Daddy’s Girl by oskarwild

October 23, 2014

Now she was completely hairless except for the hair on her head.

“Turn around facing me and kneel down, bitch.” Zeke ordered.

Chrissie did as she was told.

“Now you look like the sissy you are.” Zeke sneered. “What are you, bitch?” Zeke demanded.

“I’m a faggot.” Chrissie sobbed.

“Who owns you?”

“I belong to Daddy.”

“Yes, you little whore. You belong to Daddy and Daddy’s going to mark you as his property.” Zeke said. And grabbing his now flaccid cock, he aimed it at Chrissie’s chest and began to piss on her.

The Hitchhiker

It had been snowing all day. A wet, heavy incessant snow that was covering everything including the highway. Combined with a wind-chill factor in the teens, Christopher was almost frozen stiff. He was elated when the huge semi pulled over to pick him up. He climbed up into the cab and smiled thankfully at the driver.

“Thanks a lot mister. I was just about frozen out there.”

“No problem, son.” The driver smiled at him. “Name’s Zeke,” the driver said and extended his hand.

Christopher took the offered hand and shook it. His hand seemed to disappear inside of Zeke’s grasp. Zeke was a big man. No, a huge man. Christopher guessed that he must be well over six feet tall and probably 250 to 300 pounds; probably in his forties or fifties.

“What you doing hitching on a foul night like this, boy?’ Zeke asked.

“I’m on my way back to school.” Christopher replied. “I hitched a ride with a nice old couple, but they could only take me this far. So, I was lucky to find you.”

“I’ll say. What school you go to?”

“Simpson College. I’m twenty and going to be a sophomore.”

“I heard them stories about Simpson.”

“What stories?”

“‘Bout how all those queer college boys there always having sex with each other.”

“I don’t know anything about that.” Christopher said. He was shocked at the comment.

“Oh? Don’t you got a boyfriend there?”

“No! I’m not gay!” Christopher protested.

“Didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers. Just figured you might be a twink. I mean given your size and all.”

“What’s wrong with my size?”

“Nothing boy. I’m guessing you’re about five-six and maybe a hundred and twenty pounds. Kind of boy a real man would like to use.”

“Well, I’m not gay. I’m straight.” Christopher said in a huff.

“So then, you got a girlfriend?”

“Had one in high school. But she went to school on the other side of the country, so we broke up.”

“Was she a looker?”

“She was cute.”

“But no girl at college?”

“Don’t have time with study and everything.”

“I hear you. And you ain’t done nothing with the boys at school?”

“I told you, I’m not gay.”

“Yeah, I just figured college boys were always experimenting and stuff.”

“Not this boy.”

“Then that makes you a gay virgin.” Zeke said laughing heartily.

“Not the way I would put it, but I guess that’s accurate.” Christopher replied.

“Hey, I got some hot coffee in that thermos. Reach in the back and get yourself a cup and pour some. It’ll warm you up.”

Christopher poured himself some coffee and they sat and conversed as they drove. Thankfully, the conversation drifted to topics like sports and politics instead of sex. Christopher began to enjoy talking with Zeke. Despite his country-boy, aw-shucks manner, Zeke was pretty astute and a good conversationalist. After about an hour though, Zeke got a message from a fellow driver on his CB. It seemed that the main mountain pass was closed because of the storm and the trucker advised Zeke to seek shelter at Ruby’s truck stop. About ten minutes later, Zeke parked his rig in the truck stop lot and began to put his coat on.

“C’mon, boy, let’s get something to eat and see if Ruby’s got some rooms for the night.” Zeke said.

“You know my money’s kind of tight. I could just sleep here in the truck for the night.”

“Boy, you’ll freeze your ass staying in the truck. I ain’t going to have no dead boy in my truck tomorrow morning. Get your coat on and I’ll buy you dinner and get you a room for the night.” Zeke instructed.

“Thanks, Zeke.” Christopher stammered.

“No problem, boy. We can figure a way for you to pay me back.” Zeke smiled.

They ate steak for dinner and while Christopher went to the men’s room, Zeke talked to Ruby about a room for the night. She had plenty of them, but Zeke requested one room with a king size bed. He told Ruby that he was going to have fun making Christopher his bitch and that if he asked, Ruby should tell him she only had the one room. Ruby had been Zeke’s friend for years and she was happy to assist in his nefarious scheme.

The Room at the Truck Stop

Christopher began to object when Zeke told him they only had one room, but Zeke told him not to be silly about it. After all, they were both guys and sharing a room should be fine. Christopher began to have a bad feeling about it when they got to the room and he discovered there was only one bed. Again, Zeke calmed his fears explaining that the bed was more than big enough for the both of them. Christopher offered to sleep on the couch, but that was impractical. The couch wasn’t long enough for Christopher to stretch his legs out. Christopher sat down to watch SportsCenter while Zeke showered. Zeke was in for quite awhile. When he came out, he was wearing a black terry cloth robe that came down to his knees.

“Your turn, boy.” Zeke smiled.

“I don’t think I’ll shower tonight.” Christopher replied.

“Boy, you smell rank. If we got to share the same bed, you got to smell clean.”

Reluctantly, Christopher went into the bathroom, disrobed, and began to shower. He heard the bathroom door open and Zeke shouted out.

“I didn’t think you got no robe with you, so I put an extra on the hook.”

When Christopher heard the bathroom door close, he turned off the water and toweled dry. His clothes were no longer on the floor where he had left them. The only thing to put on was a robe that Zeke had left hanging on the door. The robe was green satin with a Japanese style picture of cherry blossoms imprinted on it. Christopher put it on. It was short; not even to mid-thigh. In fact, it barely covered his ass cheeks in back and his cock in front. Christopher stretched it down as far as he could and entered the bedroom.

“Wow, you look nice and fresh.” Zeke complimented him. “C’mon and sit down. I made you a drink.”

Christopher crossed to the couch and sat next to Zeke who handed him a glass of scotch. Christopher took a sip of the whiskey and coughed slightly.

“Guess you’re more used to flowery drinks, huh honey?” Zeke laughed.

“It just didn’t go down right.” Christopher replied.

“How do you like your robe?” Zeke asked him.

“Is this a girl’s robe?” Christopher replied

“Sure is hon. And you look awfully pretty in it.”

“Look, I hope I didn’t give you the wrong impression, but I’m not interested in experimenting with you, Zeke.”

“We ain’t going to experiment, honey. I’m going to make you my bitch.” Zeke said as he put his arm around Christopher.

“It’s time for me to leave.” Christopher said and got up from the couch.

“Only place you’re going is into my bed, baby.” Zeke said as he got up from the couch and walked toward Christopher.

Christopher backed up into the wall. He was trapped with Zeke nearly on him. Zeke tried to put his arms around him, but Christopher put his hands on Zeke’s chest and tried to push him away. Zeke chuckled and grabbed Christopher’s wrists, pinning them above his head. Zeke lowered his head to Christopher. Christopher tried to resist, but Zeke was too strong. The next thing he knew, Zeke’s thick lips were over his mouth and Zeke’s tongue was seeking entry. Christopher clenched his teeth to deny access, but Zeke insistently licked Christopher’s lips. Zeke knew how to get the boy’s mouth open. He pinched Christopher’s nipple between his thumb and forefinger. As Christopher opened his mouth in surprise, Zeke slipped his tongue inside. Once again, he pinned both of Christopher’s hands to the wall as his tongue made its new home in the boy’s mouth; licking and massaging the boy’s small tongue.

Christopher tried to struggle free, but he was no match for Zeke’s strength. As Zeke’s tongue explored his mouth, Christopher could feel his body beginning to respond. His cock was actually starting to get hard! This couldn’t be happening! Christopher went weak at the knees and his body melted into Zeke’s. Saliva began to drool from the corners of his mouth as Zeke tantalized him with his tongue. As Zeke felt Christopher’s resistance evaporate, he began to run his hands over the boy’s body. He cupped the boy’s ass-cheeks in his hands and began to firmly knead and caress them. Christopher realized his hands were no longer pinned, but he didn’t want the kiss to stop. He opened his mouth wider and Zeke stuck his tongue further down his throat. Zeke removed his tongue and looked down at the now pliant boy in his arms. Christopher gasped as Zeke swept him up into his arms and carried him to the bed. Zeke opened the boy’s robe and smiled at his erect cock. His mouth closed over Christopher’s again. This time the boy opened wide for Zeke’s tongue. After a few moments, Zeke broke the kiss and smiled at the boy.

“Do you want to be Daddy’s little girl, honey?” Zeke asked.

“I . . . I don’t know.” Christopher gasped.

“Daddy knows. Daddy will transform you.” Zeke said as he laid Christopher on the bed.

Zeke removed Christopher’s robe and then removed his own. Christopher’s eyes widened in fear at the sight of Zeke’s large, hairy body and his erect cock. His cock was huge! Christopher had maybe a 5″ uncut cock, at the most. It looked like Zeke’s cock was nine or ten inches and very thick with a large, mushroom head. It stood out pulsating and perpendicular to the floor. Zeke took a tube of KY from the nightstand and spread the jelly over his fuck-finger. He lay on the bed next to the boy and covered the boy’s mouth with his own, thrusting his tongue hungrily into the boy’s now welcoming mouth. Christopher moaned with pleasure at the feel of Zeke’s tongue. Then he felt Zeke’s finger toying with his asshole. Zeke teased the rim of the boy’s ass with his greasy finger and then slowly inserted it into the boy. Christopher gulped slightly at the initial pain of entry. But then he began to moan with pleasure as Zeke began to finger-fuck him; slowly at first, then picking up speed. Zeke removed his tongue and finger from inside the boy and reached for the tube of KY again. Christopher lay panting on the bed as Zeke squeezed a gob of the lubricant into the palm of his hand, and then began to rub it all over his hard, pulsating cock.

“What are you going to do?” Christopher gasped in fear.

“I’m going to fuck you and make you my little girl, my bitch.”

“Please no! Your cock is so big. It’ll hurt. I don’t think I can take it.”

“You’ll take it, baby. And you’ll learn to love it. Now it’s time to slide it into your male pussy and transform you into my bitch!”

Zeke moved quickly. He spread the boy’s legs and flung them over his shoulders. He positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to the boy’s pussy. Then slowly, the mushroom head began to penetrate the boy.

“Oh no! It hurts!” The boy protested.

“It’ll stop hurting, honey, you’ll get used to it.” Zeke said gently and pushed his cock in further.

“Please, no further.” The boy whimpered.

“That’s it. Beg like the little bitch you are. Soon you’ll be a faggot, begging me to slide it into you.” And Zeke pushed in further.

“Oh please, no more.” The boy whimpered.

“One more push and I’m all the way into your boy-pussy.” Zeke said and gave a final push burying all of his meat inside the boy.

They lay quietly with the boy panting. He could feel Zeke’s cock pulsing inside of him. The pain wasn’t quite as bad now. And then Zeke began to slowly fuck him. Now the boy felt a mixture of pain and pleasure. Pleasure? He couldn’t really like this, could he? Zeke began to pound him faster. As the tempo sped up, the pain really was turning to pleasure. Zeke plunged his tongue into the boy’s mouth as he continued to fuck his male pussy. The boy was moaning now and his own cock was rock hard. Zeke knew he had the boy now.

“Do you want me stop, bitch?” Zeke sneered.

“No, please. Please don’t stop.” The boy pleaded.

“Say, ‘please Daddy’.”

“Please, Daddy. Oh, please, fuck me more, Daddy.” Chrissie begged.

“Yes, baby. Daddy is going to cum inside you. Daddy’s going to cum now!”

Zeke’s body tensed up as the spasms of his orgasm shook him. His cock was shooting loads of cum into the boy’s pussy. Zeke’s cum filled the boy and began to leak out of him onto the bed. The spasms finally subsided and Zeke’s cock stopped shooting cum. Zeke collapsed on top of the boy. He could feel the boy’s cock begin to spasm against his chest. The boy’s cum shot against Zeke’s chest and, uncontrollably hit the boy’s chin and mouth. As the boy’s spasms stopped, Zeke held him tightly.

“I knew you were going to be my bitch the moment you stepped in my cab.” Zeke said. “And now you are. You’re my little faggot girl. I’m going to love training you, honey.”

Zeke rolled off the boy and pulled the boy to him. He wrapped his big arms and legs around the boy enveloping him in his big, hairy body. The boy sensed that he belonged to Zeke now. He was afraid he had lost his freedom. He feared that he couldn’t get away from the trucker even if he wanted to. The disturbing thing was – he didn’t want to get away. Then he drifted off to sleep in Zeke’s arms.

2:10 AM. That’s what the clock read when the boy opened his eyes. He was lying on his side snuggled against Zeke who was spooning him. Zeke’s huge cock was lying against the boy’s ass. He could feel it growing against his ass cheeks. It was throbbing against his crack when Zeke lifted the boy’s leg to gain access to his hole. The head of Zeke’s cock pushed into the boy’s hole. Zeke pulled the boy closer against him and the length of his cock slid into the boy. The boy gasped with the initial pain and then began to moan with pleasure as Zeke slowly fucked him.

“That’s it faggot. Moan like the little girly-slut you are.” Zeke whispered in the boy’s ear.

The boy moaned louder and his body began to match the rhythm of Zeke’s fucking.

“Oh, yes, Daddy. Please fuck me.” The boy moaned.

Zeke wrapped his meaty hand around the boy’s cock and began to jack him in time to the fucking. The boy began to spasm and Zeke pumped his hot cum out onto the bed. The boy’s orgasm brought Zeke to the edge and his cum began to erupt into the boy’s ass. Zeke grunted like an animal in heat as he shot load after load of hot cum into the boy. The cum was too much for the boy to hold, so it leaked out of his boy-pussy onto the bed. After Zeke shot the last of his load, he lay against the boy holding him tightly.

“Whose bitch are you?” Zeke whispered into the boy’s ear.

“I’m your bitch, Daddy.”

“Fuckin’ right.” Zeke said and began to drift back to sleep.

The boy lay there as Zeke’s cock began to soften in his ass. Eventually, it slipped out and the boy slept.


The sun shining through the motel room window woke the boy. He was lying on his stomach with his hands above his head. Zeke lay next to him, snoring loudly. Zeke’s leg and arm lay across the boy’s body, pinning him to the bed. The boy moved to try and get out of bed, but when he did so, Zeke scooted closer. The boy could feel Zeke’s cock growing against his ass-cheek. Zeke began to grind his cock against the boy’s ass, making it grow hard and large. Zeke’s full erection awakened him.

“Mmmm, good morning, baby.” Zeke said sleepily as he planted a kiss on the boy’s neck.

“Good morning, Daddy.” The boy said submissively.

“Daddy has some morning wood working. I need my little faggot to take care of that, don’ you think?”

“Whatever you say, Daddy.”

“You bet your fucking ass, whatever I say.” Zeke chuckled as he sat up in bed. His cock stood up straight and throbbing. Zeke wrapped his hand around it and gave it a few jerks. “Daddy’s got some breakfast here for his little girl. Come over here and wrap your mouth around Daddy’s cock.”

“I . . . I’ve never sucked cock Daddy.”

“Now is the time to learn, baby. Come here and get your mouth on this.”

The boy crawled between Zeke’s legs, staring at the throbbing monster in front of him.

“Lick it like a lollipop, honey. Use your tongue.”

The boy stuck his tongue out and licked Zeke’s cock from its base to the head in one long motion. The taste of the throbbing pud was strangely exciting to the boy. He licked again and then again. Pre-cum began to ooze from the mushroom head of Zeke’s cock. The boy licked some into his mouth. The taste was somewhat sweet-sour.

“That’s it, bitch.” Zeke said. “Now take it in your mouth as far as you can.”

The boy’s mouth began to descend on Zeke’s pulsating organ. He couldn’t possibly take the whole thing, could he? He got about half of it in, then backed off as he began to gag.

“Just relax your mouth and take a little more each time, baby.” Zeke instructed. “That’s it. Take more. Oh yes, you’re a good little cocksucker, ain’t you. That’s it, baby, use your tongue to play with Daddy’s cock.”

It was getting easier for the boy to take more and more of Zeke’s rod. Finally, he managed to get the whole thing down his throat. He had never been in such an erotically charged situation before. It was overwhelming; the manly smell of Zeke’s body, the scent of all the sexual fluids released during the previous night’s fucking, the feel of Zeke’s throbbing cock in his mouth, the sucking sounds as he ministered to Zeke’s cock! The boy felt his own cock hardening with desire. This couldn’t be happening to him. He wasn’t gay, was he?

“That’s so good, baby.” Zeke moaned as the boy held the base of Zeke’s cock in his hand and his head bobbed up and down on the throbbing rod. “Daddy has a nice protein breakfast for his girly-boy. You just need to suck it out of Daddy. Oh yes,” Zeke moaned with pleasure. Then the spasms shook him. He sprayed a huge load of cum into the boy’s soft mouth.

The boy thought he would gag as the cum filled his mouth. He tried to back off, but Zeke’s hand on his head held him firm. Another huge load shot into his mouth; then another and another and another.

“That’s it, baby. Swallow all of it, honey. Yes. Suck it out of Daddy and swallow all of Daddy’s cum.” Zeke smiled as he watched the boy nurse his cock and drain all of its fluid. “Yes, baby, you got it all. Now lick Daddy clean.”

The boy eagerly did as ordered. He licked all the cum off of Zeke’s crotch; off of his cock and balls and thighs. Zeke’s orgasm had been prolific as usual and cum had leaked out the boy’s mouth. But the clean-up was intoxicating for the boy. His own little cock was stiff and hard and doing little pushups in the air. Zeke smiled when he noticed this. He lifted the boy up to him and plunged his tongue into the boy’s mouth as he wrapped his hand around the boy’s penis, squeezing and stroking. The boy was moaning now. He was out of control and frantic to cum. His tongue eagerly danced against Zeke’s. He began to shake uncontrollably as his cock spasm’d and Zeke milked the cum out of him. Then, sated, he collapsed against Zeke with a huge sigh of contentment. Zeke wrapped his arms around his boy and held him close.

“Today we begin your training, baby. And you begin your new life with me. You understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.” The boy replied.

“First thing you got to understand is, you belong to me now. You got to obey me without question. If you don’t obey, I got to punish you. Spank your sexy little ass, or worse. You understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Next you got to understand exactly what you are. But you can’t just hear me say it. You got to say it. When you say it, it’s real. When you say it, it’s true. You are a not a real man. You are a faggot. What are you, boy?”

“I am . . . I am a faggot.”

“You are a sissy. Say it, boy.”

“I am a sissy.”

“Good. You are a cocksucker.”

“I am a cocksucker.”

“You are a girly-boy.”

“I am a girly-boy.” And the boy began to tear up realizing what was happening to him.

“That’s it little sissy-girl. Cry as you give yourself to Daddy. You are a bitch.”

“I . . . I am a bitch.” The boy sobbed.

“Whose bitch are you?” Zeke demanded.

“I am Daddy’s bitch.”

“Who owns you?”

“Daddy owns me.”

“When Daddy fucked you last night, his cum transformed you. Your ass is now my pussy. And you ain’t got a cock. That little thing between your legs is too pathetic to be a cock. You got a clit, right girl?”

“I have a clit, Daddy.”

“Daddy has a real cock. You’re going to learn to love and worship Daddy’s cock. You’re going to be a slave to Daddy’s cock. Right, bitch?”

“I am Daddy’s cock-slave.”

“Good girl. We need to get cleaned up now and go get some breakfast.”


They showered and dressed and walked down to the truck-stop restaurant. On the way, Zeke checked the weather report. Conditions were clearing up, but it looked like they would have to spend one more night in the motel. All the rooms were full now and Zeke greeted some of his old trucker friends as they made their way to a booth. Ruby came over carrying a pot of coffee to wait on them.

“Morning, Zeke.” She smiled. “You gents sleep okay?”

“Didn’t do much sleeping, Ruby. But it sure was nice.” Zeke smiled.

“What can I get you for breakfast?”

“I’ll have the steak and eggs with a side of pancakes. My girly-boy here will have a orange juice and a bowl of fruit-loops.”

Ruby chuckled. “What’s your boy’s name?”


“He don’t look much like a Chrissie.”

“By the end of the day he will. That Wal-Mart across the highway open?”

“Yeah. Ain’t nobody shopping cause of the storm. But I reckon you can get real personal service today. Let me go order up your breakfast.”

As Ruby walked towards the kitchen counter, Zeke wrapped his arm around Chrissie and pulled him close. In between sips of his coffee, Zeke ministered to Chrissie, kissing his neck and nibbling on his ears, massaging his chest and tweaking his nipples, sliding his hand between Chrissie’s legs and fondling his hard little cock. Chrissie just closed his eyes and laid his head back on Zeke’s shoulder. He began to whimper with pleasure as Zeke concentrated all his efforts on the boy’s cock. Chrissie came at the same time breakfast came. His pants were wet and cum-stained as he sat next to Zeke and ate his fruit loops.

After breakfast, Zeke rose from the booth and held out his hand to Chrissie. “C’mon, baby, let’s go shopping.”

“Maybe I should just leave now, Daddy? Maybe you’re done with me?” Chrissie asked timidly.

“What are you?” Zeke demanded.

“I’m a faggot.” Chrissie said quietly, eyes downcast.

“Who do you belong to?”

“I belong to you, Daddy.”

“Who makes decisions for you?”

“You do, Daddy.”

“Damn straight! This ain’t no game. You’re my property now; to do with as I please. Now take my hand and get your ass out a that booth.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“I’m going to have to punish you later for questioning me, bitch. Now let’s go.”

Zeke led Chrissie by the hand to the register. While Ruby processed his card, Zeke let his hand wander down to Chrissie’s ass, caressing and squeezing his firm little cheeks. Chrissie could feel the eyes of the truckers on her as Zeke possessively played with her ass. Zeke paid. They left.

Shopping for Clothes

Zeke led Chrissie by the hand across the highway to the Wal-Mart. Because of the snow storm, the store was practically empty. But Chrissie could feel the eyes of the clerks watching them as Zeke led her by the hand to the women’s section in the store. Zeke led Chrissie over to a sales girl. The girl looked like a teenager. She wore her uniform provocatively tight. With the heavy make-up she wore, she looked like a little tart.

“Can I help you, Sir?” She asked Zeke.

“What’s your name, honey?” Zeke responded.


“Well, Linda, this here is my little girly-boy, Chrissie. Chrissie is a little sissy-slut; but she ain’t got no clothes appropriate for a sissy. I’m hoping you can help me dress her to look the part. If you do, there’s a nice big tip for your help.”

“I can sure help you.” Linda giggled. “‘Especially for a nice tip. What you got in mind for Chrissie to wear?”

“Why don’t we take Chrissie into a dressing room and strip her so you can see what you got to work with.” Zeke suggested.

“Sure thing, honey.” Linda giggled and led them into the dressing area. There was no one else there, so they had the area all to themselves.

“Okay, strip, bitch.” Zeke commanded Chrissie.

“In front of her, Daddy?’

“Are you disobeying me?” Zeke demanded.

“No, Daddy.” Chrissie said with downcast eyes. The boy stripped down and stood there in front of Zeke and Linda.

“Why don’t we start with panties and stockings?” Zeke asked. “I like lace and I like satin. Probably need white, and pink, and black.”

“Sure thing,” said Linda. She was back in a flash with a variety of panties that Chrissie embarrassingly tried on. They settled on seven pair and Zeke instructed Chrissie to keep the pink lace panties on to wear for the day.

While Zeke was deciding on the panties, Linda picked out stockings for Chrissie to wear. Zeke decided on a couple pair of sheer nylons and a few pair of thigh-high striped stockings in various pastel colors. Linda picked out a nice garter belt for the nylons and brought back a selection of camisoles for Chrissie to try. Now Chrissie stood there attired in pink lace panties, a pink camisole that covered her pecs, but ended above her midriff, and thigh-high pastel pink and white stockings. For the next hour, Chrissie tried on a variety of mini-skirts, blouses, sweaters, mini-dresses and pants. Zeke made his final selections and then completed Chrissie’s ensemble for the day: a sleeveless pink blouse and a pair of pink stretch pants. Linda then led them to the shoe department. Chrissie could feel all eyes staring at him as Zeke led him by the hand across the store. Chrissie was so self-conscious that trying on shoes was agonizing. But after about twenty minutes, Zeke had selected shoes. Chrissie was now wearing a pair of light brown leather boots lined with pink fur, the fur spilling out of the top to form a fringe.

“Shit! She’s starting to look like the little sissy she is. Good job, Linda. Now, where can we get her ears pierced?”

“Follow me, hon.” Linda smiled and led them to the jewelry section.

In just a few minutes, Chrissie had two little gold letter “Z” earrings dangling from her newly-pierced ears.

“How about some make-up for her, Linda?” Zeke asked.

“Follow me.” Linda replied.

“I don’t want her to be a painted whore; just something subtle. Maybe some lipstick and something around the eyes.” Zeke instructed.

Linda chose a subtle shade of pink lipstick and mascara and liner for the eyes. She made Chrissie up and Zeke nodded approvingly.

“So, last thing.” Zeke said. “I seen this thing on TV that’s not really a razor, but gets rid of hair for quite awhile.”

“I know exactly what you’re talking about.” Linda said. “Follow me.”

Chrissie was confused and despondent as Zeke led her by the hand back across the highway. Yesterday she had been a normal college boy hitching a ride back to school. Last night she had been subdued and fucked by this man who led her. This morning she had sucked Daddy’s cock and swallowed his cum. Worse yet, she had been sexually aroused by the fucking and the sucking and by being dominated. On the one hand, she felt disgusted by the things he had done to her. On the other, she wanted more. No – she craved more! She felt like she was falling deeper and deeper into a pit of erotic pleasure and submission; a pit that she was unable to free herself from. How could she escape and reclaim her life? This is crazy she thought. I’m a guy. And here I am thinking of myself as “she!” What is to become of me?

Marked and Owned

Chrissie could feel all eyes on her as Zeke led her across the lobby. Zeke held the door to their room open and she entered and turned to him as the door clicked closed. She was going to beg him to let her go. She had to before she was past the point of no return. But before she could say a word, Zeke’s hand smacked across her cheek sending her sprawling to the bed. Chrissie’s eyes teared and she could feel the heat emanating from her cheek as she held her hand to where Zeke had struck her.

“I told you that you were going to be punished, bitch; and now you are! Strip those clothes off, now!” Zeke shouted at her.

Chrissie was afraid. She quickly stood and stripped naked. Zeke grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to the couch. He sat down and pulled her across his lap. Zeke ran his hand caressingly over Chrissie’s ass-cheeks and then – SMACK! – he brutally spanked her ass. Zeke alternated caressing and spanking. Chrissie’s ass began to glow red from the spanking. But she was getting sexually aroused from the caressing! Her ass was hurting, but her cock was throbbing with unexpected pleasure. Zeke laughed heartily as he administered his punishment. Then he stopped spanking.

“Get up, bitch!” He commanded.

Chrissie stumbled to her feet and Zeke stood and grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the big round table in the bedroom. He bent her at the waist over the table, so that her arms and torso lay on the table. Then he dropped his drawers and opened the tube of KY, slathering it over his already hard and throbbing cock.

“You’re a bitch, aren’t you, Chrissie?” He sneered.

“Yes, Daddy, I’m a bitch.” Chrissie sobbed.

“Well, a bitch isn’t a proper bitch until she takes it doggy-style.” Zeke said and placed his cock against Chrissie’s ass-hole.

He slid it in with one, long stroke. After the fucking last night, it slid in much more easily. This time Zeke didn’t go slowly. He began fucking Chrissie in earnest, slapping her ass occasionally. At first Chrissie whimpered like a hurt puppy. But then pleasure possessed her. She moaned incoherently as Zeke plunged his throbbing cock into her repeatedly. She was out of control now, existing only on a plane of pleasure and pain.

“Fuck me, Daddy.” She begged. “Fuck me harder, Daddy! Make me your bitch! Make me your faggot! Make me your sissy! Oh, fuck me, Daddy! Please! Please fuck me!”

And then she felt Zeke’s cock spasm inside her male pussy, filling it with cum till it oozed out of her ass onto to the floor. And while Zeke came inside her, her cock exploded, shooting her cum onto the floor as well. As Chrissie moaned incoherently underneath him, Zeke smiled. He knew. She was his now. Totally! But he needed to make sure Chrissie accepted it. He had to complete her transformation.

Zeke pulled his cock out of the boy and grabbed him by the hair.

“Let’s go, bitch. Time to make you look like the sissy you are.” Zeke said and grabbed the hair removal appliance he’d purchased at the Wal-Mart. Zeke grabbed Chrissie by the hair and pulled him into the bathroom.

“Get in the tub, bitch!” Zeke ordered.

Chrissie scrambled into the tub and stood there looking fearfully at Zeke as Zeke pulled the device out of the box and inserted the batteries. Then he handed it to Chrissie.

“Here, bitch. Let’s see how well this thing takes the hair off your body.”

“Please, Daddy, no.” Chrissie begged. “Don’t make me do this.”

Slap! Zeke struck her on the cheek again.

“Get busy and take that hair off, you little sissy!” Zeke shouted.

Chrissie began to sob; and she began to remove the hair on her legs.

“That’s it, slut. Take all the hair off those girlie legs of yours. Now your underarms. Yes, that’s it, you little whore. Now the arms. Yes. Now run it over your chest and get those five hairs off for good.”

Chrissie stood there, hairless and shivering with fear.

“Turn around and bend over so I can shave your pussy nice and smooth.”

Chrissie turned around and bent over so Zeke could shave her ass-hairs. Now she was completely hairless except for the hair on her head.

“Turn around facing me and kneel down, bitch.” Zeke ordered.

Chrissie did as she was told.

“Now you look like the sissy you are.” Zeke sneered. “What are you, bitch?” Zeke demanded.

“I’m a faggot.” Chrissie sobbed.

“Who owns you?”

“I belong to Daddy.”

“Yes, you little whore. You belong to Daddy and Daddy’s going to mark you as his property.” Zeke said. And grabbing his now flaccid cock, he aimed it at Chrissie’s chest and began to piss on her.

Zeke marked her chest and legs and then ordered her to turn around so that he could piss all over her back. When Chrissie had been completely pissed on below the neck, Zeke cut off his flow momentarily.

“Turn around and open your mouth.” He ordered, roughly.

Chrissie did as ordered. And Zeke started pissing once again. This time he directed the stream to Chrissie’s face, wetting it all. Then he pointed the stream directly into her mouth.

“Swallow Daddy’s piss, faggot!” Zeke scowled.

Chrissie’s tears flowed freely as she drank from Daddy’s tap.

Zeke let Chrissie kneel there for a few moments. Then he filled a glass with water and instructed her to rinse her mouth out. He gave her mouth wash to rinse with and then had her brush her teeth. Then Zeke turned the taps on in the tub and adjusted the water temperature to his liking. He stepped into the tub with Chrissie and turned the shower head on. He stood her up and guided her under the water stream. Then he soaped her body, cleaning all of the piss and loose hair off of her. Chrissie soaped her hands and cleansed her face, then shampooed her hair. Zeke showered himself, then gazed admiringly at Chrissie.

“Now you look like the little sissy you were meant to be, baby.” Zeke said. “Let’s dry off.”

In the Bar

Zeke figured there was one more step to complete Chrissie’s submission; to dominate her in public. Chrissie put on her pink top and pink stretch pants. She applied the mascara and eyeliner like Linda had shown her and carefully spread the pink lipstick over her lips. Zeke wore his black leather pants and vest with no shirt. Zeke was proud of his hairy chest and liked to show it off.

Zeke took Chrissie’s hand and led her down the corridor, through the lobby and into the bar. He chose a stool near the end of the bar and sat down. Chrissie started to sit on the stool next to him, but Zeke stopped her.

“Real men sit at the bar, baby. Their girly-boys stand between their legs.” Zeke instructed.

Chrissie obeyed and half sat on Zeke’s thigh. The bartender came over.

“What’ll you have, Zeke?”

“Hi Charlie. I’ll have a whiskey and a draft. My girly-boy will have a strawberry daiquiri. You got any of those special straws?”

“Sure do.”

“Make sure she gets one.”

“Sure thing.”

While Charlie went for the drinks, Zeke began to play with Chrissie. He caressed her bare arms and midriff. He slid his hand under her blouse and pinched and rubbed her nipples. Chrissie laid her head on his shoulder as Zeke slid his hand over cock. Chrissie knew the other truckers were watching them. Some of them had lustful looks on their faces. But Chrissie didn’t care. She belonged to Zeke; he had marked her as his own. Charlie returned with their drinks and set them on the bar. A shot and a beer for Zeke and a dainty little strawberry daiquiri for Chrissie. But Chrissie’s drink had a very unusual straw in it. The straw itself was a bit undersized; somewhere between a regular straw and a cocktail stirrer in diameter. But the straw was encased in a large plastic tube shaped like a penis. There was a ball sack at the bottom of the straw and a large mushroom cock head at the top. You really had to suck on the cock head to get liquid through the straw. Christopher would never have put this in his mouth. Only a sissy slut would make an exhibition of herself by sucking a drink through this straw. That was when the realization hit her. She wasn’t Christopher anymore. She was Chrissie, Zeke’s slut. Chrissie grabbed her drink and lifted the straw to her lips. Her eyes locked onto Zeke’s as she licked the head of the straw languorously. Then she began to suck on the straw cock-head drawing the sweet liquid of the drink into her mouth.

A man walked over and sat on the stool next to them.

“Hi, Zeke. What you got here?”

“Hi, Jake. This is Chrissie.”

“He’s a pretty little thing. He for sale?”

“Naw. I just took him and turned him. I’m going to keep this one.”

More men had begun to gather around them to watch what was happening. Zeke had begun to caress Chrissie’s cock again. It was growing hard and leaking pre-cum. A pre-cum stain began to spread on the crotch of Chrissie’s pink stretch pants.

“How long you had him, Zeke?”

“This is our second night together.”

“And you turned him already?” Jake asked in disbelief.

“Ask him.” Zeke said with a sly smile on his face.

“What are you, honey?” Jake asked Chrissie.

“I’m a faggot.” Chrissie breathed as she ground her cock against Zeke’s hand.

“You got a boy-friend, faggot?” Jake asked.

“I belong to Zeke. Zeke is my Daddy.”

“Can I pet his cock, Zeke?”

“Tell him, Honey.” Zeke instructed Chrissie.

“My cock belongs to Daddy. You can only touch it if he says.”

“Well, Zeke?” Jake asked.

“Not on your life. She’s my bitch; my girly-boy.”

Chrissie laid her head back on Zeke’s shoulder with a contented little smile on her face. Zeke had not stopped stroking her cock. The spot of pre-cum was quite large now, and growing. Chrissie began to moan as she felt her cum rising to the head of her cock. Zeke covered her mouth with his and plunged his tongue in. Chrissie greedily massaged his tongue with hers as the spasms of her orgasm erupted, spewing cum into her pretty pink pants. Zeke stopped the kiss and brought his hand to Chrissie’s mouth. She licked her own cum off of Zeke’s palm and fingers.

“Best you take that stuff into a bedroom.” The bartender chuckled.

Back in the Room

They stayed and had a few more drinks. Trucker friends stopped by to talk with Zeke; and to check out his new boy. The boy with the huge cum stain on his pretty pink stretch pants. Then Zeke called it a night. He wrapped his arm around Chrissie’s waist and guided her back to their room. Once inside, he drew Chrissie to him. He plunged his tongue into her sweet mouth and his hands roamed over her slight body. Zeke kissed and nibbled on her neck and ears as his hands kneaded and caressed her sexy, firm ass. Then Zeke removed Chrissie’s blouse and licked his way down her neck to her chest. He licked and gently bit her nipples as he moved his hand between her legs and rubbed the length of her hardening shaft. Then he stripped off her pants and her panties letting them fall to her ankles. He wrapped his meaty hand around her now-throbbing cock and began to stroke it.

“Oh, Daddy, that feels so good.” Chrissie purred.

“Take your shoes and pants off, honey.”

While Chrissie sat down on the edge of the bed to complete disrobing, Zeke quickly shed his clothes. His cock was growing and pulsing, but not yet at full erection.

“Come and suck on Daddy’s man-cock.” Zeke instructed.

Chrissie quickly knelt in front of him and took his shaft into her mouth. She sucked eagerly, using her tongue and lips to quickly get Daddy erect.

“That’s enough for now, baby.” Zeke instructed. He walked over to the nightstand and got the tube of KY and brought it to Chrissie.

“Make Daddy’s cock ready for you, baby.” Zeke ordered.

Chrissie squeezed a big glob of the jelly into her hand and then coated Zeke’s cock with it.

“Now make yourself ready for Daddy.”

Chrissie squeeze KY from the tube onto her fuck-finger and slowly inserted the finger into her male pussy. She slowly finger-fucked herself, coating her ass with the jelly.

Zeke sat down on the couch. “Come and sit on Daddy’s lap, bitch.”

Chrissie walked seductively to the couch, swaying her hips the way she thought a girl would. She knelt on the couch, directly over Daddy’s throbbing cock. She took the shaft of Zeke’s monster cock in her hand and positioned the head at the entrance to her ass. Then she closed her eyes and slowly lowered herself onto Daddy’s cock. It didn’t hurt as much this time as she slid lower and lower until she was fully impaled. Perhaps the different position made it less painful. Or perhaps she was just becoming a full-fledged cock-slut. She began to slowly bob up and down on Daddy’s glorious cock. She could feel it throbbing in her male pussy. Daddy guided her mouth to his and she opened wide to accept his tongue. She began to bob faster as Daddy’s hands on her hips helped her to pleasure him. Chrissie was losing control. All that existed for her was feeling; the physical pleasure of having Daddy’s tongue in her mouth and hard cock in her male pussy. Chrissie began to make animal sounds in her throat as she felt Daddy’s cock beginning to orgasm. She wrapped her arms tight around Daddy’s neck. Saliva slobbered out of her mouth. She began to shudder uncontrollably, mewing and growling as Daddy’s cock exploded its cum into her. She could feel the cum slipping out of her. There was too much for her male pussy to contain. Then she lifted her head and a primeval scream escaped her lips as she came violently, spewing her own cum onto Daddy’s chest.

On the Road

The highway had been cleared the next morning and they were on the road again. Zeke sat in the driver’s seat with his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand in Chrissie’s lap. Chrissie was wearing a lime-green camisole, green and yellow thigh-high stockings and little green lace panties. The panties were actually down around her ankles. This was because Zeke had his hand wrapped around the boy’s cock, slowly squeezing and stroking it.

“Look out the right side, baby.” Zeke said. “Isn’t that the school you used to go to?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Chrissie responded.

“You want to go back there?”

“No, Daddy.”

“What do you want, honey?”

“I want to be Daddy’s girl.” Chrissie sighed.

“That’s my, baby.” Zeke smiled.

He had been jacking Chrissie off about every sixty minutes while they drove. Chrissie now existed on a totally physical plane. She craved Zeke’s touch. Her cock was hard and throbbing now and Zeke was expertly working it. Slowing down when she was about to cum, speeding up when she had passed the cum-point. Now Chrissie was making those little growling noises in her throat that signaled she was lost in ecstasy. Her body shuddered as the cum erupted from her throbbing rod.

“Oh, Daddy! Yes! Yes! Yessssssss!” She groaned as the orgasm took control of her.

Then she slumped back into her seat, sated. She rubbed cum onto her fuck-finger, coating it with slimy ooze. Then she slowly inserted the finger into her male pussy, mewling with pleasure. Zeke smiled as he watched her slowly finger-fucking herself.

“Who are you, baby?” He asked.

“I’m Daddy’s girl.”

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    Truckers make the best sissy owners. And the humiliations can be endless. sissy mchele

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