Entrapment. Two Sides To Every Story.

December 18, 2015

I know that you may think me something of a bully, but who cares? Forcing a lad to dress like a girl, act like a girl and serve my cock like a girl against his, or should I say her will, is the most powerful aphrodisiac for me! And looking down at her with her legs open in her pretty little panties; trembling with fear, the wide eyed scared look on her face was making my cock bulge.




My first mistake was stealing the damned shirt in the first place! My
second mistake was being caught! My third mistake was not calling the
bastards bluff and telling him to go fuck himself in the beginning when
I still could, before I was in so deep! Now god knows how I was ever
going to get out of his trap. But I was young and naïve, now I would
have to keep on responding to the weekly summons to his house until he
decides to let me go.  

It had began last year when I first left school aged eighteen, my first
full time job had been working in a department store in the town
centre. A very junior position and not great pay as you can imagine, so
when I first saw the black Prada shirt we were stocking at the time I
knew that I would never be able to afford it. I should have forgot all
I about it there and then but of course, being young, I didn't!

One day when I was alone in the stockroom I came across a box full of
them, still in their packets. I rooted through it and found one my
size. As I held it up, temptation got the better of me and in a rash
move I lifted up the shirt I was wearing, stuffed the packet underneath
and tucked my shirt back in my trousers. Pulling my jacket together, I
left the stockroom and hid the stolen item in the male locker room. 

No-one had seen me and I could pick it up later and smuggle it out,
what I hadn't realised was that even the stockroom had a CCTV! Getting
the shirt out of the shop on my lunch break was too easy, I nipped home
and put it in my bedroom and returned to work. The rest of the day
passed without incident and I was looking forward to the weekend, I was
meeting up with my girlfriend and could show off my new shirt when we
went clubbing.

When I got home from work a couple of days later on the Thursday
evening my mother told me that a parcel had arrived for me that day. It
was a small bubble wrap package, I took it to my room, opened it and
saw that it was an unmarked video cassette with a note inside that said

There was a mobile phone number underneath. Intrigued, I put the
cassette in my machine and watched in horror as I saw myself in the
stockroom at work in the process of stealing the shirt.

My blood ran cold, oh god what was I to do? What the fuck was going on
here? I took out the tape and destroyed it. I sat in my room for over
an hour worrying, whoever had sent me this could have shown it straight
to the manager. I would have been fired and prosecuted too; our store
had zero tolerance on theft of any sort. However they hadn't! So what
did they want then? Only one way to find out, I picked up my phone and
wrote a short message. 

I did not have to wait long for the reply.
His house? What house? Where? I thought god just what was going on?
Hands shaking I replied to the message.
My phone quickly bleeped again.

It looked like someone was playing a game albeit one that I had no
choice but to play along with, so I responded.
Again my phone bleeped.
I replied that I did know where it was, it was on a new housing estate
on the other side of town from where I lived. 

So at a couple of minutes past 8PM I walked up the path of the new
detached house on Blackfriars close and rang the doorbell, not knowing
what to expect from the evening. The door was opened by a guy I had
seen before at work a Mr Wilton he was the security manager at the
store. Even though I knew who he was I had never actually spoken to him
He was a big guy, he completely towered over me, I was five foot seven
and very slim, he was at least six foot four. Huge barrel chested and
thick muscular arms, he looked like he had lifted a lot of weights in
his life. He had a broad, hard looking face, the small scars on his
face and the shaved head made him look more like an ex-boxer or ex-
convict than a store detective I thought. His shirt sleeves were rolled
up and the visible tattoos only confirmed that look. I am hopeless at
guessing peoples ages but I would say he looked in his mid to late

"You're late," he growled.

"I said eight o lock, it's now five past, come in."

I entered the house. It was tastefully decorated; obviously security
manager paid a lot better than my position did. I followed him into the
living room, sat in the chair he pointed to and waited for him to


I had always liked special girls, you know? Girls with something extra!
Dates back to my time in prison, when you are inside with time on your
hands you can get very, very horny. As there are no women inside; well,
I'm sure you can imagine, a hole is a hole after all. When you are one
of the prison tough guys it's a relatively easy task to turn a bitch
out. There are lots of young and scared lads in there that will do
anything for protection.

They are always reluctant at first, until you show them that it is
their best option and in their best interests to cooperate. Sometimes
violence, sometimes just the fear of violence does the trick. I
particularly liked the young, slim, effeminate type myself, easier to
think of them as girls that way, because I ain't no fag now am I? I'm
just getting what a man needs in an all male environment?

I had a selection of different girls during my ten year stretch for
armed robbery. Tall ones, short ones, blonde ones, dark ones, White,
Afro-Caribbean and Asian. All tough guys at first, all simpering little
bitches within an hour of my special persuasion. The best time though
was during the last two years of my sentence, when I was transferred to
an open prison with a much more relaxed regime

We had our own cells, all the better for a bit of privacy with your
'girl'. There were more young first time offenders in there too, the
perfect material for making into your 'girl'. Plus myself and the other
seasoned lags could mange to get certain items sent in. The Governor of
the prison knew what sort of things we wanted and why we wanted them.
His attitude was 'if it kept twenty or thirty hardened prisoners happy
and quiet ,then so be it'. 

So he turned a blind-eye to the clothes we ordered from the catalogues,
paid for out of our drug earnings and other prison scams. We were the
best dressed prisoners in the prison system, we also bought in clothes
for our 'girls'. Allsorts of stuff, mini-skirts, tight tops, high-
heels, little dresses and of course lots of sexy undies for them. Well
what guy doesn't like to see his bird in bra, panties stockings sussies
and heels? And believe me some of these 'girls' looked better than some
of the real girls you see about! We even got them make-up and the
latest fashion magazines. 

We had our own little harem of bitches, they were dressed like that
24/7. They bought into it too, they realised that it was the only way
that they could survive inside. For these softer, more effeminate boys
it was better to live on your knees, than to risk death or injury
trying to be the man that you are really not! Better to give your mouth
and cherry to a man willingly, than to have it brutally taken in a
shower rape!  

You see I have got a taste for boys dressed and acting like girls, not
just from fucking them but also from the power trip of making them do
it against their will. Breaking them from tough acting boy into
submissive obedient girl. This was easier to find in prison than on the
outside, in there I had absolute power over them, out here its not so
easy to find. I know and sometimes frequent the tranny bars and fetish
clubs in town and also go online in the chat rooms and sites but they
don't have the exact kind of person I am looking for.

As much as I do enjoy my regular sexual conquests on these outings;
they are always with experienced trannys that are doing it because they
enjoy it too. That's not what I really want, I want a lad that has
never done it before, never even thought about it before, a straight
lad, a lad that would under normal circumstances never do it. One that
I can force to be my bitch, mould him into the perfect girl. That's the
thrill for me, the power the domination over him/her!

It took my two years to find just what I was looking for. That is, to
have a young, slim, boy, the perfect material, putting himself in a
position that I can use and abuse! I had got this job as security
manager at a department store through my prison network. It's a long
story, but the outcome is that one of the main criminal players in this
town owns the store to launder his cash. I did time with him and as a
result he gave me this well paying job to keep a proper eye on it. The
actual store manager is unaware of the true owners' identity and is an
honest guy running the store, an unwitting front man.

I had seen this lad about before, I often just browsed the CCTV. I had
noticed him because of his slight build, only five foot six or so and
his shoulder length wavy hair. I would have had him in prison that's
for sure, shame I can't have him on the outside I thought! I imagined
him in a little mini-skirt, heels and stockings tottering across the
shop floor as I manipulated the camera to follow him towards the stock

As he entered and shut the door I flicked onto the stockroom camera to
continue my fantasy. I watched him bending and stretching to reach
stuff and I pictured the little skirt I could dream of him wearing,
rising up. The flash of the stocking top, a glimpse of 'her' panties.
Mmmmmmm I rubbed my crotch feeling my erection grow when, whoa, what
was that, I looked up and there he was shoving an item up his shirt and
scurrying out. I re-wound the tape and watched it again, there it was,
quite clear, he had stolen one of the new Prada shirts.

Well now! This was an opportunity wasn't it? How best to exploit it? I
made several copies of the tape as a bit of insurance, put all but one
in my brief case and put the other in an envelope with a short note.
Next I accessed the personal files, found out his name and address and
saw that his parents were his next of kin and at the same address. This
was good as a young lad living at home with mummy and daddy will be
more open to my blackmail plan. He won't want them to find out he has
been stealing! I wrote the address on the envelope and took it to the
mailbox down the street. 

I looked forward to the weekend and getting better acquainted with my
little 'girl-to-be'. A couple of days later I received the text that I
had been waiting for and the next part of my plan began. I knew she, I
already thought of her as she! Would turn up that Friday night. So I
prepared everything I would need in the bathroom, the living room and
the bedroom that we would need for our weekend together. 

It was five past eight when the doorbell rang and I had specifically
told her eight o clock! She would have to learn punctuality as well as
many other things. I opened the door and showed her into the living
room, indicating for her to sit down.


He offered me a drink which I accepted; he came back in the room with a
vodka and redbull for me. I sipped it down, wow it was strong, I also
took a blast from the joint he offered me and started to relax a
little. He started to make a little small talk with me, I wasn't really
sure what the fuck was going on but I humoured him and answered his

What my name was? How old was I? How long had I worked at the shop? Was
it my first job? Etc. I answered him that my name was Steve, that I was
eighteen, been working at the shop for almost a month and yes it was my
first job since leaving school. All quite innocent questions he seemed
very friendly and genuinely interested, although I am sure he could
have looked up all this information from the computer records at work.

As I relaxed with drink and joint in hand his questions became a little
more personal. He asked me what my hobbies were, to which I replied I
didn't really have any beyond drinking, partying and clubbing. He
laughed and asked if that was how I spent my days off work, I was then
asked if I had a regular girlfriend and if so how long had I been
seeing her? I told him that I did and had been doing for over six
months now. He looked at me in a pervy, creepy way and said.

"Your bird pretty then?"

I nodded.

"She let you into her knickers?"

I laughed and replied that we weren't virgins, but he went on,
"She dresses sexy for you? Little short skirts, sexy undies, you know!
Is she a good girl?"

This really didn't seem like any of his business but I did laugh and
say that she did indeed look pretty hot in a mini skirt and yes she did
usually wear pretty sexy bras and panties, I even told him about the
stockings and suspenders that she sometimes wore as a treat for me. He
looked delighted to hear that and said to me quietly, almost under his

"Good, so you know how a good girl should dress for her man then?"
He laughed and I joined him as it all seemed harmless conversation.

Then his voice hardened a little, I could tell that he was coming to
the point of just why he had summoned me here, it certainly wasn't just
for the company!

"Well here we are then, been naughty haven't you?" he asked.

"Well you have got the tapes," I replied.

"Tomorrow I can give a copy to the store manager and one to the police
and then that's you fucked ain't it?" he continued.

"Unless you are very nice to me that is?" he added.

That's probably when I should have run but where to? I could leave easy
enough but at the age of eighteen, first job and I am fired and
prosecuted for theft. Plus my parents would by mortified, god what a
shit predicament, what did this guy actually want?

"How you mean nice?" I asked.

"You do everything I say and I will consider that being nice," he

"Ok," I mumbled, the drink and spliff were beginning to take effect.

He sat up and said to me, "First I want you to strip naked and then I
want you to suck my cock sweetheart."

Wow the drink was strong, my head felt woozy and I belatedly realised
that there may have been some drug in it apart from the vodka? I
started to protest. I wasn't out from the drug just a little
intoxicated. I remember saying NO but he insisted.

"Get up and strip naked for me right now or fuck off home and expect
the shit to hit the fan tomorrow."

"Please I can't," I begged.

But he just sneered and replied, "Do as you're fucking told you cunt;
don't make me come over there and slap you as well. You're in enough
shit as it is."

He had me and he knew it. In this state and this position what could I
do? He was so much bigger and stronger looking than I was and he had
the video-tape of my indiscretion at work. I thought well ok, suck his
cock, could be worse, at least I can go home and the matter will be
over; so I thought! 

So I stood up and slowly undressed as he sat there watching me like a
tiger watches its prey. He told me to throw my clothes to him as I
undressed and he placed them in a big black bin bag. Until finally I
stood before him naked swaying slightly from side to side.
"I can't do this," I almost sobbed as he glared at me.

"On your knees bitch," was his answer as he stood up.

I was so humiliated, I could only stammer out, "But I am not gay, I
can't suck a mans cock."

He laughed, "Neither am I bitch," as he held up a pair of what looked
like girls panties. He moved closer to me waving them in front of me.
"Know what these are honey?" he whispered.

I nodded my head it was obvious what they were. He pushed them closer
as he said, "They're pretty little girly panties aren't they?" 
"What are they?"

I acknowledged that they were girl's panties, but he wanted me to
repeat his phrases exactly. So I did! 

"I want you to describe them to me," he whispered again as he held them

I started to tell him in hushed tones just what he wanted to hear.

"They are white girl's panties," I replied, I could feel myself
blushing as I spoke.

"And?" he demanded.

"Are they pretty little girly panties?"

"What material are they? Come on I said describe them to me."

I felt my resistance ebb away. I just didn't know what to do, in
desperation I did as he demanded.

"They are white, silky girl's panties," I almost sobbed in despair.

"Yes, come on say it," he said menacingly.

I gave in any pretence I had in arguing with him and said, "They are
pretty little girly panties" 

"Good," he continued.

"That's right, pretty little girly panties. The sort of thing only a
girl would wear, right?" he demanded.

"The sort of thing your girl wears for you?"

"Yea," I agreed trying to play along with him, I didn't like where this
was going! 

"A man wouldn't wear them would he?"

"No," I stammered.

"I assume you have had other girlfriends," he continued. "Did they wear
little panties like this too?"

I replied that sometimes they did. 

"Did they look sexy and girly in them?"

I nodded. 

"And did they ever suck your cock?"

Again I nodded.

"And was that gay?" he laughed.

"No," I said quietly.

"So, put them on girl," he said. "Then it won't be gay for either of us
will it? I am a man and you are a girl."

By now I was just thinking, get it over with, just do whatever he says
and get out off there, it will soon be over and no-one will ever know!
I slipped on the panties, straightened myself and sunk to my knees.
That was my last and biggest mistake. Once you put on girls panties for
a man, you are already half beaten, you are vulnerable, he owns you!
You are a girl and his girl at that, forever. I realise that now but
then at the time, I just wanted an easy way out!

As I knelt he took his cock out and waved it in front of my face, he
reached down and gave me a sniff from a small bottle (of poppers). On
top of the drugs and alcohol I just went bitch up! I surrendered to the
moment, opened my mouth and waited. I did not notice him press a little
remote in his jacket pocket and the small red light come on in the
corner of the room. Didn't realise that the next thirty minutes was
being filmed for future blackmailing purposes. That all the film would
show was me on my knees, in a pair of white, obviously girls panties,
completely compliant and voluntary to the proceedings.

"Beg me for the honour of letting you suck my cock bitch," he ordered.
"Say please Sir may your worthless little slut have the honour of
sucking her Masters cock."

I obeyed, too frightened now to stop him. The best thing would be just
to get on with it! "Please Sir may your worthless little slut have the
honour of sucking her Masters cock," I blubbered. And all the time the
camera rolled!!


This was easier than I had thought it was gonna be; she had only been
in my house for less than twenty minutes and she was already on her
knees in just her knickers begging for my cock. The little slut wasn't
gonna get it just yet though, this little show was going to perform for
the cameras benefit first. I wanted her to appear willing on film so
that she couldn't deny it later, a bit more evidence I could blackmail
her with if needed. 

I waved my cock in her face, slapping her cheeks with it, humiliating
her. I wanted her to see what it was like to be a slut, to feel the
powerlessness of her submission; it was going to be a lot more for her
to take than a simple blow-job. Now I had her on film like this I could
threaten to send a copy to her family and friends to ensure future

I made her beg like a bitch on heat for several minutes before I
decided to grant her request. 

"Open wide sweetheart," I ordered, she obeyed instantly.

"Good girl," I murmured as I rubbed the tip of my hard member across
her lips.

I pulled her head back by her hair so I could see the look in her eyes
as I slowly penetrated her mouth. There was the nervous look of fear in
them, just what I wanted too see, she had obviously never done this

Her little nose scrunched up in revulsion as she tasted her first cock,
not a taste she knew or liked, I could tell. She'll get used to it
though, they always do! I forced my way further in watching her eyes
widen as I hit the back of her throat. I held her hair so she couldn't
pull away and slipped my cock head back out to her lips then pushed in

Tears welled up in her eyes as her gag reflex kicked in but still I
didn't stop. This wasn't gonna take long I was already throbbing with
my fast approaching climax. God she looked so horny, so vulnerable, so
submissive and so sexy. She let out a little yelp as I gripped her hair
tighter, pulling it, moaning as I felt my semen shoot up my cock.

She tried to wriggle and push me out of her soft wet hole with her
tongue as I unloaded my cum in her pretty little mouth. I had her head
held firm, there was no escape. She choked and gagged as I filled her
up, I am a heavy repeat cummer it was dribbling out over her lips, down
her chin.

"Swallow it girl," I whispered.

Twisting her head round to face the camera I slowly withdrew my now
softening penis. It flopped out of her followed by a thick wad of my
man cream. I gripped her cum covered face and said to her, "Smile for
the camera baby."
She was mine now, hook, line and sinker, I reached down to the coffee
table for the TV remote and switched it on. 

"Here watch this bitch," I said as I roughly pulled her round to the

The screen showed her on her knees begging to suck my cock, then having
it rammed down her throat, finishing with her face splattered in cum.

"This will ensure your continuing cooperation I should think," I

"You wouldn't want that little movie arriving at your parents home in a
couple of days would you?"

She looked horrified. 

"Especially after I have edited it a bit. It will just show you be a
more than willing participant."
"But I have done as you asked, I want to go home now," she pleaded. "We
are quits aren't we?" her eyes imploring. 

Poor little cow she still didn't get it. "Oh no sweetheart, we ain't
even started yet, that was just the warm-up."

"At the moment you're just a lad in panties. You're gonna be a proper
little girly for me.

"You're gonna be my girlfriend for the rest of the weekend."

She shook her head. "I can't," she bleated. "I have arrangements."

"Cancel them," I barked.

"You will do as you are told or I will find out who all your friends
and family are, their addresses, your girlfriends' address and send
each a copy of this tape. Plus the management and police will get a
copy of the other tape."

I could see defeat in her eyes, this was the a sweet moment in any
conquest for me. When the silly little bitch first realises that there
is no way out. That she is gonna have to go along with everything I

"Come on stand up, time to go upstairs girl."

Guiding her into the bathroom; first I told her to shave her face very
closely, taking care not to cut herself. Although she had little body
hair there was still some, too much for my tastes anyway. I wanted her
smooth all over, like a real girl, it would have to come off, I turned
on the shower.

"Get in," I snapped at her, as I yanked her panties off.

She complied immediately, already on the way to be being completely

"Here rub this cream all over your body, wait a minute then wash it

Again she complied. When she was clear of the cream I gave her a
scented soap to use. There was now not a hair on her body, even her
pubes had come off. All she was left with was the shoulder length brown
hair. One day I may get her to dye that blond I thought to myself. On
to the next part of my plan. She dried herself and allowed me to lead
her into the bedroom; I had already selected her outfit for tonight.


I honestly thought that he was going to choke me when he first rammed
his penis down my throat. I had never realised that it would be so
invasive! I was gagging as it hit my tonsils I felt like I was going to
be sick. I was relieved that it didn't last for too long; my mouth was
soon filled with his hot, thick semen. I swallowed as much of it as I
could; he had demanded it and I just naturally complied. It just seemed
easier that way! 

That's when he hit me with my next shock, the camera, the new tape that
he had made of me. And worst of all the fact that the evening that I
had thought was now almost over; was in fact just beginning and would
in fact last for the next two days! He allowed me to SMS text my
girlfriend to cancel our arranged evening out together; also my mother
telling her that I was staying with friends and wouldn't be home until
Sunday night. 

I then allowed myself to be led upstairs to the bathroom where he
ordered me to shave my face then he pulled off the panties I was still
wearing and ordered me into the shower. I followed his instructions to
rub the cream all over my body. It tingled at first then started to
feel a little uncomfortable, I was relieved when he told me to shower
it off but a little anxious to see that all my body hair had
disapeared; how would I explain that to my girlfriend? When I was dry
he took me into a medium sized bedroom with a bed, dressing table, a
chest of drawers and a large wardrobe in it.

He sat me down in front of the dressing table. Upon which were some
items of make-up and what looked like perfume and body-spray.
"You stay right here sweetheart, I am just gonna go downstairs and get
us a couple of drinks and a joint. We gotta long night ahead of us lets
relax and have fun; don't you go away now honey" He laughed as he left
the room. 

Go away? Where was I gonna go away too? I was sat here in this guys'
house, with no clothes, so naked I was even devoid of body hair; I had
never felt so vulnerable. I was trapped here for however long he wanted
and for whatever purpose! He returned and offered me a drink plus a hit
on the joint. If I was trapped here then I may as well try and blank it
out as much as I could with the drugs and alcohol I reasoned? 

"Ok girl, time to make you look pretty," he said as he passed me a
bottle of pink nail varnish. "Toes first then fingers honey."

"Please," I begged him. "Please why are you doing this, what do you
want?" I pleaded.

But he only replied with a cold hard edge to his voice, "Because I
fucking can and because I fucking want to bitch, that's why!

"If you wanna be a man and try and fight your way out of this like a
man then feel free to try."

"But you better make sure you win if you do, coz if you lose I'll beat
the fuck out of you, rape you and still get you sacked tomorrow, who's
gonna believe your word? I have the tape that proves that you are a

I could feel the tears of defeat well up in my eyes, I tried one last
protest. "Please, I did as you asked, I sucked your cock, please let me
go home now?"

But it was to no avail, all he said was, "Do as you are fucking told
and I will be as easy on you as I can and that's the best and only
offer that you will get all night. Now put the fucking varnish on and
stop being a big baby." I put the nail varnish on! 

After allowing me five minutes for it to dry; he proceeded to hand me a
succession of other make-up items with instructions on how to use them.
Foundation, black eyeliner, a layer of white thickener on my eyelashes
followed by a heavy layer of black mascara. Dark pink eye shadow to go
on my eyelids with a paler pink in the socket area, a pink blusher on
my cheek bones and a light layer of powder over the top. Finally he
handed me some bright pink lipstick, it matched the nail varnish. It
was difficult to apply as my hand was shaking and him sat there right
next to me watching me intently didn't help! 

Lastly he told me to brush my shoulder length hair. I watched in
amazement as I was transformed from a young man into quite a pretty
young girl! I also noticed that he was staring at me in a very
disturbing way as he sprayed some perfume on me.

"My, my, my," he whispered. "What a pretty little girl you are, my

"What are you?

"What are you heh?" he demanded again.

"I'm a girl," I stammered.

"No, I said a pretty little girl, now what are you?" he snapped.

Any resistance I had caved in as I capitulated. "I'm a pretty little

"A pretty little girl, Sir," he added cruelly.

"I'm a pretty little girl Sir," I numbly responded.

My transformation however wasn't yet complete; next he wanted me to
dress the part too! He told me to stand up and threw a white suspender
belt at me.

"Put that on, tonight you are going to be my perfect pretty little
girlfriend," he snarled.

"Perfect in every way, do you understand girl?"

Next he tossed over a pair of white stockings; telling me to role them
up my arm first then put the foot in and role them up. I pulled them up
as high as I could and clipped them to the straps on the suspender
belt. I must admit it was quite sensual the way they slid up my smooth

He then took a step closer and passed me a white lacy bra with two
chicken fillet fillers to pad them out.

"As you can see princess, I have been shopping for you. It's very easy
when I have full access to our mutual place of work. I can get all
sorts of pretty clothes for my beautiful little girlfriend to wear.

"Always want you to look your best for Daddy don't we?" he added.

He smiled as he passed me the panties.

"Here you go sweetheart, put these on. A good little girlfriend would
always wear her prettiest panties for her boyfriend.

"Even if she was a still a little virgin, just in case, you know," he

They were very flimsy, fine mesh, very expensive looking, hot pink.
With a sexy lace tie up at the back very girly, very feminine!
I felt totally humiliated and beaten as I slipped them on. I realised
even then that I had crossed a line that would be difficult to get out

I was given a short, white lycra mini skirt just long enough to cover
my stocking-tops. A tight, stretchy, short sleeved, bright pink blouse
that had three buttons on that was cropped to expose my tummy and
navel. Then some pink pearl beads to put around my neck.

"Here," he said as he passed me a pink bracelet.

"The finishing touches that make you a real girl!

"And now these," he pointed by the bed.

"Now put them on and let's see you."

On the floor was a pair of white, four inch heeled, strappy, sandals.

I could barely stand in them let alone walk in them. I tottered as I
followed his instruction to walk to the bedroom door and back. He
laughed as he watched me struggle.

"Practice makes perfect honey; you'll see."

He was right, although at the time I was thinking that I wouldn't be
getting too much practice, as by Sunday this nightmare would be over!
How wrong I was!


My god she looked pretty! I had really done well this time I thought to
myself. She is as good as anything I ever had in prison and it was only
the first time for her too! Give her a bit of practice and believe me
she was gonna get a lot of practice and she would be a natural at this.
She was even quite good at walking in her heels considering her
complete inexperience at it. Her slim figure and long legs really
suited a mini skirt; her make up and the way she had brushed her hair
completed a quite convincing girly look!

The way she had naturally submitted to her feminisation made my mind
race ahead to the future that I was planning for her! Now that I have
got her into my trap there were no limits to what I can 'persuade' her
to do! She had shown a little reluctance when I gave her the nail
varnish; silly little bitch had even tried begging and reasoning with

"HA, HA."

As if I was going to let her off the hook now. She had completed her
make up and dressed for me without any further fuss.

When I saw her in her pink and white girly clothes, I knew I had picked
the correct look for her. I knew that she was only eighteen and I
wanted her to dress, look and feel like an eighteen year old girl.
Something that she could relate to; the slutty, sexier look will come
tomorrow, when she is a bit more experienced. When she knows what is
expected of her; right now she is a little virgin without a clue of
what the future holds for her.

Although I had already emptied my balls into her mouth I was still
horny. Watching her walk about the bedroom, tottering on her heels,
made my cock start to stiffen again. Even though I am forty-eight, I
can still get hard and shoot a good dollop of cum out several times a
night. It was time to take her downstairs and start our 'first date'

"Come on princess," I said. "Let's go."

I took her by the hand and led her out of the bedroom. She had a
resigned, defeated look in her pretty little face. My mouth cracked
into a wry little smile as I notice her pause and check herself in the
full length mirror as we passed. Only a couple of hours in my power and
she was already naturally behaving a girl.

In my considerable experience of turning out bitches I have learnt that
the best technique to employ is a kind of brain-washing. Keep talking
to them and make them repeat back to you the phrases you have used.
Tell them to describe to you what they are wearing, make them say out
aloud just what a pretty little girl they are. Slowly drill into them
the instructions of just how you want them to act and think; combined
of course with the underlying threat of violence and/or blackmail. If
you can get them a little disorientated on drugs and alcohol, then all
the better!

We entered my living room and I sat down on the large corner style

"Go in the kitchen and get me a beer and a drink for yourself
sweetheart," I said reaching for a joint.

She hesitated so I said a little more assertively. "Off you go, we both
need to relax a bit. We have a long night ahead of us."

With a resigned look she disapeared into the kitchen quickly
reappearing with the two drinks as I lit the spliff. 

"Pass me my drink princess." "Don't be shy," I added.

She gingerly stepped across the room, bending at the waist to pass me
my glass, just like a real girl would.

I have noticed over the years that it seems to be the clothing that a
person is wearing that dictates their natural movement and body
language. You put high-heels and a mini skirt on a guy and he soon find
out that girls walk, sit and deport themselves in that, what is
considered to be a feminine way for a reason. Balance, modesty and
practicality prevail, they soon learn things like, that they have to
cross their legs high up when they sit down. That it easier to walk one
foot in front of the other in heels, to always smooth their skirts down
as they sit, etc.

"Put your drink down," I told her, pointing to the coffee table, I gave
her a hit of the joint. "Now go and stand over there by the

She inhaled the smoke, took a quick sip of her drink and dutifully
obeyed. Oh yea, she was my bitch already, she will give me everything I
want tonight and for a lot longer than that too.

Time to move it up a gear!

"Well you sure do make a pretty little girl," I said. "What are you?"

She hesitated, so I added, "You will repeat everything I say to you
girl, what will you do?"

"I will repeat everything you say to me," she whispered.

"So what are you?" I continued.

This time she gave the correct response.

"You will always call me Sir."

"Yes Sir," she quickly replied. 

"And I will call you anything I damned well please," I retorted.

She bowed her head in silent agreement. 

"Now tell me what you are wearing starting with your skirt and blouse,
tell me what colour they are and how pretty they are."
My brain-washing technique began in earnest. 

She shuffled her feet and looked down to the floor, slowly shaking her
head. I pressed the remote control and some gentle back-ground music
came on.

"Do as you are told girl, you don't want me to come over there and
bitch-slap you do you?"

I snarled, raising my hand and showing her the back of it to underline
my threat. It also showed her that if I ever did have to hit her I
would not punch her the way one does to a man!

She reluctantly complied; I could hear the shame and humiliation in her
voice as she spoke; perfect just as I had hoped!

"I am wearing a little white mini skirt Sir," she began. "And a pretty
pink blouse."

Good, I thought to myself, she is most cooperative. "And?" I added.

"White high heeled sandals Sir," she continued.

I threw in a couple of adjectives I wished her to use as she described
her outfit; all the more to break and humiliate her. Including words
like cute, sexy, pretty, girly, etc, I wanted her to accept that only a
girl would dress the way she was dressed right now! I told her to move
on to her underwear, starting with her stockings.

"I am wearing smooth sexy white stockings," my little girl whispered,
her voice faltering.

"A pretty little white suspender belt and bra Sir," she mumbled.

"And what else princess?" I asked adding. "What else have you put on
under that horny little mini skirt for your new boyfriend?"

"A cute, little, girly pair of flimsy pink panties with a bow at the
back Sir," she answered me.

"Do you feel sexy and girly sweetheart?" I asked her.

She replied that she did, so I told her how pretty she looked, all
girls love a bit of flattery. It was something I had noticed with the
prison bitches; no matter how much they fought it they always blushed a
little when flattered. It must be their inbuilt vanity and she was no
exception, everyone wants to be told that they look good; even if it is
in something that they don't really wanna be wearing!

"I like you looking all pretty and girly," I said. "In all pink and
white like a young, pretty little girl; which is just what you are now,
a little girl!

"Tomorrow when you are a woman, you will dress like a woman. A bit more
sophisticated, sexy, classier."

I paused to see her reaction, had she spotted the difference between
what I classed as a girl and what I classed as I woman? Did she
understand just what I was saying and what I meant; did she grasp just
what I would do to her tonight, to change her from a girl into a woman?

She looked a bit blank, a bit shell-shocked; I have seen this before in
their faces. Now to tell her what would be required of her!
"You are my girlfriend now, my pretty, little, perfect girlfriend"
"You know how a perfect little girlfriend should behave, don't you?"
She was looking up at me all doe-eyed; I could see her thinking back to
her sexual experiences as a male. The times that as a guy he had been
with a girl in this situation, both alone, the house to themselves. Oh
yea she knew exactly how a perfect little girlfriend should act. 

"Well?" I asked.

"If you had a pretty little girl all alone to yourself; just what would
you be hoping for at some stage of the evening?"

I think that is when she finally got it through that dizzy head of hers
just what was happening. This was just the scenario that any guy likes
to find himself in, a night in with his girlfriend, only this time he
was gonna be the girl!

She just raised her head slightly and looked at me imploringly; she was
so sweet when she did that. She looked like just what she was; a pretty
little virgin girl about to give herself to a man for the first time. A
little apprehensive, scared even but knowing that tonight is the night
she would be made into a woman!


I found his insistence that I repeat his phrases back to him unnerving
to say the least and very humiliating. I had no control over this
situation and was feeling very vulnerable, he was a little drunk and
starting to become slightly aggressive. Staring down submissively to
the floor I tried to consider my options and they didn't look good! 

Firstly he had the tape of me stealing that damned shirt plus the one
of me sucking his cock; even though the second one was filmed under
duress I knew that an edited version would not show that! It would
still be very awkward trying to explain it away to my girlfriend, my
family, never mind my mates! 

Secondly he was a lot bigger and stronger physically than I was and
dressed like this was no way for me to try and fight my way out off
anything. Even if I could gain a fleeting advantage over him, I could
hardly make a break for the front door and run off down the street in
high heels and a mini-skirt now could I?  

Thirdly I was feeling too drunk and stoned, my limbs felt weak, I think
he had put something else into that first drink he had given me? Plus
the fear of what he would do to me if I did try something silly
paralysed me into numbly following his instructions. I felt shell-
shocked, scared, mentally beaten into cooperating with him, what else
could I do?

I knew only too well what he meant when he said; how a man would like
his perfect little girlfriend to behave. I had had my girlfriends round
when my parents were out and had been round to their houses when they
were empty too. I knew just what I wanted as a guy out of the evening
and it usually involved them lying back on the sofa with their blouse
undone, skirt pulled up and their panties around their ankles! 

I decided that it would be best to do as he demanded and hope that
things didn't get any further out of control. He would probably expect
another blow-job though surely nothing more, could he? I mean what else
would a guy wanna do to a girl? I shuddered, no surely he would not
wanna do that? would he? I didn't notice him pick up the camera until
he said, "Hey girl, let's have some souvenir pics to remember you by."

"Pose for me like a good girl honey," he laughed.

He took several pictures of me standing there, telling me to look and
act girly. I posed with my hands on my hips for him, kneeling before
him, bending over for him, he seemed happy.

"Now sweetheart lift up your little skirt and show me your sexy
panties, there's a good girl."

I did as he told me, passed caring now I just wanted to keep on his
good side! I lifted up my skirt and let him take four or five more
pictures, some from the front and a couple from behind with me bending
down low.

Eventually he was finished and beckoned to me, "Come here darling, come
sit next to me on the sofa, let's get better acquainted."
He said in his gruff, deep voice. I smoothed my skirt down and walked
slowly across the room sitting on the edge of the sofa, to his left
hand side, my feet crossed at the ankles, my hands in my lap, looking
down to my high heeled feet. The thought went through my mind that I
was even behaving like a girl; my attire dictated a certain feminine
way of deportment and body language. It was hard not to naturally walk,
sit and move like that when you are wearing a mini-skirt and heels! 

"Closer princess; just like a girl should with her new boyfriend" 
I slid across the sofa, my thigh almost touching his; I felt his right
arm slip around my shoulders. If it hadn't of been for the drugs and
alcohol I would have been shaking even more than I felt I was doing. I
felt like a girl on a first date, exactly how he wanted me to feel! 

"I know that this is your first time as a girl so I have got an
educational movie for you to watch, watch and learn my pretty little
He clicked the remote control and the television came on, he clicked
again and the DVD started. As I had already surmised, it was a porn
film. He pulled me closer to him as I watched a large breasted blond in
a tight pink lycra, dress sat on a sofa next to a well built, dark,
Latino guy.

He reached over me with a bottle of poppers in his left hand and
unscrewed it with his right hand that was around my shoulders. As he
did so he was pulling my head down towards the bottle. 
"This will get you in the mood honey," he whispered.

I inhaled deeply, I was completely trapped now; I may as well just go
with the flow and use any external help I could get to see this
nightmare through!

As the chemicals took effect and I passed into a resigned and passive
mood I felt his left hand upon my stocking clad knee. His mouth closed
in on mine and I meekly surrendered, parting my lips a little to allow
his tongue access to my mouth. I had already given my mouth to his cock
but this felt different! Whereas before I could have been either male
or female to him, now when he kissed me, he kissed me like a man would
a woman!

As his kisses got harder and deeper, his tongue probing into my ever
widening mouth; his hand slid further and further up my thigh. Through
the pounding, rushing sound in my ears from the poppers I heard him
murmur, "Oh my, my young lady. I'm forgetting my manners now aren't I?

"I should remember that you are a pretty little virgin and I should
start with your pert little titties first!"

His hand went to the top button of my blouse which he deftly
unfastened; quickly followed by the next two exposing my white lacy
bra. I felt his fingertips gently moving inside it, creeping in between
my chest and my false breast. Touching my nipple, stroking it, teasing
and squeezing it; I felt it begin to harden like a girls would! I was
breathing slower and deeper now, more relaxed and even beginning to
mentally accept my new sexual role. 

It felt different, weird even to be on the other side of this scenario.
I knew what it was to be the male in this position but to be the girl
was a whole new ballgame; one that I had never before even considered.
I thought back to the times I had been the guy sitting here with a
sexily dressed young girl. My plan would be to get as far sexually as I
could with her, why would he be any different? Especially as when I was
with a girl like this, then at least it was all by mutual consent; this
time round the girl in the picture, ME! Didn't have any choice in the
course of events. 

He must have read my mind as he lifted his face up only inches from
mine and said, "That's it honey, you're my sexy, horny, little
girlfriend now.  The perfect date, the girl that never says no; the
girl that lets her man do just whatever he wants to her, lets his hands
roam all over her."

He pulled my blouse open as he pushed me back on the sofa. His hands
trailed down over my smooth flat tummy, then over my skirt to the
hemline. I shuddered involuntarily as he slowly stretched his hand
underneath caressing my thigh, reaching my stocking-tops and playing
with the attached suspender strap.

"Mmmmm I love a girl in stockings and sussies, it shows that she likes
to dress to please for her man."

Squeezing the bare flesh between them and my panties he continued.
"Shows that she is a naughty little girl who knows what a man wants;
and knows that she is gonna have to deliver for him."

His fingers gently brushed against the little bulge in the front of my

"Well you know what a girl has in her panties, don't you princess?" he

Then answering his own question he continued to say, "A nice little
clitty just like this.

"And nice juicy pussy lips like these," he added as he stroked my balls
through the flimsy material.

"So what have you got in your panties then girl?"

I knew that he expected me to repeat that back to him, so I quietly
replied, "A nice little clitty and nice juicy pussy lips Sir."

His hand slipped further between my legs as he asked me, "And what else
does a girl have down there honey?"

I jumped a little as his index finger pushed down onto the entrance to
my tight little bottom, stroking it with just my panties to protect it
from being entered. 

"Open your legs darling and tell me what this is?"

I hesitated, nervous, a little drunk and slowly realising that he was
gonna want a lot more than just a blow job from me; he continued his
brain washing and seductive technique, saying, "It's a cute, tight,
little, virgin, girly, pussy isn't it princess?"  He paused for effect
between each word.

"It's a cute, tight, little, virgin, girly, pussy Sir" I obediently

But he hadn't finished his verbal humiliation yet. "And you no what men
like to do to a pretty little girl's cute, virgin pussy don't you

I knew exactly what they like to do but I couldn't bring myself to say
it, so he went on to say, "They like to stick their big hard cocks up
it and fill it with their cum don't they? Girl!" He spat out the word
girl as if to emphasise just what I now was to him. He pushed his
finger further; I could feel it rubbing the panties against my 'pussy'.
"SAY IT," he demanded.

I closed my eyes and said it. "They like to stick their big, hard cocks
up it and fill it with their cum Sir."

For the first time since I had arrived at his house, he smiled. "So now
you know what your pussy is for don't you girl?"

I nodded gently, eyes still closed, meekly accepting my fate now.
"You are going to be a good little girl aren't you?

"You're going to let your boyfriend 'pop your cherry' for you aren't

"It's a big honour for a sweet little girl like you to give her cherry
to a man like me isn't it princess?

"So ask me nicely, say please Sir, will you do me the honour of
'popping my cherry' and making me into a real woman for you."

I couldn't believe the words that came from my lips; a couple of hours
ago I had been a normal hetero-sexual male into girls, football and
partying. Now here I was dressed like a girl, clothes dishevelled, legs
open, begging a man to fuck me. Wow this was some weird trip! 

"Can you feel my hands in your panties you little slut?" he said as he
slipped his fingers over my smooth skin between my thighs.

"Say after me, I am a nasty little slut letting a man put his hands in
my panties."

Again I repeated it back to him. "I am a nasty little slut letting a
man put his hands inside my panties Sir."
He stood up and positioned himself between my legs placing his hands
behind my knees he pulled them forward so I was laying slouched back on
the sofa. My skirt had ridden up to my waist, exposing my stocking-
tops, panties and suspender belt.

"Oh what pretty little pink panties you are wearing for me," he

"Very girly, what are they?"

"V-v-very girl little panties Sir" I stammered.

"That's right sweetheart; very flimsy, girly little panties aren't

"I- I-Im wearing very flimsy, girly, little pink panties for my man." I
was almost in tears now.

I must have looked like a complete slut, lying there like that! My
blouse was open my skirt up and my legs open; an inviting picture for
his perverse sexual fantasies. He must be telepathic as he always
seemed to know just what I was thinking as he said, "That's how I like
to see my girls, dressed all sexy on their back with their titties out,
skirt up and legs open, waiting for their mans cock.

"A real man would never present this image to another guy would they
bitch? So you must be a real girl then; and you know what real girls
get when they behave like sluts don't you princess?"

I was well aware of exactly what real girls got when they were in this
position and the fear of what would happen next made my body tremble. 

"Awww look," he said.

"The little virgin is trembling with anticipation of her first cock.

"All filled with excitement about giving her cherry up for the first

Even in my drunk and drugged state I had realised by now that the
actual sex was only part of the thrill for him. What really turned him
on was the power he held over me; the power to make a normal, straight,
young guy dress like and act like a girl for him.

"Time to make a real woman out of you bitch," he growled as he slipped
his shirt off and unfastened his belt.


Things were progressing better than I could have even hoped for; she
really was weak and girly. Even some of the young lads in prison,
scared young lads in a new, dangerous environment had put up more
mental resistance than this little bitch had. Ok I had evidence that
would make her life awkward; but still a real man would have told me to
fuck off and dealt with the consequences like a real man! Not this
little pussy though; she was already mentally fucked and I hadn't even
shagged her yet!

I know that you may think me something of a bully, but who cares?
Forcing a lad to dress like a girl, act like a girl and serve my cock
like a girl against his, or should I say her will, is the most powerful
aphrodisiac for me! And looking down at her with her legs open in her
pretty little panties; trembling with fear, the wide eyed scared look
on her face was making my cock bulge. 

This was the moment of triumph for me, when she realises that she is
gonna get fucked like a bitch and there isn't a damned thing she can do
about it. Her complete surrender into her new feminine role in life,
humiliating her as I tell her exactly what I am gonna do to her. I
stood between her open legs as she lay back on the sofa and slowly
stripped off. Letting her see my broad hairy chest, my thick muscled,
tattooed arms; showing her my masculine strength to emphasise my
domination of her. I felt like a predator over his kill, the alpha male
asserting his will over a weaker one.

Removing my jeans and boxer shorts I knelt down between her thighs,
running my hands over her stockings and panties. Slipping my fingers
inside them to tickle her pussy-lips and the tight entrance to her
fuck-hole. I didn't want to handle her too roughly at this stage; I
wanted her to know that she was being touched like a woman not a gay
man! To push this new experience further for her I ordered her to act
like a girl would when a man plays with her cunt.

"Come on sweetheart, have another hit of poppers," I said as I passed
her the bottle. "Wriggle and moan like a bitch on heat for me."

She let out little whimpering, moans as the drug took effect and I
could feel her body go limp. 

"We don't need these any more do we?"

I slowly tugged her panties down pulling one leg hole over her heels
leaving them still hanging from her other ankle.

"I already know that you are a dirty little girl; your knickers will
only get in the way now," I laughed.

Cute little panties look sexy on a girl, sends out the right message to
her boyfriend; but they always look sexier round the bitches' ankles. 

Dipping my finger into the pot of lube that I had placed under the sofa
earlier; I proceeded to prepare her for the main event! She was gonna
have her cherry popped, gonna lose her virginity; lube was crucial I'm
not a complete bastard! Besides it would make it easier for me as well;
virgin pussy can be very, very tight at first! 

I loved the way she flinched as my index finger pressed passed her
sphincter muscle. They always do when they get their bums penetrated
for the first time. 

"Relax honey," I murmured. "I promise that I will be gentle with you,"
I lied!

First one finger then two fingers slipped up her tight virgin fuck-
hole; I rubbed the lube up around inside her; then placed a dollop on
the end of my cock.

I held her ankles and pulled her legs up in the air spreading them
wide. I wanted her to feel just how open and vulnerable she was; how
easy it would be for me to fuck her, how much she was at my mercy! 

"God you look so pretty, princess.

"So sexy.

"So horny," I added.

"I'm going to slide my cock up your tight little virgin pussy, what am
I gonna do?" I asked.

She repeated what I said to her word for word, what a clever little
girl she was. 
"I'm gonna fuck you real good bitch, your pussy belongs to me now
doesn't it; who does it belong to?"

Again she repeated her lines. "My pussy belongs to you now Sir."

She was completely defeated mentally and physically, I owned her now. I
could have her however, wherever and whenever I wanted; she didn't know
it yet but I had a lot of plans for her!

I placed her ankles over my shoulders taking care not to poke my own
eye out with her heels; and positioned my cock at the slippy entrance
to her cunt. I leaned forward pushing her legs into her chest, bending
her double; her virgin love tunnel opened to accept my cock. She was
shaking and gently sobbing with fear and anticipation of the pain to
come; just how I liked em!

"P-p-please don't hurt me," she begged in vain.

"Oh it's gonna hurt a bit I'm afraid sweetheart," I laughed. "It's
gotta hurt a bit babe.

"That's the fun part, I get off on knowing that you are enduring some
pain for my pleasure," I sneered.

It was true, the more she cried and begged the better, I was the MASTER
here and she was my bitch! I passed her more poppers, she was gonna
fucking need them!

"Now say please Sir, please put your big hard cock up my tight virgin
pussy and pop my little cherry, Sir!"

I was really pushing the slut now, I wanted to completely humiliate her
my making her beg to have her cunt fucked. Again she quickly obeyed me
through gritted teeth, tears running down her pretty face.

My cock penetrated her outer muscle and I pushed it in an inch or so;
her muscles tightened around me, she wasn't relaxing. I have had much
experience with 'girls' getting scared and not giving their pussy up
easily; so I knew just what to do. I reached down to her bra and pulled
out the false tits; then gripped her nipples between my thumb and
forefingers. I gave them a good squeeze and she let out a little girly
yelp. Good, she really was getting into to her new role in life!

My tried and tested diversionary manoeuvre worked according to plan, as
usual! The sharp twinge of pain from her tits made her momentarily
forget what was happening at the other end of her body. This along with
the poppers she had just taken made her cunt muscles loosen up. I knew
the moment had come and rammed my hard cock deep inside her; she
responded with a scream of shock and pain. 

"OH MY GOD," she wailed. "OH MY FUCKING GOD," she moaned.

She had tears streaming from her eyes making her mascara run, making
her look more like a rape victim than a willing slut; she would learn
in time I thought to myself.

I started to pound her pussy, in and out, each stroke making her
wriggle and gasp. The more she moved her hips the more I fucked her;
she was trying to break free from my cock but I had her well pinned

Leaning down close over her face I kissed her, my tongue probing deep
into her mouth as she continued to sob. 

"Mmmm oh yea that's the sweetest taste a man can get, the sweet little
girly tears of a virgin as she gives her pussy up to a man for the
first time," I said as I licked her salty tears from her cheek.

"Oh please Sir it hurts," she continued to bleat.

My only reply was, "It's fucking meant to hurt you stupid fucking

"You're my bitch now! What are you?"

"I'm your bitch now," she obediently replied.

"Say my man is fucking my cute virgin pussy hard."

She repeated it like a good girl should, she really knew her place now.
"Now repeat after me and tell me what you are."
I gave her a list of things to repeat and she did so as my orgasm drew

"I am a pretty little girl."
"I am your good little girlfriend."
"I am your nasty little slut."
"I am my man's bitch."
"I am my Masters slave."
"I am his cheap, dirty whore."
"I am his personal fuck-toy."
"My pussy belongs to him, please fuck me harder Sir."

I could feel my balls start to unload my wad of man cream; and I was
going to do it deep inside her. Filling her cunt full of cum would let
her know that she has been fucked properly like a girl. I wanted her to
feel the mixture of cum and lube dribbling out of her and into her
panties afterwards when she was in bed. This was so she could not deny
to herself at a later date that this thing had happened to her. She had
not been fucked like a gay man, had not been raped, she had submitted
herself to becoming a girl sexually and had been taken as one!

"Beg for my cum bitch," I ordered.

She did so probably realising that the quicker I did cum then the
quicker her ordeal would be over.

"P-p-please Sir, please fill my pussy with your cum," she cried. "P-
please empty your big hairy balls inside me Sir."

That was it for me, that final abject surrender made me blow my load
there and then; filling her up with my hot sticky cream. I pumped away
a bit more making sure that she had got the lot inside her. Pushing the
drops that had squirted out of the sides back into her stretched, sore
fuck-hole with the tip of my cock.

"Say thank you Sir," I demanded. "Say thank you for taking my virginity
and making me into a more useful woman from now on."

With a hushed voice she complied. 

"Good girl; now put your panties back on and straighten your skirt you
little slut.

"Time to go fix up your make up, pretty yourself up for bed, the night
ain't over yet."

I pulled her up and slapped her arse as she pulled up her knickers and
adjusted her skirt as if trying to protect her modesty now the deed was
done, very girly I thought. Taking her hand I led her upstairs to the


As we walked along the landing towards his bedroom I could feel his cum
running out of my stretched hole. It was soaking into the gusset of my
panties, making them wet and sticky between my bum cheeks. My bottom
was sore; I hoped it wasn't blood as well running down. God it had hurt
like hell, especially when he first thrust into me; although after a
while it did ease off until his last frantic vinegar strokes.

 It was the humiliation of being dressed and forced to act like a girl
that hurt more; and to be made to beg for his cock made me really feel
like a cheap tart! I knew that I had been broken to his will; I felt so
powerless and submissive. The language that he had used and my
continual repeating of it had defeated any mental resistance that I
felt I should have had!

I needed to go to the bathroom; my bladder was bursting with having his
weight on me and his penis slamming against my postrate.

"Please Sir; I need to go to the toilet," I asked.

He laughed out loud pointed to the separate small toilet and replied,
"Sure in there."

He followed me into the doorway stopping me from closing the door
behind me. As I lifted up my skirt to start to urinate he slapped my
arse and said, "What the fuck do you think you are doing? You're a girl
now and girls always sit down on the toilet.

"Turn around, lift up your skirt, wriggle your panties down to your
knees and sit down like a girl."

I did as he asked feeling even more humiliated by this action than by
anything else he had subjected me to so far. I wasn't to be allowed any
privacy what so ever; I was gonna have to act completely like a girl at
all times until he let me go! As I finished, pulled up my panties and
straightened my skirt he pointed towards the bedroom and said.
"Come on sweetheart, time for bed, let's go."



(Would be best to read part one first as this is a direct continuation)


Well she was definitely under my spell now; she had accepted the fact
that I was supreme here. She had given her little virgin pussy up to
me, I owned her now and deep inside she knew it! It was time to push
her further; making her sit on the toilet like a girl was just my way
of letting her know her place! The fact that I had just fucked her like
a girl as well should break any idea she had of resistance to me!

I ordered her into the bedroom knowing that she was too submissive now
to argue; this was as complete a victory that I had ever had over a
bitch, even in prison! Now it was just a matter of making her spend the
next couple of days in my power; and she would be a most compliable,
sexy little slut for me!

Sitting down in my bedroom on the large leather chair in the corner
still completely naked I grabbed the remote control and put on some
music. I had my house fully equipped with a television, DVD and video
player; plus my CD in the living room, bedrooms and several other
rooms; so that I could set the mood I wanted anywhere I needed!

I put on some Groove Armada, something nice and mellow and ordered her
to dance for me; slowly at first, I would put some livelier music on
next. I wanted her to learn how to move gracefully, feminine and sexy;
how to make a man hard for her. She didn't know it yet but from now on
her whole reason for existence would be to pleasure and serve my cock,
she was to become my fuck-toy.

"Ok dance for me sweetheart," I commanded.

"Here in front of me," I added.

Sitting there with my legs apart, one hand rubbing my cock the other
reaching down onto the floor to pick up the four foot long very slender
bamboo cane I had hid earlier. Realising from experience that even
though I had already fucked her, it was another thing altogether to
actually get her to dance like I wanted her to dance; the cane would
persuade her should she prove awkward!

She started to move a little in rhythm to the music; but I had been
correct in assuming that she would be too shy to gyrate like a dancing
whore straight away. 

"Come on, dance bitch," I snapped.

Watching her eyes open with fear as I raised the cane she tried a
little harder to please. 

"You're a girl now aren't you? What are you?" I queried.

"I-I-I am a girl," her voice trembled in response.

"And you will dance and strip for me like a girl," I continued.

"Move closer bitch."

I wanted her in range of my cane without having to lean too far
forward; I was quite comfortable where I was. She did as I ordered
standing just in front of my open legs.

"Now dance you whore." 

I barked clipping the outside of her stocking clad thigh with the cane;
making her jump a little and start wiggling her hips. 

"Turn around and bend down girl, I want to see you shake your little
ass for me."

Slowly turning round she did as I commanded.

THWACK, I hit her across her thighs again, not too hard, just hard
enough to get her attention.

"Now be my own private lapdancer, dance for your man's cock."

"Drop your skirt and slip off that blouse slowly, turn back round and
tease me bitch." 

I was in full flow now!

The skirt slowly fell down her legs and she stepped out of it; next the
blouse hit the floor. She was still wearing the white stockings, heels,
bra and suspender belt with the pink panties from earlier. I ran the
tip of the cane up between her legs and I noticed her shiver as she

"Closer," I demanded.

I wanted her within hands reach now so that I could casually molest my
little princess as she performed.

"Keep eye contact with me honey, I want to see your desire for your
man's cock as you dance," I laughed.

She was slowly starting to get the hang of it now as the track on the
CD changed to something a little racier! I rubbed her outer thighs then
touched the little bulge in her pretty little panties; I could almost
smell her fear! 

"Bra off, sweetie."

She quickly removed her bra her relief at being able to get rid of the
female items of clothing was obvious. However it was gonna be very
short lived, that was as much as she would be taking off tonight!

Her body was slim and smooth; it didn't take to much imagination to see
her as a woman. Fucking her was just like fucking a woman; she had even
moaned and writhed like a woman when I had taken her virginity; now I
wanted her again.

"Go and freshen up your lipstick honey; put it on nice and thick, then
put this on."

I passed her a short, tight but very stretchy, pink, see-thru mesh
material nighty. She took it from me her eyes cast down to the floor
and walked over to the dressing table.

So far this evening she had just been a passive victim to my little
game, my unwilling plaything. Now I was gonna teach her how to be a
sexual, sensual woman. She reluctantly put the nighty on and made a
great, long winded show of putting on her lippy, I could tell she was
playing for time! Fair enough I thought, amused at her naivety; she
could take as long as she fucking wanted it wasn't gonna change


God could this get any worse? I thought to myself, as I sat there
slowly applying the pink lipstick; knowing that it surely would! He had
completely dominated me physically and mentally; forced me to dress up
as fucking tart for god's sake! Rammed his cock first down my throat
then up my arse; it was hardly likely that he would ease off now. I was
in for a very long weekend; there was NO WAY OUT!

My pussy, as he had ordered me to refer to my arse as, was sore. I
could feel a damp, sticky patch in the girls' knickers he had forced me
to wear; a mixture of his semen and lube leaking out of me. It was
undeniable that he had fucked me like a bitch; I could still see the
picture the image I must have presented in my mind. 

The one of me laying there on my back, wearing a girls' blouse that was
hanging open, nipples exposed. A girls skirt up around my waist showing
a suspender belt and stockings; high heels on and my knickers hanging
from my ankle. With a huge, hairy man between my legs with his cock
fully inside me, pumping in and out! The fact that he had actually cum
deep in my pussy added to my sense of hopelessness and defeat. 

I had briefly thought my ordeal to be nearly over when he told me to
take the bra off; I just wanted to take all that girly stuff off, have
a shower and go home! This hope was soon dashed as he passed me a
flimsy pink nighty; it was even more girly than what I had been
previously made to wear. 

I tried to play for time slowly putting on three coats of lipstick and
struggling to pull the tight nighty up over my heels. I wasted a few
more seconds wriggling it up over my hips and hooking the thin straps
over my shoulders. Before I realised that this little performance was
just what he wanted. So I quickly smoothed it straight and returned to
my place, stood before him between his open legs. 

"Are you ready to learn how to be a real woman for Daddy?" he asked.

I could only mumble and nod my head slightly.

"Well then; time to learn how to be a sexy little bint for your

"On ya fucking knees then, bitch," he snapped.

I did as I was told and sunk to my knees, his erect cock only inches
from my face. I hadn't really taken much notice of it last time when he
had forced it down my throat; it was in my mouth so fast I hadn't had
the time to. 

Firstly I was struck by its smell; it was a deep musky, what I later
learnt to be a 'male on heat' odour. It was not unpleasant, in fact for
a woman quite arousing I surmised, but for a young hetero-sexual male,
so close to my face, it was frightening. Secondly I noticed for the
first time just how big it was, certainly bigger than mine; it must
have been at least eight inches long and reasonably thick as well. I
wondered just how he had got it inside me; no wonder I was tender down

His balls were large too; and like his legs, stomach and chest, covered
in thick dark hair. He was definitely what would be described as a
powerfully built man; I was quite puny next to him. His arms were as
thick as my legs and it looked all muscle to me; I really didn't want
to get on the wrong side of this man, he would kill me in a fight!

He lent down to me and passed me the open bottle of poppers; I took
another large hit, as I had done earlier. It seemed to me that the more
drug-fucked I was then the quicker this evening would pass; and there
was the strange sensation I got as the chemical hit my brain. It made
me feel almost submissive, more accepting of my position, it made it
easier for me to think of myself as a girl! Weird I know, but then
drugs and alcohol can have an unusual effect upon the brain.

He broke the dream state I was entering by saying, "You have already
tasted my cock; but that was just a face fuck."

I looked up at him, a little confused.

"Any silly little piece of ass can get his or her face fucked."

"You're gonna learn how to suck a mans' dick properly; like a classy
bit of skirt, like a sexy, horny woman."

"And you better look like you're enjoying it too, do you understand
bitch?" he quickly continued.

"You have got to learn to worship my cock and balls."

"You have to learn to consider that being given the privilege of
kissing them, licking them and sucking them is the highest honour you
can receive"

"AND MEAN IT," he shouted.

I wasn't stupid, even though my mind was flying all over the place, I
knew what he wanted and also knew that it was best to give it him. I
leant forward closing my eyes as I did so; only to be told.

"No, look at me when you serve my cock, you whore."

So I looked him in the eye and hesitated, not sure exactly how to do

He smiled at me, knowing I was lost.

"Come on princess, you know what a good blow-job feels like?"

"You know how it feels to have a bird suck you off?"

I must admit that I did!

"Just do what you know a slut should do for a man."

What could I do? I was in no position to argue now; I gently flicked my
tongue across his balls. 

"Mmmm, that's good honey," he moaned.

"Keep it up and we are gonna get on real well, honey."

"Don't worry; I'll give you directions on how to do just what I want."

He laughed as he tapped me gently on my upturned bottom with the cane
that he was still holding. 

"Lick them balls bitch; get em nice and wet."

I could hear him verbally humiliate me through the pounding of the
dope, the alcohol and the poppers in my ears. There was nothing that I
could do, except obey him and do my best to please him. I licked his
hairy balls, popping them each in turn into my mouth to moisten them
fully as he had demanded. 


I felt a sudden sharp bite to my buttock as the cane fell across it.

"Very good, slut! Now work on my cock starting at the top."

I instantly responded, still looking him in the eye I slowly moved my
tongue up his shaft towards his swollen glands. He gripped my hair and

"That's it princess, you're learning pretty quickly."

The tip of my tongue moved over the shiny head of his throbbing penis
and I licked into the eye-shaped slit at its tip. My hands being drawn,
as if magnetically, to his balls; I caressed them as I worked my new
found feminine magic! It was almost as if that for the first time
tonight, I actually had some control over the proceedings. Of course
this was nonsense, I was still dressed like a girl, on my knees,
sucking this mans' prick!

"Now open wide and suck my cock into your mouth, honey. And keep
working that tongue on my japs-eye as you do."

I took him slowly ever deeper into my mouth; tasting his manly odour, a
mix of sweat and a slight taste of urine. Very different to the female
taste I was used to when giving head!

He did seem very happy with my efforts, moaning encouragement to me as
I took him deeper and deeper; things like.

"Oh yea, that's it girl."

"That's it sweetheart, suck Daddy's cock."

"Good little whore."

"Mmmm yea take more you slut."

In fact it was probably the nicest he had been to me since this
nightmare had began I thought ironically!

I took as much of him into my mouth, gagging as he selfishly thrust his
pelvis up into my face. I really was trying to suck his penis as best
as I could; but being a typical male he still wanted to choke me! The
crazy thought ran through my mind that maybe from now on I would be a
little more considerate in future when I was in the male role!
Obviously this Mr Wilton had never himself given a man a blow-job like
this or he would have been more appreciative of my efforts to please

This scenario seemed to go on for an eternity; every so often he would
pause, take his hands from the back of my head and offer me more
poppers. These I gratefully accepted along with the occasional hit from
a joint or a mouthful of beer he gave me! 

I felt him jerk then stiffen his body, he shuddered and I braced myself
for his cum. I took a deep breath and prepared to feel the hot sticky
stream hit the back of my throat. I was surprised as he pulled my head
back by my hair and said, "Oh no you nasty little slut. I know you are
hungry for your mans' cream. What are you?"

In shock I numbly mumbled, "I am a nasty little slut, hungry for my
mans' cream."

"But you are not gonna get it just yet, you whore."

He suddenly stood up, yanking me onto my feet as well as he did so,
saying, "Oh no my little cum-slut; this next load of my precious semen
is going up your pussy, like the last lot did."

"You still ain't my proper little fuck-toy yet; not until I have fucked
your cunt a few more times you're not!"

I was spun around until I faced the bed about six feet in front of me
and felt a push in my back followed by the sting of the cane on my bum.

"On the fucking bed slut," he hissed.

"On all fours, ass up, like a bitch on heat."

I staggered towards the bed, crawling onto it into the position that he
had demanded of me. As I reached the middle I paused, putting my face
and shoulders to the bed, I raised my ass up high and waited for the
inevitable assault!

I did not have to wait long, the bed dipped as his huge frame moved
into position behind me. I could feel myself shaking with the fear of
what I knew was gonna happen; I flinched as his hands gripped my ankles
pulling them apart. His hands ran slowly up my calves pausing to
squeeze them gently. Then they moved up higher, stroking my thighs
through the fine nylon of my stockings. 

My breathing became slower, deeper; although I was frightened I was
becoming more accepting of the reality of my new role. His hands
crossed the bare flesh between my stocking-tops and my panties under my
nighty; with a quick movement he yanked it up to my waist and grabbed
my ass firmly with both hands. 

"God you're so fucking sexy, a real horny little bitch," he exclaimed.

I could feel his fingers inside my panties now; pulling them outwards
and to one side with one hand, his other pulling my bum cheek in the
other direction. He made a spitting sound and I felt I glob of what I
presumed to be his saliva land on my stretched open, vulnerable

Noticing the bottle of poppers beside my face on the bed I unscrewed
the top and inhaled deeply. I knew what was coming next, knew the pain
that I would experience as my ass was being taken would be eased by the
mind numbing effect of the bottles contents. I also knew from my own
sexual experience as a male that taking a girl doggy style is a much
harder and deeper fuck than taking her in the missionary position. 

"Mmmm my nasty little whore," he sighed.

More saliva fell onto my bottom, landing at the top of the cleft
between my buttocks and running down and into my hole! What felt like
his index finger started to probe around my rim then slipped inside me.
I flinched again as I had the first time when he had fingered me; but
that only encouraged him to push it in all the way. 

He followed this by inserting a second finger and worked them around in
my ass stretching it wider as he did so. Fortunately there was still
quite a bit of the lube still there from the last time he had used me.
It was still hurting though; I was still not used to being used in this
way. It was still a very new, unfamiliar and frightening experience to

I felt him move his pelvis closer to my bum, the tip of his cock
rubbing against my already violated ass-hole. I started to sob quietly
to myself, he must have heard me as he paused and said, "Argh what's up
sweetheart? Is your little cunt still sore?" 

"Y-y-yes Sir," I pleaded in response.

"Would you rather I didn't fuck you again tonight princess?" he said in
an almost concerned voice.

Thinking in my desperation that at last he was actually going to show
me some compassion, I sobbed to him in reply, "Y-yes please Sir don't
fuck me again, I'm hurting, p-please let me go now I have paid my debt
to you for not reporting me at work"

"Ok," he said softly, adding, "If you ask me really nicely not to fuck
you again I won't; but you have to beg me properly not to!"

Possibly because of my naivety, possibly because my head was spinning
with the poppers; but more likely out of just out of my desperate
wishful thinking I believed him!  

"P-p-please Sir, please don't fuck me again," I grovelled.

"Please don't fuck your what? Bitch," he answered.

I knew what he wanted me to say and in this state of mind I would have
said anything, so I continued, "Please don't fuck my little girly pussy
again Sir. Please I have been a good little girl for you tonight; I
have sucked your cock and given you my virginity just like you told me

I must have been blathering away like this for a couple of minutes,
getting more and more frantic in my pleading. Each second that passed
gave me the hope that that he was going to show me some mercy as a
reward for what I had endured so far this evening. 

"P-please don't fuck my tight little cunt, it's so sore."

"Please Sir don't hurt me again with your big hard cock," I cried.

Then I made another mistake, my muscles had been constricted so tight
with fear for the last several minutes that I realised I couldn't keep
that up for long. Starting to believe that I had somehow I had made a
favourable impression on him and had successfully appealed to his
better nature, I relaxed! 


I screamed as the pain hit me, with one hard jerk of his pelvis and
with his hands gripping my hips firmly, pulling my body backwards, he
entered me. It felt like he had buried his shaft all the way up in one
thrust and he laughed!

"Tough fucking shit slut; I have a fucking raging hard on now and the
only way I can relieve it is by sticking it up my girlies pussy."

"Did you honestly think I was finished with you yet," he sneered.

"I just wanted to hear you beg like the victim you are. Sometimes I
like to take my sluts against their will."

"Last time you were too easy; it was even like you were enjoying it."

His voice was cold and hard now, mocking me, laughing at the power and
control he wielded over me. 

"B-b-but I was only doing as you told me too Sir!" I sobbed in

"I-I was just trying to be a good girl, trying to please you Sir."

This only made him laugh harder, even crueller than before.

"Yes bitch, I know; and you still are doing just what I told you to

"You are a good little girl and you are learning how to behave like a
good little girl should do."

"Learning that it is a good little girls place and duty to give her
cunt up to her man, whenever he wants it!"

His cock was slowly removed back to the tip; then thrust in again. I
thought I was going to pass out but that relieve eluded me! With his
hands still gripping my hips I couldn't even drop to my stomach to
escape him. He was holding me up, pulling me backwards and pushing me
forwards in rhythm with his continual thrusting.

I took more poppers in a bid to mentally escape the pain, shame and
humiliation of it all. He was riding me like a bitch and I knew it; I
had been in opposite role myself many times with girls and knew that in
his mind, his pleasure was paramount now. He would not be too concerned
with my welfare he would not stop until he had emptied his balls inside
me again.

"Yea take it you fucking whore, take it all up your snatch."

I could just make out him saying as his cock continued to force its way
up me; like I really was his bitch, his slut, his whore, his fuck-toy!
His pace increased and I became oblivious to the continual pounding; he
was obviously approaching his climax. I could feel him stiffen and pull
me completely onto him as he shot his load up deep inside my fuck-hole.

He gave several more sharp pushes and moaned with his own sexual
release and pleasure, calling me, "His good little girl, his special
little princess."

I felt the palms of his hands in the small of my back as he pushed me
flat on the bed his body collapsing on top of me. Eventually his penis
went soft inside me and it slipped out trailing a string of his semen
down my ass and inner thighs as it withdrew. He rolled off me and
switching the music and the lamp off said to me as I sobbed into the

"Shush now girl. Get some sleep while you can; this is like our
honeymoon night and I can still get it up for my new girlfriend again
before the morning."

He put his arm around me and quickly fell asleep. Knowing that I
couldn't escape him and the effects of the substances wearing off, I
did as he had recommended and was soon asleep myself.


It was still dark when I awoke; she was still lying on her stomach
beside me. I gently lifted up the quilt to have a good look at her. She
was breathing softly with her little nighty still pulled up showing her
panties with a sexy looking damp patch between her legs, the evidence
of my earlier efforts!

I recounted to myself how the evening had progressed so far with great
satisfaction. As far as I was concerned it had gone perfectly and I
really didn't care how it had gone for her; I was not overly concerned
with her feelings or welfare! She was just there to please me now, to
suck my cock when I wanted her mouth and to drop her knickers when I
wanted her pussy. 

I was very pleased with the way she had worshipped my manhood; although
she still had a lot to learn I was confident that I was the man to
teach her. Shagging her doggy-style had been a real turn on as well. As
nice as it was to fuck a girl on her back looking at her face as I
penetrated her, it was always a huge turn on fucking them from behind.
It was so much more submissive for her to be on all-fours and to offer
herself to a man; plus you could always get deeper in and really fuck
her senseless that way.

She was also very quickly learning the things I wanted her to say. I
like a girl to talk dirty to me.

"Ha Ha," I laughed aloud at this idea!

The thought of what I had already done to her made my cock stiffen with
anticipation of more to come. I slipped my hand into the back of her
panties and went straight to her swollen, sticky fuck-hole.

"Wake up," I whispered as I fingered her snatch.

"Daddy wants his bitch again."

She groaned and I knew she was awake so I reached over to the bedside
table and dipped my index and fore-fingers into the tub of opened lube
sitting there. With my other hand I yanked her panties down to her
knees and slapped her arse hard. She jumped up in shock.

"Knickers off sweetheart," I demanded.

It was pleasing to observe how she quickly complied; I felt her wriggle
as she slid them off over her feet, still lying on her tummy. 

"Pass them here," I continued.

"Give me your panties girl."

Again she quickly complied reaching her hand down and passing them up
to me. I casually lubed her up then reaching my arm under her neck I
pulled on top of me so as she was lay on her back on my chest. She was
so light compared to me I hardly noticed her weight on me. My hands
were now free to roam up under her nighty across her tits, down to her
clitty and underneath her to position my cock at her pussy-mouth.

Stuffing her panties into her mouth I pushed her body downwards whilst
thrusting my hips up. The improvised gag stifled the little girly yelp
she let out and every muscle in her body contracted as for the third
time tonight I entered her. This would not take long; it was just a
quickie to ease my throbbing penis. I bounced her up and down her limbs
flailing about like a rag dolls, muffled whimpering noises escaping her

Not saying a word to her this time as I fucked her, this was just a
physical fuck the mind games were not needed now. As I suspected my
balls soon exploded, filling her up again as I bit her neck from

"That's good bitch, oh yea that is good," I said as I pushed her off

I was very tired now and she must be too, I wanted to save some energy
not to mention some cum for tomorrow. It was still only Friday night; I
had all day tomorrow to play with her. I would probably let her go
Sunday lunchtime so she could be rested and back at work Monday


I was completely drained emotionally by the time he had finished with
me and fell asleep as soon as he had pushed me off his huge hairy
chest. I awoke to see the bright sunlight streaming through the half
opened curtains. I was alone in the big bed and it took me a couple of
minutes to realise just where I was; though the tingling in my ass soon
reminded me. 

The nighty and stockings I was still wearing brought the memory of the
last evenings' events back into my mind. My discarded panties were
lying on the pillow beside my face and I could see the pink lipstick
marks on them where he had forced them into my mouth. 

Not knowing what time it was added to my disorientation, I could hear
the television on downstairs so I knew that he was probably in the
house somewhere. Unsure what to do next I decided to just stay where I
was for now; take the opportunity to gather my thoughts.

I was in a strange house with a strange guy and I had no escape!

I had been blackmailed and threatened with physical violence to perform
for him as a girl!

He had used me like a girl and taken my virginity as one!

I had been verbally and sexually humiliated in a way that twenty-four
hours ago I wouldn't have believed possible!

To make matters worse it was very doubtful that my ordeal was over. I
am sure I remembered him saying last night that I was to remain here
for the entire weekend!

What day was it now? With a growing dread it dawned on me that it was
still only Saturday!

Well I certainly wasn't in a rush to get the day started so I just
curled up in a ball and prayed for some miracle. Maybe he would come in
the bedroom and tell me that it was all over now and that I could go
home? This hope was dashed about twenty minutes later when I heard him
open the bedroom door and say.

"Morning princess."

"I know that you are awake."

"Now get up, take your make-up off and go and have a nice hot shower."

"When your ready put that dressing gown on hanging behind the door and
come downstairs."

I peered out from under the covers and saw him standing at the end of
the bed smiling down at me. 

"W-w-what time is it?" I queried. 

"It's almost midday," he laughed in response.

"Time to get your pretty little ass up out of bed. Come and have some
breakfast and you will feel better"

"Today you are gonna spend the whole day as a woman!"

"My woman to be exact," he added with another gentle laugh.

He then left the room and I heard him walk back down the stairs.
Getting up I stripped off my remaining clothes; used the cleanser on
the dressing table to remove the last of my make-up and stepped into
the small en-suite bathroom. After showering and drying myself I
slipped on the long white silk gown that he had indicated that I wear
and went downstairs. 

I found him sat in the kitchen at the breakfast bar, drinking a coffee
and reading the daily newspaper. 

"Well, well," he exclaimed.

"And how are you this morning then darling?"

He was grinning at me and seemed in quite a friendly mood so I managed
a thin smile and tried to bluff it out!

"I am fine," I told him; though obviously I was not!

There were some cereals and a jug of milk on the table, he waved his
hand over them indicating that I should sit down and eat.

"Fancy a coffee honey?" he enquired.

This was surreal; I mean he was almost acting as this was the most
natural thing in the world. In a crazy way I supposed it was to him; in
his world I was his new girlfriend and we had just spent our first full
evening together and had had sex together for the first time! Unluckily
for me it was his world that I was now forced to inhabit for at least
the next twenty-four hours; so I was just gonna have to play along with
his game.

"Today you are going to learn how to be a proper lady for me," he said,
peering over his paper.

"You are going to learn how to walk even more naturally in your heels"

"You did quite well last night for a beginner; but I want to see you
sashay a bit more when you walk."

"I want to see you swing your hips and wiggle your ass like a real

"Also you are gonna learn how to put your make-up on properly, how to
dress sexy; how to pretty yourself up for your boyfriend!" 

He put the paper down and poured me a coffee then passed me the milk
and sugar.

"Thank you," I said meekly.

He then surprised me a bit by saying, "I will be going out for a couple
of hours soon"

"There is a make-up instruction manual in the bedroom; I suggest you
use the time to practice getting it right."

I was a little shocked at the realisation that he knew that he could
leave me alone here; it was a fact that we both knew that I had no
choice but to be here waiting when he got back. 

"Where are you going," I asked, more in a hope of making small talk
than actually caring.

"Well princess," he beamed at me.

"Since last night went so successfully I am going to go into work and
pick a nice classy outfit for you to wear tonight."

"You shall dress as perfectly and elegantly as you can and I will
arrange for a restaurant I know to delivery a special meal for us both"

"It will be kinda like your first dinner date as my girlfriend," he
added with a laugh.

"Oh," I replied glumly.

"And what if last night had not been so successful," I said a bit
sarcastically; instantly realising that I was actually starting to
sound like a sulky little girl!

His smile faded and he looked me hard in the eye and said.

"In that case then girl I wouldn't be planning on being so nice to you

"I would have beaten the shit out of you, tied you up bent double over
a chair and taken it in turns to whip your ass and fuck it hard without
lube as the fancy took me!"

"And then still reported you at work; so it's so nice that we
understand each other and that you are aware that your continuing
cooperation is vital to your own well being."

I was left in no doubt just what he meant so I looked down at the floor
I replied submissively.

"Yes I understand Sir; I am your good little girlfriend."

Standing up and moving around the table towards me he continued, "Good,
now give me a kiss I'm going now."

He held my face in both his hands, bent down and kissed me on the lips
firmly. I responded by opening them slightly to allow his tongue to
enter my mouth. 

"I'll be back about five-o-clock, when you've done your make-up, put on
the outfit on the bed in the spare room and practice in the heels."

"I'll expect you to welcome me back like a proper girlfriend should
when her boyfriend gets home."


It was quite clear to me that I could leave her alone in the house
whilst I went into town. She knew that she had no alternative other
than to be sat right here looking all pretty for me on my return. I
wanted her to know that fact as well, that's why I was leaving her. It
was a way of re-enforcing the new status quo over her. I knew she would
think about taking her chance to escape and I also knew that she would
think better of it! 

It didn't take me long to drive to the department store where my
'girlfriend' and I both worked. I went up to the security office I
thought whilst I am already here shopping I can check up on what has
been going on while I have been off. I knew everything would be under
control the security team that I had working under me were all very old
friends of mine. I had done prison time with several of them and they
all knew the score in regards as to who our real employer was!

In fact only myself and the security team did know the truth, even old
Williams the guy who thought of himself as the general manager of the
place didn't actually realise that the entire building was in fact
owned by the Maloney family. Who were the biggest, best organised crime
family in this part of the country. Through my own criminal history I
was well known and trusted by the whole family, hence my good position
here. I had even spent a couple of years sharing a cell with Frank
Maloney the family head.

Danny, one of my good mates was sat at the CCTV monitor when I entered
the office.

"Hi boss," he said.

"How's tricks?"

"Pretty good Danny, pretty fucking good," I replied. 

"Did you manage to pull that bird that you told me you had your eye
on?" he asked me.

"Oh yea Danny boy," I laughed. "I've been fucking her real good all

"She any good?" he laughed in response. 

I told him in a hushed whispered tone that she had been a virgin until
last night although I didn't let on to him just who it was; I let him
believe it was a real girl that I had seduced! He was amused to hear
that he said he didn't think that there were any virgins left in this
world to which I just replied, "Oh yea there is Danny boy, you just
gotta look in the right place," I added as I left him to fantasise
about shagging one.

I strolled down the ladies department and started searching through the
dresses for something suitable for her to wear tonight, I wanted her to
look like a classy lady, the pink and white 'girl next door' look had
been great for last night when she was still only a virgin. Now
however, I had turned her into a real woman and I wanted to see her
dressed a little more sophisticated. 

It took me a good hour or so to pick just the right outfit for her,
including stockings, shoes and lingerie; I even picked up a new night-
gown for her to wear later. I took the stuff over to the till and
showed the girl there my concession card, I was lucky enough because of
my senior position not to have to pay for anything here so she just
wrapped it all up for me, smiled and wished me a good afternoon. 

I looked at my watch it was about a quarter past four, good I thought
to myself if I leave now I will be home for five-o-clock as I had
promised her. She better be dressed, made-up and ready for my return or
the silly little bitch would be in big trouble. I got in my car and
headed home. 


After he had gone out through the front door I carefully peeked around
the curtain and watched him get in his car and drive off. Well at least
I would be left in peace for a couple of hours; I finished my breakfast
and went back upstairs to the master bedroom. 

Sitting myself down at the dressing table I took stock of the
collection of make-up upon it. There were all sorts of different
things, some I recognized and some I didn't. I opened the instruction
book he had left out for me and got to work. First I tried the
different types of foundation and blushers, then the lips and eyes
continually rushing into the bathroom to wash them off and start again.

I experimented with different colours and mixes, taking lot of care to
follow the instructions correctly. I also removed last nights nail
varnish and on each nail tried a new colour to see how they looked.
Eventually I settled on a quite pale less noticeable more discreet
colour than the bright pink I had worn before. Remembering how he had
told me to put the mascara on I first put on the white gooey stuff to
give the impression that they were longer and thicker than they
actually were. 

I looked at the time and was amazed to see how quickly it had flown, in
a strange way I was actually starting to get into what I was doing. I
figured that if it made him happy then he would be a lot more gentle
and easy on me later. I realised that there was no way I could avoid
the inevitable fucking he was gonna give me; but at least if I was 'a
good girl' then he would be nicer to me and use lube! It really is
amazing how a person can learn to live and adapt to any situation of
they have no choice; even one as perverse as this one was!

Finishing of my face to the best of my ability I brushed my shoulder
length hair into as feminine style as I could manage and walked naked
into the spare bedroom. I saw the clothes that I was to wear for his
return lay out on the bed as he said they would be. I took a deep
breath and started to dress.

First I picked up the lacy, cream suspender belt fastened it around my
waist and spun it around into position. Then I carefully rolled the
sheer tan stockings up my legs attaching the suspender belt clips to
the tops. Next came the matching cream coloured lacy G-string and bra
with the small silicon falsies to slip in the B-cups. 

Then I held up the knee length deep cream coloured dress. It was a thin
stretchy material, tight over my body but flaring out from my hips. I
wasn't sure if it would be easier to put it on over my head? But
eventually I figured that the best way to put it on would be by
standing in it and pulling it up my body. Finally I put on the four
inch wedge heeled light brown sandals. I checked myself in the mirror,
it was an  almost natural girly thing to do! Then I headed out of the
bedroom to take the chance to explore the house a little while he was

The material of the dress was flimsy enough to cling to my thighs as I
walked showing off the shape of my hips and legs. I noticed that this
style of heel I was wearing was a bit easier to walk in than the ones I
had worn last night. I guessed that he had left me these to wear to
practice in and that the ones I would be wearing tonight would be more
like the previous heels!

By now it was a quarter past four; I had about forty-five minutes until
his return. It was quite a new house, no more than ten years old I
guessed; even though it was detached it only had three bedrooms. One of
those was the master bedroom with the en-suite bathroom, another one
was a smaller spare bedroom and there was an even smaller one that he
obviously used to store things in. Then there was the main bathroom;
the one that I had showered in last night.

I walked down the stairs; they led straight into the main open plan
living room with a dinning area, with the good sized kitchen at the
back and a small entrance hall to the front. All very normal really
just an average house on an average new housing development. There was
a small garden on the street side and what looked to be a larger one at
the rear. 

Opening the kitchen door I saw that there was a small utility room
leading to the outside door. Sitting on a worktop in this room was the
black bin liner that he had put my clothes in last night. I looked
inside and there were my male clothes; I was tempted to put them on and
run for it. Realising the futility of that course of action I folded
the bag back up and went back into the living room. 

He was due home anytime now so there was nothing left for me to do
other than sit down and await him. Instinctively I smoothed my dress
down at the back as I sat, crossing my legs and folding my hands in my
lap. It was strange but I felt that when I was dressed like a girl I
should sit like a girl. I know realised why they do sit in the position
that they usually do; it is a need to keep their knees together, their
skirt smoothed down and their modesty protected!

'MY GOD' I thought to myself I am even starting to play along with this
weird perverse charade for him now; even when he was not here! I saw
the joint left in the ashtray and assuming that he had left it for me I
lit it up. I really needed to be cool and relaxed if I was gonna be
able to go through with the night ahead!


Parking the car in my driveway I got the bags out of the boot and
walked up to my front door; the bitch better be ready for me or there
would be big trouble! I needn't have worried; she was sat demurely on
the sofa dressed as I had expected her to be. I put the bags on the
floor and she looked at them nervously; I could see her trepidation as
she wondered just what she would be wearing tonight?

"Hello princess," I said cheerfully.

"Hello Sir," she mumbled in reply.

"Well come on, welcome your man home properly honey," I continued,
adding, "A good girl should come running over, put her arms around her
boyfriends' neck and kiss him when he gets home with lots of nice new
pretty things for her."

I could smell the joint she had been smoking and could see the effect
it had had on her in her bleary eyes. This was just perfect, that's why
I had left it out; I knew that she would be more compliant to my wishes
when she was stoned. She did as I had told her, placing her arms around
my neck and offering her mouth up to mine; her head tilted to one side
like a girl should!

My hands wandered down her body as I kissed her deeply my tongue inside
her open mouth. Tugging up her skirt I ran my finger-tips across her
stockings; higher and higher up to her naked buttocks.

"Oh good," I said out loud, remembering that I had left out a G-string
for her to wear.

"What a lovely little bum you've got princess. Now, what have you got?"

"A lovely little bum Sir," she responded.

I kissed her again; she was learning the game now and my god she was
making me horny! I gripped her smooth, pert ass and pulled her cheeks
apart. With one finger slipping under the tiny piece of material to
touch her pussy, she moaned in response so I probed deeper into both of
her yielding orifices with my tongue and my invading finger. 

Her body stiffened as my finger-tip entered her; so breaking off the
kiss, I spun her around and with my finger still inside her I marched
her over to the back of the sofa. 

"Bend over bitch," I snapped, my cock straining in my pants.

She bent over the sofa as I gently tapped her legs apart with my feet
and unzipped my fly; I was out of control now, I just wanted to have
her there and then. 

I yanked her skirt up higher to expose her lingerie clad body from the
waist down. I already had a tube of lube in my pocket as I wanted to be
prepared for any event with her around! I opened it and pulling the G-
string away from her ass proceeded to squeeze it out over her stretched

It only took a minute to have her all opened up and receptive for me.
This time I wanted her to experience being fucked without the aid of
poppers, drugs and alcohol. She had only smoked one joint she would
still be able to feel everything that was gonna happen to her!

"Now, what's Daddy gonna do to his precious little princess," I
mockingly quizzed her.

"He's gonna stick his big hard cock up her grateful little pussy, isn't
he?" I added. 

She obliged me by repeating my words back to me; she really was a
clever little girl. She knew now that she was gonna get my cock either
way and that there was no point in even a token show of resistance!

And with that happy thought in my mind; that inner satisfaction of
total victory, I fucked her. A nice measured leisurely fuck, not too
hard, as I didn't want to hurt her too much! I wanted her to realise
that I was pleased with her, that it should be thought of as an honour
and a pleasure for her to take her mans' cock. But not too gentle
either; I didn't want her to forget her place. 

When you are trying to train a new bitch; experience has taught me that
every tiny little thing you do and say to her must be aimed at teaching
her acceptance of her new position in life. Every little thing I do or
say in her presence must be a thought out process and enacted to reach
this goal. 

Gripping her hips I rocked her back and forth, impaling her on my
manhood. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper I rode her as I felt
myself beginning to tense up with my orgasm. She was letting out little
whimpering moaning sounds, she even sounded just like a woman getting a
length of cock! 

"God, you fucking nasty little slut," I shouted as I emptied myself as
far up her cunt as I could.

"You fucking dirty little whore," I exclaimed in delight. "What are

Again she showed me just how far my training had taken her by saying,
"I am your nasty little slut, Sir, Your dirty little whore." 

I relaxed my grip as my orgasm subsided. Letting my now semi flaccid
prick exit her body I wiped it clean on her G-string; before letting it
snap back into place between the cleft of her buttocks. I could see my
cum oozing out of her fuck-hole; a pleasing sight for any man! 

Who knew what thoughts must be going through her head and more to the
point, who cares? I was the alpha male and she was the bitch; that was
all that mattered! She was good though, she was as good as anything I
had taken before. There was a natural feminine submissiveness to her;
who knows she might even get to like this one day? But then again, who

I smoothed her dress back down and told her to come and sit on my knee
on the sofa and tell me about how she had spent her first day alone as
a girl. As we sat down and she talked I could tell by her body language
that she was almost delirious with the shock of the way her weekend had
turned out. She babbled away about her experiments with make-up, her
exploration of my house, etc just like a fucking woman would. 

Sitting back and lighting up a joint I stopped listening to her and
smiled. She was my pretty little puppet now; I could pull her strings
and get her to do anything I wanted her to do. And what was even
sweeter was the knowledge that she knew that too; coupled with the
knowledge that she knew that I knew this fact as well! It was fucking
perfect; I let out a contented sigh. 


I don't what came over me when I was sat on his knee talking; I was
just talking for the sake of talking. I just wanted to buy myself a bit
of time to take in the fact that he had just casually bent me over and
fucked me! I think my mind went into some kind of post traumatic,
stress over-drive induced shock! To try and comprehend that I, an
eighteen year old hetero-sexual, girl-shagging guy, now had to
experience a complete role reversal!

I was blathering on to him about make-up, dressing up and generally
talking like some dizzy little bimbo; and from my own male orientated
experience I knew for a fact that he was not listening to a word I
said; I wouldn't have been doing either in his situation. I realised
that I must sound like some giddy little girl to him! 

After listening to my chatter until he had finished his joint he put
his finger to my lips and whispered, "Hush sweetheart, I want you to
get those bags, go upstairs and take a shower, make sure you give your
face a good close shave."

"Then put on the make-up, nail varnish, clothes and jewelry; do your
hair nice and pretty. You've got a couple of hours so take your time

In what I thought at the time was one of his rare compassionate acts
towards me, he gave me two joints and told me to help myself to a
couple of bottles of beer out of the fridge to take upstairs with me.
Although I now realise that it was in reality just another cynical act
to try and make me believe that he actually cared for me; that he
really did think of me has his legitimate, bone-fide, willing
girlfriend. Also that he knew that the more drunk and stoned I was then
the less resistance I would put up. Not that I was capable anyway now
of any type of even symbolic resistance; I was beaten, I was now a

I quickly showered and shaved; I wanted to get my make-up on and
dressed as quickly as I could. I wanted to have some time alone in
peace before he summoned me to join him! It was obvious from the size,
shape and weight which of the shopping bags contained the make-up. So I
started with that one first, I was in no rush to see what clothes I
would be spending the rest of the evening wearing. Nothing I could do
would change things now, so why upset myself even more? Best to just
get on with it, surely after tonight this nightmare would be all over?

Starting with the foundation I applied it the way I had learned earlier
that day; I did the same with the eye liner and mascara. Next I put on
the dark purple eye shadow on my eye-lids with the lighter pinker
colour in the sockets and blended them in as it had advised in the
instruction book. I brushed on a line of light purple blusher following
the line of my cheek-bone and then coated my entire face with a thin
layer of powder.

I saved my lips until last; it would take a steady hand to get the
outline just right. In a strange way I wanted to get my make-up as good
as possible for him; if I was gonna do this then I didn't want him to
think of me as too stupid to even follow basic instructions! In my mind
numbed state I completely missed the irony of the fact; that there I
was making myself all pretty and sexually desirable to a man who was
gonna use me against my will and better judgement. That I was in fact
tarting myself up for a rapist! 

When I was happy with the feminine look I had created I took I deep
breath and opened the bags on the bed. The largest of which contained a
black dress, I held it up to see what it looked like. It wasn't very
long it looked like it would finish several inches above my knee. It
was a 1950s style all silk and very expensive looking. The neckline was
quite deep in a kind of scoop shape look and there were thin straps to
go over my shoulders. It was quite tight and fitted looking over the
body with a zip up the back with a broad black, silk sash around the
waist, below that the bottom half of the dress flared out and fell in
folds and pleats. The sort of dress I could imagine Marilyn Monroe
wearing I thought to myself.

The next bag was a bit smaller; I emptied the contents onto the bed.
These were a pair of expensive looking, seven denier black stockings, a
black and purple basque and a pair of very sheer pair of black and
purple panties. Without looking at the other two bags I proceeded to
put on what I had already seen. 

The basque was quite tight although luckily for me it did stretch to
fit. It was a fine black mesh material at the back and sides with
purple silk panels in the front. I carefully rolled on the black
stockings and attached them to the clips hanging from the basque. 

I knew to put the panties on over the stockings as it made it easier in
case I should need the bathroom and I knew from last time that he may
want to watch me so it would be best if I could get them down to my
knees! Also I didn't know yet in which position he would take me; I
knew from the first time that if I was gonna be legs up and on my back
then I needed to be able to get the panties off! 

When getting fucked like a girl which I was more than likely gonna be,
I had already learned that it is less painful if you can get your legs
as wide apart as possible. Fucking hell was that what my mind-set had
become I thought as I toked the spliff and took a mouthful of beer. I
was even subconsciously submitting to the inevitability of the course
of events that he had contrived! 

The panties were of the same material as the basque; they were quite a
high cut and the soft stretchy fabric felt quite erotic over my
'clitty' as he called it! I put on the dress and straightened it up
properly so as to cover my stocking-tops and cleavage simultaneously!
Not an easy task; I was starting to appreciate the delicate balancing
act that women go through in order to keep their look intact! 

One of the remaining bags contained a shoe box, inside were a pair of
strappy sandals similar to the ones that I had worn last night only
with a slightly bigger heel, I guessed at about five inches and in
black. I put them on quickly realising that walking in these was going
to require a great deal of concentration on top of everything else I
was going to have to remember. I had to walk like a woman, sit like a
woman, talk like a woman, act like a woman and be fucked like a woman
if I was gonna get through this night!

The last bag held a couple of items of jewelry, probably costume
jewelry? But who knows with this guy; he is on the 'I'm his real-life'
girlfriend trip and I am just playing along like some kind of trollop!
There was a triple banded pearl bracelet for one wrist, with a purple
coloured jewelled bracelet for the other one. Lastly I slipped the two
deep ruby and gold rings on my fingers and brushed my hair. I had still
not learned how to style it properly yet so I just brushed it straight
letting it naturally curl over my neck and shoulders. I finished with a
liberal spray of the perfume that I had used earlier.

Looking in the full length mirror I had to admit to myself, however
begrudgingly; that I really did make quite an attractive girl! There
was a little tell about my face, there was still, even with the make-up
a bit of a give-away there. More of a pretty good tranny look than a
real life genuine girl look; though more than good enough for any man
that actually prefers good trannys to real girls!

I had lost track of the time but was grateful to be able to sit down
with another joint and a beer; try to block my short term future! I had
just finished them when I heard the doorbell, his voice and what
sounded like that of a delivery man. A couple of minutes later I heard
his footsteps on the landing outside followed by a knock on the door.

"Hello princess," he called.

"You must be ready by now. Let's be having you."

I got up, bracing myself I tottered to the door and with shaking hand I
opened it.

He was stood there leaning against the doorframe looking as smug as
hell, the cat that got the cream! His tight white silk shirt was opened
enough to show off his broad, black hairy chest; his tight black
trousers bulged at the crotch already. 

"My oh my you do look beautiful princess," he grinned.

"What a pretty little picture you are, honey," he added.

"Let's go downstairs."

Without giving me a chance to reply his arm slipped around my waist and
I allowed myself to be escorted from the room. I had to grip his hand
for support as I negotiated the stairs in these heels! I was led
towards the dinning table; he had set the seen with a white table
cloth, candles and two open bottles of wine; one red, one white. The
table was set for an intimate meal for two! I was on a date, only now,
I was the woman in the game of 'how far can I get with this chick?'!

"Sit down," he said almost gentlemanly as he pulled back the chair and
pushed it in behind me.

Whilst he was still behind me he placed a necklace around my neck and
fastened it.

"The finishing touch," he whispered in my ear.

"Makes you look a classy bit of ass."

He then went into the kitchen to quickly reappear with two prawn
cocktails; he sat down and poured us both a glass of wine.

"Eat, drink darling!" he said pointing at the table.

"You're my girlfriend now. Relax, enjoy yourself; it's not like you've
got any choice in this now. You're in far too deep now sweetheart."

I had to admit that I was hungry and I knew that refusing to eat would
not help the situation. So I drank the wine, ate the starter followed
it with a main course of lobster and finished off with a summer fruits
cheesecake with cream; not the only cream that I would be swallowing

All the way through the meal he kept up a continual stream of small
talk intermingled with the odd flirting remark. It was as if he was
genuinely trying to seduce me as if he wanted my acceptance of my role
as his girlfriend. I wondered why he bothered but it was obviously part
of the game for him; I mean it wasn't like I could be coy here was it?
We both knew that in this little role-play, pretend game of genuine
seduction; I was ultimately 'a sure thing'. 


I was surprised by just how good she did look; she had put on her make-
up like she had been doing it all her life! She was quite convincing in
a tranny like way, you could tell by looking at her that she was really
a boy but she would have no problems at all mingling in the TV and gay
bars that I sometimes visited. In fact with her slim figure and
naturally shoulder length wavy hair she would put many of the other
'girls' to shame!

It was nice to sit and chat almost normally to her as well; she really
seemed to be relaxing into her new role in life. I learned a little
more about her as we ate, her tastes in music, movies, her short life
story, etc. She even giggled and looked away all demurely when I
flirted with her; which was nice as it displayed to me her willingness
to please! 

As we had finished eating I decided to turn up the mood a little; I
slipped off my shoe and played footsy with her under the table. At
first she pulled her foot away as if she was embarrassed; but one stern
look from me and she quickly replaced it. So I moved my foot higher up
her leg.

"Open your knees honey," I whispered, slipping my foot up under her

"That's it girl, keep looking at me in the eye, tilt your head slightly
and smile a little," I added.

She wriggled in her seat as I pushed further up towards her crotch.

"Come on sweetheart be a good little girly and rub your clitty against
my foot," I told her.

She did as I had commanded, writhing up and down as she rode against
the sole of my foot. Her mouth parted slightly and she began to breathe
slower and deeper, her hands gripping the edge of the table in front of

"Good girl, you really are behaving like a real woman now," I laughed
as she let out a little moan of pleasure. 

"Time to go upstairs darling. I want you to show me what you have
learned about being a woman sexually," I said as I stood up replacing
my shoe.

I helped her to her feet and took her arm.

"Let's go honey," I led her upstairs and into my bedroom.

I had already put a bottle pf champagne, two glasses and a couple of
joints on the bedside table to keep us both in the mood. Following her
into the room, I stood close behind her and kissed the back of her
neck, my hands rubbing gently up and down the front of her body,
squeezing her tits, tummy and clitty through her dress. 

Next I gripped the zip at the back of her dress and eased it slowly
down and let fall to the floor around her ankles.

"Beautiful dress sweetheart," I murmured in her ear.

"But a woman's dress always looks better on her boyfriends' bedroom
floor than on her body."

I pulled her a towards me so that she had to step out of her know
discarded garment and holding her face in my hands I kissed just like
any man would do if he had a pretty little girl like this in his arms. 

Slipping my hands down her back to caress her ass made her moan and
squirm like a bitch on heat, next I gripped her shoulders and gently
pushed her to her knees.

"On your knees bitch," I said triumphantly as I unfastened my trousers.

My cock sprang to attention as it was released from the confines of my
shorts; standing huge and erect only inches from her face.

"You know what to do girl," I smiled down at her encouragingly.

She did too; she started by gently licking my balls then slowly moved
up my shaft, never losing eye contact with me as she worked her
feminine charms. She looked so sweet, so natural, on her knees
worshipping her mans' hard member. Her tongue flicked lightly over my
japs-eye and my cock jerked with pleasure towards her mouth. Letting a
small glob of her saliva fall onto my swollen glands she took me in her
mouth. She was as expert at this as a $10 whore; I couldn't believe how
well I had trained her, it was if she really was enjoying this as much
as me. 

Oral sex to me is something I would expect any woman to do for me
without complaint. Being a heavy cummer and capable of doing so many
times in an evening meant it was a formality for me to unload one wad
in her mouth and be ready to stick it up her cunt again within fifteen

I felt the moment approaching and pulled her head further onto me by
her hair. Thrusting a couple of times at her tonsils until I could feel
her choke I shot my dollop of man-cream deep inside her mouth. She
coughed a choked a couple of times but didn't spill a drop; she already
knew better than to do that. 

"Oh yea, good girl," I groaned. "Now swallow it all sweetheart."

She gulped down my hot semen as I patted her head affectionately, like
you would do with your favourite pet!

Unbuttoning my shirt I removed it and threw it off as I kicked off my

"Take my pants off baby, there's a good girl. I wanna be naked with my
pretty woman now," I said.

There was something primeval, something very masculine and dominating
about standing naked before your kneeling, submissive woman. It was if
we were both aware of a place, of our respective positions in this
'relationship'; me, tall, proud and strong, her, on the floor, dressed
in her lingerie, cowering before her man.  

"Kiss my feet bitch," I snapped at her.

"Show me how grateful you are to be my woman."

"Tell me how good it feels to belong to me."

"Tell me what a lucky girl you are to have the honour of giving me your
mouth and pussy." 

She kissed, licked and grovelled at my feet; blathering away about how
lucky and honoured she was to be my slut. After five or ten minutes of
this complete act of submission by her I told her to get on the bed and
lie on her tummy. I followed her over and pulled her legs apart by her
ankles; she was spread before me like the whore that she was! 

I had a treat in store for her tonight; I had a small bag of ketamine
and I intended to let her snort a small line as well as sticking some
more of the anaesthetic powder up her ass. She was gonna get her
snootch properly pounded tonight and I didn't want her to offer up any
resistance what so ever!


I lay on the bed as he moved behind me; I could feel that he was
kneeling between my open legs as his hands slid up my stockings and
onwards towards my bum. He paused and leaning forward he offered me
what looked like a door key with a small amount of white powder on the

"Coke?" I asked.

"No," he replied. "Ketamine."

I had never tried K before; so I snorted the powder not knowing what
effect it would have on me. It hit me quite quickly, it was a pleasant,
calming, mildly trippy feeling; I soon felt quite relaxed even a little
turned on? The next thing I experienced shocked me; it was the
strangely erotic feeling of his tongue licking my bottom. He pulled my
panties down a bit and started to lick me out as a man would do with a
real girl!

"You've got a proper little, cute, girly bum sweetheart; so tight and
firm that I want to lick it and taste it all," he muttered between his
oral attentions!

The shock continued; it felt so good I was actually enjoying it as his
tongue penetrated me and flicked against my sex-hole! Oh my god I
thought I am turning into a natural bitch, it must be the K, but then
again it was such a lovely feeling. I writhed and moaned on the bed,
rubbing my own stiff little clitty into the bed as he tongued me. 

He paused and said to me gently, "Tell me how good that feels princess;
tell me how nice it is to be my girl."

I was taken by the drugs and the moment as I gasped out, "Oh yes Sir,
it really is good to be your woman."

Something firmer slipped inside me and I knew from experience that it
must be his finger. He confirmed this by saying, "I have just put some
more of the ketamine up your cunt darling; it should feel a bit numb in
a minute or so."

"It will be easier for you to be my woman all night long now," he added
as he kissed the back of my neck.

He was right it did start to feel numb around my bum, I hardly noticed
him slip down my panties and pour the cool thick lube onto my waiting
pussy. No amount of ketamine, poppers, alcohol or any other drug could
desensitise me enough to not feel his cock start its journey into the
depths of my body. My muscles contracted in shock with the sharp
burning sensation I experienced as he started to fuck me. 

I moaned, groaned, writhed and bucked beneath him as he used me like
the woman I had become for him. Faster and faster he went, putting his
hands under my tummy and pulling me up on to all-fours. He fucked me
deeply for what seemed in my drug-fucked state to be hours; although in
reality probably only minutes? 

He flipped me onto my back and pulled my knees up to my chest and
entered me again, harder now, his satisfaction was the only target he
was aiming at. I was just there to please and satisfy him like a good
girl should! 

As his cock penetrated me he grabbed my ankles and threw them over his
shoulders so that he could ram me even deeper. It was strange
experience now, I was being fucked relentlessly yet my bottom felt
quite numb; I felt no pain at all. This was obviously due to the
ketamine he had put inside my sex-hole and combined with what had gone
up my nose had made me very trippy indeed. 

I was hallucinating that I really was a girl getting laid by her
boyfriend! I wrapped my legs around his neck and rubbed my stocking
clad calves against his face. I was so desperately trying to please him
by being as girly and willing as I possibly could be. Opening my mouth
and offering it to him as he bent down and kissed me; my back arching
up to meet his steady deep strokes. I completely submitted to the
moment; I was now a woman! And his woman at that!

For the first time the shagging actually felt almost pleasurable; I
felt like I could go on taking his cock forever! The sensations
radiating out through my body from deep inside my pussy were almost
like the waves of orgasm! The rhythmic prodding of my postrate was
taking me to a new level of sexual fulfilment.

It must be the drugs I said to myself over and over again. Looking up
at him as he loomed over me filling up my entire vision; I maintained
the eye contact with him that I knew would please him. It was like
there was nothing else in the world except him and me; like this was
all that mattered to us both right here and now! He was even smiling
down at me in between his passionate kisses as he said.

"Feel my cock inside you princess, you're not a silly little virgin
now; you are a real woman." 

After what felt like an eternity he stiffened his body, pulled his cock
out of me and leaned as far up as he could so that his cock was waving
erect over my face. In that position he shot his load; it spurted out
falling all over my face; my mouth was still open as I moaned and
writhed under him. I tasted his hot creamy cum splash over my lips, 

His swift withdrawal and choice of where he wanted to cum left me
feeling used, abused, dirty, like a cheap tart. It had gone from what I
perceived in my state to be something like proper man-woman love-making
to what it actually was. A sleazy dirty fuck; like I was a whore or an
actress in one of his porn movies!

"Very good princess," he groaned as he jerked his penis violently with
one hand and continued to ejaculate all over me.

"Now you really do look like a proper little nasty slut."

He used the tip of his cock to guide the splashes of cum on my face
into my mouth as I swallowed greedily. 

We drank the bottle of champagne, smoked several more spliffs and took
a few more keys of ketamine; he even rubbed more up my pussy during the
course of the night. It all passed in a daze to me I lost all track of
time and events. 

I think he fucked me on at least three or four occasions more,
manhandling me about the bed, tugging me by my limbs and hair to get me
into the position that he wanted me in; before I finally fell fast
asleep in his big strong arms. 

The next day when I awoke with a blank drug-fucked head I sat up and
looked around the room, trying to figure out just what had happened; he
was still lying beside me and I felt him stir. 

"Morning bitch," he hissed, obviously hung-over and drug-fucked too.

"Say thank you for the evening Sir and please may I leave."

Shame-faced and sore below I thanked him for the evening and asked him
for his permission to leave.

"Very well slut; you have served your purpose for now."

"Go get a shower and tidy yourself up sweetheart. Then fuck off!"

I got out of the bed and headed to the bathroom to remove my make-up,
nail varnish and the smell of perfume, mans' sweat and sex from my

"Your clothes are in the utility room out the back and there's £10 to
pay for a taxi home," he said coolly.

"Don't be shy about taking the money bitch, you've earned it like a
good little whore," he sneered after me. 

I took a long hot shower trying to wash away my humiliation, dried
myself and went to find my clothes. They were where I had seen them
yesterday so I got dressed, relieved to be dressed like a guy again and
left through the back door.

As I left his house and walked away down the street I was filled with
guilt and shame. Had I actually been raped and if I had, what could I
do about it? I certainly couldn't go to the police, not as long as he
had that tape of me stealing, I would be sunk as well. Plus there where
the tapes of me sucking his cock, he could show them and make a case
that I had in fact consented! 

I would have to prove that it had been against my will; did I want to
have to sit down and explain it to the police? Besides did I want my
family, friends and girlfriend to know just what had gone on over the
last couple of days? I decided that the best course of action would
just be to try and forget about it! 

Hopefully that would be the end of the matter; the bastard would accept
the whole thing as quits and that I have paid off my debt to him? Again
I was totally wrong; he hadn't even started with me yet...........




When I woke up mid-afternoon on that Sunday she had already left. Which
was good, as once you had shagged them senseless for a couple of nights
solid; then you really wanted the slut to fuck off and let you have the
rest of the weekend to yourself! 

It had been a very successful couple of days as far as I was concerned;
she had been a natural at being a girl! I had fucked her mouth and pussy
several times over the course of the Friday and Saturday evenings. It
would have made my ten year jail sentence pass a lot quicker if I could
have found a bitch as hot as her when I was inside! 

If the silly little cunt thought that her ordeal was over then she was
very much mistaken. I had been looking for someone just like her,
without success ever since I had got out of prison. There was no way I
was gonna let her get away now. I went downstairs and loaded the
pictures I had taken of her onto my computer. 

I let the next few days at work pass without even coming into contact
with her. I watched her move around her department via my CCTV coverage
but made no attempt to even pass near her in the staffroom or canteen. I
wanted her to think that it was all over now; then the realisation that
it wasn't would crush any spirit that she had left! 

I waited until the following Thursday, knowing that she was off work
again that weekend; before sending her an E-mail followed by a short SMS


One of my old associates was a genius on computers; I had given him her
E-mail address which I had got off her application form at work. From
that he had been able to hack into her account and add all her contacts
to a file on my own special account!

This fact I explained to her in the E-mail to which I had attached
copies of the photos that I had taken the previous Friday. I also
implied that I could just as easy send the photos to all those addresses
at the flick of a button. Then I waited for her response; it came later
that Thursday evening by SMS text. 

Not yet you haven't I thought to myself, I have even started with you
yet girl! I returned her text.

The reply did not arrive for several minutes, I didn't think it would;
it would take her that long to consider her options. Although to be
honest it was her lack of options that would get the result that I fully

'I WILL BE THERE' was all it said, 
I laughed out loud; of course you will be, you silly little bitch; you
have no choice now; I own your pretty ass. I texted back.

The reply came back seconds later, it simply said, 'OK SIR'

I sat back and lit up a joint in celebration whilst contemplating how
far I could push her this time!


I had gone into work on the Monday morning fearing the worst; but the
day had passed without even bumping into my tormenter, as did the next
three days. I was beginning to think that the nightmare was over when
about 6pm on the Thursday I received a text. I read the contents of his
next couple of texts with growing despair; and after checking my Emails
my heart literally sunk, I had no choice, I had to go back and relive
the horror of last weekend again!

I fell on my bed and started to sob; what would he want to do to me this
time? When would he ever let me go? Would he ever let me go? It was all
too much for me, I was in too deep I was at his mercy now! All I could
do was play along and actually try to be just what he wanted me to be. I
realised now, far too late, that I should have stood up to him in the
beginning. By trying to take the easy way out, I had only given him even
more ammunition to blackmail me with!

Arriving home at about half past five on the Friday evening, I ate a
quick snack, told my mother that I would be away until at least Sunday
afternoon again and headed up to the bathroom. I had purchased new razor
blades and some woman's shaving gel on my way home from work; so I ran a
hot bath and got to work. 

By seven-o-clock I was shaved, bathed and dressed in a pair of jeans
with a T-shirt and denim jacket. I headed out to catch the bus to the
other side of town where my 'boyfriend' lived and would be waiting for
me. I had already spoke to my girlfriend informing her that I would not
be able to see her again this weekend and this had led to an argument.
Not that I could spend time with her and risk her seeing my shaved body
anyway; how would I explain that?

At exactly eight-o-clock I was entering the back door of his house into
the utility room. I stripped off my male clothes, deposited them into
the black bin liner on the shelf and headed through the living room
towards the stairs. He was sat with his back to me using his computer as
I walked in. 

Without looking round he said, "Hello sweetheart; go and get ready for
me. I don't ever want to see you in this house as a boy. You are and
will only ever be a girl for me here!" 

I slowly walked upstairs to see what he expected me to wear tonight for
him. The make-up and nail varnish were already out on the dressing table
for me; the evenings' underwear was laid out on the bed. Hanging up from
the wardrobe door was a short tight looking white jersey type dress with
a wide gold coloured belt and matching gold strappy high-heeled sandals
on the floor below!

I went through the now almost familiar routine of foundation and
mascara; this time I noticed that the matching lipstick and nail varnish
was a far deeper red than last time. The eye shadow was different too;
it was a deep brown for my eyelids with a bronze, shiny colour for the

I covered myself in the musk body spray and heavy, feminine perfume and
proceeded to dress. This strange experience was becoming all too natural
for me now; I even caught myself checking my appearance in the full
length mirror. Another change from last weeks' attire was that the white
stockings were hold-ups so obviously no fiddly suspender belt to worry

There was a matching white G-string and bra with delicate gold
decoration on them and some plain gold jewelry for my neck, wrists and
fingers, with clip on earrings. I slipped on the tight, stretchy dress,
fastened the belt and put the heels on. I spent a couple more minutes in
the mirror; trying to put off the inevitable! Then realising that I
couldn't, I went downstairs to see what tonight would hold for me?


I had deliberately played it cool when she had first arrived; I didn't
want to see her until she was properly dressed! I knew it would take her
at least an hour so I poured myself a drink, lit up a joint and
continued to browse the porn sites, the tranny sites, contact sites, etc
on my computer. I wanted to get in the mood for her grand entrance!

When she did finally come down I showered her in compliments, telling
her how pretty, how sexy, how gorgeous she looked. I was pleased to
notice her blushing as I spoke; she was conditioned now to act all girly
for me. It never failed to amaze me how bitches like this; and as you
know I have turned many a bitch out in prison, always go all giddy with
a bit of flattery. 

It is as if that when they are dressed like girls then they always
eventually begin to think and act like girls. It must be something to do
with the amount of time and effort they realise that they have to put
into it that makes them appreciate and feel what a woman feels! It
brings out the natural feminine vanity in them and lets' face it, only a
certain kinda guy would go along with this kinda treatment in the first

Only a weak, girly type of lad would dress up and act like a slut for
man just because a guy tells them too! A real man would just say fuck
off and take the consequences; there's no way that I would stand for it
and I can only respect a man as a man if he is a real man. If a man
can't stand up like a man in prison; then he is no longer a man. In the
eyes of the real men he is a girl now, a bitch to be taken and turned
out by whoever gets there first and in my time in prison that was
usually me!

I sat on the sofa and turned the television and DVD player on; there was
a porn movie already to go and an image of a young, big-breasted, blond
slut getting spit-roasted by two guys filled the screen.

"Go get us some drinks sweetheart," I told her.

A few minutes later she returned with a drink in each hand.

"Come sit on my knee gorgeous and tell me about your week," I commanded.
I wanted her to act just like a real girlfriend for me; to sit down and
relax a little!

Humouring her efforts by letting her babble on for a while seemed to do
the trick I could feel the tension ease from her body as she sat in my
lap. I wondered if she could feel the 'tension' mounting in mine as my
hand circled the small of her back and down over the top part of her
ass. It felt very sensual rubbing her through her thin dress. Putting my
drink down, I explored her knees and thighs with my other hand.

She obviously knew what was gonna come but she probably wasn't sure
when? I waited until she appeared calmed by the alcohol and joint I had
lit for us both; until I could sense her letting her guard down and
starting to become a bit complacent. Then I struck, I grabbed her waist
slipped out from under her dropping her bottom on to the seat and
started my first assault of the evening upon her sexy, horny body. 

Thrusting my hand up her skirt I grabbed her crotch and fingered the
flimsy material of her panties.

"And what is my pretty little girl wearing under her skirt for her
boyfriend today?" I quizzed.

She already knew the answer required.

"Pretty little, white, silky, girly panties," she answered.

"And was have you got in your pretty little panties for me?" I

Again she knew what I wanted to hear and responded by saying.

"Your pretty little girl has got a little clitty and a cute tight pussy
in her girly silky panties for you Sir." 

I kissed her on her open mouth and deftly flipped her over onto her
tummy; I was horny as fuck and wanted to waste no time in easing my
throbbing erection. I ran my hands straight up the backs of her
stockings, lifting her dress up and alternately slapping each of her
buttocks several times.

Even though I had no intention of hurting her by slapping her smooth
shapely bottom too hard she wasn't to know that. Before each stroke
landed she tensed her muscles and caught her breath; it was so cute to
see her fear. I wanted to warm up and redden that rounded girly bottom
of hers, get her ready for the next stage! 

"What a lovely, sexy, little bottom you have girl," I told her.

"And you know what men like to do to their girlfriends' lovely, sexy,
little bottoms, don't you?"

Indeed experience had taught her exactly what men liked to do to their
girlfriends' bottoms if they got half a chance! 

"S-s-stick their big, hard cocks up them Sir" She stammered, resigned to
her fate now. 

"Very good sweetheart." 

I patronised her, as I went through the preliminaries of pulling her G-
string to one side, lubing her fuck-hole and giving her a short blast of
the poppers. By hooking my finger inside her cunt and pulling, I easily
got her up onto all-fours and man-handled her into the required

She was ass up faced into the sofa, offering herself to me as I stood
behind her frantically freeing my enlarged penis ready for action. I was
in her in an instant, riding her as I spanked her, pulled her hair and
squeezed her waist. I wanted to remind her of her place, that she was a
girl and all girls where just sex objects to men like me. I told her as
much, making her repeat those facts back to me, like a mantra of her
submission as I quickly filled the little sluts' cunt up with my

I straightened up her clothing in an almost considerate way, as if I
really cared? Ha ha, as if? I pulled up my pants and we both settled
down with more drinks and spliffs to watch the rest of the porn. At one
stage I pulled her head down into my lap and forced to give me a blow-
job as the girl on the television screen endured the same fate.

I must admit she was becoming really good at this; so good in fact that
I didn't consider her to be a lad in panties anymore. I now thought of
her only as a girl and my girl at that. It was time to give her a girls
name so that she would realise that this situation she was in was not
gonna end in the near future! Just what that name would be would be up
to her; well kind of up to her, in reality it was all part of my game of

So I employed one of my old prison tricks to humiliate and break her
even more; I offered her the choice of three names and told her to
choose herself a name that she wanted to be known as! The choices were
Katie, Angelina and Helena; it would be amusing to see her decide!

Later on that night in bed after I had spent hours fucking her mouth and
pussy from every angle I could think of I demanded her answer.

"So princess, what is your new girly name gonna be then?"
"Katie," she responded quietly.

"Ok then Katie."

"Ask me nicely then," I added.

"Please will you call me Katie from now on Sir," she answered

I kissed her and told her that from now on her name would be Katie;
although she probably still would be known as bitch, slut, whore, fuck-
toy and what ever else I wanted to call her as well!


I had all day Saturday to get used to my new name as he called my by it
continually; he even changed the name attached to my number in his
mobile to Katie. Now every time I had to text or phone him the name
Katie would appear on the display! It had dawned on me now that this was
gonna become a regular thing; I was trapped into being his bitch! 

The Saturday passed in a blur of drugs, alcohol and sex of one sort or
another; he must have had me in every position possible. He even told me
a little about himself! It appeared that he had been a bit of a gangster
in his time; not a man to be fucked with. Thank god for the lube and
ketamine or I would have been in agony by the time he finally let me go
on the Sunday afternoon.

He had had me in a couple of different outfits; it was easy for him to
get clothes for me to wear from work! They were kept in the spare
bedroom along with make-up, shoes, perfume, etc. 
"From now on when you come round honey, this will be your changing room"
He had informed me. Confirming my suspicions that this was gonna be my
new role in life for the foreseeable future!

Before I left for home he gave me a package. "A little something to keep
us going until next weekend sweetheart," he said as he passed it me.
"Don't worry about what your rota at work will be, I've had a word with
your supervisor and from now on your days off will be the same as mine!"

"And don't think you can resign from your job and escape me. I still
have the photos! And I still have your address; you wouldn't want me to
get pissed off and come round visiting you one cold dark night would
you," he added with a laugh.

Whoopee, I thought to myself sarcastically as I put on my male clothes,
so now my whole life was geared around him!

At least he was good enough to pay for a taxi for me to get home;
although as he had done last week, he made a joke out of it being the
whores' wages. Later that night I opened the package he had given me;
the first items I saw were, a packet of cigarettes, a packet of rolling
papers and a big lump of dark, fragrant cannabis resin.
"Well that's the fucking least he could do for me," I said aloud,

Underneath these 'gifts' was a black lacy bra, matching black lacy
panties and suspender belt with a pair of black stockings. At the bottom
of the box was a handwritten note, it read, 'KEEP THESE READY AND AWAIT

I took full advantage of the free smoke, spending the rest of Sunday
getting stoned alone in my room; only going downstairs for some food
later. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I got up, went to work, came home,
got stoned and went to bed; I avoided seeing my mates and girlfriend.
How could I explain to them that my weekends were not my own anymore?
They would surely expect me to explain where I had been the last two
weekends and why I wouldn't be seeing them for the next few! Plus how
could I explain to my girlfriend just why I hadn't got any body hair

On the Thursday morning as I was drying myself in my room after my
shower, I received a text from him!


What could I do except to do as he commanded; I was completely beaten
down by it all now. My mind just went blank and I found myself numbly
following his instructions. I put on the suspender belt, attached the
stockings, slipped up the panties and fastened the bra into position. I
was in a dream-like state blindly obeying him as if I was a conditioned

I put my usual work clothes on over the top, shirt, tie and a suit and
headed off to work. At about eleven-o-clock that morning as I came back
to the department that I was assigned to; my supervisor approached me
and said, "Steve, I have just had instructions from upstairs that the
stockroom in the basement needs tidying up. And that I need to send my
most junior member of staff down to do it"

In fairness to him he did sound quite apologetic; he obviously wasn't as
aware as I was of the situation. I knew that it was no coincidence that
I had been told to dress as I was under my suit; and this news that I
was to be sent downstairs on my own for the next couple of hours!  

As I trudged downstairs my phone started bleeping; I had a new message,
surprise, surprise! 


I did as I was told, slowly stripping off my male clothes and placing
tem in a neat pile by the door. 

At least there was no-one else in the room; although I did notice the
little red light glowing on a CCTV camera as it followed me into the
centre of the room. It was a shame that I hadn't been so observant that
first time in the stockroom when I had been foolish enough to steal that
fucking shirt! Had I realised the extent of the surveillance I wouldn't
have been so stupid; especially now I knew just what the full
consequences of my mistake would be!

My phone bleeped again and knowing it would be him I walked back to my
jacket and read the message.


I minced across the room and took out the heels; they were the highest I
had ever seen, probably six inches I guessed? Putting them on I tottered
the length of the room, about six or seven yards and back; then got to
work moving the boxes. It was no easy task as I was struggling to not
only maintain my balance in these damned heels; but also I was
subconsciously trying to maintain some kind of feminine poise, grace and
dignity! It was as like I really was playing the part now; I really was
a man's bitch now! 

It took me over an hour to move all the boxes, I had started off
stretching on one side of the room to reach down the uppermost boxes, to
bending down on the other side of the room as I placed them down in
their new positions. These angles switching as I worked my way through
the boxes until now I was bending and stretching to the reverse angle of
the camera! 

When I had finished I received another text.


Reluctantly I complied; dropping my panties down to my knees and
stretching open my bum cheeks to show him my 'pussy'. Fighting back the
tears I bent down low and posed like a slut in a porn magazine for this

I was released from my humiliating posture after a minute or so by
another text. I stood up and went to read it.


I didn't need telling twice, I quickly dressed and fled upstairs,; when
I got back to my department I reported to my supervisor and was sent off
on my dinner break. 

After I had eaten in the staff canteen I went down to the male toilets
for a quick slash before I went back on duty. There was no-one down
there as I stood before the urinal and unzipped my fly. Because I was
wearing panties and not my usual boxer shorts with front buttons, I also
had to unfasten the waistband button. I then opened myself up and fished
around in my knickers for my 'clitty'.

Just as I stared to wee I heard the door open and bang shut behind me,
followed by several brisk footsteps as the man appeared beside me. He
stood in the next urinal and proceeded to unfasten himself, although he
took out his cock I didn't hear him start to piss! In fact he just
seemed to be stroking it and his breathing started getting heavier and

Just as I finished and was about to fasten myself up, he broke the
silence with a laugh.

"Hello Katie," he said with a sneer.

"I know just who and what you are bitch." He laughed again, adding,
"And I know just what you are wearing under those boys clothes, you
little tart"

As he said this, his hand slipped down the back of my open trousers,
over my suspender belt and right down over my panties stroking my bum on
the way to the top of my legs; I felt the trousers drop down my thighs.
I was in complete shock at this assault, who the fuck was this guy I
thought as I turned towards him. 

I had not seen this guy before although his name badge identified him as
DANNY. SECURITY. He was about six foot tall, muscular, dark-skinned and
had curly black hair. Rooted to the spot with shock and fear I could
only stand there speechless. How the fuck did he know what I was wearing
under my male clothes? He answered my immediate concerns by saying.
"Hell bitch, you fucking sure do look good on the camera, but even
better in the flesh!"

It was clear to me now that he had been watching my little performance
in the stockroom. And there was I, naïve enough to think that I had been
putting on a private show for him. Who else had been watching me, how
many others had seen that video? Had I now become his public sex-toy, a
fucking porn star as well as his own personal bitch? 

I was snapped out of my unpleasant thoughts as Danny said, "I have a
feeling Katie that me and you are gonna get a lot better acquainted,
very soon honey."

He squeezed my bottom quite hard, put his cock away and walked out of
the bathroom, laughing as he went.

"See ya round sweetheart," he sneered as the door slammed shut behind

After taking a couple of minutes to compose myself I went back to work.
This new development had shocked me; I really didn't think that he would
be such a bastard as to let other men into our perverse little secret.
How wrong I was, I couldn't even imagine the lack of respect that he
really had for me. I wrongly thought at the time that by playing along
with him and pleasing him that it would make it easier on me.

As I found out later on when he told me about his time in prison; if you
surrender too easily to men like him, it only encouraged them to treat
you less like a girlfriend and even more like a whore! It was only that
next weekend that I realised that in fact from now on I was a whore!


It was a fine show that the little trollop had put on in the stockroom
for me and my guest! I had invited Danny along to see her in action;
this was because he was the one guy in my security ream that I had not
personally done time inside with. All the rest I had known for a long
time; and I knew that like me they had all kept bitches in prison. I had
heard rumours that he had also liked a bitch or two inside!

They had all been the prison hard men, men of respect, the alpha males
in our environment; we even used to pass our bitches around to each
other on our party nights! I would show them a copy I had made of
Katie's little show later. I knew that they would all appreciate it and
would all at some time in the future get a chance to get a piece of her.
Hey! I was a generous guy to my mates; I knew the code of all sticking
together. We were the men in this world and all others were our prey,
our potential victims and our bitches!

Danny was a highly respected guy, recommended by my boss Frank Maloney
no less; so I was more than happy to take him on here as part of the
security set-up. I was intrigued however to find out for myself whether
or not he was one of my sort of prison guys? That is a tough guy who can
look after himself, be part of the firm and take his share of the
benefits of being one of the 'chaps'. 

Those benefits being the booze, the cigs, the drugs and most of all the
bitches. I needn't have worried; from the moment he clapped eyes on her
he was hooked! As we watched her and sent her instructions by text on
what to do; we giggled like schoolboys, swapping stories about the
bitches we had turned out in the nick. It appeared, that like me, he was
an expert in this scenario! 

We watched her in the canteen and saw her head off to the male restroom.

"Why don't you go down there and introduce yourself to her Danny boy," I
said, winking at him. 

He knew just where I was coming from and winked back as he jumped out of
his seat and ran downstairs to head her off at the urinal. I unbuttoned
my fly and rubbed my cock as I watched the scene unfold. 

Unfortunately there was no sound on the CCTV but it was not needed. I
could see what happened and could make out the shocked resignation on
her face afterwards. This weekend was going to be very, very interesting
indeed; I was gonna take her to a new level of slutty submissiveness! 

I left it until Friday evening before I contacted her; I wanted the
silly little bimbo to think that she had actually got away with it this
weekend before I crushed her. I also wanted her to make and then have to
break any other arrangements that she had made. I wanted to estrange her
from her male life and make her my complete slave. My text to her read,

At precisely 3pm that Saturday as I was sitting in my living room I
heard the back door open and close, heralding her arrival. It took a
minute or so as she undressed before she came into the living room

Turning round to look at her slim, smooth girl-like body I said,
"Hello Katie, off you go upstairs, you know what to do."

"I have arranged a little treat for you this evening," I added with a

"Hello Sir, thank you Sir," was all she said as she walked upstairs. 
I would love to have been a fly on the wall in her bedroom; I bet the
look on her face when she saw the outfit I had selected for the first
part of the evening would be priceless! I had picked something really
special for her, clothing that would confirm her place in life. 

Her garments consisted of sheer, black, seamed stockings with a lacy,
black suspender belt. Very thin and flimsy material black bra and
matching panties; very tight almost see-thru, with a little white lace
trim. Six inch stilletoe heeled, shiny black patent leather court shoes.

The dress I had selected was perfect, I thought it very appropriate for
the role I had in mind for her. It was a short, just long enough to
reach her stocking tops, black maids dress; quite a cheap sexy one from
the local sex-shop. The sort that is of a very lightweight polyester
material with white lace trim at the hem and bust and a little white
apron to tie at the back. Tight and stretchy at the top and flaring out
from her apron down! 

To finish her look off I had left out for her a pair of black, silky
gloves that would come up passed her elbows and a two inch wide black
velvet choker with a small pearl broach at the throat. There were two
matching clip-on drop earrings; which reminded me to tell her to get her
ears and her navel pierced before we next met! 

About forty minutes after she had gone upstairs there was a knock at the
front door; my guest had arrived. 

"How ya doing Danny," I said as I welcomed him in.
"Fine Andy," he replied,, adding "Everything ok? She here yet?"

"Of course," I laughed. "She always does as she is told."

"She's upstairs now getting ready; she will probably be about another
half hour or so yet. Wanna drink?" I offered.

We got a beer and sat down chatting; she would be able to hear our
voices from her room as we talked. She would be aware that I wasn't
alone and that she would have to show herself in girly mode to another
man. This combined with the clothing that she would be in the process of
putting on would only add to her fear and confusion about just what her
little 'treat' for this evening would really be!

Danny and I, it transpired were obviously on the same wavelength on how
we wanted things to progress. We discussed the finer points of bitch
breaking and training; it would be good to see how the little slut
reacted to serving two guys at once! She was gonna have to work hard for
her cab fare home today.

First I was gonna totally humiliate her by showing her off to my new
mate She was gonna serve us drinks and fetch us food like a proper
little maid should; before we humiliated her sexually. Then later on
after she had changed into something more suitable, we would take her
upstairs for the main event! 

Danny and I had already discussed earlier in the week our love of making
home-movies and tonight was a good opportunity to make one. I had
already prepared the master bedroom it was set up like proper studio,
all it needed now was the actress to star in our film; and we both knew
who that was gonna be!


I nearly died when I saw just what he expected me to wear that night; I
would look like a right little slut in that maids dress, it was far too
short! The ridiculously high heels and kinky gloves with the choker only
emphasised that slutty look. My anxiety was heightened even more when I
heard the knock on the door followed by voices. It dawned on me that the
other person downstairs didn't seem to be leaving; that must mean that
we were going to have company tonight.

I guessed that it would probably be that twat Danny that had accosted me
in the staff toilets earlier in the week. I remembered that he had
promised me then that we would meet again soon; I hadn't really taken
the threat seriously at the time! Oh god this was gonna be even more
humiliating; parading around in that little skimpy dress in front of two
men; and god knows what else may happen to me tonight. The memory came
back to me of one of the porn movies we had seen; the one with a girl
getting spit-roasted by two guys, it was not a pleasant thought!

I slowly continued to dress, desperately hoping that by the time I was
ready I would have heard the other man leave. It was a vain, hopeful
thought; I knew inside that he was here for the duration! I had put on
bright red nail varnish and lipstick as well as a reddish coloured
blusher and eye shadow. Checking my face in the mirror I realised that I
did actually look like a fucking prostitute; only this was far worse, I
had no choice and I wasn't getting paid for it!

The actual dress was one of the cheap tarty bedroom fantasy maids dress
rather than one a real maid in a hotel would wear. It was very flimsy
and tight, with the flared skirt so light against my stocking covered
thighs that I felt like I wasn't wearing it! It had taken me ages to get
the seams in the stockings straight as I had never done this kinda thing
before and the heels were so high that they pinched my toes as my feet
slid down inside them. 

This constant worrying that my seams were straight, my dress pulled down
at all times so as not to show my stocking-tops too much and the
tottering in the heels meant I was dressed for the pleasure of men not
for my comfort. The feeling that I was dressing up for a purely sexual
role and for the visual stimulation of two guys lowered my spirits even
lower than at any time since this whole nightmare had began. 

I took one last, long look in the mirror. It was no use procrastinating
any longer, time to go and face the music! I struggled down the stairs,
almost losing my balance in the process, to see them both sitting there
one at each end of the large sofa in the living room watching yet
another porn movie. 

I had been correct in assuming that it would be Danny who had arrived
earlier; he turned to give me a hard look, stopping me dead in my tracks
with the intensity of it. Mr Wilton also turned to look and said, "Hello
Katie, this is Danny. You will call him Master Danny and call me Master
Andrew. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master Andrew" I dutifully answered.

"Now come over here girl" He pointed to the area in front of the sofa.
"Curtsy to your Masters' and introduce yourself."

I walked slowly to the assigned spot; it felt even more difficult to
walk in these damned heels with two pairs of leering eyes watching my
every move. I felt the awkwardness, humiliation and shame in every
tottering footstep; Master Danny's mouth curled into a cruel mocking
smile, he was enjoying every minute of my ordeal! 

I turned to face Master Danny and said, "Hello Master Danny, My name is

I put one foot slightly in front of the other, took the hem of my dress
at the sides between my thumb and fore-fingers and bent my knees in a as
low a curtsy as I could manage without falling off my heels. I lowered
my head in a gesture of humility and submission as I did so. 

What choice did I have but to obey him as best I could, it was far too
late to display any kind of resistance to anything he demanded of me
now. He could ruin my life with a press of a button on his computer and
there was always the threat of violence. What chance had I got of
fighting him physically? He would kill or maim me for sure and now that
there were two of them there was even less chance of escape.

I decided, as I had done on the previous visits to his house; that my
only option was full compliance and that it would go easier on me if I
repeated back the brain-washing phrases he had taught me, without his
prompting. I had to play along with his humiliating script for my own
survival! I had to be the submissive 'girlfriend', sex-slave, whore that
he wanted me to be. 

Maybe he was just showing me off and that his mate would soon leave?
Maybe he was gonna whore me out to his mate? Or maybe I was gonna have
to service both of them simultaneously? That last frightening thought
had some resonance as I had witnessed how turned on he had been by
watching two guy/one girl porno action!


I had liked Andy Wilton right from our first meeting. I hadn't known him
before I started working at the store but I had heard of his name and of
his prison reputation many times over the years. Like me he was a very
well respected member of the criminal fraternity and like me very well
connected to the Maloney crime family. 

We had been working together for about six weeks when he had called me
into the camera room two days ago. I had just sat down and lit up the
cigarette he had given me when he said, "Here we go Danny boy, sit back,
relax and watch this show I have arranged."

I was intrigued as I focused on the screen; it showed one of the young
lads from menswear going into the stockroom in the basement.

I watched with growing amazement, amusement and great interest as he
proceeded to remove his tie, jacket, shoes and socks followed by his
shirt and trousers; to reveal what he was wearing underneath! This was
fucking unbelievable; he had on a black bra, knickers, suspenders and
stockings, he even put a pair of heels on as well. 

I hadn't seen a young lad dressed like that since I had been released
from prison six months ago, my cock stirred in my pants! So it was true
what I had heard about Andy Wilton; although not only had he kept
bitches in prison out of sexual necessity but he had got one on the go
here as well! He must actually enjoy the domination over another man,
turning him out as a bitch. He was a like-minded individual; we had a
lot in common, I knew that we would be mates. 

I had always been held in the highest respect by the other prison MEN
when I was in there; and had always kept a bitch to suck my cock, do my
washing, fetch my meals and to fuck! A MAN needs a good bitch about the
place! So I fully understood where he was coming from when he told me
that he had been training her up for a life as his bitch for the last
couple of weekends.  

After letting me go down to the staff toilets to introduce myself to
her, I knew that an invitation to go further and get more intimate with
her would be soon forthcoming. We had even discussed our mutual interest
in making a video of the event. He suggested that if we both wore some
kind of mask we could sell the film on to some connections in the porn
business that he had and split the profit! Which seemed like a great
idea to me. 

I had arrived at his house mid afternoon that following Saturday. And
after settling down with a beer or two I was rewarded about an hour or
so later by my first sight of her dressed in a short skimpy maids outfit
with stockings and heels! She curtsied to me and introduced herself as
Katie; it was amusing to see her nearly topple over in her heels as she
did so. She was too embarrassed to even look me in the eye and kept her
eyes cast down the whole time. 

She seemed so meek and submissive that it appeared that Andy had got
this bitch completely broken; I bet there was nothing that this silly
little girly cunt wouldn't do for her 'boyfriend' out of fear and
respect for a stronger man? Andy had told me about how he had trapped
her, pulling her in deeper and deeper by a mixture of blackmail, fear
and intimidation; it was brilliant he had her by the tits and we all
knew it!

"Go and get me and Master Danny a cold beer each out of the fridge and
be quick bitch" Andy ordered winking at me!

"Y-y-yes Master Andy," she stammered as she sped off into the kitchen.
She returned a minute later with two open bottles of beer and duly
presented them to us with a little bend at the knee and the words.
"Here is your beer Master Andrew and here is your beer Master Danny." 

She retook her position standing between us as we sat on the sofa, she
was facing us, her head bowed, legs together and hands behind her back,
all very demur and submissive! As she was only stood a couple of feet in
front of the sofa we could easily reach her if, or should I say when we
chose to! At the present however I think we were both inclined to sit
back with our beer and have a good look at her.

There was a porn movie playing in the background and with this vision of
enforced feminine beauty in front of me, well what could I say? My god I
was horny as hell, my cock was straining in my shorts at the thought of
what I was gonna do to her! Andy broke the silence by saying to the

"Tell Master Danny what you have got on Katie."

"I want to hear you describe what they are and why you are wearing them
to our guest," he added. 

Without looking up she started to speak in a low, timid, wavering,
almost girly voice, "I-I-I am wearing b-b-black seamed stockings Master
Danny; because men like to see their women in sexy stockings.

"Black six inch heeled shoes to elongate my legs and raise my pretty
little bottom up.

"Black g-g-gloves because they make me look like a classy bit of skirt.

"A-and a little flimsy maids dress because I am M-M-Master Andrew's
servant, slave and fuck-toy Master Danny." 

Oh my, oh my, she really was good or should I say Andy really was good?
He had got this bitch so scared of him so quickly that she was working
harder at it than I had ever seen a bitch do before, even in prison! She
was an old prison hands dream, young, slim and soft with two major
weaknesses; she had given a ruthless, selfish bastard like Andy a gilt-
edged opportunity to blackmail her and she was weak enough for him to be
able to threaten her with violence. 

Wish they had all been that easy inside, some were pretty easy; but some
others did put up a fight. To be honest I always had a lot more respect
for them if they did show some balls. One lad in there that I had tried
it with actually did try and get the first punch in; of course it was a
futile gesture, I quickly floored him and raped him. Even though he had
still been fucked I realised that he would be too much like hard work; I
didn't want to have to punch him and rape him every time I fancied a

I let him be after that, a couple of other guys tried with him, but
because he always told them to fuck off and fought tooth and nail; he
earned enough respect to be left alone. In prison it is the survival of
the fittest, he wasn't as high up the food chain as us men but he was
higher up than a prison bitch! 

In fact in time he came to use the services of the prison whores, paying
me or the other chaps in tobacco for the privilege. As I said not high
enough to get sex for free like we were, but high enough to be abusing
others for his paid pleasure! I was snapped out of my memories by Andy's
voice, "Katie tell Master Danny what you are wearing underneath"

"I am w-w-wearing a lacy little suspender belt to hold m-my stockings up
Master Danny. I am forbidden to wear tights as Master Andrew says that
good girls should always wear stockings and suspenders for their Men."
She was almost sobbing with the humiliation. 

"I have a black bra with lace trim for my juicy, pert, little titties,
Master Danny," she added.

"And what else slut?" Andy quizzed winking at me as he said it.

"A l-l-little pair of cute, sexy, flimsy, girly, little black panties
Master Danny. Because men like their girls to wear pretty little panties
for them," she responded, her voice breaking as she squirmed.

I turned to Andy nudged him and said, "I wouldn't mind seeing them; I
bet she looks sexy as fuck in her little girly knickers."

Andy laughed and told her bluntly, "You fucking heard the man? You will
obey any friend of mine as if it was a command direct from me. Now lift
your fucking skirt up and show Master Danny your little girly knickers,

I was genuinely touched by his gesture; he was giving me his bitch to
share, in our mutual prison experience that is a very high honour
indeed. He was showing me that he considered me one of the 'boys' and
what was more; he was demonstrating to her this fact. Her face flushed
as she bent down and lifted up the hem of her dress up high to her

She had the longest, slimmest legs I had seen on a girly-boy; her body
was smooth all-over. Her black stockings were attached to the black
straps of her suspenders and her panties were pretty, sexy and very

"Wow Andy," I said. "You have really got one horny bit of ass here, you
sly old dog!" 

"Yea she really is a hot little bitch ain't she Danny." He laughed,
adding, "Bet you could have done with a bitch like this in prison eh

I noticed her eyes widen on hearing the word prison, obviously she
didn't fully know Andy's history! They widened with shock and fear even
more as we swapped anecdotes about the 'girls' we had bitched inside!
She must have realised before that she was dealing with a tough guy, now
she was hearing first hand about just how tough and ruthless he could be
in getting his way. She was trembling with fear as we traded stories;
laughing at the good memories from inside, like always having a ready
supply of obedient, submissive girls on tap!

She was standing there skirt up with her hands trembling as I said to
Andy, "Cheers mate for letting me share your slut, I appreciate it."

To which he replied, "No problem buddy, we both know the prison code
amongst the 'Men Of Respect'. Stick together, watch each others back,
never see a mate without a cig if you have a spare one and my bitch is
your bitch."

I thanked him again and said to her, "I bet you have a lovely cute, pert
little bottom, turn around."

She didn't even hesitate, so numb with fear as she now was, instantly
obeying my command. Andy leaned forward and pulled her skirt up, holding
it aloft so we could examine the fuck-sluts panty clad arse.

"Part your legs bitch and bend over let me see your arse," I added.

Once again she followed my orders, I leaned forward for a closer look;
her thin mesh panties were stretched tight across her arse. They were
almost see-thru; I could clearly make out the firm little buttocks and
the smooth cleft in the middle. With that ultimate target of my
attention at the end of her sexy little valley, her cunt!  

I mentioned to Andy what a fantastic ass she had and how girly it looked
and we had quite a conversation about its merits; we spoke as if she
wasn't there, as if she or her thoughts and feelings counted for
nothing. The truth was that her feelings really did count for nothing.
She was a whore, a bitch; she was just there for the real men to have
their way with; who cared how she felt? 

I reached forward to touch her bottom, it really was gorgeous; Andy
leaned forward and started to rub the back of her knees. It stroked my
hands over her stocking-tops and panties, saying to Andy, "What a
fucking cracking arse this slut has got, I bet she has got lovely tight
little pussy?"

"It's a fucking peach," he laughed. "Go on stick a finger up there and
you'll see for yourself just how cute and tight it is."

Licking my finger I laughed. "Don't mind if I do mate."

I pulled her panties down and plunged my finger all the way up. She
yelped and flinched, her little cunt muscles tightening; I could tell
from her tightness and reaction that even though she had already
experienced a mans cock, it was not something that she was fully used to
yet! That would come, for if I read Andy correctly, then there was no
way she was gonna escape him for a long, long time? 

We discussed how tight her fuck-hole was and Andy told me how good it
felt wrapped around your prick. I could well imagine my cock was rock
hard inside my pants now! I pulled out my finger and told her to turn
around and stand up straight with her dress held up to her waist as she
had been before.

I wanted to totally humiliate the little pussy, wanted her to squirm as
I questioned her on her sex-life. I asked her to tell me, "What it was
like to have the honour of sucking a real man's cock?"

She hesitated and looked to Andy in desperation and support; but he only
leaned forward to stroke her thighs and said, "Tell him, you worthless
slut, just what an honour it is to suck my cock."

She described in detail, in a hesitant, wavering voice just what an
honour it was. She was almost in tears as she described the smell and
the taste of it, what it felt like to suck a man's cock. How much she
loved the taste of her Master's cum; it was almost comical to watch as
she blubbered away, completely shell-shocked by events. 

I then told her to describe what it felt like to be fucked up her girly
little cunt by a real man! She gulped, took a deep breath and after
again looking at Andy for his tacit approval, she began, "It is an
honour to have my pussy fucked by a man; my Master takes my tight girly
cunt whenever he wants to Master Danny."

This was excellent fore-play as far as Andy and I were concerned; I
wanted to see her squirm, wanted to see the flush of shame and
humiliation in her face. The only good bitch was a completely broken,
passive and submissive bitch; both Andy and I were in full agreement to
that fact. Only when a cunt is so beaten can a real man get any
satisfaction out of fucking her!

"Tell me more bitch," I probed, "does it hurt to take a mans cock up
your cunt?"

She hesitated and still looking to the floor she continued, "It
sometimes hurts when my man fucks my pussy; but I'm a good girl and I
know that a good girl must endure some pain to please her man."

"And I know that part of a mans' pleasure is hurting his bitch as he
fucks her; to remind her of just who is the man and just who is the'
girl', Master Danny."

She knew all the answers right enough, he had worked her over pretty
well, mentally; she was almost brain-washed to comply. He really must
have put the fear of god up her to have her so submissive, so soon!
"I will give you the honour of taking my cock soon you little slut" I
sneered to which she replied meekly, "Thank you Master Danny it would be
an honour Sir."

"Come here girl," I said as I beckoned with my finger. "Come sit next to

She came over and letting the hem of her skirt drop she sat down between
us. I could see that Andy was lapping this up; he was proud of his
little whore, he was showing her off to me as the perfect little fuck-
toy and how good he was at breaking them!  

I ran my hands up her thighs over her stockings as I bit her neck, she
squealed and I grabbed her face and kissed her; she responded like a
good girl should by parting her lips to let my tongue into her mouth.
Again I resumed my quest up her dress, my hands back o her legs and
heading up over her stocking-tops. 

She wriggled, but there was no escape I held her firmly and securely. I
reached her panties and rubbed at her clitty through the frail material;
delving down between her legs, parting them as I searched for her pussy.
She was moaning and writhing like a bitch on heat; my hand still delving
deep between her parted thighs.

As I slipped off the sofa and positioned myself between her open legs
Andy knelt up beside her and thrust his cock into her face. We both
laughed as she tried to pull away but he had hold of her hair and I had
hold of her waist. She was trapped into the required position; perfect
for me to slide my hands into her panties and play with that tight,
little pussy while Andy got a blow-job!

I fingered her fuck-hole and lubed it up ready for cock; Andy was
moaning and groaning as he fucked her face. 

"Let's get her up on the sofa," I suggested.

He agreed and we pulled her up, moved her over and pushed her down over
the arm of the sofa. She was now on her knees with her ass up in the air
with her elbows resting on the arm of the sofa and her head conveniently
at cock height for Andy now stood in front of her. 

This allowed me to kneel on the sofa behind her; I ripped off my shoes,
jeans and boxers and moved into position behind her. My cock was
pressing against the material of her panties, pushing into the crack of
her arse. I pulled her knickers roughly to one side and pushed the tip
of my penis against her lubed up sphincter. 

Andy gave her a hit of poppers and I felt her loosen; I took my chance
and pressed home my attack. She stiffened and let out a low moan; her
mouth obviously gagged with his cock. I laughed as he said, "Be very
fucking careful with your teeth bitch. If you bite down on my cock I
will personally knock them fucking out. Then the problem will never ever
arise again; do you wanna go through life as a toothless cock-sucker?"
He was laughing too.

I fucked her hard; it had been a while since I had experienced the
thrill seeing someone beaten down to this level of submission. I knew it
was easy to find trannys online and in certain clubs that would let you
use them like this; but a major part of the buzz for guys like me is
knowing that the slut that you are using is not doing this of her own
free will. It was certainly the domination aspect that appealed to guys
like me and Andy! 

"Yee- fucking-ha," I yelled out as I pulled her hips back onto me and
shot my wad inside her.

I continued to ride her like a bitch as I dumped more and more cum up
her cunt; I slapped her arse as I emptied myself up her pretty, cute,
little pussy. Andy moaned at the same time as he shot his load down her
throat, he called her his "Cute little sex-kitten." As I heard her gulp
down his semen. 

He gently slapped her face and said to her, "Say thank-you to your
Masters' for allowing their worthless slave the honour of pleasuring
both of their magnificent cocks."

She obediently repeated back his words; he left the room and went
upstairs returning a minute or two later. He then said to her, "Go
upstairs, fix-up your make-up and put on the outfit that I have put out
for you."

She got up and pouted in a very sulky, girly way and obeyed him.
"What do think then Danny?" Andy had laughed as she walked upstairs.
"Do you think that she will fit the bill? This was just a rehearsal," he

"Oh yea she certainly fits the bill perfectly, I can't wait," I laughed
in response. 


What did he mean, that was just the rehearsal? What more could they want
of me, I had already sucked them and been fucked by both of them, hadn't
I done enough? The answer to that was, no I hadn't in fact we hadn't
even started yet. I was sent upstairs with a drink and a joint to get
ready for the next part of their entertainment. 

Being forced to dress and act as their maid, then being intimately
examined and discussed by them as if I was some kind object; had
heightened my sense of hopelessness and defeat. I was his property, his
slave, his whore; it was my duty to please him and anyone else he chose
to share me with.

I touched up my make-up, sprayed on some more perfume and put on the
clothes that he had laid out on the bed for me. I sobbed as I realised
it was just underwear, not even a dress to cover myself with! I put on
the white basque and matching G-string with the sheer white stockings.
Lastly putting on the white sandals with heels as high as the ones I had
worn earlier and the string of cheap, white, fake pearls around my neck.

When I was ready I went out on to the landing, they were both waiting
for me there, standing chatting with drinks and sharing a joint. Master
Andy was wearing black leather boots, a chest harness and leather
shorts; Master Danny was wearing a black leather thong, leather chaps
and boots. They both were holding what looked like leather face masks in
their hands; they looked like something from a horror movie.

They put their glasses and the joint down and walked purposely towards
me, with menacing and hard looks on their faces.

"Well, well doesn't she look like a proper little virgin; all in white
like a bride on her wedding night," sneered Master Danny. 

"Come on, in here," Master Andy snapped as he pushed me through the
bedroom door.

His bedroom had been transformed into what looked like the set of one of
the porn films we had watched. The windows had been heavily draped in
thick black material. All the furniture had been removed except the bed
which had been stripped down to the dark red satin bed-sheet and
positioned in the centre of the room. There was a big studio light
illuminating the bed and the surrounding area, three cameras positioned
on tri-pods, likewise focused on the bed and a couple of microphones
placed discreetly nearby.

What filled me with more horror however were the objects on the bed
beside the pillows? Handcuffs, ropes, dildoes and a riding crop;
obviously I was in for a long night and they were gonna film every
second of my ordeal. I was given a large line of ketamine and a hit of
poppers as I heard the cameras click on. 

I was propelled towards the bed; just making it in time as the full
force of the drugs took effect, I climbed on the bed on my knees,
resting on my hands, the room starting to spin around. I heard one of
their voices behind me say, "Time for a good old fashioned prison bitch-
beasting. Put your mask on, plenty of people are gonna pay to see this."

Then the other voice replying, "Yea don't wanna get recognised when this
movie hits the internet."

"And coming to a sex-shop near you," laughed the first voice.

My mind was a blur, the drugs rushing through my head; although at the
time I was pretty much aware of what followed, later on its hard to
recall. Maybe it was some kind of instinctive survival method to blot
out the memory, or probably just a mix of drugs, alcohol and shock.
Either way it did not change the fact that I was going to be fucked in
both holes in a movie that would be seen by hundreds if not thousands of
perverts like these two bastards. I closed my eyes and preyed for it to


Danny and I put on our leather face masks and pushed our fuck-toy
towards the bed, bringing us all in into view of my strategically placed
cameras. The microphones would pick up every sound we made; I didn't
want to miss any of this. If it works out well Danny and I could make a
couple of quid out of this film; if it doesn't we still have a copy each
to remember the night by!

I will have fun showing it to the slut later as well; with the cocktail
of drugs I have given her she probably won't remember much herself.
Although she will feel and know every little detail that happens to her
at the time! We started off by both standing on the firm mattress of the
bed with her kneeling in between us; I pulled her up to our waist level
by her hair and took my cock out of my leather shorts with my other

"Suck bitch," I growled as I thrust my cock in her mouth.

Danny had released his cock as well now and began to slap her face with
it to get her attention as she worshipped my throbbing organ. 
"My turn you fucking nasty little slut," he said impatiently.
Like the good little cock-sucking slut she had now become; she got to
work dividing her oral duties between the two large, erect cocks. 

Just like a good little porn star should do when serving two men she
alternated pleasuring me with pleasuring him. She licked his hairy balls
bringing a smile to his face as he said to me, "She's a fucking good
little cunt ain't she Andy? She really does know how to suck a man's

We knelt down on the bed and pushed her down onto all-fours; I was
behind her ready to fuck her cunt and Danny was in front, his cock
waving in her face.

"Let's spit-roast the dirty little cock-slut," Danny said laughing

He really was a vicious bastard, almost as bad as me; this was gonna
make for some great viewing later! I put a dab of lube onto the tip of
my penis; she was still wet from earlier! I pulled her G-string to one
side and stretched her ass cheeks apart. 

She let out a choking moan as the two meat bayonets skewered her from
each end. We shook her like a rag-doll as we rammed ourselves deep
inside her; she just groaned and took it like a professional slut
should. After I few minutes I paused and said to Danny, "Here you go
mate; do you want her pussy?"

I slapped her on the arse and said, "Spin round cunt, Danny wants your
cunt now and I want your mouth."

She spun around and I buried myself up to my balls in her mouth as Danny
did the same thing in her snatch. We banged away at her frantically;
stopping only to flip her over onto her back and manhandle her into
position with her head laying back over the edge of the bed. 

Danny moved round to fuck her face from this deeper angle, he would be
able to get it right down her throat; whilst I positioned myself between
her open legs and pulled her ankles up over my shoulders. I ripped her
knickers off, throwing them to the bed; she wouldn't need them again
tonight. Finding her stretched open fuck-hole was easy, my cock glided
straight into her. 

Again we spun her around so that this way Danny would be able stand on
the floor where he was now and fuck her cunt instead of her mouth. I
would be able to squat over her and rub my balls and cock in her face
and make her lick them. This we proceeded to do for quite some time as
the sensation of her tongue under my bollocks was amazing. Danny looked
well pleased too with what he was getting; we were laughing and cracking
jokes about the poor little whore as she gave it all to please us!

I climbed off her and stood beside Danny. "Watch out mate," I said,
"it's my turn."

He laughed, pulled out his cock and said, "After you boss."

I thanked him and replaced his dick with mine inside her hot little
cunt. It only took a few hard shoves and I shot my load inside her. He
was still masterbating his hard dick as I groaned with relief.

I stood aside and watched him penetrate her gaping fuck-hole; some of my
cum oozed out of her as he fucked her. It only took a minute and he too
was filling up that inviting little hole with his man-cream. Grabbing
her limp body by her ankles I threw her up onto the bed and paused the
cameras. Danny and I took our masks off and had a bottle of cold beer
each with another couple of joints; it wouldn't take us long to recover
for round two!

She was lay on the bed, face down, breathing heavily, cum flowing out of
her crack like a well used whore; which in fact she was, only we hadn't
finished with her yet! After a short break I dosed her up with another
line of ketamine; we replaced our masks, turned the camera back on and
got back to work. 

We used her like a whore in many ways and positions; me on my back with
her in a reverse cowgirl astride me whilst Danny stood in front of her
and fucked her face again. We swapped around to share our fun time with
this girl equally as we were two equals in this game, it was her that
was not equal! 

We cuffed her hands behind her back and took it in turns to pound her
red and swollen hole. Tied her to the bed and fucked her again, we even
gave her a few strokes of the crop across her arse to keep her focused
through her drug-haze! We made her tell us how lucky she was to have two
men nice enough to use her little slutty cunt. Made her cry and grovel
with pain and humiliation as we used the dildoes on her. 

We spit-roasted her again pushing and shoving her as we reached climax.
When we were ready to cum again we pulled her off the bed and threw her
to her knees on the bedroom floor. I grabbed her hair, pulled her head
back and said, "Look at me bitch."

As she looked up at me I emptied my balls all over her face and open

Danny stepped round and thrust his cock in and out of her mouth then
withdrew it and shot a long thick stream of cum splattered across her

"What a fucking nasty dirty little cunt," he laughed.

"She fucking well sure is," I responded laughing as I said to her, "Go
fucking clean yourself up sweetheart, then fuck off home."

She had been fucked senseless now and with the drugs wearing off she
wouldn't be of any further use to us tonight. Besides we had both shot
our loads several times already today and I for one just wanted to sit
down with a drink and a joint whilst watching the film we had made.
Danny was welcome to stay and join me but the bitch could fuck off now
that we were sexually satisfied. I gave her £10 for her cab home, she
had earned it! 

I had a feeling that this movie was gonna be a success she had performed
just as I had hoped she would. There was a future in this for her and
money in it for me; I could pimp her out to anyone that wanted to make a
movie, or just who wanted to fuck her themselves for that matter. She
was my slave now, there was no way out for her; she was a whore trapped
by a powerful, vicious pimp!


It was a real effort to drag myself up and out of his bedroom. The
ketamine was wearing off and I felt mentally blank. I removed the
clothing, make-up, nail varnish and showered quickly. I got my male
clothes on and, as I had been ordered to do, I fucked off home. I
flagged down a taxi from the main road and checked the time, it was 3am;
my god where had the night gone? It was only the dull throbbing in my
ass that left me in no doubt as to where the night had gone.

I got home, no-one was up which was good I really didn't feel like
chatting to my parents. I had a joint and a cup of tea in my bedroom,
then I fell asleep sobbing like a little girl! How much longer would
this hell continue for? How many more times would I have to go round to
his house to be his woman? What else would he have planned for me on my
next visits? How much worse could this scenario possibly get? I had been
well and truly turned out, I had been bitch-fucked, there was no way


(It would be best to read the first three parts first to keep the story
in perspective)


I did not hear from that bastard Wilton in the week leading up to my
next days off. So I went ahead and made arrangements to see my
girlfriend and try and make it up to her for my absences the last three
weekends. As I really didn't have a lot of body hair to start with after
a few days it had almost grown back to normal; I was confidant that she
would not notice!

We had a good couple of days together and we had sex many times; it was
good to be the man again! Although I must admit I was a much more
considerate lover than I had possibly been in the past. I was much more
conscious of the time and effort that she put in to make herself pretty.

I could not help myself from watching her movements, the way she walked,
sat and deported herself, in a more considered manner than I had ever
done with a girl before! It was almost as if I was comparing her natural
femininity with my own enforced one? If nothing else I had learned to
empathise with half the population of the planet that previously had
been quite an alien species to me.

There was something about the way some of the other security guys I
passed in the staff canteen looked at me that made me a little unnerved
though. I had expected a leering look and the odd comment whenever I had
bumped into Danny; but even several of the other guys winked or blew a
sly kiss to me if they thought no-one else could see it!

When this happened, I just lowered my gaze and quickly moved away; I
knew that they knew and they knew that I knew they knew. It was a shit
predicament but what could I do; they had almost certainly seen my
photos or my videos? They could have even watched the tape of my little
performance in the stockroom that day? Wilton had shown it to Danny so
why wouldn't he have shown it to the others, they were probably all ex-
cons with a similar passion too?

After my last weekend off with my girlfriend I had to work the next one
and was given the Wednesday along with the following weekend off. It was
that Wednesday morning I received my first contact from that
manipulating bully since the time I had spent being fucked and filmed by
him and Danny a week and a half ago.

It arrived in the shape of an envelope addressed to me, inside was some
cash and a note written in block capitals saying.





I had to admit that he wasn't wrong; I had tried to put the ordeals of
those three weekends behind me. I did deserve something out of all this
and the money was some compensation if only to receive the sexual
gratitude of my girl when I spent it on her. I needed to feel like the
male again, try and regain what I once was before I had been bitched!

As she was also off work that day I met her outside the department store
that I worked in just after lunch and told her to buy whatever she
wanted as I had the money to spend on her. I told her that my parents
were away that night and that we could go out for dinner and a drink,
finishing at my place. I was dropping the hint that she should buy
something suitable for the evening.

We spent the whole afternoon in there and she spent most of the money;
leaving us with just enough to go out with that night. She did know how
to dress for a man, especially the man that had paid for it. I wanted
her to look as sexy as she could for me tonight; I wanted to put my
recent experiences behind me by having my girl dressed for sex with me
as the male! I even helped her select her underwear; suggesting
stockings and suspenders would be a very good idea!

She tried on many different outfits looking for that perfect balance
between classy and sexy. Eventually we both agreed on a black, silky,
short skirt with a deep waist-band; that flared out a little and a deep
blue silk blouse that tied up across under her breasts exposing her
tummy. With a black, shiny material girls blazer-type jacket.

The underwear was pretty expensive, all top designer wear; a matching
bra, panties and suspender belt. They were deep blue satin and lace,
with black lace trim; she completed the set with a pair of black,
seamed, fitted sheer stockings.

Finally a pair of expensive black hi-heeled court shoes with deep blue
straps across them and a little handbag to match. The perfect outfit for
the evening, classy enough for a restaurant, sexy enough for a club and
horny enough for an evening of sex when we got home!

That evening was fantastic; we went out to a restaurant and had a meal;
then went to a club; then back to my place where I slowly removed her
skirt followed by her blouse and led her to the bedroom in just her
heels, stockings and undies. We spent the rest of the night fucking like
rabbits in every position that we could both think of. Luckily I wasn't
at work until lunchtime on the Thursday so I could have a lie in

On the Saturday morning I received through the post my next contact from
him; the one that more than anything broke my heart. It was a parcel
containing a professionally packaged DVD; of what I could tell by the
cover was the movie of the three-sum I had been forced to participate
in. Inside was also a note saying.


This was the most crushing moment of all that I had endured with this
bastard; just when I had believed it to be all over, he had thrown it on
me again. I knew better than to even try to appeal, I just sent him a
text saying, 'I WILL BE THERE SIR.'

I then sent texts to the people I had planned on meeting that evening,
cancelling yet again!

I knew the drill now; I spent a couple of hours in the bath and shaved
off my body hair. Got dressed in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, had a
quick snack and made my excuses to my mother and by text to my
girlfriend about where I was going to be for the next day or two. Then I
caught the bus up to his place, entered the utility room and stripped
naked; it was if I was in a dreamlike state of submission and acceptance
of my role.

He virtually ignored me as I slipped through the living room and up the
stairs to get ready for him. I knew he would so I didn't even bother to
say hello I just fled upstairs into the spare room. It was only when I
had closed the door and seen the outfit laid out on the bed for that I
realised just what a cruel, cynical bastard he really was.

For there it was the very same selection of dress, undies, shoes and
accessories as my girlfriend had purchased only a couple of days
previously. He must have sat there in the CCTV room and noted everything
that she had purchased. I was horrified; he had tricked me into
selecting my own outfit to wear for him! As usual there was a drink and
a couple of joints on the dresser to help me relax a little as I
prepared myself for my abuser.

Beaten and beyond help I put on the clothes that I had unwittingly
helped pick for my girlfriend and now for myself and walked downstairs
resigned to my fate. There was no point in arguing or even trying to put
up any resistance now; I was mentally and physically broken. There
probably would never be any hope of escape from this now. I just had to
make the best of it, try and please him and hope that he doesn't make
his threats of exposure and violence a reality!


A masterstroke of an idea if I do say so myself, another little step in
the 'how to break a bitch' handbook! Give her some time off and some
money to make her think that it was all over; then bang, throw her right
back into it all again. A double whammy too, getting her to show me just
what she thought looked sexy and classy on a girl!

I have to admit that as a guy, young Steve has a good appreciation of
how a woman should look! In fact I couldn't have picked anything better
for my little woman to wear tonight. I could only imagine what Steve's
girlfriend looked like dressed in this attire. Probably pretty fucking
good, she looked pretty fucking good in the store the other day. A shame
for Steve really; he was gonna have to ditch that girl as his time off
belongs to me now for the foreseeable future.

However I didn't have to imagine just what Steve or should I say Katie,
looked like in that outfit. My pretty little princess was stood here
before me now looking fucking gorgeous, sexy and fuckable; just right
for the plans that I had for this evening. I looked at my watch it was
almost 7PM.

"My, oh my Katie, you do look beautiful tonight."

She stared down at the floor and replied, "Thank you Sir."

I presented her with the exact same little matching hand-bag that her
girlfriend had bought.

"Go and get your lipstick, hair-brush and perfume honey; and anything
else that you think you may need."

"We are going out," I added.

The look in her eyes gave away her fear although like the good girl she
was she didn't dream of protesting. She went up stairs to gather what
she needed and quickly returned. I handed her a packet of cigarettes, a
lighter and a bottle of poppers, she may need them? I told her to put on
the jacket that was over the back of the chair; of course she recognised
it, it was the same as she had seen her tart wearing earlier in the

"Come on angel we're going," I said, gripping her elbow and leading her
out through the kitchen. My car was parked on the driveway at the side
of the house; I opened up the front passenger door for her; like the
gentleman I can be when I put my mind to it. She got in and I closed it
behind her, I got into the drivers seat, started the engine and we
headed away.

"W-w-where are we going Sir?" she bleated. I could see she was terrified
of being out of the privacy of my house dressed like she was. I unfolded
my plan to her.

"Well sweetheart I had you followed on Wednesday night; I was told that
you took your girlfriend out for a meal and then out to a club before
taking her home for the evening." She nodded, she knew that I was
correctly informed.

"You have shown me by your choice of clothing what you consider to be
sexy on a woman; and you have shown me how you think a woman should be
treated by a man who wants to get into her knickers."

"So tonight we are going to do the same; we are going out for a meal,
then on to a club. After that I am going to bring you home and you will
show me how a girl thanks her man for treating her to a new outfit and a
good night out."

The town that we both live in is a large satellite town of an even
larger city; that has a well known gay area comprising of several
streets lined with bars and restaurants, etc. It attracted a large mixed
crowd of virtually every persuasion, gay male, lesbian, straight
couples, trannys, etc. I had been here many times before in my quest for
the special type of girl that fulfilled my need; it was good to get a
casual shag every so often. Although as you will have surmised by now I
preferred girls that needed to be coerced into a skirt rather than the
ones that actually really enjoyed it!

It would be a good place for her first night out as no-body would think
a good looking tranny out with a guy was unusual. It took me about
thirty minutes to drive over and find a place to park. We walked through
the crowded, narrow streets to the Italian restaurant where I had booked
a table. She gripped my arm tightly, partly for balance as she was not
used to walking outside on the pavement in heels. Partly because she was
terrified about being out in public dressed like a girl.

At the restaurant she behaved perfectly, letting the waiter push in her
chair for her and sitting correctly like I had trained her. I told the
waiter that she would not be requiring a menu as I would order for us
both; this was perfectly natural as I was the alpha male and she was my
little, bimbo, trophy tart.

As we ate I told her to recount for me how her evening last Wednesday as
a male with a girl had gone. I knew from my sources about the meal and
the club; I wanted her to tell me now what had happened when they had
got home. I knew that the silly little tart was bright enough to realise
that whatever she told me had happened would also happen to her tonight.

She also knew that I wouldn't be satisfied with her trying to fob me off
by saying nothing sexual had happened. It would be interesting to see
how honest she would be, how clever she would be in trying to get me to
treat her nicely. She was going to have to tell me just how she wanted
me to fuck her when we got home. All yet another way of exercising your
control over your bitch!


I knew the area that we were now in; I had been here before when I had
been a student. It was a good place for a night out although I could
never have imagined myself out here as I was now, the first thing I
noticed as a got out of the car was the breeze on my stocking clad legs
and up my short skirt. It wasn't that it was cold, in fact it was a
pleasantly warm evening; it was just that I felt so exposed, almost
naked in such a short flimsy garment.

The other thing I realised is just how difficult it is to get out of a
car in a little mini-skirt and heels. You have to swing your legs out
whilst keeping them together so that you don't flash your knickers to
the passers-by. No wonder the tabloid press is full of celebrities when
they misjudge this manoeuvre; it must be impossible when you are a bit

The next thing I noticed was the difference between walking on carpet in
heels and walking outside in heels was. I clutched his arm in
desperation as I gingerly put one foot in front of the other and walked,
swinging my ass, slowly through the streets. I could feel everyone
looking at me, although in reality they probably only gave me a passing

My relief at entering the sanctuary of the restaurant was short-lived; I
had to walk across the tiled floor, my heels clicking with every step.
He ordered my food and drink for me as if I was some silly little tart
incapable of deciding for myself. His choice however was very good; a
salad starter followed by Dover Sole for me and something more
substantial for him. We shared a bottle of wine, he told me that he
could drink no more tonight as he was driving but I could have whatever
I wanted.

It was weird; it was like he was really trying to make me feel that I
was a real girl on a real date with a guy; although we both knew that I
had no option but to go along with it! It was if he was playing with me,
the old good cop-bad cop scenario, trying to charm and flatter his way
into my knickers; then turning more direct and brutal. He made me tell
him about my last evening out with my girlfriend; I felt my heart sink
as I fully realised by now just where all this was leading.

I knew I had to tell him something and that I would have to think very
quickly to make it sound real. I wasn't stupid enough to think that I
could tell him that nothing had happened; we both knew that it did. Once
again he had check-mated me, not only had he manipulated me into
choosing my outfit for the evening; he was now making me tell him just
how I wanted him to fuck me! What could I say for fucks sake?

As we ate I told him what had transpired; some of it true, some of it
not so true! I needed to find the right balance that would not only
please him, but make it easier for me too, without taking the piss, as
he would see right through that! So I played along, thinking I was just
making it easy on myself, while along just digging my hole ever deeper.

After the meal we went to a tranny club just around the corner. It was
busy, full of t-girls, drag-queens, gay guys, lesbians, straight girls,
straight guys, t-girl admirers that acted like straight guys. Some were
in mixed groups, some in couples; some were just hanging around on their
own like predatory animals!

We walked across the room to the bar where he ordered for me
vodka/redbull and just water for himself.  I could feel the eyes of the
single admirers checking out my ass and probably mentally undressing me
as I have done myself as a man in the past. I now know how an antelope
must feel as she approaches a watering-hole on the Serengeti; conscious
of the hungry eyes of the pride of lions loitering in the bushes!

As he was being served I whispered to him that I needed the bathroom; he
just smiled and said, "Don't forget to use the ladies and make sure you
always sit down to pee, sweetheart."

As if I could forget, even I realised that I would look pretty stupid
stood upright at the urinal in the men's room.

There where a couple of 'girls' in the ladies waiting to use the
cubicles; I took the chance to check my make-up and hair in the mirror.
They smiled and said hello, I politely replied; I had to bluff this
through as best I could. I got my turn in a cubicle and remembering my
role, I pulled up my skirt, sat down, pulled my knickers down around my
knees and peed.

The conversation going on outside of the cubicle between the other
trannys was quite fascinating. They were talking about make-up, drugs,
other trannys and guys; in fact some quite graphic descriptions of
things they had done with guys and with other trannys! It was quite an
eye opener to hear that these 'girls' actually enjoyed doing what I had
been forced to do.

Walking back to the bar I got my first experience of what it must be
like to be an attractive long-legged girl in a short skirt out in a
crowded bar. It was such a fleeting, gentle brush it took my brain a
couple of seconds to register it; but there it was, no doubting it. A
hand had brushed up the back of my legs, over my stocking-tops and
briefly caressed my bum.

I looked sharply round in shock and anger; how dare some twat touch my
precious, little girly bottom but it was impossible to know just who had
done it. There were a couple of guys behind me chatting together, others
near-by or walking passed, it could have been any or even none of the
guys in my line of sight.

When I got back to the bar I told him what had happened expecting him to
be annoyed, hoping for some support but he just laughed and said, "You
just gotta expect that in a bar like this when you're dressed so god-
damned fucking hot, girl."

At least I knew where I stood now; I knew what it must be like for some
real girls out there!

"Now don't you cause any trouble, you should feel flattered and grateful
that men wanna touch and fuck you," he continued.

Over the course of the evening I felt my bum being groped on several
occasions. I always spun round to see who the bastard was and sometimes
it was obvious. Some of the wankers actually just stood there leering at
me when I turned around; others had the 'good grace' to look away. Each
time I flinched from the probing hands my man would laugh; he found my
humiliation, discomfort and shame amusing.

At times I would look around to see that it was actually his hand up my
skirt; this would amuse him even more. He was obviously getting more and
more aroused by the situation; he squeezed my ass and said, "Go into the
men's toilet, it will quieter than the ladies and lock yourself in one
of the cubicles; I shall be in shortly."

I took my drink in with me, god knows what was gonna happen next? He was
correct in saying that it would be quieter in here, there were only two
other guys at the urinal as I slipped unnoticed into a cubicle. It was
the only cubicle door that was closed so he had no problem in finding me
a minute or so later. He gently knocked on the door and whispered.

"Open up little piggy or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your
house down."

I unlocked the door and was forced back as he burst in, closing the door
behind him. His hands were all over me, up my stockings, under my skirt
and onto my shoulders as he pushed me down onto the toilet seat. He
gripped my hair with one hand and unfastened his pants with the other;
whipping them down as his cock jumped up to attention.

"Have a blast of poppers and suck it you slut," he barked.

I did as I was told, the poppers buzz was now associated with being a
sexy girl so I instinctively took his cock in my mouth and worked it
like a ten dollar whore! He pulled me onto him by my hair calling me his
bitch, his slut, his whore, etc; he rammed his member down my throat as
I struggled to breath.

Luckily for me he didn't last long, he jerked and jerked his hips as my
mouth filled up with his semen. I almost choked but I knew that it was
better for me if I swallowed it all; he looked down at me and smiled.

"Go fix up ya lipstick you dirty little slut, I will meet you by the
bar. I'll get you another drink you must be thirsty; besides, you've
earned it honey."

I met him by the bar as commanded five minutes later, we had a couple
more drinks and then he told me to.

"Get your coat princess, we are leaving."

The drive home passed all too quickly, I knew too well just what was
gonna happen when we got home; he had made me write the script for it!


I had really wanted to wait until we had got home before I had any fun
with her but she had made me so fucking horny in the club that I needed
some quick relief. I just couldn't resist sticking my swollen cock into
one of her fuck-holes and emptying my heavy balls inside her. It had
turned me on so much seeing her out in public as a girl for her first

It was amusing to me to see how she dealt with the leering looks and
attentions of men when out in an unfamiliar venue; the way she looked
towards me for protection. It was all part of the game to me; to put her
in a role where she needed me to protect her from the big, bad world.
Just like I used to like to get the little bitches in prison to act!

This wasn't even a really sleazy tranny club, there were other venues
about that were far more BDSM themed. Places where girls like her would
get more than just leers, comments and the occasional hand up her skirt;
I would introduce her to those places in the future. This was all part
of her education and training; she was learning to become more feminine
and girly in public.

The way that she kept touching up her make-up and fixing her hair. The
way she checked her skirt was pulled low enough to cover her stocking-
tops. Plus the way she kept adjusting her top to cover her bra; showed
that she was becoming a real girl. They soon learn that when you're
dressed like a girl then you have to think and act like a girl; the
clothes dictate that!

I was hot for my chick even more now; I let her have a couple more
drinks and informed her that we were leaving. It was time to get home,
have a drink, a joint, maybe a bit of ketamine and move on to my next
part of the evening. She had already told me what had happened to her
girlfriend dressed as she now was, after the same kind of evening.
Although I have been around for long enough to know that some of what
she had told me was probably untrue.

She would have been smart enough to have played right into my trap that
I had set for her. It doesn't matter to me that she would have tried to
tone it down a bit to make it easier on herself; the fact that she was
telling me how she would like to be shagged as a girl was yet another
mental victory for me. It was yet another mental defeat for her when she
realised that she would have to tell me something of interest; she knew
she had to give me something to work on. More importantly she knew that
she was writing her own script for the rest of her evening.

When we got home I helped set the scene for her taking her jacket and
hanging it up. I put the lights on low, put on some music, fetched her a
drink and a joint and sat beside her on the sofa. I put my arm around
her and kissed her, my tongue probing deep into her mouth; she relaxed
in my arms surrendering herself to me.

I gave her some poppers and felt her go limp and giddy; my hand slipping
up her thigh and under her skirt. Sliding over her stockings and up to
her little clitty tucked inside her pretty little panties. I stroked her
pussy lips through the flimsy material than was her last line of defence
between my inquisitive finger and her delicate little honey-pot.

One of the things that makes me laugh about birds is that they will wear
a little short skirt with a sexy little pair of panties on underneath.
The only thing between the outside world and their fuck-hole is a tiny,
sexy bit of material; they must feel so exposed and open like that? As a
guy who finds pretty little panties on a girl to be so feminine and
horny, it is ironic that they chose to wear them as their last vestige
of modesty; the sluts are fucking asking for it!!

"Stand up sweetheart," I tell her.

She stands up before me, compliant and mine completely now!

I slip my hands up her legs, caressing them, they are my property now!

"Take off your skirt and top."

"Slowly honey," I add.

Without any complaint or fuss, she obeys me, peeling her skirt down and
letting it fall around her ankles; then untying her blouse and removing
it. She looked so fucking good as she stood there, head bowed, looking
all meek and coy; in just her heels, stockings, bra, suspender-belt and
little matching panties.

"You wanna go for a pee-pee first angel," I asked in my most 'concerned'

She replied that she did, so I told her to.

"Remember to sit down like a girl when you pee."

She returned from the bathroom a few minutes later; I was pleased to
notice that she had fixed her lippy, brushed her hair and sprayed a
little perfume here and there. It showed initiative on her behalf; an
acceptance of her role now, an effort to at least try and be as girly as
she could be to be able to cope with it all!

"Come here," I said as I cut out two lines of ketamine on the coffee

"Have one of these and then get your sexy fucking ass in the bedroom."

She had a line and then I did one as well; she was still loitering so I
slapped her bum and said, "Let's go bitch; you know what's in store for
you tonight, you were the one that told me how I perfect date like ours
should end up."

My trap had been sprung yet again; she was so defeated now that I could
get the slut to do just about fucking anything that I fucking wanted her
to do!

She scurried upstairs almost tripping on her heels as she rushed to keep
in front of me; she knew that any dalliance on her behalf would result
in another slap to her quivering bottom. I slapped her two or three
times as she tottered like a fucking cheap whore up to her Masters
bedroom. She rushed in and fell on the bed, her body shaking like a
maiden waiting to be ravished by her lord and master; as I shut the door
behind me and approached the bed.

I slowly approached the bed I was enjoying the spectacle of having her
sprawled before me; I could sense her fear at what was to happen next.
She knew what she would be required to put up with for her Masters
satisfaction and I could tell by her body language that she was not
looking forward to it.

Not that it made any difference to me of course; I was the man here and
she was the bitch. My pleasure was paramount, her feelings and opinions
were irrelevant. I felt the ketamine kick in and she must be going
through the same experience herself; this just made it even easier for
me to take what I wanted from her!

I stood at the end of the bed and slowly removed my shirt and unfastened
my pants.

"Get a load of this angel," I said as I released my throbbing hard cock.

It was so sweet, she was almost too frightened to even look up at me; my
hands rubbed up her silky legs from her heels to her crotch. She hit the
poppers and swooned back in acceptance of her submissive, girly role.

I wanted her to give herself to me the way she had told me that her
girlfriend had give herself to 'Steve'. I touched her like I would a
woman, like I would with my woman! It turned me on to hear her moan and
writhe as if she was actually a real girl rewarding her man for taking
her out on such a good date.

I crawled further onto the bed and positioned myself over her so the
view of my member filled her vision.

"Get to work honey, just like your bitch did for you when you were
playing at being a man!"

I gently clasped her head as she took my prick into her warm wet mouth
and rocked my hips back and forth down her throat.

It was so good that I could have shot my wad down her throat right
there; but I had other ideas for the destination of my cum, I had
already fed her mouth once this evening! I flipped her onto her tummy
and slid my body down her until my face was level with her bum; opening
her legs as I lay between them.

She had told me that she had licked her bitch out; so obviously I took
that as a signal that she wished that to happen to her too. I pulled her
panties down a bit a slid my tongue down the crack of her ass until I
found her cute little hole. My tongue explored her yielding pussy and
she almost purred with pleasure; I pushed it further in and felt her
stiffen and quiver.

Fuck, I thought to myself; I didn't want the cunt to enjoy this too
much, she had to remember her place here after all. I lifted myself up,
positioning my cock against her slippy ring; I gave her a little dab of
lube for good luck and plunged into her.

That soon brought her back to reality with a bump, gone was the loving
sensation of a mans' tongue on her most intimate of areas; here was the
sharp pain of the full-on sexual experience for a girl like her!

I fucked away regardless as she bucked, wriggled, moaned and pleaded
beneath me; but all the slut was gonna get of me was a cunt full of man-
cum. I squatted over her so that I could piston my shaft deep inside her
I wanted this to be a fuck that she would remember for the rest of her

With the buzz of the drugs I lost track of time; I could have been
fucking her for anything between fifteen minutes and an hour. I can't
really remember but I do remember that it was a good, long shag. We were
both exhausted and she was crying like a soft little tart as I unloaded
deep inside her twat.

After my hard work I just collapsed on top of her and rolled to the
side. I slept a little then woke her up and fucked her again; I did this
several more times throughout the remainder of the evening. Sometimes I
stuck it up her cunt and sometimes I stuck it down her throat; she was
my fuck-toy, my living breathing sex-doll.


It had been another long night serving and pleasing my boyfriend/Master
and I was relieved that he let me sleep in the next day until lunchtime.
When I did finally get up I showered and removed my nail-varnish from
the night before and dressed in the clothes that he had put out for me
in my changing room.

It was quite a simple outfit, a knee length white cotton boho look
skirt, a pale peach coloured, tight cropped t-shirt and white sandals
with a smaller heel than usual. Underneath I wore a matching, peach
coloured lacy bra and hi-leg panties; no stockings and suspenders this
time, my legs felt bare and naked as I went downstairs.

I was surprised to see another man there.

"This is Mickey, say hello to Mickey princess."

"Hello Mickey," I responded; he was a large overweight biker-type guy
with long scruffy greying hair about fifty or so I estimated.

Mickey it transpired was a tattoo artist and body piercer; Mr Wilton
instructed him to pierce my ears and navel.

"I could do her nipples as well," Mickey joked; but Mr Wilton just shook
his head and said, "No just her ears and belly-button for now; it will
add to her femininity, although I may have a lot more work for you to do
on her with your tattoo needle at some date in the future."

I looked on horrified as I heard this, what kind of tattoos and where?
If I was tattooed it would be a permanent mark on me how could I let my
girlfriend see me naked if I had something girly tattooed on me? The
piercings that he was doing today would take some explaining and if he
planned on some kind of permanence in this arrangement then how would I
have the time to keep my relationship going with her anyway?

Mickey worked quite quickly and professionally leaving me with large
diamond studs in my ears and an even larger one in my navel. After he
had finished I was told to thank him for making me look pretty. He
laughed and said it was a pleasure and he was sure that we would meet
again soon; with that he left me alone again with my 'boyfriend'

Mr Wilton behaved quite cordially with me for the rest of that afternoon
as he had done in the past after our nights of sex; still playing the
boyfriend/girlfriend game as if I was actually a willing participant in
all this. He even cooked the evening meal and made light conversation as
we ate it.

Whilst I was doing the dishes he said to me, "You be a good girl and do
your chores and I will go and pick your outfit for tonight. We are going
out again and I want you looking very slutty this evening."

I just acknowledged him with a polite.

"Yes Sir, thank-you Sir." I knew better than to question him.

"Last night you were dressed appropriately for a date with your
boyfriend, all smart, sexy and classy; tonight you will be dressed like
a whore."

With that he disapeared upstairs leaving alone to ponder my evenings
fate; what was the bastard planning for me now? My imagination ran riot,
what depths of sexual degradation was he capable of plumbing?

Twenty minutes later he returned to the kitchen, slapped my bum and told
me to, "Upstairs honey, shower and shave and I want you to put that
blond hair dye in. It's quite a simple blond rinse just follow the
instructions; then put the make-up and clothes on that I have left out
for you. You have three hours, now get busy."

I dried my hands and ran upstairs.

As he had told me the hair-dying procedure was very simple and thirty
minutes later I rinsed my hair, dried it and examined my new look in the
mirror. My shoulder length hair was now a golden honey blond; it made my
slim girly body look even more female.

I applied the make-up on the eyes were very dark and the lips very
bright red, the nail varnish matched the lippy and with the blond hair I
looked like a tart. I sprayed on the perfume and went through to his
room to pick up my clothes for the evening; they were laid out on his

He had certainly picked the correct make-up for the outfit he had
selected. First I put on the red lacy suspender belt and attached the
black fishnet stockings to them. Next I put on the red lacy bra and put
the large D-dup breast forms inside, followed by the matching red G-

After I was satisfied that my underwear was on straight I put on the
tight, red, see-thru blouse that just covered my tits and exposed my
bare tummy with my new piercing. And the very short black PVC mini; so
short that even though I pulled it down as far as I could it was still
showing my stocking-tops. It had a zip up the front so that it could
easily be removed. Finally there was a pair of zip-up, red and black,
PVC, knee length boots with five inch heels.

There was some silver bangles and a necklace as well, I put them on and
looked at myself in the full-length mirror as I brushed my hair into a
more feminine style. I looked every inch like a ten dollar whore; all I
needed was a cigarette hanging out of my mouth and a lamp-post to lean
against. My god I thought to myself in terror, what the fuck had the
cunt got planned for tonight?


"Well, well what have we got here?" I laughed as she walked downstairs.

"You look fucking perfect for where we are going tonight."

She did as well; she really did look like a whore on her way out to
work. I felt my cock bulging inside my shorts and decided to take her
right here and now to get her use to what she had now become; my whore!

"Come here bitch lets have a look at you; your pimp wants to inspect his
girl before she goes out," I told her.

She looked nervously at the floor as I evaluated her, telling her just
what I thought she looked like

"My god you look like a dirty little fuck-slut."

"Pimp-daddies best little working girl."

"Turn around, lets see your ass you bitch," I added, high on my own
power over her.

She did as she was told and turned around; I took two steps forward and
grabbed her waist as I pushed her over to the dinning table.

"Bend over cunt," I ordered as I pushed her down over the table; my
hands up the back of her skirt.

"Time to prepare you for your task tonight."

I slipped her G-string to one side and put a dab of lube on her hot
little pussy; I massaged it inside her with my fingertip. Next I showed
her the inch-long lube capsule and proceeded to push it up her cunt.

"This will dissolve over the evening and keep you wet and ready for
anything," I sneered at her.

"And believe me you will be grateful for this later you slut."

There was only one way to ram that capsule right up her and that was
with my cock. I undid my trousers and unceremoniously entered her; she
let out a little yelp. I fucked her hard and without mercy I was hard
and horny as fuck, as usual! Just as I was about to cum I tugged her
round, gripped her face with one hand and guided my erupting member deep
into her mouth.

When she had completely cleaned my now softening penis with her busy
little tongue I pulled her up and said, "Let's go slut; you can fix your
lippy up in the car on the drive down."

"W-w-where are we going?," she whimpered. But I just grabbed her arm and
dragged her out to the car.

"Not far bitch, don't worry you will soon find out," I said to her.

It was dark by now but I knew where I was going. We drove out of the
town and up towards the hills. She was re-applying her lipstick in the
mirror, taking her time so as to avoid any conversation with me. It did
not matter to me whether she was quiet or not; she wasn't here for her
conversational skills! I pulled off the A-road into a picnic area, there
were several other cars parked there.


I wasn't sure just why he had decided to pull of the road here; it was
dark and although there were a few other cars parked here too, I was
still slow to catch on to what was happening at this strange location.
He parked the car and took out a joint which he lit and shared with me;
we sat there and smoked in silence for a minute or two.

I could make out people hanging around one of the other parked cars; in
fact several appeared to be crouching down peering into the windows of
it. Then it dawned on me; this must be one of those dogging areas that I
had read about in the Sunday papers! I immediately realised with growing
horror why he had dressed me up like a slut and brought me here.

He finished the joint, opened his window fully and flicked it out; next
he put the interior light on in the car and casually unfastened his
trousers. He turned to me with a sneer and said, "What you fucking
waiting for whore; get to work."

With that he grabbed my hair and pulled me face down into his lap.

As I obediently took him into my mouth he reached for the dashboard with
his free hand and I heard the click, click, click as he flicked the
headlamps on and off. Within minutes I heard the approaching footsteps
of our audience; I glanced up from his cock to see a face leering
through the open drivers' side window. It was soon followed by another
one, then another.

"Plenty of room round the other side." My 'boyfriend' laughed and a felt
breeze from behind me as he opened the electric window of my passenger
side door.

"She's a dirty little slut," whispered one voice.

"Yea a complete slapper," added another.

"Wouldn't mind a bit off that cunt," sneered a third.

I tried to ignore them and concentrated on getting my man off as quick
as I could so that we could leave this horrifying place as soon as
possible. Once again my logic was flawed; I should have realised by now
that this nightmare was only just beginning. A mouthful of his cum would
only be the precursor to what I was to endure for his pleasure and
amusement tonight!

As I was twisted round in the passenger seat with my head buried deep in
his lap; I was not aware off the presence of a fourth man behind me
looking through the passenger window. So when I felt a hand on my leg
rubbing up my stocking-tops and under my skirt I just thought it was my

I jumped as the hand poked between my legs and felt my 'clit' and heard
a new voice behind me shout.

"Hey lads, it's a fucking tranny."

"Even better," laughed one of the other guys.

"They are fucking even dirtier than the real slags we get down here,"
Said another of the perverts.

My 'boyfriend's' cock began to spasm and I knew he was due to fill my
mouth with his seed once again. I sucked and worked it for all I was
worth as the audience murmured their appreciations. They clapped as I
gagged and wriggled; they laughed as he forced my head back down on him,
cum oozing from my lips. He laughed along with them, the fucking
bastard! I was so humiliated, this was worse than the three-sum with
Danny; here I felt like a whore on display and worse was to follow!

"Ain't she a good little whore," I heard him say as he pulled me up by
my hair and put his cock back in his pants.

"Now she is well and truly open for business; any takers?"

As one the four voices responded their interest.

"Of course there is a nominal entrance fee, but that is merely for the
symbolism. I want the cunt to know that she is my fucking whore and I am
her pimp," He hesitated for a second before saying with a broad smile.

"Shall we say one pound each; of course that gives you access to both of
her pretty little fuck-holes."

"I think I can just about afford that," a voice said. "Me too," said the
voice behind me.

All four of them handed Mr Wilton a one pound coin and one by one they
came around to the passenger door.

"Come on bitch, I've paid good money for your ass," I heard one say
followed by.

"Yea get out of the fucking car whore, we've paid our money, let's go."

I looked desperately into Mr Wilton's eyes, imploring him to help me;
but he just looked at me with his eyes hard and cold as he pushed me
towards the now open door. I felt several hands grip me and pull me out;
two guys grabbed a leg each and tugged me; my tiny skirt riding up
flashing my knickers. The other two put a one hand each under my ass and
their other hands under my shoulders as they carried me away from the

"Over there by the picnic table," the guy holding my leg directed.

"We can bend her over it and spit-roast her."

"Yea," Affirmed another one. "She can get on her knees and get us all
hard first though."

I looked back to see my 'boyfriend' get out of the car and follow us.

"I wouldn't wanna miss this for the world lads." He laughed as he caught
us up.

"Be as rough as you like with her she has gotta learn how to please men
like a good little whore should."

I was plonked down onto the floor on the grass beside the wooded table
and yanked up onto my knees. A hand reached down and ripped at my
blouse, the buttons flying off as it fell open. Someone else's hand
squeezed my silicon breast form through my lacy bra.

"Too bad they ain't real tits," he said. "But they will fucking have to
do for now."

The four men formed a circle around me and undid their trousers; I
looked at each in turn as one by one their semi hard cocks plopped out.
I was conditioned now and knew what I must do; I closed my eyes and
opened my mouth and waited to receive the first of them.

I didn't have to wait long; they jostled for position like a pack of
hungry dogs as my mouth was filled with the quickest ones penis. It was
soon replaced by another then another as I was pulled around by my hair
to face them all in turn. As I sucked on one of them I opened my eyes
for long enough to see the other three guys rubbing their cocks and
getting harder by the second.

"I'm ready," growled one guy.

"Me too," added another.

"It think we all are just about ready to see what else we get for our

A third voice said; although in the mental state I was now in I lost
track of just which one said what? They were all just anonymous
unfriendly sneers and jeers to me now.

"Let's get her up over the table," I heard.

A mass of hands reached down and pulled me up. I was pushed towards the
oblong, wooden picnic table and bent over it; someone pushed my face
down and kicked my legs apart. My skirt must have been up around my
waist as I felt a smack upon my exposed bottom.

"It doesn't matter if it's a tranny or a real cunt from this angle, they
all look the same from behind," I heard.

The rest of the guys agreed, one of them adding.

"Yup, dressed like a slut with their ass up in the air on offer; it
don't matter to me what the fuck the little bitch is. A hole is a
fucking hole!"

My G-string was roughly tugged to one side and someone spat on my open
exposed hole. A finger slipped inside me and I knew my rape was about to

I felt I hand brush my hair from my face and heard Mr Wilton's voice.

"Hold on guys," He said firmly. I looked up at him with hope, tears in
my eyes; was he going to stop this ordeal, was he gonna show me some
mercy and compassion at long last? He looked down and smiled at me, I
pleaded with my eyes for help.

It was his final humiliation, to give me some hope only to pull it away.
All he did was give me a big hit of poppers and say to the semi naked

"She's all yours boys; make sure you get your pounds worth of her ass."

The poppers hit home as the first of the cocks entered me; my head was
pulled up as another man's penis was thrust into my mouth. I almost
chocked with the shock of the sudden double intrusion into my body,
thank god for the chemical rush to numb the pain. My body was rocked
from end to end as the two guys thudded into me.

Every so often I would get a couple of seconds break and I was given
another blast of poppers as they swapped positions. At times my knees
almost buckled with the combination of the drugs and the thrusting; but
each time a strong pair of hands would grip my waist and pull me back

There was to be no escape until they were all fully satisfied; I just
had to be a 'good girl' and get on with it. It wasn't just the shame of
what they were doing to me it was the humiliation of what they were
saying to each other about me as they did it; comments like.

"What a nasty little slut she is."

"Oh yea she is a dirty little cunt."

"Mmmm she has a lovely tight little pussy for a cheap whore."

"The bitch has got gorgeous red cock-sucking lips." Etc!

In turn they shot their wads of semen over me, on my face and up my
cunt; one of them emptied the contents of the condom he had used to fuck
me all over my open lips as I panted for breath.

At last it seemed that it was over as the last one grunted behind me he
pulled out of me and I felt the fourth lot of cum ejaculate over my
naked bottom. I felt paralysed with shock and was still in my submissive
position over the table as I heard them fasten up their pants.


She looked completely fucked as the last guy shot his load over her ass;
just like I wanted her to look. I took a couple of pictures on my
camera-phone as a souvenir of her latest adventure and for a little more
blackmail material too!

I bid farewell to tonight's 'partners in crime' as they thanked me and
shuffled off to their cars. She was done for the evening now; I gently
replaced her G-string so as it fit snugly into the cum-soaked crack
between her buttocks; getting wet and sticky as it absorbed it. I helped
her up, she staggered into my arms; four different loads of men's semen
dripping down her face, out of her mouth and in her hair.

As she stood upright yet more cum oozed out of her stretched, gaping
fuck-hole, over her ass and down over her thighs and stockings.

"Here," I said passing her some tissue. "Clean your cunt up before you
sit in my car you nasty, little, dirty whore."

She did as she was told and after letting me inspect her snatch to make
sure it was clean enough, she staggered into the car. There were tears
in her eyes and she was trying to clutch her ripped blouse across her
tits; just like a real girl would in the same circumstance!

On the drive home I gave her no respite from my mind games, I told her
to repeat all the way home the mantra of submission and acceptance of
her role as cock-slut whore. I had her saying.

"I am nothing but a worthless fuck-toy."

"I am just a nasty cheap little whore."

"I belong to my pimp and Master."

"My pussy-ass and mouth are for men to empty their balls inside."

"I am a dirty little cum-bucket."

"I am a cum-soaked slut." Etc.

By the time we arrived home she was in tears as she jabbered away; her
will completely broken by my masterful superiority now. I could tell she
still had a sore bottom as I guided her into the house and told her to.

"Go get ya make-up off and have a shower bitch."

She nodded and whispered.

"Y-y-yes Sir," as she limped upstairs.

"Then put that little white baby-doll nighty and matching panties on; be
in my bedroom in thirty minutes or else you slut," I shouted after her.

I didn't care how sore her well fucked, little snatch was; I wanted to
cum again before I went to sleep.

Exactly thirty minutes later I was lying naked in my bed as I heard a
gentle knock on my bedroom door.

"Come in girl," I said. She came in and curtsied, her eyes downcast like
a submissive little sex-slave.

"Ask your Masters permission for the honour of joining him in his bed

"P-p-please Master m-may I h-have the honour of j-j-joining my M-m-
master in his bed," She stammered.

I just threw back the covers and said coldly.

"In bitch."

She crawled in beside me.

Flipping her immediately onto her stomach I ran my hands over her bum.

"Is your little fuck-hole still sore princess?" I asked, to which she

"Y-yes Sir; my little fuck-hole is still sore."

"That does not excuse you from your role as my girlfriend does it
sweetheart," I added.

She meekly shook her head.

I slipped her panties off and parted her legs to allow my finger access
to her swollen ring.

"When Daddy wants his little girls' pussy; Daddy gets his little girls'
pussy. Now you say it," I demanded.

She meekly whispered.

"When D-D-Daddy w-wants his l-little g-girls pussy; Daddy g-g-gets his
little girls p-p-pussy."

"A good girl gives up her pussy to Daddy enthusiastically and without a
fuss," I continued and she repeated it word for word as she knew she was
required to do. Deciding to show her some mercy I licked my finger tip
and dabbed it in a bag of ketamine before slipping it up her cunt.

"I am going to be nice to you," I said as I pulled her up.

"As you have been a good girl and taken all that cock tonight; I'm gonna
take it easy on your pussy."

I gave her a minute for the ketamine to numb her stretched ring and told
her to.

"Sit astride me and lower yourself down onto me."

"That way you can take it as slow and gentle as you like."

"As long as you make me cum eventually," I added, "or I'll just flip you
over and fuck you hard again."

She knew she had some option now, she knew that she would now have to
voluntarily impale herself on my thick, hard shaft; or let me dictate a
much harder pace. I could sense the dilemma in her mind, again all part
of my game-plan; she had to act like a girl and ride her mans' cock or
face another hard raping up her already painful twat!

She lubed up my prick and her hole; then sat astride me and guided the
tip of my member towards the opening of her girly sex. Resting her hands
on my chest she slowly lowered herself down allowing me to penetrate her
inch by painful inch.

At last I was in her fully, I gripped her nipples through the flimsy
material of her baby-doll to take her mind of the sensation at the other
end of her body and thrust my hips up at her. She grimaced and twisted
her pretty little face with fear, shock and pain as she was taken by her

I gripped her hips and bounced her up and down as she responded by
moaning and riding me. The ketamine had obviously had the desired effect
as she seemed oblivious to the ever deeper and deeper thrusts.

The ketamine off her pussy had obviously numbed the swollen purple head
of my man-hood too as it took me ages to cum inside her. As I did so I
snapped at her.

"Beg for the honour of a pussy-full of man-cream bitch."

She responded like a proper little slut should by pleading with me to
fill her hot little pussy up with my seed. It was too much for me and I
exploded inside her pulling her down to the maximum impalement as I did

On releasing my load I suddenly lost all interest in her; just like a
typical man eh? I was tired and I wanted her gone. I wanted to wake up
tomorrow on my own and have a wank as I remembered to what levels of
depravity she had allowed me to drag her down to tonight.


He quickly became flaccid after the last fuck, he bounced me up and down
on his softening cock as if to drain the last of is cum out inside of
me. Thank god for the ketamine or it would have crippled me, my ass was
already sore from the pounding I had received in the car-park from the
four strangers.

I sensed with relief that he was now fully satisfied and would not
require my presence for too much longer. As his cock slipped out of me
he threw me off him and told me to.

"Fuck off home."

He fumbled on the bedside table for his wallet and withdrew a ten pound
note from it.

"Here you are whore, your wages for a taxi home."

I thanked him politely and headed towards the bedroom door; he called
after me.

"Now that you have sold your ass for your pimp for only one pound; you
have accepted that you are a whore from now on. What are you?"

"I-I-I am a whore from now on Master," I responded.

"A-A-And you are my pimp and M-M-Master," I added quickly.

I took the ten pound and ran downstairs stripping the nighty off as I
went; when I got into the utility room I quickly dressed and ran out of
that hell-house to find a taxi. It was three o-clock in the morning by
the time I got home and went to bed. My mind was in turmoil after my two
nights of enforced female sexual slavery and it didn't look like he was
gonna let me go yet!

The next morning my first dilemma was how to explain my new blond hair
and pierced ears to my parents, work-mates, friends, and girlfriend? I
just had to tell my mother I had done it as an experiment; I combed it
back in as male a style as I could and got ready for work.

While I was getting dressed my mobile phone bleeped, I had received a
picture message. I didn't like getting messages these days; they usual
came from him and they were never good news. So I wasn't really
surprised to see the picture opening before my eyes.

It was a very graphic photo of a young slapper, in boots, a mini with
stockings and suspenders on. She was bent over a picnic bench with her
skirt up, her panties pulled over to one side and wads of semen dripping
out down her legs. She looked just like the picture of ravished slutty-
ness; she looked just like me!

A message followed, it simply read:

I knew that I would have to be there for whatever he required of me.










I drifted off to sleep after she left, briefly waking at about 9AM the
next morning. I sent her a text message with the photo I had taken last
night to give her something to think about whilst she was at work that
day. I wasn't working until Wednesday so I fell back asleep dreaming of
my 'girl'. 

She had performed magnificently over the last couple of days, better
than I could even have hoped for. I could play with her, mind, body and
soul at my leisure now; I knew she had nothing left in her heart to
resist me! Her submission was complete; now it was just a matter of
taking whatever I wanted and turning her into my complete fantasy, my
sexual play-thing. 

I decided that the best way of dealing with her would be to take it
easy with her. Therefore after next weekend I would only summon her
couple of times a month so as to pace myself and not get too quickly
bored with her.

You see that is always the problem with these bitches; it's great to
break them and mould them into the perfect little piece of ass, but as
a guy you still has to keep the novelty value going! In prison I could
easily sell one on to one of the chaps; or if she had been a very good
girl I would even let her go and still give her protection from the
other fellows. On the outside however, it would be a lot harder to
replace her; therefore best to keep things fresh!

I would still expand her feminine, sexual experiences; there was money
to be made out of her ass. Money for me that is; she had already shown
her potential as a porn star and a whore. It wasn't that I needed the
cash, it was just the buzz of getting her to earn it for me that turned
me on; it was my victory over her!

A couple of days later I sent her another text, it was time to blunt
and to the point; it read:
Besides it was gonna be very difficult for her to keep up a
relationship with a girl when she herself was now blond, shaven and

When she arrived the following Saturday evening she remembered to strip
naked and go straight upstairs. I expected that she now knew the drill
and would have shaved her body at home before she came round. 

She would also know that on getting upstairs she was to take a shower,
do her make-up, brush her hair and put on whatever I had laid out for
her. I had selected her outfit carefully; she needed to be wearing just
the right amount of garments for my scheme this evening to work.

For tonight I had set up her debut as an internet-slut; I had rigged up
my video-camera to my computer and was going to broadcast live to a
paying audience. A friend of mine who was a little more savvy with web-
sites and computers had done it for me. 

He had fixed up a site for me and I already had advanced knowledge that
our show tonight would be broadcast to dozens, hopefully hundreds of
guys online possibly around the world? As each one of them paying up to
ten pound to see the whole event it could add up to a sizable cash
bonus for me. 

I had the living room prepared with the bed part pulled out from under
the sofa; with it being a corner suite it gave us a good stage to work
on. I prepared some joints, drinks, and a couple of lines of K and
coke; set the lighting and music, then positioned the three cameras to
catch as much as I could. 

The site was designed to let each viewer pick and swap between the
cameras. This way I would not have to worry too much about being in the
correct position for the best shot; they could chose their own
preferred angle!


Once again I made my weary way across town by bus on the following
Saturday; what else could I do? I hadn't yet done as he had told me and
finished with my girlfriend. Although I had realised that it would be
very difficult to explain several things; not just my weekend
absentness but also the new hair colour, piercings and shaved body! 

It was only a matter of time before I would have to sever all my links
with my old life to continue avoiding a scenario which would change my
life anyway. This was my ever increasing dilemma; if I disobey him he
would go through with his blackmail threats and completely fuck my life
up. If, however I went through with his schemes then it was
increasingly fucking up my life anyway!

I pushed these unhelpful thoughts from my mind and entered his house; I
knew the drill now, strip off and go upstairs. As usual he virtually
ignored me as I padded barefoot through the living room and up the
stairs. All he managed to do was grunt, "Hello bitch."

To which I mumbled, "Hello Sir."

At first I thought that there must be a mistake as I surveyed the
garments he had left out on the bed for me; as there was only underwear
and no skirt, dress or top to wear. I looked around the room but he had
left nothing else out for me; I knew better than to go back downstairs
and ask him for I quickly realised that this must be all that I was
required to wear for him tonight.

I sat at the dresser and went through the familiar ritual of applying
my make-up and brushing my hair; I then returned to the bed and started
to dress. Firstly I put on the red and black jacquard basque; then
rolled the fully fitted black silk stockings up my legs and fastened
them to the straps attached to the basque.

Then I slipped on the flimsy little panties; they felt so feminine and
sensual against my skin. I stepped into the six-inch high heeled little
red ankle boots and tied up  laced up fronts; put on the red silk elbow
gloves, with the red and black feather boa around my shoulders and
tottered across the landing to the stairs. I looked like a dancer in a
burlesque show; or a whore from a wild western saloon!  

It was a real struggle to negotiate the stairs in these heels but I
just about managed it. When I got downstairs the first thing I noticed
was the sofa-bed pulled out and the cameras set up. The next thing I
noticed were the lines of powder cut out on the mirror, the ready made
joints and several drinks strategically placed about the room. 

It was obvious that another night of sex was on the cards and one that
was going to be filmed again; it was then that he explained what his
plan was.

"Tonight honey we are going out live."

He pointed to his computer.

"A live internet session for the paying public," he added. "And you
will be a good little girl and do everything I tell you to do; do you

I murmured my assent; as if I had any choice I thought to myself sadly.
We both knew that I was his whore now, a powerless pawn in his twisted
game. He stripped down to his tight black cotton boxer shorts and
offered me a drink and a hit of the joint. 

"Now turn around and bend over angel."

I did so and felt my panties pulled down a little; he gently fingered
my tight little hole and inserted a small object followed by another

"Just a couple of those lube capsules like you had the other week,," he
said, adding, "I want you to be ready to go when we go out live. I
don't wont the distraction and mess of having to lube you up online. I
want it to be a seamless, man pulls down girls panties, man opens up
girls ass, man sticks his cock up girls cunt scene; you understand?" 

He pulled my panties back up and told me to stand up straight. Grabbing
my hand and pulling it to his crotch, he said, "Look here princess,
feel your mans cock; I'm hard as fuck already for you."

I could feel his erect penis throbbing through the cotton of his

Next he took a line of ketamine and a line of coke for himself and told
me to do likewise. The combination of the two drugs made my head rush
as I followed him over to the opened sofa-bed. 

"Stand there honey," he whispered. "I'll let our viewers know that we
are ready to broadcast."

He clicked on the mouse and it only took a minute before he was
satisfied that our 'guests' were online. 

"Pose for the camera sweetheart," he said quietly, "let the guys have a
good look at you."

I stood there in my best girly pose, legs straight and together with my
feet crossed at the ankles; swaying a little from the effect of the
chemicals and the fact that I was wearing very high heels. With my
hands on my hips, trying to pout provocatively at the camera; knowing
that only by doing my best to please him, would get me through the

He lay on the sofa-bed, resting on one elbow watching me like a cat
watches a mouse.
"Come here princes.s" He patted the space beside him. "Time for the
show to begin."

I sat slowly down, resigned to my fate as he passed me the poppers.
Taking a big hit of them I swooned back into his arms and prepared
myself to obey and please him, like a good little girl should do for
her man.

I felt his big rough hand move up my thigh over my stockings and up to
my panties. His fingers squeezed my clitty through the thin material,
stroking me and telling me to.

"Open up angel, the men wanna see a girl with her legs invitingly

Reluctantly I obeyed him and parted my knees; he reached for my leg and
pulled it up onto the bed. 

I was open and vulnerable for the camera now, legs apart, my panties
were stretched tight over my clitty, my pussy-lips and my moistening
sex-hole. His finger tips worked their way into my knickers and circled
around my already lubed outer ring. The capsule that he had put inside
me earlier must be beginning to dissolve. 

All the while that he was doing this, his other hand was reaching up
and fondling my silicon breasts while he nuzzled and nibbled my neck. 
"Oh baby," he groaned. "Oh baby you're so fucking sexy; tell the guys
who your pussy belongs to and what he is gonna do to it." he whispered
in my ear. "Tell them what a nasty little tramp you are."

I knew where my duty lay so I faced the camera and with half closed
eyes, trying to look as sexy, girly and naughty as I could, I said,
"My tight little girly pussy belongs to my man and whoever he decides
to share me with."

"And he is gonna pull aside my pretty little panties and stick his big
hard cock deep inside my hot little cunt," I added in my most husky,
sexual, feminine voice.

"Yea but first you're gonna show the guys how you suck a man's cock you
nasty little fuck-slut." He laughed as he slapped my ass and lay back
on the sofa-bed. "Get up on all-fours on the bed and take off my shorts
bitch," he snapped. "Let the lads have a good look at your arse as you
worship your mans erect cock."

Obviously by now (for all of you that have read the first four parts of
this story) I didn't need telling twice; I climbed on the bed and
thrust my bottom up in the air as I kissed his penis through his
shorts. It was so hard I could feel it throbbing against the cotton; I
could smell his male musky aroma. 

Slowly I pulled down his shorts and kissed the tip of his member; he
stroked my hair as I licked his glands. Working my tongue slowly over
the shiny head, into the slit and around the ridge; the mad thought
shot through my mind that I had actually become quite good at this! I
had learnt the art, albeit against my will, of sucking a man's dick; I
could tell by his moans that I was hitting the spot.

"Oh yea princess, suck Daddy's cock. Mmmm yea honey lick it real good
you slut. That's it bitch take it into your mouth," I heard him say to
me 'encouragingly'. And to the cameras. "Ain't she fucking hot, sexy
and dirty? Bet you wish you had this nasty little slut on her knees for
you, eh lads?"

I was hoping that I could make him shoot into my mouth and save my ass
from a pounding. Although I realised even then that it would only
postpone the inevitable; he was more than capable of being able to cum
again with fifteen or twenty minutes. Even if I emptied him into my
mouth he would still be ready for more after a very short break. 

It wasn't like I had the choice either; he was in control here not me.
When he was ready he moved out from under me and knelt up behind my
ass; again slapping it as he laughed, "Time for pussy-heaven my little

He tugged my knickers down roughly and said, "Daddy is gonna fuck his
pretty little princess and she is gonna fucking enjoy it; what am I
gonna do girl?"

"D-D-Daddy is g-gonna f-f-fuck his little p-p-princess and she is g-
gonna enjoy it S-S-Sir," I blubbered as I discreetly took another hit
of poppers. I had learned from experience just what was gonna happen
next and real soon judging by the way he slapped my bottom with his
hard prick. 

It was soon at the entrance to my puckered little rose-bud; I tried to
relax as I felt his hands grip my waist. I was as ready as I was ever
gonna be when he entered me; I was no stranger to this invasive,
violating sensation by now. After all I wasn't a virgin any more, he
had fucked me loads of times now; not to mention the other cocks he had
forced me to take!

I was glad for the lube capsules that were now properly dissolving
inside me as his cock penetrated me, quite slowly, quite deliberately.
It wasn't as painful as it had been in the past; I was getting used to
it by now, dare I say even starting to enjoy it in a strange way.

Weird I know, but after a while it was quite an unusual, almost
pleasant experience. The fact that it was being done against my will
and the fact that I was dressed as a girl, seemed to lessen the guilt
and revulsion that I should feel. It was as if the removal of my free
will had in a strange way made it almost acceptable; that I had an
excuse so why not make the best of it?

The poppers on top of the other drugs and alcohol made me lose myself
in my role as his girlfriend. I moaned and groaned and pushed my hips
back onto him as he fucked me; he got faster and faster as he neared
his climax. I was so numb I felt like I could have taken him forever; I
was tripping from the K.

I knew he was ready when he roughly threw me onto my back and sat
astride me frantically masterbating his cock in the direction of my
face. He was no more than an inch away from me as his penis jerked and
ejaculated its load over my open mouth. I swallowed what I could and
thanked him like a good girl should do when her Master has been good
enough to cum on her face.

"Oh Master your worthless little slut is grateful for a face-full of
her Master's cum," I moaned like a man's bitch should. I would be
grateful for the break; it would only be short while before he wanted
me again. Just long enough to nip to the toilet, fix my make-up, brush
my hair and take as much alcohol and drugs as I could before the next


While she was tidying herself up I read some of the comments that the
guys posted online.

I decided to give them an encore; when she got back into the living
room I sat up on the sofa naked and faced one of the cameras.
"Here sweetheart," I said as I gestured to her to stand between my open
legs. "Turn around and face the camera Katie." 

She did as I told her; I tugged her knickers down to her knees, letting
the audience view her pretty little clitty. 

"Now then princess, sit down on Daddy's cock; there's a good girl," I
said as I gripped her hips and pulled her onto me. I peered around her
and winked at the camera, I am sure the guys would appreciate my casual
assertiveness over her. I wanted them to feel the power a real man has
over a bitch and want to experience that feeling with a bitch just like
her too. 

She let out an involuntary yelp as she impaled herself upon my
throbbing penis and writhed as I bounced her on my lap; my cock pushing
deeper and deeper inside her each time her bottom hit my thighs. It did
not take me long to cum; it never did with her she was a fucking
natural. Even her tears and reluctance looked sexy to me; and to the
sort of guys that were into this kinda scene. 

When I was finished with her I pushed off me so that she sprawled out
on the floor at my feet; like the beaten, battered, used and abused
little slut she was.

"Go tidy yourself up bitch," I snapped as I kicked her arse. "Get
cleaned up and fuck off home ya little whore." I laughed, as I lent
forward and switched the computer off. 

I had finished with her now and just wanted her gone; just how a real
man wants a session to end. We have no time for niceties and pillow
talk with the cunts once we have shot our load; best they just fuck off
home and leave you in peace, right boys?
It's like the old saying.
"Men don't pay prostitutes for sex; hey any decent looking guy can get
laid. No my friends, men pay prostitutes to fuck off with no strings
attached after sex! Right guys? 

As usual I stood her ten pounds for her taxi home afterwards; I mean I
am a gentleman after all. Besides as far as whores go, she really was
worth ten pounds of anybodies money. It would be interesting to see
just how much guys would be willing to pay for an hour or two with this
little filly. 

I left her for a couple of weeks afterwards before I summoned her
again; I didn't want her getting too used to it. I needed to keep her
fresh for me; I didn't want her to actually start to enjoy it too much
now did I? Besides I needed to keep upping the ante with her to keep it
exciting for myself; as you know it's all about the power as well as
the shag for me! 

I had taken her out earlier in our 'relationship' to the gay area the
nearby city for a meal and to a club and I had taken her out to a
dogging site and pimped her out. This time I decided to combine the two
and take her to one of the more extreme clubs in the same gay area of
the city. 

The club I chose was one that I had visited a couple of times in the
past; it was a discreet, members' only place. The sort of place where
anything goes, fetish, S+M, sub/DOM, bondage, gang-bangs, it even had
its own torture chamber and dark-rooms. With a licensed bar and a very
liberal attitude to drugs; the perfect venue!

Most of the clientele were T-girls and their admirers; some sub, some
DOM and vice versa. I had found it an intoxicating, heady mix of the
various permutations present whenever I had previously visited. The DOM
guys with their little sub, tranny slave-girls; the DOMME trannys with
their sub guys. The DOM guys with sweet little chicken gay-boys; even
the DOMME trannys with other trannys as their slaves. 

I sent her the text on the Friday evening telling her to be at my place
for 6PM the next day. Then I went into town and picked up the outfit I
wanted her to wear for the Saturday evening. I knew in my minds eye
just what I wanted it to be; I wanted her to look like the fantasy
image of the classic submissive sex-slave.

She arrived on the Saturday bang on time, just like I would have
expected of her; she was very well trained by now I thought smugly to
myself. By 8PM she was made-up and wearing her outfit for the night; I
gave her a drink and a smoke and explained this evenings' program to
her as she nodded submissively.

"Tonight honey we are going out again; you will be obedient and obey me
at all times. Do you understand?" She again nodded her eyes downcast.
"We are going to a club where you will show everyone present just what
a good little girl you are, Katie."

I handed her a bottle of poppers and a lube capsule to slip up her cunt
later, wrapped a jacket round her shoulders and directed her towards
the kitchen. As we exited the house and reached the car, I shoved her
towards the door I had opened for her I growled at her to, "Get in
bitch; come on let's go"


And so I found myself once again in a situation beyond my control. I
was sat in his car speeding along the motorway to my fate wearing only
the flimsiest most delicate of outfits. A very short, very thin black
toga-type dress, with a pair of six-inch heeled, black sandals; the
ankle straps winding up my calf to fastened with a small padlock
halfway up.                 

Underneath I had on only a pair of very sheer, black, silk stockings
attached to a hot, bright pink suspender-belt with matching bra and G-
string. My little clitty was fitted snugly against the sensual girly
material; it was almost becoming second nature to be a slut now!

My shoulder length blond hair was washed, brushed and smelling sweet as
a girls complimenting the heavy perfume I was wearing. I had thickened
my eyelashes with mascara and applied the foundation, deep pink
lipstick, blusher and dark eye-shadow. 

I had also put on the accessories he had left out for me. They
consisted of two one inch wide bright pink leather wrist straps with a
couple of large silver D-rings attached and a longer matching collar
with D-rings attached to wear around my neck. 

I was feeling pretty stoned and a little tipsy from the drink and joint
he had given me before we left; so I decided to make the best of the
evening. I watched him out of the corner of my eye as he was driving; I
wondered if he would notice me sat beside him in the passenger seat?

It was just a little experiment on my behalf; I wriggled my panties
down to my knees and looking straight at him I slipped the little lube
capsule up my bottom. It had the desired effect, his head spun around
to watch me in action; I had to remind him to keep his eyes upon the

It was almost as if, that just for a brief moment in time I actually
had some degree of control over the situation. It was weird but I felt
that I had some strange feminine power. It suddenly dawned on me that
even though guys think that they are in control; often in reality they
are in fact, slaves to their own dicks, it is the object of their lust
that ultimately has the power! 

Interesting, I thought to myself; if as I had surmised he derived so
much pleasure from coercing me into femininity, would he still get as
much of a buzz out of it if he thought I was actually enjoying it? Just
maybe I could call his bluff and get him to become bored with me? It
was an idea that would require some future thought; not now though, as
we drove through the city and pulled up into a car park.

It was off a side street across from a club; he got out of the car and
came round to my side and opened the door. He reached inside and
clipped a lead to the D-ring on my collar and gave it a little tug.
"Come on girl, follow me" He hissed as he strolled towards the club

I gathered that this must be a members' only club as he signed us both
in at the reception area and I followed him upstairs. The heavy beat of
the music boomed louder as we entered a darkened bar area with a DJ and
dance floor. The layout itself was unremarkable; what was unusual
however was the clientele! 

It was a much wilder venue than the one we had visited before; that had
been almost normal compared with this. Where that had been a straight
forward type of place, albeit that most of the 'girls' were in fact
trannys, this was definitely a fetish club. In the last place the
'girls' were dressed quite girly and natural, in this one there was a
lot more PVC, leather, etc; and not just on the 'girls', some of the
guys were attired likewise. 

Another gentle tug on my lead prompted me to follow him towards the
bar; he ordered us both a drink and led me over to a booth. When he sat
down on the end of the seat he clicked his fingers and gestured to me
to kneel at his feet; I was a little taken aback but I complied with
his wishes.

I knelt there and took in the surrounding scene as he took my wrists,
pulled them behind my back and fastened them together by attaching a
short, clip-on chain to the D-rings on my wrist-bands. It was like a
scene from a Marquis De Sade novel; Masters, Mistresses and slaves
where everywhere. 

It was obvious now why he had chosen this outfit for me; I looked like
a nymphet slave-girl at an orgy. I was grateful to take a mouthful of
the drink he held for me; as I swallowed it he leaned over and
whispered to me, "You will do anything I or anyone else I give you to
orders you to do tonight sweetheart. You will not let me down or you
will be fucking punished harshly; do you understand Katie?"

I didn't want to even imagine just what he meant by 'punishing me
harshly' meant; I was in no position to argue now was I? So I just
replied to him, "Yes Sir; I am your good little girl Sir."
"I know you are Katie," he said smiling.

Within minutes a guy approached; he was tall and slim with short
greying hair; I judged his age to be about fifty or so? After speaking
to Mr Wilton for a couple of minutes; I couldn't make out what he said
because of the loud music, he turned to face me and unfastened his
leather pants. 

Mr Wilton passed the end of my lead to him and sat back to watch the
unfolding scene. The stranger didn't speak to me or even acknowledge my
existence; he just flopped his cock out so that it was staring me in
the face and tugged my lead. I took him into my mouth and worked him
like a professional! 

It wasn't long before I was 'rewarded' with a mouthful of hot, thick,
salty semen; so I lapped it up and swallowed as I was expected to do.
On finishing my little show others came over to our booth; I was told
to stand up while I was appraised by two guys and a couple of leather-
clad tranny dommes. 

They made me bend over the table so that they could pull my G-string
aside and examine my 'pussy'. I lost track of time as first one then
another cock violated my stretched and vulnerable hole. Like the night
at the dogging site; I was passed around like blow-up doll and fucked
repeatedly in both my open orifices.  

I was dragged around the club by my lead by my Master and other people;
pushed into the dark-rooms, the booths and onto the stage to be
assaulted orally and anally by assorted and numerous hard, erect
pricks. Some of them belonged to the other 'girls' present; thankfully
I became more and more disorientated as the evening progressed. 

Finally I was conscious of being out in the fresh air; I opened my eyes
and realised we were outside of the club heading towards his car. I
collapsed with exhaustion into the front seat of his car and drifted
off into a drug-fucked sleep. I woke up outside of my own house; my
panties all wet and sticky, the taste of semen still fresh on my


She had been a good girl that night in the club; I had long known that
I had her beaten, but that night she had proven it once again. It was
5AM by the time we got back to our home town; I was so tired and fucked
out that I just wanted rid of her so that I could get home and get some

I had taken her home front door key out of her jeans pocket when she
had been upstairs getting ready at my house earlier and stashed it in
the glove compartment in my car. So I drove directly to her house and
parked outside.

"Good night sweetheart," I said as I kissed her and groped her crotch.
"Time to call it a night, see you soon" I added as I handed her the
key, lent over and opened the passenger door for her. 

Her house was in darkness as she tottered up the path in her heels. If
she was quick she could get up to her room, strip, take off her make-up
and get in bed before any of her family caught her. Although that was
her problem not mine; I was already on my way home before she got to
her door.

Actually driving the bitch to her own house also showed her that I knew
where she lived, a little something extra for her to think about in the
morning. She now knew that I knew just where to find her, if and when I
needed her; another little nail in the coffin of her free will! 

For the next twelve months or so I summoned her on average twice a
month to spend anything from one evening to several evenings with me as
my 'girlfriend'. It all depended on my free time and my sexual desires;
I once arranged for us both to have a week off work together so that
she could move in with me and be my 'wife' for the duration. 

Sometimes I invited one or more of the guys from work to join us; I
found it knitted us together as a team. Kinda like a male bonding
exercise with a difference, it had always worked in prison; when you
have gang-banged a slut together it gave you a shared secret. As it was
my own personal bitch that I was sharing with them it got me a kind of
respect and loyalty off the chaps too.

I made several more movies with my girl Katie; sometimes getting one of
the guys to film me fucking her and sometimes I filmed them fucking
her. I was astounded to find out just how big a market there was for
this type of film. My contacts in the porn business were always asking
for more; I made several grand out of the enterprise.

We did quite a few live internet shows as well and each one of them was
well subscribed to in advance. There seemed to be thousands of guys out
there that liked to watch a pretty little tranny getting plenty of cock
and being covered in cum. On occasions I even took it a stage further;
she was no stranger to men's cocks now and she knew how to please one!
Why not make a bit more money out of her? 

I pimped her out to discreet and discerning punters that could afford a
couple of hours or so with her. It had started quite by accident really
when one a middle-aged man that had been watching one of our online
performances e-mailed me. He offered me three hundred pounds in cash to
have her go round to his place and spend three or four hours with him.

As he didn't live far away, I thought why not? I took her there myself,
introduced myself to him, took the money and went back to pick her up
four hours later. She must have put on a good show for him as he used
her professional services again a couple of times over the next few

It spread a little further too like all good businesses, by word of
mouth with several other guys contacting me to request a 'paid for'
meeting with her. I charged ninety pounds an hour for a minimum two
hour 'date' with her; I would take her round either to their houses or
to a hotel room and pick her up afterwards. 

It wasn't that I really needed the money, as I have said before the job
I have at the store is only really half of the story. I got paid a lot
more off real owners of the place to keep an eye on their laundered
money so the official title and salary of security manager wasn't the
whole picture!

Also I was involved in several other criminal activities with contacts
I had made in prison and in my underworld life that more than paid the
bills. I just used the money I made off my whore as petty cash; it was
more a case of trying to keep the buzz of her submission fresh than
actually for the money.

You see I had been fucking my little princess for over a year now and
you know how it is guys? It doesn't matter how hot the piece of ass is
you are shagging, eventually you start to get a little bored. I think
it is just natural for a guy after a while to wanna push a girl as far
as possible.

Especially for me, because as you know I get off more on the
domination, the bending and subverting some cunts will to my own
requirements. Usually when I had done this sort of thing before it had
been in the completely different environment of the prison system.

Inside there, things have a different dynamic to out here in the real
world; in there your relationships with your 'girls' only last a few
months before one of you is transferred, released, etc. With Katie it
was not like that, there was no natural ending to this; she was
compelled to keep answering my summonses for as long as I kept sending

The main problem was that she started to be appearing to get too used
to it; at times she even looked like she was enjoying it. That was not
what I wanted at all; I wanted the thrill of forcing her to do
something she was unfamiliar with, something that scared her. Now she
was giggling, playing with her long blond hair and even flirting with
me when we were together!

It was time for us both to move on; I had taken her as far as I could
now. I had fucked her pretty little mouth and cute little pussy so many
times; from every conceivable angle and position. I had shot my cum up
her cunt, in her mouth, over her face, in her hair, on her tits, on her
ass, her tummy and back; in short I had used her 'every which way but

I had dressed her in every fantasy look I could think of, maid, whore,
sex-slave, school-girl, secretary, etc. Filmed her and sold the movies
of her performing all acts of feminine, sexual degradation with one,
two, three and even four blokes at once. Taken her out dressed like a
slut to fetish clubs and dogging areas; what else could I do with her
now to keep it how I wanted?

The answer was to get rid of her and find some new pussy. I had a joint
and gave it some thought. The answer came to me like a bolt from the
blue; I knew just what to do. I picked up my mobile phone a sent a text
to her.
I would inform her of my decision for her future then. 


It took me quite a long time to convey my new attitude over to my
Master. I had realised that it was the buzz of dominance and control
that motivated him more than anything else. That night in the car when
I had pulled up my dress and inserted a lube capsule had shown me my
way out of this!

The way he had watched me as I slipped it inside me had shown me the
path I must follow. The penny had dropped, I had sussed him out; he
would only want me for as long as he was getting the thrill of coercing
me and making me do something that I obviously didn't want to do. If I
could persuade him that I was actually enjoying this perversion of his;
then maybe he would get bored and let me go?

In the meantime I had to endure many more trials and tribulations along
the way. I am not sure which was worse, being gang-banged, being filmed
or being whored out; they were all degrading in their own way. Trying
to look like I was actually enjoying them was very difficult.

One night he had me dress in the maids outfit again; making me wait-on
for him and three of his mates while they played poker. During the
evening I was made to suck them all off and go with each of them in
turn, over to the sofa and give them a little more! I can assure you
that even though I was no longer a virgin; that particular evening left
me tender and sore for several days after. 

Other nights had been spent on all-fours doing my best to try and
satisfy two or more guys whilst the camera rolled on; all the while
earning him more and more money off my overworked little ass. 

The first time he actually pimped me out to a punter was difficult for
me to except. In the past he had always been present when other men
used me; this cold hard business transaction made me feel very cheap.
Especially when I saw him count out then pocket the money; he had sold
my ass to another man! 

At least when he was present I thought that he was doing it for his own
sexual stimulation; when I was alone with some strange guy at his house
or at a hotel I knew that Wilton was just using me like a fucking

That first night he had just told me straight out after I had got ready
for him that he was taking me over to meet someone. He had quite
nonchalantly explained that this guy was giving him three hundred quid
for a few hours with me. That I was to be a good girl and do everything
and anything the nice man asked of me. 

I realised why I was dressed as I was as he explained what this
evenings' client wanted. I was to pretend that I was his private
secretary and work in the office room of his house; which consisted of
a desk, two chairs and a sofa. The tight, black, knee-length pencil
skirt that I was wearing made it awkward to walk in. It was fitted high
on my waist and I was wearing a black clincher as a belt. The heels
didn't help either; they were a size too small to fit comfortably. 

I had been given a tight, white, silk blouse, black stockings and white
bra, panties and a deep six-strap suspender-belt. The next few hours
where spent either over his knee being called a naughty girl and
spanked, on my knees sucking his cock begging him not to spank my poor
little bottom again. Or spread over the desk or sofa with his prick
buried deep inside my ass!

Like anything else in life, once you have done something for the first
time the second time gets easier. I was visiting Mr Wilton's house
several times a month now; sometimes I was given clothes to wear for a
'romantic' evening alone with him. Sometimes I was given other racier
outfits and taken out to visit 'clients'.

I needed the time alone with him though to give my plan any chance of
working. I had to be bubbly and girly when I was with him; I had to
make him think that I was enjoying being his 'girl' now. This I did
many times taking his cock in my mouth and ass like a real girl should;
giggling, jiggling, moaning and bouncing like a good girl should do on
the end of her mans' cock! 

I certainly didn't need telling by now just how he wanted me to act or
what he wanted me to say; the game now, was to make him think I was
loving it. Only by doing this could I hope to make him lose interest.
As I suspected, after a while I detected in him a certain lack of
interest; he was only a man after all! 

I had been fucked in each hole from each angle every fucking time by
now; it would soon be over. I mean what more could he possibly get out
of me now? I read his latest text
At the time I didn't realise just how soon things were gonna change! 

I dutifully arrived at his house the following evening; fully shaved as
usual. Quickly undressed in the utility room, went upstairs and
showered before heading to my dressing room to prepare myself. I was
quite adept at applying my make-up now and quickly put on the clothes
that I was to wear.

These were a little lime green lycra dress, white bra and panties, tan
hold-ups and white hi-heels. With my blond hair and large hoop ear-
rings I looked like a cheap suburban girl on a night out in the big

I walked downstairs as if I was on some sort of automatic pilot; I was
so used to this scenario that I just clicked into my almost natural
submissive, girly mode. He didn't waste much time in getting me
sufficiently drunk and drugged so that I was putty in his hands!

Within thirty minutes or so he had me over the arm of the chair with my
skirt hitched up, my panties down and my ass up in the air, begging for
his cock inside me. It was only after he had emptied his balls inside
me that he told me to, "Straighten yourself up bitch, sit up and listen
to me. You've been a good little bitch for your man this last year or
so and I have decided to reward you by giving you your freedom, but it
is conditional on you helping me with my next project?"

I pulled up my panties squirming as I felt his cum dampen them and
turned to listen to him as he explained in detail just what he wanted
me to do. He spoke slowly and made me repeat his instructions to make
sure we both knew that I understood.

Later that night when I was at home, showered, stoned and in bed I
reflected on what he had told me to do in order to gain my freedom from
him. It was so cruel and cynical a thing he demanded from me that I lay
awake for hours wrestling with my conscious. Could I be so cruel,
selfish and heartless to save my own ass? 

When I woke up the next day I knew what I must do; sexual, transvestite
slavery for the foreseeable future or the chance to wipe out this last
year and get on with life. I was still only young I reasoned I could
still try and get back with my ex-girlfriend; I would do as he had
asked and bury any guilt under the justification of self-preservation.


I had been lucky when I first left home to go to university in a large
town about ninety miles away from my home. I had got the course I
wanted, at the place I wanted and very soon found a room and even a
part-time job in a local department store. It was easy to make friends
at university and life really was a laugh.

Of course when you are a student having a laugh is synonymous with
having recreational drugs. When you are a first year student from
another town mixing with other first year students from other towns;
you soon realise that you are paying top dollar for your drugs!

That's why having a part-time job and mixing with local people was
useful, I got friendly with a couple of guys from work, even had a
drunken one night stand with a fit bird from the sports department.
Steve off menswear had befriended me within a couple of weeks of me
starting there. 

He had come over and sat next to me in the canteen on lunchtime and we
got chatting about football, girls, nights out and partying; of course
the subject of drugs came up. It turned out that Steve could supply me
with as much coke, ketamine, weed and E's as I wanted; and at a bargain
price as well!

Over the next few weeks I went out with Steve quite a few times; we got
drunk and drugged out of our heads together. He forwarded me a lot of
drugs to sell on to the other students; letting me have them on credit.
One night when we were in a club off our heads he mentioned the subject
of stealing from work and how everybody was at it!

He asked me if there was anything in the store that I fancied? I know
now in hindsight that I should just have laughed it off but I didn't; I
thought it was just a drunken laugh so I said, "Yea Steve, there is
that pair of Hugo Boss jeans, but I ain't paying £120 for them. No-one
with a brain pays that."

He laughed.

A couple of days later at work my supervisor told me to go down to the
basement to assist Steve from menswear in tidying the main stockroom.
We hadn't been in there long when he held up a pair of Hugo Boss jeans
and said, "Here you go mate, try these on and if they fit, stick them
up your shirt."

With that he threw them towards me then turned around and walked away
laughing. "All yours, look I ain't even looking!"

Greed and the fact that I trusted Steve got the better of me and after
trying on the jeans I rolled them up and stuck them up my shirt. I
followed his instructions to go straight to the locker and hide them. I
retrieved them on my lunch-break, took them home and returned for the
afternoon shift.

It was the perfect crime, or so I thought; two days later I received a
DVD through the mail. I watched in horror as it showed me in the
stockroom stealing the pair of jeans; what I did not notice was the
fact that the film showed only me in the actual act of stealing; there
was no sign of Steve! It must have been when he had walked away and was
edited to show only my role in the events.

Later that evening I received a text on my mobile from an unknown
number, it read.

I texted the number back asking.
But the only answer I received was.
My first reaction was to phone Steve but his phone was turned off; he
wasn't in work the next couple of days either. I wondered if he had
received a DVD and strange text as well. 

By the Friday evening I was frantic with worry, where was he and what
was going on? I knew that I would have to go round to that address and
I would have liked to have known what Steve made of it all. I showered
got dressed and headed over to my destiny.

I found the place easy enough it wasn't that far from my home and rang
the doorbell. It was answered by a large-built guy from work; I didn't
know him to speak to but Steve had pointed him out in the canteen his
name was Wilton. I seemed to remember being told that he was the
security manager which would account for how he had got hold of the
incriminating CCTV footage. 

He looked me up and down with a sneering grin upon his face and told me
to come in. I followed him into the dimly lit living-room.
"Sit down Jason." He motioned to a chair. "What would you like to

I told him that just a beer would be fine; to which he answered, "You
heard that Katie, go get our guest a beer"

It was only then that I noticed a girl sat in the armchair in the
darkened corner. Without a word she stood up and sashayed across the
room in very exaggerated and sexy way. She was tall, blond and slim
with long legs and pert tits jutting out; I couldn't make out her face
properly in the poor light but she looked pretty fucking fit from where
I was sitting!

I assumed that Katie or whatever her name was must be Wilton's bird or
maybe his wife; although the way he had spoken to her didn't sound like
he had that much respect for her. It had always made me wonder why some
girls will put up with that kinda thing; some girls even seem to like
it. Maybe they don't have too much respect for themselves in the first
place; silly tarts! 

She returned with my drink and as she approached me the first thing I
noticed was her high heels and stocking-clad legs, the tight sexy black
dress and the smell of her perfume. I was taking in the view when she
spoke, "Your drink Jason"

There was something familiar about her voice that made me jump; I
looked up at her face as she bent towards me and my vision of the
perfect sexy girl collapsed for I realised that Katie was in fact
Steve! It was like biting into a juicy ripe peach and finding a worm; I
didn't know where to look, what to think, how to react? My first
instinct was to laugh but I stifled it as the full horror of my
position sank in.

This obviously wasn't a joke; so just what the fuck was going on? I
looked at Steve/Katie but he/she refused to meet my eye; it was then
that I realised that whatever the night had in store for me, it was not
gonna be good! I was sat here with to very strange people that had a
potential black-mailing tape of me. 

I quickly deduced from the way Wilton had spoke to Steve/Katie and the
way he/she had obeyed and acted. Plus the way he/she had been ashamed
to catch my eye made me think that whatever it was that was going in
here indicated that it was Wilton that was pulling the strings.

I sat back with the drink and took the joint he offered; this scene was
so surreal it was gonna take any available form of intoxication to take
in! Wilton sat down beside me and outlined my options to me; I was
right to think that it was not gonna be good. 

As he talked I looked at Katie; I thought of her as Katie now only a
girl would sell a mate out like this, a man never would! She sat with
her head bowed and I realised that she really didn't have any choice in
this. In fact she probably never had been my mate it was all just a set
up from the beginning to lead me here. It made me question just what
would I do in her place; it also made me realise that ultimately it
would be me in her place, with all that entails!


I could see it dawning on Jason that I had betrayed him; that I had
deliberately befriended him only to set him up like this. I didn't know
which way to look when he stared at me; I felt so fucking ashamed,
guilty even dirty, I had knowingly entrapped another young man into the
same shit situation that I had been forced to endure. 

I sensed his fear and confusion as I remembered how I had felt all that
time ago when I first fell into Wilton's trap. I could also tell from
his reactions and body language that he was gonna make the same mistake
as I had done. Part of me wanted to shout out to him to tell Wilton to
fuck off and run while you can. My selfish instinct for self
preservation stopped me however; it was him or me now!

Just like I had done he would think that he could get away with giving
Wilton a blow-job and that would be it. Just like me he would find out
that it was all being secretly filmed and he was in fact just digging
himself in even deeper by cooperating. He would learn like I had done
that there is no negotiating or reasoning with a man like Wilton; he
was just a cold, hard, nasty bastard with a thing for young slim guys
in panties and stockings! 

I sat there impassively numb to the proceedings as first Wilton got
Jason to strip and put on the panties. Jason gave me a long last
forlorn look as he slipped them on; I stared back trying to convey some
empathy to him with my eyes and hoped he understood my position in all
this. I think we all three of us present realised that Mr Wilton had a
new bitch as Jason slid to his knees in front of his/her new Master.

I was snapped back to my senses by the sound of the doorbell; my 'date'
had arrived. As Wilton obviously had other plans for this evening and
wouldn't be requiring the use of my body; he had pimped it out to
someone else. I was booked on an all-nighter; escorting a married guy
in his fifties around the bars and clubs of the gay area in the nearby

His wife was away and he wanted to indulge his urge to be with and to
fuck pretty little trannys. He was after the secret girlfriend/mistress
scenario; meal, couple of bars, maybe a club then back to the hotel he
had pre-booked near the gay 'village'. The plan was that he would drive
me back and drop me off at Wilton's about lunchtime the next day. 

I don't think either Wilton or Jason noticed me leave as Jason's head
was buried in Wilton's crotch. I opened the front door to a reasonably
attractive tall middle aged guy; he was dressed smartly and had
obviously showered as he gave off an aroma of soap and aftershave.

"Good evening Katie," he said as he handed me an envelope.

"Good evening Mr Jones," I replied; the envelope felt thick I wondered
just how much this Mr Jones and Wilton valued my ass at? I slipped it
into Wilton's jacket pocket hung up in the hall, grabbed my coat and
left with my 'client'. 

I would never know how much was in there as that was Mr Jones and my
Master's business not mine; my business was to please the client. And
do it I would because this may just be the last time I will ever have
to do this! 

If Wilton had a new bitch he may just let me go; he had inferred as
much to me to get me to help entrap his new victim; I just hoped he
kept to his word! Mr Jones seemed nice enough; all I had to do was be a
good girl for him for one more night; at least that's what I hoped! 

The evening went pretty good, we parked up in the hotel car-park went
for a meal in a near-by Italian place and on to some of the local bars.
I had to admit that in this particular part of the city I didn't feel
overly conspicuous dressed as I was. It was a very mixed crowd in the
village; male and female, gay and straight; and I certainly wasn't the
only tranny in the village!

There were dozens varying from the most convincing pretty young things
right up to the old 'ladies'. Transvestites, transsexuals, drag-queens
and fetishists; all there to display their alternative personas. After
the meal we hit a few bars; Mr Jones or Micheal as he insisted I call
him was as it turned out somewhat of a gentleman, thank god!

At his suggestion we skipped the club and went straight back to his
hotel room; where he had some champagne and some coke. He had been very
polite and considerate with me on our 'date' quite charming and
seductive; I was ready to perform my primary role for the night, that
as one of a professional whore.

He wasted no time in taking off my dress and guiding my head down onto
his penis. I knelt before him as he sat on the edge of the bed and
applied all my considerable knowledge of 'how to give a man a blow-job'

It wasn't long before he started to groan and ejaculated into my mouth
to which I made an exaggerated show of swallowing it. Men always like
to see their bitches swallow; it makes them feel in control. He pulled
me up onto the bed and massaged my bottom as I lay on my tummy.

I could feel his cock stiffen against my thigh and knew that I would
soon have to allow him to insert his hard penis inside my ass-hole. His
finger slipped inside my panties and entered me; I allowed him to pull
me up onto all fours as he crouched in position behind me. My panties
were slowly pulled down leaving me open and vulnerable. I heard him
spit and felt his saliva land on my 'pussy'; he rubbed it in and
applied some lube.

I knew what was coming next so I took a hit of poppers; that and the
dab of ketamine I had rubbed inside me earlier should blot out the
reality of just what I was doing. His hands ran up my stocking clad
thighs and over my smooth bum, I flinched and groaned as he took me
like a bitch.

That's how he first took me; my head down in the pillow and my ass up
in the air; pussy splayed and inviting. Although he took me several
more times that night, me on my back legs around his neck; me on top
and the reverse cow-girl too. Hey I had learnt just how to be a good
little whore by now. I knew how to please a man with my mouth, my
hands, me ass, with whatever he wanted!

I made him cum several times that night and we both collapsed into a
deep sleep. The next morning he fucked me again before allowing me to
take a shower and slip on a pair of girls-cut jeans and a pink top.
Then he drove me back to Wilton's; as I got out of his car he handed me
two fifty pound notes and said, "Here you go sweetheart, something for
yourself." "You were a fantastic fuck," he added as he wound up the
window and drove off. 

Well whoopee I thought to myself at least I have got something for
myself after I had allowed him to use my body all night long. Maybe I
was getting cynical after everything I had been put through since I had
stupidly stolen that fucking shirt. I just hoped that it had worked out
for Wilton and he had found a new girlfriend and I would be free.

As much as I emphasised and felt sorry for Jason; it was him or me. If
Wilton was happy with Jasmine as he already called her; then I would be
free to resign from the store and move on with my life; or so I hoped.
I went upstairs to his bedroom; he was in bed alone, he awoke as I
entered the room and said, "You will be pleased to know that Jasmine
worked out fine honey. Now get your bitch ass in bed, I am tired and I
am sure you must be too". 


Mmmmm sweet little Jasmine, as I soon christened her; what a perfect
little girl she quickly learned to be. No sooner had my other whore
left on her 'appointment' I pulled Jasmine up and showed her the
playback from my hidden camera. I could tell already that I had got
her; I could see the look of fear and resignation in her eyes. 

She was looking a bit too used to it these days; too resigned, too
submissive at times almost as if the cunt was actually enjoying it.
That is why I got Katie to help me trap a bit of fresh meat; offering
her a hope of freedom in return. 

Still, I thought to myself, Katie has been a good girl I will decide
her fate tomorrow; tonight I break in Jasmine. I had her in the
bathroom, showered, shaved all over and learning to apply her make up
in no time; this evening was only ever gonna end one way and it did!

She had tried to argue, tried to beg even tried to attack me at one
stage but was quickly subdued with a slap. As she recoiled in fear I
knew I had her beaten; she was mine now. She quickly put on the same
type of colour and style panties, bra, suspender-belt and stockings;
with the heels, mini and blouse that Katie had worn that first night.
It was my favourite 'virgin to be deflowered' look. 

All pink and white girly, sexy clothes; the little 'girl next door'
look. Only she wasn't gonna be a virgin by the time she left here
tonight. I went through my tried and tested brain-washing with threats
of violence and black-mail technique until I had her were I wanted her.

Which was on the sofa, on her back, legs up in the air, skirt hitched
up with her panties around her ankles. My big cock pressing into her
unwilling yet submissive little pussy as she sobbed and repeated my
phrases like
"How she was a lucky little girl to have a man take her virginity"
"How it hurt but she was willing to endure it all for her Master"

I shot my load in her and pulled out so as the rest of my cum would
drop down her face; I wanted her to feel like the completely wanton
slut that she looked like to me right now! I had her several more times
that night, in the living room, the landing and the bedroom.

By six o clock in the morning I was completely fucked out; I had got
myself a new 'girlfriend', now what to do with Katie? I told Jasmine to
get dressed and fuck off home; I just wanted to sleep before my other
bitch got home. 


It must have been about six in the morning when Wilton finally told me
to get dressed and fuck off. I scurried out of his bedroom, ripping off
the remaining feminine garments, sobbing with relieve. I found my own
clothes, got dressed and left. I walked the short distance home in the
cold dark morning; bits of make-up still on my face, stinking of
perfume and cum dribbling out of my bottom. 

I was numb with the shock of it all, how I had been trapped and turned
out as a mans bitch complete with all the girly clothes, etc. I hoped
that this would be the end of it; but no doubt poor Steve had thought
that too. I had done everything that Wilton had demanded of me; I
decided that I wouldn't bother going back to work after my days off. I
really didn't wanna see either Wilton or Steve/Katie ever again; I just
wanted to put it behind me and get on with my life.

I showered before I went to bed, I felt dirty and used; fortunately my
parents and sister were still asleep and I was able to get to bed
without seeing them. After an evening like I had just experienced I was
in no mood for conversation with anyone! 

Two days later I received a package through the mail; I opened it and
saw a plain, unmarked DVD disc. I knew what it was straight away and
even though I was reluctant to view it curiosity got the better of me.
I sat in my bedroom dumbstruck, it was worse than I thought; it should
me dressed as a girl in various sexual positions. Although it was easy
to make out from the movie it was me; it was impossible from the angles
to make out Wilton's face.

This didn't look good, why had he recorded what had happened and why
had he sent me a copy to prove that he had recorded it? I didn't have
to wait for too long as the following day I received another letter
through the post it read.


On reading the letter my knees went weak; I sat down and read it again.
My heart was beating faster and a cold clammy sweat enveloped my body;
my stomach was twisting into knots and I almost threw up. What did he
mean by referring to me as his 'new girlfriend'; how long would he want
me to be his 'girlfriend for? 

I wasn't that naïve that I didn't realise at least some of what this
would entail; my bottom still felt a little sore from my last encounter
with him. But what else would he want me to do and for how long? I knew
that whatever it was I would have to play along with it for he had me
trapped. I sat there sobbing as I contemplated my next visit to my
'boyfriends' house; Friday would soon come!

If only I had known then just what would happen to me over the next
year or so I would have torn up the letter, quit my job and taken my
chances; but I was silly enough to think that it would only be a one
off thing. I should have realised that at some time in the past Steve
must have thought that as well!


I felt quite optimistic when I awoke the next morning; although I felt
a complete cunt about what I had done to Jason, I had helped Wilton
find a replacement for me. I realised that I would no longer be needed
by the bastard; this would hopefully be my last weekend here. As it
transpired, it was; although not in the way that I had naively hoped!

I got up showered and instinctively put on my make-up, retouched my
nail-varnish and brushed my hair. It had become such a familiar routine
now I did not even think about it. I put on the clothes that he had
left out for me; the black hold-ups, bra and G-string, with the black
silky, flared mini-skirt, the tight, red, cropped T-shirt and black
knee high four inch heeled suede boots. To complete the look I put in a
pair of large silver hoop ear-rings and a matching ring for my navel.

Wilton was in the kitchen when I got downstairs he smiled at me and
wished me, "Good morning princess."

To which I replied, "Good morning Sir."

He seemed quite pleasant and cheery as he passed me a coffee and some
breakfast; this in itself was a first for him, it was usually me
serving him!

"Jasmine was a good girl last night honey," he continued. "In fact she
was so good that she is gonna be my new bitch from now on."

I looked up at him my eyes widening in hope as he said, "So this is
gonna be your last visit here, these will be our last couple of days
together then you will never have give me your ass ever again. You will
be free to go and get on with your life!"

Oh thank god I thought to myself; any vestige of guilt about Jason that
I had was overwhelmed with the relief I felt. Wilton spoke again.
"For a special treat we are gonna go down south to the capital city for
a couple of days; it will be something to remember our time together
by. I have friends down there that we can stay with; I will take you
out to all the tranny bars and clubs and treat you like a princess.
It's the least I can do for you as a reward," he added with a laugh.

So that was it then; two more days with the cunt and would be free to
go! He didn't need me anymore; I almost started sobbing on the spot.
All I had to do was continue playing along with his game, as I had done
for over a year now already and I would be out of this shit forever. 
"I have already packed a couple of suitcases for you; all the clothes
and make-up you will need. Now eat your breakfast and let's go," he

It was two hundred miles to the capital city but as it was quiet on the
roads we were soon there. It wasn't a place that I was that familiar
with; it was large, dirty and very ethnically mixed. It was the kinda
place that was large enough to cater for every market, vice and need.
The kinda place that his criminal and prison connections would really
count for something. 

We didn't speak much on the way down, we both knew that this was the
end; only we were both were thinking completely different outcomes.
After driving through the city for a while we pulled up in a parking

"We're here," he said as he got out. "Let's go."

He came round and opened the door for me, took my arm as I got out of
the car and escorted me across the car lot and into a service entrance
of what looked like a bar or night club. It obviously wasn't open yet
as it was still early and all the lights were on. It looked a pretty
seedy sort of a place and I wondered what we were doing here as I
thought we were staying at his friends place?

There were a couple of large, shaven headed, security-type guys hanging
around at the bar that Wilton seemed to know, as he addressed them by

"Where's the boss Peter?" he said to one.

We followed his directions to the back office where I first had the
misfortune of meeting the owner.

He was a nasty sleazy looking cunt, middle aged, black hair and
moustache; wearing a white linen suit and a black silk shirt, opened to
show of his gold medallion and hairy chest He spoke with a foreign
accent; I guessed he was from the Mediterranean, Balkans or possibly
North Africa.

He greeted Wilton like an old friend then turned to look at me as he
sat back down behind his desk.

"So this is your bitch then my friend; she looks pretty good. Where did
you find her Andy?"

Wilton quickly filled him in with the details of our 'relationship'. I
looked at the floor in shame and embarrassment as this guy coldly
assessed me, "What's her name Andy?"

"Katie," Wilton replied.

"Come here bitch," he barked at me.

I looked at Wilton for guidance but he just nodded for me to obey. 

"Can the cunt dance?" he asked. "And more importantly can she suck

"Why don't ya try her out buddy?" answered Wilton. "I'll be in the
bar," he added.

As Wilton closed the door behind him the guy said to me, "My name is MR
Barani; fuck with me and I will fucking kill you."

As if to emphasise his point he opened his jacket to reveal a shoulder
holstered gun.  

"Now come here bitch."

I did as I was told and walked over round his desk to stand beside
where he was sat. He reached up and grabbed my breast. "Real?" he

"N-n-no Mr Barani," I stuttered. "Silicon fake breasts."

"Mmmmm shame; still we'll see you may be worth some further investment
in the future."

His comment left me somewhat confused; although I was too scared to ask
him just what he meant. I had never seen a gun first hand before and it
had shaken me up; this Barani was a real live fucking gangster, just
what could he want from me?

I didn't have time to dwell on it for too long as he forced his hand up
my skirt and clasped my buttock causing me to jump.
"Nice ass," he said as his finger probed my opening. He stood up,
grabbed my hair and forced me to my knees. "You know what to do bitch,
now get to work."

He opened his pants and his cock jumped out; it was huge at least ten
inches long and thick too, bigger than Wilton's even and that was
pretty big. I worked his monster cock with my tongue, my fingertips, my
lips and even my tonsils; it was second nature to me now. Whenever a
man's penis was put in front of my face I instinctively attempted to
give him the best blow-job that he had ever had. I had learned from
experience that if I can get them off in my mouth than I may be spared
an ass-fucking. 

It tasted sweaty and musky and I struggled to get him into my mouth. He
"helped' me by pulling me by the hair onto him nearly choking me in the
process. He wasn't going to let me get away with just a blow job
though; he stopped himself from cumming and pulled me up. I was spun
around and pushed down over the desk as he moved behind me, kicked my
feet apart and lifted up my skirt.

"Mmmmm very nice bitch; you got a fucking great ass and a lovely little

I felt my G-string being pulled to the side and felt the cool lube drop
onto my hole. He pushed it inside me with his finger and opened me up
for him.

"I'm gonna fuck you bitch," he laughed, spitting on my opened sex-hole.

I was quite used to having lengths of cock inside me by now but never
one this big and without drugs, alcohol and poppers too! I must admit
it hurt, he didn't give a fuck it was a rape; I was just a piece of
meat to him. I was almost sobbing as the door opened and Wilton came in
carrying my two suitcases that had been in the car.

"How is she then buddy? I told you she was good didn't I; what do you

"Yea she's not bad Andy," Barani answered. "I'll take her."

What did he mean I'll take her what was going on? I looked up at Wilton
imploringly but he didn't even glance at me; this looked pretty fucking
bad from where I was, Barani added, "The moneys in that envelope here
on the desk."

Wilton put down my bags and walked over to the desk; the envelope was
right next to my face it looked quite fat. Barani was still pounding
away inside me and I was almost in tears. "Wh-what's going on?" I
sobbed looking at the bags; why had he bought them in here?

But Wilton only laughed and said, "You belong to Mr Barani now; I have
just sold you to him. Good bye and good luck sweetheart; I told you
that after this weekend you will never see me again and you wont!"

I was completely fucking stunned, shocked, frightened and betrayed; he
had lied to me saying that I would be free when along he planned to
sell me onto another bastard. He had lied and betrayed my trust out of
his own self interest; just I had done with Jason. The irony was not
lost on me when Barani said to Wilton, "Nice doing business with you
Andy; if you ever come across another little 'girl' like this one then
give me first option."

"Yea I'll do that mate; in fact I've got another little tart on the go
right now. When I get bored of her I'll bring her down for you to check
out. It's early days with her so far but she shows potential," Wilton
replied as he sneered at me and added, "Bye-bye Katie."

As he walked away I panicked, I screamed, "No. No. No please." 

To no avail he slammed the door closed on me and left me to my fate. I
squirmed and struggled, pinned down by Barani as he fucked me.

I tried to resist but he just slapped me and pushed me face back into
his desk. I felt the cold metal of his gun pressed against my ear as he
hissed, "I told you before; fuck with me and I will fucking kill you. I
will also kill your mother, your father and anybody else you ever
loved; you are mine now."

He tensed as he reached his vinegar strokes and I was frightened that
the gun would go off; I had never experienced such fear, Wilton had
been a 'gentleman' compared to this complete bastard. He withdrew his
gun and his cock at the same time and pulling me up he turned me to
face him and said, "I just paid five grand for you bitch and you are
gonna pay it all back plus interest before I will ever let you go; the
sooner that you understand that then the better it will be for you."

We left his club and he drove me over to the house that I would be
living in as we travelled he explained my new position in life to me;
plus again reminding me that not only my life but my families lives
would be in danger if I failed to repay my 'debt' to him. 

He told me about his club; it was a lap-dance bar where the punters
would sometimes pay for more than just a dance! For five nights a week
it was real girls that the customers came in for; but two nights a week
was "Tranny Night'. I was to work at the club on those nights to pay
off my debt. I was to soon learn that I would have to do a lot more
than that to pay it off!

We arrived at the house in the suburbs; he dragged me in and led me to
the living room. There were five girls sat there in various lingerie
outfits; it was only when I looked closer I realised that they were all
trannys, even the cute little Thai looking girl. 

They looked frightened when he barged in and all stood up and curtsied
to him.

"Good girls; you see Katie all my bitches know their fucking place and
you better learn yours real fucking quick."

He took me upstairs to one of the bedrooms and said, "This is your room
now bitch, keep it fucking tidy."

I was then informed of the terms of my future 'contract'. Firstly I
owed him five grand plus compound interest per month. I would earn
money by at first by being a waitress while I learned how to perform on
stage and in the private booths. I would be also expected to see
several 'clients' throughout the week; entertaining them usually in my
room, although sometimes at their place or a hotel room. If it ever was
an out-call; I would be driven there and back by one of the security

I would never see or even know how much money changed hand for my
services as it would always be given up front to one of the gang. Out
of that Barani said fifty per cent was his as commission; out of my
share he would deduct my 'living' expenses. 

By which he meant the rent for my room in his 'brothel', my food and
utilities bills. Also all the other expenses that I would cost him to
be his whore, lingerie, stockings, shoes, dresses, skirts, perfume and
make-up, etc. Not to mention the condoms, lube, massage-oils and sex-
toys; all of which would be supplied by him at his prices!

He would even charge me for the use of one of his henchmen to drive me
over to the appointments that had been arranged for me. Any money that
was left over would go towards paying off my debt. He left me crying on
the bed unable to comprehend just what had gone wrong. This time
yesterday I had actually believed that my nightmare was almost over;
and yet here I am now, twenty-four hours later in an even deeper hole
than I had ever been in so far.

How long would it take me to pay him back, how long would I have to
endure this; for I was in no doubt about his seriousness in threatening
my life and my families' lives.' I just had to go along with whatever
he threw at me and hope that at some stage he would show me some mercy.

The next morning after a sleepless night I went downstairs and met the
'girls' properly for the first time. There were to be the six of us
living here, we would all work together to cook and to clean, etc. I
wasn't sure by talking to them just what their individual reasons for
being her were. Whether they too had been trapped like me or whether
they were actually here for the money?

One looked English like me were, two appeared to be Eastern European
and two looked oriental. Also there were always at least two of
Barani's goons on duty, although they usually stayed in the hallway
collecting the money. They seemed quite friendly and after a couple of
joints and a few bottles of wine they accepted me into their


So here I am twelve months later, still living and working at the
house. What else can I do; the alternative is too frightening to even
think about. He started giving me pills that I later found was a female
hormone capsule right at the beginning; although at the time I had not
known what they were.

After six months of working for my new pimp he took my out to a clinic
in the countryside one day and I woke up the next day with a brand new
pair a D-cup titties. Barani told me that real tits would earn me more
money and so make it quicker to pay him off; then he added that I now
owed him a few more grand at a higher interest rate to pay for them.
This cunt gave nothing away! 

Since then I have had a couple of minor face operations; the price of
which has been of course added to my debt, as have the price of the
hormones. I do seem to get more customers now I have the real tits and
curves, especially the nights I work at the club. Whether I am dancing
on stage or even just waiting on the tables in my tiny little outfits
men are continually pawing and grabbing me. 

It is a little easier work there than at the house as usually all the
men want here is a private dance a grope and a blow-job in one of the
booths. On the occasions that we have punters around to the house, we
girls have to line up to be selected. Once chosen we have to take him
upstairs to our room; when men get you alone in a private room I have
found that they very rarely let you off with just oral sex. They will
want it all and with Barani's goons outside I have no choice but to
give them everything willingly and enthusiastically.

One of the other 'girls' reckoned that it would take me five or six
years to pay Barani back; that's if he didn't sell me on to someone
else. From the tales I had heard I realised that although this was no
holiday-camp there were some even worse places and even more brutal
pimps out there. 

So I resolved to be a good girl, work hard, obey my new master and try
and pay my debt off so that I could go home and get my life back on
track. It never occurred to me at the time that it would be very
difficult to return home to my friends and family in several years time
with a pair of D-cup breasts not to mention the odd bits of plastic
surgery I had been put through. I was a lady-boy now, a chick with a
dick; I would be stuck like this for ever. 


Entrapment, Two Sides To Every Story. Part 5B.. (Alternative Ending):

4 Responses to “Entrapment. Two Sides To Every Story.”

  1. Everett Ray Says:

    i enjoyed this story, some of it has happen to me so i felt right at home

  2. Black Angus Says:

    I never had this and don’t want it for anything. In fact, I feel for any man that’s made to endure such treatment as you have. It’s one thing to want to be submissive, but to be forced into submission by way of blackmail is a hole other ballgame. It is cruel, inhuman and totally degrading. I feel so sorry for you. I do hope you’re happier now, if at all.
    Have a wonderful remainder of your life.

  3. Mayank Says:

    was a very good story. Would be loving to be in your place.

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