The Lipstick Adventure

August 7, 2016

A tear runs down Jade’s cheek when she realizes it is time for her to start slurping the excess gunk up.

Her stomach protests as she leans in and licks the slop off the cock. She makes sure she also gets the excess that is spider webbing between her fingers.

There isn’t much taste to it but this fact doesn’t make it any less disgusting to her. She knows she is supposed to smile and look joyful about performing the act. However, her mind is focused too much on trying not to be sick.

“Good girl,” Simon says with a smile.

Simon loves sissies that hate dick. It boggles his mind that anyone would want them any other way.

The challenge was to write a short story which must include all the following items:

  1. Location: The story should be taking place in the Alps.
  2. Activity: Climbing
  3. Object: A Wooden Horse.


Eleven year old Jade stumbles and goes to one knee. The backpack she is carrying is heavy and almost as tall as herself. She is so exhausted. What she wouldn’t give for a nice long break. Simon, their guide, gives a groan of disappointment. It is all that is needed to get her back to her feet.

Tears pool in the corner of Jade’s bright green eyes. The tears try to maintain their grasp but gravity and the jerking from the constant walk up the side of the mountain is too much and they quickly run down her rosy cheeks.

Life for a sex slave is seldom easy. Still, this mountain climbing trip in the Alps has been worse than anything she has ever experienced before. Well, at least in regards to physical labor. She has only been a sex slave for just over a year now, but she has still had to endure much worse activities than this in regards to humiliation, disgust, etc.

The very fact that they are transforming her from a boy to a girl is testimony to this fact. They make her dress like a girl, wear makeup, even act like a girl. On top of that, they also give her estrogen and other drugs that help make her look like a girl. She has even started to grow breasts!

Another set of tears streak down her cheeks at this last thought.

“We’re almost there,” Simon announces.

This assurance, of course, is not for Jade’s benefit. It is for Dave, her master. Well, technically, 13-year-old Alexander, Dave’s son, is her master. Alexander didn’t come on the trip though, just her, Dave and their guide. That means Dave is in charge of her. Not that Dave isn’t always technically in charge anyway. The power Dave gives his son over Jade is more an illusion than anything else. Granted, for Jade it is plenty real enough. Alexander has the authority to punish her when she doesn’t obey. And heavens knows, Alexander loves to punish her.

As they turn a corner, Jade’s face goes from sad to glowing with joy. In the clearing is a small cabin. Simon said they were almost there but he had been saying this for the past hour.

While Jade is joyful, Dave is a tad disappointed. This property is owned by one of the richest men he knows. He was expecting something much bigger than this. Granted, they are at just over 14,000 feet [4250 m]. It is more than 1,000 feet [300 m] below the highest point in the mountains but they are still rather high up. Building anything up here is surely rather costly. And it’s not like it is meant as a vacation spot or anything.

Jade almost collapses as they enter the cabin and she is allowed to finally remove the backpack. She is still catching her breath as Simon takes her pack and opens it up.

“Firewood!” Jade says in anger before she can catch herself.

She expects an angry response for her outburst but instead the small 20′ x 20′ [6×6 m] cabin is filled with laughter. Apparently, having her mountain climb for days on end with 40 pounds [20 kg] of firewood in her pack is their idea of a joke. She fails to see the humor in it. Especially considering that there is already a huge pile of firewood just outside the cabin.

Simon gets a fire started in the fireplace and the cold cabin is quickly warmed.

“My payment,” Simon says when he sees Dave removing boards from the cabin’s floor.

“Sure… sure.”

“Take care of the man,” Dave says as he makes a quick shooing motion at Jade.

Jade frowns but doesn’t hesitate to walk over to their guide. Simon smiles in return. His payment, of course, includes a large sum of money. However, having his way with the sissies brought up here is always a nice bonus. He always insists on having them immediately though. They are seldom as fun to play with once they have been in the pit that Dave is in the process of uncovering.

“Rich people,” Simon thinks as he watches Dave out of the corner of his eye.

The whole ritual of bringing sissies all the way up here just to toss them in a pit overnight has got to be one of the dumbest and weirdest things Simon has ever heard of. Long ago, it was explained to him that it is a kind of ritual right of passage for new sex slaves in their “organization”. Whatever… it is good pay.

Simon reaches into his pack and pulls out a large wad of cloth. He tosses it on the floor in front of Jade. She leans over and picks it up. It is all wrinkly but it is obviously a blue and white short dress of some kind. She frowns as she removes her cloths. Her disappointment isn’t just in the idea of having to wear such a dingy dress. It is also having to remove the climbing outfit which is the closest thing to male clothing she has been allowed to wear in over a year.

Her face turns a bright pink once her white cotton panties and training bra come into view. She is always embarrassed when she is dressed in girls clothes. It is ten times worse, however, when someone new sees her in them for the first time. Her blush deepens when she sees Simon lick his lips.

She knows she should be proud of the reaction she has on men like Simon. Or at least that is how they have tried to train her. She does her best to fake pride sometimes, but deep down all she usually feels is disgust and humiliation.

Simon watches her slip the dress on. He then quickly removes his own clothing and sits on a nearby cot. He spreads his legs and looks up at Jade.

Dave stops what he is doing so he can watch Jade for a moment. He shakes his head in disappointment when he sees the disgust on her face. He isn’t really that disappointed with Jade. She is who she is.

It is Alexander that Dave is mostly disappointed in. His son has had over a year to train the sissy. And yet, Jade is virtually the same as when they got her. Sure, she looks a lot more feminine and dresses and acts the part. However, one can easily tell that underneath all of that is the same heterosexual boy they acquired a year ago.

“Some sissies simply can’t be trained using conventional means.”

That is what his boss told him once he recognized the issue. Well, his boss’ boss anyway. It is he that owns this cabin and recommended bringing Jade up here. Dave doesn’t believe any of the nonsense about the pit but he isn’t about to admit this. Not when his boss’ boss clearly believes it so strongly.

Dave goes back to removing the final planks. He has no idea why they even bother to cover the hole. The boards have been removed so many times that even a blind person could see something is hidden beneath them. Plus, it’s nothing but a hole in the ground for goodness sake. Not like anyone is going to steal it.

On the other side of the room, Jade has closed the distance between her and Simon. She feels ill as she kneels between the burly man’s legs. Her delicate hands tremble as she reaches out and grabs hold of his cock. The cock is a good 8″ [20 cm] long and 2″ [5 cm] thick. She knows she can manage a cock this size, but she had still hoped that it would have been a tad smaller.

She slides her delicate hands up and down the slab of meat. She can’t help but scrunch her face up in disgust as copious amounts of precum starts drooling out the tip.

She realizes the face she is making and quickly tries to put on a new one. Simon can still easily make out the revulsion in her face. Especially when the precum reaches her hands. The slimy fluid does its job though and her pistoning hands become like a well oiled machine, sliding up and down with virtually no resistance.

The cock, however, is not satisfied with just this and keeps drooling it’s lubricant. The small cabin fills with the wet sounds of the over oiled piston. A tear runs down Jade’s cheek when she realizes it is time for her to start slurping the excess gunk up.

Her stomach protests as she leans in and licks the slop off the cock. She makes sure she also gets the excess that is spider webbing between her fingers.

There isn’t much taste to it but this fact doesn’t make it any less disgusting to her. She knows she is supposed to smile and look joyful about performing the act. However, her mind is focused too much on trying not to be sick.

“Good girl,” Simon says with a smile.

Simon loves sissies that hate dick. It boggles his mind that anyone would want them any other way.

Jade blushes but keeps licking. Once she has the excess cleaned up, she moves her mouth back to the head and gently slurps from the slow but never ending stream.

She stiffens when she feels Simon’s hand touch the back of her head. She is well aware of what comes next. Sure enough, a steady pressure is applied. She lets out a small groan as she takes the head of the dick into her mouth and slowly lets it slide inside. She stiffens again when it reaches her throat. She prays that Simon will be happy with this depth. Of course, it is a prayer that isn’t answered. The large man tightens his grip on her head and forces her down even further.

“Uh!” Jade grunts as the fat head of the cock pops into her throat.

She has deep throated cock hundreds of times. Yet, it somehow seems just as horrible each time she does it. There is the humiliation of knowing what is about to happen. Then the actual physical discomfort of the cock forcing it’s way into and down her throat. And mixed in with all of this is the panic of not being able to breath properly. It is even worse when it is someone she has never serviced before. That is because she doesn’t know what pace they will use.

Simon buries his dick all the way down her throat and holds it there. Jade instinctively grabs hold of the larger man’s legs. However, she knows better than to try to push herself away. Instead, she just grips his thighs tight and bears through her suffocation.

Simon holds her down on the cock for a good minute before he finally lets her up. He only lets her get a few breaths before he pushes her head back down.

Simon loves sissies that hate cock but that doesn’t mean he wants them putting up a lot of resistance. Starve a sissy of oxygen for a bit and they become a bit more pliable. He would normally do this by tightening a belt or something around their neck. He is pretty sure Dave would object to this though. That’s fine, this method works also. He just risks getting a few bite marks.

He continues the slow deep throat for several more minutes. By Jade’s sixth time down on the cock she is barely conscious.

Satisfied with Jade’s condition, Simon pulls her off his cock one last time and drags her over to a large pile of logs in the corner of the room. The logs are stacked about 3 feet [90 cm] high in a kind of inverted “V”. The logs are only about 1½ feet [50 cm] long. However, there are three stacks lined up in a row which makes the pile a good 4 plus feet [1 m] long.

Jade’s head is still spinning as she is lifted up and onto the pile. She is placed face down with a leg going over each side.

“Oh!” she grunts as the rough bark presses hard against her.

The thin dress provides her upper body very little protection from the bark. As uncomfortable as this feels, it is nothing compared to how her mostly bare legs feel against it.

Simon spends a moment to get her position just right. As he does so, he occasionally places a hand over her mouth and nose to limit her breathing. This keeps Jade in a nice daze.

She is barely aware as he takes one of her hands and pulls it forward and downward. He then grabs a leather strap attached to the floor and binds her hand with it. There is another strap on the other side of the pile which he uses to secure her other hand.

Once he has her bound, Simon stands back and admires his work. To some, the sight of a cute sissy tied to a stack of logs wouldn’t seem all that special. To Simon, however, it is one of the most beautiful sights there is. Everyone has their kinks, this is Simon’s. To him, Jade looks almost like an angel as she dazedly struggles on his makeshift wooden horse.

He stands there and stares at her for a moment. He wants to make sure the sight is burned into his memory. A kind of snapshot of their short time together. He would much prefer to use an actual camera. Unfortunately, this is forbidden by those who pay him. The camera ban upsets him but he completely understands the restriction.

Simon uses his hand to smother the sissy for a minute and then finally lets go and walks to the back of the pile. Once there, he flips the back of the dress up, exposing Jade’s white panties. He gently runs the tips of his fingers over the small globes of her butt. Simon’s huge cock somehow manages to get even harder as he imagines how good it will feel to bury it deep in the sissy’s hole.

“Oh, the sweet sounds you will sing for me,” Simon whispers more to himself than anyone else.

Simon then grabs a pair of scissors not far from the pile.

“My panties,” Jade protests before she can catch herself.

She isn’t even sure why she is upset at Simon cutting her panties off. It isn’t like she likes wearing them. It is more reflex than anything else. For the past year she has been required to maintain her clothes and appearance. Having someone cut one of the items off her just caught her a bit off guard. She prays that her master won’t punish her for the now ruined panties.

Simon smiles as the panties finally come free and he sees that the sissy’s penis is still soft. It tells him that the girl truly doesn’t like what is happening to her.

“Get hard for me sugar,” Simon says as he leans in and gives the small penis a few tugs.

Simon normally would prefer the sissy be soft. However, this particular wooden horse requires her to be hard in order to be… effective.

Jade blushes as her 4″ [10 cm] long penis stiffens.

Her embarrassment is quickly replaced with fear as she feels the cold steal of the scissors touch her skin. A second later and Simon is cutting away the bottom half of the dress.

The cutting away of the bottom of the dress is another part of Simon’s fetish. Even he isn’t sure why he likes to do it, he just does. Of course, that is pretty much the case with many things you do with a sissy.

“Ahh,” Jade groans in discomfort as the bottom portion of the dress is pulled away and her sensitive hard penis presses against some bark beneath her.

“Does that hurt, sugar?” Simon whispers to her.

“Yes, sir.”

“I’ll make a deal with you,” Simon whispers again. “I’ll position your penis so it’s not on the bark if you promise you will make extra sweet sounds as I fuck your hole.”

Jade is too embarrassed to reply. Simon waits a moment and then presses down a little on Jade’s rump and gives it a small push forward in order to simulate what it is going to be like for Jade’s penis once he starts fucking her.

“Oh!” Jade lets out as her penis grinds against the bark. “I’ll do it, sir! I’ll do it!”

Simon smiles. They always give in.

It only takes Simon a moment to reposition Jade such that instead of being on the bark, her penis points down in the gap between two of the log piles beneath her. Jade lets out a sigh of relief that Simon is true to his word. The logs are still causing discomfort to the rest of her body but at least her penis will be spared.

“You better keep that thing hard,” Simon warns. “If you don’t then it will probably find it’s own way back onto the bark.”

Jade quickly starts thinking of anything she can to help keep her cock excited. It isn’t an easy task. Even if she could forget what Simon is about to do to her, she simply doesn’t have much to draw on in the way of sexual fantasies. She was acquired by the organization before she was mature enough to have any real sexual desires for girls. And most sexual experiences she has had since then has been with males.

One cute blonde girl does quickly come to mind though. The girl is about Jade’s age. She visited Jade’s master a few months back. Jade was made to lick the girl’s pussy so Master Alexander could fuck her. And once they were done, Jade was also made to lick Alexander’s cock clean as well as the girl’s pussy.

It was the first time Jade had tasted a girl’s pussy. At least directly. It isn’t much to draw on but it is enough to keep her hard.

Jade nibbles on her lower lip as she feels Simon positioning himself behind her. Simon first puts down a large piece of soft leather on the logs behind Jade in order to protect himself from the bark. He then lines his 8″ [20 cm] cock up with the sissy’s hole.

“Mmm!” Jade groans as the fat head of the cock presses hard against her hole and then pops inside.

“Good girl,” Simon moans as he sinks his cock deep inside.

Jade simply moans and blushes in response. She absolutely hates being bred. The humiliation and disgust is amplified ten fold by the fact that it often makes her cum. Like now, she always struggles to force herself not to climax. However, she knows it is a losing battle. The large cock sliding back and forth across her ass clit is destined to win. All she can do is try to delay it as long as possible.

“Are you ready to make some sweet sounds for me, sugar?” Simon leans in and whispers to her.

“Yes, sir,” Jade whispers in response as tears of shame run down her cheeks.

“Oh… oh… oh.”

Jade begins to moan over and over as Simon begins a steady rhythmic thrust.

Simon can tell that the sissy is trying her best to turn him on with the moans. He had a different kind of “sweet sound” in mind though. He uses a free hand to reach back and grab the outer end of the top log.

“OHHHH!” Jade screams in pain as Simon pushes the log forward, trapping the sissy’s penis between the first two logs.

“That’s better,” Simon says with a chuckle.

Simon lets go of the log but makes sure one of his legs bump against it on each thrust.

“OH! OH! OH!” Jade shouts in agony. “You’re hurting my penis!”

This gets a fresh chuckle from Simon. After all, that is the whole point.

The noise draws Dave’s attention away from his work. It takes a moment for him to discover why Jade is in such agony. For a second, Dave considers stopping Simon. However, he decides not too. As painful as it looks, he can tell that Simon isn’t doing any major damage. At worst, Jade will just have a few scrapes and bruises on her penis. It will probably take a couple weeks to heal but it isn’t like she ever gets to use for it anything anyway.

As he watches, Dave can’t help but wonder if maybe it isn’t the ‘magical’ hole in the ground that turns the slaves into true sissies, but actually the tough climb up the mountain and Simon’s treatment of them.

Well, if this is the case then Dave has his doubts it will work with Jade. She has endured much worse at the hands of Alexander.

“OH! OH! OH!”

To make things even worse for Jade, Simon moves his hands off her hips and up her back. This forces Simon to push down on the sissy’s back in order to pull out after each thrust. And this in turn pushes Jade’s chest harder against the bark. The thin dress provides little protection for her sensitive budding breasts. The top log on that side of the pile is extra thick also. Most of the pressure is between her breasts, but the sides of her breasts and even her sensitive nipples still rub hard against the side of the log on each thrust.


Across the room, Dave grins as he hears the sissy’s pitch go up. He doesn’t bother to turn away from his task of removing the last of the boards. He knows her squeals very well. He is positive she is cumming. Like now, it doesn’t matter how much discomfort she might be in. Once you start stimulating her ass clit it is just a matter of time before the sissy starts squealing like this. It is the one attribute that has kept Dave from replacing Jade.

And it’s not like he hasn’t gotten plenty of offers to buy/trade her. He may not like a sex slave that resists training so much, but there are plenty of others out there that prefer such a thing.

Simon is enjoying the squeals even more. There aren’t that many sissy’s that have managed to cum while on the wood pile. And this sissy is cumming very hard. All of Jade’s muscles tighten at each squeal. To Simon, it feels like the sissy’s hole is trying to milk him. He holds himself deep in the sissy and enjoys the sensation.

Jade squeals for almost a full minute before she finally calms down. The squeals are then replaced with the sound of her crying. While some of the tears are for the pain, most of them are just from the humiliation of getting pleasure during this horrific ordeal.

“Yeah, those are the sweet noises I like to hear,” Simon whispers as he begins thrusting once more.

“OH! OH! OH!”

Jade’s grunts of discomfort start up again. Only this time they are mixed with her sobs.

Simon pounds her hole relentlessly for another five minutes before he climaxes.

“Daddy’s nutting you sugar!” Simon manages to moan as he peaks and starts shooting his load up the sissy’s ass.

The disgust overrides Jade’s emotions and her sobs momentarily stop as she feels the bursts of hot cum shoot deep inside her.

Jade is always disgusted when she is bred. However, this time if feels exponentially worse. She is used to her encounters taking place in expensive homes and often in comfortable beds. This log pile and dirty cabin are about as far from that as one can get.

Even the cum being deposited in her seems dirtier than normal. Jade has had a few lower status young boys breed her. However, Simon is clearly of lower status than the men she has been with. Even if she hadn’t seen how he acts and talks, she could easily tell by how rough his hands feel. These are the hands of a laborer.

“OHH!” Jade grunts in pain as Simon finishes his climax and then falls forward on her.

The weight is such that she has to struggle to breath. She tries to warn Simon that she is suffocating but nothing comes out except a moan. She begins struggling but the straps are too strong.

“I don’t want to die like this!” Jade thinks as her head begins to spin. “Not in this place! Not with this disgusting man’s cock still in me!”

Right when she feels herself about to pass out, Simon pulls himself off her. The next few moments are a blur. One moment she is tied to the log pile and the next she is completely naked and curled up in a ball on the rough wood floor.


Jade is still trying to get her bearings when she feels Dave guide her across the room.

“No!” she manages to protest when she sees the dark hole Dave has uncovered.

Her protest earns her a hard slap across her ass.

It is enough to shut her up. However, she still struggles a bit as Dave begins to lower her into the darkness.

“AHH!” she screams as Dave lets go and she begins to freefall.

Her scream is quickly cut short as her feet hit ground. She looks up and sees that the hole is only a few feet above her reach. She feels a bit embarrassed by her outburst and she can hear the men laughing above.

“No!” she screams again as the men begin to put the cabin’s floorboards back into place.

“Hush!” Dave growls at her. “If you are a good girl then we will let you out in the morning.”

It takes all of Jade’s willpower to quiet herself down. Not only is she scared of the dark, but it is cold and damp down in the hole.

She stares up as she watches the last of the boards go into place. It is very dark but there is still light seeping through the cracks. However, a few minutes later even this light is extinguished as the men up above turn off the lanterns and settle down for the night. She begins to quietly sob.

She knows that if she stares upward long enough, her eyes will eventually adjust enough to possibly pick up the faint light coming from the fireplace. However, a different light source catches her attention.

The light is coming from a hole near her feet. She squats down to take a look. It is a 2 feet [60 cm] wide, 7 foot [2 m] long tunnel that appears to lead to a larger lit area.

Jade has to struggle not to start screaming again. The question of what might be in there scares her a lot more than the darkness did earlier.

She goes to her hands and knees and stares down the tunnel for the longest time to make sure nothing tries to crawl through it to grab her. Nothing comes though. However, she does notice there is a little warmth coming from it.

It takes her a couple hours to get up the nerve to crawl into the tunnel. She probably would have never done so had her hole not started getting significantly colder thanks to the fire upstairs starting to burn out.

At first, it is just a few feet in. However, it isn’t long before she is peaking out the other end of the tunnel. It is a large naturally made cavern of sorts. Though, ‘cavern’ is a bit of an exaggeration. The roundish room is only maybe 20 feet [6 m] in diameter and 10 feet [3 m] tall.

There are many interesting features to the small space. However, all of Jade’s attention goes to the light source. It is a pool of water near the center of the room. It is about 5 feet [1½ m] in diameter and the water is glowing a bright milky white. As she gets closer, she quickly realizes that the heat is coming from the water as well.

She stares at the water for quite some time before she gets up the nerve to touch it. Not that she has any real reason to touch it. The room is plenty warm and it’s not like she would even consider drinking from the pool. It is more curiosity than anything else. She pokes the water’s surface with her index finger.

“Ow!” she grunts and quickly pulls her hand back.

The water is hot but not overly so. There was a kind of electrical shock, however, that caught her off guard. It startled her more than it actually hurt. In fact, her finger is out of the water only a couple seconds and she is already moving it back toward the water.

She isn’t even sure why she is going back for more. There was just something about that shock that makes her want more.

This time she does not pull her hand away when the shock comes. In fact, she starts to move her hand deeper in the pool. For an instant she realizes something is wrong here. That she should pull her hand free and get away from the pool. However, the urge to go deeper is way too strong.

She submerges her whole hand. Then her whole forearm. The next thing she knows her whole body is plunging into the water. The water is about 7 feet [2 m] deep. She keeps going down until she is practically laying on the bottom. She then finds herself starting to claw at the bottom. She isn’t sure why. She just knows she has to do it.

The desire to dig is so great that she refuses to go back up for air. Her chest and lungs ache for fresh air but she keeps digging anyway. Finally, she has no choice but to breath in the water. Her lungs feel like they are on fire as the thick liquid they are unaccustomed to pours inside.

She is certain that this is the end for her. However, instead of fading off into nothingness, she finds herself becoming alert.

“This isn’t possible,” she thinks.

However, she only lets the thought stop her for a second before she starts digging again. Though, ‘digging’ probably isn’t the right word. The bottom isn’t mud or even clay. It is a hard stone. Each time she claws at it she only removes a microscopic amount of the surface. Yet, the impossible task doesn’t deter her.

She floats at the bottom of the pool clawing at the rock for several hours. Then suddenly she feels a small imperfection in the otherwise super smooth surface. It is small at first but then gets bigger.

The water is too clouding for her to see what it is. However, she can tell from the feel that it is metal. The rock immediately around the object is much softer and she makes quick progress. Within an hour she can tell it is a tube of some kind. It is another two hours before she finally pulls it from its confines.


The thought echoes through her mind as she pulls it free.

With the object in hand, Jade’s desire to dig vanishes and she finally comes back to the surface of the pool. She pulls herself from the pool and starts coughing up all the milky liquid from her lungs. The pain in her lungs is even worse now than when she started breathing the water. However, she still manages to turn her attention to the object.


It is what appears to be a silver lipstick tube. She pulls the lid off. Sure enough, inside there is some lipstick. To say she is confused is an understatement. Though, she has to admit that the object itself is no more bazaar than breathing the white liquid was.

She stares at the fire engine red lipstick for a moment. She has worn lipstick for over a year now. She is rather used to applying it. However, until this second, she has never actually wanted to do it. She slowly brings the tube toward her lips.


She is broken from her trance by the sound of her master. She wants to apply the lipstick but she fears what will happen if she doesn’t rush to her master. She puts the lid back on the tube and quickly crawls through the short tunnel. She is met by a bright light shining down at her.

“Time to go.”

The journey down the mountain of course goes much faster than going up had. Simon delays them just enough, however, so that it becomes a two day trip instead of one. He might not like the sissies as much after they have been in the hole, but that doesn’t mean Simon doesn’t enjoy playing with them still. Another night on the trail gives him that opportunity.

This night, Simon straps Jade to a thick downed tree. This wooden horse, if you wish to call it that, is even worse than the wood pile had been. The thick tree spreads Jade’s legs a lot wider. There are also ants crawling around on the log looking for building materials and things to nibble on. And while it is significantly warmer at this lower mountain location, there is still a definite chill in the air.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Jade doesn’t object. Sure, she grunts and squeals from time to time as a sharp piece of bark here and there digs into her or an ant takes a bite. However, it is clear that a part of her almost enjoys the ordeal.

Okay, maybe Simon isn’t all that surprised. He has seen this transformation with all the sex slaves taken up the mountain. If he were superstitious then he might see this as evidence that the hole at the cabin actually has magical powers. However, his logical mind often finds more reasonable conclusions. Like maybe it is all an act. Either the kids are acting about being reluctant beforehand or about being willing afterward.

One of his favorite theories is that the hole does work but not via any magical process. He thinks that maybe the kids are simply on the verge of breaking thanks to months on end of slave training. However, they are just strong enough mentally to hold on. The hole, and the rumors of it’s powers, give the kids an excuse to finally give in to the anguish of the fight against that training.

As he repeatedly pounds his thick 8″ [20 cm] cock into the sissy, Simon takes pride in the thought that he may very well be both the last reluctant fuck the sissy experienced and the first willing one. Something the sissy will no doubt remember for the rest of her life.


Eight months later

Seventeen year old Seth nervously kneels down and pretends to be tying his shoe. He glances around and then quickly picks up the small barrette.

The barrette has a pink ribbon with two fake bright red cherries dangling from it. It is in surprisingly good shape considering it’s delicate nature.

The barrette caught his eye as he walked past a few minutes earlier. He still isn’t 100 percent sure why he took the time to double back to retrieve it. In a way, it kind of reminds him of the pair of panties he found once in a laundromat drier. From their small size he is pretty sure the panties probably belonged to a 9 or 10 year old. It was still exciting, however, to own something so intimate that once belonged to a girl. He has since masturbated to those panties many times. He sometimes fantasizes about the little girl that once wore them. However, usually he thinks of the woman she will one day become.

The barrette is hardly as intimate as the panties. It is still an exciting find. Plus, maybe the two items together will stimulate fantasies better than the panties alone.

He pushes it into his front pocket and continues his journey. Not that he is going anywhere all that exciting. Just another trip to the game room at the mall. The game room is still fun for him but not the excitement he used to get when he was younger. That said, he does spot a cute girl there from time to time.

As he turns a corner he sees an adult book store. He has walked past it many times in the past. Though, he always crosses the street before doing so. Today, however, he decides to be bold and walk right past the front door. He can feel himself blushing and his heart racing as he gets closer and closer.

As he finally passes the glass door he takes a quick glance inside. To his disappointment, the inside is too dark for him to make much out. He wants to take another pass by the door but he can’t bring himself to turn around.

As he reaches the front corner of the building, however, he remembers the side door. You can’t see through this side door but he has seen it propped open several times in the past.

As the side of the building comes into view he sees a small group of men next to the door. This isn’t all that unusual. He has seen men standing next to the door many times smoking. Seth is about to look away when it dawns on him that these men have finished their smoke and are headed back inside.

He isn’t sure where he finds the courage but he turns the corner and rushes toward the door. Thankfully, the men don’t see or hear him approach. Seth reaches the door just as the last one enters. His initial plan was to just peak inside. However, the line of men makes too good of an opportunity to pass up. Who is going to notice one additional person entering?

Sure, Seth is rather small for his age. In fact, he is often mistaken as a 13 year old. However, it is even darker inside this door than it was the front door. As he steps inside, he discovers it is more than just dark, it is almost pitch black. The only thing lighting the place is the light coming in the crack from the now all but closed door and a movie playing on a wide screen.

It takes Seth a moment to realize he is inside a theater. The building clearly states that it has a theater. However, Seth always assumed it was extremely small. The building isn’t that big after all. Yet, it seems rather large. Not that he could actually make much of it out in the dark.

There isn’t any sex taking place on the big screen but he is smart enough to know it is a porn video. Part of him wants to stand there and wait for a sex scene. However, he knows he will look out of place if anyone manages to see him in the dim light. Instead, he follows the sound of the men that entered before him. They head up toward the back of the theater. Seth decides this is probably the best place for him as well. He figures it will be easier to go unnoticed if he is way in the back.

The men sit in the seats nearest the isle. This forces Seth to squeeze past them for a seat further down the isle. As he shuffles down the isle he starts to get worried there might not be any empty seats. He squeezes past man after man.

To make matters worse, he notices a few of the men have their cocks out. A couple even reach out and ‘accidentally’ feel him up as he passes. He’d heard that such things took place in adult theaters but he never thought he would ever witness it. Part of him wants to turn and head back toward the door. Of course, there is a much more persistent part of him tenting up the front of his jeans that wants to watch the video. He’s seen naked pictures before but never an actual porn video.

He sighs with relief when he finally runs across some empty chairs near the far end of the isle. He counts five empty seats before he almost walks face first into a wall. He takes the seat at the very end.

It is another couple minutes before he realizes that the video is a gay porn. He isn’t sure how to feel. Part of him is disgusted. Yet, one of the characters is a shemale. He/she is rather pretty also. Yet, it is hard to ignore the fact that it is really a dude.

He watches the movie more out of curiosity than anything else. He has seen shemales on TV before but obviously never one in the nude. He tries to ignore the hard cock between the shemale’s legs but just can’t manage it. He quickly concludes that shemales just aren’t his thing. And the macho dudes in the video definitely aren’t.

With nowhere to insert himself into the movie scene, Seth concludes that the movie is just… well, gross.

However, he forces himself to stay. Leaving too soon would definitely draw a lot of attention. Plus, the next movie might actually have a real woman in it.

Several minutes pass before he suddenly realizes that the room has somehow gotten lighter. Either that or his eyes are adjusting. He blushes when he realizes that he can easily make out the men masturbating in the seats to his far right. His eyes get big when it dawns on him that they most likely can see him as well.

This theater isn’t far from where he lives. What if someone recognizes him!? He quickly moves his hand up near his face to help hide his identity. Now he is both scared to stay and scared to leave.

Part of him knows it is irrational to be so scared. After all, if there is a neighbor or something in here then they obviously wouldn’t want others to know either. Or would they not care?

He thinks up a few excuses in case someone recognizes him. However, he knows that they are all rather weak.

It gets worse a moment later when someone new comes into the theater via the main entrance. The man stands there for several minutes. Seth can tell the guy is studying everyone in the room. He fears that the man might be the owner.

His fears become exponentially worse when the man picks his row and starts making his way down it toward Seth.

Thankfully, the guy stops three seats away and sits down. The man is apparently just another customer.

With this new fear gone, another thought suddenly occurs to him. Maybe there are women in here also. It takes him over a minute to get up the nerve to glance around again.

Nope, all men.

It’s probably for the best. The less he is looking at someone the less chance he might be recognized. And it’s not like he would ever try to pick up a woman that was willing to come to a place like this. Who is he kidding. He probably would if he had the nerve to do something so bold.

He’s 17 and still a virgin. At this point he would sleep with about any woman just to know what it was really like.

It isn’t as though he hasn’t tried. He has dated many girls at school. Unfortunately, they all see him more as a friend than a lover. He can’t really blame them. Think of a very big and muscular jock. Now think of the opposite of that. That is Seth.

One girl he dated for over a month. When he finally got up the nerve to try to kiss her she was rather shocked. She had assumed he was gay and that the dates were just two friends having fun together. That had been an especially sad day for Seth.

He watches the movie for another five minutes before the gross factor becomes too great. He decides to just stare down at the floor. However, every so often he sneaks a peak at the other customers. Initially, he does this only to try to verify there is no one here he recognizes. However, he then starts to look at their cocks. He doesn’t do this for any real sexual reason. He is mainly just curious how big they are in comparison to himself. Sadly, all seem to be significantly bigger.

Most of these men’s cocks appear to be at least 6 inches [15 cm] long. A couple, including the new customer a few seats away, are even significantly bigger than that. He feels like crying as he thinks about his own tiny 4½” [12 cm] penis. It stopped growing a couple years back and he fears it will never get any bigger. And he is pretty sure that when women say that size doesn’t matter they aren’t talking about cocks as small as his.

Seth blushes profusely when the new guy in his isle catches him staring. For some reason, he expects the guy to get angry. However, instead the guy lowers the empty seat next to himself. All of this may be new to Seth but even he can tell this is an invitation for him to join the guy.

Seth quickly turns his head away. He is extremely embarrassed. Yet, deep down the invitation makes Seth feel kind of special. Here is someone that actually thinks of him in a sexual manner. Unfortunately, the thought also disgusts Seth. Now, if this guy was closer to his own age, better looking, and female… Seth would be in that seat in a heartbeat. Seth has a good imagination, but not that good.

The man doesn’t give up easy. He keeps lowering the seat every 30 seconds or so.

The maneuver quickly goes from flattering to nothing but embarrassment and annoyance. He also fears the guy might soon draw a ton more attention to their areas.

“I’m not interested,” Seth finally tells the man in the lowest voice he can.

The man sits there for a minute. He then stands and closes the short distance between the two.

Seth swallows hard. The exit to the isle is the other direction and Seth is at the end of the isle and blocked by a wall. And the man is clearly coming to confront him.

“I’m sorry,” Seth tries to apologize as the man gets close. “I’m just not interested in guys.”

Seth gets even more worried when he realizes exactly how big the man is. He looks to be at least 250 pounds [110 km] of muscle. He dwarfs Seth’s 120 pound [55 kg] short frame.

There is a scary and awkward moment as the man stands there facing him. Seth can’t tell if the man is threatening him or just giving him a good view of his still exposed cock. The cock is only inches away from his head and Seth can’t help but look at it. The 8 to 9 inch [20-23 cm] monster is rock hard and pointed right at his face.

The man stands there a moment and then takes the seat next to Seth.

“Sit the fuck down,” the man growls when Seth stands and starts to leave.

It isn’t a loud order but it is definitely a commanding one. Seth sits down immediately. He doesn’t even remember making the conscious decision to do so. He knows nothing good will come of this if he stays sitting. Yet, he can’t find the willpower to disobey the man.

“Pull your pecker out and start playing with it,” the man orders.

Seth feels like crying as he obeys the order. He can’t believe how big of a wimp he is. He is also scared of what this man might have planned for him.

“Good girl,” the man says.

Seth doesn’t like being called a girl. However, of greater concern to him is the realization that his small cock has somehow managed to get hard through all of this.

The large man patiently waits several minutes as Seth gets closer and closer to orgasm.

“There it is,” the man says to himself when he sees Seth nibbling on his lower lip.

He reaches down and pulls Seth’s hand away from the tiny cock. Seth is about to protest being denied his orgasm. However, something much worse happens. The man pulls Seth’s hand over and places it on the much larger cock.

Seth tries to pull his hand away but the man is insistent. Seth continues to resist for a moment. He only gives in when he realizes the man is starting to get angry.

The cock is so huge that Seth’s fingers can’t even reach all the way around it. The huge thing feels… weird. It is more than just the size also. It feels much hotter than his own. And it is hard, yet soft at the same time. Given enough time, he will eventually realize it feels the same as his own. He just hadn’t noticed it before.

“That’s it,” the man moans as Seth’s hand starts to slowly massage the huge cock. “You be good to Big Mike and Big Mike will be good to you.”

Seth can’t tell if the man’s name is ‘Big Mike’ or if that is just the name he gave his cock. He swallows hard when it dawns on him that neither interpretation is good.

As it turns out, it is indeed the latter. Though many also call him ‘Big Mike’ for obvious reasons.

Mike smiles as he let’s go of Seth and the boy keeps massaging the cock. He is proud of himself for accurately judging the boy to be a natural submissive. Not that it was hard to do in this case. A scrawny boy like this no doubt is used to taking orders.

Mike is an expert at such things. He needs to be in order to do his job. You see, Mike acquires boys and then trains and sells them. He averages about six boys a year. He could probably increase that number to twelve, however, all work and no play would make the job rather tedious.

How much he makes varies from boy to boy. The rule of thumb, however, is the younger the better. Not only are the younger ones in higher demand, but there is more risk involved as well. You snatch a 10 year old and there is a chance half the country will begin looking for him. You take a 15 to 21 year old, however, and virtually no one gives a shit. Mike has found that the best targets are the boys like this one that are older, yet still look rather young.

It’s all about getting increased value at reduced risk. The expertise comes in being able to spot such boys at a glance. And Mike is good enough that he could do it blindfolded… which is almost exactly what he had to do in Seth’s case.

“No,” Seth moans as Mike puts a hand behind the kid’s head and applies pressure.

Seth may not have any sexual experience but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the man wants him to do.

He struggles for a moment and then reluctantly lets Mike push his face down toward the huge cock. Everything seems to move in slow motion as he gets closer and closer. It feels like it is happening to someone else and he is just observing.

He snaps back to reality, however, when the slimy head of the cock presses against his lips and then goes inside his mouth. He quickly renews his struggles.

Mike can easily overpower the small boy. However, the kid is making way too much noise. This isn’t unusual for a new acquisition. They often struggle at first. Mike has a fix for this though.

He uses his free hand to fish out his secret weapon. It is a small bottle. He removes the lid and places the open bottle next to Seth’s nose.

Seth’s head immediately begins to spin. The next thing he knows, the head of the cock is not only back in his mouth but pushing it’s way down his throat. It is painful, yet for some reason part of him welcomes the intrusion.

“Good girl,” Mike says as he tests the boy’s throat.

Seth passes the test with flying colors. Mike always manages to get his huge cock down a boy’s throat. However, very few can handle it as well as Seth just did.

Despite the drug, Seth still provides weak resistance as Mike begins fucking the boy’s throat.

“Give it to him,” another man nearby says with a chuckle. “Work that throat.”

This comment grabs others’ attention. Before he knows it there are several men surrounding him. An audience is normally the last thing Mike wants while acquiring a boy. However, it is pretty dark in here. Plus, he doubts that many of these men would remember his face even if it was light enough to see it well. They are all focused on the boy’s head being pumped up and down on Mike’s huge cock.

A couple of the men each grab one of the boy’s hands and massage their exposed cocks with them. They try to get the boy to do it on his own but Seth is still pretty out of it thanks to the drug. Plus, the boy has a thick dick fucking his throat which grabs what little focus and attention he can muster.

The other men in the audience just stand there and play with themselves. Mike can tell that they are hoping for sloppy seconds. For a moment, he is tempted to simply turn the boy over to them after he is done. However, he has a business to run.

That said, the thought of all these men having their way with the boy does fuel Mikes lust.

“Fuck!” Mike groans with pleasure as his climax hits him.

Mike holds the boy’s dizzy head with the cock buried as deep as he can get it.

“Eat it all,” Mike says as his cock begins shooting it’s load deep in the boy’s throat.

The comment of course is more for the audience than it is the boy. It’s not like Mike was giving the kid much of a choice in the matter.

Mike lets his cock pulse in the boy’s throat for almost a full minute before he finally lets the kid up for air. As soon as he does, one of the other men grabs at the boy and tries to take Mike’s place.

“He’s with me,” Mike growls as he takes possession of the boy once more.

All of the men groan in disappointment. However, they are civilized about it and go back to their seats.

For a moment, Mike considers rewarding the men for their good behavior by giving them an encore. Maybe bend the boy over the row of seats and giving his other hole a good workout. He decides against it. The drug he used on the boy is strong, but it doesn’t last that long. And giving him another dose would probably make him pass out. Plus, if Mike showed off too much then they might actually pay more attention to his face.

Seth is barely aware of his surroundings as Mike leads him down the isle and then out the back door.


Several months have passed since that dreadful day. For Seth it has seemed more like years. As bad as that day was, the one after it was twice as bad. And the one after that even worse. For three months, each day has been progressively worse.

Yet, there was a point about 40 days in where Seth suddenly stopped caring. Well, maybe that isn’t exactly accurate. He still cares to a certain degree. He just stopped resisting. One day he was resisting his training and the next day he… well, accepted it.

“Looks like you finally broke,” Mike had said that day.

Seth didn’t feel as though he was different or anything like that. He simply realized the futility of resisting. He understood that this was his life now whether he accepted it or not. And he knew full well by then that resistance made life a ton worse than acceptance. Not that acceptance was a walk in the park.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The high pitch butler’s bell stabs at Seth’s soul like a knife. He quickly crawls to his cell door and pushes it open. The small 5 foot [1½ m] square cell has been his home here since day one. It was locked all the time during his first two months. These days, however, it is only locked when his master is sleeping.

Seth is often kept in one form of bondage or another, but he would be lying if he said he didn’t have plenty of chances for escape. For example, right now he has a humbler attached to his balls. It is a pretty simplistic device that attaches to the balls from behind via a bar which braces against the back of his legs. The end result is to prevent him from standing. To keep him from fiddling with it, his hands are secured inside special gloves that force his hands into fists.

While there is no doubt that these basic restraints would slow him down, he is pretty positive he could get out of them if he really tried. Once free of them he could do a slew of things in order to free himself of Mike. Hell, he could probably even kill the man if he had the balls to try.

There, of course, was the crux. Just the thought of disobeying Mike, let alone escaping or attacking the man, is enough to make Seth feel ill. Even a 99.9% chance of success wasn’t good enough. That .1% chance of failing and thus experiencing Mike’s wrath was a completely unacceptable risk.

Seth looks left and right into the other cells as he crawls through the basement. He heard the high pitched screams of the new young slave earlier so Seth is well aware of which slave is with the master right now. He only looks into the cells to see the condition of the others. As well as to check if any new slaves have arrived.

Currently, there are four other slaves besides Seth. However, there are eight cells. Seth sees no new arrivals. He has mixed emotions when he sees the empty cells. Part of him is happy that there are no new slaves. He wouldn’t wish this life on anyone. Yet, deep down there is a part of him that wished all eight cells were full. That would mean his master’s time would be split among eight slaves instead of just five. Life would be just a little more bearable.

Seth carefully crawls up the basement steps. Once up top he crawls through the living room and toward the entertainment room. He has to crawl past the front door of the house but he dares not even glance at it, let alone consider escaping through it.

Seth swallows hard when he sees that they have a visitor. The man is sitting next to Mike on the couch. The man looks to be in his forties. He is a big man but not as huge as Mike.

Having a visitor isn’t that unusual. It only concerns Seth because this means there is a greater chance he will be expected to do more than what he thought he was summoned for.

“About time!” Mike growls when he sees Seth enter.

Mike need not give any actual orders. Seth is well aware of what his first duty is. He crawls over to the couch where his master is currently sitting. As he does so, he takes a quick glance at the young boy, Kenneth. The boy has only been here a week but Seth has seen him several times. He only glances at the boy to ensure Mike or the visitor haven’t gone overboard and hurt the kid. Not that Seth would dare do or say anything if they had.

The 12-year-old blonde kid is curled up on the floor in the fetal position crying. His rump is red from a recent spanking and his nipples look like they have gotten some attention as well. Seth doesn’t see any blood. That is a good sign.

Mike parts his legs as Seth approaches. Seth doesn’t hesitate to lean in and start licking the man’s balls and cock clean. Mike gives all his slaves frequent enemas, so Seth doesn’t taste anything but sperm and ass juice. Seth finds the mixture disgusting, but it isn’t anything he hasn’t tasted many times since his arrival.

Seth tries to block out the reality of what he is doing. It is a futile exercise. He can sense the visitor and his master looking down at him. Within seconds, Seth is blushing. After so many weeks one would think he would get over the humiliation and embarrassment of it all. Nope. Not even close.

The worst part is that he knows his blush always turns his master on. Sure enough, Mike’s 9″ [23 cm] long and 2″ [5 cm] thick cock becomes rock hard. Seth delays only a few seconds before taking the cock into his mouth and deep throating it.

He is on clean up duty today. That normally only involves licking up messes. However, the cock is hard and within reach. As a slave it is his duty to suck it.

“Oh,” Mike moans as he leans back. “I told you she is well trained.”

Mike lets Seth suck at the cock for a few minutes and then pushes him away.

“Dave, would you like to try her out before taking her home?” Mike asks the other man.

Seth freezes for an instant and looks up at his master with wide eyes. It is clear Mike is talking about him. This is the first he has heard he has a new master, let alone that the person would be taking custody of him so soon.

Seth feels both scared and angry. He is scared of what his new master might have in store for him. He is angry because he hadn’t gotten any heads up that ‘his day’ had arrived.

He isn’t angry at his master for this. Seth has no reason to expect a master to inform him of anything. No, he is angry at the other slaves. Mike has a slave with him pretty much all the time when he is at home. One of the other slaves surely has overheard Mike speak about Seth’s transfer of ownership. He and the other slaves seldom risk speaking to each other while in their cells. However, something as important as this should have been relayed.

“A bit too old for me,” Dave replies.

His reply is only partially true. Dave does prefer younger slaves than Seth. However, he finds the boy a bit tempting considering how young he looks.

Mike just shrugs. He looks down at Seth and makes a gesture toward Kenneth. Seth’s blush reddens. This part of cleanup is even worse than licking his master.

“Up!” Mike growls.

Kenneth is sore and tired but he still quickly gets up on his hands and knees. He also blushes at the thought of what is about to happen.

“Oh!” he can’t help but moan when Seth starts licking.

Seth starts at Kenneth’s tiny balls. He licks and sucks at them for almost a full minute. A mere 20 seconds would have sufficed. However, he dreads what he must clean next. He can’t delay too long though. His mouth reluctantly leaves the balls and work their way across Kenneth’s taint and then into the crack of the boy’s ass.

Seth has to struggle to keep from gagging as he licks and slurps up the mess. The fluids there are exactly the same as on the master’s cock. However, there is more of it. He is a good slave though and does his best to look eager as he slurps and swallows.

Kenneth nibbles on his lower lip as Seth does his job. It is hard to ignore the pleasure of Seth’s delicate tongue, especially after being treated so harshly by their master.

“Mmm!” he moans again as Seth start’s tonguing his hole.

The feel of Seth tonguing and sucking on his asshole is the best feeling in the world. Not that the small boy wants to take pleasure in it. He knows it is wrong to do so since they are both boys. He has done much worse with their master, but he would hardly call any of it ‘pleasure’.

The only way Kenneth manages to keep his moans to a minimum is by reminding himself that one of these days his master will no doubt put him on cleanup duty as well. Despite this disgusting thought, he can’t help but let out additional moans.

Kenneth also notices that his small penis has gotten hard as well. He is embarrassed to admit that it has also been getting hard when his master’s cock is inside him. Kenneth can’t help but wonder if this means he is gay.

On the bright side, Kenneth has yet to have his first climax. However, their master says it is just a matter of time. Kenneth has mixed feelings about some day having his first climax. He can tell from his master’s reactions that it must be extremely pleasurable. It would also signify that he is becoming a man. However, he fears that his first climax will no doubt come while he is riding the master’s cock. He doesn’t want to feel such pleasure while doing something like that.

Seth slurps at the boy’s hole for a good five minutes before he is certain it is well cleaned. As he pulls away, he can’t help but notice the boy’s hard little penis. He would be disgusted if it was one of the other slaves. However, he is happy to know the younger boy is getting at least some pleasure.

“Box him up!” Dave says rather loudly for the room.

Two large men enter a second later. They go to Seth and immediate start adding additional restraints. Seth is scared as hell, but he doesn’t dare plead with his master. Well, his old master anyway. And pleading with his new master isn’t even an option. Dave was already out the door.

To make matters worse, Seth notices that Mike isn’t even paying attention to him. He has already gone back to playing with Kenneth. Seth has known from day one that his master is a mean SOB. However, Seth was certain that deep down Mike cared about him. Maybe even loved him in his own sick way. Yet, here he is parting with Seth like it is nothing. It is enough to bring a tear to Seth’s eye. He isn’t sure why considering how much he hates the man. Or at least how much he thought he did.

When the men finally stand back, Seth finds that he can’t even move an inch. They have also placed a rather large gag in his mouth. He has been restrained many times before, but never to this extent. He finds it to be very uncomfortable and extremely scary. It becomes even worse when they drag him to a large trunk and lift him into it. They shut the lid and Seth’s world goes dark. He is left with only the sound of his prior master playing with Kenneth.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Kenneth squeals as the head of Mike’s huge cock presses hard against the boy’s hole.

Seth can tell this is what the squeals are for because there is an even louder one that follows. That one is clearly Mike’s cock popping inside.

There is then a series of rhythmic squeals from Kenneth as Mike starts fucking him. These sounds vanish in the distance as the two men lift the trunk and carry Seth away. The last thing Seth hears is a kind of squealing from Kenneth followed by his prior master saying, “There it is.” Though, Seth has no clue what he is referring to.


The trip lasts about seven hours. Or at least that is the best estimate Seth can come up with. It is hard to concentrate on the passage of time when you are focusing so much on your breathing.

There is a hole in the trunk letting fresh air in. However, the entire trip he feels like he isn’t getting enough oxygen. The tight bondage doesn’t help matters. He has to force himself to stay calm and breath slowly. It isn’t an easy task.

If the bondage and lack of oxygen isn’t bad enough, he is also scared about what his new master plans to do with him. Mike is a mean master but Seth would gladly go back to him right now if he could. As the saying goes… better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Plus, deep down Seth feels sad to be leaving Mike. He can’t imagine why. However, he also can’t deny the emotion is there.

Seth swallows hard when he hears someone unlocking the trunk. His world suddenly goes from complete darkness to painfully bright.

“He’s cute,” a young female voice says.

“He’s old,” an equally young male voice replies. “Dad, you promised me a young one!”

“You broke the last young one Alexander,” Dave growls. “You are lucky to be getting a replacement at all. Besides, he isn’t that old.”

It takes Seth a moment to realize that he isn’t to be Dave’s slave, but apparently his son’s. He forces his eyes open a crack despite the pain of the light. The young girl comes into focus first. She is leaning down and fiddling with some of Seth’s restraints. She is rather cute and looks to be about 14.

Seth can already tell he will like her. Not because of how she looks but because of the concern on her face as she tries to loosen his restraints. Sadly, her delicate fingers aren’t strong enough to budge any of the extremely tight bonds.

She tries for a bit and then gives up in frustration. As she backs away, Seth gets his first look at his new master. Seth looks on in shock when he sees that the boy is just as young as he sounds. He looks no older than the girl.

Seth wants to hate the boy but it is hard to do so. He is rather cute and innocent looking. Well, at least in comparison to the image Seth had formed in his head while listening to the short conversation. That said, he still notices a kind of evil glint in the boy’s eyes.

As concerned as he might be about the boy’s dark side, Seth is more concerned about his age. It angers him considerably. Seth just went through three months of intense training to become a sex slave, not some little boy’s play toy! He knows he should be happy right now. However, he can’t get past the realization that he was put through all that hell for no reason.

He doesn’t get much time to linger on the thought. Four strong hands grab hold of him and lift him out of the box. He assumes it is the same two men that originally put him in the restraints. He tries to focus in on their faces but the two men grab hold of the restraints near his feet and Seth’s world suddenly turns upside down.

They carry him inverted like this down a hall and into a study. They then unstrap him. Seth sighs in relief as he manages to breath easily once more.

Once free, he immediately gets into a slave pose. All of his muscles are sore and stiff but he manages to get on his knees, spread his thighs wide and sit back on his feet. He then puts his hands behind him, arches his back and submissively lowers his eyes. He blushes when he looks down and sees that his penis is hard. It is a requirement of the pose, but it is still embarrassing to know that he managed to get hard without even thinking about it.

The two men grab all the restraints and leave the room. Despite being alone, Seth doesn’t dare lift his eyes. That said, he does study what he can make out in his peripheral vision. One thing that immediately grabs his attention is a phone on the main desk. Deep down there is a small voice screaming at him to grab the phone and call 911 for help. The slave in him, however, easily holds him in place.

Seth waits like this for a good 30 minutes before someone enters. It turns out to be a doctor. The old man gives Seth a full checkup. He also gives him a few shots. He then leaves and Seth waits once more in his pose.

It is only a few minutes before someone else comes in. This time it is Dave.

“Have a seat,” Dave says as he motions toward one of the chairs in front of the desk.

“Thank you, master,” Seth says as he obeys the order.

Seth’s heart flutters with affection at being treated so kindly by Dave. It is the first time he has been allowed to sit in a chair since his capture. It actually feels rather abnormal to him as he takes his seat.

“Here is how it is going to be,” Dave begins after a moment of silence. “You belong to Alex now. You will do whatever he says, whenever he says it. The only exception is if he orders you to do something that might seriously injure yourself or others. You got that?”

“Yes, master,” Seth replies.

“Yes, sir,” he quickly corrects when he sees a stern look from Dave. The look alone is enough to tell Seth that Alex is the only one he should call ‘master’ now.

“I have a business proposition for you,” Dave says after another brief pause. “If you are a good slave then I will grant you your freedom in ten years. I will even pay you $50,000 a year, which you will get at the end of your contract. Does this sound acceptable to you?”

“Yes, sir!” Seth quickly replies.

That’s a half million dollars and his eventual freedom! What slave wouldn’t want that? Until now, he had accepted the notion that he would grow old and die as a slave. And he wasn’t all that confident about the growing old part.

Dave sounds sincere in his offer. However, it all seems way too good to be true. Still, there is at least some hope that it is. And this is enough for Seth to grab on to it with all his might.

“Good,” Dave says. “Because I doubt you would like the alternative. If you are a bad slave then we will send you back to Mike. He will no doubt give you more training and sell you off to someone a lot worse.”

Seth swallows hard at the thought of being sent back to Mike. A part of him might miss the man but he wouldn’t want to be sent back there under such conditions. Mike would be extremely upset with him.

“Life can be pretty good here if you behave,” Dave continues. “You will be kept in restraints sometimes, but most of the time you will be allowed to walk around freely. Not only that but you will be allowed to wear normal clothing unless told otherwise.

“You will even have plenty of opportunities to escape if you so desire. No one in this household will try to physically stop you. You could walk out right now in fact. Just know that the second you are discovered missing an agency will be called that will track you down and recapture you. Then it is right back to Mike.”

Dave gives Seth a moment to take all of this in.

“There of course is a reason I’m willing to treat you so kindly,” Dave continues. “Trust. I need to be able to trust you with my family. The money I spent on you… the money I will give you in ten years… it is all insignificant to me compared to the safety of my family. I simply find it easier to just take away any reason you might have to harm them. Don’t get me wrong, there will still be plenty of things you hate about this place. However, it is my hope that you will find your existence here preferable over the alternative.”

“Yes, sir,” Seth says as Dave stops and stares at him for a moment.

Seth isn’t sure what to make of all of this. It sounds incredibly good compared to what he was expecting. Yet, at the end of the day he will still be a slave.

Dave stares for another few moments before he stands and walks away. He stops though at the door.

“Alex has decided to turn you into a girl,” Dave informs him. “I won’t let him cut anything off, but the doctor has already started you on female hormones. So, if you plan to try to run away now would be a good time.”


Seth sits in shock for what seems an eternity as he plays Dave’s parting words over and over in his head. Mike often referred to him as a girl but the thought of ever actually being turned into one never occurred to him.

It is a thought that he definitely doesn’t like. Yet, what choice does he really have? He has no clue what kind of resources would be deployed in order to retrieve him if he were to try to escape. However, he isn’t stupid enough to believe they would ever give him the opportunity to do so if they weren’t absolutely confident they could indeed capture him again.

No, he will be a good slave. Even if Dave is lying about the deal, Seth is certain that life will be a thousand times better if he plays along. Much better than if he is taken back to Mike for retraining and then sold off again. Still… a girl? The thought brings tears to his eyes.

He quickly wipes the tears away and goes to the floor when he hears the door being opened. He is still getting into his slave pose when he hears the young girl tell him he can stand.

Seth isn’t sure if he is supposed to follow orders from the girl or not. However, he is more than happy to obey this one. Plus he doubts that Dave would like the idea of Seth exposing himself to the girl. Granted, this obviously isn’t your average family.

Seth stands and does his best to hide his hard cock from the young girl’s eyes. He blushes as the girl giggles at his efforts.

“I’ve seen one before,” she says as she pulls Seth’s hands away from his crotch. “There is no need to hide it from me.”

Seth’s blush reddens further as the girl studies his cock. He does his best to will himself to go soft but it is a near impossible task. He spent the last few months being trained to stay hard when in the presence of others. Plus, this girl is very pretty.

He chastises himself for that last thought. She may be close to Seth’s height but she is clearly way too young for him. He shouldn’t be thinking of her in a sexual way. Sure, before he was turned into a slave he sometimes fantasized about younger girls. Those were just that though, fantasies. It was wrong to think of an actual young girl in this way.

Yet, he knows he would think of her this way even if he hadn’t been trained to do so. After all, she is not only the first girl he has seen in three months but the first one that he has ever been naked in front of.

“I’m Connie,” she says as she hands Seth a stack of clothes. “Try these on. They won’t fit properly but they should do until Alex takes you shopping for something better.”

Seth’s heart flutters at being given some actual clothes. It is only sweatpants and a t-shirt but it is still clothing. Seth blushes, however, when he unfolds the sweatpants and a pair of girl’s panties fall out. At first he is certain the panties were in there by accident. However, Connie picks them up and hands them back to him.

“I can’t wear these!” he thinks in horror.

He of course doesn’t actually say it. Instead he swallows hard and starts studying the panties in order to figure out which side is the front. They are rather simplistic panties. Cotton low-rise French bikini panties to be exact. Not that he actually knows the name of them. That said, he has seen these before while browsing the web. He ran across them by accident… of course. Thankfully, there is a tag in the back that helps him quickly figure out how to put them on.

Seth is blushing from head to toe as he steps into the panties and pulls them up. He finds they are definitely a size or two too small. He suspects that these probably belong to Connie. They are so small that even his 4½” [12 cm] erection manages to stick it’s head out the top. He tries to tuck himself into the panties at an angle but his penis just slides back out the top. He has to struggle to keep from cumming as his cock slides against the soft material. He doesn’t dare try to tuck himself again. He is certain he would get into a ton of trouble if he came in front of the girl. Especially if he soiled his panties in the process.

As he puts on the other two items, Connie gives him a briefing on the rules of the house, what his daily schedule will be like, etc. It is a bit embarrassing to be told all of this by someone so young. However, he can’t help but be impressed by how smart the girl seems to be. She provides the rather long briefing with such ease. She doesn’t even have to refer to any notes. It is clear to him that she is rather smart. Either that or they have lots of slaves and she briefs them all.

The sweatpants turn out to be a couple sizes too small as well. They are blue, however, so he suspects these belong to Alex. The plain white t-shirt clearly belongs to the father though. It is way too big for Seth. Not that he isn’t thankful for the extra big size. It helps hide the obvious bulge under the sweatpants.

A few minutes later and Seth finds himself ascending the stairwell to the second floor. He has to struggle to keep himself from going to his hands and knees as he climbs the steps. After so many weeks it just doesn’t feel natural to climb them any other way. He glances back to see if Connie is still watching him from the bottom. She isn’t there anymore, but he forces himself to stay standing anyway. He grips the railing extra hard though to ensure he doesn’t fall over.

Once up top, he turns left down a hall as Connie had ordered. His destination is only 30 feet [9 m] away now but he still manages to delay arriving by a good minute. Alex, his new master, is at the end of this journey and Seth isn’t looking forward to arriving.

“It’s about fucking time!” Alex growls as he answers his door. “Get in here and take those clothes off.”

Seth is disappointed to be taking the clothes off so soon after putting them on. Of much greater concern, however, is that Alex is removing his clothes as well. Seth glances over at the door which Alex left wide open. He wonders if the door was left open to try to tempt him to flee.

“You can leave those on for now,” Alex says as Seth is about to remove the panties. “You need to get used to wearing them.”

Seth isn’t sure if he should be happy or upset about leaving the panties on.

He finishes undressing long before Alex. He isn’t sure what to do so he just stands there looking at the ground submissively. He tries not to look at his new master’s body but can’t help himself when Alex’s hard cock comes into view.

The cock is 7″ [18 cm] long and 1½” [4 cm] thick. It is much smaller than Mike’s cock. However, Seth is sad to see that it is a good 2½” [6 cm] longer than his own. Seth is well aware that his penis is small for his age. However, it is humiliating to see that even this young boy has a larger one.

“Get over here and suck it,” Alex commands as he removes the last of his clothes and points his hard dick toward Seth.

“I can’t do that!”

The words come out of his mouth before he can catch himself. He’s not even sure why he said it. It isn’t like he hasn’t sucked tons of cock. Even Alex’s age isn’t anything new. Sure, Seth never sucked Kenneth’s cock but he rimmed his asshole several times. And that is significantly worse.

Yet, there is just something wrong about the fact that Alex is not only a willing participant but the one even giving the order.

“I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” Seth quickly pleads when Alex goes to a closet and returns with a large leather belt.

“You not only refuse my order but fail to call me by my proper title?” Alex growls. “Get into position!”

“Sorry, master!” Seth says as he quickly goes to his hands and knees.

He lowers his upper body until the side of his face is against the hard wood floor and his rear end is high above.

At that very moment, Dave and his wife, Alice, are in the entertainment room together. They both glance toward the open door leading to the stairwell when they hear the loud smack of leather on flesh. It is quickly followed by a loud scream of pain. The hit and scream echo throughout the house and is followed by many more.

Dave and Alice frown and look at each other with concern. Their concern isn’t for Seth, however. It is for Alex. They have spent years trying to train him how to be a good master. However, he just doesn’t seem to be able to get the knack for it.

At 14, he is also at the age where he no longer wants to listen to advice, let alone accept it. They fear he will never become a good master. Sure, he has the punishment part down. However, he just can’t get down the heart of being a master.

There is an art to how you present yourself, how you give orders, etc. If done right the slave will not only follow your orders but possibly even come to want to do so. Sure, fear of punishment plays a part in this. However, their son relies too heavily on this aspect. Thus the only way he can make progress with a slave is to make his punishments worse and worse.

“Thank you, master!” Seth manages to say between sobs when the hits finally stop and Alex puts the belt down.

This time when Alex points his hard cock at him, Seth quickly crawls over and starts servicing it. He isn’t sure what Alex prefers so he just does what Mike would want. He licks up and down the shaft for a minute and then sucks and licks at the boy’s balls. He can tell that Alex enjoys this part so he keeps playing with the balls for a good five minutes. He then moves back to the main dish.

“You like sucking cock, don’t you?” Alex asks as Seth deep throats the cock for the first time.

“Yes, master,” Seth takes his mouth off the cock just long enough to answer.

There really is no other acceptable answer. However, he still feels humiliated in giving it.

He sucks the cock back into his mouth and down his throat once more. He slowly bobs his head back and forth. Alex, however, isn’t satisfied with the slow pace. He grabs hold of Seth’s black hair and starts humping. The hair isn’t super long but there is just enough for Alex to maintain a solid grip. Not that Seth feels the need to resist. Alex’s 7″ [18 cm] cock is impressive but it is nothing compared to what Seth is used to.

Alex thrusts back and forth for only a minute before he suddenly freezes. A second later and Seth feels the boy’s cum shooting into the back of his throat. In the middle of this, Seth catches a glimpse of Connie peaking into the room. The knowledge of a girl watching him suck another boy off is so humiliating that Seth feels like crying.

When Alex finally pulls away, Seth gets up the nerve to glance back at the door. Thankfully, the girl is no longer there. He tries to convince himself that he hadn’t actually seen her, but deep down he knows he did.

Alex sits and then lays back on his bed as he catches his breath. Seth quickly follows and sucks the cock back into his mouth so he can retrieve whatever cum might ooze out. He gets a good teaspoon before Alex pushes him away.

Per his training, Seth swirls the cum around in his mouth with his tongue before swallowing. He finds the taste similar to Mike’s cum. Yet, there seems to be something missing. Alex’s cum seems less… manly. The flavor isn’t as strong and almost tastes sweet in comparison to Mike’s.

Overall, Seth finds the experience disappointing. Not only does the cum taste weak but his throat doesn’t even feel like it has been truly fucked. Alex’s cock is probably large enough to give him that feeling, but the boy barely lasted a minute.

Seth chastises himself when he realizes what he is thinking. He should be happy that it didn’t last long or tax his throat as much. And the less manly the cum tastes the better.

“You are kind of big for a 14 year old,” Alex says as he takes a more detailed look at his new slave. “At least your cock is small.”

Seth blushes. A part of him wants to correct the boy on his age. He’s 17, not 14! However, the younger Alex thinks he is the better.

Alex grabs a pink dog collar off the bed. Seth noticed the collar the second he came in the room. However, he had done his best not to look at it. He was pretty certain it was meant for him.

Sure enough, Alex comes over to him and buckles it in place around Seth’s neck. Alex doesn’t say anything, but Seth can tell that the collar is more than just an ornament. This is Alex’s way of officially taking Seth as his slave.

“Did Connie tell you all your duties?” Alex says after a moment.

“Yes, master,” Seth quickly replies.

Alex simply gives a shooing motion with his hand and lays back on the bed again. Seth kneels there for a moment, not sure what to do. He knows he needs to figure it out fast though or he will probably get another whipping. He glances at the clock and sees that it is almost 10 p.m. Time to prepare for bed.

Bedtime preparations here are similar to how they were in Mike’s care. First order of business is an enema. According to Connie, there is a bathroom down the hall with all the supplies he needs. He goes to crawl out of the room when he remembers he is supposed to be walking. He also remembers he is supposed to be clothed when roaming the house. He stands and quickly dresses. He is happy to hide his panties and hard penis once more.

“Wait,” Alex says right before Seth leaves the room. “Put this on also when you are done cleaning yourself up.”

Alex then goes to a desk and retrieves a cock cage from one of the drawers. He tosses it to Seth and shoos him away once more.

Seth swallows hard when he sees the device. It isn’t the first time he has been put into a cock cage. Mike often kept him in one for weeks at a time. It often got to the point that Seth would gladly do anything Mike said just for a chance at being released so he could have a climax and relieve his blue balls.

And when Mike would refuse, Seth would even beg to be fucked in hopes of having an anal orgasm. The anal orgasms were less than satisfying, but they at least relieved some of the ‘pressure’.

Cleanup goes rather smoothly. It is still a humiliating process though since he is required to leave the bathroom door open. This means anyone walking the halls can easily see him. And sure enough, Connie catches him mid way through his enema routine. She doesn’t just stare at him from a distance either. She comes right up to the door and watches for a good five minutes. It is extremely embarrassing. Even in Mike’s care Seth was seldom watched like this.

Seth can’t tell if she watches him just to make sure he is doing it right or if she simply finds it fascinating. Thankfully, she leaves and doesn’t return until he is finishing up. This time it is clear she is here for instructional purposes.

She shows him how to clean the enema nozzle off properly and how it should be stored. She also helps Seth with the cock cage.

Seth tries to reassure her that he doesn’t need help with the cage. However, he quickly finds out that he is wrong. Not only does the cage have a different locking mechanism than he is used to but when they open it up he finds there is something extra inside.

There is a long metal tube extended down the center of the device. Seth looks on in confusion. How is he supposed to squeeze his penis in there with that tube in the way?

“It goes inside your urethra,” Connie says when she sees the confusion on his face.

Seth is still confused for a few seconds. He then works out what his ‘urethra’ is. The tube goes inside his pee hole! His mouth opens in both shock and horror. He’s never had anything stuck inside his pee hole before but he is pretty sure it won’t be enjoyable.

“It’s not that bad,” Connie says not that convincingly. “Once you get used to it anyway.”

“Yeah, how the fuck would you know?!”

Yeah, he doesn’t say that. Plus, he is sure he wouldn’t like the answer anyway. Most likely their last sex slave had to wear this. And that would mean it will be a routine ornament for him as well.

“Oh!” he groans in pain as he tries to push the tube into his dick.

Seth learned many months back that sex slaves have an entirely different pain scale than non slaves. For example, the spankings his dad used to give him were nothing compared to the ones Mike dished out.

Still, this urethra pain is a new experience. One which he is finding hard to endure.

He pulls back for a moment so he can take a deep breath. He then bites his lower lip hard as he pushes the tube into his hole once more. He barely gets it an inch inside before he has to pull back again.

“Hands behind your head,” Connie commands. “I’ll do it for you.”

Seth can’t tell if she is impatient or just trying to help him. Regardless of the reason, he has no choice but to obey.

He gets extra hard and has to struggle not to climax as Connie grabs his penis. He also gets an instant crush on the girl. After all, she is the first female to touch him like this.

His hard on and desire to cum quickly dissipate a second later when he feels her pushing the tube up his cock.

“Ah!” he screams as she reaches the 1″ [2½ cm] mark and keeps on pushing.

“Owie! Owie! Owie!”

It takes all of his training to keep from lowering his hands and pushing her away. He somehow manages.

The metal tube is a good 5″ [13 cm] long. And Seth’s penis is only 4½” [12 cm] long… while hard. This in itself concerns Seth. However, the pain is still his highest priority.

Connie doesn’t stop until all of it is inside Seth. By the time she finishes, Seth is dripping with sweat. His cock is also rather limp. Connie uses this opportunity to squeeze the boy into the small cage and lock it in place.

“Good boy,” Connie praises him.

Seth’s heart flutters at the praise. Most of his focus, however, is on the pain coming from his dick. It has subsided a ton but there is still a throb.

He looks down expecting to see blood. However, he sees none. He does wonder, however, where all that metal tubing went. The cage only has about 3 inches [7 cm] of space for his penis. That means there is an additional 2 inches [5 cm] of rod somewhere inside him.

“Don’t worry, you will still be able to control your pee,” Connie tells him. “It is the long tubes that reach all the way to your bladder.”

Seth’s eyes get big. Isn’t 5″ [12 cm] a long tube?! He is too scared to ask what she considers to be a long one. He also fears that they will eventually use a longer one on him. He prays that day doesn’t come any time soon.

Seth blushes as he realizes that Connie is staring at his crotch also. She even kneels down next to him so she can get a better look. One of her delicate hands then reaches in and lightly touches his balls.


The moan is more discomfort than pleasure. The cock cage uses his balls to hold itself in place. As a result, his nuts are kept in one rather tight ball. This makes them 100 times more sensitive than they would normally be.

“You won’t be keeping this long,” Connie says as her fingers move to his pubic hair.

This brings a fresh blush to Seth. Mike kept Seth’s pubes trimmed but never shaved them off completely. He knows that losing his pubes is trivial in the big picture. Still, it doesn’t feel trivial to him. It is about the only thing he has to be proud of in that area of his body. Plus, with it gone he will look even younger than he already does.

As she toys with his pubes, Seth can feel his cock trying to get hard. It is futile of course in the small cage.

His eyes get big when it dawns on him that they are still in clear view of anyone that might be roaming the halls. He looks out the door and is thankful that they don’t have an audience. It isn’t the embarrassment that he fears. It is the possible punishment he might get if Dave or Alex see him and Connie being so intimate. Or at least what would probably seem way too intimate to someone watching from a distance. While it is true that Seth really has no say in what Connie does with him, that still wouldn’t prevent him from being punished. No one ever said that being a sex slave was fair.

“I might get in trouble if someone sees us like this,” he whispers.

Connie does her best to suppress a giggle. She does look nervously toward the hall though as she stands back up. She then turns and skips away. Seth can’t help but follow her with his eyes. She is so cute. That said, she is also a pretty strange girl. Granted, Dave and Alex are pretty damn strange as well.

By the time Seth finishes tidying up in the bathroom he discovers that most of the pain from his urethra is gone. There is now just a gentle throbbing there.

He turns out the light and walks back down the hall. He continues past Alex’s room though. He doesn’t stop until he reaches the parents’ room. Or at least he hopes he remembered the right room. Once there he gently knocks on the door. No one answers. He doesn’t expect an answer. He can clearly hear Dave’s voice downstairs. He only knocks because that is what he is required to do.

He gives two more knocks and then kneels next to the door. The rules are rather clear that he will wait here all night if necessary. He is not to go back to Alex’s room until Dave or his wife give him permission.

Thankfully, he doesn’t have to wait long. About 30 minutes later, Dave and his wife come up the steps and approach. Seth quickly gets to his feet.

He feels his penis throb in it’s cage when he gets a good look at the wife. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Seth is pretty sure she is what one would call a trophy wife. She is much younger than Dave. Maybe 28 to 30 at the most. Her clothes are pretty plain but he can easily tell that she has a very good body. Large breasts, small waist… the whole works. She even has blonde hair.

“He’s cute,” she says when they get close.

“This is Alice,” Dave informs him. “You will address her as ‘mistress’ or ‘ma’am’.”

“Yes, mas… sir,” Seth replies.

Alice continues on into the bedroom. She makes sure she rubs up against Seth as she passes by.

Dave has Seth spin around slowly. He then gives Seth’s rump a light swat and tells him he can go on back to Alex’s room.

Seth isn’t sure what to make of the inspection. It’s not like he has changed any from last they seen each other. On his way back to Alex’s room, however, it dawns on him that Dave might have been looking for signs of blood or other damage. When he first arrived, he remembers Dave saying something about Alex breaking his last slave. Then there was Alex leaving the door open while the two ‘played’ together. Was that Alex’s preference or a requirement? Also, did Connie peak in on them out of curiosity or was she doing some kind of random check? The more he thinks about all of this the more he starts to worry about how bad Alex might actually be.


Seth wakes the next morning very refreshed. Alex was asleep when he returned last night. Seth knelt at the side of the bed a good hour before he felt it was safe to go to sleep himself. Despite this, he still got close to six hours sleep. That is more than he has gotten in one stretch for a very long time.

The clock shows that it is exactly 5 a.m. His internal clock already told him this though. He has been required to get up at 5 every morning for the past three months. At least he knows that his new home is in the same time zone as Mike. Not that he sees much use for this information.

His morning enemas go quick. The only challenge he has is peeing. As was the case with his prior cage, this one requires that you sit while peeing. He discovers, however, that this cage is much easier to clean up afterward. The prior cage he wore always got pee all over itself. The tube feature on this one ensures the pee is directed out away from the cage. Still, he would much prefer the old cage over this one.

He is back at the foot of his master’s bed before 6 a.m. Today is Sunday, which means there is no requirement for Alex to be woken. Seth kneels at the side of the bed for an hour and a half. He is about to nod off himself when he hears someone at the door. It is Alice.

She looks even lovelier this morning than she did last night. Plus, she is wearing a sheer white nightgown. The material is just transparent enough for Seth to make out the lace panties she has on underneath. He can also tell she isn’t wearing a bra. He lets out a small moan as his penis tries to get hard.

Alice motions for Seth to follow her. She leads him down stairs and into the kitchen. Once there, she has him help her make breakfast. Well, technically Seth does all the work. All Alice does is provide instructions and watch over him.

Seth can’t help but smile when Alice gives him permission to make a plate for himself. He is required to eat it quickly and in the kitchen, but it is still much better than what Mike normally fed him.

“Okay, hurry upstairs and knock once on all the doors,” Alice orders. “If you want to get on Alex’s good side then you might want to wake him with a blowjob. That is how his last slave always woke him.”

He blushes at this last part. Thankfully, he is out of the kitchen door before Alice has time to notice. He rushes upstairs and does as he is ordered. He saves Alex for last. He debates just knocking on his door also. However, it sounds like Alex will require the blowjob anyway. He might as well volunteer it and gain a few brownie points.

“Mmm… good girl,” Alex moans as Seth begins to suck.

The comment comes a bit too quick for Alex to have been asleep. Seth wonders if maybe his master had been testing him. To see if he would volunteer the blowjob or not. Seth is thankful that he did.

As was the case the night before, Alex only lasts about a minute. This time, however, he cums in Seth’s mouth and not his throat. Seth is a good slave and doesn’t swallow any of it. Instead, he swirls the slop around in his mouth with his tongue. He then looks up into his master’s eyes and waits for approval to swallow. Alex just smiles back.

“Keep holding it,” he orders. “While I’m enjoying the breakfast you made for me you can be enjoying the one I made for you.”

Seth turns red with a tinge green at the thought of having to hold the cum in his mouth for what could be an hour or more.

Ten minutes later and they are in the dining room. Seth and the rest of the family are at the table eating and Seth is standing in the corner watching in the event anyone needs a fresh drink.

He can tell immediately that the rest of the family knows he has a mouth full of cum. Evidently, this is nothing new. He suspects that it will be a regular part of his morning routine. The thought makes him turn a tad greener.

The only bright side of the meal is that everyone seems to enjoy it. In fact, they all take the opportunity to tell him so. Seth’s heart flutters and he almost cries. He has never been praised for such a small task before. Well, not since becoming a slave anyway. For a second he feels almost like he is more than just a sex slave.

Conversation at the breakfast table is pretty standard. They talk about everything from the weather to various aspects of their daily routines.

It becomes clear right away that Alice is a house wife. Connie and Alex both attend school of course. Though not today since it is Sunday.

The two siblings go to different schools. There are little clues here and there that make it obvious that Connie goes to an all girl school. It is also clear that Dave is not only a teacher at that school but has Connie in one of his classes.

Seth is a little heart broken when he finds out that Connie is a lesbian. Dave teases her about all the girlfriends she has at the school and how he often sees her kissing them and stuff.

“Dad!” Connie says more out of embarrassment than anger.

She blushes but doesn’t deny any of it. If she has more than just one girlfriend then Seth doubts she is bisexual. There is still hope.

There isn’t much talk about Alex’s school. All Seth can make out is that it doesn’t seem as intense as Connie’s. Alex’s plans for the day are just to go to the mall with Seth and maybe a little homework later. Connie, however, will be spending most of her day studying and spending time with her mentor. Seth concludes that school mentors must be a rich private school thing. Even Dave talks about spending the day mentoring some students.

While all of that is interesting, Seth focuses more on what he and Alex will be doing. Not that many details are given. He is shocked, however, that they would not only take him out in public but would do so with just a 14 year old boy overseeing him. They seem to have a ton of confidence that he will not try to escape.

Deep down, a small part of him doesn’t even want to escape. There is something about how much trust they are giving him that makes him feel somehow obligated not to break it. It is a huge contrast to what he thought life was going to be like for him as a sex slave. He thought for sure he would spend the rest of his life tied up and abused in someone’s basement. He had also assumed that it would end up being a rather short life. Of course, that future is still a possibility. Especially if he upsets this family too much.

Seth’s train of thought is interrupted by the sound of the door bell. He quickly tries to figure out which way the front door is just in case they order him to answer it. The order doesn’t come.

“That’s my ride,” Connie says as she jumps from her chair and starts across the room.

“Ah!” Dave growls. “Don’t forget your morning kisses.”

Connie frowns but doesn’t protest. She does blush, however, as she walks around the table giving each member of the family a kiss. She even gives her brother a quick peck on the lips. The ritual seems a tad bizarre to Seth but he is quickly learning that ‘bizarre’ is this family’s middle name.

Seth’s eyes get big when Connie finishes by walking over to him. He looks to Dave and then to Alex in alarm. Dave grins. Alex, however, gives a subtle nod to let his slave know it is okay to kiss the girl. Actually, it is more him giving the order to do so than it is permission.

Connie’s soft warm body presses up against Seth’s. She then goes to her tippy toes so their lips can touch. Seth can tell right away that this kiss is going to be different than the ones he just witnessed.

“Mmm!” Seth moans in surprise as the girl’s tongue forces it’s way past his closed lips.

The moan is more an attempt to warn her about his mouth full of cum than it is anything else. He expects her to jerk away in revulsion when she tastes her brother’s cum. She doesn’t. In fact, the kiss becomes even more intense. Within seconds they are sharing the cum in a deep French kiss.

Seth wants to be disgusted by what they are doing but he just can’t. This is his first kiss ever. Prior to this, the closest thing to a kiss he ever had was when Mike would make him drool cum into another slave’s mouth or have the other slave drool into his. Their lips never actually touched though.

The kiss seems to last forever. By the time it ends, Seth is certain that he is in love with the girl. How could he not be after a kiss like that? However, his heart almost breaks when he remembers that she is a lesbian. Still, it seems unlikely she would kiss him like that if she had no interest in boys at all. That said, there is still the fact that he is just a slave. He doubts she could ever have true feelings for a slave.

Connie’s face is a bright red by the time the kiss ends and the two part. She looks down at the floor in shame and then turns to face the rest of the family at the table.

“Swallow,” Dave orders.

A tear runs down Connie’s cheek as she forces herself to swallow her portion of her brother’s jizz.

“You too,” Alex says to Seth.

Seth is a bit in shock by how they are treating Connie. However, he still quickly follows the order. He is happy to finally get Alex’s cum out of his mouth. However, he knows it will be awhile before the flavor actually disappears. Even then, he will no doubt continue to imagine he can taste it for hours on end.

Dave stares at his daughter for a moment and then motions for her to hurry along. She gladly does just that. She rushes across the room and out the door. A few seconds later Seth can hear the front door open and then close.

“What a fucked up family!” Seth thinks as he watches the rest of the family go back to finishing breakfast as though nothing had happened.

Not that Seth’s family would have ever won any awards. Both of his parents are drunks. What little money his dad makes as a carpenter is quickly spent on booze and gambling. And while Seth has made a vow to stay away from booze and gambling, he still has his own faults. He was constantly getting into trouble. Often doing so just to upset his parents.

Or at least those were his faults before. All of that rebellion was beat out of him by Mike months back. Now days he just feels bad about his prior behavior. He never realized how good he had it. What he wouldn’t give to go back home to his alcoholic parents. Yet, deep down he knows there is no going back. This is his home now.


Several hours later, Seth finds himself returning from the mall with Alex.

The walk to the mall had been great. It was the first time Seth had been outside since his capture. That said, there were a few things he noticed along the way that gave him concern.

For example, he quickly realized that his new home wasn’t just a large house, it was a mansion. And they lived in a huge community of other mansions. They walk for at least two miles [3 km] and see nothing but other mansions.

Of even greater concern is that he sees several other slaves along the way. He can tell they are slaves because they wear collars similar to his own. He notices a couple boy slaves out doing yard work. Seth might not like boys but even he has to admit the boys are cute. They are also in very good shape.

Most of the slaves they see, however, are girls. There are a few doing chores outside. However, most of these female slaves are out on walks with their masters and mistresses; passengers in cars; etc.

Seth swallows hard when it dawns on him that the boy slaves are wearing blue collars and all these girl slaves are wearing pink ones. Pink ones just like his own! He quickly realizes that some, if not all, of these girl slaves might actually be boys.

“Is this what they plan to turn me into?” Seth thinks in horror.

Dave told him about the hormone treatments yesterday but Seth has been in denial as to what exactly this meant. In fact, he had almost convinced himself Dave was just playing a cruel joke on him.

Several hours later, as they walk back from the mall, there is very little doubt in Seth’s mind that Dave was telling the truth. Seth is now dressed in a pink summer dress. It is a stark contrast to the sweat pants and t-shirt he was wearing just hours ago. He is also carrying several large bags full of dresses, panties, etc.

There is even makeup and other beauty items in the bags. Not that he should need to use any of that today. While at the mall they not only went to a beauty parlor to have his makeup done but his hair as well. He could barely recognize himself by the time they finished. They even added hair extensions!

The worst, however, was when they propped him back and started working on his lower half. They removed every hair they could find from his groin. They even pulled his ass cheeks apart and removed hairs from that area as well. It was not only painful but extremely embarrassing. They even did it out in the open for everyone to see. Various customers walking through the mall stopped to watch for a bit, however, none seemed the least bit shocked.

Everyone in the community apparently either owns sex slaves or has no issue with others owning them. Seth feels as though he has entered some kind of alternate universe.

At least now he understands why they aren’t worried about him running away. If they have the power to keep the activities of a huge community like this secret from the rest of the world then what are the odds a 17 year old boy would be of concern?

While Seth had all but decided he would not try to escape, he is a bit sad that the option wasn’t ever really on the table.

“She’s adorable!” Alice says when Seth and Alex return home. “She looks even prettier than I thought she would.”

Seth looks down at the floor in humiliation. A sex slave lives for compliments. However, this is not a compliment he wished to get.

“Let’s go try on all the clothes you bought!” Alice excitedly says.

“Alice!” Alex protests.

Alice grinds her teeth in anger at being called by her name and not, “mom”. She may not be his mother by blood but she has filled the position for enough years to have earned the title.

“You can play with her later,” Alice growls. “Besides, don’t you want me to teach her how to put her makeup on properly?”

“Whatever,” Alex says as he turns and walks away.

Seth sighs in relief. He isn’t sure what he would have done had Alex not given in. Alice is clearly in charge. Yet, Seth is Alex’s slave.

Alice delicately takes Seth’s hand and leads him upstairs to the master bedroom.

“Has Alex given you a new name yet?” Alice asks once they enter the bedroom.

Seth blushes and looks down at the floor.

“Beth,” he finally whispers.

“Not very creative,” Alice says with a frown. “Not that I’m that surprised. Personally, I would have gone with something like ‘Samantha’.”

Beth is thankful that Alex got to pick the name. “Samantha” sounds even more feminine than “Beth”.

The next couple hours are extremely embarrassing for Beth. He is made to try on all the outfits. Alice then gives him a full course on how to apply makeup and other beauty tips. It is the last thing Beth wants to learn but he pays close attention anyway.

“They are really going to turn me into a girl!”

He says this over and over in his head as Alice instructs him. Even after three months of training, Beth just can’t believe they would do such a thing to him. And yet, here he is learning how to put makeup on.

On top of this, Beth finds Alice’s enthusiasm to be a bit disturbing. He can tell she is actually enjoying this. Something tells him that even if he was her slave and not Alex’s they would be turning him into a girl anyway.

“We will need to go shoe shopping tomorrow,” Alice informs him as they finish up.

“Thanks, ma’am,” Beth replies.

There isn’t much else he could say. If she wants to take him shoe shopping then that is what they will do. Though, he is a bit confused as to why they would do such a thing. Alex already bought him some sneakers and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes. He shouldn’t need another pair of shoes for a year or more.

This thought only stays with him for a brief moment. Even the despair of being turned into a girl isn’t high on his list of concerns right now. Those can wait until later. Right now he is more concerned about what Alex might have planned for him. After all, Alex wasn’t in the best mood the last Beth seen him.

When Beth arrives at Alex’s room he finds the boy at a desk doing homework. Alex points to a closet and tells Beth to put the clothes away.

“Yes, master,” Beth replies, relieved that Alex no longer seems angry.

Beth’s fear returns, however, when he opens the closet and sees what is inside. Half of the closet is filled with S&M gear. There are whips, belts, paddles, restraints, dildos, plugs, etc. His eyes immediately focus in on the whips and such. Some look like they would be very painful. Not that the others look benign.

“Don’t worry, I won’t use those on you unless you are a bad girl,” Alex says from directly behind him.

Beth almost jumps out of his skin. He was so focused on the closet that he hadn’t noticed Alex coming up on him.

“Are you going to be a good girl for me?” Alex then whispers into Beth’s ear.

“Yes, master!” Beth immediately replies.

“Say it,” Alex growls as he lifts the back of the pink summer dress and gives Beth’s pantied rump a hard smack.

It takes Beth a second to realize what the boy wants. A tear runs down his cheek as he complies.

“I’ll be a good girl for you, master,” Beth says.

Alex grabs hold of Beth’s panties and rips them off. The panties are one of the more delicate ones they bought today. However, it still takes Alex a few tugs to rip them off. Beth is rather shocked. They just bought these panties. They were very nice and definitely not cheap. Even Beth liked the panties. Well, he likes them more than the others. Not like he actually wanted to wear them.

There is a long silent pause. Beth holds her breath, scared of what Alex might be thinking.

“Are you a good girl?” Alex whispers once more.

“I’m a good girl, master,” Beth quickly says.

Beth braces himself for another slap but none comes. Instead the dress drops back down. His hopes of the ordeal being over, however, are dashed when he hears Alex removing his pants. The sun dress is then lifted once more.

“You have a pretty girly voice,” Alex says as he rubs his free hand back and forth on Beth’s exposed ass. “You need to learn to make it a hair more feminine though. Maybe this will help.”

Beth then feels Alex’s cock sliding between his ass cheeks.

“Oh!” Beth moans as the head of the cock presses hard against his hole and then pops inside.

Alex pushes until all 7 inches [18 cm] of cock are inside. He then starts slowly fucking Beth’s hole.

“Now tell me again what you are,” Alex whispers into Beth’s ear.

“I’m a good girl, master,” Beth replies a touch higher in pitch to make it sound more feminine.

“Louder! I want Alice to hear you all the way down the hall.”

“I’m a good girl, master!” Beth replies rather loudly.

“Keep saying it,” Alex says as he starts fucking Beth’s hole with more enthusiasm.

“I’m a good girl, master!”

“I’m a good girl, master!”

“I’m a good girl, master!”

“I’m a good girl, master!”

Beth starts saying it even louder when Alex reaches down and starts squeezing Beth’s restricted balls. The pain isn’t extreme, but it is clear that it could easily become so if Alex decided to squeeze just a hair harder.

“I’m a good girl, master!!!”

“I’m a good girl, master!!!”

“I’m a good girl, master!!!”

Thankfully, Alex cums in less than three minutes. Beth keeps repeating the line, however, until Alex pulls away and it is time to turn around and clean the cock. He goes to his knees and starts licking and sucking Alex’s cock clean. There of course is nothing to clean but cum and ass juice. Beth still finds it disgusting. Just like he does every time he cleans a cock.

“You like having cock in your ass pussy, don’t you?” Alex whispers down at Beth.

“Yes, master,” Beth reluctantly replies and then goes back to cleaning.

As Beth cleans the cock, she reluctantly convinces herself that in order to please Alex she must now think of herself as only a girl, and not a boy. It brings a fresh tear to her eyes.

Alex pushes Beth away after a minute and then goes back to doing his homework. Beth then proceeds to put all the clothes and panties away. Well, all but a pair of green panties. These she puts on. She dislikes these panties the most. With luck, maybe Alex will rip these as well.

In the back of the closet there is also a small makeup table. Beth stores the makeup they bought here. She quickly notices that the table is already well stocked. She can only guess they bought more simply because it gave Alex pleasure to see her so embarrassed while doing so.

As she organizes the table, one of the items, a tube of lipstick, gives her a rather strong shock. She rapidly pulls her hand away. While the shock appears to be electrical in nature, there is more to it than that. For the brief instant it happened, Beth could almost swear she heard someone speak. Not out loud, but in her head.

“You are not the right one,” it had said. “Leave me be!”

Scared, Beth stands there staring at the lipstick. During the first few seconds she is absolutely certain it had spoken to her. However, as the seconds continue to tick by she becomes less certain. By the 30 second mark she is convinced it was just her imagination. Still, she doesn’t dare touch it again.

Within a minute, she has all but forgotten the incident. In fact, she begins to wonder why she is just standing there doing nothing. She glances around to ensure she is finished. Once confirmed, she leaves the closet.

Beth isn’t sure what she is supposed to do next. So, she walks over and kneels next to the bed. She technically should be kneeling next to her master. However, the further from Alex she stays the better.

Beth can’t tell what subject Alex is working on but it becomes clear that the boy is having troubles. Odds are that Beth can probably help. She is no doubt three to four years ahead of him in school after all. She can also tell that Alex is tempted to ask her for help. The boy never does. This is no surprise. Beth is just a slave after all.

Instead, Alex calls a friend for help. Beth blushes when the conversation changes from homework to her. And this leads to an invitation for the friend to come over.

Sure enough, about an hour later there is a ring at the door. Beth is still kneeling at the bed but she keeps an eye on the bedroom door as she hears the front door open and close, followed by someone rushing up the stairwell. A moment later and not one but two boys enter.

“He’s so old,” one of the boys immediately states.

Beth starts to feel good about being perceived as ‘old’. However, the boy then states, “He must be at least 13 or 14 years old.”

“Grrr,” Beth thinks as she grinds her teeth.

As the boys talk, Beth quickly learns that one is named ‘David’ and the other ‘Scott’. David is the one that said the above. He is bigger than Alex and Scott. In fact, he looks to be maybe 16 or 17. Possibly a football player or other jock. He is not only big but also rather fit. Scott is the exact opposite. He’s about Alex’s size and age.

Their conversation jumps around a bit but they seem to keep coming back to Beth. At one point, Alex says that they are thinking of making Beth a ‘Humbled Girl’.

“Bullshit,” David quickly responds.

The room gets a bit quiet. David may be older and bigger but it is clear to Beth that Alex is the leader of this group.

“I mean, he’s too old isn’t he?” David continues.

“I’m just pulling your leg,” Alex laughs.

Alex sees no need to push the lie any further. He just got carried away in his bragging. While it is true that Beth is probably too old to be accepted to the Christian School of Humility, the real reason David objected was because Beth isn’t a relative. He isn’t an expert on the school but even he knows they would never accept Beth because of this. It was clearly Alex’s attempt to brag about his family’s wealth. That they could even afford to send a slave to the school.

David isn’t sure why the boy feels the need to brag. It’s not like David or Scott are from wealthy families. They aren’t even members of the ‘community’. They aren’t necessarily poor. However, they definitely don’t live in mansions.

Alex knows Scott only because they go to the same public school. Alex was kicked out of his private school and Scott was the first person he made friends with in the new school.

Alex’s friendship with David is a tad more complex. Alex caught David bullying a boy in a park downtown one day. Well, ‘bullying’ might not be a strong enough description. David had enslaved a boy from school. That particular day, he had the boy walking around the park wearing a dress. Needless to say, David and Alex got along right away.

The three talk for about 30 minutes before Alex and Scott start working on the homework assignment. David frowns when he sees the subject is math. Any other subject and he probably could help. He learned the same math when he was their age but quickly forgot most of it.

“I’m going to take Beth into the closet,” David informs them.

Alex gives a non verbal approval with his hand. David grabs Beth’s hand and helps her stand. Beth can do nothing but blush and follow.

“Beth,” Alex says before they reach the closet. “What happens in the closet stays in the closet.”

“Yes, master,” Beth replies.

Beth suspects that this is more than just Alex trying to protect his friend’s privacy. She is pretty sure it is his way of telling her that what Alex and Beth do outside the closet is also to be kept secret.

David pulls Beth inside and then shuts the door. The closet is plenty big enough for both to fit and maneuver around.

David doesn’t waste any time. He starts taking his clothes off immediately. Beth knows that she should take her dress off as well. However, she is reluctant. Plus, technically she was never ordered to do so.

Beth tries to keep her eyes on the carpet but she can’t help but glance up at David from time to time. The boy is rather cute and his body is extremely well defined. Beth chastises herself for admiring the boy’s body. Yet, her eyes keep glancing back each time a new part of that body is revealed.

Beth involuntarily licks her lips as the final piece is removed and the boy’s cock comes into view. The uncut cock is only about 8″ [20 cm] long but it is at least 2″ [5 cm] thick.

“Now this is the type of cock I was trained to serve,” Beth can’t help but think.

She knows she shouldn’t be happy about David using her. Yet, deep down Beth can’t help but wish David was her owner and not Alex. Not that she wants to be owned at all.

“What the fuck are you waiting for?” David growls. “Get over here and start sucking!”

Beth quickly closes the distance and goes to her knees. It takes a little effort but she manages to get the thick dick down her throat. David doesn’t give her much time to adjust to the cock. He grabs the back of Beth’s head and starts face fucking her. Beth can do nothing but loosen her muscles and let David have his way.

Beth quickly wishes that she had removed her clothes. The vicious throat fucking is causing her to get slobber all over her dress. She is certain that Alex will probably punish her later for this.

David continues for a good five minutes before he finally pushes Beth away. Beth is on her hands and knees as she tries to catch her breath. As she does so, David walks to her rear and pulls her dress up. Beth nibbles on her lower lip as David pulls her panties down.

Beth squeezes her eyes tightly shut. She can already tell that David isn’t going to be gentle with her asshole.

Sure enough, David wastes no time in burying his cock deep into Beth.

“Oh!” she squeals as all 8 inches [20 cm] sink into her.

There is some discomfort but not a ton. She can thank Alex for this. His earlier breeding not only loosened her up but lubricated her as well.

David immediately begins viciously fucking her hole.

“God, he really knows how to fuck an ass pussy,” Beth thinks.

It is more than just the viciousness of the thrusts. It is also the angle at which David is driving into her. The angle is such that his cock drives into Beth’s ass clit on every thrust. Beth wants to resist the pleasure. Instead she finds herself arching her back in order to make it even easier for the boy to hit her magic spot.

She blushes at the realization of what she is doing. It used to be that she would have to wear a cock cage for weeks on end before she would start seeking relief/pleasure like this. She hasn’t been wearing this cage, however, for even a full 24 hours.

She knows that it is only her training that has gotten her to this point. And while blaming it on the training might seem a good way to relieve yourself of the humiliation, for Beth it actually makes it worse. Because in order to use this excuse she has to admit that she has, at least in part, lost control over her own mind.

“I’m a good girl.”

The comment slips past her lips before she can catch herself. She blushes profusely when she hears David chuckling behind her. Thankfully, he doesn’t tell her to keep repeating it like Alex had earlier.

However, he does start pumping into her harder. He pistons into her like this for another two minutes before he suddenly freezes. At the same time, his hands tighten on Beth’s hips. A few seconds later and Beth can feel the boy shooting his load inside her. It makes her feel ill. Yet, at the same time it somehow fulfills some kind of deep seated need. This need isn’t one of pleasure. For her it feels more like when she used to pop her knuckles. It never gave her pleasure. Yet, she didn’t feel right unless she did it. In fact, it would often nag her if she tried to keep from doing it. It took a ton of willpower to eventually break herself of the habit. Well, willpower and several whippings from Mike.

David spasms behind her for a good 30 seconds before he finally releases her and pulls himself from her hole. He sits back on his feet for a moment as he catches his breath. Beth wastes no time in turning so she can lick and suck the boy’s cock clean.

“Good girl,” David says as she finishes the job.

The task is disgusting but she does get a tinge of pride from the compliment. It is clear that David and her will be spending lots of time together in the future. It is good that she has given a good first impression. Even if the boy wasn’t that pleased with her age.

Beth pulls her panties up and then stares at the floor in shame as David gets dressed. She tries to exit the closet along with the boy but Scott quickly grabs her hand and pulls her right back inside.

As Scott disrobes, Beth this time does so as well. She folds the dress neatly and puts it way off to the side so that no fluids will get on it this time.

“Remember, what happens in the closet stays in the closet,” Scott says as he removes the last of his clothes.


Scott spends a good 30 minutes with Beth in the closet. She is blushing from head to toe as the boy dresses and leaves.

She doesn’t bother to put her own clothes back on. Sure enough, Alex enters the second Scott leaves. A part of her is happy to see her master. His rough treatment might help her forget what Scott just did with her.

“So, what did they make you do?” Alex asks once the door closes.

“You… you told me not to tell anyone,” Beth says in confusion.

She expects him to get angry. Instead, Alex only giggles.

“It’s okay,” he tells her. “I can probably guess anyway. David most likely gave your ass a good fucking. Then after you cleaned him off he probably made you drink his piss.”

Alex watches Beth’s face closely as he tells her all of this.

“Ah, he fucked you but didn’t make you drink his piss,” Alex says after a moment. “You got lucky. He usually makes sissies drink his piss.”

Beth’s eyes get big at hearing this. Her face also turns a tinge of green.

“You are potty trained aren’t you?” Alex says when he sees her reaction.

“No, master,” Beth replies as she shakes her head back and forth.

Beth has never heard the term before but she can easily tell from the context what it means.

“Don’t worry, David and I will take care of that,” Alex says with an evil grin on his face. “We will have you drinking piss like a pro in no time.”

Beth has to struggle to keep from being sick. She tells herself that at least it is only piss and not the other. She should be happy about this. However, she just can’t convince herself to accept what they plan to do to her. And yet, she knows she has no choice but to accept it.

Alex stares at Beth for a moment as she processes this new information. The disgust on her face is enough to almost make Alex cum in his pants. He doesn’t pull his cock out right away though. Instead, he walks over to a nearby shelf and moves some items out of the way. Beth’s eyes get big when she sees Alex retrieve a video camera.

“Hey, it is technically still in the closet,” Alex says with a chuckle.

Beth doesn’t get the joke. She is more surprised at Alex’s betrayal of his friends.

Alex stares at Beth for a moment, not sure if he should bother to take the time to explain himself or not. If it was any other slave then Alex wouldn’t even consider it. However, Beth is new here. He decides it is necessary to point out that this is not something he would normally do. Beth may only be a slave but it is important that she knows she can trust her master’s word when he gives it.

“I’m doing this for Scott,” Alex begins. “He has been a close friend ever since we met about three years ago. He has always acted a bit odd. However, lately I’ve noticed him becoming even more so. It took me awhile to realize that he is actually a submissive. Well, a submissive at heart anyway. Did he do anything odd with you?”

The question makes Beth blush from head to toe once more. She bites her lower lip, not sure if she should tell. Alex technically isn’t ordering her to disobey his last order. Alex can see her dilemma and shows her his palm to let her know she doesn’t need to say anything. He has it on video anyway.

Alex goes to the makeup table and sits in the chair in front of it. He unzips himself and pulls his hard cock out. Beth quickly crawls over and starts sucking it.

As she deep throats the cock, she can hear the video recorder being fast forwarded. She blushes as it comes to a stop and she hears Scott’s voice reminding her on the video not to say anything about what they are about to do. There is no talking after that, but Beth can easily remember everything that takes place next.

Alex’s cock lurches as he watches Scott go to the makeup table and put on some lipstick. Scott then turns to Beth and starts kissing her.

It is the lipstick and kissing that first alerted Alex to Scott’s more recent activities with the slaves. In the beginning, he never actually seen the boy kissing the slaves. However, several times Scott did a poor job of wiping away the lipstick.

Kissing a slave, even a male one, isn’t unheard of. Alex has seen men do this with sissy slaves in public even. However, prior to Scott, he knew of no boys his own age that did this. And certainly none that put lipstick on themselves. Not counting slaves of course. He knows he sure as heck would never do either.

Anyway, that is when Alex began video taping the closet activities. About four months ago to be exact. Alex got his last slave taken from him not long after this, but from time to time his dad would arrange for him to watch over a neighbor or friend’s slave for a day or two. It was more than enough for Alex to get plenty of good footage of his friend’s activities.

Alex truly hoped that he was wrong about Scott. Or that maybe it was just a phase the boy was going through. However, every tape has shown Scott becoming more and more ‘intimate’ with sissy slaves.

As the kissing ends, Scott slowly licks his way down Beth’s body. He stops at chest level for a bit so he can suck on the nipples. He then moves on down to Beth’s groin. Once there he licks at the sissy’s nut sack. The cock cage prevents him from getting access to the sissy’s penis.

None of this is new to Alex. He has seen several videos of Scott doing all of this. Alex enjoys putting sissies in his specially made cock cage. However, he has considered temporarily restraining himself from doing so or possibly giving Scott and David a key to the cock cage just to see what Scott might do. However, a part of him has been scared to face the full truth about his friend. What happens next in this video, however, forces him to face that truth.

“Oh, my,” Alex suddenly says in shock.

Beth’s blush becomes even brighter. She is certain that Alex has reached the part where Scott makes her get down on all fours and then starts rimming her.

Alex can tell from Scott’s actions that this is a first for him. The boy spreads Beth’s ass cheeks and then gives the crack a tentative lick. Scott leans back for a moment as he analyzes the flavor of the lick. He also reaches down and starts playing with himself.

For a second it looks as though Scott doesn’t plan to go any further than the single lick. However, the more he jacks himself off the closer his face moves toward Beth’s ass once more. It isn’t long and his face is between Beth’s cheeks and he is tonguing her.

Scott isn’t slurping on Beth’s asshole, but it is clear that he is probably getting at least the taste of David and Alex’s cum.

This video definitely puts to rest any doubt that his friend is a submissive sissy. Or at least that Scott fantasizes about being such. While it is a bit of a shock, Alex can’t help but be turned on by what he sees. Ever since suspecting his friend, Alex has had fantasies of turning Scott into a sex slave. It isn’t often that you get to take someone you consider to be an equal and turn them into your slave.

That said, it is only a fantasy. He knows that his parents and the community in which they live have strict rules about such things. Any local slaves you acquire must be purchased from their family. And if the boy or girl belongs to a local family outside the community then there is a whole list of other requirements before you can even approach them with the offer. And Alex knows Scott’s family would never pass any of those requirements. They would freak if they even knew their son was having sex with boys, let alone him being turned into a sissy slave.

Alex is still thinking about this when he sees Scott lift his face from Beth’s ass and then jacks off all over her butt.

“Oh!” Alex moans as he shoots his own load deep in Beth’s throat.

As he comes down from his climax he brings his attention back to the video. In it, Scott stares at Beth’s cum covered rump for almost a full minute. It is obvious that Scott is thinking about licking his own cum off Beth. However, with his desire now extinguished, he just can’t bring himself to perform the disgusting act. Instead, he orders Beth to scoop the cum up and eat it. Alex can tell, however, that deep down there is a part of Scott that wants to do it himself.

Alex isn’t sure if he should be pleased or upset by how far his friend has fallen. What he seen in the videos in the past was bad but this is a whole new level. Alex can’t help but feel sorry for the boy. It isn’t Scott’s fault that he was born to be a sissy. And to make it worse, he has no master to treat him the way he wants to be treated. Well, ‘need’ is probability a better word than, ‘want’. Alex doubts that any sissy really wants to be treated like a slave. Not consciously anyway.

As he turns the video off, Alex suddenly gets an idea. Scott isn’t the only one that doesn’t belong to Alex’s community. David doesn’t either. That means David can enslave Scott. Alex realizes that this is only a technicality. One that will probably get him in a lot of trouble with his parents if they ever find out. He will just have to make sure they don’t.

Alex removes the Micro SD card from the camera. He puts the card in his pocket and hides the camera on one of the shelves. Before leaving he grabs the tube of lipstick off the makeup table and puts it in his pocket. He then chuckles as he walks out.

Beth waits in the closet for a couple minutes. She tidies herself up once it becomes clear none of the boys are coming back for seconds. When she exits, she is surprised to find the boys chatting and stuff as though nothing had changed.

Beth quickly averts her eyes when Scott looks her way. She can’t tell if Scott is embarrassed about what he did in the closet or if he is just ensuring Beth remembers to keep her mouth shut about it.

“Let’s go visit Laura,” Alex says at one point during the conversation.

The next thing she knows, Beth is being lead downstairs by the three boys. They exit the house and head down the road in the opposite direction they had earlier when they visited the mall. Beth knows that the community has lots of sex slaves. Still, she can’t help but blush each time someone looks their way.

As they go, Beth notices that the houses are getting smaller and closer together. These homes still look expensive, but no where near as much as the larger mansions.

They walk for several blocks before they finally stop and approach one of the homes.

“Well, who do you have there,” a woman says as soon as she answers.

Beth blushes when she realizes the woman is talking about her.

“Hello, ma’am,” Alex greets her.

The woman gives him a stern look. She has told him before that he should call her by her first name now that he is a master.

“Joyce,” Alex corrects himself. “This is my new slave, Beth. Dad thought it was time I got an older, more challenging, slave.”

Alex doesn’t dare tell her how he injured his prior slave. It was only a couple broken bones but it still would give him a bad rep in the community if everyone found out. Not that Joyce is the type to spread such things. She is a bit of an outcast herself. She enrolled her son in the school’s sissy program but later removed him once his/her initial ‘orientation’ was complete. Alex has never heard of anyone doing that before. Or at least none that were allowed to stay in the community afterward. He can only guess that it is because of her husband’s job at the school. Her husband, Donald, handles various legal and other business deals for the school.

Joyce looks at Beth and then back at Alex. She is pretty sure Alex is lying to her. This community is chucked full of secrets though. She sees no need to press him on it.

“Is Laura home?” Alex continues.

Joyce smiles and backs away from the door so they can enter. The boys rush past her, dragging Beth along with them, as they head toward the stairwell.

“I’ll bring up some cookies and milk later,” she says as the boys reach the top of the steps.

However, Joyce doesn’t head directly to the kitchen. Instead, she goes to her bedroom and opens one of her closets. Inside is some digital recording equipment. She has several hidden cameras in the house. Five in Laura’s room alone. The feeds all come to this closet where the equipment records it. She records 24/7, but she wants to make absolute sure it is all working properly.

This is her home business after all. The community has a fancy term for her business. However, when it comes down to it, she is pimping her son/daughter out. She gets half the money Laura makes and the school/community gets the other half.

Every family in the community has the option of arranging ‘dates’ for their kids in exchange for money. In Joyce’s case it isn’t optional. Removing your kid from the school is normally an automatic expulsion from the community if you have no other kids attending. Pimping Laura out was the price they had to pay in order to stay. Well, part of the price anyway. Donald also got a pay cut. On top of that, they were required to move to one of the smaller homes.

The school/community talks a good talk and pretends to be high class, etc. However, when it comes down to it, it’s all about money and power.

Anyway, the recording equipment serves two purposes. The adults that visit usually like a copy of the video for their personal collection. They will also pay a good sum for videos of their kids visiting Laura. The kids of course don’t know they are being filmed or that their parents are paying for each visit. Joyce simply tapes it and sends a copy to the parents. Those parents then deposit funds into one of her accounts. It is all rather civilized.

While the money and roof over their head is nice, Joyce knows they could easily have these things outside the community. What they get here is protection from the law. Everyone here is also frequently tested for STDs and such as well. Plus, Joyce simply enjoys watching Laura service boys/men. Something that would be a lot harder to safely arrange outside the community. And on top of all of this, she is also sissifying her husband which has it’s own list of challenges.

(For more on Joyce’s family, see Ah Paris (Laura’s Vacation). Joyce’s family is first briefly introduced in Christian’s School of Humility 2: The Awakening)

“Take your clothes off,” Alex tells Laura the second they enter her room.

Laura isn’t shocked by the intrusion or the order. She heard the doorbell earlier. She gets several visitors a day and all of this has become somewhat routine for her. That said, she still blushes profusely when she sees that it is Alex and his friends. She prefers boys over men. However, it is still embarrassing for her. Especially when there are several boys visiting at once.

Beth can’t help but stare as Laura undresses. The girl is absolutely beautiful. It is more than just her raw beauty. It is also the obvious detail in which she maintains it. From her well done makeup and hair all the way down to her painted toenails.

Her eyes get big, however, when Laura removes her dress and Beth discovers that the girl isn’t a girl at all. Dangling between her legs is a hard 5″ [12 cm] penis.

Beth kicks herself for not suspecting ahead of time that Laura might be a boy. She can’t believe that she was actually starting to lust after a boy. She is disgusted with herself. And yet, she can’t help but continue to look at the now naked Laura. If it wasn’t for the hard penis, one would never know Laura wasn’t a real girl. She even has breasts. They are only A cups but they are still impressive considering she only looks to be 12 or 13 years old.

Beth feels ill when it fully hits her that Laura is what Alex plans to turn her into. She knew this already. However, seeing the results of the estrogen up close and in person is a whole different thing.

Then, she has an even worse thought. Even if they keep their word and let her go free in ten years, the effects of the estrogen will stay with her forever. The thought of having breasts and female curves for the rest of her life makes her want to take off running. However, she knows such an action would be futile.

“Scott, you go ahead and get started,” Alex tells his friend. “I have some business to talk to David about. We will join you shortly.”

This is no surprise for Scott. Alex is always buying booze or drugs through David. This normally takes place outside where there are fewer prying eyes/ears. Joyce is cool though. They doubt she would tell anyone if she were to overhear them talking. That said, they still go in the hall so they can keep an eye open for her.

Beth starts to follow Alex into the hall but Scott grabs hold of her.

“You aren’t going anywhere,” Scott says as he starts undressing Beth. “You and Laura are going to get to know each other better.”

Beth blushes. However, she is angered more than anything else. First they make her a slave to a young kid instead of a man and now they rub salt in the wound by making her have sex with a young shemale.

“Kiss,” Scott orders once he has Beth naked.

Beth gives Scott an angry look. She can’t believe Scott would have the nerve to boss her around like this. Not after what the boy did with her in the closet earlier. Beth’s anger is only outmatched by her disgust with what she is being ordered to do. Only gay guys kiss each other!

The command gets a fresh blush from Laura as well. She received lots of kissing training while at the school. That was many months ago though. Lately, it is mainly just her father that she is made to kiss. And even then it is normally just in front of her mother and a few select adult customers. She knows that making out with her father is a lot more gross. However, it is something she has become desensitized to… kind of.

Beth and Laura start out slow. However, Scott isn’t happy until the two are French kissing. Beth feels ill as their tongues dance with each other. She glances toward the door in hopes that Alex might be able to see what is taking place and put a stop to it. The door is mostly closed, however. She can still see Alex and David in the hall but neither one is looking her way.

She sees Alex whisper something to David. It is something that appears to upset the older boy quite a bit. However, that anger quickly goes from anger to shock. It isn’t until David looks back in at Scott that Beth realizes what they are probably talking about. Sure enough, Alex pulls the Micro SD card from his pocket and inserts it into his cell phone. Alex hands the phone to David and then shuts the bedroom door the rest of the way.

Beth is new here but even she can tell that what Scott did with her in the closet was not normal for this place. At least not normal for a non sex slave to do. She wants to feel sorry for Scott and the fact that his secret is out. However, right now the boy is not only making her perform like this with Laura but is even spitting and drooling on their faces as they do so.

If it was anyone else, Beth would probably assume that Scott’s actions are one of pure cruelty. However, considering what took place in the closet earlier, and the odd look on the boy’s face, Beth is pretty certain that Scott is just fantasizing about someone doing these disgusting things to him instead. This doesn’t make Beth any less angry at him though.

This goes on for a couple minutes. In fact, Beth and Laura are still French kissing when David and Alex return. Beth expects the two boys to immediately confront Scott about the video. They don’t. Instead they act like there is nothing wrong and start taking off their clothes.

It isn’t until everyone is naked that Beth and Laura’s lips are allowed to part. The boys place Laura on the bed. They have Beth kneel in front of a nearby chair. The boys then start taking turns double teaming Laura. One takes her mouth while the other her ass. The third person sits in the chair and waits their turn. Beth is used as a kind of fluffer. She is required to suck the cock of the person sitting in the chair to ensure they stay hard.

At first, Beth feels she got the better end of the arrangement. However, she quickly discovers that is not necessarily the case. The person she is sucking stands and gets in front of Laura. The boy that was getting sucked by Laura then moves to Laura’s asshole. The boy that just came in Laura’s asshole walks over and sits in the chair. Beth turns a tinge of green as she reluctantly leans in and starts cleaning the boy’s cock clean of cum and ass juice.

The boys rotate like this over and over. Beth quickly realizes that it is a kind of game for them. There appears to be three goals for the game. One is to hold your climax until you are fucking Laura’s asshole. Another is to see how quick you can cum once you are in her asshole. And of course the last goal is to see how many times you can cum before you give up on the game.

The boys go at it for a good two hours. David ends up being the winner. He cums up Laura’s ass six times. Alex and Scott cum up her ass a still impressive four times each.

Laura is a sweaty lump of flesh by the time they finish with her. Her front end is flat against the bed. She still manages to keep her rear end up high though in case someone else decides to take a turn.

Beth waits for David to walk over so she can clean him one last time. He doesn’t though.

“Scott, come here as second,” David says as he sits on the edge of the bed and pats a spot next to him.

Scott is a bit puzzled but walks over and sits next to the older boy. His best guess is that David plans to make fun of him for losing the game yet again. He may have cum up Laura’s ass as many times as Alex but he took much longer each time.

“Suck it clean,” David says as he puts his hand behind Scott’s head and applies pressure.

“What?! No!” Scott protests and tries to pull away.

David doesn’t give up. He grabs a hand full of Scott’s hair and applies a lot more pressure.

“No!” Scott says again as his face is pushed closer and closer to the cum covered cock.

While he is resisting, it is clear to everyone in the room that he isn’t giving his 100 percent. They can also tell from Scott’s sudden hard on that there is a part of him that wants to perform the disgusting act. And David making him do it is an even bigger turn on for the boy.

Sure enough, when the cock finally reaches his mouth, Scott only resists for a few more seconds before he parts his lips.

“See, I told you he would do it,” Alex says from nearby.

David isn’t sure what to make of the situation. He always thought Scott was a bit odd. However, he never would have guessed that he was a submissive. “Mmm!” Scott tries to protest as David applies more pressure.

David and Alex look on in fascination as all 8″ [20 cm] of David’s 2″ [5 cm] thick cock slides into the boy’s throat.

“He doesn’t even have a gag reflex,” Alex says with a chuckle.

David moves Scott’s face up and down on his cock several times. Sure enough, not a single gag.

Back in Joyce’s room, the woman quickly hits the ‘stop’ button on the recorders. This is definitely not something she wants to record. She highly doubts that Alex has gotten approval to train Scott. And while it is technically David doing the training, it is still taking place on Joyce’s property.

The proper thing for her to do would be to record the session and report it to the leaders of the community. However, if she does that then Alex’s father will become an enemy. Plus, other customers won’t trust her discretion anymore. No, it is better to just pretend it didn’t happen. Though, she still plans to give Alex an earful later.

While she may be upset with Alex, it still doesn’t stop her from watching. Seeing someone being dominated for the first time is a rare treat. She can’t help but play with herself as she views the boy’s fall.

In Laura’s room, Scott is looking up at David in both humiliation and fear as the older boy stands up and feeds Scott the cock once more. David doesn’t hold anything back. He starts viciously fucking the boy’s throat. This finally gets a few gags from Scott. However, he still takes the dick like a pro.

“You were made for this,” David moans as he thrusts back and forth. “You and I are going to be spending a lot of time together.”

“Mmm!” Scott moans in pleasure as his 5″ [12 cm] cock shoots a stream of cum on the floor.

“He came just by the thought of you turning him into your sissy slave,” Alex says in laughter.

The thought turns David on also. Even after cumming six times it only takes him another minute to reach climax once more. Scott renews his resistance during that minute. This is to be expected. Many sissies will sometimes show a tad of resistance right after climax. The trick is to just keep going. Sure enough, before the minute is up Scott has given in to the inevitable.

“Mmm!” he protests once more when it becomes clear David is about to cum.

However, he provides no physical resistance. He just prepares to swallow as fast as he can. Not that he has much choice. The first shot goes directly in his throat and slithers down into his tummy. It is followed by two more. David pulls back just enough that the fifth and sixth shot shoots across the boy’s tongue.

David lifts his hand up in preparation to slap the boy. Scott gets the hint and doesn’t try to spit the cum out. He lets it sit in his mouth for a moment and then reluctantly swallows. With his lust gone, Scott’s desire to eat cum is virtually nonexistent. He only manages to do so by telling himself that it isn’t any worse than the mixture of cum and ass juice he tasted just moments earlier.

David keeps the head of his dick in the boy’s mouth. Scott remains passive for a moment and then reluctantly starts suckling on it in order to get the remaining cum out. He knows that David won’t be satisfied with anything less.

It is another couple minutes before David finally pulls his dick out of Scott’s mouth. He then just stands there staring down at the boy. Scott tries to stare back but he is too ashamed. Instead, he blushes bright red and stares at the floor. The whole ordeal seems almost like a dream/nightmare to him. So much has changed in the last few minutes. He was dominating two sissy slaves earlier and now he is pretty sure that he has officially become one himself.

“What are you waiting for,” David growls as he gives Scott a push toward Laura. “There is a lot more cum you need to eat.”

Scott moves onto the bed but then freezes when he realizes exactly what David is ordering him to do. He looks up at David with pleading eyes. Sure, he ate cum out of Beth’s asshole earlier in the day. However, he was horny at the time. Plus he didn’t have an audience and there was significantly less cum. Laura has 14 loads of cum in her ass and four of them are even Scott’s!

David doesn’t rush the boy. He knows that this is a pretty big order. He seen what Scott did in the video. However, he might be pushing the boy a little too hard, too fast. David knows he can’t resend the order. However, he could reduce the severity of it by simply specifying that he only needs him to lick the crack clean. He is about to do this when Scott begins to move.

Alex and David watch with bated breath as their friend inches closer and closer to Laura’s upturned ass.

“Holy shit,” Alex whispers to David as Scott begins to lick at the crack.

David simply stares in awe. He can’t believe Scott is actually doing it!

Scott licks up and down the crack several times. He swallows what he gathers. He then reluctantly focuses in on to sissy’s asshole. He gently licks at it for a minute. He then seals his lips against the hole and starts probing it with his tongue.

“That’s it, get it all out,” David tells his new slave. “That’s nothing compared to some of the things I have planned for you.”

Scott feels ill and extremely humiliated. He knows David likes to make sissies drink piss and do other disgusting things. Scott doesn’t really want to do those things. And yet, his penis still manages to get hard at the thought of David making him do them anyway. David and Alex notice Scott’s hard penis and laugh at the boy.

Back in Joyce’s room, the woman is mid climax as she watches Scott sucking all the cum out of her son/daughter’s asshole. The sight is such a turn on that part of her kind of wishes she hadn’t turned the recorders off. She could have later played it back over and over. That said, she knows that turning them off was the right decision.


Scott is the first to leave. Before doing so, Alex hands him something.

“Your favorite lipstick,” Alex says with a chuckle.

Scott blushes. He also gives Beth a dirty look, thinking that it was probably her that gave away his secret. Beth can tell what the boy is thinking and wants to deny her involvement. She doesn’t dare speak. Right now all of the attention is on Scott. She prefers it stay that way.

As embarrassed and angry that Scott is, he can’t help but get that all too familiar thrill as he takes hold of the lipstick once more.

“All is as it should be,” he hears a voice say in his head. “We will be together all the time now. We will…”

The voice is drowned out by that of David’s.

“Clear your schedule and be ready to come running whenever I call for you,” David tells him. “And you best answer the phone on the first ring or there will be hell to pay.”

Scott swallows hard at the thought of punishment. Eating cum out of slaves’ assholes; drinking piss; harsh punishments… he begins to think that maybe he was wrong to want to be a slave. In fact it wasn’t long ago that such a thought would have disgusted him. Even as he grips the tube of lipstick and feels it’s tingling power, he is still somehow prevented from making the obvious connection. That it wasn’t until the first time he happened to touched the tube while maneuvering in the small closet that all of this had started.

“Maybe I haven’t thought all of this out as much as I should have,” he says to himself. “Not that anyone is giving me a choice.”

As he rushes down the steps and out the front door, deep down a part of him knows that he actually does still have a choice. He could simply not answer the phone. At worst, David might beat him up a couple times. However, the older boy would eventually leave him alone.

That said, as he grips the tube of lipstick, all Scott can think about right now is how hard he will work to be a good slave for David. He is already thinking about what he might be able to use on his asshole to help prepare himself for David’s huge cock. Fitting that monster down his throat had been painful, he can only imagine how much it will probably hurt when the large boy takes his ass virginity. The thought is scary, and yet he can feel his hard penis throb.

David and Alex don’t say much once Scott leaves. There really isn’t much to say. David may not be a member of the community but he is well aware of the rules when it comes to non community slaves. He will be allowed to visit Alex in the community but Scott will no longer be allowed to do so. Just like how David’s prior slave was not allowed to ever come to the community.

Alex is also forbidden to go outside the community to visit Scott. This of course is a rule Alex plans to break. The odds of getting caught are a lot less likely. Plus, it isn’t like he plans to make Scott his slave. He just wants to watch David train him from time to time. Maybe participate a little.

The only real drawback to the recent turn of events with Scott is that Alex will have to find someone else to help him with his homework. Scott is now a slave after all.

After David leaves, Alex and Beth stay so they can wash off. Alex then has Laura teach Beth a few advanced makeup techniques. Laura also teaches Beth how to better talk, walk and act like a girl.

As humiliating as the training is, Beth is more concerned about what Alex and David did to Scott. If they are willing to treat their friends this way then what hope is there for her? Beth need only remember her experience with Mike to conclude she still has a lot more hope now than she did just days ago.

Cookies and milk never do present themselves. Not that anyone ever notices. As Alex and Beth finally leave, they search the house for Joyce in order to say goodbye. They find her in bed with David. The boy didn’t leave after all. Kneeling at the foot of the bed watching is Joyce’s husband, Don (Donna). Though ‘wife’ is probably a better term. Like Laura, Donna has been given a steady treatment of female hormones and such.

Alex decides it is best not to disturb them. Instead, he watches from the door for a bit. He finds it impressive that David is still going after all the earlier climaxes. Scott is definitely going to be a busy boy from now on.

While the activities on the bed are interesting, it is Donna that Alex focuses most of his attention on. Alex has nothing against women, he just likes sissies more. Donna may be old but she is still a rather lovely sissy. She hasn’t been on hormones for a long time but her body has already started to take shape.

Alex smiles when he notices Donna’s caged cock and large blue balls. Joyce is a lot more dedicated when it comes to caging a slave. Alex just doesn’t have enough patience. He enjoys watching his sissies play with each other. As a result, he seldom goes more than a few weeks before he finds himself uncaging his slave(s).

He has to admit, however, that caging is good for acquiring obedience. For example, he can tell that Donna hates that her wife is fucking someone else. Yet, the man/woman is kneeling there eagerly waiting to clean them off. All in hopes that her mistress might reward her with a prostrate milking or possibly even uncaging her for few minutes so she can attempt to relieve her blue balls the natural way. Even if that means doing so with their son/daughter Laura.

Alex watches for another minute and then silently leaves with Beth.

The rest of the day goes rather smooth. Alex spends most of the time playing video games and watching TV. While he gives Beth free time, Alex ensures she is aware that he will be testing her later on the things Laura taught her earlier. As a result, Beth spends all of her time practicing these things.

Much later, Beth is demonstrating her new skills for Alex when Connie finally returns home.

“Come take a look,” Alex says when he sees Connie pass by his door.

Connie rolls her eyes and grinds her teeth. She is seldom able to pass her brother’s door without being stopped for one thing or another.

She technically can refuse her brother’s requests. However, she knows it is unwise to do so too often. She is well aware that her parents’ original goal was to put Alex in charge of her while she is at home. She even overheard them once talking about someday arranging for her and Alex to get married.

Alex’s poor treatment of his last slave seems to have put a serious damper on these plans. However, she knows it is still very possible for all of this to take place.

The marriage part is her greatest concern. She doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life living with Alex. The school/community claims that students get to pick their own husbands. However, like most things, there is a catch. She will be given only a select few men to choose from once she is old enough to marry. If her parents give the school enough money then that list will no doubt be limited to her brother and a few men that are even worse than him.

“Very nice,” Connie says as Beth puts on a demo.

Connie can see room for improvement, but she can’t deny that Beth is doing extremely well considering how short her sissy training has been. Beth is definitely a natural.

“I think she deserves a reward,” Alex says before Connie has a chance to leave.

Connie blushes. She was afraid this is what her brother was leading up to. She just spent most of the day with her mentor. The last thing she feels like doing now is having more sex. Especially if her brother is involved. She wants to walk out but stays put instead.

“Get naked,” Alex says with a grin.

Beth is first to act. She is on her master’s good side and wants it to stay that way. Plus, the idea of having sex with a girl for the first time has him very excited. Little does she know that Connie herself is also a sissy.


Epilogue (Just a bit of silliness to explain it all)

Several blocks away in an empty alley there is a kind of ripple in the air. Then two figures suddenly appear. The ripple is still dissipating when the smaller of the two individuals bends over and starts gagging.

“Not the same as the comfort of a ship, is it Siss?” Zed, the older of the two, says with a chuckle.

The smaller one, Alina, wipes her mouth off and glares at Zed. The large man of course is right. A time ship definitely makes the transition a lot smoother. Not that Alina is any kind of expert. She has only traveled in time twice. Once on a ship and this time without.

While Zed’s statement might be accurate, it is the way he said it that upsets Alina. That and his use of the word, ‘Siss’. Back in their time it is slang for ‘sissy’. ‘Sissy slave’ to be more accurate.

Alina may be a sissy but she is not a sissy slave. Not by the legal definition anyway. She, like all sissies, got her freedom a couple years back thanks to the uprising of 2142 which quickly led to the Freedom Act of 2143. Alina would like to be able to say she played a part in the uprising. However, the truth is that very few sissies actually did. Most of those involved were companies and various free citizens. Some cared about the sissies’ rights to freedom, however, most simply cared about money.

After all, sissies make up a good 20% of the population. And these sissies at the time were only being given the bare essentials. Heck, some were even kept naked 24/7 and fed nothing but dog food and water. For the companies, freedom for these sissies meant a potential 20% increase in sales. Of course, they would have been just as satisfied if the law were to be changed to allow companies to use sissies as slave labor. However, that was a road the government simply didn’t want to go down. Sex slaves is one thing, actual slave labor in factories and such quite another. Such a proposal may have stood a chance of passing 50 or so years ago, but not in today’s political climate.

So, freedom it was.

Everyone of course knew that most of the Siss didn’t really want freedom. They were Siss after all. That is not to say that they didn’t want better treatment. And the Freedom Act provided them this… indirectly at least. Because now they had the choice to leave their current masters and mistresses. To ensure they didn’t take this option, their owners provided them with better living arrangements and such… even making these new arrangements semi permanent via sex slave contracts.

The increases in quality of life for most Siss didn’t result in any kind of flamboyant lifestyle, but it still gave the economy a big boost. And the slaves were happier as well. Some even got to enjoy a vacation or two with their owners. Not that Siss never got to go on vacation with their owners before the Freedom Act. They simply seldom got to ‘enjoy it’.

In fact, it was during such a vacation that Alina recently found herself on a time ship headed back to the year 305 AD. It was a ski trip in the Alps to be exact. Something one could not do in her time thanks to global warming. Not unless you wanted to ski a small indoor hill inside a resort. That was fine for amateurs but Alina’s master and mistress were avid skiers. They went on these time trips to the Alps almost every year. They often took a Siss with them as well, just never Alina… before now anyway.

Alina was almost too scared to look down the slopes let alone put on a pair of skis and join her owners. It was still a great trip. Back home she seldom got to go outside and here she was traveling through time and hovering on a ship above the Alps!

“This way,” Zed says as he reads the output on a device in his hand.

Zed rushes toward the mouth of the alley but quickly realizes that the Siss isn’t keeping up.

“Hurry up!” he growls.

“Couldn’t we have just come back a few minutes earlier?” Alina asks. “Then we wouldn’t have to rush.”

Zed’s face turns red in anger. It is bad enough to have to drag this Siss along with him, let alone to have her questioning his methods.

“Just shut up and do as I say,” Zed orders. “We wouldn’t have to be doing this in the first place if you hadn’t lost your CM!”

Alina doesn’t like being given orders by those other than her owners. However, the mention of the CM shuts her up.

The trip to the Alps had been so exciting for her that it wasn’t until returning to her own time that she realized she had lost her CM. The acronym stood for, ‘Control Module’. Though most just called it the ‘Siss Control’.

Every Siss is given one. They come in different shapes and sizes. The most popular CM these days, or at least in 2145, is in the form of a butt plug which the Siss wears. Alina’s owner selected a CM in the form of a tube of lipstick instead.

And Alina’s CM got dropped somewhere in the Alps. The truth is that Alina didn’t even realize she had it with her. In fact, she was certain that she had left it back home in 2145. It is a type 1 controlled item after all. Such items are strictly forbidden on a time ship. That said, those in authority didn’t really blame her for the infraction. A CM has a way of sometimes making a Siss do things and then forget about it. And this CM apparently didn’t want to part with it’s Siss… not even for the short duration of the vacation. No, the blame was squarely on the time port employees who are supposed to scan for such things. And you can bet at least one of them will be fired for this.

A CM is classified as a type 1 because it has a nanotech AI at it’s core. The artificial intelligence in a CM is rather simplistic compared to others. It need only be able to tell when the sissy is getting sick, depressed, angry, defiant, etc, and then release a few nanobots that work their way into the Siss’ body to make the necessary chemical or other adjustments to correct the problem. It also keeps Siss young and cute. Well, visually anyway. There is no cure for actual aging… yet.

People of course accidentally dropped stuff off the side of the time ships all the time. Despite what most might think when it comes to time travel, something like this usually isn’t a big deal. Even in their own time, the Alps have yet to be developed. At least not where they were hovering at. And for most of the time between 305 AD and theirs everything dropped off the side quickly got covered by snow and ice and remained that way. So, no real harm to the time line.

An AI is a whole different ballgame. They have a tendency to… well, think and plot. Which is no biggy in their normal short term of service. Small AIs like the CM bind themselves to their owner. And when their owner dies they self terminate. Thus, their life expectancy is seldom more than a hundred years. Not that the technology has been around that long.

When the time ship and Alina left the Alps, the CM was smart enough to know that Alina no longer existed in 305 AD. However, it also knew that she was technically not dead either. That some day she would be born. Thus, the AI kept running. And at this current point in time it had been running for over 1,700 years. All of that time worrying about how it would get back to it’s owner.

“Wait. Couldn’t we just go back to before I dropped it?”

Alina wanted to ask this back in 2145 during their mission briefing and is about to ask it now. However, she stops herself. She knows this is probably a stupid question. Poorly educated, like most Siss, she doesn’t know why it is a stupid question. However, she knows that if this was actually an option that they would be doing that and not their current actions.

Little did she know, the question isn’t quite as stupid as she thought. Zed had asked a similar question to the Main Core… the high end AI computer that manages time jumps. In fact, the Main Core manages pretty much everything of significance. In 2145 there are still humans running the government. However, they often let the Main Core make most of the important decisions. The politicians usually just sign off on it.

Zed knows it would create a paradox if he went back before the item was dropped. However, he questions why they can’t go back to right after it was dropped… right after the time ship traveled back to 2145.

This is how other similar problems are usually solved. If an item is left behind and is going to be found before their own time then they just go back and retrieve it immediately after the ship leaves. Problem solved.

Yet, here they are letting a flipping AI fester in time for 1,700 years.

The only answer Zed can think of is that the CM’s possible change on time is/was either minimal or possibly… desired. Zed shakes the thought away. He doesn’t get paid enough to worry about such junk. His job is to just retrieve things.

Well, retrieve things and sometimes leave something else behind that will help cancel out any effects on time that the retrieved item might have already caused. And he indeed has been given a suitcase containing such an item for this mission also. Though, he can’t imagine what could possibly fit in a suitcase that would cancel out 1,700 years of an AI’s potential influence on time.

“This is the spot,” Zed says when they reach a bathroom at the edge of a park.

Zed ducks inside the men’s room. Alina delays for a moment as she tries to remember the mission briefing they got prior to leaving 2145. Most of the briefing had been way over her simple mind. However, she is pretty sure there was no mention of going into a public bathroom. She would have remembered something like that.

Zed is standing in the doorway angrily motioning at her though, so she reluctantly follows.

She scrunches her nose up in disgust when she sees, and smells, the condition of the place. She suspects that the place is only cleaned maybe once a week, if that. It isn’t necessarily a pigsty, but it still pales in comparison to the sterile environment of bathrooms in her own time, with their auto cleaning nanobot surfaces and such.

Of greater concern, however, are the three men staring at her. It takes her a second to realize that these men probably aren’t used to seeing young girls enter the men’s room. Not that Alina is really a girl. Technically she isn’t all that young either. At least not as young as she looks. Her CM has kept her looking like she is about 14 or 15, however, her actual age is 19.

“I thought we weren’t supposed to draw attention to ourselves,” Alina whispers once Zed pulls her into a nearby bathroom stall.

It is Zed’s turn to be caught off guard. Most Siss are such dimwits that they can barely remember orders given to them. And here this one is remembering information from what was a rather long and overall complex briefing. Zed shrugs it off. Once they get the CM it will put Alina back in her place.

“This is plan B,” Zed says with a grin.

Zed isn’t a fan of being told what to do. However, he normally does follow whatever plan the Main Core generates for his missions. He has a Siss with him this time though. He isn’t about to waste the opportunity to play around a little with her… and time.

He isn’t being completely irresponsible. He made sure to run all the calculations beforehand. There won’t be any major changes to the time line. These men are basically nobodies with very little influence on history/the future.

“Ew!” Alina suddenly squeals when she realizes she is standing in a small pool of what appears to be semen.

As a Siss, Alina has been literally covered in cum on many occasions. However, this is different. This cum came from someone in the far past. Who knows what diseases it might contain. In her time, the CM not only protects her from disease but will often even treat the infected person using her. Though it has been over a decade since the last time such a disease has been discovered. And even it had been acquired on a time trip.

Alina’s attention is suddenly drawn to Zed. The man is pulling out his dick!

“What are you doing?!” Alina says in shock as Zed points his hard cock at her.

“We have time to kill,” Zed replies. “Start sucking.”

“I will do no such thing!”

She is about to say it but holds her tongue. She may not be a sex slave but she is under contract. And the law clearly states that those under contract are required to follow the orders of time agents like Zed during a jump. Though, she is pretty certain that it isn’t the intent of the law for it to apply to sex acts. It is surely more for safety purposes.

She wants to disobey the order but fears the harsh punishment she might earn herself. She slowly kneels down. As she does so, she can’t help but wonder why she feels so disgusted by the command. Just a few days ago she would have eagerly obeyed the order.

“Mmm!” Alina groans around the cock as it enters her mouth and then forces it’s way into her throat.

Alina is used to being treated roughly. Still, Zed’s cock is rather large. About 2½” [6 cm] thick and 10″ [25 cm] long. Thanks to all of the male enhancement drugs in her time, Alina has been ravished by plenty of large cocks. Zed’s, however, is still on the top end of the scale.

Tears run down her cheeks as the monster cock forces it’s way down her tiny throat. Zed isn’t happy either until the entire thing is buried.

Alina tries to keep her knees from touching the dirty floor but it is an impossible task thanks to all the pressure Zed is applying from above. She feels ill as her knees go to the floor and she feels the disgusting cum soak through her pretty pink dress.

Zed keeps his dick buried deep in the Siss’ throat for well over a minute. He waits until Alina looks like she is about to pass out before he finally pulls out. He only lets her get a couple breaths, however, before he pushes back in. He repeats the process several more times.

“Who needs a CM,” Zed says with a chuckle.

With the Siss sufficiently pacified, Zed pulls her to her feet and spins her around. He then bends her over, rips her panties off and flips the back of her dress up.

“Oh!” a very dizzy Alina groans as 3 inches [7 cm] of Zed’s huge cock pops inside her asshole.

Zed only gives the Siss a few seconds to adjust before he starts feeding her the other 7 inches [18 cm]. Alina goes to her tippy toes but there is no escaping the monster cock.

As bad as all of this is, Alina’s world gets even worse when a 7″ [18 cm] cock pokes through a hole in the stall wall just inches from her face. Alina recoils from the cock, which in turn helps Zed feed Alina the final few inches of his own.

Zed grabs a hand full of her hair and forces her head back toward the hole.

“No!” Alina protests as the potentially diseased cock touches her lips.

“Suck him off,” Zed growls at her.

Alina isn’t sure if it is Zed’s tone or simply her still dizzy head but she finds herself opening her mouth and taking the cock inside. She doesn’t even remember sending the signal for her mouth to do so. It just opens and starts sucking on the cock like it is instinct.

She starts struggling again, however, when her brain registers the flavor. It tastes as though the man hasn’t washed his cock in days. It is a harsh contrast to what she is used to. Sure, she has licked all manner of bodily fluids off cocks before, but seldom dirt, grime and who knows what is on this man’s cock.

To make matters worse, she can feel the man’s potentially diseased precum starting to coat her throat. Her CM of course will cure her of anything she might catch. However, they don’t have her CM yet. That means all the germs and diseases will be floating around inside her body until they get the CM back. The thought is utterly revolting.

Zed has to hold Alina’s head in place for over a minute before she finally settles down. Another minute passes before he let’s go. She starts to pull her mouth away from the cock again but all it takes is a slap on her butt to get her to suck the cock back into her mouth.

“Good girl,” Zed praises her. “Make sure you swallow when he cums also.”

Zed’s comment makes Alina halt for a second. The thought of eating the man’s cum is beyond gross. However, her mind simply can’t muster the strength to continue resisting. So, she reluctantly goes back to sucking the cock.

Zed chuckles and moves his attention back to his own pleasure. He begins to slowly pump in and out of the Siss’ ass. Alina can’t help but let out a moan of pleasure in response. While the huge cock isn’t all that comfortable in her tight hole, she can’t deny that her ass clit feels wonderful as the massive cock slides back and forth across it.

Her pleasure, however, is quickly squashed when she hears the man on the other side of the hole begin to moan. She tries to pull her head away from the cock but Zed already has a hand full of her hair again.

“Mmm!” she tries to protest as the cock starts shooting it’s load down her throat.

Tears of disgust and shame streak Alina’s cheeks as she gives up her struggles. She even reluctantly starts applying suction. The faster the man finishes depositing his load in her tummy the sooner this horrid ordeal will be over.

Sure enough, the man spasms in her throat several times and then pulls out. As he does so, he leaves a thin trail of cum across Alina’s tongue. Her instinct is to spit it out. However, she knows this will only anger Zed. Besides, the damage has already been done. She already has a tummy full of the potentially diseased cum. What are a few more drops? So, she scrunches her face up in disgust and forces herself to swallow.

“Good girl,” Zed praises again and then goes back to pumping.

Alina groans in despair when the man on the other side of the hole steps away and is quickly replaced. This time she only hesitates a few seconds before she starts sucking.

Thankfully, this new man only lasts a minute before he starts filling Alina’s mouth with cum. She feels like throwing up but still manages to force herself to gulp down the slime.

As this man steps away, she expects the third man to take his place. However, instead she hears a young boy protesting.

Alina peeks into the hole and sees that the final man has pulled a kid into the stall. It only takes Alina a second to recognize the young boy. It is Scott, their target.

“No,” Scott groans as the man pulls the boy’s pants down.

It doesn’t take Alina long to work out that Scott probably wondered in on the men using the glory hole and hesitated a hair too long before trying to retreat.

She nibbles on her lower lip as she watches the man unzip his own pants and let them drop down. The man looks to be about 50 and a hair overweight. However, he does have a somewhat large cock. It’s about 2″ [5 cm] thick and 8″ [20 cm] long. Not as big as the cock currently pumping in and out of Alina’s ass right now, but still impressive.

“No!” Scott protests again when the man bends him over and starts trying to force the huge cock up his ass. “It’s too big!”

The man ignores the complaint and just keeps on pushing.

“OH!” Scott squeals as the head of the cock pops inside his tight hole.

Scott lets out a longer squeal as the rest of the 8″ [20 cm] cock quickly slides up into him.

The ordeal is not only painful but very humiliating and disgusting. Yet, deep down, a part of Scott is thrilled to have a cock up his ass for the first time. However, at the same time he is a bit concerned about losing his ass virginity. Or more to the point, he is concerned about how angry David might be once he finds out that Scott is no longer virgin. Scott hopes that David will still want him. He quickly chastises himself for this last thought. He doesn’t really want to be David’s sex slave… right?

Scott doesn’t get much time to think about it. The man behind him starts roughly breeding him. Scott can do nothing but bend over and brace himself with the wall in front of him. As he does so he notices the eyes peaking at him through the hole. His face turns a bright red at the thought of being watched during this painful and very degrading moment.

The old man pumps into Scott’s asshole for a good five minutes before he finally cums. Scott is disgusted when he feels the hot cum flooding his insides. The feeling is nothing like he thought it would be. It is just… gross. He wonders if it will feel the same when and if David breeds him. He prays that he will enjoy it more with David. After all, he will probably be bred by David for years on end.

Scott expects the man to pull his cock out and leave. However, instead the man pulls Scott into a standing position and starts trying to kiss him from behind. Scott tries to struggle but the man simply pins him against the wall.

The man also grabs hold of Scott’s balls and gives them a squeeze. Scott gets the message and gives in to the kiss. He doesn’t even resist when the man starts Frenching him.

As reward, the man let’s go of Scott’s balls and feed’s the boy’s cock through the hole in the wall.

On the other side of the hole, a shocked Alina jerks her head away. The thought of sucking Scott’s cock is even worse than sucking the prior two men had been. Scott is a distance relative of hers after all.

In fact, it was their shared DNA that attracted the CM to Scott in the first place. The obvious goal being to get itself passed down through the family tree until Alina is finally born… again.

As disgusting as the thought of sucking her relative off might be, all it takes is another slap from Zed to get her to give in once more. She reluctantly moves her head back to the hole and takes the boy’s cock into her mouth.

As she sucks the cock, Alina can hear the boy on the other side of the wall moaning into the man’s mouth. She isn’t sure though if he is moaning because of the pleasure she is giving him or the discomfort of the man’s cock starting to pump in and out of the boy again. She suspects that it must be a mix of both, because a moment later her mouth is filled with the boy’s cum.

Alina scunches her face up once more and forces herself to swallow. She expects further praise from Zed. However, instead the man pulls her away from the boy’s cock and quickly turns her around. The next thing she knows, Zed’s cock is deep in her throat again. A second after that and she can feel the man’s cum shooting into her. The slime slithers down her throat and joins the other three loads in her tummy.

Yeah, Zed definitely likes plan B better.

He has Alina suck his cock clean and then forces it back into his pants and zips up. The two time travelers then leave the bathroom and wait in some bushes outside. It is another 15 minutes before a very distraught looking Scott walks out. The boy is wiping away tears as he hurries away from the park.

“Remember, it’s in his left pocket,” Zed says as he and Alina start to follow.

Zed quickly punches in a five digit code on the device he is holding. Then suddenly everything stops. Even Zed and Alina are slowed slightly as the air around them freezes as well. To them it feels almost like they just jumped into a pool of water.

Alina begins to panic when she realizes she can’t breath. Zed anticipated this. Even he, after months of classroom training, had panicked the first time he used a time sedater. He motions at Alina to remind her that she needs to keep moving in order to get air. She takes a step forward and sure enough, she feels a small breeze as the air enters the time field surrounding her. It isn’t quite enough for a full breath though. So, she keeps moving.

Zed has to keep from laughing as Alina starts walking in circles in order to get air while at the same time staying in range of their target.

“You don’t need to breath that often.”

He can’t say it of course. Or at least it would do no good if he tried. The sound waves would simply never propagate past the air inside his personal time field. Even communication devices are a bit funky when it comes to time fields.

The only effective way for two people using sedaters to communicate is via hand signals since light travels at the speed… well, of light. And the sedaters don’t actually stop time completely. It just slows it down significantly. If it slowed time to an actual stop then they would be blind… whenever they weren’t moving anyway.

Granted, one could argue that the time sedaters don’t slow time at all. That it just speeds the user up significantly. It’s all relative of course. Though, the device has a very poor name if you look at it from that perspective.

Zed takes a couple steps himself so he can get a fresh breath of air. He then waits until Alina finishes a circle and can see him. He then points at Scott’s pocket to remind her of the mission. Zed would just take the tube of lipstick out himself but there was no way he was going to touch a Siss CM. Especially one that has been stuck in time this long.

Alina nods her head to let him know she has recovered from the initial shock of the transition. She then walks over to Scott and starts to fish her hand into his pocket. She remembers to be careful not to touch the boy’s skin. The last thing they need is for her time field to surround the boy. The time sedaters are pretty good at not doing such things. However, since she and Scott share some of the same DNA it might become hard for the sedater to distinguish the difference between the two.

“HOME!” the CM shouts in Alina’s mind when her fingers touch it.

“I missed you!” they both say in her head at the same time.

Once she gets the CM clear of the pocket she stands back and smiles. Her part of the mission is done. More importantly, she is whole once more. She has her CM!

Zed checks the timer on the sedater. They still have two minutes left. Plenty of time. He glances down at the small briefcase and waits. It will open shortly on it’s own. He has no clue how the mechanism actually works. He just knows that on every mission that he has ever had to leave something behind, the container (usually the size of this briefcase) always somehow can sense the proper time to open.

As he waits, Zed takes a quick glance at Scott’s face. He can definitely see a few features similar to Alina’s. However, what really draws his attention is the look on the boy’s face. He finds it hard to read the boy’s expression. It seems a mix of about every emotion in the book. There is sadness, dread, disgust, etc. However, under it all there is also a micro expression of a kind of happiness. Zed can’t imagine how the boy could have enjoyed what just took place in the bathroom. Maybe he is thinking of something else? Or possibly it is just the effects of the CM.

His attention is drawn back to the suitcase when a small LED on it starts blinking. It’s unlocked now. He opens it and discovers an identical replica of the CM they just retrieved. He kicks himself for not guessing that this is what was probably in the suitcase. They take the actual CM and put this replica in it’s place and Scott is none the wiser. He simply stops getting the warm fuzzies whenever he touches it.

“Give me to the boy!” the tube of lipstick says in his head the second Zed touches it.

Zed tries to drop the lipstick back into the suitcase but it is too late. The CM has already taken control of his free will. Zed is horrified. What non Siss wouldn’t be? The CM could turn Zed into a Siss if it really wanted to. Thankfully, it is Scott that it seems to want. Zed is more than happy to place it in the boy’s pocket.

He then motions for Alina to follow him back to the bushes. A moment later the time sedater turns off and everything starts moving again. A moment after that and there is a time ripple and the two disappear.

As they go through their debrief back in their own time, Zed can’t help but wonder why the Main Core felt it necessary to give Scott a CM. Or better yet, why send them back to take the old CM just to give Scott a new one? It is rather unusual. Zed has never heard of leaving actual advanced tech behind as a time patch. And this was an AI even. A CM AI at that.

The best Zed can deduce is the obvious. That it has something to do with a possible paradox and that Scott, and most likely Alina, are at the center of it.

On his way home, Zed puts his car on auto drive and checks the news headlines on his tablet. It is part of his routine after every mission. He glances for anything significant that may have changed as a result of his time adjustment. He isn’t sure why he ever checks. It’s not like he would notice the change. The second he returns the changes affect him as well. Still, there is always that infinitesimal chance he might have a time echo memory. He has heard of it happening to people before, but has never met anyone that actually experienced one.

He stares at the headlines for a few moments but nothing jumps out at him. Just the standard junk. Ozone repair efforts, asteroid mining missions and of course the continuing pointless small protests to try to get freedom rights for the Siss.

“Like the economy could possibly support giving freedom rights to the Siss,” Zed says to himself with a chuckle. “They make up 35% of the population for goodness sake. We would all be doing manual labor if that happened. And it’s not like the Siss don’t like their position in society… especially the sexual aspects of it.”

The End


3 Responses to “The Lipstick Adventure”

  1. donnycuck Says:

    I had a girlfriend for a couple weeks when she told me she had a black boy friend.she wanted me to meet. I was not sure why except that when we had sex she told me about him and I got harder and became more aggressive. We all got together, had a few drinks and I watched him fondle her boobs and they knew that made me hard. She undid his pants and pulled out his bog beautiful cock and I could not take my eyes off it. My gir;friend gently pulled my head down closer and closer to his cock and said, go ahead, you’re gonna like it. Soon I was sucking him like a pro and when he jerked I took his entire load down my throat. I liked it and they knew it. After an hour or so they had me naked and he pushed my legs up in the air and he entered my anus. I never felt anything so fantastic in my life. From that night on I have been a very willing sissy bitch. I don’t need women any more.

  2. Curious pet Says:

    Great story its nice to see eroticas with an actual story and not just sex, tho i cant deny i would love to own one of those cms if only they were real, ohwells anyways great story i hope theres more to come!

  3. Petrt Says:

    Wonderful storytelling and extraordinary erotic as well. Wish I had the wherewithal to pen a tale like this.

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