April 19, 2009

“Now,” Mr. Pitman spoke, catching the girl’s eyes in his cold gaze. It frightened the girl, before as a boy there had always been warmth, even pride in what he saw. Now there was simply a sense of confident power and triumph. “My prize football captain comes home. I’ve been waiting for this. Strip down to your suspender belt please.”

“Come here.”

The girl took slow steps around the desk, and for all the control of her training couldn’t contain a low moan of horror. There under the desk was Anthea, dressed in her school uniform, arms bound behind her back, slowly moving her head up and down the headmasters very large cock. She must have been there all the time, when the girl’s mother stood beside her talking nonsense all unaware.

Mr. Pitman extended his middle finger and holding his eyes on the girl’s roughly shoved it up her pussy. “Yes, you’re wet, good. I’m sure your mind is breaking up right now, which is all part of what’s wanted. It was I who choose you, like I chose John before you and Tim who just entered the school today.” 

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