Sissy Across His Lap

October 12, 2009

So here he is gorgeously laid out across my lap. I look down at him. I never tire of this, it’s always like the first time. “Come on, baby, make that sound for me. You know the one I like, the one that gets my dick hard for you. Come on, baby.” I reach down and take his CB-6000 cock restraint and pull it back up between his legs from behind. My hand pushed down between his legs griping it tight, top of my wrist pushed up and softly spreads his cheeks, brushes up against his little hole as I lift his chastity tube up. I hear him whimper, cry out softly. That’s it, that’s the sound. I love that sound. Never fails to get me rock hard. As I pull it up as far as I can I feel his legs spread. He’s trying to ease the pain. I hold his caged and locked penis up almost level with the backs of his exposed thighs. He squirms slightly, whimpers louder. He knows not to close his legs together, not time yet to do that and hold it in place, not until I have it pulled up high enough. He knows that if he doesn’t do this right it’s off to his restraining horse in the basement for a whipping. “Good girl, such a good little girl.” I pat his rear gently as he tries hard to please.
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