Cockslave Bruce

April 20, 2009

“oh..oh… here’s some more for my girl.. get your mouth on my greasy dick
bitch.Eat that cum”

My mouth was full of cum and I wanted to spit it out but he looked at me
and said ” Show me the present I just gave you. Open your mouth, but don’t
spill any.

I opened my mouth and he pushed more of the cum on my face into my already
cum filled mouth.

“Now swallow…. NOW!” I had no choice. I knew my place. The thick cream
slid down to my belly.

“Good girl” You like that don’t you. I nodded and let out a meek uh huh.

“Look at you covered in cum, my dick still sliding around in puddles of cum
on your face.

“Here eat some more…Lick the head… good girl …swallow….again…kiss

that’s nice… Good bitch… now the balls …. Now look up at me and

I did as I was told, cum all over my face and hair, tears streaming from my
eyes and trying to smile at the man who just used me to pleasure his cock
with my mouth.

“Now thank me”

“For what?”

For teaching you what you are… a cocksucker”

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