Christian’s School of Humility 2: The Awakening

June 5, 2016

Janice swallows hard and then kneels down in front of her teacher. She makes sure she doesn’t bend over too far. The last thing she wants is for the back of her skirt to raise up too high. She has white cotton panties on under her short tartan skirt, so they would probably only notice her plug. That would still be horrifying.

Her hands tremble as she reaches up and pulls her teacher’s cock out.


This story takes over where “Christian School of Humility” left off.

In that first story a 13-year-old boy named Jack gets a job at the school as a janitor. The private school’s curriculum involves a lot of sexual activities with the students. Needless to say, Jack loves his new job.

Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of sneaking in to an off limits area. There he discovers that not all the students at the school are actual girls. Some are boys dressed like girls. They catch Jack spying and as punishment they decide to make him a student as well. Or was this their plan all along?

Bill, Jack’s father and the headmaster at the school, not only gives them permission to turn his son into a sissy but participates in the training as well.

By the end of Christian School of Humility Jack is well on his way to becoming a very obedient and well trained sissy.


Eight months. Had I known they were going to keep me locked up in here this long I probably would have killed myself the first week. Okay, I guess it isn’t so bad here now. However, I remember how bad it seemed back then.

Being turned into a sissy seemed horrible back then. Granted, I was barely 13 at the time. Not that I’m 14 yet. The really strange thing is that now I almost welcome the transformation. I barely even remember my old name, ‘Jack’. Now I just think of myself as ‘Janice’.

Sure, there are moments here and there where I miss being Jack. There are also many times when I still feel ashamed and embarrassed when having sex with men. I don’t feel I’m gay… not really. Yet, I’ve had gay sex so many times that it kind of seems natural now. Just like dressing up like a girl seems natural.

All of that said, if I had a choice I would probably choose to be Jack again. Provided of course that I would no longer have to have sex with men. While having sex with men doesn’t bother me as much as it used too, I very seldom actually enjoy it. It is normally just a task that needs to be performed… kind of like brushing your teeth.

Having sex with girls, however, is still very enjoyable for me. Not that I really get to do any of that. Casey, one of my trainers, is female. However, I never get to actually fuck her. If I’m a good girl then sometimes she will let me use my tongue on her as a reward. It isn’t much but it still reminds me sometimes of what it was like to be a real boy. It is supposed to be a reward but normally I end up crying for an hour or two afterward.

The closest thing I actually get to fucking a girl is when they have me play with other sissies. For a few months I even had a sissy ‘girlfriend’ named Danielle. I guess technically she is still my girlfriend. However, for the past five months I have only gotten to see her a few times.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. That was true with Danielle for the first few weeks we were separated. However, during that time I started thinking about her role in my training. I want to believe that she really loves me but deep down I know her only role was to kick start my training as a sissy. Well, that and to help convince me to pick her father, the dean, as my ‘mentor’.

They take the student/mentor relationship very seriously in this school. The mentor not only keeps track of your progress but performs a ton of your ‘specialty’ training both during and often outside the school environment. Of course, right now all the time I spend with my mentor is in my little prison here in the ‘secret’ secure area of the school.

Picking your mentor is about the only choice they give students around here. Not that I was given much of a choice. They only gave me a choice between four people: my father, Victor, Dr. Stanford or the Dean.

My father was out of the question. First off, there is no way I would want to live with my mentor. And second, he’s my father! Sure, as part of my training they have made me do things with my father. Plus, I’m sure they will make me do even more down the road. However, I’m not about to volunteer for it.

Victor is an instructor at the school and also a very long time close friend of our family. Despite him being Mexican and obviously not a blood relative, I grew up calling him Uncle Victor. For a long while I thought about picking him as my mentor. However, I feared it would mean additional sex with my father since my father and Victor spend so much time together. Plus, as the days went by during my training I quickly realized that Uncle Victor isn’t the type of person I thought he was. Let’s just say he hasn’t taken it easy on me during my training.

Dr. Stanford was my number one choice for about two seconds. He apparently can’t get hard so at first I figured he would be perfect considering I’m not gay. However, I quickly discovered that Dr. Stanford enjoys causing as much pain to his patients as possible. Picking him as my mentor would have meant years of physical torture in one fashion or another. No way did I want any part of that.

That left me with the Dean. I had various reasons why I picked him. However, looking back I now realize almost all of them are bullshit. When it comes down to it I picked him because I was blinded by love for Danielle, his son/daughter.

I still don’t fully understand what came over me in regards to Danielle. She is really a boy after all. And like I’ve already said, I’m not gay. So, how could I fall in love with her? I can only guess it is because I already had a crush on her from when I thought she was really a girl. That and the fact that she clearly took advantage of my time of weakness during those first few weeks and tricked me into falling for her. I now see this of course. I know I should hate her now that I can see this, but strangely a part of me still loves her… in a non gay kind of way of course.

Chapter 1

Janice sits in front of her mirror putting on her makeup and fancying up her black shoulder length hair. She is so happy that she can’t help but giggle from time to time. Today marks a milestone in her training.

She is going to finally get to leave the confines of the secure area she has lived in for the past eight months. She is so excited. Yet, a small part of her is also a little scared. She has come to feel safe in her little prison. There are lots of dangers out there.

These dangers aren’t just from others, but from herself as well. In her secure little habitat there is only so many things she can mess up and get punished for. Out there is a whole world of random permutations that could result in her messing up.

Yes, it is scary as hell out there. However, it pales to the excitement of finally tasting freedom.

Not that it will truly be freedom. The non removable wrist watch she wears has a gps tracker built into it. They will also ensure they have a pair of eyes on her at all times. Sometimes it will be via hidden cameras and other times it will be a physical presence. Still, it is a ton more freedom than she has experienced since they locked her in here so many months ago.

“Hurry up, Nancy,” Janice growls at her soon to be ex roommate.

Nancy is actually Janice’s second roommate since her imprisonment started. Her first roommate was an eight year old redhead named Emily. It pisses Janice off that Emily only had to stay in the secure area for training for two months. It ticks her off even more that the same will probably be true for 9 year old, Nancy.

The reason for their short stay is obvious even to Janice. They are younger and it takes less effort to get them brainwashed. Plus, both of the little boys had some home training prior to being enrolled at the school. Janice had no prior training and was 14. She is old enough to know they are trying to brainwash her into becoming a proper little sissy. Therefore, it has taken them considerably longer to accomplish the task.

Even now Janice doesn’t feel they were successful. She doesn’t really feel any different. She still doesn’t feel gay or anything like that. Not really. Sure, she will quickly obey about any sexual demand put on her, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she is brainwashed… does it?

Janice also no longer wants to escape this place. Well, deep down she kind of does. However, she has come to accept that there is no easy escape. Sure, she could run away from home and the school but she will never be able to escape what they have turned her into.

Her transformation is more than just mental. For the past eight months they have been drugging her with their own special cocktail of estrogen and who knows what other drugs. Her body no longer looks like a boy’s. Her body is very soft and curvy now. Her breasts are also growing at an alarming rate. She is almost to a B cup already. Her breasts are almost as big as Danielle’s. And Danielle has been taking estrogen for years now.

Janice sometimes still cries when she thinks about her new body. However, most often she is proud of it. She is proud of how sexy she looks. Especially once she paints her nails and does her makeup and hair. She might not want to have sex with men but she enjoys the power her body has over them. Even the Dean sometimes drools over her. With a little more seduction training she is sure she will have her mentor eating out of her hand.

Janice isn’t stupid. She knows that she is really still a boy. However, that is what gives her the real power trip. The idea that with her looks and enough training she could probably seduce about any man. Even the heterosexual ones that know she is really a guy. She knows it is possible because that is exactly what Danielle did to her.

The school of course provides a lot more than just seduction training. It has the best academic record in the state. Once she graduates she will not only have the pick of whatever college she wants to attend but will be able to breeze through the courses like they are child’s play.


Janice pulls herself out of her daydream and heads to the bathroom to see what is taking Nancy so long.

Janice finds the little boy kneeling in front of the sink trying to put his butt plug in.

“It’s too big,” Nancy says between sobs.

Even Janice has to admit that Nancy looks cute kneeling there trying to force the large plug up her ass. Nancy has the cutest button nose and beautiful long curly blonde hair. If it weren’t for her tiny penis you would swear she was a real little girl.

Yeah, Nancy is going to make a very good Humbled girl. Even the way she pouts has a certain seduction to it. Janice can’t let Nancy’s quivering lower lip and pouting get to her. Like Danielle was once Janice’s trainer, Janice is now Nancy’s. Or at least for another 40 minutes or so.

Janice isn’t sure what will happen after today. They told Janice she would be going home after classes let out. However, they have played cruel jokes on her in the past. It is possible they will escort her right back here.

Janice lets Nancy struggle with the plug for a minute before taking action.

“Stand up and show me the plug.”

Nancy is still pouting but Janice notices the hint of a grin on the little girl’s face. Janice gets a little angry at the thought that the girl might be playing her. Today is Nancy’s first day with her new number 2 plug. It is 1.75″ [4½ cm] thick at it’s widest point so it is entirely possible that it is too big for her.

When Nancy holds the plug up it becomes clear what the problem is. Nancy didn’t lubricate it first. Nancy is new here but she isn’t THAT new. The little minx is trying to get Janice to downsize her back to the smaller number 1 plug. Well, that isn’t about to happen. Not that Janice has the authority to make that decision anyway.

“Listen you little shit,” Janice growls as she stares down at Nancy. “If that fucking plug isn’t up your ass in the next minute then you will be getting a special visit from the Headmaster.”

Nancy swallows hard at both Janice’s tone and the mention of the Headmaster. Nancy has gotten a visit from the Headmaster before. It was not a pleasant experience. The Headmaster is in charge of dishing out the more severe punishments. The man didn’t even remove Nancy’s plug before administering a very severe spanking. Then the man made her… do naughty things.

Needless to say, the plug is in it’s proper place well under the one minute deadline.

Janice doesn’t like being mean to Nancy. However, she knows life will be a lot worse for Nancy if she isn’t trained properly. Not that Nancy needs much training. Nancy is just that… a nancy boy. The boy is either naturally gay or he was trained to be a sissy since birth. About the only thing Janice had to teach the boy was school procedures and rules for sissies.

Of course, Nancy’s hole needed some training as well. Apparently, Nancy’s dad has a small dick. Nancy could barely manage the 1″ [2½ cm] plug when she first arrived. That might suffice at home but not in this school. Most of the teachers and employees here have rather large cocks. Hence the ever increasing sized plugs.

Janice has to bite her lower lip to keep from giggling as Nancy rushes to get the plug into place. She has to bite her lip harder when Nancy gets it into place and slowly walks bowlegged out of the bathroom. Janice chastises herself for finding it funny. She knows from personal experience that a new size plug is always uncomfortable. Still, Nancy looks so cute doing her little duck walk. It will probably be a few days before the little girl will be walking normal again. In a couple weeks though they will just upgrade her yet again and it will start all over.

Janice is currently on a number 7 plug. It is exactly 3″ [7½ cm] at it’s widest point. It is huge, but nothing Janice can’t handle. Not after this many months of anal stretching. The truth is that she could probably handle an eight or 9 if she had too. Luckily, her trainers seem content at keeping her on a 7 plug. Either they don’t want her getting too loose or they plan to hold on to the larger plugs as potential future punishments.

As Janice helps Nancy do her makeup, she debates letting the girl know she is probably not going to see her again for some time. She decides against it. In the past few weeks Janice has evaluated Nancy’s kissing techniques, blowjobs and a few other intimate things. However, she has tried to keep it somewhat ‘professional’. She doesn’t want Nancy falling in love with her like she had with Danielle. She is sure Nancy will still miss her but her heart isn’t going to be broken. Leaving without saying goodbye will just make it even easier on Nancy to get over it.

And it isn’t like they won’t ever see each other again. Assuming they let Janice go home today like they promised, they will probably still send her back to the secure area occasionally to give Nancy additional training. Plus, they will see each other in the halls between classes once Nancy reaches her next training phase.

Nancy looks almost like a perfect little China doll by the time they finish with her makeup. The makeup is a bit too thick for a child this young but this is what Nancy’s real daddy wants. Not that Nancy will ever be allowed to be seen in public this way. It would draw too much attention. However, most Humbled girls spend very little time outside school and home. There are several little girls at the school that wear heavy makeup like this. They get teased a little sometimes by the other students but not too badly. Of course, they do often get a little extra attention from the instructors.

“God, Nancy is going to break a lot of hearts some day,” Janice thinks to herself as she looks the pretty little girl over.

Before leaving her, Janice leans down and gives Nancy a long kiss on the lips. At first it starts out with just their rosy red lips touching. However, it isn’t long before their tongues are dancing against each other.

Janice knows Nancy hates kissing boys other than her daddy. However, Janice knows it has to be done. Kisses like this will help convince Nancy it is okay to be intimate with other boys. The sooner Nancy accepts this the easier life will become for her. It of course isn’t the first time they have kissed like this. Still, it is the best parting gift Janice can think of.

As they finally part, Janice notices that Nancy is blushing profusely. It bothers Janice that Nancy still finds the kisses so embarrassing. She feels she has failed Nancy as a trainer.

Janice is only upset for a few seconds. She is leaving today! Nothing can put a shadow on that. She grabs her books and practically skips to the secure door at the end of the hall. Shivers of excitement tingle all over her body as one of the security guards open it from the outside. She takes one last look back at her all too familiar prison. She sees a very confused and concerned Nancy peaking out of one of the doors. Janice blows her a kiss and then turns and walks away.

Chapter 2

“Fresh fish.”

Janice turns in her seat to see which of her classmates made the remark but there are a half dozen girls smiling at her. When she faces front again she hears more remarks but she does her best to ignore them.

The girls don’t know it but Janice actually has the upper hand. For the past eight months Janice has been attending the classes via the rooms’ cameras. Janice not only knows everyone’s names but also which ones are the smartest and which ones are the trouble makers.

Unfortunately, the teacher sits her next to some of the trouble makers. And of course it isn’t long before they are doing just that… causing trouble. Less than five minutes into the English class lecture Janice sees a wad of paper fly over her right shoulder and toward the teacher. The teacher turns back toward the class just in time to see it. He snatches it out of the air with lightening reflexes and his eyes follow it’s trajectory right back to Janice.

“Fuck!” Janice screams in her head as he motions for her to come forward.

Janice wants to deny throwing it but she knows the teacher is probably already aware of it. She also knows the teacher is going to blame her for it anyway. It is hazing 101. Janice seen this exact scenario play out with a few other new kids in the past. Someone frames the new kid and then the teacher accepts the obvious frame up. Janice could never tell for sure but it often looked like the teacher and various students planned it all out ahead of time.

She just wishes she could wear her leather collar. Having the Dean as a mentor has some privileges. One is that you wear a special leather collar. Anyone that sees that collar knows the Dean has a special interest in the wearer. If everyone knew the Dean is her mentor then they would probably leave her alone. Unfortunately, she isn’t allowed to wear the collar or let anyone know about her mentor for another two weeks. It would look very odd if she showed up on her first day with a mentor already. All the other students would know there was something very fishy going on.

Not that some of them don’t already know about the school’s sissy program. First, there are about 17 other sissies enrolled in the school. Janice has seen most of them visit the secure area of the school a few times and they have seen her as well.

A lot of those sissies have one or more sisters that attend the school. Those sisters know about the sissy program but not necessarily who all the sissies are. Or at least Janice doesn’t think they do. Janice has three sisters of her own that attend the school. Thankfully, she has no classes with them. Not yet anyway. This semester ends in just a few weeks. Depending on her final academic tests, it is entirely possible they might move her up a level or two in this or that subject. In that case she could end up sharing a class with one of her older sisters.

And of course all the teachers and guards are aware of the program and who all the participants are. Janice knows her English class teacher all too well. Mr. Donovan has visited Janice in the secure area on several occasions. In many ways, Mr. Donovan reminds Janice of Victor. They aren’t the same race or anything like that. However, they both seem to enjoy embarrassing her. They also both enjoy making Janice do some of the… um, less appealing sex acts. Janice tries not to think about some of the things they have made her do.

“So, we have a trouble maker on our hands,” Mr. Donovan growls as he motions for Janice to approach. “What do you think I should do with you?”

“I don’t know, sir,” Janice whispers.

The answer is far from truthful. Janice can think of a large variety of punishments for disobedience. Granted, many of them she can’t say in front of the other students without them catching on that she isn’t really new here. The other punishments… well, she just dreads those.

“Hmm,” Mr. Donovan says and then pauses for a moment. “Maybe I should send you to the Headmaster for a proper punishment. Would you like that Janice?”

“No, sir!” Janice says a bit too loud.

Being sent to her father for punishment is the last thing she wants. Her father spanks very hard and you almost always are required to suck his dick afterward. It has been many months since she was made to suck her father’s dick. She knows they will eventually make her do it again, but the longer they put that off the better.

“Well, it is your first day. I guess I can be easy on you. Has your daddy taught you how to suck cock yet?”

Janice blushes at the question. She blushes harder when she hears several of the girls giggling. Janice just nods in response.

“Do you like sucking your daddy’s dick?”

Janice tries not to cry but can’t help it. It is just so embarrassing. That combined with the estrogen in her system is all it takes these days to get a few tears out of her. Crying always makes Janice feel more like a sissy and that in turn usually makes her cry harder.

“Yes, sir,” Janice manages to whisper in response.

She and everyone else in the class knows that this is the only acceptable answer to the question. There is still a series of giggles in the class when they hear her reply. All it takes is a snap of Mr. Donovan’s fingers to get them to quiet down. He then reaches down and unzips his pants.

“Oh, God!” Janice thinks when she realizes he wants her to suck him in front of the class.

In this school sex acts in front of a class is nothing unusual. In fact, when Janice was still Jack and worked here as a janitor, the teachers would often call him into a classroom to perform this or that sex act with a student. Of course it was different then. Back then he was having sex with girls and it was always the girl being humiliated and not him.

Janice thought she was prepared for this moment. She knows the teachers can’t expose the fact that she is a sissy and not a real girl. However, that still leaves tons of room for various sex acts and such. And heaven knows she has been watched doing much worse than this during her training. Still, it is normally only a couple other people watching her. Now there are at least 20 other sets of eyes on her. On top of that, they are all close to her own age.

Janice swallows hard and then kneels down in front of her teacher. She makes sure she doesn’t bend over too far. The last thing she wants is for the back of her skirt to raise up too high. She has white cotton panties on under her short tartan skirt, so they would probably only notice her plug. That would still be horrifying.

Her hands tremble as she reaches up and pulls her teacher’s cock out. The cock is circumcised and about 8 inches [20 cm] long and 2 inches [5 cm] thick. Believe it or not, the cock is on the small side for an instructor at this school. Janice still hasn’t figured out if the teachers have huge cocks because of medications the doctor might be providing them or if having a large cock is just a prerequisite for getting the job.

Mr. Donovan’s all too familiar cock smells manly. The smell makes Janice’s own penis stir. Lately the smell of cock has caused this reaction in her. Or at least the manly smelling ones. The sissies Janice sometimes plays with always have their cocks scented with perfumes and such. Those cocks normally smell like flowers or strawberries.

Her cock getting hard from the manly smell has confused Janice for some time. She makes various excuses to herself as to why it happens but the truth is she just doesn’t know.

Luckily, Janice remembered to wear her cock cage today. She would get into some very serious trouble if her dick started to tent out the front of her skirt.

This particular cock cage is a gift from Danielle. At the time the gift seemed a little cruel. However, she is very thankful for it now. Not that she would want to wear it 24/7. They kept her in a cock cage like that for her first three months here. It was absolutely horrible. There was a weird kind of constant arousal, yet she could never actually get hard. Her balls hurt all the time also and sometimes even turned bluish. She seldom could wear the thing for a full week before she was begging to be milked. Milking consisted of them massaging and/or electrocuting her prostate… or ass clit as they like to refer to it. They would only milk her if she had been a good girl that week. It didn’t take long before she was striving to be the bestest girl in the whole world.

The worst part about the cock cage is that it, combined with the estrogen, kept her very emotional. She would often get very affectionate also, even with males sometimes. For a short time she thought she was even falling in love with the Dean. It was a very confusing and humiliating time for her. Not only did she feel she wasn’t gay but the Dean is a horrible man. To fall in love with him is unthinkable, yet she almost had.

Since then she has only been forced into the cock cage a week or two here and there. For the most part it is now usually her decision. Not that the decision is that hard to make. Nothing is more humiliating than getting hard during her training. So, she normally wears it most days and only takes it off at night. No one had to warn her to wear it to class today. She would get into major trouble if she got hard during class. She can only imagine what kind of punishment that would result in. The thought makes her cringe.

It is early morning and Mr. Donovan’s cock still tastes fresh and clean from his morning shower. Janice is thankful for this. She manages to take all of his dick rather easily. After eight months of training there is only a few staff members she can’t deep throat.

The Dean of course is one of them. His cock is 9″ [23 cm] long and 2½” [6½ cm] thick. It is absolutely huge for Janice’s tiny throat. She can sometimes get it started down her throat but it is just too tight and painful. It is one of the huge drawbacks of having the Dean as her mentor. She not only is going to get fucked a ton in the next few years with that huge cock but the Dean isn’t going to be happy until she can deep throat him.

There are a couple other staff members with cocks about as big as the Dean’s. However, the biggest cock of them all belongs to Ray, one of the guards. His cock is an unbelievable 10″ [25 cm] long and 3″ [7½ cm] thick. Janice can barely get the head into her mouth it is so big. Believe it or not, Ray has managed to squeeze that monster up Janice’s asshole many times.

Ray often provided Janice snacks and other gifts in exchange for sexual favors like this. She doubts her sanity would have survived her training without these gifts. Yet, she is happy to now be free of their little arrangement. Or at least she hopes she won’t be going back to that secure area anytime soon. Janice is pretty sure that Ray will probably now make a similar agreement with Nancy in order to meet his needs. Not that he would be able to get that dick of his inside her.

“Oh, your daddy has taught you well.”

The comment from Mr. Donovan gets another round of laughter from the students. Janice’s blush deepens but she keeps on sucking.

Her embarrassment seems to double every second she kneels there. She can only imagine how red her face must be right now. Mr. Donovan let’s her suffer in silence for over a minute before he continues with his lecture.

Janice is grateful that his lecture will take some of the attention off her sucking him. However, it also means it will take him considerably longer to climax. On top of that, she is having trouble focusing on the lecture. That can be very bad if they have a pop quiz later on the material.

It is another 15 minutes before Mr. Donovan finally climaxes. Most of his load goes straight down her throat but there is just enough deposited on her tongue to give her a good taste. It has a manly bitter taste to it, not sweet like the other sissies and herself often taste like. The manly flavor makes her own dick twitch in its cage again. She knows it is just her training and the doctor’s special estrogen cocktail that makes her dick get hard whenever she tastes cum. Still, her reaction always disgusts and humiliates her.

You can tell that Mr. Donovan has lectured like this many times before because he doesn’t even pause as he unloads in her throat. The only way the students know he is cumming is because they can see Janice gulping his huge load down. Mr. Donovan also instinctively puts a hand on the back of Janice’s head. A Humbled girl would never pull her mouth off a cock during ejaculation so there is no real purpose for the hand going there. It is just instinct on his part.

Janice slows her rhythm down in order to ensure no discomfort to her teacher. She doesn’t stop completely. She just keeps gently nursing on his dick. It is another ten minutes before he finishes his lecture and finally lets Janice stand and return to her seat. A fresh rush of humiliation goes through her as she heads toward her seat and sees all the knowing stares from her fellow classmates.

The next class is uneventful. However, Janice physically shakes through the entire class, nervous that someone might frame her again. She also blushes through most of it knowing that a few of the students in this class were also in her last. Every time someone looks her way she just knows that someone probably just passed them a note or something telling them about her prior class.

Janice knows she shouldn’t really be this humiliated. It isn’t like every one of these girls hasn’t had to do the exact same thing or worse multiples times. Still, she just can’t help herself.

By the time her third class arrives, Janice is starting to calm down a bit.

“Maybe the worst is over,” she tries to convince herself.

She knows better. Sure enough, five minutes in and someone frames her again. This time someone tosses a folded note on her desk and the teacher turns just in time to see her grab it.

“It isn’t mine, Mr. Moore,” Janice instinctively says as the teacher asks her to bring the note forward.

Mr. Moore isn’t buying it. He takes the note and unfolds it.

“I can’t wait to suck Mr. Moore’s dick.”

Janice blushes profusely as the teacher reads the note out loud. Everyone in the room, to include Mr. Moore, start laughing. Well, almost everyone. Janice didn’t find it that funny.

“I hate to disappoint you Janice but someone in my last class already beat you to it,” Mr. Moore says with a chuckle. “I’m sure the Headmaster might be able to help you though.”

“Please, I won’t do it again,” Janice begs as tears begin to run down her cheeks. “I’ll be a good girl, Mr. Moore. I promise.”

Janice sees no need to deny ownership of the note any further. She learned a long time ago that if a faculty member says you are guilty of something then you are guilty of it. Denying it too much just means a worse punishment.

Mr. Moore ignores her and goes to his desk. He grabs a disciplinary notepad and fills in a few blanks. While still janitor, Jack seen several disciplinary slips while visiting his father’s office. They are pretty simple. It has three boxes on it with a word next to each one: light, medium, heavy. Each of course being the degree of punishment the girl is to receive. Janice is glad to see that Mr. Moore checks the box in front of ‘light’.

Janice still cries. She can’t believe she is being sent to her father for punishment. Okay, it isn’t really that big of a shocker. Still, she had hoped she would make it a few weeks before it happened.

As she takes the note from Mr. Moore it becomes clear from his expression that the punishment and probably even the passed note were all preplanned. Janice knew her hazing wasn’t over for the day but she had prayed that the worst of it was. Yet, sucking Mr. Donovan’s cock in front of the class was child’s play compared to being sent to her father for punishment. The only consolation prize is that the other students probably don’t know yet that the Headmaster is her father. It saves her a little bit of embarrassment but not much.

The distance from her class to the Headmaster’s office is only about 200 feet [60 m] but it seems like 10 miles [16 km] to Janice. It is tempting to make a dash for one of the school exits. She doesn’t dare do it. She lost the willpower to try to escape months ago. Besides, there are cameras everywhere in the school. She would be lucky to get a half block before the guards caught up with her.

Janice does slow her pace significantly. She can’t go too slow since the disciplinary form has a time on it. If it takes her ten minutes to walk 200 feet [60 m] then the punishment will be significantly worse.

Slowing down at least gives her a chance to get her tears under control. If she is going to be punished by her father then she wants to face that punishment like a man… not a crybaby sissy. She manages to get her tears to stop just in time to enter her father’s office.

As headmaster, Bill is in charge of disciplinary actions at the school. He is also in charge of various administrative functions. It is the Dean, however, that has the real power. The only one that can override the Dean is the school committee. Well, Dr. Stanford can also on medical related issues.

While Bill doesn’t have that much power, many argue he still has the best job at the school. Most minor discipline takes place by instructors in the classroom. However, several students are still sent to Bill every day. They range from 6 years old all the way up to 18. Though, a majority of the kids that get into trouble are normally 15 and below. The older children are just too well trained.

Bill has a small waiting area with six chairs outside his main office. Janice is happy to see that all those chairs are currently empty. A line would have meant a rather long and humiliating waiting experience. Her father’s door is open slightly and she can hear someone getting spanked in the next room. This is good news. It means she has a few more minutes in order to pull herself together.

Janice’s eyes immediately go to a large box of tissues on the coffee table in the center of the waiting room. When she was still the janitor here, she must have walked through this room 30 times and never once paid any attention to those tissues. They are a life saver right now though. She uses them to help dry her eyes and clean up any makeup that might have run.

It isn’t that she wants to look pretty for her father, she just doesn’t want him to know she has been crying. It is her first real school day. What would her father think if he found out she has already broken down and is crying like a little girl?

The spanking stops right as Janice is finishing her touchups. It is another minute before the student walks out. The girl is maybe 6 or 7. Even with the tears and runny nose, the little brown-haired girl looks absolutely adorable. When she was janitor, Janice got to see most of the students at one point or another. This girl doesn’t look familiar which means she is probably new here.

“Yep, she’s new,” Janice says to herself as the girl starts to sit down and then jumps back up as her sore rump touches the seat.

The little girl decides to stay standing as she uses tissues to clean herself up. A minute later she leaves, having never acknowledged Janice’s presence. Janice doesn’t blame the girl. If she is new then all of this probably seems very horrible and embarrassing for her still. Not that it will ever get much better.

“Next!” her father yells from his office.

Janice stands on shaky legs and makes her way toward the office door. Earlier she was happy that no one else was there to see her waiting for her punishment. Now she wishes there was. It would mean a much longer wait until her turn came up. It would have also meant a much greater chance her father wouldn’t be horny when her time came.

However, Janice knows her father is probably very horny right now. When Janice was still the janitor, her father let her help with punishments sometimes. The really young kids seemed to turn her father on, but her father seldom ever did anything sexual with them.

Well, they would sometimes play with the kids a little bit sexually, but it wasn’t that often they would cum on them or anything like that. During the first few years at the school, the younger kids normally only do sexual things with each other and a very select few instructors/trainers. Their trainers or mentor have to give the okay before the rest of the staff can start seriously playing with them.

Her father is probably horny from spanking the young girl and there are no other students waiting behind Janice. Yeah, the timing of Janice’s punishment couldn’t be any worse for her. As she reaches the door she has to wonder if maybe the timing is more than just a coincidence.

Janice holds her tears back but can’t help but blush as she walks into her father’s office. It has been over a month since she seen her father last and a part of her wants to run into his arms and give him a hug. However, with the utter embarrassment of the situation, Janice can’t even find the strength to look him in the eyes. There of course is a ton of shame mixed in there as well. A year ago Janice was Bill’s macho son. Now look at him. He isn’t even really a him anymore. Janice can only imagine how disappointed her father is in her.

Janice jerks when her father snaps his fingers and holds his hand out. She reaches out and puts the disciplinary slip into his hand.

“Hmm,” he says as he glances at it. “It’s your first day and you are already getting into trouble.”

Janice remains quiet. She knows her father’s job very well. The headmaster is the executioner in this school, not the judge or jury. Pleading her case to him would probably only make her punishment worse. Besides, she knows he is well aware of the type of hazing that goes on in the school for new students. He knows she didn’t get into trouble just so she could be sent to the Headmaster. Or at least she prays he doesn’t think that. The thought brings a fresh blush to her face.

“Take your plug out,” he orders.

Janice blushes and swallows hard when she hears this command. A bare hand spanking is always done with the anal plug in place. That means her father probably plans to give a more severe punishment. As she thinks this she sees her father reach over and pull a paddle out of one of his drawers.

Janice freezes for only a second before she reaches for her panties and pulls them down and steps out of them. She neatly folds the dainty white cotton panties and places them on the corner of the desk for the whole world to see.

Janice lets out a grunt as she pulls her huge 3″ [7½ cm] plug from it’s confines. Her face feels like it is on fire with shame as she brings the plug to her lips and starts licking it clean. A good girl always cleans up her mess. It was rule number one in her training. It’s a rule she has learned all too well. Thankfully, her regular enemas ensure her plug is always clean of anything too nasty when it comes out. Still, it is very embarrassing licking it in front of her father.

Bill has mixed feelings as he watches his son, now daughter, clean the plug. On one hand, he can’t help but admit that his sissy son looks rather cute. On the other hand, he is very disappointed that his son was so easily turned into a sissy.

It was all the Dean’s doing. Okay, maybe Bill is partially at fault also. Bill had made some bad investments and the economic crash hadn’t helped any. Bill makes decent money from his job at the school but most of his retirement money was gone following the crash. He has many years left before he reaches retirement but if he wants to build that fund back up then the family was going to have to sacrifice a lot. They would need to move to a smaller and cheaper house, get rid of the fancy cars, etc.

The worst part was that Bill would have to pull his girls from the school. While it is true that the school pays for most of their tuition because of Bill’s position, there is still plenty of other costs involved. There are uniforms, books, special outings and other events, frequent medical checkups, and lots more. Bill could technically still afford these things. However, there isn’t any point expending it if he can’t afford to send the girls on to decent colleges.

The purpose of sending your kids to the Christian School of Humility isn’t just so they can be turned into sex objects. If that was all the parents cared about then they could accomplish most of that on their own at home.

No, the biggest benefit of the school is for it’s academic program and the perks that come with being a Humbled Girl. The girls with the best grades go on to become top CEOs in companies, political leaders, etc. They do so not just because they are smart but also because other Humbled Girls in high positions open up doors and provide opportunities for them.

Even girls with only okay grades make out very well. That’s because every male of importance in the surrounding states want a Humbled Girl as their wife. However, many of the husbands aren’t willing to take a graduate before the girl attends a prestigious college. It just doesn’t look right in their social circles to be married to someone that doesn’t have a degree from a top end college.

Sometimes Humbled Girl’s look out for their parents once they hit the big time. Usually they don’t though. Not after years of sexual and other abuse. However, having a Humbled Girl as a daughter is still something to brag about at socials and such. Especially if they go on to graduate from a decent college and get a great job. Plus, who doesn’t want the best for their kids?

Anyway, about a year ago it was looking rather bleak for Bill and his family. That’s when the Dean stepped in.

It was a rather simple proposal. Bill hands his son over and the Dean gives Bill a nice chunk of money. While it is true that the Dean thinks Jack is extremely cute. The proposal was mostly just a business investment on behalf of the school.

First off, making Jack a Humbled Girl meant the janitor position was open. On the surface that might seem extremely trivial. However, any position at the school is highly sought after. The pay is decent and the perks are beyond measure.

The janitor position is pretty low in the chain of command. It is one of the reasons that it is usually given to the Headmaster’s son… as a job perk. Low in the chain or not, the position still gets the person’s foot in the door. Once your foot is in the door then you are one of the first ones considered for future higher positions that open… provided you are at least partially qualified.

With the headmaster’s son out of the way, the school was free to sell the position for a reasonably large sum. For an entry level job they usually get at least enough to pay for the position wages for a couple years. However, that amount can sometimes go way over that if the person applying is rich already and more interested in the perks.

This amount, however, pales in comparison to what the school will get once Jack graduates. Almost every Humbled Girl marriage is arranged. This is especially true with their newer sissy program.

Rich men from surrounding states pay a large fee to go onto a waiting list. They are matched up with a graduate and if the two like each other and get married then the men pay the school a very large fee. For legal purposes, the school likes to call it a reverse dowry. Most men want actual girls. However, the few that prefer sissies are willing to pay extremely large sums.

“Hands on the desk,” Bill says as his mind snaps back to the task at hand.

Bill doesn’t have to elaborate on the exact position he wants the boy in. There are hand prints painted on the top of the desk and foot prints painted on the floor. There are three sets of each. One for the younger kids, one for the medium aged ones and one for the older ones.

Janice wants to use the larger set but she can only comfortably reach the middle set. Despite this, Janice is still glad to be using one of the sets at all. All prior punishments in the secure area had been with Janice on her hands and knees… sometimes with her over the punisher’s lap.

As she positions herself, Janice wonders if this new position means something special. Has she graduated to the status of being considered an equal to the girl students in the school? Or, is this just how punishments will take place outside the secure area? Or does it mean something completely different?


“AHH! One, headmaster!”

Janice screams as the paddle slaps hard against her rear end. She goes to her tippy toes but she manages to keep from stepping out of the prints painted on the floor. She swallows hard when she feels her father lift the back of her pleated skirt and tuck it into her waistband.


“AHH! Two, headmaster!”

The hit on her bare skin hurts almost twice as hard this time. This new punishment position for her might hold some secret special meaning. However, it sure as hell doesn’t feel special. It hurts just as bad as prior spankings.


“AHH! OH! OH!”

This hit makes Janice dance around and double over. When the paddle landed it had somehow managed to contact her balls as well. It wasn’t a full contact but it still hurt like hell.

“Th…three, headmaster!” Janice manages to say as she gets back into position.




“AHH! F…five, headmaster!”

Janice quickly realizes that she has miscounted. She should have said six. It is too late now. An attempt to correct the count would just result in additional hits. On the bright side, a miscount in itself doesn’t result in more hits as long as the error is lower than the real count and not higher.


“OH! OH! OH!”

The paddle makes contact with her balls again. Janice dances around much longer this time. She also concludes that this new punishment position is definitely not a reward. When she was punished on her hands and knees her legs were together and she could easily protect her balls. The foot prints painted on the floor though are at least 3 feet [90 cm] apart. That leaves her balls completely vulnerable. Especially considering how low her balls are hanging these days thanks to all the ball weights she has had to wear over the months. All her father has to do is angle the paddle slightly and he can easily contact them.

“Six, headmaster!”




“AHH! Nine, headmaster!”


“AH! OH! OH!”

Yet another ball contact. Janice tries to convince herself that the ball contacts are accidental. However, she knows better. Her father has years of experience at this and is a master at it. Plus, the fact that the ball hits came as single hits seems a bit too coincidental.

“Ten, headmaster!”

Janice patiently waits, but the next hit never comes. However, she hears the all too familiar sound of a zipper. Janice blushes profusely. Despite the embarrassment, she can still feel her cock trying to get hard in it’s tight cage. Janice has never been so glad to be wearing a cock cage before. She would absolutely die of shame if her father seen her cock get hard at a time like this.

The worst part is that Janice would get hard at all. The thought of having sex with a guy is bad enough. However, sex with her own father is horrible. Yet, for months now this has been a common reaction whenever she sees or even thinks about a cock. Like everything else, she blames her training and the drugs they give her.

Janice shivers in fear, but she manages to keep her hands in the painted prints on the desk and her feet in the ones on the floor. Her shivers get worse when she hears her father move closer. Is he going to breed her? She certainly is in the right position for it.

“Please don’t, daddy!”

Janice screams it over and over in her head. She sucked her father off several times during her training but so far she has been spared the indignity of being fucked by him.

Janice’s cock tries even harder to stiffen as she feels warm skin touch her rear. For a moment she thinks it is her father’s cock. However, the skin moves and it dawns on her that it is just his hand. The hand rubs back and forth on her freshly paddled rump. She is tender back there right now but the soft touch actually helps sooth the pain.

The touch itself doesn’t really give away what her father’s intentions might be. Her father almost always rubs a kid’s rump after spanking it. This occurs sometimes even with Janice. Janice isn’t sure if her father does this to help sooth the pain or if he does it just because he likes the warm feel of a freshly spanked ass. Her guess is that it is probably a mix of both.

Janice lets out a sigh of relief when her father’s hand leaves her rump and touches her head. He applies a tiny bit of pressure and Janice quickly turns and goes to her knees. The thought of sucking her father off disgusts her but it is a million times better than the alternative.

Janice stares at her father’s cock and balls for a moment. It has only been a few months since she sucked him off last so she knows they haven’t changed. Yet, they somehow seem bigger now. She can only guess that it is the lighting. Because the measurements themselves are clearly identical. He has nice size balls and his cock is 2″ [5 cm] thick and 8″ [20 cm] long with a slight bend to the left.

His smell hasn’t changed either. His cock has a musky manly aroma with a hint of Old Spice in the background. It is very similar to how ‘Uncle’ Victor smells. Janice leans forward and gives her father’s cock a lick. She gets a good coating of precum on her tongue. Yep, same manly flavor.

As sweet as the reunion might be, Janice knows she has to get to work. She leans forward again and takes the head into her mouth. She suckles on it for a moment and is rewarded with about a teaspoon of precum.

Janice stirs the precum around in her mouth with her tongue and then lets it slowly slide down her throat. It is a disgusting maneuver but she knows it will help lubricate her for what is about to come.

Sure enough, she feels her father’s hand tighten and apply pressure to the back of her head. Janice doesn’t fight. She moves her head forward, taking the rest of the cock into her mouth and then down her throat. It is a big cock but her throat is trained well. ‘Uncle’ Victor made sure of that.

“Oh!” her father moans with pleasure.

Janice was pretty good at giving blowjobs the last time she sucked her father off. However, she has learned many tricks in the months since then. Disgusted with the act or not, it makes Janice proud that she can make her father moan with pleasure. It isn’t something he does that often. At least not with her.

Janice doesn’t hold anything back either. She bobs her head back and forth eagerly. She applies just the right amount of suction and even wiggles her tongue as the cock slides back and forth across it. While doing this she also ensures there is the perfect amount of saliva, pressure from her lips and even looseness in her throat. And of course no blowjob is a good one unless she vibrates her throat.

Of all the skills, the vibration is the hardest to master. It of course is easy to do while making loud humming sounds. However, not all the men like the loud noise. And Janice hates making the noise. It is so embarrassing. In time she learned how to make vibrations without hardly any noise. It is something she is very proud of. It is also something her trainers often praised her on.

Learning all these skills had been hard and very degrading. However, right now she is glad to have them. The better the blowjob the faster this ordeal will be over. Plus, Janice has to admit that she is eager to impress her father. It is still possible the decision to take her home today isn’t set in stone. She wants to make sure he knows she is a good girl. That she deserves to come home and not be put back into her little prison.

“Oh, my!” her father moans again.

Bill is indeed impressed. Victor is Janice’s main trainer when it comes to blowjobs. The man has told Bill many times in the past few months about how good Janice is becoming. However, Bill and Victor are buddies and he thought the man was just joking around. Possibly trying to embarrass him by reminding him that his son is being turned into a cock sucking sissy. It is now clear to him that Victor’s praises are not exaggerations.

Bills moans and groans start coming in greater frequency and volume. While the noise makes Janice proud, it also highly embarrasses her. Her father is making more noise than he did in all the prior blowjobs put together.

Luckily, it is only another three minutes before her father peaks. Her father goes stiff and his cock expands slightly. The underside of the cock pulses against her tongue and 1/100th of a second later a jet of hot cum shots into the back of her throat. It is a thick wad but she easily is able to let the viscous fluid slide down her throat and into her tummy. The second shot quickly joins the first.

Janice backs up on the cock for the remaining few spurts. These shoot against her tongue and gather in her mouth. She chastises herself for doing this. She doesn’t want to taste her father’s cum. However, it had been instinct. This is what Victor taught her to do. According to Victor you should always catch the last of the cum in your mouth so you can savor the taste.

It somehow made sense when Victor said it. Right now though it just makes Janice feel icky inside. She still waits though until her father finishes before she swallows the gunk. It slithers down her throat and joins the rest of the load in her belly.

While the bulk of the cum is now in her stomach, she can still feel a lot of it coating her mouth. She can also tell her father’s dick is still drooling more of it onto her tongue. She wants nothing more than to get her father’s cock out of her mouth and run to the nearest water fountain so she can get rid of the taste. However, that isn’t what good girls do. So, she patiently suckles on her father’s cock until it gets soft and he finally removes it.

Janice blushes as the cock comes back into her view and she sees her red lipstick marking the sides of it. It is a memento that her father will see every time he has to pee today. That of course is assuming the next little girl that comes in for punishment doesn’t lick it clean.

She tries to control her blush but Janice can feel her face burning as she looks up at her father, licks her lips and then opens her mouth so he can ensure she has swallowed it all. Some men at the school prefer you display the cum before you swallow. Thankfully, her father doesn’t seem to care either way. Showing an empty mouth is humiliating enough. Janice isn’t sure but it looks like her father is blushing a little as well.

“Good girl,” Bill praises. “You can go now.”

“Thank you, daddy,” Janice says as she quickly stands.

It is the exact same phrase she says to all the men she has sex with. It takes on new meaning when it is your real father.

“Oh!” Janice yelps a moment later as she pops her 3″ [7½ cm] plug back in place.

She really should have taken more time with it but she is eager to get out of the room. It is utterly humiliating to be in the room with her father after what they just did. She quickly puts her panties on and adjusts her uniform.

Thankfully, she doesn’t have to wait for her father to fill out any kind of return slip. Once given a punishment slip, students are on the honor system to actually go to the headmaster for punishment. However, none of the students are stupid enough to believe that the teachers don’t later verify that the student indeed showed up. Janice suspects that the ‘honor system’ is just a way for the school to temp students into possibly doing something stupid like not show up for a punishment. She doubts that even the dumbest students ever fall for it.

There is a nice size mirror in the room for her to use in order to adjust her hair and makeup. However, she decides not to hang around to do so. She goes straight for the door. She will worry about her hair and stuff once she is in the waiting area.

It isn’t until she starts to open the door that it dawns on her there might be students out there waiting. Janice goes beat red when she gets the door open and sees there is not one but three students waiting. The worst part is that they are her three sisters: Amber (14), Beth (16) and Mary (17).

Beth and Mary start laughing. That doesn’t surprise Janice one bit. Even before she became a Humbled Girl the two older siblings were always making fun of him and stuff. Amber has a smile on her face but Janice knows it’s just because the girl is happy to see her. They get along pretty well.

Janice doesn’t analyze the situation for long. It doesn’t take a genius to know that they probably overheard the entire punishment session. Her father made sure of that with the hard paddling and later with his loud moans of pleasure. It is also pretty obvious that the reason they were sent there was to do just that.

Janice tries to hold back her tears but can’t. She quickly crosses the room and goes into the hallway. She is half way down the hall before she realizes how stupid it was to leave the waiting room. Walking the halls with your hair and makeup a mess is a punishable offense. If someone sees her she could end up right back in her father’s office. That would be a lot worse than a little embarrassment.

There are no mirrors in the hall but thankfully Janice has practiced enough that she can touch up her makeup and hair without one. She also remembers where all the camera blind spots are in the hallways. She memorized them when she was janitor. They were good spots to slack off from work a little. There of course are much more private areas you could do this. However, the janitor had no real duties in those areas so if you got caught in those spots then it was pretty clear you were slacking off. In the halls, you could lean up against the wall. Then if someone opened a door or something then all you had to do was start walking. Jack’s favorite, however, was to take a water bucket and a sponge to one of these spots. Then, he could even sit there on the floor and relax. If someone came then all he had to do was pretend to be scrubbing an imaginary mark or something off the floor.

Janice goes into one of these blind spots and cleans herself up the best she can. She has to make it a rush job. If someone is looking closely they will realize she disappeared from one camera and never showed on the other. It would be hard to explain a gap of more than a half minute or so.

Janice walks the remaining short distance back to Mr. Moore’s class. She takes a couple deep breaths and then opens the door. Everyone in the class looks her way. They each give her a knowing smile. Janice’s blush deepens.

She freezes for a second and then glances over at Mr. Moore. The man is sitting at his desk. Janice can make out the small blond head of one of the students bobbing up and down in his lap. The man just motions for her to take her seat.

Janice is thankful that he didn’t ask her to replace or join the other kid under the desk. That’s not to say she won’t probably end up there the following day anyway. Most classes follow a very basic pattern. The first 30 minutes usually involve a lecture from the teacher. The last 30 minutes are a kind of study time. Basically, the students read their books, do worksheets, or what have you on the topic that the teacher just lectured on.

It is this final 30 minutes that the students always dread. That is because the teachers almost always select one or two kids to play with. The kids are normally selected by who has gotten in trouble the most or who is currently getting the worst grades. Of course, new students get selected a lot as well.

Usually the selected kid or kids spend those 30 minutes under the teacher’s desk giving oral sex. Sometimes the teachers will even fuck the student on the desk. And there are times one or more of the students are simply embarrassed the entire time… like making them play with themselves or each other. And it isn’t that uncommon that a teacher will take a student out of the class and play with them in one of the special rooms set aside for just such things.

The sex and humiliation is bad. However, the worst part is that it means they have to make the 30 minutes up later at home after school. That is assuming you even get any free time after school that day. A Humbled Girl’s schedule is rather busy. After normal academic classes, the students then have specialized seduction and other credits they have to earn. Those classes normally go until 6 or 7 p.m. On top of that, each student has a minimum monthly amount of time they have to spend getting specialized training with their mentor. You don’t spend time with your mentor every day but the days that you do normally last for hours.

Tack on homework and that 30 minutes becomes extremely precious. And you have six classes which means you could end up getting selected multiple times in the same day if you are unlucky.

“Oh!” Janice grunts as she sits.

It had been a small punishment but it still left her rump and balls rather sore. The grunt gets a round of laughter from everyone in the class. This makes Janice start to cry again. Thankfully, the class only lasts another couple minutes before the bell rings. Janice chastises herself for not staying in her father’s waiting room earlier. She was allotted five minutes to do so. Not only could she have cleaned herself up easier but class would have been out by the time she finished.

The rest of her academic classes go pretty smoothly. Apparently word got around that she was punished by the headmaster. She hears chatting and giggling about it but the girls at least ease off the hazing.

That said, Janice does get selected by a teacher to go under the desk during the second half of her social studies class. The newer kids always stand a good chance to go under a desk so it is no major surprise for Janice. What is a surprise is that the teacher that has her do it is Janice’s only female teacher, Ms. Hill.

Ms. Hill is in decent shape and looks okay. However, Janice is turned off a bit by her age. She looks to be in her late 40s. That might not seem that old to some but for a 13 year old that is ancient. Janice has had sex with older men a ton lately. Some are even in their 50s. Somehow that seems okay to her. A much older woman though? After lusting after teenage girls so long, giving oral sex to the older woman just seems… icky.

It is also very embarrassing. While janitor, Jack had been called into Ms. Hill’s class on many occasions. The teacher would often have one of the girls suck Jack off or something in front of the class. It is one of the perks of being janitor. Teachers are often pulling you into classes to perform with a kid as part of the lecture or simply as student punishment. Ms. Hill, however, pulled Jack into her class a ton more than the other instructors. Jack assumed that she did it because she was female and needed a man for some of the class activities. He also suspected that she might like him. As Janice crawls under Ms. Hill’s desk it dawns on her that maybe the teacher likes her a lot more than she had thought.

“Show mommy what you can do,” Ms. Hill whispers as Janice gets into position.

Ms. Hill also says something about spending lots of time under the desk in the weeks to come. Janice doesn’t hear all of it but she still blushes.

Thanks to her female trainer in the secure area, Janice is rather skilled at eating pussy. Ms. Hill tastes a bit more tart though than what Janice is used too. The woman also holds her climax off for a rather long time. It is as though Ms. Hill doesn’t care about her own pleasure and is more concerned about humiliating Janice.

During her training, Janice came to think of eating pussy as a reward. As such, the act doesn’t bother her as much as Ms. Hill probably wishes it did. Or at least the first 20 minutes don’t bother Janice that much. However, at the 20 minute mark her teacher scoots down in her chair and brings her knees up.

Janice backs away for a second. It is clear the woman wants her to eat her asshole. Janice is trained on how to do this but thankfully doesn’t have to do it that often. Her main hesitation is that the woman wants her to do it while in the classroom.

Sure enough, Janice can hear some of the girls giggling. They obviously noticed the woman’s new position in the chair. Janice blushes and starts crying tears of shame. They might not be able to see her under the desk but they know full well what is going on. Janice is certain that all of them have at one point done this for Ms. Hill as well. However, Janice still isn’t sure how she will ever be able to face her classmates again without blushing.

Embarrassed or not, Janice only hesitates a few seconds before moving her face forward. She uses her hands to spread Ms. Hill’s cheeks apart further and then darts her tongue between the crack. The crack is a little dank but there isn’t much flavor to it. Just a slight salty earthy after taste.

Janice licks up and down the crack for a minute before she finally hardens her tongue and starts making little pokes at the woman’s anus. It isn’t long before she is darting her tongue in and out of the hole.

There isn’t much taste but it is still mentally disgusting. The worst part is that in order to do it properly she has to wiggle her tongue around inside, kiss the hole, slurp at it, etc. These things result in a lot of sound. Or at least it seems like a lot of sound in the otherwise quiet room. Janice just knows everyone in the room can hear her. The occasional giggles tell her as much.

As Janice eats Ms. Hill’s asshole, she prays that her teacher will make her continue for at least ten more minutes. If it is ten minutes then the bell will ring and everyone will be leaving the class as she gets out from under the desk. Unfortunately, she is not that lucky.

“Good girl,” Ms. Hill says around the nine minute mark. “Your real mommy must make you practice that a lot.”

Ms. Hill then backs away from the desk and motions for Janice to crawl out. Janice is beat red and tears are running down her cheeks as she makes her way to her desk. The others know how horrible it is for a new girl in the school. That still doesn’t stop them from giggling. A few even give a light applause. A minute later the bell rings. Janice is in her next class before she can get her tears under control.

Chapter 3

Seduction training. You won’t find the title written down anywhere in the school records or class schedules. What you will find listed is ‘Home Economics’. Of course, any outsider with a brain looking at the schedule would quickly wonder why the school feels the students need two to three hours of Home Economics at the end of almost every day.

The Home Economics title isn’t completely misleading. Cooking, sewing, cleaning, and what have you are indeed sometimes taught during these hours. The school just adds in a few extras is all. The two key things taught are seduction and sexual acts.

The first hour is normally lectures and book work. Believe it or not, this is always Janice’s favorite part of the day. In particular, Janice likes learning about seduction. Even after eight months of watching the lectures via the school’s camera system, Janice is still absolutely fascinated by the topic.

Back when she was still Jack, seduction was just a word to her. Back then Janice understood the concept and all that. However, it wasn’t until she started watching the classes that she realized there is a ton more to it than just a short definition in the dictionary.

For Janice, it was like discovering a whole new world. A world where she could go from helpless victim to the one in charge. And the wild thing is that if done right she can take charge while still giving the illusion she is helpless.

Sometimes she even managed to do this with her trainers and others that visited her little prison. For brief moments they became the prisoners and she became the guard. And those individuals are even aware of all the techniques and stuff. Janice can’t wait until she can practice some of these things on the people outside the school system. She just knows she will have everyone kneeling at her feet.

It is a definite power trip. And it is sometimes so simple to do. The first thing you do is analyze your target. An old rich man, for example, normally responds to vastly different things than a young rich one.

The seduction itself always starts out very subtle. You might play with your hair a certain way or give them a special look. The way you talk, walk, smell, etc… it all matters as well. You want to make sure they notice certain things, yet you don’t always want to make it that obvious.

To say it is an art is a major understatement. Janice is past the doodling stage but she knows she still has a ways to go before she can paint a masterpiece.

That first hour takes place in various classrooms with about 20 students per room. For the most part the class is very similar to others. There is lecture followed by book work or other assignments.

While Janice loves the first hour of seduction training, she absolutely hates the following hour or two. That is because those hours are dedicated toward teaching the sex acts. While she was in her little prison the video feed would normally go off after the first hour. Then she would often get a visitor or two and plenty of ‘hands on’ training. She isn’t sure what will happen today but she knows it won’t be any better.

The ironic thing is that while janitor, the sex training portion used to be Jack’s favorite time of the day. Granted, these hours were often all he would get to see. Jack had his own school to attend after all. Thanks to a special arrangement with his school, he would leave early enough to arrive here usually during the 5th period. However, often there were lots of tasks for him to complete. Thus, unless a teacher pulled him into class, he didn’t get to view much until sex training. He not only got to watch sex training but often played an active role in the teaching process. Yeah, he is very familiar with sex training procedures.

The bulk of the students go to the gym for sex training. However, some parents want their kids to get advanced training in this area. There are special secure training wings in the school for that. Each wing has a series of rooms. Normally, it is only one or two kids per room. A trainer will manage one to three rooms at a time. Needless to say, this advanced training can only be afforded by the richest families.

A lot of what is taught in these special rooms is the same as what is taught in the gym. The main difference is that there is a ton more one on one time. In the gym it is normally about 20 students per trainer. A student learning to suck cock in the gym might only get five minutes of actual real cock in their mouth during class. A student in one of the wings, however, usually gets at least 20 minutes.

This advanced training program has the side benefit of helping mask the fact that they have sissies training in the school. That’s because the sissy wing of the school looks no different from the outside than any other one. They all have the same secure entrances and what have you.

As far as most of the students are concerned, the kids going into that area are no different than the kids going into the other wings. Just a bunch of spoiled rich brats. Okay, all the kids at the school belong to rich parents. However, the ones going into the secure areas usually belong to the super rich.

The sissy area is a bit of an exception. While some of the families are indeed super rich, most aren’t. With sissies, the school makes most of their money off the dowries. They also have teachers that are willing to take pay cuts in order to help train the sissies. And of course there are several parents and other dignitaries that will pay handsomely to visit the area from time to time and participate in the training.

All of this also takes place in the other wings of the school with the actual girls. However, the sissies are a much more scarce commodity and thus fetch significantly higher prices.

There is a little concern about secrecy, but not much. No one dares go public with the ins and outs of the school. Who would they tell? Almost every position of authority in the area is either held by a Humbled Girl graduate or someone married to one. The school also has tons of influence with federal agencies.

Any ‘rumors’ that get out about the school are quickly squashed. The people that leak those rumors are often dealt with as well. They might not kill them but the person’s career and social status most certainly ends.

Today, the first hour of seduction training goes by all too fast. Janice soon finds herself standing outside the secure area she spent the last eight months in. She stands there for over a minute. She is scared that once she goes in they might not let her back out.

She feels she did okay in school today. Sure, she cried a little but what Humbled Girl doesn’t cry from time to time? However, what if they decide she isn’t ready yet after all? Will they lock her in the secure area for another eight months? Janice feels safe in there but it is still captivity. She isn’t sure she could handle eight more months of it.

Janice is physically shaking in fear, but she still forces herself to swipe her ID card and punch the code into the keypad which opens the door. She prays that in the next hour or so they will give her the code that allows her to exit. Okay, she could probably sneak out with some of the other sissies when they leave. However, she probably wouldn’t get far. That is especially true if they decide to put her shock collar back on. She wore that damn thing for almost five months. She prays that they don’t take her that far back in her training.

“Did you enjoy your first real day of school?”

Janice is hit with the question the second she opens the door. She takes a step back when she sees who is asking. It is Dean Miller. He is a rather large and intimidating man. Janice still can’t believe the man is her mentor.

“Yes, sir,” Janice whispers and then blushes.

The Dean moves his bulk to the side. Janice gets the hint and walks inside.

“First door on the right,” he informs her.

Janice almost jumps for joy when she hears this. It is a very good sign. Her normal training area for the past eight months was several doors down and on the left. The first few rooms are training areas for sissies that don’t have to live in the secure area. She isn’t out of the woods yet but it is certainly promising.

As she makes the short trip to the door she sees Nancy peak out from the all too familiar door far down the hall. Janice is glad to see that the sissy girl only looks confused and not that sad. Nancy’s look turns to fear though when she sees the Dean standing in the hall. Janice almost laughs as the little girl quickly shoots out of sight.

Janice has her own fears to worry about. She opens the first door and looks inside. She has never entered this room before but she immediately recognizes it. She seen many training videos and live feeds of this room. This is also one of the rooms she spied on back when she was janitor. The same spying that got her in trouble and turned into a Humbled Girl… or so she thinks.

It is one of the more plain rooms. All it has is a sink, plastic cover couch and some mats on the floor. The couch is normally used for one on one sessions and the mats for group sessions.

Janice swallows hard when she sees there is another sissy already in the room sitting on the couch. Janice just barely made the hall bell so she is certain no other sissies will be joining them today. This is probably going to be one of the more intimate one on one sessions she often had to watch. Only today she won’t be just watching.

“I’m Sarah,” the girl says as Janice approaches.

Janice has seen the sissy many times before in the videos. She is rather cute like all the other sissies. She has black hair like Janice only it is much longer. She also has a very feminine face and body. Janice can tell the girl has been on female hormones a lot longer than herself. That said, Sarah’s breasts are only maybe B cups.

Sarah is still in her school uniform, but Janice already knows the girl has a small penis. It is only 4″ [10 cm] long and maybe 3/4 of an inch [2 cm] thick. Like Janice, Sarah looks to be about 13 years old. So, it is possible the girl’s penis is still developing. However, it is equally possible that it will never develop thanks to the estrogen.

Janice’s trainers told her once that they had two formulas they use on sissies when it comes to estrogen. One allows the sissy’s cock to continue to develop a little and the other not only stops the development but even often reverses it. They refused to tell Janice which formula is being used on her.

It is yet another mind game. It works though. There isn’t a day that goes by that Janice doesn’t check the length of her cock at least once. So far she hasn’t noticed any shrinkage. It seems to stay at it’s normal 7″ by 1¾” [18 x 4½ cm]. It is actually pretty impressive for her age. Though, it still concerns her that it hasn’t grown any in the past eight months. Is that the estrogen or is she simply done growing?

“I’m Janice,” she says as she sits on the other end of the couch.

Janice can tell that Sarah wants to chat. However, Janice makes it clear by her position on the couch that she isn’t interested.

Part of her actually wants to chat. However, she is too busy fighting off the butterflies that are flapping around in her tummy. Despite all her months of training, Janice still gets nervous and embarrassed whenever she ‘plays’ with someone new. This is especially true when it is someone close to her own age.

Despite the butterflies, Janice still feels her penis press against the confines of it’s cage as she thinks about what they might make her do with Sarah. Janice might not feel gay but she has to admit that Sarah is rather cute.

Janice’s blush goes a brighter shade of red when she suddenly remembers the topic of her previous hour. It centered on how to make out with a boy for the first time. The following hours of seduction training normally shadow the first one. Add in the fact that Janice and Sarah have never been together before and it doesn’t take a genius to guess what they will probably be doing soon.

The thought of kissing boys, even sissies, still grosses Janice out a bit. Yet, like everything else, her training and the drugs have conditioned her such that it still somehow turns her on. Or at least she prays that those are the reasons. The possible alternative is too horrible to face.

Janice and Sarah quickly stand as the door opens. Janice blushes further when she sees it is Victor. Victor teaches many things during seduction class but his specialty is teaching girls and sissies how to suck cock. Not that he sucks cock himself. Only a faggot would do something like that.

Victor’s Mexican cock is about 8″ [20 cm] long and 2″ [5 cm] thick. It isn’t all that huge by the school’s standards but it is still rather big for untrained students. Victor has a talent for making it fit anyway. Janice knows this all too well.

“Remove your shoes and cages but leave the rest of your clothes on,” Victor orders. “Once you are ready, get on the couch and show us what you learned in the previous hour.”

At that, Victor turns and leaves the room. Both Janice and Sarah let out a sigh of relief. They had feared Victor might have planned to spend the next hour or two fucking their throats. Not that he might not end up using some of the time for that anyway.

The two sissies blush as they start thinking about what the actual assignment is. They both turn away from each other in embarrassment as they remove their cock cages.

Janice has to undo a couple buttons on her white shirt so she can reach into her training bra and retrieve the cock cage key. She now feels silly for having hidden it there. One of her pockets would have sufficed. For some reason it had made her feel safer to hide it instead.

She fishes the key out and quickly buttons back up. Her blush brightens as she pulls her panties down to her knees and then lifts her skirt. It takes her several second to unlock her cage. She drops her skirt back down as the cage comes off. She then quickly pulls her panties back up in hopes that no one will notice her cock is already starting to get hard.

And there is no doubt in her mind that someone is watching. Not only are there surveillance cameras in the room but one wall has a huge two way mirror. It is possible Victor is working with sissies in one of the other rooms. However, it is equally possible that he is sitting in the cubby on the other side of that mirror watching her.

Janice sits on the couch and then reaches down and removes her black Mary Jane school shoes. A proper lady always removes her shoes before making out with a boy. It is one of the many things they mentioned in the previous hour. It makes perfect sense to Janice. If you don’t remove the shoes then they might get scuffed. This would be especially true if you decide to later get down on your knees and give the boy a special treat. Janice quickly shakes the thought from her head and chastises herself for thinking it.

Janice puts her shoes neatly on the floor next to her cock cage. Before straightening back up, Janice takes the opportunity to ensure her knee high white socks are neatly in place. It isn’t going to matter much in a few minutes whether her clothes are neat or not. It is just instinct.

With nothing left to do, Janice slowly turns to face Sarah on the opposite end of the couch. She knows she should scoot over to the girl but the butterflies are holding her in place. Thankfully, Sarah doesn’t seem to mind coming to her instead. Janice nibbles on her lower lip as the girl gets closer.

Sarah doesn’t stop until their sides are touching and their faces are only inches apart. Sarah’s rosy painted lips come closer and touch Janice’s. Sarah’s lipstick is cherry flavored and Janice’s is strawberry. Thankfully, the color of both are virtually the same and will blend well together on their lips.

It is a very tender and delicate kiss at first. However, it quickly gets more heated. Janice blushes but doesn’t hesitate to play an active role in the kiss. They are being evaluated after all. Proper Humbled Girl kissing is a lot more complex than one might think. You want to make your kiss seem eager. Yet, you want to make it seem like you are holding something back. Just enough that the boy will keep striving to acquire what you might be denying him.

Having students kiss each other is an excellent training method. That is because it brings into the mix it’s own set of challenges. The obvious one being that they are normally kissing others of the same gender. While this adds a humiliation and gross factor, it also adds a technical challenge as well since they are both wearing lipstick.

You want your kisses to be passionate, yet at the same time you have to ensure lipstick doesn’t get smeared all over you or the other student’s face. The extra hurdle helps them master their skills. It makes kissing men seem like a cake walk… from a technical perspective anyway.

The inside of Janice’s mouth tastes like a sugary sweat strawberry/cherry cotton candy mix as their lips press together and their tongues dance against each other.

The next thing she knows, Janice finds herself lying on the couch with Sarah on top of her. For the life of her, Janice can’t figure out how they managed to so quickly get into this position considering their prior positioning. By all rights, Janice should have ended up on top. She can only chalk it up to Sarah’s obviously superior amount of training.

Janice isn’t so hot with the position. She still has her 3″ [7½ cm] plug in and the extra weight on her is pushing her insides against it. Plus, every time she tries to raise a knee up or something to offset the weight, Sarah takes advantage of the parted legs by bring her own thigh/leg up to press against the plug.

Worse yet, the position gives Sarah most of the control. Janice feels that it is herself that should be in the dominate position. She is a lot more manly than Sarah. Heck, less than a year ago Janice was wearing boy clothes and fucking girls. Sarah probably has spent her entire life playing Barbie.

Janice tries to switch positions but Sarah isn’t having it. Janice is subtle about it at first but then starts applying more and more muscle toward her goal. Sarah easily holds her ground.

The estrogen along with the reduction of exercise during the past eight months has done a number on Janice’s strength. The struggle for power lasts for about a minute but to anyone watching it just looks like two girls hugging and kissing. A tear runs down the side of Janice’s face as she realizes that she can’t even overpower a sissy boy like Sarah. It is very humiliating.

Finally, Janice has no choice but to give in. Not only is she getting tired but if they don’t start focusing more then they risk failing the assignment. The kisses so far are okay but they have many other things they have to practice on each other. And Victor did not let them know exactly how long they have.

This is not Janice’s first time making out with another sissy. She has done it many times in the past eight months. Though, normally it was with younger sissies and Janice was normally the dominate one. All of that said, what they are practicing today is a bit more advanced than she is used too.

In the past it was pretty much seal your lips and have a tongue of war in each other’s mouth. The kisses they are supposed to be practicing today are a lot more tender and passionate. Janice wants to start the assignment but Sarah keeps dominating the action. It is clear that Sarah isn’t going to let them continue until Janice gives up complete control.

It is another two minutes before Janice finally gives up all signs of resistance. She doesn’t even resist when Sarah thumps her plug a few times.

Convinced she is now in full control, Sarah eases her face away for a moment. She stares into Janice’s eyes and then slowly comes back in. She nibbles on Janice’s lower lip and then licks lightly across the upper. She pushes her tongue between those lips and the two are back into a French kiss again.

Janice has to admit that the lead in and the kiss feels very romantic. She can understand why a guy might like doing that or having it done to him.

The two tongue each other for a minute and then Sarah backs away yet again. This time when she comes in she lets Janice do the nibbling and licking. Sarah might like being in control but she isn’t about to let that control force another student to fail. She wants control over the other sissies, not make them her enemy. Sure, the newer sissies always hate her at first. However, over time they learn their place. Well, the weaker ones do anyway. It takes her a bit more time to dominate the stronger ones. She almost always succeeds though.

The two take turns like this for several minutes before they switch to a different kiss. This one is a combo. You do a light kiss on the lips; kiss on the cheek; nibble the ear; kiss the cheek again; then French kiss. Sarah puts her own twist onto the end of the sequence though. Instead of going straight in for the French kiss, she sticks her tongue out slightly and tenderly licks at Janice’s lips until she too is enticed into sticking her tongue out. The two tongues make love in the open air for a few seconds and then they lock lips and complete the French kiss.

The kiss is so yummy that Janice can’t help but grind up against Sarah. She can feel Sarah’s little dicklet grinding back down onto her own. The grinding causes the head of Janice’s dick to slide out the top of her cotton panties. As she continues to grind she can feel the tight elastic waistband of the panties gliding up and down the underside of her cock. The feeling is very delicious. Janice freezes when she realizes she is about to cum. She manages to stave off the climax but it got so close that she is sure at least a couple drops of cum probably came out.

As she gets herself under control, Janice chastises herself for getting so excited by something as disgusting as kissing a sissy. Or at least she thinks it is disgusting. It certainly felt that way several minutes ago. Now that she is so close to climax she isn’t sure what she feels.

Janice tries not to think about it and just focuses on the assignment. When it comes her turn, the combo kiss is hard to perform from the bottom. Janice manages it, but only with a little help from Sarah. Janice finishes the kiss with a standard French kiss. The dancing of the tongues out in the open is kind of erotic but it is also very embarrassing. She is kissing another boy after all. Plus, someone is probably watching.

This last thought makes Janice freeze. She suddenly remembers what Victor said before he left… “…show us what you learned…”. He said “us”! It takes Janice a few seconds but she manages to convince herself that Victor was only talking about himself and maybe the Dean. She prays that there aren’t others in there watching… like maybe her father!

Janice quickly focuses back on the assignment. If she gets a failing grade then she will surely be sent to her father again for punishment. She will take embarrassment over punishment any day. Especially considering that punishment always comes with embarrassment when your father is the Headmaster.

Altogether, Sarah and Janice practice ten different kiss sequences. They then move on to the more complex combinations of kisses, groping and grinding. As much as she hates the kisses, the groping and grinding are much worse.

Okay, she actually enjoys the grinding. However, that is the problem. Like earlier, she enjoys it way too much. Without her cage on she is constantly having to concentrate on not climaxing. This is especially true with that damn huge plug rubbing her ass clit constantly. Sarah’s little dicklet rubbing back and forth against her own through their skirts doesn’t help matters either.

The groping, however, is just plain disturbing. On one level it feels very sexy and erotic. However, Janice feels like jumping out of her skin every time her sensitive nipples get rubbed or squeezed. Yet, at the same time her sensitive nipples make her dick lurch and threaten to shoot it’s sissy load.

They continue the groping and grinding for about 20 minutes. Then they start all over with the kisses again. They rinse and repeat the sequence for an hour and a half before Victor finally steps back into the room. By now the two are lost in each other. Both of them are also desperate to cum. The only way they find strength to break apart is the hope that Victor might let them do just that. Of course, the possibility of punishment if they don’t part is a nice motivator also.

“Who wants to practice with me?” Victor asks.

Both sissies quickly raise their hands. They are both expected to eagerly volunteer. Janice blushes when she realizes that part of her really wants him to pick her and not Sarah. Janice would do about anything right now to be allowed to cum. It has been over three days since her last climax and the make out session with Sarah has really gotten Janice primed.

Janice almost starts crying when Victor picks Sarah.

“Goodie!” Sarah squeals as she goes into Victor’s arms.

Victor doesn’t waste any time in getting Sarah on the couch. The girl doesn’t dare try to fight Victor for position. She already knows that is a fight she can never win. That said, it doesn’t mean she isn’t going to try to get control of the make out session. That is the point of the assignment after all.

“Oh!” Sarah grunts as Victor pulls her plug out.

Victor drops the plug to the floor. Janice feels like picking it up and handing it to Sarah so the girl will have to lick it clean. However, she remembers this is a make out session. Janice doubts that Victor wants Sarah licking a plug clean right before kissing him. Chances are he would make Janice clean it instead.

Janice watches closely from the sidelines as the two start making out. At first, Janice just thinks it looks icky. A grown man kissing a sissy, yuck. Sure, she does it herself sometimes but watching it seems even more disgusting than doing it. It is especially disturbing to see Victor doing it. Uncle Victor kisses Janice on rare occasions but usually they never do any of the mushy stuff. Victor is normally just interested in training Janice’s throat or asshole.

And of course during all of those times with Victor, Janice never really tried to control the encounters. To be honest, she doesn’t even think it is possible. The guy is pretty big and strong. He also seems to have a short fuse. Janice wants to see how Sarah manages to control him.

At first it doesn’t look like Sarah can gain any control at all. Victor is all over her, deep kissing, groping, etc. Very slowly, however, Sarah gains more and more control. Janice is very impressed. How Sarah does it looks so simple, yet seems so genious.

Sarah starts out doing the more aggressive combos with Victor. She basically gives Victor what he is demanding. However, she gradually transitions into slower and more tender combinations. It is basically the opposite of what her and Janice did earlier.

Within ten minutes Sarah has Victor wrapped around her finger. Victor is still doing a little grinding and groping but it is tame compared to how they started. Their kisses are also very tender and loving now. Janice would have never believed it had she not just seen it with her own eyes. This assignment clearly has more value than she thought.

“Good job,” Victor says after a few more minutes. “I think someone deserves a reward.”

Sarah giggles in response to the high praise. Janice feels like having a fit. She has known Uncle Victor all her life. Victor should have chosen her and not Sarah. It should be her getting the reward right now.

Janice blushes when she realizes what she is thinking. She knows what kind of reward Victor is talking about. That isn’t something she should be eager to get. Yet, she would be allowed to cum during the process. That would be so yummy right now.

“Janice!” she screams in her head.

She can’t believe she is thinking such things. It isn’t like they don’t allow her to masturbate each night if she wants. The only reason she goes days sometimes is because she is required to do it in front of the cameras. And she is also required to eat her own jizz afterward. She has done this tons of times in the past but she still finds it utterly disgusting and humiliating. So, she normally goes a couple days between climaxes. Provided of course she doesn’t accidentally have a climax during her training sessions. Which does often happen.

She only waited longer this time because she knew she might go home today. That means no more cameras watching her or her having to eat her own climaxes after masturbating… right?

“Get us ready,” Victor orders.

Janice blushes when she realizes he is talking to her. This not only embarrasses her but makes her very irate. It just isn’t fair. She didn’t even get a chance to win the reward. And yet here she is having to help give it out.

Victor leans up onto his side. Janice doesn’t have to be giving additional direction. She leans in and unzips his pants and then delicately pulls out his 8″ [20 cm] long, 2″ [5 cm] thick cock. She stares at it for a moment. Had he picked her for the assignment then this might be going into her ass pussy right now and not Sarah’s. The thought of the thing rubbing back and forth against her ass clit makes Janice squeeze her ass muscles against her plug. This in turn makes her cock lurch under her skirt.

Janice leans in closer and licks the precum off the head of Victor’s cock. She then sucks the tip into her mouth and starts suckling on it. A few seconds later she is deep throating it. She does this for a minute and then pulls away.

A fresh blush paints her face as she does so. Sucking Uncle Victor isn’t as bad as sucking her father but it is still embarrassing. She has no choice but to do it though. It is one of Victor’s rules. A sissy never looks at a cock unless she plans to touch it. And a sissy never touches a man’s cock unless she plans to suck it. In short, if you see a cock then suck it.

“Me too,” Sarah giggles as she shimmies out of her panties and lifts up the front of her skirt.

This really gets Janice’s blood boiling.

“This bitch actually wants me to suck her!”

Janice is about to refuse. However, she remembers Victor’s rule. Sarah’s little dicklet hardly qualifies as being a cock. However, Victor is right there watching. He isn’t going to let her try to get out of it on a technicality.

Janice reluctantly leans in. Before taking the little 4″ [10 cm] penis into her mouth she gives Sarah an evil grin that screams, “I’m going to bite your fucking dick!”. They both know that Janice doesn’t have the nerve to do such a thing. However, there is just enough doubt to wipe the smile off Sarah’s face.

Janice easily gets all of Sarah’s dicklet into her mouth. The tiny thing doesn’t even reach into her throat. Janice wants to stand and pull her own cock out so Sarah can see who the real man here is. To help prove how small Sarah is, Janice even sucks the sissy’s marble size balls into her mouth.

Sarah of course already knows she is small. Her daddy pays extra so the school will give her drugs to ensure it stays that way. Plus, her daddy and trainers take every opportunity to remind her how small her dicklet is. For a long time she used to cry herself to sleep every night over it. However, recently she came to realize that they wouldn’t go to so much trouble to keep her small if it didn’t somehow please them. That makes her special… right?

Janice lets go of the little cock and balls when she feels Victor adjusting his and Sarah’s position on the couch. He gets them into a spooning position with Sarah in front.

Janice is really jealous now. She loves having her ass pussy bred in this position. Wait, that didn’t come out right. She doesn’t ‘love’ it. She hates it. She just doesn’t hate it as much as most other positions. This position means she doesn’t have to face the man fucking her. It is a lot less humiliating this way. Plus, without her dick rubbing against the man she is sometimes able to keep from accidentally cumming.

Granted, the position does give men easy access to her sensitive boobies. This gives the men a lot of control over her. A little rubbing and light pinching and she is usually squirming all over and giving their cock a heck of a ride. The men’s moans of pleasure are often almost as loud as her girly squeals.

“Oh, daddy!” Sarah gasps as Victor’s cock slides inside her.

Victor isn’t her real father. It is just how every Humbled Girl is required to address their trainers during sex.

Victor gets in nice and deep. He then reaches over with his upper hand and starts rubbing and tweaking Sarah’s nipples.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

This gets a giggle from Janice. It is good to see that Sarah’s nipples are sensitive also. Unfortunately, the giggle gets Victor’s attention. He motions her closer. He then grabs a fist full of her hair and moves her face down to his large balls. Janice immediately starts licking and sucking on them.

Victor then moves her head so her mouth is next to the base of his cock shaft. For an instant, Janice tries to pull away. That cock has just slid out of Sarah’s asshole!

Janice quickly gives in. All Humbled Girls give themselves frequent enemas so it’s not like there is anything too nasty on the cock. Plus, it isn’t like she hasn’t licked her own ass juices off a cock before. It just seems kind of… icky… to be licking another sissy’s juices off one.

Sarah realizes what is going on and slides up to the tip of the cock in order to give Janice more lollipop to lick on. Janice reluctantly licks up and down the length of it.

Victor then moves Janice’s mouth back down to his balls. Sarah sinks the cock deep inside again as Janice moves downward. Sarah then glides back up so Victor can have Janice lick the shaft clean again.

Victor lets go but Janice knows she is required to repeat the process over and over until told otherwise.

Victor then moves his attention back to Sarah’s nipples. A second later Sarah’s girly squeals fill the room once more.

Despite being antsy from all the nipple play, Sarah manages to keep her strokes to a slow pace so that Janice can keep up with her cleaning chore below. This goes on for another ten minutes. Victor then pulls Janice’s face away from his cock and balls and places it over Sarah’s cock. Janice scrunches her nose in disgust as she sucks the little dicklet back into her mouth. She knows her mouth isn’t coming off this time until after she swallows the sissy’s cum.

Victor holds Sarah’s hips still as he starts pounding her ass pussy from behind. It takes him only a minute to start cumming in her hole.

“Oh, daddy!” Sarah squeals again as she too begins to climax.

Janice is less than pleased as she accepts the sissy’s cum into her mouth. Thankfully, it only amounts to a half teaspoon at best. Janice can easily shoot out at least six times as much cum. She would giggle at the sissy’s pathetic climax if she wasn’t so busy being humiliated by just having eaten it.

All three freeze in that position for over a minute. Finally, Victor pulls back and his cock pops free. Janice lets out a small groan as Victor grabs her head and moves her mouth to his cock. This isn’t her mess… she shouldn’t have to clean it! She does it anyway of course.

She passively licks and sucks at the cock for over a minute. She struggles though when Victor grabs her head and tries to move it toward Sarah’s rear end.

“I won’t do that! I won’t eat cum out of a sissy’s asshole!”

Yeah, she doesn’t actually say that out loud. Her struggles don’t even last a full five seconds. She knows she has no choice but to obey. If she doesn’t then they will punish her and make her do it anyway. Plus, they would then ensure she performs the same act over and over again in the weeks to follow.

Besides, she’s done something similar to this in the past anyway. It isn’t something she likes to reminisce on though.

She slowly moves her face to Sarah’s ass. She gives the crack a long lick and is rewarded with a coating of cum on her tongue. She scrunches her nose in disgust as she forces herself to swallow it. She looks at Victor in hopes that he is happy with just that. He isn’t. He just uses his hand to help part Sarah’s ass cheeks.

Janice feels ill as she leans back in and seals her lips to Sarah’s nether hole. She takes a deep breath and then sticks her tongue out. It is disgusting but she manages to lick out some of the cum. She then goes back for more. This time she adds suction as well. She keeps tonguing and sucking at the hole until she has almost a mouth full of the gunk. She finally pulls back and opens her mouth so Victor can see how much she has collected.

“Good girl,” he praises.

Janice has to struggle not to be sick as she closes her mouth and swallows hard. She keeps her stomach under control but only barely.

The school bell rings not soon after. Janice is still in a bit of shock and everything becomes a bit of a blur. The next thing she knows she is standing in the hallway. At first she doesn’t know what she is supposed to do. Then she remembers Victor telling her to just wait there.

A minute later, Janice’s face turns beat red and she starts crying tears of shame as she sees her father and Dean Miller come out of the observation cubby next to the room. They seen everything that just happened! Janice just wants to crawl under a rock and die.

Chapter 4

The drive home should be an exciting and joyful one for Janice. She is finally going home. Instead, she spends the entire time trying to hold back tears of shame. The worst part is that Janice knows there is no real reason to be so upset. Sure, what she just did with Victor and Sarah was horrible, but her dad surely has seen her do almost as bad in the past.

Janice always prays that her father isn’t watching her training via cameras and two way mirrors. However, she isn’t stupid enough to believe he never has. Still, at least with those possible prior occasions the two of them could always pretend it never happened. It is impossible to pretend about what just happened. Janice seen her father walk out of the observation room and her father knows she seen him.

While Janice is upset and silent, her three sisters aren’t. Her two oldest sisters, Beth and Mary, are chattering back and forth about the day’s activities. Amber joins their conversations from time to time. However, Amber’s main focus is on Janice.

Amber and Janice (Jack) have always been close. It concerns Amber that Janice is so upset. She tries to brighten her mood by telling her how pretty their room at home is. This only seems to upset Janice further.

Beth and Mary don’t speak to Janice but they certainly speak “of” her a few times. In particular, they gripe about how they got sent to their father’s office for punishment as a result of Janice’s hazing.

Mary is especially upset about this. The higher in grade you are the greater the consequences for getting into trouble. Hazing or not, the demerit still goes on her record. For someone as low in grade as Amber, a demerit usually just means a quick punishment by the headmaster and maybe a little extra rough or humiliating treatment by her mentor for a few visits. Beth will get only slightly worse. However, it will take Mary at least two or three weeks to rid herself of all the consequences. It is total BS considering she didn’t really do anything wrong other than be the sister of a new student.

Mary of course would never lodge a formal complaint about it. That would just make things worse. That said, she makes sure her conversation about it with Beth is loud enough for her father to overhear. With luck he might put a good word in for her. She isn’t going to hold her breath though. He is the headmaster after all. She knows her daddy loves her. However, she doubts he will let it interfere with his job.

Janice’s family owns a nice $500,000 home. Well, the bank actually owns it. It will be many years before Bill gets anywhere near paying it off. It is technically a six bedroom house. However, one bedroom is set aside for guests and Bill converted another into his personal study.

While the house is pretty nice, the real reason it costs so much is because of it’s location. It is in a very nice community not all that far from the school. Their $500,000 home is one of the cheaper ones in the neighborhood. There are some houses only a block away that go for well over $1,000,000.

For Bill, the extra cost is worth it. He doesn’t get much free time to mingle with all the other rich families, but his wife does. Staying in everyone’s good graces helps ensure Bill’s job security. He isn’t stupid, he knows there are plenty of people constantly after his job. It is always good to have friends in high places when it comes to such things.

As their house comes into view, Janice notices two vehicles parked in the driveway. She recognizes one of them immediately. It is her grandpa’s car.

“Grandpa John is staying with us for a few days,” Bill announces to everyone as they pull into the driveway.

Janice frowns. She loves her grandpa but isn’t looking forward to seeing him. She can only imagine what her grandpa probably thinks of her now that Janice is a sissy boy. Janice doesn’t have to imagine hard. Back when she was still Jack, her grandpa was always bragging about him. Jack had even been named after their grandpa. Janice noticed that her grandpa apparently was no longer going by Grandpa Jack. That in itself speaks volumes.

Janice forgets about all of that for a moment as she steps out of the car. This is the first time she has been outside in the open air in eight months. Well, she technically went outside when they got in the car earlier. That didn’t really count though since they were in a parking structure still.

It feels odd. For eight months she dreamt of going outside. Now that she is, it just feels wrong. In fact, it is kind of scary. She isn’t necessarily scared of something happening to her. She is more scared of what she might do. It would be so easy to just take off running.

She thought she was past wanting to escape. She knows she wouldn’t get far but she can feel the temptation itching away in the back of her mind. It truly frightens her. She feels almost like she is standing on a very high mountain ledge and something in her head is telling her to jump. In her mind’s eye she can almost feel her body trying to sway out toward the ledge. Yet, at the same time she is scared to death of falling. She knows that doing so would have dire consequences.

“How do you like my car!” Mary says as they hop out.

Janice is thankful for the distraction. That doesn’t stop her from rolling her eyes. Like having a car is a big deal. What use is it? Mary obviously doesn’t even get to drive it to school and back. Factor in homework and the thing probably sits in the driveway 99% of the time.

Okay, maybe Janice is a little jealous.

The worst part is that Janice knows how cheap their father can be sometimes when it comes to presents. Chances are the car is still in his name. And once Mary leaves the house the car will go to Beth… then Amber… then her. By the time she gets it the thing will probably be all worn out.

It isn’t that fancy to begin with. It is a red Honda Civic. It is okay and all, just not fancy compared to what most of the neighbor kids drive. That said, Janice is already thinking about what color dress and shoes would look best on her while driving it. Janice is thinking a pink or white dress with red shoes. Oh, even better, maybe a white sun dress with pink and red roses on it. Yeah, that would be delicious.

Janice doesn’t spend much time thinking about it. She is too worried about seeing her grandpa. It has also been many months since the last time she seen her mother, Sierra.


Amber, Beth and Mary all scream it at the same time as they enter the house. The three run to John who is sitting in the living room with Sierra. The girls always greet their grandpa like this. Usually, the obviously over the top welcome would make Janice groan in disgust. However, this time she is thankful for it. It helps draw the attention away from the elephant in the room… that being her all dolled up.

John gives each of the girls a big hug. He also hands out a wrapped gift to each. In the past, Jack always got the best gift. Janice quickly notices that this time her grandpa only has gifts for his sisters.

As his sisters work on opening their presents, John looks toward Janice. She in turn blushes. Her grandpa gives a disappointing look and then turns and starts talking to her father. Tears form in Janice’s eyes and she quickly runs across the room and up the stairs to her room.


She hears her mother yell after her. Janice just ignores it. Her mother no doubt is upset that Janice hasn’t greeted Grandpa Jack… err John. Janice already knows from his look that her grandpa has no desire to greet her. Going back to do it now would just make things worse.

It is hard for Janice not to obey. She would normally obey anyone at the drop of a hat. Eight months of intense sissy training will do that to you. Luckily, they tapered her training back a bit in the past month. This was to help her transition.

Besides, she is well aware of school rules. They are just that, rules that apply at school. Home rules are left up to the parents. The only exception is when you are officially with your mentor. Then it is a mix of school rules and your mentor’s personal school approved rules.

So, until told otherwise, Janice plans to go by the same home rules she obeyed back when she was still Jack. Ignoring a guest will probably just get her a strong talking too. Okay, since it is her grandpa then maybe a small spanking. However, it will be a normal home spanking, not one of the humiliating types she would get at school. Janice can easily handle a home spanking.

Janice freezes, puts her hand over her mouth and takes a step back when she opens the door to her room.

“Oh my god,” Janice says to herself in shock. “What did they do to my room!”

Janice then remembers it is no longer just her room. It now belongs to her sister, Amber, as well. Way back in December, Janice even gave her sister permission to decorate the place. It felt like a bad decision back then and seems even worse now. There is so much pink radiating from the room that it is almost blinding.

Pink bed sheets, pink dresser, pink study table… hell, even the walls are painted pink. They have hardwood floors, but Amber managed to cover almost every square inch with thick fluffy pink throw rugs. And of course Amber has her Powderpuff dolls lined up everywhere. There is also a Powderpuff lamp. And of course the pink bed sheets and pillow cases have prints of the Powderpuff girls on them.

Part of Janice had hoped her sister would have at least grown out of the Powderpuff Girls stage by now. The cartoon is meant for little kids, not 15 year olds. Janice can only guess that the Powderpuff Girls probably remind Amber of a more peaceful time before becoming a Humbled Girl. Janice would feel sad for her sister had she not just destroyed her old room.

Janice stands there shocked for almost a full minute. It is so drastically different than her living arrangements had been in the school’s security area. She spent the last eight months staring at bland beige walls and tan carpet.

Even before that when Janice was still Jack, his room in the house had been a simple white with touches of Navy blue here and there.

Sure, if it were left up to Janice she probably would have incorporated some pink in the room also. However, this is just ridiculous.

Once she gets over the color, Janice quickly notices there is only one bed. She blushes when she realizes she will be sharing the bed with her sister. It is a twin size also. It is going to get a little too close for comfort at night.

Janice isn’t sure why it embarrasses her so much. At least her sister is a girl. Plus, it’s not like they didn’t have sex a few times back when Jack was the janitor at the school. Of course, a lot has changed since then. Back then Jack was just starting to turn into a man. Now he is almost all girl.

Janice hears someone coming up the steps so she quickly rushes into her room and closes the door. She goes to lock the door but finds there is no lock on it anymore. So, instead she holds her breath and puts her ear to the door and listens. Thankfully the foot steps go the other direction down the hall. For a moment there she had feared her dad might be coming up to punish her for earlier.

Janice goes to her bed and sits down. Despite everything, she has to admit it feels good to be home. Or at least it feels good not to be locked up in her little school prison.

She reaches down and pulls her Mary Janes off and then her socks.

“Oh,” she moans with pleasure as she wiggles her toes on the plush rug.

Pink or not, that rug really feels yummy on her feet.

It isn’t until then that it dawns on her that she has nothing to change into. All she brought home was her school bag full of books.

“Maybe Amber has something I can wear,” she thinks to herself.

Janice’s eyes light up with joy as she opens the closet door and sees it is stuffed full of clothes. The best part though is that it is sectioned in half with Amber’s name on one side and Janice’s on the other. And Janice’s side is full of clothes also! There are even shoes on her side! Janice feels almost like she died and went to heaven. Clothes and shoes… what more could you ask for?

Janice can tell that most of the clothes are just hand-me-downs, but it still makes her want to jump for joy. She quickly gets out of her school clothes and starts trying on outfits. Her goal at first is just to find something that fits well. However, it isn’t long and she has tried on almost every item. She even finds one that would look good in Mary’s new car. Granted, Janice will long outgrow the dress before Mary lets her anywhere near the car.

Janice takes mental notes on which outfits look best. She also notes which ones will need to be adjusted to fit better. Thankfully, she learned a lot about sewing and stuff in the past eight months.

Janice is puzzled when she reaches the end of the rack and discovers several familiar dresses. They are outfits she was given while in the secure area. There is a yellow one, pink one and a purple one. There is also a sexy maid’s outfit the Dean bought her. That outfit makes Janice blush when she sees it.

At first, she thinks the outfits might be replicas. However, after eight months, she knows every stitch in those outfits. These are the originals. She seen them in the secure area of the school earlier this morning. So clearly someone must have collected them today and had them delivered to the house.

With the exception of the maid’s outfit, Janice is thankful for whoever delivered these extra outfits. Especially so for the yellow one… it is really yummy. She decides to wear this one for the rest of the night. She puts it on and starts tidying up the closet.

While in captivity, Janice was required to keep everything perfectly arranged. For example, the tops of hangers were required to be exactly 2″ [5 cm] apart. Janice notices that Amber’s side of the closet is not perfectly aligned. Janice concludes that the rule doesn’t apply at home. Still, it doesn’t feel right not arranging them properly. So, she spends a minute doing so.

As she finishes it dawns on her that the clothes given to her at the school were not the only gifts she received. Her eyes get big and she swallows hard. Most of those other gifts are things she doesn’t want to have anything to do with. She quickly looks around in the closet again to make sure none are there.

When she finds none of the items, Janice slowly turns and surveys the room once more. She looks for anything out of place. It isn’t a hard task… if it isn’t pink then it is out of place. Nothing pops out at her.

Janice can even see all the way under the bed. That leaves only two other possible hiding places: the drawers on the study desk and those on the dresser. She knows the dresser is the most likely candidate… so she goes to the study desk first. She knows she will end up looking everywhere, but she dreads actually confirming they are in the dresser.

She sighs with relief when she finds nothing at the study desk except a computer, pens and paper.

Janice holds her breath as she goes to the dresser and opens the top drawer. It contains a variety of socks, panties, training bras and nightgowns. She gets distracted with the panties. Could these be hers? They look like they might fit. Some are plain white school panties. However, there are several others that are very sexy and pretty. She unfolds these and inspects each one. Then carefully folds them back up.

“Hey! Those are mine!”

Janice almost jumps out of her skin. Amber barged right in without knocking. Not that she needs to knock… it is now her room also. Janice turns bright red at being caught inspecting her sister’s panties.

“S… sorry, I thought this was my drawer,” Janice tries to explain.

“Mmhmm,” Amber replies, not fully believing her sister. “You get the bottom two drawers.”

Janice quickly closes the top drawer. As she kneels down she notes that there are five drawers. This upsets her a bit. Not only did Amber take the top drawers but she took an extra one as well. It isn’t fair! Okay, technically it probably is fair since Amber is older. However, it still doesn’t feel fair to Janice. This entire room was hers just eight months ago, now she isn’t even getting equal drawer space.

Amber goes to the bed and starts chatting. Janice just tunes her out. Instead she focuses on her first drawer as she slowly opens it. She is relieved when she sees that it also contains just socks, panties, training bras and a couple nightgowns. She notes right away that the nightgowns are the same ones she had worn during the past eight months. She notices that all her panties from her school prison are here also. There are a few new pairs as well. The new ones look very pretty. She is tempted to try them on. However, she is a little embarrassed with Amber in the room it.

After all she went through during her training, Janice has to admit that it is a tad silly to be embarrassed about something as simple as trying on panties. Yet, she is. So far, Amber has been pretty cool about her younger brother being a sissy now. She hasn’t teased him or laughed at him. Yet, Janice is still reluctant to do anything to bring additional attention or invite conversation about her new status.

Janice is about to close the drawer when it dawns on her that the panties are folded slightly different. Most would never notice the difference. During her training, Janice’s panty drawer, among other things, was inspected on a regular basis. Janice had to make sure the panties were folded in neat little 3″ [7½ cm] squares and nicely pressed. She sometimes spent over a minute on each panty to make sure they were perfect. Thus, any deviation in the perfection of the fold stuck out to her like a sore thumb.

These panties have definitely been refolded. It makes sense that they would get messed up in transport and need to be refolded. What strikes Janice as odd is that they are very neatly refolded. They aren’t as good as she would have done them. However, whoever did refold them clearly has training.

She knows one of her sisters wouldn’t have been pulled out of school to perform a task as trivial as this. It is possible one of her trainers delivered and folded the panties. However, it is more likely that her mother did it. Janice feels like crying when she realizes this.

So, her mom folded her panties for her? It really isn’t that embarrassing. Janice chastises herself for letting her emotions get away from her. She knows it is all the damn estrogen they keep feeding her. One minute she feels in control and the next she is crying for no apparent reason. Not that she doesn’t get plenty of reasons to do so. This happens with more than just sadness and embarrassment. For example, if a man is ‘playing’ with her she might hate his guts one minute and think she is falling in love with him the next. Every emotion is a constant roller coaster ride. The lack of control makes her feel so helpless.

Janice groans when she cracks her second drawer open. It is chucked full of various sex toys and other devices. Some of them she quickly recognizes from her prison cell. One that stands out is a gun shaped laser hair removal device. She uses this device on her arms and legs. Any hair that grows on her face, underarms or pubic area gets quickly removed by the school doctor using an electrolysis machine.

Janice still cries sometimes when she thinks of that electrolysis machine. The device has wires coming out of it with needles on the end. The needle gets pushed into the follicle of the hair. A little jolt of electricity is applied and then the hair is plucked out with some tweezers. While it isn’t very comfortable, what actually makes Janice cry is the fact that the process permanently removes the hair. It really bothers her that no matter what happens she will always be bald in those areas. Sadly, in time, the laser system is supposed to do the same thing.

“I’ve got a drawer full of toys also.”

The comment draws Janice’s attention back to her sister. She quickly shuts the drawer when she realizes Amber is peeking inside. Amber shrugs it off and starts removing her school clothes. Janice opens her panty drawer again and pretends to be surveying the contents. She tries not to glance at her sister but it is hard not too. They might be related but it has been many months since Janice has gotten to see a naked girl in person. Even Janice’s female trainer no longer got fully nude during their sessions together.

Amber’s small blush makes it clear that she knows Janice is peeking at her. Amber is used to being watched but it is a bit different when it is someone in the family. That said, it is far from being the most embarrassing moment of her life.

“You get the bathroom first in the mornings,” Amber says as she changes into a yellow dress of her own. “The schedule is posted on the door.”

The comment comes out of nowhere, but Janice is happy for the break in the awkward silence. It’s a simple comment but it still takes Janice a few seconds to process. It just doesn’t make sense that she would get the bathroom first. It all becomes clear though when she walks over and sees the schedule.

“4 a.m.!!”

Janice screams it in her head but it only leaves her lips as a whisper. Even during her training she seldom ever got up that early. Lately, in the control area at the school they had been letting her sleep to almost 6 a.m.

It only takes Janice a few seconds to figure it out. The schedule allots her 30 minutes. That is about how long it takes for her morning enemas. If she rushes she can get in a quick shower as well. That is 30 minutes the next person in line gets to sleep. That person is Amber. Beth is after her.

Mary, isn’t on the schedule. For a moment, Janice is jealous of their oldest sister. She then remembers that her oldest sister has to share a bathroom with their parents. Janice is certain that arrangement has it’s own set of drawbacks.

Focusing back on the schedule, Janice notices that her sisters only have blocks of 20 minutes. That tells her they are either better at giving themselves enemas or their enemas aren’t quite as extensive as her own. She suspects that it is the latter. Sissy standards are a bit strict when it comes to ‘cleanliness’.

Janice uses about a half gallon in her enemas and repeats the process several times before she meets Humbled sissy girl cleanliness standards. Real girls at the school of course have to be pretty clean back there as well. However, their rear ends don’t get 1/10th the attention as a sissy’s does.

While the schedule makes sense, Janice still isn’t happy with the idea of a 4 a.m. wakeup call. Janice becomes even more upset when she looks down further on the page and sees she has additional duties. At 5 a.m. she and Amber have cooking duty. Then later they have dish washing duty. That isn’t the end of the list either. There are also days where Janice has to do laundry, clean floors, etc.

“This is just as bad as my training was,” Janice says to herself.

Okay, nothing can be that bad. It is still a ton of duties. It is night and day from when Janice was still Jack. Back then all she had to do was take the trash out and maybe cut the grass once a week.

Looking at the schedule, Janice can’t imagine when she is supposed to get all of her homework done. Especially once you factor in her mentor appointments. It seems so overwhelming that it makes her feel a little ill to her tummy.

“Did you take your plug out?”

The comment draws Janice away from the schedule.

“No,” Janice whispers as her face turns red.

The thought of removing the plug at home never occurred to her. While in captivity she wore the thing until bed time.

“You have to do it in front of me,” Amber says as Janice turns to go into the bathroom.

“It’s house rules,” Amber adds when she sees the concerned look on Janice’s face. “No toys go in or come out without someone else being present. Dad says it is for safety purposes.”

The way Amber says the last part makes it clear she doesn’t believe the purpose behind the rule. Janice is of the same belief. It is a lot more likely the rule exists simply to humiliate them further.

“You can’t masturbate without someone watching either,” Amber adds to help emphasize how bogus the reasoning behind the prior rule is.

“I’ll… I’ll keep it in,” Janice says, not sure how else to respond to the toy rule.

Janice realizes that the response is rather silly. She is going to have to take the thing out eventually. She also knows that Amber is the best choice for watching her do it. It will still be humiliating but at least Amber won’t make fun of her.

“You can’t keep it in, silly,” Amber says with a giggle. “You will get into serious trouble if dad or mom finds out you are still wearing your school plug.”

Janice is about to ask how their parents would ever find out. However, for now it seems better she doesn’t know. She’s not sure she could handle knowing right now that they have hidden cameras or something in the house.

Janice lingers there for a moment before she finally pulls her dress up so can access her panties and plug.

“Oh!” Janice grunts as the plug pops free.

She blushes as she pulls the plug out from under her dress.

“Wow, that’s huge!” Amber says in shock when she sees the 3″ [7½ cm] thick plug. “Mary said siss… you used large plugs but I thought she was kidding.”

Janice’s blush becomes fire engine red. She also has to wipe away a few tears of shame. It doesn’t help matters that Amber had almost referred to Janice as a ‘sissy’. Janice knows she is a sissy but she doesn’t like being reminded of it.

Janice is ashamed of being a sissy. So, when she is all dolled up Janice just tries to convince herself that she is a real girl. It’s a lot easier than facing reality. It seldom works of course. However, it’s relaxing during the ten to 20 minute periods here and there where she does manage to forget she is a boy. During those brief moments she feels almost normal. Like she is no different than any other Humbled girl.

Her face turns even redder as she brings the plug to her lips and licks it clean. She is half way done before she realizes that maybe you don’t have to lick your toys clean at home. Amber doesn’t seem surprised by the maneuver so Janice is pretty certain she did the right thing.

“How big is your plug?” Janice asks, trying to draw attention away from herself.

As an answer, Amber goes to her dresser and pulls a plug out of one of her drawers. Janice is humiliated and a tad angry when she sees the size of the thing. It’s only 1.75″ [4 cm] thick. Amber has been a Humbled girl for years now and her plug is barely over half as big!

“Usually, only newer students have to wear plugs,” Amber points out. “Most of the time we just wear beads. Dad makes us wear beads at home also.”

They never made Janice use anal beads during her training. However, she is well aware of what they are. When she was still janitor Jack got to play with several girls that had anal beads up their rear ends. However, most of the girls he played with had plugs.

For a moment Janice thinks her sister is lying to her. However, it dawns on her that a majority of the girls she got to play with back then were either new or the school’s equivalent of trouble makers. The newer students would have plugs like Amber pointed out. The ones in trouble would probably have them usually also as an additional form of punishment.

All of that said, Janice knows there is no reason for her to be hopeful. From what she can tell, every sissy at the school wears plugs.

A couple minutes ago Janice had been fine with wearing her plug. She used to hate it but after a few months it felt natural to be wearing one. Now, however, she is angry about it. It just isn’t fair that she has to wear something that girls at the school most likely view as punishment.

Janice opens her ‘toy’ drawer and neatly arranges the freshly cleaned plug inside.

“Don’t forget your beads,” Amber says as Janice starts to close the drawer.

It isn’t until Amber says this that Janice fully processes the house rule mentioned earlier. Janice had been so focused on the aspect of not having to wear her plug that she hadn’t given much thought to anything else.

Janice looks in the drawer but sees no beads. There is a pretty large box in the drawer though. Janice seen it earlier and had hoped she would never have to open it. She can only imagine what might be inside. She didn’t want to open it earlier and she especially doesn’t want to open it now with Amber looking over her shoulder. She sees little option. Besides, Amber is going to have to be present anyway in order for Janice to put the beads in. Janice is starting to hate the ‘toy’ rule more than she thought she would.

Janice feels like crying when she opens the box and sees what is inside. There are a variety of sex toys, ball weights, etc. Janice quickly locates the only set of anal beads and shuts the box before her sister gets too good of a look inside.

Janice stands there staring at the anal beads in shock for several seconds. Amber is staring wide eyed at them as well. There are four rubber-like beads tethered together with a long cord. The first three beads are 2.5″ [6½ cm] thick each. The final one, however, looks at least 3.5″ [9 cm] thick.

“Those are big,” Amber finally says.

“No shit.”

Janice thinks it but doesn’t say it. Instead she focuses most of her attention on the final bead. She isn’t all that sure she should be trying to put something that big inside herself. She has had things inside her before that are that big but not that often.

She feels a little more confident, however, when she grabs it with her hand and gives it a squeeze. It’s rather squishy. It’s almost like it is one big, round gummy bear.

Once she is over the shock of the size, Janice remembers she is going to have to put this inside herself while Amber is watching. She looks at Amber and sees that the girl is still staring in shock. However, Janice sees more than just that. There is also a kind of excitement or anticipation in her sister’s eyes. It becomes clear to Janice that Amber can’t wait to see how Janice is going to manage to fit all those large balls inside.

This angers Janice a bit. Amber is not just her sister, she is supposed to be her friend. She should be showing sympathy or concern, not excitement. For an instant, Janice considers denying Amber. However, she then remembers that if Amber doesn’t watch then someone else in the family is going to have too. Unless of course Janice wants to break the house rule. Yeah, that option just isn’t on the table. The risk of discovery is way too high. Plus, she is certain the penalty would be a lot worse than the humiliation.

Reluctantly, Janice brings the first ball to her mouth and starts licking it with her tongue. Once it is sufficiently lubricated, she moves on to the next.

Amber is so entranced that her new sister is on the third ball before Amber realizes she forgot to tell Janice that at home they are allowed to use lubricants. Amber knows she should speak up, but she doesn’t. She is curious if Janice can manage to fit all the balls with just saliva as lubricant. She decides she will wait until tomorrow before telling her sister where they keep the lubricant. She hopes that Janice will buy that it was just a lapse in memory.

“You… you should lift your dress up,” Amber says as Janice snakes the string of beads under the dress and out of sight. “I need to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.”

The comment is technically true. After all, safety is the reason their father claims he created this rule. Of course, everyone knows that reason is BS. As such, normally they don’t watch each other that closely when they are putting a toy in or taking one out. Normally, you just ask a family member if they will watch. If that person agrees then you perform the task. However, the observer seldom ever actually observes. They usually just continue with whatever they were doing and maybe just glance briefly a few times. With the exception of their father, the observer normally could care less if the act is hidden out of sight under a dress or what have you.

In this case, however, Amber is anxious to see Janice squeeze those huge balls inside. She knows she shouldn’t want to see such a thing, but just look at the size of those things!

Janice hesitates for a moment. Giving such an intimate display is hardly new for her. Yet, it is the first time she has had to do something like this in front of her sister. However, she knows the longer she waits the more awkward it will become. Her blush reddens as she slowly lifts her dress up. The dress is a long one and it is a bit hard to hold it up while at the same time trying to push one of the large balls inside her asshole.

Amber sees Janice’s dilemma and steps in to help. She grabs hold of the bunched up dress, thus freeing Janice’s hand. Janice is thankful for the help, yet at the same time embarrassed that her sister now has an ever closer view.

“Oh!” Janice grunts as the first 2.5″ [6½ cm] ball pops inside.

In the past eight months, Janice has had a large variety of objects up her asshole. This is the first time for a round ball though. It feels kind of yummy. Of course, lately about any object going inside her ass pussy has felt yummy.

Anything going up her asshole always makes her dick twitch and drip precum. Often she even climaxes from it. Her reaction of course has not gone unnoticed by her trainers. Her trainers tell her that her reaction makes her an anal slut. They say it as though it is a compliment but Janice sees it as anything but.

Janice quickly notices that there is an added weird sensation. She can feel her insides trying to pull the ball even deeper. Her insides tug until the next ball along the cord is pressing against her hole. Janice gently bites her lower lip as she uses her fingers to push the second ball inside.

Her insides seem happy until she reaches the third ball. She manages to get it inside no problem. However, her insides suck that ball in which in turn pushes the other balls even deeper. It isn’t painful, but at the same time it doesn’t feel comfortable either.

Janice swallows hard when she feels the 3.5″ [9 cm] thick ball press up against her hole. She is a bit fearful how it will feel when she presses that monster inside. She fears not just how wide she will be stretched but also how deep it will push the other balls.

For a moment, Janice thinks about pulling all the beads out and then going to their father with her concerns. However, she quickly comes to her senses. He isn’t going to let her off that easy. He will just make her try again. Only this time he will make sure she has a much larger audience. Plus, he will make her keep at it for hours if necessary in order to fit them all inside.

Janice starts to push on the final ball but lets off when she realizes she needs a better angle in order to force the huge object past her ass ring. She thinks for a moment and then decides that getting onto her hands and knees will probably work best.

Once into position she reaches back and starts pushing again. The ball squishes down and elongates but it still stretches Janice to her limits.

“Oh. Oh. Oh,” she starts grunting as her hole is stretched wider and wider.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. OH!”

The ball pops inside and Janice lets out another long, “oh” as her hole sucks the ball inside and pushes the other three even deeper. Janice freezes in place and pants for a minute as she tries to get used to having something so deep inside her. It is even a little deeper than Ray’s 10″ [25 cm] cock normally gets.

Janice is in her own little world of anal sensations. Her insides are trying to suck the larger ball inside while at the same time trying to push the first three balls out. And in the middle of all of that her ass clit is sending out all kinds of delicious naughty tingles from all the added pressure on it.

There is a cord still sticking out of her hole with a small ring at the end of it. She wants to pull on that ring and yank all the balls out, yet at the same time she almost wishes there was another ball she could push inside. Yes, it is uncomfortable. Yet, there are such yummy naughty tingles radiating from her tummy.

In the middle of all of this Janice suddenly realizes that she is licking her sister’s hand for some reason. She freezes as the taste of cum registers in her mind. It takes her a few seconds to figure out that she had an anal orgasm. Her sister obviously seen it leaking out of the cock cage and collected it. And now she is feeding it to her.

Janice feels disgusted with herself for having the climax. She is also ultra humiliated at having done it in front of her sister. And there are no words to describe how ashamed she is to be licking the mess from her sister’s hand. Janice knows that if there was any doubt in Amber’s mind that Jack was gone then it just disappeared. All that exists now is sissy Janice.

Despite the shame, Janice only hesitates a moment before she goes back to licking her sister’s hand clean. “If you make a mess then you clean it up.” That is sissy rule number one.

Chapter 5

Janice spends the next 30 minutes studying. Or at least she tries to. It is hard to concentrate with the anal beads in place. Every time Janice shifts, the beads seem to move around inside her and fill her full of naughty tingles.

Janice is tempted to go into the bathroom and masturbate. Maybe then she could concentrate more. It is a good plan but she fears that there might be hidden cameras in there. The last thing she wants is to provide her parents with footage of her playing with herself. Plus, she would get in trouble for violating the house rule on masturbation.

No, it will be better if she waits until bed time and the lights are out. She will then be able to masturbate under the covers. It will be a little awkward with her sister next to her but if she is quiet enough then Amber will never know. Of course, it will mean having to dispose of the evidence covertly. The best way to do that is to lick it off her hands. Janice hates eating her own cum but it’s better than getting caught or not cumming at all.


Janice screams it in her head when she realizes she just spent the last five minutes thinking about masturbation.

Within a few minutes though, Janice is thinking about masturbation again. It quickly becomes clear that she will never get her assignments done at this rate. She also realizes that this is no doubt part of her training. If she doesn’t study or get her assignments done then she will get bad grades. And bad grades equal punishment and additional time under her teachers’ desks. And that equals more bad grades.

The only way to end the vicious cycle is to relieve her sexual urges as often as possible. And that of course means losing what few sexual inhabitations she might have.

Deep down, Janice knows that she has no choice but to give in. However, the thought of masturbating in front of family members is so… icky and embarrassing. After the past eight months one would think something as simple as masturbating in front of a family member wouldn’t even phase Janice. However, it does.

Janice struggles with the conflict for several minutes. Finally she decides to ask Amber to watch her masturbate. However, before she can ask their father enters their room.

Janice feels like screaming at their father. She is at home now and not in her little prison at school. She feels she has at least earned a knock at the door from her father before he just barges in. What if he had done that several minutes ago while she was putting her beads in? Janice swallows hard when she realizes that he could have barged in a few minutes later when Janice would have probably been masturbating for her sister. Just the thought makes her face turn red.

“Your mother is ready for you in the kitchen,” Bill informs them after taking a quick glance around the room.

Bill turns and leaves. Janice quickly gets up and runs after him. She only gets a couple feet, however, before she is overcome by the beads squirming around inside her. She doesn’t give up. She forces herself to continue after him. The sensations inside her become so intensely yummy that by the time she catches up to her father in the hall she is walking on her tippy toes.

“Dad, do I have to stay with Amber?” Janice asks. “Why can’t I stay in the guest room instead?”

Janice has been thinking this question ever since she seen her new pink room. The house rules gave her all the more reason to want her own room. If she has her own room then she will be able to find all kinds of ways to secretly violate those rules. She knows her father will probably say “no” but she has to ask just in case.

“I understand your concern son,” Bill says after thinking about it for a moment. “It wouldn’t be fair to your sisters though. You are not only younger but also in a lower grade than they are.”

Janice doesn’t hear most of what her father says. She focuses mainly on his first sentence where Bill referred to her as, ‘son’. Janice knows it is just a slip of the tongue on her father’s part. However, it still makes her feel special that their father sees her as more than just another daughter.

She does hear enough of the rest of his statement to know she is being denied. As a last ditch effort, Janice gives her best puppy dog eyes. While this approach was touched on in one of her seduction classes, Janice knows that it isn’t the best approach for this situation. Their father is not one to be easily affected by sympathy.

No, the better approach for dealing with their father would have been to give a small touch of seduction and then hint that if she had her own room then it would make it easier for the two of them to have alone time together.

Better or not, she isn’t about to take that approach. Hinting at the promise of sexual favors for her father is icky and humiliating. Even worse, it might actually work. She could end up having a visit from her father every night.

“I tell you what,” Bill says after a few seconds. “To help you adjust, you can stay in the guest room for a few days. How does that sound?”

“Thank you!” Janice says as she rushes to her dad and gives him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Janice blushes as she backs away. Her reaction is probably a little overboard. Yet, she can’t help but be ecstatic. First her father refers to her as ‘son’. Now he gives this gift without any implied favors of sex in exchange. This tells Janice that her father still loves her. The next time she has to give him a blowjob she will make it extra special.

“JANICE!” she screams in her head.

She can’t believe she just thought that. She really needs to masturbate soon. Her constant arousal from the beads is messing with her thoughts. She is very thankful for her cock cage. Without it she would be walking around the house with a tent in front of her dress.

Janice turns and tippy toes back to her room. She isn’t sure but she thinks she hears her father giggle at her walk. It upsets her but not enough to override how thankful she is to him right now.

Janice enters the dining room about five minutes later. It would have been earlier but walking with the beads inside her is a bit of a chore. She kept having to stop in order to prevent having another anal orgasm. She also took a couple minutes beforehand to change clothes. She went with a shorter brown dress. It is a rather plain and boring dress. It is her least favorite dress but she hopes it will help keep the attention off her. Besides, if she spills something it will be easier to get a stain out of brown than bright yellow.

The only drawback to the dress is that she only has one pair of shoes that really go with it that well. They are a pair of tobacco brown high heal pumps. The heals are several inches tall and she finds them a bit uncomfortable. They are also a bit much to wear to a casual dinner.

Her trainers tell her that high heals make her rump look pretty. Janice still prefers much shorter heals. Not too short though. Janice finds a 2″ [5 cm] heel to be about perfect. They are a ton more comfortable. Yet, they still give a nice touch of lift back there.

They are also much easier to walk in. And any Humbled girl knows that how you walk makes all the difference in the world. Janice often likes to use the straight line method. It is similar to how runway models walk. You draw an imaginary straight line on the ground and then you make sure every step is on that line. It really accentuates the rump. Not that she walks this way for men. Well, not really. She does it sometimes just for the satisfaction of knowing she can grab everyone’s attention in a room if she wants. Attention is normally the last thing she needs. However, for some odd reason she often finds herself wanting that attention. The conflicting needs are often confusing for her.

“Did everything fit okay?” her mom asks as Janice walks into the kitchen.

Her mom is glancing down toward Janice’s rump as she asks the question. Janice blushes as she realizes her mom isn’t asking about the clothes. She is asking about the anal beads.

“Yes,” Janice whispers in response.

She actually wants to say “no”. She wants to tell her mom that the beads are way too big. However, such a complaint would surely start up a long discussion on the topic. And their father would no doubt be called in to join. Janice wants nothing to do with that kind of embarrassment. Besides, it would be hard for her to make her point when clearly the beads all fit inside her. Sure, there is still some discomfort but she isn’t bleeding or rolling around on the ground in pain.

As they start, Janice is pleased to see that most of the meal is already prepared. Apparently, their main duty today is making some of the sides which are quick and easy. They also end up being in charge of plating the food. Janice is good at plating. They taught her about plating way back when she was still on a dog food diet. If you can make a plate of dog food look good then you can make about anything look good.

The main dish is just meatloaf but it still makes Janice’s mouth water. Even after her dog food diet was mainly over they still never served her anything fancier than bologna sandwiches. And a few times a month they still fed her the dog food as well. This will be the first cooked meal she has had in a very long time.

Janice and Amber put the food on the table and then rush to the bathroom to wash up. Everyone is sitting by the time they return. There are two seats left along one side of the table. One is directly across from their grandfather and the other is on the far end. Both walk briskly for the one at the far end but Janice’s speed is hindered by the large beads churning around inside her. She gives Amber a dirty look and then proceeds to the chair across from their grandfather.

Janice feels both ashamed and embarrassed as she takes her seat. She gingerly settles down on her chair in order to reduce the impact on her beads. She still lets out a small “oh” as the large beads shift inside her. She keeps her eyes downcast to her plate but she can feel her grandfather’s eyes boring into her.

“Dad, Janice says she wants to share your room while you are here,” Bill says immediately after they finish saying grace. “Are you okay with that?”

“What!?” Janice says before she can catch herself.

She never asked for such a thing! Wait… or did she? Technically, she had. She asked to stay in the guest room. And that is where their grandfather is staying during his visit. Her father compromised and said she could stay there for a few days… which happens to be the length of their grandfather’s visit. Janice feels like crying as she realizes she has been tricked. She clearly hadn’t meant she wanted to stay in the room while their grandfather was there.

Janice hears Mary and Beth giggle. They of course have good reason to be cheerful. During his visits, their grandfather normally sneaks into one of the kids’ rooms each night. If Janice is bunking with him then there is less chance of that happening.

In answer, their grandfather lets out a mix between a grunt and a groan. In grandpa talk that is a reluctant “yes”. The reply makes Janice blush. Her eyes water up but she manages to keep from leaking any actual tears.

There is a long awkward silence. Bill then starts talking about miscellaneous stuff. Janice doesn’t give any of it much attention. She is just happy the conversation is off her for now. She can still feel her grandfather looking at her though. She glances up at him a few times to make sure and each time they lock eyes. Each time just makes her blush get worse.

Around the middle of the meal, Janice looks down and notices something awkward. Mary, who is sitting next to her, has removed one of her shoes. It is awkward because Janice can clearly see that her oldest sister still has the other shoe on. Out of curiosity, Janice looks for the bare foot. It isn’t anywhere in sight.

Janice blushes when she realizes that her sister’s foot is raised off the floor and no doubt in someone’s lap across the table. Janice looks at the angle of the thigh and follows it across the table and directly to their grandfather. Their grandfather is staring at Janice still with a smirk on his face.

Janice blushes profusely and quickly looks back down at her plate. Her grandfather clearly believes it is her foot in his lap. First the request to stay in his room and now this. Janice could just die.

The meal lasts about 35 minutes but it seems like an eternity to Janice. She is happy when their mother gives them the okay to leave the table. Of course, for Janice and Amber that just means it is time to clear some of the table and start washing dishes. Janice doesn’t mind that much. In her prison at school, if she wasn’t studying or training then she normally sat around and did nothing. It got extremely boring. About any activity was something to look forward to. Even things she hated to do were often not that bad compared to boredom.

Janice still rushes to get the dishes done. She has plenty of homework waiting for her. Plus, the longer she takes the greater the chance her father or grandpa will come into the kitchen and mess with her.

Janice finishes the dishes and spends the next two hours working on her homework. Or at least she tries to. Amber spends the entire time trying to catch Janice up on everything that’s happened in the past eight months.

“Don’t you have homework to do?” Janice finally asks.

“You do realize that we don’t have to go to school for another three days, right?” Amber asks.

Janice growls and then slams her book closed. The holiday completely slipped her mind. There was no reason to take note of it. The school is so strict that it seemed logical that they would not get the holiday off. It is night and day compared to Janice’s prior school there they would have gotten the entire summer off.

“What… What are we supposed to do?” Janice asks after a moment.

What Janice really means to ask is, “Exactly what are we allowed they do?”. Amber ignores the question and keeps on jabbering. It isn’t long and Janice gets caught up in the conversation. While school comes up, they primarily talk about various current events that took place while Janice was gone. Janice would normally find the conversation boring. However, she finds it relaxing to talk about something other than school for a change.

They do some additional schoolwork, but they end up spending most of the night chatting. It is so relaxing that Janice forgets for a while that she has an appointment with her grandfather. It isn’t until it’s almost time for bed that she remembers.

For a minute, Janice thinks about ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away. She knows that’s not a real option. She knows her only option is to go. The only question is when? Part of her wants to wait as long as possible. However, if she goes early and can manage to get to sleep then maybe her grandfather won’t bother her. It’s unlikely, but at least worth a shot.

Janice changes into her nightgown. She also removes her daytime makeup and replaces it with a lighter more subtle night time version. She blushes as she applies some cherry lip gloss and tells Amber her plan. Amber seems sympathetic. However, the look in Amber’s eyes tells Janice that her sister might be questioning the motive. It bothers Janice that Amber probably thinks that she is anxious to meet up with their grandfather.

Janice manages to make her way to the guest room without being seen. However, she is unable to get to sleep. Every time she hears movement in the house she fears that it is their grandfather coming to bed. Eventually, that fear comes true.

Janice lies on the bed on her side with her back to the door hoping that her grandfather believes she’s asleep. It takes her grandfather only two minutes to get ready for bed, however it seems like an eternity to Janice.

At first, their grandfather stays on the far side of the bed. After a moment, he slides over to Janice and spoons behind her. Janice shivers in both fear and disgust. She tries to pretend that it is someone else but his familiar smell keeps reminding her. It isn’t a smell one can easily ignore. Their grandfather smokes a pipe and the stench of it on him is overwhelming. There is also an all too familiar smell of alcohol on his breath. Jim Beam to be exact.

At first her grandfather just lays there spooning behind Janice with his arm over her side. Janice evening starts to get her hopes up that he might fall asleep. However, the hand over her side starts to roam. She can also feel the distinct hardness of his manhood on her rump through the thin material of the nightgown.

Janice tries to stay still. However, she fails to do so once her grandfather starts playing with her sensitive nipples.

“Grandpa,” Janice pleas in a whisper.

“Be a good girl now,” her grandfather says as he pinches one of the nipples hard.

Janice blushes but it is sadness that dominates her emotions. She can’t believe that her grandfather is doing this to her. However, part of her isn’t surprised. After all, their grandfather used to be the headmaster at a school very similar to the one Janice now attends. It is possible they had sissies also that he attended to.

For several minutes, her grandfather seems content with playing with her nipples. During this time Janice is moaning and squirming all over the place.

“Get undressed,” her grandfather finally says as he pulls back the covers.

Tears run down Janice’s cheeks as she gets on her knees and then slowly lifts her nightgown up and then over her head. Her face and shoulders turn red as she takes a deep breath and then pulls her panties down and off.

“Everything,” her grandfather growls.

There are only two things left, her cock cage and her beads. Janice decides to remove the cage first. Before coming to the room she put the key to her cage on a thin necklace. The necklace is already sitting on the nightstand. She grabs it and with trembling fingers unlocks the cage and removes it. She blushes as her 7″ [18 cm] cock immediately becomes stiff.

She looks at her grandfather in hopes that the cage is all that he wants off. The look on his face makes it clear that he wants the beads removed as well. Removing the beads is easier said than done. The larger bead has retaken its round shape inside her and doesn’t seem to want to squeeze back down in order to pop out.

In an effort to get it out Janice has to get on all fours and raised her rear end up high. She grabs the cord dangling from her hole and starts tugging on it.

“Oh!” Janice moans as her hole tries to expand far enough to allow the bead out. “It’s too big grandpa!”

“You got it in there, you can get it out,” her grandfather says with a chuckle.

“OH!” Janice screams as the bead finally pops out.

Janice’s hips hump back and forth and she begins to climax. The sensation is overwhelming but she still remembers to reach down to catch the cum before it can hit the covers. The last thing she wants is a spanking from her grandfather. Everyone in the house probably already heard her scream as the bead came out. She doesn’t want to give them even more to talk about.

“They taught you well,” her grandfather says as Janice brings the hand to her mouth and starts licking it clean.

Janice blushes and freezes in place. Catching the cum and eating it was pure instinct. After eight months of training it has become as natural to Janice as breathing. However, she can’t believe she just did this in front of her grandfather. The more she thinks about it the more she realizes that she really doesn’t have much choice in the matter. Tears drip down onto her hand as she brings it to her lips and finishes her task.

Once the cum is gone, Janice reaches behind her once more and starts tugging on the beads again. Janice’s hips hump the air again as the rest of the beads pop out. However, she manages to keep from cumming again. At first, Janice thinks about putting the beads on the nightstand without licking them clean. However, she knows her grandfather is well aware of the rules when it comes to students cleaning their messes. Thankfully, the bead came out rather spotless and there is no real mess to clean. She still gives it a good once over with her tongue just to make sure.

“Why don’t you show me what else they taught you,” her grandfather says as he pulls the covers back further.

As her grandfather lays back Janice can’t help but inspect his body. She has to admit he’s rather fit for someone that is 67 years old. She also can’t help but be impressed by his hard 8″ [20 cm] long and 2¼” [6 cm] thick cock. His large plum size balls are pretty impressive also.

Janice can already tell that her grandfather’s cock will taste manly. Its size will fit nicely in her throat as well.

“Janice!” she screams in her head.

Thanks to her training, the thought had come to her automatically.

“A sissy never looks at a cock unless she plans to touch it. And a sissy never touches a man’s cock unless she plans to suck it.”

Janice remembers Victor’s rules very well. She might hate most of Victor’s cock sucking rules but she has to admit that men treat her a lot nicer when she follows them. Still, this is her grandfather. The rules shouldn’t apply at a time like this. Yet, even as she thinks this she finds herself leaning in toward the cock.

“No!” she screams in her head when the head of the cock is only millimeters away.

Janice freezes in place. The thought of sucking her grandfather’s cock is disgusting. It is just as disgusting as the first time she had to suck her father. Yet, the manly musky scent of it is somehow so inviting.

After so many months of training, sucking cock has become like a bad habit. Janice often thought of it a lot like when she used to pop her knuckles. She got no pleasure from popping her knuckles and sometimes even hated that she did it. Yet, for the life of her she just couldn’t stop doing it. In fact, the harder she tried to stop the more she felt like doing it.

The way she managed to stop her knuckle popping habit was thanks to the school doctor. Not that Janice is really thankful. Popping her knuckles is unlady like, so they had the doctor inject something in the joints of her fingers. Janice doesn’t know what it was but it made them hurt like hell. And they hurt ten times as much when she popped them. Despite the pain, it still took three months of frequent injections before the habit was finally broken.

In regards to her grandfather’s cock, Janice knows she will eventually give in to her internal ‘need’ to suck it. Yet, she knows she will never be able to look at herself in the mirror again if she doesn’t at least try to resist the temptation. Thankfully, her grandfather takes the decision out of her hands.

One second she feels her grandfather’s hand at the back of her head and the next thing she knows she has a throat full of cock. Janice isn’t happy about it but she is grateful he decided to force her down on the cock and not wait for her to take the initiative. It is one less thing that will haunt her soul.

Her grandfather’s hand disappears but Janice doesn’t hesitate to continue her task. She holds the cock deep in her throat for almost a full 30 seconds before her lips slip back up to the tip. Her grandfather’s cock has a fat mushroom head that fits nicely in her mouth. As she sucks and licks at it, she is rewarded with a good amount of manly precum. She makes sure she gets her mouth well coated with the stuff before she finally let’s the viscous fluid slide down her throat.

Janice used to think of precum as being utterly disgusting. Now she primarily just thinks of it as natural lubricant. Just another tool of the trade. And it is a valuable tool also. Janice has found that any kind of lubricant is worth it’s weight in gold to a sissy.

This is her grandfather so of course Janice wants to be disgusted by the precum. While a part of her is, she can’t deny that lubricating her mouth and throat with it had sent naughty tingles through her body.

“It’s just your training! It’s just your training!”

Janice keeps saying it over and over in her head. It is the only way she can accept the existence of the tingles and the lurching of her cock. Considering any other explanation would surely drive her insane.

Janice toys with the head of the cock for a full minute before she feels her grandfather’s hip’s make a subtle jerk upward. This is the signal Janice has been waiting for. It is a sign her grandfather is at his peak of desire for more. Janice lets the head of the cock squeeze back into her throat. She now starts slowly fucking her throat with it.

“Oh! They really did teach you well,” her grandfather says with pleasure.

Janice has heard this exact praise many times in the past. She knows it is a compliment. While she always gets a sense of pride, it never fails to humiliate her at the same time. This is especially true now that her grandfather is saying it.

“Oh! Yeah, that’s a good girl!”

“Don’t stop sugar!”

“That’s it, all the way in!”

The comments keep coming as Janice works on her grandfather’s cock. The comments are embarrassing on the surface. However, they are even more so as Janice realizes that others in the house might be able to over hear them in the otherwise quiet night.

While all of the comments bother her, there are two that really grab her attention.

In one her grandfather mentions how he was wrong to object to turning Janice into a sissy. The comment makes Janice’s heart flutter. She realizes that the anger she felt coming from her grandfather earlier in the day might not have actually been directed at her.

Instead, her grandfather might have been angry at her father for doing this to her. And even if the anger was meant for her, it is now clear his attitude has changed a bit. Janice doesn’t like the idea of her grandfather being happy that she is a sissy. However, it is much better than being a sissy and him hating her for it. At the end of the day she will still be a sissy either way. Better to be liked for it than hated. Though, she highly doubts her grandfather will be going back to calling himself ‘Jack’ anytime soon.

Another comment that draws her attention is when he says he never knew sissy’s were so good at sucking cock. At first the comment just humiliates Janice. Then she realizes that this is a valuable piece of information. First, it tells her that the sissy program is probably unique to her school. If it existed in the school her grandfather used to work at then he would no doubt be a lot better informed. He would also probably have first hand experience already.

It is this second part that warms Janice’s heart. She is her grandfather’s first sissy. It makes her feel extra special that he would choose her to be his first. Though technically, Janice was kind of pushed onto him. Still, it is her grandfather that decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

Knowing she is his first, Janice doubles her efforts. She pulls out every trick she can remember in order to increase her grandfather’s pleasure. The task is still disgusting to her and she knows she should be ashamed of trying to increase his pleasure. However, it is clear to her now that the more he enjoys himself the less angry he will be about her being a sissy.

Granted, the added pleasure has the unfortunate side effect of increasing the frequency and volume of her grandfather’s comments. The walls in their house are pretty thick and sturdy. She knows that sound doesn’t travel through them that easily. However, she finds it unlikely that no one can overhear their grandfather at his current volume. Especially if others in the house are trying to listen in. Amber would probably not do such a thing. Janice also doubts that her mother and father would go out of their way to listen in. However, she is pretty certain that Mary or Beth probably have their ears to the heating vent, trying to hear their grandfather’s voice echoing through it. Or worse, they are out in the hall with their ears to the door.

The thought of being overheard is humiliating. However, it is worth the price to Janice in order to have her grandfather like her again. Besides, it’s not like everyone didn’t already know what was probably going to happen in the room.

Plus, it isn’t like this is their grandfather’s first visit. Janice is pretty sure that each of her sisters have spent their fair share of time on the end of the old man’s cock. It is unlikely that any of them have been spared that indignity. With luck, those past memories will help keep them from teasing her too much.

Janice takes her grandfather to the brink but refuses to take him over the edge. She wants to get the ordeal over with but her training is too strong.

“Anyone can suck a cock. Your job is to make love to it with your mouth.”

It is yet another one of Victor’s blowjob lessons. To a street hooker or untrained person the two sentences are synonymous. To a Humbled Girl, however, they are virtually antonyms. This is especially true for sissies.

Janice hates sucking cocks so of course it was a hard lesson for her to master. Technically, she never did master it. She simply found an alternative method. It was clear to her at the time that the point of the lesson was to maximize the man’s climax. If you make love to his cock then his emotional response to that love will be a greater climax experience.

So, what Janice did was cut out the middle man. Instead of trying to fall in love with each cock like other sissies do, she focuses on the climax itself. She treats each blowjob as though she is creating a piece of art. In her mind it is like drawing. She brings the man near his climax but not over the edge. She does this as a kind of sketch of what the final climax will look similar too. She then builds on that sketch with a nibble here, a lick there. She keeps getting the image near completion and then going back and adding even more detail. She keeps getting the man close to climax but not close enough that he feels cheated when you start refining it further. Janice keeps doing this until the drawing looks as perfect as she can make it. Then she gives it her final touch and swallows down the masterpiece she just created.

Okay, it sounds better in her head than it looks on paper. However, it got her a passing grade. Victor of course knows Janice isn’t falling in love with the cocks like she is supposed too. However, her techniques are beyond approach. He knows that eventually she will start falling in love with the cocks. Once that happens her blowjobs will be beyond perfection. The beaus will be lined up at her front door. And since the school arranges those “dates” it means more money for the school. It also means more money for Janice’s father, Victor’s best friend.

Janice works on her grandfather’s cock for over 20 minutes. Every time he gets close she changes things up just enough to keep him from cumming. She focuses on the head then later his balls. She gives his cock a tongue bath the likes of which it has never experienced before. And of course in between she deep throats the cock several times to ensure he stays primed.

“Not yet, grandpa,” she keeps whispering each time.

Janice keeps at it until her grandfather becomes so vocal that Janice fears the neighbors across the street might overhear. She also suspects she has her grandfather on the verge of a heart attack. Yep, it’s time. She whispers as much to her grandfather.

She goes in one last time and starts throat fucking herself with his cock. Only this time she doesn’t let up. In and out… in and out. She takes the cock deep in her throat over and over. She makes sure her lips keep the perfect friction as they slide back and forth, painting the side of his cock with a fine layer of lip gloss. The lip gloss is pretty transparent but Janice can taste the cherry flavor as her tongue flicks back and forth across the underside of her grandfather’s cock on each pass.

While all of this is going on, one of Janice’s free hands is playing with her grandfather’s balls. Some men like their balls gently handled while others prefer a more rough approach. Her grandfather seems to respond more to the rough treatment. Not too rough though. She tugs on them and gives them gentle squeezes. She takes them to the point of discomfort and then lets them go. Then, right when they think they have escaped, she goes right back in and starts all over on them again.

Her grandfather’s normally baggy ball sack suddenly tightens up and Janice knows his climax is not far behind. His cock expands slightly and then she feels the bottom of it pulse against her tongue. A split second later and a jet of thick hot cum shoots down her throat and into her tummy.

In the midst of this, Janice notices that her grandfather has gone stiff and rather silent. It is as though he needs every ounce of his strength to unleash his thick load. Any other time and Janice would fear her grandfather is dying. However, his pulsating cock tells her he is very much alive.

Her grandfather feeds Janice five more jets of cum. Each thick jet is proceeded by a deep grunt. Janice lets the first three go down her throat and directly to her tummy. She pulls back and lets the final two fill her mouth.

“A Humbled Girl always savors her reward.”

It is the rule Janice hates the most. From what she can tell, most sissies at the school seem to enjoy the taste of cum. Janice just thinks it is icky. While sissy cum is normally sweet, most men seem to have a salty bitter flavor. The viscous fluid also sticks to her entire mouth and takes sometimes an hour before the flavor completely goes away.

Janice is a good girl though so she follows Victor’s rules the best she can. She captures the last two jets of cum and then wiggles her tongue around in it to ensure all her taste buds get a good coating. The flavor and feel of it is disgusting. Yet, the act sends naughty tingles through her body.

It is these tingles that always concern Janice. She gets them whenever she accepts a man’s cum in her mouth or ass pussy. Is it her mind’s way of coping with doing something so nasty? Does the manly cum remind her body of what it once was? Janice has no clue what the reason is. While that is enough reason for concern, what really bothers her is how good those tingles feel. They are very addictive. She fears that one day she might not be able to go without them.

Janice savors her grandfather’s cum for several seconds and then swallows. The gunk slithers down her throat and joins the rest in her tummy. She then starts licking and sucking on her grandfather’s cock to make sure it is cleaned up properly.

Once the cock is clean, Janice puts the head back in her mouth and suckles on it. It will be another few minutes before the cum stops oozing out. Some men push Janice away at this point. However, normally, they quickly get randy and fuck her throat or ass again.

Janice suckles for only a minute when she hears snores coming from her grandfather. It doesn’t surprise her that much. Her grandfather is kind of old and it was a rather large amount of cum. While Janice is thankful that her grandfather fell asleep, part of her can’t help but be a little angry. Everyone knows that a sissy needs a cock in their ass pussy in order to be satisfied. Or at least that is what her trainers always tell her.

Janice hates being bred but her grandfather doesn’t know that. It is kind of rude of him to just ignore her needs and go to sleep. Not that being bred is a need of hers. Not really. Sure, having a nice thick warm cock sliding back and forth across her ass clit does feel pretty yummy. However, the act is just so wrong… isn’t it?

“Of course it is!”

She screams it in her head but the truth is she isn’t so sure. Had you asked her just 30 minutes ago there would be no doubt in her mind that it is wrong. However, those naughty tingles have made her rock hard. She can never think straight when she is hard.

Janice has to admit that a cock her grandfather’s size would feel delicious in her hole. The thought makes her suck on the head of the cock harder. She also lets it go deeper into her mouth. Before she knows it she has the entire length down her throat. She bobs her head on it several times. She tells herself that she is just making sure it is clean. However, deep down she knows she is trying to keep it hard in hopes that her grandfather might wake and ravage her anally.

“Janice!” she screams in her head when she realizes what she is doing.

Janice lets the cock pop from her mouth. She then backs away and stares at it in shock. She can’t believe what she just did. How could she want such a thing? With her own grandfather no less. It is an all time low for her.

Janice knows that it is all the cum she has built up in her that is causing her to think such naughty thoughts. She had an anal orgasm earlier but there is still plenty in there. She decides to masturbate. It’s for her own good. If she doesn’t then the naughty thoughts will continue. Even worse, if her grandfather were to wake up and take her in her present state then she would get way too much pleasure from it. That is something she isn’t sure she could live with.

Janice reaches down and grabs hold of her hard 7″ [18 cm] cock. It feels so good that if she wanted she could probably cum immediately. However, if she climaxes that fast then she won’t get enough cum out. She will end up probably having to masturbate a second time to get rid of all the naughty thoughts.

Janice toys with her cock. She teases it until she nears climax and then backs off. She does this over and over, much like how she treated her grandfather’s cock earlier. This thought brings her attention back to her grandfather. She can’t help but stare at his cock.

She chastises herself and looks away. She tries to think of girls but Janice’s mind keeps going back to her grandfather’s cock. It is hard not to with the hard thing sitting right next to her in the bed. Before she knows it, she is staring at it once more.

Her grandpa is still very stiff. It would be so easy to mount it right now. She could stand with one foot on either side of her grandfather and then squat down. If she was gentle and slow enough she might not even wake him. Oh, how wonderful that thick cock would feel rubbing her ass clit! Nice and slow… in and out… over and over again. Just the thought of it makes her want to reach over with her free hand and grab hold of her grandpa’s warm thick cock. Her hand reaches out toward it but her climax hits her before she gets there.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Janice grunts over and over as thick jets of hot sissy cum shoot out of her cock. She gets her free hand back just in time to catch it all. There is so much of it that it overflows her hand and runs down the underside.

The intense pleasure is quickly followed by tears as she realizes what she just fantasized about. How could she fantasize about riding her grandfather’s cock?! Somehow, thinking it seems even worse than had she actually done it. Had she done it then at least she could tell herself the act served a purpose other than her own pleasure. That she was just performing her sissy duties. It would have been a lie, but it would have been one she could probably convince herself of.

Janice continues to cry as she brings her cum filled palm to her lips and sucks the pool of gunk out of it. She swallows and then licks and slurps the rest up. She keeps licking for over two minutes before she is certain she has gotten it all. It is another minute after that before she realizes that she didn’t even try to find a way of disposing of the cum via some other method. Sure, it would have been breaking a rule. However, who would have ever known? Besides, it’s not like she didn’t just break a house rule by masturbating in the first place. Her grandpa was there but he wasn’t conscious, let alone watching.

Janice lays there and cries for over ten minutes. Her pouting is interrupted when she feels her grandfather shift in the bed. He turns toward her. His tobacco and alcohol breath hits Janice and she quickly turns to face the other way.

Janice hears her grandfather mumble something in his sleep as his hand slides over her and pulls her to him. The mumble sounds a lot like her grandmother’s name. Their grandmother passed away a few years ago. Janice can’t help but feel sad for her grandpa.

“Mmm!” Janice moans a few seconds later when she feel’s her grandpa line up and then enter her asshole.

Her grandpa goes deep in one long slow push. Janice waits for him to start humping but he never does. Another minute goes by before Janice realizes that her grandpa is back asleep. She can hear him snoring. He also continues to mumble on occasion to his now deceased wife. It dawns on Janice that her grandfather is dreaming.

They lay still like that for what seems an eternity. Janice is used to having large things in her hole for long periods of time. However, this is maddening for her. This isn’t just some rubber toy inside her. It is a real cock. Yet, it isn’t pumping in and out of her.

Every fiber of her being tells her she should start humping her grandfather’s cock. It just seems the natural thing to do. Plus, it would feel so yummy rubbing her clit… just like she fantasized about.

“No!” she quickly yells in her head when she realizes she is fantasizing again.

Instead, she lays there as still as she can. Her hips occasionally make small humps but overall she does a good job. However, she quickly realizes that she will never be able to sleep like this. Fighting off the naughty thoughts require too much work.

Slowly, Janice pulls herself up the length of the cock. She is almost to the tip when her grandfather’s hand pulls her back down. She holds her breath, fearful that she just woke her grandpa. The snores start back up though almost immediately. Janice tries the maneuver a few more times but has the same results. Finally, she decides she will just have to wait until her grandpa goes soft.

It isn’t until then that Janice realizes that something isn’t right here. Her grandpa has been asleep for some time. Why hasn’t he gotten soft? Now that she thinks about it, her grandpa didn’t get soft after his climax earlier. She finds it hard to believe that someone of his age could be this youthful down there. Especially considering he didn’t even have the vitality to stay awake after his climax.

The answer hits her like a ton of bricks. Her grandpa is on Viagra or some other male enhancement drug. While it makes sense to her that someone his age might take the drug, what doesn’t make sense is why he would take it before getting in bed with her. Her grandpa doesn’t like her being a sissy. Or at least he didn’t before her expert blowjob. Plus, this is her grandpa’s first time with a sissy which means he clearly has no fetish for sissies.

Janice blushes when the answer finally comes to her. It wasn’t her grandpa’s idea to take the Viagra. Her father no doubt spiked their grandpa’s drink or meal with the stuff. Their father’s way of ensuring something naughty happened between the two. Janice’s blush deepens further when she realizes their mother might actually be the guilty party. It would be their mother’s way of helping Janice and her grandpa to start getting along.

Janice tells herself that she just has an overactive imagination. However, it is hard to convince herself of this when she has the hard evidence deep inside her ass.

Chapter 6

Janice gets some sleep but not much. At one point she wakes to the feel of her grandfather breeding her. However, she is so out of it by then that she falls back to sleep before she can find out if her grandfather is awake or just sleep fucking.

She is woken the next morning by Amber gently nudging her.

“Shhh… don’t wake grandpa,” Amber whispers as Janice starts to come to.

Janice wants to go back to sleep. However, she wants to get away from her grandfather’s embrace even more. Thankfully, her grandfather’s cock is no longer inside her. All she has to do is slide out from underneath his arm.

She grabs her cloths and beads and the two sisters sneak out of the room. They are already back in their own room before Janice is fully awake. It quickly dawns on her that the daily schedule is in effect regardless of holidays or weekends. She expected as much.

“Thanks,” Janice tells her sister once they are secure in their room.

Janice is truly grateful. Had Amber not woken her then she would have gotten in trouble for not adhering to the schedule. Plus, there is a good chance her grandfather would have woken up at the same time. That would have made for an embarrassing and awkward moment.

Amber doesn’t say anything. She just lays down and pulls the covers back over herself. She only has 30 minutes until it is her time, but 30 minutes is 30 minutes.

Janice goes into the bathroom and starts her enema process. Janice used the bathroom the day before. However, it isn’t until now that she realizes she never surveyed where the enema equipment is stored. She is relieved when she opens a cabinet and sees a box labeled, “Janice”.

When she opens the box she sees not only an enema bag but several bottles of fragrances and stuff. She immediately recognizes everything. It is her kit from school. This doesn’t surprise her that much. The doctor gives her a shot each month but she is pretty sure they also put estrogen and other medications in the bottles of fragrance. It’s also possible they put it in her food.

For a moment, Janice thinks about using one of her sisters’ stashes instead. It is a very fleeting moment. Everyone else in the house is probably asleep but any hidden cameras that might be in the room are no doubt wide awake.

Besides, at this point stopping her estrogen treatment would hardly do her any good. She looks very feminine now even without her makeup. She has female facial features now, soft curves, and even breasts. Sure, if she stopped the treatment then some of these features might become more masculine. However, she knows that in the end she will never actually look male again. At best, she would look like an ugly female. If she is going to look female then Janice prefers she look like a pretty one.

“What scent goes with 4th of July?” Janice whispers to herself as she looks through her box full of enema scents/oils.

Peppermint, strawberry, candy cane, cherry… Janice has 20 different bottles to choose from. The only one she doesn’t like is the baby powder one. All of the oils taste just like they smell. And apparently baby powder tastes like dirt. Flavor matters a lot also. After a man breeds you then you have to lick them clean. Unfortunately, most of the men that visited her during her training responded best to the baby powder smell. She still went with other scents sometimes but usually it was the baby powder. She has no trainers to impress today though.

“Oh! Apple cinnamon!” Janice says when she sees the bottle.

She used this scent in the past but not much. She likes the smell but it never seems to go well with most occasions. It is perfect though for July 4th. Hotdogs and apple pie… nothing more patriotic than that. She giggles when she realizes “hotdogs and apple pie” will have a double meaning if she gets bred today. The same thought makes her want to cry as well. She sticks with the giggles. She has had enough crying lately.

Janice does a half gallon and then expels it. She normally repeats this four to six times. With only 30 minutes she will be lucky to make 4. She is on her hands and knees accepting her third enema when the bathroom door opens on Beth’s side.

“I’m in here!” Janice quickly growls.

“Oh, give me a break,” Beth says as she rolls her eyes. “You’re a Humbled Girl now, you better get used to losing your privacy if you plan to live in this house.”

Beth is by far the crudest and meanest of Janice’s sisters. Janice is pretty sure it is because Mary is the oldest and gets all the new clothes and stuff and Amber is the youngest sister and is constantly spoiled. That leaves Beth in the middle with virtually no special treatment at all. Janice isn’t sure yet where she fits in the mix. When she was still Jack she got to do anything she wanted and was often spoiled like Amber. Now that Janice is a sissy she isn’t sure how her parents will treat her.

Beth is completely naked. Despite the embarrassment of the moment, Janice can’t help but get hard. Even eight months of sissy training hasn’t taken away her appreciation of the female form.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about your tongue since our last time together,” Beth says after a moment of just standing there.

Janice looks down at the floor in shame. It was six months ago but Janice vividly remembers it. The family visited her in her training area for Christmas. Beth had snuck back after everyone else left and made Janice lick her pussy and asshole.

“You can’t make me do that again,” Janice whispers as she keeps her eyes downcast.

The statement is technically true. Six months ago she was at a stage in her training where she was required to do anything anyone told her. She still has to obey trainers and other authority figures but most students have no more power over her than she does over them.

Beth stands there smiling for a moment. She then walks over and sits on the edge of the bathtub, not far from Janice.

“Did Amber let you know that I’m running for class president next semester?” Beth says. “There is a good chance I will win.”

Janice looks up at Beth in horror. Is she serious? The look she gets back tells Janice that Beth is.

Janice was warned about class presidents a long time ago. The final four grades at the school get to have a class president and it is a very prestigious and powerful position. That said, only the bravest of students campaign for the position. The reason is because the winner gets virtually all the same powers over other students (the same grade and below) that a teacher does. Thus, if you run for the position and lose then the winner will more often than not make your life a living hell. This makes it less likely you or anyone else will campaign against them the following year.

Normally, having a sister as class president would be a very good thing. However, with a sister like Beth? Yeah, not so much.

Janice can tell by the look on Beth’s face that she isn’t joking. The more Janice thinks about it, the more it makes sense. Beth definitely has the guts to try. And while she probably isn’t the most popular girl in her class, she could easily intimidate most into voting for her. The votes aren’t secret either, so you certainly have to vote wisely.

If you vote for someone that wins then life at the school usually becomes a lot easier for you. Not only did you help put them in ‘office’ but they know you will vote for them next year probably as well.

If you vote against someone that wins then life at the school has the potential of becoming very unpleasant. This isn’t always the case of course. If the president happens to be a nice person then they might leave you alone. So, of course the logical thing to do is hedge your bets and vote for the crueler candidate.

Voting is not required. However, those that don’t vote are normally treated no better than those that voted against the winner.

“You know, if you treat me nice now I might treat you nice later,” Beth says as she parts her legs.

Tears form in Janice’s eyes. For months she worried about how she would deal with Beth once they allowed her to come home. Having the Dean as her mentor gave Janice a little prestige. If that wasn’t enough to keep Beth at bay, then Janice was prepared to go to all out war against her sister. Or at least she was willing to make the bluff. She doubted that even someone as brave as Beth would call that bluff.

Being at war with someone you live with would be a losing position for both parties. However, Beth has a ton more to lose. For example, if one of Janice’s homework assignments magically disappeared then Janice would get maybe a trip to the headmaster and a few other minor punishments. Being a higher classman, Beth would get ten times the punishment.

If Beth becomes a class president then that would easily trump what little leverage Janice currently has. In a war with a class president, Janice’s only hope would be to befriend several upper classmen higher in grade than Beth. However, the price for those kinds of allies would probably be much higher than anything Beth will ever demand of her. Plus, Janice still has to keep secret the fact that she is really male. Thus, about the only other classmen she could get as allies would be other sissies. And Janice doesn’t like the idea of owing older sissies a ton of favors.

The room is silent as Janice thinks over her lack of options. Beth sees no need to rush her. She knows that her sissy brother will come to the only feasible decision.

There is a slight draining sound as the last of Janice’s enema goes down the tube and into her bowels. Janice is thankful for the distraction and reaches back and pulls the nozzle from her rump. She also realizes that if she sits on the toilet and expels the water it might gross her sister out enough to get her to leave.

“No!” Beth growls as Janice starts to stand. “Stay on the floor where you belong!”


Beth snaps her fingers and point’s at Janice. This along with Beth’s glare sends a clear message and Janice swallows her complaint immediately. The fear of angering her sister further easily overrides Janice’s need to expel the enema.

There is no need for further commands. Beth simply parts her legs. Tears run down Janice’s face as she crawls between those legs. Janice hesitates for a second and then leans in and starts licking.

One might think that a sissy wouldn’t be good at eating pussy. One would be wrong. While it is true that a majority of her training is with men, Janice has been well trained on pleasing women as well. Or at least she has learned to do so with her tongue. For eight months now, the only thing she has been allowed to get her dick wet in has been other sissies.

“Mmm,” Beth moans as she stares down at her little sissy brother.

Janice’s tongue feels exquisite, but for Beth at least half the pleasure is just her dominance over her sibling. However, Beth warns herself not to get too overconfident. This is a huge first step toward turning Janice into her little play toy but the war isn’t over yet.

Beth knows that as Janice learns more about being a Humbled Girl she will also learn that the more power a Humbled Girl gets the more she is held responsible for the use of that power. Yes, she might eventually get the power to make Janice’s life a living hell. However, if Janice’s grades start dropping because of it then odds are that Beth will be held at least partially responsible.

Dominating another Humbled Girl is like walking a tightrope. It is a constant balancing act. You don’t want to push them too hard or they might lose their balance. You also have to constantly be thinking about your next step.

Having her own dedicated cunt lapper is nice. However, Beth already has plenty of Humbled Girls under her control that will do that for her. No, she has bigger plans for her little brother. Among other things, Janice will become her own personal urinal. Beth has thought about this ever since she found out about Janice’s toilet training.

Just the thought of it almost makes Beth cum. Having someone that will drink your pee is a huge turn on. Having a boy that will do it is doubly so for Beth. Men have been dominating her all her life. Getting the chance to turn the tables is a fantasy come true. And you can bet her brother won’t get away with just drinking a little pee and licking her naughty spots. Beth plans to give him lots of spankings. His dick and balls will get plenty of punishment as well.

If all goes as planned, her brother will end up spending most of his time in her room when he isn’t studying or doing chores. She will even have him stay with her each night. She will have him lull her to sleep each night with a nice long rim job. He will sleep on the floor next to her bed and every morning when Beth wakes her brother will be kneeling there waiting for her morning pee.

“Oh! Uh!”

Thinking about the plans for her brother brings Beth over the edge. She convulses and pulls her brother’s face hard against her pussy. Janice can do nothing but ride it out. She continues to suck and lick at her sister despite Beth’s death grip.

“Wow, not bad,” Beth praises a moment later as she catches her breath. “You are even better than Amber. Maybe next time I will have both of you lick me at the same time. Amber could work on the front while you take the back.”

Janice blushes in shame. Not only does her sister plan to make this a recurring activity but she plans to bring Amber in on it also. What is even worse is that part of Janice almost looks forward to it. She doesn’t want to be Beth’s play thing but Janice has to admit that the idea of teaming up with another girl in order to please a third is kind of erotic. She just wishes the two girls weren’t his sisters is all. The thought still manages to make her dick lurch.

Beth notices her brother’s hard dick as Janice licks her clean. Beth reaches her bare foot out and gives her brother’s cock and balls a gentle tap.

“Mmm,” Janice moans with pleasure into her sister’s pussy.

Beth gives the groin a slightly harder tap with the top of her foot. She then repeats it over and over. She makes the little kicks harder and harder until Janice isn’t sure if she is in pain or pleasure. Beth decides to hold the intensity at that level. In the months to come she will increase the intensity until there is almost nothing but pain. Of course, by then her brother won’t be able to distinguish the difference. In his little sissy brain pain and pleasure will mean the same thing. Or at least that is the plan.




Janice moans over and over into her sister’s groin. The mixture of pain and pleasure is scary, yet she can’t help but enjoy it. It has been a very long time since an actual real girl has given her any degree of pleasure. While part of her still hates Beth for treating her this way, another part of Janice is happy to be treated almost like a normal boy. It is enough to almost make Janice fall in love with her sister’s foot.


Janice moans loud and sucks hard on her sister’s pussy. A second later Janice is cumming all over her sister’s foot. The climax is so wonderful that Janice almost loses control of her enema. She squeezes her ass pussy tight though and manages to keep any from dripping out.

Janice moans and humps the air for several seconds. As she comes down from her sexual high, Janice blushes profusely and pulls her mouth away from her sister. She can’t believe that she just came like this. She is utterly ashamed of herself.

Beth smiles down at her sissy brother for a moment. She then raises her cum covered foot until it is next to Janice’s lips. Janice blushes further and her eyes tear up as she starts licking her mess up.

“Yeah, I think we are going to have lots of fun together,” Beth says with a giggle.

Chapter 7

The rest of the morning goes pretty uneventful. Well, minus the awkwardness at the breakfast table. Janice can tell that everyone in the house heard her and her grandfather the night before. She is too ashamed to look any of them in the face. She is even more ashamed to look at her grandfather.

“It sounded like you and Janice got along okay last night,” Bill says mid way through the meal.

Tears form in Janice’s eyes and she quickly gets out of her chair and runs upstairs to her room. She expects their mom to yell at her but instead in the distance she can hear their father getting chastised.

“Bill!” her mom growls. “You know we don’t talk about such things at home… especially while we are eating!”

“I was only saying what we were all thinking,” Bill replies.

Bill is about to say something else but decides it is best to hold his tongue. His wife might be a Humbled Girl but that doesn’t mean she is his personal sex slave. Far from it. Bill is a second generation headmaster but that only gives him minor status. The school had several richer and more powerful suitors lined up for Sierra and yet she picked him. He is lucky to have her and he knows it.

Sierra has also made it very clear she is not happy about turning their only son into a sissy. Convincing her it is necessary was a major undertaking. So, rubbing it in at the breakfast table probably isn’t the wisest thing he could have done.

Surprisingly, Janice is left alone for the rest of the morning. She manages to get all of her homework done and even has time to herself. She spends her free time with Amber. They sit at their makeup table and take turns dolling each other up. They put make up on then take it off and start all over again. It is both entertainment and a learning process for Janice.

At first, Janice feels awkward and embarrassed doing this with her sister. However, before long it starts to feel kind of natural. They chat about this and that. It does get a little awkward again when Amber brings up the subject of boys.

Amber apparently has a crush on one of the neighbor boys. It is one of the boys Jack used to go to school with. Janice tries not to engage in the conversation but can’t help it when she hears who it is.

“I don’t think you should go out with him,” Janice says. “He’s always bragging to everyone about the girl’s he makes out with and stuff. He will give you a bad rep. Besides, I’ve seen him in the shower at school, his penis is pretty small.”

“Janice!” Amber says in shock and then giggles.

Janice blushes but giggles as well.

The conversation of boys continues for quite some time. Janice opens up a little on the subject but not much. Part of the reason is because it is just too embarrassing. However, another part is because Janice isn’t all that sure how she feels about boys. She hates having sex with men. However, the only boys her own age that she has had sex with have been other sissies.

Janice kind of fell in love with Danielle. However, that hardly counts since she is a sissy. Plus, most of that love grew before Janice knew Danielle was a sissy. Yet, she can’t deny that it continued to grow a bit after she knew the truth.

Other than Danielle, Janice has found the other sissies to be cute to look at but has had no special feelings for any of them. She would be lying, however, if she said she never got sexually excited while playing with them. However, she is always disgusted with herself and ashamed afterward.

She is pretty sure she would feel just as disgusted after having sex with a non-sissy boy. What confuses her, however, is that she finds normal boys, as well as some men, to be cute also. This concerns her. It makes sense to her that she finds sissies to be cute… they look like girls. However, boys look like boys. Why would she find them attractive? Janice tries not to think about it too much. She is scared of what the answer might be.

“Oh, this look is perfect for you!” Amber says as she puts the final touches on Janice once more.

“I don’t know,” Janice says as she inspects herself in the mirror. “Doesn’t it make me look kind of young?”

“You are young, silly,” Amber giggles. “Besides, men love young girls.”

“No, perverts like dad and grandpa like young girls.”

Janice thinks it but doesn’t say it out loud.

The last thing Janice wants is to turn her grandfather on. Especially if she is going to have to sleep in the same bed with him for the next few nights.

“No time to change it now,” Amber says as she quickly starts putting the makeup away.

“What do you mean?” Janice asks in confusion.

“You have a meeting with our mentor in 45 minutes,” Amber says as she looks at her sister in confusion. “Didn’t they tell you?”

“No,” Janice replies in shock and horror. “It’s a holiday. Are you sure I have to meet him today?”

Amber can hear the concern in Janice’s voice.

“Don’t worry,” Amber says as she gives her sister a hug. “The Dean isn’t that bad as long as you do what he says.”

Amber pauses for a second. She blushes and then adds, “His um… thing… is kind of big though.”

It is clear from her voice that Amber is not sure if this is good or bad news for Janice. Some girls like big ones. Amber heard that sissies like big ones also. However, she isn’t sure if that is just a rumor or not.

“Oh, I guess you already know,” Amber whispers when she realizes she isn’t speaking to a rookie.

“Yes,” Janice whispers back with a blush.

Amber feels stupid for forgetting that while she may have only seen her brother dressed up like a girl a few days total, Janice has been “training” at the school for well over a half year now. Of course Janice already knows how big the Dean is. They would have introduced her to all the mentor candidates before asking her to choose one.

After thinking about it a moment, Amber realizes that maybe the rumor about sissies is true. Janice did cum a little when she put those huge beads in. Plus, she picked the Dean as her mentor. Of course, Amber picked the Dean also and she sure isn’t all that excited about large cocks. She only picked the Dean because she knew most of the other students would leave her alone if they knew she had the Dean’s ear. Not that it has helped prevent Beth from hassling her.

Janice decides to wear the short brown dress again. With luck maybe the ugly thing will turn the Dean off. Not that she plans to hold her breath on it. Regardless, the more she wears it the faster it will wear out. Then maybe her parents will buy her a prettier one… preferably yellow or red.

“You can’t wear those,” Amber says when Janice starts to put on her tobacco brown high heal pumps. “People will get suspicious if they see you wearing something that adult looking. Besides, your feet will be full of blisters by the time you get there.”

It takes Janice a second to process what Amber is telling her.

“I have to walk?” Janice asks in confusion.

“Duh,” Amber replies with a giggle. “Mary sure isn’t going to drive you and dad has a 2 mile rule. Anything less than 2 miles and you hoof it.”

Janice looks at the clock in horror. She didn’t know she was going to have to walk. She now has less than 30 minutes to get there. The Dean has one of the largest houses in their community so Janice is well aware of where he lives. She does some quick calculations in her head and determines it to be about 1.5 miles. She can make it but she will probably have to run at least half of it to make sure.

Janice puts on her only pair of sneakers and starts for the door. She stops though when she realizes the Dean won’t be that happy with sneakers.

“Can I borrow one of your purses?” Janice asks as she pulls one out of the closet.

“That’s your purse,” Amber informs her.

“Oh,” Janice says.

She isn’t sure how to react. It’s her first purse. It has a black and white tiger skin like pattern. It is trimmed with pink and has a big cloth flower attached to the side of it. Janice is excited about having a purse but she isn’t sure she likes this one or not. She likes that it is a little fancy, yet not too mature. However, the black and white pattern seems a hair tacky to her.

She doesn’t have time to worry about it now. She grabs her brown pumps and manages to squeeze them inside. She then heads out the door.

Janice tries to run half of the distance but barely makes a quarter mile. She can’t believe how weak her muscles are now. A year ago when she was still Jack she would have easily ran the entire distance at a pretty decent pace.

Of course, the four huge beads aren’t helping matters.

The freedom of being outside on her own is exciting. However, it is still a tad scary. There is that constant itch in the back of her brain that is telling her to run away from this place and never come back. However, what concerns her even more is the fear that people in the neighborhood will see her and be able to tell she isn’t a real girl. Or even worse, they will somehow be able to tell she has four huge beads crammed up her ass pussy.

Janice notices people looking her way from time to time but none seem to look shocked or anything.

“What’s your name?”

The voice comes from behind her. Janice spins around with fright. Standing there is a 17 or 18 year old boy. He must have crossed the street or something. Otherwise she is sure she would have noticed him coming up on her.

“I… I’m in a hurry,” Janice says as she turns back around and continues walking.

“Come on,” the boy says as he quickly catches up and stands in her way. “I’m just asking for your name. My name is Sam.”

“Janice,” she replies as she steps around him and continues on.

“Are you new here?” he says as he walks along side her. “I moved here about six months ago.”

This last statement tells Janice why she doesn’t recognize him. He moved here while she was already in training. Not that Janice would have known him that well anyway. Sam is at least three years older than herself. Back when she was Jack she would have never hung out with someone of this age. Or more to the point, someone that old would have never hung out with Jack.

“Please leave me alone,” Janice says as she quickens her pace.

She is relieved as the boy says his goodbyes and leaves. Yet, a part of her is a little upset. It felt kind of nice to have the attention of someone that in the past wouldn’t have even given her the time of day. The boy is pretty cute also.

She feels a little bad about being so rude to him. However, she doesn’t want to lead him on. It’s not like they could ever be a couple. At best they could maybe do a little kissing. It could never go beyond that without Sam finding out Janice is not a real girl. Janice chastises herself when she realizes she is actually thinking such things about another boy.

A couple other boys eye her as she continues her journey. However, neither of them approach her. She keeps looking back to make sure they don’t follow her either. Her safety is of concern but not as much as them finding out where she is headed. Everyone in the neighborhood is well aware of who Dean Miller is. Most don’t know for sure what goes on in the school but there are some pretty accurate rumors.

If they see Janice go into the Dean’s house they will easily guess she is a Humbled Girl. And everyone knows Humbled Girls are sluts. Or so the rumors say. That isn’t a title she wants to have. If a boy gets interested in her, she wants it to be because he likes her and not because he thinks she puts out.

“Janice!” she screams in her head and pushes the inappropriately thoughts about boys out.

Janice is just starting to relax a little when a black van pulls up to the curb next to her. Janice swallows hard when she sees there are two black men in the front seat and that they are looking at her. She is about to quicken her pace when she realizes she knows the passenger.

It’s Ray, the security guards at the school that she had the… arrangement with. The key word being, “had”. Janice is not proud of the arrangement they had and it certainly isn’t something she wishes to continue now that she is no longer a prisoner in the school.

“Get in,” Ray orders as the large side door opens.

“Dean Miller is waiting for me,” Janice quickly volunteers. “He won’t be happy if I’m late.”

“Just get in,” Ray says with a chuckle. “I’ll give you a ride.”

Janice hesitates for a second and then obeys. Technically, Ray has no authority over her. However, Janice isn’t stupid enough to believe Ray doesn’t have power. Every employee at the school has a certain degree of power when it comes to students. A security guard has more than most. All it would take is a false claim by Ray to get Janice into serious trouble. Heck, the claim wouldn’t even have to be false. If Ray watched her close enough he would eventually catch her doing something wrong. Even minor things are taken serious at the school. If Ray caught her doing enough minor things then it would quickly add up to major consequences.

It is more than enough reason to obey Ray. However, Janice doesn’t feel completely hopeless. After all, she has power also. If Ray pisses the Dean off then his job will be in jeopardy. Ray is rather rich and doesn’t need the money but Janice is pretty sure the man would miss the benefits.

The side door electronically shuts on it’s own once she is inside. Janice feels at unease as the driver looks back and eyes her up and down.

“Are you sure she’s a boy?” the man asks Ray. “They won’t be happy if we bring them a real girl.”

“Trust me,” Ray says as he smiles back at Janice.

The van is already moving before Janice fully analyzes what the driver just said. Do they plan to take her somewhere other than the Dean’s house? She can’t believe Ray would take such a risk with his job. She scoots back over toward the large door. The first stop they come to she grabs the door handle and yanks on it. The door doesn’t budge.

“Just settle down,” Ray tells her.

“You’ll get in a lot of trouble with the Dean if I’m late.”

She knows the comment is pretty obvious but can’t think of anything else to say.

Ray is silent for a moment. The truth is that he is a bit pissed. He isn’t upset with Janice though. He’s upset with her father and the Dean for not bringing her up to speed on her situation. It pisses him off that he is now expected to skirt around that truth.

“Fuck ’em,” Ray mumbles to himself.

Ray sees no reason he should have to jump through hoops to protect the dirty little secret. Especially when that secret is going to become pretty clear to Janice within a short time anyway.

Janice shivers in fear as Ray moves into the back of the van and sits next to her. He puts one of his huge arms around her and pulls her to his muscular body. Janice is disgusted with the embrace. Yet, at the same time it sends naughty tingles into her tummy. Those tingles become stronger when she is close enough to smell his manly scent.

She can even make out the smell of his underarms. It is a mix of expensive cologne, underarm deodorant and his natural musky scent. Janice knows that smell very well. She has spent many hours in the past eight months licking those pits clean. It is an obvious fetish Ray has. He always makes her lick his arm pits and nipples. Thankfully, he is the only one at the school that seems to have this fetish.

The memories of her and Ray are upsetting. However, what bothers her even more is that despite the disgust she knows a part of her deep down always looked forward to performing the act.

Ray puts one of Janice’s hands on the large bulge in his pants. More tingles shoot through Janice as she gives Ray’s cock a squeeze through the pant material. Ray’s cock is 10″ [25 cm] long and 3″ [7½ cm] thick. It is the largest cock Janice has ever… played with. It is even larger than the Dean’s cock.

Ray’s cock always scares Janice. It scares her because she knows how tight the fit is. It scares her even more because she knows how good it feels once it is inside. It rubs her ass clit so nicely. Just the thought of it makes her cock try to expand in it’s little cage.

“The Dean knows you are with me,” Ray starts explaining.

Ray continues to explain how they plan to pimp Janice out to help earn money for both the school and Janice’s father. Janice isn’t stupid. She has already figured out a lot about how the school works in regards to renting students out for dates and such. Janice realizes the system is a little wrong. However, she also realizes that it only makes sense. It helps earn money for her family and the school, while at the same time judging the seriousness of suitors. After all, there is a lot more to consider about potential husbands than just how rich and powerful they are. You also need to make sure they can be trusted to keep the school’s secrets. What better way to do that then arrange “dates”.

Of course, for legal purposes the suitors don’t actually pay for “dates”. They are just contributing towards the child’s tuition. And the “dates” aren’t described as being intimate. They are just “meetings” so the benefactor can judge whether the child truly deserves the tuition donation. Now, if the child and benefactor happen to make out or have sex… well, that’s between them. The school does not promise or condone such activity… on paper anyway.

While all of that makes sense to Janice, what Ray describes to her seems to go way beyond this. What he describes can only be seen as pure prostitution regardless of the window dressing.

“I… I don’t believe you,” Janice whispers once Ray finishes.

“Believe it or don’t believe it. Either way your ass is still going to get pimped out,” Ray says with a chuckle.

It isn’t the pimping aspect that Janice has trouble believing. It’s hardly out of character for the school. No, what she can’t come to terms with is that her father would ever agree to such a thing. Her father isn’t exactly parent of the year. However, Janice can’t imagine he would ever pimp out his own son. Would he?

Granted, she said the same thing eight months ago about her father turning her into a sissy. That wasn’t in her father’s nature either.

Janice’s eyes water up when all the pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place. For eight months now she has wondered exactly why her father did this to her. With no better explanation, she had all but accepted the original cover story they told her. That she was being turned into a sissy as punishment for sneaking into the sissy area of the school and discovering their secret.

That story never set well with Janice. There are simply way too many holes in it. However, this new information clarifies a lot. Her father needs money for some reason and he sold his own son to get it. Part of it seems even more unbelievable to Janice than the original explanation. Yet, deep down she knows it fits. If her father is having money problems then it could put his job security at risk. And it would certainly mean having to take some, if not all, of his sisters out of the school. In time she might come to feel sorry for her father for having to deal with making such a hard choice. For now, however, she can’t help but feel angry and betrayed.

A bit of fear mixes in with those feelings as the van pulls into a long driveway. Janice can’t see much from her position but she sees enough to know they are at Ray’s house. Though, “house” is a bit of an understatement. It’s actually a mansion. In fact, it is almost as big as the Dean’s mansion.

Janice has seen the mansion and grounds from outside the gates many times. However, this is her first time going inside. She trusts Ray. Or at least she trusts him not to kidnap and lock her in his basement for years on end. Yet, she can’t help but realize he could probably do just that if he wanted and probably not get caught. There is a chance no one even seen her get picked up. And a mansion this size probably has tons of hiding spots both above and below ground. The idea frightens Janice. Yet, for some reason her cock tries to get stiff in it’s cage at the thought of being Ray’s eternal slave.

Ray leans in and gives Janice a deep kiss. Kissing is another thing Ray often does that most of the other men at the school never do to her. Janice has always found Ray’s kisses to be revolting. Yet, at the same time the affection it represents always makes her heart melt. For a while she even believed she was in love with Ray. Sometimes she still feels this way. Now is not one of those times though.

“Don’t worry sugar,” Ray whispers as he breaks the kiss.

Janice blushes at being kissed and called “sugar”. It isn’t the first time Ray has done either to her. It is, however, the first time he has done it in front of someone else. Janice’s blush deepens when she notices the driver stealing glances in the rearview mirror. Earlier, Janice noticed there were no windows in the rear of the van. She can’t help but wonder if maybe the rear view mirror was installed just so the driver can watch the action in the back seat.

Ray gives Janice another deep kiss. For a moment she fears the driver is going to get more than an eye full. However, Ray breaks the kiss when the van stops. The van door opens and Ray has Janice step out.

“There is no need to be scared,” Ray reassures her again as he gets out of the van himself. “Be a good girl and I’ll take good care of you. I’ll make sure no one hurts you. If you do really well then sometimes I’ll even give you a special treat.”

Ray gives his huge cock a squeeze through his pants as he says this last part. It is very clear to Janice what the man means by “special treat”. Janice would be lying if she said the thought of Ray’s huge cock didn’t make her own struggle in it’s cage. However, she hardly thinks of it as a “treat”. Well, not really.

The thought of Ray’s cock might give Janice naughty tingles, but it disgusts her as well. Yet, she can’t help but stare down at Ray’s bulge in response to the comment. She nibbles on her lower lip and stares at the bulge for only a split second. However, it is long enough for Ray to notice.

Ray chuckles at Janice’s response. She isn’t the first sissy to get addicted to his huge dick. Sure, in the beginning they often beg to try to avoid the monstrous thing. Many even groan in pain as he squeezes it inside. However, once it is inside the sissies start squealing and bucking up and down on it like they are riding a wild stallion.

Janice gets nervous as the van leaves them and heads off toward a parking area. For some reason she thought the driver was the “John”. Now she realizes he’s probably just an employee. That mean’s her “date” for the night is yet to be revealed.

Janice is in awe as they step inside Ray’s mansion. The place is huge and very fancy. For a moment, Janice wonders why Ray would ever stoop to pimping. He clearly doesn’t need the money. The answer quickly comes to her. It is the same reason he works at the school. It has nothing to do with money. He simply enjoys playing with sissies. And his jobs as guard and pimp provide him an endless supply of young sissies.

The truth is that Ray gets paid rather well for his pimping services. He deals with only high end clients and arranging a single “date” can easily earn him $1,000 after the school gets their generous cut. While he specializes in sissies, the school also relies on him heavily for pimping out several of the female students. A girl with declining grades is often a good candidate for Ray’s services. There are also girls that simply aren’t pulling in as much money from their “courtship” dates as the school would wish.

Ray only does it part time but he still earns a ton of money. He doesn’t keep much of it though. He sets most of it aside and gives it to the students as graduation presents. If the student was extra fun to play with over the years Ray will sometimes even toss in a bonus. Of course, he doesn’t tell the students ahead of time about the graduation presents. After all, you don’t want the students to be too cooperative. Sure, they are almost always obedient. However, most customers prefer the kids to be at least a little reluctant.

Once graduation day does come, Ray’s graduation gifts normally embarrass, humiliate and even anger the students. The last thing they want is to be reminded of their time with Ray. However, it never stops them from accepting the money.

Ray can already tell that Janice is going to be a big money maker. She is extremely pretty and very feminine looking. She sucks cock very well and her hole can handle about any size dick and yet it always feels nice and tight. The best part, however, is that she will do about anything you tell her and yet you can tell a part of her hates it.

Many of the “Johns” enjoy that last part. Unlike the men the school arranges for courtship dates, the customers Ray deals with aren’t out to fall in love and marry a sissy. Most are okay with a sissy enjoying the “date” but many prefer the sissy not enjoy it too much.

The hardest part of Ray’s job is to maintain that balance between obedience and aversion. If a student doesn’t show enough of the latter then Ray sets them up with some of the more demanding “Johns”. If they show too much then he tapers them back a little. Nope, pimpin ain’t easy.

“This is Janice,” Ray says to a middle aged white couple as they enter the parlor. “Janice, this is Donald and Joyce.”

Janice takes a step back when she sees who it is. There was no need for the formal introduction, she knows this couple very well. They live next door to her. They have a son, Laurence, who is 12. Janice is 1 year and 9 months older than Laurence. At their age that 21 months is a sizable gap. Despite this, Janice and Laurence have been pretty good friends over the years. Or at least they were when Janice was still Jack.

Ray says something else but Janice is in too much shock and doesn’t really hear it. The next thing she knows, Ray is gone and she is standing in the room alone with her neighbors.

“Oh, Don, she looks absolutely petrified,” Joyce says as she stands and gives Janice a comforting hug.

The somewhat joyful tone in Joyce’s voice tells Janice the woman is just pretending to be caring and concerned. Sure enough, the embracing quickly becomes intimate. Joyce’s left hand goes to Janice’s rump while the other one goes behind her head. A few seconds later and they are kissing.

Janice is embarrassed. However, she is also very turned on. It has been ages since she got to kiss a girl. Joyce is pretty good looking also for her age. The thought of having sex with the woman makes Janice’s cock struggle in it’s cage.

“I think we should go upstairs before Jack… Janice has an accident on the floor,” Joyce says to her husband with a chuckle after a couple minutes.

It isn’t until then that Janice remembers Don is even in the room. She blushes profusely when she realizes the couple knows who she really is. Of equal concern is that Don plans to go with her and Joyce.

As they climb the stairs, Joyce take’s Don’s hand and places it lightly on Janice’s ass. Janice swallows hard. There is little doubt now that Don will have an active role in the activities.

As they continue their journey, Janice struggles to wrap her mind around what they are about to do. Never in a million years would she have guessed that Don and Joyce had such a perverted side. Heck, had you asked her just yesterday she would have guessed the couple stopped having sex after Laurence. While she was still Jack, she spent a lot of time at their house. Sometimes she even spent the night. Yet, she never even seen them kiss. And they certainly never let on that they were interested in having sex with her.

“Oh, God! We’re going to have sex!”

Janice has been thinking it for several minutes and yet she still can’t believe it. The thought of it is somehow more shocking than when she was made to suck her own father off the first time. She at least knew ahead of time that her father was a pervert. Sure, it still came as a surprise that he would actually do something sexual with her, but at least it didn’t come out of the blue like this.

The room they end up in can only be described as a “sex room”. There is a large pink heart shaped bed in the middle of the room. Surrounding it are a variety of large sex machines/devices. Some of them Janice recognizes and some she has no clue what they actually do. As concerning as the larger items are, it is the smaller ones that draw Janice’s attention. The walls are lined with a variety of dildos, plugs, ball weights, etc. There is one wall that is completely dedicated to whips, belts, paddles and other torture devices. Janice does her best not to look at that wall. The last thing she wants is to draw Don and Joyce’s attention to it. Not that it is possible they would miss it.

Don and Joyce start removing their clothes the second the door shuts. Janice stares at the ground but can’t help but steal quick glances as each item comes off. The couple are wearing formal clothes so the process is rather slow. They are careful in not just the removal but in how they fold and place the clothing on two nearby chairs. Janice knows a proper Humbled Girl would help them with the clothes. However, she can’t get up the nerve to do so.

“I’m only 13. Won’t you get in trouble with the police?” Janice manages to whisper as the couple gets to their underwear.

The comment is the closest thing Janice dared get to a threat. It gets nothing but chuckles from the couple. Janice has to admit that the comment is rather comical considering what takes place at the school every day. It was worth a try though. It is possible Don and Joyce don’t know Janice is a Humbled Girl or what takes place at the school.

Janice swallows hard as she analyses this last thought. She has only been home for one day. Yet, Don and Joyce not only recognized her but didn’t seem one bit surprised by her transformation. On top of that, they even managed to arrange this “date” with her.

“Dad is such an asshole!”

She of course doesn’t say it out loud. She barely has the nerve to even think it.

Her father is the obvious answer. Arranging the “date” with their neighbor would not only put money in her father’s pocket but it would bring Don and Joyce into the fold. The neighbors have never been good friends with her father but that won’t matter now. Once they sample Janice her father won’t have to worry about them asking questions about Janice’s activities or causing any other problems.

Janice is pissed at her father but she has to admit that it is a smart move. She blanches as she realizes that this means dates will probably be arranged with her other neighbors as well. She quickly runs down the list in her head.

The first person to come to mind is the old man that lives across the street from them. He looks to be at least 60. And the creepy guy is always staring out his window at the kids playing. The man has probably already spotted Janice all dolled up. She is pretty certain that a “date” will be arranged with him. The thought makes her feel ill. While his age and looks are enough to gross her out, what really sickens her is how… well, pervy the guy seems. Sure, Janice has been exposed to a ton of perverts in the past eight months but at least they seemed a bit professional about it. The old man across the street drools every time a kid walks by his house. It’s disgusting.

Now, the two handsome college guys that share the place on the other side of Janice’s house… it would be yummy to have a “date” with them.

“Janice!” she screams in her head.

She tries to convince herself that she only thought it would be “yummy” compared to the pervy old man. However, deep down she knows there was more to the thought than that.

Janice blushes as Don and Joyce remove their underwear. Janice’s eyes go to Don’s 7″ [18 cm] cock first. It’s a nice cock but she can’t help but be a little disappointed that it is not large like what she has become accustomed to. She chastises herself for the thought and quickly looks to Joyce.

Joyce’s body looks a lot better than Janice expected. Joyce has always been like a second mom to Janice, so she never really analyzed the woman’s body before. Sure, it was always pretty obvious the woman was big. Not pot belly or anything like that. Just tall and kind of bulky. Now that Joyce is naked, Janice realizes that all that bulk is rather shapely. She looks kind of like an Amazon warrior. She has nice large C or D-cup breasts and lots of female curves to go with them. There is a little muscle tone mixed in but not too much. Joyce looks a little intimidating but Janice decides she likes what she sees.

“Help Janice with her clothes,” Joyce tells her husband.

“Yes, dear,” Don replies.

The exchange seems a little odd to Janice. It isn’t so much the words but the tone. Joyce sounds a bit demanding while Don sounds kind of wimpy or something. It is almost the opposite of how they normally sound.

Janice isn’t sure what to make of it as Don helps undress her. She has never had a grown man undress her before. Well, not gently anyway. There isn’t anything bad about it really. It just feels odd to her.

Don stops momentarily as he pulls Janice’s panties down and her groin is exposed. At first she thinks the man is admiring her cage. However, it becomes clear he is fascinated by how bald and smooth she is there. Don even takes a second to run one of his fingers across the bald region.

Janice is angered and humiliated by the inspection. For the most part, her hair down there is permanently gone. It is very emasculating and something she doesn’t like being reminded of. Yet, she can’t deny it makes her feel a little special by how much pleasure Don seems to get from it.

Once the panties are off, Don goes back to her groin and inspects the cock cage. It doesn’t take him long to realize it is locked.

“Do you have the key?” Don says with a bit of concern in his voice.

For a second, Janice contemplates lying. Nothing good ever happens when her cock gets out of it’s cage. Sure, she always gets hard and often ends up having a climax. However, there is a ton of humiliation that goes along with that. It will be 100 times worse with Don and Joyce since Janice knows them so well. The last thing she wants is to get carried away while being played with by her neighbors. And the thought of them watching her clean up one of her “accidental” climaxes is absolutely horrifying.

Janice doesn’t have the nerve to lie. She knows she will end up being found out if she does. Plus, there is a chance Joyce will let Janice fuck her. It has been so long since she got to have intercourse with a female. It would make her feel almost like a boy again.

Janice blushes as she sticks her fingers under her training bra and fishes out the key. Don smiles as he takes it from her. He then quickly removes the cage. Janice tries to think of dead puppies but her cock quickly gets rock hard anyway.

It is Don’s turn to blush as Janice’s 7″ [18 cm] cock points out toward his face. Janice finds Don’s reaction a bit confusing. What does he have to be embarrassed about? The only thing Janice can think of is that Don is ashamed that a 13 year old sissy has a cock just as big as his own. While that does make some sense, it still seems like an over reaction considering that a 7″ [18 cm] cock is nothing to really be ashamed of.

Don hesitates only a moment before he stands and removes Janice’s training bra. It is now Janice’s turn to blush again. While at school, Janice has actually come to be very proud of her breasts. At just under a B cup she isn’t anything special for her age. However, she is quickly catching up. She is even wearing normal bras sometimes. Sure, the thought of having breasts still bothers her sometimes but it is always best to look at the bright side. That being that they are nice breasts.

Janice isn’t stupid. She knows she probably looks like a freak to her neighbors. She is a boy with breasts after all. Plus, they knew her back when she was still Jack and had many masculine features. Now look at her.

She expects laughter or something from Don. However, all the man displays is fascination. His hand slowly comes out toward one of her breasts. His fingers get within a couple inches before he catches himself and quickly pulls his hand back. He blushes and backs away.

Janice isn’t sure what to make of Don. One second he seems just like any other perverted man. The next second he acts almost like a sissy. Don is a little small for the average man. He is about 5′ 6″ [1.70 m] tall and maybe 140 pounds [65 kg] at most. That said, it is obvious that the man is not taking female hormones like herself. Other than the size, his body is very masculine. He has a fair amount of hair on his body. His pubes are trimmed, but they are there. He also has plenty of muscle on his thin frame. It is a stark contrast to Janice’s now soft feminine curves.

“Does mommy and daddy plug you?” Joyce asks.

Janice had almost forgotten about Joyce. She has to do a 180 to locate the woman behind her. Janice’s eyes get big when she finally sees the woman. Joyce isn’t naked anymore like Janice expected. Instead, the woman has changed into a skimpy black leather outfit with black stockings and garter belts. The bottom half of the outfit is a mini skirt and the top barely covers half of her breasts. Janice’s cock makes a small lurch in the open air as her eyes take in all the cleavage.

Janice is turned on by the sight and frightened at the same time. She knows a dominatrix when she sees one. She did her share of web browsing when she was still Jack. Plus, her female trainer at the school sometimes wore outfits similar to this one.

“Do they?” Joyce asks again in a much harsher tone.

It takes Janice a second to remember the original question. A second after that and she comprehends what is being asked. Janice blushes as she looks down in shame and then nods her head.


Joyce need not give an actual command. Don immediately kneels and starts inspecting Janice’s rump in order to locate the plug. He finds the small ring and gently pulls on it.

“Oh!” Janice moans as the string of beads shifts inside her.

Janice moans louder and bends forward as the largest ball starts forcing her hole wide. She lets out a much louder “OH!” as the huge thing pops out. She lets out grunts as the other three beads pop out as well.

“Oh, my,” Joyce says with a giggle when she sees the string of beads. “Mommy and Daddy take their plugging pretty seriously.”

Don stands and raises his hand until the string of beads are hanging in front of Janice’s face. It is clear what is expected. Janice hesitates for a second and then leans forward and starts licking at the beads.

“Don’t just stand there,” Joyce growls at Don. “Help the poor girl.”

“But…” Don starts to protest but cuts it short when he sees Joyce glare at him.

Joyce smiles as her husband leans in and helps Janice lick the beads. There is nothing on the beads except ass juice but Joyce can easily tell her husband is hating the task. He is doing it though and that makes Joyce proud. It has been a long journey getting her husband to this point. Eight years to be exact.

It all started a few years after having Laurence. Their sex life had become almost non existent. Joyce bought the dominatrix outfit to help spice it up. Of course, back then she had very little knowledge of what a dominatrix actually was. She just thought it looked sexy.

They started out with minor role play. They also added accessories over time like handcuffs. In the beginning, sometimes she would be in charge and sometimes her husband. Joyce found that she preferred it when she was the one giving the orders. So, she always made sure the sex was ten times better when Don was the submissive. It wasn’t long and the roles became somewhat fixed.

Poor Don never knew what hit him. It was some of the best sex they had ever had. So, he took on more of the submissive role each day to keep it going. The next thing he knew he was playing the role not only in bedroom but outside it as well. They just had to be careful that Laurence never witnessed any of it.

It has only been during the past 12 months that Joyce has been forcing her husband to service men. Well, technically, the other men service her. Don’s role is normally to just use his hands and mouth to get the men hard so they can fuck his wife. Lately, she has managed to get her husband to lick them clean afterward. Yeah, Don really hates that. Of course, pushing Don to his limits is now what turns Joyce on. Don would never admit it but deep down it turns him on as well.

Janice is a first for Don in many respects. For example, this will be the first time they involved a sissy/shemale in their games. It is also the first time they have involved someone so young. Until now, it has just been a few of the neighborhood husbands and whoever Joyce could pick up at local bars.

“That’s good enough,” Joyce informs them.

Don lets out a sigh of relief as he stops licking the disgusting beads and puts them on a nearby chair. Joyce has to hold back her laughter at her husband’s reaction. If he only knew what else she had in store for him today.

“It’s your turn now,” Joyce tells her husband.

Don blushes and then turns his back to Janice. At first, Janice is confused. Then she notices the all too familiar tail end of a butt plug extending from Don’s rear. Janice scrunches her nose up in disgust. A grown non sissy/shemale with a butt plug… gross!

Janice only hesitates a second before kneeling down and pulling the plug out. Don grunts but Janice can’t imagine why. The plug isn’t even 2″ [5 cm] thick. Janice knows 9 and 10 year olds with plugs bigger than this.

Janice stands and quickly hands the plug to Don. Joyce of course has them both lick the juices off.

Once the plug is clean, Joyce turns and starts inspecting the wall of paddles and whips. Janice and Don look on in trepidation.

“Why don’t you two kiss a little,” Joyce says over her shoulder as though it is a mundane spur of the moment thought. She then goes back to inspecting the wall of horror.

Don and Janice both stare at Joyce’s back for a moment. Neither want to comply with the request. Janice knows better than to object. Don comes close but thinks twice about it when he considers some of the nasty looking whips, paddles and other devices on the wall Joyce is currently viewing.

Don and Janice blush profusely as they face each other. They stand there for several seconds before Janice finally makes the first move. She steps forward and leans in and touches her lips to Don’s. Don backs his face away as though he was just slapped. Janice tries again and this time Don is a good boy and doesn’t try to escape. It takes a couple minutes and Janice has to try a variety of the tricks she learned in class yesterday, but she finally gets Don to start participating in the kiss.

“Good boy,” Joyce says as she gives the two her full attention again.

It is clear to Janice that it is Don that is being praised. It is also clear that this is somehow part of the man’s training. Janice has helped train a few younger sissies but she would have never guessing in a million years that she might some day help train a full grown man.

“What a pathetic wimp,” Janice thinks to herself.

Janice can’t believe a grown man would let themselves be trained like this. Sure, Joyce is technically bigger. However, Don is… well, a man. No matter how she crunches the facts, Janice just can’t get it to compute in her head.

Joyce smiles as she watches the two kiss. She has made her husband do things with men but until now she has never had another male that was willing to kiss her husband. Don’s training has been coming along nicely, but Joyce is still surprised he went along with the kiss so easily. The threat of punishment plays a part. However, she is certain that Janice being so pretty is a major factor as well. She makes a mental note to arrange some future dates with Janice. Her husband will need a bit more training with the sissy before he is ready for what Joyce has planned for him down the road. Though, after today she is pretty sure her husband will at least have a suspicion of what those plans are.

Don lets out a groan of despair as his wife applies downward pressure on his shoulder. He is thankful to leave the kiss but isn’t looking forward to what is coming next. He slowly goes downward. His wife stops him, however, when he reaches Janice’s breasts.

Don isn’t sure how he feels about sucking Janice’s breasts. He likes breasts but these aren’t real breasts. Well, they are real breasts but they aren’t. It is very confusing but he doesn’t hesitate to obey. Don feels disgust, yet he concludes it is a ton better than sucking cock.

Unfortunately for Don, Janice’s cock is next on the menu. Janice is about as sickened as Don is as Joyce pushes the man downward. Don doesn’t hesitate to start sucking. Nor does Janice try to pull away.

Janice somewhat enjoys having sissies suck her cock. However, having a man do it is just so disgusting and wrong. That said, it doesn’t keep Janice from staying hard. In fact, it isn’t long before she feels an orgasm approaching.

“I’m going to do squirties,” Janice frantically announces as she tries to push Don’s head away.

“I’m going to cum,” Janice quickly clarifies when Don refuses to back away.

“Squirties” is a term one of her “roommates” often used. It is a sissy term and Janice is embarrassed that she used it instead of the more masculine term.

Don continues the blowjob despite the clarification. It isn’t that he wants a mouth full of cum. The thought of it sickens him. However, he knows what Joyce expects and he has to disobey. No, it’s more than just that… there is something inside him now that makes him “need/want” to obey.

This need/want to obey started several years back. Don thinks about it a lot. However, it is such a part of him now that he doesn’t really question why he has this need/want. He simply questions why he never had it before.

Janice let’s out a long girly moan of pleasure as she cums. Don has to use all his willpower not to back away. He holds steady though until Janice’s climax subsides. He then pulls his mouth off the cock and stands. He blushes profusely as he turns to his wife and parts his lips so she can see his mouth full of cum.

“Please, let me spit it out,” Don says over and over again in his head.

Whether Joyce makes Don swallow or not usually depends on many factors. Some of those factors include how good Don has been lately. However, for the most part it usually just depends on how Joyce is feeling that day. Today is definitely a “swallow” day. She is about to give the command when a wicked thought enters her mind.

“Why don’t you two kiss some more while I think about what we will do next,” Joyce says with an evil grin.

Both Don and Janice turn a shade a green as they realize what Joyce is asking them to do. They bring their faces close but then both hesitate for several seconds. For a moment Joyce is certain that they are about to refuse. However, when she takes a step toward them they quickly lock lips.

“Use plenty of tongue,” Joyce directs them.

It isn’t long and Janice’s cum is equally distributed between the two. Both of them have to struggle not to be sick as their tongues dance around in the viscous fluid. As their saliva adds to the mix they can’t help but swallow some of the cum. Several minutes later and there is more saliva than cum. Joyce has them kiss for almost 15 minutes before she lets them part and swallow what is left.

Next, Joyce has Janice get on all fours. She then has Don mount Janice. Fucking a male is yet another first for Don. Until now, he had never even thought about doing it. Why would he think about it? After all, the men Joyce always brought home were usually very dominate and would never in a million years let another man fuck them.

Don isn’t pleased with having to do it. Yet, it pales in comparison to what they did earlier. Plus, he can’t deny that he is rather horny. Way back, Joyce used to let him cum several times a day. However, a few years ago Joyce caught on that Don’s training went much smoother if she made him wait longer periods in between climaxes. Lately, he has been lucky if she lets him cum once a month. Well, normal climaxes anyway. In between his monthly normal climaxes she will sometimes use various methods to stimulate his prostate until he milks out most of his cum. Don finds the prostate milkings kind of pleasurable in a weird way. However, he much prefers the normal ones.

So, while he isn’t that hot on the idea of fucking a shemale, he is still excited about having his monthly climax.

Janice is pretty used to being fucked by men. So, this is hardly a major event for her. That said, she does feel a bit at odds. Don, after all, is hardly a real “man”. Yet, he also isn’t a pretty and nicely groomed shemale. Janice sees him as some kind of mutant half-breed. It just seems a bit beneath her… kind of degrading. Being pimped out is pretty degrading in itself. However, being pimped out to someone like Don is kind of like rubbing salt in the wound.

“Oh! Please…” Don protests as he feels a dildo enter his asshole.

He was so focused on the feel of his cock in Janice’s hole that he didn’t even notice his wife sneak up on him. The dildo goes deeper and deeper. He then feels the cold touch of leather against his rump and back. He quickly realizes that Joyce is using a strap on. This is nothing new for them. In fact, it is one of their frequent ways of milking him. However, having it done while he is fucking someone is definitely a new mix. After a few thrusts from Joyce, Don decides he likes it. Or at least he likes it more than if he was just getting pegged by his wife.

Janice scrunches her face in disgust as she listens to Don squealing.

“Just hurry up and cum!” Janice feels like screaming.

Don does just that. He lasts less than a minute before he is shooting his load up Janice’s hole. Janice’s wish may have come true, but Don’s quick climax only makes her all that more disappointed in him as a man and thus the encounter.

Not that the encounter is over. Joyce continues pegging her husband for another 15 minutes. Don doesn’t climax again but he definitely milks out a good amount more cum.

As the three of them separate, Joyce considers having her husband eat the cum out of Janice’s asshole. The thought of making him do it is a huge turn on for her. However, she fears it might push him a bit too far, too fast. She makes a mental note to have him do it on their 3rd or 4th “date” with Janice. That of course is assuming Janice will be available. Something tells Joyce that their cute neighbor will be a pretty popular girl with Ray’s clientele. And Joyce and Ron are first time customers. The long standing customers will no doubt have priority.

That said, they are Janice’s next-door neighbors. Maybe they can arrange something directly with her parents.

Chapter 8

It is another hour and a half before Janice leaves Ray’s mansion. Most of that time is spent servicing Joyce. Unfortunately, the only servicing Joyce cares to get from Don or Janice is via their tongues. She has one of them lick her cunt while the other rims her asshole. She has them rotating back and forth for over an hour before she is finally fully satisfied.

Janice cleans herself up and then reports to Ray. Thankfully, Ray doesn’t decide to “reward” her. He just gives her instructions to go back home and then shows her to the door. She is happy to leave, yet a little pissed off that she is being made to walk all the way back home. Ray has a fucking driver working for him for goodness sake. Would it have really killed him to offer Janice a ride home?

She is almost half way home when it dawns on her that the walk is actually reward. She isn’t really expected back home for at least a couple hours. Ray is basically giving her those two hours as free time to do whatever she wants.

Janice’s only dilemma is that she can’t think of anything she would like to do. Oh, she has a massive mental list of things she dreamed about doing while she was captive. However, two hours isn’t enough time for most of them. Many of the others require money.

For a moment she considers seducing one of the local boys and talking them into paying her way at the local mall or something simple like that. The idea of using her new power of seduction gives her a bit of a thrill. However, she fears that it could lead to problems down the road. Especially if they found out she isn’t a real girl.

There are a few things on the list that involve basically just enjoying the outdoors. However, Janice still can’t shake the scary feeling of being outside. So, she decides to go on home.

Janice breaths a sigh of relief when she finds the front door of the house unlocked. This means she might be able to sneak upstairs to her room without anyone seeing. However, when she opens the door she discovers there is a small party going on.

It only takes her a second to realize what is going on. Her parents hold a cookout every Independence day. She is a bit shocked, however, that they were holding it this year. She assumed that her sissification would be a huge secret. She figured her family would mainly keep to themselves from now on to prevent drawing unnecessary attention. Yet, here they were having a major event.

There were about six people roaming around and chatting inside the house. Janice could hear at least a dozen or so more in the back yard. Most of those in the house immediately notice Janice enter. They immediately start smiling and talking about her.

“Oh, aren’t you gorgeous,” one of the women compliments her.

Janice blushes and tears form in the corners of her eyes. She runs to the stairwell and then up to her room.

“You’re home early,” Amber says as Janice enters their bedroom.

“Why are all those people here?” Janice replies. She then realizes it isn’t the question she really meant to ask. “Won’t they find out ab…about me?”

Amber looks at her sister in confusion. Find out about what? She then remembers her sister has missed the past eight months.

“Most of them have known about you for at least a half year,” Amber replies. “Dad even shows them pictures of you sometimes.”

Janice looks at her sister in horror.

“Not those kinds of photos, silly,” Amber replies with a giggle. “Just shots of you dressed up and stuff.”

“W…what has mom and dad told them?” Janice asks, not sure she wants to know the answer.

“There are a few that know about siss… boys like you at the school,” Amber says. “Mom and dad tell the others you are intersex. That you were born both male and female and that you have decided you want to live as a female from now on.”

Janice feels ill when she hears this. During her captivity she feared her parents might go with a story like this. However, over the months she convinced herself that the made up story would draw too much attention. Their father might not have that much real power at the school but everyone still treats him like a social figure. Drawing so much attention to Janice will eventually lead to them finding out she attends the school.

“You are officially the first boy to ever attend the Christian School of Humility,” Amber says as though reading Janice’s mind. “Well, technically the first half-boy anyway.”

A slew of thoughts race through Janice’s head as she stands there stunned.

For example, did this mean they were going to reveal all the other sissies attending the school?

Janice quickly concludes that this is unlikely. One or two intersex kids is one thing. However, a dozen or more would be statistically unlikely in one area of the country. Besides, there is no real reason to reveal the other sissies. Almost all of them were raised as girls/sissies. Thus, unlike Janice, no one ever knew them as non girls/sissies. During her time in her school prison, Janice also found out that there are a few of the sissies that dress and act like normal boys when at home. They only dress up when they are at school or with their mentor and stuff like that.

Questions like this one are interesting and important. However, the one really bouncing around in Janice’s head is, “Exactly how many people do they plan to tell?”.

Sadly, this is a question Janice is pretty sure she has the answer to. “Everyone.” Odds are that everyone already knows by now. The folks down stairs alone probably told at least three or four others. Those folks then told another three or 4. Multiply that over six months and most of the state probably knows by now.

Janice swallows hard and begins to cry as she realizes that this means all of her old friends and classmates no doubt know as well. The thought is horrifying. She can only imagine the things they think and say about her. This is like her absolute worse fears come true. She won’t be able to show her face in public again. Yet, she already knows her dad will ensure she does.

“It’s not that bad,” Amber tries to console her. “Most of those posting online are supporting you. The ones that don’t usually get defriended and stuff.”

“God, it’s on the internet even!” Janice yells in her head.

Amber isn’t sure what to say to make her sister feel better. So, she just gives her a long hug. It takes several minutes but Janice finally gets control of her emotions.

“Come on, let’s redo your makeup so you can join the party,” Amber says.

“I… I can’t go down there,” Janice says in shock.

“If you stay up here you will just draw more attention to yourself,” Amber tells her. “Plus, dad won’t be that pleased if you don’t come down. The last time I did something like that during one of their parties he sent a different guy to my room every half hour until I finally gave in. And there are several men down there from the school he could send up today.”

Janice starts crying again. However, she is so cried out that the tears don’t last long.

Janice is still thinking about her options as they redo her makeup. It isn’t as easy a decision as one might think. Being paraded around downstairs will be the ultimate humiliation. Having men visit her room and have sex with her all night would be even worse. Yet, after her disappointing mating with Don a part of her almost welcomes the thought of a real man breeding her. She quickly shakes the thought off and chastises herself for thinking it.

“Oh, you can take your plug out until tomorrow morning,” Amber remembers at the last moment. “It’s mom and dad’s little Independence Day gift to us.”

Janice rolls her eyes. She knows it is more likely that her parents are just scared the huge thing might accidentally pop out in front of the guests. It is extremely unlikely to happen but why take the chance? All of the guests might know about her prior existence as Jack but he is certain most of them don’t know about all the sex stuff.

After the plug is out, Janice changes into her yellow dress. They are half way downstairs before she realizes the bright color will probably just draw more attention to her. It is one of her only long dresses though and she feels the more she covers up the better. Plus, she can hear several kids in the crowd. Flipping up the young girls’ short skirts during parties is a game she remembers playing when she was younger. The last thing she needs is some little brat doing that to her.

Janice does her best to pretend all the attention doesn’t bother her. However, she spends most of her time rather red faced. The worst comes about an hour after joining the party. It is then that Don, Joyce and Laurence arrive.

It doesn’t take long for Don and Joyce to locate and corner Janice. Thankfully, Laurence is too busy trying to find a good place outside to light a few firecrackers and snakes.

Janice is rather surprised when the couple simply say hello and compliment her on her dress. They then start mingling with the rest of the crowd. Little does she know, but Joyce is extremely tempted to sneak Janice and her husband upstairs so they can play a little more. The only thing holding her back is the fear their son might catch them.

Keeping their activities a secret from Laurence has always been top priority. Though, lately it has been more of a priority for Don than Joyce. In fact, over the past year and a half Joyce has been leaving little clues around for their son to find. Well, actually they are pretty damn huge clues. She leaves bondage equipment out sometimes as well as strapons. They are always left in places their son knows he isn’t supposed to be but she knows he goes there anyway.

Joyce went into overdrive about six months ago when she found out their son had finally started masturbating. She began leaving out porn dvds and magazines. All of them of course involve the same types of things her and Don practice. She has also left out a few male on male videos. She is pretty positive their son at least viewed those. However, she isn’t completely sure if he actually likes them or not.

Joyce knows her actions in regards to their son is very wrong. It isn’t like she is attracted to Laurence or anything like that. It’s more the feeling of power that turns her on. The idea that she is possibly turning their son into something he might not otherwise become on his own is a major power trip. She gets the same feeling while training her husband.

Altering their son, however, is not the big prize. No, the real power trip will come down the road when she reveals to her husband what she has done. Or more to the point, the thrill will be in unveiling it all to Don and seeing his reaction to each detail. She knows he will hate every little tidbit. And yet, he won’t have the willpower to do anything about it. God, what a power trip. Just the thought of it is almost enough to make Joyce cum.

Joyce waits until Don has to use the restroom. She then locates their son.

“Why don’t you go say hello to Janice,” Joyce tells him. “Maybe you two can light a few fireworks together.”

Joyce almost laughs at the double meaning of her second sentence.

Laurence doesn’t notice the double meaning. He still blushes. He has been sneaking peaks at Janice ever since he arrived. He just hasn’t had the guts to approach her. His mother’s encouragement is just enough to get him to finally do so.

Janice blushes as she sees Laurence walking over toward her. For a second she considers running upstairs to hide. She considers the consequences though and holds her ground.

“Hi,” Laurence shyly says to his old buddy.

“Hi,” Janice whispers back.

The conversation continues rather slowly like that. However, it isn’t long and they are chatting like the long time friends that they are. Of course, neither of them talk about the elephant in the room. That being Janice’s transformation.

They have fun with the fireworks for a bit but Janice starts to worry the smell might saturate her nice dress. They end up in the living room watching TV. They chat and watch TV for the duration of the rest of the party.

“Laurence and Janice are getting along pretty well,” Bill says to Don and Joyce as he motions toward the house where the two kids are currently at.

Don gets a worried look on his face. He had assumed his son would no longer want to have anything to do with the boy/girl. It concerns him that the two might be reconnecting. Don knows all too well what kind of “girl” Janice is.

Joyce frowns. She spent the last few hours keeping her husband’s attention off the two kids. Don is putty in her hands while they are alone. However, sometimes he can be hard to control while they are in public. He often confuses his manly public image with the reality of his true self.

“Don’t worry about it,” she quickly whispers to her husband.

“Maybe Laurence could sleep over tonight,” Bill continues.

Joyce rolls her eyes. Having Laurence sleep over is a plan Bill and her hatched out days ago. However, this definitely isn’t how they planned to approach the subject with Don. The plan was to allow Joyce to get Don alone where she would have more control over him.

“Don’t worry, we will have them sleep in the living room,” Bill adds when he realizes Don is about to object. “I’ll check in on them from time to time as well.”

“It will be fine dear,” Joyce tells her husband.

Joyce then leans in toward her husband and adds, “It will give us some time alone together. I think you have earned another treat.”

“Treat” is their little pet name for “climax”. Don still isn’t hot on the idea of his son spending the night with a shemale. However, the kids are old friends. It’s not like anything is going to happen between them… right? Plus, it has been a very long time since Don has been allowed two treats in the same month, let alone the same day.

It is another hour before the party finally ends. It is then that Janice and Laurence find out about the sleep over. They both blush but neither of them object. Especially not Janice. Anything is better than sleeping with grandpa.

Once the last of the guests leave, the two grab some covers and prepare the foldout couch. Not that they plan to sleep anytime soon. There is still plenty of TV to watch.

The next few hours are heaven for Janice. Watching TV and chatting with her old friend makes her feel almost like the past eight months never happened. It isn’t until she excuses herself to go change into her nightie that she remembers exactly how much everything has changed.

Janice goes to her room and turns on the lamp near the dresser. Amber turns over in the bed but appears to stay asleep. Janice quietly opens up her dresser drawer and looks inside.

She nibbles on her lower lip as she looks over her nightgown options. Okay, with Laurence there really isn’t much of a choice. She only has one conservative nightgown. The other three she has are see through. While she clearly isn’t going to wear one of those three, she can’t help but wonder how Laurence would react if she did. The thought almost makes her giggle. Unlike his perverted parents, Laurence is a very innocent boy. He would probably have a heart attack if she wore one of the see through ones. That said, he would probably also get turned on. Janice may be a boy but she still looks pretty sexy when she is dolled up. Janice shakes the thought from her head and puts the conservative one on.

Before putting the gown on, however, she debates whether she should remove her cock cage or not. With the conservative gown she sees no major reason not to take the cage off. The cage has it’s benefits, but wearing it for to long of a stretch can sometimes get uncomfortable.

Janice goes to wash up and brush her teeth. She puts her ear to the bathroom door first though. The last thing she wants is to run into Beth. She hears nothing so she quietly opens the door and peaks inside. It’s empty. She tiptoes in and quickly grabs her toothbrush. She brushes as quietly as possible. She cringes when she turns the water on to rinse and the pipes rumble. She quickly turns the water off before she can rinse and swallows hard. Which is not a good thing since she still has a half mouth full of toothpaste and spit. She decides to go without the rinse and quickly puts her brush away.

She has the door open and is almost home free when the door on Beth’s side suddenly opens. She quickly steps out and shuts the door on her side. She moves pretty fast but she still gets a good 1 second look at who is entering on the other side. The door on her side is closed, however, before she can fully register it.

She looks at the closed door in fright when it dawns on her that it was not Beth she seen. It was Victor. He is fully naked also. Back when she was Jack this bathroom had locks on the door. That isn’t the case now. Janice hugs her chest in fear as she takes a few steps backward away from the door. She waits a couple dreadful seconds. Victor doesn’t open the door though. A couple seconds after that and she hears a strong stream of piss rushing into the toilet.

Janice rushes to the bedroom door and exits out into the hall. She is half way back to the living room before she realizes she should have woken Amber and warned her about Victor. Janice is way too scared to go back.

Janice feels pretty bad for Amber until she remembers that Victor is Beth and Mary’s mentor. He isn’t Amber’s. There is a good chance he won’t bother Amber. Okay, it probably isn’t really a “good” chance he will leave her alone. However, it is good enough to allow Janice to forgive herself for not warning her sister. Besides, it’s not like Amber could do much about it anyway.

Janice returns to the living room to find Laurence under the covers and the TV turned off. The room is dimly lit with a single lamp not far from the couch. She blushes when she notices the boy’s clothes in a pile on the floor at the foot of the bed. In the past they always slept in their underwear. However, things have clearly changed since then. She doesn’t say anything. Laurence does though.

“You look… pretty,” Laurence says with a blush as Janice crawls into the bed.


Janice isn’t sure what else to say. She knows Laurence is just being nice but the compliment still seems weird coming from her friend.

The two lay there and chat. Despite the past few hours of talking there are still many things the two have yet to catch up on. It isn’t long, however, before they are talking about Janice’s transformation. Believe it or not, it is actually Janice that brings it up.

“Do a lot of people at school know about me?” Janice finally asks.

“Yes,” Laurence replies. “Most think it is cool. About the only one that makes fun of you is that dick, Tommy. I got in a fist fight with him over it.”

Janice puts her hand to her mouth in surprise. She doesn’t have to ask who won the fight. Laurence is a 6th grader in middle school and Tommy is an 8th grader. To make things worse, Laurence inherited his father’s small stature. Thus, Tommy is almost twice Laurence’s size.

The fight probably only lasted five seconds but it still warms Janice’s heart that Laurence would fight for her honor. A tear comes to her eye and she leans over and gives him a small kiss. Janice quickly jerks away when she realizes what she just did. She expects Laurence to get upset but he doesn’t say anything right away. He just blushes.

“Do… do you like boys now,” Laurence says after an awkward silence.

The question is a bit of a catch 22. If she answers “yes” then her friend might be disgusted with her. However, if she answers “no” then there will clearly be a long line of questions as to why she would want to live as a girl instead of a boy. And telling him the truth is completely out of the question.

“I guess.”

It is as close to a “no” as she dare get.

“I…” Laurence starts to talk but pauses several seconds before continuing. “I sometimes think of boys too.”

Laurence blushes and his throat feels dry as he makes the confession. Janice is the first person he has ever told this to.

“I still like girls too,” Laurence quickly adds.

Janice is in shock by her friend’s confession. She then blushes when she realizes the possible full meaning of his confession. He likes boys AND girls. And that is exactly what Janice is… a boy and a girl all in one.

Janice’s face reddens further when she feels Laurence’s hand clasp hers under the covers. Part of her wants to yank her hand away and yell at him. She doesn’t though. How can she get angry with someone that stuck up for her honor? She knows it is just the estrogen but she can’t help but be touched by the romanticism of it all.

“I can cum now,” Laurence whispers.

So much for romance. What an idiotic thing to say. Janice decides not to hold it against him. He’s only 12 after all. The comment still seems a bit strange. It takes her a few seconds to realize why he said it.

Janice, then Jack, had her first climax close to 2 years ago. She was so proud that on her next sleepover she demonstrated to Laurence. It had been completely innocent. However, looking back she sees how silly it was. She also realizes that it was a bit… well, gay. At one point during the demonstration she even tried to get Laurence to play with her cock. It is something she often wishes she could take back.

A dreadful thought suddenly comes to Janice. Maybe the reason Laurence likes boys is because of that night.

Laurence’s comment is indeed in reference to that night. The boy blushes as he remembers the event. He remembers that being the first time he ever thought of a boy in that way. However, he also remembers finding it disgusting.

The event had some but not a lot to do with Laurence’s recent boy “curiosity”. Most of it is simply a result of having not much else to masturbate to than the gay porn he “borrows” from his parents’ stash.

In the beginning, his parents had tons of porn with women in it. It was strange porn with women dominating men. However, a naked woman is a naked woman. Unfortunately, those porn items quickly disappeared for some reason and all Laurence could find were male on male items. He never could figure out what happened to the other porn or more importantly why his parents would be interested in male on male porn.

Laurence ignored the gay porn for many weeks. However, eventually he started looking at them. It was still sex after all. At first he was always the guy in the dominate position. The one being sucked and stuff. However, for some reason that changed over time. He still doesn’t know why.

The part that really confuses Laurence is that he still hates the thought of gay sex. It still grosses him out and stuff. However, whenever he gets hard and it is time to masturbate he finds himself sneaking into his parents’ room to “borrow” their gay porn. He starts out imagining himself as the dominate person in the scenes and quickly becomes the submissive. Then, seconds after he cums he feels disgusted with himself. Yet, the next time he gets hard the process starts all over again.

“We can do… stuff if you want,” Janice whispers.

The words come out of her mouth before she realizes what she is going to say. Part of her wants to take them back. It’s not like she wants to have sex with her best friend. Yet, she can tell he wants to have sex with her. How can she refuse him? Not only did he fight Tommy on her behalf but as far as she knows she is the reason Laurence likes boys in the first place.

Laurence’s sweaty hand unclasps itself from Janice’s and moves to her tummy. Janice can feel Laurence’s hand through the cotton material of her nightgown. His hand is warm and trembling. It is clear to Janice that she is his first sexual partner.

The fact that Laurence is a virgin is good news. It tells her that Laurence’s parents haven’t included their son in their activities. At least not directly. That said, it leaves Janice with a dilemma. Should she warn him about his parents? As Laurence’s hand inches downward, Janice decides she will save the issue for another day.

Janice nibbles on her lower lip as Laurence’s small hands finally reach her groin and squeezes her cock through the cotton material. At first Laurence is a bit clumsy. However, he quickly gets the hang of it.

Janice sudden realizes that she isn’t dreading what is about to come. Well, she is dreading it a little but it is way overshadowed by the joy she knows she is providing her friend. She is about to help him lose his virginity. It is one of the greatest gifts someone can give another.

Janice rolls to her side facing her friend and then leans in and gives him a short kiss. The two then lock eyes in the dim light. For Janice it is a moment of romance. For Laurence it is more a time of confusion. Ever since he started masturbating, Laurence has thought of sex in one form or another almost nonstop. Kissing, however, never really came into play in any of his thoughts/fantasies. It definitely never even crossed his mind in his “gay” masturbation sessions.

Laurence thinks about it a moment and decides he is okay with it. It’s gross and kind of wrong kissing another boy but Janice looks like a real girl. If Janice wants to do it then Laurence is willing to oblige.

Janice leans in and gives him another kiss. This time the kiss is much longer. At first Laurence is passive. However, he slowly starts to participate in the kiss. The kiss becomes more and more heated. About a minute later and Laurence is experiencing his first ever French kiss.

Laurence blushes when their lips finally part. He can’t believe he just did that with another boy. Their tongues had danced around in each others mouths and they had shared so much saliva. It was so gross and yet kind of exciting in a weird way.

Laurence goes stiff as Janice comes back in for another kiss. Laurence isn’t sure he wants to continue. What they are doing is way more intimate than his “fantasies” ever are. Plus, for months he has struggled with the idea of possibly being gay… or at least part gay. However, the kiss makes him feel a thousand times more so. It isn’t anything like what he expected. Yet, within seconds he finds himself reluctantly participating in the kiss again.

His participation becomes a lot less reluctant when Janice’s hands start roaming his body. Especially when one of her hands slides down and grabs hold of the waistband of Laurence’s underwear. The underwear is slowly pulled down. A second later and Janice has the boy’s 5″ [13 cm] long hard penis in her delicate hand.

“Mmm!” Laurence moans in both pleasure and alarm as a climax suddenly hits him.

A second later and Janice’s fingers and palm are being coated in boy juice. She does her best not to giggle. She isn’t disappointed though. In a way it feels like a compliment that he got so excited by her touch.

Once Laurence settles down, Janice pulls her sticky hand out of his underwear and instinctively brings it to her lips. She has most of the mess slurped up before she realizes Laurence is staring at her in both shock and disgust.

“You will have to get used to eating cum if you are going to play with boys,” Janice says as she slurps up the last of the mess from her hand.

To punctuate her comment, Janice quickly leans in and starts forcing a French kiss onto her friend. Laurence tries to protest and struggle against the kiss.

Laurence’s struggles only make Janice try harder. Her roommates at the school had similar objections to sampling their own cum when they each first arrived. Even the ones with prior training apparently had never been made to do it before. The only way to get them used to it was to keep forcing it on them over and over.

Janice forces the kiss on Laurence for a full minute. She then suddenly realizes that Laurence isn’t a sissy in training. He’s just a somewhat normal boy.

“Sorry,” she apologizes as she quickly pulls away.

Laurence looks at Janice in anger for a moment. He then calms down. In a way, what Janice said made sense. How can you have sex with boys and not eat cum? Laurence has to admit he often fantasized about eating cum while masturbating to the gay porn. He has wondered for some time what cum tastes like. He often planned to taste his own. However, each time he would cum the desire to taste it quickly vanished and was replaced with revulsion. Well, he has tasted it now. It isn’t as bad as he thought it would be. Still, it is his own cum… gross!

The two lay there in silence for several minutes. Then Janice feels Laurence’s hand on her tummy again. It quickly slides to her groin and grasps her cock through the cotton again.

Janice rolls to her side once more and snakes her hand down and into Laurence’s underwear. Sure enough, the boy is hard again already. Janice expected as much. For a moment she debates leaning in to kiss Laurence. She is curious if the boy will accept the cum flavored kiss now that his lust is charged once more. She decides not to. She doesn’t want to risk ruining the moment.

“Mmm,” Laurence moans in protest when Janice’s hand leaves his groin. Just a little bit more and he is certain he could have had another climax. He doubles his efforts on Janice’s groin in hopes to coax her hand back. Janice simply smiles. She knows she has him.

Now that she has him she just has to decide what she wants to do with him. For starters, she decides she needs more than just a grope through clothing. So, she reaches down and uses her fingers to slowly pull her nightgown up.

Laurence pulls his hand away and blushes when he realizes what Janice is doing. Janice notices, however, that the boy doesn’t stop staring. So, she raises her rump up and pulls the nightgown on up to her waist. She then grabs hold of her panties and pulls them down and then off. Her 7″ [18 cm] long and 1¾” [4½ cm] thick cock points straight up at the ceiling.

Janice holds still for almost a minute as Laurence gazes at her drooling cock. She then grabs the nightgown again and pulls it on up and then over her head. She neatly folds it and then drops the garment off the side of the bed and onto the floor next to her panties.

Janice giggles when she looks back at Laurence. The poor boy can’t decide if he likes looking at Janice’s cock the most or her small breasts. He is practically going cross-eyed trying to look at them both at the same time.

In many ways, Laurence reminds Janice of herself. Or at least when she was Jack. Just a couple years ago she would have had the exact same reaction had a girl undressed in front of her. Not that she would have been even remotely excited to look at a shemale like Laurence seems to be.

“Play with it,” Janice instructs as she glances down at her cock.

For a second it looks like Laurence is going to refuse. He has fantasized about a moment like this for some time now. However, now that it is actually happening he realizes he feels nothing like he thought he would. There is a much greater gross factor. However, the naughty arousal factor is significantly higher also.

Laurence’s hand slowly reaches out toward the cock. Laurence sees his hand moving but doesn’t remember telling it to do so. His heart feels like it is going to beat a hole in his chest as the moment of contact grows near.

The next thing he knows he can feel the warmth of the cock in his palm. Laurence is wide eyed as he gives the cock a very gentle squeeze. He knows the cock is basically the same as his own. Yet, it feels completely different. It seems much warmer. It also feels hard, yet spongy. The contact is so simple, and yet he can already tell that even if he lives to be 100 he will never forget the feeling of Janice’s cock in his hand.

Laurence pulls his hand away when he registers the wet slimy feeling of Janice’s precum. The viscous fluid leaves a band of precum connecting his hand to the cock.

“Eww,” Laurence thinks to himself.

He thinks for a second and then realizes that his desire is greater than his revulsion. He slowly reaches back in and grabs hold of the cock once more. This time he starts gliding his hand up and down the shaft. The precum might be gross but he has to admit it makes masturbating Janice much easier.

As he jerks his friend, Laurence further studies the cock and balls. He wants to remember what every square inch looks like. One thing he quickly notices is that Janice has no hair down there. Laurence doesn’t have much himself. However, Janice is completely void of hair. Laurence smiles to himself. His own cock might be much smaller but at least he is growing more hair. It never occurs to him that Janice’s hair has been removed.

“No!” Janice growls when she sees Laurence reach down with his free hand to play with himself. “You got your climax already. Focus on pleasing me. We will worry about you again later.”

Laurence is caught off guard by Janice’s demanding tone. He doesn’t object though. After all, Janice is correct. Fair is fair. It is Janice’s turn to cum.

However, several minutes go by and Janice still hasn’t cum. On top of that, the entire time Janice is giving Laurence advice on how to better play with the cock. It is rather embarrassing for the boy. Janice not only knows better techniques but she can obviously keep from cumming longer than himself.

Laurence gets impatient and tries to covertly reach down again so he can play with himself.

“What did I tell you!?” Janice growls. “You reach for that cock again without permission and I will put a cage on it and give you a good spanking.”

Laurence isn’t sure what Janice means by putting a cage on his cock. However, from the tone of her voice it is clear it isn’t anything good.

As for the threat of a spanking, Laurence isn’t sure what to think. A ton of his parents’ porn, to include the gay porn, usually included some kind of spanking or paddling. The people in the pictures and videos often cry and complain but you can tell they like it. Laurence often fantasizes about being spanked in the same way. Though, he isn’t all that sure if he would like it if it really happened. He knows he definitely never liked it in the past when his parents spanked him for breaking rules and stuff. Laurence is too scared to find out about the spankings, so he quickly pulls his hand away from his cock.

“Good boy,” Janice tells him.

Laurence blushes. He doesn’t like Janice talking down to him and bossing him around. Yet, at the same time it turns him on. It is almost like the porn photos, videos and some of his masturbation fantasies coming to life. He swallows hard when he thinks about some of the other things that take place in those photos and videos. Would Janice and he actually do some of those things? The thought scares, sickens and yet still excites him all at the same time.

“Give it a kiss,” Janice commands after another minute passes.

Laurence isn’t an idiot. He knows Janice wants more than just a kiss. He seen plenty of blowjobs in the photos and videos. It is also another thing he often fantasized about doing during his masturbation sessions.

Laurence continues to stroke the cock but he doesn’t lower his head to it. Janice doesn’t say anything. She can see the cogwheels turning in the boy’s head. He just needs time to think about it.

It isn’t an easy decision for Laurence. He is horny and the idea of sucking a cock is like his fantasy come true. However, this isn’t a fantasy, this is real life. The thought of really doing it is gross. Especially considering how much of the yucky precum is drooling out of Janice’s cock. Yet, this could be his one and only chance in life to actually do it. He knows he won’t forgive himself if he doesn’t at least try.

A minute passes before Laurence finally bends down toward the cock. As he does so he tells himself he is just going to kiss it. That way he knows what it is really like. However, he is pretty certain he doesn’t want to do any more than that… at least not this time. Maybe next time after he has had time to think about it more. Assuming there is a next time.

When his lips are only inches away Laurence notices that Janice’s cock doesn’t smell like he thought it would. He thought it would smell bad. However, it smells like strawberries. He isn’t sure but he swears there is a hint of the smell of apples and cinnamon as well. It is clear Janice has used some kind of perfume or something down there. Laurence can’t help but wonder if it will taste like it smells. There is only one way to find out.

His lips travel the last few inches and press against the head of Janice’s slimy cock. Laurence had told himself he would only kiss it. Yet, he finds his lips starting to part and begin to suck the cock into his mouth.

“I’ve got a cock in my mouth! I’m actually sucking a real cock!”

The thought keeps going through his head. It is hard for him to grasp what he is doing. He feels almost like he is just a passenger in his body and someone else has taken the controls. It is gross, embarrassing and yet still so exciting.

“Good boy.”

Laurence flushes in both embarrassment and anger at being talked down to again. Yet, it still drives his lust. He manages to sink four inches [10 cm] into his mouth before he gets dangerously close to choking.

“All of it,” Janice growls.

Laurence tries to obey but he only gets an additional inch before he has to pull back. However, he takes a few breaths and goes right back in to try again. He makes no additional progress and has to pull back. His eyes water and he coughs but his lust keeps telling him to try again. Men in the porn images and videos could deep throat cocks much bigger than this. In his masturbation fantasies he often did so as well. He is disappointed that he is not able to accomplish it in real life.

Laurence’s unskilled mouth is a little uncomfortable for Janice but she still smiles as she watches the boy struggle. Laurence’s desire to please is a very good sign. It means he will be easily trained. A dozen or so sleepovers down the road and Janice is certain she will have Laurence taking dick like a pro. And of course she will make sure he learns to take it in more than just his throat.

As Laurence struggles, Janice starts whispering advice on how to better accommodate the dick. The advice helps Laurence reduce the discomfort but he still doesn’t manage to take in more than five inches [13 cm]. Janice decides the boy just needs a little more help is all. So, she reaches down and puts one of her hands on the back of Laurence’s head. Janice waits until the five inches [13 cm] are in Laurence’s mouth again and then she presses Laurence’s head toward her groin with all her strength.

“Mmm!” Laurence protests as the remaining 2 inches [5 cm] are forced down his throat.

Janice only manages to hold Laurence there for a few seconds before the boy manages to escape. Laurence sits up in the bed and breaths heavily. At first he is infuriated by what Janice just did. However, it then dawns on him that he just deep throated his first cock. It wasn’t comfortable but he did it.

“Do I have to go get a belt?” Janice growls as Laurence’s right hand starts to inch toward his own cock. “If you do a good job then maybe I will let you squirt another load. Now get back down there.”

The threat of the belt of course is a bluff. It isn’t that she is opposed to taking a belt to Laurence. She just doesn’t want to wake up the house. That may sound cruel but it really isn’t. Janice knows a submissive when she sees one. Laurence would cry and protest as Janice whipped him but she knows the boy’s cock would get harder on each stroke.

That said, she isn’t a sadist like the trainers at the school. When she whips him it will be painful but bearable. She won’t leave welts and stuff like that. And have no doubt, there is no “if” involved. She will whip him. It is just a matter of time. She can see in his eyes that deep down he not only craves but needs to be whipped. To deny him that would be cruel.

Janice’s comment drives Laurence’s lust through the roof. This is just like the porn videos. He is being ordered to do something nasty and threatened with consequences if he doesn’t. Of course, this just makes him want to play with himself even more.

Laurence knows the whipping is probably a bluff. He knows that if he wanted he could probably just play with himself. Yet, the thought that it might not be a bluff is such a turn on. Plus, he knows that if he calls the bluff and it really isn’t one then the punishment will probably be severe. And even if it is a bluff there is a good chance Janice will be upset with him and not want to “play” together in the future. It’s a catch 22 that leaves him little option but to obey. Or at least that is how his current lust filled brain views it.

Laurence leans back in toward the cock. He slows down at the half way mark though. It is then that it fully dawns on him what he is agreeing to. He also knows Janice is going to force all 7 inches [18 cm] down his throat over and over again. That had been very scary and uncomfortable earlier when it happened just once.

He tells himself he should call the bluff after all. Yet, he keeps bending forward.

“I can’t believe I’m going to do this!” he screams in his head. And yet he keeps lowering his head toward the cock.

“Okay, I’m going to fuck your throat now,” Janice says as the head of her cock touches Laurence’s lips once more. “If you are a good boy then I will make it fast. However, if you struggle I promise we will do this all night long.”

Laurence is about to back away from the cock so he can work out a compromise. However, the cock is buried down his throat before he can make a move.

Janice holds Laurence there for a few seconds and then eases up. She doesn’t let Laurence pull all the way off the cock though. She makes sure the head stays in his mouth. Getting Laurence used to the taste of cock and precum is just as important as training his throat. Janice is certain that in time the boy will crave the taste and smell.

Janice gives Laurence a few seconds to recover and then forces his head back down. She repeats this over and over. She keeps the same pace until Laurence’s choking and coughing die down. Then she increases the pace until they build back up. Around the eight minute mark she has his head pumping up and down at a nice pace. Laurence struggles a little through all of this but not much. It is clear to Janice that her read on the boy’s submissiveness is right on target.

It isn’t long before Laurence starts letting out little moans. Laurence has been a good boy and kept his hands away from his groin. However, his lust has built so much that he can’t keep from shifting his hips left and right and up and down in an effort to shift his underwear back and forth against his cock. The boy is also no doubt feeling the euphoric effect of lack of oxygen. Considering Laurence’s earlier premature ejaculation, Janice is certain the boy will go off in his underwear any second. If she is going to cum then she needs to do it now. After Laurence cums and his lust diminishes he will no doubt want to get away from her cock.

It is a race to the finish line. Unfortunately, Laurence is driving a much faster car.

“MMM!” Laurence practically screams around Janice’s cock.

The climax that hits Laurence is 100 times greater than anything he has experienced before. It is so intense that for a second he thinks he might die from the pleasure.

Laurence may have won the race but Janice still manages to finish. The extra vibrations and suction on her cock is enough to bring her over the top. Her climax peaks just as Laurence’s diminishes. She manages to deposit all her load in his mouth just seconds before he can break free from her grip.

“What the fuck is going on here?!”

Both Janice and Laurence practically jump out of their skin. They look toward the voice to see a half naked Victor step out of the shadows.

Laurence’s original plan was to spit out the cum in his mouth. That’s not an option now. He quickly swallows the evidence. He turns a little green as the nasty fluid slides down his throat. He manages to keep from being sick though.

“Uncle Victor, we weren’t doing anything,” Laurence says.

Victor of course is not Laurence’s uncle any more than he is Janice’s. It is just an honorary title both of them often refer to him as.

Victor has to struggle to keep a serious face. He caught them red handed and yet Laurence is pleading innocence.

“Both of you know better than this,” Victor growls. “Janice, I think your father will need to give you a good spanking in the morning. As for you, I think we should call your parents so they can come pick you up.”

Tears form in Janice’s eyes at the thought of another punishment from her father. However, she doesn’t try to talk her way out of it. Unlike Laurence, Janice knows Victor isn’t the kind “uncle” he often pretends to be. There is no point in trying to reason with him or request forgiveness. If anything, it would make things much worse. Laurence of course doesn’t know this.

“Please, don’t tell my parents,” Laurence pleads. “I promise I won’t do it again.”

Victor stands there for a moment as though he is deep in thought.

“I can’t just ignore it,” Victor finally says. “Someone needs to teach you a lesson.”

Laurence swallows hard. He is pretty sure he knows where Victor is going with this.

Janice is positive she knows where this is headed also. Part of her wants to warn her friend. Victor seldom ever punished her during her training but when he did he didn’t fuck around. After one of his punishments you do everything in your power to make sure you don’t get on his wrong side again. One time Victor not only whipped her back and butt with a belt but used it on her balls as well. It was the worst pain she had ever felt. She will take a punishment from her father any day over one from Victor. She holds her tongue out of fear Victor might upgrade her punishment.

“We don’t want to wake the entire household,” Victor says after a moment. “How about you and I go to Bill’s study?”

Victor holds out his hand and Laurence reluctantly crawls out of the bed and takes it. Victor can’t help but smile at how much Laurence is shaking in fear.

“My clothes,” Laurence says when he remembers he only has his underwear on.

“You won’t be needing those,” Victor replies as he gives Laurence’s hand a tug to get the boy moving.

As they walk away, Laurence looks back at Janice with both tears and fear in his eyes. The two walk down the hall and out of site. Janice can hear the study door open and then close in the distance.

Janice knows she should sneak down the hall and listen at the door to make sure her friend isn’t hurt too bad by Victor. However, she is too scared and holds her ground. Besides, there is nothing she could do to protect Laurence anyway.

Victor is wearing a t-shirt and boxer shorts. The second the study door closes he reaches down and pulls his hard dick and balls through the front opening of his boxers.

Laurence takes a step back in fear. The cock is at least 8″ [20 cm] long and 2″ [5 cm] thick.

“Let’s see if we can get rid of your cock sucking habit,” Victor says with an evil smile.

Laurence shakes his head and takes another step back. He will die if Victor tries to put that huge thing down his throat! Victor was expecting as much. He calmly walks to Bill’s desk and opens a large drawer. It is filled with a variety of paddles, rulers and other similar punishment devices. He selects a nice size leather strap.

Bill’s study has thick walls and a sturdy door. It is somewhat sound proof but not completely. Janice can’t hear the hits that well but she can definitely make out Laurence’s muffled screams in the distance. The screams of pain continue for several minutes. Then they suddenly become much louder. Janice fears her friend is probably getting his balls whipped now. She grabs a pillow and wraps it around her head in an attempt to block out the screams. It works but in her mind she can still hear them.

Janice only got her balls whipped once by Victor. That is all it took to obtain her complete obedience to the man. That ball whipping had lasted about 2 minutes. She waits that long and slowly removes the pillow. Sure enough, she no longer hears the screams. In fact, she hears nothing at all. The silence goes on and on. After about 15 minutes it becomes clear to her that Laurence’s ‘lesson’ is involving more than just a spanking.

There are no screams so that kind of rules out anal. That leaves Victor’s specialty… oral. She hopes that Laurence remembers some of the advice she gave him earlier. Because Victor won’t be happy until all 8 inches [20 cm] is down the boy’s throat.

Janice feels sorry for her friend. She remembers the first time Victor used her throat. He is anything but gentle. It was a very horrible experience.

Janice lays there and cries for her friend for over 30 minutes before she finally hears the study door open. She quickly rolls over on her side and pretends to be asleep. A half minute later she hears a weeping Laurence approach the bed. He crawls into the bed and under the covers. He lets out a short yelp as he does so. No doubt his sore rump or balls must have grazed something too hard.

While she is listening to this, Janice is also focusing on Victor’s foot steps. She holds her breath as they come down the hall. She doesn’t start breathing again until she hears him walk back upstairs.

Janice wants to console her friend but knows there is nothing she can say that will make him feel any better. So, she stays quiet and listens to Laurence cry himself to sleep.

Chapter 9

Janice sleeps somewhat soundly. However, Laurence’s night is very restless. He wakes from several nightmares. In some of the nightmares he relives what Victor did to him. In other nightmares Victor comes back down stairs and does even worse things. Each time he wakes he holds his breath and listens for footsteps to make sure Victor indeed isn’t coming for him again.

If the dreams aren’t bad enough, Laurence also wakes almost every time he turns the wrong way in bed and puts too much pressure on his sore groin or butt.

It is a very long night. However, morning eventually comes. Laurence wakes to the smell of breakfast cooking. The first thing he notices is that he is spooning behind Janice. Laurence kicked the covers off the bed during the night and Janice’s warm soft body feels nice. The next thing he notices is that he has a raging hard on. After last night he didn’t think he would ever get hard again. The experience with Victor had been very painful and disgusting.

Laurence’s ass and balls were too sore last night for him to put his underwear back on. Thanks to this and his position, his cock is now sandwiched between Janice’s butt cheeks. He can’t help but grind his hips. It hurts his balls but it is worth it.

As he becomes more awake he realizes that there are others downstairs now. Hence the food cooking. He quickly looks around him.

“Mom!” he says in shock when he sees his mother watching from a few feet away.

Laurence quickly rolls away from Janice. He grimaces as his weight is distributed to his still slightly sore rump. It takes him a second to realize he isn’t covered up and that his hard cock is pointing up at the ceiling. He rapidly throws his hands down to cover up.

“We didn’t do anything,” Laurence says not too convincingly.

The claim didn’t work on Victor last night and he can tell it isn’t working on his mother now. To his surprise, his mother doesn’t seem all that angry.

“We will discuss this later,” she says and then walks toward the kitchen.

Laurence nudges Janice. She wakes and then looks around in fear. It isn’t her nudity that concerns her. It is that she smells something cooking which means she is late for her morning chores. She barely even acknowledges Laurence as she jumps out of the bed, grabs her clothes and runs upstairs to change.

It is the fasted makeup and clothes change she has ever done. She is headed back downstairs in under five minutes. She freezes at the bottom of the steps though when she sees the table is already set and folks are starting to take their seats. She looks to her father at the head of the table. He just gives her an angry stare in return.

She knows she is probably safe from punishment as long as they have guests. However, her ass is grass the second they leave. First she gets caught with Laurence and now she sleeps through her chores. It will no doubt be a big punishment.

She may be safe from punishment in front of their guests but she isn’t safe from embarrassment. As everyone chats at the table, her father takes every opportunity to humiliate her.

It isn’t until near the end of the meal that Janice finds out why Joyce is there. Turns out that Laurence is going to summer camp and needs a ride. Apparently Don had to take their car in today for repairs.

Laurence has been quiet throughout the meal. However, he speaks up when summer camp is mentioned. Sign in for the camp starts today but goes until Monday. He was hoping to sign in later than earlier. However, what really bothers him is that his mother wants to come along for the ride. Being dropped off by your mother for camp is very embarrassing.

“I’m not a little kid anymore,” Laurence complains.

“I noticed that,” Joyce replies.

Laurence blushes as he realizes she is referring to what she seen earlier on the fold out sofa. It is enough to halt his complaints.

After breakfast is over, Janice helps do the dishes and clean up. As she leaves the kitchen she sees that Joyce is still sitting in the living room talking with their father. Janice wants to go chat with Laurence but she is scared it might somehow upset her father. She can’t imagine why it would but she is already in trouble and doesn’t want to take the chance. Besides, she still needs to do her morning enema which she is late for. She also needs to put her beads in.

About 45 minutes later she is all cleaned up and forcing the last of the beads in her hole as Amber watches.

Once the beads are in place she puts her cock cage on and gets dressed. She is just finishing when her father barges into their room.

“Good, you’re ready,” he says. “How about you come with us to drop Laurence off?”

“Okay, sir,” Janice replies.

She makes sure she adds the “sir” at the end. With luck the extra respect might reduce her later punishment by a hit or two.

Janice doesn’t want to go but she knows her father isn’t really asking. It is also clear to her that this is probably part of her punishment. When she was still Jack she used to go to summer camp with Laurence. That of course has changed now that she is Janice. Having her help drop Laurence off is just a way for her father to rub it in her face. Plus, Janice is pretty sure her father will probably make her get out of the car once they are there so she can say hello to her old friends and camp counselors. Janice blushes just at the thought of it.

“I hope you don’t mind if we make a quick stop at the school,” Bill says about five minutes into the drive. “I just remembered that Janice and I have something we have to take care of. It should only take 20 to 30 minutes.”

Janice looks to her father in shock. She can’t believe he is going to punish her in the middle of giving their neighbors a ride. It seems a bit rude to Joyce and Laurence. Okay, Janice doesn’t really care about how rude it is. She just doesn’t want to spend half of the ride with a sore rump and a belly full of her father’s cum.

It is another ten minutes before they arrive at the school. Tears are already starting to form in the corners of her eyes as she gets out of the vehicle.

“We shouldn’t be long,” Bill tells Joyce as he also steps out and closes the door.

They walk a few feet from the car and then Bill suddenly stops and walks back.

“How about you two come inside,” Bill says as he opens the door back up. “I will give you a quick tour of the place.”

Laurence smiles and jumps out of the car before Joyce can even respond. Not many outsiders get to see the inside of the Christian School of Humility. There are tons of rumors though of what it looks like. A lot of those rumors are pretty outrageous… much like the rumors about what takes place at the school. Knowledge is power and Laurence will be king of the hill when his friends find out he got to go inside.

However, as Bill walks them through the school Laurence quickly realizes the rumors are greatly exaggerated. Everything is cleaner and well kept but other than that it looks just like any other school might. His friends will still be very interested in his adventure. However, they will quickly lose that interest when they find out how boring the place looks. He decides he might exaggerate things a little. It’s not like any of them are going to get a tour of the place anytime soon.

“This is one of our higher secure areas,” Bill says as they approach the door to the sissy training area. “This is where Janice spent a lot of her time during the past eight months.”

Janice’s face turns beat red. She can’t believe her father just told them that. She especially can’t believe he is going to take them inside.

She is also rather pissed. This partially confirms what Ray told her earlier. That she was turned into a sissy because her father needed the money. She wasn’t turned into a sissy because she discovered this area. If that were true then her father sure as hell wouldn’t be taking strangers inside. Granted, Janice discovered more than just what the inside looked like. Still, it seems rather risky to be taking Joyce and Laurence inside.

They enter the area and walk half way down the hall. Bill opens one of the training rooms and lets Joyce and Laurence take a peak inside. The room is one with just a few mats and a couch. Janice realizes that none of the items scream “sex” or anything like that. She still blushes.

“What goes on in there?” Joyce asks.

“Oh, it varies,” Bill explains. “Sometimes it might be physical education. Other times it might be Home Economics. Stuff like that.”

Janice almost laughs at how innocent her father makes it all sound. If only they knew what really takes place in those rooms.

As they continue down the hall, Janice looks ahead to make sure Nancy’s training room door is closed. It would be hard for her father to explain away why they have a little boy/girl in this area on the weekend. The door is shut but the large hole in it is open. Janice knows that hole all to well. When that hole is open then it means you are required to suck off anyone that puts their dick and balls through it.

Janice goes pale when they get closer and she can make out Nancy kneeling on the other side of the hole. Thankfully, there is noise coming from the open room across the hall. This grabs Joyce and Laurence’s attention. It grabs Janice’s also. It is the same room she started her training at. Lots of horrible memories in that room.

When they reach the door they see four trainers and the dean inside chatting. Janice reluctantly enters as her dad ushers them inside. Janice can tell something bad is going on. Were they going to put her back into captivity as part of her punishment?

“Here she is,” Bill announces to the room.

The four trainers turn and then quickly rush toward them. The last time she was put into captivity she tried to escape her father’s grip as the trainers rushed toward her. This time she rushes to her father and hugs him tight.

“Please daddy!” she begs. “I’ll be a good girl! I’ll be a good girl!”

A second later the room is filled with screams. However, they aren’t Janice’s. Janice maintains her grip on her father but turns her head to see Laurence screaming and struggling against the trainers who are trying to strip his clothes off.

“Mom! Help!” Laurence screams over and over as they remove his clothes.

Joyce just stands there and stares.

“You don’t have to stay and watch,” Bill tells Joyce.

“No, it’s okay,” Joyce replies.

Actually, for Joyce it is better than okay. She wouldn’t miss this for anything. Sure, the mother in her wants to protect Laurence. However, the thought of their son being trained as a sissy is a major turn on. A lot more so than she expected. Until now, her main goal behind this plan has been how it would affect her husband.

She knows her husband will absolutely freak when he finds out what she has done to their son. It will be the ultimate test to her husband’s submission to her. Will he settle down and let it continue or will he try to stop the process? She of course has contingency plans in the event he tries to stop her. In the end, he will have no choice but to accept it. However, it will be interesting to see if he at least tries.

While that is still her main goal, Joyce is starting to imagine other possibilities. Having two males to dominate will surely be more fun than one. Especially if they are father and son. A wicked thought then pops into her head. She could have them “play” together. For the life of her she can’t believe she didn’t think of it earlier. Of course that would be her next logical move. She is pretty sure that deep down that may have always been her plan. The mother side of her just prevented her from seeing it until now.

She quickly starts formulating a time table in her head. She will need to make sure their son has a couple months training under his belt before she brings Don in to see him. Then she will need to wait at least another month for Don to adjust to having a sissy son. Even then she will have to start their father and son “play” time out slowly and work up to the more naughty things. Waiting that long will probably be harder for her than it is for her son. Okay, not even close. It will still be pretty hard though.

In the mean time, she will need to keep her husband extra busy. Which of course isn’t that unusual for when Laurence goes away to camp each year. She will also need to arrange a few more dates with Janice or one of Ray’s other sissies.

As the trainers connect her now naked son to an enema machine, Joyce fully realizes that this is really happening. She feels as though a great weight has been lifted off her shoulders. Coming to this decision has not been easy for her.

It started way back when Bill first told her about Janice. In a way, Bill and her have been having an affair for some time. It’s just not your typical affair. Bill’s wife knows about it and Don sure as heck does also. At first it was just her and Bill having sex with Don being made to watch. Bill still refuses to fuck her husband but he does let Don lick him clean after fucking Joyce.

Anyway, it was Bill that first suggested she might want to turn Laurence into a sissy. Of course, he sold it primarily as a financial investment. While she could always use the money, her primary motivation has always been how she could use it to help train her husband.

The hardest part was getting past her motherly instincts to protect Laurence. In fact, she didn’t make her final decision until last night. Thanks to all the gay porn she left around, she suspected her son was now interested in boys. She wanted to know for sure though before she gave the green light for his training. So, they arranged Laurence and Janice’s little sleepover. Then they watched via hidden cameras. Her son didn’t disappoint.

What Victor later did to her son was not her doing. They claim Victor was just drunk but she highly suspects the school was testing her. They no doubt want to make sure she is willing to follow through with the training. It is better she back out before they put Laurence into captivity than after.

“Do you have a name in mind?” the Dean asks as he approaches.

“Laura,” she quickly replies.

The Dean smiles. He has already put that name on all the paperwork. It didn’t take a genius to guess what name she would probably pick.

“There are a few documents we need you to sign,” the Dean says as he guides her out of the room. “If you want you can come back later and watch from the observation room.”

Janice is in a trance as she follows her father, Joyce and the Dean. She can’t believe they are doing this to her friend. Tears come to her eyes as she realizes she may have played a part in it as well. She feels horrible. However, deep down a part of her is glad it is Laurence being put into captivity and not herself.

Chapter 10

The following week is hell for Janice. Not that the prior eight months weren’t. Word got out at the school that Janice wasn’t a real girl. Janice can’t prove it but she is pretty sure it was Beth that told everyone.

For the school it was just a small inconvenience. They had hoped it would take longer for word to spread. However, it isn’t like they weren’t prepared. They have been preparing for this day ever since they started the sissy program. They manage to keep it out of the papers but there are many parents with concerns.

To the school’s surprise, most of those concerns aren’t that there was a boy at the school but why they weren’t provided the opportunity to enroll their own sons. While it is a pleasant surprise for the school, it does present a dilemma.

The school just can’t accommodate a great number of sissies. It’s more than just the space. For obvious reasons, only a hand full of the current teachers have any desire to train sissies. And even if they were, sissies require a ton of specialized training. The school just couldn’t handle that on a large scale, not if they want to keep teaching girls as well. Bottom line, while they will definitely be taking applications, they will have to keep entry to a minimum.

For Janice, the disclosure has multiple negative impacts. The number one thing is that what little leverage she thought she had over the school is now gone. She had yet to figure out how she planned to use that leverage. She also doubts that she would ever get the nerve to use it. However, it had still felt good to have it. That leverage had made her feel safe and not completely helpless. It is gone now.

As bad as that is, the worst part is that all the kids now know she is really a boy. They also know who she really is… or was. Back when she was the janitor, she had not been overly nice to many of the girls. And payback was a bitch… especially at this school.

The other kids make sure she gets in trouble in almost every class. And when the teachers start putting an end to that the kids go a step further. They start cornering her in the bathroom, pulling her into closets and stuff like that. Once they get her alone they make her eat their pussies or assholes. If they have enough time they also sometimes take turns fucking her with large strap ons.

And while all of this is going on, Janice is still dealing with the emotional trauma of her friend, Laura, being turned into a sissy.

“Come with me.”

It’s Friday and Janice has had a very rough week. She is in the halls and on her way to her 4th hour class when she gets the command. Her eyes get big and she takes a step back in horror when she sees who is giving the order. It’s Edward. Edward Wright III to be exact.

Edward, now 18, and Janice had an “encounter” earlier in her training. It was anything but pleasant. Edward gave Janice her first belt whipping. He didn’t hold back either. He whipped her so badly that one of the school guards had to pull him off.

Needless to say, the last thing Janice wants to do is go anywhere with Edward. The problem is that she has very little choice. Edward was given her old job as janitor. Well, actually, Edward’s father bought the job for his son. As janitor, Edward can’t technically give orders to students. However, no student would be stupid enough to not obey his orders. That is because the janitor does have authority to play with students in the halls between classes and delay them in other ways.

If you get on his wrong side he could make you late for class every day. The janitor doesn’t start work until later in the day but just being late for one or two classes on a regular basis would result in severe punishments. And that of course means more time out of class, more time with your mentor and thus less time studying, etc. And they become progressively worse the more times you get in trouble in a set time period.

The time wasted with one punishment can be compensated for. However, a long series of punishments would quickly spiral out of control. You could very easily end up having to repeat a year. And that is something Janice definitely doesn’t want to do.

“Yes, sir.”

Janice grinds her teeth as she says it. As scared as she is, she is 100 times angrier. She has put up with similar shit all week long. That alone is enough reason to be upset. However, what really chaps her ass is that it is Edward that is doing it. She still can’t believe he has her old job!

Just because Edward’s father offered the school a lot of money doesn’t mean they had to accept the offer. Edward is a mean, sadistic prick that gets off on controlling others and making them do perverted things. Okay, maybe he is qualified for the job. Still, Edward clearly has trouble controlling his temper. That could cause a problem for the school.

Edward leads Janice down the hall and to a door. Janice knows this door very well. She used it a few times herself to play with students. To her credit, she almost always kept the encounters very short so the students wouldn’t be to late for class. Janice knows Edward isn’t as generous.

They go down a set of stairs toward the boiler room. As they near, Janice frowns when she feels how hot and humid it is. She can already feel herself starting to sweat. Too much of this and her makeup will start running as well.

The ventilation system is clearly turned off. Edward could get in trouble for messing with the equipment down here.

“Do you want me to turn the ventilation system on?”

It is the closest she dare get to telling him he should have never turned it off in the first place. Edward turns quickly and slaps her across the face. Janice takes a step back and puts her hand to her face.

The hit is hard but not overly so. It is still enough to make her decide to escape. She turns to run back up the stairs but Edward has a fist full of her hair before she can get far.

“You aren’t going anywhere!” Edward growls.

Edward uses his grip on her hair to roughly guide her the last few feet to the boiler room. He lets go of her hair and pushes her the rest of the way. He makes sure he keeps himself between her and the exit.

Janice quickly realizes they are not alone. Standing in the shadows at the far wall is Rebecca, Edward’s 13 year old brother/sister. Rebecca is in the school’s sissy program as well. She is completely naked and drenched in sweat.

Janice quickly looks back toward Edward in fear of what might be coming next. Edward is already stripping. Edward gives her an angry stare. It is all that is needed to get her to start removing her own clothes.

The boiler room is pretty clean. She easily finds a spot on the floor where she can place her clothes. When she finishes, she looks back at Edward who is now naked as well. He motions toward her groin. She takes the hint and fetches the key from her pile of clothes so she can remove her cock cage. She also removes her plug. She licks the plug clean and adds it to the pile.

“I don’t like sweat on my sissies,” Edward growls when she is done.

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t have turned the fucking ventilation system off!”

Yeah, Janice doesn’t actually say that. She just looks at Edward in confusion. It’s not like she has anything to wipe it off with. She frowns when she realizes she actually does have something, her clothes. Reluctantly, she leans over to grab something from the pile.

“No!” Edward growls. “Use your tongue!”

Janice scrunches her nose up in disgust. It is far from being the worst thing she has licked but it is still pretty gross. She brings her arm up to her face and starts to lick.

“Each other, idiot,” Edward says as he rolls his eyes.

Janice swallows hard as she turns to face Rebecca. The two have had to play together in the past. However, they have never done anything like this. The two slowly walk toward each other and meet in the middle of the room.

Rebecca is the first to take action. She is tempted to start out slow but knows her brother doesn’t have any patience. So, she leans in and starts licking Janice’s breasts. The sweat of course returns about as fast as she can lick it off. However, she knows that removing the sweat is hardly her brother’s goal. He just wants to see to sissies licking at each other.

“Oh!” Janice moans as Rebecca’s tongue swipes across one of her nipples.

The sensation on her sensitive nipple makes Janice go to her tippy toes for a moment. Her hard cock makes a small jerk as well. Janice can’t tell if the sensation is irritating or simply overwhelmingly pleasurable. She is thankful as Rebecca’s tongue moves away. Yet, part of her hopes it will return.

Rebecca gives the rest of the breast a good licking. She then glides over to the other one.

“Oh!” Janice moans again as Rebecca focuses on her nipple.

This time Rebecca doesn’t let up. She keeps licking, sucking and nibbling on the nipple. Janice feels like jumping out of her skin as she stands there on her tippy toes and moans over and over. Finally, she can’t take any more and pulls herself away. Janice quickly leans in and starts working on Rebecca’s breasts before the girl can reengage. It is now Rebecca’s time to squeal and squirm.

Licking the sweat off is gross but not as bad as Janice imagined. It’s salty but also kind of sweet. Or maybe it is just the strawberry smell coming off Rebecca that makes Janice think it is sweet. There is also something kind of sexy about the act. Still, if given the choice she wouldn’t want to perform like this again.

“Get the pits also,” Edward commands from the sidelines.

This command causes Janice to scrunch up her nose again. However, she obeys. She licks one pit clean and then moves to the other. She then let’s Rebecca do the same to her.

“That’s good,” Edward says after a few minutes. “Suck each other off now.”

Both Janice and Rebecca blush as they stare into each other’s eyes.

“You can suck me off first,” Rebecca whispers.

Janice’s heart throbs and she feels a hint of love for Rebecca. The hardest part about being a sissy is having to perform right after having a climax. Or at least that is how it is like for Janice. She knows it is like that for Rebecca also. With your lust gone, continuing to perform is often very revolting. So, allowing Janice to go first is no small sacrifice.

Janice goes to her knees. Rebecca’s penis is sticking straight out at her. Some of the sissies at the school have decent size cocks. However, some like Rebecca have rather small ones. Rebecca’s penis is about 3½” [8½ cm] long and only half an inch [1½ cm] thick. It reminds Janice of what her cock looked like several years ago before it started it’s growth spurt.

There is no doubt in Janice’s mind that Rebecca is being given the estrogen formula that hinders and even sometimes reverses cock growth. Janice still wishes she knew for sure which formula she is on. Of course, you can only believe half of what the instructors say. For all she knows there is no formula that keeps your cock from shrinking. She and the other sissies with normal size cocks may eventually have shrinkage as well. It isn’t something Janice likes to think about.

As she sucks the small penis into her mouth, Janice can’t help but wonder why Rebecca’s family decided to shrink the girl’s penis. Assuming of course there is an option of a formula that wouldn’t do so. Was it a random choice? Or was there a lot of thought behind the decision?

If Janice had to, she would guess they did it to create a strong contrast between Rebecca and her older brother. In fact, it is possible they are even feeding Edward steroids or something. It would explain his temper. Though, Janice heard once that steroids shrink your cock also. If that is true then Edward must have had a huge cock before. Because right now it’s still about 8″ [20 cm] long and 2″ [5 cm] thick.

Rebecca’s penis barely feels bigger than a straw in Janice’s mouth. It is a strong contrast to the cocks she normally sucks. The nice thing, however, is that its small size leaves plenty of room in Janice’s mouth. This allows her to use her tongue a lot more to play with it. In fact, it is small enough that she can lick from Rebecca’s balls all the way to the head of her penis in one swipe.

Janice sucks Rebecca’s balls into her mouth along with the cock and starts dancing her tongue all over it.

“Oh! Oh!,” Rebecca moans. “I’m going to do squirties!”

A second later Janice feels two small squirts of cum shoot into her mouth. It coats her tongue with a bitter sweet flavor.

Janice gives the small penis a couple more sucks and then turns her head toward Edward. Her face is bright red as she opens her mouth to display the evidence. She technically only has to do this with her trainers. However, she knows Edward would get upset if she didn’t show him the same respect. Edward simply smiles and nods his head. Janice closes her mouth and swallows.

As Janice stands, Rebecca goes to her knees. As she stares at Janice’s cock, Rebecca now wishes she hadn’t volunteered to be sucked off first. Even after all of these years she still doesn’t like sucking cock. Especially right after a climax. Someone had to go first though and Rebecca kind of likes Janice. They haven’t been together that often but the few times they have Janice has always seemed to be kind. And kindness is something Rebecca isn’t exposed to that often. She doesn’t think she loves Janice but she is pretty sure she has a small crash on her.

“Oh!” Janice moans as Rebecca sucks the entire length of the cock into her mouth.

Rebecca gets straight A’s when it comes to sucking cock. Janice even seen Rebecca once deep throat all of the dean’s 9″ [23 cm] long and 2½” [6½ cm] thick dick. That is something Janice still can’t do. After eight months of trying she can get some of it into her throat but definitely not all of it.

Janice feels like cumming almost immediately. She has to will herself to hold out longer. She wants the ordeal to be over but she doesn’t want to seem premature. If she cums too fast then it will make her look even more less than a man than she already is. She knows Edward would make fun of her.

“OH!” Janice moans a couple minutes later. “I’m going to do squirties! I’m going to do squirties!”

A second later she is shooting her load into Rebecca’s mouth. It is one of the strongest cums she has had for some time. She convulses for almost 20 seconds before her climax starts to dissipate. As her lust disappears she is left with nothing but shame and disgust.

Janice’s face turns beat red when she realizes she was screaming about doing “squirties”. She is about as shocked as she is embarrassed. It isn’t something she normally says. Only the sissiest of sissies at the school ever say it. She is utterly humiliated not just at saying it but having done so in front of Edward.

Rebecca shows her brother the large load and then swallows. Edward has the two sweaty sissies embrace each other and make out. Despite having just cum, Janice has to admit that her and Rebecca’s sweaty bodies sliding against each other does feel kind of yummy. It would probably be enough to make her hard again if it weren’t for the taste of her own cum on Rebecca’s lips.

Thankfully, Edward only makes them hug and kiss for a couple minutes. He then steps to the middle of the room and breaks them apart.

“You in front,” Edward orders his brother/sister. He then gives Janice an evil smile. “Guess where that leaves you?”

Janice frowns and her face turns an even brighter shade of red. She doesn’t argue. She steps behind Edward and gets down on her knees. This isn’t the first time she has had to do this but it is the first time with Edward. Janice knows that after this she will never be able to look the boy in the face without blushing.

Tears mix with the sweat on her face as she uses her hands to part Edward’s ass cheeks. She then leans in. Edward’s ass smells dank and manly. She chastises herself when she realizes the smell is making her cock hard.

Janice reluctantly sticks out her tongue and gives Edward’s sweaty crack a lick. It is salty and strong. It is utterly repugnant. Yet, her cock is now rock hard. She gives the crack several long licks before Edward reaches back and pulls her face harder against his ass. She gets the hint and starts licking the older boy’s hole. She licks around the outside for a bit and then starts forcing her tongue inside. She starts alternating licking the hole and fucking it with her tongue.

“Mmm,” Edward moans in pleasure. “You do that even better than Rebecca.”

Janice blushes. She is angered, humiliated and disgusted by the comment. Yet, deep down she feels a tinge of pride also. Rebecca has been trained as a sissy all her life. To be told you are better than her at something is a huge compliment. Especially so when coming from someone as mean as Edward. Still, it is a compliment she could have done without.

As Janice works on Edward’s hole, she can hear Rebecca working on her brother’s cock. Her face firmly planted in Edward’s crack, Janice is able to free one of her hands to play with his balls. However, when her hand reaches for Edward’s balls she finds one of Rebecca’s hands already there. They intertwine their fingers for a moment to give each other strength and support. They then separate. They each take a ball in their hand and gently massage.

Edward’s moans of pleasure get pretty loud but he still manages to hold on for another ten minutes. He is almost screaming by the time he starts unloading in Rebecca’s mouth. Janice keeps rimming Edward’s ass long after it is clear the climax is over. She has gone this far, she might as well be a good girl and wait for the order to quit.

A minute passes before Edward finally reaches back and pushes her away. Janice doesn’t bother to get up. She just waits there for her next order.

“That’s enough,” Edward finally tells Rebecca.

Rebecca pulls off her brother’s cock. She leans her head back and opens her mouth so her brother can see the large pool of cum. Janice cringes in disgust as Edward bends forward and spits into Rebecca’s mouth. Her disgust becomes ten fold when Edward orders the two of them to share the mixture.

Janice turns a pale green as Rebecca and her lips touch. She has to will herself not to be sick as their lips part and some of the cum and spit oozes into her mouth. Both sissies know Edward won’t be happy with just sharing the cum. So, they both start French kissing with their tongues dancing around in the vulgar slop. It is another two minutes before Edward lets them part and swallow.

Edward turns the ventilation system back on and then marches the two naked sissies to the stairs where it is cooler. He then has them lick the sweat off his body… every single drop.

Once satisfied, Edward puts his clothes on and leaves. Janice and Rebecca just stand there and look at each other. They don’t dare delay too long though. They already missed most of one of their classes. The longer they are away the more trouble they will be in. However, they will get into even more trouble if they show up all sweaty. Using their uniforms to wipe the sweat off would have the same end result. There is only one solution. They both blush as they approach each other and start licking.

Chapter 11

Janice goes to bed Friday night with a butt sore from a week of frequent punishment. She is extremely angry. There is also a massive feeling of dread and hopelessness. She knows that her life isn’t going to get any easier anytime soon.

Her only piece of good news all week came during her final class today. The Dean was waiting for her when she arrived at the secure sissy area for her “specialized” training. He took her to an observation room and made her watch footage of Laura’s initiation into sissyhood. The video included a variety of clips of Laura’s first week. Her first plug; first dress; first application of makeup; etc.

At first, watching felt horrible for Janice. However, as the clips continued, she quickly noted that Laura seemed to be accepting her transformation. Oh, there were tears and all of that, but you could tell that Laura wasn’t anywhere near as upset about the situation as Janice had been when her training first started.

This must be clear to the trainers as well, because it was obvious from the video that Laura is being fast tracked. This is very good news. It means Laura will probably spend only two or three months in captivity as opposed to Janice’s eight months. Laura will also be spared a ton of the nastier things like making her eat dog food.

What Janice seen in the video is a great weight off her shoulders. Seeing Laura already starting to accept her new position in life removes a ton of the Janice’s guilt for her role in it. In fact, the more Janice thinks about it the more she realizes this is probably the best thing that could happen for Laura. The boy is clearly already a sissy at heart. The school is just helping her see it.

On top of all of that, Laura is rather beautiful once dolled up. She will be even more so once the estrogen takes hold. She has the potential of being one of the best looking kids in the school… sissy or otherwise.

The Dean got a tad upset that Janice seemed happy about the video’s content and not upset. So, he had her remove her cock cage and marched her to the hole in front of the “guest room” door. A pair of hands from the other side pulled her panties down. A second later her cock was being sucked by a warm wet mouth.

Janice could tell right away that it wasn’t Nancy. That meant it had to be Laura at the hole. Even this, however, did not upset Janice. Being put at the hole this soon was a very good sign of progress. Plus, Laura did surprisingly well for only having a week under her belt. Laura even managed to smile afterward as she displayed her mouth full of cum and than ate it.

It is only via thinking of this good news that Janice is finally able to calm herself enough to go to sleep. She has nightmares, like usual, but overall she gets a decent night’s sleep.

Saturday goes smoothly until noon. It is then she is told she has another appointment with her mentor, the Dean. Last week she was picked up by Ray before she even reached the Dean’s house. She was sent alone that time though. This time, however, the appointment isn’t just for her. It is for her sister, Amber, as well.

Having the same mentor, they both knew the time would eventually come when they both had “appointments” at the same time. In fact, they kind of assumed most of their appointments would be scheduled that way. However, they still both blush as their mom informs them of their appointment. They’ve slept in the same bed for most of the week but this will be the first time they’ve done anything sexual together since before Janice went into training. And there is no doubt in their minds that the Dean will make them play together today.

“God, the Dean will be playing with us at the same time!” Janice screams in her head as they walk toward the Dean’s house.

This definitely is not a new thought for Janice. It is something she has dreaded for a long time now. She thought she was mentally prepared. However, now that the day has come, she isn’t so sure. She is pretty sure that Amber is thinking the same thing.

Back when she was still Jack, Janice and Amber had sex together a couple times at the school. It was just the two of them having sex though. There was never a third person joining in.

Janice blushes at the thought of Amber possibly seeing her get bred by the Dean’s huge dick. The thought is mortifying.

As they walk, Janice almost wishes Ray will show up to take him off to another “date”. Even another date with is neighbors would be better than a possible threesome with his sister and the Dean.

When they finally arrive at the Dean’s estate, Janice and Amber stop in their tracks and then look at each other. Sitting in the estate’s parking lot is a variety of cars.

They both want to turn and run. However, that is not an option. So, they take a deep breath and continue up the drive. A butler greets them at the door and escorts them upstairs. As they walk through the house they can hear a small party going on in the main entertainment room.

The butler takes them to a changing room. There are a couple chairs with pink leotards draped over them.

“Remove your plugs and any other toys you might be wearing and put those on,” the butler instructs them.

Amber doesn’t hesitate to start undressing. Janice waits for a moment first to see if the butler plans to leave. The butler just stands there quietly and watches. Finally, Janice starts undressing as well.

The butler is rather professional as he stands at attention and waits. He does gasp, however, when he sees Janice’s large set of beads pop out. He of course has seen sissies with large toys before. However, most wear plugs. He didn’t even know they made beads this large. It catches him a bit off guard.

The leotards are pretty basic. Janice is thankful that they are the type that have small skirts on them. It helps hide her bulge. And her bulge is rather large right now thanks to the thin elastic material hugging it. Her nipples are hard and poking out on the material as well.

Once dressed, they are escorted barefoot in their pink leotards back down stairs and to the entertainment room. Both siblings blush when they see how many people are there. It looks to be half the staff from the school as well as a variety of family members.

However, both of them are relieved to see that there are a variety of other school kids there as well. That means they won’t have to service everyone. In fact, a few of the kids are already sucking and jerking off various guests. That said, the siblings do notice they are the only two specially dressed.

“You two will perform on stage,” the butler says as he escorts them to the stage. “Just dance around until you are told to do something else.”

Amber starts dancing immediately. She took a couple years of ballet so she is somewhat good. It is completely new to Janice though. As she dances she has to keep watching her sister and copying her moves. Most of the moves are too advanced though and Janice stumbles more than anything else.

“I think Janice needs some dance training.”

“I’ll make sure I sign her up for a class next semester.”

The first voice is that of the Dean. The second voice is Janice and Amber’s father. Janice blushes profusely when she realizes her father is in the crowd. She is also a bit pissed since their father didn’t even bother to give them a ride here. However, mostly she is frightened that her father isn’t joking. Will he really put her into dance class?! Of course he will. She just prays that he forgets the subject before next semester. No way does she want to take dance classes. Not only is it too girly but she knows the other real girls will tease her to no end. Plus, dance classes take place at the school after normal school hours. That will make her daily schedule and grades all that harder to maintain.

As they dance around on stage, Janice listens in on the toasts and speeches taking place. She comes to a halt when she finally discovers what the celebration is for. Old man Collins is retiring as Facility Manager. This is no major surprise. What stuns her is that Edward is being promoted to replace Collins. It takes all of Janice’s willpower not to start yelling. That job should have been hers!!! It would have been hers had they not turned her into a sissy!

The job is a huge step up from janitor. It not only pays more but puts Edward on track to become Headmaster when Janice’s dad decides to retire. It just isn’t fair! What pisses her off even more is that she just knows Edward’s father probably paid Collins to retire early. Just like he paid to get Edward the janitor position to begin with. Janice almost dives off the stage to attack when Edward catches her eye and gives her a smile.

Amber has to nudge Janice several times to get her to start dancing again. Janice finally complies but it is clear she is far from happy.


The shout comes about 15 minutes later. A Twister mat is then tossed up on the stage. Janice and Amber unfold it. To Janice’s surprise, Amber seems to be more embarrassed than herself. Unknown to Janice, there is good reason. Amber has seen this game played before at one of the Dean’s parties.

The game is played very similar to normal Twister. The difference is that there have been a few extra things added to the spin wheel as well as things written on some of the mat circles.

Janice frowns when she sees that “belt” is written on the start circles. It doesn’t take a genius to know what that means. Sure enough, the two guests of honor are ushered on stage. Each of them are holding belts. Collins stands behind Amber while Edward takes up position behind Janice.

“Just one hit,” the Dean informs them.

It is clear that the instructions are meant more for Edward than Collins. Had he not given the instructions then Edward would have used the opportunity to whip Janice multiple times. It is kind acts like this that sometimes makes Janice start to fall in love with the Dean. He normally treats her horribly. Thus, any act of kindness makes her heart beat faster and her insides feel kind of mushy. Janice thinks back to the last mean thing the Dean did and this helps keep her heart in check.


“Oh!” Amber lets out as the belt slaps across her rump.

The hit is hard but nothing Amber can’t handled. Compared to her father’s hits, Collin’s hit is barely more than a love tap.


“AHH!” Janice screams and takes several steps forward as the belt lands on her rump.

Edward’s hit is so hard that Janice reaches back to feel for blood. There is no blood but she can feel a welt already starting to form.

“She stepped out of the circles,” Edward points out. “I get to hit her again.”

“I think we can let it pass this one time,” the Dean growls. “I’m sure she will take care not to let it happen again. Right dear?”

Janice quickly nods her head up and down as she rushes back to the start circles. She is so thankful to the Dean that part of her wants to run into his arms and give him a hug and kiss.

Edward frowns but obeys the Dean’s decision. He drops the belt on the stage and goes back into the crowd of viewers.

The audience takes turns spinning the wheel. The guests’ hope is for your spin to land on something good or for it to force Janice or Amber to step on something even better. And of course, the ultimate prize is to get one of the children to tumble.

Janice has no idea what the penalty is for tumbling. However, from the seriousness in which Amber is playing, Janice suspects it is pretty bad.

The first few spins are uneventful.

“Belt!” several cheer out following a spin.

Janice lets out a sigh or relief that it is Amber’s spin and not her own.

Amber is currently bent over with one foot on red, one on blue and a hand on yellow. She has pretty good stability but still does her best to brace for the incoming hit.


The smack echoes through the room but it actually isn’t any harder than her last one. She still moans several times though to convince everyone it had hurt. With luck, maybe the next possible hit will be just as soft.

Amber gets two more love taps over the next five minutes. She also steps on a red circle with the word, “blowjob” in it. At first, Janice is confused as to why Amber stepped on the circle when there was an empty red circle she could have gone to. It isn’t until she studies the red circles near herself that it becomes clear. The blank red circle is out of reach of Janice. If she gets a red spin she only has 2 choices and both have things written in them that are much worse than “blowjob”. Janice gives her sister an angry look. Amber just gives an evil grin in return.

On top of that, the man Amber owes the blowjob too isn’t even that big. He’s about 7″ [18 cm] long and 1½ inches [4 cm] thick. Janice knows from personal experience that the man is pretty gentle and cums rather fast. Amber definitely picked the right time to make the strategic move. In fact, the man doesn’t even seem that eager to participate.

“How about we have her suck her brother… uh, sister instead?” the man suggests.

Lots in the crowd cheer in agreement. Amber and Janice are currently in a position on the mat which would make it possible as well.

“Sorry folks,” the Dean speaks up. “Janice is no longer allowed that kind of access to girls.”


Janice screams it in her head but not out loud. This is the first she has heard of this restriction! Sure, her trainers hinted at it in the past but she thought that was just mind games.

As she watches Amber suck the man off, the full impact of Janice’s restriction starts to sink in. She may never be allowed to have sex with a girl again! Sure, they will continue to have her eat pussies and girl assholes but she may never be allowed her own pleasure with a girl. To rub salt in the wound they even are having her sleep in the same bed with Amber every night. She will be under constant temptation. And you can bet they will be keeping a close eye on her.

Just an hour earlier she was dreading the possibility of being made to have sex with Amber. Now she is irate that it will never happen. Or at least it will never happen in a way that will give her any kind of manly pleasure. Janice isn’t sure her mind can handle the constant closeness with the opposite sex without ever being allowed to really enjoy it. A tear runs down her cheek at the thought that eating girls’ pussies and assholes being the closest thing to a manly act she will ever experience again.

“Right hand red.”

It takes Janice a moment to realize it is her turn to move. A second later she realizes that the one color she didn’t want to be called just was. She looks around her again to make sure she didn’t miss a red circle. Nope, just the two nearby ones with words written in them.

One reads, “Breed” and the other “Rim”. She is still studying the mat when it dawns on her who called out the move. She quickly glances out at the crowd to verify. Sure enough, her father is holding the spin wheel.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Janice starts screaming over and over in her head.

Janice looks back down at the red circles. She has not done either of these things with her father. The thought of doing either one is horrible. The thought of doing one of them in front of a crowd is mortifying. She then gets an idea.

“What happens if I lose?” she whispers to her sister.

“The person that spun last owns you for the night,” Amber whispers back.

It is a basic lose, lose situation. Technically, Janice’s father already “owns her”. However, it is obvious that her father would be expected to use her sexually to a certain degree. Otherwise it would defeat the purpose of the game.

The only question is exactly how much worse would pleasuring her father for the rest of the night be in comparison to 5 to 15 minutes of rimming him or being bred by him on stage? What would her father make her do? If it is just a series of blowjobs then it wouldn’t be that horrible. It’s not like it would be anything new. She has given him close to a dozen blowjobs already… half this week alone thanks to all the times she got sent in for punishment.

The truth is that Janice doesn’t know for sure what her father would demand of her. She would like to believe that he wouldn’t make her do anything at all. However, she knows from experience that is unlikely to be the case. Her father has used her mouth several times now when she is certain he really didn’t have to do so. That tells her it is possible he would breed her and do much worse if she were to lose the game to him. Others at the party would not only be expecting him to do so but would encourage him as well.

While all of that logic is sound, the truth is that Janice simply is too scared to find out. She fears that her mind will break for good if she knows her father is willing to do all those things to her of his own accord. She would rather have the hope, or at least the illusion of hope, that her father has not given up on her becoming something beyond that of a sissy meant just for pleasing men. Deep down, even she knows it is an idiotic dream, but it is all she has left to pin her sanity on.

Janice slowly lifts her right hand. She brings it near the two red circles. For an instant she debates putting it down on the “rim” one. She tells herself that rimming her father could be looked at as simply an advanced blowjob technique. It may sound good on paper but Janice knows better. She knows that once she rims her father she will never be able to look him in the eye again.

Janice closes her eyes and drops her hand on the “breed” circle.

“God, I can’t believe I just choose to be bred by my own father!” she screams in her head.

The choice is better than “rimming” but it is still a horrible one. She will have nightmares about it and still have trouble looking her father in the eye. However, at least she will eventually be able to do so. Or so she hopes.

The room is silent for several seconds. Most of the faculty have been watching the cute Janice’s progress and are well aware Bill has not personally bred her yet. Being able to watch that first breeding live is a huge turn on for many of them.

“Looks like someone is hot for daddy’s dick,” Edward all but yells from the back of the room.

Half of the room hush Edward while the rest just give him a dirty look. The last thing they want is for someone to spoil the moment. Or, even worse, for Bill to back out. Sure, they plan to make similar comments in a few minutes. However, they will wait until Bill has his dick buried in the sissy first. At that point the damage is already done and it is unlikely the man will back out.

Janice is in a kind of leap frog position on the mat with Amber’s face just inches in front of her own. She closes her eyes tight in shame so she doesn’t have to look her sister in the eye.

The seconds slowly tick by as Bill makes his way up onto the stage. Janice then feels a warm hand on her rump. The hand grabs hold of her tiny leotard skirt and flips it up and onto her back and holds it there. A second later fingers from another hand are pulling her leotard crotch band to the side. For a moment her cock and balls fight against the maneuver. However, they soon pop out into the open and are now helping to keep the crotch band from moving back into place.

Janice holds her breath and a tear runs down her cheek as she feels something warm sliding back and forth in her crack.


The entry is fast and deep. Her eyes pop open as most of her father’s 8″ [20 cm] long and 2″ [5 cm] thick dick shoots up her ass pussy. Her father pulls back an inch and then thrusts forward again. This time Janice feels her father’s large balls slap against her own.

There is a roar of cheers from the crowd. Janice’s face turns fire engine red and she closes her eyes tight again in shame. She screams in her head that it really isn’t happening. Yet, the feel of her father pumping in and out reminds her otherwise.

“I’m being bred by daddy! I’m being bred by daddy!”

“Yes, you are,” Amber whispers.

It isn’t until Amber’s reply that Janice realizes she is saying it out loud and not just in her head. This doubles her humiliation. She also notices that her father seems to have doubled his efforts in response to her outburst.

“Daddy’s breeding you,” Bill whispers back to Janice. “Daddy will be doing this to you a lot from now on.”

Janice tells herself that she didn’t really hear it. However, she knows she did. This is her worst nightmare come true. She tries to hide from it in that special secret place in the depths of her mind but the rhythmic pounding of her father’s cock against her ass clit keeps pulling her back out to reality.

“No… no… no,” Janice starts whispering a few minutes later when she feels her cock starting to milk.

It isn’t long and she is moaning in pleasure. Not long after that and she is all but begging her daddy to pound her harder. It is so horrible and depraved, and yet that only seems to heighten her arousal.

“Breed me daddy!” she starts moaning over and over.

“Oh! Oh!” she squeals as her cock suddenly spits all over the Twister mat below her.

The insane pleasure of the climax is quickly replaced with ultimate humiliation and shame. She can’t believe she just came on her daddy’s dick! A minute later disgust is added to the mix as her father shoots his thick load deep inside her.

There are cheers and applause as Bill pulls his sloppy dick out of Janice. He then moves to her front and presents his cock to her. Janice doesn’t try to beg for mercy. If you make a mess then you clean it up.

Chapter 12

Thirty minutes later and Janice finds herself in a back room with one of the guests. Her and Amber had battled it out on the Twister mat for 15 more minutes before Janice finally faltered. She simply was no match for the more flexible Amber. Plus, the wheel seemed to be against her the entire time.

The worst part is that she didn’t just lose but had suffered through three more hits with the belt and a blowjob before she lost. And now she is some guy’s “sex slave” for the night.

On the bright side, the guy that “won” her for the night isn’t her father. His name is Bob. He’s someone Janice has not met before. She noticed him hanging out with Edward early though and the two boys look to be about the same age. Her guess is that Bob is probably a classmate.

As she stands before her temporary “master”, Janice decides she will do everything in her power to please this guy. She fears that if she doesn’t then the guy might loan her to Edward.

“Dance for me,” Bob says as he sits back in a recliner.

Janice blushes but obeys. She starts out trying to duplicate some of the ballet type moves Amber performed earlier. However, after a minute she realizes how much of an idiot she must look like. Even if she could perform the moves properly, they are hardly the right thing for an intimate setting like this.

Janice remembers a few movies with scenes of go go dancers. She starts trying to imitate the moves. Or at least what few moves she remembers. She starts out a little awkward but soon gets into the groove. She even approaches Bob and dances between his legs.

As she dances, Janice notices Bob starting to get hard. She nibbles on her lower lip as she watches the bulge in Bob’s pants get bigger and bigger. She starts to get a bit worried when she realizes that the bulge isn’t slowing down any. Yet, her ass clit tingles at the thought of how big Bob might actually be.

The next thing she knows, Janice is unzipping Bob’s pants. She doesn’t even remember making the decision to do so. And she certainly doesn’t remember Bob asking her to do it. Bob isn’t complaining. He just leans back and smiles at her.

“Can’t wait to get a taste of it can you?” Bob chuckles.

Janice blushes but keeps working on the pants. She gets the zipper down but it is clear there isn’t enough room for the cock to escape. So, she undoes the pants completely and starts pulling them down. She snags his underwear with her thumbs as she pulls downward.

“Oh,” Janice lets out when Bob’s cock pops out into the open air.

Janice can’t believe what she is looking at. It is easily the largest cock she has ever seen. It’s even bigger than Ray’s monster dick. Janice slowly crawls backward away from Bob. Even her ass clit is scared of the huge thing. She can barely handle Ray’s 10″ [25 cm] long and 3″ [7½ cm] thick cock up her ass pussy. Bob’s cock looks to be at least 12″ [30 cm] long and 3½” [8½ cm] thick.

“Get back over here,” Bob growls.

“It’s too big,” Janice pleads as she reluctantly moves back toward Bob.

“Don’t worry, we’ll make it fit,” Bob laughs.

Even as Janice reaches out and touches the cock she can’t believe that it is real. It looks freakish on Bob’s otherwise normal body. It takes both of Janice’s hands to reach around the monstrous thing.

As she strokes the cock, Janice can’t help but wonder what it will feel like buried deep inside her. It is the same thickness as her largest bead. So, she knows she can stretch wide enough to accept the cock. Her largest bead, however, only goes a few inches inside her. Bob’s cock will go much deeper than that. In fact, his cock will reach deeper than anything has ever gone inside her before. The thought is extremely scary. Yet, Janice’s cock gets hard under her leotard.

Janice knows the cock could never possibly fit down her throat. She does her best, however, to fit at least the head into her mouth. She tells herself that she is required to try. However, deep down she knows the reason she is trying is because a part of her is curious how manly it might taste.

Janice isn’t disappointed. The cock has a very strong manly smell and taste to it. She suspects that maybe Bob hasn’t bathed for a couple days. The thought is disgusting yet for some reason makes her head swim at the same time.

Her jaw makes a small popping sound as she manages to fit the head inside her small mouth. Bob puts his hand on the back of her head but thankfully doesn’t try to feed her the rest of the cock. She is pretty certain it would kill her if he did.

As she massages the head with her mouth, Janice is also using her hands to stroke the length of the cock. It is her hope that maybe Bob will be happy with just a blowjob. After a minute she can feel Bob’s precum oozing down her throat. Bob pulls her off his dick, however, before she can make him cum.

Bob smiles evilly as he reclines back further in the recliner. His massive cock points straight up at the ceiling. Janice knows what the man wants her to do but holds her ground.

“Am I gonna have to take a belt to you?” Bob growls.

The threat of the belt is all it takes to get Janice moving. She quickly removes her leotard. She then carefully climbs up into Bob’s lap. She pushes the cock down until it is pressing against Bob’s belly. Janice then gently sits on it with the shaft between her ass cheeks. She starts grinding back and forth on it. She knows Bob won’t be happy with just this but it is her hope that it will at least get him close to cumming. That will make the final ride much shorter.

As she grinds against Bob’s cock she realizes the tip reaches almost all the way to Bob’s chest.

“That cock is going to go that deep inside me!?” Janice thinks to herself.

There is a lot of fear in the thought. Yet, there is a little anticipation as well. As she thinks about it she realizes that part of her wants this huge thing inside her. If for no other reason than curiosity. She knows that if she were to walk away from this cock right now then she would wonder for the rest of her life how delicious it might have felt deep inside her. The scary part of course being that walking away is not an option. There will be no backing out if it turns out to be too painful. Once the tip goes inside, Bob will ensure she takes the rest of it as well.

Janice slowly grinds her way forward. She is practically straddling Bob’s chest before she reaches the tip of the cock. Bob grabs hold of his huge cock and aims it. Janice arches her back and pushes back.

“Oh!” Janice moans as the huge head of Bob’s cock presses against her hole.




She moans it over and over as she keeps applying pressure and letting up. Each time she applies just a little bit more pressure. She gradually starts to stretch.




“OHHH!” Janice screams out as the head of Bob’s cock finally pops inside her.

The insertion is uncomfortable. And yet it brings Janice a huge jolt of naughty tingles.

“I’m going to do squirties!” Janice announces almost immediately after her yelp of discomfort.

A second later Janice’s cock is spitting it’s sissy cum all over Bob’s chest. Bob is happy to see the well trained sissy climax. However, he is far from happy about her doing it on his chest.

Janice sees Bob’s anger and quickly uses her hands to scoop the jizz up and eat it. As she cleans it up she notices that Bob’s cock somehow gets even harder. She blushes but doesn’t stop until every drop is off Bob’s chest and in her tummy. Once finished she focuses on Bob’s huge cock again.

“Ohhhh,” Janice moans as she slowly sinks it deeper inside her.

Janice’s insides stretch further than they ever have before. It is both uncomfortable and pleasurable at the same time. Part of her wants to sink the cock deeper while the other half wants to pull it out. Not that she has an option at this point. That cock is going all the way up inside her whether she wants it to or not.

“Oh, daddy!” Janice moans over and over as the cock goes ever deeper.

She says it almost a dozen times before she catches herself. She bites her tongue and blushes. No one ever told her she was required to call people outside the school, “daddy”.

While it is humiliating to be calling this young guy “daddy”, what really concerns Janice is how her training so easily automatically kicked in. For many months now Janice has been telling herself that the school never really broke her. Nor will they ever do so. However, what if they already have? She would know though, wouldn’t she? Janice quickly drops the horrible thought like a hot potato. She hides it deep inside her with all the other evidence that she might now be a fully trained and broken sissy.

“Ride that dick,” Bob moans as Janice starts sliding up and down on the huge pole.

Janice blushes but keeps going. She tells herself that her only goal is pleasing Bob. However, the truth is that Bob’s huge cock is rubbing her ass clit so nicely. The feeling is more intense than anything Janice has ever felt before. Each ride down the cock is almost more than she can bear. Yet, when she reaches the end of her ride she can’t help but rise back up so she can do it again.

For Janice, it feels like she is riding one long continuous orgasmic wave. However, it isn’t a standard orgasm feeling. No, this is somewhere between a milking and an anal orgasm. It is a kind of scary, angry, intense and very naughty orgasm.

As she rides the cock, Janice constantly collects the jizz milking out of her cock and eats it. It’s disgusting and humiliating. Yet, the naughtiness of it seems to make her ass clit tingle even more than it already is.

It isn’t long and Janice is bouncing up and down on the cock at full speed. She is in a world all her own. She can only barely hear Bob in the distance moaning encouragement. She hears Bob telling her how much better she is than all the other kids he has bred. Bob even gives out various frightening details of his “conquests”. Yet, even these details seem to feed Janice’s desire.

“I’ll have to bring my dog with me next time,” Robert then tells her. “I think you will enjoy playing with him.”

At first Janice is simply confused by the comment. They are having sex. Why would he be talking about his dog? However, Bob starts getting more specific.

“I can’t wait to see your face once he gets that knot up inside you,” Bob tells her.

It is just one of many very explicit things he tells her. Janice finds them gross, scary and very perverted. Yet, in her heightened state she can’t help but envision what those things might feel like.

“Bob is going to have his dog ride me!”

The thought echoes in her head over and over. The thought is so vile. She knows she should be turned off by it but somehow it seems erotic. She would almost rather kill herself than have sex with a dog. And yet her ass clit seems to be excited by the notion. And right now it is only her ass clit that matters.

“I’m going to do squirties!” Janice all but screams as she bounces up and down on Bob’s gigantic cock. “I’m going to do squirties! I’m going to do squirties!”

She reaches down to catch her jizz but nothing comes out. Well, actually she has been milking cum ever since her first orgasm and she continues to do so. There just isn’t an increased burst of it like she expects. What becomes a bit more odd, and concerning, is that the orgasm isn’t subsiding. The intense feeling of impending release just goes on and on. It is pleasure like nothing Janice has felt before. Yet, it lasts so long that it becomes uncomfortable at the same time.

It reminds Janice of a time when she was still Jack and her sisters Beth and Mary held her down and tickled her relentlessly. She laughed so much that it hurt. Yet, she couldn’t stop laughing. It was an endless cycle of laughter causing discomfort. Only in this case that endless cycle is the pleasure of pending sexual release compounding discomfort.

“No more,” Janice starts begging.

She says it as though she wants Bob to stop. However, she is so lost in the pleasure that it never dawns on her that it is her riding Bob and not the other way around. It is her that has control right now and yet she keeps bucking up and down.

“Fuck!” Bob moans as his climax approaches.

A half minute later and Janice can feel her insides being coated with Bob’s cum. The revulsion of it drives her even higher. Bob tells her she can stop but she can’t bring herself to do so. Finally, Bob has no choice but to push her off him. Janice goes to the floor but keeps humping at the air for almost a minute before she gets control of herself. As she comes down from her high she is filled with more shame than she has ever felt before.

“Yeah, you and Buster are going to enjoy each other,” Bob says with a chuckle.

It is clear to Janice that “Buster” must be the name of Bob’s dog. Just minutes ago the thought of sex with a dog had somehow heightened her desire. Now it only disgusts her. However, she is certain that Bob knows how much the thought had turned her on earlier. Her face turns red. She is too humiliated to look the guy in the eye. She is also scared that she might see that he isn’t bluffing about the future encounter.

“Finish your job,” Bob growls after a moment.

Janice blanches. Bob wants her to clean her mess up. She didn’t forget the task, she was just hoping Bob wouldn’t expect it of her. She quickly gets to her knees and leans toward Bob’s cock. The cock is wet with cum and Janice’s ass juices. She also notices a large stream of jizz oozing out of Bob’s cock and running down the side. Janice goes for this cum first. She knows that if she doesn’t slurp it up first it may make it’s way all the way to Bob’s ass crack. Licking Bob’s ass crack clean is not something on her wish list.

“Did she behave?”

The question comes as Janice is finishing her clean up duties. She hadn’t heard anyone enter and the shock makes her jerk back away from the cock. She quickly goes back in and continues licking when she sees the Dean and Edward’s father standing there. Having an audience is embarrassing but it is better than punishment. It’s not like she hasn’t performed like this for an audience many times in the past.

“She did pretty good,” Bob replies. “Would it be okay if I went and got Buster?”

Both the Dean and Edward Sr. frown at the mention of the dog. Edward Sr., who is also Bob’s uncle, is especially upset. It was him that bought the dog. Just five months ago, Bob was being held captive on a dog training farm in Mexico along with his sister, Linda. How he became a captive and why is a long story. Anyway, while captive, Bob was made to have sex with a variety of dogs. Buster was one of them. Buster was also the dog with the biggest dick. His cock is 9″ [23 cm] long and 3″ [7½ cm] thick. And his knot is a humongous 4½” [11½ cm] thick.

Edward Sr. rescued his nephew but left Linda behind as a kind of consolation prize to anyone they may have upset. Edward Sr. later returned and acquired the dog. Sure, it is fun to watch Bob playing with sissies sometimes. However, the guy is becoming harder to control every day. That’s why Edward Sr. bought the dog. His hope is that having the dog around the house will remind Bob of his past.

This is meant to serve two purposes. The first is to help ensure the boy doesn’t try to rescue Linda. The girl got to watch most of what Bob went through. The dog will remind him of that fact and hopefully shame him to the point that he never wants to see his sister again.

The second purpose is to send the message to Bob that if he doesn’t settle down he could very well find himself back on that farm.

Unfortunately, so far the presence of the dog has just made Bob worse. Either the hint of the threat is too subtle or Bob is simply calling his bluff.

Edward Sr. hasn’t really decided yet if it actually is a bluff. Okay, maybe he would never send Bob back to the farm in Mexico. However, he has considered locking the guy up in the basement. They could still enjoy watching Bob play with sissies and stuff like that. They could even make him play with the dog. That said, the arrangement would be a lot of work and a big hassle. Still, it might be better than all of the embarrassment and other problems the guy is starting to cause.

“Robert, I don’t think Janice’s father would approve of that,” the Dean says as he gives Bob and Edward Sr. a disapproving look.

“What if we bought her?” Robert replies more to Edward Sr. than the Dean. “I doubt she would cost that much.”

The Dean has to take a deep breath to get his anger under control. He is used to putting up with spoiled rich families but Robert is really pushing his buttons. The school is not a slave market. Sure, they technically sell graduates off. However, there is usually a lot more considered than just the money.

“Maybe it is best if we discuss this in my study,” the Dean says as he glances down at Janice.

Robert pushes Janice away and pulls up his pants. The three men then walk into the next room, the Dean’s study. Janice is left there in shock over what she just heard. She is especially shocked that the Dean is actually willing to discuss the matter with Robert.

Janice resists the temptation to go to the study door and put her ear to it. She doesn’t have to be told that she would be in big trouble if she was caught doing so.

She sits there for almost a full minute before she remembers the bathroom that shares a wall with the study. She used the bathroom once during a party when she was younger. In particular, she remembers that if you open up the cupboard under the sink you can just barely hear people in the study. It’s amazing what a kid can discover while snooping around someone’s house.

Janice goes into the bathroom and shuts the door. It takes all her willpower to reach down and lock the door. She will get into a lot of trouble if someone comes and discovers she locked the door. Of course, she would get into significantly more trouble if she was caught snooping.

Janice opens the cupboard and looks under the sink. She sees a drainage pipe and a couple smaller water pipes going from the sink and into the wall. The holes for the piles have been drilled a little extra big. Janice’s guess is that the Dean has a sink or something in his study with similar holes. Thus, the reason you can hear through the normally sound proof wall.

Janice leans into the cupboard and puts her ear as close as she can to the hole. Sure enough, she can make out what is being said in the next room. What she hears is shocking.

Among other things, the three are shooting dollar figures back and forth. The dollar figures are rather large also. In a way, Janice is a little proud she is worth so much. However, the size of the numbers also scare her because they are figures that her father might actually agree to once he hears the offer. That thought is horrifying considering what Robert wants to do with her.

Janice only listens for a minute before she pulls away from the hole. She can’t risk keeping the door locked for any longer. She unlocks the door and goes back and stands near where she was when they left her.

It is another five minutes before the three leave the study. The Dean and Edward Sr. walk right past Janice like she isn’t even there. Her guess is that the two are going to go find her father and discuss the proposition.

“I’ve got you for the rest of the night,” Robert says with a grin. “Let’s go upstairs where we can have a little more privacy.”

Chapter 13

Janice’s ass pussy is sore and over stuffed full of cum by the time she is released from the mansion. After Robert’s huge cock, even Janice’s anal beads seem small inside her hole. Thankfully, the beads still manage to keep her from leaking as her and Amber walk home in the dark.

The late night walk is scary. However, Janice almost wishes someone would come along and kidnap her. Heck, she would even settle for a murderer. Anything would be better than being sold to Robert. Sure, Robert’s huge cock did make her have several squirties. However, if she is sold or even just rented to Robert the man will breed her with his dog. In Janice’s eyes, that is a fate worse than death. With the dollar figures she overheard, she fears her father will probably agree to that fate… if he hasn’t already.

Little does Janice know, the offer was never even brought to her father. The discussion she overheard went no further than the study. The figures were only discussed in order to appease Robert.

There is a line that even the school is not willing to cross. Bestiality is one of them. Okay, maybe that isn’t completely true. They do offer specialized training in things such as bestiality. However, it is something the parents have to ask for. It is never something they try to talk the parents into signing their kids up for. The last thing they want is a parent having regrets later. And that would probably be the case if Janice’s father was talked into something that vile.

Why did they want to appease Robert? Good question. For the Dean it was just a matter of courtesy. Edward Sr. is one of the school’s best customers. Keeping Edward Sr. happy is worth way more than ten wasted minutes.

For Edward Sr. it is just part of the stupid game he and Robert have been playing for several months now. He knows that Robert isn’t really serious about wanting to own Janice. It is just one of many requests the guy has made in order to get Edward Sr. to give his leash a little more slack. What Robert really wants is permission to continue his old ways. To snatch kids off the street at random and train and release them.

Edward Sr. has to admit that it is very tempting to let the guy have his way. Especially if he could watch Robert train the kids. It is something he used to watch Robert Sr. do way back. However, he remembers all the legal and other problems that occurred as a result.

The solution with Robert Sr. was to have the man simply leave the state and never come back. This time around, Edward Sr. is hoping that Robert is still young enough to be molded. His ultimate goal is to get Robert a position at the school. Preferably one in the sissy training area.

Edward Sr. sees it as a feasible goal. After all, in a way Robert still gets what he has been asking for. The only difference is that the kids aren’t random and the parents are okay with it. At the same time, Edward Sr. gets to watch Robert in action whenever he wants.

To help in the transition, Edward Sr. has decided to give his older son (Edward III) to Robert. Watching the 18 year old Edward Jr. play with Rebecca has been a real delight. However, it is starting to get boring. Plus, Edward Jr. will probably be wanting to leave home soon anyway.

Giving Edward Jr. to Robert will serve a few purposes. One, it will demonstrate exactly how good Robert really is at training boys. Thus, making for good resume material for a position at the school. Second, it will open up a position at the school. It won’t be the position Edward Sr. wants for Robert but it will at least get his foot in the door. Third, it will be fun to watch a manly boy like Edward Jr. get transferred into a whimpering slave.

“Are you okay?” Amber asks as they continue their walk.

“Yes,” Janice replies.

Amber can tell Janice is lying but she doesn’t press the issue. She remembers how it was like way back when she first became a Humbled Girl.

Janice is indeed lying. She is anything but okay. For the past eight months during her only goal has been to be a good girl so she could some day go home. Now that she is home she is quickly finding life to be even worse.

The rules are almost as strict; the humiliation is at least double; she has discovered the real reason she was turned into a sissy; Ray is pimping her out; and now she fears there is a good chance she will be bred with Robert’s dog… possibly even sold to the guy as his future wife.

Janice tries to remain calm as they enter their house. Now is not a good time to anger her father.

“It’s about time,” her father says as the two of them walk through the living room.

Janice grinds her teeth but manages to keep from giving her father a dirty look. It was his fault they had to walk in the first place. He could have easily waited an extra 30 minutes or so and given them a ride.

As she passes through the living room, Janice suddenly stops in her tracks in shock when she gets a better view of her parents. The two of them are sitting next to each other on the couch with a large cover over them. The shocking part is that Janice can make out two people under the covers with them. One between her mom’s legs and one between her dad’s. It is obvious to Janice that the two people hidden under the covers are her sisters, Beth and Mary.

It is no surprise that her dad would make one of them suck him off. However, Janice is completely caught off guard that her mother was participating as well. It isn’t something she ever expected her mother might participate in. Janice swallows hard and blushes when it dawns on her that if they make her older sisters do something like this then surely they will eventually make her do so as well. Janice feels a little ill at the thought of eating her own mother’s pussy.

Janice doesn’t snap out of her trance until she hears Amber close their bedroom door upstairs. It is then that she realizes how long she has been standing there. She quickly makes her way to the stairs. The last thing she wants is for her parents to decide to have her replace one of her sisters under the covers.

Janice is still in shock as she climbs the stairs. It is as though she is living inside a nightmare.

“I just can’t live like this!” tells herself in despair.

During her training, Janice told herself this exact same thing many times over. It is different now. Back then she would always convince herself that it was all temporary. That eventually they would let her go home and everything would get at least a little better. She no longer has that false hope. In fact, she now has the reverse. Things only seem to promise to get worse, not better.

Janice gets to the top of the stairs and almost all the way to her bedroom. It is then that she gets an idea… a very bad idea. She is absolutely frightened when she realizes her body seems to be moving on it’s own in order to carry out the idea.

She turns away from her bedroom door and walks back down the hall. Her shaking hand then reaches out and opens Mary’s door. She peaks inside, just in case it isn’t actually Mary downstairs under the covers. The room is empty.

Janice feels like she is going to pee herself in fear as she starts searching the room. It doesn’t take long to find Mary’s purse. Janice digs inside and finds the keys to her car. She is also pleasantly surprised to find a $20 bill. She stuffs them into her training bra and quickly leaves the room.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this! I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

The thought keeps repeating over and over in her head as she heads back toward her own bedroom.

The next hour or so seems to zip by, yet go in slow motion at the same time. She manages to sneak a few essentials into her book bag without Amber noticing. After that it’s just a matter of waiting for everyone to go to bed and fall asleep. This part of the plan turns out to be the hardest. That is because it gives her time to think about how stupid her plan actually is.

However, at this point it is too late. There is no backing out. She is positive there are hidden cameras in the house. Her parents were preoccupied tonight but they will probably watch the footage sometime tomorrow. They will see her taking the keys and money.

As she lays there, Janice debates bringing Amber in on the plan. However, the more she thinks about it, the more she realizes that it would be a very bad idea. The odds of Amber wanting to take the risk of running away with her are kind of slim. All Janice would be doing is risking Amber telling their father.

Janice’s biggest regret is that her plan doesn’t include rescuing Laura (Laurence). Being turned into a sissy might be the best thing for Laura. However, Janice is pretty sure that what Laura’s mother has in mind for her is anything but the “best thing”. Being forced to pleasure her mother will be bad. However, it will probably turn Laura’s mind inside out when she is made to have sex with her father. Janice does her best to distance herself from the thought. She realizes that Laura is an unfortunate casualty of war. She just wishes she hadn’t been the one that helped put Laura in the line of fire.

Chapter 14

As Janice wakes the next morning she remembers having a dream where she stole her sister’s car and ran away from home. Janice’s eyes quickly pop open in fear when she remembers it wasn’t a dream.

“Fuck, what have I done,” Janice whispers as her eyes focus on her surroundings.

The plan had somehow seemed good the night before. Now, however, it seems the worst idea she has ever had. Other than traveling south she has no idea where she is really headed. How will she make money? Where will she live? How will she stay hidden? The list of questions goes on and on.

Janice finally has to push them aside. While they are good questions, now is not the time to worry about them. She made it at least 300 miles [500 km] last night before she ran low on gas. That is a long ways but she still has much further to go before she will be even remotely safe.

She searches the car but finds no additional money. However, she does find a gas can with a couple gallons still in it. She decides it is too risky to drive the car any further. She got away with driving at night. However, in the daylight the cops would easily be able to tell she is too young to be driving on her own. Plus, by now the car has surely been reported stolen.

Janice takes one last look back at the car as she walks away. It is parked in a secluded alley behind what appears to be an abandoned house. With any luck the cops won’t take notice of it for several days. Even better, maybe someone will come along and steal it.

She is somewhere in West Virginia but she doesn’t remember the name of the town. It seemed a good size one though. Wherever she is, it’s nice and cool. Though, she is sure it will probably get a lot warmer by noon. She raises her left hand up so she can check the time on her watch. She then remembers she cut it off with a pair of wire cutters last night because of the built in tracking feature.

Janice was smart enough to wait until she was out of town before she cut the watch off. Just in case it would set off an alarm. She removed it at a bathroom road stop and tossed it into the back of a guy’s pickup truck. With any luck they will follow that truck for a day or two before they realize what she did.

As she walks through the city she realizes she is getting a bit more attention than she wants. She blames this on the long yellow dress she decided to wear. She really should have brought something a little less bright. However, she just couldn’t leave her favorite yellow dress behind. Plus, the pink one in her bag is just as flashy.

The longer she walks the more it dawns on her that she shouldn’t be wearing dresses at all. They will be looking for a girl. What she should do is spend her $20 on some cheap boy’s clothes and ditch the dresses along with the makeup she has in her bags. In addition, she should get some scissors and cut her hair short. Her breasts are developing nicely but she is certain she could wrap them tight to her body to help hide them.

All of that sounds logical. It would drastically reduce the odds of her being spotted. However, can she really afford to do it? That $20 could buy her several meals. Plus, as a girl she might even be able to talk a boy into buying her a meal. Same goes for getting a ride.

Janice walks through back streets for at least 3 miles [5 km]. She starts to realize she should have raided the kitchen before she ran away. It isn’t even noon and she is starving. She goes out to a main street and looks around. There is a McDonalds not far away but she decides not to go there. It is better that she stay away from the more popular places. It will reduce the odds of her being recognized. That is assuming of course that her picture is being distributed to the public.

Janice settles on a mom and pop store. The inside of the store looks similar to a 7-11. Only this store has no customers. It is perfect. She buys a beef stick, small soda and some gummy bears.

Janice swallows hard when the total comes to just over $4. At this rate she will be out of money by tomorrow. She decides she has to put something back. Putting the cup of soda back isn’t an option. It takes her a minute but she decides to put the gummy bears back. She really wants the gummy bears but knows the beef stick will curb her appetite longer.

“Can I use your bathroom?” Janice asks as she pays for her two items.

The store clerk is an old black man. He gives Janice a dirty look. Apparently the bathroom is off limits to customers.

“Please,” Janice says in her sweetest voice.

While she says it nicely, deep down she is cursing the guy. She just spent $3 and the guy is making her beg to use the bathroom? Bullshit!

The clerk thinks about it for a few more seconds and then gives in. Janice practically jumps for joy. Her seduction training is starting to pay off already. She almost goes around the counter to give the guy a hug. However, she catches herself. She isn’t at school. Hugging a stranger would be inappropriate.

Janice isn’t so pleased with her victory when she gets inside the bathroom. It is rather dirty and run down. She has to fight the urge to start cleaning it up. She doesn’t have time for that. She has a lot to do and probably not much time to do it before the clerk comes looking for her.

She removes her dress and panties first. She also removes her cock cage and gives it a good cleaning before putting it back on. She pulls her enema bag out. She knows she doesn’t really need to give herself an enema. However, after so many months of daily enemas it just doesn’t feel right not doing so.

That said, she only gives herself two enemas before putting the equipment away. Even that took 15 minutes. Much longer than she probably should have stayed in the bathroom.

Once she is done with the enema she pulls out a fresh pair of panties. She decides on a pink pair. The panties go perfectly with the pink dress which she then puts on. The dress isn’t full length but it at least comes most of the way to her knees.

The multi layer chiffon dress is one she made from scratch at school. In fact, it was the first one she ever made. As such, it isn’t that fancy other than the material itself. While there is some sentimental value to the dress, the main reason she picked it is because it made her look a little more mature. However, it didn’t go overboard.

Janice quickly touches up her makeup. She makes sure she keeps the makeup very light. She puts on just enough to emphasis her beauty without drawing too much attention.

There is more she would like to do but it has already been close to 25 minutes. Reluctantly, she puts everything away. When she goes for the door she hears movement outside. She hesitates a moment. There is a small hole in the door. She peaks through but sees no one on the other side. It isn’t until she peaks through that it dawns on her that the clerk might have been spying on her.

Janice’s face turns red as she leaves the bathroom and walks back through the main store. She wonders exactly how much the clerk actually seen. He must have liked whatever he seen because he gives Janice a wink as she passes by. This makes Janice blush further. She quickens her pace and leaves the store.

While she is embarrassed, Janice is also relieved. She is well aware that most men would have been disgusted to find out she is a shemale/sissy. Instead of winking at her, the clerk could have called the cops instead.

Janice finds the beef stick and soda less than fulfilling. While she was in captivity they sometimes starved her a little. However, most of the time they provided her plenty of food. It just seldom was anything she wanted to eat… like dog food. As she walks down the street she wonders if she might eventually have to revert back to eating dog food. If she checks enough back yards she is pretty sure she will find plenty of the stuff to eat. Janice shakes the idea from her head. It’s too early in her journey to be thinking of such drastic measures.

Her instinct is to try to hitch a ride and get as far south as possible. However, she knows this would highly increase her odds of getting caught. What she needs to do is find a place to stay for a couple weeks until everything dies down.

Janice spends the next few hours roaming up and down the nearby neighborhoods looking for homes for sell. Most of the ones she finds are still being lived in. She finds a couple that are empty but these homes look way too fancy. Even if they don’t have an alarm system, she suspects these homes will be toured frequently by potential buyers.

She is about to give up when she runs across an eyesore of a house. It isn’t even for sale. It is simply abandoned. The grass is overgrown, a couple windows broken and boarded up from the inside, etc. It’s perfect. She walks around the block and goes up the alley behind the house. The house has a large detached garage that flushes with the alley. She walks around the garage and finds a door. The door has a padlock on it. However, the latch has been ripped from the door frame. It’s clear that she is not the first one to come exploring the place.

Janice takes a deep breath as she opens the door. It takes her eyes a second to adjust. She then confirms that no one is inside. She can’t decide if she is lucky the place is empty or not. The thought of someone being in there is scary. However, if they had been a runaway like herself then they could have worked together.

If there was anything of value in the garage then it has long since been claimed. All she finds is a box of old clothes. Well, the clothes are more rags than anything else. None of it is wearable. However, it will make for okay bedding. They have an old musty smell but they will be tons better than sleeping directly on the concrete floor. However, with luck she will be able to find a way into the house once it gets dark.

Janice paces back and forth a bit. She then leans up against a wall for a good 20 minutes. Finally, she gives in and spreads out the clothes so she can lay down. Her little bed is surprisingly comfortable. However, she isn’t that sleepy. She just lays there looking up at the ceiling. She counts 32 spots where the light is coming through the ceiling. It provides some okay lighting during the day, but she suspects it gets pretty wet in here when it rains.

She lays there for about an hour. Her belly then starts to rumble. It isn’t until then that it fully sinks in that simply finding a place to stay isn’t going to be enough. After a couple days, her money will be gone. A place to hide isn’t any good if she is starving. She also realizes that even her dog food plan isn’t really a good one. Going into people’s back yards to find dog food is extremely risky. Even if the dogs don’t attack her, they will bark and alert everyone.

Janice thinks about her money issues for several minutes. What she needs is a job. However, getting a job is even riskier than hitching a ride. However, she then remembers the clerk at the store. She is pretty sure that the man seen her undress and stuff. That means he not only knows she is a shemale but easily figured out she is probably a runaway. Yet, he seemed cool with it. Is it possible he might give her a short term job?

She can’t risk working out front where the customers can see her. However, if the bathroom is any indication of how well the clerk maintains the place then there is probably plenty of cleaning and organizing needed in the back office or storeroom. She will be lucky to get $40 from the guy. However, he might toss in some food. And if he doesn’t then she can always smuggle some out the back. Maybe drop it out the back window of the storeroom and collect it later.

She grabs her stuff and sneaks back out of the garage. She then heads back toward the store. The job idea seems like a good one until she actually reaches the store.

“What am I doing?” she asks herself.

This is a lot of risk for such a slim chance at a job. She doesn’t see much choice. She forces herself to enter the store. There are no customers but she can’t bring herself to approach the old man. Instead, she slowly walks up and down the isles as though she is shopping. It takes her almost ten minutes to get up the nerve to finally ask.

She blushes profusely as she gets face to face with the man. She can tell by the way he is looking at her that he indeed was spying on her earlier. He knows her little sissy secret.

“Do you have any work I could do?” she asks once she can get herself to speak. “I could clean up the bathroom and maybe the storeroom.”

The old black man just silently stares at her. She tries to man up and stare back at him. However, that only lasts for about five seconds. She blushes further as she passively looks down at the counter. The man silently stares at her for only another 15 seconds, but it seems an eternity.

“I know a runaway when I see one,” the man finally says.

Janice’s eyes get big and she looks back up at the man. She suspected he knew as much. However, the way he just said it brings her concern. Is he going to call the cops? Her eyes dart toward the door. She is pretty sure she can reach it and be outside before the man can stop her.

“My boss would have my ass if I had a runaway working here.”

Janice had assumed the man owned the place. Apparently, he is just the help. Janice frowns.

“I’ll tell you what,” the man says after a pause. “My house could use a woman’s touch. I can’t pay you anything but I could provide you food and a place to stay.”

Janice quickly smiles. This is even better than her original goal. She quickly composes herself when it dawns on her that the negotiations aren’t over yet. She needs more than just one or two nights of shelter.

“I need a place to stay for three weeks,” Janice informs him.

At first, Janice fears she has asked for too much. That maybe she should have only asked for one week. The old man doesn’t frown. In fact, his smile seems to get brighter.

“Deal,” he says as he extends his hand out to her.

She takes his hand and shakes on it. The man’s hand is rough with calluses. She can tell that he has done a lot of hard labor in his time.

“I can’t let you wait in the back,” the man informs her. “How about you hide under the counter here.”

As he says this, the old man steps back and motions with his hand. It seems a ridiculous recommendation. However, Janice peaks behind the counter in curiosity. There is a curtain going across the length of the back of the counter. The man parts the center of the curtain to reveal a large void.

“I’ll just come back later,” Janice tells him.

Crawling into that dark space is the last thing Janice wants to do. She also highly suspects the man has more in mind than just hiding her.

“That’s fine darling,” the man says as he releases the curtain. “I was starting to have second thoughts about our deal anyway.”

“I’ll do it!” Janice quickly replies.

The man doesn’t say anything. He just smiles and parts the curtain again. Janice reluctantly walks behind the counter, gets down on her hands and knees and crawls into the dark void. As she does so, she can’t help but wonder how the old man will explain this when the store owner views the security footage. The place is a bit of a dump though, it is possible the security camera isn’t even functional.

Janice is encased in blackness for almost a minute before the curtain cracks open again. She blushes as a large black cock slides through the opening. Everything then goes dark again. She only hesitates a moment before searching out the cock with her hands.

“Oh, that’s a good boy,” the man moans. “You treat Malcolm good and he will treat you good.”

Janice assumes that ‘Malcolm’ is the man’s name and not just a pet name for his penis. Her assumption is correct.

It takes her a moment to realize that Malcolm referred to her as a ‘boy’. This confirms her suspicions about Malcolm spying on her in the bathroom.

Janice is rather impressed by Malcolm’s equipment. His cock is a good 8 or 9 inches [20-23 cm] long and 2″ [5 cm] thick. It may not be the largest cock Janice has handled but it seems pretty impressive for someone so old. Or, more to the point, it seems impressive he could get it hard so quickly at his age. Her best guess is that Malcolm is about 65 years old.


Malcolm moans with pleasure as Janice licks on the tip of his cock and then deep throats it. She starts out slow but quickly builds up rhythm. However, she comes to a quick stop when she hears the ring of the bell above the front entrance. The customer says something to Malcolm but Janice is in too much shock to focus enough to make it out.

Janice remains frozen like that for about ten seconds. Then Malcolm’s hand snakes through the curtain opening and grabs hold of her head. She takes the hint and starts deep throating the cock again. She has to struggle to remain silent. That isn’t easy when deep throating a 9 inch [23 cm] cock.

Several minutes go by before she hears Malcolm ringing up a purchase. She can’t believe the customer is only a couple feet away from them. Her instinct is to halt the blowjob again. However, she fears this might anger Malcolm.

A minute later the door bell rings as the customer leaves. Janice would let out a big breath in relief if her throat weren’t currently stuffed with cock.

“Shit, you are really good at that,” Malcolm moans.

The comment is embarrassing but Janice can’t help but swell with pride. Sucking cock is gross but even she has to admit that she is pretty good at it. Even ‘uncle’ Victor often praised her on her oral skills.

A minute passes and Janice is certain that Malcolm is getting close to cumming. Malcolm reaches through the curtain though and pulls her off his dick. He grabs a fist full of hair and angles her head such that her mouth is against his balls.

Janice takes the rude hint and starts licking and sucking on Malcolm’s hairy and very large balls. It takes all her effort just to fit one of the balls into her mouth. She is pretty sure that she could get Malcolm to fall in love with her if she were to deep throat the ball and squeeze the other one in her mouth as well. She decides against it. The last time she was made to do that it had been very uncomfortable and a bit scary.

Instead, she bathes the smelly orb in her mouth until it is fresh and clean. She releases it from her mouth and starts on the other one.

She goes back and forth from one nut to the other for a good 15 minutes before Malcolm moves her back to the tip of his cock. She finds the tip dripping with precum. She licks it clean and then applies suction. She is rewarded with a couple more teaspoons of the stuff. It coats her throat as she swallows it down. She starts to work his cock again, but Malcolm moves her back to his balls once more.

Malcolm repeats this process over and over. Janice finds it exhausting. She also finds it very frustrating. She knows she has Malcolm on the verge of cumming. However, the man won’t let her finish the job.

Sperm is gross and nasty tasting. However, right now Janice has never wanted anything more in her life than she wants Malcolm’s cum. She isn’t even sure why. Sure, sucking on his balls and cock is pretty exhausting work. However, it is more than just that. She can’t put her finger on it. All she knows is that she needs his cum. It’s no doubt her training kicking in once more.

She likes to believe they never broke her. However, it’s times like this that she has serious doubts that her mind is still intact.

Janice quickly pushes the thought out of her head. She has debated this topic way too many times in her head before. The debate always proceeds the same. It always includes her looking back at who she was before her training and comparing that to who she is now. The change is so vast that it frightens her.

She also always concludes that even if someone could snap their fingers and make her turn back in to Jack again, she wouldn’t want them to. She knows that Jack could never live with what she has been made to do these past eight months. Maybe in time she could find a middle ground between Jack and Janice. However, she knows that converting all the way back to Jack is no longer an option. No, it is better to just push these thoughts out of her head and save herself the tears.

Janice works on Malcolm’s cock and balls for what seems like ten hours. In reality it was just over two. Then, just like that, the cock is pulled away. Part of Janice wants to chase after it so she can finish the job. The main thing that stops her is the humility of facing the man. Even after all these months, she still feels a great amount of humiliation when she services a man’s cock. She has gotten good at covering it up, but it is still always there.

She hears Malcolm zip up and then start walking around in the store. Each time he gets near again, she receives a wave of conflicting thoughts. Part of her wants him to put his dick back through the curtain so she can finish her job. Another part of her prays it is all over and she can come out and get some fresh air.

And yet, another part of her wants to stay hidden behind the curtain forever. She would even gladly service Malcolm over and over again just so she could stay hidden and not have to come out and face Malcolm and the rest of the world.

“My shift is almost over,” Malcolm says as he parts the curtain and motions for Janice to come out.

Malcolm leads her to a back door and opens it.

“Wait back here,” he tells her. “I’ll come get you in a little bit.”

Malcolm then closes the door, leaving Janice alone behind the store. She is up wind from a nearby dumpster, but she can still smell the putrid stench of rotting food. She wants to get away from the offensive smell but that would put her further out in the open where a cop might notice her. And if she goes too far away in order to find a new hiding spot then she won’t be able to see Malcolm when he returns.

Of course, that assumes he will return. It is possible he is done with her and is literally putting her out with the trash. She doubts this though. Malcolm may not have climaxed but he did a lot of moaning. She is pretty sure he wants more of her throat.

The main question is whether she wants more of his cock. When she was in the dark cubby all she could think about was swallowing Malcolm’s load and finishing the job she started. Now that she is outside by herself, Malcolm’s cock is the last thing she wants anything to do with.

However, leaving is out of the question. Malcolm is the closest thing to a perfect solution for her problem. Staying with him will provide her both shelter and food. Now that she has sucked his cock, the odds of him turning her in is extremely remote. More likely, he will go out of his way to help hide her from the cops.

Janice endures the stench for almost a half hour before Malcolm pulls up in an old sedan. Malcolm smiles and gives her a wink. Janice blushes but doesn’t hesitate to get in the car.

They drive for about 3 miles [5 km]. Janice crouches down in her seat the entire way in order to make sure no one can see her. However, she still peaks outside from time to time to see landmarks. She also makes sure she memorizes every turn, just in case she has to later make her way back to the abandoned garage/house.

She tries to ignore Malcolm but can’t help but glance at him from time to time. In particular, she focuses on the large bulge in his pants. She serviced that bulge for two hours earlier and she is certain she will be servicing it again shortly. She feels disgusted with herself when she feels her cock try to stiffen in it’s cage.

Malcolm remains quiet for most of the ride. He does, however, ask Janice’s first name. Janice gives a fake name at first. However, Malcolm knows she is lying and insists she give her real name. She reluctantly does. Thankfully, he doesn’t demand a last name. The questioning ends there and they drive the rest of the way in silence.

When they finally stop and Janice peaks out, she can’t believe how run down the neighborhood is. It is night and day compared to the middle class houses she inspected earlier. The apartment building they are at looks even more run down than the abandoned house she found earlier.

“Stay down,” Malcolm tells her as he gets out of the car. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

Janice doesn’t need to be told twice. A young white girl in a neighborhood like this would draw a ton of attention. All it would take is one set of eyes on her and the cops would have her in custody within the hour.

Malcolm returns about seven minutes later. He stands next to her door for a minute looking around.

“Quick, get in,” he says as he opens the door.

Janice is stunned for a second when she sees a very large opened suitcase on the ground. It looks like she will probably fit in it. However, the fit is the least of her worries. Being zipped up in a suitcase seems a bit scary. Malcolm will have full control of her once she is in that suitcase. The thought brings about other worries in regards to what Malcolm might have planned for her once they get inside. These of course are things she should have been worrying about hours ago. The suitcase definitely had her thinking about it now.

“You can get out of the car and hit the streets again or you can get in the suitcase,” Malcolm growls when it is clear Janice is having second thoughts.

It isn’t much of a choice. If she gets in the case then there is probably a 50/50 chance she will end up being held captive by Malcolm. However, if she goes for a stroll in this neighborhood then she will most likely be picked up by the cops and sent back home where there is a 100% chance she will end up being held captive. And that is assuming the best case scenario. A lot worse things could probably happen to her in a neighborhood like this.

Reluctantly, Janice ducks out of the car and gets into the suitcase. Malcolm quickly shuts the case and zips it up. A second later the bag is lifted upright. Janice finds herself with her head and knees toward the ground. That quickly changes, however, when Malcolm tips the suitcase way up so he can use the rollers. Most of her weight is now on her feet and rump. She is thankful she got in the suitcase the way she did or most of her weight would have probably been on her head right now. The suitcase is uncomfortable as it is.

The suitcase is pitch black and scary inside. The darkness is filled with the vibrations and loud sound of the wheels rolling along the hard sidewalk. She feels extremely vulnerable in the suitcase. She fears that Malcolm might accidentally lose balance of the case and drop her on her side. This fear becomes 100 fold when she feels Malcolm taking her up some steps.

There are only three or four steps. The wheels then start rolling again. She is pretty sure they just entered the building and are now on the bottom floor. A half minute later and they are going up stairs again. Lots of stairs.

Please don’t let me fall down the stairs! Janice prays over and over in her head.

Janice does some quick calculations of how much her and the case must weight. It isn’t a lot of weight. However, Malcolm is no spring chicken. Malcolm looks like he is in shape. However, it is hard for Janice to have confidence in his physical abilities when she has so much riding on it. The only thing she is certain of is that Malcolm’s rough hands will probably be able to maintain a good grip on the handle.

For the first flight of stairs, Malcolm seems to be carrying her more than dragging. However, by the second flight there is a rhythmic thud of her being dragged up the stairs. Malcolm is no doubt losing his breath. Janice imagines the man breathing heavy and her breath in turn becomes labored.

At first she thinks her breathing is just some kind of sympathetic effect. However, it becomes worse and worse. Her head begins to spin. She sometimes feels this way when she is deep throating a large cock. She is filled with fright when it dawns on her that she is suffocating in the enclosed case.

She tries to yell and bang on the sides of the suitcase but she is too weak already. She barely manages a small whimper. Janice can’t believe that after everything she has been through, that she is going to die in a suitcase. Way back when she was still Jack, she sometimes wondered how she would some day die. Not surprisingly, dieing in a suitcase had never occurred to her.

Janice’s head is really spinning now. Then suddenly there is a bright light and she can see a shadow of herself floating above her. However, as the spinning slows down the shadow comes into focus and she sees that it is actually a sweaty Malcolm looking down into the suitcase at her.

“Home sweet home,” Malcolm says as he helps her out of the suitcase.

It takes Janice a minute to regain all of her senses. The first thing she spots is her bag next to the door. Either Malcolm went back for it or he carried it up at the same time he carried her.

The next thing that she quickly notices is that Malcolm’s apartment is even worse than the dirty bathroom at the store.

It is not lost on her that this can be a good thing. It gives Malcolm more reason to keep her around other than just sex. She of course doesn’t fool herself into believing she won’t be having to provide a lot of the latter as well.

Malcolm doesn’t waste any time either. He walks over to her and pulls back the top of her dress so he can get a good look at her chest.

“Wow, those are real,” Malcolm says in surprise.

Janice blushes and pulls away. She may be his sex toy but that doesn’t mean she can’t be treated with a little dignity. Yeah, even Janice can’t believe that thought entered her mind. The last thing a sissy ever gets or expects is dignity.

“Do… do you want me to start cleaning in the kitchen?”

It is a weak attempt at changing the subject. One that Malcolm doesn’t go for.

“How about you do a little striptease for me,” Malcolm says as he sits back in a recliner and kicks off his shoes.

Janice turns beat red. It isn’t really the striptease that embarrasses her. It is more what she knows it is going to lead up to. It only takes her a moment to compose herself and start dancing. It’s not like she didn’t know something like this was going to happen.

She starts out a bit clumsy at first. However, the dance quickly becomes a lot more erotic. She is okay but not great. She is convinced she has two left feet. It is another reason she dreaded the dance lessons her father was considering for her. The party wasn’t even the first time she had to dance. She danced for the Dean many times prior. It was always to the same song also… I’m a Slave 4 U. Janice likes the beat but was never so hot on the lyrics. She sings it in her head now though as she dances in front of Malcolm.

She blushes further when she sees the lump in Malcolm’s pants get even bigger. She is most of the way through the song before she remembers she is supposed to be removing her clothes. Not that she has much to remove.

She slides the straps off her shoulders and her dress slowly glides to the floor as she gyrates. A moment later and she lifts her training bra over her head and deposits it on the floor with the dress.

Malcolm lets out a moan as her breasts come into view. He also unzips his pants and pulls out his large cock. Janice nibbles on her lower lip as she looks at it. She may know it’s flavor and feel very well but this is the first good look she has gotten of it. The large uncut black tube of meat looks much thicker than it had felt earlier. Either Malcolm is more excited now or Janice’s throat is just more accommodating than she thought.

As Malcolm starts masturbating, Janice finds she is staring as intently at him as he is at her. She tries to look elsewhere but her gaze keeps going back to the man’s cock. She knows that cock will be inside one of her holes very soon. The only question is which one. The innocent girl in her wishes it is just her throat. However, the naughty girl deep inside can’t wait to feel that large thing rubbing her ass clit.

Malcolm gets even more excited as Janice pulls her panties down and exposes her caged cock. It’s embarrassing to expose her ‘boy’ parts like this. However, she is also thankful that Malcolm enjoys the view. She is well aware that many men would find her body repulsive. She is very lucky to have found someone like Malcolm.

“Everything,” Malcolm says as he motions toward her cock cage.

Janice palmed the key earlier when she was taking off her training bra. She has mixed feelings as she reaches down and unlocks the device. She sometimes has climaxes when she is wearing the device. However, she is almost guaranteed to have one with it off. It isn’t that she doesn’t enjoy the pleasure of climax. She does. It is the disgust and humiliation afterward that she fears.

This of course doesn’t keep her cock from getting rock hard once the cage is removed. Janice flinches as Malcolm reaches out with one of his rough hands and grabs hold of her cock.

At first, the fingers are gentle and feel pleasurable. However, that quickly changes. The caress goes from gentle to rough. Malcolm then stops massaging the cock and starts pinching the tip. The pinch gets harder and harder.

“Oh… oh!” Janice squeals in pain.

“This is what you get for being such a bad girl,” Malcolm growls. “Good girls don’t get hard unless they are given permission.”

Janice has had her share of punishments in the past eight months. However, she has never been punished for getting hard. If anything, she got punishments for not being hard. Malcolm’s reverse requirement might be confusing but it doesn’t take Janice long to adapt.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” she says as she tries to pull Malcolm’s hand off her cock and goes to her tippy toes in pain.

Malcolm pinches for another 20 seconds before he finally lets go. Janice quickly backs away. She inspects her cock and is surprised to find there is no damage. It had hurt so much that she thought for sure there would at least be blood. However, it is no worse for wear. She still gives Malcolm an angry look.

Malcolm just stares at Janice’s now soft cock as he plays with his own. Janice tries to will her cock to stay limp but Malcolm staring at it somehow makes her get hard again. Malcolm frowns and turns his head back and forth in disappointment.

“I think you need a good spanking,” he says after a moment.

Janice takes a step back. Her eyes dart from her pile of clothes on the floor and the apartment’s door. It doesn’t take a mind reader to know what she is thinking.

“You are free to leave anytime you want,” Malcolm tells her.

At first, Janice thinks Malcolm is lying to her. However, the man picks her clothes up and tosses them to her. He then walks into the kitchen. When he comes back, Janice notices that he is carrying a beer and a large wooden spoon. Malcolm goes to his recliner and sits down.

“Hurry and make up your mind,” Malcolm growls. “Get dressed and leave or come over here and lay across my lap.”

At first, Janice is positive she wants to leave. However, she remembers what awaits her outside. Even if she makes it out of this neighborhood, she doubts she will last but a couple days before she gets so hungry that she has to turn herself in.

“Y…you won’t hurt me too bad, will you?” she meekly asks.

“I’ll hurt you as much as you need to be hurt.”

It is hardly the answer she is looking for. Reluctantly, she drops her clothes back to the floor. She studies the wooden spoon closely as she slowly inches her way over to Malcolm. It is similar to the one her mother uses when stirring soup at home. It is about 14 to 15 inches [35-37 cm] long. The spoon part itself is pretty wide but not that deep. It is clearly designed just for stirring and tasting. Well, she is pretty sure it has one other use. One that she is about to experience first hand.

Janice is blushing and shivering in fear as she positions herself over Malcolm’s lap. She scrunches her face up in disgust as Malcolm brings one of his rough hands to her face and pushes three large fingers deep into her mouth.


“Mmmph!” Janice yelps around the fingers.

The hit hurts like hell. What concerns Janice is that it wasn’t even with the spoon. It was just Malcolm’s bare hand.





Janice lets out a long continuous protest around the fingers as tears drip to the floor below her. Malcolm simply uses the opportunity to bury those fingers even deeper.







Her ass feels like it is on fire as the last hit lands. She braces herself for more but none come. Instead, she feels Malcolm rubbing her rear end. The man is being gentle but his rough hands feel like hot sandpaper on her sore rump.

Then, Malcolm does something that catches Janice off guard. The man leans her back slightly and grabs hold of her dick. Janice’s half soft dick quickly goes stiff again. She hears Malcolm give a grunt of disapproval.






These hits are a ton quieter but hurt ten times worse than the prior ones. Janice doesn’t have to look back to know that Malcolm is using the spoon on her.







Even Malcolm’s large fingers have trouble muffling her screams of pain. Janice has received worse punishments than this in the past… but not much worse. At least not in the arena of spanking.

As Malcolm leans her back and grabs her cock again, Janice concentrates hard to will herself to stay soft. Her tears double when she feels herself getting hard yet again.

“You just don’t learn, do you?” Malcolm growls as he pulls his fingers out of her mouth and pushes her off his lap.

Janice lets out another yelp as her sore rump hits the floor. She lets out another yelp when she gets up on all fours and brings her hand back to try to rub the pain away. The rubbing only seems to make it worse, so she quickly pulls her hand away.

Her eyes get big and she starts to crawl away when she sees Malcolm go to a closet and return with a very large board. He has something else in his hands but the board grabs all of Janice’s attention. The board is about a half inch thick, 9″ wide and 2′ 6″ long [1½x23x75 cm]. In the middle of the board she notices a small round hole about 1 inch [2½ cm] wide.

“I think I have just what we need to fix your little problem,” Malcolm says with an evil smile.

“Th… that will kill me,” Janice says in fear as she backs into a wall.

“I’m not going to hit you with it, silly,” Malcolm says with a chuckle. “Now get over here.”

Janice holds her ground. Technically, Malcolm hasn’t lied to her yet. Still, she doesn’t trust him.

Malcolm ignores her for a moment as he fiddles with the board. There is a small latch on one end and a hinge on the other. He undoes the latch and the entire thing opens up like a movie set clapboard. He then looks back to Janice.

“You have my word that I won’t hit you with it,” Malcolm says. “Now get over here before I change my mind!”

Janice holds her ground for another moment. Her cock is still hard and she knows this angers Malcolm. The board looks menacing but it doesn’t look like a spanking tool. At least not one she has ever seen before. Shivering, she crawls back to Malcolm.

“Oh!” Janice lets out in surprise as Malcolm grabs hold of her nuts.

Malcolm pulls her nuts until they are tight in her sack. It is uncomfortable but not that painful. Janice then feels a thin piece of leather being wrapped around her sack behind her nuts. When he finishes, her balls are in a big balloon of scrotum flesh.

Janice tries to crawl away when she sees Malcolm pick up the large board. Malcolm just gives her ball balloon a small tug to keep her in place.

Janice can’t see much of what is going on behind her. She feels the board against her thighs and can make out that Malcolm is closing the two halves of the board back together again. It isn’t until the board is latched that it dawns on her what is going on. Her balls are trapped on the other side of the hole in the board!

“Ugh!” Janice grunts in pain as she tries to stand in order to get away.

The maneuver pulls her balls away from her body and she quickly goes back to her hands and knees in order to relieve the pressure. She is about to protest when a gag is placed in her mouth.

The gag is made of three racquetballs strung together. It has a foul rubber taste. She gags as the back two balls force the lead ball into her throat. She reaches up to try to pull the thing out but Malcolm is already tying the gag in place. Once Malcolm backs away, Janice’s hands start working on the knot securing the gag.


“Hands off!” Malcolm growls as he gives Janice’s half exposed rump a slap.



Janice takes the additional two slaps before she calms down and starts breathing through her nose.

“Good girl,” Malcolm tells her. “Now comes the good part.”

“Mmm!” Janice tries to protest when she looks back and sees Malcolm picking up a thin 1″ [2½ cm] wide leather strap.

One of Malcolm’s rough hands reaches under Janice to make sure that punishment is still needed. Sure enough, she is as hard as a rock. The hand retreats and a second later there is a high pitch whistle-like sound as the leather strap cuts through the air. It is followed by the loud slap of leather hitting flesh.

“Mmm!” Janice yelps as the strap hits her exposed butt.

The pain isn’t as bad as the spoon but it still makes her try to jolt forward. This in turn gives her balls a hard tug.





Janice has to struggle to keep from trying to escape the blows. She balls her hands up into tight fists and bites her lower lip hard. Her whole body quivers as she struggles to withstand the pain. The large board holding her nuts protects her lower buttocks. That means all the hits land in the same general area on the upper part. Each individual hit is not extreme but the pain quickly builds.







“I’ll be a good girl! I’ll be a good girl!” Janice tries to yell around the ball gag.

Malcolm’s rough hand goes under her only to find that Janice is still being a very naughty girl. She is even harder now than before. Malcolm lets out a growl of disapproval. However, inside he is smiling. It isn’t often he runs across a male partner that can stay hard under such punishment. To him, this is an even greater aspect of Janice than the fact that she is so young and a shemale. Not that these aspects of Janice don’t turn him on also.

“Hmm,” Malcolm says as he lets go of her cock. “I guess there is only one way we are going to get that thing soft. Reach under and jerk yourself off. You better hurry though because I’m not going to stop until you finish.”

Janice can’t believe that Malcolm would expect her to be able to masturbate while in such pain. However, as soon as the strap hits again, she reaches under and starts trying.




The hits come every five to ten seconds. Janice does her best to block out the pain and instead focus on the pleasure coming from her dick.





Janice is surprised that after just one minute she is nearing a climax. Malcolm isn’t going to let her off that easy though.


“MMMM!” Janice screams around the gag as the strap lands on her vulnerable and all too sensitive balls.

The hit isn’t as hard as the ones on her rump but it is enough to cause extreme pain. The hit is followed by two more. Then the hits start landing on her rump again.






These hits on her ass feel like love taps compared to the ones that just landed on her balls. She quickly nears her climax once more.




“MMM!!” she screams as three more hits land on her sensitive balls.

This process repeats itself four more times before Janice is finally able to climax. Malcolm switches back to her balls as Janice’s cum starts shooting against the linoleum floor. He doesn’t let up until the last drop drips from her cock.

For Janice, the experience is a horrifying mix of pain and pleasure. It is also very exhausting. She doesn’t dare fall forward though. Not with her balls still secured behind her.

“Much better,” Malcolm says as he grabs her cock and finds it finally softening.

Malcolm positions Janice so her face is directly over the pool of cum on the floor. He then removes her gag. Janice knows what is expected of her and leans down and starts slurping her cum up. She tastes the sweet taste of her sissy cum but surprisingly very little dirt. It makes her wonder how many other boys Malcolm may have had licking this floor before her. Heavens knows the man clearly doesn’t know how to use a mop or broom.

Janice let’s out a sigh of relief as Malcolm unlatches the board that is holding her nuts captive. After the board is remove, Janice feels Malcolm fiddling with the leather strap around her ball sack. At first she thinks he is untying it. However, it quickly becomes clear he is up to something else. She looks under herself to see Malcolm tying the leather strap to a 5 pound [2 kg] dumbbell.

“No,” Janice protests. “I don’t want to do any more. I want to leave.”

“Shhh,” Malcolm tells her. “Don’t worry sugar. We are almost done for the night. Now be quiet or I will have to put the gag back in and take the strap to you again.”

At that, Malcolm releases the dumbbell. Janice’s balls are yanked down hard. Janice’s rump quickly drops down as well to relieve the pain. She doesn’t stop until the dumbbell is laying on the floor. There is just enough slack in the strap to allow her to stay on all fours. Though, she does have to spread he legs a little bit.

As she is dealing with this, Janice feels a wide leather belt go around her neck. Malcolm feeds the end of the belt through the buckle and pulls it until it is tight around Janice’s neck. He then wraps some of the excess around his hand. He uses his free hand to apply some lube to Janice’s asshole.

Janice then feels the head of Malcolm’s large cock against her hole. A second later and that cock is deep inside her.

“Uh!” Janice lets out in response to the sudden thrust.

Malcolm doesn’t start fucking her. He just remains motionless. They stay like this for almost 30 seconds.

“You better get moving if you know what is good for you,” Malcolm finally growls.

At that, Malcolm starts pulling on the end of the belt. This in turn cuts off Janice’s air supply. It also cuts off the blood to her head. Her instinct is to back up in the direction the belt is being pulled. However, she knows this is not what Malcolm wants. Reluctantly, she pulls forward instead. Sure enough, Malcolm starts to ease the pressure and she can breath again.

While moving forward might give her air, it also gives her a great deal of pain as she is forced to drag the weight across the linoleum floor by her balls. She goes until only the tip of Malcolm’s cock is in her ass pussy. She then reverses directions. The back stroke goes well for the first few inches. However, the strap connecting her balls to the barbell tightens and she has to drag the weight in the opposite direction about 5 inches [12½ cm]. She moves forward again but stops when the strap connected to the barbell tightens once more.

“Please!” Janice begs. “It hurts too much!”

“That’s the point.”

Malcolm thinks it but doesn’t actually say it. Instead, he just tightens the belt around Janice’s neck until she starts moving again.

“Ugh!” Janice lets out in pain each time she reverses directions.

The pain to her whipped balls is extreme. Every couple pulls the pain seems too much and she stops. Yet, all it takes is the belt tightening around her throat to get her moving again each time. Malcolm smiles as Janice struggles between the need to breath and the need to relieve the pain.

Malcolm is extremely experience at this and would never let Janice suffocate to death. However, he sure as hell will take her close to the brink if she makes him. He highly doubts she will do that though. Even the men Malcolm plays with are not strong enough to overcome their instinct to live. No way a sissy like Janice will be.





Janice’s grunts of pain are a bit loud but if you listen closely you can just barely make out the sound of the barbell sliding back and forth on the floor.

She tries to lower her rear end a few times in order to give the tow line more slack. Malcolm responds each time by pulling her rump back up and giving it a smack.

The frequent choking, blood restriction and pain has Janice’s head spinning in agony.

About three months into her training, Janice started to give up all hope and was on the brink of completely breaking. In her desperation, she made the mistake of kneeling next to her bed one night, putting her hands together and saying a silent prayer. When the Dean seen footage of this he required that Janice start saying a prayer out loud each night thanking God for allowing her to become a sissy. She was also required to thank God for each individual load of cum she got that day to include a blessing to the person that deposited it. Needless to say, what little religious belief she had quickly dissipated.

Her short time with Malcolm is quickly refreshing those beliefs. Or at least it is generating a lot of prayers. Spinning around in her head with all the pain is a repeating prayer for it to all be over. To be specific, she is praying over and over to receive Malcolm’s load of cum. She has never wanted anything more in her entire life. She even promises never to ask for anything else as long as this prayer is granted.

As bad as all of this is, it soon becomes worse. She suddenly realizes that mixed in with all the pain is a touch of sick pleasure. Her tears increase as it becomes clear to her that her ass clit is working against her. Janice gets a small jolt of pleasure each time Malcolm’s cock bumps into and slides across her ass clit. It isn’t long before her grunts of pain are replaced with those of pleasure.





Janice’s cock starts shooting it’s sissy load all over the floor again. Her anal climaxes are often animalistic and scary. This one, however, is mixed with a ton of pain and is a creature all it’s own. The vastly conflicting feelings cause the human thinking part of her brain to shut off for almost a full minute. During that time she becomes little more than a wild animal as she viciously slams her ass back and forth on Malcolm’s wonderful cock. Her climax feels as though it will never stop. She feels like she has shot her entire load and is now tapping into an additional reservoir of cum she never knew she had.

Malcolm chuckles as he watches Janice cumming on his cock. His play things always hate him at first. However, after a few days of climaxes like this one and they almost always fall in love with him. Within a week, Janice will be begging for his touch just like all the others.

Of course, his boy toys quickly become boring once they fall in love with him. He usually stops seeing them after that. It always seems funny to him how they go from practically being his unwilling captive to begging him for ‘dates’. Some even offer him money. He accepts their money but seldom grants them more than a few additional dates before locking them out permanently. They nag him for a few more weeks and then move on to some other dominant’s cock.

That said, this toy is clearly special. Malcolm can see maybe keeping Janice for several months before locking her out. Even then, he probably won’t just kick her out. He will probably give her to one of his friends to play with. They in turn will pass her on to another friend after a month or two. Malcolm suspects Janice will get passed around for at least a few years before she is truly let go. He is certain though that she will probably enjoy every minute of it. Well, most of it anyway.

Malcolm waits until Janice’s climax ends before he tries to have one of his own. He doesn’t want her to be feeling any pleasure when he gives her his nut. He wants to make sure she is only feeling pain and humiliation.

Janice’s climax finally ends but she is a good girl and keeps dragging the barbell back and forth. Malcolm listens to her grunts and sobbing for two more minutes before he has mercy on her. He grabs her now red ass cheeks and starts pounding into her asshole with all his strength. A minute later and he is filling his new toy with cum.

Malcolm spasms for almost a minute as he makes his deposit. It is one of the stronger climaxes he has had in a rather long time. Janice is white, young and a shemale. Having just one of these elements in a toy is a luxury. Having all three in a single toy is an all but impossible dream come true.

Malcolm gives Janice’s ass one last hard slap as he pulls his cock out of her. He then leans back against the side of the couch as he catches his breath. He closes his eyes and thinks about how great the next few months are going to be.

Malcolm’s eyes shoot open when he hears the barbell being dragged. His fear being that Janice might be trying to unleash herself from it so she can attack Malcolm with it. It wouldn’t be the first time one of his new toys has tried something stupid like this. He is pleased to see, however, that Janice is just repositioning herself so she can slurp her mess off the floor.

Janice blushes when she realizes Malcolm is watching her perform her cleanup duties. She doesn’t dare stop. She licks the floor until it is spotless. She then slowly inches her way over to Malcolm so she can lick his cock and balls clean as well. The man hasn’t ordered her to perform this task but the last thing she wants to do is piss him off. Better to go above and beyond than to risk further punishment.

Malcolm rests on the floor for a good five minutes. During that time he has Janice lick most of the sweat off his body. He also loosens the leather strap tied to her ball sack. The new knot is a lot more comfortable. However, it is still tight enough that it will hold securely as Janice drags the barbell around.

Ten years ago, Malcolm would have one or two more goes at a new toy. Now days he can barely manage one round per night. So, he reluctantly gets into his recliner and watches tv for the rest of the night. He keeps the barbell attached to Janice’s nut sack though. He does, however, check her from time to time to make sure her nuts stay a somewhat healthy color. He usually does these checkups each time after sending her to fetch him a beer.

Each trip to the kitchen and back takes Janice a good seven minutes. She only manages to drag the barbell about 3 feet [1 m] at a time before she has to stop and let the pain in her balls subside. Her pace is completely unacceptable. Malcolm is positive that with a little encouragement Janice can cut that time down to only one minute each direction. He decides to ignore the issue for now. It will give them something fun to practice tomorrow night.

When bed time comes, Malcolm fits Janice with a pair of fist mitts. They are a special pair of gloves that force her hands to stay bunched into a fist. He also checks her nut sack one last time. He is kind though and at lifts the barbell for her so she can crawl into the bed. It is the least a gentleman can do.

He positions Janice at the foot of the bed. He then crawls into bed himself and lays face down with a couple pillows under his waist so his ass is raised a little.

“Spread my cheeks and start tonguing my hole,” Malcolm commands. “I want you to keep at it all night long. There will be hell to pay if I wake during the night and find you slacking off.”

Janice only hesitates a second before using her mitts to pry the old man’s cheeks apart. She scrunches her nose up in disgust as she lowers her face to the crack and starts licking. She has had to perform this task many times before. This is 100 times worse though since Malcolm didn’t even bother to bathe first. His crack is dank. It has a slight earthy flavor mixed in with the salty taste of sweat. She sticks her tongue deep into his hole and vigorously wiggles and licks around.

“You can slow down a bit,” Malcolm says with a chuckle. “You have all night.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s perfect,” Malcolm says a moment later when Janice switches to a nice slow erotic tonguing.

This is Malcolm’s favorite way to go to sleep. It also has the additional purpose of providing good training for a new toy. You have a toy worship your hole for seven hours a night and it won’t be long before they are worshiping you. That’s Malcolm’s theory anyway. A theory which so far has proven true every time.

The really nice thing is that the nightly task also puts the toy on a new sleep schedule. They sleep while he is at work and are wide awake when it comes play time. This way the toy spends almost every waking moment in Malcolm’s presence.

Malcolm enjoys Janice’s tongue for about an hour before he finally dozes off.

Chapter 15

Malcolm wakes the next morning to find Janice’s tongue no longer in his hole.

“Fuck!” Malcolm growls when he turns to find that Janice isn’t even in the bed.

He doesn’t have to search further to know she has run off on him. He looks around anyway just in case. Sure enough, she is gone. He also finds the money in his wallet gone. Thankfully, he only had $7 there.

Malcolm chastises himself for not putting Janice in stricter restraints. He could have at least put a lock on the mitts instead of just strapping them. He would have done so had he thought she had the guts to actually attempt an escape. She clearly had a lot more nerve than he gave her credit for. Not only did she attempt the escape but she had the balls to even steal from him.

“I’m slipping in my old age,” Malcolm thinks to himself as he gets ready for work.

As Malcolm is driving to work, Janice is just starting to settle back down in her temporary garage home.

Janice is proud of her escape. However, she is also deadly scared that Malcolm will somehow find her. Just the thought of it makes her balls hurt. She can only imagine how pissed Malcolm is. Not only did she run away from him and steal his money, but it probably won’t be long before he discovers she also took a dozen or so cans of food. She even snagged his hand held can opener.

Janice sits in the dark shivering in fear for almost two hours before she drifts off to sleep.

Janice ends up staying in the garage for ten days. She tries a couple times with no success to break into the house. All of the windows in the house are boarded up. She is certain she could knock the boards out to gain access. However, she is too scared the noise might draw attention. It simply isn’t worth the risk. Odds are the place is completely empty inside anyway. All she would gain is a slightly softer floor to sleep on.

Her greatest challenge is finding a place to use the bathroom. The first couple days she uses the bushes outside. She is too scared to venture far from the garage. It isn’t until the third day that she convinces herself it is safe enough to explore a bit. She finds a park about a half mile [800 m] away that has a public restroom. It is only open during the day but that is fine since she knows Malcolm is at work during this time.

The nice thing is that the bathroom not only has toilets but sinks and running water as well. This allows her to clean her clothes, maintain her appearance and even continue her enemas. There is only cold water though which makes the enemas less than pleasant.

She only has enough food for one meal a day. However, it at least is a good meal with real food. She even finds a way to heat the soups and vegetables. She thanks her math class for that. She got lucky and found a large round metal pan in the back yard. She suspects it was being used at one time to hold water for a dog. The pan has seen better days, but it still has its shape. It isn’t quite a perfect hyperbola but it is close enough to turn it into a solar heater. Simply put a can of unopened soup or vegetables in the center and let it sit in the sun for an hour. It doesn’t get boiling hot but at least it gets warm.

Using a solar heater may sound like a bore but it actually becomes one of her more exciting parts of her day. It gives her something to do other than sit in the dark.

Of course, her most exciting part of the day is always going to the park. She doesn’t dare play on any of the swings or anything. However, the danger in being noticed is quite exciting. Not really exciting in the good sense of the word. In fact, it is damn scary. However, it at least breaks up the boredom.

Janice has a couple close calls with cops driving near her hide out or when she is going to or from the park. Once she sees a car that looks just like Malcolm’s. That really got her heart pumping. There are also a couple men walking in the park that seem to eye her. She isn’t sure if they are just innocent men or perverts. Regardless, she makes sure she stays clear of them. Just like she stays clear of everyone else, even other children.

She spends Malcolm’s $7 on additional food items, to include a large bottle of water which she later refills each day at the park. She saves about $15 for emergencies. Like things could possibly get worse.

Overall, her stay in the garage is rather uneventful. In fact, it becomes rather damn boring. Hour after hour of just sitting there doing nothing. There is some light coming it but it is still too dark to even draw on the concrete with rocks or make some kind of game. By the tenth day she is almost wishing they would catch her.

The truth is that she has enough food for another four or five days. She tells herself she needs to hit the road now though. That she will need the food during her journey. However, it is really the boredom that gets her moving.

As bad as the boredom was, it did at least gives her time to not only build up courage but to come up with a plan as to how she will travel.

She heads out in the morning. About an hour later, Janice finds what she is looking for… a truck stop. She hides in the shadows as she surveys the place.

Several days back, her original plan was to jump on a train like she often seen in the movies. She could even hear the trains in the distance sometimes at night. However, she quickly realized that even if she finds the tracks she is pretty sure she would have to follow them to the next station. She knows that jumping on a moving train wouldn’t be as easy as in the movies. And the train station would surely be keeping an eye open for people illegally getting on their trains.

No, the truck stop is a much better option. Or at least it seems so. If she can sneak into the back of a truck then she can probably get a long ways on just one ride. That said, she is pretty sure the odds of getting caught are much higher. However, with luck it will just be a single person she has to deal with and not a whole security force from the train station. Okay, maybe her boredom has caused her take on more risks than she really should. That said, it still seems a better option than hitchhiking.

There is a sidewalk that goes up next to a long line of parked trucks. She walks up the path, paying close attention to the license plates. In particular, she looks for Florida and other southern states. It seems logical to her that if they have those plates then eventually they will make their way back that direction. Of course, the products they are shipping matters as well. If it is corn or something like that then odds are the truck is headed south and not north. Okay, most of it is just speculation. Still, traveling any direction is better than staying put.

Janice finds a truck with Florida plates and covertly walks around it. There is a company name on it but not one Janice has ever seen before. There is nothing else on the vehicle to help identify what might be inside. She decides the only way to find out is to open it up. When she gets to the back of the truck she discovers the flaw in her plan. The back door is securely locked.

“Idiot,” Janice mumbles to herself.

Of course it is locked. What trucker wouldn’t lock the back of their vehicle? Janice starts walking around the other trucks just in case. If one of them is empty there is a chance the trucker never bothered to lock it up.

Janice smiles as she goes behind one of the trucks and finds there is no lock on it. The truck even has Florida tags. She looks around briefly and then tries to open the back door. The handle refuses to budge. At first she thinks she just lacks the strength. However, after a minute she takes a closer look and sees that the handle has a key hole. It is locked just like all the rest.

“What are you doing back here!?”

Janice almost pees herself when she hears the deep voice. She spins around and finds herself looking at a rather large white man. She can tell right away that the guy is a trucker. Hat, flannel shirt, unshaven, somewhat pudgy… just like on TV.

“I’m… I wasn’t doing anything!” Janice quickly replies.

“Bullshit,” the man growls. “I seen you trying to open that door. You were trying to steal something!”

“No! I was just… I was just trying to get a ride to Florida.”

Telling the truth is very risk since it gives away that she is a runaway. However, she doubts the trucker would believe anything but the truth.

The man calms down a lot when he hears this. It is not the first runaway he has come across. He looks Janice over. She is a bit young but might still make for good company on the long trip.

“Riding in the back of a truck is very dangerous,” the man informs her. “Ride up front with me.”

Janice notices that the comment seems more of an order than a request. She isn’t sure getting in the cab with this man is a wise thing. Malcolm seemed somewhat harmless also until she got alone with him. However, she realizes she doesn’t have much in the way of alternatives. It is this or keep on walking. And the longer she walks the greater the odds of being caught.

“Okay,” Janice whispers.

“I’m Earl,” the man says as he escorts Janice around the truck.

At first, Janice fears that Earl is escorting her to ensure she doesn’t take off running. When they get to the cab door, however, it dawns on her that the door is rather high off the ground. Earl helps her up. She takes special care to ensure Earl doesn’t get a peak under her pink dress.

A few minutes later and they are out on the highway headed south. As they drive, Janice does her best to slouch down out of sight. It isn’t that hard to do considering how high the cab is.

“Aren’t you going to tell me your name?” Earl says after about 20 minutes of silence.


It isn’t until after she gives her name that she realizes she should have made one up.

“Well, Janice, you do realize this ride isn’t free, right?” Earl says calmly as he gives his crotch a squeeze.

“I… I can pay you $10,” Janice quickly informs him.

Janice has over $15 but wants to hold on to at least some of it. She would have offered him only $5 but didn’t want to insult him. From Earl’s laughter is seems the $10 offer doesn’t impress the man much either.

“We’ve already burned through at least twice that in gas,” Earl says with a chuckle. “I had something else in mind for payment.”

Janice swallows hard when she hears Earl pull his zipper down. She looks at Earl’s lap just in time to see the man pull out his cock. The cock is pretty thick but not too long. Janice’s guess is that it is about 7.5″ [19 cm] long and 2.25″ [6 cm] thick.

“Slide over here and get to work,” Earl growls. “Or would you prefer I pull over and let you out?”

This is similar to how it all started with Malcolm. That said, it’s not like Earl could do much to her while driving. Plus, it isn’t much of a choice. They are out on the highway in the middle of nowhere. If she got out here then she would be forced to hitchhike or walk cross country. Both options are out of the question.

“I’m… I’m not really a girl,” Janice manages to tell Earl.

Janice blushes but forces herself to look Earl in the eye. She isn’t sure how Earl will take this news. There is a good chance it will get her kicked to the curb. The consequences would probably be much worse though if the man found out later.

“Bullshit,” Earl chuckles.

Earl has had a few girls give some crazy excuses in order to get out of paying for their ride but never anything like this. Janice seems rather serious though.

“Show me your tallywhacker,” Earl finally says as he gives Janice a curious look.

Janice hesitates for a moment and then starts pulling her dress upward. Once her dress is hiked all the way up she pulls her pink panties down slightly. Earl practically runs off the road as he stares in disbelief at Janice’s caged cock.

“I’ll be damned,” Earl says with a chuckle.

Earl has seen a few porn videos with shemales but never really seen any in person. Sure, he has seen a few men dressed like women but they still looked at least 90% male. Half of them hadn’t even bothered to shave their legs let alone take hormone pills.

“Are those real?”

It takes Janice a moment to realize Earl is referring to her breasts. When she nods her head, Earl reaches over and gives her left breast a squeeze.

“I’ll be damned,” Earl says again.

They ride in silence for a couple minutes as Earl evaluates everything. It isn’t a hard decision to make though. It’s not like Earl hasn’t received his share of blowjobs from guys in the truck stop bathrooms.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Earl finally tells Janice. “Get over here and earn your ride.”

Janice isn’t hot on the idea of sucking the man off. However, she is greatly relieved by Earl’s reaction. The situation could have turned out much worse. As she slides over to Earl’s side of the cab, Janice decides she will give the man the best blowjob she can muster. It will be her way of thanking him for being so understanding.

Earl’s cock is drooling precum already. She is a little sickened by the sight. However, part of her is also comforted by it. While in sissy training, she seldom spent ten hours without a cock in her mouth or ass let alone ten days. The sissy part of her brain welcomes the return to something familiar. The rest of her brain is a tad concerned she might have some kind of perverted addiction to cock.

She leans down and gives the head of the cock a tender kiss. She then parts her lips and lets the cock slide into her mouth and down her throat.

Janice is surprised to find that the cock doesn’t smell or taste bad like Malcolm’s did. Sure, there is a strong manly smell and flavor to it but for some reason she expected it to be much worse. She decides that overall she probably got the better end of their little deal. Especially if Earl takes her most of the way to Florida. She isn’t naive. She knows Earl will probably expect at least one or two more blowjobs between now and then. It’s still a pretty good deal.

“Oh, my!” Earl moans as Janice goes to work on his cock. “You really are special.”

Janice blushes, but deep down she is smiling. Victor taught her well. She is barely using half of her skills at the moment. She decides it might be best if she doesn’t dial it up to full. If she did that then Earl might accidentally drive off the road.

As they drive, Earl shifts positions slightly this way and that in order to give Janice better access to his cock and balls. It becomes pretty clear to Janice that Earl has done this many times in the past. She can’t help but wonder how many of those blowjobs were from adults and how many were from kids.

“Oh!” Earl moans after a couple minutes. “Here it comes sugar!”

A second later and Janice’s mouth and throat are getting coated with Earl’s thick jizz. Janice is happy the ordeal is over. Yet, at the same time it just doesn’t feel right that Earl would finish so fast. Most of the men she has sucked off in the past lasted much longer. And Malcolm sure as hell lasted longer.

Janice swallows Earl’s load and continues gently sucking until the cock stops drooling. She blushes as she backs away from the cock and gently tucks it back into Earl’s pants.

“Good girl,” Earl praises.

The comment makes her blush further but she still manages to reply with a “Thank you.”.

The two ride in silence for several minutes before Earl speaks up again.

“How would you like to make a little money,” Earl asks her. “There are a few truckers that would pay for your services.”

Janice turns bright red at the suggestion. She is very embarrassed but also rather angry. She is a proper lady, not some whore! However, she then remembers how little money she has.

“How much?” Janice finally whispers as she looks down at her lap in shame.

“Well, most of the money would go to me,” Earl quickly points out. “I’m the one that will do serious jail time if we get caught. I’m thinking your cut could be about $5 a customer.”

“Five dollars!”

Janice doesn’t scream it in anger but she is definitely thinking it. It is bad enough to be pimped out. However, she isn’t going to be some cheap $5 whore. Okay, maybe technically the customers will be paying more than that. However, from her perspective she would be a $5 whore.

“Ten,” Janice counters.


Janice frowns at Earl’s quick and excited reply. Something tells her that she just got played. That Earl would have settled for a much higher price.

Earl immediately gets on his CB. Earl is using so much CB code that it is over five minutes before Janice realizes that the man is advertising her services. Even then she can only manage to decode bits and pieces. Earl keeps referring to her as a ‘bubblegum buffalo’. The ‘bubblegum’ part obviously is referring to her age. She can only make a wild guess that ‘buffalo’ means ‘sissy’ or ‘prostitute’. All she knows is that it better not mean he thinks she looks like an actual buffalo.

Janice also manages to make out their destination. They are headed to a place called, ‘pickle park’. She isn’t sure if that is code or an actual name of a park. Earl includes a number in the name which Janice is pretty positive is an exit number. She watches the exit signs closely and sees that they are counting down toward the number indicated.

On the bright side, they still have 52 exits to go before they reach their destination. Or at least this seems like the bright side. As the exits count down though, Janice becomes more and more nervous. The butterflies are flapping around in her tummy as she starts wondering what types of men will be using her. Will they be ugly and smelly? Will they have big cocks or small ones? Will they just want blowjobs or much more? And of course there is also the fear of a cop overhearing the advertisement.

It is almost an hour before they arrive at their destination. As it turns out, ‘pickle park’ isn’t much of a ‘park’ at all. It’s just a large rest area on the side of the highway. After thinking about it, it only makes sense to her that the spot wouldn’t be far from the main road. She can’t imagine the place has an actual name. So, the ‘pickle’ part still confuses her a bit.

“Get in back and take your clothes off,” Earl orders as he parks the truck.

At first, Janice thinks Earl is referring to the actual back of the truck. However, the man reaches back and parts a curtain directly behind them. Behind the curtain is a very small cabin area with a bed. Janice swallows hard. She can’t believe this is actually happening. She is really going to be pimped out by Earl. Well, technically, Ray already did that to her. Still, this somehow seems more real and raunchy. It won’t be taking place in a huge fancy mansion this time. She will be providing her services on a small mattress in the back of a truck. Janice frowns but still obeys the order.

Janice’s hands are shaking as she removes her clothes. It doesn’t help her nerves any that Earl is staring at her while she does it. Earl watches her until she is down to only her cock cage.

“Leave it on,” Earl says as Janice goes to remove her cage.

The way Earl sees it, there will be less mess on his covers if Janice keeps her cage on. Plus, if Janice cums she might start rethinking their deal. The last thing he needs is a uncooperative buffalo. It wouldn’t stop him from continuing to pimp her out. However, it would make things harder than they need to be.

Janice folds her dress and panties nicely and puts them on a shelf at the foot of the bed. Earl then has her lay down on the bed in a somewhat seductive pose.

Earl gets back on the CB and spits out some more cryptic code. A minute later the passenger door opens and a man climbs in. Janice blushes profusely as the man stares at her.

“Holy shit!” the man says. “You weren’t joking. Where did you find him at?”

“Don’t worry about that,” Earl growls. “It’s $50 for a blowjob and $100 for anal.”

Janice’s face manages to turn even redder. However, only part of it is due to embarrassment. The rest is anger. She is only getting $10 and Earl is charging $50 to $100!

“That’s awfully steep!” the man protests.

“Take it or leave it.”

“Fine,” the man says after thinking about it for a bit. “I’ll pay $50 for a blowjob from him but I expect to get a discount the next time we do business.”

“I’ll consider it,” Earl says as he counts the money.

As Earl gets out of the truck, Janice wonders what was meant by the next time they do business. Does Earl pimp his rides out often? Or worse, has he told these other drivers that he plans to keep Janice long term?

Janice’s thoughts come back to the present as the trucker kicks his boots off and then climbs into the back with her. Janice scrunches her nose up in disgust as she gets a good smell of the guy. He smells like cigarettes.

The guy is a lot skinnier than Earl. However, Janice still has to move to the end of the bed in order to give the guy room to lay down. The guy immediately unzips his pants and pulls his cock out.

Janice smiles when she sees that the man’s cock is only 7″ [18 cm] long and 1.5″ [4 cm] thick. One of her fears was that she would be having to service very large cocks. A cock this size she can handle in her sleep.

“Oh, Pickle Park,” Janice says to herself when she gets that ‘pickle’ is probably a reference for ‘cock’.

Janice crawls back up the bed between the man’s legs. She then sucks the full 7″ [18 cm] of his pickle into her mouth and throat.

“Oh!” the man moans.

A second later and Janice feels the man cumming deep in her throat. She can’t believe that the man didn’t even last as long as Earl had. She isn’t sure if she should be flattered or insulted.

The man came so fast that Janice thinks about asking if he wants to go again. It seems only fair for the price he paid for her mouth. The guy doesn’t give her a chance to ask. He quickly puts his cock away and zips up. Janice can tell the man is disgusted at what he just did with her. Janice is very familiar with this look of disgust. She just isn’t used to seeing it on the face of men. She is more used to seeing it when she looks in the mirror.

The guy has his boots on and is out of the truck in less than a minute. Earl is back in the truck shortly after that. He is joined by her next customer. They quickly negotiate a price. The man wants a blowjob as well. Earl leaves once more and the man hops in the back.

The entire process is basically a repeat of the first. This man even has the same size cock. He lasts at least five minutes though. The man leaves the truck and Earl enters with another customer and it all starts over again.

Janice ends up doing nine blowjobs in a row. Some cum quickly but most last a good five to ten minutes. She is embarrassed throughout the ordeal but she also becomes excited by how much money she is making. One of the men even gives her a $10 tip. That means she has made $100 already! It is still a lot less than Earl’s $360. However, $100 for less than two hours work seems pretty damn good to Janice. That is more money than she has ever had at one time. On top of that, she isn’t starving anymore. She now has a tummy full of cum.

“We’re closed,” Earl tells the next trucker to approach the truck. “We’ll open up shop again down the road once it gets dark.”

Janice is actually a little disappointed by the announcement. Not only could they make a lot more money here but she hadn’t cum yet. While the idea of being fucked by one of the truckers is disgusting, the anticipation of having her ass clit massaged by a cock has gotten her a little hot and bothered. Yet, all the truckers bought nothing but blowjobs.

There is a chance that some of them might fuck her ass later tonight. However, she isn’t sure she can wait that long. Okay, she can easily wait that long. What she is really scared of is how aroused she will be by that time. Or more to the point, what she might start begging them to do to her.

“Is it okay if I… if I take my cage off?” Janice whispers from the mattress as Earl starts the truck.

Earl looks back at Janice in confusion. He knows what she is asking. It is just confusing why she would bother to ask. Sure, he sometimes trains his ‘passengers’ to be obedient. And yes, he plans to do the same with Janice. However, that is a ways down the road. First, you get them addicted to the money. Then you start training them. You go too fast and they will run off on you or worse. However, Janice has clearly already received training.

The more he thinks about it the more foolish he feels. Just look at her. It is highly doubtful she got the way she is by herself. In addition to feeling foolish, he also starts to get a bit concerned. Someone has invested a lot of time into her training. Not to mention the expense of turning her into a shemale.

Earl chastises himself for not thinking about it earlier. Seriously, what are the odds of running across a non trained young boy wearing a dress who has been given female hormones?

Earl’s concern of course is what will happen when her original owner comes knocking. Earl frowns when he realizes his business relationship with Janice will need to be a lot shorter than he originally hoped. In fact, every fiber in his body is telling him he should just drop her off at the next exit.

“You can take your cage off but don’t make a mess back there,” Earl tells her as he pulls out of the parking lot and heads down the highway again.

Janice closes the curtain and fetches her key. She blushes when Earl’s hand reaches back and opens the curtain back up. She freezes for a moment as she debates how badly she really needs to be milked.

Janice’s face gets redder as she reaches down with the key and unlocks her cage. She can feel Earl’s eyes on her despite him not actually turning back toward her. She looks up and notices that there is a rear view mirror inside the cab. She quickly averts her eyes when she sees Earl looking into the mirror back at her. She isn’t sure why she hadn’t noticed the mirror before. It is rather out of place if you think about it. It’s not like you could see anything with it.

She is pretty certain that this mirror serves the same purpose as the one in Ray’s van. It’s there so the driver can peek at their passengers. Janice somehow manages to become an even brighter shade of red. She wonders how many other people have laid in this bed and provided Earl with a peep show?

Despite the embarrassment, Janice’s cock has no problem getting hard. It is at full staff almost immediately after the cage comes off. Janice lays back on the mattress and starts playing with her cock. Part of her is tempted to turn to her side such that Earl can’t see anything. She decides not to. Earl has been good to her. Plus, she doesn’t want to do anything to ruin their business relationship.

While her right hand plays with her cock, her left hand snakes between her legs and starts playing with her hole.

“Mmm,” Janice moans as two of her fingers slide inside her ass.

Janice left her plug and beads at home. It has felt good being without them all day. However, at the same time the emptiness has been nagging at her. After eight months of being plugged it just doesn’t feel right not having her hole stuffed.

Janice pushes a third and then a fourth finger inside. She then gets a very naughty idea. The idea is so wicked that it makes her blush further.

Slowly, she pushes her thumb in along side her four fingers. She tries to push her whole hand inside but the angle just isn’t right. However, getting into the correct position will give Earl more of a show than Janice is comfortable with. Yet, the thought of her hand inside her hole massaging her ass clit sends yummy naughty tingles through her tummy.

Janice looks up at the mirror. She sees Earl still taking brief glances back at her. She quickly averts her eyes again. She nibbles on her lower lip as she gives in to the desire for a better angle. She turns over and gets up on her hands and knees. She then reaches back with her left hand again, only this time from the back.

She gets her fingers and thumb back in her hole very quickly. Getting her full hand inside, however, is a different story. The widest part of her hand isn’t any bigger than her beads. However, the angle makes it hard for her to push it inside. She arches her back so she can get a slightly better attack.

“Oh! Daddy!” Janice moans as her hand pops inside.

A wave of shame washes over her when she realizes she said ‘daddy’ out loud. However, the shame doesn’t keep her from pushing her hand in even deeper. She doesn’t stop until she is all the way up to her wrist. The angle prevents her from going any further.

“Oh!” Janice moans as she wiggles her fingers.

The tips of her fingers feel good against her ass clit. What she wouldn’t give, however, to have the thicker part of her hand deeper against it. This will have to do though. As her fingers wiggle deep inside her, her other hand goes back to playing with her cock.

“Holy shit.”

Janice blushes, yet smiles inside, when she hears Earl’s comment from the front seat. She is being so naughty! It sends a special thrill through her body.

The naughty thrill becomes ten fold when she realizes Earl is pulling off the highway. They’ve only been on the highway for a few minutes. There is no doubt in her mind why Earl is pulling off. He is going to play with her.

The thought of Earl possibly breeding her hole brings her close to orgasm. Her only wish is that Earl’s cock were bigger. What she wouldn’t give to have Robert’s huge cock inside her right now. As she fantasizes about it, it dawns on her that Earl has something even bigger than Robert’s cock. If she asked nicely, maybe Earl will use his fist! The thought of Earl’s huge fist forcing it’s way inside her pushes Janice over the edge. She quickly removes her hand from her cock and cups it under the tip.

“OH! OH! OH!” Janice moans over and over as she shoots her load into her waiting palm.

“Oh!” she moans one last time as she pops her left hand out of her asshole.

It takes her a few seconds to catch her breath. She then brings her right hand to her mouth and sucks and licks the cum from her palm. Once her cleanup duty is done, she falls to her side on the mattress and bathes in the afterglow of her climax. It is several seconds before she remembers her audience and the show she just gave. That, coupled with the fantasy she had, makes her start crying in shame.

Janice swallows hard when the truck comes to a stop and she remembers she still has to satisfy Earl. She prays that Earl doesn’t plan to do to her what she just fantasized about. Having Earl’s large fist up her ass is the last thing she wants.

Lucky for her, it turns out all Earl wants is another blowjob. The man doesn’t even last full three minutes.

Chapter 16

Janice and Earl drive the following couple hundred miles in silence. Janice thinks about asking to turn the radio on but decides it is best not too. There is a chance her parents might be offering a reward for her return. Considering what the two have done together, it is unlikely Earl would turn her in. There is still that small chance though.

Instead, she settles for listening to the chatter on the CB. Thankfully, none of the truckers are talking about a missing girl or rewards. That is not to say they aren’t talking about her at all. From time to time there is mention of the cute little bubblegum buffalo at the pickle park. The chatter embarrasses Janice a bit. However, the compliments she is getting makes her a little proud at the same time.

The chatter is also good advertising. She is a bit surprised that Earl isn’t responding to any of it in order to drum up more business for later tonight. Earl doesn’t even respond when they call out to him by name. He just focuses on the road.

The sun sets but they drive another 100 miles [150 km] before Earl finally pulls off the highway. They drive on a small side road parallel to the highway for about a half mile [750 m]. It isn’t until Janice sees their destination that she realizes why Earl hadn’t bothered advertising her services earlier. Ahead of them is a huge adult video and book store.

Butterflies flap around in Janice’s tummy at the thought of all the horny customers she will probably be entertaining tonight. She smiles at all the money she will make.

Earl stops the truck and immediately unzips his fly. Janice knows what he wants and slides over and pulls the man’s cock out. A couple minutes later and Janice is swallowing Earl’s load once more.

“Wait here,” Earl says as he zips up and opens his door.

Earl is out of the truck and walking toward the building before Janice thinks to ask if she should undress or not. She doesn’t want to appear too eager so she decides to keep her clothes on. It’s not like it takes long to remove her dress anyway.

The butterflies in her tummy go crazy as the minutes tick by. As she waits, Janice counts all the vehicles in the large parking lot. There are six large trucks and at least ten passenger cars. There are also vehicles coming and going every few minutes as well. They are definitely going to make a lot of money here tonight.

Almost 20 minutes pass before Earl steps back out of the building. Janice frowns when she sees a very fat man walking toward the truck with Earl. She doesn’t bother to jump into the back. It is clear this man is too fat to climb up to the main cab, let alone fit inside the back. She will need to service him in the bushes or something. She feels a bit ill at the thought of trying to find this man’s cock inside all those layers of fat.

Earl opens Janice’s door and helps her step down. He then has her do a slow turn so the man can get a good look at her. He then has her lift up her dress briefly so the man can see her caged cock.

“Not bad,” the man says after a moment. “I’ll give you $300.”

Janice’s eyes get big. That is a ton of money. After this trick is over she plans to renegotiate her contract with Earl. She should get more than $10 if the tricks are paying $300 a pop.

“Come on Big John,” Earl responds in an annoyed tone. “You will make at least ten times that.”

“I’ll go up to $400,” Big John says as he gives Janice’s left breast as rough squeeze.

“I’ll take $600 and not a penny less,” Earl insists.

Big John thinks about it for a minute and then pulls out a large wad of cash and starts peeling $20 and $50 bills off it.

Janice is confused and concerned as the man counts out the money. Earl sees her confusion and puts his hand on her shoulder to help calm her.

“Big John owns this place,” Earl informs her. “He’s going to set you up inside so you can get more customers.”

“W… will I still get $10 each?” Janice says after thinking about it a moment.

“Sure… of course,” Earl replies with a smile.

“I guess it’s okay,” Janice finally decides.

Janice isn’t too hot on the idea of leaving the familiar safety of the truck. However, the money makes it worth the risk. Besides, how risky could it really be? The more she thinks about it the more she realizes that it will actually be a lot safer than servicing clients in the back of a truck.

Big John hands the cash over and Earl quickly counts it.

“Come with me, sugar,” Big John says as he offers her his pudgy hand.

Janice ignores the hand and climbs back up into the truck and grabs her bag of stuff. If she gets as many customers as she expects then she will eventually need her enema bag and occasional touchups to her makeup. She is thankful that neither of the men ask why she is getting the bag.

Janice jumps back down and reluctantly takes Big John’s hand. She gets a bit worried when she looks back and sees Earl climbing back up into his truck. Was he planning to sleep in the truck while she is doing tricks? She would feel much safer if Earl stayed closer by.

Big John leads her around the side of the building and to a door near the very back.

“Is he leaving!?” Janice asks in alarm when she hears a truck start up in the distance.

There are other trucks in the parking lot but that engine sounds like it is coming from Earl’s direction.

“Don’t worry, sugar,” Big John assures her as he nudges her inside. “Big John will take good care of you.”

Janice’s instinct is to run. However, Big John is already in the doorway behind her. The man barely fits through the door, there is no way she can squeeze past him.

Running deeper into the building is an option but not necessarily a good one. She is in a long hallway. If all the doors are locked then all she will manage to do is piss Big John off. Plus, even if she made her way into the main store all she would accomplish is grab the attention of a bunch of people. If one of them doesn’t call the cops then Big John would have no choice but to do so. She doubts that whatever Big John has in mind for her will be anywhere near as bad as being turned over to the cops and returned home.

As they slowly walk down the hallway, Janice’s fear is joined by a wave of anger. If Earl really did take off then that means he took the money he owes her with him! She chastises herself for not asking for the money earlier.

“This will be your room for the night,” Big John says as he opens a door near the end of the hallway.

Janice peaks inside and is surprised to find a fully decorated bedroom. For some reason she had expected nothing more than maybe a mattress on the floor. This room, however, has a full bed, a dresser, portable closet, rugs, study desk, etc.

Janice can’t tell if the room is meant for an adult or a kid such as herself. The bed is queen size and there are nude pictures on the walls. These aspects are clearly adult. However, the colors and designs look like they were picked out by a kid. A little girl to be exact. There are polka dot sheets on the bed; butterfly pattern on the curtains; lollipop trees and balloons painted on the walls; etc. There is even a small doll house in the corner of the room. Everything looks nice by itself but put together the room looks pretty cheesy.

Big John nudges her inside.

“Pull your panties down and lift up your dress,” Big John orders. “I need to get a photo for advertising purposes.”

Janice blushes but she does as ordered. She even manages to put on a smile. The better the photo the more customers she will get.

Big John snaps a shot with his cell phone. He puts the phone back in his pocket and then goes to a 20″ Disney Princess TV sitting on a nightstand and turns it on. He then hits play on a DVD player. A second later a porn shows up on the screen.

“This is one of our more popular DVDs,” Big John says as he steps away.

Janice’s eyes get big when she sees the characters in the video. One is a large black man and the other is an 11 or 12 year old boy. There isn’t much in the way of plot. The man pulls out his impressive cock and the little boy starts playing with it.

Janice has seen tons of ‘kiddy porn’ in the past eight months. However, this video still shocks her. She has only ever seen a few where it is a man and a boy having sex. Sure, she has seen tons of men and sissies but hardly any where the boy actually looks like a normal boy. It not only looks wrong but also rather revolting.

As she watches the boy struggle with the man’s large cock, it suddenly dawns on Janice that when Big John said this was one of his popular DVDs that he might actually mean he filmed it. She turns to ask Big John but the man is already out of the room and closing the door.

“Wait,” Janice manages to say before the door completely closes.

Big John doesn’t wait though. Janice swallows hard when she hears the door being locked from the outside. She rushes to the door but can’t open it.

All kinds of thoughts go through her head as she stands there. Is she now a captive? Does Big John plan to make films of her? Will he pimp her out? Will he do much worse?

As scary as these thoughts are, short of being tortured and killed, Janice can’t imagine what Big John could possibly have planned for her that would be worse than going back home. Still, she doesn’t enjoy the idea of once again being a captive in a small room like this.

“Ow! Ow!”

The sound of pain draws Janice’s attention back to the TV. On screen, the black man is pressing the tip of his huge cock against the boy’s asshole. It is like an accident on the highway. Janice wants to look away but just can’t. She just has to see how that huge cock is going to fit up that boy’s little hole.

Of course, the video would seem considerably more horrifying if Janice didn’t already know she personally could easily handle the black man’s cock herself. At 2.5″ [6 cm] thick and 9″ [23 cm] long, the black man’s cock is huge, yet still child’s play for Janice. So, the possibility of them having this man fuck her is hardly that frightening. In fact, she feels her cock trying to harden in it’s cage at the thought of that black cock rubbing her ass clit.

There was a time when just the thought of touching a black person, even a female, seemed wrong and kind of gross to Janice. Ray put an end to that. The large black man visited her in the secure area at least two to three times a week.

Even after eight months, licking Ray’s armpits still humiliated and grossed Janice out. However, for some reason she almost looked forward to it. She didn’t understand why but her cock would get extra hard during Ray’s visits. She tried to convince herself that it was just because of the anticipation of having Ray’s huge cock rubbing her ass clit. However, deep down she knew it was more than that.

Janice chastises herself for getting turned on while watching the boy in pain. However, she forgives herself a little bit when the cock pops inside the boy and sinks deep. It becomes clear to her that this isn’t the boy’s first time. He easily takes the full length of black pipe. Within a minute, the boy is even moaning in pleasure. Yeah, right. No way that boy was anywhere near virgin. He was just acting for the camera.

While Janice is a bit relieved, she is still rather concerned about her situation. She didn’t run away from one hell just so she could visit another.

Janice checks the window only to discover there is no window. The curtains cover nothing but solid wall. There is another door in the room but it only leads to a small bathroom.

Janice paces the room for a bit and then finally sits on the bed. As she calms down she starts noticing a few things. The first thing is that the room in the video is nothing like the room she is in. Even the height of the room seems different. This is a good sign that maybe Big John didn’t make the DVD after all. Maybe he just sells them under the table to select customers.

Janice also notices the room is full of weapons. Or at least items that could easily be used as weapons. There is a glass vase that could be broken and turned into a knife. There is a pen on the desk that is just begging to be used as a stabbing instrument. There is even a wooden chair that could be broken down and turned into a blunt weapon. Either this room wasn’t meant to keep people captive or the person that set it up is a complete idiot. They didn’t even have a surveillance camera. Or at least not one that she could see. Maybe she wasn’t really a prisoner after all. That said, she still starts planning an escape.

This place is a joke compared to the secure area at the school. It doesn’t take Janice long to come up with a plan. It is a rather simple one. All she has to do is play along and get Big John to let his guard down. Then in a few days she could maybe turn the sound off on the TV and when Big John comes in she tells him it might be broken. Then all she has to do is run for the door once the big man gets past her. Once she is past him then his gigantic size will work in her favor. She will be down the hall and back out the side door before the big man even makes it out of the room.

Of course, she may not actually need to implement the plan. If Big John just plans to pimp her out then there is no reason not to play along. As long as he actually forks over her cut each day then there won’t be any harm in staying for a few days.

Heck, she might even decide to stay for a few weeks. It would be a good way of not only building up a lot of money but also waiting out any hunt that might be going on for her. After all, Big John will have a vested interest in keeping her hidden from the cops. Even if the reward is high he would risk too much by turning her in. Of course, he risks a lot by letting her go also. So, there is still a chance the escape plan may be needed eventually.

Janice puts her bag near the side of the door just in case she needs to use the plan sooner rather than later. She also puts the pen under it in case Big John actually manages to catch up to her somehow.

Once satisfied with her plan, Janice starts searching the room in more detail. She finds that the dresser contains mainly sex toys and various female items like panties, stockings, etc. The panties look nice but they also gross Janice out a bit. They may be clean but she doubts they are brand new. Others have probably worn these in the past. She notes that there are a variety of sizes. Some of the items look even too small for her. Janice can’t help but feel a bit sad for some of the younger kids Big John has apparently pimped out.

Janice finds no male underwear but she does find some male clothing in the closet along with the female stuff. They aren’t normal clothes though. They are costumes. There is everything from a sailor uniform to ballerina outfit. Again, there are a large variety of sizes. The larger sizes seem of higher quality. The smaller sizes look more like cheap Halloween costumes.

Janice spends the next 20 minutes searching the rest of the room. She doesn’t find anything of interest. Unless you count the jar full of condoms on the nightstand. They are clearly for all the customers. Janice has never seen a condom in real life before. She is tempted to open one up and inspect it. She decides against it. She does note, however, that there are a few different types in the jar. One of the types says it is ribbed. Janice has heard rumors about the ribbed ones. Her ass clit tingles at the thought of a customer using a ribbed one on her. She nibbles on her lower lip as she rearranges the condoms so that all the ribbed ones are at the top.

Once her search is over, Janice grabs some makeup from her bag and goes into the bathroom and touches everything up. She doesn’t have much to work with. She only brought a hand full of makeup items. It’s not like a ton of makeup is needed for a girl her age for normal everyday use. However, if she decides to do more prostitution in the future then she will need to buy a larger makeup kit. She hopes that her customers will be satisfied with the more conservative look.

After she is done, Janice goes back to the bed and waits for her first customer. She watches the porn video as she waits. She is watching for over a minute before it dawns on her that while it is the same boy in the same bedroom, the man fucking the boy is different.

At first, she thinks she just missed the end of first video and this is a different shoot. However, a line of black men comes into view as the camera moves around for better angles. The men are naked and playing with their hard cocks as they wait their turn with the kid. Janice puts her hand over her mouth in shock as she tries to count all the men. She gets to ten before the camera changes angles again. Her estimate is that there were probably close to 20 altogether.

Janice can’t believe all those men plan to fuck the boy. Janice got fucked a lot during her training but nothing like this. Janice’s cock tries to get hard in it’s cage when she realizes that Big John might plan to arrange a similar movie starring herself. The thought is frightening, yet makes her ass clit tingle at the same time.

Janice watches as the boy services one man after another. She is so fascinated that she almost forgets that she is waiting on customers of her own. An hour passes almost unnoticed. Janice is getting tired and decides to close her eyes for just a minute. Before the minute is over she is deep asleep. It isn’t long and she is having sweet sissy dreams. The sound from the TV acts as director for her dreams. Only instead of the boy from the video servicing all those black dicks it is Janice.

Janice is woken by the sound of the room’s door shutting. She wipes the sleep from her eyes and does her best to focus. Standing there is Big John and another man.

“Good morning,” Big John tells her.

At first, Janice doesn’t believe it’s actually morning. However, she remembers the dreams. She can’t remember them in great detail but she remembers there being a ton of them. She also realizes that she is no longer sleepy.

“What time is it?” Janice asks.

“Stand up and give Jack a good look see,” Big John says, ignoring her question.

Janice frowns but does what she is told. She stands and does her best to brush the wrinkles out of her dress. She then slowly turns so Jack can get a good look at her.

As she turns, she can’t help but wonder if Jack is the man’s real name. The man is an ugly looking Mexican. It seems an odd name for a Mexican. Plus, part of her doesn’t want the name to be ‘Jack’ since that was her name before she became ‘Janice’. And this large and manly guy certainly highlights exactly how big of a sissy Janice has become.

That said, the man’s name is hardly her biggest concern. Jack is pretty big but unlike Big John the man looks rather fit. He looks plenty strong and fast enough to catch her if she were to make a run for the exit.

Janice finishes her turn and waits for her next command. Big John simply motions toward Janice’s waist. Janice gets the hint and lifts the dress up and pulls her panties down so Jack can see her caged cock.

“Nice,” Jack says with a smile.

Jack tries to hide most of his excitement as he reaches out and gives one of Janice’s small breasts a squeeze through the thin dress material. This is a find of a lifetime. Over the years, Jack has acquired a variety of little boys and girls. However, this is the first shemale.

“Two grand,” Jack says after a moment.

If it were anyone else, Big John would have kicked the person out of his establishment for making such a low first bid. However, he would never even think of doing such a thing to Jack.

“That seems a bit low,” Big John says as nicely as he can. “I was looking for more like 15k.”

Jack is un-phased by the counter offer. If anything, he was expecting an even larger number.

“Five,” Jack replies.

“I could come down to maybe 12.”

“Seven is the highest I will go,” Jack says after thinking about it a minute. “I’ll also give you a name you can give to whoever comes looking for him.”

Big John was hoping to make a bit more. However, he has to admit that it is a fair offer. Especially the part about the name. If anyone is looking for this kid then there is a massive trail leading right to him. When they come knocking it would be nice to have a name to give them.

“Plus 10 percent off the next shipment of DVDs,” Big John counters.

He knows he is pushing his luck but he also knows that the 10 percent doesn’t really come out of Jack’s pocket. Jack doesn’t distribute the kiddy porn DVDs. Jack is more of what you might call a talent scout.

“Fine,” Jack finally agrees.

The 10 percent really isn’t a big deal. He knows that the distributors will be more than happy to provide the discount. Especially if Big John doubles or triples his normal purchase in order to take advantage of the deal.

Janice is shaking in fear during all of this. With Earl she was able to convince herself that she was a business partner. With Big John she seen herself as an investment, yet still possibly a business partner. However, with Jack she is pretty sure she has become nothing more than property. She isn’t so hot on the idea of being anyone’s property, let alone that of an ugly, mean looking Mexican like Jack.

Janice makes a dash for the door. She manages to get the door open a few inches. However, it is quickly kicked shut by Jack. The next thing she knows, Jack has her hands pulled behind her. A few seconds after that and they are tied with rope. A ball gag goes into her mouth before she even thinks to scream. She is brought to the floor and her feet are quickly bound.

This is not Jack’s first rodeo. He has had plenty of practice roping young kids. And of course, no roping would be complete without a proper hogtie. He runs a length of rope from the hand bindings to those at her feet.

“Mmm!” Janice grunts through her gag as Jack pulls the rope tight, forcing her into a backward ‘C’.

Jack pulls a small container from his jacket. He opens it and pulls out a syringe. Janice tries to struggle as Jack brings it toward her. She is completely defenseless though. She lets out a small grunt as the needle sinks into her rump and deposits it’s contents.

“Box her up.”

It is the last thing Janice hears before she goes under.

Chapter 17

Janice wakes several hours later to the sound of two men talking. At first, she thinks she is still in the room with Jack and Big John. However, she realizes she isn’t tied up anymore. She is also naked and can feel cold concrete under her. She opens her eyes a crack and sees that Jack is indeed there. However, the other man is not Big John.

Janice doesn’t have to listen long to discover the other man is a doctor. She doesn’t hear his name. The truth is that Jack doesn’t even know the doctor’s name. Everyone just calls him doc. Or at least that is what they say to his face. Behind his back they usually call him the vet. Because that is his actual profession… veterinarian.

Janice notices the doc holding a needle. She prepares to resist but then realizes the doc is putting the needle away. Apparently he already administered the shot to her. She doesn’t feel like she is going to pass out again. In fact, whatever they gave her seems to be making her more alert.

Once the needle is away, the doc picks up a couple vials of blood and scribbles something on the side of them.

“I’ll put a rush on these,” the doc says. “I’m sure the boss will be anxious to get him… um, her, in front of the camera. We should know within a day or two what sexual diseases she might have.”

“I don’t have any diseases!” Janice growls before she can catch herself.

She chastises herself for speaking up and letting them know she is awake. However, the accusation that she might have sexual diseases is insulting. Who do they think she is?! She isn’t some $5 street walker!

She blushes when it dawns on her that this title isn’t far off the mark. Her prostitute career might have been extremely short, but it had occurred. The more she thinks about it, the more she starts to fear what the tests might reveal.

This isn’t her number one concern. In fact, the thought of going back and becoming Big John’s $5 whore doesn’t seem so bad right now. Of significantly higher concern is that she doesn’t know where she is or what they plan to do to her.

“Come with me,” Jack commands.

Janice is still a little groggy but she manages to stand and follow. They go down a long hallway. There are doors on both sides of the hall every 10 feet [3 m] or so. Janice feels ill when she notices that all the doors are solid metal. She is pretty sure these are prison cells of some kind.

Janice is caught by surprise when three naked girls enter the hall from one of the doors. One of the girls looks to be around 15 years old and the other two are maybe 11 or 12. All three girls are caught by surprise as well. However, the older one seems to recognize Jack and has a great deal of fear in her eyes. She quickly ushers the other two girls down the hall.

Jack chuckles as he watches the three girls scurry away. He knows the younger girls will soon have fear in their eyes also when the older one tells them how close they came to meeting the Jackal.

In addition to being a ‘talent scout’, Jack also holds the title of ‘trainer’. Well, technically he also holds other titles like ‘cameraman’, since he records a lot of his training. Of course, most of his titles are just polite ways of describing his true duties. His not-so-polite titles would be more along the lines of child abductor, pedophile, rapist, and much worse.

What scares the children the most is Jack’s ‘training’ duties. If a kid gets out of line or simply performs poorly then they are sent to a trainer. The organization Jack works for has a variety of trainers. However, only the extremely naughty children go to Jack for training. That is because Jack’s training is rather extreme. Kids sent to him for training will quickly find their heads shaven and crawling around on the floor barking like a dog. Jack not only treats the trainees as dogs but breeds them with real dogs as well.

Jack’s training program also lasts much longer than most. Kids are kept under his care for a minimum of three months and usually for six or more. By the time they leave, most of the kids are absolutely convinced they are real dogs. It often takes months before they convert back to any resemblance of their former self. However, they never truly fully recover.

Three to six months is a long time and time is money. Therefore, Jack keeps detailed video documentation of all the training. Every few weeks he splices together the best parts and sends it to one of the organization’s three studios. They fine tune it, burn it to DVD, and then ship it out to various distribution sites. Jack will usually put out a good five to seven videos on each of his ‘puppies’. The videos sell like hotcakes also.

Needless to say, the children have good reason to fear Jack.

He does all of his training in Arkansas, some 900 miles [1500 km] away. Therefore, they never see the man unless he is picking up, dropping off, or both. It is the Jackal, not the boogieman, that the children here hide under the covers from when they hear a bump in the middle of the night.

Jack and Janice stop at the door the three girls just came out of. The door buzzes. Jack opens it and ushers Janice inside. The room is a bathroom with several toilet stalls. There are also showers along the wall opposite the toilets. Jack leads Janice to the showers.

“Uh!” Janice lets out and then jumps back when Jack turns a knob and a shower of cold water engulfs her.

Jack gives her ass a hard slap that echoes through the room. He gives her two more before she finally bites her teeth together hard and steps back into the cold spray. Her body feels like it is being pierced by a thousand needles. Janice shivers as she quickly washes up.

Jack grins as he watches Janice suffer through the cold shower. What he wouldn’t give to take her back to Arkansas with him. Lou, the head of their little organization, would never allow it though. Movies of the boy being turned into a puppy would sell like crazy. However, in the same amount of time, Lou could arrange for the boy to star in 20 or more videos. And any video of a cute sissy like Janice is going to sell well. Jack understands the business logic of it. He can still dream though. With luck, maybe the boy will try to escape and be sent to him for ‘training’.

“Pick a stall,” Jack growls as Janice finishes her shower.

Janice goes to grab a nearby towel so she can dry off but Jack grabs her by the hair and pulls her toward the toilet stalls. Goosebumps raise all over her body and her teeth clatter from the cool air. Despite being underground, the facility is kept at about 65 to 70 degrees [18-21° C]. That air feels a lot cooler though when it is blowing through the room from the vents. Especially if you are dripping wet.

There are no doors or side walls on the stalls. However, there is a metal frame where these things would normally be attached. Each of the stalls has an enema bag hanging from the metal support above where the doors should be. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what is about to take place. Sure enough, Jack orders Janice to give herself an enema.

Janice gets the bag down from it’s hook and takes it back over to the showers in order to fill it. Janice frowns when Jack tells her to only use cold water.

The facility has hot water. In fact, the children are allowed to use as much hot water as they want for enemas and showers. Jack is just being a dick. Even as he gives the order, Jack realizes that it might be counter productive. His hope is to one day have Janice as one of his puppies back in Arkansas. About the only chance of that happening is if Janice does something very bad like trying to escape. However, Janice will surely hear all the horror stories about the Jackal. By being such a dick, all Jack is doing is helping to confirm the authenticity of those stories and thus help ensure Janice doesn’t do anything bad enough to be sent to him.

It is a nice little piece of logic. However, odds are Lou wouldn’t send Janice to Jack anyway. The kids whose movies sell well are usually given a ton more leniency when it comes to punishments. It’s all about the money. And taking an obvious future movie star like Janice away from the studios for three to six months would cost them a ton of money.

So, Jack figures he might as well get his enjoyment out of the kid now while he can.

It takes Janice some effort to get the enema hung back up. Back when she was Jack, she could have easily jumped up and snapped the hook on the high metal bar. Her weakened sissy muscles prevent her from doing that now. To get the height that she needs, she not only uses her legs to jump but has to also use one of her hands on a side bar to pull with. Even then it takes her four tries before she gets high enough.

Janice blushes when she realizes Jack plans to watch her perform the enema. She has done this with a live audience before. It is always embarrassing though. It is doubly so doing it with a stranger watching her.

The enema kit is clearly shared by others in the facility. The thought is a bit icky. However, it doesn’t stop her from licking the enema nozzle for lubrication. She doesn’t taste anything foul, which is a good sign they at least clean them occasionally.

She brings the nozzle to her rear door and slowly pushes it inside. As Janice does this, she steals a quick glance at Jack. She notices a large bulge that wasn’t in the man’s pants a moment ago. The sight, along with the insertion, for some reason makes her own cock get hard. This not only embarrasses her further but also surprises her a bit. She wouldn’t have thought it possible to get hard while you feel so cold.


Janice lets out a short girly squeal as she releases the clamp and cold water shoots into her hole. She goes to her tippy toes and does a little dance as the cold water works it’s way deep inside her. It feels like her insides are being turned to ice. On the bright side, at least her cock goes soft again.

“It hurts too much!” Janice pleads as her insides cramp up.

“All of it!” Jack growls when Janice goes to clamp the hose.

Janice’s fingers hover next to the clamp for a few seconds before she can will herself to pull her hand away.

“Be a good girl! Be a good girl! Be a good girl!”

Janice says it over and over in her head as the cold water zigzags it’s way through her insides. The cramps become so extreme that for a moment her body almost manages to stop the flow. The bag is too high though and gravity is a bitch.

Her insides fight for almost two minutes before the white flag is raised. Resistance gone, the remainder of the cold water quickly drains into her. As the last drop enters her, Janice is gripping the stall frame tight in order to help keep from falling down in exhaustion.

“Good boy,” Jack praises. “You can remove the nozzle and expel the water into the toilet.”

Janice’s trainers at the school were very good at remembering to refer to her as a girl and not a boy. However, there were still very rare occasions when ‘boy’ would slip out. There was a time when Janice used to grab on to these slipups like a drowning person would grasp a life preserver. Anything to keep from forgetting the non sissy Jack she used to be. However, as time went on, any reference to her prior manhood confused her more than anything. When she would hear a slipup she would fear she was not being sissy enough? Did they not find her pretty?

At this moment, however, she barely notices the word. Instead, she focuses on the word, ‘good’. The praise fills her with a warm glow. It stands out in stark contrast to the icy cold water in her bowels.

Janice removes the nozzle and turns around so she can sit on the toilet. As she turns, Jack gets a good profile view of her slightly extended stomach. This makes his cock get extra hard. He unzips his pants and pulls his dick out. Janice blushes and nibbles on her lower lip as she eyes Jack’s 8″ [20 cm] long and 1.5″ [4 cm] thick cock.

As Jack steps toward her, Janice wets her lips in preparation. A second later and she is tasting Jack’s cock. Janice can’t help but imagine the taste of every male she sees. She finds the flavor and smell of Jack’s cock to be very similar to what she had envisioned. It is a very manly smell and flavor.

Janice immediately deep throats the cock. However, Jack grabs a hand full of her hair and pulls her back until only the head is in her mouth.

“This should help warm you up,” Jack says after a brief pause.

Janice blushes and her eyes get big when she realizes what Jack plans to do. Her instinct is to pull away. However, she forces herself to hold her ground. A second later there is a hot stream of piss entering her mouth. Her potty training kicks in and she loosens her throat muscles so the piss can shoot straight to her tummy.

The hot putrid fluid, shooting across the taste buds on her tongue and down her throat, is a huge contrast to the icy cold water shooting from her asshole. She has to admit that it does help warm her insides a little.

Jack pisses into her mouth for almost a full minute before his stream begins to taper off. He pulls his cock free of her mouth near the end and lets the last of the piss spray Janice’s face and body. Believe it or not, the golden shower grosses Janice out more than drinking the piss. Her potty training contained a few golden showers but not many. Mostly they just made her drink it. She concluded a long time ago that the reason the golden showers probably bother her more is because they contradict her training to always stay clean and pretty.

Jack can tell that Janice has been potty trained. Janice looks upset, embarrassed and grossed out. They are the same things you would see if she hadn’t been potty trained. However, Jack has done enough potty training to see subtle differences. He also notes that she isn’t turning as green as a beginner would. Knowing she is potty trained turns Jack on even more. It takes all of his willpower to put his cock away and zip back up.

He would love to get his dick inside the kid but Jack knows he wouldn’t be satisfied with just that. For Jack to truly enjoy himself his lovers need to be in lots of discomfort and full of humiliation. It is one of the reasons he breeds them with dogs. Pissing on Janice is a good start, but he would want to put her in a lot more discomfort and humiliation than just that. It would take too long and the kid might not be in the best condition when he was done. That in turn would surely piss Lou off.

“There’s no toilet paper,” Janice says once she expels the water.

The enema came out pretty clean but it isn’t lady like not to wipe afterward. Though, considering she is dripping in piss, wiping does seem a little pointless to even Janice. Jack just chuckles and orders her to refill the bag and repeat the process. Janice does as ordered.

As the water fills her the second time, Jack kneels down in front of her. For a second, Janice thinks the man plans to suck her cock. The thought of someone so manly sucking her cock grosses her out a bit. Thankfully, Jack doesn’t do so.

Janice’s eyes get big, however, when Jack brings a chunk of metal into view. Janice easily figures out that it is a cock cage. Not just any cock cage though. This one has a long metal rod that goes down the center. She has worn something similar to it before and she wants nothing to do with it.


Janice begs but she does not back away. She knows better than that. The only response she gets is a smile from Jack.

The cock cage works just like any other. However, unlike most, this one has a long enough tube enclosure to allow the person’s cock to expand. The tube is curved downward slightly but it makes no real attempt to prevent erections. Well, technically anyway. You see, in order to get hard your dick has to impale itself on the metal rod going down the center. The rod isn’t sharp or anything, but it still hurts like hell as it slides through the urethra.


Janice begs louder and takes a step back when she gets a better look at the metal rod. It looks a bit thicker than what they used at the school. What really concerns her, however, are the large balls along the length of it. Some look well over a quarter inch [5 mm] in diameter. They aren’t metal though. They look like some kind of rubber. The worst part is that they have what look like small spikes covering their surface like some kind of medieval chain and ball. Even if the rubber is somewhat soft, Janice is pretty sure those balls are going to hurt like hell.

“Please, I’ll be a good girl,” Janice pleads once more.

“Oh, you will be a good girl alright,” Jack replies with a chuckle.

Janice cries as Jack continues to put the cage on her. It isn’t that painful. She is completely soft and thus only an inch or so of the rod goes into her urethra. None of the balls go inside her but the head of her cock is pressing against the first one. No, these tears are for the pain she knows will eventually come the next time she gets hard. There are five balls total, spaced about 1 inch [2½ cm] apart. Janice can tell that her 7″ [18 cm] long cock will easily swallow them all once she gets hard.

Janice is so concerned with the cock cage that she barely notices the half gallon [~2 liter] of cold water working it’s way into her bowels again. The last of the water drains into her just as Jack is locking the cage in place.

“The rod is hollow,” Jack informs her. “You can pee while wearing it. Just make sure you are sitting when you do it.”

Despite how cold she is, Janice still manages a blush as Jack gives her a wink and smile. Sitting on the toilet to pee was a requirement at the school. It even feels natural to her now. However, Jack knowing she will have no choice but to do it somehow makes it worse.

Her blush gets worse as she sits on the toilet and realizes she actually has to pee right now. Thankfully, the sound of the pee is drowned out by the sound of her enema escaping.

Once the enema is expelled, Jack has her shower off again.

Three more naked girls enter the bathroom just as Jack and Janice are exiting. Like the last set of girls, there is an older one and two younger ones. The older girl gasps in fear when she sees Jack. The two younger ones are focused more on Janice. One whispers something to the other and they both giggle. Janice does her best not to look at the girls. The last thing she wants is to get hard.

Once they are in the hall, Jack reaches down and grabs Janice’s ass.

“Oh!” Janice lets out as the man’s middle finger worms it’s way inside her.

The finger doesn’t hurt. In fact, it is the opposite. The outburst is one of pain though. That is because her cock starts to get hard and swallows the first ball on the rod in her cock cage. She has to focus hard to keep from getting harder. The head of her dick is pressing against the second ball before she can get control of herself.

Jack uses his middle finger to guide Janice down the hall. At first, Janice thinks they are headed back to the doctor. However, they stop about half way down the hall at one of the metal doors. There is a buzz and Jack opens the door. Janice swallows hard when she sees the first door only gives access to a small four or so [~ 1¼ m] foot long cubby/hall with another metal door on the other side. This confirms for her that these are definitely holding cells of some kind.

Jack wiggles his middle finger around in Janice’s asshole for several seconds. He doesn’t stop until he hears Janice let out another “oh!” as the second ball forces it’s way up her urethra. Jack chuckles, pulls his finger out and gives Janice a rude push into the enclosure.

“Have fun,” Jack says as he steps back out into the hall and shuts the main door, enclosing Janice alone inside the small space.

Chapter 18

Janice shivers in both fear and cold as she waits for the second door to open. She almost jumps out of her skin as the door buzzes. She steps back in fear. The door doesn’t open though. The buzzing stops.

“Openz da fooknz door,” a voice tells her.

The voice has a thick Russian accent but when the door buzzes again she realizes what was said. She reluctantly reaches out and opens the door. She blushes as she looks inside and sees several kids. She only freezes for a moment before entering. The man on the loud speaker already sounds pissed. She doesn’t want to upset him further.

Janice’s shivers get worse as she lets the metal door close behind her. She doesn’t have to check it to know she is now locked inside.

There are four naked kids in the room, not counting herself. There is an older girl about 17 or 18. There is also two cute identical twin girls about 10. Most of Janice’s attention, however, goes to the fourth kid who is a boy. He looks to be just a hair younger than herself. Maybe 12 or 13. He is also a shemale like herself. Or at least a shemale in progress.

All four of the kids are lined up at attention when Janice first sees them. However, once they see it is just her, they quickly relax.

“You must be Janice,” the older girl says. “Welcome to main storage. My name is Susan. That’s Lacy and Rachel. You can tell them apart by their nipple rings.”

The chests on the two young girls are flat. However, each girl has one of their tinny nipples pierced. Both small, golden nipple rings are identical. It takes Janice a second to realize that the piercings are on opposite sides. Lacy has hers on the left and Rachel on the right. It takes Janice only a second longer to realize that the first letter of ‘left’ and ‘Lacy’ match. Same for ‘right’ and ‘Rachel’.

“That’s Denise,” Susan says as she motions toward the young boy. “You two will be bunking together.”

Janice and Denise blush as they stare at each other. The twins giggling doesn’t help matters. Susan gives the twins a mean stare and the giggles quickly end. The twins chastise themselves. They know better than to tease Denise in front of Susan. Denise and Susan are brother and sister after all.

“You must be freezing,” Susan says when she notices Janice shivering. “Why don’t you and Denise cuddle up for warmth.”

Most of the children in the facility have long since gotten used to the cool air circulating in the rooms. However, Susan remembers all to well how cold it felt when she first arrived. Not only will cuddling help warm Janice up but it will also help break the ice between the two boys. After all, it won’t be long before the two are required to do more than just cuddle.

Janice doesn’t have to be told directly that her and Denise will soon become more than just bunk mates. Denise’s blush tells her all she needs to know.

As Janice gets a better view of Denise, she is reminded of her neighbor and best friend, Laurence (Laura). While both of them are cute, their faces aren’t that similar. However, their bodies are. Both have small frames that look as much male as female. Unlike herself, Laura has not been under the influence of the estrogen for long. Janice suspects Denise hasn’t either. Denise has a tiny bit of breast development though, so she is pretty sure the girl is being drugged. Either she hasn’t been taking the drugs for long or the stuff they are using isn’t as good as what the school has.

Thinking of Laura sends a wave of sorrow through Janice. Prior to running away, Janice had convinced herself that being turned into a sissy was what was best for Laura. Now, however, she realizes she was just telling herself that in order to make her own escape easier. Sure, Laura has an interest in boys. However, it is very unlikely she will enjoy having sex with the men at the school. And she is pretty positive Laura won’t like having sex with her own father. And there is no doubt that Laura’s mother will make sure plenty of that takes place. If Janice could do it all over, she would have waited longer and come up with a plan that allowed both her and Laura to escape at the same time. Or at least that is what she likes to believe.

Janice’s sorrow is quickly replaced with embarrassment as she sits on a cot with Denise. For a few seconds, the two just sit next to each other. Then slowly they put their arms around each other. Janice isn’t sure if they are supposed to just embrace for warmth or if more is expected of them. She decides to just follow Denise’s lead. Thankfully, Denise doesn’t make the embrace romantic or erotic.

The embrace may not be erotic but it still makes Janice’s cock start to harden in it’s cage.


Janice bites her lower lip in order to try to quiet her groan of discomfort. Her cock had softened earlier. Now it was eating up the balls along the rod once more. It swallows three of the balls before she can get herself under control. It is clear to everyone in the room though what is happening. The twins struggle not to but still let out a few giggles.

Denise is wearing the same type of cock cage and is all too familiar with what Janice is going through. There was a time when thinking of cock made Denise sick. Now, for some reason, it often makes her get hard. It isn’t long and she too is moaning in discomfort. This in turn makes Janice get harder and moan louder. The feedback loop continues until they are both fully hard with all five balls deep in their urethras.

Susan has mixed feelings as she listens to the two boys moan. It upsets her that her brother is in pain. Yet, it pleases her that her brother now gets aroused when in the arms of another male. She isn’t happy that her brother is made to have gay sex but at least now he seems to enjoy it a little bit. Or at least a lot more so than when they first arrived.

Built into one of the concrete walls is a monitor and keyboard. Susan walks over to it and starts punching keys. As a cell leader, her job is to provide daily updates on all the kids in her cell. This information is used to help ensure all the kids are well trained and in good health. It also helps them to determine which kids like doing what. She will definitely input that Janice enjoys the company of other boys. First, however, she has a ton of blanks to fill in for the boy since he is new.

Susan starts rattling off a series of questions. The questions range from basic things like age to more important things like possible medical conditions. There are also several sex related questions that make Janice blush. She answers most of the questions truthfully. However, there are a few she fibs about a little. Susan easily picks up on most of the lies and enters what she believes the truth actually is. For example, when she asks the question about sexual orientation, Janice says she only likes girls. Susan inputs, ‘gay’. She thinks about it for a moment though and then changes it to ‘bisexual’, just in case.

While the questions are very detailed, no one really expects accurate answers this early with a new kid. For example, most new arrivals are to shy to admit they are anything other than heterosexual. That’s assuming they even know what they prefer. Most of the kids had never even thought seriously about sex prior to their ‘recruitment’. Even the few that are raped by their relatives and then later sold to the organization don’t really know for sure what type of sex they prefer. All they know is that they have hated all the sex they’ve had so far.

At one point, Susan grabs a cloth tape measure and starts measuring Janice. Janice almost smiles when she hears her waist size has gone down an inch [2½ cm]. She frowns, however, when she hears Susan mumble “AAA”. She is at least a ‘B’! Okay, maybe not. But she is definitely bigger than a ‘AAA’.

A simple fitness test of pushups and sit-ups is given. Janice only manages five sit-ups. She almost cries when she discovers she can’t even do one male pushup. She manages six female ones though.

It is a good 30 minutes before all of the blanks are filled in. The questions are rather embarrassing, but at least it becomes clear to Janice that they don’t know who she is. Since her arrival, Janice has been fearful that this place belongs to the school or maybe one of it’s sister schools. They would know most of the answers to these questions if this were the case.

Once Susan finishes with the questions, she goes to a different section on the computer’s network and reads Janice the standard orientation briefing. The briefing explains where she is at and what they plan to do to her.

She is currently in their storage facility. Apparently, every so often they will ship her off to one of the organization’s private studios where they will use her in kiddy porn videos. None of this really surprises her that much. Though, she has to admit that the operation sounds significantly larger than she expected. The briefing mentions they have over 100 kids.

She has mixed feelings in regards to the number of kids. She feels bad for them of course. However, deep down she feels a sense of comfort that she is not alone. With luck, the vast number of kids will reduce how often their captors play with her.

Yet, the number of kids is also probably a direct reflection of the level of security they have. The Christian School of Humility had some pretty good security. Yet, they only really kept one or two kids ‘captive’. Janice had been one of those kids and found escape from the facility to be near impossible. Yet, here is a place that needs to keep 100-plus kids captive. Their security most likely is significantly higher.

On the bright side, she now has food and shelter. So far it seems much better than that damn rot smelling garage she was hiding out in. Given a choice though, she would definitely prefer she had never run away at all. The school at least provides a small degree of freedom.

Susan finishes the briefing and then goes silent. A minute passes before Janice realizes Susan is now loading a video game on the computer system. Apparently the orientation is over.

“How often do they send us to the studios?” Janice asks.

“Shhh! I’m trying to concentrate,” Susan growls as her game starts.

Susan isn’t a huge fan of video games but in this place it does help to break up the boredom. It’s this or read books from their small library. They get to watch movies and stuff via the network but they are only granted access late at night.

Not all cells are as boring as this one. Most have chores to perform in the facility. They also have sex classes and other specialized training. Running one of those other cells can be a real headache but at least it keeps you somewhat busy.

Susan’s cell is what most here refer to as a ‘transition’ cell. New kids that come in usually start in one of these cells. It is also a temporary holding spot for kids being transferred from one cell to another.

Why would they need to transfer a kid to a different cell? The main reason is training. You see, most cell leaders get their position because of their expertise. Okay, there are some politics involved as well. However, being good at something is what gets your foot in the door. And of course this expertise normally comes with age. Thus, most cell leaders are at least 14.

Anyway, kids are shuffled around occasionally so they can get one on one time with this or that cell leader. The hope is that some of the cell leaders’ talents will rub off on those under their care. And the more talent a kid acquires, the better the films become. And the better the films are, the more money they make.

Sometimes, however, there isn’t enough room in a cell yet for the new ‘trainee’. Normally, these kids are just kept in their current cell. However, if there is a demand for that cell leader as well then there needs to be a place to temporarily move the kids too. That is where cells like Susan’s come in.

In the beginning, Susan thought of the job as a reward. She got the power of a cell leader with only half the responsibilities/hassles. It was a dream come true for about the first month or so. However, the limited routine quickly got pretty boring.

It also dawned on her that the limited responsibilities severely hinders her chances at becoming one of the Ten. Members of the Ten are the highest in the chain of command any of the kids can ever hope for. They are still kept in captivity, but these ten kids have a lot of power. Even the guards don’t mess with them that much. The members of the Ten oversee the other cell leaders. Their real power, however, comes from the fact that they meet periodically with Lou.

If a member of the Ten says something, Lou listens. It is him, after all, that created this chain of command. The chain of command allows the entire operation to be self sustaining. It ensures the kids are kept healthy and well trained without the need for him to micro manage or hire a large staff. This not only makes life easier for him, but it saves him tons of money.

Members of the Ten normally get the cozy jobs like the one Susan currently has. However, they spend a ton of their free time overseeing various other cell leaders. Thus, they don’t get anywhere near as bored as Susan.

Even without this dead end cell position, Susan knows the odds of her ever making it into the Ten would be highly unlikely. She has the age but not the experience. She was ‘acquired’ just over a year ago when she was 16. That is ancient in this place.

Believe it or not, Susan isn’t the oldest to ever be acquired by Lou. Eve, Susan and Denise’s mother, is the oldest. The family has starred in many films together. However, the main attraction is Denise. The cute boy/girl has a rather loyal fan base.

Lou knew Denise was special from day one. That is why he acquired Denise’s mother and sister as well. Lou has been breeding the two women in hopes of getting a few more special boys like Denise. For a long time, the hope was to get a pure breed by having Denise impregnate his/her sister and/or mother. After several months of no luck in that venture, Lou started breeding the women with about every cute boy they had in stock. So far they have not had much luck. It hasn’t been from a lack of trying though.

There is a beep as a player joins Susan’s game. Susan’s heart flutters when she sees it is Betsy. Actually, the player name reads Rose105 but Susan knows who it really is. Betsy is a cute 12 year old blond that Susan has been unofficially going steady with for a long time now. Betsy is the first girl Susan was paired up with during her stay here.

At the time, Susan wasn’t so hot on the idea of lesbian sex. To be honest, she still isn’t that fond of it. However, something just clicked between her and Betsy and they became quick friends. The sex just became a kind of extension to their friendship. A way they show affection for each other.

“Shouldn’t you two be practicing?” Susan growls when she sees the twins staring at the computer screen. She then glances over at Denise and Janice. “How about you two get better acquainted.”

It is no coincidence that Betsy logged in just now. Susan went to a lot of trouble to arrange it. She bribed one of the guards to allow her and Betsy to chat back and forth via the game’s chat function. She wasn’t about to have it spoiled by the giggles of the twins or her brother.

A couple times each week, Judy, a female guard, ‘borrows’ Betsy from her cell and takes her to the guards’ quarters. Once there, Betsy logs in and her and Susan chat back and forth for 20 minutes. The price of this arrangement is that Judy gets to read all the love talk. Plus, once they are done Judy gets to play with Betsy for 30 to 40 minutes.

It isn’t a perfect arrangement. Betsy and Susan would prefer one on one time in the same room. However, this is as close as they usually allow the two to get.

As for Judy, she of course can get time with any girl in the facility that she wants. However, she finds the love talk to be a huge turn on. Plus, it is nice to have a very thankful and enthusiastic girl afterward. Especially one as cute and young as Betsy.

Of course, Susan and Betsy’s little love affair is no secret. Everyone knows about it. Heck, in many ways it was the organization that arranged it. Even these ‘secret’ little chat sessions were approved by Judy through the chain of command before it was allowed.

There are dozens of such pairings and arrangements in the facility. Some come about naturally, some are covertly arranged by the organization and others are a mix. While this is going on, the organization is also ensuring that most of the kids have at least a few other kids they absolutely hate.

The reason for all of this is simple… money. Anyone can make a kiddy porn. However, Lou’s organization prides itself on providing high quality kiddy porn. While the organization has plenty of kids with lots of camera time, very few have any real acting ‘talent’. That talent isn’t needed that bad though if the emotions being displayed are real.

If you want two kids to act like they love each other then you simply pick a couple that already have a crush on each other in real life. If you are doing a domination video and want the kids to act like they don’t like each other then you pick two rivals. There is a lot more that goes into the casting decisions but these real life relationships carry a lot of weight.

And of course, all the guard bribing that goes on also acts as a kind of bonus. Thus keeping the guards happy and loyal.

As Susan and Betsy start their chat, Denise and Janice stare at the twins. The twins are entangled on their bunk. The two are kissing and rubbing their naked bodies together. As Susan said earlier, this is just practice for them. Their last cell leader made sure the two were very well trained on how siblings should play together. That said, the blushes of humiliation and embarrassment are still very clear on their faces.

Denise and Janice know they will get into trouble if they don’t start making out themselves. Despite their respective many months of training, both are very embarrassed and it takes almost a full minute before they can stare at each other.

Between the two, it is Denise that is the most embarrassed. It isn’t the idea of having sex with a boy that embarrasses her. Heaven knows she has had plenty of experience in that area. No, it is the idea of being intimate with Janice specifically. She has never been with another shemale before. Sure, they sometimes dress up one of the other boys. However, that is nowhere near the same. They almost always still look like boys. And they definitely don’t have boobies like Janice does.

Another factor that both embarrasses and concerns Denise is the fact that she finds Janice attractive. There are about 20 boys that the organization owns. Denise has ranked all of them in regards to cuteness, size, passion, etc. There are some boys Denise hates to have sex with and others she doesn’t mind too much. However, she has never really considered herself ‘attracted’ to any of them. They are boys after all. Boys aren’t supposed to be attracted to other boys… right? Yet, she finds Denise attractive.

“Does this mean I’m gay?”

Denise can’t help but think the question. She realizes the silliness of the question considering all the gay sex she has had over the past year or so. However, for some reason the question seems to still have relevance.

Just over a year ago, the idea of being gay was repugnant to Denise. Since then, she has come to accept gay sex as a part of her life. However, that disgust has always been there in the background. Has she finally gotten past it? The idea of such a drastic change concerns her. Yet, a part of her welcomes it. She has accepted the notion that she is going to be forced to have sex with men for the rest of her life. To finally be rid of the disgust factor would be such a relief.

This is a subject that Denise will need to put a lot more thought into. Now, however, she is too busy staring into Janice’s pretty eyes. The two sissies have only been staring into each other’s eyes for a few seconds but to them time has all but stopped and the gaze has seemed like hours.

The two lock lips and their little tongues begin a passionate dance. Denise doesn’t know if it was her that started the kiss or Janice. All she knows is that one second she is looking into Janice’s eyes and the next she is tasting Janice’s strawberry flavored lip gloss.

“Mmm!” the two sissies groan as their cocks begin to re-harden yet again, their sissy cocks slowly swallowing the long beaded rod in their cock cages.

The pain of the metal rods is intense but their cocks don’t give up until they are fully erect. Even then their cocks pulse as though trying to eat even more of the rods.

Janice is slightly taller but Denise has a tad more strength. Therefore, it is Denise that ends up on top as they go horizontal on the cot. The room suddenly feels much warmer as their bodies press together. They desperately rub their hips together in an effort to stimulate their cocks further.

There is a dull clanging as their cock cages bump into each other over and over. The clanging mixes with the sound of their moans and bounces back and forth off the concrete walls. Mixed in is also the sound of the twins giggling. Denise’s blush deepens at the thought of the twins watching. However, she can’t bring herself to break the embrace.

Denise has bigger concerns right now anyway. That being the stimulation of her cock. The cock cage makes a normal climax almost impossible. Yet, there is still a slight vibration each time their cages bump into each other. Each vibration seems to run up the length of the outside of the cage until it reaches the head of her cock. The vibration then makes a u-turn and shoots down the metal rod, stimulating her urethra. The feeling is a little uncomfortable, yet somehow wickedly arousing at the same time.

As they grind together, the two sissies go almost insane with arousal. Their climaxes are right there just out of reach. They claw at their cages occasionally for freedom but accomplish nothing but discomfort to their balls.

The passion between the two sissies is so surprisingly strong that it even pulls Susan’s attention away from the computer. During her stay here, Susan has witnessed a ton of sex between kids. However, she has never seen such passion. And it built between the two sissies so quickly also. Even her and Betsy’s passion paled in comparison.

Susan is happy that her brother might have found the love of his life. However, she is also sad because she knows the two probably won’t get to spend much time together. She knows this place all too well. Like her and Betsy, they will only let the two sissies have enough contact to maintain their desire for each other.

They will always be left wanting more. If they are lucky, they might put them together in movies. However, Susan’s guess is that love scenes between the two will be limited. She has been on set enough to know that the theme for the younger boys is normally to have them dominated by the older boys and men.

Part of Susan wants to have mercy on her brother. She has the key. She could easily release him from his cage and let the two sissies make true love together. However, she knows that she would not be doing him any favors. It would just make their future torment seem even worse. Plus, like it or not, she is a cell leader and part of the system now.

Chapter 19

Denise and Janice make out for over two hours. The entire time they are so close to climax yet can never reach it. It is a constant delicious hell. Their torment is finally interrupted by the buzzing of the door. Even then, Susan has to pry the two apart.

Thankfully, it is just dinner being delivered by another kid and not one of the guards. A guard would have punished them for not being lined up and at attention.

Normally, food is dropped off in the small cubby just inside the first door and not actually hand delivered into the room. However, Janice is new here. The young girl delivering the food is expected to watch as new kids sample their first dish. It is more tradition than anything else. There is no actual ‘need’ to do it since every plate of food prepared is labeled with the kid it is meant for.

The kids prepare the food. However, the labeling is done in a separate room by guards. Who knows what kind of medications they put into each dish. Whatever it is, it is no doubt designed to keep them docile while in storage.

Watching Janice take a few bites is what passes for entertainment here. You see, they always put a little something ‘extra’ in a new kid’s food. They usually have one of the boys jerk off in the food. They suspect that the guards probably do the same thing.

The little girl giggles as Janice inspects the food and then takes a tentative bite. The twins giggle as well. Janice isn’t stupid. She can tell from their reaction that something has been done to her food. She seen nothing horrific in it though. The mayonnaise on her sandwich does looks a bit off. There is also a distinct smell of cum. As she chews the first bite, her taste buds confirm that it is indeed cum. She feels disgusted by the thought of it, but it doesn’t stop her from taking another bite. She has eaten much worse than this.

The little girl watches for a minute before she turns and presses the button on the door that lets the guard know she is ready to leave. The door buzzes and she exits. When she finally gets buzzed out to the main hall, she practically skips back toward the kitchen area. She knows everyone will be waiting to hear how well Janice stomached her special meal. She of course will exaggerate the story to make it more interesting.

The door buzzes again less than a minute later. This time everyone gets lined up in time. Most cell leaders put themselves in front and line everyone else behind them based on height. Susan puts herself in front but prefers to line everyone else by seniority. This puts Janice in the rear.

Being in the back makes Janice feel a little safer from whoever is about to walk through the door. That said, she is smart enough to know that the animal that trails in the herd is normally the one that gets eaten by the lion.

It is a good thing they managed to get in line on time because the person that walks in is Lou himself. Susan, Denise and the twins grow almost a full inch [2½ cm] taller as they go to a more rigid form of attention. Janice swallows hard. She doesn’t know who Lou is but the reaction of the other kids makes it clear that the man is important.

As Lou walks in, Janice notices that the man is holding the end of a leash in his hand. Janice’s eyes get big when she sees what is on the other end of the leash. It is a young girl about 10 or 11. She is crawling on the floor on all fours. She is naked with the exception of leather gloves which keep her hands forced into small fists. She also has a tail. Janice doesn’t need to look to know that the tail is attached to a butt plug of some sort. While all of this is bizarre in itself, what really gets Janice’s attention is the fact that the girl’s head is shaven bald.

The little girl has a human name but even she has long forgotten it. She goes by ‘Missy’ now. She is one of many kids that have broken this or that rule and been sent to the Jackal for training. The only difference is that when she came back she was not transitioned back into a normal person like the rest. Lou took her as his personal ‘pet’.

Missy was not specifically selected for this role. Lou simply decided one day he wanted to keep one of the Jackal’s puppies as a permanent pet. Missy just happened to be the next puppy to ‘graduate’.

Like almost everything Lou does, keeping Missy as a pet is primarily a business decision. It saves him the time and hassle of having to pick out a kid whenever he needs a little sexual release. It only saves five or ten minutes here and there. However, time is very valuable for someone in Lou’s position.

There was a time when being a puppy bothered Missy. She has only been a puppy for about a year and a half. However, puppy training is pretty intense. She barely even remembers being human. She probably wouldn’t want to be human again even if you gave her the choice. She sleeps, eats her dog food, and plays with her master. Sometimes her master even has her play with real dogs. What more could anyone want out of life?

Missy is always shown off to new arrivals. It lets them know right up front what can happen to bad little boys and girls. However, it is usually Lou’s assistant that performs this task. Janice is special inventory though.

Lou frowns when he looks down at Susan’s stomach and sees that it is still flat. By now he had hope she would be several months pregnant. His fear is that her plumbing probably isn’t working right anymore thanks to all the sexual abuse she has endured. He really should give more serious thought about taking her to a specialist for verification. He has the power to arrange such things for his inventory but it still involves risk and lots of cash. Lou shrugs the thought off for now and focuses on Janice.

“Front and center,” Lou mumbles as he motions for Janice to step out of line.

Janice shivers in fear but does as she is ordered. Missy is always a bit protective of her master and lets out a small growl as Janice approaches. Lou snaps his fingers at the puppy in order to hush her.

“Boy, you are a pretty thing,” Lou says as he does a slow walk around her.

Lou is pleased to see that Janice has no scars or other marks on her. Not all of his inventory is delivered in such pristine condition.

“You four go for a walk,” Lou says as he makes a shooing motion with his hand.

Susan, Denise and the twins are used to more detailed orders than this. They immediately comply though. Susan presses the button and soon they are out of the room. Susan is certain that Lou just wants them out of the room. However, she will march her cellmates up and down the halls just in case he was serious about them ‘going for a walk’.

Lou goes to the computer consol and types in a special code which deactivates the room’s surveillance camera. Lou is far from shy. He just sees no need to be video taped any more than necessary.

He pulls out a ring of keys as he walks back over to Janice. He kneels down and unlocks Janice’s cock cage.

“Oh!” Janice moans as the cage comes off and the long rod is pulled from her erect cock.

Lou is pleasantly surprised when he sees the size of Janice’s 7″ [18 cm] long cock. He thought for sure the thing would be much smaller thanks to the estrogen the boy has clearly taken. He is also happy to see that the boy is able to get hard even under such scary conditions. Yes, this boy will do just fine on set. He will make them lots of money.

Janice nibbles on her lower lip as Lou inspects her cock and balls. Lou isn’t all that interested in boys sexually and does his best not to have to touch the kid any more than he has to. However, what little touching he does feels like heaven to Janice. Especially after her recent frustrating make out session with Denise.

“Not bad,” Lou mumbles when he inspects Janice’s nut sack.

Janice’s nuts seem normal size but it is clear to Lou that the kid’s sack has been stretched a tad. Her nuts hang down lower than most boys under his care. Yet, they aren’t grotesquely low. Just maybe a couple inches lower at most.


Missy lets out a happy bark and rushes over to Janice. A second later and Janice’s cock is deep in the little girl’s throat.

“Oh! Oh!,” Janice lets out in both surprise and pleasure. “I’ll cum sir!”

“Please, call me Uncle Lou.”

“She is going to make me cum, Uncle Lou!”

Lou just chuckles. That is kind of the point. He makes a small motion with his hand to let the boy know it is okay. Or at least that is the purpose of the motion. He doubts the boy even noticed.

Janice struggles not to cum but it is a losing battle. The last time his cock was sucked by a girl was before his captivity. Missy is a bit freaky but she is still a female. It is definitely a treat for Janice.

“Oh!” Janice lets out one last time as she starts shooting her load into the puppy’s mouth.

Her urethra stings a little from it’s recent treatment but it doesn’t stop her from enjoying the climax. It is so strong that Janice’s head spins a little. She even loses her balance for a second and has to take a step backward to catch herself.

“Show!” Lou commands.

Missy turns and opens her mouth so that Lou can inspect the contents. Lou is impressed by the size of the load. It is a decent load for someone this age. The kid will look good squirting his/her large sissy load on camera. The customers will definitely be pleased.

“Share!” Lou commands as he points to Janice.

Missy keeps her mouth open as she turns back to Janice. She whines when Janice doesn’t immediately bend down to share the load of cum with her. She waits a second and then bends upward and puts her front ‘paws’ on Janice. She stretches toward Janice’s mouth as much as she can but she doesn’t dare get off her knees and go to a full standing position. That is a definite no-no. Plus, she isn’t even sure she could stand up straight if she tried. It has been so long that she doubts she would be able to maintain her balance.

Janice knows what is expected of her but it still takes her a few seconds to comply. She is used to eating and sharing her own cum. However, sharing it with a girl seems abnormal to her. The command just catches her a little off guard.

Slowly, she leans down and seals her lips to Missy’s. Their tongues dance together as they share the cum. Janice can’t believe she is kissing a girl. It makes her feel almost manly again. It is a very odd kiss though. Well, odd beyond the fact that they are sharing her cum. In particular, it is the way Missy’s tongue is moving in Janice’s mouth. Her tongue motion feels more like a lick than anything else. It is as though Missy is trying to lap water out of a bowl or something.

The ‘kiss’ continues for over a minute before Lou has them part. The man then has them swallow. Janice blushes as the mix of her cum and Missy’s spit slides down her throat. Her tummy makes a small rumble of protest as the fluid mixes with the cum sandwich and Jack’s piss. A year ago Janice would have had to struggle to keep the concoction down. Now, however, she easily keeps her tummy in check.

Lou unzips his pants as he walks over to a nearby cot. He pulls his pants and underwear down to his ankles and sits on the cot and slides out toward the edge. Missy pants and makes a couple happy barks as she wags her rump back and forth. Her movements make her rubber tail flop back and forth.

Janice responds to Lou’s actions simply by nibbling on her lower lip. Her still hard cock makes a couple lurches as well. Lou’s cock is 7″ [18 cm] long and about 1.5″ [4 cm] thick. Janice is pleased that it isn’t humongous. Yet, deep down part of her is a little disappointed. Lou’s normal size cock makes him seem a little less manly to her. She isn’t sure why that should matter. It just does.

While Lou might not consider himself gay, he has to admit that looking at Janice turns him on a little. When Lou came to the cell, he had no plans to play with her. Especially considering that the lab results weren’t back yet on the kid. Now, however, he feels it is worth the risk. He will keep it to just a blowjob though just in case.


Missy quickly rushes over and takes Lou’s cock into her mouth. Missy has lots of chew toys but this one is her favorite. Lou lets her service his cock for a minute before he nudges her down to his balls.

As Missy eagerly laps and sucks on his nuts, Lou motions for Janice to come over. Janice blushes. She knows what the man wants. She comes over and kneels next to Missy.

Missy lets out a short throaty growl. She isn’t so happy about sharing her favorite toy. Her instinct is to bite Janice. However, that would mean moving her mouth off her master’s balls. Her master wouldn’t like that. Not that he would be any happier about her biting Janice.

“Oh!” Lou lets out in surprise as Janice goes to work.

Lou has had his cock sucked thousands of times. Janice’s blowjob might not be the best he has ever had but it is certainly in the top 5. All of the kids under Lou’s care know how to suck dick. However, most just go through the motions of what is expected. That’s really all that is needed for the camera. It is immediately clear to him, however, that Janice has turned it into an art form.

Lou is tempted to ask Janice who trained her. He of course doesn’t. They need to know Janice’s story. However, that is for others to question her about. Eventually a report will cross his desk with Janice’s life story on it. Lou prefers getting the story in this form and not directly from the child. There is always too much emotion mixed in when the kids tell it.

Janice sees no reason to prolong the encounter. She goes straight in for the kill. She takes the full length of Lou’s dick into her mouth and flicks her tongue around on the underside. She then starts fucking her mouth with the dick. She pulls all the way back until only the head is at her perched lips. She then moves forward until it is deep in her throat once more. Back and forth… back and forth.

Janice and Missy’s efforts are too much for Lou and he is quickly brought over the edge.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Lou lets out as he shoots rope after rope of thick cum into Janice’s mouth.

The pleasure is so intense that for a moment Lou fears he might have a heart attack. This girl is definitely going to make them lots of money.

Lou has to lean back on the cot for a minute in order to catch his breath. When he looks back down he sees Janice kneeling with her mouth open. Her mouth is almost overflowing with cum.

“Good girl,” Lou praises.

Missy lets out a whimper as she opens her mouth and lets her tongue dangle out the front. Cum is her favorite treat. Sometimes that is all she eats for days on end. Even when she eats her dog food it is normally sprinkled with cum. She wags her rubber tail back and forth excitedly as she waits her master’s permission.

“Share!” Lou finally commands.

Missy is on Janice in a heartbeat. She locks her lips to Janice’s and starts lapping up as much cum as she can. If this were anyone else’s cum then Missy would play with it more. This is her master’s cum though. Each glob that is lapped into her mouth is quickly swallowed. She doesn’t stop lapping until she is certain she has gotten every drop.

Once their lips part, the two kids hold their mouths open for inspection. Lou doesn’t need to look to know the cum is gone.

“Missy ate most of it didn’t she?” Lou says with a chuckle as he pulls up his pants.

Janice blushes as she nods her head.

“Don’t worry sugar,” Lou tells Janice as though he feels sorry for her. “I had the guards prepare something special for you.”

Lou reaches into his inside jacket pocket and pulls out a large 12 ounce [0.35 liter] baby bottle. Janice’s eyes get big when she sees it. Part of her surprise is that the man managed to conceal it so well. Most of her surprise, however, is the contents of the bottle. It is full of a cloudy white substance. Janice doesn’t need to be told it is cum.

Missy is heartbroken as she watches her master hand the bottle to Janice. She seen one of the guards give the bottle to her master earlier. She has been an extra good puppy lately and thought for sure the treat was meant for her as a reward.

Janice can tell by the look of the sperm and the warmth of the bottle that the cum is rather fresh. Her tummy protests as she grasps the fact that she is going to have to drink all this sperm. She has a bit more trouble this time getting her tummy under control.

Janice slowly brings the bottle to her mouth. She parts her lips and lets the bottle’s nipple slide inside. Lou reaches down and lifts the back end of the bottle to a higher angle. Janice’s blush becomes a bright red as she starts suckling.

The nipple spits out tiny squirts of viscous fluid across her tongue on each suckle. Janice quickly swallows each squirt in order to keep the taste from building up too much.

As she suckles, Janice can’t help but wonder how many guards it took to fill the bottle. Little does she know, there are only two male guards on duty. They didn’t fill it by themselves though. They only added one load each. The rest of the cum came from the eight older boys they have in storage right now. These boys had to cum several times each in order to fill the bottle.

Lou watches Janice suckle for a few minutes before he decides to leave. He reactivates the room’s camera and then pushes the door’s buzzer.

“Finish it all,” Lou growls as he opens the door. “And make sure your cell leader puts your cage back on.”

Lou and his puppy step out of the room and close the door behind them. The door buzzes again about a minute later. The other four kids then file back inside. Janice’s blush brightens and tears form in the corner of her eyes. She keeps suckling though.

Chapter 20

The following few days are rather boring and frustrating for Janice. Half of her time is spend making out with Denise. The other half is spent watching the twins pleasure each other. This is not much of an exaggeration btw. Susan puts them on a rotating schedule. Janice and Denise make out for about 30 minutes while the twins watch and giggle. Then the twins make out for 30 minutes while Janice and Denise watch.

Of course, it is a ton worse for Janice and Denise since they are not allowed any release. Janice isn’t sure if she should be upset about her constant hard on or grateful. The constant sexual frustration is torture. Yet, at least her cock stays hard and she doesn’t have to suffer through the pain of her urethra being fucked over and over by the metal rod and balls as her cock shrinks and grows. Not that this doesn’t still happen a few times each day. This usually happens during their bathroom and lunch breaks.

The third day becomes worse. Denise is taken away on this day. They aren’t told where she is going. None of the other kids seem worried. Even Susan shows very little concern. They do talk briefly about it. Their best guess is that Denise is headed to one of the studios. Later that day, however, they catch a glimpse of Denise going down the hall while they are headed to the bathroom. Apparently Denise was simply sent back to her normal cell.

Janice is certain that Denise being sent away is for the best. She could tell that Denise was falling in love with her. To be honest, Janice had to struggle not to get a crush herself. She already made that mistake in the past with Danielle, the Dean’s daughter/son. That is a heartache she does not wish to experience again.

The third day also brings new delights for Janice. Or at least it starts out as a delight. Susan has her make out with the twins. Janice almost jumps for joy when Susan gives the order. It is a great treat. However, Janice quickly discovers this treat has a big price. That price is her cage. Her increased sexual excitement makes the frustration of not being able to reach climax exponentially worse. Plus, Janice no longer gets any breaks. One twin makes out with Janice for 30 minutes and then the other takes over.

There of course are many times when both of the twins play with her at the same time. These are the worst because they normally involve more than just kissing. Usually, one sits on Janice’s face so that she can lick the twin to climax. To keep Janice excited and eager, the other twin plays with Janice’s balls.

“Oh! He stuck his tongue in my butt!”

The comment comes in early afternoon. It grabs even Susan’s attention. She turns away from the computer to see Rachel facing the head of the cot and sitting on Janice’s face and Lacy sitting on Janice’s legs and toying with her balls and cock cage. For a moment Susan considers breaking them up. The twins aren’t familiar with rimming and it isn’t Susan’s job to teach them new things. However, they technically discovered it on their own. Her guess is that Rachel just didn’t aim right when she sat down.

Susan decides to allow it. When the twins look to her, Susan just gives them an approving smile and wink. The twins look at each other and giggle. Making a boy do something so dirty and naughty is more than they could ever hope for. They have never even considered such an activity. They both feel as though they have invented something new.

The twins don’t know it yet but rimming is one of the tasks they have already been scheduled to learn soon in their next cell. Granted, it will be them rimming others and not the other way around. Susan figures that at least this way they will have a better understanding of the pleasure rimming can give others.

“Stick your tongue back in!” Rachel growls.

Rachel snaps her fingers and Lacy gives Janice’s balls a small swat with her hand. It is a system the twins worked out earlier. Whenever one twin snaps her fingers the other administers a punishment. They quickly discovered that swatting Janice’s balls is very effective. However, they sometimes also pinch or slap her breasts.

A few seconds later, Rachel nibbles at the corner of her lower lip and lets out a soft moan. She would have never guessed in a million years that having someone lick her butt hole would feel so yummy. What confuses her is that Janice would so willingly do it. Rachel knows it would take a lot more than just a little pain to get her to do the same.

Janice keeps her tongue nice and deep inside the little girl’s bum. However, Rachel feels the tongue isn’t wiggling enough. She snaps her fingers. Janice lets out a grunt of pain as Lacy swats again. Rachel smiles as the tongue goes into overdrive.

“My turn!” Lacy complains after a few minutes.

Rachel ignores her sister. She still has 15 minutes until her turn is over and she plans to use every second of it.

“Come on!” Lacy continues.

Both twins freeze when Susan turns and gives them an angry look. Despite how much they love each other, the twins have had some pretty big shouting matches. Such fights are not allowed here. The last shouting match they had was several weeks ago. They got spanked rather hard for it. That was a different cell leader. However, they are pretty sure that Susan wouldn’t hesitate to do the same. Lacy quiets down but she still gives Rachel dirty looks. She finds it unfair that her sister gets a full turn considering the new discovery.

Susan can’t help but giggle at their reaction. She decides to give Lacy something new she can try also. It technically falls into the category of training but Susan figures it will help break the boredom a bit. She walks over to Lacy and whispers into her ear.

Lacy scrunches her nose up in disgust. At first she is certain that Susan is pulling her leg. However, the serious look on Susan’s face tells her that she is serious. An evil smile slowly appears on Lacy’s face as she gives Susan’s suggestion more thought. What at first seemed disgusting quickly becomes excitingly devilish in her pubescent mind.

Lacy reaches under the cot and pulls out a small box. From that she pulls a large mason jar full of what looks like honey. It isn’t honey though. It is a special lubricant that each cell is provided with. It works similar to any other lubricant. However, there are a few drugs mixed in as well. Nothing too extreme. Just something to make their ‘stretching’ exercises a little more bearable. Put a dab of this on a dildo or butt plug and you will be surprised how eager the kid will be to squeeze it inside themselves. Especially when they know how yummy it will feel once the lubricant gets pushed deep inside.

Lacy uses her index and middle finger to scoop a glob of the lube out of the jar. She applies a copious amount to Janice’s ball sack.

“Mmm!” Janice protests as her balls are vigorously massaged by Lacy.

In response, Lacy gives Janice’s balls a hard wet slap. It angers Lacy that Janice would complain. She is helping her after all. Sure, the lube burns a lot as it does it’s job. However, the end result is well worth the discomfort. Janice will soon feel all yummy inside. It will make what Lacy has planned next so much easier.

Janice moans and tries to flail around as the lube heats up. Lacy and Rachel’s weight is more than enough to hold her in place. Her efforts increase over the next couple minutes. She then slowly settles back down as the yummy tingles begin. Lacy smiles. Janice will be easy to control now.

Janice’s struggles start up again when she feels the lube being applied to her asshole. The skin there is much more sensitive and the burning builds faster and is exponentially worse. However, the tingles quickly become much stronger as well. She settles down to a low moan of pleasure and pain.

The outburst is short lived but it is still enough to get Rachel to glance back over her shoulder to see what her sister is doing. She licks her lips when she sees the lube. What she wouldn’t do for a dab of that inside her cunt right now. It is the only thing that could possibly make her ride on Janice’s tongue even better than it already is.

Lacy’s palms are a little warm from the lube but she knows the skin is too thick there. She will get tingles but nothing close to what she would like. She is tempted to apply the lube to her own pussy or asshole. Susan would be cross though if she did. There have been more than a few kids that have become addicted to the lube. Thus, all of the cell leaders ensure the kids only have limited exposure to it. Addicts, after all, can be a pain to supervise and train.

Rachel gives her sister a look of confusion when she sees her working a finger into Janice’s asshole. A second later Janice is moaning in pain and going wild under her once more. Rachel in turn gives a moan of her own. Only hers is one of pleasure from the vibrations of Janice’s attempt at a scream.

Intrigued by her sister’s actions, Rachel lifts herself off Janice’s face in order to turn so she is facing the action. Janice uses the opportunity to beg. However, Rachel is sitting back down on her face before Janice can even get a full sentence out.

Janice uses her hand to try to push Rachel off her face. Rachel gives Janice’s breasts a couple slaps to get the sissy to calm down.

Janice’s position makes access to her asshole rather limited. Lacy is the one to come up with a solution to this problem. She lifts herself off one of Janice’s legs in order to free it. She lifts it up until it is within Rachel’s reach. Rachel gets the hint and grabs hold of it by the ankle. Lacy then gets off the other leg and lifts it up to Rachel as well.

Rachel pulls the legs back toward her and spreads then slightly. This gives Lacy a very accessible target. Janice may be lost in the darkness of Rachel’s rump, but she is more than aware of how vulnerable her hole is now. She tries to struggle but even her leg muscles are no match for Rachel’s grasp.

Lacy dips her fingers into the jar once more and then applies a large amount of the lube to Janice’s ass crack. She then uses her fingers to start pushing it into the sissy’s asshole. This really livens up things. Rachel has to use all her strength to hold Janice in place. This struggle lasts for over a minute before Janice settles down.

Rachel and Lacy give each other a knowing looking. They won’t get much struggle from Janice now. The burning is still there but the tingles are easily overriding her senses.

Lacy keeps working until all of the lube is inside Janice’s asshole. She then starts adding more fingers to the hole.

“Lacy!” Rachel says with an urgent whisper when she sees her sister push a fourth finger inside.

Rachel glances at Susan who is closely watching the action. Rachel expects their cell leader to chastise them. However, Susan just gives them an approving nod. The look of concern on Rachel’s face is quickly replaced with a devilish smile which matches her twin’s.

Both of the twin’s jaws go slack in disbelief as Lacy tucks her thumb into her palm and slowly sinks her whole hand inside.

“Mmm!” Janice protests.

The insertion doesn’t really hurt Janice that much. Lacy’s wrist is only about 2.25″ [5½ cm] thick. Her hand of course is a tad bigger. Still, Janice has taken larger objects inside her before. She still feels that a protest of some kind is necessary. She is a lady after all. Only a street whore would let someone stick a fist inside them without protest.

The twins look on in amazement as Lacy’s hand sinks deeper and deeper. She is about a foot [30 cm] deep when Lacy decides it is best not to go any deeper. Janice’s hole seems an endless pit, but Lacy fears she might cause damage if she isn’t careful.

“What’s it like?” Rachel asks.

The question is meant for Lacy. However, Rachel is also curious how Janice would answer it. She doesn’t give Janice the chance though. She just wiggles her rump a little on the sissy’s face.

“Weird,” Lacy replies.

Lacy searches her mind for a better description but simply repeats, ‘weird’ again.

“I want to try,” Rachel says after a moment.

Lacy desperately wants to ride Janice’s tongue. However, having her hand inside a boy’s asshole is so wild and bizarre also. Her desire to feel Janice’s tongue in her asshole wins out though. She slowly starts pulling her hand back the opposite direction. Susan steps in, however, before Lacy can get her whole hand out.

“Make a fist inside before you pull all the way out,” Susan instructs.

Lacy does as she is ordered. Janice’s hole now feels twice as tight and Lacy has to add extra strength in order to continue to pull back. When her fist reaches the exit, Janice’s asshole bulges outward in an effort to maintain it’s grasp on the fist. A moment later, however, Lacy manages to pop her fist out. Janice lets out a small yelp when this happens. The twins respond with giggles.

Janice’s asshole gapes for a few seconds and then tightens back up to almost it’s former self.

“Now push it back inside,” Susan orders.

Lacy presses her knuckles against Janice’s hole. She knows her fist just came out of this hole. However, she isn’t so sure it will fit back inside. Her fist just looks so big next to the small hole. This doesn’t keep Lacy from trying. Her arm muscles aren’t strong enough to push past the barrier. However, Susan shows her how she can lean forward and use her body weight to help in the task.

“MMM!” Janice grunts as the fist suddenly pops back inside.

Lacy keeps pushing until she is about 12 inches [30 cm] deep again. Susan then has her pull all the way out once more. Lacy finds pulling out a little easier this time.

Once the fist it out, Susan quickly inspects Janice’s gaping hole before it shrinks back up. She sees no damage and decides they can continue.

A moment later and Lacy’s fist is deep inside the sissy again. A moment after that and it is out. In. Out. In. Out.

Lacy breaks a sweat and her arm tires, but Susan makes her continue. The only thing that allows her to obey the order is the fact that Janice’s ass muscles tire as well. It isn’t long and the ass muscles go slack and Janice’s hole remains gaping. The task becomes so easy in fact that Lacy is no longer really pushing her fist inside. It becomes more like a punch.

Janice in return can do nothing but accept the punches. The lube has her head swimming around with the tingles so much that she has trouble even telling when the fist is in her or when it is out. It all seems one big blur.

“Look!” Rachel says excitedly when she sees cum start to leak out of the tip of Janice’s cock cage. “He’s cumming! He must really love your fist!”

Susan knows that Janice isn’t really cumming. At least not in the sense that Rachel and Lacy would define it. They are simply ‘milking’ the sissy. This is something Susan has done to her brother a few times. Though, it was almost always with dildos.

Susan isn’t sure why it happens. She just knows that if you fuck a boy with something big enough then they start leaking cum. From what she can tell, the boys don’t get much pleasure from it. Not that she does this a lot. In fact, the last time she did this to her brother was before they were even captives. Well, before they were Lou’s captives anyway.

Susan doesn’t let Lacy stop until Janice has leaked out a good size load of cum. When Susan finally gives the order to stop, Lacy flops back on the cot dizzy with exhaustion. Despite all the work, Lacy can’t help but admit to herself that she had enjoyed the experience. Being young and new, her and her sister are usually the ones getting abused. In storage they get abused by the older girls. In the studios they get abused by the men and boys. It is nice to be doing the abusing for a change.

“My turn!” Rachel says as she let’s go of Janice’s ankles and gets off her face.

Lacy growls in protest as Janice’s legs flop down on her. She pulls herself out from under them and gives Janice’s balls a hard slap. Lacy knows that it is her sister that is at fault but punishing Janice is much more fun.

Lacy watches Janice’s balls for a moment to see how red they become from her slap. As she does so, she notices the pool of cum once more on Janice’s tummy. Lacy then gets a wicked thought. She scrunches her nose up in disgust as she scoops most of the cum up with her fingers. She then brings it to Janice’s mouth and lets it drip inside. Lacy repeats the process several times until the cum is all gone.

During this, Janice knows that now is her chance to take a defensive position against the twins. She tells her body to get up and fight the girls off. However, her muscles are so weak from her ordeal that she can’t even find the strength to sit up. A moment later Lacy is sitting on Janice’s face and any hope of escape is long gone.

“Mmm!” Janice lets out as Lacy pinches her nipples.

Janice gets the hint and quickly sticks her tongue into the girl’s asshole and starts wiggling it around. Lacy responds with an excited squeal.

“No! No! No!” Janice tries to protest when she feels her legs being lifted up once more. Of course, it only comes out as a long moan.

Janice then feels Rachel’s fist press against her asshole. A second later, Rachel applies pressure and Janice’s torment continues.

Chapter 21

Janice endures the twins for another two days before a guard finally comes to take her away. Janice is scared of where she might be headed. Yet, she is grateful it is away from the twins. The twins themselves feel mainly sadness at the parting. Janice is the closest thing to a doll/toy they have had for a very long time.

Janice would find out later that the guard’s name is Vadim. The man is strong and big and speaks with a thick Russian accent. Janice can’t understand half of what the man says. However, it doesn’t take much verbal communication to figure out what the man wants.

They walk down the hall toward the room Janice originally woke up in. They don’t go in that room though. Instead they go into a room next to it. Janice can tell right away that this room is special. It is twice as big as the cell was and the beds are a lot bigger and tons fancier. There is a nice TV as well as a few pieces of workout equipment. Best of all, the room is nice and warm.

Vadim leads her to the middle of the room where there is some kind of pull up bar. It is a rather simple setup. It has a large metal base for stability and two vertical metal poles about 4 feet [1¼ m] apart. And of course there is a round bar up high that goes from one of the metal poles to the other.

Vadim fiddles with the ends of the round bar for a moment and suddenly it comes free. He looks at Janice briefly and then reattaches the bar to the metal poles about 5 feet [1½ m] up… approximately 4 inches [10 cm] above Janice’s head.

“Grab,” Vadim orders.

Janice steps forward, raises her hands up and grabs the bar. Vadim steps away for a moment and returns with two pairs of handcuffs. Janice instinctively pulls her hands off the bar when she realizes what Vadim has planned. All it takes is a stern look from Vadim to get her to grab the bar once more.

Vadim individually cuffs each hand to the bar. As Vadim walks away again, Janice fears the worst. She is certain the man plans to whip her. She wants to plead innocence but she doesn’t even know what she has been charged with.

Janice almost lets out a sigh of relief when Vadim doesn’t return with a belt or whip. Instead, he has a length of rope. On one end of the rope there is a leather wrist/ankle restraint. On the other end of the rope is a very miniature version of the same thing.

“Oh!” Janice protests as Vadim grabs hold of her ball sack and pulls down on it.

Vadim wraps the tiny leather cuff around Janice’s ball sack just above her balls. He then pulls the cuff tight and buckles it. This leaves her balls hanging out the bottom in a tight ball.

“OH!” Janice lets out again as Vadim gives the rope a tug.

Janice has had her balls in bondage many times before. What Vadim does next though is a bit new for her. Vadim grabs her right ankle and pulls upward. Janice doesn’t resist and lets Vadim bend her leg until the bottom of her right foot is pressed against her left inner leg just above the knee.

“Please,” Janice begs when she sees where this is headed.

Sure enough, Vadim attaches the larger cuff to Janice’s ankle.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Janice lets out as Vadim lets go and steps back.

Her leg tries to go back to it’s natural straight position. This in turn pulls the rope and tugs downward on her balls.

“That zould keepz youz buzy,” Vadim says with a chuckle.

Vadim stands there for a moment to admire his handy work. He then leaves the room.

The next few hours are excruciating for Janice. At first, most of the pain is in her legs as she struggles to keep her right leg raised. She actually manages this for a rather long time by bracing her foot against her left leg. However, it still requires effort to keep it up there. It isn’t long and the muscles in her leg are aching like they have never ached before.

Those leg muscles eventually give out. Within an hour her leg is just hanging there by her balls.

Vadim stops by about every 30 minutes. Each time he visits he lifts her foot up and loosens the strap around Janice’s balls temporarily to allow a little circulation. However, he then tightens it back up each time and lets her foot dangle once more. This goes on for just over three hours.

Janice is a sweaty mess by the time Vadim returns the final time.

“Arz youz going to bez a good girlz for Vadim?”

“Yes!” Janice quickly says as she vigorously nods her head up and down.

Vadim stands there for a moment as though in deep thought. He then reaches out and lightly rubs Janice’s balls.

“Maybez a few morez hourz,” he finally announces.

“No!” Janice all but screams before she can catch herself. “Please! I’ll be a good girl! I promise!”

Vadim has to struggle not to laugh. A few hours on the bar is normally all it ever takes to pacify a new boy. Not that Vadim has extensive experience. They don’t get new boys in that often and even then it is rare that the guards get to play with them. Well, that isn’t exactly accurate. The guards get to toy with any boy they want. They just don’t get to take them back to their quarters that often for extensive activity. Usually it’s just a quick blowjob here and there.

Why were they being allowed to play with Janice? Vadim’s best guess is that Lou plans to put the sissy into action rather soon and doesn’t want the hazing from the other kids to bruise Janice up too much. Of course, it could just be that Lou felt the guards were overdue for a small reward.

Whatever the reason, Vadim is more than pleased. He’s even getting use of the sissy first. Tom, the other guard on duty, won’t be done with his shift for another five hours. Though, Vadim suspects the man will probably stop in a few times before now and then to say hello to their guest.

Truth be told, Vadim would much prefer one of the girls. However, it is extremely rare that this is allowed. They normally aren’t even allowed to play with the girls in the halls and stuff. Vadim used to hate that he could only play with the boys. He has long since gotten used to it. Of course, Janice isn’t like the other boys. Even Denise isn’t as girly looking as this sissy.

Vadim undoes the cuffs on Janice’s balls and ankle. He then removes her handcuffs. When he stands back, Janice falls to the ground in exhaustion. She rubs her sore leg muscles. She lets out a yelp though when she tries to touch her balls.

Vadim turns his back on the sissy with no fear. There are a few items in the room that could be used as weapons. However, Vadim could easily defend against them. Besides, it is highly doubtful a sissy like this would have the balls to even try. Especially after several hours on the bar.

Janice watches as Vadim removes his clothes. She nibbles on her lower lip as Vadim’s muscular body is fully revealed. This is the type of body that Janice always dreamed her future husband might have. Okay, maybe that didn’t sound right. She doesn’t really want to marry a guy. However, if she were forced to do so then she would prefer a husband with a manly body like this.

Vadim isn’t fully hard but Janice can tell the man has a nice size cock. Maybe 8 or 9 inches long [20-23 cm] and 2 to 2.5 inches [5-6 cm] thick. Large enough to tickle her ass clit, yet not so big that it is overly uncomfortable.

“Mmm,” Janice involuntarily moans in pain as her cock hardens in her cage and swallows the metal rod and balls.

The moan isn’t very loud but it sounds like thunder in the otherwise quiet room. Vadim can’t help but chuckle. He prefers the boys that don’t like having sex with men. However, the willing ones can be fun sometimes also.

Vadim ignores Janice for now. Instead, he goes over to a piece of workout equipment and takes a seat. You are supposed to be able to do over 100 different exercises on the piece of equipment. Vadim, however, always does the same 6. Each designed for a different muscle group.

He would much prefer going to a professional gym. However, his work schedule seldom allows it. They keep the guards on very odd work schedules. They stay in the facility several days straight and then get one to two days off. There are three guards which they keep on staggered schedules. Some days Vadim will be on duty with Tom, other days with Judy. There are also times when he is the only guard on duty. For example, Vadim will leave the facility in the morning for his days off. Judy will arrive for duty at the same time. Then in a couple days when Vadim is reporting back, Tom will be leaving. However, Tom will only be gone for one day this time and will return as Judy leaves.

The purpose of the schedule is to make it hard for the kids to recognize patterns in the security. Plus, it reduces the odds of people outside the facility noticing patterns as well.

Vadim works out on the machine for 45 minutes. Normally, he would do 90 minutes. However, he will get to go to a real gym tomorrow. Besides, he figures he will get plenty of exercise with the sissy tonight.

The 45 minutes is still enough to get a good sweat going. As he gets up he looks back to see that the seat is covered in sweat. He would normally wear gym clothes and put a towel down before using the machine. There is no need for that though when you have one of the kids as a guest.

“Lick itz clean,” Vadim says as he looks at Janice, snaps his fingers and then points at the wet seat.

“Mmm,” Janice groans as her cock becomes fully hard in it’s cage.

Janice blushes. Vadim doesn’t laugh this time but she knows he heard her. This of course is the least of her concerns. She still has the disgusting task to perform. Of equal concern is the fact that she got hard upon hearing the order to perform the task.

What’s wrong with me!?

It is a question she often screams in her head. Like always, she tries to justify her body’s reaction to such a horrible task. And like most incidents, this one gets blamed on her training. She was taught not just to worship men but to savor their smell and taste. And what could taste more manly than their sweat?

Despite her body’s reaction to such tasks, Janice still often tells herself that she isn’t really gay. However, over the months it has become harder and harder to convince herself of this. Just like it has become harder to convince herself that she really hates all these tasks. Sure, the tasks still disgust her. However, how can you truly say you hate them if doing them makes your dick hard? Janice pushes the question out of her head before she has too much time to think about it.

She has a more important question to answer right now anyway. Should she lick the backrest first or the seat itself. If Vadim wasn’t there then she would lick the seat first. That way by the time she finished the backrest, any ass sweat she licked off the seat would be long gone from her mouth. Vadim is there though, so she starts with the backrest. It just wouldn’t be lady like to go straight for the seat. It would make Vadim think that she actually likes licking that part.

Janice’s cock pulses in it’s cage as she brings her face close and can smell Vadim’s manly scent. She scrunches her nose up in disgust as she sticks out her tongue and gives the backrest a lick. Her taste buds spark to life with the flavor of Vadim’s salty manly sweat.

She licks several more times and then forces herself to swallow the mixture of sweat and her saliva. Her tummy protests but she easily manages to hold it down. It is nothing compared to drinking piss.

Janice licks at the backrest for almost two minutes before she is confident that it is clean. As she transitions from the backrest to the seat, she can’t help but glance Vadim’s direction. Her blush spreads down to her neck and shoulders when she sees that the man is indeed watching her.

Tears form in the corner of her eyes as she leans down and starts licking the seat. In reality, the flavor on the seat is virtually identical to that of the backrest. However, knowing where this sweat came from somehow makes it taste a tad bitter to Janice. She doesn’t stop licking though until it is all cleaned up.

“Good girlz,” Vadim praises as Janice’s red face lifts up from the now clean seat. “Nowz you cleanz me.”

Janice swallows hard and her face manages to turn an even brighter red. This is a task she feared Vadim would give her. That said, it is far from being the first time she has had to lick a man clean. Ray especially enjoyed making her do it at the school.

As she crawls over to Vadim, she can’t help but admire the man’s body once more. The man’s muscles are well defined. The sweat covering his body is glistening and somehow makes his muscles seem even more impressive than they already are. To Janice, Vadim looks almost like a Greek God.

Vadim is near the pull up bar Janice was cuffed to earlier. Vadim grasps the bar with one of his hands in order to help maintain his balance. He then lifts one of his feet in front of Janice. She gets the hint and delicately grabs the foot with one of her hands. She then leans in and starts licking.

Janice starts on the top of the foot but eventually has no choice but to work on the bottom. She saves the toes for last. She has only had to lick feet a few times in the past but she is well aware that the toes are always the worst. In between the toes to be exact. Thankfully, the salt from Vadim’s sweat helps mask most of the bad flavor.

Vadim’s cock gets hard as he puts the sissy in her place. He has her lick every inch of his foot and then suck his toes for several minutes. He then drops the foot and lifts the other. Janice’s tummy rumbles a protest but she doesn’t hesitate to start licking again.

Vadim puts the foot down several minutes later and has Janice stand. Janice takes this as a good sign. There is a chance Vadim only wants her to lick certain key areas and not his whole body. Her main fear now is what those key areas might be.

Vadim grabs a hand full of Janice’s hair and directs her face to his chest. Janice quickly starts licking the large man’s pecs. She applies suction whenever her lips pass over Vadim’s nipples. She also nibbles on them a little.

“Good girlz,” Vadim moans with pleasure.

The large man loosens his grip on Janice’s hair and she quickly slides her tongue back over and focuses on the nipples. This gets even more moans of pleasure from Vadim.

Janice works on the nipples for almost ten minutes before Vadim’s tightens his grip again. She lets out a sigh of relief and a small smile forms on her lips when she is guided downward. If it were Ray, she would be licking the man’s armpits next. Apparently this is not a fetish of Vadim’s. Or, he just didn’t think to make her clean there.

Janice’s face gets redder and her smile quickly disappears when Vadim turns before she can start licking his cock. A second later and she is now facing the man’s muscular butt. She swallows hard as she contemplates the task ahead of her.

She focuses on the left ass cheek first. It takes her about two minutes to lick it clean and another two minutes for the right cheek. She could have cleaned them in half the time but she didn’t want to seem to eager to reach the obvious conclusion to this task. A lady simply shouldn’t seem to eager to lick a man’s ass crack. Of course, there is also the fact that she actually isn’t eager to do so.

During those four minutes, Janice was in constant prayer that Vadim wouldn’t actually make her lick his crack. She even leans back slightly when she finishes the right cheek in order to send the message that she is done. Vadim peers back at her with an angry look. He doesn’t say anything but Janice gets the message.

Tears run down her face as she leans back in and sticks out her tongue. She gives the crack a long light lick. The taste is similar to the seat earlier, only slightly stronger since the sweat is still warm. She gives the crack several more light licks before she is convinced Vadim isn’t going to be satisfied until the area is spotless. She digs her tongue in deeper for the next few licks. Finally, she reaches up and uses her hands to part the man’s strong globes. Her next lick takes her tongue as deep as it will go.

“Good… good,” Vadim groans with pleasure as Janice’s tongue glides across his butt hole.

What Janice wouldn’t give to be back in the cell licking the twin’s assholes instead of Vadim’s. Licking a man’s asshole is so disgusting. Especially one that is so sweaty. Yet, Janice can’t help but notice that her cock is straining in it’s cage a lot more than it ever did while she was rimming the twins. She does her best to ignore this observation.

She licks up and down the crack for several minutes. Vadim then grabs her head tight and stops her mouth right when it is over his asshole. She knows what he wants and slowly pushes her tongue inside. Janice is pretty sure that unlike the twins, Vadim probably doesn’t give himself enemas. The flavor is a little stronger but she doesn’t taste anything that offensive.

Janice tongues the hole for close to five minutes before Vadim finally pulls her away. When the man turns, Janice can’t help but smile with glee. She has never been so happy to suck a cock before. Anything to get this ordeal over with.

Her desire is to take the cock into her mouth and start deep throating it so she can end her suffering. This is counter to her training though. So, instead, she licks up and down the sides of the 8″ [20 cm] cock until it is clean. She then dips down and starts licking and sucking the man’s large balls. It isn’t until the balls are clean that Janice finally moves back to the cock and takes it into her mouth.

“Zuch a good girlz,” Vadim moans as Janice deep throats him.

As she fucks her throat with the cock, Janice uses one of her hands to delicately tug on Vadim’s balls. Janice has found that some men like their balls massaged, some like them tickled, and yet others like them tugged. She correctly guesses that Vadim is a tugger.

It isn’t long and Janice has Vadim vigorously fucking her throat. She easily accepts every inch on each thrust. About two minutes in, Vadim starts moaning things in Russian. Janice doesn’t know a word of Russian but she is pretty sure she knows what he is saying.

Sure enough, about 30 seconds later the Russian’s muscles go tight. Vadim even goes to his tippy toes, almost like he is trying to escape Janice’s mouth. Janice won’t allow any escape though. She maintains her hold on the man’s balls while at the same time using her free hand to grab one of Vadim’s ass cheeks. A second later and Janice’s mouth and throat are flooded with cum.

For some reason, Janice half expects the Russian’s cum to somehow taste different. However, it is the same manly flavor she has become accustomed to from men.

She swallows the first couple shots but pulls back a little in order to ensure the last of his climax stays in her mouth. Most of the men at the school liked to see their cum in her mouth before she swallowed. She figures it is best to save some in case Vadim is one of these types of men.

Or at least that is the excuse she uses. Deep down, there is a part of her that simply wants to savor the taste. She has no clue why. It’s not like she enjoys doing it. It is just something she often feels she has to do. Especially when it is a new man she is sucking or the man in question is very manly. Vadim meets both of those requirements.

Janice is almost disappointed when Vadim pulls out but doesn’t ask to see inside her mouth. She waits until he walks away before she finally swallows. The viscous fluid slides down her throat and joins the rest of the load. She has to swallow several times and apply suction in order to get most of the sticky substance out of her mouth. She is still licking the inside of her mouth clean when she hears Vadim order her to follow.

She isn’t sure if she is supposed to crawl or stand and walk. She decides to stand. Vadim doesn’t seem angry so she apparently guessed right.

They go to a door at the back of the room. She noticed this door earlier. Her guess is that this door leads to the doctor’s office. It turns out, the door leads to a small bathroom with a single toilet and bathtub/shower. There was another door to the bathroom though which Janice is positive must lead to the doctor’s office.

“Oh!” Janice lets out in surprise as Vadim lifts her into the air like she was a rag doll.

Vadim steps into the bathtub and then lowers Janice back down. Janice quickly moves to the side when she sees the man adjusting the water. It is clear he plans to take a shower and she doesn’t want to get her hair wet. Her hair has grown a lot in recent months and requires a lot more care now whenever she washes it. And she had just brushed it out prior to Vadim coming to get her earlier. It was the first time they let her brush it since her arrival. The last thing she wants is for it to get all tangled and messed up. Who knows when they might let her brush it again.

Her attempt to avoid the shower ends up putting her in an odd position. Vadim is too big for her to move all the way around him. Plus, she has to wrap her arms around the man slightly to keep from losing her balance. That said, she indeed avoids the spray once the shower comes on.

Thankfully, she only has to hug Vadim like that for a few seconds before the man turns so she can move behind him.

Vadim makes a couple rotations in the shower before he grabs a bar of soap and hands it to Janice. The large man then turns his back to her and holds his arms out. Janice gets the hint and starts soaping the man up.

Janice works as quick as she can but it still seems to take her ten times longer to soap the man’s back than if she were doing her own much smaller body. And God, how manly this man’s body feels. She can’t believe how firm his muscles are. It feels almost like she is washing a stone statue.

Her hands gliding over those muscles makes her cock twitch in it’s cage. After several days of being in the chastity device, Janice is tempted to beg the man for release. What she wouldn’t do for just five minutes of freedom so she could manage a climax. The twins milked her prostate a lot but it just isn’t the same.

As good as a climax would feel right now, her main reason for wanting one is simply to stop most of her naughty thoughts. Thoughts about Vadim to be specific. Of course, her reason for release is the same reason Vadim would refuse the request. From his perspective, it is better to keep her hot and bothered so she is more eager to please.

Ironically, if Janice were one of the boys that is less eager to please, then Vadim would have already released them from their cage if they were wearing one. He would have had them probably masturbate a few times also. By doing so, they would be even less eager to please. For Vadim it is one extreme or the other. Either very eager to please or very reluctant. Thus, the cage stays on for Janice. This way he can keep her very eager while at the same time taking pleasure in the knowledge that she can’t acquire maximum pleasure herself.

Janice will later discover that most of the boys in storage don’t wear cock cages at all. That is not to say that life is any easier for them. While in storage, the boys without cages are required to stay hard all the time during the day. If a guard sees one of them soft then the boy is punished. Of course, the older alpha boys found a loop hole a long time ago. They fuck the younger boys or have them suck them off. They just don’t pull their cocks out until they are hard again. Thus, the guards never see them soft. The guards of course know what is going on. They allow it though since it is good for training.

Vadim rotates again once his back is soaped well. Janice immediately starts soaping the man’s front as her prior efforts are washed off the man’s back by the shower.

Janice works from the top down. She rushes as she soaps the man’s cock and balls. The last thing she wants is for him to get sexually excited again. She is certain she will end up servicing this man several more times. However, she sees no need to rush things.

Janice goes to stand once she finishes with the man’s legs. However, Vadim’s hand presses down on her head to hold her in a kneeling position. Vadim then grabs hold of his soapy cock and points it at her. At first she thinks he wants her to suck it. However, it quickly dawns on her that he has something else in mind.


Janice starts to beg but quickly closes her mouth when a stream of piss comes shooting out of the man’s dick. She is in shock but she still remembers to look up at Vadim to ensure he isn’t angry about her closing her mouth. The man doesn’t seem angry so she keeps her mouth closed.

The piss feels scolding hot as it splashes against her body. The spray hits her thighs first. However, Vadim quickly redirects it to her chest.

“Please,” Janice begs when the streams starts moving up toward her face.

Vadim responds to her plea by moving the stream quickly onto her face. Janice gets a mouth full before she can close it. She wants to spit the putrid fluid out but fears she might offend Vadim. She scrunches her face up in disgust as she forces herself to swallow it.

Vadim chuckles and moves the stream up her face and then into her hair. His stream continues for another ten seconds before it finally tapers off. He then turns and starts rinsing the soap off his front. As he does so, Janice remains kneeling in disbelief. Even a well potty trained sissy like Janice can be put into shock sometimes when you piss in her hair.

Thankfully, Vadim rinses her off before ending the shower. Janice does her best to comb her hair with her fingers. She gets most of the tangles but knows it will still end up looking less than desirable. What she wouldn’t give for a brush. A curling iron would be nice also.

Those things and more might very well be hidden in one of the bathroom drawers. She is too scared to ask. She is even more scared to just start looking without permission. So, she just stands there and watches as Vadim dries off. She then quickly follows as Vadim leaves the bathroom.

Vadim grabs a fresh towel along the way and places it on a recliner in the main room. He sits on it and then reclines back. He snaps his fingers and points at a tv remote across the room. Janice quickly rushes to retrieve it for him. Vadim turns the tv on and starts surfing the channels.

The facility has a premium cable package. Vadim still has trouble finding something to watch. He likes sports but Americans play most of them wrong. He smiles when he finds a basketball game.

“This is one sport they play right,” Vadim thinks to himself.

The next hour is pretty boring for Janice. She isn’t a basketball fan. Vadim has her fetch a couple bottles of water, but other than that she doesn’t do much but stand there and glance around the room. She of course also keeps a close eye on Vadim’s cock. Thankfully, it doesn’t get hard during the game.

Vadim is a little startled when he looks over at the clock and sees how long he has been watching the game. Tom will be taking one of his breaks soon. If Vadim wants first crack at Janice’s asshole then he needs to get started before Tom shows up.

Janice swallows hard and begins to blush when she sees Vadim grab hold of his cock and start tugging on it. The man is hard in no time. Janice doesn’t need to be told to take over. She reaches out with her much smaller hands and begins massaging Vadim’s dick. She waits for further orders but none come. So, she takes it upon herself to lean forward and start licking and sucking the large cock.

As she sucks the cock, one of Vadim’s hands slides across her back and rests on her rump.

“Mmm,” Janice moans around the cock as a finger worms its way up her asshole.

The finger is followed by a second and then a third. The fingers feel good, yet uncomfortable at the same time. Most of the discomfort is because her hole is still sensitive from all the fisting from the twins. On the bright side, her hole has no problem accommodating the man’s large fingers.

Janice has a good deep throat rhythm going when Vadim pulls her off his cock. Vadim takes her left hand in his right. That is all he has to do for Janice to know what he wants. She gracefully climbs up onto the recliner and into Vadim’s lap.

Janice prefers being bred from behind. She finds it too embarrassing to face the men while they fuck her. Plus, being bred from behind somehow makes the men seem more manly to her. She isn’t sure why. Her best guess is that it is because it is a lot less ‘romantic’ that way.

Vadim’s grip on her hand, however, forces her to face him as she mounts. She keeps climbing until she is all but sitting on the man’s stomach. She reaches back and adjusts Vadim’s cock until it is aimed properly. She then slowly slides back on it.

“Mmm,” they both say in unison as the cock seeds itself up Janice’s warm hole.

All the soreness in her asshole is forgotten as the head of Vadim’s cock bumps into her ass clit and then slides across it. Janice hates herself for feeling such pleasure. Especially with such a mean brute like Vadim. That is sissy training for you. The worse the man treats her, the more pleasure she seems to get from them. It is an aspect of herself that she can’t stand. Yet, it is one she also can’t deny.

She slides back until Vadim’s cock is completely buried up her hole. She then slowly slides forward again. The feeling of his cock on her ass clit is heaven. The only thing that could make it better would be if she wasn’t wearing this damn cock cage!

Janice slowly slides forward and back on the cock of over five minutes before Vadim takes over. The large man grabs hold of her waist with his large powerful hands and holds her in a forward position. He then uses his hips to start thrusting up into her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Janice lets out over and over as the man viciously rapes her hole from below.

Janice tells herself not to, but she locks eyes with Vadim anyway. She blushes as the man stares right back at her. As embarrassing and humiliating as it is, her heart still flutters. She can’t help but wonder if this man might love her. She could certainly see herself falling for him.

Janice! she screams in her head.

God, she hates cock cages! It used to be that she could go two or more weeks in a cock cage before she started having romantic feelings toward men. Now she seems to start having them the second you put one on her. And she has been wearing this one for several days now.

Janice’s eyes get big as Vadim leans forward slightly and presses his lips against hers. The kiss starts out light and quickly becomes more passionate. Janice is in too much shock to think to put any of her kissing training into action. She just does what feels natural.

As their tongues dance, so does Janice’s heart.

He does love me! Janice thinks to herself.

All kinds of thoughts and images run through her head. In some of these images she sees herself going home with Vadim and them getting married and living happily ever after. In others she is kept captive by Vadim in this room for the rest of her life. Yet, even in this vision she still somehow lives happily ever after.

The kiss is rudely interrupted by the sound of the door opening. Vadim quickly wipes his mouth with the side of his hand in order to remove any possible evidence of the kiss. He would never live it down if Tom caught him kissing one of the boys.

It is seldom that Vadim ever kisses the boys. However, it does happen. He is sure that Tom knows he does it. Just like Vadim is pretty certain that Tom does the same. Still, they would never do it in front of each other. Kissing is just too… gay. Granted, they both used to think the same thing in regards to fucking the boys. That is kind of part of the job though. So, it isn’t unusual for them to see each other fucking one of the boys. They often even share the same boy.

Sharing Janice is exactly what Tom has in mind as he walks into the room. He doesn’t even bother to ask Vadim if he would mind. He just starts removing his cloths.

Janice blushes as she steals glances of Tom. The man is about 6′ [1.80 m] tall and muscular like Vadim. Tom doesn’t look as mean though.

“Is she any good?” Tom asks once he is completely nude.

“Iz good,” Vadim says as he tries to maintain his focus on fucking Janice’s hole from below.

The angle of Tom’s approach makes it clear to Vadim that the man plans to double penetrate the sissy’s asshole. They’ve done this before, but Vadim isn’t that hot about the idea. He doesn’t like having another man’s cock pressing against his own. When they double team, he much prefers that one of them fuck the boy’s mouth while the other pounds the asshole.

Vadim doesn’t say anything. He had been pleasantly surprised by how good the kiss was earlier. He is thinking of maybe kissing the boy some more once Tom is gone. If Tom fucks the sissy’s mouth though then it will mean having to thoroughly clean it out afterward. No way Vadim would ever kiss a boy with a dirty mouth. Okay, technically he just did. However, that was different since it was him and not some other guy that dirtied the boy’s mouth.

Janice nibbles on her lip as Tom positions himself. It isn’t very often that she gets two cocks at once. It is even less often that they both go into the same hole at the same time.

“Mmmm,” Janice moans in both pleasure and pain as Tom forces his cock in next to Vadim’s.

At 8″ [20 cm] long and 2″ [5 cm] thick, Tom’s cock is roughly the same size as Vadim’s. They are nice cocks, but not gigantic by Janice’s standards. However, combined they make for a rather tight fit in her poor ass pussy.

It isn’t long and the two men are pumping in and out of her. They get into a rhythm such that one is pulling out while the other is pushing in. This provides Janice’s ass clit twice the stimulation. Her hips involuntarily try to hump but the grip the men have prevent her from moving.

Janice leans in to give Vadim another kiss but the man prevents her from closing the gap. Instead, he directs her face toward his shoulder. The Russian would have bitch slapped any other boy that tried to kiss him in front of Tom. He doesn’t want to risk messing the sissy’s face up though. Lou wouldn’t be happy. Plus, Vadim wants to keep that face lovely and kissable for later.

Janice is thankful that Vadim prevented her from kissing him. Her emotions had gotten away from her. She didn’t really want to kiss him, not really. Still, she can’t help but be a little sad that Vadim wasn’t willing to show his love for her in front of the other man.

Normally, Vadim would race to see if he could cum before Tom. Especially when they are sharing the same hole. The last thing he wants is for Tom’s cum to touch him. This time, however, he struggles to hold his climax back. He wants his next climax to be in private with Janice. This way he can explore more with the sissy.

The two drive into Janice for almost ten minutes before she hears Tom grunting behind her. Tom freezes and a few seconds later Janice can feel the man coating her insides with cum. Each spurt of cum is quickly pushed deeper inside her by Vadim’s still pistoning cock.

“Fuck!” Tom says as his climax finishes. “She’s got a nice asshole.”

Tom pulls out a few seconds later. He steps to the side of the recliner and grabs a hand full of Janice’s hair. He angles her upper body toward him and then feeds her his cock. Janice blushes but doesn’t hesitate to suck the man’s cock clean.

Vadim can do little but watch. He does his best not to show his anger at Tom for messing up Janice’s mouth. He’ll have to give the sissy a full cleaning now before they can continue what they started earlier.

Tom towels himself off and quickly dresses. The facility is on complete lockdown whenever they are away from the main desk. That is expected late at night when everyone is sleeping. However, during the day they try not to leave the main desk unmanned for more than 20 minutes at a time.

While Tom is preparing to leave, Vadim continues to pump into Janice as though everything is normal. The truth, however, is that he is rather upset. He’s angry and disgusted that Tom dirtied their guest up so much. Even now, he can feel Tom’s cum leaking out of the sissy’s asshole and dripping down onto his balls.

Vadim pushes Janice off his lap the second Tom is out the door. Janice tumbles to the floor. She looks up at Vadim in confusion and sadness. She is sad because Vadim seems angry with her. She is confused because she doesn’t understand why. Hasn’t she been a good girl?

Vadim growls at Janice to lick his cock and balls clean. Janice quickly obeys. As she licks Tom’s cum off Vadim’s cock and balls, she realizes exactly how silly she was to think Vadim might have feelings for her. Hell, they barely know each other. Plus, she is a sissy. Sissies are just play things for men. Who could possibly love one? The thought brings a tear to her eye.

Chapter 22

Janice wakes the next day in confusion. In the past, she has had a kind of puppy love for a few of the men that used her. Especially after she has worn a cock cage for a few days. However, it has never been as strong as what she felt last night. Not only was it strong, but it came on so fast. This love wasn’t just for Vadim either. It later became so for Tom also.

After a thorough cleaning in the bathroom last night, she and Vadim spent what seemed like hours kissing and making love. She became absolutely convinced that they were soul mates.

However, later that night, Vadim passed her over to Tom when he got off work. She spent the rest of the night making love to Tom. By the time she fell asleep, she was certain it was actually Tom that was her soul mate.

Yet, now she doesn’t feel hardly anything for either one of them. It is almost as though she had just dreamed the whole thing. However, it had been very real.

Janice doesn’t know it but her cock cage is only partially to blame for her emotional swings. The drugs they put in her food accounts for the rest. Many new arrivals react this way to the drugs. Or at least they do at first. Eventually their bodies adapt. Their emotions are still heightened but no where near where Janice is at now.

In addition to being confused, Janice is also rather ashamed. Though, she isn’t sure if she is ashamed because she felt love for these men, or if it is because she seemed to so easily fall out of love.

Ashamed or not, she is still grateful the feelings have subsided. Feeling love for these men seems so wrong. Yet, at the time it somehow felt so right.

To add to her morning confusion, Janice isn’t where she was when she fell asleep. She was in bed with Tom when she finally conked out. Now she is lying on the floor in the middle of the room with her ankle cuffed to one of the support posts for the pull up bar.

She wonders if she walked over on her own last night and just forgot. Or, did Tom gently carry her over so she wouldn’t wake. The thought of Tom possibly caring enough not to wake her makes Janice’s heart flutter. He even thought to give her a cover to help keep her warm.

“Well, hello darling.”

Janice quickly snaps back to the present when she hears the female voice. She looks up to see a beautiful woman. Janice’s guess is that this is Judy. She heard Tom and Vadim talking about Judy the night before. What she heard them say was not good. At least not good from Janice’s perspective.

Tom described her as a “butch that enjoys torturing little boys”. The description of course was meant for Janice’s ears. At the time, she thought he was just exaggerating. The evil grin on Judy’s face tells her otherwise.

“Mmm,” Janice involuntarily moans as her cock starts swallowing the metal rod in her cage.

Judy’s smile disappears when she realizes what caused the moan. Her hope had been that Janice was gay. It would be fun for a change to ‘play’ with a boy that doesn’t like girls. Not that she plays with that many boys. She usually only messes with them when she is in a bad mood. Hurting and/or humiliating a little boy always seems to brighten her mood.

Judy gives Janice a dirty look and turns and goes about her business of getting ready for work.

Janice knows this woman is evil but she can’t help but watch as Judy changes clothes. Evil or not, the woman has a hot body. It takes less than a minute for Janice’s cock to get fully erect in its cage. She isn’t the only one enjoying the show. Laying in his bed still, Tom is getting a good view as well.

What Tom wouldn’t give to wet his dick in Judy. Sadly, the woman has zero interest in having sex with males. She doesn’t even have sex with the younger boys. Well, she doesn’t have intercourse with them anyway. She does get a lot of use out of their tongues sometimes. She would never let Tom do even that though. For her, it’s more about the domination than the physical pleasure. And Tom is not the type that would ever allow himself to be dominated. Thus, even thinking about the man turns her off.

Tom fantasizes about Judy on a daily basis. He knows he has no chance with her and thus never tries. That said, he does often think about raping her. It is just a fantasy. He would never actually do it. Not that he wouldn’t be willing to do such a thing. He would. However, he knows his balls would end up in a jar the second Lou found out about it. That is assuming that Judy didn’t sneak up on him in the middle of the night and cut them off herself.

Judy finishes dressing and turns to leave. As she does so she gives Tom an annoyed look. Being ogled all the time gets old fast. On top of that, the male guards are always working out and smelling up the place with their sweat. She often finds herself sleeping in the medical room next door. Not that the smell of medicine and disinfectant is much better.

In the past, she used to sleep in empty cells. They are often all occupied these days though. There are still many empty cots in some of the cells but she can’t use them. With the other kids in the same room, she wouldn’t be able to take a master key in with her. Not if she planned to sleep any. If there was an emergency that pulled the other guard away from the main desk then she would probably end up stuck in there until it was all over. Lou wouldn’t be happy if he found out about something like that.

Tom jumps out of bed the second Judy leaves the room. He unlocks Janice from the cuffs and drags her into the bathroom with him.

“Potty training time,” Tom says with a chuckle as he pulls her into the shower with him.

Janice demonstrated her potty skills with Jack when she first arrived. Either the man wasn’t impressed or he failed to mention her skills to the others. Janice decides it might be best not to inform Tom that she is already potty trained. If he knows she is already trained to drink piss then he will not only expect her to do it but will probably advance her training on to something even worse. Plus, information about one’s potty skills simply isn’t something a proper lady should volunteer. Okay, the main reason is really that she is too humiliated to admit it.

Her shower with Tom turns out to be almost an exact repeat of what she did with Vadim the day before. The only difference is that instead of just pissing on her, Tom makes sure she swallows a couple mouths full as well. Janice does her best to look disgusted. It isn’t hard.

The shower also includes Tom breeding her. Tom washes her off first of course. However, once they are done he turns the shower off and pisses on Janice yet again.

“This will be your home for awhile,” Tom informs her as he gets out and closes the shower door on her.

Soaked with piss, Janice huddles in the corner of the shower. Maybe she should have told him she was potty trained after all.

Minutes seem like hours and hours like days as she endures the stench of her piss covered body. She can’t believe she felt love for Tom yesterday. Sure, as a sissy it is expected to be pissed on from time to time. However, leaving her drenched in the stuff for hours on end is just cruel.

Being left in the small shower makes things even worse. Not only does the smell linger but there isn’t anything she can really focus on to help take her mind off it. As bad as it is, it still is better than the potty training she got back at the school.

Her time in the shower also gives her the opportunity to try to come up with escape plans. She hasn’t seen that much of the place though so there really isn’t a lot she can plan out. The best she can come up with is sneaking into the doctor’s office and finding some kind of scalpel. This is something she probably could do right now. The only thing stopping her is that she isn’t sure what she could do once she had it. Well, that and the fact that she is scared of getting caught.

Having a weapon like a scalpel is one thing. Using it is a whole different ball game. She highly doubts that she could hold Tom, Vadim or even Judy hostage. They would easily get the scalpel away from her even if she had it to their throat. No, her only advantage would be that of surprise. For example, if she had a scalpel right now she could wait until Tom came back in. When he got close she could swing out and cut his throat before he knew what was happening. However, then what? Okay, maybe wait for Judy to come back and do the same to her. Then what?

She would still be locked inside this place. There is a possibility that getting out is as simple as turning a key or hitting a lever. However, Janice finds that very unlikely. If it was that simple then all of the kids probably would have ganged up on the guards long ago. No, she would need a lot more information than she currently has before she even thinks about making an escape attempt.

Of course, that is assuming she even really wants to escape. So far it really hasn’t been that bad here. Just a little sexual abuse and a few swallows of piss. She is all to aware that there are potentially much worse things outside these walls.

Tom returns to the bathroom about every 45 to 60 minutes in order to give Janice a fresh coat of piss.

Tom has mixed feelings about the potty training. It isn’t often they get a ‘roommate’ they can play with. Let alone one they are allowed to potty train. So, it is a nice change of pace. The thing that sucks, however, is that he can’t do much with the sissy until the training is over. Well, he technically could. However, that would mean getting piss on himself. Who would want that? On the bright side, once Janice is potty trained he won’t have to bother getting up and walking to the bathroom every time he has to take a piss.

Janice lives in the shower for the following three days. She loses track of how many times she is pissed on. Even Judy pisses on him many times. Though she often insists he drink most of her piss.

The only times the piss is washed off her is when one of the guards decides to shower or during her daily enema. However, she is quickly covered in piss again afterward.

By the third day she definitely wishes she would have told them that she was already potty trained. She never volunteers that bit of information though. She is too scared of what punishment they might give her for deceiving them. Not that she ever really lied to them. They simply never asked.

The worst part, besides the piss, is having to listen to the guards brag about the great progress they are making with her. How they are managing to potty train her so quickly.

“Do you thinkz you canz drinks all my piss without spilling any nowz?” Vadim asks her late on the third day.

“Yes!” Janice quickly replies as she nods her head up and down vigorously.

It is the first time they even bothered to ask her. She would have gladly answered “yes” on the second day. She tried volunteering the information a few times but they just snapped at her each time. Her guess is that the guards are used to kids saying about anything to get the training to stop.

Vadim is wearing a pair of sweat pants. He undoes the tie at the top and pulls them down just enough to expose his semi erect cock. Janice quickly seals her lips over the head of the cock and waits for the inevitable.

She doesn’t have to wait long. A strong flow of hot liquid shoots across her tongue and into the back of her throat. Her instinct is to gag and spit the putrid liquid out. However, instead she loosens her throat muscles and lets the piss travel directly to her tummy.

Vadim doesn’t hold back any either. If anything, he tries to push the piss out faster than normal. Janice’s well trained throat has a hard time keeping up with the flow. She somehow manages though without spilling a drop.

The piss shoots into her tummy for almost 30 seconds before it finally tapers off. Vadim then steps back and stares at Janice for a couple minutes. Janice is confused at first. The man just stares and smiles.

“Goodz girl,” Vadim finally says.

It isn’t until then that Janice realizes Vadim was waiting to see if she would be sick or turn green from drinking all the piss. A test she clearly passed.

Janice is absolutely delighted when Vadim finally gives her permission to clean up and leave the shower. A shower is normally a sissy’s best friend. However, this is one shower stall that will haunt her dreams for quite a long time.

Vadim hands her a towel as she steps out of the shower. It is the first time she has been allowed to use a towel since she arrived in this place. She can’t help but hope that maybe her initiation is finally over.

“Makez yourzelf up,” Vadim says as he hands her a paper bag.

Janice’s face lights up with joy when she looks in the bag and sees a brush and some makeup. Her heart flutters and she feels like giving Vadim the biggest hug in the world. Maybe he is her soul mate after all.

Oh God, Janice says to herself when she gets in front of the mirror.

Her makeup from several days back has long been washed away by all the piss. And her hair is a mess of tangles. She can tell it will take at least 30 minutes to get herself presentable again. Vadim watches for the first five minutes and then leaves her to herself.

Janice’s escape plan flashes into her head but she quickly ignores it. Not only is it still a poor plan but now she doesn’t even see a need to escape. Well, not really. Her initiation may be coming to an end. Plus, they are even providing her with makeup. Sure, they obviously plan to make her continue to drink their piss and stuff like that. However, life could be a lot worse for a sissy.

Vadim is already laying in bed when Janice finally comes out of the bathroom. Janice decided on pigtails and only a light coat of makeup. Vadim seems pleased with her choices.

Vadim lifts the covers, letting Janice know she should hop in. Janice nibbles on her lip when she sees Vadim is rock hard. She practically skips across the room and then climbs into the bed. She isn’t sure why but the thought of Vadim’s kisses makes her feel kind of yummy and gooey inside.

When she goes to kiss him though, the man doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with it. It takes her a few seconds to realize the reason is probably because of her potty training. Who would want to kiss a sissy that they know is potty trained? It saddens her that the man may never want to kiss her again.

“Mmm,” Janice moans as Vadim sinks his cock into her ass pussy.

They start in a spoon position under the covers. However, the covers are quickly pulled away. Vadim then turns onto his back with Janice on top. Janice braces herself with her hands on Vadim’s chiseled abs and lower chest. She then starts bucking up and down on the hard cock. She tightens her hole and does everything else she can think of to make it as pleasurable for Vadim as possible.

Vadim pinches her nipples hard a few times but overall takes it easy on her. She wants to believe it is a sign of love. However, she knows this is probably just a reward for her completing her potty training. A much better reward, however, would be letting her out of her cock cage. She considers begging him to do so. However, she knows he most likely wouldn’t. Asking would serve no purpose other than possibly anger him and ruin the mood.

Janice bounces up and down on the cock for over 15 minutes. By the time Vadim climaxes, she is leaking cum from her cage. Not that she actually has a climax. Not a real one anyway.

Vadim pulls her down and hugs her tight as he pumps his cum deep into her hole. The tight hug is a little suffocating, yet kind of yummy at the same time. Vadim hugs her tight like that for over a minute.

“I haz to takez a pizz again,” Vadim announces as he releases her from the hug.

Without thinking, Janice quickly pulls herself off the cock and moves down the bed so she can seal her mouth to the man’s cock. A few seconds later the putrid flavor of piss mixes with that of cum and her ass juices.

Vadim’s stream starts out as a small drizzle. Janice’s heart flutters again when she realizes the man is trying to feed the piss to her at a reasonable rate. About 15 seconds in, however, Vadim loses control and the stream goes full speed. The man must have drank a lot of liquids tonight because this piss is almost as large as the prior one less than an hour ago. Janice manages it all though without spilling a drop.

Janice sucks the last of the piss out and then licks the remainder of cum and ass juice off his cock. Vadim stops her when she starts to move back up the bed. He tells her to keep her mouth sealed to his cock in case he needs to take another piss during the night. Or at least that is the gist of what he tells her.

Janice isn’t sure what to make of the order. It certainly doesn’t seem like an act of affection from the man. Yet, he isn’t chaining her up for the night or anything like that. So, clearly he trusts her to a certain degree. She thinks about this for well over an hour before she finally dozes off.

As she sleeps, Janice suckles on Vadim’s cock like a baby would a tit.

She has dream after dream of drinking the man’s piss. A couple times she wakes to find that she is doing just that. Her well trained throat swallows every drop each time. Vadim stays awake each time just long enough to praise her. The praise makes her feel all warm inside. Granted, it is possible that her sleepy mind just confuses the warmth of the fresh load of hot piss in her tummy with that of pride.

It isn’t until morning that Janice realizes that neither of the other guards ever showed up last night. Nor are they here now. She assumes that Vadim is the only guard on duty right now. She can’t help but wonder if maybe last night was her best chance for escape. She quickly pushes the thought from her head.

Vadim has her wash him in the shower again. The large man also breeds her while they shower. The breeding seems almost romantic as Vadim slowly thrusts into her from behind. The warm water splashing on them and their slick bodies sliding against each other feels especially yummy to Janice. She even finds herself moaning with pleasure during the last half of the encounter. She of course has been trained to moan like this during breeding. She still feels ashamed with herself though since these moans didn’t have to be faked.

It is clearly good for Vadim also. Janice feels like she is being crushed by the man’s strong hands as he shoots his load deep in her hole. Janice feels like kissing the man but is certain Vadim no longer wants to do stuff like that. So, instead she turns her head back toward him and gives the man’s large chest muscles a gentle kiss.

The romantic mood is quickly squashed by Vadim a few seconds later as he starts pissing into Janice’s asshole. The hot liquid quickly worms it’s way deep inside her bowels. It makes her feel extremely dirty despite the clean warm water still splashing down on them. It makes her feel even dirtier than when they pissed on her. She can almost feel her insides absorbing the putrid liquid.

As Vadim pulls his cock from her hole, Janice’s wants nothing more than to expel the piss enema. She knows better though. Instead, she squeezes her asshole as tight as possible to ensure not a drop escapes. She prays for Vadim to give her the order to go to the toilet and expel the fluid. The order doesn’t come right away. Instead, Vadim has her wash his body yet again. He also has her towel him off.

The idea of Janice holding the piss enema must turn Vadim on because the man gets hard. Janice kneels on the hard bathroom floor and sucks the man off. Janice uses all her talents to ensure the blowjob is very pleasurable, yet very quick. She drinks Vadim’s load of cum. Thankfully, that is all Vadim has for her to drink.

“Thirties minutez,” Vadim says as he opens a cabinet and then hands her the enema bag.

Janice waits for the man to leave the bathroom. She then rushes to the toilet and expels the hot piss. She then starts her normal enema procedures. She makes sure the enemas are extra hot. However, even after several half gallon [~2 liter] enemas she still feels dirty inside. Her time is up though so she cleans everything up and puts it away.

She exits the bathroom just as Vadim finishes dressing. Janice’s heart flutters when Vadim cuffs her to the bed and not pull up bar. He even turns the TV on for her to watch. It is gay porn of men breeding little boys but it is still better than nothing. And the bed will certainly be a ton more comfortable than the concrete floor under the pull up bar.

Maybe he does love me, Janice thinks to herself as she watches the man leave.

Chapter 23

The next ten days become rather routine. They cut back a little on how much piss she has to drink but she still drinks a lot of it each day. Also, after a few days, they remove her cock cage. However, they put a different one on immediately. The only difference is that the new one doesn’t have a metal rod down the center. Plus, it is much smaller and keeps her cock from getting hard at all. Janice is happy to be rid of that evil metal rod. However, the change to this cage tells her that they probably plan to keep her caged for a very long time.

About the only other thing that is new is that Judy starts playing with her also. The woman has Janice eat her pussy and asshole a lot. However, Judy’s favorite thing seems to be using a strap on.

Janice hates when Judy plays with her. Yet, she can’t deny that part of her kind of enjoys it. Though Janice admits that Judy’s extra large strap on has a lot to do with that enjoyment. The strap on is a good 12 inches long [30 cm] and 3 inches [8 cm] thick. It also has many large round bumps on it that make Janice tingle all over when they slide in and out of her.

While Janice likes the tingles, she is scared to death of Judy herself. The woman never does anything too horrible to her but the pillow talk is frightening. The woman is always talking about what she would like to do to Janice if Lou would let her.

“I would like to take you home and use you as a pin cushion. I wonder if you could make yourself cum while I stick needles into your blue balls.”

Judy often follows statements like this with an evil laugh. The worst part is that Janice sometimes wishes that Lou would let the woman have her way. Needles scare Janice but it would be worth it in order to be allowed to cum. Of course, Janice only usually thinks these horrible thoughts when that huge strap on is working it’s way in and out of her hole.

Despite Judy, Janice is somewhat happy with her routine. Or at least as happy as a sissy can ever expect to be.

Her routine, however, comes to a sudden stop on what she estimates to be her third or fourth week in storage. The doctor arrives one day and gives her a shot. She assumes it is a hormone shot or some other medication. However, she quickly becomes dizzy. Then everything goes black.

When she wakes she can tell she is no longer in storage. She doesn’t even have to open her eyes to know this. There is just something about the air. It smells slightly different; it’s warmer; and it feels drier or something.

When she does open her eyes she sees that she is in a large cell with at least a dozen other kids. Most of the kids are girls but a few are boys as well. Some of the kids look to be wide awake and others are unconscious or close to it. She is a bit scared. She sticks out like a sore thumb. Who knows what these kids might decide to do to her.

Janice smiles when she notices Denise waking up on a nearby bed. Well, it isn’t exactly a bed. The cell just has six mattresses on the floor.

Janice knows that Denise won’t be much protection if the other kids decide to do something. However, Denise might be friends with some of the others. And even if that isn’t the case, the other kids might decide to focus on Denise instead of her. Denise is pretty cute after all.

Janice notices that Denise doesn’t seem that surprised by their situation. The sissy doesn’t even look around at first. She just stares down at the floor as she shakes the cobwebs out of her head.

When Denise does look up her face glows with happiness when she sees Janice. She quickly crawls over and gives Janice a big hug and kiss. Janice is caught a bit off guard. She knew Denise had a crush on her but she didn’t realize it was this strong.

Janice returns the kiss but only for a moment. She then gently pulls herself back. The less attention she draws to herself the better. Plus, she is smart enough to know that a young sissy like Denise is probably the unofficial property of one of the older boys or girls. The last thing she wants is to become their property as well by association. Not that she has high hopes of remaining independent.

Even now a couple of the older boys are looking her way and whispering to each other. It won’t be long before one of them makes her their bitch. She tells herself that she will resist. Deep down she knows she won’t. Even if they were her same age they would be too strong for her thanks to all the estrogen she has taken.

Denise is chatting away but Janice only pretends to listen. Most of what Denise is saying are things Janice already figured out for herself. That being that they are now at one of the studios. Janice doesn’t block Denise completely out though. There could be useful info somewhere in there. However, her main focus is on the older boys whom she is watching out of the corner of her eye.

The two older boys look to be at least 16 years old. One is black and the other white. Like herself, they are both naked and she can easily tell they are in great physical condition. They look like a couple teen surfers. Their muscles are very well defined. Their muscles aren’t super bulky like Vadim or Tom’s but they clearly exercise a lot. They also look rather cute. Of course, after so many weeks in her cock cage about anyone looks cute to Janice.

Janice nibbles on her lower lip as her focus moves lower. Their cocks are erect and they both have nice size cocks. The white boy’s cock is a good 8 inches [20 cm] long and 2 inches [5 cm] thick. The black boy is even bigger. He probably is at least 10 inches [25 cm] long and 2.75 inches [7 cm] thick. She turns her head toward them slightly and makes eye contact just long enough for them to know she is watching them. She also gives them a small grin. This is one of the many techniques they taught her at the school for seducing men.

Janice! she yells in her head when she realizes what she is doing.

She blushes and quickly turns her head away. She can’t believe she was actually trying to seduce these boys. If they didn’t plan to make her their property before then they definitely will now. Deep down, part of her almost wishes they do. She knows it is just the cock cage but she can’t help but admire how yummy they look.

Her heart skips a beat and butterflies flap around in her tummy as the two boys turn and start walking her way. She tries to be scared. However, all she can think about is which of her holes each boy plans to use. She hopes the black boy uses her asshole. That large cock would feel so yummy sliding back and forth across her clit.

Janice and most of the other kids jerk when they hear a clanging sound at the door. That sound is soon followed by a squeak as the metal door swings open. A few kids are still unconscious but everyone else quickly lines up.

The line is tallest to shortest which puts Janice directly in front of Denise. To Janice’s surprise, they are only a few kids from the front of the line. All the rest are even shorter than herself. She had focused so much on the larger boys that she hadn’t put much thought into how young the other kids are.

As everyone quiets down she can hear a few of the younger ones trying to choke back tears. Janice wonders if they are new like herself or if they have been here before and fear what is coming next. She feels sorry for them either way. However, she can’t help but be glad that their tears might draw their captor’s attention away from herself.

As they wait, Janice feels Denise’s warm body press up against her back. Janice inches forward to break the contact but Denise follows.

“Denise!” Janice says under her breath when she feels the sissy’s cock being pushed between her ass cheeks.

Janice is not only surprised by Denise’s actions but also by the fact that the sissy isn’t wearing a cock cage. It seems unfair since she is still wearing hers.

Janice wants to scream at the sissy as the head of the cock presses against her asshole and then forces itself inside. It is quickly followed by 6 more inches [15 cm] of cock. Their jailer enters the room though so Janice bites her tongue.

Their jailer is an fat man about 50. He walks down the line of kids, stopping occasionally to inspect one of them. He stops when he reaches Janice and Denise but doesn’t say anything. He just chuckles and continues down the line. Janice blushes.

Once he is through inspecting the line of kids, the man nudges each of the unconscious ones to make sure they are still alive. Most of the unconscious ones remain so. One, however, wakes and tries to quickly get in line. She is still groggy though and staggers back and forth. She falls three times before she finally finds her proper spot in line. Even then the kid behind has to help hold her up.

The man walks back to the front of the line, pulls a piece of paper out of his shirt pocket and reads off several names. As he reads each name, the corresponding kid steps out of their current line and forms a new one.

“Mmm,” Janice moans when Denise’s name is called and the sissy abruptly pulls out so she can line up.

Janice’s name is immediately called next. Janice swallows hard as she gets into the new line. She is pretty sure that they are about to go make a video. Part of her is a little disappointed when the man finishes reading the list and neither of the older boys she eyed earlier are selected.

“Which one is Rhonda?” the jailer asks as he looks toward the still unconscious kids.

Apparently he read Rhonda’s name off but no one had gotten out of line and into the new one. One of the older boys points to a 9 or 10 year old little blond girl on a nearby mat. The jailer walks over and gives her another nudge but she doesn’t wake. So he lifts her and drapes her over his shoulder.

The man walks out of the cage and Janice’s line follows. They go down a hall and then up some steps. As they proceed, Rhonda’s upper body flops back and forth on the old man’s large back. The blood rushes to her head and it isn’t long before the girl is waking up. Confused, she tries to get loose. The man easily holds her in place. They are almost to their destination so he decides to just carry her the rest of the way. The last thing he needs is a groggy kid stumbling down the steps. She continues to struggle for a moment but the man uses his free hand to give her ass a hard slap. This quickly settles her down.

Their first stop is a large bathroom. The bathroom is complete with several stalls and showers. It is here that Janice quickly discovers who the newer people are. Like herself, the newer kids just stand there for a moment. The veteran’s, however, quickly move to the stalls and grab the enema bags hanging there.

Janice realizes what is going on and jumps into action. She heads toward the last stall/enema bag but one of the veterans beats her to it. She frowns when it dawns on her that she will have to not only wait for the other kids to finish their enemas but will most likely be using the same enema bag. The thought grosses her out.

She decides to make the best use of her time and goes over to one of the showers and begins washing herself off. It seems like a good idea until she turns in the shower and sees that the other newbies have lined up at the stalls. Now she will have to wait for them to finish their enemas as well.

It is another 40 minutes before Janice gets her hands on an enema bag. The wait sucks, but the worst part comes several minutes later as the other kids finish their showers and have nothing else to do but watch Janice. She becomes beat red as she goes through her enema procedures. The room is absolutely silent with the exception of a few giggles from the girls and Janice’s efforts echoing off the tiled walls.

She finally finishes and takes another quick shower. She expects the old man to get angry at her but he doesn’t say anything or give her dirty looks. He seems content to sit there as long as it takes.

The man marches them out of the bathroom and to a room down the hall. The room is empty with the exception of four long wooded gym benches. Bolted on top of each bench is a series of dildos. There is a dildo about every 2 to 3 feet [60-70 cm]. As she looks up the bench, Janice notices that each dildo is bigger than the previous one. The first one on the bench is about 1 inch [2½ cm] thick. Janice’s eyes focus mainly on the last one about 11 feet [3½ m] down the bench. It is absolutely huge. It sticks up from the bench about 12 inches [30 cm] and is at least 4 inches [10 cm] thick.

“Pick a peg,” the man orders.

To Janice’s surprise, the veterans go for the larger dildos. Though none of them go for THE largest one. Most straddle the bench over the 2 to 2.5 inch [5-7 cm] ones. The room is filled with moans as they line their respective dildo up with their assholes and then slowly slide down on it.

A couple of the newbies straddle the 1 inch [2½ cm] dildos but most, like Janice, emulate the veterans and straddle larger ones. Denise goes for one of the 3 inch [7½ cm] dildos. Janice settles down on a 1.75 inch [4 cm] one. There were some other 3 inch [7½ cm] dildos available and she knows she could handle them but she didn’t want to look too much like a slut.

Once everyone is in position, the man starts going down the list of names. As he reads each name the respective kid raises their hand. The man takes note of the dildo they are on and checks it against his list for something.

For most of the kids he simply says, “good” and then motions for them to leave the bench. The man gets angry when he reaches the kids on the 1 inch [2½ cm] dildos. He doesn’t hit them or anything but Janice can tell he wants to. Instead he just growls at them. He has one move up to a prior occupied 2 inch [5 cm] dildo and the other to a 1.75 inch [4 cm] one.

To Janice’s surprise, Denise is asked to go from a 3 inch [7½ cm] dildo to an even larger 3.5 inch [9 cm] one. The man shakes his head but doesn’t seem to get that angry when he gets to Janice and sees her on the 1.75 inch [4 cm] dildo.

“Not even close,” he says with a chuckle. “They shipped Bull in for you. Get up there with your butt buddy.”

The man points to a 3.5 inch [9 cm] dildo as he says this. It isn’t until then that Janice realizes he was referring to Denise as her ‘butt buddy’. It is an obvious reference to what the man witnessed earlier back in the cell.

Janice moves several feet up the bench until she is straddling the much later 3.5 inch [9 cm] dildo. She has taken objects this big up her hole before but not without effort. She struggles with it for a minute before the man walks over to inspect her progress.

Janice blushes as the man kneels down to get a better look. He watches for a moment and then has her lift up. The man then spits on the dildo and orders her to sit back down on it. Janice glances at the spit covered dildo in disgust but doesn’t hesitate to obey the order. She has to admit that the spit does help. To give her extra incentive, the man grabs hold of her slightly swollen blue balls and tugs downward on them.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! OH!!!”

The final “oh” is the head of the dildo popping past her anal ring. She then lets out a long sigh as her hole adapts to the huge size. She hovers there a moment and then moans in both discomfort and pleasure as she slowly sinks down on the huge monstrosity. As she sinks down, Denise reaches over and puts her hand on Janice’s shoulder to comfort her. Janice barely notices. Most of her concentration is on that fucking huge dildo sliding across her ass clit. As it does so, a dribble of cum drips out the tip of her cock cage.

None of this is new for Denise of course. She has visited all the studios several times now and they all have one of these rooms. They call it the ‘pegging’ room.

They all have difference setups and procedures but overall it is basically the same. For example, at one studio they just have one bench and they tell the kid up front which dildo they need to go to. They also tell the girls whether they should use the dildo anally or vaginally. Unlike here where they just have the girls use them anally. Denise’s guess is that those in charge here figure that if the girl can handle the dildo up her ass then she can handle it in her cunt. Regardless of the procedure, the purpose is just the same. They are simply ensuring the kids’ holes are loosened up a little and ready to handle their respective ‘costar’ for the shoot.

Denise quickly learned long ago that it is not a good thing to pretend you can only handle a small dildo. Thanks to the cell leaders’ documentation, those in charge are well aware of what you are capable of handling. You won’t leave the pegging room until you have ridden the dildo they want you to. They don’t know it yet, but the kids earlier that selected the 1 inch [2½ cm] dildos will most likely get a good spanking later. The only reason they haven’t gotten one yet is because they want to keep them pristine for the shoot.

Denise sees a lot of kids that make this mistake. Most of the kids aren’t even that new. They just haven’t been to this or that particular studio before and are unaware of their procedures and penalties. This is especially true for this particular studio. It is what everyone, including the kids, refer to as the ‘VIP’ studio.

This VIP studio is a lot fancier than the others. It isn’t much larger but the sets are a lot more elaborate. The camera equipment is a lot more high tech as well. Not that Denise knows much about that aspect of things. She just knows the equipment looks a lot newer. There is a lot more of it also.

While the kids refer to the studio as ‘VIP’ for the above aspects, the employees do for a completely different reason. That reason being that they mainly only produce videos by customer request. Rich customers of course. For a hefty price, a customer can have a very specific plot filmed for them. They can even request specific kids for the movie. Most of these videos are put out for mass production. However, for many rich customers it is well worth the cost to dictate the scenarios.

There are some videos, however, that no one gets but the customer. These customers pay a very premium price for such a luxury. And often that price even buys them a role in the movie. A ton of that cost goes toward security. Getting a VIP to the studio is no small feat in this regard. After all, one of them could be an undercover cop or something. They are taken from location to location over the course of several days. They are scanned for tracking devices and of course tested for STDs and such during that time. And never do they ever see anyone’s face except their initial contact and the kids they end up performing with. It is a very intrusive procedure. However, surprisingly there are many that are repeat customers.

Anyway, while almost every kid eventually comes to this studio, only a select few are chosen on a routine basis. Denise of course is one of those select few. Most of the rich customers are only interested in little girls. However, there are still several that like male on male action. And most of those like nothing more than to see cute little Denise being ravished. And often at least one of the costars selected is very well endowed. Not that they have that many costars that aren’t. Hence why Denise can now easily manage the much larger dildos in the pegging room. Well, that and all the stretching exercises while in storage.

While some of the kids are allowed to leave the bench quickly, the man makes Janice and a couple others stay on their dildos for several minutes. The guy even has them fuck up and down on them a bit. Once satisfied, he lets them up. He then grabs a hose and sprays all the benches and dildos off.

The kids line up as though they are going to leave the room. However, the man doesn’t lead them out the door. Instead he marches them to a large cabinet in the back of the room. Janice’s eyes get big when the man opens the cabinet to reveal a large array of butt plugs. Janice has seen collections like this before. However, this collection has a few plugs that are significantly larger than anything she has seen before. She prays these larger ones are just for shock value and that they don’t actually use them.

The man goes down his list. As he calls out each name the corresponding kid steps forward and takes whatever plug the guy hands them. Janice actually smiles when the man calls her name and then grabs a 3.5″ [9 cm] plug. The plug is pretty huge but it is better than getting one of the much bigger ones. Her smile quickly disappears, however, when the man spits on it before handing it over. She takes it though and does as the other kids had and squats down so she can insert it. The dildo on the bench loosened her up a lot but it still takes her 30 seconds to force the plug inside.

Once the plug is in place, Janice gets back in line. She tries to stand still but can’t help but fidget. If she just puts a little more of her weight on this foot than the plug will feel more comfortable. No, that doesn’t work. Maybe on the other foot? No. Maybe a short step forward? On and on. She knows that there is no position that will help but her body refuses to give up trying. She isn’t the only one either. Their normal steady line is anything but. It looks like they all have to go pee or something. Janice would find it funny if it weren’t for that damn huge plug stretching her hole.

It is another five minutes before the last of the kids has their plug in place. The man then marches them back to the front of the room and out the door. The kids look like a line of ducks as they waddle down the hall.

The next stop is makeup. Janice can smell makeup a mile away and knows where they are headed long before they enter the room. Her eyes light up and she looks on in awe when they enter. There are barber type chairs, sinks for washing hair, and tons and tons of makeup. If that wasn’t great enough, there are three women standing there that are obviously beauticians. It is as though she has died and gone to sissy heaven.

The man calls out three names and each respective kid gets out of line and moves to a beautician. One of the kids is a boy and the other two girls. The boy gets his hair trimmed a little but not much else done. He is put back in line and the man calls out another girl’s name. This girl, like the other two, spends a lot more time in the chair. They are in the chair for almost 30 minutes as their hair and makeup is done. One girl gets very thick makeup while the other two are given light coats.

Most of the kids in line quickly become bored as they wait. Not Janice. If anything, she gets more excited every moment they wait. Not only is she learning a bit about how they do makeup for movies but she is anxious to get into the chair herself. It has been awhile since someone has done her makeup for her. And she has never really had a professional do it before. She can’t wait to see how much better they can make her look than she can herself.

As they wait, a young man about 22 appears at the door. He doesn’t say anything but it is clear he is waiting on something. He keeps looking at his watch. Janice catches him stealing glances at her also. She feels a tinge of pride that in a room full of cute kids that the man would focus so much on her.

“One of the directors getting anxious?” one of the beauticians says with a laugh.

“Yeah, Ted,” the man grumbles.

The beauticians give a knowing nod but they don’t seem to speed up any. They finish with the three girls though about three minutes later. The young man takes the hands of the two girls with light makeup and rushes out with them. Janice assumes the man knows these two girls’ names already. Either that or the makeup gave away which ones he needed. One of the two girls is about 9 years old. Janice is pretty sure she is new here. The little girl gives a nervous look back at everyone as she is whisked away.

Janice almost jumps for joy when her name is called to get in the chair. Denise’s name is called as well.

“Aren’t you a cutie,” the beautician says as Janice walks toward her chair.

As Janice climbs into the chair, the beautician notices her large plug.

“I think this one is going to be with Bull,” she says to the other beauticians with a chuckle.

The other beauticians laugh as well. One of them states that Janice will have to fight Denise for the man though. This gets even more laughter. Janice glances over to see Denise’s face turn bright red. Almost as red as she is sure hers is right now.

Janice gets a little concerned when the beautician grabs a pair of scissors and starts cutting her hair. Her hair is just now getting long enough that she can do fancier things with it. The last thing she wants is for it to be cut short again.

Thankfully, the woman doesn’t cut much off. She combs it out well and then curls the ends a bit. She parts Janice’s hair to the right and pins the bangs and stuff back with a white rose barrette.

Janice is happy to have her hair done but can’t help but be a little disappointed. She was hoping for something a bit fancier and more mature looking. This hair style is not only simple but makes her look at least three years younger. Three years may not sound like much when you are in your 30s or 40s but to a teen you might as well put her in diapers. Okay, maybe it isn’t quite that bad.

As her hair is being done, the young man appears at the door again and takes the boy and girl that got their makeup done earlier. Janice is glad that she isn’t that girl. The boy and girl are no doubt going to share a scene where they have sex together. The boy is cute and all but his cock is barely 7 inches [18 cm] long.

Janice chastises herself when she realizes she is actually hoping for a large cock and not a small one. Of course, from listening to the beauticians chatter it doesn’t sound like she has much to worry about. This Bull guy apparently has a huge cock.

Janice is even more disappointed when the beautician only gives her a light coat of makeup. Not only that but it is applied as though a kid did it. Seriously, what is the point of having a professional beautician do her makeup if it is even worse than she could have done?

As she climbs down from the chair she sees that Denise got the exact same treatment. The hair style is different but just as young and simple looking.

Janice doesn’t get long to fume about it. Someone grabs her hand and pulls her toward the door. She looks up to see that it is the young man again. It does not surprise Janice to see that the man has Denise in his other hand.

Butterflies start flapping around in Janice’s tummy when she realizes that this is it. They will be in front of the cameras soon. During her training, Janice spent all of her time in front of cameras. However, those were just surveillance cameras bolted to the wall. She is smart enough to know that the footage from those cameras was being viewed by several on the school staff. That is a huge difference though from making a movie that will probably be distributed to thousands. Just the thought of it makes her feel like she has to pee.

While Janice is nervous, she is also a bit upset by how impersonal the man treats her. He just rushes them down the hall like he is delivering pizza or something. The man stole glances at her almost every time he entered the makeup room. She kind of expected him to now give her more attention, not less. Maybe steal a few kisses from her or let her suck his dick. She didn’t want to do those things… not really. However, it is kind of insulting for him to not at least try.

To Janice’s surprise, their next stop isn’t the set but wardrobe. For some reason she thought they would just start the scene naked. She hasn’t seen that much professional porn but what little she has they almost always are naked already at the start. She isn’t complaining. She knows she will feel a lot more comfortable if she goes on set with clothes on instead of naked. Not that she is naive enough to think those cloths are going to stay on long.

“Denise and Janice,” the young man says as they enter the room.

The wardrobe room is nothing like Janice would have ever guessed. It looks exactly like a dry cleaning shop. There is a counter with a man behind it. And behind him is a ton of plastic wrapped clothing on the same type of conveyer system you would find in any dry cleaning shop. The man behind the counter looks at a clipboard and then punches a few buttons on a control hanging from a cord. Immediately, the conveyer system kicks in and the clothes start moving.

The conveyer stops and the man pulls down a white and pink dress.

“Janice,” he says as he puts it on the counter.

The man checks his list and then punches the control again. As they wait for Denise’s outfit to make it’s way on the conveyer, Janice picks up the white and pink dress and inspects it. She is far from happy.

This is a fucking tutu!

She doesn’t say it but she definitely thinks it. It looks to be her size but the design is something a 6 year old would wear. The top of the dress is white with a huge pink fluffy rose sewn on the front. The bottom is even worse. It is made of multiple semi transparent pink layers. The only bright side is that the bottom isn’t too huge. This is something a kid would actually wear to the mall or something. Just not a kid her age.

Denise gets what looks to be some kind of Japanese style school outfit. Short pleated black skirt with a long sleeve white top and red scarf/tie.

Once Denise picks up her outfit, the young man rushes them out the door and to the one immediately across the hall. Once inside, the young man rushes off. He no doubt is off to get a couple more kids.

“Change into your outfits,” a fat old man tells them.

They remove the plastic and do as ordered. The clothes are maybe one size too small but look okay. Well, they look as good as one could expect these clothes to look.

“Do you know what this is?” the old man says as he reaches out with his shaking wrinkly old hand.

Janice looks and sees a key resting in his palm. Janice suspects she knows what the key is for but shakes her head ‘no’ just in case.

“This is the key for your cage,” he informs her. “I bet you would really like to get that cage off, wouldn’t you?”

“Please,” Janice says as she quickly nods her head up and down.

“What would you be willing to do in exchange?” he says as he gives the bulge in front of his pants a squeeze.

Janice blushes and glances over at Denise. Denise is blushing as well. Janice suspects that Denise has paid the toll for that key before herself.

Janice’s hand shakes as she reaches out toward the old man’s zipper. She can’t believe she is going to get this old geezer off.

“Not now, sugar,” the man informs her. “If I get time I will stop by your cell later tonight. We will give the other kids our own little show.”

Janice feels ill at the thought of pleasing this man in front of all the other kids. However, there is a chance they will actually leave the cage on if she doesn’t agree.

“Okay,” she whispers and then blushes further.

The old man gives her a toothy grin. Or at least what few teeth he has left. He then uses one hand to hold Janice’s dress up while he uses the other to unlock the cock cage. Janice’s cock goes rock hard the second the cage comes off.

“Oh!” she says in both pain and pleasure as the old man inspects her cock and slightly swollen balls.

The man barely touches her but it is enough to almost make her cum. She has to bite her lip hard and think of dead puppies to keep from doing so.

Janice is actually disappointed when the man pulls his wrinkly old hand away from her cock. Her own hand goes down to replace it but the old man slaps her hand away.

“Be a good girl now or the cage goes back on,” he warns. “Save the money shot for the cameras.”

For a moment, Janice considers disobeying. She is pretty sure she can make herself cum before the man can react. All it would take is a few strokes. She is also pretty certain they will let her out of her cage for the filming regardless of her actions.

It is very tempting but she decides against it. Part of it is just her sissy instinct to obey. A larger part, however, is her fear of what punishment she might get afterward. Plus, there is the tiny hope of possible reward if she is a good girl. For example, maybe they won’t put the cage back on after the filming is over. Yeah, she isn’t going to hold her breath for such a reward but you never know.

Reluctantly, Janice stops her hand from going to her cock. It isn’t an easy task. She has to squeeze her small hands into tight fists and hold them to her side to keep from reaching for her cock.

Be a good girl! Be a good girl! Be a good girl!

She repeats it over and over in her head. She is almost thankful when the old man starts ordering her around. Anything to occupy her mind.

The man has her sit in a chair and then measures her foot. He then goes through a door in the back of the room. He comes back a moment later with a pair of pink shoes. Like her dress, these shoes look like they belong on a 6 year old. They are a very simple tap type shoe design. There is a pink cloth rose on the side of each shoe. Even worse, someone had gone wild with a Bedazzler and covered every square inch of the shoe with different shades of pink beads. On the bright side, the shoes do match the rest of her outfit.

Once he verifies the fit, the man leaves again for a moment and then returns with a pair of socks, a towel and a bucket. He puts the bucket down between her feet. Janice looks down to see that it is full of water. The man takes her left foot and proceeds to wash it off. Janice isn’t sure how to feel about this. All she knows is that the man seems to take a tad too much pleasure in the task.

The old man washes her foot for a minute and then delicately dries it off with the towel. He then slips a sock onto her foot. The sock is white and made of soft cotton. It is very short though and barely covers her ankle. The shoe is then placed on her foot. Then the entire procedure begins again with her other foot.

Once both shoes are in place, the man just kneels there and stares at Janice’s feet. Janice knows the look of lust all to well. She is just a bit confused as to why he would have that look while staring at her feet.

“Thanks,” Janice says after a moment.

It seems like a silly thing to say but it is the only thing she can think of to help break the awkward moment.

The old man comes out of his trance and leaves the room once more. Janice blushes when the man returns carrying a pair of pink panties. The man slips on the panties past her shoes but doesn’t pull them all the way up at first. He just goes back into his trance as he stares at the panties down around her ankles. The old geezer even drools a little. Janice looks over at Denise in confusion. Denise quickly looks away with a bright red blush on her face. Something tells Janice that this old man has done a lot more with Denise’s feet than just put shoes on her. She wonders what it could possibly be. She also wonders if she will soon find out when the man visits her later tonight.

It is almost a minute before the man breaks out of his trance again. To Janice’s surprise, he lets Janice pull the panties the rest of the way up. Apparently he is not overly interested in what is under her skirt.

Despite the man’s creepy behavior, Janice has to struggle to keep from cumming as she slides the panties over her cock and balls. The delicate silky smooth material sends naughty tingles throughout her body.

The old man repeats the procedure on Denise. He is still staring at the panties around Denise’s ankles when the young guy returns for them. Denise blushes further and quickly pulls her panties up the rest of the way. The younger guy doesn’t seem startled at all by what he sees. Apparently this is nothing new. He just motions for them to stand and come to him. He then has them do a quick twirl. Satisfied that they look good, he takes each of their hands and rushes them out the door and down the hall.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let the old coot mess with you,” he assures Janice as they stop at a closed door.

Janice lets out a sigh of relief. Denise isn’t that sure she believes the guy. They didn’t do that good of a job keeping him from her in the past. He did note, however, that the guy said this directly to Janice and not herself. Denise is happy that her girlfriend might not have to endure the old man’s advances. However, it angers her a bit that she will probably end up taking Janice’s place in this regard. It just isn’t fair.

Janice freezes in her tracks when the door opens to reveal a huge room. It isn’t just the size of the room. It is also what it contains. It is full of lights and camera equipment. What really grabs her attention though is what appears to be a full size subway train car in the middle of the room. Or at least half of a train car. One side of the car is completely cut away. It takes her a second to realize that the train is probably the ‘stage’ they will be performing on.

“The bathroom is over there,” the young man says. “Be careful not to mess up your makeup or dress.”

Janice quickly heads toward the bathroom. She is so scared right now that she isn’t sure if she is going to throw up or piss her panties. Denise follows her. While Janice is allowed to pee, it turns out the main purpose for the trip is so they can remove their butt plugs. A small drizzle of cum leaks out the tip of Janice’s cock as she pulls the huge plug from her hole. The cum dirties the floor but Denise pretends not to notice. Janice is just happy no one is there to make her lick it up. As they leave, Denise drops her plug into a bucket near the door. Janice follows suit.

Once back in the main room, Janice looks around but can’t see the young man anywhere. He no doubt left to attend to the other kids. This makes the butterflies in Janice’s tummy flap around even more. For some reason she felt safer when the young man was near them. Especially when he held her hand. She will just have to be satisfied with holding Denise’s hand… which she currently has a death grip on.

Denise is holding Janice’s hand tightly also. Only she is doing it for different reasons. Denise knows that it is in the studio that most kids get into trouble. The wide open spaces make the security seem more relaxed here. That plus the stage fright can sometimes convince a kid to try to escape. And that will earn you a very severe punishment. You might even get sent to the Jackal.

“It will be okay,” Denise says as she leads Janice to the subway car.

They are met by a young woman. She looks them over and then briefs them on their scene. The briefing is rather short.

“You two are brothers and have dared each other to go down town dressed as girls,” she informs them.

Janice waits for more but that is all they are given. The studios only give the more experienced kids scripts. They’ve found that it is best not to even bother trying with the newer kids. Even the ones that manage to memorize their lines are usually horrible actors/actresses. Instead, they let the adult actors dictate the scenes.

The two sissies wait in the subway car for about 15 minutes. To Janice it seems like an eternity.

Janice is in shock for the first five minutes. After that, however, she starts loosening up and taking her surroundings in. In particular, she studies the details of the subway car. She concludes that this is an actual real subway car that has been altered. It looks too real to have been made from scratch by the film crew. About the only thing that doesn’t look right are the windows. The glass looks original. However, the other side of the glass has been painted a bright green for some reason. To her it seems to ruin the set. The people working there though seem fine with it.

Denise is studying the set also. This is the first time she has seen it. Usually when she comes to this studio they have her doing scenes on a set made up to look like a girl’s room. Often, the scenario involves her sneaking into her ‘sister’s’ room so she can try on panties and stuff. She is always caught of course by her sister, brother, mother or father. Then the humiliation and sex begins.

Denise wonders if this train set is new. She doesn’t remember ever seeing it in any of the porn videos they’ve shown them while in storage. And most of the kids never chat about what they do on set. What happens in the studios stays in the studios.

Janice swallows hard when she sees three male actors enter the studio. She knows they are actors because they are wearing makeup. They are only wearing a little foundation makeup but it is enough for Janice to notice.

Janice’s hard cock lurches in her panties as she studies the three men. They are very handsome men. One is dressed in a suit and the other two in generic street cloths. They are supposed to be on a subway so to Janice it makes sense that they wouldn’t necessarily be dressed the same.

Janice can’t help but wonder though if the man in the suit is the man they call ‘Bull’. If so then he isn’t as big as she expected. All of the men, in fact, aren’t overly tall or bulky. They are just standard size men between the ages of 20 and 30.

The three men climb up into the car with Janice and Denise but they don’t say anything. They each just take random spots. The man in the suit sits down while the other two remain standing. One of the two standing slowly inches uncomfortably close behind Janice.

“Oh!” Janice lets out in surprise when the man lightly grabs her ass with one of his hands.

“What’s wrong?” Denise asks.

“He’s touching my ass,” Janice whispers to Denise with a blush.

Denise looks shocked and glances around nervously.

“Maybe we should get off at the next stop,” she says.

Janice looks at her in confusion. Her eyes get big when she realizes that the scene has already started. The director hadn’t even yelled, ‘action’.

What Janice doesn’t know is that the director actually did yell, ‘action’. He yelled it just seconds before she entered the studio. They have been filming her since she walked through the door. Even her trip to the bathroom was filmed using security cameras.

The subway scene will be the main feature but all the footage prior will be edited and placed at the end as a bonus. Not much took place other than her peeing and removing her plug, but it still adds a little realism to the overall product. What takes place ‘off set’ often excites viewers more than what happens on. For example, even with a lot of face blurring, the security footage of the guards potty training Janice has already sold over 1,000 copies.

A thousand copies may not sound like much but at $50 a pop it adds up quick. Granted, only about $10,000 of that will end up in Lou’s pocket. Most goes right back into the ‘company’. And of course not every video sells this well. Nor do they always charge this much. Lou still makes more money than he could possibly ever spend. His employees make a damn good living also.

“How about you get me off before the next stop?” the man whispers to Janice.

Janice blushes at both the request and the fact that the man had overheard her whisper to Denise.

“Please, mister,” Denise pleads. “Leave my brother alone.”

Denise puts her hand to her mouth in shock when she realizes she just let the man know Janice is a boy. It is all an act but even Janice is impressed at how well Denise pulls it off.

The man’s hand leaves Janice’s butt and snakes around to her front.

“Oh!” Janice lets out as the man gives her cock and balls a gentle squeeze.

Only the nervousness of the movie set prevents Janice from shooting her sissy goo all over her pink panties.

“I’ll be damned,” the man says with a chuckle.

The man looks around and then motions to one side of the train. Janice looks over to see there is a small petition. Her guess is that this is where the doors would be. Of course there are no doors since the entire wall is missing on that side. Instead, all she sees are a few people pointing cameras at her.

“I want you to go over there and get on your knees,” the man growls. “Or would you rather I let everyone on the train know you are a cross dressing pervert?”

Janice blushes as she looks to Denise for help. Denise just blushes in response. Janice slowly walks to the petition and kneels down. The petition is only about 4 feet [1¼ cm] tall but it is plenty high to hide her in the kneeling position. Or at least hide her from the other passengers. The cameras are right there getting every detail.

The man walks over and braces himself against the petition. He has Denise stand to his side. Together they form a kind of petition themselves.

The man then undoes his zipper. Denise gives a slightly exaggerated look of surprise as the man fishes out his large cock. Janice is surprised also. However, her surprise is that the cock is much smaller than she expected. It’s still a good size. It is about 9 inches [23 cm] long and 2 inches [5 cm] thick. She was expecting much bigger though. Not that she is going to complain.

Janice’s instinct is to immediately put the cock in her mouth and start deep throating it. However, she remembers they are supposed to be innocent little boys.

“It’s so big,” Janice whispers in mock shock as she recoils slightly from it.

This response gets a smile from the man. He isn’t sure if the kid is a natural actor or if she is really scared by the size of his cock. He is happy either way.

“Play with it a little,” he encourages her. “Don’t worry, it won’t bite.”

Janice nibbles on her lip as she slowly extends her hand toward the large cock. She grabs hold of the cock just below the head. It is big enough that her fingers don’t quite encircle the entire thing. She still gets a good grip on it though.

“It’s warm,” Janice says in fake awe.

If everyone didn’t know better, they would have sworn this was the first time she ever touched someone else’s cock. The director is smiling almost as much as the man on set. It isn’t often they get such a good actress.

While at the school, Janice was taught various different ways to behave while in the company of men. Some like her to be an innocent virgin and others like her to be a wanton slut. She never really considered herself an actress though. She just pretended to be what they wanted her to be.

“It’s leaking,” she says as she slowly massages the large cock. “It’s going to get my dress dirty.”

“Maybe you should lick it up before it drips on you,” the man says as he puts his free hand on her head and applies a little pressure.

“Ew! No way!” Janice whispers and scrunches up her nose. “It’s dirty!”

“Try it,” the man says as he adds more pressure to her head. “I think you will like the taste.”

Janice is going to draw the scene out longer but the pressure at her head has already put the slimy tip of the cock against her lips. She tries to protest through her closed lips but the man doesn’t let up. Finally, she lets her lips part and gives the head of the dick a tentative lick. She follows this with a slightly bigger lick and then another.

“See, I told you so,” the man says with a grin.

Janice opens her mouth to get in another line but doesn’t get the chance. The man takes the opportunity to push the head of the cock past her lips and into her mouth.

“Mmm!” she pretends to protest as the guy feeds her 3 more inches [8 cm] of dick.

Janice pretends to struggle a bit and then settles down. Once she does, the man slowly fucks the first 4 to 5 inches [10-12 cm] of his dick back and forth in Janice’s mouth.

“Good girl,” the man praises. “Don’t forget to swallow all of those juices or it will get on your dress.”

The man spends the next five minutes content with just feeding her the first half of his dick. However, he then starts adding more pressure on each stroke.

“A girl should be able to swallow a lot more than that,” the man informs her. “Let’s see if we can work on that throat of yours a bit.”

“I’m not a real girl!” Janice tries to protest around the large cock.

She manages to pronounce most of the consonants and vowels but the fake protest doesn’t come out that loud. It doesn’t really need to be that loud though since the cameras and microphone are now only a couple feet from her face.

“Mmm!” she protests and struggles as the man forces more and more cock into her mouth on each stroke.

The actor is convinced he is being too rough on the sissy and expects her to bite him at any moment. He keeps feeding her more though. A few bite marks come with the job. To his surprise, the bite never comes. Within five minutes he is feeding Janice his entire cock on each thrust.

“I think your brother was made for this,” the man tells Denise.

Denise just looks on in awe. She can deep throat a cock this big also. However, she wasn’t so sure Janice would be able to do so. Even some of the more experienced kids have trouble with cocks this big.

Janice’s mock struggles have long since ended and she is now just holding tight onto the man’s pants with her small hands. She can do nothing now but ride it out.

That ride continues for another five minutes. During that time, Janice notices the cameras moving about getting various angles. She then sees the director make some kind of signal to the man fucking her throat. The man then goes into overdrive.

“Shit!” the man moans as he reaches climax. “Here comes the tastiest part! Make sure you swallow as much as you can!”

To Janice’s surprise, the man then pulls his cock out of her mouth. He then starts jacking on his cock while pointing it at her face. Janice starts to close her mouth but the man growls at her to keep it open. A few seconds later a thick jet of cum shoots out of the end of the man’s dick and into the back of Janice’s mouth. It is followed by an equally large jet of cum.

The man angles his cock slightly and the next jet sends a rope of come from her lips to her forehead. The next jet hits her left cheek. To her surprise, the last two jets don’t hit her face at all. Instead the man shoots it on the upper half of her dress.

Janice freezes in place for several seconds with her mouth open and full of cum.

“My dress!” she finally says as she forces a tear from her eye.

The man chuckles. He then reaches forward and applies upward pressure to the bottom of her chin with his index finger. Janice reluctantly closes her mouth and swallows. She then scrunches her nose up in disgust.

“Good girl,” the man says as he has her open her mouth again so he can inspect it.

The man then uses his index finger to squeegee the rest of the cum off her face and feed it to her. Janice scrunches her face up in disgust but she still obeys and swallows each time.

“My dress,” Janice protests again as the man steps back and she can get a better look at the mess he left behind.

There are wet spots on her white top where the cum has already soaked in. There are also several strings of cum covering the petals of the cloth rose.

The man doesn’t say anything further. He just puts his cock away and goes back to the center of the subway car. It isn’t until the man is at the center of the car that Janice notices a new man in the car. This man is very big and muscular. He is smiling at her but he still seems very menacing. As she looks him over, she notices the man is filming her with his cell phone. This man is angled such that it is clear he got some good footage of the entire ordeal. Janice’s eyes get big and she quickly turns her face away.

“I seen what you two did with that guy,” the man says as he walks over and kneels down.

The man taps the back of his cell phone lightly to let them know he has footage of it. He then stares at them for a moment.

“They call me ‘Bull’,” the man finally says. “I think you two should get off on the next stop with me.”

“We have to get home soon,” Janice quickly says.

“The train is headed downtown,” the man points out. His face then gets very serious. “I don’t like it when people lie to me.”

Janice swallows hard. The man sounds very convincing and very menacing. She can’t help but wonder if maybe the man really isn’t acting.

“So, would you two like to come home with me and have some fun?”

It is a question but it is clear to both Denise and Janice that they have no choice in the matter. They both look at the floor, blush and then nod their heads.


Both sissies jerk when they hear the loud announcement by the director.

Bull stares at the two for a moment and then stands and walks off set without saying a word.

Chapter 24

Janice and Denise are helped down from the subway car and escorted to the side where one of the beauticians is waiting for them. It is the same beautician that worked on Janice earlier.

“The director is to big of a dick to tell you but you are pretty good,” the woman tells Janice and Denise as they approach. “I’ve never seen him accept a scene in one take before.”

Janice tries to smile at the compliment but she isn’t sure that being good at this is actually a good thing. She will probably just end up having to do it more often. Granted, she has no idea what happens to those that aren’t any good. She isn’t aware of Lou’s ‘no death’ policy. For all she knows, bad actors and actresses end up in a ditch somewhere.

The woman sits Janice down and quickly touches up her makeup. Denise of course needs no adjustments. The woman chats a bit while she works but Janice pays very little attention to her. Most of Janice’s attention is on all the action in the background as they prepare the set for the next shot.

Within 15 minutes the set goes from subway train to what appears to be a basement. The most impressive part is when they rolled the subway train off and to the side. The thing must weigh several tons. Yet, it only takes two men to push it and it’s roller platform.

The entire set shook a few times during filming. It is clearly designed to simulate the movements of a real train. As the set rotates, Janice tries to get a look at the mechanical parts. There is paneling covering it all unfortunately.

The basement set is impressive but no where near that of the subway car. It’s just a few cinderblock walls, dirty concrete floor, furnace and a water heater. There is also a large mattress on the floor. Janice has a pretty good idea what is going to take place there. They didn’t loosen her asshole up for nothing.

Part of Janice is hoping that Bull only fucks Denise. It would only be fair since Janice had to suck the other guy off. Okay, maybe that wouldn’t exactly be fair.

Another part of Janice, however, is looking forward to Bull’s huge cock. Especially if it means she finally gets to cum. Even now it is taking all her willpower not to jerk herself off.

Janice is pleased when the beautician finishes and holds up a mirror so she can see. She frowns though when she notices the stains on her shirt and rose. Apparently they plan to just leave those be.

“Actors!” the directors yells in the background about a minute after the beautician finishes.

The young woman that met them on set earlier quickly runs over and takes Janice and Denise by the hand. She leads them around the back of the set and up some steps. There is a door there which obviously leads to the fake basement.

“You guys have gotten off the train with Bull and walked to his house,” the woman tells them. “He’s escorting you into his basement and you are a bit concerned.”

“I thought we were headed downtown?” Janice asks in confusion.

The woman laughs and gives Janice’s cheek a gentle pinch. It’s an obvious flaw in the plot that the writers and director missed. It’s good enough for porn though. The woman turns and scurries away, leaving Janice and Denise alone. Denise quickly takes Janice’s hand in hers again out of fear Janice might get some crazy idea to wonder off or try to escape.

The two sissies wait behind the set in silence for what seems an eternity. They can hear the director and others griping about having to wait for Bull. Apparently, the man decided to wonder off and now they can’t find him. A few minutes later and the room goes quiet. There are heavy steps coming toward the set. Then Bull pops around the corner and joins the two sissies at the door.


Bull opens the door and nudges Denise and Janice inside.

“Wh…why do we need to go into the basement?” Denise asks. “Can’t my brother… you know, upstairs?”

Janice gives Denise a dirty look.

“Shut the fuck up and get inside!” Bull growls as he pushes them further into the room.

Both sissies look at Bull in shock. Janice’s shock is pretty real but Denise is all too familiar with how mean Bull can be.

The two ‘brothers’ look at Bull in fear. The sissies quickly come together in hopes that the nearness will somehow magically provide some kind of safety from the giant man. Bull simply smiles. These aren’t the first kids to cower in his presence.

“You two look kind of cute like that,” he says after a moment. “Why don’t you two hug and kiss a little for me?”

It is clearly an order and not a request.

“But… we are brothers,” Janice says as she takes a step away from Denise.

Bull shakes his head in disappointment and then starts removing his belt.

“We’re doing it! We’re doing it!” Janice says as she quickly goes into Denise’s arms.

Bull wraps the buckle end of the belt around his fist and rears back.

“Cut!” the director shouts. “Bull, we said no whipping for this scene! Let’s take it from the moment you wrap the belt in your fist.”

Bull might make his living as an actor but that doesn’t mean he likes being told what to do. Especially when what he is doing only makes sense. Seriously, who would take two sissies into their basement and then not whip them a little? For a moment he debates whipping them anyway. He takes a few deep breaths though and slowly lowers the belt.


Denise and Janice start kissing each other. The kisses, however, are not that romantic. It only seems natural to them that they would start out with light kisses on each other’s cheeks and stuff like that. They are supposed to be brothers after all.

“You can be more passionate than that!” Bull growls as he takes a step toward them and snaps the belt in the air.

Even with the director in their corner, the two sissies are scared to death what Bull might do to them. They quickly increase their lip contact.

“That’s better,” Bull says. “Open your mouths some more though and dance your tongues around a little.”

The two sissy blush as they obey the order. They did this for hours back in storage. Doing it in front of the cameras is a ton different.

“Keep going,” Bull says as he slowly maneuvers them to and then down onto the mattress.

Bull stands there and watches the two sissies for several minutes. He then leans back down and starts removing their clothes. He removes their shoes and socks and unceremoniously tosses them into one of the room’s corners. He then starts removing their skirts.

“Keep kissing,” Bull growls when the two sissies temporarily part to see what Bull is doing.

They quickly do as they are told.

“I think your brother is enjoying himself,” Bull says as he pulls Janice’s pink panties off.

Janice blushes but keeps on kissing. Or at least she does for a few seconds.

“Oh! Oh!” Janice lets out when Bull gives her hard cock a couple tugs.

A second later and Janice’s cock is spitting cum all over Denise’s legs.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Janice says in fear.

Bull might be able to get away with ruining a take but she is pretty sure there is probably a huge penalty for her doing so. To her surprise, however, she doesn’t hear the director yell, “cut”.

“It’s okay sugar,” Bull says with a grin. “It’s only natural for you to love your brother so much.”

Janice wants to deny that this was her reason for cumming, but Bull presses on the back of her head to get her to go back to kissing. She quickly does so.

As they kiss, Bull take’s one of Denise’s hands and rubs it against her cum covered leg. He then moves the hand up until it is near their mouths.

“Lick it clean,” Bull growls.

The sissies break their kiss and stare at the cum drenched hand for several seconds in disgust. Denise is the first to act. Truth be told, part of her has been looking forward to tasting Janice’s cum for some time now. As she gives it a lick she discovers it is just as sweet as she expected.

As Denise savors the taste, Janice leans in and starts licking as well. It isn’t hard for her to act disgusted. She may eat her own cum a lot but that doesn’t mean she has ever enjoyed it.

The two sissies lick at the hand for almost a minute before Bull is satisfied. He then presses their heads together and they start kissing again.

Bull removes Denise’s dress and panties to find her cock hard as well. He doesn’t bother giving it any tugs. He wasn’t so happy about having to bring the first sissy off. Instead, he starts working on their tops. The sissies have to break their kiss in order for Bull to pull the tops over their heads. They go right back to kissing the second the tops are free.

“Let me guess, you two have been sneaking some of your mom’s birth control pills?” Bull says with a chuckle as he tweaks both of their budding breasts. “Or maybe daddy has been feeding you estrogen without letting you know?”

The two moan from the treatment of their breasts but they don’t part in order to try to confirm or deny either scenario.

“Oh! That’s my butt hole!” Janice lets out a moment later in mock innocence. “He’s sticking his finger in my butt hole!”

“Kiss!” Bull growls.

Janice reluctantly obeys as Bull continues to worm his finger even deeper. Bull rotates his finger around a bit and then starts attacking her ass clit. Janice is in heaven and starts grinding her cock against Denise’s thigh.

“MMM!” Janice moans into Denise’s mouth as she shoots another load of cum.

“I think you are really going to enjoy your stay with me,” Bull says with a laugh.

Bull lets the sissies kiss for a few seconds and then pulls them apart.

“That mess isn’t going to clean itself,” Bull growls as he pushes Janice’s head down toward Denise’s cum covered thigh. “You made the mess, you clean it up!”

Where has she heard that before? One of the cameras comes in very close as she slowly moves toward the mess of cum. She forces a tear and then leans in and starts licking. She feels some disgust but mainly she is grateful for the climax. The first climax was intense but this second one she seen coming and could enjoy more.

She licks her mess up and starts to move back up to kiss Denise again. Bull stops her. He grabs a hand full of her hair and maneuvers her mouth over Denise’s hard cock.

“You’ve cum twice now,” Bull growls. “It’s only fair that your brother gets to cum also.”

Janice pretends to struggle a little. She doesn’t struggle too much though out of fear Bull might get upset for real. She forces another tear for the camera and then parts her lips and lets her ‘brother’s’ cock slide inside.

“That’s a good girl,” Bull says as he gently maneuvers Janice’s mouth up and down on the cock.

“Oh! I’m squirting! I’m squirting!” Denise says after less than a minute.

Janice tries to pull her head off so the camera can get a good shot but Bull holds her with the cock deep in her throat.

“Mmm! Mmm!”

Janice tries to warn Bull that they are going to miss the shot but Bull just keeps pressing on the back of her head. A moment later and Denise’s cum is shooting into the back of her throat. Janice has no choice but to swallow. She eats three squirts of the cum before Bull finally pulls her head off. The last two squirts shoot up into Janice’s mouth and then drip back down onto Denise’s cock and balls.

Bull waits a few seconds to make sure Denise is done. He then pushes Janice’s mouth back down so she can suck the cock clean. He then has her lick Denise’s bald nut suck clean.

“Awe, brotherly love,” Bull says with a chuckle as he pulls the sissies apart again.

Janice does a double take when she sees Bull reach to the side of the mattress and grab a huge v-shaped cushion of some kind. Not only is it a weird looking cushion but she is positive it wasn’t there just a few minutes ago. Someone on set must have just put it there. She wants to tell them that the cushion just appearing isn’t going to make any sense in the movie. However, she doubts they really care.

Bull puts the cushion down on the mattress and positions Denise over it. The shape of the cushion forces Denise’s rump high up with her face down against the mattress. Janice almost smiles when she realizes that it’s Denise that is going to get fucked.

“Time for you two to show some more brotherly love,” Bull says as he positions Janice behind Denise.

“Oh, this is even better!”

Janice doesn’t say it but she definitely thinks it. She would rather fuck a girl but a sissy’s hole is basically the same… right? Janice is already pushing herself inside before she realizes she probably should have resisted more for the cameras. It is too late now.

“It’s too big!” Denise protests from below.

There is a short chuckle off set by one of the stage hands. The laugh upsets Janice and she hopes the person will be chastised later by the director. She may be small in comparison to their actors but she is still pretty big for her age. She is especially so for a sissy!

Denise of course is just acting. Janice’s cock feels good but it is nothing compared to what she is capable of handling. She is happy though that it is happening. There is no better way for her to show her love than to offer her hole up to Janice. Or at least she thinks she loves Janice. Sometimes Denise isn’t sure. Especially immediately after having a climax. Not that she has been allowed to have that many since the first time they met.

Janice starts out slow but quickly builds up her pace. Within a couple minutes her sweaty thighs are rhythmically slapping against Denise’s rear end. Denise is in heaven herself. Janice’s cock might not squish her ass clit like Bull’s would but it is just the right size and at the right angle to punch into it over and over.

“Mmm!” Denise moans in protest when Janice suddenly stops.

Janice moans herself as well.

“He’s sticking his finger in my butt hole again!” Janice announces to Denise and the camera. “Oh! Not two!”

“You are going to get a lot more than just this,” Bull says with a laugh as he forces the second finger inside.

Bull turns Janice into a perverted human puppet of sorts as he uses his fingers to force Janice back and forth in Denise’s hole. Janice realizes what is expected and starts pumping Denise on her own. This only lasts for a couple minutes though.

“Oh! Oh!” Janice lets out as Bull forces a third and then forth finger into her hole.

It is hard for the crew to tell if it is a protest of pain or if Janice actually came yet again. Janice isn’t sure herself. Bull doesn’t bother to ask. He just keeps working his fingers in her.

“Oh,” Janice lets out in a sigh of relief as the large fingers finally leave her hole.

Her sigh is soon followed by a much louder “OH!” when Bull presses the tip of his huge cock against and then into her hole. This “oh” is definitely not an act. Bulls cock is easily as round as the 3.5 inch [9 cm] butt plug.

A boy her age with a virgin asshole would probably be near death right now. So, technically it is another hole in the plot. Nothing could be further from her mind though as she pants and does her best to accommodate the huge thing.

“Yeah, you were made for this,” Bull says as he slowly sinks half of his nearly foot long cock into the sissy.

Janice may have taken objects this big before but it is still pushing her limits. She tries to escape but the best she can do is move forward and sink her own cock into Denise. To try to make more room for the huge cock, Janice leans forward until she is lying on Denise.

“It’s too big!” Janice pleads as Bull keeps sinking more and more of his cock up her hole.

Bull doesn’t let up. He has fucked his share of kids before. They always complain like this. However, his cock almost always still fits. Granted, a few of them are injured in the process. That’s why the studios keep a doctor on staff though.

“His big cock is all the way inside me!” Janice announces as Bull’s balls come into contact with her own.

She says it as though it is meant for Denise. However, she makes sure it is loud enough that the cameras can hear it. She knows that being too good in front of the camera could end up being a bad thing. However, she also knows that if she isn’t good enough they may decide to repeat the scene. Her ass clit likes the feel of Bull’s cock, but the rest of the experience is not that enjoyable. Especially how her asshole is getting stretched so much. Okay, maybe part of her enjoys the stretching also. Only part though. It is very scary being stretched so much. Especially when the person doing it is so strong and aggressive.

Bull pushes his hips into Janice’s buttocks to make sure every possible millimeter of his cock gets buried in her. Janice feels like she is being turned inside out as Bull slowly pulls his cock back. Bull doesn’t stop until the head of his cock pops out of Janice’s hole.

“Oh!” Janice moans as Bull reverses direction and forces the cock back inside her.

Bull repeats this process slowly several times and then switches into second gear. Unfortunately for Janice, Bull only has two gears… slow and fast. He starts pounding into the sissy’s hole without mercy. The only good news for Janice is that at this speed Bull seldom takes his cock completely out. However, he still occasionally does.

The mating is so brutal that Janice can only barely feel her own cock moving in and out of Denise. She is pretty sure her cock is leaking and squirting cum but she gets no major pleasure from it. Not that she normally does when her ass clit is milked. Which often confuses her since her ass clit always seems to crave the abuse.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

She grunts over and over at each thrust. Creating interesting dialog for the cameras has long since left her mind. All of her focus is now on keeping her hole as accommodating as possible for Bull’s brutal assault.

That assault continues for what seems like an eternity to Janice. The set is filled with the sound of Janice’s grunts and the rhythmic slapping of Bull’s hips against her butt.

Despite how scary the breeding is, Janice can’t help but admire how manly Bull is. This is a man that knows how to properly treat a sissy. In the past when she fantasized about being all dressed in white and standing at the wedding alter, it was almost always a man like Bull standing next to her.

Of course, fantasizing about such men and experiencing them first hand are completely different things. Still, deep down she knows that if she was given a choice she would pick Bull as a husband long before she would pick a wimpy man that treats her gentle. This of course makes no sense to even Janice. Yet, even now as she suffers through Bull’s brutal assault, a part of her is hoping the man will fall in love with her. Granted, there is still a large part of her that hopes the opposite.

Bull drills into Janice for over ten minutes before he suddenly freezes with his dick buried deep inside her.

“Fuck!” Bull grunts as he starts shooting his load.

Janice lets out a moan that in a mix of relief and disgust as her insides are flooded by the hot cum. Bull shoots four large squirts of cum deep inside her before he pulls out and sends three more ropes of it across her butt and back. The large man then slides off to the side onto his back on the mattress as he catches his breath.

Janice struggles to catch her breath also but she doesn’t dare pull herself from Denise’s hole. Denise can be heard panting as well. She didn’t get drilled as bad as Janice but she was practically smothered by all the weight on her back.

“Lick my cock clean!” Bull says as he gives Janice’s ass a hard slap.

Janice pulls herself from Denise’s asshole and turns.

“Please,” Janice begs when she sees the large cock covered in cum and ass juices.

This of course is just for the cameras. She has performed this task more times than she can remember. It still disgusts her but she has become well accustomed to it. So much so that she wouldn’t really feel right not licking it clean. It’s just something a sissy should do. Just like it becomes natural for a parent to keep their baby clean and change their diapers. Ironically, Bull’s huge cock probably weighs the same as a baby. Janice definitely feels like she just gave birth to one.

“Get working!” Bull growls as he grabs a hand full of her hair and forces her lips to the messy cock.

Janice struggles for only a second before she sticks out her tongue and starts licking and slurping the cock clean. She doesn’t have to act much in order to give the cameras a convincing look of disgust.

While Janice is working on his cock, Bull snaps his fingers at Denise and points to the cum on Janice’s back. Denise gives her own look of disgust but doesn’t require any manhandling to get her into action.

Denise manages to finish first. Or at least she thought she was finished.

“All of it!” Bull growls at her.

Denise looks at him in confusion for a moment. The look becomes one of disgust when she realizes what he wants.


Denise’s protest comes to a quick halt when she sees Bull reach over for the belt. The director said Bull couldn’t use the belt. However, she knows all too well that Bull doesn’t always follow direction.

Denise reluctantly leans forward and starts licking the crack of her pretend brother’s ass. Like Janice, she doesn’t have to pretend to be disgusted. She knows that Janice’s hole was cleaned out well prior to the shoot. However, it is just the thought of it.

Denise gives the crack a thorough cleaning. Her red face then comes into view as she looks up at Bull with her puppy dog eyes.

“All of it!” Bull repeats.

Denise’s red face takes on a tinge of green and tears run down her cheeks as she leans back in and seals her lips to Janice’s asshole. She then starts tonguing and slurping on the sloppy hole.

“You better get every drop or you will be sorry!” Bull growls as Denise’s tears dot Janice’s buttocks.

Denise has performed this task many times before. She still cries almost every time. It’s such a horrible thing to have to do. It’s not only disgusting but is one of the most demeaning things she can think of. She knows that if she didn’t cry so much while doing it they would probably stop making her do it so often. She just can’t help herself.

Janice finishes her task long before Denise. She keeps licking at Bull’s dick and balls though in order to give Denise plenty of time. Janice would be lying if she said it didn’t feel nice to have her ass slurped. It would be a huge turn off if a man did it to her. Having a sissy do it though is nice. Of course, her main reason for not rushing the sissy is that she wants to make sure the cameras get plenty of footage of it. If they get enough then maybe they won’t make her do the same to Denise. Some of her own cum is in Denise’s asshole after all.

Thankfully, when Bull finally has Janice sit up, he doesn’t make her return the favor to Denise.

“Can we go home now?” Janice whispers before Bull gets a chance to change his mind.

Bull just laughs and has the two sissies start making out together again. As Denise and Janice kiss, Bull reaches under the mattress and pulls out two chains. He gives each chain a good yank in order to make it clear to the camera that the other end of each one is bolted to the floor. The other end of each chain has an ankle cuff attached to it. Bull quickly chains both of the sissies.

“Welcome home,” Bull says as he sits back and admires his handy work. “I think we are going to have a lot of fun together.”

There is then a long pause as the cameras zoom in on Janice and Denise kissing.


Chapter 25

Several weeks later

Lou is on his way home after a noon meeting with one of his distributors. There have been problems trying to keep up with the demand for some of his recent productions. As he rides in the back of his limousine, Lou scans a printout of his most popular dvds. It is in code but he can easily tell that the top five all feature Janice.

Lou knew Janice’s videos would be popular but he and his distributors had underestimated exactly how much so.

On the surface, this unexpected extra popularity may seem like a good thing. And in a way it is. However, Lou is a bit concerned this may indicate a shift in his customer base. Until now, a vast majority of his best sellers have always been heterosexual and lesbian type porn. His goal when he acquired Janice and Denise was not to change any of this. It was simply to bring in additional customers.

How could this customer shift be bad? Simple, most of his stock is female. And while most of his boys act like sissies, they are far from being sissies. At least not like Janice or Denise. Such a shift in demand can be disastrous for a company like his. You simply can’t switch most of your product line overnight.

Sure, they will still make lots off Janice and Denise. However, it won’t be enough to keep up with operational costs. Not even close.

It of course is way too early to tell for sure if such a shift is happening. Lou is overly paranoid and has overreacted to such things before. At this point, the best thing he can do is maintain the status quo and watch the numbers for a few more months.

That is easier said than done. He knows that in the mean time he will lose sleep and be stressed about it.

He opens the limousine’s mini fridge and gets out a cold bottle of water. He pours it in a glass and adds a couple Alka-Seltzer tablets.

“I’m getting to old for this,” he mumbles as he drinks it down.

A minute later and things get significantly worse. His limousine comes to a sudden stop. When Lou looks out the windows he sees black vans in front and behind the limousine. He knows it is the FBI even before they pop out in their yellow-lettered jackets.

No cops in this area would dare pull him over. He owns most of them and the rest would be to scared to rock the boat.

The printout he is holding may be in code but he sticks it in the shredder just in case. He then opens his door and makes sure the feds can see that his hands are empty. This is far from being his first time taken into custody.

The feds don’t say much. They simply cuff him and put him in one of the vans. He knows they most likely don’t have much on him. And even if they do, the FBI agents he has in his pocket are high enough in the chain of command to probably make everything disappear. This doesn’t keep him from getting worried.

The trip to the local FBI branch office is short. They take him directly to the interrogation room. He asks for a phone call and a lawyer but they just ignore him and lock him alone in the room. Lou surveys the room and notices that they still have the same blood stained carpet as the last time he was here. You would think that if they plan to beat their detainees they would at least dispose of the evidence.

Several minutes goes by before a large man walks in carrying a folder. He sits and then opens it.

“My name is Charles Miller,” the man tells him. “I believe you have something of mine.”

As he says this, he pulls a large photo out of the folder and lays it on the table for Lou to see. It is a picture of Janice. Lou is both confused and concerned. He doesn’t say anything. The worst thing you can do is start chatting with the FBI.

“This is where you are currently keeping her,” Miller says as he flops down another picture.

This image is an aerial of a shipping warehouse. Lou swallows hard. He knows this place all too well. It is a legit business that he uses as a front. Buried underneath this warehouse, however, are the holding cells for all the kids he keeps in ‘storage’. And Janice is indeed currently at this location.

“You are holding her in an underground facility there,” Miller continues. “You currently have one male guard on duty and one female.”

Lou looks to the two-way mirror. He knows his goose is cooked but he is still reluctant to say anything. This man seems only concerned with getting Janice back. Yet, it could still all be a trick. The information they have about the underground facility is spot on but it may not yet be fully confirmed. He isn’t about to do that for them. That would be all they need in order to get a search warrant.

Miller realizes Lou’s concern.

“How about we go for a walk,” Miller says as he uncuffs Lou and walks to the door.

Lou cautiously follows. This definitely is not normal FBI procedure. He knows first hand that once you are in the interrogation room you don’t see daylight again for at least twelve hours.

The agents in the facility look up but don’t seem alarmed as Miller leads Lou through the building and out the front door.

“Lead the way,” Miller says to Lou once they are outside.

Lou picks a direction at random and they start walking. As they go, Lou has to fight back his instinct to run. If this isn’t a trick then it would be wise of him to listen to what Miller has to say. If it is a trick then he wouldn’t get far anyway.

They walk for several blocks in silence before Miller starts talking.

“I’m sorry about the false arrest,” Miller begins. “It seemed the quickest way to convince you that our organization yields a lot of power.”

“What organization?” Lou quickly asks.

“I represent one of several special schools that train kids,” Miller begins. “In fact, I’m the dean of one of these schools. And Janice is a product of my school.”

Dean Miller goes on to explain exactly what kind of training they provide. He also goes into details on their sissy program. Lou finds it all pretty fascinating. He also finds it rather unbelievable. Yet, he can’t imagine why this Dean Miller would be making it all up. It isn’t like any FBI sting he has ever heard of before.

“I know you probably don’t believe me,” Dean Miller says as though reading Lou’s mind. “That’s understandable. Let me give you my proposal anyway. I can also arrange for you to come visit my school and see everything for yourself.”

It is clear to Lou that Dean Miller is trying to recruit him or form some other kind of alliance.

“And if I don’t agree?”

“Well, other than getting Janice back safely, nothing will be required of you,” the Dean assures Lou. “We will even compensate you handsomely for her return. Janice’s safety is only a small part of my proposal though.

“What I would like to offer you is more money and power than you could possibly imagine. You see, our organization has been interested in opening a school in this area of the country for some time now.

“As you have seen, we have lots of power in national organizations like the FBI. However, we need the locals under our control as well. This is something you already have. Your connections would save us years and tons of money.”

Dean Miller gives Lou a moment to process. He then goes in for the kill.

“We are willing to pay you handsomely for your help,” he continues. “However, it is our hope that we can do more than just use you. We would like to actually offer you a key position. If you wish it, you can become the Dean of this new school. There is committee oversight, but overall you would get to decide the direction the school takes. For example, if you want to specialize in sissies, like Janice, then you would be free to do that. In fact, I have many parents begging to get their sons into one of our schools. I could send them your way.

“Trust me, being dean is a very good job. One that I enjoy very much.”

“How much does it pay?” Lou asks.

Dean Miller chuckles. It is the same question he asked when they first approached him.

“It pays considerably more than you are making now,” Dean Miller explains. “And that assumes that you don’t invest any of your own money or resources in the project. For example, we like to build our schools out away from most cities. The land you have your shipping business on would be a great location. We would pay you a nice annual sum to lease that land from you. We would also need to build homes nearby for those families that want to enroll their kids. You would be welcome to invest in that venture as well if you so desire.

“We have also taken many of your current key employees into consideration. Some could become specialized teachers and staff. Others could just continue what they are doing now. We create a ton of films of our students. We just don’t mass produce those films. And trust me, our clients are extremely wealthy and willing to pay handsomely. As Dean, you would get a cut of that money.”

Lou raises his eyebrows when he hears this last bit. Getting out of mass production and going to nothing but high end private sales is where he has been trying to take his own organization for quite some time now. There is a ton less risk this way. This would especially be so if most of the customers are the kids’ own parents.

“What about my current stock?” Lou asks.

“We can find jobs for a few,” the Dean points out. “We will find ‘homes’ for the rest. We insist that none of them be killed though. That is not our way.”

It is clear to Lou that by ‘homes’ the Dean means they will be sold off to rich people and kept in their basement or what have you as sex slaves. This of course is pretty much their situation now.

Overall, Lou finds the proposal extremely tempting.

“Let me think about it,” Lou says after a moment.

“Of course,” Dean Miller replies as he pulls out a business card. “In the mean time, you can have one of your assistants contact my secretary at this number. Provide a day and time and we will arrange transportation for you to come visit my school.”

Lou takes the card and puts it in his wallet. He will definitely be making that call.

The two men continue their walk in silence. They enjoy the nice sunny day for about three more blocks before Lou’s limousine pulls up. Lou shakes Dean Miller’s hand, gets in and drives off toward home. A minute later Dean Miller’s limousine arrives.

The Dean is rather happy. There are still many details to work out but this is a good first step toward creating a new school and expanding their power. A few more schools like this and they will have influence throughout the country. And once they get enough graduates in key positions they will basically run everything. All of this of course is decades down the road.

For now he will have to be satisfied with the joy of potentially bringing Lou into the fold. And of course there will be the bonus of getting Janice back in their care. Now he just needs to think of a proper punishment for the sissy.

The first thing that comes to mind is something he seen in one of Lou’s videos. This Jackal guy that works for Lou seems to know exactly how to punish kids. Janice’s parents are rather upset but the Dean doubts they would agree to puppy training their sissy son. However, if Lou just happened to send Janice to the Jackal of his own accord prior to any deal going through… well, that would be out of the Dean’s control, now wouldn’t it?

The End

3 Responses to “Christian’s School of Humility 2: The Awakening”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah! Love this was added to.

  2. Ruth Tawse Says:

    I would so love to be Janice. I loved this story. xxx

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love this series, i think i’ve read it a few times now.
    I love the struggle between Janice’s training and male pride.
    I didn’t love the child rape ring and the dog guy tho.

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