Daddy’s Pussyboy

February 15, 2011

“Baby, how do you feel now that Daddy’s nutted you and turned you into his little pussy?” Daddy’s hand cups the smooth, hairless mound of the boys new sex, caresses it. One thick finger lightly wedges into the bottom of the fold. The boy moans as daddy’s finger slides up, parting the wet slit, exposing a set of swollen inner labia pouting like a full ripe mouth between the boys muscular legs. The boy whimpers at the strange new vulnerable sensation. It tingles where daddy touches him, but also deep inside.

“Yea, your daddy’s little girl now, aren’t you?” Daddy asks. Daddy’s hands tweak the boys puffy nipples. “No, please…” the boy moans softly, blushes, looks away. Daddy grips his jaw and sticks his tongue between the boys pretty lips, forcing them open, holding him still while his tongue explores the boys mouth, while he tweaks the boys tits. It still tingles where daddy touched his new pussy, where his cock used to be, but when daddy flicks his plumped up nipples suddenly it tingles in a soft deep place inside him too, and he gasps and moans louder.

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