Robert’s Legacy

August 15, 2011

As he thought about this, Dan raised his left hand up to his son’s head and started pushing it downward. Danny knew what his father wanted and didn’t put up a struggle. He did groan in despair though. He had sucked his dad’s dick earlier in the day without groaning, but that instance had been a spare of the moment thing.

However, Danny knew this blowjob was coming over 2 hours ago when they were at the clothing store and he found out what they were buying. God, Danny was embarrassed while they bought the clothes. His father told the sales lady that the clothes were not for his son but for a twin sister who was the same size. That they were just using Danny as a model since they were the same size and wanted the items to be a surprise for his sister.

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Diary Days

February 15, 2011

Dressed in high heels, white silk stockings, a large
bra and a pair of mom’s tight frilly bikini brief
underpants, with holes cut out of the back and front,
I’m then made to apply make-up before I crawl under the
bed covers and give Daddy his early morning blow job.

Then I let him piss in my mouth. He doesn’t like to get
up out of bed once his cum, so I swallow every drop of
urine he pisses down my throat, and once his finished,
I clean out his foreskin with my tongue, before licking
his cock and balls clean.

If I’m giving Daddy his early morning blow job, and
he’s more horny and active than most mornings, I know
it’s just a matter of time before I’m on my back with
my legs over his shoulders, letting him fuck me as hard
as he can.

Then once Daddy’s cum, and I’ve cleaned up his groin
with my tongue again, it’s the usual routine of
standing at the end of his bed and jerking off for him
in the most seductive way I can.

Mom’s bikini brief underwear I’m forced to wear makes
this a lot easier, and in a way it kind of explains why
he cut the front and back out of them.

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