The tears in my eye were overshadowed by the sound of a vehicle, the first in a month. I was hoping it was someone coming to rescue me. But I knew it was just the opposite. I was afraid, nervous, apprehensive, and submissive about what would be next.

“Here come the men. Go open the door. ” he said.

I walked obediently towards the door and although the plug wasn’t that big I could feel it every step. Between the walking lessons of short steps foot in front of foot and the plug I could feel myself swaying to the door. I heard car doors open and some muffled male voices. Apprehensively I turned the old rusty knob and the door creaked open.

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Parts 1 and 2 here: High School Dilemma

“Well Sissy you are definitely a girl. Girls often have accidents so get use to it. It’s something to do with the length of your urethra to your bladder. Don’t you wish you had a penis?” Sean taunted me.

“Yes Sir,” I answered.

“Yes Sir what Jill,” Sean taunted.

“Yes Sir I wish I had a penis,” I answered.

That’s when Sean began telling Uncle and Tiny how I really didn’t have a penis but instead a slightly enlarged clit.

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Country Girl

April 22, 2011

From now on you are a cunt to be used by me in any way that pleases me. Your pussy is for me to use as I see fit. Do you understand?”

I answered quivering, “yes Master Cock.”

“Good, from this day forward you will wear panties only whether you are inside and outside your home. Tomorrow buy enough panties to last you and throw out any male underwear you have. You are a cunt and your cunt should be covered with panties and only satin panties. And from now on when you go to the bathroom you will sit to pee. Cunts pee and make poopy. You will call your clit a tee-tee like any girl would do. You will no longer buy any magazines other than girl magazines and you will eat like a girl. Do you understand?”

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High School Dilemma

February 22, 2011

“Spread you legs and hold them open and close your eyes. If you move I’ll give you a spanking so hard you won’t be able to sit in school tomorrow and everyone will know,” Joe taunted.

So, I sat with my legs spread apart as he towered over me. “Remember, don’t move,” he warned. And then he unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock (I didn’t see it, but I sensed it), and before I realized it he was peeing on my jeans right between my legs. Soaking my jeans and underwear and I could feel my balls warm with his pee as he loudly said, ” I claim you for my property and thus mark you with my piss as proof forever.”

As I started to move away from his pee he leaned over and slapped my face and said, “don’t.” So, there I was sitting splayed and letting him empty his bladder on balls. I was so humiliated. When he finished he shook his cock and some pee droplets flickered on my nose and eye. He laughed.

Looking down at me as he zipped his fly he continued with the following. “As you punishment for the next week you will get a pair of panties from your sister. They had better be satin. You will wear them everyday this week. If you don’t wear them I will spank your ass red. Do you understand?”

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