Enslaved to Hard Young Cock

February 14, 2011

“Yeah, girl, I can see your faggot clit is hard and throbbing. Are you
hard from sitting next to a real man?”

Again I couldn’t get my mouth to work.

“Answer me, bitch!” Zach said to me firmly.

The teen’s rough instruction seemed to override my frozen brain circuits and I answered his question from instinct.

“Ah, I, yeah, ah . . . Yes.”

“Yeah, you’re a bitch who needs to serve a real man. Is that right, girl?”

I was struggling to process the teenager’s questions and understand my role here. I could feel I was shaking a little in fear, but for some reason the thought of trying to escape never entered my mind.

Maybe it was the combination of the pot and my sheer sexual craving for Zach, but the fear seemed to pass quickly through my body and mind.

“Is that right, girl? Are you a bitch who is hungry for a real man like me?”


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Enslaving Jason

April 20, 2009

The next night my dick was rigid as I opened her e-mail. She said she
faked being sick to get out of school that day and had waited half-crazed
and with a constantly stiff, leaky clit for the mail to arrive so she could
grab it before anyone else could see or touch the treasured package. By
the time the mail finally arrived in the early afternoon, she said she had
excitedly soaked her underwear through with her girl juices.

Attached to her e-mail was the series of photos I had instructed her to
take of her enjoying her package: first, on her knees, holding the unopened
package up to her nose and trying to smell its contents; then a series of
photos showing her slowly and gratefully opening the package and holding
the Ziploc bag to her nose, dreamily imagining the smell of its contents;
then finally opening the top of the Ziploc bag and for the first time
slowly and deeply inhaling my masculine smells.

Over the next few days, she wrote to me daily about how she would use my
strap to bring intense pleasure to herself. I followed up by mailing her
two pair of sexy panties. I informed that it was unnatural for a girl to
wear boys’ underwear. I instructed her to wear a pair of the panties at
all times under her street clothes while at school and at home and not to
wash them without my permission. By the end of the week, she reported that
both panties had become hard and encrusted from the girl juices her stiff
clit leaked constantly throughout the day as she thought about me and my
awesome smell.

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