April 20, 2009

“Mmmmm yeah, there’s a good girl,” groaned Greg. “Be a good girl and get
my cock nice and hard.” The twink sucked obediently on the stiffening meat
until it was all the way in and very hard. Greg braced his hands against
the shower wall and started to thrust slowly in and out of Joey’s smooth
lips. The boy tried not to gag.

“Fuck, that’s good. Mmmm, fuckin’ hot little slut…” moaned Greg as he
savored the morning blowjob. He loved the sight of smooth young man with
the shoulder-length blonde hair servicing his dick, his little bubble butt
perched enticingly on his heels. He wanted to play with the little

“Have you cleaned yourself?” asked Greg.

“Yes, daddy,” said Joey.

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