he
plans to tell my father the opposite.

Or does Victor really think I enjoy this? No, he couldn’t… could he?
Surely he knows me better than that. Yet, I guess I could see how someone
might get a different impression. It’s not like I’ve resisted that much.
Hell, I’ve only had to get spanked once. And even that spanking was with
Danielle. Victor, the Dean and the rest might not even know about that
spanking. God! Maybe he does think I like this!

It takes all my willpower not to break down and tell him how much I
really hate it here. I’m upset with him right now but he is someone that
I’ve looked up to for many years. I hate the idea that he might think I’m
some kind of sissy that likes to do nasty gay shit. I also cringe at the
thought of him relaying this observation to my father… or worse, my
mother and sisters.

God, you have no idea how badly I want to tell him the truth. However,
the risk is too high. He could be trying to bait me into admitting how
much I hate it here. Just so he can report me to the Dean.

“She really knows how to suck a dick,” Victor says.

It takes me a second to realize what he is talking about. I somehow got
transfixed on Victor’s bulge and had all but forgotten the girl on the
screen. I focus on the TV and see the girl is vigorously working on the
teacher’s dick. She could only get half of it in her mouth but she uses
her hands to work on the rest of it.

As I watch I feel that familiar frustration. The medicine has long
since worn off and my dick is demanding to get hard again. But of course
it is forced to stay soft because of the cage.

“That really gets me hard,” Victor continues as he reaches down with his
left hand and rubs the bulge in his pants.

I blush and swallow hard as I watch Victor massage himself. As janitor
here I saw lots of instructors having sex with the kids. I’ve even seen my
dad have sex with several kids, to include my sisters. However, I’ve never
seen Victor do anything sexual. Not in person anyway. Not unless you
count the other day when he peed in my mouth. There was the video of him
making my sister suck him. However, that isn’t really the same.

Seeing him act in a sexual manner in person is a ton different.
Especially considering how close he is holding me to him right now. It’s
extremely embarrassing.

“Please, no,” I think as I watch Victor unzip his pants.

Victor reaches in and fishes his dick out. His dick stands up high and
proud. It’s about 8 inches long and almost 2 inches thick. It’s very
impressive. It is no wonder that my sister, Amber, had such a hard time
with it her first time.

I try my best to ignore it and watch the TV instead. However, my eyes
keep jumping back to Victor’s dick. You would keep looking at it also.
Especially if you knew he might make you do something naughty with it.

I nibble on my lower lip as I watch Victor’s fingers slide up and down
his brown shaft. I can’t help but wonder if a Mexican’s dick tastes
different than other races. I bet it tastes manly and … wait! Damn this
cock cage! I can’t believe I was thinking of Victor’s dick in that way!

I don’t want to think of Victor this way. Instead, I want to remember
him as my honorary Uncle. Yet, I know those fond memories are just that…
memories. We will never be able to go back to those innocent times. Not
after this past week; especially not after yesterday.

His voice, race, height, etc, are all exactly the same… yet, I somehow
see them vastly different now. Even his smell takes on a whole new
meaning. His cologne and body odor seemed so normal just a week ago. Now
that same smell seems so manly and powerful. It is almost like he is
dripping with testosterone. It is a huge contrast to someone like Danielle
who smells sweet and clearly dripping with estrogen.

I haven’t thought about it much but I kind of smell like Danielle now
also. I guess it is only natural that someone manly like Victor would see
me in a sexual way… even if it is still wrong.

While his left hand is massaging his dick, his right hand is caressing
me. He isn’t too aggressive at first. He just kind of hugs me in tighter
against him. However, I’m getting confused as I snuggle up against him.
It’s embarrassing and even a little disgusting. Yet, it also feels kind
of… well, right. Like I need this, but I don’t know why.

Even the smell of his underarms through his shirt seems to make my head
swim. This is really confusing me. The slight odor is disgusting by
anyone’s standards, but I just can’t seem to get enough of it. I would say
the smell is arousing if I could actually get aroused with this cock cage

Trust me I know how gay that sounds. I really don’t think that is it
though. It’s just that it makes him smell ultra masculine. That is a
smell that I fear I am quickly loosing thanks to the estrogen and
everything else they are doing to me. Not that I ever smelled as masculine
as Victor does right now. Being near him though allows me to share in that
smell. It’s comforting somehow… if that makes any sense.

Comforting or not, I still try to back away when Victor leans in for a
kiss. It is the last thing I expect from him and he gets his lips almost
to mine before I realize what he is trying to do. He has a hand full of my
hair and easily manhandles me. He tilts my head back for a better target
and then plants his lips on mine.

“No!” I try to yell but it only comes out a muffled moan against his

I can’t believe Uncle Victor is kissing me! Hell, I can’t even believe
he is kissing a boy, let alone me! It’s just so… wrong! Victor isn’t
gay, is he? Maybe he just got caught up in the TV footage. I do look
pretty done up like this. He’ll realize what he is doing and stop any
second now.

Any second now…

Any second…

God! He’s pushing his tongue into my mouth now! I try to push his
tongue out with my own but I’m no match. His is too big and way too

At first I try to tell myself that I’ve already kissed a male before.
Danielle and I kissed just a few days ago. However, this kiss is
completely different. Danielle’s kisses were sometimes demanding, yet
delicate at the same time. Victor’s kiss is aggressive and passionate.
His tongue is also much bigger. It feels almost like he is raping my
mouth… which I guess he is in a way.

“Mmm,” I moan in pleasure.

Oh, God! Where did that come from?! One second I’m thinking how
disgusting this is and the next thing I know I find myself welcoming the
kiss. It only lasted a second before the disgust overrode it again, but I
can’t deny that it happened.

I blush deep in humiliation. I can only imagine what Victor is

“Mmm,” I moan again before I can catch myself.

What is happening to me?! This is disgusting. How can I be finding
even a shred of pleasure in it? Yet, I feel tingles all over as Victor’s
kiss persists. Even his manly spit drooling into my mouth seems to cause
tingles. It’s disgusting enough to make me want to throw up but the
tingles still come.

“Mmm,” I moan yet again as I start to participate in the kiss.

Not only does Victor not have to hold my hair anymore but I’m actually
pulling myself into him. I don’t even pull away when his tongue goes deep
into the back of my mouth.

The kiss feels so horrible yet so good. I can only guess that my body
needs the affection after what it has been through in the past few days.
My potty training has been worse than anything I could have ever imagined.
And trust me, as a 13-year-old boy working in this school, I imagined some
pretty nasty shit I planned to do with some of these girls.

In some ways, I guess the stuff I imagined was technically worse.
However, I planned to only do it to them for an hour or two. The potty
training lasted for days. In fact, I’m still not sure it is actually over

“What am I doing!?” the voice in my head suddenly yells.

I can’t believe I got so caught up in the kiss. I quickly pull back
several inches. Despite my disgust, I actually think about going right
back in for more.

Victor doesn’t seem to mind. He just moves his lips to my cheek and
then my neck, just above my shock collar. He then works his way to my left
ear and starts nibbling on it. God, that feels so yummy! I mean… that’s
so disgusting!

I know that what Victor is doing to me is so ultra gay. When I think
about what he is doing it makes me sick. However, when I just focus on the
feeling of his lips I get such a rush of tingles.

The tingles feel like they are building up to something wonderful.
However, I already know it won’t lead to anything. With this cock cage on
me, in the end it will just be one vicious circle of frustration. Yet, my
body screams at me to take the journey anyway.

My body tells my brain to send the command to turn my head so I can
taste Victor’s lips and spit again. I need to taste it just a little
more… just one more time.

No! I can’t let myself give in to this! It’s not right! Not with
Victor! Not with any man!

I find the strength to stave back my body’s desire to participate.
However, I can’t bring myself to struggle against Victor’s advances. Not
that I would have much luck doing so anyway. Victor is way too big and
manly. I could make it hard for him but in the end he could easily hold me
down and do anything he wanted with me. The thought sends a shiver of
fear, yet a perverse kind of excitement down my spine.

“Please, Uncle Victor,” I whisper as he leans away and then nudges my
head down towards his cock.

“There’s no need to beg sugar,” Victor whispers back. “Uncle Victor is
going to give you exactly what you want.”

I don’t want to have anything to do with his cock and he knows it. I
blush though knowing how he will probably relay my begging to my father. I
have more pressing concerns to worry about though. Like what exactly does
Victor want from me? I don’t have to wait long for the answer to my

“Put the tip in your mouth and jack me off,” he orders. “If you know
what is good for you then you won’t get a drop on my trousers.”

The tone that Victor uses is unlike any I’ve heard him use before. His
voice is still calm but the manner in which he said it makes it clear this
is not an idle threat. I will do as he says and do it well or the
consequences will be significantly worse than the act itself.

What could possibly be worse than sucking Victor’s dick? That is not
something I wish to contemplate. Nor is it a threat I wish to test. If
the last few days have taught me anything, it is that there are worse
things they can think of and that they are more than willing to see them

“Good girl,” Victor says as I slide down towards his cock.

My fingers tremble as I reach out and grasp his dick. It is hot and
hard, yet soft and spongy at the same time. I’ve touched my own dick
countless times, yet had never really noticed how it felt to my fingers. I
was always more focused on the feelings coming from my dick.

I hear Victor moan as I slowly slide my fingers up and down his shaft.
He moans even louder when my lips finally touch the tip.

The tip of his dick is covered in dick slobber and my mouth is instantly
filled with his flavor. There isn’t much taste to it but it still somehow
seems manly. It’s not just the flavor but the knowledge of where and whom
the substance is coming from.

I want to spit the precum out but I don’t dare. I get the feeling that
my punishment for doing so would be much worse than just a spanking. I
don’t think I could handle a punishment right now. Not after everything
I’ve been through in the last few days.

I dread the thought of them putting my gag and piss tube back in. Or
worse, they might actually inject my ass with water and then hook the tube
up to my ass plug like Casey threatened. The thought of drinking my enema
is enough to almost make me throw up.

This last thought brings an even worse one. I remember seeing a plug
that had a 1.5 inch hole going through it. I also remember a gag in a
different cabinet with a similar hole. All it would take is a long hose to
connect the two and I would be doing more than just drinking enema water.
God, I hope that is not the purpose of those two items. I don’t remember
seeing any hose that would work for that purpose. However, that doesn’t
mean one couldn’t be acquired.

STOP! I can’t let my imagination run away like that. They would never
do such a thing. I tell myself this but I’m far from convinced. The only
acceptable course of action is to obey so I won’t have to find out exactly
how horrible things could become.

“Suck on the tip,” Victor commands.

My lips are already on it so sucking on the tip won’t be any worse. How
wrong I am. As I apply suction a short stream of precum shoots into my
mouth. It coats my tongue and I get an even better taste of Victor. It’s
still not a strong flavor, but it does dominate my taste buds.

I remove my lips from his dick for a few seconds as further analyze the
flavor. It really isn’t that bad but I’m still disgusted with it. I close
my mouth and eyes tight as I force myself to swallow the gunk. I need to
cum so bad that even this disgusting act somehow sends a perverse thrill
down my body.

I put my lips back on his dick and get another short burst of precum as
I suck again. This time I swallow without removing my lips.

I expect Victor to force my mouth down on his dick but he doesn’t. He
just lays back and lets me masturbate him. I see this as an act of mercy
on his part. We both know that I will suck him deeper if he orders me too.
I reward his kindness by working his dick vigorously with my right hand. I
cringe in disgust as I move my left hand down to play with his balls as

“Good girl!” Victor praises when my fingers start toying with his nuts.
“I knew you would be good at this.”

I can feel my face turn red in embarrassment. I shouldn’t have played
with his balls without being ordered to do so first. Now he probably
thinks I’m actually enjoying this sick shit.

I want to bite his dick or something to show him how much I hate this.
I’m too scared though of what might happen. So, I just keep trying my best
to please him.

As I work on his dick, I see his legs spread wider. He then sits up and
starts nudging me again. It takes me only a second to realize he wants me
kneeling between his spread legs. I crawl into place and then lean down.

“You should always look your man in the eye when you suck his dick,”
Victor tells me.

I freeze for an instant when I hear this. I don’t want to look Victor
in the eye. Not while I have his dick in my mouth. I just can’t! Yet, I
fear what will happen if I don’t. It takes a moment but my fear finally
overrides my embarrassment. I angle my head slightly and look up.

Oh God! Looking Victor in the eye while I do this is ten times worse
than I thought it would be. At least before I could pretend it wasn’t
Victor’s dick I was sucking. In fact, after it was over we could have both
pretended it never happened at all. That is impossible now. From this day
forward I will never be able to look at Victor without thinking of the feel
and taste of his dick.

It takes a lot of my will power to continue pleasuring Victor. It takes
even more to keep from crying. Unfortunately, I’m so focused on these two
things that I let my guard down in others.

One key area I forget to keep tabs on is my desire. Or, maybe passion
is a better word. Whatever it is, I know it is a result of my cock cage.
So focused on other things, I don’t even notice it sneak up on me. One
moment I’m looking up at Victor in humiliation and the next I’m kind of
swimming in his brown dreamy eyes.

Yeah, I said “dreamy”. Believe me, I know how gay that sounds.
However, that is the best I can describe the sensations I’m feeling. It is
like I’m sexually aroused but on an emotional level more than a physical
one. Of course, with this cock cage in place my body has no other option

Eventually, I realize what is happening and drag myself back to reality.
A part of me actually struggles to continue swimming in Victor’s brown
pools. It is so much better in those pools. There is only minor
humiliation or disgust there. It is far from being enjoyable, but it is
much better than I’ve felt in the past week.

The only problem is that it comes with a price. That price is
“acceptance”. I just can’t allow myself to pay such a price. I understand
the concepts behind brainwashing and stuff. I know that eventually they
will wear me down to the point that this seems an acceptable price.
However, that day isn’t today.

I continue to follow my orders but I force myself to face the
humiliation of it. That humiliation is great also. Especially when the
look in Victor’s eyes become more determined. I can just tell he is
nearing his climax.

You have no idea how hard it is to keep from pulling away. I’ve gone
this far though and it would be all for nothing if I gave up now. As I
look in his eyes I can tell he is reaching his peak. The cum will be
shooting into my mouth any second now. Any second. Any second. God, here
it comes!

Sure enough, I read his eyes perfectly. First I feel his dick expand.
My thumb is against the soft underside of his dick and I feel something
pulse up the stem. At the same moment a large hot gush of cum fires into
my mouth.

Victor’s cum tastes strong and manly, just like I knew it would. The
first shot coats the entire cavern of my mouth with goo. I already know my
brain is burning the taste into my memory. I will no doubt be imagining
his taste long after my mouth is fully cleaned.

“Good girl!” Victor moans as he continues to climax. “Show daddy how
much you like that cum!”

I start to process what he just said but I’m interrupted by another jet
of cum in my mouth. This, along with the head of his dick, put my mouth at
full capacity. I know what has to be done so I do it. I continue to stare
into Victor’s eyes as I force myself to swallow.

The cum is hot and viscous and it leaves a trail of slime all the way
down my throat. It’s extremely disgusting but I don’t have time to worry
about it. I’m more worried about all the cum that is still shooting into
my mouth. It becomes a battle to see if I can swallow faster than Victor
feeds me. The battle only lasts about 30 seconds but it seems an eternity.
In the end, I win the battle. Well, I swallow it all without spilling
any… if you want to call that a victory.

After the climax is over I expect Victor to push me away in disgust.
That is what I wanted to do over the weekend when Danielle had sucked me
off. However, Victor just lets me continue.

While his climax is over, I still get a slow ooze of juice from his
dick. I’m guessing this is what always stains my underwear after I
masturbate. My mouth is still thickly coated with his cum and it is hard
to judge the flavor of this ooze. I can only guess it is a mixture of cum
and what would normally be precum.

I don’t want to think about the flavor; however it distracts me from the
look in Victor’s eyes. It’s a different look than before. It is one that
I can’t easily determine… one that I don’t want to decipher. Maybe he is
ashamed of me now. Maybe he is thinking about what he will tell my father.
Or, maybe he is just thinking about his taxes. I don’t know and I don’t
want to know. I just can’t handle any more embarrassment today.

“Don’t spill a drop,” he reminds me.

Um, it’s a bit fucking late to be reminding me now. I know he could
tell I swallowed his load. Why bother telling…

“Oh, God!” the voice in my head screams as a stream of hot piss shoots
into my mouth.

My throat somehow starts swallowing before I even send the command. It
is just pure instinct now whenever I taste the foul substance.

I chug the piss as fast as it comes. And it is coming very fast. It is
like Victor is trying to get me to spill some of it on his pants. My hand
is still on his dick and it is tempting to squeeze it in order to slow the
flow down. However, I can tell this is some kind of test. I’ve come too
far to fail now. So, I focus just on swallowing.

It takes almost 40 seconds for his stream to stop. I’m amazed at how
much there is. He must have a well-trained dick. I’m certain I wouldn’t
have been able to cum if I had to piss that bad.

I give him my best look of defiance/victory as the last of his piss goes
down my throat. I win! You lose! I even remember to suck on the tip and
use my fingers to squeegee the last few drops out of him.

The odd thing is that he is giving me the same exact look of victory.
For a second I get scared that I might have spilled some. However, I know
I didn’t. So, why the look? I can only guess that this was a test and he
was rooting for me to pass it. That he didn’t want to see me suffer more.
I know there are much worse explanations for his expression. However, I
like this one best. It makes me feel good to think he might have sympathy
for me.

“Good girl,” Victor praises as he finally pulls away from me. “Next
week we will try deep throat. You might want to practice with dildos or
something over the weekend.”

So much for the sympathy. I guess he is at least giving me a heads up.

I just kneel there and blush as I watch him put his cock away and zip
up. He then gives me a kiss on the forehead and leaves the room.

I sit there staring blankly at the door for over a minute before I snap
out of it. I probably would have spaced out like that much longer but I
could feel his piss and cum churning around in my belly. It’s disgusting
but nothing I haven’t experienced before. I easily keep my stomach under

I turn my attention to the TV and see that it is time to switch to my
next class. I guess I didn’t notice the bell ring again.

As I watch the next class I wonder if he is serious about me deep
throating him next week. He sounded serious. However, he’s not my
trainer. Or at least I hope they didn’t make him my trainer.

I then remember the video of him teaching my sister, Amber, how to suck
cock. I’m pretty positive that my sister never had Victor as a teacher
until she was about 11 years old. That means he probably requested the
right to teach her the “art”. I wonder if he taught my other sisters as

I also wonder if he actually asked for the right to do this or if my
father requested him by name. It did make sense that my father would want
someone he trusted to give his daughters their first taste of cock. Is it
possible my father requested Victor for me also?

If that is true then I’m not sure how I should feel about it. I guess
it depends on my father’s motives. It is a good thing if he is doing it
because he cares. However, it is possible he only requested Victor so the
two of them could joke and talk shit about it with each other.


The rest of Thursday goes pretty smooth. Well, smooth compared to my
time with Victor. Two other instructors visit me. Both barge into my room
mid class. Both also make me drink their piss while they lay in the bed.

One of them brings me a pair of fresh pink panties. I’m thankful for
the replacement pair but the guy makes me put them on and model them for
him. It’s very embarrassing.

Luckily, neither he nor the other guy asks me to jack them off.

I’m also lucky that they spaced the men apart by several hours. This
gives my body time to process most of the piss through my system. Though,
I would have preferred some of the medicine from yesterday that made me
throw up.

Technically, the medicine is worse since it makes me taste the piss
twice. Once going down and once coming up. However, at least the piss was
out of my body after that.

Without the medicine I have to sit here and think about the fact that
their piss is being absorbed by my body. I’m certain most of it goes right
to my bladder. However, some surely gets used elsewhere. I know it is
just my imagination but I swear I can feel remnants of their piss working
its way throughout my body. It is so disgusting that I feel almost like I
have ants crawling all over me.

The only good news of the day is that it barely stings anymore when I
pee. Of course, peeing is still a humiliating act. Ever since they put
this cage on me I haven’t been able to pee standing up unless I’m in the

It feels so silly and embarrassing to sit on the toilet just to pee. I
never seem to get it all out either in the sitting position. I will think
I’m done but when I stand I kind of feel like I need to pee still. Sit
back down and I can’t get any to come out. The feeling isn’t that
noticeable but it is still there in the back of my head constantly. I
can’t help but wonder if girls feel this way all the time.

For some reason my nightmares are worse this night. I can only guess
that it is because I wasn’t as mentally and physically exhausted when I
went to bed. Not compared to the prior nights.

These nightmares have similar subjects as the prior nights, but they are
significantly more vivid. The dreams seem so real that each time I wake it
takes me over a minute to convince myself it is only a dream.

I wake at 5 a.m. to the sound of the clock radio alarm. If I was at
home I would lay here and listen to the radio for at least 10 minutes.
However, this building is all brick and concrete and the static that comes
from the radio is far from pleasing.

As I go about my morning routine of getting ready I start to wonder if I
even have official trainers anymore. I’ve only seen Drew and Casey briefly
in the past couple days. I wouldn’t exactly say I miss them. However, I
do miss being around people. My visits yesterday really didn’t count.
Those were just people using me as a toilet.

I frown when I find only dog food in the cabinet again. It has been 24
hours since my last real meal and I’m too hungry to pass on breakfast. I
reluctantly fill my bowls and carry them to my mat. I think about filling
them only half way but I’m sure I’m being watched. They never said I had
to fill the bowls all the way but I’m sure I would still get into trouble.

The day turns out to be almost an exact duplicate of the day before.
First the Dean visits and then three men later in the day. Thankfully,
Victor was not one of the three men. Nor did any of them make me
masturbate them.

Believe it or not, this day scared me a great deal. Was this how my
routine was going to be from now on? No contact with anyone unless they
plan to use me for a toilet? By the end of the day I almost wished someone
would come to my room and make me jack them off. Emphasis on “almost”. It
wouldn’t exactly be social interaction but at least they would be treating
me like a person and not just a toilet.

The nightmares this night were just as vivid. What really scares me
about them though isn’t the vulgar shit taking place in them but the fact
that my dream self is enjoying the activities.

Each time I wake up I chastise my dream self for enjoying such
disgusting things… especially when it is a dream of me sucking on
Victor’s dick. Once I even suck my dad’s dick. I cry for 10 minutes after
I wake from that dream. I just can’t believe my dream self could enjoy
something so horrible.

The only upside to the dreams is that I normally don’t have my cock cage
on in the dream. Sometimes I even climax in the dream. Though, it doesn’t
quite feel the same as a real cum. It is kind of like I reach climax but
don’t quite go over the top. Each time I wake up and immediately reach for
my cock so I can finish the journey. Of course, each time all I find is
cold steel. Damn this cock cage!

I wake Saturday, not even realizing its Saturday. I’ve been keeping
constant track of the exact hour, but somehow I forgot what day it is. I
guess it is because this week seemed to last so long. It was such a
horrible week that it really felt like a month had passed.

I go through my morning bathroom routine. When I leave the bathroom I
get a big surprise.

“Danielle!” I yell with glee.

Danielle is waiting for me near the makeup area and I run to her. After
I close the distance I give her a big hug. She is wearing a yellow
sundress and I can feel the curves of her body through the thin material.
Danielle looks pretty in the dress but it isn’t what I would have chosen.
It’s the middle of December after all. I would have gone with something a
bit warmer. Granted, I doubt Danielle gets to go outside much.

Danielle is pleased to see me also and gives me a kiss. I eagerly
return the kiss. The kiss goes from friendly to passionate. It lasts for
almost a minute before we part. I then blush when I remember she is really
a he.

Boy or not, the intimacy does feel good. I’m not saying I want to kiss
guys now. You just have to keep in mind that I’m pretty positive that
Danielle really likes me. Probably even loves me. Even if I don’t love
her back doesn’t mean it doesn’t still feel good to know she feels that way
toward me. Wait, not her… I mean him. You know what I mean.

“I missed you so much!” I say as we finally part.

I almost start to tell him about how horrible my week was. However, I
realize he will probably want details. That of course is assuming he
doesn’t already know the details. It’s not like he couldn’t have snuck
into the observation room during the week. God, I hope he didn’t do that.
The odds are slim though. I would bet that going into someone else’s
observation room without permission is a punishable offense. I would hope
no one would dare give him such permission.

I can’t hold everything back though.

“They… they put my penis in a cage,” I whisper to him.

I position myself so that Danielle is between me and the camera. I then
raise the front of my skirt and pull my panties down a little so he can
see. Danielle gives a small laugh before he can catch himself. It angers
me a little but I really can’t blame him. I probably would have found it a
little funny also if it wasn’t me wearing the thing.

I think Danielle realizes how concerned I am about it, because he
reaches in and gives me another hug.

“Don’t worry, they make all of us wear one from time to time. They
won’t make you wear it forever,” he assures me. “Or at least I’ve never
heard of anyone having to wear one permanently.”

Danielle sounds at least 99 percent sure this is only temporary. This
is very good news.

“How long will they make me wear it?” I ask.

After I say this I realize I should have really asked how long they made
Danielle wear his. It’s basically the same question but I would have
sounded a little less self-centered. Danielle is my friend after all. If
he had to wear one of these then I should show at least a little concern
for how much he had to suffer with it.

“They normally make us wear them for a week or two here and there,” he
informs me. “This is your first time. They might leave you in it much
longer. A month is the longest I’ve ever heard of.”

A MONTH! I will die if I have to wear this for another three weeks. My
balls already feel like they are going to explode. They hurt even when I
walk now.

“You get used to it,” Danielle assures me.

I know he is just trying to comfort me but it isn’t helping. There is
no way I could ever get used to this damn thing. Even if my nuts stopped
hurting there is still the constant aggravation of not being able to
climax. I had my first climax only a year ago, but I’ve had 2 or more a day
since then. Going without them for just a day feels horrible.

There are more questions I want to ask about the cage but I let the
subject drop… for now. Instead, we start chatting about this and that
while we do my makeup. It feels so good to be chatting with someone again.
I get so emotional about it that several times I get the urge to give
Danielle another big hug. I hold myself back though. I wouldn’t want to
give Danielle the wrong impression.

We have a lot more to talk about today. This is thanks to the fact that
I’m technically taking classes now. Half of it is just gossip type stuff.
Like who got into trouble and what their punishment was. Also, who seems
nice and who doesn’t.

Danielle even gets me into a discussion on which teachers have the best
looking cock. I felt odd in the discussion but I would be lying if I said
I hadn’t already judged them all. Of course, I judged them for different
reasons than Danielle did.

Danielle has firsthand knowledge of how the cocks feel in his throat or
asshole. Therefore it is this that he focuses on most. Me, I judge them
more on how good of a fit they seemed to be with the girls in my classes.
If the cock was too big then the girls seldom could get it all the way in
their throat or other holes. This made for a boring display normally. The
smallest cocks were still almost 8 inches long and they looked hot going
down little girls’ throats. However, the best ones were in between. These
fit into the girls but just barely. It was hot watching the girls struggle
with them.

I explain all of this to Danielle. Toward the end though I realize that
one day it could me struggling with those dicks. I quickly change the

There are a few embarrassing moments but overall I enjoy our chat.
However, the whole time the key thing on my mind is how I can talk Danielle
into helping me escape. This week was horrible and next week is probably
going to be just as bad; especially if Victor is really going to start
teaching me how to deep throat.

Had you asked me a week ago I’m positive I would have preferred to suck
a dick rather than drink someone’s pee. However, drinking pee doesn’t seem
that bad now. Well, it’s still horrible, but it doesn’t seem as bad as
other things… if that makes any sense.

You would think I would feel the same way about sucking dick. After
all, I’ve eaten a lot of cum in the past week. I’ve also put my lips on a
few dicks. So, actually sucking a cock off shouldn’t be that different.
But it is very different.

Eating cum is just that. It’s swallowing a foul substance. Not much
different than drinking pee I guess. Putting my lips on Victor’s dick and
jacking him off was a little more “intimate”. However, sucking someone off
is actually making love… in a gay kind of way anyway. Once I do that
then I will truly be homosexual. I’m not sure I can deal with having that
title. I would be the disgrace of my family. My friends would disown me
as well.

The problem I have though is that if I ask Danielle for help he will
probably report me. I know he is a friend but he probably would honestly
think he is doing me a favor by reporting me. I can already tell he feels
honored to be part of this school. He also feels it is natural to dress up
like a girl.

“You know what we should do?” I whisper as I come up with an idea.

“What?” Danielle whispers back.

“We should move the Dean’s desk and stuff into the courtyard,” I say
with my best giggle.

This is a tradition in the school. I only know about it because some
kids did it about a week after I started working here. I didn’t find it
all that fucking funny at the time though since I had to help put all the
shit back. It made for a good way to ask Danielle for help escaping though
without actually asking.

In order to pull it off Danielle would have to get me out of this
collar. He would also have to get us into the Dean’s office which I knew
has a good size window leading outside. It is on the 2nd floor but I could
handle the drop. All of the guards would be running to the 2nd floor also
when the alarm went off. This would give me an extra head start.

Danielle smiles when I suggest this. This is the ultimate prank at the
school. Only a few kids have the balls to attempt it and only one group
normally gets away with it each year. Those kids often became heroes to
all the rest. Yeah, this definitely appeals to Danielle. Actually being
inside the school already after normal hours gives us an advantage.

I can see the wheels spinning in his head. However, after a moment his
smile suddenly disappears.

“We can’t,” he pouts. “Someone did it just a few weeks ago. If we do
it again so soon then the Dean won’t be such a sport about it. He will
probably punish everyone in the school. I don’t want to be responsible for
that. Besides, your collar will shock you if you leave this area. Maybe
we can try in a couple months.”

I’ve been thinking about ways to protect my neck from the collar. Maybe
put some plastic between my neck and the collar or something. However, I
was hoping Danielle knew how to just remove it. After all, I have no idea
if my ideas would work. Plus, even if they did I would stick out like a
sore thumb. You have to keep in mind that I have to escape from this whole
damn state, not just the school. The last thing I would want to do is draw
attention to myself.

“Yeah, you are probably right,” I yield.

“Would you like to make another trade?” Danielle whispers when it comes
time for my breakfast.

I blush. He is talking about the trade we made last week where I
provided sexual favors in exchange for real food. It sounded like a good
deal last week but not today. I still can’t stand the taste of the dog
food but I remember the sexual stuff last week being much worse than I

“I think I will stick with the dog food this week,” I reply.

Danielle frowns and I feel like such an ass. I can’t believe I just
told Danielle I would rather eat dog food than be intimate with him. It’s
true but I could have worded it much better.

“I don’t want to get you into trouble,” I quickly add. “I think the
Dean found out about last week. He might get upset if we do it again.”

“He won’t mind,” Danielle counters. “It is okay as long as we write it
off as training… unless you just don’t want to do anything with me.”

Danielle gives an exaggerated pout as he says this. I feel bad but not
enough to give in.

“It’s not that,” I assure him. “I just know the Dean didn’t look happy
about it.”

“That’s a shame,” Danielle finally gives in. “I was going to teach you
how to cum while wearing a cage.”

This grabs my attention.

“That’s not possible,” I say. “Is it?”

“Well, yes and no,” he replies. “It doesn’t feel the same as a normal
climax but you can still get the cum to come out. It will make you feel
much better… especially your balls.”

Danielle sounds sincere but I’m still rather skeptical. That said, even
if there is a small chance he is telling the truth then it is worth the

“What kind of food do you have this week?” I ask, trying to play up the
food aspect.

Danielle giggles. I can tell he knows I’ve already made up my mind
again. He also knows my decision has nothing to do with the food.

“Well, let’s see,” he says.

To my surprise, he doesn’t go to the guest room. Instead, he skips over
to my refrigerator. I quickly follow. Sure enough, when he opens the door
there is a variety of human food inside.

“This is all yours to eat whenever you want,” he informed me with a
giggle. “They told me they were putting it here yesterday.”

REAL FOOD! I can’t believe I have real food! Not only that but I can
eat it whenever I want. Casey came through after all. You have no idea
how happy I am right now.

Then I realize I just got played by Danielle. I give him an angry look.

“You don’t have to stick to the deal,” he laughs. “I was just playing
with you. I really can teach you how to cum with the cage though.”

“Can you teach me how to do that anyway?” I ask after a moment.

“Of course, silly!” he replies.

It is unclear whether he still expects to be given sexual favors in
exchange. Of course, the very nature of what he plans to teach me is
clearly sexual. I cringe at the thought of doing something sexual with
Danielle again but it is well worth the price if he can really show me how
to relieve some of the pressure.

It is tempting to skip breakfast and go straight to the training.
However, I’m very hungry. I’m also worried they might change their mind
and come in and take all the food away. It is better to eat it while I

I decide on a ham sandwich. There is no salt and pepper. Not even
mayonnaise or ketchup. Still, it tastes so good.

As I eat I verify what Danielle said earlier about the food. She
confirms that I can eat the food whenever I like. Not just the mornings.
The only catch is that the fridge will only be restocked once a week. I
estimate there is only maybe 4 days’ worth of food… if I eat normally
anyway. However, I know I can easily stretch it out to a week. I frown a
little though as Danielle makes a sandwich as well. The food will run out
significantly faster if both of us have to share it on the weekends. I
don’t say anything though. I’m sure he will share some of his food also.

After we finish eating we head to the guest room. There I find yet
another big surprise.

“I thought you might want these,” Danielle says as she motions toward a

Books! My class books to be specific. I know it sounds silly, but
getting the books almost makes me jump for joy. I would now be able to
better understand some of the topics being taught in the classes. I could
also do the reading assignments. Yeah, sitting in this room gets pretty
boring at times. Plus, I just know that reading the books will provide a
nice temporary escape from all the nasty sex shit I’m being subjected too.

I know I’m over reacting to the gift but I just can’t help it. After
the week I’ve had I think my reaction is understandable. I feel almost as
joyful as when I saw Danielle in my room earlier. Before I know it I’m
hugging Danielle again. Of course, Danielle misinterprets the hug and
gives me a kiss. The kiss is long and wet. I want to pull away in disgust
but I also don’t want to hurt Danielle’s feelings. Plus, despite the
disgust, the closeness does feel a little yummy… in a non-gay kind of way
of course.

We break the kiss after a minute. Danielle licks his lips and gives me
his best seductive stare. I blush and turn away. I’m embarrassed and
ashamed for enjoying the kiss so much.

“Have you selected a mentor yet?” Danielle asks as I pull one of the
books off the shelf and start to glance through it.

“A what?” I reply as I look back to Danielle in confusion.

“Every student gets a mentor,” Danielle explains. “It’s like an
instructor. Only they provide specialized training and guidance throughout
your time at the school. Most of it is done after normal school hours…
usually on the weekends.”

This confuses me. I have three sisters enrolled in the school and I’ve
never heard anything about mentors. However, now that I think about it my
sisters normally are away from the house a lot on the weekends. I always
just assumed they were over at friends’ houses. Is it possible they were
spending time with their mentors?

“What kind of training?” I ask as I lay the book down and take a seat on
the edge of the bed.

“All kinds of stuff,” Danielle says. “It all depends on what you are
having trouble with. Female students share a mentor with up to 20 or 30
other girls. So, they normally don’t get a ton of one on one time with
their mentor. Usually they are trained 6 at a time. We are lucky though.
We only have to share our mentors with maybe 5 to 10 other students;
usually just other boys and the girls that know about the boys. That means
we get a lot more time with our mentors… almost every weekend.”

Yeah, lucky… not! Not only do they expect us to work our ass off at
school each day but they plan to monopolize our weekends as well? That’s
bullshit! Well, I mean if I was going to stick around that would be

“Who… who do you think my mentor will be?” I ask, not too sure I
really want to know.

“Well, you get to choose,” Danielle informs me. “However, they will
only give you a few people to choose from.”

Danielle then leans in toward me.

“I think I know who 3 of them might be,” he whispers. “The Dean will
definitely be one of them. Your dad will almost certainly be another.
Victor Gomez is a mentor for two of your sisters so rumor has it that he
will be on the list also.”

I swallow hard. That is hardly a dream list. I don’t want any of these
as my mentor. Not if I’m going to have to do… um, stuff with them a lot.
The sad thing is that my father would probably be the best choice. He is
less likely to make me do nasty gay shit. However, what if I’m wrong? I
would just die of embarrassment to have to do anything with him. Victor
falls into that same category. However, the Dean is completely out of the
question. He doesn’t seem to like me. Plus, his dick is the biggest I’ve
ever seen. I would hate having to please that huge thing on a regular

“I think the doctor will be on the list also,” I say when I remember
something. “He said something a few days ago about hoping I pick him for

“Oh, I forgot him,” Danielle said. “He’s on everyone’s list. No one
ever picks him though.”

“Why not?” I ask.

“Well, its only gossip,” Danielle whispers as he sits on the bed next to
me. “You have to promise not to tell anyone I said anything.”

I make a zipping signal across my lips… like I would have anyone to
tell anyway.

“They say he can’t get… you know… hard,” Danielle whispers as she
looks toward the door to make sure no one has snuck in. “The worst part
though is that he enjoys causing pain to boys… lots of pain. I think he
is jealous because we can get hard and he can’t. It’s just rumor though.
I’ve never actually met anyone that had him as a mentor.”

Thinking back to my visits with the doctor, I conclude that the rumors
are probably correct. I never once saw the man get hard. And he
definitely seemed to go out of his way to cause me pain.

As horrible of a choice the doctor might be, I’m not necessarily going
to cross him off my list quite yet. The pain he has caused me is pretty
horrible but at least with him I wouldn’t have to worry about doing gay
shit. Of course, I would be his only student which would mean
significantly more one on one time.

It’s a hard choice, but with luck I will be long gone by the time any
decision I make is implemented. Or at least I pray that is the case.

“Who’s your sponsor?” I ask.

Danielle blushes.

“You don’t have to tell me,” I quickly add.

I only asked out of curiosity. I didn’t mean to cause him any
embarrassment. And it certainly must be embarrassing if it is enough to
make Danielle blush.

“It’s okay,” Danielle assures me. “It’s just not something students
normally talk about. We all know who each other’s mentors are but it can
be awkward and embarrassing to talk about. You do a lot of naughty things
with your mentor both during and after school. Plus, I have extra reasons
to be embarrassed.”

Danielle mumbles this last sentence. However, it is this part that
interests me the most. Why would he have extra reason to be embarrassed?
Is it because he is a boy and not a girl? I doubt this. Danielle doesn’t
seem ashamed of being a sissy.

“Why would you be extra embarrassed?” I ask after a moment.

I know it is cruel of me to ask the question. Danielle clearly doesn’t
want to talk about it. However, it concerns me that there is something
about this place that bothers even Danielle.

“He’s… he’s my daddy,” Danielle whispers with a blush. “My real

This I was not expecting. It’s common knowledge that a lot of teachers
and other employees have children that are currently students or have
graduated already from the school. However, percentage wise it is pretty
low. What are the odds of Danielle and I both having parents that work at
the school? A horrible thought suddenly occurs to me.

“It’s the Dean, isn’t it?” I say as I scoot a couple feet away from him.

Danielle nods but I already know I’m right. There are little facts here
and there that point to this, but it is more of a feeling than anything
else. It just somehow all fits together.

As I think about this I start to remember things from my childhood.
Specifically, things about Christmas and other events that I saw the Dean
at. I vaguely remember a little blonde girl that almost always attended as
well. The girls almost always hung out with the other girls and the boys
with the boys. So, I never got to know the girl’s name. Nor did I really
care that much about girls back then. I can’t even really put a face to
the girl, but I bet it was Danielle.

This little flashback is interesting, but there are bigger issues that
come to mind. For example, it seems an awfully big coincidence that I end
up in here on the weekends with Danielle. The Dean clearly arranged this.

God! It’s even worse than that! I don’t think the Dean was the only
one in on all of this. I asked several people, including my sisters, about
Danielle. Not a single one of them hinted that he/she was related to the
Dean. That’s a pretty fucking big nugget of information to just happen to
leave out.

I blush when I realize my sisters might have played a role in framing
me. I’m extremely pissed off at them but I’m even more embarrassed because
this means they probably know what is happening to me right now.

It’s so humiliating that I start to cry. I’m sure they don’t know
exactly what is happening to me but they probably have a good idea. I also
cry because I know they betrayed me. I expect as much from Beth and Mary.
However, I would have never expected this from Amber.

It is possible that Amber and everyone else in the school don’t know
Danielle is related to the Dean. However, I find that unlikely.

“I’m sorry,” Danielle says when he sees me start to cry. “I didn’t have
any choice.”

What? Why is he sorry? Did he play a role in the plot also? There is
clearly something he thinks I’ve already figured out. I remain quiet for a
moment, trying to figure out what it could possibly be. I can’t though.
Luckily, Danielle volunteers the information.

“Daddy made me seduce you,” Danielle said as he looked down at the bed
in shame. “I really like you though! I really do!”

Seduce me? When did he ever seduce me? I never even spoke to him until
after the trap was already sprung.

I put my hand over my mouth in shock as it suddenly comes to me. There
is more to seduction than just words. One of my classes earlier in the
week taught me that.

I start remembering every time I saw Danielle in the class or hallways.
The way he would walk, fiddle with his hair, look my direction and then
shyly look away. Danielle seduced me! I fell for it hook and sinker also.
I had a huge crush on Danielle and we never even spoke to each other. I
can’t believe how easily I had been manipulated.

My shock is quickly replaced with anger. Danielle is about my only
remaining friend. Yet, I now find that even he was in on all of this. I
never felt so betrayed.

I also never felt so alone. Everyone seems to have played a part in

“I didn’t want them to do all of this to you,” Danielle pleads. “Well,
not really. I mean, I like that it allows me to be with you, but I hate
that it is being done against your will.”

I hear Danielle talking but I’m too upset to really listen. I’m also a
little confused. If everyone is in on this then why bother with the whole
charade? I’m too upset though to give it much thought right now. I just
lie down on the bed and curl up in a ball.

Danielle continues to plead his case for a couple minutes but finally
quiets down and lets me cry in silence.


I cry for at least a half hour. I cry not just over this new
information but for everything that has happened to me while locked up in
this damn place. I feel so hopeless and alone. I also feel so stupid and
weak… not just for falling into the trap but also for giving in so easily
to all the things they have demanded of me.

“W…will you help me to escape?” I finally whisper between sobs.

Danielle lays on the bed and spoons behind me. However, his silence
tells me the answer is “no”. A part of me wants to push him away, but
another part welcomes his embrace. It’s exactly what I need right now even
if I’m upset with him.

I’m not really that upset about him helping to trap me. Well, I was at
first but now I realize the Dean didn’t give him much choice. No, I’m more
upset that he only copped up to it after he thought I already figured it
out. It seriously makes me wonder how much I can trust him with stuff.

Of course, asking for his help to escape is going to put that trust to a
test. I said it low enough that only Danielle could hear it. So, if the
Dean or my trainers bring it up then I will know Danielle told them.

The way I see it though, I really have nothing to lose. My half hour
cry pretty much gave away the fact that I’m not adapting as well as I have
been trying to make them believe. At least this way I can find out for
sure whether I can trust him.

When I finally run out of tears I turn over so that I’m facing Danielle.
I’m not sure why. I guess I just want to read the expression on his face.
When his face does come into view I’m surprised to see him crying as well.
He isn’t crying as hard as I just was but the tears are there.

We stare into each other’s eyes. No words are spoken. His tears and
the sadness in his eyes tell more than words ever could. He might love it
here but I now know he truly understands why I don’t. I can also tell that
he would help me if he could.

There just isn’t anything he can do. Not without causing serious
problems for himself. I like to think I would be braver if I was in his
shoes. However, I know I wouldn’t be. He would be betraying everything he
knows. Plus, there is no way in hell I would want to be in his shoes once
the Dean found out. After all, the Dean is his father. The punishment
would probably be unimaginable.

As I think about this I lean in and give him a quick kiss on the lips. I
know it is wrong but it feels right. Not in a sexual way of course. Just
a nonverbal way of saying I understand how much he cares for me. And that
I appreciate him caring. Don’t ask why I didn’t just give him a hand shake
or something. I guess I just know this gesture is something he will better

To be honest, I didn’t put a lot of thought into the kiss. I just knew
the message I wanted to relay and the kiss is how I instinctively relayed
it. One second I’m looking into his eyes and the next my lips are on his.

The kiss only lasts a second. However, when I back away his lips
follow. A second later and we are kissing yet again. Only this time the
kiss is much more passionate. I blush when I realize what I just started.

I slide backward on the bed in a weak attempt to escape the kiss.
Danielle follows and somehow this maneuvers him on top of me. My blush
deepens but I make no further move to escape.

A part of me even welcomes the kiss. It is hard to explain why. In a
way, it is as though Danielle and I have something special that allows us
to escape this place… if only for a moment.

I know Danielle probably loves me. However, the longer this kiss lasts
the more confused I’m becoming in regards to how I feel about him. I know
I like him as a friend, but friends don’t kiss. Well, girls do sometimes
but not like this.

Is it possible my feelings for Danielle go deeper than friendship? I
tell myself that the answer is “no”. Yet, I cannot deny the fact that if
my cock cage was off right now I would probably do some nasty shit to him.
Of course, if my cage was off then I would do nasty shit to about anyone or

I write my feelings toward Danielle off as a side effect of the cock
cage. The estrogen is probably playing a part also. These things have to
be the cause because the alternative is too much for me to face right now.

I tell myself I should break away from the kiss while I still have the
strength. However, I fear I might have already passed the point of no
return. Our tongues dance and his warm body presses down against my own.
It feels so yummy and I convince myself that a few more seconds won’t hurt
anything. However, those few seconds turn into a minute, then two, then
three. Before I know it I’m totally lost in the embrace.

When Danielle does finally pull away I find myself following his lips as
he did mine earlier.

“We should get undressed before we wrinkle our clothes further,”
Danielle says as he pulls himself away from my lips again.

I don’t know what has come over me as I quickly undress. My eagerness
is embarrassing, but Danielle makes it worse by just sitting there and
watching me. He doesn’t laugh though. Nor does he seem to be judging me.
It is more like he is just admiring my nude body as it slowly comes into

“Fold them neatly,” he tells me as I’m about to toss my clothes off the

Now does not seem the time for neatness, but I know he is right. If I
just toss them on the floor they will become very wrinkled. Not that they
weren’t already. I fold them up and put them on the night stand.

“You can take the plug out also,” he informs me.

I grunt as the large plug pops out of my hole.

“Ah!” he says when I’m about to put my plug on the nightstand as well.
“Clean it first. A good girl always licks her plug clean.”

I blush at the command. He can’t really expect me to lick my plug clean
from now on? The stern look on his face tells me that he does. I don’t
want to obey but I also don’t want to get Danielle mad at me… I’m too
emotionally drained for that right now. I bring the plug to my lips and
start licking it clean. I’m extremely clean inside from my enemas but
there is still ass juice on it. Cleaning the plug is disgusting but I’ve
done worse lately.

Cleaning the plug diminishes my “desire” somewhat. However, I still
comply when Danielle asks me to help undress him.

First, he turns so I can unzip the back of his sundress. He slinks out
of it and then hands it to me. I quickly fold it neatly and then hand it
back so he can put it on the other nightstand.

Next I undo his bra. I nibble on my lower lip as he turns and I get a
good view of his breasts. I love small breasts and his are only a B-cup.
I’ve seen his breasts before but for some reason they seem much more
beautiful today.

I don’t want to have breasts. However, as I stare at his a part of me
is a little jealous that he has something that I don’t. It is a strong
contrast to the feelings I got last week when I saw his breasts. At that
time I had felt sorry for him. Sorry that they had disfigured him like
this. Now I feel happy for him since I know this is what he really wants.

Danielle gets up on his hands and knees and turns away from me. At
first I think he is just putting the bra on the nightstand. However, he
maintains the pose. A few seconds later he wiggles his rump back and forth
and gives a small giggle.

I get the hint and kneel behind him so I can pull his panties down.
Danielle’s cock pops out as I pull the panties off. I blush when I see how
hard he is. His cock is much smaller than mine when soft, but it is
virtually the same size when hard… about 7 inches long and 1.75 inches
thick. It doesn’t look the same though. His cock isn’t circumcised like
mine is.

His cock looks odd compared to what I’m used to seeing. Not ugly, just
different I guess. Only the tip of the head is sticking out from the
foreskin but I can see the outline of the rest of it underneath. Still, it
almost makes me want to pull the skin back so I can see what the rest of it
actually looks like. I’m not sure why I care… just curious I guess.

While his cock is similar in size, his nuts look bigger. They also hang
down much further than mine do. Or further than mine would if they weren’t
being hugged by the cock cage.

I pull the panties all the way off and hand them to Danielle. He puts
them on the nightstand. However, he remains on all fours. I blush when I
see him wiggle his rump again. He wants me to remove his plug.

This is a minor task compared to what I’ve been through. Still, I try
my best to remove it without touching him too much.

“Oh!” Danielle groans as the huge plug pops out.

Danielle finally turns around and sits back on the bed. I hand the plug
out to him but he just stares at me. My blush deepens when I realize he
wants me to clean his plug. The unspoken request makes me feel a little
ill and at first I’m not sure I can do it. I mean, cleaning your own plug
is one thing but cleaning someone else’s is quite another.

I inspect it closely and find it is rather clean. It takes me another
minute but I finally work up the nerve and let my tongue swipe across the
smooth surface. Just like my plug, Danielle’s has virtually no flavor to
it. It’s still a very gross task.

Danielle makes me lick it thoroughly before he finally reaches out for
it. I gladly hand it over. Danielle puts it with his clothes and then
lies back on the bed again. He then reaches out for my left hand with his

A few minutes ago the thought of making out with Danielle had somehow
seemed okay. I’m not so sure now though. Not after the humiliation of
undressing both of us and cleaning our plugs.

I hesitate only a moment before I extend my left hand out so he can take
it. As I suspected he would do, Danielle pulls me down on top of him. He
then puts his left hand behind my head and pulls my lips to his.

I accept the kiss, but I don’t enjoy it like I did earlier. Earlier it
had felt comforting. Now it just feels… well, gay. Or at least it does
at first. After a couple minutes I find myself starting to get lost in his
embrace again. Only this time our naked bodies are pressing and sliding
together. Oh my does that start to feel yummy.

A part of my brain starts screaming at me to pull away. That nothing
good will come of this. With the cock cage in place I can’t even cum. All
I will get out of this is lots of frustration followed by tons of
humiliation and embarrassment. Yet, my body needs relief and is screaming
to continue. It can’t seem to grasp the concept that relief isn’t

I pull Danielle tighter to myself and kiss him more passionately as my
body tries to reach climax. Of course, the goal just isn’t attainable.
Yet still I seek it out.

“Do you want me to show you how to cum?” Danielle asks when I come up
for air.

“God, yes!” I almost scream.

“Are you sure?” he says in a serious tone. “What we have to do is very

“Yes, please!” I beg.

A part of me is concerned by what Danielle has in mind. However, I
can’t imagine anything that could trump my current need to cum.

“Do you remember how I played with your ass clit last weekend?” Danielle

I blush. He is talking about when he put his hand inside my ass. I
think I will remember that until the day I die.

“Well…,” Danielle says and then pauses a moment. “Playing with your
clit is the only way to make you cum when you have a cage on. That’s part
of the reason they make you wear it. So you can learn how to use and enjoy
your clit more.”

That’s it? I guess I was expecting something different. I’m not sure
what. I feel kind of foolish though for not thinking of it myself. It’s
not like they didn’t introduce me to my clit already.

“Okay,” I say with a blush.

I’m not hot on the idea of having Danielle touch me down there again,
but at this point I would try about anything. Danielle stops me though
when I go to get up so he can reach my hole.

“The doctor said I can’t use my hand this weekend,” Danielle informs me.
“He said you are still recovering and my hand might be too big. I have
something slightly smaller though I can use.”

This confuses me for a moment. I then blush when I realize what he is
talking about. He wants to stick his dick in my ass! I’m not so sure
about this. Kissing is bad enough, but anal sex is… well, sex. Gay sex!

“I don’t know,” I whisper.

“Trust me, you will love it,” Danielle whispers back.

I think that is what scares me most… that I will actually like it.
The only thing that has gotten me through all this shit so far is the fact
that after all is said and done I can tell myself I did this or that nasty
thing because I had too. Not because I wanted too.

The price is way too high and I decide not to do it. However, before I
can say anything I feel the head of Danielle’s dick push against my ass
ring. I was so deep in thought that I hadn’t even noticed Danielle reach
down and position himself.

“I don’t think w…oh!” I let out when Danielle pushes up with his hips.

Danielle only pushes a couple inches inside but it sends a flood of
pleasurable sensations throughout my body. My toes curl up and all the
muscles in my body go taunt as a wave of pleasurable sparks shoots up my

“Oh, shit!” I groan before I can catch myself.

It feels similar to when I put my plug in, only amplified 100 times.
Danielle’s dick is virtually the same thickness as my plug. Therefore I
can only conclude that the extra sensations are because of the difference
in texture.

“Mmm,” I groan in pleasure as the dick slowly sinks deeper.

The dick is half way inside me when I realize that it is me pushing down
on it and not Danielle pushing up. I make a futile attempt to convince
myself to stop. However, the sensations are too great. I raise my upper
body until I’m in a partial sitting position. I then push down further.

“Oh!” Danielle purrs as the last of his dick sinks into my hole.

As I sit there I can feel Danielle’s warm meat throb inside me. It
feels so… alive. Maybe it is this element and not the texture that is
really causing all of these tingles. It’s so disgusting, yet somehow
thrilling at the same time.

“Good girl,” Danielle groans as I slowly raise myself up.

Danielle’s praise makes me blush further. I’m so humiliated that I
think about pulling myself completely off his dick and bringing this ordeal
to an end. However, when the tip of his dick reaches my anal ring I find
myself pushing back down again.

I’m fucking Danielle! I can’t believe I’m actually doing this! I
should stop! I should stop! Yet, I fear it is way too late for that. The
pleasure sensation is just too great as Danielle’s devilish cock presses
against and then glides across my ass clit.

As I raise myself up once more, I realize that my life will never be the
same again. I’m officially gay now… even if I don’t want to be. I start
to cry, but I’m not so sure these tears are a result of this dreaded
thought. These tears are coming from somewhere deeper inside me. There is
a lot of pleasure coming from my clit, but there is also this flood of
strong emotions coming from inside me as well.

It is hard to put a finger on any one of these emotions. It is like
every possible emotion is being generated and swirled around inside me like
a tornado. Sadness, joy, disgust, fear, anger, love… all of these and
more swirl around.

The only thing that seems to keep me from exploding is the fact that I
don’t have to face these feelings alone. Danielle and I are linked as one
and together we are stronger than I alone could ever be. It doesn’t matter
if I don’t like the way we are currently bound together. The fact is we
are and I need every ounce of strength I can find to survive this.

“God, that feels good!”

I blush further. I can’t believe I just said that out loud! Yet, it is
true. Even with the humiliation I can’t help but speed up my thrusts. The
feel of Danielle’s dick bumping and rubbing against my clit is just too

I of course know my prostate isn’t actually inside my asshole. There is
only a thin layer of skin though separating the two. Plus, I’m pretty
certain that the shots the doctor gave me had something in them that is
making my clit extra sensitive. Or at least I hope so. Because if rubbing
my clit is always going to be this pleasurable then I fear I will quickly
get addicted to it.

God, please don’t let me get addicted to this! I already know I will
though… just like I quickly got addicted to masturbating a year ago. I
tell myself not to worry too much about it; that I don’t have to continue
having sex with boys in order to meet the addiction. There are dildos and
such I could always use. I tell myself this but I’m not too sure it will
be quite the same.

Somehow, the sparks inside me grow brighter at the depraved disgusting
thought of craving dick for the rest of my life. The horror of it just
feeds the tornado.

I’m now bouncing up and down on Danielle’s dick as fast and hard as I
can. Even the pain from my sore nuts somehow adds to my pleasure as they
slap against Danielle’s lower belly.

“Good girl,” I hear Danielle say in the background. “Be a good slut for

“I’ll be a good slut! I’ll be a good slut!”

I hear my voice say it but I’m so far gone that I’m not sure if it is
just in my head or if I’m actually saying it out loud. At this point I
don’t care.

It wouldn’t matter even if I did care. The tornado inside me is
self-sustaining now. It is ripping up fences, pulling houses from their
foundation… pretty much devouring everything in its path.

Then suddenly it somehow turns me inside out and I find myself enveloped
in some kind of bright white light. The light turns yellow then red.
Finally it turns black and my senses start coming back to me. I realize
the storm has passed. I open my eyes to see Danielle lovingly staring back
into mine. I start to cry again.

This time the tears are almost solely that of humiliation. I just had
sex with Danielle! I can’t believe I’m gay now! What I really can’t
believe though is how much I seemed to welcome it just a few moments ago.

“Such a nasty slut! Going to fuck a baby into you! Taking your

The stream of nasty words seem so out of place coming from someone as
innocent looking as Danielle.

My humiliation increases as I realize my ordeal is not over. Danielle
hasn’t cum yet. However, it is clear he isn’t far from it.

I no longer want to have anything to do with this union and I start to
pull myself up. I know it is selfish of me but it’s just too horrible and
disgusting to help get Danielle off. Danielle isn’t about to be denied
though. When I get half way up his dick he grabs my hips. I struggle but
his grip is like steel.

“Please stop!” I want to scream. “Please don’t cum in me!”

Physically, I’m sure I probably can break free of him. However, I’m so
mentally drained that I just let him hold me in place as his hips hump up
at me from below.

I feel like some kind of inanimate fuck puppet as Danielle uses my hole.
My only comfort is in the knowledge that the ordeal is almost over.

“Fuck!” Danielle groans as his climax finally peaks.

“Oh,” I groan in despair as I feel his cock expand and then start
ejaculating inside me.

I feel like throwing up as Danielle coats my insides with sperm. God, I
can’t believe I was actually enjoying this just a moment ago. It’s so

As I try to come to terms with what just happened, I have to face the
fact that it did feel good. Well, most of it anyway. It felt a lot like
an orgasm only it seemed to originate from deeper inside me than normal.

The orgasm also didn’t seem to go to completion. It was almost like I
was taken to the very brink and then held there. Then… well, then I’m
not sure what happened. It was a feeling unlike anything I’ve ever
experienced before.

I know of course that I have just had my first anal orgasm. I’ve seen
girls have them but I always thought they were faking it. I didn’t think
it was actually possible. Sure, I came with the Dean rubbing my ass clit
but he was also masturbating me at the same time. This was completely

My eyes get big when I look down and find a large pool of cum on
Danielle’s tummy. Where did that come from? The answer is obvious of
course. However, despite the pleasure I felt earlier, it never actually
felt like I ejaculated. Clearly I had.

There is a lot of cum but it is all in a big pool under my cock cage.
Even in the confines of the cage I would think this much cum coming out
would have traveled much further. It was like it just oozed out of my dick
and didn’t actually squirt like normal. Kind of like when Danielle spanked
my ass and plug last week. It certainly would explain why it never felt
like I had ejaculated.

I’m not sure how I feel about my anal orgasm… besides the disgust of
course. I mean, it obviously relieved some of the pressure in my nuts and
stuff. It even felt pleasurable. In many ways it had felt significantly
more so. Yet, I never really got to feel that pulsating release I am so
used too. Even worse, the desire for sex is still there. It is weaker
now, but it isn’t completely diminished like a normal climax normally

If I had to choose I would definitely pick my normal method of release.
However, that method isn’t available to me. So, I guess this will have to
do. Not that I’m planning on doing it again anytime soon.

I blush as Danielle hands me my plug. He wants me to plug his cum up
inside me. I slip his dick out and then quickly push the plug in. Its
gross knowing that his cum is stuck inside me. However, it is better than
the alternative. If I didn’t plug it then that would mean I would have to
eat it as it leaks out. I’m not sure I could handle that right now.

Granted, eventually the plug will have to come out. Hopefully by then
my body will have absorbed most of it. Still, I’m sure I will get a good
taste of it when I clean my plug.

My ass now plugged, I slide off to the side of Danielle. I know what I
have to do next and I hesitate only a second to comply. If you make the
mess then you have to clean it up. I lean in and start slurping my cum off
Danielle’s belly. It is warm and thick. Much thicker than the last time I
cleaned my own mess. It tastes a lot stronger as well. I manage to suck
it all up without gagging a single time. I’m not sure if this is a good or
bad sign. I really don’t like the idea of getting used to this task.

“All of it,” Danielle says as I start to back away.

This confuses me for a moment. I’m pretty sure I got his tummy pretty
spotless. I look down to make sure. My blush deepens and I feel bile rise
up in my throat when I catch sight of his semi hard dick.

God! He wants me to lick is dick clean! I can’t do that! I can’t!
Not after it has been up my asshole! Yet, even as I tell myself this I
find my face moving toward his dick.

His dick is wet and slimy looking, but I know it could be much worse. I
thank God my trainers require me to take daily enema’s. Just the thought
of what that dick would look like right now otherwise is enough to make me

I lick at the head of his dick for almost a half minute. Or at least
where the head of his dick would be if it wasn’t covered by his foreskin
right now. I then slowly lick up and down the rest of his shaft. The
taste isn’t all that bad but the thought of where his cock just was makes
the task rather vile.

It’s disgusting but I know the worst is yet to come. There is no doubt
a lot of gunk under his foreskin. I know I will be sick if I pull the skin
back and look at it. So, instead I get my nerve up and then seal my lips
over it.

I get a good teaspoon of cream when I suck on the tip. I gag but I
manage to swallow it. I then bravely stick my tongue into his pouch and
lick around. When it is clear I won’t be able to clean it very well this
way, I get brave and pull his foreskin back and suck on the head
underneath. I’m rewarded with another half teaspoon of cum, but at least
most of this comes fresh from his urethra.

“Good girl,” Danielle praises as I finish the task.

I just sit there red faced and in a daze as I pull back and think about
what I just cleaned. Danielle sees how hard the task was for me and pulls
me in for a hug.

You have no idea how much I need this hug. However, before I know it we
are laying down again and deeply kissing each other. I struggle for only a
moment before I finally give in… again.


Since this all started, every day I tell myself that this is the worst
day of my life. Today is no different. However, I can’t imagine anything
ever topping this day. Of course, I said that every prior day also.

Still, I know I will remember this day for the rest of my life. It is
the day I officially became gay. I know I kind of thought this before but
now there is no denying it. I lost my anal cherry and had my first anal
climax… then my second… then my third.

It is close to 5 p.m. before Danielle and I finally get out of the bed.
I don’t remember what time it was when we started but it seems like days.
If we weren’t having anal sex then we were busy kissing and grinding
against each other.

The worst part is that by the time we finally finish I’m having trouble
getting disgusted by what we are doing. This is NOT something I want to
get desensitized too. All of the tongue kissing and stuff feels far from
being natural. Yet, after so many hours it also doesn’t seem like that big
of a deal anymore. Seriously, what is one more minute of kissing when
compared to the 400+ minutes I’ve already endured?

We are a sweaty mess and our first stop is the bathtub. We take turns
cleaning each other. It is very relaxing; especially when it is Danielle’s
turn to wash me. Danielle takes his time and it makes me feel so yummy and

Of course, the one area I want cleaned the most is left untouched…
that being my asshole. I have three big loads of Danielle’s cum inside me.
I know it is just my imagination but I swear I can feel his cum sloshing
around inside me.

While his last load might still be swimming around inside me, I’m pretty
sure the first two loads have long since been absorbed by my body. That in
itself is a disgusting thought, but that’s nature for you.

My pubes are starting to grow back out and it tickles as Danielle toys
with them. They are less than a quarter inch long but Danielle seems
fascinated by them. I can only guess he has some kind of pubic hair
fetish. I’ve never heard of such a thing before but it wouldn’t surprise
me. Not in this place.

I think for sure that Danielle plans to shave me again. Or worse, he
plans to punish me for not having shaved them myself during the past week.
He does neither though. In fact he even orders me not to shave them. It’s
an odd order but not one I plan to disobey. My guess is that this is a
form of reward. It is how I take it anyway. I know girls have pubes also,
but for some reason I feel manlier with them… even if they are short.

Danielle gives my underarms the same treatment. Only he doesn’t spend
as much time admiring the short hairs there. This hair I actually wish he
would shave off. The new hairs there have been a little itchy. Danielle
gives me the same order though to leave them be for now on.

This time I’m a bit more curious about the order. Girls don’t let their
underarm hair grow. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be a girl and I
certainly don’t mind letting my underarm hair grow back out. However, it
makes no sense that Danielle would be okay with it. I doubt the Dean will

Danielle inspects my face for hair but there really isn’t any to be
found. All I have there is very little peach fuzz. Danielle didn’t even
bother shaving that area last weekend.

We are almost prunes by the time we finally pull ourselves out of the
bath. It bath felt so relaxing. However, all good things have to come to
an end.

One bad thing about the bath is that you can’t drink the water like you
can in the shower. Well, I guess you can but I’m not about too. Danielle
pours me some water from the fridge but I’m a bit reluctant to drink it.
After what I just did with Danielle I think it is clear that the cock cage
and the estrogen make for a bad combination. The estrogen seems to amplify
my emotions and the cage seems to focus it on sex/passion.

I’m very thirsty though so I reluctantly give in and drink the water. I
guess I will be getting my full dose of estrogen today. Danielle drinks
the same water. I guess the more estrogen he gets the happier he is.

We eat a couple more sandwiches as well. From my fridge I might add.
At this rate I will be out of food long before my fridge gets resupplied.
What little meat there was is already gone now. I have two pieces of bread
left, 4 slices of cheese, 10 Ritz crackers, an egg (hard boiled I’m
praying) and two mini boxes of Cheerios. It seemed like a ton earlier but
with the meat now gone I fear I will be starving within a few days.

We hit the makeup area next. We brushed our hair out after the bath,
but now that it is mostly dry we style it. Danielle has me do his hair
first, then my own. I like being the one getting pampered, but I’m also
happy for the practice; especially with Danielle there to provide helpful

I do both of our makeup also. It is the first time I’ve done someone
else’s makeup. You would think it would be easier than doing your own but
it turns out to be much harder. At least it was for me. I think part of
my problem is that I want to get Danielle’s makeup as perfect as he
normally has it. But that level of expertise is still way out of my grasp.
I still do an okay job.

My finger and toenails are surprisingly still in okay shape. Danielle
gives me a pedicure and manicure anyway. It is tempting to lay back and
rest while he pampers me. However, I know this is something I need to
learn to do on my own so I pay much more attention this time.

After he is done I even ask if I can do the same for him. He agrees but
pays very close attention the whole time. I remember most of the steps but
not all. Danielle seems impressed anyway.

During all of this we chat back and forth like normal. We joke and talk
about classes and stuff. It gets a little embarrassing when Danielle
starts talking about his home life. He doesn’t go into a ton of detail but
it becomes pretty clear that the Dean is just as strict and “hands on” at
home as he seems to be at the school. To me, Danielle’s home life seems
absolutely horrid. However, he talks like it is perfectly normal.

I want to ask why Danielle would ever pick his own father to be his
mentor. However, I’m scared there might be more to the story than I really
care to hear. All I know is that after hearing Danielle’s story I’m
positive that having my dad as my mentor is completely out of the question.
It would mean almost daily sex acts with him… which is what it sounds
like Danielle has to endure with his father. I couldn’t handle that kind
of humiliation.

Like normal, the conversation ends up switching to the subject of boys.
In particular, he talks about a 17-year-old boy that lives down the street
from him.

“He’s soooo dreamy!” Danielle says.

That seems to be his “detailed” description of all the boys he finds

“I think I know what you find `dreamy’ about him,” I giggle.

I then hold my hands out in front of me, palms open and facing each
other. I spread them about 20 inches like I’m measuring some impossibly
huge cock.

“Janice!” Danielle yells and then starts giggling also.

It turns out the boy’s name is Edward Wright III. Danielle gives a lot
of details about him but I ignore most of it. It’s only like the 20th guy
he has described to me. He’s big and strong with a large package… that’s
pretty much Danielle’s type it seems. This one happens to be gay though.
However, I have to wonder if this bit of info isn’t just in Danielle’s

“I think daddy might be thinking of arranging us,” Danielle says at one

This grabs my attention.

“Arranging you for what?” I ask in confusion.

“Marriage, silly,” Danielle giggles.

“You’re only 14!” I say in shock.

“Not now, dummy,” Danielle says as he rolls his eyes. “I would have to
be at least 16. I’ll be 15 though in February. So, it wouldn’t be that
long of a wait.”

I’m a bit stunned as Danielle tells me all of this. I’ve heard rumors
about arranged marriages with Humbled Girls. I never gave it much thought.
Sure, if the rumors are true then that means my sisters might one day be
“arranged”. However, it hardly seems that horrible. Not enough for me to
worry about anyway. I mean, if they were arranged then that would mean
their husbands to be would be rich and/or powerful. It would provide them
with a better husband than they could probably ever find on their own.

The more I think about it though, the more it made sense that Danielle
would be arranged. After all, Danielle is a boy and is also a Humbled
Girl. That’s a huge secret the school wouldn’t want just anyone to find out
about. Something then jumps into my head.

“Does he have a sister that goes to school here?” I ask.

“How did you know?” Danielle asks in surprise.

“Just a lucky guess,” I reply.

It only makes sense. Who better to trust the secret with than someone
that has a vested interest in keeping said secret. After all, if the
secret got out it would hurt the school and that in turn would hurt their
daughter’s future.

“You kind of met her already,” Danielle informs me. “Rebecca is the
girl you saw getting spanked; the one that wasn’t taking her pills.”

I’m a little shocked by this information but not much. What little
shock there is mainly comes from the coincidence of Rebecca being Edward’s
sister/brother. After all, all of this started with me getting caught
watching Rebecca getting his punishment. Granted, there probably are only
a dozen boys that are enrolled in the school. Subtract Danielle and I and
that makes it probably a 1 in 10 chance that Rebecca would be Edward’s

The fact that Edward has a brother enrolled in the school explains even
further why the Dean would be considering him as a potential husband for
Danielle. The secret would all but be guaranteed.

Maybe this boy will become more than just an imaginary romance for
Danielle after all. I’m not sure why but I actually feel a little jealous.
I’m fond of Danielle but it’s not like I’m in love with him. Well, at
least not now that I know she is a he. However, I was kind of getting used
to the idea of Danielle being in love with me. It made me feel… well,

I lean in and give Danielle a big hug. He hugs me back and we tongue
kiss for a minute.

“What was that for,” Danielle asks as we finally part.

“Just because,” I whisper and then blush.

I chastise myself for giving him the hug and kiss. It is stupid of me
to think I can sway him away from Edward so easily. It was also a pretty
obvious move. The worst of it, however, is that it is just wrong for me to
lead Danielle on like that. I could never love Danielle like Edward
probably could. I would just be leading him down a path that dead ends.

Still, it works in my benefit to do this. I have to keep my eyes on the
prize after all… that being escape. The more I can make Danielle care
for me the better my odds of success.

I don’t enjoy the rest of our chat. Danielle keeps jumping back to the
subject of Edward. Edward is so tall. Edward is so strong. Edward is
manly. It goes on and on. The worst part is that everything he is
describing about Edward seems like the opposite of what I am. It is very

I also can’t help but noticed that Edward sounds a lot like a younger
version of Danielle’s dad. I’ve always heard that women are attracted to
men that remind them of their fathers. I guess it is true for sissies

We finally finish and head back to the guest room. Before leaving my
room Danielle goes to the kitchenette and grabs the Ritz crackers and two
pieces of cheese. I frown but don’t complain. I don’t want to upset him.
Especially if he doesn’t love me like I thought he did.

It angers me though. I planned to use the crackers alone as a day’s
meal. And here Danielle is using them as some kind of snack. I do a quick
inventory in my head. That leaves me with two pieces of bread, 2 slices of
cheese, an egg and the two mini boxes of Cheerios. Fuck! That won’t last
me but a few days at best! I will be lucky if I can even make it to
Wednesday before I have to break the dog food out again.

When we enter the guest room I’m surprised to find it is 7 p.m.
already. Man where did the day go? Oh, right, we spent like 7 or 8 hours
in bed earlier having… I push the thought out of my head.

Our finger and toenails are not completely dry yet so we have to be
careful as we undress and get into bed. It feels a bit odd getting
undressed this early, especially considering we just got all dolled up.

I’m not too worried though about having to do any sex stuff with
Danielle. I know he would never try anything while his nails are still
setting. They are dry enough that they aren’t going to smear on the
covers. However, until they dry further there is still a good chance the
polish might crack or something. That would mean having to start all over

As I lay down I can’t help but stare up at the ceiling mirror. I find
that Janice is still there. She notices me staring and gives me a smile. I
of course know that I’m really staring at myself. However, it still seems
so unreal. It is still hard to grasp that I really look like this.

There are mirrors everywhere in this place. There are a few in the
bathroom, in the makeup area, on various walls. Heck, even the observation
windows are mirrored. Yet, this one above the bed always seems to
captivate me the most. Maybe it is just the angle. Or, maybe it is the
knowledge of all the naughty and nasty things it has no doubt reflected
over the years.

Danielle turns the TV on and flips through the channels. I few of the
channels have porn on them. Danielle skips past the channels pretty fast
but I can tell they are videos of little boys having sex. These are
obviously feeds for just this area of the school or possibly just this
room. It is Saturday so I doubt they are live feeds. They are probably
just videos on an endless loop. I can only guess they are there just in
case I want to watch some juicy boy on boy action… as if.

Danielle reaches the normal TV stations. The normal TV channels are
usually blocked for this TV… trust me, I’ve checked. However, when they
are unblocked there are only 5 of them available… so there isn’t much to
choose from. He settles on an old black and white movie. It takes me only
a few seconds to figure out that the movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

It’s not quite the channel I would have stopped on. I would have gone
with a comedy or something; anything but this. The last thing I want to
watch is a sad movie. All this estrogen has already got me crying at the
drop of a hat.

“Oh, this reminds me,” Danielle suddenly says. “I will only be here on
Saturday next weekend.”

The comment puzzles me for a second. Then I remember Christmas is
coming up. This horrible ordeal started on Dec. 8. I do the math real
quick in my head. Sure enough, next Sunday is Christmas.

“I might be able to talk daddy into bringing me in for a quick visit
Sunday though,” Danielle adds.

I know Danielle has the best intentions in mind. However, the last
thing I want is a visit from the Dean on Christmas Day… even if Danielle
is with him. I swallow hard when I realize the Dean might even do
something sexual with me in front of Danielle. That would be so

“You don’t have to do that,” I assure him. “You should spend time at
home with your family.”

Granted, as far as I know the Dean is his only family in the area. I
guess it is a bit of a dickish suggestion on my part. I’m basically saying
he should stay at home where the Dean can more easily molest him.

Thankfully, Danielle drops the subject and we go back to watching the
TV. Danielle snacks on the crackers and cheese as we watch. I make sure I
grab my full share as well. I’m chewing on the last one when I realize I
could have probably hidden some of them under the mattress for later.

As expected, I cry through most of the movie. I even cry during the
parts that aren’t even sad. I guess the movie just reminds me where I will
be on Christmas Day. Right here in this stinking hole. Of course,
everyone else will be out there having fun with friends and family.

Our nails are completely dry by the end of the movie. Danielle holds me
for the last 30 minutes of the show as I weep. I can only imagine what
Danielle must think of me. Especially when comparing me to Edward.

I’m almost happy when the movie ends and Danielle turns to one of the
porn channels. It still takes me several minutes though to get my tears
under control.

It isn’t long before the porn is forgotten and Danielle and I are busy
kissing again. I’m still a little disgusted by all the tongue kissing but
after our long session today it doesn’t seem all that bad.

In fact, it actually feels a little comforting; especially after all my
crying. It also tells me that Danielle still likes me a lot, even if I
can’t compete with Edward’s stats.

I chastise myself when I realize I really am jealous of Edward. And
that jealousy goes beyond just my escape plans. It makes no sense.
Danielle is a guy! Why on earth would I care if Edward wants to sweep him
off his feet? Yet, for some reason I do.

That is not to say I want to sweep Danielle off his feet. It just
somehow bothers me that someone else might. Yeah, it doesn’t make any
sense to me either and so I do my best to ignore the feeling.

We make out like that for over 30 minutes before Danielle finally breaks
away. He then gets up on his hands and knees and turns his back to me. It
only takes a couple wiggles of his ass to let me know what he wants.

I reach forward and then slowly pull his plug out. Danielle grunts as
the plug comes out. He then quickly flips back over on his back. He
watches as I lick his plug clean.

I’m a bit hesitant to take my own plug out, considering what happened
last time I did. It’s clear that Danielle wants me too so I do. My face
is burning in embarrassment by the time I finish cleaning the plug.

You would think I would get used to doing nasty shit like this in front
of people but I don’t. Okay, maybe I’m getting a little used to it but it
is still embarrassing. It is especially so this time considering what the
plug has been holding in there for the past few hours. No cum runs out of
my ass and I find none on the plug, but I swear I can still taste it.

Once the plugs are on the nightstand, Danielle lays back and holds his
hands out toward me. I swallow hard and then lay down into his embrace.
We are tonguing again in no time. It all feels somewhat comforting in
comparison to the embarrassment of cleaning the plugs but it doesn’t seem
quite as good as earlier today. I can only guess it is because my nuts are
a lot emptier now. That’s a good thing though. Maybe my balls will stop
hurting by tomorrow. Something tells me though that Danielle plans to get
even more out of my nuts before then.

“Oh!” I groan as Danielle guides his dick into my channel.

My desire may be diminished now but the tingles from Danielle’s cock are
just as great. I try to sit up so I can ride Danielle’s dick. However, he
keeps me in his embrace. The combination of kissing and anal sex brings
our union to a whole new level. Earlier today when I rode his dick we were
just having sex. The added kissing element makes it feel more like making
love. I try to fight the feeling but it soon sweeps me away. It takes me
to a whole new emotional high.

As good as it feels now, I already know that I will regret it later.
Making love to another boy might be right for Danielle but it is so wrong
for me. However, right now it seems to be feeding a need I have inside me
so I let it continue. I will face the consequences later.

Danielle pumps my ass very slowly from below. His gentleness makes me
feel all yummy inside. However, I doubt either of us could ever climax
this way. Something tells me though that this is not Danielle’s goal.
This is more like foreplay for him.

“Your ass pussy feels so good,” Danielle purrs between kisses.

Ass pussy? It sounds stupid but I guess it is somewhat accurate.

“Do you think Edward would let you fuck his ass pussy?” I whisper back.

I can’t believe I actually said that out loud. It was supposed to just
be one of those sarcastic jokes you say in your head. I mean, I haven’t
even met Edward and I already know he would never let another guy take his
asshole. Not if he is anything like what Danielle described earlier.

I expect Danielle to get upset from the remark. He does break the kiss
and back away a little but the look on his face isn’t that of anger. It
looks more like he is deep in thought; like he hadn’t thought about this
before. It doesn’t surprise me. Danielle seems to get caught up in what
guys look like and not so much by how they act.

Danielle doesn’t say anything. He just opens his mouth and welcomes my
tongue back inside again. I can tell though that he has concluded that his
Mr. Perfect isn’t so perfect after all. Chalk one up for Janice. It is
probably the only thing I have over Edward but I suspect it is a biggie for

Danielle might like being a “girl” but I can tell he sometimes likes to
be a tomboy also. Or at least he plays a more dominate role with me a lot.
I highly doubt Edward would put up with that.

It doesn’t take long before Danielle’s slow humping starts to drive me
mad. It still feels yummy but it is also highly increasing my need to
climax again. Yet I will never achieve it at this slow pace.

“Do you want to try something really nasty?” Danielle says after 20

“Yes!” I reply without thinking.

Had I put more thought into it I think I would have asked a few
questions first. I already know that Danielle’s definition of things is
different than mine. What is nasty to him is probably going to end up
being down right horrifying to me. Still, if it brings me to another one
of those weird climaxes then it might be worth it.

“I had a teacher do this to me once,” Danielle says as he gets off the
bed and motions for me to do so as well. “It gets pretty messy but I think
you will love it.

Danielle then starts pulling all the covers off the bed.

“Fold these up neatly,” he says as he starts handing them to me.

Once the sheets are off he removes the mattress cover and pillows. The
mattress itself is encased in plastic. I suspected this the first time I
laid in the bed. The bed sheets slid around on it a little too easily. It
makes perfect sense also. This bed seems to get a lot of use and who knows
what kinds of bodily fluids it gets subjected too on a regular basis.

As I finish folding everything, I see Danielle open the liquor cabinet.
A spark of excitement shoots up my body as I watch him pull out the same
two bottles we used last week. One is the bottle of red wine and the other
is the mystery drug/alcohol.

While I am excited to try the stuff again, I’m also a bit scared. The
effects of the mystery bottle were rather powerful last time.

“Get in position,” Danielle says as he prepares an enema syringe.

I smile at Danielle’s commanding voice. Yeah, Edward wouldn’t put up
with this. I climb up on the bed on my hands and knees and turn my rump
toward Danielle. I actually feel a tinge of pride that I’m providing
Danielle with something he would never get from Mr. Perfect.

“I need my plug,” I say when I feel Danielle press the tip of the
syringe against my hole.

“I’ll plug you after I fill you up,” Danielle informs me.

There is something about the way he said that which makes me feel a
little at unease. I don’t have much time to worry about it though. A long
burst of cold liquid fires into my asshole. The coldness quickly turns to

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I groan as the burning liquid causes me to cramp up.

My hole must be a little raw from all our activities today because in
addition to the burning sensation it also stings a little. My instinct is
to eject the potent fluid but I manage to hold it inside. I know from last
time that my efforts will pay off in a few seconds.

Sure enough, the effects of the liquid invade my brain and I start
swimming. Like last time, the burning is still there but I just don’t seem
to care anymore.

Danielle gives me a nudge and I fall over on my side. He pushes me over
onto my back and then continues to move me around on the bed. I pay very
little attention to him. My focus remains on the glorious sensations. I
also focus on clinching my asshole so none of the fluid will leak out. At
this point I could care less about making a mess. I just know that the
good feelings will disappear if I let the fluid escape.

Danielle finally gets my attention again when I feel my knees being
forced up toward my shoulders. This is the same position Danielle put me
in last week. However, Danielle pushes my knees much higher this time. I
start to panic when I feel something wrap around my leg just below my left
knee. Then I feel the same on my right.

When Danielle backs away I find I can’t lower my legs. I try to reach
my knees so I can untie them but find I can’t move my hands either. I’m
doubled over so much that my head movement is very limited. I can’t see my
hands but I can tell they are tied down as well. I can’t believe I didn’t
notice Danielle putting the leather cuffs on me.

I’m very confused. The drugs in the enema doesn’t help things any. The
position I’m in is very uncomfortable, even with the drug’s effects. I’m
bent over so far that my shiny cock cage is directly above my face. If I
didn’t have my cage on I suspect the head of my dick would almost reach my

“Untie me,” I say.

I meant for it to sound like a command but it came out more like
begging. Regardless, Danielle just ignores me.

He disappears from my sight for a moment. Then his face reappears above

“Remember rule number one,” he says.

If you make a mess then you clean it up. I hardly see the point in
reminding me of that rule right now. However, I then see the enema syringe
come into sight. It’s completely full also!

“I need my plug!” I grunt.

“Shhh… be a good girl now,” Danielle says with a smile as he presses
the tip of the syringe into my hole. “I’ll plug you once we get this

I look on in horror and breathe deep as he slowly injects the liquid.
My hole already had at least a half syringe of liquid in it. With this
syringe full that makes my total dosage three times what I got last week. I
can feel the burning liquid work its way much deeper inside me than ever

I’m panting like crazy by the time the syringe is empty. My normal
enemas are a bit larger than this but I’m doubled over right now. Plus, my
fuzzy brain keeps telling me to push the burning liquid out.

I manage to keep most of the fluid in me but a tiny bit does escape. I
feel the cool liquid run across my taint and balls. Several drops then
splash against my tongue and the back of my mouth. I quickly close my
mouth in horror. The taste is bitter and a little like medicine.

There isn’t much of it so I go ahead and swallow. If I spit it out then
I would just have to lick it up later anyway. I feel ill at the thought of
where the fluid leaked from.

I want to keep my mouth shut but my nose just can’t take in enough
oxygen in this position. Reluctantly, I open my mouth back up and start
panting again. There is a steady 5 second drip of the foul fluid. I
cringe as each drop lands in and around my mouth.

“Good girl,” Danielle says as he watches me accept the drips into my

Yeah, like I have a fucking choice about it. I don’t say anything
though. I just stare back in humiliation.

“Time to plug you now,” Danielle says after a moment.

Danielle stands on the bed above me but I don’t see my plug in his hand.
My eyes get big as he slowly bends his knees and lines his cock up with my

“No!” I grunt.

It’s too late and Danielle is already sliding inside.

“Oh, that stings a little,” Danielle groans.

I can only guess that he is talking about the fluid working its way into
the tip of his urethra. It serves him right. The discomfort doesn’t cause
him to falter though. He just keeps sinking deeper.

My guts and most of my body is tingly from the drugs. However, those
tingles get supercharged when I feel Danielle’s dick rub against my ass

“Mmm!” I purr as goose bumps rise all over my body.

The sensation is very strong. My toes curl up so hard that I actually
hear a couple of the joints pop. My hands also pull against their bonds so
hard that for an instant I think I might actually break free. The bonds
are unwielding though. I’m not sure what I would have done though had I
broken free. Part of me wants to push Danielle away and another part wants
to pull him even deeper.

Danielle doesn’t stop until his balls are resting on my upturned ass. I
expect him to start humping me but he doesn’t. He just hovers above me and
looks down into my eyes. He hovers there for what seems an eternity. At
first I don’t understand why he isn’t moving. Then I notice his eyes are
starting to glaze over. He’s letting the drug soak into his dick.

Danielle might be getting a little buzz but I’m getting totally trashed.
I actually start to get scared too much of the drug might get into my
system. I can only hope they took this into consideration when they
created this stuff.

Everything starts to become dreamy… even kind of fuzzy. I’m snapped
back to reality though when I feel Danielle start to move again. He pulls
almost all the way out then drives back down. Up, then down. Up… down.
It becomes almost hypnotic.

“That’s a good girl,” Danielle groans. “Keep drinking it down.”

My mind struggles to figure out what he is talking about. Then I
remember the steady drip in my mouth. Only now when I focus on it I find
it isn’t a drip anymore. It’s a drizzle. And I’ve been swallowing it!

Oh, God! Stop swallowing! That is coming out of your asshole! For a
moment I manage to get the strength to close my mouth in defiance.
However, all it takes is a stern look from Danielle to get me to open back
up. I blush and then start swallowing again.

As Danielle continues to pump my ass, everything becomes a blur of pain,
pleasure and humiliation. I struggle against my bonds for another minute
and then finally settle down once more. I feel like Danielle’s personal
fuck doll as he pounds my hole. For my part, all I have to do is lay there
and take it. Well, that and keep swallowing all the enema juice he is
feeding me.

The worst part, however, is that I can’t get the delightful tingles to
stop. The last thing I want is to feel pleasure during this horrid ordeal.
However, Danielle seems to know the exact angle and velocity in order to
best strum my ass clit.

It isn’t long and I find myself trying to hump my ass up in order to
meet Danielle’s thrusts. Even the horrible act of drinking the enema
overflow seems to somehow add to my pleasure now.

This is wrong! I tell myself that but it doesn’t seem to matter
anymore. All that matters is trying to reach orgasm. Or at least reach the
closest thing this cock cage will allow.

It seems to take forever but I finally reach a physical and emotional
peak and I close my eyes and let the delightful feelings wash over me.

“Good girl!” I hear Danielle praising from above.

I’m deep in the zone. However, I open my eyes in order to figure out
what Danielle might be referring too. I quickly close them when I see cum
drizzling out the end of my cock cage and down into my mouth. My senses
are on overload and I hadn’t noticed the difference in flavor in my mouth.
I can clearly taste my cum now though. The humiliation of it drives me
even further into the zone. For an instant my climax even feels like a
normal one might. I try to grasp on to the feeling but it slips away too
quickly. I’m just left spinning around in the whirlwind of sensations.

As the storm settles I feel a large amount of liquid shoot into my
mouth. I force my eyes open to see Danielle’s dick ejaculating into my
mouth from just inches above my face.

It’s horribly disgusting but my fuzzy brain keeps telling me to be a
good girl and swallow it all. So I do.

“Good girl!” Danielle praises again.

The comment causes a thrill to shoot down my body. My fuzzy brain is so
happy that I was such a good girl for Danielle. I’m such a good girl…
such a good girl.


I wake Sunday morning not sure where I am. For an instant I think the
past 10 days or so were just a dream. I start to cry when I realize they
weren’t. I then cry harder when I remember last night’s activities with
Danielle. Thankfully, most of it is just a blur.

Some parts, however, are very vivid in my mind. Like when Danielle came
in my mouth. I also remember Danielle leaving me tied up like that for
over 10 minutes afterward. At first he just watched as the fluid bubbled
out of my asshole and dripped down into my mouth. However, he then took it
a step further.

Even now I find myself blushing as I remember what he did next. He took
two links of clear half inch thick hose and pushed them deep into my
asshole. He took the other end of one of the hoses and put it into my
mouth. He then put the other end of the second hose in his own mouth.

“Start sucking,” he mumbles around the hose.

I don’t want to obey but I’m too far gone not too. I suck hard but
thankfully not much comes into my mouth. I look to Danielle to see if he
is managing to suck any up. However, he isn’t sucking at all. I then see
him take a deep breath.

“No!” I want to scream but it is too late.

Danielle is already blowing into his hose. A second later my mouth is
flooded with liquid. I know I’m extremely clean down there but the thought
of where the liquid has been still disgusts me. It takes a lot of will
power but I manage to command myself to swallow.

Thankfully, I only get two mouths full before the flow finally stops.

Beyond these memories I just get flashes of me licking Danielle clean
and then the mattress itself. There is a warm bath at some point and then

I’m currently under the covers so one of us must have made the bed again
before we went to sleep. It must have been Danielle. I was so doped up
that I doubt I was physically capable.

I can feel Danielle’s warm body snuggled up behind me. I’m pretty angry
at Danielle for last night but I can’t deny how heavenly he feels against
me. The closeness is both a physical and emotional warmth. I feel like
everything will be alright in the world if I can just maintain this feel.
Then the clock alarm goes off… so much for that.

As I get out of bed I realize I don’t feel so hot. I have a headache
and my insides just feel all tired and yucky.

Danielle takes me into my bathroom for my morning “potty”. It’s
embarrassing having Danielle watch me perform my enemas. However, I do
feel much better afterward. Even my headache seems to disappear.

The shower turns out to be worse. As we shower, Danielle glides up
behind me and starts kissing my neck. I don’t feel like doing anything
this early… not that I really ever feel like doing this. I don’t protest
though. I just focus on the shower wall as he licks and kisses my neck and

It isn’t until he reaches around and tweaks my nipples that I start to
get “in the mood”. My nipples have been extra tender lately for some
reason. My nipples send all kinds of wild sensations up and down my body
as he pinches and rubs them. It doesn’t take Danielle long to get me
dancing back and forth.

“If you think that feels good, just wait until your boobies get bigger
like mine are,” Danielle giggles.

I find the comment far from funny. I don’t want boobies. Not even if
they look as good as Danielle’s does. I feel like pointing out that his
breasts are not THAT big. They are a B-cup at best. Still, that is much
bigger than I would ever want.

“Oh!” I moan when I feel Danielle’s dick press hard against my hole.

I really don’t want to start my day off with an ass fucking, but I can
already tell that Danielle won’t be denied. His cock is as hard as a piece
of steel and he isn’t going to be happy until he gets it deep inside me. I
console myself with the fact that at least this is something Edward would
probably never allow Danielle to do. And I know damn well he wouldn’t let
Danielle do to him what was done to me last night. I doubt anyone else

The shower washes away what little lube there might have been. It
doesn’t matter though. The constant wear of the plug has loosened me up
significantly in the past week and he has no problem getting in.

I grunt as he humps forward and buries half his dick up my ass. Two
more humps and he is all the way in.

Danielle gives me no time to adjust. He just pulls out and slams back
in. His thrusts are savage. As he punches up into my guts I’m forced to
bend forward to relieve the discomfort. His dick is hitting my ass clit
but it is too brutal. It is clear this fuck is for his pleasure and not

He hammers away at me for only a few minutes before I feel him cum deep
inside. He turns the water off and then pulls his dick out. I begin to
stand straight again but he grabs my shock collar and holds me down.

“C…can’t we use the shower?” I whisper when he turns me to face his
sloppy dick.

He doesn’t say anything. He just holds me down next to it until I give
in and start licking it clean.

It takes me a minute but I get his dick spotless. He doesn’t let me up
though. Instead he turns me around and slides his dick back up my ass. He
gives me about 10 strokes and then pulls out again.

“Please,” I beg when he grabs my collar and turns my face toward his

He just holds me down until I start licking once more.

“You can clean it faster if you just suck the whole thing into your
mouth,” Danielle informs me.

The tone of his voice makes it clear this is an order, not just friendly

I try to pull my head away but he holds me in place. Danielle may be a
year older than me but he has been taking estrogen for many years. I know
I could easily out power him. I only go half power though. My goal is to
just let him know I very much don’t want to do what he has asked. Licking
his cock is just cleaning. Sucking the whole thing into my mouth is
straight up oral sex. That’s how I see it anyway.

My little struggle doesn’t persuade him. He just keeps countering.
After 30 seconds of this it becomes clear I need to make a vital decision.
I can give in and perform as ordered or I can continue to struggle and piss
Danielle off. One will make me a good girl and the other a bad one in need
of punishment.

Of course I give in… nothing new there. I hate that I keep giving in
so easily. I think my problem is that I’m too smart for my own good. It
is smart to avoid punishment. It is smart that I know I will end up doing
it in the end anyway. It is smart that I realize sucking the dick is
technically not much worse than licking it. All of these things and more
make sense individually. However, when you add it all up it just means I’m
a big pussy. However, even realizing this I still give in.

It feels so awkward and gay as I bring my lips over the end of
Danielle’s dick. I try to get as much of the dick into my mouth without
actually touching it with my lips or tongue. Don’t ask me why. They are
going to touch it anyway in a few seconds. Still, I guess that is a few
more seconds of sanity for my brain.

Around the 3 inch mark I’m forced to finally start letting my tongue
touch the underside of Danielle’s slimy dick. It isn’t long and the tip of
his dick is threatening to go down my throat. This causes me to gag. I
back up about a half inch and I’m fine again.

I’m actually a little proud when I realize I have almost 4 inches in my
mouth already. It’s disgusting but not as hard as I thought it would be.
Maybe I have a natural talent for this. I pull that last thought back and
bury it. This is the last thing I want to have a talent for. And it is
certainly the absolute last thing I want others to think I have a talent

I can already hear people talking to my dad about me… “Your little
Janice sure sucks a mean dick.”

When I try to take the next inch I quickly discover that maybe I’m not
as talented as I thought. I start gagging and have to back up a bit. I
try one more time with the same result. Finally I give up and stick with
just 4 inches.

Now comes the worst part. I have to close my lips over the cock and
bring my tongue and the rest of my mouth in full contact with it.

Oh, God! This feels so gay and so very wrong. It is much worse than I
expected. The disgust is so great that my whole body feels like it is
crawling with ants. The kissing and everything else up until today has
made me feel rather gay. However, it all pales in comparison to this. His
cock deep in my mouth makes me feel like a flaming homo.

I tell myself it could be worse. I could be sucking on my piss tube
right now. It doesn’t help. This is a whole different kind of disgust.
You really can’t compare the two.

I provide a little suction and then pull my head back away from
Danielle. The dick pops out of my mouth leaving at least a tablespoon of
goo behind. Danielle was right, this is faster. However, it is far from
easier… mental wise anyway.

Danielle doesn’t notice or simply doesn’t care that I left the bottom 3
and a half inches of his dick uncleaned. He just turns me around and
shoves it back up my ass. Ten strokes and out it comes and around I spin.

I hesitate only a moment before I suck it into my mouth. Pop! Out it
come and down the hatch the cum goes. Spin and then the dick is up my ass
once more.

Danielle repeats the process 5 more times until he is satisfied.
Though, I’m not that sure what he is satisfied with. Is he satisfied that
I now know how to clean is dick properly or is he just satisfied that there
is no more cum up my ass? Maybe both.

By the time he lets me stand straight again I’m so humiliated and
flushed that my face feels like it is on fire. I can’t believe Danielle
just made me do that.

Something tells me though that it really wasn’t Danielle’s idea. This
felt too much like training to me. Victor or the Dean’s training to be
specific. When Danielle trains me he is normally way tenderer than this.

I’m still a little upset with Danielle for the lesson, but deep down I
know I should really be grateful. The lesson would have been considerably
worse had it been the Dean or Victor performing it. Not that they probably
won’t perform it anyway. At least this way they didn’t get my oral cherry.
Unless you count the times I put my lips on the head of their dicks…
which I don’t. That was different than this.

Now that I think about it, Danielle got my ass cherry also.

In a sick kind of way I actually feel good that it is Danielle that has
gotten my two main cherries. I would have much preferred no one getting
them but at least Danielle seems to care a lot about me. And as much as I
hate to admit it, I care about him also… in a non-gay kind of way of

That said, I’m still upset with him right now. He could have at least
warned me ahead of time that the Dean or someone told him to do this to me.
I mean, I lost both of my cherries in less than 24 hours. That’s a lot for
my brain to deal with.

We shower off again and then get plugged and dressed. The whole time I
keep my eyes toward the ground. I’m upset with Danielle but mainly I’m
just too embarrassed to look him in the eye right now.

I have little choice though when it comes time to comb out our hair and
put our makeup on. I style both our hair. I put Danielle’s hair in
pigtails. He looks cute that way and hopefully the innocent look will
subconsciously make him act a little more so.

My hair is a lot harder to do. Not only am I doing my own hair but it
is much shorter than Danielle’s and there is less room for error. You make
a mistake on his hair and the mistake is easily lost in the big picture.
With mine errors stick out like a sore thumb.

Doing the makeup is the worst. It requires me to look at Danielle face
to face.

“You sucked my dick.”

He doesn’t say it but I can just tell he is thinking it. I blush
through the entire time I’m doing his makeup. We are very silent today.
There are no jokes or other chatting going on. Him taking both of my
cherries has changed things between us. However, I already know that our
friendship is too strong to be broken up by this. I just need a little
time to process it all.

After this we eat breakfast… from my food supply of course. The two
mini boxes of Cheerios are now gone. This leaves me with two pieces of
bread, two slices of cheese and an egg. I’m so fucked.

The only thing I have going for me is that I haven’t been all that
hungry lately. Well, not as hungry as I probably should be. I guess all
the piss drinking and other messes I’ve had to clean up have ebbed my
appetite. Still, I will probably be eating dog food again in a matter of a
couple days. I can already somehow taste it.

The long awkward silence is finally broken when Danielle orders me to my
mat in the center of the room. He then teaches me a dozen “instruction”
positions. A few of these I have been taught already by my trainers. Even
the doctor used a couple of these.

Technically, I know all of them. When I was the janitor I saw all of
these used on the girls at one time or another. I just hadn’t paid that
much attention to the fine details. Danielle makes sure I know them now.
The only good news is that they seem to very seldom use the commands in the
school. They don’t even use them that often with me.

I’m glad that they don’t use the commands that often. It makes me feel
like a dog or something when they use them. Granted, with them not using
them that often it just means it will be harder for me to remember them.
That in turn could mean punishments down the road.

We spend well over an hour on this training. Danielle is very demanding
and accepts nothing but perfection. I can tell that he is angry with me
right now. Or at least he is upset that I’m angry with him.

The more I think about it the more I can kind of understand his
position. From his perspective, I should be thanking him for taking my
cherries… not be upset with him about it. After all, the first dick up
my ass or deep in my mouth could have been the Dean’s huge monster.

I want to explain to him that I am grateful. That I just need time to
adjust to my new de-virginized status. I’m too embarrassed though to
broach the subject. Instead, I try to relay this by doing my best to meet
his training expectations. Within an hour I’m performing the positions so
well that even Danielle cannot find fault.

Somehow this doesn’t please him though. In fact, he looks almost
disappointed when I perform all 12 positions flawlessly. It takes me a
moment but I realize he was hoping I would give him reason to punish me.
It bothers me that Danielle is that upset with me. It especially bothers
me that I was so selfish early that I did not notice I was hurting his
feelings so much.

Once the training session is over I immediately grab Danielle and give
him a big hug. I then bring my lips to his and give him a delicate kiss.
Danielle’s body is a bit stiff during the hug but he loosens up once I give
him the kiss.

A flutter of happiness spreads through my body as Danielle accepts my
embrace. Danielle is the Dean’s son/daughter and therefore not someone you
want to piss off. However, my desire to make him happy goes far beyond
that. He’s my friend. He is possibly my only friend right now.

I know a hug and kiss is rather gay. However, it is something I know
Danielle will better understand. As I finally pull away I can tell he is

“What was that for?” he manages to ask.

I suspect he already knows but just wants to hear me say it out loud.

“Just a thank you for training me,” I inform him. Then I cast my eyes
down and add in a whisper… “and for what we did yesterday.”

I’m ultra-embarrassed and can’t bring myself to say in detail what I’m
thankful for. Thankfully, Danielle does not ask me to elaborate. He just
smiles and comes back in for another hug and kiss. It makes me feel so
happy that he is no longer mad at me.

“It was special for me too,” he whispers in my ear.

Now, more than ever, I’m happy that it was Danielle that took my ass
cherry. I took a girl’s cherry about 8 months ago. She wasn’t a Humbled
student but she was very pretty. However, the only thing I found “special”
about it was that it gave me bragging rights to all my buddies.

The fuck itself certainly wasn’t special. She cried through half of it.
She didn’t even get wet, let alone cum. I guess part of that was my fault
for not taking my time with her. But hell, what did she expect? You don’t
tease a 13-year-old boy and get naked with him and then expect him to take
your cherry gently.

Anyway, it feels good to know that my ass cherry went to someone that
appreciates it.

I’m thankful though that Danielle does not bring up the earlier shower
incident. While I’m happy it was Danielle that took my oral cherry, I am
far from thankful for how it was done.

“Come on, there are a few more things I need to teach you today,” he
says as he breaks the hug.

We walk back into the guest room. Danielle holds my hand the whole way.
This is the first time we have ever held hands like this and it makes me
feel all gooey inside. In a weird kind of way it seems more intimate than
our kisses and hugs… only without the disgust. Kind of like our bond has
moved to a higher level. It makes me wonder if we are now officially
boyfriend and girlfriend… well, girlfriend and girlfriend… boyfriend
and boyfriend… you know what I mean.

I’m amazed at how good this thought makes me feel. A week ago it would
have repulsed me but now it makes me feel so special. It is a strong
contrast to how I felt just moments ago when Danielle was upset with me.

I’m almost disappointed when the training in the guest room turns out to
be non-sexual in nature. This feeling surprises me. The thought of having
sex with another boy is still very disgusting. Yet, I don’t seem to feel
that way about Danielle anymore. I wouldn’t say I desire him or anything
like that. It’s just I know that making him happy would somehow make me
happy as well.

The training ends up being rather boring. For example, one of the
things he teaches me is how to make the bed properly. I never made my bed
at home before. Not neatly anyway. That was something for my mom to do.

It turns out to be a lot more work than I expected. Did you know you
have to take all the covers off and put them back on one at a time? Pull
them all taunt across the bed and tuck them in and shit? Danielle even has
me do hospital corners. I find it all very tedious and rather pointless.
You are just going to mess it all up later that night anyway.

The worst part of course is that now that I know how to make the bed
properly they are going to expect me to do it every morning. If I don’t
then I will probably end up sleeping on the floor in the other room.

As I think about this I realize the other room seems just that…
another room. I’ve spent so much time in this guest room that it now feels
like “my” room. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’m misinterpreting their
definition of what a “guest” is. I assumed they meant teachers and other
adults. Maybe a guest is what they call new students in this area of the

I am perfectly fine with that title… especially if it means staying in
this room. It really is pretty plush compared to other rooms in the
school. That said, it doesn’t seem like the right environment for training
a new person. If it was me I would put new people in a dark damp cold room
and make them sleep on a concrete floor or something.

I know a few days of that and I would certainly be trying my best to
please everyone in order to get out of the room. Of course, I don’t plan
to suggest this to them. In fact, I have been doing my best to send them
the opposite message. That keeping me in this nice room is beneficial to
my training and will get them the best results. It’s not a huge reason
I’ve been so compliant but it is one of them.

Another boring and tedious thing Danielle teaches me is how to wash my
clothes. Did you know you can wash clothes without a machine? Yeah, that
surprised me also. It is a lot of work though. Not only do you have to
scrub them a lot but you can’t even do everything at once.

My skirt is a dark color so it requires a different temperature than my
shirt, socks and panties. Apparently this is a big deal also. I always
thought you just dumped it all into the machine. I swallow hard when it
dawns on me that this means my mother has been separating my clothes all
these years. It is this prior year that really concerns me. All my
masturbating has left many of cum stains in the front of my briefs. If she
has been separating the clothes then I don’t see how she couldn’t have
noticed this evidence.

Despite everything that has happened in the past week, I’m still pretty
embarrassed that my mom probably knows I masturbate. I know masturbation
is perfectly normal, but it is still embarrassing. My face turns red when
I realize my sisters sometimes do the laundry also.

I only have a few items to clean so we use the sink. First I use a
detergent mixed with water. There is lots and lots of scrubbing. Then I
drain it and fill it with plain water. Then there is lots and lots of
kneading. Drain. Refill with plain water again and repeat. Then I
squeeze the water out of the item and put it to the side. Then I repeat
the process for the other items. The panties are pink and have to be done
separate but all the other items are white and can be done together.

After this I hang them up to dry using some clothes pins. I had
wondered what the thin cable high above the bathtub was for. I had assumed
it was for something sexual. Turns out it has a rather boring purpose…

Hanging the clothes turns out to be the worst part of this training
session. While I’m hanging the clothes up, Danielle starts attaching
clothespins to me.

“Ouch!” I protest when he attaches the first one to my left nipple.

I assume he is just joking but he swats my hand away when I go to remove

“Leave it on,” he commands. “Put your hands back up toward the

I come extremely close to disobeying this order. My nipples are so
ultra-sensitive lately and the pain is unbearable. I dance around a bit
but manage to finally obey.

“Owie!” I yell when my right nipple suddenly catches fire as well.

I want to protest further. However, I don’t want Danielle getting angry
with me again. So I bear through it.

“No! No! No!” I finally break down and beg when I see Danielle pinch
open a clothespin and then start lowering it toward my groin.

There is no possible place down there where that clothespin should be
going. I begin to slowly back away but Danielle gives me a stern look. I
tremble but I hold my place. I even somehow manage to keep my hands raised
up high. If this is some kind of test then my guess is it has something to
do with trust.

You must trust Danielle! You must trust Danielle! I tell myself this
over and over. I even start to convince myself that I can trust him. I
stay convinced even after he uses his fingers to pull my scrotum out and
positions the jaws of the clothespin over the skin. You must trust
Danielle! He won’t do it! You must trust Danielle!

“Owie! Owie! Owie!” I scream as the jaws clamp tight against my

Danielle stands back and watches as I dance back and forth. The
movement shakes all the clothespins back and forth which only amplifies the
pain. My hands drop down to the clothespin on my nut sack but I’m scared
to touch it. Part of me is scared that touching it will make it hurt even
more. A bigger part of me though is just scared of how upset Danielle
might become.

“Settle down,” Danielle says with a giggle. “It’s not THAT bad.”

To prove his point, Danielle takes another clothespin and attaches it to
his own ball sack. He then puts one on the foreskin at the head of his
semi hard dick… in essence sealing the head inside. Finally he attaches
a third to his right nipple.

“See?” he says.

I just look on in horror. How could he do that to himself? The one on
the head of his dick must hurt more than all three of mine put together.
Yet, he barely even flinched.

“Just accept the pain and let it flow through you,” he says as he closes
his eyes like he is meditating or something. “Once you learn to accept it
you can even mold it… turn it into pleasure even.”

I wonder if this is something they taught him at the school or if he is
just reciting lines from some cheap TV show… maybe Kung fu or something.
I have to admit thought that whatever he is doing seems to be working for
him. He looks very peaceful, almost euphoric as the clothespins pinch at

I close my eyes and try to do as he suggests. However, I find no
pleasure. All I’m able to do is bring more focus to the pain itself. I
start dancing again and shaking my hands back and forth inches in front of
the clothespins.

“You’re such a big baby,” Danielle giggles when he opens his eyes and
sees me dancing around.

He has mercy on me and removes the clothespins. They somehow hurt more
coming off than they did going on.

“I will leave these here,” Danielle says as he puts the three
clothespins on the edge of the bathtub. “I suggest you use these for at
least 10 minutes every night. It will help you build up your pain
tolerance. Trust me, you will need it… especially if you decide to pick
the doctor as your mentor. The clothespins will seem like foreplay if you
pick him.”

There is something in Danielle’s voice that tells me this tiny pain
lesson isn’t really scheduled training. I think his real agenda is to
convince me not to pick the doctor as my mentor. The only question is
whether he is doing this to really help me or just to try to get me to pick
the Dean instead so Danielle and I can be together more.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t already thought about picking the
Dean for the same reason. However, the Dean is… well, he’s a dick. Plus
he has a rather large one also. He clearly set me up and is probably 100
percent responsible for me being in this situation. The last thing I want
to do is reward him by making him my mentor. I’m sure that is exactly what
he wants… that’s probably what he has wanted since I was 7.

I plan to escape soon anyway so all of this is mute. However, if I had
to stay here I would certainly like to spend as much time with Danielle as
I could. I like him a lot… as a friend. However, I think my hatred for
the Dean is way too great.

Once the clothes are pinned up, Danielle has me do something I never
thought I would do in my entire life. Clean the bathroom. I don’t see any
mold growing anywhere so I’m not sure why he feels it needs to be cleaned.
But I clean it anyway. There isn’t much instruction involved here. Not
like I don’t know how to clean stuff. I just never cared to do it.
Danielle mainly just watches over me and makes sure I get every square inch
of the place.

After the bathroom is spotless, Danielle has me scrub the concrete floor
around the bed. I also do a little dusting and other cleanup in this area.

By the time I am done the room looks just as good as the first day I
stepped foot in it. I’m thankful when my cleaning duties come to an end.
My knees and back are aching and for a moment I was afraid he would tell me
to clean the other room out also. That room is way bigger than this one.

Granted, if I want to please my trainers then I will volunteer to clean
the other room anyway. I don’t feel like doing it today though. Maybe I
will do a little cleaning in there tomorrow.

“Are your balls still hurting?” Danielle asks once everything is put

I’m pretty sure he is talking about the constant ache I have because of
the cock cage and not the short lived pain from the clothespin. I blush
and nod. The pain isn’t as bad but it is still there.

“Would you like me to play with your clit some more?” Danielle asks with
a slight blush of his own.

I know what he is asking for. I’m still not super-hot on the idea of
having a cock up my ass. However, the end result is pretty nice. Plus,
I’m sure if I say no then Danielle will get upset and find something even
less pleasant to do. So, I look down at the floor and then nod again.

“What will you give me in exchange?” Danielle bashfully asks as he
nibbles on his lower lip.

Um, you get to fuck my ass. Good grief, isn’t that enough? I can’t
imagine what else he could possibly want.

“I could make you a small cheese sandwich,” I say, not sure exactly what
to offer.

The offer sounds stupid even to me. However, right now the food is my
most valuable possession. Hell, it’s my only possession. Danielle giggles
like I meant it as a joke. The offer clearly isn’t appealing to him so I
play along and giggle as well.

“Before we start I was thinking maybe you could… you know… like you
did in the shower this morning,” Danielle shyly asks as he twirls a long
strand of his hair around with his left index finger.

My first reaction is disgust. I don’t want to clean my ass out with his
dick again. That was horrid. However, I then realize he said “before we
start”. It sounds like he just wants a simple blowjob. Okay, there is
nothing simple about it. But it pales in comparison to what we did in the
shower. I don’t have much say in it anyway so I blush and then nod.

“Goodie!” Danielle cheers.

I expect him to make me undress him but he just takes a seat on the edge
of the bed. I’m already naked so I just stand there waiting for my orders.
Those orders come all too soon. Danielle points at the floor in front of
him. I look down but see nothing there. My face goes flush when I realize
he wants me to kneel there.

I feel my face burning in humiliation as I take my place. During my
time as janitor I had several girls on their knees in similar positions.
It always made me feel very dominate over them. Now that I’m the one on my
knees I feel significantly more submissive than I ever felt dominate. I’m
talking big time difference.

The position makes me feel so submissive and insignificant that it
scares me. It takes all my willpower to stay down. Especially when I look
up and realize Danielle has hiked his dress up a little and I can see
underneath it. He is wearing a pair of thin yellow panties but I can
clearly see his hard dick struggling to escape. About two inches of the
tip is already peeking out the top.

I’m going to suck Danielle’s cock! Even after this morning, the thought
is still so surreal. I know this isn’t going to be as disgusting as the
shower incident, but it still somehow feels worse. My submissive position
is a big part of that. However, another huge aspect is the fact that I’m
all but volunteering to do it.

I didn’t even make Danielle threaten me or anything first. I feel like
such a wimp. It is a huge contrast to how I felt just a couple weeks ago.
I was getting tail every day. It made me feel so manly. God, look how far
I have fallen in such a short time. It is enough to make me want to cry.

I have just enough dignity left in order to find the strength to hold
back my tears. Plus, I think I would have a complete breakdown if I
started crying while kneeling in this position.

Danielle lifts his rear end up off the bed. I know what he wants and
quickly comply. I reach under his dress and grab his yellow panties at the
hip. I then slowly pull them down. His dick lurches a couple times as the
delicate panties slide across it. I remember that delicious feeling from
last weekend. Right now I would welcome the feel of wool on my penis.
Anything would be better than this cold unwielding steel.

Danielle pulls his dress all the way to his hips and then sits back down
once the panties are clear. I bring the panties the rest of the way off
and then fold them into a neat little square. I put a lot more effort into
folding them than I normally would. Anything to delay what I know is
coming next.

I blush when I turn back toward Danielle and see his dick and nuts only
inches away. What really embarrasses me is the look in his eyes as he
stares down at me. I know that look. It is the same superior one I always
gave to the girls that knelt before me. The look pretty much screams…
“Suck that dick bitch!”

I swallow hard when I realize the time has finally come. There will be
no more delays. It’s time to release Janice and let her do her thing. I
open my mouth and move toward his dick. Danielle grabs his dick though and
hides it behind his hands.

I look up into Danielle’s eyes in confusion. Danielle is looking down
at his groin like there is something I’m supposed to be doing there. But I
can’t with his hand in the way. I’m about to voice this when it dawns on
me what he wants. Of course, you can’t nut a bitch’s throat until after
she gives your nuts a good washing.

My face burns in humiliation as I bring my face toward his nut sack.
Before I start licking, I bring my lips in and give his nuts a gentle kiss.
It is something all the girls in the school did for me. I’m guessing it is
supposed to be a sign of respect or a way of thanking the man for letting
them suck his cock. It is utterly humiliating but I figure if I’m going to
do this I might as well do it right. Danielle praises me with the
standard, “Good, Girl”.

I stick out my tongue and start licking at his balls. As I do so I
realize how smooth Danielle’s skin really is. My tongue licks all over his
sack and I don’t even find a single hair. I’m also pleased that I don’t
find any odd flavors either. In fact, there is hardly any flavor at all.
While this is still demeaning and humiliating, it isn’t as bad as I thought
it would be.

I delay as much as possible. I lick his nuts clean several times. I
even play with them a little with my tongue. I flick at them with the tip
of my tongue and make them bounce around a little in his sack. After this
I suck on them.

I even try to see if I can suck both of them into my mouth at the same
time. I almost manage but not quite. This apparently turns Danielle on
though because he reaches down and “helps”. He gets one nut in and then
starts forcing the next. This forces the first one to push against the
back of my throat. I try to pull away but his other hand is already there
to hold me in place.

My eyes water and I gag, but he manages to get both nuts inside. He
holds them inside until I get my gagging under control. Then he pulls his
hands away. I want to be a good girl for him so I add some suction in
order to help keep the nuts in my mouth. I even manage to slither my
tongue around underneath them a little.

I might not be gagging anymore but the ordeal is still uncomfortable.
So, after a minute I let them pop out. They are dripping with my spit and
I dive in and lick them dry. It’s not something I like doing but if I
don’t it will probably leave wet spots on the bed. Well, bigger wet spots
than necessary. I’m not sure if Danielle would get upset by that or not. I
know Victor would.

As I lick his balls clean I notice there is now a taste to them. I pull
back slightly so I can focus better. Sure enough, he has moved his hand
and there is now a thick stream of precum running down the side of his dick
and coating his nuts.

I’m eating his precum now so there isn’t any point in delaying anymore.
Disgust ripples through my body as I use my tongue to lap up the precum off
the side of his dick. It bothers me how easily I talk myself into
performing the act. It also bothers me how expertly my tongue gathers it.
I guess sipping and licking from my water bowl taught my tongue a few

Once his dick snot is cleaned up I start flicking my tongue on the
underside of his cock. This is where it always feels best for me.
Danielle’s moans tell me this is true for him also. After a minute of this
I start to get my hopes up that I might actually get way without having to
go further. Sure, I will still have to lick the mess up afterward but at
least I won’t have to actually suck his dick.

My hopes are quickly dashed when I feel Danielle’s hand at the back of
my head. He hasn’t quite taken control yet, but I know he will soon. The
only question now is whether I want to continue to delay until he takes
control or do I want to be a good girl and do it myself. One thing I’ve
learned so far here is that it never hurts to be a good girl.

Sure enough, Danielle’s hand disappears as I start to lick my way around
and then up to the tip of his dick. As I do so I get another mouth full of
precum. I reluctantly store it in my belly with the rest.

My stomach turns when I reach the tip. The foreskin from Danielle’s
uncut dick has formed a small cup there and it is overflowing with dick
snot. I know what must be done, but it still takes me a moment to get the
courage. Finally I take a deep breath, seal my lips to the end of his dick
and drink from his cup. There is at least a tablespoon there and the
viscous liquid slithers down my throat like a runny egg. As it goes down
it leaves a slimy layer of the goo in my mouth and throat.

Part of the purpose of precum is to help lubricate the female vagina to
help facilitate penetration. Or at least I remember something like that
from health class. I was a bit distracted that day. No male teachers were
available so they had Ms. Andrews conduct the class. She has nice tits…
even if she is always trying to hide them under sweaters and stuff.

If I ever get out of here I will have to let Ms. Andrews know that
precum can be used to help lubricate more than the vagina. The thought of
my mouth and throat being readied for penetration is utterly humiliating.

“Ugh!” I gag when Danielle humps forward.

I guess I licked at Danielle’s dick a little too much and he is now
supercharged. He jabs the back of my throat five times before I think to
use my hands to help protect myself.

“You’re too old for that,” Danielle says as he bats my hands away.

Now that he mentions it, I don’t remember ever seeing any of the older
girls at the school using their hands much. Even the 10-year-olds in my
classes don’t use their hands. The only girls I’ve seen use their hands
are those around 7 or 8.

I try to protest around Danielle’s dick but he just jams it into the
back of my throat again in order to shut me up.

I would have never guessed that oral sex was so uncomfortable. Most of
the girls at the school even look like they enjoy it. Okay, maybe not the
youngest ones, but the rest do. Is it possible they are just acting like
it feels good? Or does it actually get better over time? As Danielle jams
against the back of my throat again I start to doubt this could ever become
anything but unpleasurable.

Be a good girl! Be a good girl! Be a good girl!

I chant this over and over in my head in an effort to keep from using my
hands again. It doesn’t work though. Danielle swats my hands away three
more times before he finally yanks my mouth away from his dick. I can tell
he is upset. I failed to be a good girl for him and this upsets me as
well. I don’t want to lose the one person in this place that I actually

He slides out from in front of me and walks across the room. I want to
beg him for another chance but I decide it is best to just keep quiet. I
already know I would fail a second attempt and even a third. His dick
jabbing at the back of my throat is just too painful and scary for me to
keep my hands still.

I watch as Danielle walks to a cabinet. I hear him rummaging around in
it for a minute. When he turns I discover he has found a solution for my
little problem. He is holding a pair of handcuffs and some rope!

I tremble as he walks back over to me. I manage to stay kneeling but my
hands instinctively try to hide on the opposite side of my body. When he
reaches me he just holds his left hand out. I know he wants me to give him
my wrist but I just can’t do it. I start to cry and shake my head “no”.

“Janice!” Danielle growls.

The tone in his voice is one I didn’t think his feminine body was
capable of. If I didn’t know better I would have sworn it was his father,
the Dean, that had said it. Somehow it sounds way scarier coming from
Danielle. It is almost like he is possessed or something.

My right wrist is in Danielle’s hand before I even realize I gave the
command to move it there.

“Ow!” I let out when Danielle slams one of the cuffs hard against my

The impact causes the cuff’s metal arm to swing around and slam shut
over the top of the other side of my wrist. Danielle presses on it and I
hear a few more clicks as the cold steel tightens against me.

I really don’t want to give him my other wrist. However, my first wrist
is still hurting from the hit. I reluctantly volunteer the second one in
hopes he will be gentler. Thankfully, he is. It goes on tight but at
least he doesn’t hit me with it.

He uses the rope to lightly tie my ankles. This seems trivial compared
to the cuffs so I don’t bother struggling. I do get a bit confused though
when he takes the remaining length of the rope and brings it up to my
cuffs. He then ties it to the short chain connecting the two cuffs.

The maneuver seems a bit odd. I could see this position being
uncomfortable or even painful if the rope connecting the two was very
taunt. It would force you to constantly lean backward. However, the rope
is somewhat loose. Thus, it doesn’t appear to serve any purpose.

I just shrug this off. I have much bigger things to worry about right
now. Like Danielle’s dick.

I start struggling with the cuffs as Danielle gets back on the bed in
front of me. I make sure I do it covertly, just like on TV. And just like
on TV, I expect to somehow magically break free. I don’t know who writes
all of those shows but they clearly have never been in handcuffs before.
Nothing short of a key or hack saw is going to get these fucking things
off. They don’t even budge a little bit.

CLICK. Fuck! I just made one of them tighter! Danielle hears it and
smiles. This clearly is not his first rodeo.

I stiffen my neck muscles when Danielle reaches out and grabs my head. I
really don’t want to feel his dick poking around at the back of my throat.
However, he easily pulls my head forward.

A second later and his dick is in my mouth again. As it enters I do
everything I can to please him in hopes that he will leave my throat alone.
I suck and lick his little cup clean. I even start bobbing my head back
and forth.

I feel a glint of hope when I hear him moan with pleasure. My rosy
slips sliding up and down his shaft are clearly getting to him. I feel a
little pressure at the back of my head though. I know he wants my lips
sliding further down his shaft. I do my best to accommodate but I start
hitting that nasty spot and begin to gag.

I start to panic. I’ve been in Danielle’s shoes before. I’m never
happy until the girl in question has my entire dick down her throat. The
continuing pressure at the back of my head tells me that Danielle is the
same way.

I want to be a good girl for Danielle, I really do. However, it is just
too uncomfortable and scary. I try to pull away but Danielle’s grip is too
tight. My only recourse is to try to stand. I’m certain my leg muscles
can easily out power his hold on me. My ankles are tied together so I
won’t be able to run away, but at least I won’t be gagging anymore.

I manage to get my toes positioned correctly but when I lunge upward I’m
immediately yanked back down my by my wrists. I now know what the purpose
of the rope is. I didn’t even manage to get Danielle’s dick free of my
mouth. I rose up 2 inches at most.

I try to beg around his dick but Danielle ignores me. He just keeps
jabbing my throat over and over.

“Try to swallow,” Danielle informs me. “It will hurt a lot less that

If it was anyone else I probably would have ignored the advice.
However, Danielle is an expert cock sucker and despite this current
treatment I know he would not lead me astray.

It still takes me a minute though before I can get my panic under enough
control in order to comply.

His cock still feels uncomfortable when it pokes the back of my throat
but at least the swallowing exercise reduces my gagging somewhat.

Danielle keeps at it for several minutes. It is around the 7 or 8
minute mark that I realize my gagging has all but stopped.

“Ugh!” I gag again when his dick suddenly forces its way deep into my

This time he does not stop until his balls are resting against my chin.
This is at least 3 inches deeper than before and I panic like crazy.

I instinctively try to bring my hands forward to protect myself. But of
course that is not possible. All I can do is kneel there and take it.
Well, technically I guess I could have bitten him. However, even I know
that the penalty for that would be extremely severe. I know I would slap
the shit out of any bitch that bit my dick. She would be lucky if she had
any teeth left once I was done with her. Well, my former self would have
reacted that way. After less than two weeks, my current self is just a
shadow of the young man I used to be.

Danielle holds his dick deep in my throat. The pain quickly becomes a
secondary concern once I realize I can only breathe through my nose. I
really start to panic when Danielle uses his free hand to pinch my nose

“I’m going to choke to death on Danielle’s dick!” the voice in my head

I can just see all my friends and family reading my obituary in the
paper and gossiping about how I died. The humiliation would be so great
that even my corpse would probably blush.

Right when I think I have no choice but to bite down in defense,
Danielle slowly lets up and I pull back. He leaves about 3 inches in my
mouth but I can at least breathe now. I’m still gasping for breath when he
pulls my head forward again. I struggle but he easily goes balls deep

“Please!” I try to beg around his dick when he pulls back once more.

I’m gasping and coughing too hard though and it just comes out jumbled.
I’m sure he knows what I said but he pulls me forward again anyway. He
doesn’t even stop pinching my nose.

I quickly realize my mistake for trying to talk. My oxygen supply runs
out much faster this time. Instead of talking I should have been
concentrating on breathing.

My head is dizzy by the time Danielle lets me come up for air again.
This time I focus on nothing but breathing. I don’t even bother trying to
swallow all the excess spit. I just let it drool out of my mouth and down
my neck and body. I’ll worry about that mess later.

Danielle’s dick goes back into my throat all too soon. Long before my
lungs have recovered. My lungs burn and the dizziness becomes much worse.

He pulls out just long enough for me to get a few breaths and then
pushes right back in. He repeats this over and over. By the 10th
insertion my struggles are completely gone. My muscles barely have the
strength to keep me kneeling there let alone struggle.

I don’t even have the strength to be scared anymore. Not really anyway.
My whole universe just focuses around those few short breaths I get each
time he pulls back. I’m just putty in his hands as he fucks my throat.
Somewhere in the background I think I hear him call me a “good girl” but it
is hard to tell if it is him saying it or just the voice in my head.

Regardless of who said it, my dizzy brain grasps at the words and hugs
them tight… anything to help steady my spiraling mind. It does no good
though and I continue to spin out of control. However, my confused mind
somehow finds comfort in that even if I crash I will do so as a good girl
and not a bad one.

I loose complete track of time. It could have been 5 minutes or 5 hours
later when something odd happens. I start to get this slight euphoric
feeling. I quickly grasp for it. My brain touches it and it feels warm
and gooey.

It feels too good not to touch. However, the more I do the more it gets
smeared all over. Before I know it my brain is dripping with the gooey

“No!” the voice in my head screams when I feel Danielle’s dick start to
pulse in my throat.

I’m not concerned about the cum shooting into my stomach. My concern is
that this means he is done with me now. I was just starting to enjoy the
gooey feeling.

Sure enough, Danielle gives me throat a couple more stabs and then pulls
all the way out. I try to hold on to that euphoric feeling but it easily
slips out of my fingers. As my head clears the feeling is quickly replaced
with shame and humiliation. I just deep throated my first dick. And
worse, for a moment there I actually started to enjoy it.

I kneel there and cry. I only snap out of it when I feel someone grab
me from behind. I look around and see that it is Danielle. He got off the
bed at some point and is now using a towel to wipe all the spit and tears
off my body. At least that is one thing I won’t have to clean up later.

“You did pretty well for your first time,” Danielle tells me as he
removes the rope.

My legs are weak but I manage to stand and roll onto the bed when he
tells me too. He rolls me onto my stomach and I assume he is going to take
the cuffs off. However, he doesn’t. Instead, he grabs hold of my plug and
slowly pulls upward. It takes some effort and puts a lot of weight on my
head and shoulders but I manage to get my knees under me.

Once my ass is up high he places a towel under me and then starts
tugging at my plug again. I arch my back and push out with my ass muscles.

“Oh!” I moan as the widest part clears my ring.

With my hands still cuffed behind my back, all of my upper body weight
is resting on my shoulders and the left side of my face and head. It’s
very uncomfortable and I think about begging for my hands to be freed. I
decide against it. This is clearly a punishment for using my hands
earlier. If I complain too much it will just get worse.

To make matters worse, Danielle lowers the plug down in front of my
face. I can’t believe he wants me to clean it while I’m in such an
uncomfortable position. I don’t hesitate to start licking. I have
virtually zero mobility in my head but that doesn’t matter. Danielle just
turns the plug this way and that until it is spotless.

Danielle sets the plug aside and then brings his attention back to my
asshole again. He uses one hand to spread my cheeks a little and then uses
his index finger on his other to very delicately rub my hole.

The sensation catches me off guard. It falls somewhere between a tickle
and an itch. It radiates around and even inside my hole. It makes me want
to stuff something inside to scratch it.

I find myself trying to buck back against his finger but my movement is
too limited. The best I can do is wiggle my rump back and forth and up and
down. All this does is rub his finger across it more and thus increase my

Danielle keeps at it for what seems an eternity. I’m sweating and
whimpering with need before Danielle finally speaks up.

“What do you want me to do to you?” Danielle teases as he leans over my
back and positions his dick.

“Make me a good girl!” I say without thinking.

I can’t believe I just said that! I was thinking it for some reason but
didn’t mean to say it out loud!

“Don’t worry about that,” Danielle whispers as he presses the tip of his
dick against my hole. “I’m going to make you the bestest girl in the whole

A second later he is deep inside me.


“””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” This story was
written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone such activities
in real life. Also, I do not recommend that you try duplicating anything
mentioned in my stories; even if you are doing them legally. I try to keep
most of the activities semi realistic, however, many of these things can
and probably would cause severe damage.

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Christian School of Humility (Jack Gets Humbled) Part 2 of 2

Thirteen-year-old Jack thinks he has the world in the palm of his hand.
All of that quickly changes when he gets pulled into a plot to turn him
into a Humbled Girl. Will Jack be able to resist his training and all the
mind games? Or, will Janice be born? You can find a full list of my
stories at:

(ped, Mm, mm, Mmm, Mf, mf, mF, inc, nc, ws, toys, bd, enem, spank, cbt,
anal, ds, humil) and a few other naughty things

By The Devil’s Advocate Please send feedback to: (until they fix the ASSTR feedback link)


The rest of Sunday becomes a bit of a blur. I remember the ass fucking
and subsequent anal climax in great detail of course. However, after that
Danielle puts me on my side for my cleanup duty. This quickly goes from
cleanup to another deep throat lesson. The rest of the night is fuzzy.
I’m not sure but I think he ended up fucking my ass once more and taking my
throat twice more. I think I blocked most of the details out. It is also
possible that Danielle throat fucked the details out of my head via oxygen
deprivation. Who knows how many millions of brain cells I ended up losing.

I could be wrong but I don’t think I had any more anal climaxes for the
rest of the night. I’m guessing I can only have those when my balls are
hurting the most. That seems to be the correlation anyway. My balls still
ache but nowhere near as much.

I wake Monday morning to the sound of Danielle running a bath. I look
at the clock and see that it is an hour before my normal wake up time. I
immediate close my eyes to go back to sleep. However, I then remember my
weekend vacation with Danielle is over. This week could end up being just
as bad as the prior one. I’m not sure I can survive that.

I don’t know where I get the balls but I decide to make an escape
attempt. Unknown to everyone, I’ve been creating an escape kit during the
past several days. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to it yet. There is
just a roll of medical tape and some plastic food packaging. It isn’t much
but it should be enough to get me into the hallway. With luck I will make
it another 20 yards to the main hall where the students will be roaming
around. I will make the trip naked so they can clearly see I’m a boy.

If I was more awake then I would probably talk myself out of this plan.
It isn’t very well thought out and for all I know the students are already
aware there are boys attending here. Though, I do find that a little
unlikely. There is also the change that they might be too scared to tell
their parents about it. Then there is the factor of the parents not
wanting to tarnish the school’s name. Yeah, it is a sucky plan. But half
asleep it somehow seems like a good one. The sad part is that this is
probably the best plan I’ve come up with in the past week or so.

Still, my focus isn’t where it should be. I find myself thinking more
about what might happen this week if I don’t escape and not enough about
the escape itself. Or even more important, what will happen when I’m
caught. Yes, I said “when”. Getting caught is a given. It’s the middle
of winter after all and I’m going to be naked. I don’t think I would want
to face the cold elements even if I had my school clothes on.

Danielle’s bath lasts about 20 minutes. When he finally comes out I
close my eyes and pretend to be asleep. He walks past the bed and on into
the hall. I jump up and lift up the mattress where I have been hiding my
escape kit. I grab the plastic and quickly push it under my collar where I
know the metal contacts are. I then look out into the hall.

My plan is to sprint down the hall right when Danielle opens the door.
I’m certain I can reach it right before it closes. However, when I look
into the hall he isn’t there. Oh, shit! Is he watching me in the
observation room? Did he already make it out the door? The plan is going
to shit very fast.

I start to panic but then hear a noise in my other room. Of course, he
is probably putting my clothes and plug in my bathroom. He probably also
needs to touch up his makeup and hair. I don’t know how long I have so I
jump back into bed and pull the plastic from my collar. I want to keep it
ready so I stash it under the covers.

I lay there for another 20 minutes before I hear Danielle walking back
toward the hall. I hear him walk into my room and next to the bed. For an
instant I fear he has figured out what I’m up too. However, he just gives
me a kiss on the forehead and starts walking away again. The second he is
out the door I quickly replace the plastic and go to my door. The hallway
is a long stretch but I can clearly hear the beeping as Danielle types in
his code.

There is a short buzzing sound as the door unlocks. I peak around the
corner and get ready to sprint. However, right when I’m about to kick off
I see a large black hand grasp the door from the outside. I almost pee

There aren’t too many blacks that work at the school. Not that many
black students now that I think about it. I’m pretty sure I know who this
hand belongs too. The hand looks huge and is very high on the door. There
is only one black man in this school that big… Ray. He’s a security
guard here and one big mother fucker.

I chat with him often. Or at least I did while I was janitor. He
actually has a pretty interesting story also. You would think a security
guard would be poor. Ray is actually probably the richest employee in the
school. He’s even richer than the Dean. He apparently inherited all of
his money from his parents. He even has a younger sister who graduated
from here several years back. Rumor has it he works at the school for
free. His only fee is being allowed to play with the kids from time to

While his story is interesting, the main reason I hung around him was in
hopes of someday seeing him in action. I can only imagine how big his cock
must be and how a little 10 or 11-year-old would look trying to handle it.
I never got the chance though. He always takes the kids into private rooms
when he plays with them. I tried to peak at his cock a few times in the
bathrooms but the urinal partitions just don’t allow it. Not without
making it obvious anyway. The closest I’ve come to seeing his dick is the
impression it makes under his pants. He must be very virile because he
seemed to have a hard on every time I met with him. While the impression
in his pants gives a good estimate it just isn’t the same as seeing it

I debated a few times whether I should ask my sisters if they ever got
dicked by Ray. However, I just couldn’t think of a good way of asking
without it making me sound like I was interested in the guy in a gay kind
of way.

I knew he had an office not far from this hall but it hadn’t really
occurred to me that he might be one of the main guards for this secure area

Ray holds the door open while Danielle easily ducks under his arm and
walks away. As I watch this I can’t decide what to do. Should I run to
him and ask for help? Should I run and get under my covers? The first
option isn’t very smart. We seemed to be okay friends but he’s a security
guard for goodness sake. He has to know what is going on in here. To
include what is going on with me.

No, the second option is best. However, I delay too long and he sees me
peaking down the hall. He just raises his right index finger and shakes it
back and forth. Then he turns and leaves, locking the door behind him.
It’s a small gesture but speaks volumes. He obviously knew what I was up

Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

He knows I was trying to escape! Then I remember the video camera.
Shit! He has video of it even! I’m so screwed!

I quickly remove the plastic from my collar and toss it in the trash
can. I also grab the roll of tape and do the same with it. It is kind of
late now but at least this will show them that I might have learned my
lesson. A punishment will still be required but maybe it will be a hand
spanking and not one with that nasty whip. Plus, there is always that tiny
chance Ray won’t report me… though I find that unlikely.

I shiver under the covers in fear for the next 20 minutes until the
alarm goes off. Going through my morning routine seems trivial right now,
but I quickly go about it. If anything, it might help show them how sorry
I am for attempting escape.

My enema, shower and makeup are all a blur. All I can think about is
what is going to happen to me once the Dean finds out about my escape

As a minimum, I’m sure they will take away my food supply. So, after
I’m all dolled up I go to the kitchenette with the intent to eat what
little food is left there.

“That bitch!” I groan when I find the bread and cheese is missing.

I don’t really mean it. Well, not really. I’m upset with Danielle but
mainly I’m just taking my anxiety and frustrations out on him for me
getting caught earlier.

At least he left the egg. I haven’t been that hungry lately and the egg
is probably enough to get me through the day.

“Fuck!” I say much too loudly when I crack the egg open and find it is

Could this day possibly get any worse? Stupid question… of course it
can and probably will.

I have the egg cracked in half… one half in my left hand and the other
half in my right. I stare down in disgust as I debate whether I should eat
it or not. I keep telling myself I don’t want too. However, the obvious
counter point is that I have to eat something and a raw egg is better than
dog food. Yet, I don’t want to eat a raw egg. My mind goes back and forth
like this for over a minute.

“Stop being a pussy and just fucking eat it!” the voice in my head
yells. “If Rocky can do this than you can.”

Okay, don’t ask me how I got the gull to compare myself to Rocky. Rocky
is about as manly as a man can get. Me… well, I’m wearing fucking makeup
and a girl’s school uniform.

The yolk ended up within the shell in my right hand so I choose to eat
the left portion first. I close my eyes tight and empty the half shell
into my mouth. Oh, God! This is even worse than I expected. It takes all
my will power not to spit the foul substance out. My brow and nose scrunch
up in disgust as I force myself to swallow. Yeah, I’m definitely no Rocky.

The egg is even more viscous than sperm. However, just like sperm it
seems to stick to everything as it slithers down my throat. God is it

I tell myself that there is just no way I can eat the other half. Not
with the yellow yolk in there. I walk to the bathroom to flush it.
However, before I dump it I remind myself it is still better than dog food.
Oh, God! It is absolutely horrid as I swallow the second half. I feel the
yellow yolk go straight to my stomach but the clear outer part leaves a
gooey trail behind just like the first half.

I gag over the toilet for a moment but manage to keep the egg in my
belly. My stomach feels much better once I drink some water from the
facet. I don’t feel any of it in my mouth anymore but I still brush my
teeth again just to make sure.

I almost pee myself when I enter the guest room and find the Dean
standing there. I swallow hard when I see the doctor is there as well.

“Time for your ET and BS,” the Dean says with a smile.

I forgot to ask Danielle about these acronyms and therefore still have
no clue what they mean. The Dean says it though like I should already know
what they mean. Normally this would piss me off but right now it is the
sweetest sound ever. Like everything else, I’m sure I’m not going to enjoy
this. However, it is something they already said they had planned for me.
Therefore, this is not a punishment for my escape attempt. This means the
Dean either doesn’t know about it yet or isn’t that upset about it. I know
I’m not off the hook yet, but as a minimum it is at least a short reprieve.

“Disrobe and get on the bed,” the doctor informs me. “Remove the plug

I quickly comply. With a possible pending punishment hovering over my
head, I have extra reason to please them today. I do keep a close eye
though on the doctor and the instruments he is taking out of his bag.

There is no piss or other tubes, so that is a good sign. However, the
items he does bring out are things I’ve never seen before. One item looks
like some kind of odd rod. The length of it is only a half inch wide but
it has a large 2 inch metal ball on the end of it. I already know this is
probably going up my asshole. I just don’t understand why. I’m concerned
but not too much. I know my hole can handle something that big.

The second item concerns me a whole lot more. It is a small half foot
square box with controls on it. The doctor plugs it into the wall outlet
and it makes a low humming sound. What really concerns me are the wires
coming out of it. There are about a half dozen and the end of each wire is
what looks like a very thin needle. Maybe this is a punishment after all.

“She learns fast,” the doctor chuckles when he sees I’ve already
positioned myself on the bed on my hands and knees with my ass pointed
toward him.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that,” the Dean says. “Are you
sure you haven’t dosed her too much? She seems way too… compliant.”

I blush as they talk about me like I’m a dog or something. I’m assuming
they are talking about the estrogen or some other drug they have forced on
me. Drugged or not, I’m still humiliated that they find me “too
compliant”. However, it is a good indication they don’t know about my
escape attempt yet.

The doctor frowns at the Dean. His face turns red with anger and for a
second I think he is going to take a swing at the larger man.

“I assure you that her dosage is well regulated,” he growls. “Has it
ever occurred to you that maybe she just enjoys all of this?”

The Dean just shrugs it off and motions for the doctor to continue with
my “treatment”.

My blush deepens when I hear the doctor suggest I might enjoy all of
this. Sure, I’ve had a few insanely good climaxes but that doesn’t mean I
enjoy or want to be doing any of this gay shit. I want to yell this at
them but know better. It won’t change anything… other than maybe anger

The doctor gives me a thorough inspection. I suspect this is just a
normal part of every treatment. You know, first make sure everything is
okay before you do harm… that seems to be the main precept of medical
ethics in this place.

“Are they sensitive?” he asks as he rubs his finger lightly over my left

“Yes, sir,” I barely whisper.

“Speak up,” the doctor says as he gives the nipple a hard pinch.

“Yes, sir!” I yell out in pain. “They are very sensitive, sir!”

“She needs to work on her pain tolerance,” the doctor says to the Dean.
“Maybe she needs specialized training in this area.”

“Nice try, doc,” the Dean chuckles. “She will get to choose just like
all the other girls.”

“But, not all the other girls get to choose,” the doctor points out.

I’m guessing that they are talking about me choosing a mentor. It is
the only thing that makes sense in this context anyway. I’m not sure, but
I think the doctor just asked for that choice to be taken away from me; for
him to be assigned by the Dean as my mentor.

I’m glad the request is denied. However, it does confuse me. If the
Dean has this power then why doesn’t he just assign himself? My only guess
is that he needs parental consent to deviate from the normal school
protocol. Such a strict rule seems silly considering the nature of the
topic. It seems to put way too much power into the hands of the student
and parent; which is odd for this place. I’m guessing rule was put there
by the school board and not the Dean. You don’t see me complaining.

The Dean ignores the doctor’s last comment. However, the doctor stares
him down.

“Okay, I will talk to her father about it,” the Dean relents.

I swallow hard when I hear this. I pray that the Dean is just following
through with this request in order to please the doctor and not because he
thinks my father might actually consent to it. Daddy, please don’t
consent! I am already 99 percent sure I don’t want the doctor as my mentor.
Who would?

The doctor continues with his examination. He fiddles with my nuts,
asshole and clit. He also asks various questions about how they feel. I
am a bit surprised though when he asks about my appetite. Specifically, he
asks if I have had a loss of appetite recently. I confirm that I have.
I’m always a little hungry but nothing like I should be. Not considering
how little I get to eat each day.

“Good… good,” he mumbles.

Good!? How is a loss of appetite good? I can only guess it is a normal
side effect of what they are giving me. I fear though that at this rate I
will lose a lot of weight and become rather frail in a matter of weeks.

“She is ready for a bigger plug,” the doctor says as he inspects my

“I want you to start using a number 3, Janice,” the Dean tells me.

“A two!” the doctor quickly interrupts. “You can take her up to a three
in a week or two maybe.”

The doctor really confuses me sometimes. He doesn’t seem to like me and
clearly enjoys causing me pain, yet I’ve seen him often jump to my defense.
I would write it off as part of his oath as a doctor. However, I doubt
that is the case. He only seems to do it around the Dean.

I think this is more about some kind of rivalry going on between the
two. It does make a lot of sense. They both seem to have their own level
of power. Plus, they are both similar in how sadistic they can be. You
would think they would be the best of friends. However, there is one
obvious difference that puts a wedge between them… that being their manly
hood. It sounds immature but it makes sense… at least to me. The Dean
is a big man and has a huge manly cock. However, the doctor is much
smaller and can’t even get hard. I can easily see the Dean inadvertently,
if not purposefully, rubbing this fact in the doctor’s face. And I
certainly can understand why the doctor would resent him for it.

My attention quickly returns to the doctor when I see him pull my cock
cage’s special screwdriver out of his pocket. I don’t get my hopes up too
high though. I remember what happened the last time he removed it.

“I need to remove your cage for your treatment,” he informs me. “I
can’t have you squirting all over the place though. So, do you want me to
milk you first or…”

He pauses for a second as he reaches into his bag and pulls out a
hypodermic needle.

“Please milk me, sir!” I quickly beg before he can complete his

My quick response gets a chuckle out of both of them. I don’t care;
anything to avoid that damn needle. Hell, I don’t even know what milking
me means. I can’t imagine it could possibly be worse. With the Dean here
I’m sure the shot would have been in one of my nuts like they have been
threatening to do for some time now.

I watch as the doctor puts the needle away. He then grabs the rod with
the metal ball on the end. He brings it to my mouth. I know what he wants
and quickly start licking it. It clearly is going in my asshole next so I
make sure it gets plenty of slobber. As I lube it I notice something I
missed before. The bottom end of the rod has a wire extending from it
about two feet. At the end of that wire is a metal alligator clip. I
remember the clothes pins from yesterday and pray that he doesn’t plan to
clip that on my nut sack.

“Clip it to his nuts,” the Dean says as though reading my mind.

I get ready to bolt from the bed. I know how hard alligator clips can
pinch. There is no way I could bear that kind of pain.

“His pain tolerance is way too low for that,” the doctor says in an
almost sarcastic tone.

The doctor’s message is pretty clear to even me. If the Dean wants to
get medical clearance for extremely painful procedures/training then he is
going to have to ensure the doctor becomes my mentor.

For now, the decision seems to be out of both of their hands. It is for
my father and/or I to decide. The Dean and the doctor’s little rivalry
though works to my benefit… this time. Instead of clamping my nut sack
the doctor clamps it to my metal cock cage. I still don’t understand the
clamp’s purpose but at least I’m spared some pain.

“Oh!” I groan as the large metal ball pops past my anal ring.

The metal ball at the end of the rod is cold and hard… even harder
than my plug. It isn’t that bad though once it is past my ass ring. It
just feels a little odd is all.

As the doctor works the ball around inside me, the Dean walks over and
sits on the bed just a couple feet in front of my face. I try to look down
but he puts his index finger under my chin and lifts until I’m looking him
in the eye.

“Oh!” I moan with pleasure.

“I think you found his clit,” the Dean chuckles.

Do they plan to rub my clit until the cum pours out? I guess it does
kind of meet the concept of “milking”. I blush but don’t dare try to turn
away from the Dean’s evil stare.

“Now be a good girl for daddy and try to hold your place,” the Dean
orders as he puts his large right hand on my left shoulder.

“AW!” I scream a second later when a bolt of lightning fires into my

I instinctively try to escape by jumping forward but the Dean’s hand
holds me in place.

What the fuck was that?! The lightning bolt shot through my clit,
across my taint and up my dick. It was extremely unpleasant.

“AW!” I scream again when another jolt fires through me.

This time, however, it is followed by spasms deep inside me. The spasms
are mixed with pain but I immediately recognize them.

“I’m going to make a mess, sir!” I quickly warn them.

They just chuckle as my hips hump at the air and cum starts firing out
the end of my cock cage. This climax obviously feels odd, but it seems a
lot closer to a “real” climax than the ones I have when Danielle fucks my
hole. I will take those climaxes any day over this one though. This one
is way too scary to be fully enjoyed.

“You better give her a couple more just to make sure you got it all,”
the Dean says as he looks directly in my eyes.

I can’t imagine there being anything left inside me. I expect the
doctor to counter the order.

“Maybe you are right,” the doctor says after a moment. “She is a bit of
a slut.”

So much for consistency. I suspect the desire to shock me a couple more
times has overridden the doctor’s hatred for the Dean.

“AW!” I scream after each of the two shocks. Nothing else shoots out

“Clean,” the Dean orders once the doctor removes the device from my cage
and asshole.

I’m about to turn around to lick the bed sheets but I see the Dean is
holding a paper plate in his hand. The plate has a large quantity of cum
on it. The doctor must have snuck it under me in order to collect all my

I cringe in disgust as the Dean runs his index and middle fingers across
the mess. How can he do something so disgusting? Who am I to talk, I’m
about to lick those fingers clean. He brings them to my lips and I do
exactly that. Or at least I try too. Before I can give them a good lick
he pushes them past my lips and into my mouth. God I wish I had the balls
to bite his fingers. It would teach the mother fucker a much needed
lesson. Of course I don’t. I just close my lips around them and suck and

He pulls his fingers out and I close my lips and swallow. He continues
my feeding until every drop is cleaned off the plate. It is so humiliating
that my face is beat red and I’m crying by the time he finishes.

“Roll over,” the doctor orders once the Dean pulls away.

When I roll over I discover my cage is no longer on me. My cleanup duty
was so humiliating that I hadn’t even noticed the doctor remove it. I
quickly discover though that my cleanup isn’t complete yet. The doctor’s
gloved hand is holding both halves of my cage out to me. I can easily see
that the inside of each piece is coated with my jizz. I reluctantly take
them from him and lick them clean. It is humiliating but not as bad as
licking it from the Dean’s fingers.

“Hand,” the doctor orders.

He is on my right side so I reach out to him with my right hand. He
takes it and then locks it in place using the leather cuff that is chained
to that side of the bed. The Dean is standing to my left and just snaps
his fingers. I don’t want to give him my left hand but I have no choice. A
moment later and it is cuffed as well. I’m now almost completely helpless.
Not like I wasn’t already. I get really concerned when they spread my legs
wide and bind my ankles as well.

“You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment,” the Dean
whispers to me as he sits next to me on the bed.

He then starts running his fingertips back and forth across the hair
stubble on my groin. As he does this I notice the doctor moving the metal
box further down the bed near my right hip. I really start to sweat when I
see this.

“Please don’t,” I beg.

I don’t even know what they plan to do. All I know is that electricity
plus needles plus groin does not equal anything good.

“Janice, do you know what electrolysis is?” the doctor asks in a
surprisingly professional manner as he puts on some odd looking glasses.

“No, sir,” I say as I try to stop my tears.

The truth is that the term sounds familiar but I have no clue what it
is. All I know is that ET must stand for electrolysis treatment.

“Have you ever noticed how some of the girls in the school never seem to
have hair under their arms or on their pussy?” the doctor asks but
continues before I can reply. “Well, that is because their daddies don’t
like them to have hair there. Some shave it off. However, some daddies
have me use this device on their girls instead. This device fixes it so
that hair never grows there again. Your daddy has had me use this on all
his other girls and has given me permission to use it on you as well.”

“Please don’t, sir,” I start begging in panic.

As I beg I also struggle against my bonds. Like last time, they don’t
budge an inch. And like last time, my begging accomplishes nothing. I
figured as much but I can’t help but beg anyway. There is always that one
in a billion chance they might have mercy on me.

“Do his nuts first,” the Dean says with a grin.

The doctor frowns but doesn’t say anything. I think he is looking
forward to this also. He uses his left hand to grab hold of my nut sack
and grabs one of the wire leads with the right. I start to struggle more
as the needle heads for my nuts.

“Please!” I beg. “I’ll be a good girl! I swear I will!”

I then proceed to offer them every sexual act I can think of. They just
patiently listen to me beg… smiling the entire time. The things I offer
them would make a five dollar whore blush. I go on for almost 3 minutes
before I run out of things to offer.

“Shhh,” the Dean finally whispers. “You will get the chance to do all
those naughty things in good time. Right now we need to take care of this.
Now settle down or those needles are going to dig much deeper than

I keep struggling anyway. The doctor gives me a moment and then starts
to get impatient.

“Have it your way,” the doctor says as he brings the needle down toward
my balls.

“No! No! No!” I beg.

I’m still panicking but my body goes stiff when the needle gets close.
The last thing I want is that needle going deep in one of my nuts.

“Quiet down,” the doctor growls as he looks closely at my sack through
his odd glasses. “It’s not going to be that bad. You probably won’t even
feel the needle. I just push it into the follicle, give it a little jolt
of electricity and then pluck the hair out with some tweezers.”

I’m sure that sounds rational to someone in the room but it doesn’t to
me. All I get from that is that he plans to stick a needle into my nut
sack and shock me with it. Oh, and then pluck my nut hairs out one by one.

“Oh!” I let out when I feel a very brief sting on my nut sack.

My outburst is pretty loud but it really didn’t hurt that bad. Well,
not compared to what I expected. The Dean holds his hand out and the
doctor drops the hair into the Dean’s palm. The Dean delicately transports
it to in front of my face. He manages to pinch it with his fingers and
shows it to me.

“One down, about a thousand to go,” he informs me.

He then has me open my mouth so he can drop the hair inside. There is
no taste or anything of course… just humiliation.

I calm down a lot after this first hair. It clearly isn’t as painful as
it sounded. This allows the doctor to really get to work. He starts using
all the needles and doing half a dozen hairs at a time. This stings a lot
more but it’s still bearable. The worst part becomes the humiliation of
the Dean feeding the hairs to me.

As I calm down my mind starts to focus again. It then hits me exactly
what is happening. They are permanently removing my hair! I was so
focused on the pain earlier that this hadn’t fully set in. Of my God!
They are really doing it! I can’t believe my father approved this. My
manly pubs had just started growing not long ago and now I’ll never have
hair down there again!

I know that struggling and begging won’t do me any good. So, I do the
only thing I can. I cry.

The procedure lasts what seems an eternity. At least two hours… maybe
more. I actually start to get rather bored by the half way mark. The
doctor and the Dean though don’t waver in their fascination with the task.
This surprises me considering how tedious it seems. I would think they had
better things to do with their time.

It is clear that this is some kind of sexual fetish for both of them.
The doctor shows this via his attention to detail. The Dean shows it via
the huge bulge in his pants. I suspect the Dean would have shot his load
down my throat a dozen times during the procedure had the doctor not been

I start crying again when they finally announce they are done. It’s
just hard dealing with the fact that I won’t have hair there ever again.
The last pubic hair I will ever grow is now tucked away in my belly.

The Dean undoes my wrists as the doctor puts the machine away. They
either plan to do my underarms some other day or simply forgot. I’m not
about to remind them.

As my wrists come free I sit up. I don’t want to look at their handy
work but I just can’t stop myself. When I look down I’m a bit disturbed.
It’s smooth like Danielle’s but it is all red. It looks like I have a
thousand little insect bites. Clearly this will go away with time. I’m
sure Danielle has had this treatment and his public area is as smooth and
clean as a baby’s. This last thought makes me start crying again. I feel
like I’ve lost the last of my manhood.

“It obviously wasn’t that bad,” the Dean chuckles as he grabs my hard
dick. “Stop being such a crybaby.”

I’m mortified that I could be so hard at a time like this. I know it is
the cage’s fault, but still you would think my cock would exercise at least
a moment of silence in respect to his fallen comrades.

My hand reaches out on its own and grabs hold of the Dean’s. I’m
ashamed to say that I’m not trying to pull his hand away but making sure it
stays in place. It feels so good to be hard again. I also know it will
feel SOOO good to climax like normal as well.

“She’s a slutty one,” the doctor says as I start to hump up at the
Dean’s hand.

Right when I think I’m building to a climax the Dean pulls away. I moan
in disappointment and then reach down with my own hands.

“Ah!” the Dean growls. “Be a good girl now and settle down!”

I have to clasp my hands together in front of me to keep from reaching
down. I was getting so fucking close! I need that cum so badly!

“You might want to zap him a few more times before you do the BS,” the
Dean informs the doctor.

The doctor doesn’t say anything. He just grabs the electric rod. He
doesn’t bring it to my lips this time. He just rotates it around in the
pool of precum that is sitting on my tummy. A second later and I feel the
large round end of it pop into my hole. A few seconds after that and I
feel it rubbing against my ass clit.

“OW!” I yell in pain when the doctor suddenly attaches the alligator
clip to my nut sack.

This I was not expecting… especially after what he said about my pain
tolerance earlier. My only guess as to why he did it this time is because
it was his idea and not the Dean suggesting it.

I try to reach forward but the Dean grabs my hands and holds them
together in his vice like grip. I can do nothing but stare down in horror.

“Oh!” I let out when the familiar bolt of lightning stimulates my ass

My hard dick pulses up and down but nothing comes out.

“Oh!” I let out again when the second bolt hits.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I groan in a sick kind of pleasure as my dick starts
shooting cum out all over my belly.

This climax feels even more like a normal one. Only I’m in too much
pain to really enjoy it.

“OH!” I yell again as the doctor removes the alligator clip.

The whole ordeal takes less than two minutes and leaves my mind spinning
in a sea of confused pain and pleasure.

A moment later humiliation is added as the Dean uses his fingers to feed
me my cum once more.

As the Dean feeds me the doctor puts my cage back on and then pulls
another box out of his bag of tricks. Haven’t I had enough today?! I’m
still conscious and breathing so I guess not.

The box is about 5 inches tall and wide but at least a foot and a half
long. How does the doctor fits all this shit in his medical bag? I mean,
it’s a big medical bag but surely he keeps actually medical supplies in
there also.

The box looks fancy and expensive which tells me that whatever is inside
it probably is well crafted also. That said, the box also looks old. You
can tell by all the scrapes on it that it has been carried around in the
doctor’s bag for many years.

I’m relieved a little in knowing that this treatment wasn’t designed
just for me. That many students have probably endured it in the past. If
they survived it then I probably can also.

Butterflies start doing the tango in my stomach with all the sperm as
the doctor lays the box down next to me and begins to unfasten it. I’m
licking the last of my cum off the Dean’s fingers as the box finally opens.
What I see inside… well, I don’t know what it is.

There is a series of what look to be stainless steel rings, each
separated by a thin partition. They all look to be about 4 inches in
diameter. However, each one is slightly longer than the prior. The first
one is a half inch long. The next is 1 inch. Each following one is a half
inch longer than the prior. There are 8 total making the final one 4
inches in length. Well, there would be 8 of them but two are missing. The
2.5 and 3 inch ones are gone. I have to assume they are lost or being used
by someone else.

“Two incher?” the Dean asks.

“We will be lucky to fit a one inch one,” the doctor replies.

As the doctor says this he is tugging on my nut sack for some reason.
Like this somehow demonstrates his point.

The doctor reaches down and gently pulls out the one inch long ring. I
expect wires, needles or something to be attached to it. However, it looks
surprisingly plain and benign. It’s just a simple round metal ring. It’s
one inch long, four inches wide with a 1 to 1.5 inch hole in the center.

The doctor turns it in his hand and I note there are a few holes in the
side of it. I get a very bad feeling when I see the doctor pull out the
special cock cage screwdriver again. This plus the way the doctor tugged
my balls earlier gives me a good idea where this metal ring might be going.
For the life of me though I just can’t imagine why. Well, other than to
cause me pain.

The doctor undoes two screws and the thick metal ring splits in half.

“Please!” I beg when the doctor lowers the two halves toward my groin.
“I’ll be a good girl!”

I know I’m just repeating the same pleas as earlier but what else do
they want? I’m promising them exactly what they want from me… so why
don’t they stop?

“It’s okay… daddy has you,” the Dean says as he puts his right arm
around my shoulder. “We are just going to stretch your balls a little.”

I start to beg and tell them how bad my nuts hurt, but the Dean just
sticks two fingers in my mouth to shut me up.

“Mmm!” I scream around the Dean’s fingers as the doctor’s gloved hand
tugs hard on my nuts.

A second later I feel cold steel encase my sack underneath my nuts. I
continue to groan as the doctor carefully fastens the two halves back
together. Finally he leans back and I see my poor nut sack wrapped in
their girdle of steel… my two large nuts bulging out the bottom of the
ring like a large grotesque balloon.

The Dean removes his fingers from my mouth but I don’t say anything.
I’m too busy taking quick shallow breaths to help deal with the pain. My
balls feel like someone is squeezing them. It is very uncomfortable and
makes me feel a little nauseous.

The Dean reaches down and lightly runs the tip of his index finger
across my balls. Even this gentle touch causes the pain to increase.

“Pl…please, sir!” I beg. “I’ll…”

“It’s okay sugar. I know you will be a good girl for us,” the Dean
interrupts. “That’s what all of this is for.”

It takes a few minutes but the pain finally subsides somewhat. I’m left
with just a kind of throbbing sensation coming from my nuts. As I settle
down the door opens and Drew walks in. The timing is too good for it to be
an accident. I’m certain she was watching from the observation room. I
blush when I realize there might be several others in there watching me.
My dad might even be in there.

The doctor proceeds to give Drew a slew of instructions on how to treat
the red dots on my groin. He also tells her how often to inspect the ball
weight and how often to remove it and for how long.

Drew doesn’t seem to be paying much attention. I’m guessing she has
already dealt with this many times in the past. Or at least I hope so.

“No more panties for you little girl until your BS is complete,” the
doctor says as he picks up my pink panties.

The Dean gives an angry look as the doctor drops the panties into his
medical bag. It is clear the Dean wanted them as some kind of trophy. He
doesn’t say anything though.

The doctor is the first to leave. Surprisingly, the Dean leaves as
well. He has been hard for the past few hours and I thought for sure he
would stay and make me suck him or something. I feel sorry for whatever
little girl or boy he decides to take his lust out on, but at least it
isn’t me.

This leaves just Drew in the room. She removes the ankle cuffs and then
sits next to me on the bed. She holds her arms out to me. I’m already
sitting up and quickly go into her arms. It feels so warm and secure as
she holds me tight. She gently rocks me back and forth as I cry. I feel
so utterly sad and hopeless. My pubes are now gone forever and my balls
are being stretched. I cry over this and much more.

My two trainers have been pretty distant in the past week. In fact,
I’ve barely even seen them. Though, I’m certain they are really the ones
running the show in the background. Drew makes up for all this distant
nature by this one simple hug. God, I needed this hug so bad.

She patiently holds me for at least 15 minutes until my tears finally
slow down. When I finally back away I see the huge wet spot on her white
shirt. I fear a punishment is coming for it but she just looks down and
laughs it off. I giggle as well. I don’t know why I’m giggling, other
than it feels good to do so.

I bite my lower lips as Drew unbuttons her shirt and removes it. I’ve
yet to do anything sexual with Drew and the thought is very welcomed right
now. Being with a girl right now would make me feel like a man again. I
need that so much. My cage prevents me from fucking her of course, but I
could still lick her pussy. Hell, just drinking her pee would make me feel
more manly right now.

“Go hang this in the bathroom to dry,” she says as she hands me the

I carefully take it from her and slide out of the bed.

“Oh!” I yell as gravity grabs hold of my ball weight and tugs down.

The pain drops me to my knees before I can get control of my body.
Somehow I manage to keep the shirt from touching the floor. I know the
floor is clean but it would show disrespect to Drew to let it touch. I do
use one of my hands though to grab hold of my weight.

“No!” Drew growls from the bed. “You are never to touch your weight!
Not ever!”

Her voice is so demanding that I comply before even thinking about it.

“Owie! Owie! Owie!” I groan as gravity takes hold of the weight again.

My hand keeps lowering toward my groin and I have to keep commanding it
to stay away. I kneel there panting for at least a minute before the pain
subsides a little. I delicately stand back up.

“Oh,” I groan as I take a step toward the bathroom.

The bathtub is only about 10 feet away from my current position but it
looks like a mile. Very slowly I walk bowlegged to the tub. It takes me
two minutes to close the short distance. I grab my three clothespins and
slowly climb up on the tub so I can hang Drew’s shirt.

“Oh!” I grunt in surprise when I feel fingers touching my sore nuts.

I almost lose my balance but Drew is there to hold me steady. She holds
me there long after I’m done pinning her shirt up. She runs her hands up
and down my body. Some of it actually feels real good and yummy. However,
she spends most of her time tweaking my nipples and toying with my sore

“Seeing your nuts like this really turns me on,” Drew whispers. “I
could just eat you up.”

Then, she does something very wild. She kneels down and gently licks my
nuts. There is discomfort just like when she touches them with her
fingers, but there is also pleasure from the thought of what she is doing.
She licks back and forth on them for over a minute. They are dripping wet
by the time she is done.

She doesn’t move her face away though. Instead she angles her head and
starts licking my taint. It is an odd, yet pleasant feeling.

“Oh!” I let out in surprise as she pulls the cheeks of my ass apart with
her hands.

I groan again as her tongue slowly slithers across my taint and into the
crack of my ass.

“Mmm,” I moan in pleasure as it reaches my hole.

God, does that feel good! She flicks her tongue around on the outside
for over a minute before she pushes it inside. I’ve seen girls at the
school do this to teachers on occasion, but this is the first time I’ve had
it done to me. It’s not like I never had the opportunity to experience it.
I just felt it was too gay; even if it was a girl doing it. My perspective
on the subject is vastly different now. The pleasure is so great that I
can’t help but push my ass back against Drew’s face.

As Drew munches on my asshole I feel a part of me fall in love with her.
I know it’s not a true love. Nor is it something I wish to feel for one of
my trainers. However, I just can’t help it. This is a huge sacrifice Drew
is making for me. She does not have to take such a submissive role.
However, my dominant position makes me feel manly once more. I think she
realizes this is what I need right now in order to maintain my sanity.

“Would you like me to make love to you?” Drew whispers as she pulls away
and slowly kisses her way up my back.

“Yes!” I almost scream.

She picks me up off the tub with one hand under my knees and the other
behind my back. I’m amazed at her strength as she easily carries me out of
the bathroom… my ball weight painfully swinging below me.

She lays me on the bed and her body quickly follows. We embrace and
start kissing deeply as she kneels over me. Her kisses feel loving just
like when Danielle kisses me. However, these kisses are even better
because they are coming from a girl. No, not a girl… a woman. I’m
kissing a woman! It dawns on me that this is a wonderful first for me.
All the other girls I’ve kissed in the past have been just that… young
girls. I never thought kissing a fully grown woman would be any different,
but it is. This is someone old enough to know what they really want. And
right now that is me. This makes me feel extra special.

Our kisses are eager and passionate as we try to devour each other. I
want to give her more pleasure so I reach down with my hand. She pushes it
away though. She won’t even let me rub my leg between hers. I guess I am
moving a bit fast. But it is not like these are normal circumstances. It
quickly dawns on me though that she is just teasing me. She is trying to
build up my desire for her pussy. It’s working also. I know she probably
wants me to do something very nasty to her cunt. Probably lick her to
climax and suck her cum down my throat. Maybe even drink her pee. I don’t
care. Anything to make her feel as good as she is currently making me

We kiss like this for a long time before she finally sits up. My mouth
waters as she slowly undoes her bra and pulls it away from her body. Her
breasts look like they are maybe a C-cup and they are perfect. She tosses
her bra to the floor and then leans in until her left nipple is over my
mouth. I eagerly close my lips around it and start sucking. A teacher had
me nibble on a 7-year-old’s nipples about three weeks ago, but other than
that I’ve never had any experience at this. I’m more of an ass man than a
breast one.

Unlike with the little girl, I make sure my teeth stay clear of Drew’s
nipples. I don’t want to spoil our special moment. I suck on them gently
with my lips and flick my tongue around the nipple. Drew moans with
pleasure and I feel proud and happy. I thank my water bowl for training my
tongue so well.

I nurse on her nipple for at least 5 minutes before it pulls away with a
pop. She lowers her head over my chest and starts sucking on my left
nipple in the same way I had done to hers. The nipple is extra sensitive
but it feels good at the same time. I nibble on my lower lip as she licks
and sucks at it. In addition to repeating what I did to her, Drew also
gently nibbles with her teeth and shows me a few other tricks.

She does this for a couple minutes and then leans back up so she can
feed me her other breast. I get significantly more moans of pleasure from
her as I duplicate everything she just taught me.

“Will you… lick me down there?” Drew asks almost shyly.

We both know she can make me do this whether I agree to or not.
However, it makes me feel good that she asks first.

“Yes,” I eagerly reply.

Casey’s pussy had tasted okay but I wouldn’t say I loved or even really
liked the flavor. However, I so much want to please Drew right now. So
much so that I don’t care what it tastes like.

Drew sits up on her knees. Her lower garment looks exactly like my
school skirt does only Drew’s is a dress and goes all the way to her knees.
I get even more excited as she reaches underneath it. A second later I see
her hand come back out, pulling her white panties along with it. She
shuffles a little as she works them down her legs and then off. She tosses
them to the floor with her bra and turns her attention back to me.

She has me sit up straight. She then stands up on the bed. Everything
suddenly goes dark as she flips her dress over my head. It’s wild how sexy
this feels. I bring my hands underneath and search out her sex. My hands
find her rump first. I gently caress it. When I move toward her pussy
though I find it is being protected by her hand. You would think this
would piss me off or ruin the mood but it doesn’t. It just drives my
desire even higher. It is amazing how a little age can so vastly improve a
girl’s love making. Not that I ever made “love” to a young girl before.
For them it always felt like plain old sex. Not that I ever complained. I
just never realized what I was missing out on. I am quickly discovering
that now though.

That said, it does confuse me a little as to why she put my head under
here if she isn’t going to let me lick her pussy. My face turns red in
embarrassment when I remember what she did to me in the bathroom. She
wants me to lick her asshole. I’m desperate to please her, but I’m not so
sure about this.

I lean up and kiss her ass cheeks a few times. I know it isn’t what she
wants but it at least buys me some time to decide whether I can actually go
through with it or not. The kissing doesn’t seem that bad so I stick my
tongue out and lick the cheeks. I even lick toward her crack. Before I
know it I’m starting to dart my tongue into the crack occasionally. There
are no foul smells or flavors so I become even more energetic.

I run my tongue back and forth in her crack for over a minute before I
finally reach up with my hands so I can part her cheeks. This gives me
much better access. A thrill shoots through me as my tongue runs across
the bottom of her crack for the first time. This is so depraved. It is
also very disgusting but in a weird good kind of way. I get an extra
thrill when my tongue runs across her puckered little butthole for the
first time.

I cautiously bring my tongue back into my mouth and discover the flavor
isn’t bad. In fact, it tastes a little like sweet strawberries. It dawns
on me that she probably cleaned and prepped her asshole with flavoring just
for me. This turns me on for some reason. It also makes me feel special
that she went to so much planning and trouble just for me.

I stick my tongue back out and attack her rosebud with more energy.

“Oh!” Drew moans in pleasure.

Her moans make me want to go even further. I make my tongue go hard and
then I slowly push it into her hole. I’m rewarded with even louder moans.
It isn’t long and I’m fucking her asshole with my tongue and lapping at it.
I even pucker my lips to it from time to time and give it little smooches.
I know what I’m doing is perverse and disgusting but all of that doesn’t
matter. This is Drew and my special moment together.

Like all good things though, it eventually comes to an end. She is
moving and angling herself so I can finally feast on her pussy. My tongue
leaves her asshole and slowly works across her taint and toward her pussy.
I run into her hand again but it slowly move out of the way this time.

It is dark under the dress and my angle is weird, but it quickly becomes
apparent that something just isn’t right. There is too much… well, bulk.

“No!” I groan and try to pull away when I realize I’m licking as set of
large balls.

Drew is a man! My initial reaction of course is utter shock. Then
comes the utter disgust as I remember everything I just did with him. I
kissed him, sucked his nipples… oh, God, I ate his asshole! I gag and
feel like throwing up. I probably would but my stomach is pretty empty
right now.

I struggle to get out from under the dress but Drew’s strong arms hold
me in place.

“Be a good girl now,” Drew growls from above.

Her command is enough to make me stop my struggles. However, it takes
me a minute to get the courage to start licking his balls again. It’s very
revolting but nothing I haven’t done before. The main thing I have trouble
coping with is the fact that Drew is a dude and not a girl like I had
assumed. You know what happens when you “assume”. You end up making out
with a dude and eating his ass. Okay, that isn’t the right saying but it’s
what happened.

I lick and suck at Drew’s ball sack for several minutes. He doesn’t
order me to move on to his dick and I’m not about to volunteer. As I suck
his balls I notice they hang down even further than Danielle’s. I’m
guessing this is a result of ball stretching like what I’m undergoing. I
can only imagine how many months Drew has endured this procedure in order
to get his ball sack to stretch so far.

If I had to guess I would say he could handle the 4 inch weight. Will
they keep stretching me until I can accommodate the same? I’m not so hot
on the idea of such a modification to my body. To have my balls hanging
down so far and flapping about… it’s horrible. Of course, it is not any
worse than losing my pubic hair forever.

While I don’t volunteer to advance to his cock, I do try my best to
please his balls. I kiss and lick them. I also suck them into my mouth
one at a time. I try to get both in but his nuts are just too big for

At least 7 or 8 minutes goes by before he finally lifts his dress off my
head and steps away. He steps off the bed and removes the rest of his
clothes. My eyes immediately go to his cock. It’s a little longer than
Danielle’s… maybe 8 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. At the same time I
note that he is just as bald down there as Danielle. Well, just as bald as
me now also I guess.

The next thing I look at is his balls. Each look to be at least the
size of an egg. What fascinates me most though is how low they hang. Now
that I can see them I can tell he could definitely handle the 4″ weight.
They don’t necessarily look hideous or anything, just a little out of the

I conclude that it doesn’t look all that bad. Certainly something I
could easily live with if I had too. I’m just not sure I am going to be
able to survive the BS treatment itself. This 1 inch weight already feels
like I’m hanging a truck from my nuts. The longer ones not only will
stretch the nuts further out but obviously weight much more also.

“Do you want me to fuck your pussy?” Drew asks as the last of his
clothes hit the floor.

“Yes… ma’am,” I whisper.

My instinct is to call him a “sir” but I’m certain Drew would take
offense. Just like I’m sure he would take offense had I said “no” to his
question. The way I see it, if I give my ass up then he might spare my
throat. Regardless, I’m going to get dicked so I might as well try to
govern how.

Drew licks his lips and gives me this very animal like seductive look.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard!”

He doesn’t say it with words but I can read it in his face.

While Drew is in the mood, I’m very far from it. At least with Danielle
I was excited about draining my nuts… even if I was disgusted with how we
were going about it. Thanks to the doctor, my nuts are pretty empty right
now. That leaves me with just the disgust. A small part of me is also
somewhat disappointed that my first real time with a fully grown man would
be… well, a sissy.

Don’t take that the wrong way. In no way do I want to have sex with any
man. I guess I just got this mental image of what type of man would end up
riding me for the first time. He would be big and strong and smell all
musky like. He would hold me down and take my hole without mercy. I never
envisioned it would be some dainty guy that wears a dress and smells like
rose petals. The thought of taking Drew’s sissy sperm in my hole is
revolting and a rather disappointment… in a weird kind of way.

I’m sure this sounds silly considering what Danielle and I have done
already. And yes, I came a lot on the end of Danielle’s dick. However,
that is different. Danielle is just a young boy like me. Sure, he’s a
sissy and even has small breasts, but he is only 14. Even if he was a
normal boy you wouldn’t expect him to be big and manly. That isn’t true
for someone as old as Drew.

“Hands and knees,” Drew orders as he climbs back into the bed.

Despite how disgusting it is, I still want to please Drew. He is one of
my trainers after all. My trainers haven’t done all that much with me
directly so far but I’m certain they have a ton of say in what others do to
me. Quickly obeying this simple order though is a lot harder than you
might think. Especially with this large weight attached to my nuts.

It takes me almost a minute to gingerly move into position. Each little
movement hurts my poor nuts and my hands keep moving to protect them.
Thankfully, I manage to stop my hands before they reach the weight. Drew
seemed extremely sincere about his earlier warning about not touching the
weight. The weight is extremely unpleasant which tells me the punishment
for trying to relieve that discomfort would have to be considerably worse.

“Lube it!” Drew orders as he kneels next to my head.

I gather as much saliva in my mouth as possible and generously apply it
to his cock using my tongue and lips. Thankfully, he doesn’t ask me to
deep throat him. He looks to be less than an inch longer than Danielle but
I’m certain that inch makes a lot of difference when throating a dick. I
certainly don’t want to test that theory.

Lubing him is humiliating but it is nothing compared to what I know is
coming next. Sure enough, once his dick is dripping wet he moves around to
my backside. My skin crawls with revulsion as I feel him spit on my hole.
God, is that disgusting!

“Oh!” I groan as his dick slowly slides inside.

I’m surprised at how similar his cock feels to that of Danielle’s. Drew
is circumcised, unlike Danielle. They are very similar in size though. I
guess it makes sense they would feel the same.

While they do feel similar physically, mentally they are completely
different. Maybe it was just because my nuts were so full of cum, but with
Danielle it seemed more… I guess special. You know, kind of like we were
sharing something. I don’t feel that at all with Drew.

“Oh! Shit!” I yell out in pain when Drew pulls most of the way out and
slams back in.

The cock itself actually feels a little pleasurable. However, the hard
thrust causes my body to jerk forward. This in turn causes my ball weight
to swing. God, that hurt!



“Oh! Please!”

Each thrust jerks my balls back and forth and sends waves of pain
throughout my body. Being fucked by Drew like this is not only painful but
very scary. With Danielle I often get the impression he would stop if I
was too uncomfortable. Plus, if I wasn’t tied down then I also knew I
could overpower him to make it stop. Neither is the case with Drew. It is
clear he plans to drill my ass as hard and long as he wants and that there
isn’t anything I can do to stop him.

“It turns me on when you beg,” Drew whispers down to me.

I ignore the comment at first but then I realize I can use this to my
advantage in order to shorten my ordeal. The more I turn him on the faster
he will cum. Begging is humiliating but after the last week or so I’m no
longer too proud not to do so.

“Please stop!” I start begging.

“You’re too big!” I continue. It’s not true but I figure it will turn
him on.

“Tell me about your balls!” Drew growls with passion.

It ticks me off that he is aware of how much pain he is causing me.
After thinking about it though I realize that he of course would know what
it feels like. He has no doubt gone through the same BS treatment.

“Please! My balls hurt so bad!” I say between sobs.

I know in my heart that Danielle would never get pleasure from causing
me pain like this. However, Drew goes into overdrive when he hears me say

Despite the pain, I also feel a small tinge of pleasure in the
background as Drew slides back and forth against my ass clit. It’s not a
lot but just enough to cause me to slightly hump back from time to time.

“Are you going to be a good girl for me and cum?” Drew pants as he
hammers his dick in and out.

I blush when I realize he noticed my desire starting to grow. I don’t
see how he can expect me to cum this way though. There is just so much
pain mixed in.

“Tell me you will be a good girl,” He growls when I don’t reply.

I’ve said it a few times in the past but have trouble doing so again.
It is always so demeaning. I’m not a girl and certainly don’t want to be a
“good” one. I know it will turn Drew on though so I swallow my pride.

“I’ll be a good girl!” I reply.

“I’ll be the bestest girl in the whole world,” I add as I remember what
Danielle said the other day.

As I say this a jolt of pleasure runs up my spine. It is not the first
jolt of pleasure but it is the first one that seems to override the pain.
I’m not so hot on the timing of it. I would have preferred it not happen
right after me saying how good of a girl I was going to be. I tell myself
it is just a coincidence. However, when I say it again I get a similar

“I’ll be a good girl!” I start saying over and over.

Somehow the humiliation of saying this is helping the pleasure from my
clit to stand out. It’s a horrible thing to experience but I gladly
welcome it over the pain from my nuts.

“I’ll be a good girl!”

“I’ll be a good girl!”

“I’ll be a good girl!”

Before I know it I feel an anal orgasm nearing. Then it hits me like a
ton of bricks.

“I’m a good girl! I’m a good girl!” I yell as my nuts release what
little sperm they have left.

As I start to calm down I realize Drew stopped pumping me some time ago.
That it has been me humping back at his dick for at least the last couple
minutes. I quickly stop in shame.

“You are such a good girl,” Drew whispers as he brings his right hand to
my lips.

I think he just wants me to kiss it for some reason. However, when I do
I realize there is a large pool of sperm there. I blush but don’t hesitate
to lick my sperm out of his palm. It tastes similar but is a lot runnier
than my earlier loads. I guess this is a good sign that my nuts are
finally empty.

After my mess is cleaned, Drew puts his wet hand on my hip and starts
pumping me again. With my climax out of the way, I’m left with just the
pain from my nuts and the humiliation of having just cum on the end of
Drew’s dick.

I continue to beg but I steer clear of comments about me being a “good
girl” for him. I know he wants to hear it again but I’ve had my fill of
that comment and definitely don’t want to feel any more jolts of pleasure.
My fragile brain just can’t bear saying it anymore. Not right now anyway.

Drew drills me for another 20 minutes before he cums. I’m not sure but
I think he intently prolonged the ordeal in hopes that I might cum again.
That just wasn’t going to happen. I simply have no more sperm to give
right now.

“Oh!” I groan a few seconds after he pulls out.

Drew is pushing a butt plug into my ass and it feels a little too big. I
then remember the doctor giving them permission to move me up to a number
two plug again. It’s a tight fit but doesn’t hurt that bad. I’m a bit
disgusted by the thought of Drew’s sissy cum being plugged inside me.
However, I would rather have it there than in my tummy.

Once the plug pops into place, Drew gives my sore nuts a light pat; like
he is rewarding a dog or something. He then uses his index finger to glide
around the base of my plug in order to gather up what little cum might have
squeezed out. He brings it to my lips. I gag but manage to suck it off
his finger.

“Get dressed,” Drew says as he fetches his shirt from the bathroom and
starts dressing as well. “I have a surprise to show you.”

Great, a surprise! Like I haven’t gotten enough of those today.

“I’m late for my classes,” I inform him once it dawns on me I’ve already
missed half the day.

“Don’t worry about that,” Drew says with a giggle. “Believe it or not,
the Dean and your trainers have the authority to pull you out of classes.”

I guess it was a pretty stupid thing for me to say. It was worth a try

On the bright side, Drew at least doesn’t make me clean his cock. This
is actually a good sign that he is feeling sorry for me or possibly likes
me. It is unlikely that he just forgot.

That said, I feel a lot of dread at what this “surprise” might be.
However, I dress anyway… like I’m going to disobey one of my trainers.

As I gather my clothes I have trouble finding my panties. Then I
remember the doctor took them with him. I frown at the thought of him
having yet another pair to display to everyone as some kind of trophy.
Possibly even showing them to my dad and telling him what happened today.

Drew keeps tapping his foot and snapping his fingers to get me to hurry
up. Rushing causes my ball weight to swing around which I think is the
whole point. Because once I’m done dressing Drew has me go through the
long lethargic process of neatly making the bed again. It is barely messed
up and yet he has me pull all the covers off and start from scratch. It is
extremely aggravating; especially with the weight constantly pushing down
on my nuts.

Drew inspects the bed very closely once I am done. He even takes a coin
out of his shirt pocket and bounces it on the covers to make sure they are
tight enough. Maybe he isn’t feeling sorry for me after all. It is clear
this coin was put in that pocket just for checking the bed. Using a coin
like this may sound a little too nitpicky and anal… but that’s a Humbled
Girl for you. Or at least I’m assuming Drew is a graduate from here.

I’m pleasantly shocked when we leave the guest room but don’t head
across the hall. Instead we head in the direction of the security door
that leads to the main school area. My hopes are quickly dashed, however,
when we stop just two doors down… not even half way to the security door.

“This will be your new training room from now on,” Drew informs me as he
opens the door.

I frown at my “surprise”. In Drew’s defense, he never said it would be
a pleasant one. It could have been considerably worse so I thank him for
the “gift”.

The inside of the room looks no different than any of the other training
rooms. Well, they are all a little different but yet still basically the
same. For example, one room might have a small bed yet another might have
a large couch. While these different items, they are used for the exact
same thing… that being a place to conduct sexual activities/punishments.
Most rooms have one or both of these items. However, there is a room in
one of the other secure areas of the school that has a huge bean bag in it.
Yet another that is completely bare with the exception of a thick matt.

My new room has a large couch. Other than that it is just one big open
space like most of the other rooms. Of course, that open space is often
temporarily filled with training devices and such. It all depends on what
the trainer happens to feel the student needs training with. There is a
large storage area in the school where all of these devices are kept. It
isn’t uncommon to see this or that device being pulled through the halls to
and from the secure areas. I know because it was often me that had to do
all the pulling.

There is nothing special about most of the items. For example, there
are a ton of exercise machines. Tread mills, exercise bikes, etc.
Luckily, most of these items are kept in training rooms for long periods of
times. That made life easy on me considering how fricking heavy most of
them are. I used a dolly of course but you still had to get the thing on
and off. Plus, I always had to use a lot of strength trying to counter the
momentum while taking it around corners and such.

Something tells me that moving all the items will seem like child’s play
in comparison to having to actually use them… especially the more
“exotic” devices. These “exotic devices” only make up maybe 25 percent of
what is in storage. Half of them I don’t even know what they are used for.
However, you can tell they are for sexual use and are far from pleasant.
Some are complex with motors and pistons on them and others are exceedingly
simple. On the bright side, it is the simple ones that seemed to get
requested the most by the trainers.

My training room doesn’t look set up for anything yet so I expect us to
turn around and walk back to the guest room. However, Drew walks on into
the room and sits on the couch. I swallow hard. I get the feeling that
Drew plans to break my new training room in. Well, it’s new to me anyway.
I’m sure Drew has trained plenty of children in this and other rooms here.

Drew snaps his fingers and points to a spot in front of the couch. I
slowly walk to the spot and kneel down. He never told me to kneel but it
seems like the right thing to do. Drew smiles so I guess I made the right

“The doctor tells me that you haven’t been eating enough,” he says.

He says it like it is my fucking fault! This angers me. They give me
drugs that reduce my appetite and then provide me nothing to eat except dog
food and a few scraps of normal food. Then bitch about me not eating!
This is such bullshit! I know my place though.

“Sorry, ma’am,” I reply.

“It’s okay,” Drew calmly tells me. “It just means we haven’t been
giving you enough stuff to do.”

I’m really grinding my teeth now. I try my best not to show my anger.
That’s exactly what he wants and I know it. I can just tell he is itching
for a reason to give me and my new plug a spanking.

He might be able to trick the newer younger kids into acting out but his
technique isn’t going to work on me. I plan to be as compliant as
possible. I don’t care if it makes me look like some kind of sissy;
especially now that I have this bigger plug and this ball weight. I can
only imagine how painful a spanking would be right now. My balls and
asshole hurt just thinking about it.

Drew lets me kneel there and stew for a moment before he finally starts
talking again. Of all things, he gives me an exercise routine to follow.
Sit ups, pushups, leg lifts, etc. There are 7 things total and I’m to do
10 of each then repeat the whole thing 5 times. He then gives me a very
complex schedule to do them. Some days I’m to exercise three times a day
(morning, at lunch time and right before going to bed); some days I
exercise only once or twice; and yet other days I don’t exercise at all.
It becomes extremely confusing to follow. In fact, it sounds rather
random. I struggle to keep up but soon find myself lost. I get pissed when
he tells me at the end that he will tape the schedule on the wall for me.
Why didn’t he just say that?

The exercise routine itself sounds simple enough until Drew orders me to
perform it for him. I’m startled to find I can barely do 10 of each. This
concerns me greatly. A couple weeks ago I could have knocked these out
without even breaking a sweat. Now I find my muscles quivering and burning
as I struggle with each one. The sit ups are the hardest. The pushups
probably would have been worse but Drew let me do girl pushups using my
knees. It is humiliating doing girl pushups but I’m thankful for his
mercy. There is no way I could have done them otherwise.

I manage to get through the routine the first time. However, during my
second time through I can only do 8 consecutive sit ups and 9 pushups. I
barely knock out 10 each of the rest.

“You were 3 short,” he informs me. “Stand and give me 3 jumping jacks.”

I only have to do three jumping jacks in exchange for 2 sit ups and a
pushup? Seems like a damn good deal to me. I can do jumping jacks all
day, even in my weakened condition.

However, as I get into position something quickly dawns on me. My
entire exercise routine is extremely low impact. As such, my balls haven’t
been in that much discomfort. That isn’t going to be the case with jumping
jacks. My balls are already starting to hurt just thinking about it.

I stand there for several seconds with my legs together and my hands to
my sides. I can tell Drew is getting impatient. The only way I’m able to
get the courage to perform the first jumping jack is the thought of what
Drew will do to me if I don’t. I close my eyes tight and then kick off,
pulling my arms and legs wide before my feet can hit the ground again.

“Owie!” I yell in pain as my ball weight pulls me down to my knees.

Fuck did that hurt! It felt like someone kicked me in the nuts. I feel
nauseous and for a moment I think I’m going to be sick. It takes a minute
but the pain gradually dissipates.

“One,” Drew announces as I wipe the tears of pain off my face.


By the time Drew escorts me back to the guest room, my balls feel like
they are going to fall off. The jumping jacks are a HUGE motivator, but I
still end up doing 15 of them total. The sit up and pushup portion of the
routine is just too much for me regardless of motivation.

Drew is surprisingly nice to me following my workout session. He even
runs a nice warm bath for me. The only embarrassing part is that he makes
me pee in the toilet first. This would normally be no big deal but he
stands there and evaluates me while I do it.

“A proper young lady always puts her knees together when she pees,” he
informs me.

I quickly follow the “advice” and close my knees. I find it harder to
pee this way but I still get the job done. As I pee I wonder if Drew pees
like this also. If so then I feel sorry for him since his balls no doubt
reach the water. That means he is constantly soaking his balls in his own
piss and who knows what else. I turn a little green when I remember I
licked his balls clean earlier.

The warm bath feels absolutely scrumptious. The water and soap sting my
freshly plucked groin a little, but most of the pain goes away pretty fast.
The warm water sooths my muscles and my sore balls as well. Drew lets me
soak for a long time and he even washes me. I feel so pampered and don’t
want the bath to ever end. I just want to close my eyes and drift off. I
don’t dare take my eyes off Drew though. He is being nice right now but I
know his true nature.

Like all good things, the bath eventually comes to an end. As I step
out, Drew uses a fluffy towel to dry me off. He even hands me my clothes
one piece at a time so I can put them on. His kindness during the bath is
such a drastic change that it actually scares me more than his cruelty
earlier. I half expect him to snap at me at any second. But he doesn’t.

“Are you hungry?” he asks once I’m dressed.

“Yes!” I quickly reply as I remember the reason for the workout session.
“I’m very hungry!”

The truth is that I am a little hungry. However, I tried my best to
make it sound like I’m starving. Drew smiles. I think he knows what I’m
doing. He seems pleased with my response though.

“Let’s see what you got in your room here?” Drew says as he opens the
fridge in the guest room.

So this is “my” room after all. I get kind of excited as Drew opens the
fridge. The last time I seen inside it Danielle had lots of food there. I
peak over Drew’s shoulder and discover everything is gone except for a jug
of water. Drew takes the water out and closes the door.

“Here we are,” he announces as he opens up a cabinet and finds a big bag
of dog food and my two bowls.

I feel like crying. I was promised they would take me off this dog food
diet. Yet, here I am still eating the shit. They did at least provide me
a little bit of real food for the weekend. Maybe they will provide me even
more next weekend. It didn’t help that Danielle ate half of it.

“Tell me `when’,” Drew says as he slowly pours the dog food into my feed

I want to say “when” right away. Like I’ve said before, when it comes
to dog food, a little dab will do you. Plus, I’m not super hungry to begin
with. However, I fear that if I don’t eat enough of it Drew might increase
my exercise routine. I cringe as I watch the bowl slowly fill. I probably
should let him fill it all the way to the top. However, with my current
lack of appetite I know I will get sick if I ate that much. So, I say
“when” at the half way mark. Drew stops pouring and doesn’t say anything
so I assume he is satisfied with the amount in the bowl.

Drew puts the bowl on the floor next to the side of the bed. He then
fills my water dish and does the same. I kneel down on the hard concrete
facing the bed and start feeding. The dog food is the same brand, possibly
the same bag, but it somehow tastes worse. I think it is because I spent
the weekend eating normal food. I assure myself that my taste buds will
quickly get used to the flavor again after a couple feedings; or at least
as used to the flavor as they were last week.

As I feed, Drew takes a seat on the bed directly in front of me. The
bowls are so close to the bed that he has to rest his black short heel
pumps on either side. I feel very self-conscious. I know he is probably
looking down at me. I want to glance up to confirm this but I’m too
embarrassed. You would think nothing could embarrassment after everything
I’ve been through. However, having Drew stare down into my eyes while I’m
feeding would be more than I could handle right now.

I stop mid chew as Drew’s right foot moves over the top of my food bowl.
I’m confused but I still don’t want to look up at Drew in order to try to
find any answers. Instead, I just slowly finish chewing and then swallow
hard. I go to lick some water from my bowl but Drew moves his foot so that
I can’t. He clearly wants me to give him some attention so I reluctantly
look up into his eyes.

Drew is looking down but to my surprise he is not looking at me. He is
looking at his foot. He wants me to do something with his foot? Knowing
Drew it is something humiliating. I search my mind for the most degrading
thing I can think of that would involve his foot. You would be surprised
how many things come to mind. I cross the top 5 things off my list. A
couple of these just don’t seem right for this situation and the other
three are just too horrible to put into action. So, I go with number 6 on
my list. I slowly lean back over and give the top of Drew’s pump a small

“Sorry, ma’am,” I quickly apologize when I pull back and discover I left
a brown dog food smear on the shiny black surface.

“You did well,” Drew assures me. “You can clean them later.”

Drew turns his foot slightly and I know he wants me to kiss the pump
again in a new spot. I blush then lean in and do so. I kiss two other
spots before he finally pulls his foot away. I quickly go to the water
dish and lick up some fluid in order to help wash away some of the nasty

My stomach turns as I look back at the food dish. I’m not hungry at all
now and yet I’ve just barely started. I go back in anyway and lick up
another few pieces. As I chew, Drew’s foot moves over my water dish again.
He wants more kisses. I swallow the dry food and lean in and start
kissing. I’m still embarrassed, but I’m also starting to get really pissed.
My balls constantly ache from my weight and I’m kneeling here eating
fucking dog food… isn’t that enough? Does he really have to make it

It’s not worth getting punished over so I keep kissing until he pulls
the foot away again.

Drew does this after each of the next five mouths full. His once
perfect little pump is now a brownish smeared mess.

“Take it off,” he orders after I finish a kiss.

I reach up to it but he pulls the foot away.

“Ah!” he growls. “What do we NEVER use when feeding from our bowls?!”

I quickly slap my hand back down on the hard concrete. His voice is so
scary that my whole body trembles in fear.

His question is apparently rhetorical because he doesn’t wait for an
answer and just moves his foot back over my bowl. Without my hands I have
no choice but to use my mouth to remove the pump. My first instinct is to
use my tongue to push down on the heel. However, I realize that if I do
this then the pump might drop into my water dish. The pump is in need of
cleaning but I know Drew would get highly pissed if I soaked it.

I examine the pump for a second and come up with plan B. Plan B
involves pulling the pump off by the heel using my lips. I don’t like plan
B but I can’t think of a plan C.

As my mouth goes for the heel, Drew angles his foot to give me better
access. I’m thankful for this, but I’m still pissed at him for having to
do it in the first place. The heel is about a half inch thick at the
bottom and slowly tapers out toward the bottom of the shoe. I can see a
little bit of dirt and grime on the bottom of the heel. As I put my lips
over it I pray he has not stepped into anything too offensive lately. If I
know him though, he probably did so on purpose. He probably walked through
the grass on the way into the building. He might have even walked around
in the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

I try my best to push all these thoughts out of my head as I seal my
lips around the heel and try to suck the pump off his food. I can clearly
taste dirt but nothing else really. However, for all I know all those
other things taste like dirt also. Though, I kind of doubt that.

“Good girl,” Drew praises as the pump slides off his foot.

I move it away from the bowls and do my best to gingerly lay it on the
floor. When I lean back up I expect his other foot to be hovering there.
However, it isn’t. I don’t want him to think I’m waiting for it so I
quickly lick up some water and then go back to my food dish.

As I chew I stare down at Drew’s bare foot. He is not wearing stockings
today and I have a good view of his painted toenails. I have to admit that
he has pretty feet. They are very delicate and feminine looking. You can
tell that he gets regular pedicures. Most of my attention goes to his
toenails. The paint job on them is extremely detailed and looks very
professional. They are white with a kind of red plant like design on them.
Kind of like roses but with red stems, leaves and stuff painted as well.
Each one looks different which tells me all of it is hand painted. I make
a mental note to ask Danielle how it is even possible to paint something so
fine and detailed on your nails. With luck he might even show me how it’s
done. I know my trainers would really be impressed if I could accomplish
something like this. Plus, it looks cool.

Drew must have noticed me studying his toenails because he raises his
foot back up so I can get a closer look. When I go to get another mouth
full of food though he moves his bare foot over the bowl. At first I think
he wants me to kiss it. However, his foot lowers down into my food dish. I
look on in shock as his perfect little toes dig around in the bowl.
Doesn’t he know he can ruin his nail polish that way? If I had fancy
designs like that on my toenails I would never let them touch anything, let
alone scrape around in a dish full of hard dry dog food.

When his foot finally comes out of the dish I see he is holding a piece
of dog food between his big and index toes. He holds it out to me. I
scrunch up my nose in disgust as I lean in and use my tongue to lick the
piece out from between his toes. As I chew this piece his foot goes back
to my dish. Out comes another piece and I lick it into my mouth as well.
He does this two more times. After the last piece he keeps his foot near
my mouth. When I finally swallow he puts his toes up against my lips. I’m
sure I know what he wants and I lick his toes clean.

“Good girl,” he praises again as I lick all around the toes and in

He finally pulls back and I’m able to lean down and lick up some water.
When I come back up I see his foot is digging around in the food dish

“I just cleaned those toes!” I want to yell at him.

I hold my tongue. Instead I just wait for him to feed me.

We perform the same procedure as before. Then do it over and over
throughout my feeding. It’s 4 or 5 pieces, swallow each, lick toes, drink
water, then repeat.

Drew seems to get extremely excited by all of this. He not only praises
me through most of it but also moans in pleasure a few times. He even
plays with his dick a little. I can’t imagine what he finds exciting about
it. The whole thing is disgusting and messy. He is happy so I guess that
is all that matters.

There are still a dozen or so pieces of dog food in the dish when Drew
finally stops feeding me. He pushes the dish off to the side with his foot
to let me know I don’t have to eat the rest. I guess that is my reward for
being such a good puppy for him. He still makes me lick his entire foot
clean. He also makes me lick his pump off as well. His shiny pumps are
black and every little speck of grime can easily be seen. Drew makes me
lick it for a very long time before he is satisfied it is clean. He
finally slips his foot back into the wet pump and starts putting my bowls

He doesn’t tell me it is okay to stand so I stay kneeling just in case.
When he is done he walks back over in front of me and sits on the side of
the bed again.

“You have earned at least 10 hits for raising your hands off the floor
during your feeding,” he informs me. “You did perfect with everything else
though so I am going to let you off this one time.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” I say as I give him my best smile.

I’m far from happy but want to show him I really am appreciative of the

As I look up at him I can see the lust in his eyes. I also notice him
rubbing his dick through his dress. I know that he wants me to thank him
with more than just words. However, something is preventing him from
giving me the order. Maybe it’s not part of my “lesson” plan for the day
and he’s not allowed to require me to do it. Or, maybe he just wants to
see me volunteer my services. It’s weird, but even kneeling here I get a
small sense of power. He desperately wants something from me but only I
can decide whether to give it or not. Or at least I’m assuming this is the

“I’m thinking about maybe removing your ball weight for the rest of the
night,” he informs me. “Maybe let your irritated skin air out overnight.”

There it is… bartering 101. He wants something and has something he
is willing to offer in return. His offer is very generous also. His
position in front of me, however, tells me he wants a blowjob in exchange.
It takes me a moment but I decide it is a fair deal. Well, as fair as I’m
ever going to see from Drew anyway.

“D…do you want me to… you know… suck you?” I whisper.

“I don’t know,” he says as though he’s actually thinking about it.
“Maybe if you ask nicely.”

You have no idea how close I come to telling him to go fuck himself. I
swallow what little pride I have left.

“Please, can I suck you, ma’am?” I whisper. “I’ll do a good job. I

Drew doesn’t say anything… he just stands and starts pulling his dress
up. He doesn’t stop until the dress is all the way up around his hips. My
nervous hands are shaking as I reach up and grab hold of his panties. His
dick flops out as I slowly pull the panties down and then off.

He spreads his legs and sits back down on the edge of the bed. I
swallow hard as I get a close up view of his dick. It is already leaking
precum and I’m actually a little proud that I have such a powerful effect
on him. I’m apprehensive though. I had a very hard time with Danielle’s
dick and Drew’s is even a little bigger. I know I won’t be able to deep
throat him without involuntarily using my hands. However, if my hands come
into play then I will no doubt get the punishment he just spared me.
Something tells me this has been his plan all along.

There has to be something I can do… some way of ruining his plan. I
then remember how Danielle fixed the problem. I crawl over to the cabinet
and searched around in the drawer. Sure enough, the cuffs are there. I
grab them and crawl back to Drew. I click the first one over my right
wrist and then put my hands behind my back. As I click the second one in
place I smile up at Drew.

I know the smile will be interpreted by Drew as a devilish teasing kind
of smile. However, it was really me smiling at the fact that I was able to
out think the guy. He won’t be getting any reason to punish me today.

I’m surprised at how well Drew takes his defeat. He shows surprise but
no disappointment. He just smiles back down at me and scoots out a little
further toward me.

I know he is extremely excited and wants me to finish him off fast.
However, I decide to tease him a bit as payback for all the pain he put me
through earlier. Not to mention the humiliation. His dick bobs with
excitement as my tongue licks the precum off the side of his cock. I give
the underside of his dick a few licks also. This gets a loud moan from

I know he thinks I’m about to swallow his dick but instead I dip down
and suck one of his nuts into my mouth. His ball sack is loose and I’m
able to get his ball deep into my mouth. Once there I flick at it with my
tongue. I then use my tongue to give it a proper bath. Once his ball is
washed I suck my spit off it, pull back and let it pop from my mouth. I
give his other egg-size ball the same treatment.

When I turn my attention back to his dick I see it already has a trail
of precum running down the side of it again. I lick up the side of it very
delicately. Once it is clean I let my tongue lick around on the head of
his dick. I even seal my lips to it and suck whatever precum might be

“Please,” Drew begs from above.

You have no idea how good it feels to make someone else beg for a
change. It’s a very small victory… but it’s a victory. I know better
than to make him beg any more than this. To do so would no doubt result in
me having to beg a lot more down the road myself. So, I slowly push

I get scared as his dick pushes against the back of my throat. I know
he is on the verge of losing control. When that happens he will viciously
fuck my throat. Sure enough, I feel his hands grab that back of my head
and apply pressure. I gag as I force myself forward. I actually manage to
deep throat him on my own. I don’t get all of him into my throat but I’m
still surprised and a little proud of myself. I thought for sure he would
have to force it inside like Danielle did.

I take a breath and push forward again. I get about 3/4ths in before I
get scared and pull out once more. My next 4 tries end the same. On the
next attempt, however, Drew can’t stand it anymore and pulls my head into
his lap. I gag and my eyes water as my lips kiss the base of his dick. I
knew this was coming but I’m still frightened. His dick is just so deep.
It’s touching even deeper than Danielle’s did.

At least Drew isn’t pinching my nose. This allows me to breathe a
little easier. I still don’t get enough oxygen but at least it is
something. It isn’t long before my brain starts to swim from the lack of
air. It doesn’t get as bad as yesterday. In fact, I would say it is about
perfect. Well, as perfect as asphyxiation can be. It’s enough to send
tingles through my body and reduce the gagging and pain in my throat.
However, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m on the verge of death. Drew is
too excited and starts spewing his load into my belly long before I can
fully enjoy the effect. Not that it is something I wish to enjoy.

Drew removes my handcuffs and then pulls his panties back on and starts
giving me directions for what I’m supposed to do for the rest of the night
and the next morning. My head is still spinning but I manage to memorize
it all. There isn’t much too it. I’m to do my normal routine, just with
the exercises added.

Drew hands me the special screwdriver and tells me to take my weight
off. It is only two screws and pretty easy to figure out. I let out a sigh
of relief as the weight finally falls off my nuts. Drew takes it and the
screwdriver from me and puts them on the nightstand.

“I’m going to leave these here,” he informs me. “You are to put them
back on as soon as you wake up.”

This shocks me. Surely he knows the screwdriver can be used on my cock
cage also. I frown. Of course he does. He is just hoping the temptation
to remove the cage and masturbate will be too much. Thus he will get a
chance to punish me after all. It does sound tempting. However, they
milked me pretty good today. I doubt I will get that desperate to play
with myself tonight.

Drew has me get on the bed on all fours. He removes my large plug and
brings it to my lips so I can lick it clean. He puts it on the nightstand
next to the weight and tells me I can keep it off for the rest of the night
also. I’m amazed at his kindness. I guess I did better than I thought.

He grabs some kind of medical lotion and moves behind me. I look back
as he squeezes a bunch of it into his palm and then reachs for my balls. I
bite my lower lip in preparation for the pain that is about to erupt from
down there. However, none comes. In fact, the cream quickly soothes the
slight itching and burning sensation that was already there.

It feels very good as his slippery fingers delicately rub and tug this
way and that on my sack. It feels even better when two of his fingers from
his other hand slide into my ass. His fingers are just long enough to
reach my ass clit. I moan and push back against his hand as he gently rubs
my magic spot. I guess they didn’t milk me as much as I thought they did.

I think this is going to be a bonus milking but Drew stops once it
becomes clear I’m getting pretty worked up. I moan in protest but he just

“Be a good girl now,” he says as he puts the cream away and walks out.

My eyes immediately go to the screwdriver. No! Don’t give in! It’s
obviously a set up. I would bet money he is watching me in the observation
room right now. The second I pick up that screwdriver he will run in here
and stop me. Then the weight goes back on my balls and the plug up my ass.
On top of that I’ll probably get a huge spanking. It takes some will power
but I hold myself back until my clit settles down a bit.

The rest of my night is pretty routine. It’s even early enough for me
to catch the last two classes for the day. However, when I turn to the
video channel to watch my nightly porn I discover they videotaped all my
classes for the day and are broadcasting them back. Believe it or not, I
actually enjoy watching this over the porn. It’s always gay porn anyway.
Plus, with that screwdriver sitting there the less porn I watch the better.

The really cool thing is that I get to use my school books for the first
time. It’s neat being able to follow along in the book like all the other
children. Now if I could just ask the teacher questions. These kids are
two and three years younger than me but some of the stuff they are learning
is a little ahead of me. I figure most of it out on my own though.

Thankfully, they thought to edit out the second half of each class. Had
they not then I probably would have been watching long into the night.

It’s around 10 p.m. when the video finally comes to an end. I’m very
tired but pull myself out of bed anyway. I put my books neatly on the
their shelf and then reluctantly walk to my new training room. Once there
I go through my exercise routine. I end up doing 25 jumping jacks this
time. Thankfully, I’m not wearing my ball weight this time. I’ll bet
anything that I was supposed to wear it and my plug for this. However,
Drew specifically said I didn’t have to wear them again until morning. So,
if anyone ends up getting into trouble it will be him. I’m just following

I’m sweaty but decide not to bathe. It’s not part of my normal routine.
I’ll have to ask one of my trainers about it tomorrow. It doesn’t seem
proper for a young lady to go to bed all sweaty. That’s how I’ll phrase

As I crawl under the covers I think about how great it would be if I
could actually turn my room lights off. It would make sleeping so much
easier. Plus, I could also sneak the screwdriver under the covers without
the camera noticing.

I have several nightmares this night. Most of them are pretty standard.
You know, like the whole being naked in class dream. Only in this school
this is a very plausible scenario. The nightmare isn’t that I’m naked but
that I’m scared everyone will see that I’m a boy and not a real girl.
Don’t ask me why I’m scared of this. That’s exactly what I want them all
to find out. It was my entire escape plan even.

One of the weirder dreams involves the Dean and the doctor chasing me
and throwing darts at me. I guess that is supposed to symbolize the
electrolysis machine or something. The only dream that doesn’t feel like a
nightmare is one in which I’m kissing and licking Drew’s feet. This dream
feels rather erotic for some reason. In it I even jack off on his bare
foot and lick it clean. Of course, once I wake up I’m horrified by the
dream. I’m not sure what my subconscious was trying to tell me in that
dream… nor do I want to find out.

I wake early Tuesday to the sound of someone in my room. As my eyes
focus I think I’m still dreaming. Casey is decorating a large Christmas
tree near the foot of my bed. I blink a few times to make sure I’m really

“Morning sunshine!” Casey chirps when she sees I’m awake.

I come full awake when I realize I might have over slept. I look at the
clock and thankfully discover its only 5 a.m.

I look back at Casey and am tempted to ask the obvious question.
However, I keep my mouth zipped. Instead I grab my plug and lick and
slobber on it. Then I slowly insert the huge thing up my asshole. I
normally do this after my enema but my orders are to exercise first. I’m
sure the plug is expected to be worn during those exercises… even if I
did skip it last night.

Even the larger plug seems pretty routine. It’s the ball weight that
seems out of place. It’s also the one thing I’m dreading. I grab it and
the screwdriver anyway and go to work putting it in place. Putting it on
is very uncomfortable but I’m able to keep from moaning. Casey is focused
on decorating the tree and I don’t want to change that. The more attention
she gives the tree the less she will give me.

Now ready for my morning workout, I slide off the bed and make my way to
the door.

“No,” Casey says when she sees me rounding the right side of the bed
toward her. “Go around the other way.”

I give her a puzzled look. The only other way is if I crawl across the
bed and go around the other side of the tree. That seems like a bit of a
hassle just because she is too lazy to step out of my way for two seconds.
I’m not about to say anything. I just crawl back into the bed and slide
across to the other side. As I get out and face the door I realize there
is a problem. The tree is blocking my route. The tree is only inches from
the bed and maybe a foot between it and the wall. I stand there for a
minute waiting for Casey to see the flaw in her order.

“You better get going,” she informs me.

I come very close to protesting. I’m naked and the pine tree… well,
it’s a fucking pine tree! It’s a real pine tree even. I convince myself
it won’t be as bad as it looks and start slowly inching toward it.

When I get within about a foot the silver tinsel suddenly jumps out at
me. SNAP! The tinsel slaps against my left hip and sends a tiny jolt of
electricity through me.

“Ow!” I protest as I jump back.

My outburst is more from the surprise than the actual pain. It hurt but
nothing compared to what I’ve experienced lately. I hear Casey giggling on
the other side of the tree.

“Neat, huh?” Casey says as she pokes her head around the side. “One of
our graduates created these Christmas lights. They generate an EM field or
something that keeps the tinsel full of static.”

“Yeah, neat,” I reply a little too sarcastically.

Casey doesn’t show any anger but I know I should have just kept my mouth
shut. It probably isn’t a punishable offense but it might ruin her
Christmas spirit. That could make the rest of my day turn out pretty bad.

I approach the tree again, only this time I put my hands out in front of
me. The tinsel snaps hold of my arms and holds on tight. I can feel a
slight pulsing feeling in my arms. I’m guessing it is this EM field or
whatever feeding the tinsel with juice. It feels a little like ants
crawling on my skin. It’s very uncomfortable and seems far from being
healthy. I hope this damn tree doesn’t give me cancer or something.

I put my back against the wall and start squeezing past the tree.

“Owie!” I yelp when a bunch of tinsel lower on the tree jumps out and
grabs hold of my cock cage and ball weight.

My cage and weight quickly become supercharged with electricity. I’m
not sure but I think they are collecting juice from not only the tinsel but
the EM field itself. My instinct is to jump away again. However, I know I
will just have to start all over. So, I continue forward.

I do my best to hold the branches back but several still rub across my
body. It hurts like hell. I manage to protect my chest pretty good but my
stomach, thighs and legs make a lot of contact. It becomes a battle
between my desire to rush in order to escape the tinsel and the need to go
slow to minimize the scraping of the branches.

It only takes about 15 seconds to make my way through but it seems much
longer. Once past the branches I turn to rush away. When I do the tinsel
snaps out and gives my rump a kiss goodbye.

When I enter my training room I see the workout schedule on the wall. I
glance at it for a minute. I still can’t make heads or tails out of the
order of the workouts. It just looks random to me. I guess it doesn’t
matter as long as they keep it on the wall.

My muscles are a little sore as I go through my workout. I still do
okay my first two sets. As I start to sweat though my skin begins to itch
and burn a bit. When I inspect the source I find a bunch of horizontal
tiny red lines. The tree scraped me just hard enough to irritate the skin
but not enough to actually cut it.

The scrapes become very irritating. On top of this, I still have
trouble with sit ups and pushups and end up having to do 17 jumping jacks.
My balls hurt, skin itches and I’m sweaty and tired. Yeah, I’m not in the
Christmas spirit. To make matters worse, when I go to enter my old room so
I can take my enema and shower, I find the door is locked. I inform Casey
and she tells me the room is now off limits to me. I guess I’m okay with
that. I have no real fond memories of that room anyway. However, my
little world just got a bit smaller.

As I go back into the guest room Casey makes me slide past the tree

This time I put my front to the wall and let my backside take the brunt
of the tree. This protects my front side. However, my hands are not of
much use this way and my back, butt and legs get a ton of contact with the
branches. Plus, my sweaty body seems to attract the tinsel more. I moan
and groan as the tinsel shocks my backside.

“Oh!” I let out extra loud when a bunch of tinsel slaps against my nut
sack from behind.

The electricity going through my nuts feels different than what I
experienced with the doctor yesterday, but it still brings back a kind of
phantom memory. For an instant I can actually feel the doctor shocking my
ass clit with the prod. It’s enough to almost make me cum. Thankfully, I

My enema is pretty routine. However, my new ball weight makes me a
little self-conscious during the procedure. The weight makes my balls feel
like they are hanging down much further than they actually are. I keep
thinking they are floating in the toilet water. I also fear I will expel
my enema on them. Neither of these things happen, but it dawns on me that
it might if I ever get to the 2.5 or 3 inch weight.

The warm bath stings my scrapes at first. However, within minutes they
feel much better. So do my sore nuts. I want to stay in the bath forever,
but I know the clock is ticking.

I get out of the bed and start getting dressed. As I put my clothes on
I notice Casey is putting presents under the tree. She sees me watching.

“You are not to open any of these until told to do so,” she informs me.

She walks around the bed to me holding one of the larger presents.

“This one you can open now,” she says. “This is from me. Well,
actually the school paid for most of it. I still had to chip in a little
extra so I could get you the best stuff.”

I’m a bit shocked that they would buy me presents. I don’t get all that
excited though. I just know there is probably a poisonous snake or
something in this box. I glance at the clock and see that I’m running a
little late. I don’t see much choice so I sit on the bed and quickly open
the present.

I open it with dread but when I see what is inside I quickly smile with
glee. It’s a makeup kit! My own makeup kit! I start to jump up and down
with joy but my ball weight quickly puts an end to that.

“Do I get to keep it?!” I ask, still not believing it’s really mine.

“Of course,” Casey giggles.

“Thank you!” I say as I give Casey a big hug.

I excitedly go back to the kit and start looking through it in greater
detail. It has everything I could possibly need. This is so cool!

As I go through it I realize that I really shouldn’t be happy about
this. I’m a boy after all and this is a girl’s gift. However, I can’t deny
how good it feels to have it. Right now it feels like my only possession
in the world… which isn’t far from the truth as long as I’m in here.

“I was thinking you could set it up here,” Casey says as she walks to a
spot to the right of the wide screen TV.

“I was thinking the same thing,” I reply as I carry it over.

The spot is perfect. There is a tabletop going most of the way around
the room. However, unlike the rest of the room, this area doesn’t have
cabinets above it. Instead there is a mirror above it. The kit has a
small mirror in it but this mirror on the wall will be nice for getting an
overall view of myself. The only drawback is that the mirror is connected
to the observation room. Someone could sit in there and watch me do my
makeup and I would never know it. I just shrug this off. Not like they
aren’t always watching me anyway.

“Wait, something’s missing,” Casey says as she leaves the room.

She goes into the hall and then I hear her unlocking my old room. A
moment later she comes back carrying a chair and the picture of me mooning
the Dean. I’m very thankful for the chair… not so much for the picture.
I still give her another hug. This really is very nice of her.

Casey stands next to me as I start using the kit in order to get ready
for my day. There are a few items included in the kit that I’m not
familiar with. Casey happily jumps in and shows me what a few of them are
for and how to use them. Among these items are some false eyelashes and a
tool for putting them on.

“You are kind of young for these,” she informs me. “We will put them on
you today anyway so you can try them out.”

I’m not so hot about using the tool so close to my eye. However, the
end result is worth it. I look much prettier with the slightly longer and
thicker eyelashes. It also makes me look a little older than I normally do
when wearing makeup… maybe 12. I still don’t look my actual age of 13
but it’s pretty close.

Once my makeup and hair is done I go to grab my feed bowls. Casey stops

“You won’t need to eat today,” she informs me.

I’m not that hungry but I am a bit confused. Drew was all over my ass
yesterday about not eating enough. Casey is in charge now so I shut up and

“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you how the presents work,” she says as I
sit on the edge of my bed. “The presents under the tree are from a few
people that will visit you between now and Sunday. The ones on the tree
though are special.”

This catches my attention. I had noticed some stupid shit hanging on
the tree but thought that was just Casey’s way of being silly. I’m
concerned now that I know these are more than just decoration. The items
look far from being “presents”. There are a few paddles, a couple belts, a
couple tubes of lube, a rubber glove, and several other weird items. Some
I know the purpose of, some I’ve never even seen before.

“It’s our own special secret Santa,” Casey informs me. “The Dean picked
15 employees at the school. Your dad and the Dean are two of them of
course. The other 13 are those that the Dean feels deserves an extra
Christmas bonus. Anyway, 15 slips of paper are placed in a hat. Each slip
has the description of a present. Each person then draws a slip at random.

“Here comes the fun part,” Casey continues. “They attach that slip of
paper to an instrument of their choosing. Provided it will fit on the tree
of course. Here, let me show you.”

Casey grabs one of the paddles and brings it to me. The paddle was held
to the tree with a hook and string. Also attached to the string is a tiny

“This card says `Turkey Dinner’,” Casey announces as she gives me a
close up view. “If you choose this item then that means the person that
drew this has to bring you a `Turkey Dinner’. They attached it to this
paddle though. That means that in exchange they expect you to give them
the present of letting them use this paddle in some fashion. They might
want you to use the paddle on them, but I doubt it.”

Casey giggles at her little joke. There is no name on the card but I do
see a four digit number. I’m guessing the number represents the employee’s
work extension or possibly the last four of their social security number or
something. I know my dad’s work extension but I doubt they would make it
that easy for me to pick him out. They probably used something else for

“You can pick up to 3 items per day,” Casey continues. “Just put the
items in your training room on the couch when you do your lunch time
workout. By the end of the day the employees will bring you your gifts.”

At that, Casey leaves the room. I sit there not sure what to think
about all of this. I close my eyes and try to remember the schedule. I’m
pretty sure I have a workout at noon throughout most of this week. I will
have to take a closer look during my next workout.

I open my eyes and look at the clock and see that I have 15 minutes
before my first class starts. I wait a minute to make sure Casey isn’t
coming back. Then I get out of bed and go to the Christmas tree. I tell
myself I should just ignore the whole thing. However, I’m very curious
what presents might be available to me. Who knows, maybe one of them is a
night out on the town or something else I can use to help escape. Highly
doubtful but you never know for sure until you look.

When I approach the tree I put my hand out. The tinsel sticks to me but
there is no major electrical current like earlier. I think it is because
I’m wearing shoes now and my feet aren’t grounded like before.

Before looking at the secret Santa stuff I kneel down and look at my
other presents. These are from people that will be visiting me whether I
want them too or not. I’m glad to see that there are only 6 boxes. Each
has a tiny card attached to it with a name. There is one from Drew,
Danielle, the Dean, Victor, and the doctor. And of course there is one
that says “Dad and family”. It does not surprise me that my dad would be
one of the ones visiting me for Christmas. As I think about the names
something occurs to me. This is probably my list of potential mentors I’m
to choose from. Well, not Drew and Danielle of course. Danielle is just a
student and I doubt Drew is eligible.

The names are no surprise. However, I had hoped the list would be a
little bigger than this.

I turn my attention to the secret Santa items hanging from the tree. I
look at each card. Most of the items/presents listed are minor. They seem
more like what you would expect to find in a stocking. One, for example,
says “Candy” on it. That one is attached to the glove. The glove is the
latex kind. I’m certain that this secret Santa is the doctor. However, I
find another card attached to some needles. No, that is more the doctor’s
style. The card for this one says “Banana Split”. Regardless of who these
are for, neither gift seems worth the price. Not that I know exactly what
the glove or needles would be used for.

In fact, most of the stated “gifts” seem trivial in comparison to what I
would probably have to give in return. I do run across a few though that
seem half way reasonable. Some like the paddle/turkey dinner are
borderline. The price seems too high now but if I get hungry enough I
might change my mind. It would be nice to have a decent meal near or on

There are two items that I feel are an easy “yes”. One says “Cage
removal for one hour”. I’m assuming this means I get to masturbate during
that time. It’s a big assumption but the price seems worth the gamble.
It’s attached to a tube of lube which probably means they want to fuck my
ass in exchange. I put this item back on the tree where I can easily find
it later.

The second card says “Newspapers for a week”. It is hardly what I would
normally consider a gift. However, I’m desperate for information on the
outside world. It has only been a couple weeks but it seems like years
have passed since I saw the outside world.

What little TV I’ve gotten to watched has been nothing more than
comedies and other shows. No news or anything like that. This card is
attached to a long metal rod with a bunch of round bumps on it. I have no
clue what this thing is used for but it looks benign enough. It’s only
about 8 or 9 inches long so it’s too short to hurt much if they hit me with
it. Plus, it’s barely wider than a quarter inch so it’s not going to hurt
if they stick it up my butt. It’s not sharp or anything so piercing me
with it isn’t really possible either.

I look at the alarm clock and see that I only have 5 minutes before
class starts. I pull myself away from the tree and get up on my bed.
However, when I turn the TV on I don’t see my first class. Instead, I see
Victor sitting on a couch by himself. He is in one of the training rooms
that look just like mine. At first I think I accidentally activated the
bluRay player. However, it appears to be off. I change the channel and
find Victor is on that channel also.

Not sure what to do I turn back to the channel I’m supposed to be
watching and just sit there and stare at Victor. I’m hoping that when
class starts the video feed will be switched over. I wait and wait. As I
sit there watching Victor I can’t help but wonder what unlucky kid is going
to get his attention today. Whose throat or asshole is going to get fucked
by his big brown Mexican dick? It’s only about a minute until class start
so I doubt I will get to witness any of it. I actually feel a little

The bell rings but the video doesn’t change. I’m about to go see if I
can find Casey when I notice movement on the screen. Victor is motioning
to the camera for someone to walk over. But I see no one there.

“Get your ass in here Janice!” he finally growls at the camera.

Holy shit! He’s talking to me! That room isn’t like my training
room… that IS my training room. He seems impatient so I don’t hesitate
to get out of bed and head his direction. Butterflies are flapping around
in my tummy as I make my way to my training room. He wouldn’t call me in
there unless he planned to do something to me.

Oh no! Ray must have reported my escape attempt! Now I’m really
nervous. I stand outside the door for a few seconds and take some deep
breaths. Then I walk in to face the music.

I walk to a spot 3 feet in front of the couch and kneel down. This is
what Drew had me do the other day and I assume it is normal protocol.
Victor smiles so I’m guessing I did the right thing.

“Come have a seat,” he says as he pats the cushion next to him.

He seems rather relaxed for someone that is about to punish me for an
attempted escape.

“Well, did you practice?” he asks me.

I give him a blank stare. My mind is so focused on punishment for the
escape attempt that I have trouble processing this question.

“I told you we would try deep throat next week,” he explains. “Well,
it’s next week.”

I blush. Doing something sexual with Victor had been the furthest thing
from my mind. I’m extremely relieved though that it is this and not a
punishment. Maybe Ray didn’t report me after all. I smile wide until I
catch myself and quickly remove it.

“I practiced a little, Uncle Victor,” I whisper.

He doesn’t ask how I practiced and I don’t volunteer the information.
What Danielle and I do is special. It is just between Danielle and I…
and of course the video cameras and anyone that happens to be in the
observation room. Okay, there is a chance he already knows anyway.

I’m happy to see that he still has no problem with me referring to him
as my uncle. With luck this will make him think of me more as a nephew
than a sexual object. Granted, for all I know he has some kind of incest
fetish. Heaven’s knows everyone else in this place seems to have one.

“Show me what you learned,” Victor says as he leans back and spreads his
arms wide on top of the couch.

My face turns beat red. I can’t believe Victor is asking me to do this.
Last week he said he would but I still can’t believe it. I guess I hoped
he would come to his senses and realize all this gay shit isn’t right for

My hand shakes as I slowly reach over and start to unzip him. I can
already see his huge bulge and know I’m going to have a hard time throating
him. I swallow hard when I fish the huge thing out of his pants. He’s 8
inches long and 2 inches thick. That’s the same length as Drew is and only
a quarter inch thicker. However, that quarter inch makes his dick look
much bigger. I really wish I had those handcuffs right now. Choking this
monster down without using my hands is going to be a serious challenge.

“You know, I taught all your sisters how to suck dick,” he tells me as I
pull his huge nuts out of his pants as well.

I smile inside. He must not have watched the video footage from the
past few days. He isn’t going to teach me how to suck dick like he did my
sisters. Danielle already beat him too it. Heck, he isn’t even the first
man I’ve deep throated. Drew was my first for that. I almost laugh out
loud at the thought of what he would say if he found out two sissies beat
him to my throat.

I of course don’t have the balls to tell him this in words. However, I
decide to show him with actions. I will show him how much I’ve learned
already. He will quickly realize someone else already nutted my throat.

The thought of sucking Victor’s dick still seems yucky but I don’t dilly
dally around. I go right in and start licking and slurping up all his
precum. As I do this I notice his smell is much manlier than both Danielle
and Drew put together. He has a strong musky smell with a little old spice
in the background. His precum, while pretty tasteless, still somehow seems
manly like. This is what I fantasized the first dick I deep throated would
smell and taste like. Okay, that didn’t sound right. I don’t fantasize
about sucking dick. I just mean… well, you know what I mean.

I lick his dick clean while bending over his side. However, I quickly
find myself moving to my knees in front of him. I can get much better
access this way. I grab hold of his thick dick with my right hand and pull
it up and out of the way. I give each of his huge nuts a gentle kiss.
Then I attack them with my tongue. I’m not satisfied until I’ve licked all
his manly musk off his sack. I then suck one of his balls into my mouth.
It is so huge that it barely fits. For a second I fear I might scrape it
with my teeth. I manage though.

Unfortunately, the fit is so tight that I really can’t do much with the
nut. Even my tongue can’t wiggle around much in there. I decide to just
suck on it a little in order to add just the slightest hint of pain with
his pleasure. I pop it out and then do the same to the other nut.

While I’m doing all of this my right hand is gently massaging his dick.
Not enough to get him off of course. I just want to milk a little more
precum out of him. It works. My mouth sucks up a good tablespoon of the

“Oh!” Victor moans in pleasure as I suck the head of his dick into my

I move my hands away from his dick and slowly slide my lips downward.
This gets another moan from him. He brings his hands toward my head but I
push them away. I know I won’t be able to keep his hands off my head for
long, but for now I want to show him I can handle a dick without any
assistance. It’s probably not the best move though considering I’m not all
that sure I can actually handle his dick by myself.

I gag hard when his dick hits the entrance to my throat. That extra
quarter inch of thickness makes a HUGE difference… way more than I
expected. I’m determined though. I pull back until I stop gagging and
then press right back in. I gag again but this time I don’t stop. I keep
pushing and pushing. It is extremely uncomfortable as his huge slab of
meat slowly makes its way down my throat.

I’m choking and gagging and tears are practically spraying out of my
eyes but I get that fucker all the way in.

“Good girl!” Victor groans as I deep throat him. “I told your daddy you
would be good at this.”

Well, so much for that victory. I was so focused on showing Victor up
that I hadn’t thought about how else my actions might be interpreted. Now,
my only wish is to pull off his dick so I can give him a much more mediocre
experience. However, when I go to pull back I feel his hand on my head
again. I try to push it away but it isn’t budging this time. My throat
just promised him a good time and that is what he is going to have.

My lungs start to burn before he finally lets me pull up. I don’t even
get all the way to the head before he is pushing me back down. I only
managed to get a few breaths through my nose and it is far from being
enough. I have a death grip on his legs as I try to push myself back up.
He easily holds me in place. He even does a few short jabs into my throat
just to show how much control he has over me.

He pulls my head up to the tip and then slams me back down. He then
does it again and again. The lack of oxygen turns me into nothing more
than a rag doll. Once he senses this he pulls his dick half way out. I
can breathe but just barely. It is enough to stay alive and barely
conscious but not much more than that. He starts humping up into my throat
from below.

This is completely different than when I sucked Danielle and Drew. I
was deep throating them. Victor is fucking my throat. The two may sound
the same but trust me, they aren’t. Not even close. I’m quickly
discovering that Victor might have a few things to teach me after all.

Victor gives my throat a very thorough fucking. He humps up into me for
at least 5 or 6 minutes before he finally settles down. He then moves his
hands away so I can take control again. I pull my head up long enough to
take a few breaths and then slam my face back down. I pull up and then
slam back down. I start fucking my throat just as fast and hard as he just
did. I know he will settle for nothing less. It is uncomfortable and
requires a ton of willpower to force myself to do it. However, it is worth
it. With me doing it I have much better control over my breath. If he
takes over again I will start suffocating once more.

“This is how you suck a real man’s dick. I’m not going to settle for
some lovey dovey blowjob like your sissy boyfriends do.”

He doesn’t say this out loud. There is no need. His message is very

I fuck my throat on his dick for another 5 minutes before he feeds me
his load. His dick is deep when it goes off and most of his jizz shoots
straight to my tummy. However, I back off it before he can finish and let
the last couple spurts shoot over my tongue. It’s disgusting but for some
reason I want to taste it. You know, just to see if it tastes just as
manly as last time. And to kind of compare it to Danielle and Drew’s
flavor. It’s not like I enjoy the flavor or anything. I was just curious
is all.

His cum definitely tastes manly. It’s bitter and strong… even more so
than I remember. Danielle and Drew’s flavor can’t even compare. Not that
this is a bad thing. Danielle’s cum is much sweeter. I like his cum much
better. Still, there is just something about Victor’s manly taste that
sends a shiver through my body.

“Not bad,” Victor says as I finally pull my mouth off his dick and start
licking his balls and dick clean. “A little more practice and I think you
will be giving your sisters a run for their money.”

My blush deepens. I’m happy that he is pleased but it is still very
embarrassing to have done this with him. The thought of becoming a better
cock sucker than my sisters isn’t that pleasing either.

After I’m done cleaning him I sit on the couch and try to wipe all my
tears away. I’m startled when I hear someone step into the room.

“Daddy!” I yell as I jump up from the couch and run to him.

My ball weight bounces up and down as I run but it is worth it in order
to go into my father’s arms. I hug him tight and he hugs me back. As I
hug him, I realize I’m acting like a sissy. I don’t care, it just feels so
good to be safe in his arms.

“I want to go home,” I tell him.

“Shhh… don’t worry honey,” he tells me. “You will get to come home

Soon? Today, tomorrow, next week, next month, three months from now…
what exactly is his definition of soon? I want to ask him but he pulls
away from me and starts walking toward Victor. I pull on my dad’s shirt
hoping I can convince him to leave with me now. He keeps walking. As I
cower behind my dad I suddenly realize I’m acting the exact same way Amber
did in the BluRay video. I stop in my tracks when I remember what happened
next in the video. Sure enough, my dad shakes Victor’s hand and sits on
the couch. He then looks up at me and pats the cushion between them.

Daddy is going to make me suck his dick! I shake my head “no” but find
myself slowly walking to the couch. It’s just not in me to disobey my
father. Besides, I already know I have no choice. I can obey now or I can
get punished and obey later.

I’m crying and my body is shaking as I sit down between them.

“She’s pretty good,” Victor tells my father. “Janice is a very fast
learner. Either that or Jack was one of those closet homos. Maybe he was
sucking football players off in the showers at school.”

“Watch what you say about my boy!” Dad growls. “Jack was as straight as
they come. Just like his father.”

“Sorry, man,” Victor apologizes. “I was just talking shit. You’re
right though, Jack was a good boy. Just like Janice is a good girl.”

What the fuck are they talking about?! I’m one in the same! I’m not
liking this “Jack was”, “Janice is” shit. Do they actually think of me
this way or are they just trying to fuck with my head? I guess it really
doesn’t matter. In either case it is clear I can’t expect any help from my

“Show daddy how good of a girl you can be,” Victor says as he nudges me
toward my dad.

My whole upper body becomes pink as I turn toward my father. I want to
look him in the face to see if he is blushing as well. I know he won’t
help me but it would mean a lot if I at least knew he is embarrassed and
ashamed of what he is about to do to me. I’m too embarrassed to meet his
eyes though. Instead I keep looking down at his lap.

If he is ashamed it certainly doesn’t prevent him from getting excited.
I can see the outline of his hard dick pressing against his trousers. My
hand quivers as I reach over and slowly unzip him. While I have seen his
dick several times in the past, it takes on a whole new light when it comes
into view this time.

I start seeing details I never paid much attention to before… like its
exact size and shape. It’s about the same size as Victor’s only with a
slight bend to the left. Dad’s nuts look much bigger also. That is saying
a lot considering how big Victor’s are.

I jerk when I feel my dad’s hand on my shoulder. He rubs his hand back
and forth, almost lovingly. Then he gently grabs hold of my neck and
nudges me toward his dick. I go stiff. He patiently waits for me to calm
down. Then he applies pressure again. This time I let myself be pushed
into place.

“Be a good girl for daddy,” dad whispers to me.

This seems to be the company line around here. It takes on new meaning
though now that my real dad is saying it.

As I inch closer to his dick something drastic changes in my head. For
the last couple weeks Jack has been brave and endured everything they could
throw at him. Janice was always there to hold his hand but Jack never
cowered… not really. Not even during his potty training. Jack can’t
deal with this though… he just can’t suck his own father’s dick. Yet, he
knows there is no getting out of it. So, he hides deep inside my head.
This is something Janice will just have to do on her own.

The next thing I know I’m breathing hard and hovering over my father’s
dick. His dick is soaked with my spit and I can taste his bitter cum in my
mouth. Janice has just finished sucking him off.

“Thank you Janice,” I say to myself.

While I’m thankful for Janice taking the brunt of this ordeal, I still
wish she would have finished swallowing his load and possibly licked him
clean before turning control back over to me. I’m guessing this is
Janice’s way of getting back at me for abandoning her.

I close my eyes and force myself to swallow the last of my father’s
load. As it slithers down my throat I think about hiding again and making
Janice finish this task. It is very tempting. And it had been so easy to
do earlier. It had felt so good cuddled up in that dark warm spot. The
only thing that keeps me from doing so is the fact that it had felt a
little too good. I fear if I go there too often I might decide to never
come back.

My blush deepens and I start crying as I lick my father’s dick clean.
This is so disgusting. Almost as disgusting as what I know Janice did to
him just now. Thankfully, the cleanup job only lasts a couple minutes and
I’m able to pull away.

“Do you need me to bring any food or drinks over on Sunday?” Victor asks
as he puts his hand behind my head and pulls my face over to his lap.

I want to struggle against Victor’s grip but my brain and body are just
too weak from the last two blowjobs. I part my lips and let him slide down
my throat again.

“Maybe a couple six packs,” my dad responds. “Wife won’t let me buy
anything but that light shit. Says I need to lose some weight. If you
bring some real beer over it would be impolite if I didn’t drink some of

They both laugh at my dad’s little plan.

I can’t believe they are making Christmas dinner plans and talking so
casually as I sit here face fucking myself with Victor’s dick. Don’t they
realize how horrible this is for me?

“Shit, your girl is good!” Victor moans as he interrupts their

“Yeah, I have to admit I’m pretty surprised she is doing so well so
quickly,” my dad replies. “She seems to have a taste for cum also. Never
seen a girl this fresh swallow it down so eagerly.”

I feel utterly humiliated. I’ve changed my mind. Please go back to
talking about Christmas dinner. Please don’t talk about me anymore!

It takes Victor 20 more minutes before he cums. Luckily, they don’t
talk about me that much more during this time. Mainly they talk about
everything from the weather to sports. They act like it is just another
day at the office for them… which I guess it is.

“You want another shot at her?” Victor asks as I finish licking him

I look up at my father. Please no! Please no! Please no!

“Tempting but I have 3 other daughters I have to attend too,” dad
replies with a chuckle. “I’ll maybe pay her a visit later today or

“Are you sure?” Victor asks again. “Lift your dress up girl and show
daddy your polka dots. That will get him going again.

I think Victor is just joking but when I don’t comply he flips the front
of my skirt up for me. I blush as they both look down at my newly plucked
groin. The red dots are still there but they don’t look as prominent as
they did yesterday. I shudder as my dad’s hand goes to my lap and he runs
his index and middle finger across my hairless skin.

“Oh!” I groan as his fingers move to my balls.

Dad gets more adventurous in this area. All of his fingers explore my
nuts. He even lifts and squeezes them gently. It’s uncomfortable but my
main problem with it is the fact that it is my dad doing it.

“Have they started milking her yet?” my dad asks as he gives my cock
cage a tap.

“You bet,” Victor quickly replies. “She cums at the drop of a hat also.
I’ve never seen a girl milk so much this early in their training. If you
want we can take her plug out and milk her a little yourself.”

Victor seems a little too eager to get my dad’s dick in one of my holes.
He might just be fucking with my head. However, I think there is more
going on here. Like maybe he is trying to ruin my dad’s chances of
becoming my mentor. I have to admit that it’s a good plan. I’m already
horrified with what I did with my father earlier… even if I can’t
remember it. I need time to process it all. If I have to take him in one
of my holes again too soon I’m not sure I would ever mentally recover.

And of course, with my dad out of the picture that would leave Victor in
the front running. What Victor doesn’t realize is that I’ve long since
decided against taking my father as my mentor. All Victor is managing to
do is convince me he is a manipulative asshole. Unfortunately, that
doesn’t make him any worse than all the other candidates.

I can tell my dad is interested but he turns the offer down.

“Duty calls,” he says as he tucks his cock back into his pants and zips

As they share parting words, Victor motions for me to go back to my
room. When I begin to walk away one of them gives my rump a little love
tap. I’m guessing it was Victor but I’m too embarrassed to turn and see.
My main goal is to just get out of this room before my dad changes his

As I leave the room it is extremely tempting to listen at the door. It
would be nice to see if my dad is really on board with all of this or if he
was just playing along in order to keep his job. I’m too scared though
that I would find out that he wasn’t just playing along. That he really
did like making me suck him off. I decide it is best not to know.

I almost run face first into the Dean as I turn to enter my room. Fuck!
Can’t a girl get a break around here?

“Hello little girl,” the Dean says with a smile. “Did you enjoy daddy’s

What a prick! It’s almost like he doesn’t want me to pick him as my
mentor. I have to admit though that with the Dean you at least know who
you are dealing with. Unlike the doctor, Victor and even my dad, the Dean
doesn’t try to pretend he is something he isn’t. Or, try to convince me
not to pick one of the others for this or that reason. Still doesn’t mean
I want him as a mentor.

“Did daddy taste good?” the Dean asks again.

The first time sounded rhetorical. This time it is clear he wants an
answer. I know that he is only going to be happy with one answer too.

“Yes, sir,” I whisper, hoping my dad doesn’t overhear.

“I can’t hear you,” the Dean growls.

“Yes, sir,” I say much louder this time.

“Yes, what?” he counters.

I know he isn’t going to be happy until I say it all so I do.

“Yes, daddy’s cum tasted good,” I say with a blush.

I look toward my training room and pray my dad is not standing anywhere
near the door. If so then he surely heard me.

“Good girl,” the Dean praises. “Now strip down.”

I move toward the door but he doesn’t move to let me pass.

“Hurry!” he growls.

I look back down the hall. My dad still hasn’t emerged from the room
yet. I don’t know what Victor is talking to him about in there but I’m
grateful. I know the clock is against me so I strip down in record time.
Just my luck, right when the last of my clothes come off my dad walks into
the hall and looks my direction. He gives a quick wave to the Dean and the
Dean nods back.

“Go give your daddy a hug goodbye and thank him for letting you eat his
delicious cum,” the Dean says and then continues in a growl. “And tell it
to him EXACTLY like that.”

His voice makes me shiver in fear. I don’t hesitate and run into my
dad’s arms once more.

“Goodbye daddy,” I whisper in shame. “Thank you for… for letting me
eat your… your delicious cum.”

The humiliation is too great and I start crying and run back toward the
Dean. My balls hurt on every step but I don’t care. I just want to find a
big rock and crawl under it. Thankfully, the Dean is satisfied and lets me
pass on into my room. I quickly climb up on my bed and bury my face in the
pillow. How can the Dean be so mean? I’ll never be able to face my dad

I hear someone to the left of me. I peek out and see the Dean has my
clothes and is putting them on my nightstand.

“Quit being such a baby,” the Dean says after a minute. “Get out of the
bed and come to the door.”

As I approach the door once more I pry my dad is long gone. The Dean
doesn’t take me into the hall though. He stops me right at the door.

“You haven’t been eating enough,” the Dean begins. “I’ve asked some of
the staff to help you with this problem.”

Again with this shit! If they gave me some real food then I would
fucking eat it!

“They are going to come visit you during their breaks and stuff,” he
continues. “When they knock on your door you are to come kneel in front of
this hole.”

At that, the Dean closes the door part way and pulls a latch on the side
of it. A small section in the center of the door suddenly opens up leaving
a large 6 inch hole through the door. It is obvious what I’m supposed to
do next but the Dean tells me anyway.

“You are to suck them until they cum in your mouth,” he informs me.
“You are to try your best to deep throat them as much as possible.
However, when they cum you are to pull back and collect it all in your
mouth. You can swallow some of it if it starts to overflow your mouth but
you better have a full mouth full of it when they are done. When they pull
away you are to put your mouth against the hole and open as wide as
possible so they can verify your feeding. When they give you permission
you are to then swallow it and thank them for their delicious cum. Do you
have all of that?”

“Yes, sir,” I reply as my face reddens.

“Show me how you plan to kneel,” he says as he closes the door with him
on my side of it.

This seems stupid. Kneeling is the easy part. I do as requested
anyway. I get down on my knees about a foot from the door and then lean my
head toward the hole with my hands on either side of it.

“Put your knees and thighs right up against the door,” he informs me.
“I want them hearing your cock cage rubbing and tapping against the door as
you suck them off.”

I do as ordered. This position doesn’t feel that natural. The angle
will make deep throating a lot harder. I will also have to arch my back a
bit on each outward stroke.

“Good,” he says as he pushes me to the side.

I fall over and against the side of the tree. The branches scrape my
back and the tinsel snaps at my skin. I wait for the Dean to leave before
I try to get back up. I almost give the door the finger but thankfully
remember the video camera.

My next class will be starting in about 20 minutes. The short break
will be nice. I stand and start toward the bed.

Knock. Knock.

Fuck! I look back at the door in despair. Sure enough, I see the
Dean’s 9 inch long, 2.5 inch thick monster dick slide through the hole.

I kneel down at the door but I already know that throating the Dean’s
dick is impossible. I’m certain the Dean knows this as well. Danielle was
able to deep throat this dick by my age but he had years and years of
practice by then. I’ve been at it for only 3 days.

I scoot my knees up against the bottom of the door. I make sure my cock
cage makes an audible knock as I push my hips against the door as well.

The outer frame of the door is the same thickness as any other.
However, the inner section of the door is only maybe a half inch thick.
It’s solid and sturdy but thin. This fact probably seems trivial until you
have to suck a dick through an opening in it. It’s probably a full inch
thinner than the rest of the door. That means an extra inch of dick poking
through the hole. And that means an extra inch for my throat. While I
have no plans of deep throating the Dean, the thinness of the door also
allows his balls to easily hang through the hole. Now this I can work

The Dean doesn’t have much precum yet so I decide to work on his nuts
first. When my face moves in I take my customary whiff. I quickly back
out. The smell is very pungent. Way stronger than it should be. I
noticed the smell when I approached the door but I thought it had been my
imagination. It is very real. I fear the Dean must have forgotten to
shower this morning. From the smell of it he might have forgotten
yesterday and the weekend as well. Who can forget such a thing?

Then it dawns on me that no one forgets to bathe. It was a conscious
decision on his part. I feel ill at the thought of how many days his dick
and balls have been percolating in his shorts.

“It smells, sir,” I say loud enough for him to hear through the door.

I say it without thinking. Of course it smells. I’m sure that is the
whole point. I still wait in hopes that maybe he doesn’t realize this fact
and might let me off the hook. Yeah, I’m clearly not thinking that

I realize my mistake the second the dick starts to withdraw. He’s going
to come in and spank the shit out of me… or worse. A little bit of pee
drips from my cage as I cower away from the door. I’m surprised though
when the door doesn’t open. In fact, I hear him walking away.

I peak through the hole and see him going into my old room across the
hall. Oh shit! Oh shit! He’s probably going in there to get a whip or
something. Unless he is actually planning to wash his dick… which I
highly doubt. When he comes out of the room he is carrying… well, I’m
not sure what it is. Okay, I know what it IS… it’s a 6″x6″x2″ chunk of
metal with a handle on it. What I meant to say is that I don’t know what
it is used for. I saw it days ago in one of the cabinets and assumed it
was some kind of door stop. Well, he is bringing it toward my door but I
doubt it is used for what I thought it was. I pray he doesn’t plan to hit
me with it. It’s big enough that it could break bones.

When he reaches the door it doesn’t open like I expect. Instead, his
smelly dick and balls come through the hole once more. Thank God! He’s
giving me a second chance. I quickly slide up against the door again. The
smell is horrid but I know I have to be the bestest girl possible for him
if I want to avoid punishment.

However, before I can start licking him clean I feel someone behind me
push my nuts hard against the door. It hurts like hell but I’m mainly
shocked that someone else is in my room. I’m shocked further when I look
back and find no one there. Very puzzled, I try to pull away from the
door. However, I can’t. The ghost is pressing my cock cage and ball weight
too hard. I wave my hand behind me at the invisible entity but find
nothing but air.

It’s happened! I’ve finally completely lost my mind. Is that you
Janice? Are you doing this to me? Why? I’m sorry if I upset you earlier
with my dad. I won’t leave you like that again, I promise.

I’ve known for days now that my mind is becoming a tiny bit unbalanced.
Whose wouldn’t? Have I really slipped this far though? It doesn’t seem
possible. I don’t feel that much different.

Something suddenly dawns on me. Only the ball weight and cock cage are
being pushed against the door. My balls are being mashed against it
because of the angle but it is the weight pushing them there. It’s a
magnet! The large chunk of metal the Dean has is a magnet and he has it
against the door on the outside. Only the Dean would think of such a
horrible thing.

My thought process only takes 20 seconds or so but the Dean is an
impatient man. Now my balls are not only pushed against the door but are
now slowly being pulled downward. It’s clear he has let go of the magnet
and gravity is doing the rest. The only thing keeping it from just jetting
to the ground is the attraction through the door and the friction of the
door material itself.

I spread my knees wider so I can lower my waist a little and ease the
pain. However, after 3 inches I realize I have to hold my ground. If I go
any further I won’t be able to service the Dean’s dick. If I’m unable to
do that then he will probably leave me pinned to the door for the rest of
the day. He might even open the door and take the whip to me as well.

The ball weight pulls down on my nuts at least 5 times its normal weight
before it finally stops moving downward. My balls are being pushed against
the door and down so hard that it makes me nauseous. The Dean’s nasty
smelling groin only makes it worse.

I don’t want the Dean to become even more irate, so I start licking at
the head of his dick. The smell is least offensive there. The taste is
just as strong and disgusting as I expect. It’s also very salty. It’s no
doubt sweat residue. Knowing him he probably worked out every day just to
make his dick and balls as rank as possible.

As I lick his dick clean, I hear the large magnet moving against the
door again. This time though it is moving up. I ponder how the Dean could
stand against the door and move the large magnet around at the same time.
It dawns on me that he must have someone out there helping him. I’m
guessing it is another child… one old and strong enough to handle the
large magnet. I doubt many adults in this place would be willing to sit so
close to the Dean’s smelly groin.

The weight slowly does large circles on the door around my groin. As it
moves it pulls at my weight in different directions. I get relief from the
pain in one area and new pain in another.

I get more vigorous with the Dean’s dick, hoping I can end this torture
faster. I give his long dick a good tongue cleaning and then move to his
much smellier balls. The smell makes me gag but it seems trivial compared
the pain in my balls. I lick his nasty sack for a couple minutes until
they are dripping wet. Then I part my lips and press them to his sack and
start sucking. I’m like a miniature vacuum cleaner as I slurp all my spit
off his nut sack. His balls are much too big to fit in my mouth without me
scraping them with my teeth, so I just suck them partly inside. As an
alternative prize for him I suck a bunch of his loose sack skin into my
mouth and lick and nibble on it delicately.

I hear him moan through the door but the magnet keeps moving around.
This tells me my torture probably isn’t going to end until he cums.

I lick my way back to the tip of his cock and suck the head into my
mouth. God his cock is fat. I can barely get it into my mouth. It is
hard to believe that Danielle can actually deep throat this monster. A
weird tingle shoots through my body when I realize that if I don’t escape
then someday I will be able to do it also. That day isn’t today though.

I still try to get as much into my mouth as possible. I have to show
him that I’m at least trying. I get 3 inches or so into my mouth before it
reaches the top of my throat. I press my face forward. It hurts like hell
as the head of his dick tries to squeeze into my throat. Amazingly, I
don’t gag that much. I think Victor face fucking me has gotten rid of most
of my gag reflex. I’m sure that is part of his training for me. I’m happy
to be rid of most of the gagging. However, I’m still not happy with him.
He enjoyed the training a little too much.

“It won’t fit, sir,” I say after a couple minutes of trying. “Do you
want me to use my hands instead?”

I hear him mumble a “yes”. I knew he would see it my way. Pressing his
dick so hard against the back of my mouth had to be uncomfortable for him
also. Any harder and I’m sure his dick would have buckled. I almost laugh
out loud at the thought of him having to go to the doctor to have his dick

I put the head of his dick back in my mouth and use my tongue to play
with it while my hands start massaging his staff. Masturbating a dick is
something they don’t need to teach me. I’m a master at it. I was getting
a ton of pussy as part of my job here. However, that was only for about a
month or so; prior to that I was just a normal 13-year-old boy. Not that I
was a virgin when I started work here. I took one girl’s cherry prior to
that and got sucked off twice. That, however, is very far from being
enough sex to keep me satisfied for the 10 months or so since I hit
puberty. I masturbated at least 2 to 3 times a day. Hell, I was still
masturbated at least once a day even after I started working here.

That said, this angle is the opposite of what I am used too. Plus, the
Dean’s dick is considerably bigger than my own. I get the hang of it
though pretty fast. I rub all the right spots and make sure I give his
balls plenty of attention.

The more I work on his dick the quieter the Dean becomes. He isn’t
fooling me, the river of precum in my mouth tells me that I’m doing a good
job. My guess is that he is trying to surprise me with his climax. Either
to get me to spill it or possibly swallow too much of it.

It’s hard to concentrate with my balls in so much pain. However, I know
I have too if I don’t want to be caught off guard by the Dean’s climax. As
I masturbate him I focus on various things like the amount of precum I’m
getting, how often his dick twitches. Pretty much any sign of pending

It isn’t long and I can tell he is getting very close. Any minute now.
Any minute. Then bam! I get a large burst into the back of my mouth. I
automatically swallow it before I can stop myself. That’s okay. I know
the Dean has at least two or 3 mouths full for me. I want to make sure my
mouth is practically overflowing though when I show it to him. So, I back
my mouth up until just my lips are over the tip. This makes tons more room
for his cum. He still fills my mouth up though. The next burst threatens
to overflow my mouth so I let a couple teaspoons worth drain down my

Finally, the last few drops drool out the end of his dick and into my
mouth. The Dean’s dick then disappears. I bring my mouth to the hole and
tilt my head slightly so I can open wide without spilling any. My mouth is
absolutely full of the slimy jizz and I just know he will be happy with
what he sees.

I can sense that he is looking through the hole but he gives no order to
swallow. I blush as I patiently wait. A minute goes by and then I feel
his finger go into my mouth and stir the cum around. Putting your finger
into your own cum seems disgusting to me. Of course having his cum in my
mouth is much worse. Still, I would never put my finger in there unless
they made me.

The Dean toys with the cum for a minute and then tells me I can swallow.
It takes 3 swallows to get it all down. Even then I can still feel it
coating my mouth and gums. The Dean tells me to put my mouth back to the
hole so he can verify I ate it all. When I do I feel him spit into my

I pull back and start to gag. God, that was disgusting! Who does
something like that? I go to spit it out but he growls at me to swallow. I
start crying as I close my lips and obey.


The Dean must have sent out a memo because I get a steady stream of
visitors throughout the school day. Normally they show up half way through
my classes, the second my teacher finishes his lecture. Sometimes two or
three line up at my door.

Casey was right about one thing, I didn’t need to eat any dog food
today. I have a tummy full of cum within a few hours. I’m bloated with the
stuff by the end of the school day. I feel even fuller than after
Thanksgiving dinner.

I never thought I would hear myself say this in a million years, but I
actually preferred sucking the Dean off; minus the smell and the magnet of
course. With him I didn’t have to deep throat. However, I was able to fit
almost everyone else’s dick down my throat.

Needless to say, my throat is extremely raw by the end of the day. By
then it is hurting like hell when I deep throat. When I swallow their cum
it feels like I’m drinking acid.

I find that my class time is starting to become the highlight of my stay
here. I’ve never been the best of students but I find myself riveted to
the TV as I listen to the teachers lecture. I even start to understand
some of the more complex stuff. Even the math, if you can believe that.

It is hard to explain, but the classes are a kind of escape for me.
They provide me something to concentrate on other than what has been
happening to me lately. I still know where I am and stuff of course.
However, I just don’t think about it. Instead all of my brain’s resources
work on understanding the lectures… the harder the subject the better.

In addition to the mental escape, I also get these eureka-like thrills
of victory each time I figure something out. I never thought learning
could feel so good. It’s almost like a drug.

Of course, each lecture eventually comes to an end and my brain crashes
hard as I hear the familiar knock at my door. Then it is back to torturing
my throat for the next 30 minutes or so.

By the end of the day I become extremely good at sensing when men are
about to cum. Something tells me that this is the main reason for making
me show each one of them my mouth full of cum. It makes me have to judge
when they are about to climax and back off each dick.

For some of the men it is extremely easy to judge. They either start
humping through the hole or groaning very loud. However, many of them try
to trick me just like the Dean. A few manage to trick me but I luck out
and they are big cummers and I’m still able to pull back and get an
acceptable mouth full of their jizz.

Victor visits the hole three times today. I can tell it is him by the
color and shape of his dick. Of course, I could pick him out of a lineup
while blindfolded. I would be able to tell by his smell and flavor; plus
how his dick feels in my throat. Granted, the way he jack hammers back and
forth through the hole kind of gives him away also.


Knock. Knock.

I groan as I pull myself out of my bed. I just finished watching my
last class and had hoped I wouldn’t get any more visitors at my door.

I hurry to the door. My weight swings back and forth a little but it
doesn’t bother me as much as it once did. Not since my time with the
magnet this morning. The weight feels like a feather compared to that
ordeal. The odd thing is that it is still just as painful. However, I
somehow deal with it much easier.

I’m pretty sure I’m not injured down there. The doctor even made a
short visit and said as much. He visited around noon and watched me do my
exercises. He then temporarily removed the weight and gave my nuts a
thorough inspection. I expected him to give me shots or something but he
didn’t. He just tells me I’m fine, puts the weight back on, and then

The visit seems very uncharacteristic for the man. I can only assume he
had a busy schedule today.

I reach my door and kneel down. The cock comes through and I have it
down my sore throat immediately. I’ve found that most of the men at the
hole don’t care if I skip all the foreplay. That is fine with me. It just
means a lot less hairs in my teeth from licking and sucking their balls.

I pump this dick with my throat three times before I notice something.
There is something about his taste and smell. Also the way his dick feels
in my throat.

I quickly pull off it. I stare in horror as I recognize that slight
bend to the left.

“Daddy,” I say without thinking.

I blush. Why did I have to acknowledge that I knew who he was? I could
have finished the job in silence and we could have both pretended this
never happened.

After this morning you would think it wouldn’t matter. But it does.
Victor was there edging my dad on this morning. Knowing I sucked my dad
off on that couch was horribly humiliating. However, we could still both
pretend that we only did it because we were being made too.

This, however, was different. It’s just him and I. There probably
isn’t anyone out there ensuring he go through with this. I’m not even sure
the camera in here has a good shot of me at the door.

I blush at the thought that he might have come here voluntarily. Is it
possible I did such a good job this morning that he wanted another taste of
my throat? I tell myself that dad wouldn’t do that. However, I’m not as
sure as I once was.

This is the perfect opportunity to test my father. I should refuse to
suck his dick. Then, if he doesn’t report or punish me then I know he is
on my side.

For a few seconds, I even decide to follow through with this plan.
However, I find my lips slowly moving back toward my father’s dick. The
risk is just too great. They would give me a horrible punishment and then
make me suck my dad’s dick anyway. Only then they probably wouldn’t have
the door separating us.

As my lips slide over the head of his slippery dick, I tell myself that
this is just another cock. That it is no different than the 15 to 20
others I’ve sucked today. I know this isn’t true though. It’s daddy’s

I try to withdraw to my safe hiding place in the back of my head but
Janice won’t let me. She is prepared this time and blocks the way.

I find her actions cruel at first. However, she holds me in a loving

“You need to do this,” she tells me. “I will help you through it.”

I want to beg her to let me go so I can hide again. However, I know she
is right. If Jack is to survive then he needs to face this. If I hide
away now then I will probably end up spending the rest of my life huddled
in that dark warm corner.

I can do this! I can do this!

However, as my father’s dick pushes into my throat again I start
struggling against Janice. She holds me tight until I finally calm down.

Janice has to take over my body, but I remain there and watch. Janice
forces our head back and forth and I feel dad’s dick slide in and out of my

To help me with the ordeal, Janice sends little shivers through my body.
They consist of pleasure, excitement, and desire all mixed together. They
mingle and even start canceling out all the jolts of disgust and
humiliation that Jack is sending out.

I know she is only trying to help, but it angers me that she would make
me enjoy this. I feel like I’m being mentally raped by her. I try to hold
on to my anger but Janice easily overrides it as well. It scares me how
strong she is. Or is it possible that Jack is just too weak?

It isn’t long and I’m almost welcoming my father’s dick. The revulsion
is still there but I also feel a kind of strange comfort. It is the same
kind of comfort I used to get years back when my dad would often hug me.
It has been years since dad and I have been close like that but I have to
admit that I still sometimes get this feeling whenever I smell his familiar
scent. I think Janice found that fond feeling is feeding it back to me.
However, instead of just his scent she is making me associate daddy’s taste
with the feeling as well. I know it is just an illusion being projected by
Janice but I can’t help but experience it.

I’m being a good girl for daddy! I’m being a good girl for daddy!

I’m not sure if it is me or Janice saying this but I hear it echoing
around in my head. I even start saying it out loud. Thankfully, it only
comes out as a mumble because of the cock in my mouth.

My father starts humping at the hole and I know he is about to cum.
Janice pulls my head back just in time for the first squirt to land across
my tongue. Then, she does something that catches me completely off guard.
She lets go of me and backs away.

“NO!” the voice in my head screams. “Don’t leave me now!”

She doesn’t listen. She just stands back and watches as I accept my
father’s cum in my mouth. Even worse, she stops flooding my body with
pleasure. My disgust and humiliation quickly surface again as my mouth
fills up with father’s goo.

My dad’s load is thick and plentiful. It makes me wonder if he actually
fucked my sisters today. Or was he just using that as an excuse so he
could take it easy on me? Granted, it is also possible he just wanted his
next load to be nice and big for me.

As my mouth is about to overflow I debate letting it do so; possibly
even spitting all his jizz out. However, I’ve gone this far and it would
be horrible for it all to have been for nothing. Just this one last
horrible task and the ordeal will be over.

I relax my throat muscles and let some of his goo slither down. I have
to drink down several teaspoons to keep any from spilling. It is amazing
how much cum he gives me. It is at least 5 times what I think I would
normally produce.

Now that I think about it, all the men today have cum almost this much.
I wonder if the doctor provides them with medication or other treatments
that allow them to produce so much cum. I quickly push this observation
out of my head. I really don’t want to be thinking about how much cum I’ve
eaten today.

Finally, my dad’s dick stops spitting it’s cum and slowly withdraws from
the hole. I blush as I bring my face close to the hole and present my full
mouth for inspection. My dad seems to take a very long time for his
viewing. It’s so humiliating that my face feels like it is on fire by the
time he gives me permission to swallow.

My room and the hall are quiet and you can easily hear my throat working
the thick load into my belly. Or at least it sounds loud to me.

“Good girl,” my dad praises as I open my empty mouth back up for
inspection again.

“Th…thank you for letting me eat your delicious cum, daddy,” I whisper
through the hole.

I’m required to say this and have been doing so all day. However, this
time it is 10 times more humiliating than all the other times put together.

Daddy doesn’t say anything. He just turns and walks away. I rush to my
bed and jump in so I can cry into my pillow. I land wrong though and smash
my nuts. I doubt any damage is done but it is still enough to make me curl
in a ball in agony. Even this pain, however, seems a comforting
distraction from thinking about what I just did with daddy.

I expect more knocks at my door but none come. It is perfectly quiet
for the next 20 minutes. Well, other than the sound of me crying into my

Then I hear noise at my door again. I instinctively get up to go kneel
in front of it but when the door comes into view around the Christmas tree,
I see Casey entering.

I blush as I watch her inspect my side of the door. I’m sure she is
looking to make sure I thought to lick the door clean after each use.
Sadly, I had. The Dean never told me to do this but it seemed obvious that
I should. Besides, if I let it get too messy then they might think I was
letting cum drip from my mouth.

“Good girl,” Casey says as she turns and walks toward me.

I blush further and try my best not to make eye contact. I just know
she is judging me.

“What a big sissy faggot you are.”

I’m certain I would read this in her eyes if I were to look.

Not long ago, I thought having female trainers was great. I’m not so
sure now… especially after performing a task like this. One of my
trainers turned out to be a guy but Casey is 100 percent female.

If Casey was male, I think she would be a lot less likely to judge me.
After all, when it comes down to it a male trainer would be no better than
I. After all, they would be having gay sex also.

Sure, Casey is helping to facilitate all of this. However, at the end
of the day she can hold her head high knowing she never actually had gay

I know I shouldn’t let this bother me but I can’t help it. I’m a male
and she is a female. She is supposed to look up to me, not down. When she
sees me she should be able to think, “There goes Jack. He’s still young
but he will be one hell of a man someday.”

She shouldn’t be seeing me walk around made up like a girl. And she
certainly shouldn’t be thinking about how many dicks I serviced today and
how much sperm is swimming around in my tummy.

“You need to get ready for your double date,” Casey says as she looks
over at the clock.

She giggles like she just made the funniest joke in the world but I
don’t get it. In fact, at first I don’t even realize what she is talking
about. Then I remember the two Christmas “ornaments” I put on the couch
earlier today during my exercises.

I put the tube of lube in there with the card that says I get to remove
my cage for an hour. I also put the quarter inch thick, 8 to 9 inch long
metal rod that had all the round bumps on it. The card attached to it
offers newspapers for a week.

I put those in there many hours ago though. I’ve had more than my fill
of sexual activity for the day. I just want to take a warm bath and then
lie down and take it easy for the rest of the night.

I try to back out of it but Casey won’t have it. She just points toward
the bathroom.

“Clean yourself up inside and out and then get dolled out,” Casey

Until now, the purpose of my enemas have always been so my plug comes
out clean after each use. Or at least that is how I always thought of my
enemas. This enema is much different. My hole is already pretty clean
still. The purpose of this one is solely to prepare it further for my
“dates”. I feel very humiliated as I prep the enema bottle. My only
relief is that Casey didn’t decide to come in so she could watch.

I decide to perform two large enemas. This is pretty standard for me
now. However, I change it up a bit. The first one is my normal recipe.
That recipe is designed to help relax. For the second one, however, I
decide to go with a recipe designed mainly to scent my “ass pussy”.

Trust me, I have no desire to smell yummy down there. However, with
luck they will notice and take it a little easier on me since I’m trying to
please them.

Thankfully, the list of recipes are on display in this bathroom as well.
There are actually a few different flavors/smells to choose from. I go
with the one labeled “Candy Cane”. It only makes sense with Christmas so
near. That said, it is still rather embarrassing performing the enema. I
just know they are going to make fun of me and stuff for picking such a
“cute” smell. It will be worth it though if they go easy on me.

It suddenly dawns on me that I still don’t know who “they” are. God, I
hope my father isn’t one of them!

I’m positive that my father is part of this secret Santa program also.
However, when I put these items in the room I was confident that my father
hadn’t picked these items. Even after our morning…um, activity… I was
confident my father would attach his card to something I would never
select. Like maybe the needles. However, after his recent return visit I’m
not too sure.

I blush at the thought of having just scented my asshole for my dad’s
pleasure. God, please don’t let him be one of my dates. Please!

Once my insides are clean and smelling sweet, I pour myself a nice warm
bubble bath. Man does this bath feel good. I know I still have several
cups of sperm swimming around in my tummy, but the bath almost makes it
feel like it has been washed away. I feel almost like a new person as I
finally pull myself from the water.

“Did you remember to brush your teeth?” Casey asks when she hears my tub
draining. “They might want a few smooches.”

Casey of course follows this with more giggles. Man, I wish Drew was
here instead. He probably would have said something similar and giggled as
well. However, it would have sounded a lot less judgmental.

Casey has a point though. It would suck to have gone through the
humiliation of scenting my asshole if I left my mouth smelling like a
sewer. I already thought of this though. Brushing my teeth was the first
thing I did. However, the last thing on my mind was making my mouth smell
nice for my dates. I just wanted to get rid of the nasty cum taste.

When I go to put my school uniform back on I find a long yellow floral
dress in its place.

“That’s a present from Drew,” Casey informs me.

I give her a genuine smile as I hold it up. It is done in a preteen
type of design, but it is still very beautiful. I hold it to my face and
give it a smell. It smells so fresh and new. I’m delighted with the
present but I do feel a little cheated out of having the excitement of
opening the package.

As I put it on I’m surprised by how much of my body it covers. The
dress circles around my chest about 3 inches higher than my nipples and
goes all the way to my ankles. The only things really exposed are my arms
and shoulders… minus two small shoulder straps that hold the whole thing

It is a welcomed change over the much shorter skirts I’ve worn so far. I
don’t even feel that naked underneath it like I do with the skirts;
especially now that I’m without underwear.

I almost wish Drew was here so I could give him a big hug; almost, but
not quite. I will have to give him a hug in thanks anyway the next time I
see him. It is only polite to do so.

That said, I’m sure he will be expecting a lot more than just a hug. A
hug is all I plan to volunteer. If he wants more than that then he will
have to order me to provide it.

I blush when I realize that a simple order is all it would take to get
me to provide him with much more than a hug. How did I get to this point?
A couple weeks ago they would have had to take a whip to me to get me to do
some of this nasty gay shit. Now I’m almost volunteering it.

The dress looks and feels good. However, when I look in the mirror I
find it makes me look way too young. I look like 9 years old in this
thing. The colors and designs on it play a part of this. However, I think
the main factor is the top 6 inches or so. It is tight to the skin thanks
to the elastic, yet kind of ruffled at the same time. It’s a design that
looks like it would only work with girls that are flat chested.

If I had boobies I would want something that showed them off a little
better and didn’t hug them so tight against my body. Possibly something
that also helped bring light to the fact that I was big enough to wear a

I look around for some shoes but find none. That’s okay. This dress is
kind of playful and looks okay without shoes on; possibly even better.

Young for me or not, I still smile as I do a pirouette in front of the
mirror. I can’t believe I have my own dress now. It’s not as good as
Casey’s present but it is still cool.

Speaking of Casey’s present, I better start doing my hair and makeup.
As I doll myself up I decide to remove the false eyelashes. They just
don’t look right with this dress. I also put the makeup on a lot lighter
than normal.

It doesn’t dawn on me until I’m almost done that I’ve subconsciously
done my makeup to make me look even younger. It looks right for the dress
though so I decide to leave it be.

“Cute,” Casey says when she walks back into the room.

I was so caught up in my preparation that I hadn’t even noticed her
leave the room. I can only guess she was out welcoming one of my dates or
something. They are probably waiting in my training room. It only makes
sense since that is where I was told to take their items.

“Here,” Casey says as she brings something yellow toward my head.

I hold still as she fiddles with my hair a little.

“Perfect!” she says as she stands back.

I turn toward the mirror and see that she has pinned a medium size
yellow flower to my hair. I’m stunned as I look at my image. If I didn’t
know any better I would swear I was only 8 or 9 years old. I look a little
tall for that age but everything else fits.

I have mixed feelings about my appearance. My hope is that the younger
I look the gentler my dates will be with me. At the same time, however, I
don’t like looking so young. I’m 13. I worked hard for those few extra
years. I should have boobies or something to help show off my maturity.
I’m not saying I want them… just that it would represent me better.

Casey walks me into the hallway. However, she does not follow me into
the training room. Instead she goes into the observation room. She
doesn’t even try to hide this fact. My face goes flush at the thought of
her watching me with one of my dates. She is going to see how big of a
sissy fag I can really be.

As I stand there stunned, I can hear voices coming from my training room
just a few feet away. It takes me a second to realize both of my dates are
here. Casey’s double date reference makes a little more sense now…
though I still don’t find it all that funny.

She is not the only one making jokes though. I can hear the two men
laughing. One of them says it is ironic that I would pick these two
particular gifts at the same time. He doesn’t elaborate. Nor do I give it
much thought. I’m more concerned about the voices themselves. One is
familiar but I can’t place it. The other one, however, is very
recognizable. It’s the doctor!

I know I can’t delay out here any longer so I reluctantly walk into the
room. The room suddenly goes quiet as I enter. The silence tells me all
their attention is on me. This only makes me blush further.

I try to keep my eyes downcast as I walk in. However, I can’t help but
look up to see my dates.

The doctor is sitting on the couch twirling the metal rod with his
fingers like he is some kind of rock drummer or something. I kind of
figured the rod belonged to him. I just don’t see him needing a tube of
lube. Not if Danielle is right and he can’t get hard.

The other man I recognize as my math teacher. Mr. Slusser is his name.
This is the first time we have met face to face but I’ve seen him almost
every day on the TV. He is average size, maybe 40 or so years old and
slightly balding.

Most of my attention, however, goes to the unexpected 3rd person in the
room. It is a little red haired girl who is kneeling in front of the
couch. The girl is wearing a school uniform and looks very cute. However,
if she is in this area then chances are she is really a little boy.

Although, I’m not 100 percent sure it is a boy. This looks just like
the girl my math teacher played with in front of the class last week. I
ended up masturbating Victor during part of this so it is hard for me to
remember whether the girl actually got naked or not. I’m not sure but I
don’t think she did. I think she just knelt there and sucked the teacher

“This is Bobby,” Mr. Slusser says when he sees me staring at the child.

The name doesn’t reveal much. I’ve heard of females called “Bobby”
before but I think it is normally males that have this name. However, this
only makes me think the child is female. After all, if I had a little boy
and wanted to turn him in to a sissy I would give him a more feminine name
like Barbara or something.

Of course, it is always possible his parents planned his sissification
since birth. “Bobby” would be a way of giving him a somewhat female name
right off the bat without drawing any suspicions from nurses and such.

“I want to go first,” the doctor announces.

“By all means,” Mr. Slusser says with a smile.

The doctor pats a spot on the couch between him and Mr. Slusser. I
slowly walk over and take a seat.

As I sit down, the doctor pulls a screwdriver out of his pocket. It is
the type needed to remove my cage. This confuses me. His card promised a
week of newspapers, not the removal of my cage. I also see Mr. Slusser
with the same type of screwdriver next to him on the arm of the couch.
Apparently, my cage was coming off whether I selected Mr. Slusser’s card
or not. Maybe this is what they were laughing about when I entered.

I find it far from funny. Had I selected them on different days then I
would have had my cage off twice as long. Though, something tells me the
doctor is removing my cage for an entirely different reason.

The doctor pulls my long dress all the way up to my waist and starts
unscrewing my cage. As he does this it dawns on me what he plans to do
with the rod. He plans to stick that chunk of metal down my piss hole!

Suddenly, the metal rod doesn’t look so benign. It no longer looks
small either. In fact, it looks fucking huge! God, why didn’t I see this
coming? Of course the most benign thing would end up being the worst. Any
idiot should have predicted that. Yet, I hadn’t.

The doctor played me like a fiddle also. He picks an item that looks
harmless to the untrained eye. Then he helps sell it by matching it up
with a small reward/present.

The doctor sees horror on my face and realizes I’ve figured it out. He
just smiles and continues to unscrew my cage.

“Oh, my!” the doctor says as he removes the cage and my dick suddenly
goes rock hard. “It looks like someone is really looking forward to my

This gets a laugh from both of the men. The little red haired girl
looks my direction with concern. I think she knows what is going to happen
and feels sorry for me. Or, maybe she is scared they might decide to do
the same thing to her.

“I changed my mind!” I quickly say when the doctor grabs hold of my

He doesn’t reply. He just uses his other hand to line the rod up with
the end of my dick. Casey wouldn’t let me retract my selection so I was
pretty sure the doctor wouldn’t either. I had to try though.

“Wait! Wait! Wait!” I beg as he presses the rounded tip of the rod
against my hole.

The plea is just instinct. I have no clue how waiting could possibly
help me any. All it would do is give me time to build up more dread over
what he plans to do.

The doctor doesn’t listen and slowly presses the rod inward. The rod is
over a quarter inch thick and feels so fat as it goes into my urethra.

Surprisingly, the first half inch or so isn’t that bad. The metal feels
cold but there isn’t any major discomfort. However, it then bumps into
something. I’m guessing my urethra is thinner in there or something.
Whatever it is, it hurts like hell. It hurts even more than when he stuck
my piss tube in there.

The doctor notices me jerk with pain and stops the insertion. He
rotates the rod around in circles as he makes little tiny fuck motions with
it. He repeatedly pulls it out about a quarter inch and then presses it in
again. I jerk each time he hits that sensitive spot.

The doctor has this very lustful look on his face. It is the same look
the Dean had when they were removing my pubic hair. The doctor isn’t hard
like the Dean was, but I’m sure he would be cumming in his pants right now
if he were capable.

“Be a good girl for daddy and take it all in,” the doctor tells me.

I really don’t see how there is anything I can do to help facilitate his
demand. The rod just doesn’t fit. It’s too fat and the last time I
checked my dick is only about 7 inches long. The rod is almost 9 inches
long. My math teacher is sitting right next to me but I don’t need him to
tell me that 7 minus 9 equals something very bad.

“Oh!” I let out when he fucks the rod a quarter inch deeper.

He fucks the rod in and out at this depth several more times.

“Oh!” I yelp again when he fucks it yet deeper.

It quickly becomes clear he plans to put all of the rod in whether it
will fit or not. I bite my lower lip and start breathing shallow in order
to help cope with the pain.

“Owie!” I say much louder this time when the rod digs even deeper.

He only has 2 inches inside but the pain is way too great. I reach down
to try to pull it out but he pushes my hands away. He then positions his
upper body so that he is blocking me from being able to reach my waist. I
still do my best to reach around him. When that doesn’t work I try to pull
him away. He’s too big and I have very little effect.

“Owie! Owie!” I protest as more of the rod goes inside.

“I think I better give him some of this,” Mr. Slusser says as he pulls
a tiny bottle out of his pocket.

“He doesn’t need that,” the doctor protests.

“I think he does,” Mr. Slusser says as he removes the lid.

The doctor grumbles but doesn’t say anything further. I’m pretty sure
the doctor highly outranks a math teacher. However, I’m guessing that Mr.
Slusser is right about the bottle… whatever it is.

“Take a good whiff,” Mr. Slusser says as he brings the open bottle
under my nose.

I normally would hesitate. However, the doctor didn’t want this used on
me which tells me it is something that will actually help. So, I take as
big a whiff as I can.

My brain suddenly shoots into orbit and I start floating around in zero
gravity. Holy shit! What the hell is that!?

As my brain spins around in orbit it becomes hard to get my orientation.
What is up? What is down? It jumbles my logic circuits or something also.
The rod still hurts like hell but for some reason this seems okay… even
better than okay. It is like I want the pain for some reason.

I even find my hips involuntarily making little jerks up at the rod in
hopes of burying it deeper. A part of me knows this isn’t right. All
kinds of “does not compute” errors are sounding all over the place in my
head. My brain taps the warning lights a few times in hopes they will go
out. They don’t so it just decides to ignore them.

I float like that for about a minute. Then my orbit begins to decay. I
find myself rushing back toward the earth at breakneck speeds. The air
friction causes my dick to catch fire with pain. The doctor is fucking at
least 4 inches in me now and the pain is no longer desired like it had been
just seconds ago.

“Owie!” I yell as the rod painfully fucks in and out.

The round ribbed surface of the rod makes the pain kind of vibrate
inside my dick.

Mr. Slusser notices me falling out of orbit and puts the bottle under
my nose again. I gladly take another big whiff. My plan is to take the
whiff and then thank him. However, once I breathe the drug my brain shoots
into orbit again and I can’t remember my own name let alone compose a

A few seconds later and I’m humping up at the rod again.

“Fuck me with that rod, doctor! Fuck me with that rod!”

I think this but my brain is too dizzy to form the actual words.

The drug lasts a little longer this time. I also don’t plummet quite as
fast as before. I still fall though.

“Owie!” I start yelling as my perspective on the pain begins to change

I look to Mr. Slusser but I see him putting the lid back on the bottle.
Right about the same time, the doctor moves out of the way. I’m scared to
look but I can’t help myself.

I expect to find a huge bloody mess. However, when my cock comes into
view it looks no different than the last time I seen it. The rod isn’t
even any deeper. Only about an inch or two in at most.

As I breathe a sigh of relief, I see the doctor slowly pushing the rod
back in. I look on in horror as it sinks deeper and deeper. The pain is
still there but it doesn’t seem anywhere near as bad as it first was. The
thought of what is happening still causes me to speak out.

“Owie. Owie. Owie,” I groan as it keeps going deeper.

Five inches… six inches… seven inches… eight inches… what?
Wait! My dick is only 7 inches long! Then I remember my piss tube. He is
pushing it all the way into my bladder!

When only a half inch is sticking out the doctor uses his thumb and
forefinger to slowly turn it in circles and pump it in and out an inch or

As the doctor tortures my dick I put a very definite “NO!!!” next to his
name on my potential mentor list. I underline it several times and add a
few more explanation marks.

How could he possibly think I would pick him after this? Has he always
treated new boys like this? Or has he just given up hope of ever getting
selected by one?

I guess it is also possible I’m looking at this the wrong way. Maybe it
isn’t really the students rejecting him as much as it is him weeding out
those kids that don’t get off on this kind of treatment. Of course, so far
that is pretty much everyone. If so then I guess in a sick kind of way he
is doing me a favor. Better he show me this side of him now and not after
he’s already my mentor.

The doctor fucks my urethra for a couple minutes and then does something
even more horrid. He lets go. I expect it to shoot out but instead my
dick sucks it inside.

My hand races to my dick in order to stop it but it is already deep
inside. I try to dig it out but the doctor pulls my hands away.

“He’s all yours,” the doctor tells Mr. Slusser.

What?! Wait! You aren’t done asshole. Get this fucking thing out of

“I will deliver your first newspaper in the morning,” he tells me as he
stands and walks out.

“Don’t worry, Bobby can get it out for you,” Mr. Slusser says as I
watch the doctor leave.

Mr. Slusser nods his head at Bobby and she crawls over to me. I can
tell she is scared of hurting me as she positions her lips over my dick.
She slowly sucks my dick into her mouth.

“Not too deep,” Mr. Slusser advises as my dick presses against the back
of her throat. “I doubt she would like it if her dick tried to bend in
order to fit down your throat.”

My eyes get big. No, she most definitely wouldn’t like that!

Bobby thankfully takes the advice. He slowly moves his lips up and down
my shaft. My urethra still feels like it is on fire but the outside of my
dick feels really good as her lips slide up and down it. It feels
especially good when she starts applying suction.

It’s only been just over a week but it seems like years ago since my
dick felt this good. It hits me that I’m actually getting head from a
girl! Or at least I hope it is a girl.

Even if she ends up not being a real girl it isn’t hard to pretend
otherwise. She is such a cutie. I’m now pretty certain she is the girl
from my math class. This would put her at about 9 or 10 years old. I’m 13
and only a few inches taller than her but like I’ve said before, I’m a
little short for my age.

“Owie!” I suddenly yell out when I feel the ribbed surface of the rod
bumping along my urethra.

As Bobby’s head lifts higher I notice his teeth are gripping the end of
the rod. He keeps lifting his head until the end of the rod finally pops
out of my dick. When it comes clear, fire suddenly shoots up my dick and a
stream of piss fountains out. Bobby jumps back in horror. Apparently she
isn’t potty trained.

I quickly pinch the end of my dick in order to stop the flow. My goal
of course is more to stop the burning than it is to protect Bobby from it.

“The sound has loosened your muscles a bit,” Mr. Slusser informs me.
“You are going to have to empty your bladder before we can continue.”

I stand and start walking toward the door.

“Here will be fine,” Mr. Slusser says.

I turn. I then look at him in confusion when I see where he is
pointing. There is a single toilet and small shower in the far corner of
the room but he isn’t pointing there. He is pointing to a spot a few feet
in front of the couch. I blush when I see him go to a cabinet and then
return with a large funnel. He wants me to drink it.

I notice Bobby watching me in confusion as I take my dress off and lay
on the floor on my back. She gets this look of utter disgust when she sees
me put the funnel in my mouth. I’m pretty sure she figured out what is
coming next. Having Bobby watch this makes the task even worse. This is
not how I wanted to be introduced to one of my classmates. My only relief
is that she won’t be allowed to go tell all the other girls what she

I lift my lower body as far over my head as I can and then do my best to
aim my dick at the funnel. I take a deep breath and then release the end
of my dick. A torrent of piss immediately shoots out and into the funnel.

The piss feels like lava shooting out of my dick. I want to yell in
pain but my mouth and throat are too busy trying to keep up with the flow.
I chug down at least two cups worth before it tapers off.

I remove the funnel from my mouth and sit back up. When I do I see a
very green faced Bobby staring at me.

“Don’t worry, sugar,” Mr. Slusser tells the girl. “You would have to
do something very bad before daddy would make you drink peepee.”

This makes me blush further. I know that potty training is pretty rare
here but I assumed that everyone had at least witnessed it at one point or

Mr. Slusser’s comment also ticks me off a little. He’s basically
telling her that only bad girls have to drink pee. Yet, I never did
anything bad. Not really. So, why was I potty trained?

I’m pretty sure it is a lie he is making up just to sooth the girl. It
makes me curious what their relationship is. It seems greater than just
that of teacher and student. Is he Bobby’s mentor? They do share a few
minor facial features. It’s possible they really are related. He referred
to himself as “daddy” but that really doesn’t mean anything in here.

“Why don’t you two snuggle on the couch and get to know each other a
little better,” Mr. Slusser says.

Bobby and I both blush at this suggestion. Not that it was a
suggestion. We both know an order when we hear it.

Bobby looks very disgusted and reluctant as I sit next to her on the
couch. I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to kiss a guy either if I just
seen him drink a bunch of piss.

I decide to give her a break and just hug her and nibble on her ear a
little. She responds well to this. However, Mr. Slusser clearly wants a
little more passion.

“Tell Janice what you like most,” Mr. Slusser says.

“I… I like sugar kisses,” Bobby whispers.

I can tell the idea of kissing is not appealing to her. Part of that is
because of what I just drank, but there seems to be more to it than that.
The answer seems a little too rehearsed… like she is under orders to say
this whenever asked the question.

We start out with closed mouth kisses. Mr. Slusser grumbles a little
after a minute so we part our mouths and get a little more passionate.

“Bobby is a good kisser but she hasn’t had much experience with boys
or… um, other girls like herself,” Mr. Slusser informs me. “She has
spent most of her time with regular girls. Tell Janice who you normally
play with.”

Mr. Slusser is a little cryptic but I’m pretty sure he is telling me
that Bobby is a sissy just like me… I mean, like Danielle.

“I play with Pam,” Bobby whispers.

I can tell he is embarrassed to give this name. However, he also looks
relieved to have the opportunity to stop kissing.

“And who is Pam?” Mr. Slusser asks.

“M…my sister,” Bobby replies.

“And who else do you share sugar kisses with?” Mr. Slusser asks.


This Bobby says so quietly that I can barely hear him just inches away.

“To say Bobby plays with her sister and mommy isn’t actually accurate,”
Mr. Slusser tells me. “It’s more like they play with her. Bobby is kind
of like their maid, aren’t you? She waits on them hand and foot… in
more ways than one. They use strapons and stuff on her but it’s just not
the same.

“I’m not really into this gay shit though. However, as you can imagine,
her mommy can be pretty insistent. So, I started letting Bobby suck me
about a month ago. My wife and daughter want Bobby to get a little more
experience though. How many sissies have you been with so far Bobby?”

“Three,” Bobby whispers as a tear runs down his cheek.

I feel sorry for the boy. However, I also feel like telling him exactly
how good he has it. He has probably been in this school for 2 or 3 years
and is just now being exposed to gay sex. I’ve only been here for two
fucking weeks and have had virtually nothing but gay sex. I can’t even
tell you how much cum I’ve eaten. And don’t even get me started on the
potty training.

Still, when I look at it from his perspective I can see that it hasn’t
been a picnic for him either. I’ve recently had sex with my sisters but I
certainly wouldn’t want to be their sex maid or anything. Especially
dressed up like a girl with them using dildos and stuff on me. Plus, now
he will have to endure that and have gay sex.

I show my sympathy by giving Bobby a deep kiss. He is stiff in my arms
so I know it is just making him feel worse. I feel bad about this but know
we have to continue anyway.

“He will get used to kissing boys,” I tell myself. “Just like I have.”

It takes a few minutes of tongue kissing before he finally starts to
soften up a little. I glance over at Mr. Slusser from time to time. For
someone that claims not to be into this “gay shit”, Mr. Slusser sure seems
to enjoy watching us. His cock is tenting out the front of his trousers
and I see him massage it from time to time.

Something tells me that he is into this “gay shit” but just wasn’t hot
about doing it with his kid. Around here that makes him a man of high
moral standards.

Granted, he still enrolled Bobby here. I’m getting the feeling that
it’s Mrs. Slusser that wears the pants in the family. I wonder if Mr.
Slusser hasn’t worn a maid’s outfit a few times himself. Okay, maybe not.
He probably would have been forced to interact with the boy long ago had
that been the case.

I hate to admit it but I’m getting pretty turned on also. Of course,
with my cock cage off I would probably get turned on by about anything.
It’s tempting to reach down and masturbate. However, he hasn’t given me
permission yet. I don’t want to risk upsetting him and getting the cage
put back on.

“I think you two are going to be good classmates,” Mr. Slusser says as
he watches us make out.

Bobby and I both blush. It is pretty clear what Mr. Slusser is
insinuating. Bobby and I will no doubt be spending a lot of time together
in the near future. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I can think of
worse things, but I’m not so hot on the idea of being Bobby’s steady
“playmate”. Plus, I’m not sure how Danielle would feel about this.

We kiss for about 10 minutes when Mr. Slusser scoots over and starts
removing Bobby’s clothes. It isn’t long and he is just as naked as I am.

“Naughty girl,” Mr. Slusser says. “You know the rules. Mommy is going
to be very upset when she hears about this.”

I pull back from the kiss to see what he is talking about. I look just
in time to see Mr. Slusser let go of Bobby’s limp dick. Bobby gets a
worried look on his face and quickly starts rubbing his penis until it gets
hard. Apparently, he is required to stay hard at all times or something.
Pretty much the opposite of what my life has been like this past week with
this cock cage.

Bobby’s cock is only 2.5 to 3 inches long and no thicker than my index
finger. He’s also completely hairless down there. However, I doubt they
have plucked his hairs like they have mine. I think he just hasn’t hit
puberty yet.

He probably isn’t even old enough to cum yet. No wonder he doesn’t like
doing any of this. That’s probably even worse than having a cock cage. He
can get hard but doesn’t really get any major pleasure out of it. At least
I still feel a kind of pleasure with my cage on.

Bobby experiences nothing but humiliation when he is played with. Maybe
I don’t have it a lot worse than him after all. Now that I think about it,
Danielle and all the other sissies probably spent years here also before
they started getting pleasure from their training. The thought makes me

“I think it is time for your gift,” Mr. Slusser says as he pulls out
the tube of lube.

The disgust on Bobby’s face tells me he knows what is coming. I start
to get worried, but then Mr. Slusser does something very odd. He squeezes
some lube onto my dick.

“You can masturbate or you can fuck Bobby,” Mr. Slusser informs me.
“It’s your gift so you get to choose.”

Masturbation is my obvious preference. However, I don’t want to
disappoint Mr. Slusser. He seems like a nice guy and sincere about it
being my choice. I doubt he will punish me or anything if I choose
masturbation. But, he is also my teacher. He might not do anything to me
now but he might do something, subconsciously or otherwise, to me down the
road. I know how this school works, just one bad grade on a paper and your
ass pays the price. Sorry Bobby but you are going to have to take one for
the team.

I reach out and guide him until he is on the couch on his hands and
knees. Maybe it is just my imagination but his hips and ass look a little
more girlish than they should. I wonder if they are already giving him
estrogen. Maybe they have been giving him small doses of it for years now.

I get the feeling that Bobby might try to bolt at any second. I make
sure one of my hands is holding his dick and balls tight just in case.
This will keep him on a short leash and out of trouble. It will also help
ensure I get my much awaited nut.

As I kneel behind him I can feel him try to pull away. It just takes a
small squeeze with my hand to get him to settle down.

When I look down to line my cock up I notice that his penis and balls
are easily hidden in my fist. With them hidden he looks exactly like a
girl… almost. The way I figure it, he kind of is mostly female when you
think about it. If they are feeding him estrogen then he has tons of
female hormones yet virtually no male ones… at least until he hits

I suck at biology but that makes sense to me. At least enough sense to
justify enjoying this fuck a little more than I really should.

Bobby moans as I slowly sink up his hole. Bobby isn’t super loose but
you can tell someone has been stretching his hole. They either make him
wear a plug like me or his mom and sister have been using some big dildos
on him.

It’s a good thing too. The sensation of his hole grasping my dick feels
REALLY good. I only have two inches inside when my hips start thinking on
their own and plow the other 5 inches deep inside.

“Oh!” he lets out in discomfort and shock.

I want to take it easy on him but man this feels good. I let go of his
dick and balls and get a good grip on his waist. I then pull myself out
and plow back in. It isn’t long before I’m going full steam up his little

“Oh… oh… oh,” he grunts over and over.

Like his name, Bobby’s youthful voice sounds somewhat gender neutral.
However, it is easy for me to picture it actually coming from a girl.

He is not the only one grunting. My ball weight is swinging back and
forth as I pump his hole. It hurts but the pleasure I’m feeling easily
overrides it. In fact, I think my ball weight is hurting Bobby a lot more
than it is me. I feel my balls banging into Bobby’s little boner which
tells me that my weight is probably hitting his tiny marbles on each

“Take that dick bitch,” I think to myself. “I’m going to fuck your twat
full of cum.”

God, his ass pussy feels good on my dick! I start fucking him with all
I got. The fuck only lasts 3 minutes before I reach my peak.

“Man, I’m going to love being Bobby’s classmate!” the voice in my head
screams as I start nutting his hole.

“Owie! Owie!” I yelp as my cum burns its way through my sore urethra.

The cum stings but it pales in comparison to the pleasure of climaxing
in the normal fashion again. As I unload in his hole I don’t even care
that he is a boy. In fact, it almost adds to the experience. It is so
nice to be the one dishing out the humiliation for a change instead of
receiving it.

“I’m not done with you yet,” I growl when Bobby starts to pull away.

I blush when I realize what I said but Mr. Slusser seems pleased with
the comment.

I meant every word though. My cage is going to be off for a full hour
and I plan to take advantage of every second of it.

I hold myself deep inside him for a couple minutes and then slowly start
humping again. I give his hole another vicious ride, but it takes me much
longer to cum this time.

I want at least one or two more cums so I pull my sloppy dick out of his
ass and bring it to his mouth. Bobby wants nothing to do with it but I
grab a hand full of his hair and force it in his mouth anyway. I of course
keep a close eye on Mr. Slusser for signs I might be overstepping my
bounds. He doesn’t seem upset in the least. In fact, he has his cell
phone out and is taking photos. I blush, but don’t let it bother me too
much. It’s not like all of this isn’t being videotaped anyway by the wall

He presses some buttons on the phone. I’m not sure but I think he just
forwarded it to someone… probably his wife. I frown and blush. I’m not
hot on the idea of photos of me floating around out there in cyber space.
It also pisses me off that I can’t pick shit up on my radio in this place
yet he gets cell phone coverage. They probably gave me a defective radio.

A minute later his phone beeps. He opens up a text message and reads
it. He gets a disgusted look on his face. He walks over and takes a photo
of his son’s messy asshole. He then runs one of his fingers through the
mess and walks around to Bobby’s face. I pull back so he can stick the
finger in his son’s mouth.

“Be good for mommy,” he says.

Bobby reluctantly starts licking the finger clean. Mr. Slusser shoots
a photo of this and steps back. He presses a few buttons on the camera and
then folds it and puts it back in his pocket.

As an experiment, I bend down a little and tweak Bobby’s left nipple.
He does a sharp intake that causes him to suck my dick a little deeper.
This convinces me that he probably is on estrogen. I know my nipples have
been a ton more sensitive lately because of it.

It’s hardly a very scientific experiment. However, it does provide some
interesting results; the sensation on my dick to be specific. I continue
tweaking his nipple and he begins to squirm and moan.

“Bobby’s a bit of a titpig,” Mr. Slusser says when he sees what I’m

Mr. Slusser reaches out and starts toying with Bobby’s other nipple.
This frees me to stand straight again and do nothing but enjoy Bobby’s
mouth. Bobby starts going into overdrive. He is sucking much harder and
squirming like crazy. I’m guessing Mr. Slusser is being a lot rougher
with Bobby than I was.

It feels incredible and I almost thank Mr. Slusser for his efforts.
It’s the most thoughtful thing anyone has done for me in here. It makes me
wish he was my mentor also. Granted, I would probably end up a sex maid
for his wife and daughter but even that sounds okay. They are female after
all… how bad could it really be?

I planned to deposit my next load up Bobby’s twat again but his mouth
feels too good. If I’m going to feed him my nut though then he is going to
have to do a little more to earn it. Up until now he has just been sucking
the first few inches. That was fine for getting me hard again but not for
bringing me off.

Bobby’s eyes get big when I apply pressure to the back of his head.
He’s a Humbled Girl, he is smart enough to figure out what this means. He
struggles but not much. I’m smaller than his dad so he knows he can handle
me. Plus, he also knows my dick is going down his throat one way or
another anyway.

His protest is to let his daddy and I know he doesn’t want to do it; in
the unlikely event that we will take his wishes into consideration.
Normally, I probably would. Hell, normally I wouldn’t even consider doing
any of this to him.

However, it could be weeks before I get my cock cage off again. I have
to take advantage of every second. This means more to me than just
pleasure. It also means emptying my nuts. With luck, they will stop
hurting for a while. You don’t know pain until you have put a huge fucking
weight on a pair of blue balls. The milkings seem to help a lot but I’m
hoping this will help even more.

I do my best to cum fast. However, I still fuck Bobby’s throat for at
least 5 minutes before I do. I make sure I cum deep in his throat so he
doesn’t have to taste it or go through the indignity of gulping it down.

“Owie!” I yelp again as the cum burns its way through my urethra.

My eyes are closed through most of the climax. When I open them I see a
very red faced Bobby looking up at me with an angry look on his face. I
don’t blame him. However, he doesn’t know what that fucking cock cage has
put me through. Once he hits puberty I’m sure his mom and sister will put
him in one… then he will understand.

My urethra is burning and I feel pretty spent. However, I’m sure I can
nut Bobby one more time. I have him suck me for another 5 minutes until
I’m ready to go at him again.

I spin him around and slide up his ass once more. Bobby doesn’t
struggle. I think he decided he likes it up the ass a lot more than down
the throat. He just buries his face in the cushion and arches his back. I
can tell he is concentrating in order to loosen his hole up. It isn’t long
and his snatch becomes smooth as butter. If I didn’t know better I would
swear I was fucking an actual pussy.

I go nice and slow so I can enjoy every minute of it. Everything is
great in the world until Mr. Slusser stands and walks behind me. For a
moment I fear he plans to take me like I’m taking his son. However, he

Instead, he reaches in and lightly massages my weighted balls. I could
be wrong but I think he is trying to help get me off; probably in order to
help Bobby out. Bobby is lucky to have such a nice Daddy… even luckier
if Mr. Slusser is also his mentor.

Playing with my balls helps but apparently not enough for Mr. Slusser’s
tastes. When I still haven’t cum 3 minutes later he moves his fingers up
and grabs hold of my plug.

“Oh!” I grunt as the plug pops free.

I feel him put some lube on my hole. Maybe he plans to fuck me after
all. I was already expecting this earlier so I’m mentally prepared. He
enters me but not with his cock. Instead, he is using his index finger.

He lets me set the pace. He just holds it still and lets me back into
it each time I withdraw from his son’s asshole. I almost thank him when he
adds a second finger. My asshole felt sore and way overstuffed with my new
plug in there. However, now that it is out I have this kind of emptiness
inside me that I have the urge to fill.

I start giving Bobby longer and faster pumps. Not just because I’m
eager to paint his insides but also because I need those fingers pumping
nice and deep. However, I get a little worried when Mr. Slusser adds a
third finger.

I slow down for several strokes and then build up again. Thankfully, he
doesn’t add a fourth. However, he angles them so they rub my clit just
right. God I’m in heaven.

“I love your fingers, Mr. Slusser!”

I don’t say it but he knows I’m thinking it. The way I’m groaning and
pumping his son… how could he not know?

“Oh… oh… Oh! Oh!” I let out as I cum again.

The first two “oh”s are from please and the last two from pain as my cum
shoots out my sore dick.

Once my climax comes to an end I feel a bit embarrassed about what I
just did. I also feel a bit sorry for having done it to poor Bobby.
However, I mainly feel satisfied. Or at least my nuts do.

“Clean your mess,” I tell Bobby as I move to his face again.

I know it is cruel but I figure Mr. Slusser will settle for nothing

“Now, clean your mess,” Mr. Slusser tells me once my dick is clean.

I’m assuming he is talking about my ass juices on his fingers. However,
he has his phone out again and is aiming the lens at his son’s ass. I take
a step back and think about making a run for it. It is just instinct. My
logical mind easily overrides it and makes me stand my ground.

The thought of liking my jizz off of his son’s sloppy hole is disgusting
and I feel ill.

“I’ve never done anything like that before, sir,” I whisper.

It is the closest thing to a “no” that I dare say. It is my hope there
is a rule somewhere that says he can’t make me do something new like this
without one of my trainers being present. I swallow hard when I realize
one of my trainers is present. She is watching us right now in the
observation room.

“Bobby had never before cleaned a real dick off after being fucked with
it,” Mr. Slusser replies. “Now you guys will be even.”

This doesn’t seem “even” to me. Cleaning a dick off is a lot better
than licking a guy’s asshole clean. They aren’t even in the same ballpark.

I know I’m turning green as I slowly approach Bobby’s sloppy hole. I
see Bobby looking back at me. He seems shocked that I’m actually going to
obey the disgusting order. I can also tell that he is thankful it is not
him in my place. Considering how badly I just treated him, I’m surprised
he isn’t laughing at me or something. However, he seems truly sorry for
me. This makes me feel even worse about what I did to him.

Most of his ass crack is wet with my cum. I’m guessing that is mostly
my first load and that I pumped it out of him on the second fuck. It has
also run across his taint and is dripping off his balls. I decide to start
there first.

I stick my tongue out and give his tiny balls a lick. He giggles. He
jerked forward so I’m pretty sure he isn’t laughing at me… he’s just
ticklish in this area. I lick across his taint next and get a giggle from
that as well.

The giggles stop, however, when I lick up his crack. There is a lot of
cum in this area and I gag in disgust as I swallow it down. I blush when I
hear Mr. Slusser’s camera clicking away.

I lick his crack several more times before I’m certain it is completely
clean. I then back away and look to Mr. Slusser to ensure he agrees.
Unfortunately, he doesn’t.

“Get all of it,” he orders.

I look back at Bobby’s rear end. What is he talking about? I got all
of the cum. The only cum left is… oh, God! He wants me to suck the cum
out of Bobby’s asshole! I look back at Mr. Slusser in horror. His nod
confirms my fear.

I don’t know if this order is Mr. Slusser’s idea or if it is via a text
message from his wife. All I know for sure is that having Mr. Slusser as
a mentor might not be as good as I first thought. I owe Bobby an apology.
He definitely has not had it easy.

I feel so sorry for Bobby that I promise myself that if I ever escape I
will someday come back and rescue him as well. Even as I think this I know
it is a false promise. Once I escape I will keep running and never look

When my lips reach his hole I pucker up and give his ring a small kiss.
I’m not even thinking when I do it. It just seems the right thing… kind
of like an apology for being so brutal to it. Unfortunately, Mr. Slusser
takes a photo at that very instant. I pray that image doesn’t come out.
Last thing I want is another framed photo for my room.

I blush but keep my lips up against the hole. I tell myself that Bobby
is probably just as clean inside as I am. That sucking the cum out of his
hole is no worse than eating it out of his crack or off the floor.
However, I know different. I’m sucking it out of his ASS! It’s way worse!

Reluctantly, I start applying suction. I’m rewarded with a teaspoon of
cum. I close my eyes tight and force myself to swallow it. The rest of
the cum must be much deeper because my suction isn’t enough to withdraw it.
And I know I deposited a lot more than a teaspoon in there.

“Feed her,” I hear Mr. Slusser tell his son.

I feel Bobby’s butt hole kiss me back as he pushes out with his ass
muscles. He’s basically shitting in my mouth. Only cum comes out but the
thought still makes me gag.

I get several teaspoons this time and swallow it down. I suspect there
are a few more teaspoons in there but Mr. Slusser is satisfied. I quickly
pull away before he can change his mind.

Mr. Slusser has Bobby and I make out again while he puts my cage back
on. It doesn’t seem like I got my full hour of freedom but I’m not about
to complain. In fact, I’m kind of happy to see the cage going back on. It
means my date with Mr. Slusser and Bobby is coming to an end.

Once my cage is back on, Mr. Slusser helps me with my plug and dress.
Then he has me give Bobby one last kiss before sending me back to my room.


Like usual, I have plenty of nightmares this night. They turn out to be
a repeat of the day’s activities. Only the events are exaggerated and
stuff. For example, in the dream my father visits the hole in my door
about a dozen times instead of just the once. Also, Bobby turns out to be
an actual girl instead of a boy. Don’t ask me why that dream felt like a
nightmare but it did.

The last dream I have is the worst. In it the doctor pushes the ribbed
metal rod into my dick and fucks me with it for a very long time. I try to
stop him but my hands are tied down somehow. The dream feels very real and
I can even feel the pain like it is actually happening. As I wake and my
eyes begin to focus, I quickly discover it is happening!

However, instead of the rod the doctor is at my hips pushing a plastic
tube into my penis. I go to reach up but my hands are indeed tied down.

“Please, I don’t need any medicine!” I beg as he connects a large
syringe to the tube.

I can do nothing but watch as he slowly presses the plunger and sends
the fluid into my bladder. The all too familiar burning quickly follows. I
know the deed is already done so I stop begging and start breathing shallow
in hopes of minimizing the pain.

By the time the syringe is empty, my bladder feels like it is going to
pop. He clamps the tube off.

“Ow!” I yell when he attaches a clothes pin to the end of dick to help
hold the hose in place.

I lay there moaning in pain as he slowly puts everything back in his

“I will be back tomorrow for the tube,” he informs me as he loosens the
left leather wrist cuff.

He loosens the cuff but does not remove it. He then leaves. I
frantically struggle to get my wrist free. It takes me over a minute to
get my hand out of it. I use this hand to free my other wrist and leg
bindings. This isn’t as easy as it might sound. Not with a bladder full
of burning medicine. It hurts like hell each time I lean this way or that
in order to reach my other bindings. The ankle cuffs are the worst.

I finally get them off and rush to the toilet. I barely even notice my
weight swinging back and forth under me.

“Owie! Owie!” I yell as I pull the tube from my dick and the liquid
fire squirts out.

I chastise myself for pulling the hose out first. I can’t believe how
stupid that was. My instinct was to get that fucking hose out of my dick.
However, had I left it in I could have expelled all the medicine via the
hose instead. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

After the last of it comes out, however, I realize I did the right
thing. Otherwise the medicine wouldn’t have been able to treat my urethra.
In fact, I would bet money the doctor had hoped I would leave the hose in.
That way he would have an excuse to give me another treatment tomorrow.

As the burning finally dissipates, the pain is replaced with anger. I
can’t believe the doctor would wake me like that. What really pisses me
off is that I wouldn’t have even needed the fucking treatment had he not
stuck that damn rod in my dick!

I go through my normal morning routine… to include my exercises. When
I’m putting on my school uniform, however, I notice the newspaper sitting
at the end of my bed. I had forgotten about the gift. Great, now the
doctor has an excuse to visit me for the next week. This is one gift I
wish I could return.

I put my clothes on and then do my hair and makeup. The hole in my door
is still open so I decide to skip breakfast again. The last thing I want
is to fill up on dog food and then chase it with a half-gallon of cum.

As I put my shoes on it dawns on me that no one has come in to put my
cage back on. I look around and find it is sitting on my nightstand along
with the special screwdriver. I frown. They want me to put it on myself.
I’m tempted to just leave it off and then use the excuse that no one ever
told me to put it back on. Yeah, like that would fly. They would probably
just give me a spanking for being a smart ass.

“A smart ass for a smart ass.”

I can already hear the bad jokes.

Getting the cage on turns out to be a bit of a chore. It’s also very
aggravating. I got a little hard during my bath but have been surprisingly
limp the rest of the morning. However, I get rock hard once I start
thinking about my cage and stuff. It is like my dick knows what is about
to happen and is using the only defense mechanism it can think of.

I try every trick I can think of to get it to go soft. Nothing seems to
work. Not even pouring cold water on it. Then I get an idea. I pour some
cold water in my enema bag. I remove my plug and insert the hose in its

Holy cow! Yeah, that did the trick! This stuns my dick and I quickly
lock the poor guy in his cage before he can stand back up.

I make it all the way through my first class without interruption. I
don’t even get bothered during the intermission between classes. I use
this time to read through my newspaper. The sports section is missing but
other than that it is a complete paper. It’s even current. I thought for
sure the doctor would fuck with me and provide month old papers or

It feels like I’ve been in this place for years. As I read the paper I
half expect to see headlines like, “Man walks on Mars”, or some other major
story. However, it’s just the same old stuff going on. It’s still
interesting to read. It makes me feel kind of connected to the rest of the
world. Almost like I’m out there experiencing it all like everyone else.
The funny thing is that if I was not locked up here I probably would have
spent 90 percent of my non-school time sitting in my room at home anyway.
Granted, I would have had a lot more fun doing it. I would be playing
xbox, watching movies, etc.

As I read through the paper I notice that the doctor has highlighted
about every female relating story and advertisement. He highlights panty
sales, cooking tips for Christmas, etc. I try my best to ignore them but
it’s not easy. Sadly, some even look interesting to me. For example, I
see a nice cotton rose pattern nightgown. It`s pretty and looks very

I’m not saying I want to wear a girl’s nightgown. However, it would be
better than sleeping in the nude. The covers they provide me have too much
starch or something in them. They always feel a little uncomfortable on my
skin… especially now that my nipples and stuff are more sensitive.

My morning of peace comes to an end half way into my second class.

Knock. Knock.

I almost cry when I hear the knocks. I just started to get my hopes up
that I might be left alone today.

I kneel down in front of the hole and press my cock cage against the
cold door. Drew’s cock comes through the hole a second later. It doesn’t
take much to figure out it is his cock. The dead giveaway is that it
smells sweet. Today it smells like strawberries. His groin is also baby
smooth, just like mine now is. I start crying a little as I begin thinking
again about how I’m now permanently bald down there.

I give Drew the best blowjob I know how. As one of my trainers, he
might have a say on when this portion of my training will come to an end.
Not that I think it will ever truly end. They will probably expect me to
suck dick almost every day from now on. However, at least it won’t be 15
to 20 times per day.

It’s not long and I have a mouth full of sissy cum. I display it to my
trainer and he gives me permission to swallow it down. I no more than
swallow and another cock comes through the hole. This one is Victors. I
give his dick the VIP treatment as well. Tuesday he made it sound like he
was my blowjob trainer. I don’t know how official that title is but it is
better safe than sorry. The next cock through the hole belongs to daddy.
The bend in his cock makes it pretty obvious. Plus, it smells just like

I’m tempted to beg again to go home. However, the hard cock looking me
in the face tells me that it would do no good. I won’t be getting any help
from daddy. I give him an okay blowjob but definitely not the best I’m
capable of. He doesn’t deserve my best. Plus, the worse the blowjob the
less he will probably visit the hole.

As it turns out, daddy visits the hole 3 times total today. He cums a
lot each time so I think he is refraining from playing with my sisters or
any of the other kids in the school. Don’t I feel special…

The Dean visits the hole twice and Victor three times. There are a
variety of other staff as well. Drew takes the prize though with 6 visits.
I’m not sure how much estrogen Drew takes but I’m pretty sure he feeds me
at least a daily’s dose worth via his cock.

When I do my lunchtime exercises I decide not to put any tree ornaments
in the training room. I probably will put a few in there by the end of the
week but my dick is still sore and I want at least one more day to recoup.

By the end of the day I count at least 20 visitors to the hole. Several
are the same people though. The last visitor is the worst. When I kneel
in front of the hole a very tiny penis comes through. I’m pretty positive
that it is Bobby’s weeny. It’s so small that only a couple inches actually
make it all the way through the hole. I hear people on the other side
laughing and making jokes as Bobby stands there.

At first I think this is mainly just a training exercise in humiliation
for Bobby. I even laugh a little myself at his expense. I feel bad about
it but it has been a very hard day and my body just needs a good laugh.

Funny or not, I still am required to do my part as well. I know he
can’t cum yet but I still do my best. I even press hard against the hole
so I can reach his tiny nuts. It takes some doing but I manage to suck
them into my mouth along with the rest of his tiny penis. He groans a
little when I do this. I don’t think it is pleasure though. I think I’m
just pulling his nuts a little too hard. I give them a good bath with my
tongue and then release them just in case I’m hurting him.

I hear the men on the other side of the door cheering Bobby on.

“Do it! Do it!”

There are lots of laughs also. They know he can’t cum but they keep
cheering anyway. I feel sorry for him but can’t help but giggle a few more
times myself. However, I’m mid giggle when I hear something that makes me
stop in my tracks.

“Hurry up Bobby,” I hear Mr. Slusser telling his son. “You said you
had to potty, so go.”

I can’t believe Mr. Slusser is having Bobby use me as a toilet. The
humiliation of it is almost unbearable. I’m just thankful that they can’t
see me through the door.

For a moment I think Bobby is too frightened to pee. However, right
when I think he might give up trying I feel pee rush out the end of his
dick. It feels much different than when the grownups peed in my mouth last
week. Bobby’s stream is very thin yet still pretty strong. I easily keep
up with it. His piss isn’t all that bad. It tastes almost like water.

“Ew, he’s drinking my pee,” Bobby says in amazement.

This gets a loud round of laughs from the men outside.

“It’s okay Bobby, she enjoys it,” Mr. Slusser says, putting emphasis on
the word “she” to let his son know he addressed me improperly.

I get several swallows before he finishes. Thankfully, I remember to
save the last mouth full for inspection. When Bobby pulls away I open my
mouth and bring it to the hole. The men outside make me display the piss
for several minutes as they chat outside. During that time I feel one or
more men spit in my mouth several times. It’s so disgusting that it makes
my skin crawl. When they finally let me swallow I can’t help but gag in

I bring my mouth back to the hole for final inspection and they spit in
my mouth three more times. This time I almost get sick when I swallow it
down. There isn’t much taste to it. It’s just the thought of what it is.
Of course, now I have to show my mouth for inspection again. And yes, they
spit in it yet again. This repeats twice more before they get tired of
humiliating me.

I remain kneeling at the hole just in case. However, I get no orders
nor do any more dicks come through. As I hear the last of them leave I go
to my bed and cry.

Shortly after this, Drew comes in and removes my ball weight. He tells
me to put it back on in the morning. He leaves without saying anything
further. I’m not sure if he removed it because I was so good today or if
it was just for medical purposes.

Thursday turns out to be an exact copy of Wednesday. The doctor even
flushes my bladder out again with medicine. I get the first hour off again
and then steady visitors the rest of the day. This of course includes
Victor, dad and the Dean. The only main thing that is different is that
Casey is there today instead of Drew.

At first I thought it was a good thing that Drew wasn’t there. That
meant I didn’t have to suffer through the humiliation of sucking an adult
sissy off a half dozen times. I quickly find out that Casey has her own
way of humiliating me through the door.

As my first class ends I hear some noise outside my door. I assume it
is my first customer of the day so I go ahead and get into place despite
there not yet being a knock. I kneel and see Casey positioning a chair
several feet away from the door. My first thought is that she is setting
up a waiting room outside. That way all the men can rest while they wait
their turn at my mouth. This thought is utterly humiliating, but not as
bad as what the purpose of the chair actually turns out to be.

Casey turns her back to me and then leans forward, using the chair to
help maintain her balance. She then leans back and pulls her skirt up and
over her waist. She is wearing a black thong and her rear end looks
absolutely gorgeous. You have no idea how badly I want to grab the
screwdriver and remove my cage. My desire grows as she pulls the thong

I’m so engrossed with the peep show that I don’t take the time to
analyze what she might be up too. Her next move, however, makes it
blatantly clear. She spreads her ass cheeks apart and then backs her rear
end up until she is pressing hard against the door. I get a perfect view
of her lovely asshole.

Knock. Knock.

I lick my lips in anticipation. I ate her pussy last week but this is
going to be even better since I’m sure she won’t make me drink her pee this
time. It would get all over the place if she tried to pee through the

I patiently wait for her to angle down so I can access her pussy. I can
see it through the hole but there is no way I can reach it with her at this
angle. Almost a full minute passes though without any movement.


This time the knocks actually sound angry. How can she expect me to eat
her pussy if she isn’t going to present it to me?

Oh, no! She doesn’t want me to eat her pussy, she wants me to eat her
asshole! I stare through the hole in shock. I did this to Drew’s asshole
and much worse with Bobby’s, but my brain still needs a minute to cope.
Apparently, a minute is too long for Casey.

Casey’s asshole moves away from the hole. A second later the door
opens, pushing me back on my plugged rump. I look up in fear at an
extremely pissed off Casey. It is hard to tell if she is angry because I
didn’t obey the unspoken order or if she is just offended that I might not
want to lick her back there.

“I’ll do it! Please, I’ll do it!” I quickly beg.

“Oh, you are going to do it alright,” she growls. “However, I’m going
to give your ass a few licks first.”

The anger in her voice makes it clear she doesn’t plan to use her
tongue. I will be lucky if she doesn’t use the whip.

“Get into position!” she orders.

Her voice is so enraged that it makes me shiver in fear. I quickly
obey. I get on my hands and knees and crawl to the spot on the floor where
Danielle punished me two weeks back. Apparently, that exact spot isn’t
required for punishments. Casey grabs a hand full of my hair and turns me
so I’m facing the door instead of away from it. . She then drags me toward
it until I’m next to the Christmas tree. I’m wearing my school uniform
today and my bare knees are grounded to the floor. The tinsel from the
tree snaps against my belly and chest as it takes the path of least
resistance. My left side stings a little as the steady current courses
through me. My sensitive left nipple is covered by the tinsel as well and
the stinging there feels the worst. It’s bothersome, but it pales in
comparison to what I know is coming next.

I start to cry when I feel Casey kneel down next to me and flip my skirt
up onto my back.


“OH!” I scream in pain as the first hit lands.

Her hand lands on my large plug and across my ass cheeks. It hits much
harder than I thought she was capable of. The plug is hit so hard that it
feels like she just plowed her fist up my asshole.

“One… one, ma’am,” I manage to say.


They come so fast that I can’t count them out loud. I just let out a
long yell of pain followed a moment later by, “Five, ma’am!”

The pain is horrible. It is much worse than when Danielle punished me.
Casey is hitting me much harder. Plus, I have a bigger plug now and a
weight on my balls. The plug is the main factor though. The pain from my
ball weight swinging back and forth pales in comparison.


“OH! God! Nine… nine, ma’am!” I yell. “Please, no mor…”


My begging is interrupted with a hard spank. Only this one lands lower
on my thighs. Just low enough that part of her hand contacts my weighted

I involuntarily try to lunge forward. However, her hand still has a
grip on my hair and she holds me in place. I gag and dry heave. She
doesn’t try to stop me when my body drops down to the floor. She just
stands over me and waits for me to recover. It takes me almost a minute
before I can get back into position.

Danielle warned me that bad things could happen if I tried to beg during
a punishment. She wasn’t fucking kidding!

“Ten, ma’am,” I count out.


“Ohhhhh!” I scream throughout this series. “Fifteen, ma’am.”

I brace myself for more but none come. Instead, I feel Casey holding my
plug in place with one hand while her other gently rubs my sore rump.

“Clean your mess,” Casey says a moment later in a much calmer voice.

I look below me to find a pool of cum mixed with piss. The piss doesn’t
surprise me but the cum does. I came during Danielle’s punishment also but
Danielle had let my plug almost pop all the way out in between hits.
Casey’s hits came way too fast for that. The plug was only coming out
maybe two inches before the next hit was already landing and slamming it
back it. Apparently it was still enough pumping action to get my ass clit
to release a load.

I lean down and slurp my mess up. It’s nasty but seems insignificant
compared to the punishment itself.

Casey walks out of the room while I’m still cleaning up. The door slams
behind her.

Knock. Knock.

I hear about 30 seconds later. I very quickly shuffle over to the door
and press against it. Casey’s butt is pressed up against the hole again.
The throbbing in my butt reminds me what will happen if I delay. I have my
lips against her butthole in less than a second. I press my face hard
against the door and give her asshole several kisses to let her know I
learned my lesson. From this day forward I will eagerly eat her asshole
whenever she presents it to me.

I hear her moaning as I kiss and lick her hole with gusto. I doubt she
takes daily enemas like I do, but she actually doesn’t taste all that bad.
She has a stronger taste than Drew and Bobby did but it isn’t offensive or
anything. I’m still a little reluctant to stick my tongue inside. I of
course do it anyway. I’m pleased that I find nothing lurking there. Once
I confirm this I start fucking her ass with my tongue. I even press it in
deep and wiggle it around some. She seems to enjoy this the most.

Casey has me lick her asshole for about 15 minutes before she finally
pulls away.

“She’s not too bad at eating ass,” I hear Casey say.

I feel a tinge of pride when I hear the compliment. I blush though when
I realize she was saying it to someone in the hall and not to me. My face
turns absolutely red in humiliation when my dad’s dick comes through the
hole a few seconds later. I can’t believe daddy seen me eat Casey’s

I eagerly eat Casey’s asshole three more times this day. It’s
disgusting each time, but by the end of the day I realize it isn’t all that
bad. If anything, I should feel honored to eat her ass. Or at least I
know there are many men out there that would feel honored to do it. She is
very pretty and has a nice ass. Hell, my dad probably even fantasizes
about it. And yet it is I who actually gets to taste it.

I end up drinking Bobby’s piss again today. However, it is more private
this time and takes place during lunch. I’m just finishing my workout when
Mr. Slusser escorts Bobby into my training room. They sit on the couch
and watch me. I blush but finish out my routine.

Once I’m done, Mr. Slusser whispers something into Bobby’s ear. Bobby
blushes and then walks over to me.

“I have to go tinkle,” he whispers.

I know what Mr. Slusser wants and I get down on my knees in front of
Bobby. It only takes a minute this time before I feel his warm piss
filling my mouth. I’m not at my hole so I drink it all down. Mr. Slusser
doesn’t seem to mind that I didn’t display any in my mouth at the end.

“How about you two go take a warm bubble bath together?” Mr. Slusser
says as I stand back up. “I’ll be back to get you in 45 minutes.”

Bobby reaches out and grabs hold of my hand. I don’t say anything but
this catches me a little off guard. It’s not a romantic type of hand hold.
It’s more like he feels he needs to be escorted by me, like some 6 year old
crossing the street with his mother. Now that I think about it, he often
talks very childish also. I’m betting this is his mom and sister’s doing.

We only have 45 minutes together but we do a surprising amount of
bonding during that time. Which I’m guessing is Mr. Slusser’s goal.

Bobby is very playful during our bath. He tosses bubbles and stuff at
me. It seems very childish but it only takes a minute before I’m laughing
and doing the same to him. While he acts like a 6 year old in the bath, I
quickly discover afterward that he is very smart. I have some questions
about Mr. Slusser’s math class and Bobby easily answers them. I get
excited when I find out he has 4 of the same classes as I do. He just has
three of them at different times than I do. I guess I shouldn’t be that
surprised we are taking the same topics. It’s not like we are old enough
to start specializing in anything. Even his other classes are the same
subjects as mine. They are just more advanced.

Bobby tells me that I could probably ask the Dean for permission to
switch my classes around so he and I could share most of the same schedule.
I tell him I will think about it. However, I have no intention of
following through. The more classes we have together the more time we will
probably be expected to share outside of school studying and stuff. I like
Bobby but I feel it is best that I don’t make too much of a connection with
him. His family scares me a little. Besides, I like Danielle much more.
Not that I have any classes with him.

Our time together ends much too soon. However, I think it is clear that
we will end up spending a lot more time together in the future… probably
a lot more than we want.

My dreams this night bother me a lot. Not because they are scary but
because they aren’t. I dream of sucking dicks and eating cum, yet in the
dream I’m not disgusted at all. In fact, I seem to enjoy myself and can’t
get enough cum in my belly. When I finally wake I lay there for some time,
not sure what to make of it. I’m ashamed of my subconscious for enjoying
the dream, yet I can’t deny that life would be a lot easier here if I
allowed myself to enjoy more of it.

Doing all of this gay shit has become easier for me but I’m still
disgusted each time. I’m not sure I could ever talk myself into actually
liking any of it. Okay, maybe I could enjoy some of it. Fucking Bobby’s
hole had been disgusting but still a little enjoyable. My ass clit also
feels pretty good when it is milked just right. Wait! What am I saying!?
I can’t allow myself to give in to this gay shit!

I look over at the clock and see it is 3 a.m. No wonder, it’s super
late and I’m not thinking straight. I roll over and try my best to get
back to sleep. It’s not easy with the room lights on and the Christmas
ones constantly blinking.

I’m barely back to sleep when I’m woken by the sound of someone at my
door. My body automatically gets up and heads to the door so I can kneel
at the hole. I’m half way there before I’m awake enough to realize what is
going on. The person isn’t knocking, they are entering. I take a step
back in shock when I see Ray’s huge frame come into view. I get even more
concerned and confused when I glance over at the clock and see it is only
3:45 a.m. Something is going on.

For a brief moment I get my hopes up that Ray is here to rescue me.
However, when I see his face I know this isn’t the case. I know that look.
It is the look of lust. My eyes instinctively go to his groin. Sure
enough, he has a very large lump there.

I’m very scared and slowly back away. As a guard, Ray’s job is to
protect me just as much as it is to keep me from escaping. However, who
protects me from Ray? I glance over at the camera mounted on the wall. It
is the closest thing I have to a body guard. With luck, Ray won’t try
anything if I stay in clear sight of it.

“The late night recordings are erased every day,” Ray says when he sees
me looking at the camera. “No one ever reviews them unless an incident is

He takes another step toward me and I almost piss myself. He is so big
and strong. He even makes the Dean look puny. I start trying to think of
a way to escape him but it is hopeless. Even if I could get past him, I
have nowhere to go. All escape routes are locked. Plus, my shock collar
would drop me in my tracks. My bathroom has a lock on it but it requires a
key to lock it.

“Please,” I beg.

I don’t know exactly what he wants but I know it isn’t going to be good.

“Calm down, girl,” Ray says. “I’m not going to do anything you don’t
want me to.”

I find this highly unlikely. However, I try my best to at least look
like I’m calming down. I figure the calmer I am the calmer he will remain.

“W…what do you want?” I manage to ask.

“I just wanted to come in and let you know your secret is safe with me,”
Ray replies. “I don’t plan to tell them about your little escape attempt.”

After 4 days I kind of figured this was the case. I’m glad he is
confirming those suspicions. However, the message he is giving me doesn’t
line up that well with his body language.

“Thanks,” I say.

“No problem,” he replies. “I know how hard it is for new boys in here.
There is no reason I can’t do you a favor from time to time. It’s not like
you wouldn’t do the same for me.”

“Thanks,” I say again when it is clear he is waiting for a response.

Ray keeps looking at me like he is still waiting on a response. A very
uncomfortable moment goes by. During this time I rethink what he just
said. He was a little cryptic but I think he wants a “favor” from me. I’m
pretty sure that favor is sex. However, I wouldn’t call it a “favor”, I
would call it “blackmail”. On the surface, it seems like an obvious bluff
to me. My escape attempt happened on Monday and it’s now Friday. I highly
doubt the Dean would look kindly on one of his security guards waiting that
long to report such a thing.

The Dean might even fire Ray over something like that. Ray is rich and
all but that is because he has an inheritance, not because he holds a
powerful position in the community or anything. His job was probably more
of a favor than anything else.

For an instant I think about calling his bluff. However, it dawns on me
that if I don’t do him a favor now then he won’t do any more for me in the
future. I doubt he would overlook continued escape attempts even if I do
him a favor. However, there are many other minor violations he might
overlook. Plus, there are probably minor things he could do for me as
well. For example, he could maybe bring me a late night meal from time to
time. Of course, it would always mean giving him additional favors in
return. It would suck having to give him sex in return for a simple
sandwich or other scrap of food. That said, it would be worth it so that I
don’t have to eat as much dog food.

“W…what do you want?” I whisper.

I see no reason to play his cryptic game. I don’t even see why he is
bothering with it. This is one big mother fucker. He could easily take
whatever he wanted and I would never dare tell on him. If I told on him
and they didn’t fire him then he would be free to take his revenge out on
me. Plus, there would be a good chance the whole escape incident might get
uncovered during the ordeal. That would mean a major punishment from the
Dean on top of having to constantly worry about painful late night visits
from Ray.

“What are you offering?” he replies.

It seems a very stupid question. He’s extremely rich so there isn’t
anything of monetary value that would interest him. Not that I have much
anyway. No, all I have to offer him is sex and he knows it. He even
rubbed his dick through his pants as he asked the question. I can only
guess that he finds it exciting to play this little game.

“I could give you a massage,” I whisper.

It is the first non-sexual thing that pops into my head. I know it is a
weak offer but I’m having trouble offering a sexual favor in return for
something. I guess technically men and women exchange sex for favors all
the time in relationships and stuff. However, in this instance the idea of
doing it makes me feel dirty… like I would become a prostitute or
something. I would be whoring myself out for sandwiches and shit.

The worst part, however, is that it would take away the one thing that
has kept me sane. Up until now, I’ve maintained my sanity with the
knowledge that all of this gay shit is being forced on me. I either please
them or I’m punished. That is not the case here. We both know that he
isn’t going to turn me in for my escape attempt. I also suspect he
wouldn’t hurt me that bad if I refused to barter with him.

“Oh, that would be wonderful!” Ray replies. “It has been a long week
and I could use a nice massage.”

I’m stunned. I can’t believe he actually went for that. He even seems
delighted with it like maybe I offered way more than I needed too. This is
odd considering I thought I was offering considerably less than he wanted.

My joy quickly turns to dread when it dawns on me that his idea of a
massage might be different than mine. I’ve heard stories about what goes
on in massage parlors. They have sex in them sometimes. They call it a
“happy ending”. I just know that is what Ray is going to expect.

I take a step back as Ray walks right up to me. He brings his hand out
but doesn’t grab at me. Instead he just holds it there. It takes me a
moment to realize he is waiting for me to undo his cufflink. I reach out
with shaking hands and do so.

Ray’s cufflink is very fancy with a little shield and other details on
it. It could be made out of a half dozen cheap metals but I know it isn’t.
It’s probably silver or white gold. I doubt he would ever wear anything
less. I haven’t known him for long but it is clear he has taste when it
comes to clothes. Even his uniform looks custom made. Except for the long
sleeves, from a long distance his uniform looks similar to what the other
guards wear. However, when you get up close you see they are very
different. Ray’s uniform not only fits better but is made out of what
looks to be very expensive material.

My hands are shaking but I make damn sure I don’t drop the cufflink on
the concrete floor. I hand it out to him but he doesn’t take it. He just
pulls his hand back and extends the other one. I remove that cufflink
aswell. He glances over at the nightstand. I get the hint and lay the
cufflinks there.

When I turn back he is standing there with his hands at his side. I
just stare until he motions with his right hand that I should undo the rest
of his shirt now. I work on his tie first.

The tie is dark blue like his pants, but it also has just slightly
lighter blue stripes on it. The tie alone probably costs $100. It takes
me a moment to figure out how to remove it. I’ve only worn a tie once
before and it was a clip on. It’s not rocket science but the last thing I
want to do is damage it. What really throws me for a loop is the tie pin.
I’ve seen men wearing them before but have never really thought about them
much. Who would? I was surprised to find there is a small metal chain
connecting them to the shirt. The chain makes sense but it was still

I closely inspect the chain. It takes me only 20 seconds to figure it
out but it seems an eternity with Ray staring at me. Ray is amazingly
patient with me. He even seems to enjoy watching me figure everything out.
However, I’m still shaking in fear at the prospect that his patience might
suddenly run out.

I’m pretty sure that Ray would get into a ton of trouble if he beat the
shit out of me. However, there is still a lot he could do to punish me
without leaving that many marks. Plus, I can easily see someone as big as
Ray accidently letting his anger get away from him.

Once the tie is aside, I start working on his shirt. I try my best not
to look him in the face. However, I can still feel Ray’s eyes on me. I
get the shirt unbuttoned but when I go to pull it out of his pants they
won’t come. I know he is probably wearing garters of some kind. My dad
wears them sometimes to help hold his shirt in. I never closely inspected
his but I have inspected the ones my sisters sometimes wear.

A couple years back I started spying on my sisters sometimes when they
changed clothes. It was never really a sexual thing. I was just a curious
kid. I even sometimes went into their rooms and looked through their
underwear drawers and stuff. I knew it was a very bad thing to do, which
of course was one of the main reasons I did it. Anyway, I got a close up
inspection of their garter belts and have an idea of how they work. I also
know there is only one way to remove them. I’m going to have to undo Ray’s

He is wearing a thick black leather belt. As I unbuckle it, Ray reaches
down and slides it free from all the belt loops. He folds it and lays it
on the bed. He doesn’t say anything but the message is crystal clear. He
is keeping the belt within arm’s reach in case I fail to please him. I
have no clue, nor do I want to find out exactly how hard he could hit me
with that thing without leaving any long term marks.

As I mentioned earlier, when I was janitor I spent weeks wishing to get
a good look at Ray’s dick. Well, be careful what you wish for. As I unzip
him I realize I’m about to get a very close up view of it. I even
instinctively kneel down in front of him. I’m not sure why I kneel down.
Maybe it is just from all that time at the door in front of the hole.
Regardless, I realize I might be giving him the wrong idea so I go to stand
back up. When I go to stand, however, Ray’s hand comes to my shoulder to
keep me down.

I let out a small moan of despair, but I don’t try to struggle away from
him. Not that I actually could. I do, however, look up at him briefly.
He is staring back at me so I blush and quickly avert my eyes. I can’t
believe this is the same guy I chatted with all those times. I can’t
believe he would make me do this. Of course, he probably can’t believe I’m
actually doing it.

I can’t help but wonder how many other boys he has done this too here. I
doubt that I’m the first. However, I suspect that he doesn’t do it to all
of them. I’m sure Danielle would have warned me if that was the case.
Granted, it is also possible Danielle is simply the only boy Ray hasn’t
messed with. Danielle is the Dean’s son/daughter after all.

As I pull his pants down, Ray’s dick swings out and slaps me in the
face. I jerk back like it is on fire. I can’t believe a Nig… I mean, a
black man’s dick just touched my face. I dare not even think the “N” word
in front of Ray. I never say the “N” word but I’m ashamed to admit that I
sometimes think it.

I honestly don’t want to be prejudiced in any way. However, you have to
keep in mind that there just aren’t that many blacks around where I live.
The number of blacks in my city is very low to begin with. Add on the fact
that I live in a somewhat rich neighborhood and that narrows the number of
blacks even further. I guess that last part sounds prejudiced also… but
it is true. There just aren’t that many rich blacks in my area.

I really don’t think about racial stuff that often. I usually don’t
even notice the color of people’s skin. However, there are certain times
that I do. For example, I would hesitate to have sex with a black girl.
It would have nothing to do with how attractive she might be to me; it just
feels wrong for some reason. I think it is because I didn’t grow up around
any blacks and I’m just not used to the idea of it. The thought of it
makes me feel similar to what I felt the first time I slept with one of my
sisters. Granted, it didn’t take much effort for me to get past that
little taboo.

As you can imagine, being touched by Ray’s dick feels like a double
taboo to me. It’s a dick and it’s black.

I don’t get much time to dwell on it. Once his dick comes into view I
mainly think about how huge the fucking thing is. It is about 9 inches
long like the Dean’s. However, Ray’s dick is almost 3 inches thick.
That’s only half an inch thicker than the Dean’s but that half inch makes
it look a shit load bigger.

I can’t help but stare at it. I kneel there stunned like that for
almost half a minute. The longer I stare at it the bigger it seems to get.
Finally I get ahold of myself and continue with my task. I unhook his
shirt garters and he allows me to stand back up so I can remove his shirt.
I fold it very neatly and place it with his tie. When I turn back I see
Ray stepping out of his shoes and pants. He sees me watching and gives me
a wink. I blush and quickly look down. Of course this only puts my eyes
on his cock which makes me blush further.

I pick his pants up and fold them neatly. This isn’t part of my
training so I guess I don’t have to fold all of his clothes. However, it
still feels like the right thing to do. It shows a kind of respect for
him. Or at least it doesn’t show disrespect which is the last thing I want
to do.

I hear my bed springs complain and I turn to see Ray getting on the
mattress. To my surprise, he rolls over onto his stomach. I guess he is
serious about wanting that massage after all. I’m still reluctant so I
take my time collecting his socks and underwear from the floor. I even
neatly arrange his shoes at the base of the night stand.

Ray is patient, but I can only delay so long. Finally, I have no choice
but to crawl up into the bed with him. I’ve given my mom a few massages
but they were always just her shoulders. We were always fully clothed also
of course. As I crawl next to Ray I realize I might have bitten off more
than I can chew. The task suddenly doesn’t seem as simple as it did just a
couple minutes ago.

There is no turning back now. Ray looks even more intimidating now that
I can see all his muscles. His muscles aren’t as well defined as what you
see in body building competitions on TV. However, he still looks pretty
muscular. It would probably only take a few weeks of dieting for him to
loose what little fat he has covering those muscles. He still wouldn’t win
any competitions. He is huge but not that huge. He’s just extremely fit.
My guess is that when he’s not at the school then he’s at the gym or at
home working out.

I kneel at his left side and reach for his neck muscle. My hands look
so white and tiny on his huge black shoulder. I can’t believe how hard his
muscles are. It feels like I’m trying to squeeze a chunk of warm metal.
It’s a huge contrast from what my mom’s shoulders always felt like.

“Straddle my back,” he orders.

I have to admit that my current angle is pretty bad for this task. I
was just hoping to be able to do the job with minimum physical contact. I
should have known better than that. He is so big that I have to actually
stand completely up before I can get up on his back. When I kneel down I
spread my knees wide but they don’t even reach the bed.

“Oh,” I groan as my weighted nuts press hard against his hot flesh.

The pain is bad but not as bad as it could be. I can thank little Bobby
for that. I busted several nuts in him yesterday and that soothed my blue
balls somewhat. I still try several angles to help relieve the pressure.
None work that well. I do find, however, that when I lean forward and
press down on my hands it does cut the pain significantly. I need to do
that anyway for the massage so it works out well.

My fingers are too weak to do much good on Ray’s hard muscles. I spend
most of my time just pressing down with my palms in various spots. I feel
very humiliated as I give Ray his massage. I would feel humiliated no
matter what guy I performed this on. However, I would be lying if I said
Ray’s skin color didn’t add a lot to my humiliation. It’s not because I
feel superior or any shit like that. It is because it feels so odd and
wrong to be touching a black person like this. Okay, maybe I’m a little
prejudiced but isn’t everyone?

I blush when I remember the video camera in the room. God, I hope this
isn’t some trick the Dean or my trainers are pulling on me. If so, then
they will probably be emailing this video to everyone on the staff… to
include my dad.

I massage his back for over 15 minutes. He just lays there and moans
from time to time. I flop onto my side when he decides to turn over. It
is a bit abrupt but at least the massage is finally over.

“Do my front now,” he says as he lays back.

I guess I’m not done after all. I climb back on. This time I straddle
his stomach. I make sure I pull his hard dick off his stomach so I won’t
be sitting on it. I can still feel the huge thing up against my right hip.
I do my best to push it out of my mind.

I’m beat red as I work his front. I do everything I can to keep from
looking him in the eye. Even without looking I can tell it won’t be long
before he expects his “full release”. The only question is how he will
obtain that release. The only thing I know for sure is that he won’t deep
throat me. Victor brags about me being good at sucking dick, but I’m not
THAT good. Deep throating Ray just isn’t physically possible. He would do
permanent damage if he tried and he knows it. Of course, that still leaves
lots of possibilities.

My brain frantically runs through all the possible scenarios. I try not
to but I just can’t help myself. This goes on for over 5 minutes. The
scenarios just keep getting worse and worse and I’m about to start crying.
Ray must have figured my brain was about to explode because he finally
reaches up and grabs hold of my hips. My body jerks when he grabs hold.

I freeze and involuntarily look into his eyes. I can easily tell the
moment has finally arrived. What happens next catches me by surprise. One
of his large hands slide up my back and lightly grasps me at the back of
the neck. He then applies pressure. Like an idiot, I try to resist.
There is no way I’m going to overpowering this guy. I don’t even think he
notices that I’m trying to pull away. He just keeps pushing me down until
my upper body comes to rest against his.

He then pushes me downward. At first I think he is going to make me
suck his dick after all. However, he stops when my face comes even with
his chest.

“No,” I whimper when he angles my hand and presses my lips down against
his left nipple.

I struggle again but with equally poor results. When this doesn’t work
I try to go to that dark space in my mind. However, as I back up I quickly
run into Janice who blocks my way. She takes control of my body but forces
me to stand there and watch and feel everything that is going on.

It angers me that she would keep me from my safe spot yet again. I can
tell by the way she is sucking Ray’s nipple that she enjoys at least part
of this. She’s a girl, why wouldn’t she enjoy it? So, it’s not like I was
trying to abandon her to perform some horrible task… at least not for

Ray’s pecs are actually larger than Danielle’s breasts. However, his
are manly and full of muscle. His nipples are smaller than Danielle’s but
he still has plenty for me to suck into my mouth and flick with my tongue.

I can’t believe I’m actually sucking a black man’s nipple! As bad as
this is, I just know it is going to get much worse.

I suck on the nipple for several minutes before Ray moves my head to the
other. As I suck on this nipple it dawns on me that Janice is no longer
there. It’s just me. The bitch has ducked away and left me by myself. I
know it is only fair after what I did to her with my dad, but this still
seems unbelievably cruel of her.

“Keep licking, sugar,” he says as he moves my mouth to the right of his

I’m more than happy to comply. At least now I’m just licking his chest
and not his nipple. It’s still gross and humiliating but it could be much
worse. He moves my head back and forth on his right pec for a minute and
then things do indeed get worse. At first I think he is just going to have
me lick the outer side of his pec. However, he keeps pushing me to the
side until my tongue runs into hairs from his underarm.

“Lick!” he growls when I quickly pull my tongue back into my mouth.

I refuse at first. I even try to muffle a “no” through my tightly
closed lips. All it takes is a small squeeze on my neck to get me to
change my mind. It isn’t that painful and I doubt he would squeeze my neck
much harder than this, but it sends a clear message he will probably do
something else to hurt me if I don’t comply.

I gag and feel like I’m going to be sick as I let me tongue come out of
its hiding place. Oh, God! I’m licking his armpit! He tastes just like
he smells… manly. It’s horrible to perform the act but it really doesn’t
taste that awful. Nowhere near as bad as the Dean’s dick tasted yesterday.
Ray is much cleaner but he isn’t perfectly clean. His flavor is mixed in
with that of salt which tells me he probably sweated a little since his
last bath.

I’m licking for almost a minute before something else occurs to me about
his flavor. There are no chemical type tastes you might expect from an
underarm deodorant. At least I assume deodorant isn’t tasteless. This
seems odd for Ray. In addition to wearing fine clothes he also always
smells good. I even asked him once what cologne he wears. All I had at
home was my dad’s Old Spice. I would have much preferred smelling like
Ray. I quickly changed my mind when he told me how much it cost. My
allowance for a full year wasn’t enough to buy a bottle of the stuff.

My face is beat red as I run my tongue back and forth across the kinky
hairs. His underarm gets a thorough bath before he finally pulls me away
from it. When my mouth comes to his nipple again I start licking and
sucking on it with gusto. I work on it like a starving baby trying to
feed. I much prefer the nipple over his armpit. I nurse the nipple for a
minute before me moves me over to the left one. I work even harder on this

My efforts pay off and he rewards me by not making me lick the other
armpit. Instead, he puts his finger under my chin and lifts up until I’m
forced to look him in the eye. I can see the lust in his brown eyes. The
next thing I know his large lips are on mine. I try to pull away but he is
holding me in place.

I’m sure he thinks he is rewarding me further by giving me the kiss, but
he’s not. I almost prefer the armpit. Not in a million years did I think
I would ever kiss a black man. The disgust is unimaginable as his tongue
invades my mouth and we start to share spit. I’m quickly discovering that
I’m a lot more racist than I thought. This is 100 times worse than when I
kissed Danielle for the first time. There is nothing I can do except
accept it. If Ray wants to kiss then we are going to kiss.

I try to force his big tongue out of my mouth using my own. However,
this only seems to encourage Ray further. I struggle against the kiss for
over two minutes. Finally, I give in and let my stiff body relax. I don’t
kiss back but I’m no longer fighting it. I have more fight in me but it is
my hope that he will realize he won the battle and halt the kiss.

Another minute, then two pass and his tongue is still darting around in
my mouth. It becomes clear he doesn’t plan to stop kissing any time soon.
A part of me wants to start fighting again but I’m just too emotionally and
mentally drained.

“Mmm!” I groan into his mouth when I feel one of his large fingers worm
into my asshole.

His finger is big but is nothing compared to what I’ve had up my hole in
the past couple weeks. My outburst is more to let him know I don’t want
him sticking anything in there. I know how it works. First it is one
finger and then two. The next thing I know he will be trying to stick his
huge dick in there. With a little effort I’m sure I can probably
physically handle his dick. However, I’m not so sure I can handle it
mentally. I’ve had a man’s dick up my ass, but this one is much bigger
and… well, it’s black! I know it shouldn’t matter what color it is but
it does.

Despite knowing where this is headed, I still can’t help but moan in
pleasure as his finger diddles me deep inside. God, he knows how to play
with my clit! I moan into his mouth and do a little dance as his finger
wiggles around. Having my body betray me like this is very humiliating and
upsetting. My hips even try grinding back against his finger.

I freeze as Ray slowly works a second finger inside. He is proceeding
just as I feared he would. At first I try to fight the inevitable by
squeezing my hole tight. His strong unlubed fingers keep pushing and I
have no choice but to relax my hole. I know it will be too painful if I
don’t. I even arch my back slightly in order to help accommodate them.

I’m embarrassed to admit it but Ray’s two fingers feel perfect inside my
hole. They are just big enough that they help fill that empty feeling I
get whenever my plug is out. A larger object would fill the bill also, but
I prefer sticking with the low end of the scale. I just wish this was the
biggest thing he planned to push in me. I already know better though.

I can tell that Ray is letting me set the pace. Or at least he is
letting my body reactions set it. He didn’t add the second finger until I
was dancing around on the first one. With this in mind, I do my best to
hold still as the two fingers start wiggling around inside me. God, that
feels so good! What are in those drugs they have been giving me? I know
this feeling can’t be natural. If it was then I’m pretty sure I would have
discovered it a long time ago.

I don’t know what scares me more. That this feeling is a result of the
drugs or that it might actually be natural. If it is the drugs then that
means they are forcing these feelings on me. That’s horrible. However, if
it is natural then that means I won’t be able to ever escape it. Even
after I run away from this place I will always be tempted to rub myself
inside there.

I hold out for only a minute before I’m dancing on Ray’s fingers. A
minute later and I’m moaning into Ray’s mouth again.

He works my hole for another two minutes. I let out a moan of despair
when I feel the fingers finally start to pull out. Part of me wants them
to stay in there because they felt so good. Another part of me wants them
to stay in there because I know what will be coming next once they are
gone. I want this whole horrible ordeal to be over but I so don’t want that
big black dick up my hole.

“Mmm!” I try to protest when I feel the head of his dick slide up
against my hole.

I found a dirty sex story online once. In it the author referred to the
head of a man’s penis as being like a warm soft plum. Well, the head of
Ray’s dick was warm and kind of spongy like a plum but it felt more like
the size of a fucking apple! Unfortunately, I’m not exaggerating that
much. God, this is going to be a tight fit.

My skin crawls as I feel him rub the head back and forth against my
hole. The head of his dick is covered in slippery precum and he is
lubricating my “ass pussy” with it. I know I should be thanking him for
the lube, but right now all I can think about is the disgust of having a
black man’s precum smeared on me… plus, what I know is about to happen.

As disgusting as it is, I have to admit that it sends shivers up and
down my spine and makes my toes curl each time the head of his dick rubs
across my hole. I even shamelessly push back a few times.

As Ray uses one hand to guide his cock, he uses the other to hold onto
my waist. It takes me a moment to realize his hand is no longer on my neck
forcing me to kiss him. I want to break the kiss right away. However, I’m
scared Ray might get upset if I’m too abrupt. So, I keep kissing him for
20 seconds or so before I slowly pull away. He doesn’t seem upset but I
still lower my lips back to his several times for a few tender kisses.

“It’s too big!” I say when I feel the head of his dick pressing hard
against my hole.

Ray ignores me and keeps adding pressure. I want to protest further but
I know I’m better off taking deep breaths and relaxing my hole the best I

“Oh…oh…oh,” I groan as the pressure against my hole increases.

I know my hole has been stretched wider than this before but that
knowledge does little good in easing the discomfort. It has been many days
since my hole has been stretched this far. Plus, it has been several hours
since I took my plug out. My poor hole thought it had the night off and
now Ray is trying to stick a telephone pole up it.

“Oh… oh… OH!” I yelp when his apple pops inside.

Fuck that is big! Oh, shit! He’s stretching me so wide!

I try to struggle again when it fully dawns on me that he isn’t going to
be happy with just the head inside. He’s going to bury it real deep and
then start pumping my ass pussy with it. I can barely handle the tip.

Even Danielle’s cock seemed much too big once she/he started pumping me
with it. I think it has something to do with how my insides have to
rearrange themselves with each stroke. Or, maybe it is the way the cock
kept bumping into my ass clit on each thrust. All I know for sure is that
Ray’s dick is almost twice the size of Danielle’s. Even if he doesn’t
physically injure me I think the ordeal will probably mentally damage me.

Yet, a sick spark of excitement shoots down my spine at the thought of
Ray’s big apple bumping into my ass clit over and over again. I just know
that the ass orgasm it would create would be beyond anything I’ve
experienced so far. A perverted part of me wants to experience that anal
climax. However, another part of me is scared to death of it.

“Please don’t,” I beg. “I’ll do anything else you want. I’ll be a good
girl for you. I promise.”

I blush as I add that last part. However, I know it is important to say
it. It is about the only thing I can really offer him. Offering simple
obedience is pretty pointless with someone as big as Ray. He can easily
take whatever he wants from me. However, getting me to act like a girl and
maybe even pretend to like it… that is something I have to volunteer.
Okay, maybe he can force that out of me also. However, can he do it
without leaving marks my trainers might notice?

“Oh, you are going to be a good girl for Ray alright,” Ray says with a
chuckle. “Trust me; I’ve seen straight boys turn into flaming sissies
after getting a taste of my dick. I’ve watched you via the cameras. They
already have you at least 9/10ths of the way to being a complete sissy.
Once I breed your hole you will be begging to come home with me so you can
be my bride.”

Be a nig… I mean, a black man’s bride? I don’t think so. I also want
to deny to myself that he is wrong about the 9/10ths part. However, he’s
probably right. I honestly don’t feel like I’ve changed that much in the
past few weeks. Yet, when I stop and actually think about it I realize
I’ve changed a ton. The Jack from three weeks ago probably wouldn’t even
recognize me.

“Oh…oh…oh,” I groan as Ray slowly feeds me his dick.

Ray’s big apple presses hard against my ass clit and then slides on
past. The tight fit is uncomfortable, yet still sends tingles through my

“Ugh!” I grunt when his apple presses against something deep inside me.
“It hurts!”

It is a very uncomfortable feeling. I felt something similar with
Danielle. However, Danielle’s dick managed to get past this spot somehow.
I can already tell though that Ray’s dick is way too fat for that. It will
be extremely painful if he goes deeper. I fear it might even injure me.
Thankfully, Ray listens to me and stops pressing forward.

“I think I reached your cervix,” Ray says with a chuckle.

I can tell he thinks he is making some kind of joke but I don’t get it.
I don’t know what a cervix is but I doubt I would find his joke funny even
if I did know what it was. Right now all I can think about is that pain
inside me. He stopped pushing but he hasn’t pulled back any in order to
relieve the pressure.

“There are two ways we can do this,” he informs me. “I can bury the
rest of my dick up your pussy or you can be a good girl and show me how you
play giddy up. So, do you want to be a good girl for me now?”

My blush deepens as I nod my head up and down. I’m not that sure I
would live if he fed the rest of his cock to me. I suspect he knows this
also. Or at least he knows he might injure me. So, it is very possible
this is just a bluff. I’m not willing to take that chance.

I feel Ray’s hands leave my hips. I hold still for a moment and then
slowly pull myself forward. Another tingle shoots up my spine and my toes
curl as his apple runs across my ass clit in the opposite direction. I
keep pulling forward until the underside of his apple is pushing against
the inside of my ass ring. My instinct is to pull his dick the rest of the
way out. However, I know that if I do that then I will just have to
squeeze it right back in. I’m sure Ray would enjoy the sensation of
forcing his apple back inside, but I sure as hell wouldn’t.

I take a few deep breaths and then slowly push back. Fuck that is a big
dick! His dick is hard, yet still pliable enough that it compresses a
little inside my tight hole. That said, it still has to be at least 2.5
inches thick in its compressed state.

His dick reaches that uncomfortable spot deep inside me and I
immediately start pulling myself forward again. I go all the way to the
tip and then press back again. I repeat this over and over. I also
increase the speed a little each time. I know that the faster I go the
faster he will cum. Plus, I can’t deny that the faster pace makes my ass
clit feel better also.

I can only go so fast in this position. I’m doing maybe 10 pumps a
minute at best. Ray isn’t holding my upper body against his so I take a
gamble and use my hands to lift myself up. Ray doesn’t protest. He looks
pleased if anything. He did say to “play giddy up” and sitting up like
this is how one would do that I guess.

I’m able to increase my speed a bit in this new position. I’m still
going mainly forward and back though. If I’m going to get the speed
necessary to get Ray to cum then I’m going to have to change my position
even more. So, I get my feet under me and hover over him in more of a
squatting position. This new position works perfect.

The position becomes even better when Ray grabs hold of my ass cheeks.
His strong fingers constantly knead my ass cheeks and occasionally spread
them painfully wide, but their presence helps me maintain my balance.

I use my leg muscles to lift myself up and then let gravity quickly pull
me back down. All I have to do is make sure my legs kick in before his
apple punches through my cervix… whatever that is.

“Tell Ray how much you like his nigger dick,” Ray groans.

My eyes get big when I hear him use the “N” word. I’ve heard a few of
my friends say it a few times in the past. However, it was them saying it
just to say it. Just like all the other curse words we know are wrong to
say. They certainly never used the word in reference to an actual black
person. And they definitely never said it in close proximity to a black

It seems odd that Ray would use the word himself. I guess it isn’t any
more odd than him speaking about himself in the third person. Regardless,
I’m not about to use the word.

“I… I like your dick,” I whisper back to him.

“Say `I like Ray’s big dick’,” Ray groans back.

At least he didn’t use the “N” word that time. I still hold back for a
moment before I comply.

“I like Ray’s big dick,” I groan as I drop down on his huge dick once

“Keep saying it,” he commands. “Make sure it is loud enough for
everyone to hear.”

I freeze when he says this. Are we being watched? Or was that just a
kind of saying? I’m tempted to ask but decide it is best not too. If the
answer is “yes” then I’ll still have to do all of this. Only then I will
know there is someone watching and they will know I know. Right now I at
least can still hope no one is watching. Plus, anyone watching will
probably at least pretend they hadn’t seen the whole ordeal.

“I like Ray’s big dick,” I say as I start moving on his dick once more.

I say it in a normal voice instead of a whisper, but Ray apparently
doesn’t feel it is loud enough. He lets one of his hands slide off my ass
cheek and onto my balls. He then encases my balls and weight in his large

“I like Ray’s big dick!” I say much louder when I feel Ray squeeze my
nuts slightly.

My balls have felt a ton better ever since they started milking me.
However, that doesn’t mean they still don’t hurt when being squeezed.

“I like Ray’s big dick!” I all but yell three more times before he stops

Ray stops squeezing but he doesn’t let go. At first, his fist moves in
sync with my hips. However, on each upward hump my ball weight seems to
feel a little heavier. He is clearly adding more resistance. It doesn’t
take long before it becomes very uncomfortable. His tugging down makes my
weight feel at least 5 times heavier. To make matters worse, he starts
adding resistance in the opposite direction whenever I hump down.
Basically, my balls are being pulled when I go up and pushed on when I go
down. Only it is I doing most of the pulling and pushing. Ray is mostly
just holding his hand in place.

I try doing even shorter strokes but Ray isn’t happy with this and
starts squeezing my nuts again. The pulling and pushing is uncomfortable
but it still feels 10 times better than when he squeezes. So, I start
doing deeper strokes again.

“Oh! I like…oh… Ray’s big… ah… dick!” I grunt as I punish my
nuts with each hump.

Danielle told me a couple weeks back that I should learn to embrace pain
and mold it into pleasure. There is no way that is going to happen. I’ve
tried that a few times and it has never worked. However, I have found that
I can sometimes block out some of the pain and focus more on what little
pleasure might already be there. That’s what I start doing here. As I
rape my hole with Ray’s huge black dick I try to block out the pain coming
from my nuts and focus on that odd perverted pleasure coming from my ass

The pleasure is mixed in with a bunch of pain and it takes me a minute
to locate it. When I do find it I grab on with both hands and hug it
tight. The perverted pleasure is all gooey and slimy and keeps trying to
slip away. It is like a greased pig and gets loose a few times but I just
keep chasing it down and grabbing hold. It takes several minutes but I
finally tire it out and it just sits there and lets me hug it.

“I like Ray’s big dick!” I grunt as I wrap my arms and legs around my
slimy glob of pleasure.

“I like Ray’s big dick!”

“I like Ray’s big dick!”

As I bounce up and down on Ray’s dick I discover a flaw in my plan. The
more I embrace the pleasure the more I’m starting to believe what I’m
chanting out loud. It’s Ray’s big dick after all that is strumming my ass
clit. It isn’t long and I’m humping Ray’s dick with everything I have. I
even start trying to force his big apple past that tender spot deep inside

“I love Ray’s big dick!” I yell as I feel an anal climax nearing.

“God, I love Ray’s big dick! I love Ray’s big dick! I love… ohhhh!”

I bury his huge dick deep in my ass and start convulsing. Like all my
prior anal climaxes, this one is scary and pleasurable at the same time.
However, just like prior ones it doesn’t quite feel like a normal climax.
It is intense enough though that it makes my head spin for a moment. When
everything settles down I find I’m laying against Ray’s chest again with my
face near his neck. In my afterglow I actually get a strange urge to kiss
and suck on his neck. I don’t do it of course. Only a fag would do
something like that.

“Do you want to come home with me yet?” Ray laughs.

I don’t answer. However, I do think about it. I don’t seriously
consider the offer but I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be
Ray’s live in girlfriend/wife. He would probably “breed” me several times
a day. Eventually I’m sure I would learn to take his huge dick all the way
inside me. He might even train me how to take all of it down my throat.
Though I’m still not sure that’s possible.

In time I might even get used to kissing him, sucking his nipples and
licking his arm pits. It’s a frightening thought but I know it is true. I
would get used to it just like almost everything else I’ve learned

I wonder if he would keep me in my cock cage all the time in order to
make me beg for regular milkings? I also wonder what my parents would
think about the whole thing.


My thoughts are interrupted by Ray’s dick burying itself deep inside me
again. I got so caught up in my own climax that I failed to notice Ray
hadn’t cum yet. I guess that’s not very wifely of me.

One thing that I’ve noticed about my anal climaxes is that my “desire”
never fully goes away. Ray’s huge dick just milked a large load out of me
and I still feel a slight desire to cum again. Still, the desire is
diminished just enough that my humiliation and disgust override it. All I
want right now is to get away from Ray’s huge cock. That’s not going to
happen though. I don’t even bother trying to pull myself away. Instead, I
lay my upper body flat against his strong chest and hug him the best I can.
His body is now sweaty and smells even manlier than before. Rubbing
against his sweaty body makes me feel all dirty and yucky. However, it is
still better than if I were sitting up again. If I did that then I would
be forced to look down at him again. Plus, he would be able to see all the
shame on my face.

Ray doesn’t seem to mind. He just grabs my hips tight and starts
humping up from below. Thankfully, he takes care not to drive up too deep
into me.

You would think that I would be used to humiliation by now. However, as
Ray grunts below me I lay my head against his strong chest and weep
silently. I feel one of Ray’s large hands rub up and down my sweaty back.
At first I think he is trying to comfort me. However, after a minute the
hand grabs hold of the back of my head and guilds me until my lips are over
his left nipple. I hesitate only a few seconds before I start sucking on
the salty offering.

Ray begins to moan as I suck his nipple. Realizing this might get him
off faster, I start going to town on the nipple. I suck hard on it. I
flick my tongue around on it. I even nibble it a little. It takes less
than two minutes for Ray to start cumming. He holds me so tight that I can
barely breathe. I also feel his dick swell even bigger and become as hard
as steel. Next I feel him shooting deep inside me.

“Ray’s breeding your hole.”

I’m light headed from the lack of oxygen and I’m not sure if it is Ray
that says this or if it is Janice.

Ray keeps jabbing my hole for almost a full minute before he comes to a
rest. I keep sucking his nipple for another half minute before I realize I
can stop now.

I expect Ray to push me off him in disgust or something. However, he
holds me tight and runs one of his hands up and down my back. For some
weird reason I feel the need to be held right now. His hug makes me feel
all yummy inside. Yet, at the same time I feel pretty disgusted by our
sweaty bodies sliding against each other and the feel of his sperm sloshing
around in my bowels.

There is an awkward silence in the room as we lay there. It’s about 2
minutes before his dick gets soft. I feel him reach over and grab
something off the nightstand. As his dick slides out of my hole I feel my
plug being put in its place.

“Ugh!” I grunt as the large plug pops in place.

The thought of having Ray’s sperm corked inside me makes my skin crawl.
It’s at least an hour until I do my morning enema. By then my body will
have soaked up most of the black man’s sperm. As bad as that thought is,
my mind is worried more about what Ray might want me to do next. If you
make a mess then you clean it. If this was official training then my
trainers would have me licking Ray’s dick clean right now.

Thankfully, Ray doesn’t make me do this. Instead, he slides out of bed
and goes into the bathroom. A moment later I hear him running a bath.

“Come in here sugar,” he orders.

I reluctantly climb out of bed and enter the bathroom. I freeze when I
see Ray standing in front of the toilet. I immediately assume he wants to
use me as a toilet. However, he just starts pissing in the toilet bowl. I
continue to stare at Ray as I breathe a sigh of relief. He doesn’t have
that pro body building ripped look but his sweaty glistening body still
looks like it belongs to a Greek God or something. I can only imagine how
many hours he spends in the gym lifting weights.

Ray’s piss comes out in a thick strong stream. He was courteous and
lifted the toilet seat beforehand, however, I can still see piss splashing
out of the bowl. I kept close watch so I know what to clean later. I
guess I should be upset that he is making such a mess, but I’m not. Not
really. I’m more than happy to clean up after him if it means not having
to drink his piss. I’ve gotten pretty good at being a toilet but I doubt I
could have handled Ray’s thick stream. And damn there was a lot of it
also. His piss seemed to go on forever.

“I might let you drink it next time,” Ray tells me.

I come out of my trance and look up at his face just in time to catch
him giving me a wink and a smile. I blush profusely. I can’t believe he
caught me staring like that. He clearly misread my stare. I want to
explain but I’m too embarrassed to say anything. Hopefully, he will forget
the incident by the next time he “visits”. If he doesn’t then I can always
explain then.

Ray flushes and then walks over to the tub and climbs in. He turns the
water off and then waves me over. I reluctantly climb into the tub with
him. It’s a big tub but it suddenly seems much smaller with Ray sitting in
it. I don’t get my own space in it like when Danielle and I shared it. I
try sitting down near Ray’s feet but he grabs my waist and easily pulls me
up until I’m sitting in his lap. Thankfully, he allows me to sit with my
back to him. At least this way I don’t have to look him in the eye.

“Mmm,” I moan in pleasure as his strong hands start washing me.

I blush the second I let the moan out. I can’t believe I did that!
Sure, it felt good but the last thing I want is for him to think I’m
enjoying myself. I bite my lower lip to help keep from moaning further.

It only takes Ray’s large hands a couple minutes to fully scrub me down.
He then hands me a bar of soap and a pink bath scrub. I start with his
legs since they are right in front of me. I take my time but I’m not sure
why. I know I’m going to have to do the rest of his body eventually

I spend at least 2 minutes on his legs and then bashfully turn so I can
face him. I blush as I reach out and start scrubbing his chest, shoulders
and arms. I make sure I clean his underarms extra good just in case he
decides to make me lick them again. My blush deepens when I look down and
see his semi hard dick sticking up out of the water. His dick gets real
hard as I wash it and his large balls.

I quickly go from cleaning his dick to masturbating him. I don’t want
to do it but I assume he will fuck my ass again if I don’t. He lets me
play with his cock for a couple minutes before he stops me.

“You’re a horny little slut aren’t you?” Ray giggles as he pulls my
hands away from his cock and balls. “We don’t have time to do it again
today. Don’t worry; you will be surprised how often I’ll be able to sneak
in here and breed you.”

This comment of course makes me blush further. I also swallow hard at
the thought of Ray breeding me on a regular basis. I kind of figured this
would be the case, but it still catches me off guard when I hear him
actually say it.

As I dry Ray off I can’t help but stare at his semi hard dick. I just
can’t believe that huge thing was inside me. It just doesn’t seem possible
that something that big could ever fit in me. I mean, my ass was virgin
just a few weeks ago.

Ray takes his time dressing. Thankfully, all I have to do is hand him
his items. I don’t bother dressing myself. My normal wake up time is in
about 30 minutes. I would just have to undress at that time anyway so I
can take my morning enema. I also plan to take another bath. I still feel
dirty. I think part of the reason is because I shared the last bath with
Ray. I think the main reason is because I still have his cum plugged
inside me. Now that I think about it I think I will do my morning enema
the second Ray leaves the room.

Before leaving, Ray walks over to me and gives me a hug and a kiss. I
return the kiss without thinking. I’m still disgusted by it but it seems
trivial compared to what we just did.

“The turkey dinner belongs to your dad,” Ray whispers as he hugs me.
“The needles belong to the Dean. That one isn’t as bad as it looks. He
will just pierce your ears if you select that one. They will eventually do
that to you anyway. Of course, he might want to do something sexual with
you also.”

I can’t help but smile a little as Ray backs away. Maybe I have an ally
after all. I had planned to select the turkey dinner. Ray just saved me
from a very awkward and embarrassing session with my father. The
information about the needles is pretty valuable also. From the sounds of
it I have nothing to lose by selecting that one. They will pierce my ears
anyway and it’s not like the Dean won’t breed me anyway. Still, do I
really want to accelerate that process just for a small gift?

Ray stares at me for a moment like he is debating something in his head.
He then leans back in and gives me another passionate kiss.

“Select the leather paddle that has the word `SLUT’ on it,” he whispers.
“You won’t enjoy it but you might discover why you are really in here.”

I’m a bit stunned when I hear this. The Dean already confessed that he
was the reason I was in here. Did he lie or possibly exaggerate? I
wouldn’t put it past the asshole. However, if he isn’t the reason then
what is? Ray turns and leaves before I can ask any follow up questions.
As a minimum it would be nice to at least know who that paddle belongs too.

It takes me a couple moments to get over the shock of this new
information. Once I can think straight again, I go to the tree and look at
the leather paddle. The card attached to it just says “Jawbreakers 2013”.
I like jawbreakers but hadn’t planned to select this item. Jawbreakers
just aren’t worth a spanking. Plus, there is no way I want to select an
item with the word “SLUT” written on it.

I reread the card a few times hoping the number might suddenly take on
more meaning. It doesn’t. I’m tempted to use the phone in my room to try
the number. However, I’m too scared. You would think I would have the
balls to at least pick up the receiver to see if the line is active. Plus,
maybe try my 10-digit code to make sure they have actually deactivated it.
However, I’ve been deathly afraid of even looking sideways at that phone.

In my defense, the phone does seem an obvious trap. Besides, even if I
could make a call there isn’t anyone I can trust. Even the cops in this
town can’t be trusted when it comes to this school. If they could then the
school probably would have been shut down years ago.

I finally put the paddle back on the tree and sit down on my bed. I
just sit there and watch the tree lights blink on and off. I want to give
Ray’s new information some serious thought. However, there just isn’t
enough data. Instead, I end up just spacing out as I watch the hypnotic
tree lights. I don’t break out of my trance until my clock radio goes off.


It doesn’t take long for me to figure out why Ray was so bold this
morning. After going through my morning routine I turn on the TV only to
find my first classroom is empty. I wait another 15 minutes before I’m
certain there is no school today.

I’m a bit confused. I don’t remember my sisters ever getting any days
off from school. Trust me; I teased them enough about it. It was one of
the few things I had over my older sisters. They got to brag about their
great grades and future hopes and stuff. However, every holiday I got to
tell them about all the fun I had on my day off. It was even better around
Christmas when I would get several days off in a row.

If they aren’t here though then where are they? Wait… of course…
mentors! Geese, no wonder my sisters always got so pissed when I teased
them about this. While I was having fun with friends they were spending
time with their mentors probably getting sex related training and stuff.

My father was always gone on these days also. I would bet money he
spent these days at Victor’s house. It certainly would explain some of the
stories they told me once I started working here. How they would take
students to Victor’s place sometimes and make them play together. How they
would sometimes even have the kids suck their dicks while they watched
football and stuff. They even sometimes referenced holidays. I just never
put it all together until now.

I flip through the channels and discover the school isn’t as dead today
as I thought. One of my class channels is a feed from the indoor
basketball court. While it is a basketball court I have never actually
seen anyone playing basketball on it; not even when I was janitor. They
would sometimes do exercises on it but mostly it was used for sex training.
This training varied greatly. Sometimes you would see 2 or 3 class rooms
full of kids there all paired up in groups of two to four.

What I see there now is a little different than normal. There were at
least 40 kids but only one teacher. While this is right about the correct
number of kids, there were almost always 3 or 4 teachers present. Most of
my attention, however, goes to the girls themselves. They are all naked
and in one big circle. They are all watching about five girls who are
having sex with each other on some mats in the middle of the circle. I’ve
seen this exercise before and it’s one of my favorites.

The girls take turns entering the little orgy in the center of the
circle. The first time I seen this I thought it was all random as to when
a girl would enter or exit the circle. The number in the middle even
seemed random. Sometimes there would be as few as 2 or 3 and other times
as many as 20 or more. My dad later explained to me that it was anything
but random. Every girl at the school wears the same type of wrist watch.
They look like simple digital watches but apparently they have a few
special features. One of those features is that it can be used kind of
like a beeper. Only they normally vibrate and not actually make beeping
noises. Apparently, when they participate in this auditorium exercise a
computer sends signals to this or that watch to let the girls know when to
enter and exit the circle. How often they have to enter and how long they
have to stay in the center is of course decided by their grades and other
evaluations kept in the computer database. The worse they are doing in the
school the more often the computer selects them for the center.

That is interesting and all. However, I mainly just liked watching them
play with each other. Though, I have to admit that it did add a bit of
excitement knowing this is a kind of punishment for the girls and that they
didn’t know exactly when their time to enter would occur. Sometimes I
would focus on this or that girl as she stood there waiting for her watch
to go off. They always looked very distressed as they waited there. You
knew the second their watch went off because they would swallow hard and

As I watch my TV I notice extra girls entering the gymnasium from time
to time. Once they enter they approach the teacher who then types
something into his laptop. The newcomers then then join the other girls. I
watch this channel for over an hour. During that time I see several more
girls enter and “check in”. It is around the one hour mark that I also
notice a few girls do the opposite. They approach the teacher and have him
type something into the computer. Then they leave. It dawns on me that
I’m watching some kind of perverted child care system.

They come to the gymnasium until their mentor is ready for them. They
then go out front at a specified time or possibly after getting a page from
their mentor. Their mentor then picks them up and takes them somewhere
private for their special training session. It is just a guess on my part
but it does make sense. There were a ton of kids and only so many
teachers. Not all of the teachers probably have room in their houses for
all the kids they mentor. So, they rotate them in and out like this.

I keep an eye out for my sisters but they don’t show up. It’s possible
they might arrive later in the day. I turn the TV off though. It’s not
that I find it boring or don’t want to watch. It’s just that it is too
damn frustrating with this cock cage on and all. The frustration becomes
overwhelming and I start to get way too tempted to grab the special
screwdriver and remove my cage.

Instead, I grab my text books and study. Believe it or not, I actually
wish I had classes today. Reading the books just isn’t the same without
the lectures to go along with them. Just sitting around and doing nothing,
however, would be too boring. Plus, there is a chance I would get in
trouble if I just laid around all day.

It’s about 9 a.m. before I start to get hungry. God, I haven’t eaten
anything all week! I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed this until just now.
For a moment I’m scared I might be deathly ill. Then I realize why I
haven’t been hungry. It’s because I’ve been eating cum! With all those
visits to my door I’ve probably eaten more “food” this week than I normally

I open my fridge and find it just as empty as the last time I looked. I
kind of hoped some food fairies might have restocked it while I slept or

For a moment I think about the turkey dinner card on my Christmas tree.
If Ray is correct then that card belongs to my dad. The card is attached
to a round paddle. Does that mean my dad would just paddle my butt a
little in exchange for the dinner? It is very tempting to select it.
However, I remind myself that they will expect him to treat me like any
other “student”. That means he would probably have to do something a
little more sexual in addition to the spanking.

I try to convince myself that the dinner is worth sucking my dad off or
possibly do some other sexual act with him. It’s not like I haven’t
already sucked him off. Plus, I’ll no doubt have to have sex with my dad
again in the future anyway. Still, I just can’t get myself to give in.
Instead, I grab my food and water bowls. I fill one with bottled water and
the other with dog food.

Dog food is a lot easier to eat when you are starving. I’m not quite
there yet. However, I’m scared that if I wait a couple more hours I might
convince myself to go for the turkey dinner.

In the past, I always felt embarrassed and humiliated when I ate from my
feed bowls. That is because I was pretty certain I was being watched.
Today, however, there has been no indication anyone might be watching. In
fact, Ray’s actions this morning kind of indicate the opposite. Though, he
did whisper to me which seemed a bit odd if he felt we were alone. I feel
a little silly but I eat on the floor like normal just in case. I even
make sure I don’t use my hands during the process.

I’m not sure why, but I start crying mid-way through my meal. It just
seems to come from nowhere. Sure, I’m ashamed and stuff but that’s nothing
new. I just chalk it up to the estrogen doing its thing. Of course,
thinking about the estrogen gives me more reason to cry and the tears begin
to really rain down into my food dish. Man, I wish I had classes today.
When I watch my classes I seldom have time to think about this depressing

Speaking of depressing… where’s my newspaper? I stand for a moment so
I can look around for it. I even go to my door to see if it is laying
there. That fucker didn’t bring me a paper today! I look in the trash can
for yesterday’s paper but the can has already been emptied.

“This day sucks,” I mumble as I kneel back down on the concrete floor so
I can finish my breakfast/brunch.

The next couple hours are just as boring as the first few. It’s so
boring that I actually start to look forward to my lunchtime exercises. I
get a knot in my stomach, however, when the time actually arrives. It’s
time to make a final decision on what items, if any, I plan to take with me
from the Christmas tree.

I blush as I grab the needles and the “SLUT” paddle. My blush deepens a
minute later when I’m placing the two items on the couch. It isn’t until
then that I realize exactly how my decisions must look to my trainers;
especially if they weren’t listening in when Ray told me about the items.
All they see is me selecting needles and a paddle which would imply I’m
into pain or something.

My exercises go pretty well. I still have to do 12 jumping jacks but
they don’t hurt my balls that much. With all my recent milkings, my balls
haven’t been hurting that much. Plus, I think my nuts are starting to get
used to my weight. That said, it is still far from being pleasurable.

I take an extra-long bath after my workout. It is the closest thing to
defiance I’ve shown in days. However, I figure “fuck them”. They have me
sitting around doing nothing all day anyway. Plus, that warm bubble bath
feels so damn sublime. I think I get a little too relaxed because at one
point I find myself playing with my nipples. When I realize what I’m doing
I blush and quickly pull my hands away. I’m more confused than ashamed.
They are normally so sensitive. They still are but it almost felt good
playing with them while they were warmed by the water.

The little incident does make me study my nipples a little closer. It
could be my imagination but my areolas seem a little puffier than they
should be. I tell myself that it is just the warm water. However, deep
down I know it is probably more than that. The estrogen is probably
starting to kick in. I’ve spied on my sisters enough to know how it works.
First the areola gets puffy. Then the chest itself starts to get fattier
and kind of cone shaped. The next thing I know I will have breasts just
like Danielle. This thought gives me a mix of conflicting emotions. I’m
mostly scared and disgusted at the thought, but there is also a small part
of me that seems… I don’t know… kind of excited about it I guess.
Don’t read that the wrong way. I still don’t want boobies… I really
don’t. However, a part of me looks forward to telling Danielle about this
recent development. It is kind of like Danielle and I will have something
else in common… if that makes any sense.

Thinking of Danielle makes me wonder what she is doing today. The Dean
is her mentor so it is possible Danielle is servicing his huge dick right
now. This thought upsets me. I get even more upset when I realize
Danielle might actually be spending the day with her asshole of a

Thinking of Danielle and her boyfriend ruins the mood of my bath. I
start the tub draining and pull myself from the warm water and yummy

Seriously, what does she see in this Edward guy anyway? Okay, according
to Danielle he is good looking, big and manly and has a huge dick. I can
see why she would want him as a fuck buddy or maybe even a boyfriend.
However, Danielle talked like she wanted to marry the guy. I just don’t
see her being happy married to someone like that. He’s too much like her

This last thought concerns me. I’ve heard how girls often marry men
that remind them of their fathers. Danielle certainly thinks of herself as
a girl. Hell, for the past few minutes I was even thinking of him as one.

Grrr! Why is Danielle not in my room with me anyway?! If there is no
school today then technically this is an extended weekend and Danielle is
supposed to be spending her weekends in here with me… not out frolicking
around with some asshole.

I’m so angry that I decide to act out a little and not to put my school
uniform back on. Instead, I put on my new yellow dress that Drew got me.

The second half of the day goes just as slow as the first. I even fall
asleep a couple times while reading my text books. No one comes in to wake
me which tells me I’m probably not being watched. I guess it is equally
possible they are watching but just don’t care since it is kind of a day
off for me.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

I almost jump out of my skin when I hear someone knock on my door. I
sit there stunned for a moment. I then rush to the door and kneel down. I
now wish I wasn’t wearing my new dress. I don’t want to get cum stains on
it. Plus, I always lift my skirt up so that my visitors can hear my cock
cage rub against the door. That’s easy to do with my school uniform’s
short skirt. However, it is a pain in the ass with this long yellow dress.
I do it anyway just in case. As I bunch it up around my waist I cringe at
the thought of all the wrinkles I’m creating in it.

The Dean’s huge dick comes through the hole the second my cock cage taps
against the door. I do a double take when I see his cock. On top of the
head of his dick are three tiny little scoops of ice cream. Each scoop is
a different color and about a quarter inch across. When I look closer I
see two tiny slivers of what I’m guessing are banana. And of course the
whole thing has a little chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top.
Apparently, this is my banana split. I’m sure he finds this very funny but
I sure as hell don’t.

I kick myself for selecting his item. I should have guessed he would do
something mean like this.

The ice cream is slowly melting on the end of his dick. I see it
starting to slide so I quickly put my mouth over it and suck it inside. I
figure there is no reason to let it go to waste. To my surprise, it
actually tastes good. I swallow it down. The flavor slowly disappears and
I’m left with just the taste of the Dean’s manly dick. At least his dick
seems rather clean today.

I barely get started on his dick when it withdraws from the hole. A
second later the door opens; pushing me back on my rump. I grunt as I land
on my plug.

I crawl backward in fear as he enters the room. Did I do something
wrong? Did he find out about Ray? Did he find out about my escape

I look up at his face and see no anger there. This relaxes me some but
I’m still a little worried. It would be just like the Dean to try to catch
me off guard. Try to make me think everything is okay and then suddenly go
off on me.

I reach a wall and can’t back up any more. I close my eyes tight and
wait for the worst. He walks on past me though. I open my eyes and watch
as he goes to the edge of my bed and begins to undress.

I’m a bit confused. Is this training? Is this punishment? Or is this
just part of his “gift”? Okay, I guess everything in here is considered
“training”. However, it would be nice to know what subcategory I’m about
to experience.

I cautiously stand and start taking my pretty new dress off. The Dean
hasn’t indicated that I need to get naked. Nor do I want to seem too
eager. However, I doubt my dress will fair very well if I keep it on. I
cringe when I remove it and notice a few marks on it from the concrete
floor. I will have to try to wash that out later. It’s a little wrinkly
now and needed a good wash anyway. It’s a light yellow cotton material so
I’m thinking warm water with no fabric softener. I hope it has a cleaning
tag though so I can make sure. I would hate to ruin it.

I glance back over at the Dean and see him watching me with a smile. I
blush and quickly avert my eyes. I have my dress off but I’m sure he will
want my plug out also. If he was here for just a blowjob then he wouldn’t
be getting naked. I make no attempt to remove the plug. If he wants me to
take it out then he is going to have to order me to do it. Instead, I just
stare at the ground and pray that my assumptions are wrong.

I look back up a half minute later when I hear the Dean crawl into my
bed. He looks over at me and I look away again. This time I focus on the
mess of clothes he left on the floor. Before he can order me into the bed
I walk over and start picking his clothes up. It’s the only thing I can
think of to help delay the inevitable. Plus, the mess bothered me for some
reason; which is odd considering how messy I’ve always been in the past.

I take my time as I neatly fold each item and put it on the nightstand.
I even fold his socks and underwear. He waits patiently, but eventually I
run out of items. I get a knot in my stomach as I lay the final piece of
clothing down.

“Where’s Danielle, sir?” I ask, hoping I can sidetrack his plans a
little longer. “Is she with her fiancĂ©?”

“Her what?” the Dean replies in confusion.

Pay dirt! He’s biting.

“Isn’t she engaged to some guy named Edward?” I say.

I feel kind of bad for selling Danielle out like this. She never said
she was engaged. In fact, she only said she was thinking of asking her
father if she could get engaged to Edward. That means the Dean is probably
unaware of how serious the relationship might be.

I know it is a pretty shitty thing for me to do. However, it does have
the potential of killing two birds with one stone. It could ruin
Danielle’s relationship with Edward, but more importantly, this information
might upset the Dean enough that he gets dressed and leaves so he can
confront Danielle. Danielle of course will be pissed at me. I’ll just
play it off as though I misunderstood what she said. She will forgive me
and we will become closer than ever. Plus, they claim makeup sex is always
the best. Wait, what am I saying?!

My train of thought is interrupted by a loud chuckle from the Dean.

“I wish I had a dime for every guy she falls in love with,” the Dean
replies as he pats the bed next to him. “She’s daddy’s girl and always
will be. I’ve already bought the house next door so she will have a place
to live once she gets old enough.”

I slowly crawl into bed and sit at the spot the Dean patted. As I do so
I notice him holding a small jar in his left hand. The jar is clear and I
can see the two needles floating around in a transparent fluid. I’m
guessing it is alcohol to help sterilize them.

“I’ll marry her off but it won’t be to some jerk like Ed,” the Dean
continues. “Most likely it will be to another girl that daddy can play

As he says this last part the Dean leans in and gives me a kiss on the
forehead. It takes me a moment but it dawns on me that he isn’t talking
about an actual girl. He’s talking about matching Danielle up with another
sissy… like me.

The thought of being married to Danielle makes my heart flutter and I
can’t help but give the Dean a small smile. The smile quickly disappears,
however, when I realize exactly what this would mean. I know I keep
thinking of Danielle as a girl but she isn’t. She’s a guy! I don’t want
to be married to a guy; especially one whose father would share our
marriage bed.

Sure, I hate the idea of Danielle hooking up with some other guy.
However, that doesn’t mean I want to hook up with her. I tell myself this
but I’m not totally convinced it is true. I really enjoy my time with
Danielle. I can easily see us sharing a house together. In fact I think
it would be awesome. However, it’s the sharing the bed part that bothers
me. We are both… well, guys. It’s wrong… right? Don’t get me wrong,
Danielle definitely knows how to please a guy. Plus, if I had to choose a
guy to have sex with I would pick Danielle in a heartbeat. Her cock is the
perfect size and her cum tastes so sweet. Having sex with a guy though is
just wrong… despite what Janice keeps whispering to me.

“Why did you pick the needles?” the Dean asks as he gives the small
bottle a shake.

I swallow hard as I hear the needles click around inside the bottle. I
figured the Dean would make assumptions about my selection but I never
expected him to come straight out and ask me about it.

“I…I don’t know,” I reply. “I just like ice cream.”

It is true. I do like ice cream. Not enough to be poked with needles

“Aren’t you scared I might want to poke these into your balls?” he says
with an evil smile.

This was a legit question. This definitely came to mind the first time
I seen them.

“Not really,” I lie. “It’s a Christmas present so I guessed they were
for something other than poking my balls. Poking my balls with them seems
too much like a severe punishment. If you are going to severely punish me
for doing nothing wrong then what would be my motivation to behave?”

Don’t ask me where that logic came from. I didn’t even know what I was
going to say until after I had already said it. I analyze it afterward and
am surprised at how much sense it actually makes. Maybe I’ll make a good
Humbled Girl after all.

“Good point,” the Dean says with a chuckle. “You are forgetting one
thing though. That’s the fear you would have of me doing it again if you
were a bad girl.”

I swallow hard. I hadn’t thought of that. If he used them on me then I
would know for sure how much they hurt and my fear of them would probably
be doubled. The Dean stares at me until I become convinced he is actually
going to poke my nuts with them. I do a horrible job of hiding my fear and
it isn’t long before I feel a tear run down my cheek.

“Don’t worry,” the Dean says with a chuckle. “As long as you are a good
girl I promise I won’t ever pierce your nuts.”

The Dean sounds sincere but I’m far from relieved. There are still
plenty of spots on my body he could use the needles on. Plus, his
statement makes it clear that my nuts aren’t completely off the menu. It
just means he will probably give me increasingly disgusting and horrible
demands down the road until I’m a bad girl and refuse.

“Thank you, sir,” I whisper.

“No problem,” he replies with a smile. “Now why don’t you get down
there and lick my asshole a little for me.”

I stare at him in shock as he rolls over on his stomach. I knew he
would eventually find something I would refuse to obey but I didn’t think
it would happen this soon. I can’t lick the Dean’s asshole… I won’t!
However, the Dean gives the bottle a small shake and I find myself crawling
down the bed.

Normally, I would think the Dean is bluffing. However, my stupid mouth
has kind of backed him into a corner. If he backed out of this threat it
would just prove I was right about what I said earlier. There is no way
the Dean could allow that. It would give away too much of his power over
me. I’m obviously no genius but even I can see that.

As I position myself at his rear, the Dean raises himself up just long
enough to stuff a large pillow below his hips. This raises his butt a
little higher in the air. I still have to use my hands though to reach in
and pry his cheeks apart. I feel ill as his asshole comes into view. I’ve
eaten ass three times now but this is much worse… it’s the Dean. That
said, it does look surprisingly clean.

I still have to close my eyes for a moment so I can settle my stomach.
When I open them back up the Dean’s asshole is still winking at me.

I can’t do this… I just can’t! Yet, I’m shocked to find my face
slowly inching toward the Dean’s buttocks. I feel almost like I’m watching
everything from outside my body. It takes me a second to realize that
Janice has taken control.

“No…no…no!” the voice in my head screams at Janice.

Janice doesn’t listen; she just keeps lowering my head until my lips
come into contact with the Dean’s asshole. If that isn’t bad enough, she
puckers my lips and gives the Dean’s hole a loud smooch! I blush
profusely. Why did she have to do that?! What will the Dean think?!

“Mmm,” the Dean moans in pleasure as Janice sticks my tongue out and
starts licking. “Such a good girl.”

Janice might be controlling my body but she hasn’t blocked me out
completely. She leaves me in charge of all the signals coming from my
tongue and nose. I can smell the Dean’s manly scent and I can taste him as
well. I can even feel my tongue rub back and forth across his hole. I try
to block these signals but Janice won’t let me.

It frightens me how strong Janice has become. I can only blame myself.
It is I that gave her life and it is I that kept relinquishing control over
to her. However, I only gave her that control so she could carry my burden
for me. She wasn’t supposed to use it as an opportunity to build power and
take over. Yet, I fear it won’t be long before she does just that… if
she hasn’t already. I would actually be fine with that if she would just
let me hide in my dark corner. I would gladly stay there forever and let
her run the show. However, she isn’t happy with just that. She wants me
to not only experience everything but even forces me to take on all the
nasty duties. It’s like she is dragging me around on a mental leash and
making me do all her crap chores. Where did everything go wrong? It was
supposed to be her on the leash, not I.

The Dean’s asshole might smell manly but it tastes very similar to
Casey’s did. I try to pretend that it is Casey’s hole I’m eating but it
doesn’t work. I keep trying to pull away from the Dean’s asshole but
Janice has too strong of a grip on my leash.

I swear I can hear Janice laughing in the background as I try to wrap my
mind around the fact that I’m rimming the Dean’s asshole. Janice has me
harden my tongue and poke it deep into the Dean’s hole and wiggle it around
for 10 seconds. She then pulls my tongue out and makes me lick across it
10 times. Then my tongue hardens and goes back inside again. She repeats
this cycle over and over again. The rhythmic sensations across my tongue
become almost hypnotic.

As I bury my tongue in the Dean’s asshole for the 10th time I suddenly
realize that Janice is gone and I’m actually in charge again. When I go to
pull away, however, Janice is there to hold me in place. This seems to be
a recurring game of hers. She isn’t content with just making me endure all
of this. She wants me to be an active participant as well.

Janice forces me back into the rhythm. Sure enough, about a minute
later I find it is me in control again. This time I don’t try to pull
away. What’s the point? This way I at least feel a little bit in control.
You have no idea what it feels like when Janice takes over like that. To
lose all control over my body, yet still be aware of everything going on…
it’s very scary. When I was in grade school I got in a fight once with an
older boy. He was much bigger than I was and easily overpowered me. I was
lucky that he didn’t bash my face in. However, he did sit on my chest and
pin my arms under his legs. I could barely breathe and felt so scared and
helpless. That’s kind of how I feel whenever Janice grabs my leash and
starts manhandling me. It’s a very horrible feeling.

“Good girl.”

At first I think it is Janice telling me this but then I realize it is
the Dean.

“We would have done this a long time ago had I known you were going to
be so good at it,” the Dean tells me. “Most students require several
whippings before they get this good. I will have to tell your daddy about
your special little talent. Maybe he will want to take your tongue for a
test drive as well.”

I feel my face burning with embarrassment. I also feel very hopeless.
If I do a bad job then I risk punishments. If I do a good job then
everyone finds out how good I am at it. There just isn’t any winning.

That said, I know the path of least resistance is still my best option.
At least this way I’m only hurt mentally and not physically as well.
Still, the thought of my father hearing about this makes me feel ill. I
know the Dean will blow it all out of proportion also. Please Dean, don’t
tell daddy about this!

I want to back out or at least reduce the quality of my performance.
However, even if Janice would let me do this I know the Dean wouldn’t. He
now knows how good I am at this and isn’t going to accept anything less.
My only hope now is that if I get an A+ in this that they might not make me
practice it that often. It’s pretty weak but at least there is a spark of
hope in the thought.

As I pull my tongue from the Dean’s hole and start licking it again, I
suddenly realize that the flavor is similar to Casey but not as strong.
Did the Dean wash his hole before coming here? Is it possible he likes me
more than he lets on? For a moment the thought makes me feel kind of yummy
inside. I tell myself that this is no reason to get sweet on the guy.
He’s still an ass. For goodness sake, just look at what he is making me
do! Yet, for the Dean this gesture is almost like bringing me a dozen

The yummy feeling quickly disappears when I taste a small hint of
cherry. I would know the taste of Danielle’s lip gloss anywhere. If I
looked at his asshole close enough I bet you I would find small lipstick
marks also. It wasn’t the Dean that cleaned his asshole, it was Danielle.
This seems more characteristic of the Dean. Make Danielle rim his asshole
and then come in here and have me do it as well so he can compare the two
of us.

My very short-lived love for the Dean might be gone but I don’t feel as
bad as I did earlier. Knowing Danielle licked the Dean’s asshole earlier
helps put this task in perspective. It’s still a horrible task but at
least I’m not related to him like Danielle is. I can only imagine how
horrible the task must be for Danielle.

There is more to it than just that. Knowing Danielle licked this same
asshole earlier almost makes it feel like she/he is here right now with me;
like we are somehow sharing a secret bond. Granted, that bond is currently
through the Dean’s asshole.

I work the Dean’s asshole for at least 10 minutes before he turns over.
By this point my brain is dizzy and numb from the humiliation that I
actually chase his hole with my mouth and tongue as it moves away. It
isn’t until my head hits the mattress that I realize what I’m doing and
back away from his hole. My blush deepens and I pray the Dean didn’t
notice what I just did.

As my mind settles back down I start to feel ill again. I tongued the
Dean’s asshole! This is all I’ve been thinking about for the past 10
minutes, yet it isn’t until now that my brain has time to really let it
sink in. A few tears run down my cheeks. I don’t want to give the Dean
the satisfaction of knowing he made me cry again so I force myself to stop.
I rub the tears away with the side of my hand before the Dean can see them.

As the Dean settles back I get a good view of his cock again. The thing
looks absolutely massive. It was just this morning that Ray was laying in
almost this exact position on my bed. At the time, I thought Ray’s dick
was much bigger than the Dean’s. I’m not so sure now. The Dean’s dick
looks awfully menacing.

“Time to play horsey,” the Dean says with a smile.

This is very similar to something Ray told me this morning. I swallow
hard at the knowledge that the Dean might have been watching us after all.
However, I then remember how legitimately curious the Dean seemed to be
about why I picked the needles. Yet, Ray did whisper it. I try my best
not to think about it. There just isn’t enough information to know for
sure one way or the other.

“Mmph!” I grunt as I reach back and pull my plug out.

My blush deepens as I bring the plug to my lips and lick it off. On the
bright side, it at least tastes cleaner than both Casey and the Dean’s
assholes did. I want to delay what is coming next but it is too
embarrassing to linger on the plug. So, I lick it clean as quickly as
possible. I do, however, take my time putting the plug on a shelf. The
nightstand has all of the Dean’s stuff on it so I use it as an excuse to
get out of bed and walk the plug to one of the other cabinets.
Unfortunately, this only buys me an extra 20 seconds or so. I try to make
each second last as long as possible but they slip through my fingers all
too fast.

Before I know it I’m crawling back into bed and then straddling the
Dean’s tummy. I expect the Dean to take over but he doesn’t. He just lays
back and watches me. I reluctantly reach back and grab hold of his huge
cock. The head is covered with his precum and feels very slimy. It’s
disgusting but I’m thankful for it. The precum will make the insertion go
much smoother.

I line his dick up with my hole and slowly push back. His dick pops
inside much easier than Ray’s did; not because it is that much smaller but
because my hole is a lot looser from wearing my plug all day.

As more of his dick sinks up my asshole I wish I could tell the Dean
about Ray. Just so the Dean would know I’ve already had a bigger and
manlier cock up my hole. I wonder how much this would piss him off. I
also wonder if it might turn him off knowing a black man’s dick was up my
hole just this morning. Of course, it’s possible he knows all of this and
it is the thought of Ray’s dick up my hole that is turning him on.

I keep my mouth shut of course. Even if the Dean and Ray are working
together doesn’t mean I still can’t use this to my advantage. Ray will
still have to do “favors” for me in order to maintain their little game.
Plus, I can always feed Ray misinformation in order to help get me out of
here sooner. For example, I can tell him how much I’m starting to like it
here and other bullshit like that.

With half of the Dean’s dick up my hole, it’s time to get into hover
mode. I get my feet under me and then squat there with half of his dick
buried in me. I’m about to start humping when the Dean does something that
makes me freeze in my tracks; he starts opening the little bottle.

I can smell the alcohol as the lid comes off and he starts fishing out
one of the needles. I swallow hard. I knew this moment would come but I’m
still very scared. I’ve heard girls at school talk about what it felt like
to get their ears pierced. They claimed it didn’t hurt that bad. However,
they also said their earlobes were numbed with ice first. The Dean clearly
isn’t going to use any ice.

As the Dean displays the needle it suddenly seems much bigger than
before. It’s actually pretty small, but it is still at least 4 times as
thick as a normal sewing needle. I want to run away but I hold my ground.
I tell myself it will only hurt for a second. I also imagine how fun it
will be to show my newly pierced ears off to Danielle.

“I’m going to pierce your ears today,” the Dean informs me.

I try to act surprised. I’m not sure how convincing I am but I at least
keep from smiling. I’m starting to like my agreement with Ray more and
more. It’s kind of neat knowing ahead of time what the Dean has planned.
It makes me feel almost like I have some kind of power over him.

“I want to ring more than just your ears but your father won’t have it,”
the Dean informs me. “However, he never said I couldn’t poke a few extra

Wait… what?!

“I was thinking a hole through each nipple and maybe even one through
your cock,” he says with an evil smile. “If you are a good girl though
then I might reconsider.”

Ah, there it is. He’s bluffing in order to get me to humiliate myself
further. Damn, this inside information really is vital. The Dean had
sounded very convincing. I’m pretty sure I would have believed him had I
not known better. I can’t just call his bluff though.

“I’ll be a good girl, sir! I promise!” I say as convincing as possible.

“Do good girls like having cock up their ass?” he asks.

“Yes, sir,” I reply, not sure what else to say.

“Do they like having just half a cock inside them or do they like to
bury all of it deep inside?”

“All of it, sir?” I ask more than answer.

Does he really want me to take all of him inside my hole? Okay, of
course he does. But does he think I can actually take that much? I hover
there expecting him to provide me some kind of alternative. However, he
just silently watches me.

I lift up until only the head of his dick is inside me. Then I slowly
sink back down. It feels so yummy as the head of his dick slides across my
ass clit. However, a moment later it is pressing against that tender spot
deep inside me. I press down harder. I fit an extra inch but it feels too
uncomfortable and I’m forced to lift back up. I know it can’t be done but
I have to at least make it look like I’m trying. Otherwise he will catch
on that I know he is bluffing. So, I keep trying over and over to force
more of his dick inside. At one point I actually get to about the 7.5 inch
mark. This tells me I might actually be able to fit the remaining 1.5 to 2
inches. However, it’s just so uncomfortable that I decide it is best not
to let the Dean know I can actually take that much. If he knows I can
handle it then he will expect it from me every time.

“I want to be a good girl but you are just too big, sir,” I say in my
cutest voice as I lift back up.

The Dean doesn’t say anything. He just leans up and grabs hold of my
left nipple. He then pulls it out away from my body. My nipples are
sensitive like usual and his rough treatment makes me feel like I have to
pee or something. I try to look worried as he brings the needle up against
the side of my areola; like he would actually pierce me there.

“AHHH!” I scream as the needle slowly pushes inside.

I hear myself scream like a girl but I’m in so much shock that I feel
like I’m watching and hearing everything from outside my body. I can still
feel the pain though. I feel the tip of the needle slowly work its way
through my areola and out the other side.

Holy shit! He actually did it! He stuck the fucking needle all the way
through my tit!

“Owie! Owie! Owie!” I yell as he wiggles the needle.

The pain of the whole ordeal is so intense that it overloads my senses
and exhausts me mentally. My eyes roll into the back of my head and for a
moment I even black out. The Dean gives my face a slap and I quickly
return to the living.

“I’ll be a good girl! I’ll be a good girl!” I hear myself chanting
before I’m even fully awake again.

The Dean finally lets go of the needle. The lid is back on the little
bottle and sitting next to him on the bed. When I see him reach for it
again I quickly get back into my squatting position and sink his dick as
deep as I can. I hit that sensitive spot around the 6 inch mark. I bite
my lower lip and press down even harder. When I hit the 7 inch mark I want
to give up again. However, I think about where he might stick that next
needed and I try even harder.

I’m pretty sure I’m around the 8 inch mark when I feel the warmth of his
body just below my buttocks. I take a few deep breaths and then press even
harder. Something inside me gives and the last inch quickly sinks inside.

“I’ve got the Deans huge dick in my cervix!” the voice in my head says
in both surprise and shock.

I still don’t know what a cervix is but I don’t know what else to call
that spot. However, I make a mental note to look the word up later in my
biology book. I’m sure it is something I’ve already been taught in my
other school but wasn’t paying attention.

“Good girl!” the Dean praises as my buttocks press down against his
thighs. “Don’t worry, they say the first time always hurts the most.”

I’m not sure but I think this is the Dean’s way of telling me he took
another one of my cherries. I want to point out to him that Danielle
already managed to get past that sensitive spot. However, I feel it is
best to let him have his little victory. Besides, he is technically the
first real man to go past that spot. Plus, he is much bigger than Danielle
and is in much deeper.

I go to lift back up but the Dean puts his hand on my hip and holds me
in place.

“Just sit there a little bit and let it stretch your hole,” he

I know he is probably right. If I pull up now then the next deep stroke
is probably going to be just as hard as the first one was. If my hole
stretches a little first then maybe it won’t be so bad. Still, that
throbbing deep inside makes me want to pull off. I keep taking deep
breaths in order to help fight off the urge.

There is an awkward silence as I squat there with his dick all the way
up my ass. I blush and do my best not to look him in the eye. Time seems
to pass very slowly as I sit there. Five long minutes go by before I
realize the discomfort inside me has all but vanished. To verify this I
lift myself up a half inch and then drop back down.

There is still a tiny bit of discomfort. However, it is mixed in with
this weird sick kind of thrill. Danielle fucked my ass pretty good but I
know that is going to pale in comparison to what is about to happen. God!
I still can’t believe I have all of the Dean’s huge cock up my hole. This
is going to be so intense once I start fucking it. Just the thought of it
makes goose bumps pop up all over my body. I also give his huge log
another small thrust.

I bite my lower lip and force myself to look into the Dean’s eyes. The
smile on his face and the look in his eyes tells me he knows what I’m
thinking; or at least what I’m feeling. I’m still disgusted at the thought
of fucking him, but he knows that my ass pussy is starting to betray me.
He knows I’m getting an itch deep inside that only his huge dick can
scratch. Just thinking about it makes me give his dick another small hump.

“Hold still!” the voice in my head yells.

I hear Janice laughing in the background at my predicament. I would
like to blame the humps on her but I know she has nothing to do with it.
I’ve had the controls for several minutes now. She is just sitting back
there with a bucket of popcorn and watching the show.

“You want to fuck that dick don’t you?” the Dean says with a chuckle.
“Ask nicely and daddy might let you bounce on it a little.”

The comment embarrasses me. It also angers me that he can read me so
well. I’m at such a major disadvantage. Who knows how many little boys
the Dean has gotten his dick into? I’m sure he has seen many of them react
just the same as I.

There is no way I’m going to beg for my ass to be bred. Sure, my hole
is craving it a little. However, anal sex with a guy is so gross. Plus,
I’ve never had anything this deep before and I’m kind of scared it might be
too intense. Yet, I can just imagine how good that anal climax might be
while I bounce up and down on the Dean’s manly dick. Just thinking about
it makes me give his dick another hump.

The hump sends sparks throughout my body. I go to give a much bigger
hump but the Dean’s hands are holding me down. I look at him in confusion.
Isn’t this what he wants? Of course it is. However, he wants something
else as well. He wants me to beg and humiliate myself also. I’m not sure
how much more humiliation my mind can handle. I know I have no choice
though. He will tease my hole; punish me with the needles; or possibly a
dozen other things until I give in.

“C…can I… can I ride your dick, sir?” I beg as I start crying.

If this isn’t humiliating enough, the fucker actually lays there and
pretends to be thinking about his answer; like he’s not sure I’ve earned it
or not!

“Please sir, I promise I will be the bestest girl in the whole world.”

You have no idea how hard it is for me to swallow my pride and say this.
Not that I have much pride left. I’m certain this will do the trick. This
is something I heard Danielle say and I suspect it is a line she often uses
on the Dean.

I think my suspicions are correct because I feel the Dean’s hands let
go. Now all I have to do is get the courage to actually start riding this
bronco. As it turns out, the bronco gives me no choice. The gate opens
and it starts bucking underneath me.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I grunt as the Dean drives his hips up from below.

The first couple thrusts catch me off guard and I’m thrown several
inches up each time and plummet right back down. On the third thrust I
tighten my leg muscles so I won’t drop. For some reason I feel this is a
smart move. After all, if I hold myself up then I won’t sink back down on
that huge dick. I realize my mistake about a half second later when the
Dean drives right back up into me balls deep. His hips drop and then he
drives up into me. He does this over and over; only now he is humping
three times faster because he doesn’t have to carry my weight with each


The sound of the Dean’s hips slapping into my buttocks echoes throughout
the room. My weighted balls are hanging down and make first contact during
each slap. It is uncomfortable but most of my focus is on the sensations
coming from deep inside me; especially those last three or four inches.
The thrusts are so hard that it feels like he is going much deeper than he
actually is. And my ass clit… oh, God! It’s like he is a Boy Scout
trying to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. My clit is glowing
and feels so yummy as his huge dick slides back and forth across it.

The Dean is a primitive beast as he brutally humps up into my hole. I’m
too stunned to work out what I’m supposed to do; so, I just hover there and
let him have his way with me. I can’t believe how different this fuck is
compared to Ray. Ray’s fuck seemed like a lover’s embrace compared to
this. And Danielle’s fuck… it isn’t even in the same ballpark.

I’m not saying I like the Dean’s style more than Ray or Danielle’s.
Okay, maybe part of me does. However, it is so very intense. I’m not sure
I would want to be bred like this all the time. I would miss the intimate
and delicate methods Danielle and Ray seem to prefer. Wait! What am I
saying?! I don’t want any of this!

I hear Janice laughing in the background again as I tell myself this.
She knows better. She knows there is a small part of me that enjoys my
anal climaxes a little too much. I hate to admit it but she is right.
Even if they let me go home today I’m sure I would continue playing with my
ass clit. I tell myself I would only do this with my fingers or via small
dildos. While I might be able to get by with just that, I know there would
always be a part of me that would crave the real thing. The disgust of
actually seeking the real thing would probably keep me in check. Yet, I
would always have that sick disgusting desire to feel a real man deep
inside there. I push the thought out of my head. Just because it might be
true doesn’t mean I should be thinking about it. Thinking about it just
makes me want to cry.

My brain is so over flooded with sensations that everything starts
becoming a blur. I can still focus on this or that but everything else
kind of goes to the side. Of course, the main thing I focus on is my clit
and that itch deep inside. I know I’m just digging a deeper hole for
myself by focusing on these things. However, I’m not about to focus on the
disgust or humiliation. Besides, I’ll have plenty of time to focus on
those once this whole ordeal is over. I’ll no doubt be focusing on them
for days to come.

The Dean humps up into me like this for at least 3 minutes before he
stops. This is actually pretty impressive considering the Dean looks to be
in his late 40s if not early 50s.

“Don’t stop now!”

I don’t say it but I can tell the Dean can read it on my face as I stare
down at him. He just smiles up at me.

I try to hold my ground but the itch inside me is just too great. I
blush and avert my eyes from his as I slowly lower myself back down on his
dick. It feels so delicious that I lift myself back up and pound down real
hard. I do this several times before I get myself under control. I get
only 3 slow strokes out though before I lose control and start pounding up
and down again.

The sensation is almost too wild to explain. It still kind of hurts
deep in there but it hurts so good. It’s not all discomfort of course; far
from it. There is an avalanche of pleasure signals as well.
Unfortunately, most of these are going to my cock which can’t do anything
with them since it is still tightly caged. Every instinct in my body tells
me to reach down and try to remove the cage. I manage to keep my hands
away. Touching it is a punishable offense. Plus, it seems pretty obvious
that the purpose of the cage is to teach me how to cum with just my ass
clit. If they see me grabbing at the cage then that means they won’t trust
me not do the same once the cage is off. Thus, they will make me wear it
even longer.

I try to slow back down but my body just won’t let me. Something is
building inside there and I’m not going to be happy until it peaks. As I
bounce up and down I can’t help but sneak peeks at the Dean’s face to see
if he is getting close or not. I know my main job is pleasing him but it
would be nice if I climaxed before him. There isn’t much I can do though
to slow him down.

However, I quickly learn there are things he can do to hinder me. As I
ride my big horsey, the Dean reaches up and flicks my pierced nipple.

“Owie!” I grunt.

Amazingly, I had all but forgotten the needle sticking through my tit.
God, how does one forget something like that?! There is even a very thin
trail of blood running down my chest and tummy.

The pain takes me down a notch but a few thrusts later and I’ve climbed
back up. He waits a moment and then flicks it again. He does this over
and over again. It becomes like some kind of perverted reverse tug of war
with me struggling to cross the line while he keeps pulling me back.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” I start grunting a few minutes later as I finally drag
myself across the finish line.

This anal climax is insanely intense. I grunt for almost a minute
before I realize I’m doing it. I blush and bite my lower lip through the
last of the climax.

“Such a good girl,” the Dean says with a smile. “Did you like cumming
on daddy’s dick?”

My blush deepens as I look away from his face and nod my head.
Thankfully, he is satisfied with the nod and doesn’t make me say it out

I sit there for at least two more minutes with his dick buried deep in
me. The Dean just patiently waits and watches as my legs and body tremble
in the afterglow of my climax. When my body finally starts to settle down
the Dean gives me a small nudge to remind me to get back to work.

There are still a few tingles but mostly each thrust just brings
discomfort and additional humiliation. I’m a good girl though and do my
best to please “daddy”. As I ride his white pony the Dean scoops up globs
of my cum with his fingers and feeds it to me. It’s disgusting but seems
trivial compared to all the cum I’ve eaten this week. He makes me lick and
suck each finger spotless before reaching down to scoop up another helping.

I’m licking the last of it off his fingers when I hear him grunt. He
has his index and middle fingers in my mouth and buries them deep in my
mouth as he goes stiff and starts giving me a sperm enema. The tips of his
fingers slide into my throat and I start gagging and trying to pull my head
away. However, he clamps his thumb under my chin so he can hold the
fingers in place.

I guess he figures that if he can’t deep throat me with his dick yet
then he can at least use his fingers. Or at least that is what I think at
first. However, as he tortures my throat I notice his moans seem to
coincide with each of my gags. This confuses me at first. Then I realize
that my whole body is convulsing each time I gag. This includes my
asshole. The Dean is basically masturbating himself via my gag reflex.
Leave it to the Dean to come up with something so perverted and sadistic.
The fucker is lucky I didn’t throw up all over him.

The Dean gags me for over a minute before he removes his fingers. By
then my face is half covered with tears. Thankfully, all the makeup Drew
got me is water proof. I can’t imagine why a girl would use anything but
water proof makeup. I know I would be redoing my makeup at least 10 times
a day if it wasn’t. As it is I constantly have to do touchups.

The Dean takes a minute to catch his breath. He then gives me a nudge
to let me know I should pull myself off his dick. When I pull up it dawns
on me that putting my plug half way across the room wasn’t a good idea.
Normally I would press the plug against my hole as the dick popped out.
Without the plug I have no choice but to use my fingers. I clinch my ass
as much as I can as his dick slides out. At the same time I press the
bottom of my fingers against my hole.

I hear the Dean laugh as he watches me wobble across the room. I grab
the plug and slide it in as I move my fingers away. Overall I do a pretty
good job. However, my fingers and palm have a pretty good coat of slime on
them. It’s disgusting and I want to wipe it off on my leg or something.
However, the Dean is watching me like a hawk. So, I reluctantly bring my
hand to my mouth and lick it clean. I scrunch my face up in disgust but I
manage to lick it all up without gagging. When I look back toward the Dean
he motions toward his dick.

I look down and see his semi hard dick is coated with sperm and ass
juice. I almost gag just looking at it. It’s tempting to beg to get out
of the chore but I know it won’t do any good. Plus, it is possible this is
some kind of test to see if I’ve gotten used to the flavor of cum yet. I
know I didn’t do too well with the fingers but if I perform this chore well
then maybe they won’t send people to my door hole anymore… or at least
not as often. Yeah, it’s not very likely that this is the case. However,
there is at least a splinter of hope; and in this place hope is a very
scarce and precious commodity.

I hold back my tears as I crawl back onto the bed. I lean down and lick
across the Dean’s messy dick. The Dean’s strong manly flavor is the first
thing that registers. As that dissolves, however, I note a small minty
flavor. This confuses me for a second; then I remember mint is the flavor
I used for my enema this morning. My enema was many hours ago and it
surprises me that the flavor would linger that long. I’m undecided on
whether I’m grateful for this or not. The mess tastes a little better
because of it but it also reminds me exactly where this dick has been.

I lick at his dick for a couple minutes. To my surprise, his dick
doesn’t get hard again. I can only guess that he spent most of his day off
playing Danielle. As I look at his semi hard dick I realize that it might
now be small enough and just soft enough for me to deep throat. For some
reason I get this urge to test the theory. I don’t do it though. If I did
then the Dean would call me a cock hungry slut or something. He might also
expect me to finish what I start.

As I admire the Dean’s dick, I start thinking about Danielle. I think
about how we probably both shared this same cock today. I lean down and
give the cock another lick. At the end of the lick I covertly give it a
small kiss. I know it’s silly but I miss Danielle and wanted to give her a
small kiss… even if it is indirectly. The tender moment is ruined,
however, when I realize the Dean might have other boys he mentors. I pull
my head away from his dick. Exactly how many boys’ assholes was this cock
up today? I doubt the Dean showered after each one. I push the images out
of my head… thinking about such things isn’t healthy.

Thankfully, my cleanup duty is already over and the Dean seems
satisfied. The room seems awkwardly silent as the Dean lays back. His eyes
are closed but I don’t think he fell asleep. I’m not sure if he would get
mad if I got out of the bed so I stay there. I do, however, crawl up the
bed a little so my head isn’t too close to his groin. The last thing I
want is to have my mouth easily available in case he decides he wants to
take a piss or something.

I keep scooting up until the top of my head bumps into his outstretched
arm. I bite my teeth together hard, afraid I might have disturbed his
peace. His arm bends down and kind of rests on my side, but otherwise he
doesn’t seem bothered. My body goes stiff and I stare at the side of his
face in hopes that he might actually fall asleep, if he isn’t already.

As I lay there I realize how close I am to his sweaty arm pit. The
smell is very strong. It’s weird but the smell is disgusting, yet at the
same time kind of inviting. I can only guess that it reminds me of my
ordeal with Ray this morning. Just don’t ask me why the thought of that
horrible ordeal would attract me to the smell. Thankfully, the attraction
is only minor. It’s not like I’m going to lean over and start licking it
or something. In fact, I dread the thought of the dean possibly pulling me
in tighter and making me lick his pit clean. Thankfully, he doesn’t.

We lay like this for a long time; him resting and I breathing in the
smell of his armpits. My head is kind of swooning by the time the Dean
finally stirs. He is almost all the way out of the bed before my head
starts clearing. I’m disgusted to admit that a part of me actually misses
his small embrace and strong smell. I know it is wrong but laying there
felt kind of yummy and seemed so… right. What is really weird is that I
felt so safe and secure lying next to him… yet, I know for a fact that I
was anything but.

I dreamily watch him as he grabs his pants. At first I think he is
getting dressed. However, I notice he is actually digging through his
pockets. I get a little concerned when he pulls out a small 2″X2″X1″ box.
It’s not very big but I know the Dean could probably find plenty of nasty
things that could fit in it.

I cautiously sit up as he lays the box on the pillow next to me. The
further I am from that box the better. He doesn’t make an attempt to open
it. Instead, he reaches over and grabs the small bottle holding the other
needle. I swallow hard as he slowly unscrews the lid. I start scooting
away when he fishes the needle out with his thumb and index finger.

With the needle out, the Dean puts the lid back on the bottle and sets
it aside. The Dean sits on the edge of the bed and then looks at me and
then down at a spot next to him. I know he wants me to sit next to him but
I’m hesitant to obey. All it takes is an angry look and I find myself
scooting over toward him. I almost pee myself as I get within arm’s reach
of him and that nasty needle.

My whole body is trembling in fear by the time I get to the spot he
indicated. The Dean doesn’t look angry. In fact, he looks rather pleased.
However, that doesn’t mean he still won’t do something horrible to me.

“Owie!” I yell as he uses his index finger to flick my pierced nipple

I was concentrating so much on the hand holding the needle that I hadn’t
paid attention to his free hand. I’m giving it plenty of attention now
though. He flicks my nipple several times and then grabs hold of the
needle sticking out of it and kind of wiggles it back and forth.

“Owie! Owie!” I protest as he tortures my nipple.

I try to embrace the pain like Danielle told me I should. However, the
pain is just too intense. I’m starting to wish that I had practiced with
the clothes pins each night like Danielle had suggested. Maybe then I
would not only be able to embrace pain like this but even turn it into
pleasure. It still sounds impossible to me but what if it isn’t? What if
I could actually learn to do that? It would make times like this a ton
easier. It sure as hell was worth a try.

I moan and groan for over a minute before the Dean finally lets go of
the needle. His hand then reaches up toward my face. I open my mouth,
expecting him to try to deep throat me with his fingers again. However, he
grabs my left earlobe instead. It takes me a second before I realize he is
about to pierce my ear.

As his other hand maneuvers the needle into position, I feel an
avalanche of mixed emotions. There’s mainly fear and dread. However, deep
inside there is also relief that my ordeal is almost over. There is also a
tiny bit of joyful excitement that I’m about to have pierced ears. Believe
it or not, this is something that I’ve wanted for over a year now. I might
not have been the biggest boy in my class but with pierced ears I stood the
chance of being the coolest. It always ticked me off that my sisters were
considered old enough at age 8 for pierced ears, yet my parents said I was
too young still when I asked at age 11.

“AH!” I scream as the Dean pushes the needle very slowly through my

Fuck that hurt! It’s bad enough he isn’t numbing it with ice; couldn’t
he at least jab it through faster?

I try to be strong as he grabs hold of my other ear. However, I break
down and start begging him not to pierce it. I promise to be a good girl.
I even promise to try harder to deep throat his dick. Nothing works.

“AH!” I scream as the needle passes through the other lobe.

“Don’t touch them,” the Dean instructs as he moves away from my ear.

“Owie!” I grunt as he suddenly pulls the other needle out of my nipple.

It takes all my willpower to keep my hands away from my three new holes.
It becomes even harder when I feel little warm droplets of blood dripping
from them.

The Dean takes his time replacing the needles in the bottle. He then
grabs the small box and opens it. A small alcohol packet comes into view.
As he lifts the packet up, my heart flutters a little and I almost smile
when I see two little diamond earring studs underneath.

The Dean puts the box down and rips the alcohol packet open. He pulls
out a swab and brings it toward my right ear.

“Owie!” I yell as the stinging begins.

I yell out two more times as he uses the swab on my nipple and other
ear. I start getting giddy again, however, when he grabs the box once more.
I’m extra excited because these are very close to the kind of earrings I
envisioned wearing when I was still a boy. Well, I’m still a boy. I meant
when I was still dressing as one. You know what I mean.

I have to bite my lower lip to keep quiet as he pushes a diamond stud
into each ear hole. Once they are in the Dean steps back and admires his
handy work. Thankfully, he seems pleased with the positioning. It would
have sucked if he decided one or both had to be redone.

“You were a good girl,” the Dean praises as he gives me a small kiss on
my forehead.

It’s a small gesture, but the Dean seems surprisingly tender and sweet
as he does it. It makes my tummy feel all fuzzy inside.

A small part of me actually feels disappointed when the Dean turns and
starts getting dressed. What is really upsetting is knowing that this
tender side of him will no doubt be gone the next time he visits.

As he dresses, the Dean gives me instructions on the proper care of my
freshly pierced ears. He tells me where more alcohol swabs are located and
to let my trainers know if I feel any discomfort or see signs of infection.
As he tells me all of this it becomes clear I’m not the first one he has
giving this speech too. It makes me wonder how many other kids’ ears he
has pierced. Were they all boys or did he pierce the girls’ ears sometimes

All of this is interesting to think about but it quickly vanishes from
my thoughts once he steps out my door. The second my door closes I jump
from the bed and run to my makeup mirror so I can admire my new piercings.

“I’ve got pierced ears now!” the voice in my head yells with joy as I
view them for the first time.

To my surprise, there isn’t any blood. There are a couple drops on my
shoulders but that is it. I smile and turn my head back and forth as I try
to get a view of every angle. I’m not just happy with the piercings. I’m
also happy with the diamond ear studs. They are perfect. They look cute
and feminine right now because of my makeup. However, I’m sure they will
look cool while I’m dressed like a boy also. That of course is assuming
I’m ever allowed to dress like a boy again. This last thought starts to
ruin the mood.

I jump and almost pee myself when I hear a knock at my door. God, that